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.i'tl.£;· m II ~ tr ~:~ i 01'1, s, (!~ v- .... 1! (i; L) ~.~ frL~ - /:1. ttd ~: 0 D 1:" .... 11.t ~ 0 f. t_b is V!l.i'.]·· l.i.t:rll~ <iUP. pJ.'Q'[·~etl!o o~.. {'opYil."~~hl:! ,un,] rl1'l~:,;1 ri.~"~ II~ l.'o:!I1!L'G(L'~1. c@di (H' 1.i'(j~I;I~ W H~I)("j'~'I. 1\'1' i I ~ .. CH r!".Iiml~a8t(iD l'-r';.HII '~t'1.~ .:C-'~LMtEhili:5iDL~l'~'~.fI,l"tl iJ'e thl~ \,.::fh'tl.i'i~~ wIll 8ub~t1i 'tlfL'Il' :!tI.lI8IUJo;::r. r,c, t 1)(> 'Peillalt~ pra'ij,Jed :by l~l W,

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val] Illl diffi~t1:ltf IOJ' t!i:u-D1\11y:[~;.;'to ';Ol1DJ~gOtt~ 6nq;~:'riRn ... 0:['.

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n~tth~t(:j~ ,(lIn CfMiiPf'teJ:.s ·aft an:5w~t ;m oo"'lflci!i::~ f'onn, "m

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~J infufmJltion. n.gardiu:g: ,~,jg m'~Sitib~tinl'tsUbiec~t~ b¥'C

j)rmnptei th~ pcr~udl(j~ cd m1lS ·p-aZu}ne·. ~ The~uUIlJf'~ 'w~i]e aW.a-J:e o~ t"he dl£Ee'fctm;ce 'fDf ~pibio\O me', lssU@ ai th;~5 w:o~lt '~~' prodl(l.&e:" ~VeGrt~iGS ncd,wit_tandl~g to 'r,~m"


.fJ.]Y let fbr,tb. wkra~ 'be 4e~s '3, wo~ngr ,A~PQtlieM

~mtJ.iR*- ~~ ,~u~ ;o~tiWlr ilID pr-oouce the u·b~lemW ~"'" ~~TOie~ ,and, tht;~tatemeIU"";O\r \!t&f~~~~ is 'not w~fhut'

f~~ .. ~:1I' -.." • ;)-. ~-4

'hp~ '.y·Je1I!f ~ :fur,th'er' ~refw, ~:eat~ ~y 1Idi~ i~lo_ ~~se ;mm.d~ l:iis,~pide"to ,Cr~.f,~_ .. G'qiH!l may; fdl~




The tenets ,of P/iren()l'Q!JY and"~,t.trQ16gy have b.o~h been laid ~1m!d'e.r br~ie'f ,tOfi.Uibu~ion,;' not dlat these sdooc,~s are necessarily cOilttected~ but. because ·it ~ppea'rs to' the au~ho'r wiser to neg]e~t nothing ca:~cu1ilted to. shed "a:ny ~i~W' Hght upon an a.ncimt sub ject,

Spiritual is explained in ~AltF Two, tfI'ClairvoytlftC:c/'1' Tha'[ this ouHine g f Crysml-fJ'dCitJg and Clairzlo~aftte may prov~·· hdpful, .mtel'eSl10gi and sugges,tive"to ~te practical Disdple and Student of O~~uJtum is the desire ojf

I'" ~ ." •

the author'.




puck;.us 'sfn-lle5 iknow,n;. as AgUAYnRf ~gr't!e,n or '.sky .. r,I:U'8 in oorOl'= t~e '(i.o,ulilElf BfJRYL,j aLild dee,p 'rich gte,rip ~wp, "as, ~ke .EM:e;W!lt.Dj1 are ,an ~ik:.f; Oif ;lih.~ 'lJ&lUft. ..

Their ,htlt'lititSS v.aries ,{r-am ".5 tOI 8.oj, and t'llesle,nfir:

,gr,avfty ·from. 2.6,B'~g ,2. ,'32. -

With Zi'n admixture '07 borax at" s@~~laJ the~BERYL forms ill b~auti Iul d~if, gl~. T,lLe oriiC.kry:S'()I!~~ off -du:::

Script~res; (moroe green 'than, the. cooina'ty l~mtYL), and amso the, clr.rysobtr(Ji-us' t{ yell(ml"m) .and (~~$-(}11Jn'US,. ~~h~tb ,last was believed to be .eonneeeed w~di ~ig:b.t~ a-p~a'r to ha;v~ been natll'eS ,alPpli~ to diJfertmf :sIlQd,j' of Bll!;RY.t,..

f L"..:..t.. II'"'" .. 'Ii" f ~nIli.

{il'_ Wnlw Lt,orr:a.eas gl'v~ a :l;ilSt 01:.' ~1l!_iii"u.~


~¢ (Netni\e:d oom.pr1Swtion, o~ the' genuin~ 'B!.RYL ~5, as :faltaw.s I'=-

}~'~~.. Ii i 11'1' M. II

iiJ!: ... ' l. ~ .• ~ ":_ !,(;II,." ~~t..

tH~m~ .". 17~ !o!

1~~)jJli. ,. i, • J::J.o.t U

R~' O;iit& 0; }:J'.05, 01%:4, ~

The 'lii1lest oome :£~m D~J( ,gn the froot¢~s 0,' emu, '£'ffi~. Sti&.tri(J~ aad BrasiJ'.· DIRe l~'Qund tn the U: S, A', measured ; ~

32 X: '22 X J S ;uChes" Mld w~igh«1 g~9GO' too.

Aaot'fu~.r' !1:2' X 24 X' 4f.S ineb~" and weiiglted [i'C7~ Ibs,

The stolte is :eaUed br the 'ItaJ]~ ,t~J!j ~tr:yilcil, ~'j' but 'me :E.ll4r.1ish l~d_M'e& dtrop 'fbe !lSI of the I.~~ want,

;and ,su-iilPJ, ,altij ~.m.,i:...)" It rif.PAaibJ1lJ k~tL in:,8; Ii.- ·Ii - ~:·· ~( - ."_. i;~l' '., - ....... ..J ,,: ", ,ru,_j~Dll!dl"J;j,~ .. _.:."",.~6 'mC·iPB:1i[C;t~ ax_1~J ~,:tiJ~f'

~n 'the l-~nc· Qf m~ axt .. ,. b:ooUr, _- ,e~~ ,is .tl, 'paih1: '~~dl~~ h ·~ll'P.~lM) ,~'d oonl.cil~~ .. ~J1'Y ,neQ!t~mJ~ ca(~, ,QBik;; -'I

t,ke R_¥]j is, b;~~1i thm Q.rdin~ q~~z..

1!T1..._",.. - ;'L.'~ ~. i.L... y1... - -

,I,,~lt·· ww· nmy ea:r:~' '0 !5t.n~r' IY~ qU'eStioo of ~,

'physid~, tel~tkut Jol·idt~. 'rey;t-s, 1:h--'w'e ',h:mdmd'La o:f

. .... . ~ .... ~ ~r~ , , . -~ .:;.. -.

fef:maiJ:lnj~ ~ir ~'emrJ. tq, $i~ £o1!iciwlJ);g,:-w6:(Ii'sr gj~~ iQ ihc. Foor;,';N,CwE bin0W~ .

- .. - ~. -

Other a..-atho:rSiJi bdld~s &..a"Se m.en~on~d m the- FOOT'

~ • - "4' - -..", ._ _~;. - - ~ _" - - • - • - - - •. - _" - -

fi;o~ me nfW,yjl~ BfI'''''lt~,n_· "~~Q"ft ; Jie;ifer);

. . .,..- .', ...._ \. ~ z.-~. f;I'

B'uil,iJ8". P~rMi;l"jet.o,

~]-'t·m~y'~ Ql inle~.sltn 1"em~tlt~t: Dr. J:. pjefl,,·a'okI,

Mrtiw';, itatoeSI that ,mc,f(Jfi:e~· ·w,~ o<ngJnalf,. ~~ 'MW tke' a_G:~~lfaz~ uti 'fttat the ~~~~n:s' ~~ :8, ,~,~.

. ;~> ;:¥Jl."::;:W {i""- t' ~ . ,ll;..... ... . - .f. ' .. M'1iU' . \'~!I:;Y.l1 OB ~iIll;", '~~"",,,. ,.

;Qlau~r~ bl '''Tie 1l,f).IVR -o:f 1I(M~~ (Po iii+) JI m'enfinns

:u}e 1Jr-PlJ'" '~im ~..J... -

i'A~' 1 ~sed~i., ioJt;, 'wh~~~ 'll."u this , •• j ot' Jjda,~,

~ ·llili:M?·,~Itr:I't',tfia'R 3. ,Blal.~

.jo, _~i ..... ..,Al~ .... _1i11 _..,. ' ': ......... i .. ~J!!

~ ~~ ,"~I:Q ~Ji~ 11iJ_ LI ~ '~a_.:I'i!I




li'hi:cbt;a; • .. • • i •

L .

Ori"l", of/ron-

'0. _.~'.T .4 r;r;. - e

- ';;[Hie (t~, '" m-omill-';IfI,

L,rim~ i p • i !ii' M

. ~ .

1Jn,I. B.~I'd.
· '" . 67~ ! ,I. l! ~ ~! 68;Sol
'E ~ i IcLso • s II; !! !!!! [$,7$·
· i !ii' ~4.s:Q + • . . . .. '1~,5Q'
.j! of ~ E.Ql' • ,!;_. . ~. 1.00 '
• FE 0..00' 0.30
0', SO , ~:s
iii +'l'! • [II • • [II • -

, The. C, ,Y.5,·!(d-.G(J:$HJ of the n,f t'h' ~fl!,t~l:ry 'wef"E: .knQWJI as

fhe SpecU1a"U'j ,ane were established in Ireland.

Saint believed, and :p.robably; with tfutb,~ that the practice 6t:'jb~a ted in. P@,rsia~

" ~"br,ey in his U M.i&cd.llanie;s/-' pp 1J I ~ '~k., ( 16i1 ~ ) I refers. to the' Cr,f;hU used in divination ail, baYing' ~n ,its, rmmpas]tion Ua \ve~ tincture of red" -( Iron) I and quotes ~ work thereon by Sam Boisardus, ebt:i't!edj '.n D~' D1vina;.. tivne .jJer Cr·,j'

St, 'Tho m aLS, Aquinas). ~;iaury in his o(fi La. M,a-gie e.t fv.i4.drologje-/J' Allan Kardec, and many other writers refer to- this art,

In, recent years {he subj~tt 'h~, [ili:ew~se received attel"lti~n at. the hands of Ai - E+ '\iVait~, Binet ;"( Feri~ :n.X:ri

. .

~~ W.H. M.yer.~~. o.f the' London Psychical Resea.t~h

·Society]! and, by Miss X.~ die" well~kri'0'vn wri.ter in. ~1J!fJ"" def'laml/~ a quaIDef>ly jt'Hlrnal 0 f uccu.1;tlffm. '(!c]Jted b,Y' Mr., w. Jr. ~t~ad; while the ~'~Pr,@c6ed~c.s of' ilia Psychical ~a.~dlJ. Sode~Yin 1.Q!ldoo, part .. xlV:, {'OF May, l~'

anrlli~it;e_ pa~'· ~Ht fi~' 'tne same",pUl11i~fi:QD'1 "d~. 'w~th; 'v,apf~s' £'~~,i ~Hood~f o~ 'e~pef~m~lsr~dati~ kl ,th~

~b;ilOCt., .

'TH"E [D"!lSTAE.

~'" '"


. t"hat c~smts grew:)! not 1'(1)m w~t1:1~n~ but ltom, w~th01.'1t:~

'iIl.. h ~t....;l'" f . ~:, ,. ,.....; ~...._, ,. A, ~

it~1ro[[g _UJ,C' meuJ'Um O' 111lulllb!eSlli'lili:U, PQrll~~ Jcafjf'U~y, '~Ji)J

and d -' ";ji.i:"! ,,1 ~ .. i::;, ".", ]-. , ... ,j.. ,",,'I!.,' . . ,~.- .', If '- C'· - --_- ~ t- _...". -. ~,...:~,

__ • . ~OSl'!.!_u. Uie.!i~mol.e Y d,lL, 'UJiIi!: ,eH'GS' 0 . IJI),e .... '1'ys w'~ WDJld~i

1.[ :I ~1~~~ _.0;', h ~''ild j;!iI6, ' "" -~. . - ,. f - -& +-~ ~ 1:.. ~ ~ - - :J:' ~ "'--

I!)!e i~Wlse ._,~.!: IIl.UenJ!iI.[) man~ : es~ tne :pnenomena. >0 Jl:C£m!-

'1~:4 {If'flltJtk. He i.a~d i~ down as his eonvicttb::an ;II~'that the Dumber 'and 'le.ngti1, O'f' 12he sides :~:Q the pl:vle:" 0f' itle axis ,mray 'vary wfd:~dy widlcut chaon~ in th~ M1:gl.~'ts,'~ (l'8 ,~'ttf:l.iO a:rii.E lift'rU1ff et ftlUl!~~ 2't 1~e.fflUtdin~m 'vane

r - ~. -I - - A ~ _. ~ •• ••• ~lh,r;- .... ~.{,IIIr"" • ,~!"!' ~ •• _ ~ . • 1

mul:tttri nn" flUita;~ m1fJ~il}.

Many Qrhu QbSer~efg and ',\-v-riters 'may be menti:en,ed., alln;:mg w~~m M"e' lMeuWenlto~k' in h~s !'IArcoM' Ncd-ur:w!l I( 169',s:)~ Slr; ISMe Newton in our DPt'fc~3 (,IJ;QO)., Entlie]-; Mial in ,# D'e: SalliJ:rn Dissqf:Mjo B.pi,$Jol~ ('I' TO:;) t :Robert &yte~ De lao 'Hire;, Capp~]]er, And Hel1uet, ill. 'whooe van6,us, W:rjt[bp, man)'" e1Jtious: and ht~Rsthrg re}ative to the, suhj ed' may be :£Olfo;£

Li:J.l:t)aeu.'9~ who, also wr~te. U~D, Cf!ysttiJ~f(J'gt_'aph~" jgBIve

an imil"l~~S' ....... "h" '!"" .a.-.;,ti~Q;,;o;'iI"i._ .. _. 'f~ 'Q' -w- ~ T'1ii".11~· ':I... ho

. ''': "".:'",:~, IN. IL_"" lnv~ _ ;!;:iI'mD~10.rJ:S 0 . ,£\,0. . e J..J'C_,[])5i1.e;, w ase

'able ~~:B:$~ tl4 C:lIt~taJJ()yt(':J appear.,ed, ,in m: 112~, ,~d was foU.ow,ed le1ev~en. years later 'by an. It:nla.r~d ooiti.~, in 'whim he. ,gi,~s upwards, of five; hundred reguI~f forms E)lf Crpml'S')I ;wbile, at l1le sam~ tirn~ affi~jl};g N'Aaf.~ amid's'

:rIII -f. '. 'L ~ ..;.£.,~: ~ 'r.., ~ :Ii:l 1; . i.., ';t

d~~ tn;e" fM-1#fJ"~tI"'ie' ~f~~OfJ;,f' OJ "WI'''1:~'''' ,'ue pn~title' J lilnft

ef @l HyS'(aJ~ 'U .S;fUce/Jfibhj 'IAUt· is 0 ME T,.Bl*,~, llrlt NBVER,

V'~';~~J MMt' f'e:m~Ju 'f!\~ufa.ntI1l tlilt .ra:m~' in ,men iSPe~e' '~.;f Ihe angle tJ/ ifl€ideftte.~ 10" tile ,eS'pechvl' i:H;GU,ooU'01J oj tlitl, ffJt:8.J' to t-(lCT$. rjtltelf. n

The 'naDie: Cr~tal W'a'S Miui1mlly :l_p"med, {]lRly 'to Oi"di-

'. " ~.-:o -,,_"_ • ;r.' ~~R·· "I.I i":';1I"i!I~,'~ ..... ]II'~l -'~-, Tr,;O.~'II~:- - _- ,-III. ~ "'~' n~ qua.!r~J ~_ . ~O6'", !!:..t:~,~ .. lH'" JII. He J,,11[.iiJ1a.nrs, :5~Ae OJ!

it as «m~tgl~j"·· the' ?,amsk ,J~~fdl;"'"' tJim iF'tenm "'C'9~ ftiJttt ,[;{(t~R I~Cr)JrJ~liw.~!!l Later 0,11, tn~ ten'll 'was mg,te

• ' ~ , >.'. -

(I~iJlty QPl~ed t 'Bflj:' &YfOt.ij '~i~ly f:OfU.l$.4 ·miQ.~~,j

oo .• ~dj ~ciJn-,p"af(nt . .:j'J1" ~3.q~ti, :GQnt;j;ltu;d 'Q'11' 'OO.Q:nQejl~ '~y , , 'ane B~ .Jfm~on Ifi@tirutS' tb' ex~t~e 'of' '-t'i1~W+Ql. Di~iem. a'rld its,' 'C:C\J~pa~tmlmts; tbus~,

:J'r":F' . "V '" ".

~'Th~ fu :ve t'hdr' C~:~"Mts;. 1 dd' Itntrw. an:~ ,rlJf'~J

A ,;ii, • •• " -'. ". "'1·' ~ ': <1'< <a; .~, ...... ~:..Ji' Jf~'_ --

, 'nU; ~:r:g~ff ,ar:'h~~~' a:I1!.l11 t .• r,~ i~·S. ii!lKiu1]$"

TJlecir ,ti1W:~ .liIl~.~~ fbl:';!C' ,r~hr'''',...,jil.llii:!l, fl'etttwlf .t \V4dt _clla.ra~f(ri i I ba 'se.itfI aU 'tb~~tM '

(D~fiI ~ 'lfu.j l~~'

L Y. ...

