THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN YOU AND ME!!! I used to be happy at the thought that you are not in my life.

I had performed H ara – Kiri of my feelings for you. You had a few things belonging to me and that was the only connection I could find between you and me, but I always used to t hink, “will I ever be able to see those exuberant eyes again?” but I was sure th ere is nothing between you and me. One day I called your friend to ask for my things, and I was surprised to hear y our voice. You insisted on meeting, we met, had a fight, I was infuriated and sl apped you. You started to leave and said good bye many times. A dialogue from a famous Hindi movie came to my mind, “ KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA” one more of many In dian superstitions may be – ‘good byes are for last time, if you don’t say good bye a hope to meet again remains’ even that time I didn’t understand why and be lieved there is nothing between you and me. I used to search your name on Orkut , to see your picture but never visited your profile. Now it’s been three years and every year on your birthday I wish your picture - Happy Birthday. Still believing there is nothing between you and me. I missed you, missed everything about us, the lanes we crossed hand in hand, our mobile conversations of almost 24 hours and …. still believing there is nothin g between you and me. Once more we came in contact through net and mobile phone, fearing about my own reaction my heart said, “ thank God we didn’t meet, his eyes could have been a c atalyst for my dormant feelings, they can dust mirror of my soul” Still believi ng there is nothing between you and me. Our eyes met again, God is found of accidents I guess! Love is nothing but a glance two people share, you used to say and that glance w e did share, still believing there is nothing between you and me!!!

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