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the 3 hottest guys ever!!!!, and i'm not kidding!!!!!

the 3 hottest guys ever!!!!, and i'm not kidding!!!!!

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Published by: kelly. on Aug 15, 2010
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THE 3 HOTTEST GUYS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, AND I’M NOT KIDDING. Chapter 1: big trouble.

Ok so let me make this quick. I am running for my life. Well me and my best girl friend winter. We set the school on fire!!. It was by mistake though. But no on e will believe us. We are the biggest trouble makers, in Seattle. Hi my name is sky I’m 17, I use to have long blonde hair, when I was a sweet girl, when my dad was still around. But now that he left . I change my image. Black long hair wit h blue highlights. I have those vampire eyes you now like the ones from that mov ie “interview with a vampire”. awesome movie by the way. And porcelain skin, ave rage height. Winter is the same like me. Black hair with green highlights, turqu oise eyes, 17 and young. I spotted my house. And I stopped to catch my breath. “ see you later girl, good luck” I said panting. “ hell yea I do, my mom might kill me!” winter said panicking. I smiled and we both departed. I got inside. Ti ptoeing , my mom was in the kitchen with her boyfriend Ethan. Oh god I hate him and I mean it I hate him. He gives me weird vibe’s when I’m around him. He’s cre epy. tall, skinny, big head, brown short hair. Oh god, he gives me the creeps, n ot just because he’s ugly, but he looks like he might be one of those serial kil lers. I made it safe to my room. Hours later, I heard the door bell ringing. Oh crap! I am so dead. Minutes later I heard my mom yelling my name. “ skyli Rober to get your ass over here now!!!!!” my mom yelled pretty pissed off. Yes that’s my full name. I know weird but I like it. I walked downstairs, slowing pace. My mom’s face was literally red. Or purple, It was some mixture of both. 2 office rs stood beside her. And ethan was just there staring at space. “ what is wrong with you young lady!, you could go to jail for this” my mom said lecturing me. I only heard blah ,blah , blah , blah. “ why don’t you send her to boarding s chool” ethan suggested oh that I heard. I stare him like I wanted to strangle hi m. “ yeah send her off I know this one boarding school in London” suggested a of ficer. Oh I stare him with a death glare, when he saw me he shut up. Yeah that’s what I thought so. “ that’s it your going to boarding school whether you like it or not” my mom said. I looked her like are you serious this is my punishment for burning a school. Hey, I should do this more. The only thing she is doing i s letting me go somewhere else so I wont see there ugly faces. Oh this is going to be so much fun. After they left my mom went to get me a ticket online. So I went upstairs, all giggly and happily. I started to pack. But first I called win ter. “ hey what happened to you did you get in trouble” I asked. “ dah!, my car got taken away and plus my mom is sending me to military camp. Oh I’m so pissed . Ugh I fucking hate her. What happened to you?” she asked still annoyed. “ the only thing she did to me , she is sending me to boarding school” I said happy. “ what the fuck! Are you serious. Not fair!. I want to go” she said whining. I la ughed my ass out. “ why don’t you come with me, sneak out of the house. And I’ll pay your ticket.” I suggested. “ oh hell yeah. Where we going exactly?” she ask ed. “ LONDON BABY!” I yelled. “ OH I’M SO GOING!” SHE SAID. “ hurry then I’m pac king right now” I said. “ ok I’ll be quick” with that she clicked. London. That didn’t sound so bad. I started to pack, and ended up, with 2 suitcases, and a c arry on bag. I came running downstairs, and my suitcases on the floor. I threw them on top of the stairs and they just rolled down. I am very lazy person. My mom handed me the ticket. “ the cab is outside, I hope when you get back your ac t better be straighten” she demanded. Oh I’m so scared!. “ yeah whatever , peace I’m out” I said. I put my suitcases on the trunk. And told the cab driver to go to winters house. I saw winter jumping out the window. And came running with 2 suitcases , and a back pack. When she put her stuff in the trunk we headed to th e airport. “ I left I note for my mom saying I ran off to Texas, and I’ll be bac k and not to bother look for me” she said sneaky. “ why Texas?, exactly” I had to ask. “ my aunt jenny is there” she explained. “ oh!, okay well do you think t hey’ll make us change our hair color and stuff?’ I asked suddenly scared. “ they better not, I love my hair. If they touch one strand of hair I’ll cut there han ds off with scissors” she said threatening. I laughed. We got on the plane. “ 8 hours on a plane oh boy!” I said complaining. Winter fell asleep. I tried but I couldn’t so I put on my head phones and started listening to I like that- static revenger and Richard vission .