SWedbatgJ" "in, ,Hii 'fjEart~s~ m the Uili¥reJ:'Se~r _(,. , 86a) p., '1: spe~r.' 0 (. 't.b.~, '~td1abitantl of 'me.' ,p~anfl:t'

M~f~r, s3:-ys :-- . '

HSomc:i QI th~ill, ~ti~ od,e~irotlii1~. appeiilr, De~ 1i,JrC,. th-w aplrirs i):f. ~~ ~8~ ;q' m~ hutYa~ C:"ltcit:l~t !llfl~,s.. T:&eff ,~i." to) ~pp,eaJ!·. ~ i'lthll}lJ,glt"m~.J @' #~ti ~!:;i"~£~m ·th.~~i.n;:~~ tbat'~Jt8_" e,d- : ell' oj ti!H""d'_'im~,e.~ ,;~ tit ,tlle»t~J"'ltk<ftml- -~~' i.., Ct¥.fNft .. ~

'En: the UitU,tXl NiDgd(im "Ji~t!Jr h~ f~~d amnng :tb~· ,Mo-ume ~lotn~~'&in:Sjl Q.' :D~"lJ,; ill' th.e Jleighoo,i"ihtiucl .. 1)f ,&i.n[B(~·"'1 ~. .Qubl~n ~ i~ 'Cq~, 'Wield" w; 1ft: ,sOme ~parts:.;:o"f

~ •. A 'b' .J:I -II!... ,j .~:. • f 'n::~.:t.~

v;\?f,nw,aU j, ta,. lIl: . .n: "erll;~ns:E'.Ili[~,.ln me'glamte Q:" .u...~f~TS"

Iaw~, ~uia wSO'- in. tllie upp~r r~aobe8) oJ. 'the IJeC' u.d the

. 1" ifI1!'1_" '!tlc' It::" "", __ , 'It .t,_: ' " n ·'1,

Drta.· ~d (Jc~rlS· ·~meWliB 'Ill l.","1G Dw:t J!.~ttt6: ill 1J"raz:tl;ii

Scb;t~ekenwala in :Bobemla in, Si~ria~ ·'~r8nd.: m~y oW; p!\m~ $d~' as Jiil't:w. HanJ"3:~e, . MaS3aih;~.s~f~~, Main,~~ ~"""""""e¢fcut·- tic" U t;! A Otatilluing If;" ._,,", 'in rioMt

~v.&:u-~ r ,I ;.I! '_, ';.'" .~. 'II w. ." ~ '. '_ ~~{ __ -!: iJ.~ I~~; ~ ••

raDunu~~ it, J1Is £Q~;ar.ativet; -rhv~te.~ in. voaiuc:,;

bqt arno~t the :aQI1'l.aES it was ldgh!y prized in 'the mannf ad1!.lr:e of J ~welry. ~:rOtul,t Za~~r~~ in 'Uppeif" ,E~yptl 'W~ th:1~ prol/abJe :SiiJ:!lr~e 'from whieh tile ,atH::ie~ts der:h"ed 'the 11 e'f'yJ~ Th,~~ ~Q~0rs (tf the ~e.TJ'l :range from, blue through Ran,ey-yell(}\'V to absolute :I1raJ]$pijl'~n~y. ~ the ~attet r:es1iltiriig from tf.fe, presence' li),f ;pesroxh4!12: () f bbll~ w.hile 'the green. ,~,cl; vatioi1J~~ ~'ha(les (If lJlue r,e.1?reSl~l'lf the eff~cll of pf'Qtoxid~ of iron in yuyin,g quanti ties. Tbe ,£.'i3lvodt~ ~hade of t~is Cr:y:staJ lllti1iz.ed, 'by ancient Seers W,9..s the pale w~t~t' ... g~ooH, Beryl ~t d~lic~ te ~l" aqumna-riw-' ,~t¥i~ sa'm~ r{;'fer~e4 to by 'Dra}lc,[j;1ll in his Ny,mphli/ 9i fhu~,~

.~ The t~:2"Wgm 8t~'Ck. llere ifnd ~heu, ADd .S'!.~:~gu.e» &O~o'Uf'l!'cl bC'rjl~. i\ji

For' the use 0 f ttlis~lU~~ or th:u:t, t1W;re app ears to have 'been more than Qil~ reason. €er-tain]y ~thef stones, sum as th,e vihite sappJdtt'~ .an.a. even ve8sel~' 01 water, We're


~preBsed ,into thie' 8et"vice; but it must 'be: teti1eD3.i.fu"ered Htat

water .. green wasJ ailtt;o]Qg1.caUy considered ( and, ailll diVInation was mere or less OOf;]1tleefed wjllh h1gh astrolo gy).! a colQr, ~'S,p@da1]y "l1'nde~ '~be ii1f.hlll~tt~ of. the

~.... ,- - --'11._ ,u....,..i:I~.-- - - , --, a:,j. , -" -~ i_, ,.' fl'-- -'- -,

'!''!f&.OON~ an !(.)]'",bIi ~"""''',l.n~ 'V~ry .,gre'_.1f,; magn~,,"<l(J tm uenee.

Nowj w'b~ we, in t[1(~ fiJtst p],[tce, teJ1e-ct that the lJerylJ:

:r::' "",old <" - ~~;' A'oJ .. ~;I.. S' :n - ,.

,L1merw.~ .;],arimt"e~, "lu:!l.'U1't{ib'H'1l,n.e',;o' ", par;.!' ett::.,~ av~' camlllM:l:

Oridc;,a!l t'!Q1l, a Siribstan~e. '~r.e51e:tl6ng tb~ ~r~ngest, aJr1j1- i:ty 'tot" JldUn~~}. an,a wh6n we also r~m,emb&'f the Itrid' iniouctioH:$ of' ,the' ~fident ,oecu1:ti~ts to udUze the Crystal ~(}id-y diHiHgthe' fntf:t'a.!t. oi· tl1~ M'G'ot;\j ,the id,ea naturally

(11) B~ eON ,c;E;NTRA~ION' ~~ fhe CRY,~,~lI.L c.f, ~he, gr~~ '~,st 'possible in,fl.ux 0'£ 'Qelatia! ,o'r te~T:~ttial ~i1el_m 0.£ boJti::b.

(if) 'Br Co)lCE,..~TR .. M,t':If)'N in; ,the BQD¥ of :t;L1e ep"er,at« 6~ 'uluil]oy,~d ~a!Jl1eltimn~, thrGoilgh die puri~ ef.:th~~

~ f~~tiQ'~:. '


(c) . By ceNtENTlUJi~IO(R of th· MlND~ tbnm:g~ the m.mtal fatulgr gf f~,C( acdns ,t,hr-oogh the Pkr-enologieal 'Brain iI1~cmtr,.,.!~ located. :ifl, the· JU,eriot",MtWft. c l the Firwt OI,r;lplMl ,t'o.n/valaf.lan Q,f the Cere ... · brmn..

Hence, thQS~ penQns endowed wifh, 'natural cibi'lit:l iio (':l]Mt'entra.te. ,the ll:J;tef.tUott, are thereby (Jid'~d in their tiSe' of tn~ sp'!hue. To ",that extent tbl.S power exists in the would-be ex:perime,nter can tie ~oJ.d, by' a .fi:r,st~!)d'au Phrmolo,gist ..

(d) ~NCF.NTBA"l';[ON of the: ,vA.ZE upon. the Ct"jtslll" lNby r :ee~au8(:! as ma.ugni b.,y the fa:n1£O'u,~, Hlndu CYj;s~~, Ga2e,-,r_. there streams from the human ey@:s an e_fOlB of Magttp-iisJH;t ,p''c~ed ,from its f-esuwir' in the Cere,'bef-' .z_m~ wh~n. lb.@' gaze ~s Gonc.enb'a.te.d upon a given ,poh~t~

At this llm.Cihu~ it n)~y be :r~rked that. the: (.~/;.e1il.per~ a f sight, Qere lccatciJ ~ 'm9de.hl Phy:3jologIsts ,bl th~ p(J~, tmar ,frilJes i)~" til. Brain~ above the r.egioa ,d'< 1t'fl~ C'erebellmn.

Now ohserwe':-

(d) That the aneients taugl1t the importance of strict' purity' ,in relatilDD- to- tH~'~1jr f}.atU1"~, wbeI1 fiithCT CryJtoJ ... fi~ng~ Civi~()jlim¢f" CJf,~th-er' OccruU mQ;~. 'weE"," put iortnJ and hen~- :t:he' use, of boys ~!IJ!d virgins, 'l-ll (;tYJtfIJ-Di~(Jn".

(b.) T~~t Jihre~:uj)m;ist:s have [o[atedJ the propensity to ph,siec.l l'ove. in the, C ere b,e Clu.m" or small bra;" HI. j,UH



The condition of the vita1tituid at the time of' ~erjmcnting with "the C~sto.l 'b .ing of so' great "hnporta:~u~e; 'it wiU be of atiHty ~fo,l" the, reader to consider the £oUow"" Ul:C' facfS ~~.

'Theff is, on' an verAg~~ one 'part bY' weiglit .Ot iron in.

- -

twohundrea and' twrt,. human blood corpuscles, and the

total q,ua:n.tity of 'iron in the blood .of a 111m weighing one hundred and. I'oTty potlmls 'is ab?ut tbi rty~igbt gralD~ii while aooutone grain per day is onthe .. a·,~mge takep into '(he body wi~h f·ood. I'ron is a cOfflpeneo:t parrt ~ f the h~mogJQbin of ~be 'blood", ~and l'orcms the:colDr~ng matter (} f the 'fil blo9d ,eorpuscles. The whit.t' or- colorles.s .c·IJ~ ;flJ$d.e.s whhrl'l are much fewer in number tbl»1 the red, ~n. a healdlY bod!y. are diminirhed by I!.as,tin(J~ a.n,d ,tJo~reGJi¢, try e~infJ_, and thia fart is 0 f' interest in ccaaeetioo with the adv.~~abi]1ty o.f !as'tifJ,g prio'r t Q inGgneUc esperiment ",it·b. the CRY-ST A'L .glObeJ as' enjoyed by tJ;te' Seers Q:€ the past

Two ]i.lrinOpal forms. 0 f h:o.n. are. app~i"m1.t in t~e. blood .. ~ I'. P"Otto~ite:; of W()>>'~ which is princip,a11Y'ionnij. in tk~ VeMUS Of dMk' blood. Tl'Uls is .aJsp knovoT,flIl 3$. ferrous. tJ.xiJei!', and constitates the brut' of the greeK OJ: -frei-t9us s~ts oJ :iro1l1 WhlCJ1 latter cannot be, Q~talaed in an isolated ·state. Pro toside (). f Ir'(ItJ cotl:J.bine~ with water to form a. 'hyd~tei!l F,eO:!, :HO,- \lii'hicb~ on the addition .of' an alkali, f.alls. :bl whit<r Hakes, provided fhe 'water 'in which they are sutsuended 'contains M, tree o~,gen,'" Qt"h.erwJs.e the p:«dpitate is ~y. .2. Pri.'o¥ide' of 'T~I!

- .~'L ,. _ ... 1. f d ,i th ....!'_ .• ' - l. ~ f... _ •.

'wW...u ·IS mo::n"'iY' aM:: In . e .arttT'1rUt~'. Of', ongnt SCQJ',t_et

ibleoi. It Is ·k_fjOWrfi· as se:~1do~r&e;. 'Qf fw.ri€ a'Ud~J; itA~loo~h~~ ;Ij~-o;U~ 9~'§'. k~ijte~ r~ug" er rid o:~id - . of il-u.d.. It is the 1}a:se~ '. .£: .1h~ :~ed· or f;eU1:!1Z silts ·tF;~OiJ) and. i~ p~d1~a~ly ,ih'e S~ th~n, as i1ill'a-i~st:i which is·;a it1dr~d p, ,,~ide;

Nd~T-,-. a ,c;,ofnpa,~.of the, n.w~ lui~~ding 6xi~~. to_~' 'in~s: w hat 'was' f'fJ!'Tu:r.e;tl,. :1Ql(i!~ ~ ~·the: i"I'f)lrlds.fiJf7;t/~· 61" blii*. 'fI'itgnf;tic .Q'-ttide" pi. irol1j. ,and\ '~1: i 'a, remarkilibI.e, fact ma;t:pe~86ns o~ ~la'l"k" Q_r1·y~ry. d~r.~ Jlai:r,~, ¢~, .Qnd' skin ,a're lh't·, ns.t" m~e~~t;'·' 'V~rr"i'd .'thilS:ildarll~es;~· rs }.t ""'U,old,,:1" Seeill-

.' " ~~.", - y~." "",",... ~ . l,I!..It.J! o;!! ~~iIi.ll ,,""'1' .' ~ . , J

« ,

c'Oun.ed;eg: with, a 41f-epDndierance ,(if: the p'rR()~ft, -ri!l 'I¥i\tn:

in . th~ blood o:vew . the' pePfJrid~ 'in fh,~ pro~rtip)J' Gi' m ' 1(':24' ]laFf~, to ape, (_ i): . -wmt:h __ happ'-m~ t'O b . a ;sim~¥, pr.~ p'Olrti9n 'm thd ex-:istipg;iu 't1ie:·i'.loadSto~~.!' S;ufjih p~ l~iOns:, ~, 'osii:ally dfl.mi'1'l;~dy ~'epfesen;ta:ttv~ 'af 8, 'bllii}US' ,tonde'fiC"H~'i lOr.' s~~]ecm, I bUio;us ·teJt;R'p"er.a:in~:IiltO!il':I' and w"e

IJi . .. _ .--

~~w ill~t t!le: an1fJ1itftt 01 fro~ in., ,fbe 'bil,· m 'important,.

bein,u ~~~llt es :a pMspfi~te ~b:~ri'llfed !.r~~ memJlgto-bln.

'SQm~ of'th~ tt-on is stored ill the liver tel]s~ and son:te·· e phQ5}:J~a;te, into' the. -bile'~<, b3:, whi,c.~ Ja.ttet c'~gel1 is" ,idmest wholly .a,b,' ~n;t! . thGQgh s-1,i1~1 qu.mli-ti~ Q i 'nitrogen ar~ iliou.a(J]" ~th~. m,oo:" bnpo~t~(~as htim,S'. the

'il.._, ... ' • ,.1 ,

Icu;wnl.C: RClf]",

"Vi1en Mre. temmnoor t4Ye' i~,t1dR'ft~ .,f JJeet!: bcrd?:a.t~iV jl;l da:ir®.).:,~·t ,~fthrt.t . Um~ ~~tiJj{l,i';'i4 1mt1.ea c)r P f tbe: ~'~,mugw:ontj ood ,o,tiler malneti.caBy -rndlMd h'erbs", the

fnds in· g~er,al seeltDl1tf' pt)h~~ '~o fij~ ico.nd.'U~i~tt tiat:,3; C'~K~al", thfflaca/-li~Bn(}i'betw;;~~n t,e',f~rrk ~nd \O~F~~g-i ~d\co'Ps.egumdy: .dyif~ti~ ooftdi:t1btta o~ ,me tt,L00P 3.iild

HIL;ElI' a,1"'e. necessary fot" the optainanct!i 0 i. 'tIu:, R1;Cf,S" ,wjlcJ. prJwer:s of I(;01iCf'ut"aJion, and ''''c,rJ, .sigAf~ or ,dairoo'3anf!e.

The 'p_he~'[n]] o,f ~r:.vsfQl Yid~t.I m~y 'be da!8ed, 'as (oll :,"'"'St:----.

F ;,s~. bna,ges of :SGmethinl unoonscioosly ~o'bserwd" N:ew ,.epr()ductio1l1S.~ volu.ntary or spontanecus, and bring .. , 1H9 no fr£.$,h; kftow!~dge to th~ m1-~d.,

SI!c:,oHd. Imagea oi ide·;u fIM.oMpnu.sJ:y. (, from ()tAer$~ by re~epathy or otherwlse. Som~ Memory of lmayinative eft'oc.t,.~WbiiCh. do~~ no;t come f,r·om the gazer',s Qrdinary' self. Rt'f,iwls ,of Memory_. Dlustr3!tions 1]'£ TWlOUght. .

Th1Td~ Im.age~~ cICJirYo)''Q,1tt Or" prophetle, P'ic~u,.e.1 ,bringing i'1!fa1'mrlJi:fJH, as t-o iSOtfietkin'g' p~t" FirSt n I" ll')f' .future wbicli the gaz'~f ba.s no athe.,. .c.f1ance .. of 'k~f)flitin!J"

,\Vlth. this v_i,e:w I ,oormaUr ~gre~~ and hence w:ould i~ pres.s upon the reader' the: f'a.ct that /lnyt,ling :.m.d. everything perc ti-ved. in the Crystal does 11Q'f belong' t-o the phenomena; CQ,mh\g under the :third. heading'" which ,IQUe., alone are in the ca:tegory D i ,trne C,.y~ffdJ .. D£m"MIt~(}"" as, ,ta~ght and pra(;ti~dl, by '~he. .and·ent S~"S.

~ ~udt pittuf'e9. as bellong' to . djv15~Ooru Flt'st and S.,co:nd ma.v~, o,f ;(:"aUfiS~~, appea.F' .not only ,1n a C1Y~fal s. but in q. vase, .glass of 'Water decanter 'e~e.t Ete., the mere reeult ,Q'f v~s:uaJ isatiol:JJ;' and their production requites Iittle or 'none of the care rurd Qb~ervation. 0 f eond[!1rions herein set. forth 'for th.~ guid.anCe. of the mOR :spiritUal illvesd,;o ga:tion"

It is cl~ar ~he e fJ-ect I obtained through 'U1e 'med1WD


, '


e;f C~1r:(t4.:Goritl:!J ue ,'Zf@- - "_ bl" 'm kit:ld-~ as hef'of.,e_ ,stakd f{dlt ,~le, ~cerlesr- «- m,tt,l1:J1};S~ ·~1 a~' ear f9 '~~e., g~ wJij~k' ate ~eril;1' a. ,·;r.lttzfJJl.~t~4tJ. ' 0 £. flit'~. ~~l'~,

h'" , ,!r .~ ,.of it.... 't-.:

_ a.-VC D£.,-eU ,'r(J~o$U~ Heq" 100.Q' .impr _ Sw OpeD U!e ' ~S10n'

c,l tile e-~p~im~tei' in ~cll. the .~~, '~1a®iU'~'r :-as -l1PQ~ th,' m~d l~f<,tbe· ()fdlh~ 3'r.tist',;' 'wb"m h'e: pjltUt~s, ~d pala~s ill d~ta~l ~ciU hj3 rtaij;\ia~ in ~h~' ~stutiO ~OUl~· ;s(:,ene. 0''': ,:In~&c~e m~mQfls.e_d_ fuy: 'kim 3 w'eek :l*t. Iea:t!', Fil"r~.

, .Ii - -~: ;,b't..jl .i.~L,' ~ Lii ,~- i~ :ro:.;. t' ~:J'".i '..!I~,

UU~:~V ~~e~,es, .. uL,a~.·'~IS .F.:~~'~r, \\~"~l-e;U, ~~ ~~l~r,' ~~;<UiG~ ,,\0 __

artlS~J but lcl llkeW1~e " iJl_;sed" ~ lnenital e:alct1~a@r$J ije-

I...... .Y.. - .

-t~~tiY~S;t . -tttd otn'et~ ~s -bigety ttel1umaent ,on ,th~ t'at1J]t,

. z. j;'iF- ;1' <''L. . , - '.:!I ·"b ." U-. ~ .. }.J ,. ''11.

~'l' -o:g;M~:' '\'1H0'se e:dfOOb~,m.~eIlft ,~m ,tCf:lfh~we, .~S iIj~

" " _, r.,

_t$ in, the ,first frontal C:Oll'tol~tien sf ·the c~hrum~"

'D,ai~~ two .a:bJe.s ci'E4Ie\~~~/tI,tJf.Ulf/'I, .Ilr l' 'F Ga11~ tq~.·Fatltct o~ P.~~rO}rilifl!tmr .. c;dled it '·'~p,t1te£~. io. 1!;'C''()f:

Pfr-SfMS:.,~~ i~ lS perc~pti:w ad -~ee0111~,~e'Ql &hape1" Qutlblej",pf,o·Diej 3$ld, (~D-tou:r,~ .and! b,-erme ;oi ,faeces; and f61~Ul&

,itt >g tte, 'at. ." '

,A'l1 ind:iv:id:tta1 .stf'amg!y, e"q_da,\V'~. by flat-UTe with -ntis pawel'" has, ',as the ,ErKietinal riS~!"'iJi' ~_h0 'iftt,erni1ll Mrtin,loY:m~ the ,~£'S ,:S6t wid .l~ a_pij..Jjt ip thf! (acQ:oc N. .. iwt wl,:~rtti" j' .

