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and to discuss/resolve problems.www. to accept feedback from them. Use two-way and assertive communication skills to level with people. Page 2 .com Program Objectives Explain the difference between a disagreement and a conflict. Explain the six causes of conflicts.ReadySetPresent. Explain the importance of talking out conflict.

Page 3 .com A Challenge Please write a One Sentence Definition of C O N F L I C T.www.ReadySetPresent.

com Definition of Conflict (1 of 2) A situation in which someone believes that his or her own needs have been denied.www. Page 4 .ReadySetPresent.

but to use it.www.com Definition of Conflict (2 of 2) ´The goal of organizational leadership is not to eliminate conflict.ReadySetPresent.µ Page 5 .µ ´Conflict is a predictable social phenomenon and should be channeled to useful purposes.

ReadySetPresent.www. . Page 6 . . CONFLICT What do you think and what images come to you . .com What Do You Think? When you hear the word . .

Page 7 . Work not done properly. Disastrous meetings.ReadySetPresent.www. No desire to communicate. Anger occurs quickly and easily.com Symptoms Of Conflict (1 of 4) Tensions.

Slamming doors. Page 8 .ReadySetPresent. Bad times. Slipping morale.www. Absenteeism. Accidents. Shouting.com Symptoms Of Conflict (2 of 4) Failing productivity. Escalating costs.

com Symptoms Of Conflict (3 of 4) The employee (or employees) involved display no desire to communicate. Page 9 . Productivity is falling.www. Bad tempers are evident. Morale is slipping.ReadySetPresent.

www. etc. Disagreements become more pronounced (shouting.com Symptoms Of Conflict (4 of 4) One or more of those involved frequently calls in sick.ReadySetPresent. Accidents and errors become more frequent. slamming doors.) Page 10 .

Adamancy. Adaptation.com Dealing With Resistance The Five "A'S" Avoidance. Acceptance.ReadySetPresent. Attack (push back). Page 11 .www.

Causes: The basic problems.com Symptoms Versus Causes Symptoms: Conditions brought on by other related situations. signs of a basic problem. Page 12 .ReadySetPresent. situations that give rise to symptoms.www.

conflict models. how to·s and more. defusing. Please Visit: www.value . 3 ways to address conflict: ignoring stifling. 5 methods to handle conflict.Use Them Over and Over Again. 5 type of conflict deadlocks each with causes and techniques to handle: relationship .ReadySetPresent. strategies.data .com About This Product: To download this entire Conflict PowerPoint presentation visit ReadySetPresent.com Page 13 .interests . 17 points on how to overcome deadlocks.ReadySetPresent.com Over 100+ slides on topics such as: Definitions of conflict. Royalty Free .www. symptoms and causes of conflict.structural. organizational conflict: positive and negative aspects.

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