my body rocks a rhythm you beat my drum hard I might just kick it kick it you wanna lick it lick it I love to stick it stick it from London to LA yeah that’s the ticket ticket come on and kiss it kiss it I like thatI like the Gucci Gucci I love the dollar bill I love your pocket rocket we live to shock it shock it I like the way you smile I might just bite your lip I see you talking talking your hands are talking talking I like that I like that I like thatI like your dirty mind mine’s on it all the time oh let me shake it shake it I’ll polaroid it shake it I’m a graffiti girl I wanna spray it spray it I like to throw the paint you wanna throw the paint? I like thatI’m locking not hip hopping you lace me up right yous getting tricky tricky you’re getting sticky sticky I like that 8-track it takes me way back I’d love to bite New York Avec un knife and fork my body rocks the rhythm you beat my drum hard I like thatI like thatI like thatI like that oh I like thatI love the money money I’m dripping dripping gold I like to disco baby you wanna kiss now baby? oh fucka fucka you your dressed to kill me kill me so if I die tonight at least you thrill me thrill me my body rocks a rhythm you beat my drum hard my body rock the rhythm (rocks the rhythm rocks the rhythm) my body rocks the rhythm you beat my drum hard my body rocks the rhythm

(rocks I like I like I like I like I like I like I like I like I like

the rhythm rocks the rhythm) thatthatthatthat thatthatthatthat that

This song is fricking awesome!. We landed and oh boy London was chilly. We had t o change clothes, because I was wearing a mini skirt. And winter, a dress. I cha nged into black sweatpants, and a white t-shirt. With a blue jacket over it. Win ter wore some blue jeans, and a black jacket. “ how are we suppose to get to the school if we don’t even know the language of the London people’s?’ asked winter matter of fact. “ I didn’t get that far, on my plans” I confessed. “ what! , wh at the hell are we suppose to do now ?” asked winter pissed off. “ god gave us m aps, and hands, and a mouth to speak. They cant be that dumb not to now English” I said. She gave me you- better- be right- look. We picked a cab driver that looked like he could speak English . Thanks god he did!. We arrived at a huge bu ilding it was brownish , and very old century. Authors note: see the picture of the school. http://www.academic-asia.com/schools/Tonbridge%20School%201.jpg. “ wow”. we both said utterly shocked. Chapter 2: the 3 hottest guys. Me and winter were sitting in a bench. When everyone started staring at somethi ng or should I say them. “ who are they?’ asked winter. They were walking in slo w motion well it felt like that you know like in those movies when someone is ho t and you start drooling. Yeah like this. I saw the 3 hottest guys ever and I’m not kidding!!!!. A girl with black hair and purple highlights explained to us. “ the one in the left that’s Damien. The one in the right that’s Kyle. In the mi ddle that’s patch. They are all brothers. “. damien was built, he had messy brow n hair and tall like about 5’10. He has hazel eyes. Kyle he has dark brown hair not long but not short. And it fits with him. He has deep dark green eyes. Muscl ed , and about 5’10. And patch he has those same vampire eyes, his dark brown ha ir pulled back in a ponytail. He looked like cam gigandet from twilight the one who plays James. Built, 5’10 also. They all had porcelain skin. Like us. “ win ter close your mouth and stop drooling. It’s not polite to stare” I said. I turn ed to the girl. “ hi nice to meet you I’m skyli but you can call me sky and this is winter” I said introducing . She smiled. She has electric blue eyes. She was white skinned. “ nice to meet you both. My name is Elektra. You must be new rig ht?, or am I mistaken” she asked. Such a polite girl. “ no your right”. “ can yo u show us to the office?” winter asked. “ sure just follow me” she said. We did. A lot of people were arriving. “ it’s summer new people come and we change dorm rooms” elektra explained. “ well it looks like you 5 will be sharing rooms” a m en with a suit said. We looked at each other confused elektra pointed behind us. And guess who?. Yeah patch, damien, and kyle. “ well I’ll see you girls later” elektra said. We both nodded. And she disappeared into the crowd. “ you guys are new right?” damien asked. “ what does it look like” I said sarcastic. I grabbed the keys, and started searching for that room. “ you know I’m starting to regre t coming here” I said. “ well I’m not, it seems this place is too much fun if yo u know what I mean” said winter winking at me. Oh jeez. The guys found the room. At least they were useful right?. I unlocked the door. And we stepped in. well it was nice. Very modern. White walls. It felt peaceful. “ how are we going to s hare the rooms?’ asked kyle. “ it’s easy you 3 in one room that has the 3 bedroo ms, and me and winter in the other one with 2 bedrooms.” I said simply. “ well i t doesn’t work that way in here” said patch finally speaking. “ what do you mea n” I asked. “ its girl , boy, girl, boy” he explained. Oh I don’t like him at al