. '-"j-.! - J.., • ")

. - .. ~t .. , , thi·:Z' ',,~ ~ - '..-4 f

:b(d1y~:~J1l~. ' ~_ " s- :dt'CU!Jity tU -ma;fli6e4 ~efrce- Q--

~~"elopment! 'his atbH ry., to rnptodu~e a b,ygoae ~cm b~

f ~'b. iI;. 1 ~"'"' h • ...., '" ~ ]

'0r~: ,~tll~' m~Q,a_: 'v~~Gn, ~ ,,~ :~'C '. S'L.i:i.Jn~e:r lrllV¢,',.!l1J1'o-

tari1y tijall ',vh~~ tb1;s: ~ign., is ,I;~khlg;, a~d ",f" ,aU}!¢d to'

. '", ii, ;.- .. .'1 J, - -., it ~, -. "'" iii .". -

t5l8J" :the 1)odf"1 t~~., ,c af '11nQ sens:~~w,~ qualrtYt'

and the £att'l!tles Qt ·~~td,e'flll~~' ,L1magtnad~~~~ar 'the.

- .. 1 r t""iJ! .1::,.. ' '\ Ai" ',,~c JJ .... ~ ,l,C~ ...... ~ • .-W' f:, •• .-'1'1;;...211 H

" 'UerhC'g' ,;1:",'0" ~, i~mti!':i an~J"'" ~<r.:~~~~~,t ;'),~G-.L~l!Ii '~r""

flQ~e: qid "disit~i ,~,~ait.fl' _: ttie <Jl'g:~~ di~PQting @uo'



~ ,

to perceive visions, the pro,gheti~ 'tnstlnct~lr S UP4t'Mt'U""

....... 1·"'· JJ the bra In "ceni ... ·J'_" . f' id · ... 't·l . -- whichis 'it'o .... '!I t' d . I!"LI!Io ht'!', .'~. IU !JI! _ '.c..uil,~e· 0 l' eR "OD, 'W_ ...... __ ' .. o1!I • .I..'bflo°e":. Ul

the ''A,'scmiil11ig Fr,ontal c01ivolufi'otJ;J.j). be well or strongly marked in delf,eJopmmt ~phtellOI{)gical) ~ it is ,deal[ that ,ag. individual so ,endowed possesses a £u bet'tFr ,m~ce Ot successfully uSlng the: C'lJMtal~ for the mere reprodoc ' tron 'O'f bygone scenes, -ete, j! than has one In ~bQm these 'endtWnnalts ate larddng or '\v'eakify represented. (S teo Plate 1'.)

'The writ'er' ,suggests that. i:f' Oriental TBtnplt, 1.cewe is' burned a short time be . fore 'using' the Crystal and boca... SIOl1iaUy during the. .i,V (Jon} s 'intreas.e. by th~ C ry.slal. G'W1e1'~ it constitetes an aid to: the :atltamment of the most desira blll:l1 physic a'], COf1diticms ,of the: esperimenter's body.

The: reasons 19I" this suggestion are:

I. 'Tbt;l.t th'e pro,prnie:s. of T em p,le 1 Ncen,re are spe .. (iaUy li"'e~ponsI ve to magn,etie ,inftuence; lts smoke like tne eompass needle, in:v,ariab]y turning towards the no,rth.

.2. .As tf-Ie BERYL is under' '.the '~'ndiaeal Sl,gn 'UlntA.,!! so also are the herbs from 'whieh O·ri'enhl'l' "rempJ'e InctflS'I is'made .

. 0310 LmRA is. the sigu more pa'l·t~mlady r~]at~d. to the RENAL or I{mNEY S\_\';s,mM~ which, latter is 'in its. tum etosely ecnnected ~"ith:-

(.a 'I Tbe PERCEPTIVE Facunle~ and Brai.n i~ctnffei" o i. ;the phrenolpgists ~otre.spondiDg tbcretOt a-nd' fhe'r~f,O're w~th, the EYES ( ~l~t'e I',). ;,

(b) 'V~th tile IN'TUITI,Vl!1 powers:


• -.. . • _ ... 1- j ..... ~', I

. - " , . "'I· I

.. - -. ""-'- _--

PLrA''E.~· l~

~ ,;r Lift,.~ or ~ ~Ddij'3~.1~ Si.p '@)l'~ni~r, .t:tm 'p(trf;.e?~t£t!, ·

;o~~1 ~e";PJr~'S ;1Jjii KMp:/1t. '

g ~lfr:m'di&>J"~' ~:r t1t'e 20 ruaci] Sign:. _""' tiling' 'th~. $le:c}:' ,~d! C(~7'-~b8U~~ and Ad!i~-tiV'e mlli€l~ ~ s,

ir · .... ·bmtlJ,l';· t'b,j{,! _M,'l1;:1'fl.

.... .,

~. V.~n9Bir' .

A E~Ek·.ef,tb~ .Br~ht'«DTiltatnI1iig·~· cm~f'e~{.i.t:,(!,; S~~~. r'C"Q~_ tf!~WP'" <Jj :;4 t.tmfioH,~ ~a~d~~"".~ d'_A~KiyJ", ~f,f.;'~til'iln:/jO

,iB - t4"C,9t$~ I; ,of ~~.sp;dlMatJl'rIJJ.lill 'tire ~r:.~Jl.

24 G"8Y~rrAL,"GAZlNG

< c) Re:f.erence has amready b~n made tol 'thee QtJUt.;.

bELUR or amativ~, rdatk .. fl e i('jo~ th"" ,u, E·j·,YEi;i.- -··..!!I p', I .' _., ,~'

. _ , _ _. __ ..... " ... ~ v:W~ rw __ ~ aRu ,ower ~ I

. ,

~liC otn:-entr1litron of A ff~ti(!mt~ in the lilrain, and M ~~f:

ZDdhu:~l :s~.gA, I;~BRA ,is one ()'i tHe, '~,wo $i~s pdm~rny' :rdJ!ted. to, V'ENUS, (T~ being··the second), w'bo ra[es the ,gm~j'~ti¥e and kidney syst,mt~ the general ootml!dioft Q f. ,aU the fQtegcQin~f forces 'w[th ~t'fu~ stjJbj'e!;tt 'ander' (10Dside-ra.ti.on-v:iz'., '(:"rysf'al-G'a,rina==-win be, clearly ap-

pareat f~, ,the ~teric "gtJlldent". (Se,e_ Plaf,e 1. . .)

4., T-hat", bern; nUl<gneticj and, acUng alse up~, the M em,tal' ~,d~1 these herbs iitHiJ:et:tc:e, benefic'h~jly th~ :~run~ .... trons most Glosclr allledt~magn:{l:tic f'o:t'cet ading in c-6H"" j'1L1'fi!ction wit'll, sensitlve brtttit~Mr and apon, ~'he pr.odih!tdion a f the ,~am, fo~ and its ~ti1~~tiQr..,.,

The ;~to'IlOW~Mt' t~ulatiQH, ma:y aid to R,ade,r '~hese ideM clearer :-

Z'Qd~NJ Sijn",;, P~'Q,nef. Tempft~tn:l,

I. t~ ..... }.I. v~~;::: ~: .: :f~:~::t!-~~;i;'_

,a, tml~., .. ~. • '"' . ~ .. ~ .. "' .. ,~C:i!)'1d: atld Dry-NeIi'Vw9.

, M~ot ... , •• ",.,.,. + C~1d' :!!lnd M6i~~Ph'h::,8ii'HUic.

It 'win be: observ.ed 'by ~'bis ta'b&e ,,'~a;f ndfhe, oj' fh~

NO-g' oIoiIl Ii" i'!I~ fJltJn.e-tiN, w"' .. teA 'ITifi>h.e,-tlMil' ~1i"(.1,to3iil ,!I!I l" ~J, ... it,JI, .. , _. - ~... be .U',!!'N ,.,.., F. - . -I -~ (.Ii . • ~rp "",r. J' ~ 'It' ~1!'J",c H)I' .. !i;(-f'~ ;l;v. 1;iI1;..

sptda1l1 €()ntribu~~l)1 to thc' iu~($ ,p,GW"Sj 'OT"e ,of the ~Pt'Q-

j - - -

"OU:nCl'~ 'B'ILl[@:J]:S TEM:-J;'E,RA MElf'f.. II moe it would seem

tna,t t'h~ 'hel!U:is i.rom w.hich Oriental Temple Incense is: ma,telJ 'bQng' MnB-ne,tit~ trnd ,fa 't'he /)r.e'sent6t~i()n of j'D.!It thOS'ei ,M entm ~OllditiQilSi indi.~ted by ~'he· caoove-llatned

4-~'p-:'eiiii""m" , ents

~_"Il~ _' __ ~jIQ I _~'!Ii



'-a-yiflg ~ow tbis tl?:~ry'f J~~ U$ . glance, at the Oilnnec ..

i' - . '. L..... ;

1iOO 01 &~.MltK>N' themvhrh~

·AG~~rdjn~r~Q ,A:~1tro~a,&l. ~the ·C'1~';m.t· and .S'le~jl:e ~~~,e. und~r' 'her inau~nC(!, 'wltile: tOe .l-nJu'ml!e Pfltiu;i£' Q(f the

. '~"""". .... .

Mt"~ ~a;4 ~'ffGiH ,He" ilJ~i~ .la~~1' ,ati~d,u~ -ttu~reh1"

_N~)W me Po] es .. of the l;I1J'}lAN BnAn4L ·~~ei'aUy ilb;mi. ... aated b, ;the~YooN'are WCfj~ti l(aS lIt ~e tegiPB U~~ll~-

", 0' • • ..:. i_ t .' 1)0 '.

ing from' jn(t" aboVe ~e Er~:s (the ,PB'R~'ErnV'E£ 0,1

p}u~ D.~I6Wsti)~t.l ,a~ca It'd,at~a~:Cra~,, let;,·tlls, '~,~~ tftt~ as 'we- have al'Feady ~",~3l1i:t (i') t&~,-bao~ ,Q\f. ;.tbe

\0 '10- -0" :",'

NBC " w,tre·re. it jpins ·tIle b~ad tb,e ver'Y ~e3. _.utei' 51

• _ '.' ""I • i" _. _ _, ,'.' -0 - ~ .- '" _' • ',Ii! .... • • ~ J: ,

T A::llJiUSj, 'and ab;llQ canUh.dJJ.;g the: pij ,n~lo1f1c1tr e:entms

'~f 3Q;'!~tjve' i:coo~ i~ the Cfre:bcl:lum~ (Sec, R{atr./.)

Eu;e a;tt:eutiQo tdloot:d eveJ1:' be :paid" ,to till ldn~mg

nrifti"'~?n?";IlI' ]'I#f~efit:, 1..d7Jfs~- , , . . ..

;V _~~~.QlL ~~~!'I!!I _ _ ~ ~.... !!! 'Ii Ii

l ~ P-tl~trJJ(lt 01 pill"ose to a. 'briv~, Rna or Aml. 2~ AtteHtWffi

""'.' C~Im"~S$,.

~~ Will (T~"e ul:t-.rIu!lI~be~WJ-~~wa'J!l-:it;f.· :'fl!lJJef. J 5', bt~e,*~}l~

~I!:; PI'·' ~ u~ ~,.(l_mt,.

Ca..\ PTER II.


. t, ': eep t~e Lfj!slal clean, I{ flCry dirty or dlisoo']ored, t!reat it 'as fonow~ :~Mb::' ~oge,the:r six part'S \valu anCID, one o'f b~dy+ Boil them ,over a brisk fire, and, let the <CIT$tal be k~t in a boiling' state' a1EmUt fifteen minutes. Thea take ,out and rub car.ii1fuUy over' with a hrush dipped, in the same rq:uor. Rub dry 'Ytith ehamois 0 - a clean. cloth .

.2.. The person for "liVhom you art'- going ta give G r~lJdin.g ,may hold ·it. in, i~]eif hands for ell f'~1i minutes previous to, i.ts use, :hut iJ!Q one G.lS:t!~ fXCept youn,e],t

3. If' (he Crystal ,appc· haZy or duin~ it is, a sign that you are' likely to see ~ it wi]] afterwards detar, and tlre fonn. or v lsion beC:01TI~ mard fest, I nnJledia.t.ely· before the ~p'" par-it1eH Is beheld" 'the: CrystQI fueoornes clouded! or darkened, or what. some ter-m. I<l blat 12-, Jtl-,. Presenrly this dears a way,. and the Cfla'iSial becomes ex:ce~~ding]y bright; as 1 £~ illuminated 'eft'rugemc£" 'pr-ooeerung front hs intedoI""; donbtless "due tn the iron, a-nd. magnetism disseminated throughout ~t's constitution,

4. If' y'OJ.l require to. see events. taking place. at a g~~t. distance, took le~~gth1t.i£e' through the. Crrystal.

The ,~rO'rk~ o:f (l~ den 4ays UP()l1 elaborate 'cere .. as f'ollovts. :-,

.rtD!'I"~ p;fn,;A,.T - B ~'LrJI"r~a,· V~~F~,:t..-~~~'U",:~

.. - w ,...,_

tLATE. 1.1 ..

~~ .~ .



l"ffi~O !fin ,A ''1' h. A, '!'7T"k'lf'G·. ~n.a C ~~~U~-J.JJ,\I·.

washed! with C1!loohoI 01" vinegar iil:nd 'w~tt);f',. aad then pollshed 'wit~, sof~, ve]vet~or a chamels Ieathee,

T,he Crystal O'.f M,a-gic }rii,"o'1 showd freq_uenit:ly be

- , '

11:NI_gneliieiLby passes m~de ""villi the rlOlu; i~(ntdj for ,ab011t

,fiy~ mlnutes at a. time, Thb aias toc g+v~e it 8b~·ltn.gth ;and i'()wet'" S'itnUar' passes with the Ze,ff luu[cJ' add to 'the sNMi'ti~~~$ 0'£ the £Tj~tli(.

Tbe back (ll the Mr;Jgit: Mtrro)' or CryseuJi sbouUl be held Jo'U,'rw:d the lrgh t~ bu,t i ~s face nev'er.

The Magnetism with "vhich th,'e! ~urf~ce D f the .M.f;iyic' Mirr-t?·r ~r Cf~rs~~ becomes ch~rged~ coUtti.s: tfi.erc' fwom t'he eYt'fl (If ,rl14 r;~erj ood f~Qm the 'universal ethe~, th,~ B .. rain being as ,it were S'\vitcn.ed, on to t11J: ;o,nEverse,,- the e'}~f(ll ,being tlse tl1edi$l'l.,

Persons o'f a Mag-nttic<{:em'Pen:;Jm(U{J such asJ ,amongst others,- those ,,"ko ~ classed as lfrilnef,~e If da'Tk-!!yed~ ,~r-(J'[tlln,...sc1NtUUa.~ and, having duk" hairi win charg,e dl]e~ Crysf.-Gl or Jf'd!lf,C.' ,M ;",01' qui£kH~ but n~ t fflof',e' .eJJectuW-l'y~ thM mose1 of Of)~os1te ll:f el ectric tenl,per,~me.p.t~ such as

tL. -Ll .... J Theel . . H·' .J " ''t'i''. J :'_.f" - ~'. ~A"~' .. - .

. .!i~e r;r,~;Q~t. e "', $HIU',u,s; \l5e. a ;,!I.:',- 'my,'U .~t'.t (}g.1f ":1'-' tTr'or ;~

U ","'IL. ~('G-:-' • 6. '-'" ]I.' 11-'

we as tne " .'~g ~·fy'$:tlli' ..

.A51l'R.M. ~.E:AP..AN'c;g~ m' 'l'Hi!:: C~:~Sl',,,,,,r~.

~re Cl'O'IId~ - ,~' :indkate: G90it; ~I¥ ~rma.tlv~ ~ f~,v'Q'r~

::Black Cloud'S - . ~! Bad; i~a tf~pki01lls.

Vio:le,f, Green, ]3tlle r_f. C~1Ti!iri!g joy;, ex':t:ellent

Red" Crlmro.n, iO:rnng..e ... Y'elJ@w' ~r ,~nief .. tnnfi!T~ ,SiekHof!i:!i l ~,

wal'~ '~" lcl~cepti!lU~ grjeiJ bet.ta)'il;l~ ,sl~naelt', less i ~t-"" pnges 'o,£: a disagreeable Ilamre.

t"tD'v;~mA ell tt1::> '" ·rili.;-a . ~Dr~~..:L~~U~1I;J.i!lU"·


R;Lt".tr-e~f';~· ~~; H~at or' ~ltl - C~~6 ,at ShadiDcWS -


TJie· ,a~rial s'p~s I~ tm-G'"f}e'd wlt5; oountl~~ fnfelH.oi-: gence~'Iesdrul' 'fl()(){kj IHneJ true:~ and the r~"iS_~., The ~'atlttr have ,FrORCES.' W@ .fo1!tnur possess Fi):\VEL To ·ir.~cll t'ne. 1!J(!od ones"" fh~ ,lieart' ·jjf ,the., g~,Jr' muJ~ corr'ts;JJQnit and th~y ~hau1d be :inv9lted- 'with. p'~a;er,:fhl fecl:mgs.

T.b~:r~ am: inuUIt"ierab1e .muJtit1jde~ of the bfld spirit¥$ ~n the; oomin\eJ of M(ff.t:er and, s'fJlRt:~ These malign :E@ro~s

~-;:- m''''',ri'i;]i' "II'"d- ''';'.:.:r''i'''!~~'li'iiIII.''' but <l<L.t:I,'V ~~1I"ii ii'Ii;d,-~iIi""" TO"!! ........ 1.- 'thfli seul a;re: .D.lIlrJ ~,u ,1;.",;. ~ ll:IlJ;~~.t ,"'Uil .... J '~II; u.,.; V"';1Ii ...... ~~ - -- - - - _r

that ,re] les oFh grJJ()iJ in per lec't fdthJ M4 wh[!ih lonly In .... vokes 't.:he Go04~.· the Beauti ftl!l~ and True i'o,It noble purposes,

In ":$int} t~~ Crl'staJ' the 44'nti~t~ wed ,ii, fQlJ(}Wi~,

Prtkyu ~--=- .

