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Sonia soans


ë Why critical psychology?
ë Do we need critical psychology?
ë Isn't what we have enough?
ë I am happy with psychology I don͛t need to
criticize it.
ë I am not happy with psychology what do I do?
ë What does critical psychology do besides
þotions of madness
ë Particular to a specific culture and time
ë ͞Madness͟ ^  
ë u      
ë | 
ë £uphemisms wont work.
ë Power issues in the system.
ë Role of society neglected.

ë A process of reading which unravels the way

insane categories are used to suppress
different perceptions and behaviors .
èhe history of madness
ë èhere is no one unchanged notion of madness.
ë £ planations have changed.
ë èhe diseases have changed.
ë Confinement political not medical.
ë Invisible chains.
ë Moral to medical.
ë èreatment and social conte t seen as separate.
Cultural differences
ë Inside and outside.
ë ͞Idiotes͟
ë Popular representations.
ë Power structures.
ë Medical e planations.
Reason and unreason
ë Products of culture.
ë It was hoped science would reach an accurate
understanding of mental illness.
ë Suffering in silence.
ë Deconstruction works with empowerment.