l. He likes to boss around I don’t think so. “ too bad” I said. “ yeah to late” winter said siding with me. Then everything erupted. They guys ran to the beds . I went to mark my territory. At the end I had to share room with patch oh hell no. “ don’t worry sharing rooms with me, its going to be fun” he said . His sm ile was part playful part seductive. I looked away. It’s too sexy. Too sexy. Ug h!. After unpacking all my clothes into a huge walk in closet. I laid in my bed exhausted. Patch came out of the shower with only a towel around his waist. But I was staring at his back he has a v upside down. It looks like someone burned h im and shaped that upside down v. I looked away before he realized I was staring at him. That’s weird. It was night already and everyone was asleep. So I got up and put on a robe. I took a night walk across the campus. I always did this bac k home. I remember one time when I had my long blonde hair. And before I met win ter. Me and my boyfriend, and some friends were camping . We saw someone literal ly killing someone. And somehow that person seemed still familiar to me. By the time I got back to the dorm. It was midnight. I tiptoed to my bed, until I bumpe d into something hard and landed on top of it. It was patch. I quickly got up. “ god, why are you in my space” I said complaining. “ why are you here at all. Wa tch were you walk “ patch said annoyed. I went to my bed and hid in the covers. I completely ignored him. When I heard footsteps fading away. I was able to go t o sleep. The next day, I told winter what I saw. “ he must have a nice tattoo th en” winter said. “ it doesn’t look like a tattoo , its too realistic” I tried to describe. We immediately stopped our conversation. When the boys came in the ki tchen. They all had very dark black eyes. They were pitch black. Winter noticed it too. It changed completely. We all ate in silence, there eye colors returned to normal. Winter couldn’t stop staring so I kicked her underneath the table. Ow ! she mouthed. Stop staring I mouthed back. “ so what are we going to do today?” asked damien . “ play rock band” answered Kyle. They high five. “ hey sky what were you doing last night?” ASKED winter. “ yeah what were you doing ?” asked pa tch also. His eyes were playful. I guess everyone noticed. I should be more disc reet next time. “ nothing just walking around school” I answered truthfully. Par tly. “ your name is sky?” asked kyle. “ yeah its skyli “ I said. “ what about y ou ?” asked kyle to winter. “ winter evergreen “ she answered. “ wow nice name” answered kyle his eyes glittered , or shined when he said that . He meant it. Wi nter blushed scarlett. Everyone noticed . “ stop flirting with the girl kyle you r making her uncomfortable with your ugliness “ patch joked. Kyle looked at him evily then they both wrestled. I was laughing my ass out!! And so was winter. Bo ys will be boys. I got up and went to get ready me and winter are going to check out the rest of London , with our personal tour guide ,Elektra. I changed into a white leather mini skirt, and a neon tank top, I put some white converse. I we nt to the living room, and sat down “ where you guys going?” asked a suspicious damien. “ clubs” I said simple. “ AND YOU WERENT GOING TO INVITE US!!!” DAMIEN y elled. “ stopped throwing such a fit , jeez you sound like a girl” I said annoye d. “ totally dude” patch agreed. I looked at him like are you serious your gett ing in the conversation look. He just looked at me like I don’t give a fuck abou t your conversation look. Then don’t get in it I thought. Then I heard a voice s aying “ I feel like it, I don’t give a fuck what you think”. no one said it out loud it sounded more in my head. I freaked out. Maybe this air was contaminated with a smoke that makes you crazy. No chill sky your totally fine, your cool. J ust chill. Someone started knocking on the door I got up and opened it was Elekt ra “ ready?” she asked. “ winter is not, so come in” I said I stepped aside. Onc e she was inside, I closed the door. The boys were all ready looking who it was oh god ,snitches. “ we now some clubs that are packed” kyle said. “ and?’ I aske d. “ we want to come” damien said. Elektra looked at me and I looked at her. “ I guess” she said. I sighed “ fine but you guys don’t get in our business” I said . “ yay!!! Were going “ damien cheered he looks like a gay guy saying that. Elek tra was about to ask me but I shook my head no. after the boys getting ready we headed off. Winter wore a red mini dress. Very revealing, elektra a blue tight s horts, and a shirt that reached above her belly button. The boys well if you see jersey shore somewhat like that. Ready to party woo!!!!. Chapter 3: fusion.

We went in a club called fusion. Oh god there were so many hot guys!!. We starte d dancing, drinking up to this point I was drunk. It was a underground club. I w as dancing with a guy I just met blonde hair with blue eyes. He had a nice Russi an accent. His name was Paul he was visiting London as well. We started grinding , I felt hot. “ why don’t we take this in my car” he said. I let him drag me I w as so dizzy. I couldn’t see well, he helped in the back seat. I didn’t realize w hat he was doing until he was on top of me kissing me everywhere. “ no stop” I said. He wouldn’t listen he pulled my skirt up. “ no!!” I yelled. I started well tried to push him away. He grabbed both of my arms, and tied them up. “ what ar e you doing?” I asked panicking. “ what does it look like , were having fun” he said. He was smiling. He tore up my shirt and bra. “ no let me go!!” I yelled mo re forcefully . He covered my mouth with his lips he then started sucking on my tits. I started to sob, with so much force I hit him in his balls with my leg. I succeeded , he got of me. I got up and untied my self quick, I picked up my bra and put on . As I headed to the passengers window he grabbed me and pull me bac k . “ come here you bitch” he said angered. I started kicking, and punching. The n the windows exploded , and patch . He looked disturbed his eyes were pitch bla ck, he yanked Paul out of the car. And with so much force patch threw Paul an d he went flying far away. I looked at him shocked , scared. It wasn’t him. He l ooked at me then his eyes turned normal. I quickly passed out.

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