~~Q God:,. wID. a, a~t '1:~e Author o f ,aJll good tkings, lS~ren:gm;~nj, I beS;e~h 'THee'j 'r-h1.POOl" S~J;'Va1lt~ that: h~ma_y stand fasrc wi th out, fear through (l1i1S, dealIng and. w~rk ,; en]igh~en~ m. 'beseem Thee~. 0 LD:r.d~ the da_rk ~I':lidefstand~ iDg' ~f Thy t~ature~ so l1m-t, his sFiir-i1Euad eye may 'be Opened to' see and krimv' Thy an~ie 'spirits des~ndj:Qg ljel"e in ·tbis G,,:st~~ (H:, 1~, yOUi' han~l on· the Cr~ falot 's;ayitlg')-Andl thou, J] lnanima't:e creamre. of GQd~ '00 ~atlJctilied and emtsett.ared ancl blessed to thl~ purpo~

, th~t ~o evll plt40t'lSj" in~y appear in t·b,ee.,; Of, iJ fher ,db g:ain ill~es8' into ;thi;Sl c:n:at)ll"e,J ·th.ey 'may be (onstrahloo tel speak. trul.r~ intelUgibly~ and With61ut ~bignii[y. For' :ekrl;$f:s .5.e,. A·men. ~n,d fOf,as;m1lJm ~ Thy ;servant' 'In~re standing be~'ore Thee, 0' U,f-d~ d,esires nceifber €v-il, treasures, 0;0,1" injtl!_ry '~O 'Jus nei,ghoor~ J:lJ;ot"' hUd te an_'" U¥1'mig ereature, ,grant him the: power Q f ~'e~tying those'

.~lest4\l sp'idts, or ifitetti~ ,,'at.- mil", ~pea:~ in rtl'iis C~:st~j &fld. ".h~am;~ef. iIDq-G J?,iifts _ t:wkether :~lle power s.~i

L,~·.:..lI:~ ~ti,IiZ~·"'''!!6'''; ~, .. iI '::::':';'1kU·~'';~!iO'' fir~,;o-.i,J<!i._ J_ .. ...1'':'.~r'"'' ... ~~iii' ~.m;:W~~b ·~Dn"'lIIu.lll.iE~ ,or 01' 1I":Jw~t",,~~!S 'T1'iL~V'.JlU~·O&. ~'O'V~"'!!!!!\5.

• .: r' JII • ." . _;__ .... .. "'- . r: . I....., ..":.

,. 'y. ~yd .]'r~~y t~1 8.I1,~~t zy person or -.~~~Iy, ~r anI'

IOther [g@Jd gUt Tbo'li n1a1.t'be'.'1~~~·to. bes~ow on~, ,ena~k'·m~. by Th; ·wi.m a~d)~,uCl to ese"w:~~er ~. ~al7 'N~ci'\fe ~" ~. hqoor .fN ~t .H,~, .~~~ 'Gr~t illii, 'tot Thy 'S9"n CAriirf.r ~,,, tS.g~·n

Th~j, ~g "the' rin'g~ ~ao.d .p~~dej ,pJUit th:e: ti;n~r 01\'~" littie: ~r' 01 foU~ fi,g~~ ltan~" Ha~~-the .P~ '. -.~~,. ($." . fl;tJfte HI.) r~un~ yGlU- ·n~ak· Thm ~ Y,P'f;j. blUk ebori:r "wul! I(See ,Plate;}l t.) and >trace 1tllrt d~'J~.}; (S~

PIaJe ].P'-') ,," sar~~g:-' .. '

"~rll the _ n~e tritl~ Trimt) 'I _!3Qq;p~rntte: tbl3 . . piece. of ~l1b,¢ ~f;OJ;' 'Olif' mf:~~'; S(}·-·Wa.t. M,evil' s~trlt qay .ha¥,~ 2o·we~ ·tea, :br~ dlft'e :b~wd'S p,resciibed ·IteR.

""",;\..- - 'I C!I!.·· '.. 't.,.. Lord' r-A - ~ .iil

'J.,~iI~ugn ,nrmt tfJ1I,e ' . I "."~ nmm .. -

~~ ll]$· the burner for th~: l~,tMt>1}etwem at~·

.J .:- >! ~. ~ • - .". _.. • ." ~ • '.l.f . :. -:-. .. r'

e"l'tclc~, ' n:d tie: hQJy t~ble" I~' ·w~~ah We :C~ifrJl stfmdS~

-arid .1Wa'!lng fire~ tket~n." cast i~ the ltwl~~. 6.a,,...in8P~·

(11 c.eOftJIUre Ule~.·O ~~u'lueatll1:e Qi .firf:~ ~iJt HUn wh:d

. - - ..,. - ~ ",,",,1 ... 'L". !IL;'..i<:'th" .• - 'u .... '.li:: -"' ., ~'T,;:i... ~,...;. . -,,;.:f ~I- th-:' ~r" 'i:fite~; ~, ·Wl~gs. .UV~ .• · Ul .lkJ..!;4,Vell ~IIJ: ~_~-U!l ~14"in _ ~

sea." and i.D ~eF~. oiher' a1l(t ~~~te:v,\e~', .&t' .~,orthw[Ut th0U :caSE 'awa1'ev~ ,ha,ntasm from lhee; ai." 00· hurt what~y~t";J),~ l~. d~nie in 1i'mJ$ ·tJUUg;. '-'"

. ':"Bif,sS .. () L6~d:; thi~ ~ea.~foe 0'£ met ,SlnQ' .$,an~Uyi4. that ·~t may he ble.~sJ~dj. '~M thatt~~: may fill ap- the

l'h~ F~.tacle of SQlo.n1QD! as engr,aved 011 ~oJi(j !iil:$i.\f:' ,l1,lMil:' of. ~~lv'et.


TIll! ,it.,:O 'wa.d ~r ~li: ~:y.. ~'!i'fiI:I'mllrtS'. ~~ ~!im '''-'.'''!IIO·~ '&ltrJll.. .~' '~

p:(,), ad: 'Virtue 'Q'~' t~eir~·Qdo~s,·· 'e:09ei~er tb"£, tnemy' nor m'l,Y :iat~e ~~natinn' may ~nhr ~n;t€i··thml" Th~,Otig'k WI" ,LoFd F.~su'04..~t" A:m~tt~

l!'~. l~pm ilot" f~:n:pW ltb~ ibe-, '~an1e, spi';'it ,Y.<UI" c3.1,~ _Dr a)'\\!.ali9 appear .. , ana !QtU mUst try ~fhe spI~a~ to ,kaow wbeth:e.~' ,tie b~ a pure Of' impor.-f!t beifl~1:ant;1 ~~rn; J~' Will

"] ... ~ . b..t~ ~ d' ';;;':,,4~.~ _,. ~ .... ' r' '"' iJL.. oF ~"':::.JI

m9i'1 KnOW wi it'" 'nun :all',· D'E.NvU~~\I; '~t" Ul '~u./

. '~.,i.l_.=~ '. ,?,j,~'; '. ' , ,.' _,', r , ro, ,

(N~nM1~~)' N9WJ; ttJf mos,' pu-t:c . asd fiUrlfpl., w~y. Q f

tI~~li!f/~ me s,it,it' ,C-f ~jrits :is b,y- ,I .shbft\ ~rJ#ofl ~O' titt1' -.s:,iftt'nit}lJtf/. THeref'or-e" aht'~ (b~,~irldej~.1 :wp.'-Ute lJ~i~ Ttmltia '~(~~':I ~dd), "it~";i i 're.a?Jlill~gs,_, pr9~,:cd as'fb,J~oW~' -('aft~ motl~' tJi.e t~~,t ~i'O~"' '(Of 'M:u~ dA)l'~ -and,' wluit oorJi!I'~e! )l~ :h,ou~ '(~,'e' 'TQ4les I. .wn;$ l~., l~, ~bol1~

-shalt s;ty' t:trl, H'Calin j' .;:- ~- "

~il'D tJtf~, lUU1"!e, 'of lhe, 'blessed, an~hc;{r Trtu~t,.~ loCI· desire tlu~erl thQ,q stNUg ,~d J'Iii~~ty a.ngi91 UlC:A{'J.!lfl (S H, Te.J'es ,1" 1l1#d, II .. };. tfhal: if it ~ th~ ,cUvine. :will of Him

. 1, "' s. f:l.Ai..;t:;· " '. l. ~ ,. '1Ii-u..' th·, H"A~" 1if<;"~A! t:lt.·,

'\ir;,L'1l:'.!! 1~ .~C~U~~ .. :~ 1~lY:(tip"G~nl~hl'l-on;t. ,e~,,,,,~,, _. e . ~,Ly ~~I' 9.f~if!!:

'F~tller' tlit\~ th9U, ~~' updn.ili~ .. Isome aNaPCI. as 'be&t beW~~(ij t1ir telce~ttal Batu~~"anrl ~ppear_~b) Hi!; visihw 6.e~e" in· fbi~ C~!¥J:ldtr aEd"an:s~er 'our demands, I.n as, 'far ~ as we shall '[WIt trwlteSS, :tHe ~~uulls (tf,- the. divi~e ,Jlie~ 'a~fld g"9c~4fi~s" by' ~'1ll~ti~ udt~w,(ul linQwl~d~~ bat, t&~t thou ",'ritt ~ifJ~~ly sb,QW us,what 'tki~;rs Bt,e most l?rofi:table t,er uS: ~Q kn6w~and 00 ~t? tbe\gl:Ory ~lih'OfiQr ()~ IDs,

'K:i". "I"f'''_, ;0 ffi I, ' 1~ ,.",~'t.., ..,{~',.".- ~.:Ii.1:,,, ;IT']..t'' ~.~:t.. '<- t

~1-'VU1i£f JI.'i:LillOS"iij' ,w'~:C' ']'1' ¢~:& aft~ r;ell.Hc.ui;. \"'9f!.li Wb:rJ,OU

e~'di .k{mt:Q;:; .... · '" .

. .

• ~. th:il! fi',-~i-,.,: J>:tlte £rnitM:l~

- _.., . . ....

CR'~TAL-n~ r.rrN;~'

t-;- , ,;Ji.."J;;Ji . - g-~ ~








- .

iT -_.l, Th' '''U b , .. 1' -'. ';",~. -l"~ ~ - ,~' '- 'l~=...>t-......, '

~"'''UI . y- W~i!<~ .,t,,~CiIl:e en '!!t~r,~-'J .as ,:lL [5, m ~v~n-.

, . .( ~ . '.' :.... ~. . .

,~ake cle~:jffiu~ It .. -, s",,,¥iUti~~il'~~5~).and, tai~ not ThY-/-Holy

Spirit 'fr,Qril -\lS.,""

t!'O Lotd~ 'by., Tbj' namEb.~'W€ ha'Vc '~ed ~im., ,SuH,e~' Hjmt'~~ allm~i;s~,~t un;to_'U;~i,~,,~nd '~at"eJl tliin'gi-' ~ork . tQ:ret~ef '£Or<,'1.hJ-Ifq.~~1[; a~'d'·~'l~tfJ. ~ w~ wi)tb TJieoj th' 'SOD" ~d l,i"essed 'S,p-Int' be a\JSCrt"bed ,aU tni:ght,. ma;j~ty~' ana d'Qnd,t;j:ion~ !im·m,.~~1

N &''''e,.~In fc&~e ,d'~ipp~~tW'~" sht);pJdtai:tay,g be'J~t:~S'etltt f'~~ 'tl'ftin, a ,sp,irit, ,is 'm,a;rli f,~~' to' GA~, 'iu,the' t'r::l:.St,aJI~ wbJ!. ~the other CU¥llQI p'~fe.e.ive-'hlm_; th;e»ei~f~~ if " c," spjrit

,~ l"';;~,~~" \ "iL.'..,-L' '

13;;~r~1 'as ,1$ m~Mt 'IA~y~ to one ~r :UOI~U, . s~':'_

,,~O' 'LQnL W"1 r~turn 'Tb~· o:~{fl1'ea:r~Y; HJ)~ ·.Sine-ere t]lgks; i1'ot tIl_: he:uim,g at· 0.1lf' ,p1"ay;eril and: we tlJarlk,,1fh,e. ·f·or havh1g pet"ndtte~ Thy 'sp~rlt ~g ap~a,r ~to Ul~t~ wlfeb we

t,..o« ~~~" ~]l .. ,.. .s. .. 1:.:, .,,'

1!.Ol')hlUy me~y Wi!' lifl~.erf9g~te to 'tl'Q,fittt'' I}lSltJ';Utt]O~.

~"'ll,:~'::::~o".L ~mt;-Q·'"

l~te~eg(li#~(Jh :JI! ~~In tmte name of tb~~ niil'ly ilnd 1Ui€1~ med 5pb~~~ the 'F&.~t,. ~,be,go~ttm ,ion, au'li l;t'(1~J Gh~t tPt~~edirig tw' " bet~),,-, wJ1;at Is ,tJ].y~J.ttrUf[ '~'1 tli dra'e'3.Uswers' ~IMU:,'~f1~ t ,then IJi;Oceed.)

Ifttc:r.",Qllatioft 2~\~at is di~ omc:~,f

1 ." ~ " ,~,. " 'J.', : • 'it."-

ftti~"rqJ;aff;f!n, 3 ~ '~rbat 1 ~:tty ~roe- Stg,!t ,at C~oI,ara.ctu. ~

1tit,(t'vsVJihfJ '~'-WfJJm ate tne_' triiRes ,most. a:;gf,e.eab1.e

1t.. . ~. ~:,), ., , '·1-1.. ':;I ":t.or.:1f. .I."L,~,

~g' ~y- n~t~r;e, to ,,[~~~~'. ~~ti~~o~· w.,~ UlS ~'YV~nt U1bill

~weu ~ 'ti:le 'bleed and 'right~ous:tte~~ ,0 f out' 'Uird J e~ Chrill tl\at"d{:ott an ~ruiy '1j-irnP4:e'lr

"EHue .l~t· 'l\i:m tweal', ~thm' 'Write dow:n hig sed] '1Ii)r Ch~ejter JR thy 'book,Ml'd '3.\pjnstjt~ hi!J~€1ffi~~, and~timel

to, be ij:j" cwle,JJY l:lu:Ptt:gh. G'ocij's name; also 'write deJ!yn any .... tldl'llg n~ ma~ tea.c1l.. th~e~ or any rcsf;01:f£t!& 'he may' m3ke 'to thy qt1,(:~stiorJl_S 01" interr-ogaUa-M conoC!;tnlrlg' H fe, a,nd dMth, arts 01 sdences., er any ,G~het tliing,'.l

Then, s"haJt· thou say-:~~Th6tl great B!Jld mi'ghty ",plrft~ ~i"I.Mlmue.h M thou earnest in. peace and in tl1J~ l.1am'~ Q-t :th~ eve~bl~$~ea. and .'righteous TripitYJ M' 1]1 this, name thou, ma!.~$t d~art'iI' and reeurn to Ufu 'Vi ben w,e caU the~, in. His name" to w'hom every knee ,doth how dowH. p'are

"~c..;]o' - -'-""11 M- · .... '10 :ct,,,,' - poe. ... , ... a., be ilL..o::. ....... ,. - _, iI.iI,,::o, T·L. ... n"iI ... , .l., - ciI~''''''

,~_~;,..;;,... w ..... J .',' ~"n'~'" ;"_,,.,.,;,,;,.,.,: .... , i!J1!.>'"!fII' ~' .. .uu;a'i ,lilliiii' V~,g;&1 Ow

'b!essed LO~d Jews ClrisJ. Am~n.n

Then ""Tin the ~Rjrit d,~tjt. 'Then :say" H'Tp God th, Fath"l~ etet:nal Spirit~ f.omUB.i'n ,of lJ;g&~t' tk~' SOKol and Holy Gk ost; b'e a.ll' n()nicW 1i#ld glrJl.'y'~ f/H!r1d ,'fftII~ (Jul ,e,nrJ.

~ y'

_ wn.,

Tbe', best 'times) ge~~.a111 speaking, f'~r 'l4sing . me Cr:J~tal ,are-At Sfl"M"ise ~~ Sit MUl"11(j1; ,itt SimSert. Tfue W'qTst3t'e fr.Qlg te:u, Q~cl~k. Pl. m, ito two o;cloet a, til.

T j,'\:!BL'E ~En)wing the r~ctive' Ang,tls whose :Ilat1feI are to bt jn..s~i~OO In the Pr,a:yer in place of: ~IMk1me,~,n 00" cording to, the hom' o,f dar 0;1"' night when the: ,C,.,s1!JJ ii, u'Sfid; and for :findin,g; the :4 noel ,311d Pl<Jk"el.' ruling any honr 0 f' the, D"fJ!j or N igAt,


'~'2., 3 ~, f!:- 11


B, 91


u. ]I',



, "



.~. ~!.

"1(t, ! 11 ~~




M t win ~ave been [),ot~ced by fl\G' student th"t the 'ancient metbods Qlf~ ·C,.ystakGwring for 'ptti~eSi .of 1i"(d,;vinofi6:r(' involved Ql SOIn'CWbat elaborate nt1.lGl;, including' the use' of mui;i:ls~ p,e,;'dm;leSr(#' If.Iil~les~,.a:I.u4 many of the. ~mpM.I .. ments usual' to the perf ormaaee oli M otfitriJ "les~ ih bygo.n~ a.gesjl when the object :nin. view was not' 8$ at, p'fesent, t!b~ ~uhiViill;ti:Q.n 0 f mere U Pers~ Clairacy,c;nce'~ in the gaz~i~lbnt ra~er it) eom:pd the. actual p-rru.enc@; in. the CrystaJ 0 f ~ertrul'l !J~mi Of $plri~:s~ and to obtain theref rom answers 'to such questions. as might be propounded by tl1e, queren't

'Vhil~ the.r'eJo1'·ej i.t has '~en o~ inter~t~to write,in the Eo ,egoin,g pages, the hf..ii!t.Qri'cal aspect o~' il1jS, .subj eet, it wHl be wen for all persons Into whose barnds thls 'b00'k may ,I ill] 't.o remember care.f'utly the tw:o ·fQ]lowing poi;nts :

( a) That di~ num!:us operaniti ~rn~'ed b1 t"ertaJn o,{ 'f&ec ,anciericts,[I!. and in w web. the p'an~.flhe.malia and rl taru d~ scribed were utnized~ was one m'Volving dangers 0 i no, "'tli'Je;aIl otd:er,i as bas been .already pQih],{~d. QU,~ .... and OOitld. only be ,roperly made use of IbY highly" qua1ifi,ed VQta'ties

'L' 'II!. d ._ • - ;!II l!ill, .. - ~ I d " _:t

\}l"uO :L'~a· recerven per90na~ra.l:nn'lg wl er some pr~hc&

fit'd' -. d- 1116: ' Jt th . ~ .... IL. ~''''"''-~ .~,

n _ ~tfJ' III , ,.!:f:.ll (lSteT 10 iii, . e (:er:etnonjii.L~ WriO '~'"'~tOD~

fhe 'URS'e'en .forces of f~i sp;r:ttuiJI: ~Drld:j baltA gOOd aM

42 ' ..


~vnm .lT', "n"h\,'1'ZT1io"Tn ~-£1iI~.Lt~~'~'a'~l~Az.!

h" .... , " ...... -. -""-,~n,""! f-:-'"'L " ',' ,'. ..-:-.", ... "

rBAcrICA.L DI~ll~~~~ F(l~ [[SING ~GAmMC

, ,$.~:":'~.oT~····'

I ~-li~"~ J.!;.

. '\ . - -.... ~

Th~ 'roo:m :;;nould be 'J'f ,conlfortab[e tetnpen.ture in ae~O'r~ee with, 1l1.e ,tim,e- ,of yearl. '1l.eithe.f' ,hOot lOt cold~ About 60° to 6S~1 Faltr., is s.uitab~e In most eases, thou,gb a;]]owance~an be made, where n~~~.ssarn-y flo.'f: uatur,al d~fi:'e.ftDees in the teJnperaments 0 r v'arious persons T.hus thin, nervottSj• de1~cate~y~rga11i;sed i'ndivid1ia[~ and those e f '~yfl1p,hatlc and soft, e~1".goinr:" pMsive I, '! requir,e a .s1i~tly wanner ap~rtment. tb;u.t tb.e.. more ptlsitive, class", who are known by ~beir datk, eyesJ bair.1 'and eom.plexio-n~ co.tlJ]b~ned w!~h mO.r,~ prominent jdint~ and sharper 'develQPm.e_n~, 0" what 'phrenologists term, ,tbe,f~r'&eptlve region 'of t.he f'o,r~head~ ,ShQal~d a :fb:e, lor any form 0'1

- • -, ·..;1 1'" - , f" . - - ,lfl.

art~-t~:tlW. 19ht be :ne,c:esary~1 It shou[d, be wen sereene.d O: .... 'i.J

so as to p:r-6lent the ~igbt rays from beIng' reflected ln, or iiil any manner di'rectly ,uaChiBg' Ih.; C,yJIDI.

T,pe room should not be dark, ibgt rather sha.dowed,; or -dla:rged willi ,8 dull light, somewhwt sach as "evai~s ,00

-8. cloudy' or wet. d'~1.

S:eco8d', The 'C'Jstal ,s,~ould: be, placed 00 its, ~tml,d, on a table, or it ,may rest, ,OR a black 'wlvet wshioo!, bQt: in either lease it should be partially surrouncied by 'a, :black silk ~r slttJ!irua:f 'w~a,p tl;n" ,screen:; so lOOjtus,tetJ ss '~O cot oft' :an v' llndesir,able reflection.

Ii .

,Be'for.e, toO e.xperj'ment;f rem~mbef that: most

{'tequent1:y no1hing ~f1n be seen On tb~ first ~·Ca5 ion, and '[possibly eot for Be'\tera1 settings, lh:otlgh some sitteTs} ~ f stronglY' g,ilted wffith phYJie pOW~f'a in a state of un""

.. .i .. .. d- f ~ 'f...J

~I1SClODS, allU: oomet~mes conscloas : egree 6 un rOILU'"

,m~lltj' filay be fOniUD&t~ efiOlJ,gh to obtain ,goo~ results


tiootinue, fnt. this, period[ ~(;ltllitl8' tl:l~ uexl five:. or ~ !ii~ lSit,..

" - ii' - n" h th ~ - - - -fu· ad' r1ll '- d

I I ;' . I' , . . • . " . . ';.' '~ - - 1 . • . -. ' ", \' .. _- , ,'. .

tn-lgSi' a te:r wu:,. _ e tFme rna)! _e. ,gti ,,1(. _ 'il' merease ;II

'hilt 5ho~lcll, in no ,case exeeed hV10 hours,

P ourth., An'U'jIlf!ir.Si~-n or nersons ::adth· tted ,,;.,~ 11 e f~lT'II1

---- ---~ - -~ r,'-- - -- ,,("i;-- - . 1 . - _ ,"U fl! .vv,a,~"J

;md ~lo\Vfd to, fdmai'n while you sit1- s'nould (ti~ keep allsolute Si1I~]JQe, ma (b) ~~~h seated at ,3. distance froM y~,

"~b~ ,¥~u :hifl!;'V~ d~vcl~ped your' (J~cuit ,p~werSt que:sti-Ol;}S may~· ,0:£ -c6J.J.rig~.~ put to. you t,ll one bj' these .pr~~ el1ir but even Jhen onLy ,in a very ,gent'lej ()1" Iow and slow tone af 'V'oi.'Ce:j ne.ver. S''Ili,ade_lq:1y~ or in. a\ f,of'i::.ei'd] manner'.

'"" '

Fifth:.. W,~en, y<;mt find .. he Crysr:rll~egins t:o look d1111

or tloudy,- ~fh small pin pDiri'ts oJi' 'Hghl gtitterm,g' ,thereilt~ Hke titniy stars, you may kn.o,w' d1:l1,\t you are CI'n-n/tne~Hg to obtain ~at io'1' w'liieb, you see'k~vb:~~ t{ Cry,'StfilliM :tiJSi.'Ijn,.!J!! 'l"bere£ore 6ersevete, with, confi8ence., Th~s coa-

, ,I'"

,.l~. '" • f: ..c;.;.'1 ' - - • ...t..,

w.tlOn. :may, Dr may no,t,~ eontmne ror severar Siittnlgs) I.ILe

CifJ;ffm ,se~ing ,mt tUnes, to' a'[ternately appear and dis ... ;ap;p~al't as 18 a mist. By' and by thi1'l h-azy ,ap.p~Mance wi[l in 1ts tUm. 'giv:e' pla~e~uite ,suddenly 'to, a. bHfu.1ncss of the se.naes to aU else bJilt a blue or bluls!'Jii. oeeaa 0'£ :s,'~ against ~~hic'h~ 3$ if it were a ba.d"l;i"'ouudi' the vision wHl be iClear1:v annarent,

~ ~ . .Ir~¥ ~~~ ~

Si¥tb. The Cf.~~tal ~hQu~d not b~ used soon aIm taking a mea'mll' 'audl, care -Sllould IDe itaen Do. 'matter'S ~,f diet

t ',--, -"' ... .'N~.; '. 1l", f ~':", - tibl -, s: -,jl ...:!I ,;j,. ,., "'d' 1-" - t.. '1Il~' ,.,

n ~,F~~~ onlY (]I u~~~ liI,J: e ,1QOID:S~ a,nu, IIJ) avo]; " a CQ:i['.IlID~~e

~vera~;!!., PlHbi and fillurishlng f'()od~, and, optd~o-r' exer .. else, w5th ~-on'tm,bnm~. @f mind, or Tov,e ,o~ S1111pHclty in living!!: are gr~:at aJds 'to success. M~nta1 ;M~Ee:ty, ,Qi ill-


'=_I'b ',~ .... t. ,c~'.£.=' ',' 'r,j __ '.

hccu.ifiI11j!: are not 'W'OdU01V:tl to :1iJ@:'des4rid,e:n4, .~tl'flfiOftlf"

, , .

ci}'rr.sei ,i,..e6lA'i~[JJs, of t~pon~'e,

S:ev§Jdi" &' i·,eg"at;d~ ,the fbqe' ,a-l w1ii¢b e¥eri:ts'seen, will [oome, to pass, ~d'. C~"t",iIl4tU'e, is.~wwm:v :f!mDfesSfd

;£I ~ .. • .!'~~... 'J'" ~-

with :regat,cl dterero·; i:L~t. as .:a ~~a.l, r3h~~, vi~ionS"· .,e~,

i-ng ~n -'~~e e~trelnf ba'c~rGl1nd. iftliicate ,'tUne:- mQr<t '~ 'm~'~t ·tdthei P,a!t ~tl'r; f~U~0',y:,·thltt' ~5e ,petl~e[oy~ ft~~ at hand;. wn,lle ~o8e: a.~cMing· in ·the ,fooo'ifont~ ,ar.' e~Qse. te the .$8e,~ dletlQ·te t.b-e-'ll~es~~J;" 0r'imm~dbltf!'fu~.

'Eight.h.. T' N':O, ]lrin>:;ip,ru d~·s~fis 0·£ \I} i~m~ ~ p·~scnfg

. . '. _ ~;o. v:..- _ .... I _ •

'the,m~~¥ts· tQ the ~rUer-t1~} 11\ _. S~b'i'!;)li~ ~~di~~d -by

the ap"eRt'·MC¢ @·f· -s;yrnoo!s such; as- a flag.,. 'ooa.t kni;f'e~

_ ,

goldt '6t'e~ j: UJ.d ~h l.d1.~tu,a.( .Scec.~~'s ~~d PI~r'S.ort3g~,1 ,in" ~

tI'OD -·Gr 'o~be:twb~", .

P'er.s.ot\S. of ~ PQsi'tive 'cast, ~f: OJrgauisation,." th~ m(Jte. at,tive; :::exc~tiable~, yet deoicloo. type'~' ·at;e », moslt:~ Hk:el~~tQ 'PUiOil llei" s.,mb~l~c,~ilY,J or 'Gllef!t1ma!fj;' 'w~i1e _ t).tQse' pf ,a, ~Sl1le' u~tUII=' U:S~,. r,eceive., dltC$t ,crr' j1ilet~1 .f~ttl~". B:pth da~ses ~ili find it flec~ss~ry 'fa~,c.a,fell1ny cultivate(! truth kt1n~aiJ unse]fishness~ l~tttmd,e. fot. 'wh$t" is' shown.;

, ,

and. absoll\te, oonfidWlCt in their' o,wu, .b~~ity to ~o.ceq-

bite, the ·m~dd.: ", .


~ ... Wft.a-'·:·' ··1' i-I":' tt·f ...... u 'g';-:"M'"'' ~:fR Hi :,*JI4! ~.'. W,Q'Nr 'lA: r ..... ', '~"'.~

,m' ".:_. m· 'm' p'

"c' •• ". • -.,. >

{ " ." . ~:.,..

j"'!i"U' ,1i;'~1i'.'b -.:"Ii:l':: ~R"C .... ·~A ,~,Vl,~


'The family of Hi-Pto.cm1eJj the. H If Mba' fJ1 PA,m/1f were!!, it is. Tea>rded." miRistem. in·the. Tem.p'le of m~ Ijw~ H~P,'f)CT·QJe.l \m;o'wle.d.F o.f Clairvo,anc.,t, is shown by the following pa3&ag~m1W DJ). lrut_gu ob.~,c~r;e--in, l1~sl writings: . "The sigAt. 'bemg to t.he·. e:Z.ft.mal. ,-litr. J.':OiU~' ,erewtJes" trut<, :ne QletUfJM (lad (JUCdSIJ: of the bod,y_U -Thiis 'exactly.6tUcS dl.e case of" the Claw:lQytlnf .. He us~d, to treaJi'r some d~sorders by' the applica;ti~n of. the bands;, in ot;hcr words', he lIs@ld to mOgile,#se=-o" as they m these days wotild say" Me:~~e: patientj pt~ba!bly under' CIMtve:,n:M ~n:dicati@ns,.

P,t'lu~1If)faJ bhnsel r,. la.m1:dichus '8ta~" us¢d: thlB me~s, to- pr-OiWUfe qw;et, sleep .• with gIDod. aad pil3phede dreams,~ He. even says~ praba-My ft;Qm 31talog;t}usJ knowl~Ce'i'- 'that ih'e an. 0 f 'Medjclne- origiMhul in. this ~'I divine. ;slee ;/",1 'fer Itm,~b'lichU$ speaks '0,£ being; himsd f' 'il subj-ect 'of the 1'ifUrr ft(:tic sleep ..

A!.sCiUapius: is ,~aid.,- aCtO,rdl~g to Cit~i). \\~h() 'Wrot~· on litis, s;u;bjfct 1.0 ·Mve. utte,red 'Oracles in the 'TetDple, 'sleep,. r01" th-e .. ,cN~:e oj the sick.

If. 'W~ tum m tb.~ S trip.l'Ur~$~ we, there ~eam 'manry thi~gs In :reladon to th:is, subj eet, ,ltf ,ru-e'!£1- it ma:y be ·hl fet1'ed wi.dl ethe.r !or.@ of' the BgyitiaJtt_, was :in.cufi].c:~d by; ·tbeir wise. men in this ma;gne.dc ~denatWfJ, read: of a youth being resIDr~d tQI nfe by a pooph.e.tJ.{)i:an angel indicating tHe means ()if Tobkis' recovedfJlg his s,ig)lt, ,et_c., D,m the $.er:iptures being" :ac.cessibIe to. all, E heed not. mf,e!" luf'!her to them..

The Je'W"ish .philo.wphic sect ... the Es-s.ene-s, 'it js. matter

,S~TUAL 'miAmVQY~CE' 51'

.G f ·.~shj!1'~ atse; <btilgh~ _'t'be .. 'S,~S~~, and: _prtl.£ils4d· ;i~ o\l hedb;tg· b1 ~~l~'J.i1f'·· dtl I(JJ' "afl~~' ott ~: -~m: iilJ'b:~f-ed, tJla,t th&1 :g.e.~. ~s: , .i1.f HiG~-l:le.· ~lli~YAR~ whl~cJl, ~:§ b'ilti1J1 '~OO~a '~f:r out af &. i5am~ book,.

:Tkii 1tQR.l;J'P$l who, recei¥ed -<~f'Jl' phna~phy fw'OJn Gte~el . CDW~ u~:bUt ~. ~~ri~aln~e~ Wd~, tfi.i~ ~cp~~ ~~t ~!. ~ "t,aiLtl ~i we :.t~ ~~th:qut ~~pri~se ·that.~' wr~h~ th~~ as, w~$ tb.~ 'Greeks;; ;til;, !trek U~{!4'lO-:be hrQ~t' tt:f tn.e~tet11P.~e9~, 'wh~r.e &em~dl~s,- WeFe revealed bv ; .~ is.-bieans

',. ~..., h_

i:ar 4lulw' £Ii oorders. .

'.- • ~ . - • • : rt

';Cirlfu,~m~ I~~al ~tJma:w ph~~kLiirn~a',ooooifJ,g;' 'to A:rtlil~

Fi~(!:s~ Was' f·~il [at with, th" ,~ciel'lOO. . Xil1Cit1i.5' r~o~ ,: t~"t ini ub~~'en(te to, a. 'Visrott G f ~$e:8:~{;l Sef'o~~, 'fEw:¢. men -on~ blffi(\ and ~tlm. ot,ber ]i2tl~o'(d ~tN ~U'_I t!~ia;(l~"tl!iXtu,se

-.. • • • .. L ~~

to. th,~'· E~Or P esltasififll 31: Md tbell ''W'~,e'

wroo .11y simp~e p~~~ 'V{Dith ",~:~p.u~d ,£all ~1 ~;t.etit StU'lan~us ~tltes-"~e ."~'Q f~t, c:ir~tan~1~y':

·S'&tibo. SF.~l.ks, 'Q,f a G¢r~~~pl'~e '6n the. AsiaJg.:sboFe. ~~n5ec.~,fed t,~~ . Elum ·and, P~Q.s.~~inej to', w,"leh the.·~tdk~ 'were- br1j,aghj . t~ be prtsoi-lbed, for hi ._he ·pries~s' '6urulgth:_ ,Magneilr. Sle'ep~,

TIlJI' $i1lJlr--- ~ ~~min pl~Jie~~fJses. 0'£ th,~ T,tmple Of 11'-~itn~"'_ ,other pKfases~,. ,r;la~"",;~~f£j' 1llld~ Carel of the p:rleSts 'of '~he temPle . ~ttoor."dlntJ to ~!~t J~tifj;l dr:dM·"ed ma~,y kae: lliitltst: ,iUI,d ,vlea the, mRljii~ wliieh ani .. Jmtt.~( thmi~ was wi·t1lfirtl\vn.~ ~~emherlt1' Ilotldfllg, '~I ~bt ,ti:~Jlrui saimt T.l:lis d~su~s., CliD.~,uefl.

'~I ,,....:;'. _I _.,.. ;l,L':;"~=''''iO ........ 'UC i,'b.~"~. '1"'1' "~'11

. ' tnJI,Ht wSO 'QtUJt@·c _ 'pilt.(l'~~le-.s· '",u ~il:t0~w~a.. ·', ~ralu--

~s~: c·f·· Britli~ BPd GaUl Wl~-e ~J~I.?,JOO~6S;' 'lU~·


$ttLcmg' ~beir lUilcUans the hyg,ilenic one Qi' di~rimhl~ting,

a¥ldJ pr.~~~ribi[]i for d~ea~e. ~

1'h~re has, ~eqji Indeed, no ~a~lon~ fr:dm me 'filJ'iHest 'ti'm~1 W!'~'Hout this, scienc~'., Bl1t the'. kO'ow~edgre of it -w,as no't, solely in the ~Qg;s~8~~on. Qf the 1;emp]es and. ~ch()Dl$; but W~lf~re¥~ d'~tH)sitredl ihb. :bowled~e eou]d o~lf' be lexpe~;'N~d to be found In t'be records O'f Pbl1osop1iy,. B'~t

'r ,J. .. i ;..~ ;)

"U/lrc-n ,jtoocnger' [Qna bcwbMeus ':n~tw&r. J~'VM.,~n EWQlnJj

.philo;s:ophy Wlt&' put int-o,yanc~j -Mid ~'t8 'feeO'Fd5 tassell o'Uf ot' the Zigh t e.j' d'ay., F tom the aiJ1' t01WtqlUnJ' '~,1'Q» th~eit' ':i1icu_rii'~}u sl£)'ul~y f!·m-erged fif/f:er pl~i1'1ls{fphies!J tJll'''~h~lAtmg i't]c()tnpl"~ffle$sJ' 'umu' a-t' leJ-lg,t1:: B,~crope g"ltd' Amm'ru· M~ 'f~~kedly u}ld~ tlie $Way of ~e 'Which is dis#mtifJel, $tyl~d t,~ N:(/IJ:uralj H' yom· whick the .1'U&jelt on fiVh~c.'h we Qf'O eJffJfJ;llta is e~clud'(fd~ Of coune this H Nat-'Wl'm'!'1 'phU0~O'Fhy is, the oppoEl te erE a ":Spiritu-at~ 'phllooopby,. of w hi-ell, C,lairoo:!~c:t1' is WI item and ex ... ':[JO:rJ;eut. . But parallel w,if~ the de eadence (]I f andent, 'phHmophy and worship!, ~he17e ·~S~ ,t"Eie? new' C~tistiatl fi~igionj' afJ.~ so'm;gt'ldng Off that wbi~"h, the fO'rmer lost, was saved by' tirl.e ]atteJ".

T~e' r,ooQt"ids) 'fh~~tf o(el ,0,1 ,au'r ;siJ1bj ect) whie'h, ~t]]en. 'be ... came 'want~ng iil, philo-sol)hYI! are to bli! 100ft d. for in tH~ ,a.rchiv'es; of churenes and ,religi[oll_81 insUWtiDns;. And thus, we- fiind ~'his ~Ubje-d ~ll. tIle micidle' ages mil:imate"1y blended wtt1t tltat oJ reii._gi()1Jl in Ql1 the .·C_:[~'r.istiafJ :nati(m~it:

Tb~ £h1U'G'~.!i in. this, n1i3;t~tel 5.uc'~eeded. .c "~pies of the an~]ents) ia whicl~ w~e oo,nsign~d. the b:~itions and. the pfG~SSeS 0 f M li;~'Ii.rm-.. - Tli~re wete me;, same co&-



~imanices of the Himit. ')lrJj',llr& that th~ i"ey~vaJ 0 r the

l~ __ ,r- - -' . _- ... - I ·--T· .... " _._, . , .. _J •

philosophic ~tudy' and, a.p~lica,tjQn 0:£ S PIRlT.U'AL, CLAIR ... WYANCE is dtte. It is "this ADden:t Scltoa~ 0 f the Oriru:d

t.·'""L f ,. L ;l;,iI\.'.' • b ...J",._ d

WUl~u,urnJSIJ:es QUmmlti,c tesUlr:i)©!fiy~ a i\Jnuitm,t, an .. ', v~i.

iedl, '[,b th,~ value rutliJ 'imJlOIta~te. (l,t ~, ,SUDJ ~d. Ex.ce~;lmt oontrlwdans-:bave:been fundsn~i ~t of late y'~rs by my ~Wn disc;ples and 5,tudents, both in EUrtlClpe. and

.Anleri,c~ .

The adv'ooates ,Q'f Me~fflQ ,scim~ having: !sstooHshed 'f~r iiM: ,au, ad.:ru:nv'ledgment 0 f ies appHcabiiity in· numerous d.isolfde;;rsr the \li!l'i'ters- just named, as' some 1Oi' th>e ad ... vdc.ed .of' t'ita;t ,E;'~~.ste;-IJ S.cnoott. m ha:vec~m>e EOIN'MQ to 'v£n.d~te ~n due €OiUr-se,;, the, hjgb:~r cl.aJrn~, o,:f S p!lt:rr-U~L C~VOYAN"CE ta scimt:jjfic and p,abHc, reecgnitlon.


,rr 1I\,1IID'- ,/,0' . '"y' , ,A 'I!..Tt""'e 'OR' ~ir.""~~DAif' 't.DcIOi~'

~ftlY' .~~~ ," ", .. u~;~~~ V~' ..... ;"Ii

In the '00 urse 0 f curing ~ M'a.l1neth'"!i~ som,e' p'at[.ents pa.s.s In'bJI an ex,tra'~fd[nary-'s.tat'eJ w:hieh, modem, physioJ.. agist::; (rul an, ~~agMQrlriir~' '6l'leJ and, whiclt, state is

.' .. 'I...!~;;' ·'c.2l1 _;;;;_,.J t.. f- .. ; 'L .... ,~ e- . •

W'l"~o:u~y uIV1~Wi uy cafe', -w. . o~t'Vel'-s:, l'nt,o oo:rtam, as-

eendil'lg :d,e,grees. - ,

As the patient advanees '~il t-he'S~ d-~gTeesj, so he seem t-o recede the 8en.>'511~Ys world.

T1l..'· L • 'i, '1 d .

'n~~ state, ,[!Low'e:v,er~, even U"iL 1m, 'o'West ., ~~"' ~4<,f[no;t

be'ln,du,coo in all :pati~]]ts ~ nor i.Sf an, ~.oell,t ·.in ~it~ to the nf~'best :req,uisite :fol" the :rtti)~e:ry ~rf health~ f'OT m.;ny patieni&s, J~llain only in tli~lO'w'es,t degree dudAg' the w'hole Qf thdr ,M:fl9neh~ tr~' up ,to ~mf eo:mp,tete'letlt\e..

... .• >{

, ,

~n~'r~,.1 T, il"'VIi"" :I''F:H~~;''t'·\i. vn"lTi' ~~,.~~';t.J,~1 ~~~~¥\V.~-~" w.<~

Smn~j'(~C'~m~~tJ; ~ mil1t~·~A~e.DC'~ ~~ :ev~rY"Nt"!!!

_g~~iiifi~ :~~~~~refg\iciJ~,:uiend1~' ~n~~&_t~~-)= ~e~~ 111~~l\ .~'~W;·'a~ ~.~ N,~~est ~i o~'~c~,' a;~~; ti'~tn~ :in it, 'w h~fl~'r ~~t~& ~n!, m 4:he e.J?l' 0 ( ·,t'_ if.

Me. .'

~h ·6I~nt5tQc:t:t:e.~;tbe ,~, cli'I'~~n~ts, ~ f. :«C~~s b~eh die ,gam 8~mmnniea;,te? wi. .the ~m-0l1i1.W· w,orl¢. '~ma.

9~; e:xk~ .~s:¥tJ.~n liltiag; ,m~ I the. ,ubj~t-.~;,. ~e¥Ve8~~m~f. ' till 'il~-?ddf~tl~ :o:&\b:in,~,: iii.s: ]. ,mIl th~

.. -~,.... -,- ~

~;"iJ D~tJ, ~W~l~iutW'S~A~,E~' ';,Jlext 1& '~bre ,a~ gflee.oi

$'C,t:ft)~kJ1 l1:t:IJr'M~ _. 'HJ(:tFr ~1~l'. bl; ~16 tli~ ~tS~ .'_ dOs:.eQj _ till't~ \1ite;,~-ther ,s~e~ ~~ efi1triM.y ~~w'~"d~.

>'ft1ti15d~ n'efJt-1!le,,~G:~~~fSIi.EUl+ I», whi'C'h'the :pa;~i~t i~\~ ~f i-\~pjh',~~bfu:t wild'l:e 1hus~cling~.M iffW:~~ u.~Gn ~he 'V~r~ o;l"tk,,' 'W~~~utL q"i" t~Rse~· '!'tIe; §dU fh~

r~U~u1lm.~'Of '~[j' C'¥ ,s_~~ i~f~ ~

-:fi':pnfti D,m;e;j., ·SQU N~l~:~~ISl.l_ ($l~~w~..f." '~i:s d~g'rH:;S ,d~5~iu~i~habi ' filjlw. 'the p~&iJli.t ~ the

pres.m.o-~, 'm:fd'~A~ciql~~~.~· ~ :J

,F.~ft1r Deitr':e~ SEE:f iii 'IND~m1lI0JN'1. (:tntro¥:i.s~O;n.l

I~ '~i!i d¢~e' f1t4. ,,~ttep~ obJ""tf.$ ,D ,,~ftg~ A'M~ftiigtr O~*t-li{i.f!UJr1'r: ~J~'-e ~'{'il ,1tli: It'6Sy, ~ 'M~'~' Ria>pt1lSe's ~.l's ~l~bt;, .antJJ ~nd~~tu:o._'ile, mo~~' _:et:~ R~tci'~~ fQr

'its.~ ~

Si#-ti li).~?l1'>6,e. ~.1J;¥QV~N~E_,. [)f ~~ 'V§)~,. in \~ s • .d~. the' ·~~~t ~s_·tfu} 00_8 ~f 'Ri~91 OM'ft ~~rei~.ana 'a1t~S"' ifi~ t;Q,llffj,.t~ Dr FetidiGm~:Ufit:k

.. '''.

x •


o~i~u -'in «niwTsif l~e'; the f,a£u]ty of. Intromlw bemm~ ~ilt~d i~to'. that of Ex TRO'vISIOlN' (ClaJrvoy ... ,~) J ~tMdl~g to -and. itLi"0 obj~tb; and ~h:u:llividua1itie.s,~,

d . . ~ .,j' ,

n~' an remote, En ~a.fe iQ1'ry tttn~ ..

~iI\T.he patient, in tn~ S~lh De!f!'eej.JJI heeomes abst1"8£rea I'rom. all, thJrrgs mel'tll ,aiRd. tetres,triat aRc] ,~s e~~dt~ to the' gr.aod~t. and no'lJlesfi: s,eritimef]!~ ;h~ un~e(go:el :I, tnt__m;... mutatiqllJ: of' being1, a spi~.it1. 'speaki fhtough bim, ,!!'OO;"j But this extr,a-e1evafion above Ci(JlrooN'(U1C~ clea:rly mat'ks a iUSro_tnth D£~e.t.~'...-..1h§t td E~1\ASilSJ <:;'1" TJ!ANCE (.ffom W~ftci'fut '(rnimtU' ----.fhe l~MTSJng' of' tile,' soul ~. the- ,~~trDl 'p'Tain)~ 'that· degre~ 'in. whi£h, tileR' ~s. 'interior re,latk)tJ; '\vitb the indiv1dualities and Qbj eets 0 f 't'he spiritual \votld, and: whit!'! .is la:r.g-ely t'Rtatedl of br the lli'ndu, A:&e~pts.

\~his) howevetj! <m~rdy ill passing:!: 'io'r we h~ve: :floth'~l1g to 00 ,aft pr-esent with the subject 0-£' SpiTihml, Lranc,e'we pause at tllat ,o-:i Cl~AHlVCYAN'CEJ. that degt"ee of ,~~t;, statejn 'whic1PJJ the s;·ubj ~Ct' tr,atl,&ce[1;qs the l1otind;§ Q f 'bis oWn ctJ''rporeity ~ Bole to enter iota irfl!m~a'i~te. mp .. PMt with 'e.~,~emal objects. ~,d' indl'V:[dtl~s of this wor,[~.,

I •• ¥ '

With tois de~1tdon, of 'th~ f~tl e f CLA;IRVOY,AJNiCE it

will next 'be fur us' to! consider some. instanees 0" it 'in

. ~


B~ foro fJcing' let us. dwell a little 1t\'Fmn the cry tha.t tbe faculty· in QU1iitSttimo:' is ~'fla})n"drrn~An ,t¢'mo,rbiiJ:/! ,mo1"~

especial'ly fm, CHS.eS. \vhet'e, ·~t occurs spt 0 n,fcm eo wl,j' of die

f'r:eqllency [of which ·~'e, have' a).ooudW"ll,t; instances. ..

Tt.~ t'!Ih';s~o~:FI.'O'~'~',j. jj:n,ifi" - .. M!' ..... ",rJ."'M""'~ .~]]. - -t ~·""" .... t" - olI. - d

l.1ie :1#'--""" ~ .. .I.v·cJl.ail." 1~ 1#.1' ~-", !i.'J,,,,,,, ;'K,;;G-,,l- W] . 8ySi'e~u.Q ~Sl!.. an.· .

. ntiotittate 'from. flight" till mom" and', 'Ito,tn, mom till



. ·epr~I'f"roA.!J" .. '.- ,.~." '-,'. . ~J!' 'D"" 'V .l::-'1Vl"i"1'ID"I

,~ C~ ... , . . . . ,. , . , :~'oI.,4J;"'~ljm

." . _., ,*...." ..


Vihelii,s~h an OUe is .eauoo to 'a s~iett ,in att_y 0'1. ~ d~es of tid~ dtrOOT:dinaty' sta;t~ 'OOCnrdfl--.g sP0»~ 'btnOOlls~y he; fo~dn~th "t\iflds a u,Mne itlJ, hig, 'oosology with wbJch, to label it;;, tells p~K~p~e 'that the phenomena ~Yihi'C'h l5frilie th~ as l!ii]'j~ar are :tlfothlag moee IJhan the -symp~ 0 I' a ~~~:t:t'a;in mQrbId oonQltiotlJ,' ~ Q[ the 1J:et.VQlU s~s,.-; "9iI'N, co' ~'.,lf"f!i'.;I ~:ii L is-a .. ~Aii;ol;!!"f'II~\ilII' j"I-Q'i'II, ol"J';nil1"ii~ffiOi"" Idm he 'A"'Ii_SV :t:3Jk ,,-~~!!! ~~~y, -i!! ,l1J ~!l.LU_iI!oo~,!I~ '~~ ""'"r:r,--;!!'- "".~ --- -f ~ r;,., i!!-L' -~. - -_ "

about the ~:':gre~t sympa&:etic,j jjana ~ 'f'~flJt!!( aetloa," ~ and ,~, spine/' and ~ 'brain/;; ~J'ldj wE. a find 1.1lope to set aU tignt!""" :u,i'aikes,a rush·at his 'bottJes.

For die c;om;.f,or,f; ~If t:hi.$ class of "paDen~\j hQwwe'~ it ,Iho~d 00 said, tba:t sinC4' du! day!!; 'O;f' MtS1tMr mtd ,H rmftie-' '",(I,nn, there ku b~m, ,a; gr-adhlw-'de~e in una.nimity as 'b) ~his ~"ruM at, ther.llCi~ttJ~S. ,;.

But tleR M'e ~materhuist .. homteO,patldsts~ so theT~ ~ (t1ii~le dic,t,,) I' IJ!1iIJ;ttT.iaUst-me:sm~iStt-s; tfue l'orm~~' p ,ing t-o W€ltk. against 'die ~;!:,lioo-ma:,gne:Hc sta t~ J~ 'w~tll hws d,:namised ph~p'lh!@!r1)ilS, perhaps; t:he :h~tter wltlt :hi8! "curativt~~' passes and 11i~merjsed. 'water. WHb, both of thes~'~ no~w:jth.standi~g fheir ,bigh~r :meWOOs:I. dler e::d~,aor{littalY

,state is a 'moj"-b~d 'Qn~ 'bJ- be cured, JUli 001 ]' leave! them~

,f'O:.- the preseat, to, ,settle 'betw~m' themsel ¥ts "whi'm ~f

.. !L ~ ~ ",,-,,. k~"",

p, pr:oce.sses J_S: ;U],e better,

Some i'oo1is~, JPsN'cl101agi~ts ifit~l" from, all its p~ DO'Rl~, that, CJ~tJ~e is a {;!IDtdty' ,c~~an to h-. Mr:mtty", ibttt exeeclsed by th~ bei:ng' w'hen in a ;cettmn. state, .~tt,ot<:tlnJ .spfJ,"QW~I'1,b1(:lt WhJeh may 'be imi:uero by '!Ll!'!!Io .... ~-;-_,~ !I,«P'h ..... _i!" and m .~"II:':03 ," jjO'b~t 'i~ thiEl :sfta:,t,~ 'me: ,SDW

"I!'~ rQW ~~.""'~_ GJ;.L '!!r~""J 'I.U-E-I_ Ai!i _ jill _ .c _ ~

wmdn, pe~i~s 18' more Of '~ess 'f~dJ lrom i'tsr l~'ldy; that

flalrooylt1tC8 is 'uu]~ a dqartalEm:t of: dle same high '~9interip:r iunqiun. of· the 'being !~ the~~ and to eon;sign it ~~~iliJe correctffiaq of tlte PlUs Gili' ,the o!d scboolj .or tdtura.tion. 0 f the new! is about as rational as weald have 'been. the a:ppn~~tion.o f oo:rrectrv~ to P,we~s. phy:siICaJ. de-

I '~·:h;t, ~. ",,{-M, .. - ii;..~ 'i'i'''''''''-',<i[o!!J t'iL. ~> (~ ~ SS(",-;J",()<fl M,a:u .~~ ar to the

0~ nl!l'L,.J I [l6 .... IW~e u.., ",,,,II, v....... u.... ~ __ "",~ .~ _ _ , __ _,

,' •. ". - - l'._ ----' - ~ -- , . 'f",~, - -~ - .. ..A'. r

blmd. bard. ~ eyes ilt;f;~e he wrote Pa1'!MIMe LOf.ti G-

as' womd~. 'have' been {he surreptitious mi::dng' ~ Sw-edmborgl~ hQu.st1i.~eper. of physic in her ,rna$te:t's_ ~fi'e;~:o he-

, 'h k f fl}- , b-'-' t l C'-'l ..,

J,. ., -. - -, '_,' . • -, ~ • I -, ~ 'g _', - " ' I'· I ;'1 I 1"1' '. • _.- ....

€q.~e e spo, ,~ 0 _ _-' u~gs unseen. _ y lTIOr., ~-, qe. " atr

"ttrJy~c~, the ~rm.I~)tQm ef' hod1iy diS~~lrd~r:~ l..o~k at ,tIe N indu- Sage in whom the. 'I aculty ['8 in eenrlnueus exerelse fer yOOxs. B-,ut the· £~(ll1:ty~ 'li'b;:. onr~r fa.eu1ties,~ may be tOl) c~ili~nu~usl~ ~e.tCised. ]b]o~ at ,bther ClaVru.p,,..

.II, . ·,f· th ,I').~ .... ,,. .'. "h' - .' I I ... ~ h r~ ... 'I'..1 h. -. L.~ , ... 1,_

anJl.'$ ~ _. _ _ e vn.t;r~# 1J;rJi. "!tV, Gl11 Or.:gaJ.UC . e3l..L L-J:'oII, .. as U'Ii:;1;;U 41,

most undisturbed sinee th,~y ha~ Jrelgu!a.r]y exeftcis.~d this ' a~a It must be agr~~d that there -i~ no CG~)llectioB. nece~8Mily ~twte.n the qU~8tions oil GJal;rv.'(J,(l.11;Ce aJld. H eril'tft. 1111. deed; :ill-t1eaItb g,peT'at.e.8 :a:gainst the, e~ucis~ 0'£ the &uhy III those m. w'oorn i t i:~ d~vetrop-~d. Th~ CJ'rJ:irvt)!y:an1-t ~f the -greate~t luCid1ty ] 'na::v:e ever lwow, in gu~stion_s connected with 'b,ealtht· on. one. oceas~~n~ 'wnen her health h~dl reeeived ,a $hQcl:: fl"om rome sooden. exci ~e-

.. ul '., th -, f' J' .. ~

. '-J . - ,- ~. , . -., . . '.. . m On~¥i

menfri' was not a:: .. e to -PaBS 1nm' e .state ~c. _ ~_ . ." _ ' .. 0""

'ViJi,oJ;' und] she w·as -cd:llva!eSf!ent; nor could $he' :r~um@ ,her, d~,..vaJ(1lU.t eseaminatiens unfil sh~'ha.d 'r~g-alned '~~ ordhtarry :~od hea.1t·h.

ThY; psyt:\lo'logical o;r sp-iri'tuai sehoo~ hulds that every belDg ,a:nd -natutally fo.'nn~~, ;obj eee '~s) in its begUJning~h a



The, facts Ju~re btough.t fonva'fd lead the 'mind radonally to ;the conclusions a:rdved: :~t ]jy the E' inun Sages ' coo.c:lusions ,h~l1l1oit1ioUB with those of earlier" phaosophers, however varlously- expressed in :n:a:meJy, 'that all the beinga and obj eets of Nature act and, read dynamkaUy (monad~aUy Or spiritually) upon each odiu; 'tnlit it is the spi:rit 'whith dyn{iftl.ic~Jly ,dcls a'ltd;:ts 1m the body: that- the actio.,.,.. of mtdiciff.e-s is dynamwal upon, the ,~piril 0 f tl1e t'atien;t.

In J ully, ,191 5, I invited some, private studen.ts to be present ,during the investigation b:y a, Clairoo j'aHf~ (M.r~~ B.~ 9" ,former student of miue), ,thm1.lgh the twturaJ facult-y possessed by her ,in an. eminent degree 0 f ,41'namicCiUj petteivi~ and distiilgu~sbing olbletts:~ It had been proposed. to magnetise her, but she said it, was notnecessary to be in the. sleep to exercise' her d;yuamic f~cu1ty: by CioUecriog hersel f jo and "lt~lli'Kg.ZY, jI she could perc~ive the quaJi ties 3,'(ld magnetoio: relations 0 f ob] ects, Ou:r prepa ... ra'tio.ns and ,~I'ran~ents having been made beforehand Ole Clairvoyan'te was invited Into the room. She entered, ,and appr()ochtd the tableJl on ""lhich were placed ooder ;~epar,ate JUtpuSj a few ,inehes ~ a:pmJ the fol1owi~g sub-


, .


· - .:: ~ - -

But before: magv:etisin;g 'bel"' 'she wished 'me to remove my wakih ,thJ~~ as the dlu~nce j'n:nn that mi:ght ~ect:

'her'; ,tbe 'copper .she sa~d 'baed' made 'he;r' :f:eel: oombaavi!':.

eli - - - ""..:!II' ,,1":_ ,,,.:: ...... J' ",iJI. - ~'l .", - +- - "'h ·'f1:_,....:.~ '" kj. - e J?~s's.~, .Q!6I»' ~nl]' V-CI- i.J! l1J~ (.'iI' p.:."" (J'nC'I: - as II; , ei: .ILl ~,_

fierJilt it,~ a:h:e:r be_~n,g hypnotized ,by a certain if( Secref' Hi:ndu illthQd!~:t.:

" ~:A.s SOO(!il as she sha,wed: by 'ber cO:l1aitiOll~ that. ,she was in, So deep' n,mmt81 siM1: /11 ,J: pr01?o~ea thaot the. ~tuclents p:resftllt ~hQu1d pJace tbems:e~ves ~, rdp:/J'aft 'with, 11er t, by

looehhlg' h~' n=f~d~ ~ - ~

":~N'Oil'l ~ s'1:le said, ~11 se-e ~ h eat :you 'we&l ,,~'uri4. ~J This .;was, not umu~ua]J and the reason was llJot ~ked ,; "f'er .tt lay in, 1£he, fact 6f" ;;W]l p~~sent bell1g irE~nd~J' with,

l[eF,~ a.iJd earnest inqui:rer~ illfi? tne sttb,l;et:t: -

· S~ '~hen a.t enee reamed. .1,Ier band. to, a laiy-all inv.aUd, r.~coyering .{;rom 'paralytic ,afiI'ec~n:Nt-,aIlld, Siilltljl ~'~l:n

e,:rft,eme' CJU~$ ',o.f iMJ~tfocN' ~ b'9.u~ry U{t',e; ·on.e ()f liftse ffli{}ld ,be U~Qf,n on tA, I~ ,(Md" one' rJ.l ,qbppu ,~,sine os the th~gkJ fiO,. the batfH'Y tj:ff. the .(lnn, u,*il~ n~OJ' a;j1-ect :the

! .f!!,,,,,,~ 'I' ~ ,.

Ii"-ar-t!', 1]-

· }ler. hand 'here acdde~t~,~' w,ucheij the brass P'U)Il]J]jng~ Hned, with lead, 01\, t'l1e ,arm, ot· the chair' she 'WaJS in-; she ,shook &er'>~ b1ew en .it}. ,~d sald, ~"~'thaf&a_s a strong eu~l,t~ '(~There 8Jj,(luld. be: a cbange i'fQm 'flme tG' fim.~'; 'tMe ~int. should 5fimedmes be fa, co:atact wltib, the skin" ,u-<:t Set' other,- ~jmcs the rOOpper;, ,the ~lnc shou'ld. t:c'ucl\ the

at tbe. tltintJ'$;' 'U1.lde, eXC»niHm'~~~ji' I s~m,'[y' .st~te this. nen:;" what d~e C'l,",rv.oJw,f~f said, a:t1d ,the wards may be taU en, for the ttutlt


I: said, j~X cnj, ,told us' j b[ ,noW' tli.3.lit. spi'~its, 'take p~fit;

,;;"" ,j;!1!.'i'!i[!A i"AM~r~~[!' m"""V' ''11: .... ,;k '·~"ho ..... e n"''UI' £ .. :,,,..,.,,,,,;: ... 0" •• ,"', ;!~II'

&1_& ~I,~~~' ~-H"'l:lfH~ li~~ - -q.~; .I:' ~ - VY: ~ "_, ajJj-." . IO",!!,' ~ ,al~·'··~\I. ~~.I!lD ua Ii

cb- ;i!l. t".-1l!ril- i.a.,;£~ 0':11" .Ii"L ........ '" t~D- iii!' N' "",i7l: .... .."n'd .. ,.-..-.;1,1\.' ...... H' . l .... , :n I

,~ ~ iIl-'~l¥ iI.l~Y. Hi~, V'I .• '~~"li . ir--!! ··· .. ·~-QI~- ~< ~~~11i_1IU.~iI:' .. · .. no.[~,

thought lhJg 'verJt glFll~bu:~

DT~ Npz£x.,. of a Bomoo;y'I{ospitalJ 'was ~l'ly:slGiam. to tdl,e -...-=~~-- Stree,t; 'Di5pe-m::al)'\ I :hMi ten- y'eafrS su'Mie!qumtly, attended th~: :practice: of Dr'. N~A1t at. the ,BfJmuay l"I~pi:tal p~itilla~s quite 'un'lino:wa to M res. 13\. ,m, heT' uormal ::Ra;t.e.

'~i!iD6 they rem,emoor o;.t~ il.t

"D». Nit~ saY8 'he renlemoors yw, ,fmttJ, B'Qm&~y;, lmlkJ, the' other H ;tidiU is 'reminded of' 'y~u by Dr. N eiZU~' Ill! did: not rern~bef you ~t first.,t~.

I took 1tlj.e\ 'words oJ 'dI~ Clai~)f(Jde :foi" t]l,e I srud J was happy to he thus, rememb e iii 00" and. would '~ake ,the oppo·11;Jm.tty crft' ~ldrl~ ~iF 'pr'e£~nt 'V]@.w· of ~lu~ m~dfd , ~~;: ~. J! 'iIiIj'II~d' ~:;Ti.;l!!0 as .L~v •• '~""''''I t~~ adm.i'nist.em." 'ilie'tl1 .. 0r.~~· .i;'I'n-u-c;f. ,H.,,,,", !_,n:...;g"" ~ ,U, ... .!I' ~ _ _. _ __ _ _ -- _ __

'The: MSweT w~ at '0I1ce ,~v~~

'i fi:s {\ batt~ with th~ mucous tissue of ~'ffi),e stoMach, m~ ~~mnt being the -aeld or alkali in ~~e' st4mach/' Mrs. B. ~ ,§' b~n in ~'~th~ ·!triG·net sleet''' the. :P~e.. scribed trffle,~. she 'w-_as. r-estored to :th.e ordJ~aq ,state.,

A~., 0111 ,:rrext; s ~ttin~r~, ]vI rs, Hi j' being 'put eo sl~~ in tbe 'usual, Dlallfit:r by her hm; I( wno- attenc'hid to ,oond.u:ct me expet[lnenb.)!, fout.! me.bls,!! :in: ~pa.rate bo·xes~ w-er::e

sP~t~~ 'fJ.IJAI]IVQl'~CiJ ,6lJ!

pta:~d: on the taBle. Sn~teo Up.:: one ~,,~~d~$aid .. '.l.~$"_ 1I~ ;,i 'A'«f·· "ll'-4ii~ my .mplQ1&illt_lR·i1Mte_,ic4;~'1i '

',@ h -, .' ",;;..: -': l.~ .... ~ .' ' " :!l. '." , , .

..J.,Jd~l(iJ.g#PtiSe, : 'ne ~etiu, a~, 'V1!,J,mC" t'lJe' ant;mBtJ'U ;'if

I" .. .. ";".

";;"jJ.z. -, - ~t. ' _:'1' _ .Ii" '

G1Jny.O.J.":es ,t'.nlJ. ~:ye-r ..

P~~1d~ $he 'thn~vt-t~es.· ~~,tdi' ·~_t1d, ~ach;e,d.·"sn~hrer. of too'1)cx"fsl' nnenM iti, too~~ ont'.4'1i:o,' ~hil and Dut .it

" _., ''''\11: I,> .,... _,,,....-~;!L ~'!o:' i~' ,~;I;"'"",.

m,to 'h~r nlQt;l'tli,.,

,S'he $Md1 .~jUis ;m~tid (itt ~as .:Nl~~ ls ~l'Y ~~9d f~r 'fit.".' I~' ~b.~mld. b~ ~lpare(r b:r ~tri~ttqn:, l$ut 't~e patief]t 51J;Q~:li ~e 'wefully ,"Y~'d:i11ed w\llle.~btg it~ for; it will prQdne,e £alfvatio~ j Jt wIn Q.tfljriole" ¥ ~~~'" ' t·J~, gd(fiji f01:" Stiltp,dc 'l~~,j_ wl\efh'er' DfOd~~d ~bj '~e~lwita;ri9'b

o~ w:orms :ot oti~v,i:{e,:r" ~ , '

'SJllle, theft. g·a:ve' 'di~eCt.tC)ns as ,to the dose,,- with t'~SiUl "~~> ;ap' ,Rmd. ~~. Th~ ~Mg oJ t1:t.e "mo4~ o,ft;,' it ior' ih~diejn. ~e WaJii ',s:ipgplal['", '0.11\4 w.~uid do c'i.:~lbt to :tbe, ver1 u~piritn ~,f Dr. JJriiixJ ,about whom:slle: knq.w absolutely noth~~. J[t iih ontittiag ~e,tltion6~ as, ,:f·o-];[ows~ wt!f.d: for 'wa1~:

{!Tatt~ 's~~ 'gn{ins oi tht: nle~ijl' rut,d;o 'Mving t~~_d 'it .m t1'H~ usU31 Yiaj' .fQ.J' ft' turating1l1etiil1 dige.s.t it in a ntde a[~oo~~t i~lt', otic ho,of l t1,.en ~ritull',ate' a"g4in for au h~Mn~ 'au; ene way, ,thus _~mJ'.!v~g lb.e l~and .. ~M±t.b~ Mt _ht~~

pestle~i~-om '].~d_t lQ :riglit 'Qre~rady)~, then 'sJ1,alte lor ~ hQ~t ,'With, tm,' €J~ll~S Q' 'Rlt~~hbl. M ~ls. ~Q 'I!J~ dHJte by D'He~M',~n.~; .. k~· sh.ould cover ,the: cork w1tL., \hi~~t~f~t &and. aad ~ ~t ev ~'i' Su.trus~:ion br~ng dpwb. $e. ~ttom of' the

? ...,_ wi . .... •

b$Jltfle iil'ID., t~ It!t pami. pn¢' ~d19P of ij)is'~ct.-e" ~o-,litld

be 'an d,o;s,e.

J\n, 6verdnse !of' it would be. ·a;fJl:tidoted, ·wieb. hOOil~ 'pwtld~ (.d.~nwni~oo) mettlufJ.

f'T- -t., ~. "! . - '!N. .....~1-

, : ~Jere 1S not .011Je ~ase ~n tea. Wlx~I~ Jfti&' 'w'~wd not tie

reIDClvve:d by one or' two crops e'V~f.,r' bo-ur: with. a teaspoonful ,(ltf 'Wfliter~ ,~bad~t ~-S the g,Y1¥1ptQmS di111.imiSibed. ·t~:Bad1!, it. tastes baa., Give' me:' the silV'"er,~ .silwer' tm.ti-,

~ . .

(J(#ts ni(;kd as well as merr:":r,~

!{\;rh-eH niek'<tl" in some rare cases, does mo~, cure, J..'f~g-

_ '~

~ne"t~, ",~a[~ if care is had t-Or th~ r~iatiw'~ temp:!i!fiUIH!llit of

tE1t~ M e5meris?r ~md, ~timt, ':VilJen ,I go ,awaYJ I sllaU oall at 'fh€:- drug store :[I,P here, and get an ice cream s~dlfl; :it win 'relr .... ,- ,,;;;; the ,~m- ""'-"" . .-.t thes ,_' ~,;, _ ~i!!

_ . o;..ii¥ ..... L!!.I,,,,. .... ,!,.!i.~ct._.Ji Oll ,Ii. ,,,,-"oe m!i:l~S.

Here ill awak~hed, 11et" from 'tn~ a]3jrvo~3nt,~ ilfetp.

1'he flegularity o;f our Stadt work W~, int-e~rupt,reij rr-y engHg'en10IU on. one side, or '~'he ·oth~r-:.

At OUF' n,e~t elass, h~,wever ~ ().a, being put ,f,'t,Q :sleep!~ with the ,s.~dne metals before, h,er';. gle tOQk tlle' ,ni.~ke:l,md said; ~~I to].d -YOiiI 'f~iekel was good, f.or,..!i t;f.ji but it. wiU, also prodace inj1rammatiffJ'n o'i' the ~h~oat ud "eye$. ]i f you W~Fe - to· give f.t lJf.t:e, i}~cury 'you W(.itll'tl ']?lioduce; a bat'tery Jw1!i'kh would ~te: t'!1(t,r.M'atii~,; to, COU1it,e,Ttlct, ~~hii~h ~ffe:~t o;r:SOOiCUifH· 'W'01Jldl. 'he required, i,tl seru:i'f;lrfi)' not infihi~ 't·esimal doses. It. woufd P['IO tluce infiant1ndt£ on, 0 f the m1ifttce., 0 f ~l~e ,[UJ:(gsJ ~ f the, :appearau'ce ,o,f.' ~rystp~,as; tRe' rS!jrmpt.t:A VU' .for adt]1itd~t~d'ng it C11lrati v~-ty '\f;j~,tdd 'he len~f;ltians of heat a:n4 'dngling'i

,n! ba;v,e; told ~tl Ht)w'to pft:Rat'e' 'a t~nctur,e~ bUt I see that ytJl;I migHt give ~l1"E~lI.EPSY .l1Jg"e dQ~es o~f the third tritamtion ,of,' it. In bad eflles' a dose eve't--y we ,A(Ju,s~

, .


~1~"DT'D'lI'rnl,n: ,i P: :l'U'. ·~It 'T'J:tt~O~-"'.'Il.~"II'~,;c, ·1'31~ ~:~:'~:~ U!~~)f'F .. ~!.' ~~~ ~~

"!Y:e.g,~ it is in, what I eall dle :second.- stoll1ach-,,~l:tat y,ou ~~ the dUOaeKUHt.. Th~f!; ,~s in an irritable state,~ana as i;t, 'toD1tracts· 'Upoll the plum-stone, ~t is thrown into pain and spasm, It ,is. g9ing intO' iHf'lanIDla.tlcm;'!

,i!liiW,hart SMtlld be' dime ?~~

""Give It<OW an enema of warm wat:efj and: pl~ the, paUerR 'in a Hot bath. Afterw~ros administer (t;(jon;te~1.ii

Ir'''T'!-L~~_I'_ 'Il :i:t;·Jl' ,-, - ~ -6 ~ 'lo,j!j;> -'to'·J ,,"1~ - ,_ ,- d - ,- "'"

- ~Ji.:J¥Uilfi. you. 'n], 'rot]: ~e,...v,,", 'iltliJ,";€:liJllIU ll'OW an eome

'ba.di:: to th~, ma.n.ga1i@sel~~

'{!Yes!, as SQ:€!i], as I Wke her baek to 'her :htun~. u ,fjN~w then ~'or the J~fdlng~tW.s(,p

With respeet 'to this illcid~]lt it, is to be, remarked that M'rs. B. bew 'nothing~ in helt ordinary state, o i this u~fle gir~j nor any of ,the particulars 'w~im she ,dear'ly perreiv1erlL ][ flad '~€en ealled t~ attend the gJ:rl in ~ln;~ moF.'~iID.g of ~~ s~e, d:aYI and ~ound h€X s)!!' 'colicky paJm,~ anti! s:usJ~ti]lg the presence 0 f ~son1.~ :for'~l:n bady in t'ne '~ntestlnes~ thtJ~;]i not 0.£ a phtm-;SltOH.~ M dlreeted ,3 iibse Qt 'Castor 0]]' to lse ,gl,~'eA ; to be F~IDeate,d if' 'requirnd. 'On. inq niry i"1~t day; there. appeared ,gOod :reasOfi 'to believe that tifue GJmr(JoymU~ p'en:crive~, truly in this ease,

VI/'lth :respect '~O ttu~ ClaiNJl}'yante ;H~altillg' back" the "d1'Utll, in ideal it is l'i@ be- r~~:r.koo that she , I~ pres~elj 'bersr;] 'f in the same wa:y with. :res:peot fQ child'cm

'l.... '- 'I!., .... ..'I • ....-i t d'~' t I .. '. ~... .,

WHOm 8~d;~: .LiIiii::UJI, exaantnw a a .. 1Sf::aJ1re. lm~g:tne Jj, ",Q

~meani" '~rmt in, CJ],]ing her {)Wn 'tap,port with the iC~nd, fihe, sees tha:.~: the :mother' 51 mp:p,o,t",f is in~.

Sl1~, l~nm her. discou:Ji's€ aJ:Jout th~ n«Jn9afW~-e' 'lttbuS! "IIi yoo are called to, a padent who 'bas OOell drittkiftl[J


clse~ we find mOfe or mess :perf.ect ~Iesi in. PfQportion to tlte more o:r Iess (:ompl@te msgaetoid detachment i'rom, tn~ sensu®ltS p~ane; the 'most complete 'r~u1t~ng in an m"'" version of the ,~sy~hicai pa[3rit~l cd the subj e~ltt'; evidenced

h' 1;~ 'I!..:i 1! f- I. • "' .,. ,"", .. ,

by t e· TematKi.l!)d~:[aCl m t'1,,,, spttll .. WAl·i..:.;i 8fT1nrl onpt'e-s-

siotl5 from outer "fJb j ect» to t,ne-. b ()d:y in opp.os~ti.i1n. to the ordinary. course of the ,body conv.enr'ing. them til. ,t.he spirit.

M ~. .'~.' ~

,rs. B, was 'ott ene O<:CfiSlon h]e':fll~an:s .of sa.v~~

hUfflU ~i f e Wilderc: the if/Hawing circumstances ,:--

Mr, J onn 'Raymondjo automobile d~aJ.e::rJ WBiS a. 'neig;b .. , her IQf Mrs, B, and 'Used to Dring in biends to, p·ut her' Clai1SlJO~1l1JC\e: to tIle t-est., One day'~, in 1Na~dng a ;fJasual !l:a1]j hl conversation 'lle remMked he' }Htd, somehow injured I]j;8 '\vatc[~. \\~il~, he. was, there Mr . B~ was put '~O sleep, ,artd she~ wi~hout ,suggestion, '.fenred. t-o, 'Ws watch, and a'Sk~:d him 'w'['lia~ he expected if he' 'WBS' S:'r1 foolish as to pit: k Ute W'or,k;s' V1l"ith a Pm?

~'i.Do you m;~an ~,say that ~3U. see, that I have done ,50' ? ~~

'~'y. ".' ;n


'1 i yeu rea1l1y see tbe inb'tior of '!he watch 'wb~t is its number r"

She gave' the ~tnber" e()~.tJng' of half the figures of t e' ,tl.utmu.~d~on, t rJb 1,&'., On eonnpa-risQn it was found 'CO'frect, M:r" Rayrnond expressed hi~ astonlshment,

"I . am able to ti!:U yoU somethIng better worth knowil1g the that! u. said the. Cknn!oyatlfE-'., !i'I:.s~ ,~o'mif!.t" ~nr 'that ~s likely t:o happen to your 500 George; be is likely tol 'be biUen by a cross d~g~ and. if he is, he'll r;ile.,!'"

"~V/hat dog pI'

S!·ooT.U~ (JlJA]B¥.ClYrA.N'C]l 15 .

.J~H~l$; l~ mia~htWGtul . - y~ #Ud ~ ·e,D~ jo . <;(~ tb'g wIth a ~ti·~~. ~d i:. ~~ tb~' i~tk-~ 'h~ .'~' itkd;y 10 M~ ';. ~t ~t$;~ boou . one; 11 i5in~ a sia€k,,"~of iimbet in 2' ;hed j, 5yo·tir

" ~ Ii' yatr:~~"'

,,~U'IEt w:i~t: rip, ] ~k r I ~~ '~i?' d~g,. ,01 .,

f,c~ll' ~li', do": win:.b~ ~~nit ;t;~~~~e js'~ spmt:ed :·d~g; he'/lWinoome ;In 3 t~te,., tr(Jm'. m£la-detp'l1ia;;, ,=If ~'tj&d. Will s~~I'hirn w .: y.oq., 'If"h ... '~es~ -jth~ ~y. will, b.e J~~t"io 'woif); hitm: 'with th'f!; .. :&tiek, ,ana if ~'~ J!)" i_~:to '(he

... I. • •

ooJ'~ j,df:athl"

'·llo,!~ Nr .. -Ital~~d texpe¢;'ted no 4-Qg',~.~' n. hi'~ t,~ hom' ,-,.j'aona ~ le«:e:r' awti1t~ h~~ UJ~Q~ud'ftg'hkn tk~(a, 'd~i: _ w~d be ,~~~t ~ 3 s'Qt;tin~r ,frie~d] crf :hts; Uv':" i~g. .at Fldl~dp'hia:> ~~ fur-'him tQ' take ~f of~, Me 'aIm found the 'hooked ~i~'Gk as Rt)~ed ·~t, boy the' Clttir ~jl9~1'~.i: ,and hi~\ ~o;~tli[bJed "it ,as ilJs ma;y~~~Ck. lJe saw '~he PO$~~bj!H,W- ~d ';ptolmbiUty lot, tn~~ribi~l ru:,crU1Bgt '·'i

. J.flastflf ''Geo~t Mt!' fhg Idgg- Came to.B91~'~ w4,.· 'ike: a; .re;!rulabl'e man de4ler,et~ri with 'his vyife'- wllQ,': immM~

, ' to •

i~~~f ~egr::wli,ej;l tQ' Pb~a~~~;a and f~~nd, ~~t ~ ,dog

was ,actu'ru~y" jtbout to bel' d~sptai.cihed; ,tk~t· lie was a spotte.d'~, hj;gh~br~dl Romte;r,-(.l1et~t 0011 'ver, .Hrk,1y to ,bite, i'£ ,PQk~Q. will) a~st1dt;- ~h'~~ 'tle_ w~ v 'a~t1,t ~ ~ put. iii a ot~~'tQ be ..£bcrWJlfded bY ~~PJ~S~

In twj~~ ~ase i1a~ C~mrvo~~e, igl':cdv.ea!' the aau&e o'i~ m

:"~pen~' 'l~vi1;l atlfl t:1~""_ "'n_~l'il' ,tAI/ 1)()}~ 4· ,~~~ '0.' ;~t ~t., This·' ;:s' a valif'1«bte"ltlS~CC '01 'the ex.;r~i$e of

~ ...... :-t ~,.. .. .- •

'tM ,CkWru,Q1YraHl .1at_~'i . ,

,Anei~nt. O,~/tIm; ~ 'r"c;'~f!("t in'il.nH

:a:tnong- all ~HliUes j: bet:\V.een the Earth and all the nstur-

... l'lv' f~ .... ~oII!.J1 'ii!''Ib... ri:ft\- and bel - 10''''' nH ~~ i!!i'T!lJA 'b.....,._.~ .. ,;.'i;,n"H lb- ~COl;ij;

'iL!. J - Y .. , ";.lL.,.;;jU 11i.~~]ub:S ~ ,""niL~p v.:LJI, ~'!J..l ,(,y~u.,II;:J!.'W ~jj'& , - -o;:!-";

--.J1 ... t.. ,- -.. - l - - -- - - -,' '1;., "~'b.:l" b A'i ' f'

anu 'l .. lI,-e sun) moon" pJ.:8il1ets" :stars-tue V~S~U 'e liJOU es 0_

th I, -, " 1 ,ill' d " '" .'~

e maeraeesm. It mOO inc: Rue" a'mong ,enbUes" !Ct~-

~'&le or' ,s;trirual bAnQ~\t- un~e:r yar.~ells names, to whom it aoCQr'~oo. :a ~wr ox nes;s~r in f1t:1!efIe~ ,anID[nlg :the; en.tides O'I tb~, Earth.. 'The, of "this pl1i10;$~,phy were' laid, by seers, f!r(),phets~l M(.rd e,$-=those 'woo were :pre-

_, ~ t1 biec f' ,'(I... ~OI1..l"' '"- - .. :r ,'!II' ,]'~ - ~ .-<.. - U

emlrletl "Y _st~"IJect. Cl_ tue, u;~e ~ff,lreJlJ tng uaHa.e~-pQn

the b,reaking '~p .trf ail'c:ient _dvniz~tioD the philow,ph(y djsappear~4, ,~x;~ept so' much as wasl itt its spj:r'it:vJru part, purified in, IDcl~a,; 3'Dd as it w&S:t in. its :sdet1itH~Le part, fra,g'm~ta,ri]y ¢a~g~t u:p by s'tudCffits 0 f na:t1Ltrru pbHosqphy, 0'£' 'w'hom we ~ave examples, tn, the ~eakr.' ,or lesser ngll~s, 0 f the so-called IIi'da:tk ages,' ~ ood: ~p:pt"-e.achin~ mo1I"e' moQ...,

, ,.:1-, ~"', ,1" :', -~ <, ·l'· ,. tr»: 'u -.:1"" c,t' F'''I .-~, 1J ,- n

ern !lIli~~l!1l ,~oce s-us~ v an .l;:-;I;,e.,tnt):n oj "~, ''-' a,()~~

Min::mny others"

In tllc early Clrds:tian Oiurch the Utflaenp:~ and actiQH cf spicititlai bei'ngs~ ]01'" the- purpcees of heahh (a.s~1 f:~,r ms.'fart€el ,in the B'ibJe: ;story bf the tr0ubHng of '~be ,waters o f ,,8. certain pool 'bY an ~Hc bei:ng) j '\!\r~N as mudTIi. adtno.wledged_, 'by worshippers as in. the b~mple.s o:f' t'h~;_';r

T!I!.." 'k 11' d - '" en ""..I 'L.

aneestors, UllS a,.C!l;]JQwle ~'gruoot is' $c;w mwt'l' u:y"' some

Uds (j f fh~ ~tIl"Ch~ and, donbtless w'19La~ef.' 'lElitl,via'l111

~ " 'b t;c~'11 ,jd' ~ ..!d,~ .. L __. 1';il _ or

o][lunoo may ne I,H:I'U regan:itng~e ,g,@ne~i:t.J.~ene'tf,i, O[lf

Koman 'ua:tholi~8mJ its ~OO~ltiQ;fi Q £ spirit:ual 0,"' ,;ulg,eJit. mjilistx<!l,;ti011$~ repttesettu· the tN'1i1!th c~cer.rnEng 1fhis" matter, 'Hut wlter,t1iternrr Europe ,~epted, the rcmiQ'M o~' cdtidsni laJ.d down 'by' ,H.,une~ and Volr~l;'e2' aU, 1[l.i,

ii71, iIij,.,_", '(:F,r'IB-'-'Imn A" n1". "'J'fi~V-QC-'¥";\' 'KT-ii'1~

.• (J ~L l . '..L,~. ~ vJ-1i;l,·~Jl..·.".·. _J:. ~:1"VI~

of kt91th in many eases 'to dmlWttaHC'e ill At'~g~tic polarity", he and 'hj~. followers 's'hetwea that 'by' re.#Qring

Pi' ; . .;11 h ~ iiith- • ht he f "[ d P ~ -

Ot '~. 1jlJ' , " - --, - - - --, - - , - - --

>_'an_.y f.:..'_ . __ 'mlg _ ',' rfq:uernt f :r," ,- 3:J1£~el1ts

tr~wd by m.agm:rttism ~6'metiHle5 pass iUitQ a :new' [State. T1I1s state was f011ild. to 00 divis~ble mtp 'Yano,w degr.e~(.

In 'the nltim:ate rl'c[p'8es oj ,this state the pad.etlrt, Pas~SI the bounds 0 f' CO;f'Jor.eU:y and eHret'S into ra,l!lort with. ot~~r obJe~ts and '1 mli.vidnl;Uiti:esl n~f and ~~te' ill 5fac~ and tinle=-tbese are ,0000AlRV-OYANC,E. A;~U T-:UDf'CEl. The :HetVe.-or9,ani~ ~£ ~be ,Bl.rman ~ib.;g tak~fi a$ ,3,\ who'hi!:' i:g bi .. ~.not~th.~ Brm1:iFs'Ustem renres erit: 1tJi~ont1' ,.h'ole', the

:r-. - - --.!' - - - -- - .",¥~ il b' - ,t' -I." -

aW4yti(J.~g;sy$'Um th~ Q the". j" me hY~. 'systems 'being inter-

.ta'Il:OO by necip:rocating 'KIWVu"Gkorra'1S and neme--pJ:e;)/U:Se'1: inte Q~ !SY$tem. In IDm" 'OfdifHi.ty Jay4ife' me BrmD$J~I$tf1J1 jg p.o.sinv.e, and tne ,G'alnyri::I:JJnfC nefl,-ati~f~ I~ 'oID"

~~, " ,,~ '''''t 1'.., G J" " " "-"'

or!;J;l11l~ mgt' t~\i~, e tue ',~angJ.!~~rnC'="~j\$~.em ~, pt)IS1.J~'l)e~

and- the: Bf',slMi1.; is negtJH~e ..

The B"(Ji'~$)~if;ett1, la tha :£o~ ~Popa~attfs o-i S.em,~tiDH. ,a:nci ,Will., The C~gtienk that 1i!Jf lntmti~n~, 1fL$.tj.n(;t~ and Sytnp'(JtA,yO; Faets d~mo.nstrnte' "t'Mt these apparatuses are

t1. d'" , · f' h 8 1il 'b hi 'h

' :. Ullll" ~ ',' --,- -c ','-- -- - , ,'" " ,-, , , '

J;~ __iU-e-J~te eonr::ret~ tm,s,tr:Umen's 0_, t e ,,(1 'e} -.1 W liC,

~'" t. ,~! ~ 11 -"' itl ,,1.._ ~ '] L'

1'~' ~,1as 6rg-a:om R_1~tlt.:}ns W1 - 1. ',~~[;Ile ,ma:ter,~i3.', S~I[ll~

and th'U~ 00 thena;turai, plaI'lle i~ ,l~~ t,o ~m:rve spiritUal 'man,!' 'Yiho-----du'ough. the. so,ttl-has polar rel atioma, also 'w.itb, the is!)ir1:tual] s;p:net@:I M ,mardfe~ttoo 'in tihe pbiWlQmenl o,f C:laimo'!i~,fJ.'ni:;e ana T~ ra....t ... e' T:'-, c- :l'a~ :,:"""~,'ijjil'!i;'I!'ii',,,a .. ;~A -in,

- '. _ - J' -, - -~ - __ '1',",_ • J-lili ,j!,-J,~:'!IliY.1 !EU,III., ...... iI! ~ ... 1.

'trance ~s,p~~iaJly~ we witness ,9, passing ·","-.ow act~y~w on.

1lhe ""· .... t,- ... ,~ Ji,t;o'!l';a.tcoi!!' , .... .c: , ........ \ft'iI~ .... ;:,o"iIlII~,;:;. ~~;11Iilf· ".,..., ,I-;4~"', 'I"!!.- ~-1iI\'Ii

~ • _ l~~~,,"'I11· ~!I!!'~ rf.!rf.ift~ v~ '-"V.IILI-'J!!iriLU'YnJi llUl'lirt .... _~l ~ iUJlS-L Vii,;. ~

C:!i'D~li'rnn lJr 7 ~ ,,,jf-fl'ct~ ,ili1..~~ ~~ .~-.J..::,Iw.I~~ ~~~' ¥r-.U~J!~lI~~~'


states of pet'OO'H$~ and also' ~y th~ ~s.scnUal q~~itie.s 9'£ n~bira11,""f.OJf,med thin~1>

Every obj ~t ,I).f' t]]~ extern!l w>oFldL...-as a.nc1eflt phi ..

Ioso.phc:;r& tlugb f~"ihether' earth or metal, V€~tabl@i O'r

,0I!i ""~m"" l' '}n, ",", d]' 'Fi Cf.' .. i.:1." "'" t.. .'Il • ...",.","'" ''L'':I1 C! !Aiic; 'iI:lI:'Ii.l'\'it"i"'!id~·~ l' ~... 19 .. ·, ....... 1 ~~~ j -_-i;U1 u~l~llll: .L--b U~"-r JlLf~_l! .. Or:u.,. ,(I!]~ ll~ ,~~~A!I-V~~~ JI~ ~". ~vW-

snbstance pe'hrepti'b'Ie ltD' a eo.rre;spond'~ntfaculty c,l the;

- .

hnma'~ btH.flg, w;nen in ·the stat-e' under 'i"ie:'!I]ew" These

monadial, or soul""sufuitrulJ':e5:==-othenvise cal]]ed. by various authors, t":mtdl/~' t~ sjrmpfJfhkill'j'j ;:, a..flf:al~ n ,l(l" a:romPl-," "es«

,;rent1'aln~hi3:v,e magnetic. ,or :()olar relations ,vito every other} oons~ltl1Lting Ute, t.~is, of :sympath,y O'I andpathy. Cltrirvoyant.s perceive the-vapanrs, t,a'i~Sp, or lines o,r seme loonoord:uttly intersecting at ~letu:Ung w[th eaeb other, 'while they per'ceive OI~erSjj, au the 00 ntralfy, oonsbmt1y repel1ing~

TbeJi" perceive 'lu'ttner tha<t e~b· ~g(J,n o.f th,e' ,body bas i-u prop" nw9fW'~1 and. '~at i~ tl1~ ~n_6n.itude. of n~t;u.tiO things there Me those who 'have ,~ ma,g;n~ftism in \C:orre5pQ.nd'e:n;p~ with the magnetism 0 f one or other @,r,gan. Human ma:gnetism, fiZend,£ wi~h, ~t 0t wtde',.~

d a ttl .!Ii' _j c .... • - '" ~ iii :IL._.r ...:I:

pro 1!JClng a '~S.· t_a,n[ 001:. uoe'uii!te actur~t.r. d.:S LHeILtu.Ug

with that 01 simple drugs explains: t!1J,e, activity of 'u~l,@ prefHu:ations used. in HGlnG~pi!~Jh1" Inert except where. there ,]S polar 'reactivity t.o their i3le~km.

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The hl'IIit.lJ~l being==the ultimate; of N~tlt'UtR~ ~'e. mU;"1'lr-

CQStn" the mi'V~t:se' 'in small-s-has, we h~al"n" conib] ne d. in.

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him th~ elements O'f th~ m~croC:Qsm=th.~ universe ~ all rnl1)tt~t~ru q'UaUt~e"S and !OI'Ce8;t- all ]OV~s. anrl ,will.&-clt'lem ....

• ~' 1,,'Ii ~ .. 'II .. 'i."'- '.. ·..-!Ii L 1

IC~bi!' '\~taLlJjej. oo'itn!;;u'-al!"'e, m nrm ~P~~Q[ijjse~; ,uf, . ras

thus" in . his .ph,s'cai ., ral;po-tl lor tet~t~~ with r~efjr. being .~~ (o~j~l''Ul v-ei~i~~" ~~e'j ,mdl ·i,~.the co~n-

• -. A' 1.. ~"" . ..,,,,,,. I'I!.. . ..::-.' .... , ... ..J: L .• ',L, Zo' ... ,L_

:8Utt1~Qln ~ ·~!.~S· S,Qw.,Il 'WJul. ~ll\1'-.!L.iifi.i.w. 8i.Jj'~I~~ 01 ':..;r"m

i, ., ~~1 ;1:.J . - di ~ ;;...iI, ......... ~

tU:VlSiIi.ue Ofie1J eV'e1l~ ,~ w;~_ fl~t : \SO . ~.y]n~H,! ~~ur~~

tm~Q the .Pathe·, and Autnqr 1O"t' All.

CI9i~I.1",Mi~·· Uilfb~ tig It. bj ·th~ ttA)U :~i a, MGi, Met 'Df;i _ ~1'f$' a'tam~ that· ~n1;;tl~~~*1.S. tHe ~in~oll ,'llt. dlku-, ·til)'A'J' .Ind $t~te that ,yith f-ir, '~~fa"th . pt£'r(W_~~" m~-

'nefic' Ruid 'bten4f.~ , . . ., -, "

In .ge~dng· t1i$t pruper medidtH~1 ,,~ i~s d~s~1 the :GJr::;1'~ ri,(.Uit~~ $etlslbve 11su'iU~ wlth nne. han~, ,t~ucli~s th~

" -', :--,:_ ~

patiem~l[s~ while ~ith, tti~· ethe::r:- sh'e. mu:£nes l;1le ptii~1

. 'L.~ 1£,;' l..:.i - , '~":::. ..J:....':';!II 1-.-.~ ~. -' ~ ;';"iIi;:

'wiru!Cu, 1LJ;i,}t\ . been iL-:r1f:jS~ a_n:o p]:ac{!,\Ji:'~ [ore _ Iii., to ':",nC

prO,el' a.~e of· wi:U-dJ, It' is .attt'".~ecl;, o,fl.en sE~o~ly; .s,heitbem. .seems, mem.taUy to balan:ce OJ;" ::m9Sl~r·e- the "meii11citi.;e

_ I r ..

a,p1J1St. th _. patlienti S ~me"tinl:t}S ~he ~in say tlutre' is.~&.

"1. ... :. t· )J.... ~ . J!. • ·iII.:-t.. • ~ ~. ·1 ...... .0'1 ..::I .~,. '........ th

~t~ er ffl(l;iIo,nne '10~ 1;Iie ~as"';' tJ~~ ,QQes· n~ .~J.'IJ~IW . : . e .nalJ1-et

~'~.t... . .J~.' • 'j... • .,.. 1~ ~tii:. ..... ..1" . 1'L. . _t: .~..J1]:

~;!l->Ii!er mJ:~u!mes" ~€lng' ,S·tlJ.JA-liL{· f~, ·u._q· 'ue 5aeli.ojqu ;~n

the ~ame"m~er~ Havil}g' ~ltc.e. be.ea .. m tfl/t/};f1,.'· ,·hh ~_ }1atienl 'in. per.s9~ . ~ .srQw .··l~~ 0 f 'ialr,,' a pi¢te._ of cl~,

.... 1 ...,'I!..... ~ ~J!' 11;.. :l.t... ,)i - "It.. -, 'il.,,, .• ..!it.:·...._,;:J: . 'I" :.' ~

Itn@lai~ -mu .. ifU.~f1 ·u,er. P,a:t1ent' nas Drf ...... lLl:;U~ .a £.:l~.~ e . 'i¥lY

~~ticle Wkleh' hall· beel'1 In ;c.ptltw:t "wl. dte ,subJ.ect '~i11 after,wa:r-as: suJ1Ree tQ reill;du~e tbeor.l~dtU c~mte¢tion'

" ~:- - -.. ~

he~.wee:r.i ete S lif .a:tI!i hI5 sl\Dieet.



In th€ course 0;i' my Qbcu];t andL S:piritua~ 'Wfirk:j I have

. ·ti d' ~ , i;ll . ';iIo""iIl .. th . I . t th C' .!,' . -. . -' _ .. .

n~ _ceo ~ne_Yl.mUl.;UJ- . _~ _ ~ :' a:t ·~(nro'Q,~~nc·e:~ ~, mte1"-"

-' .. _':'11. 'I!.. h 1. _.,. •.

~t:mg' m ~i Its puas-~ to ~syc_ ·.cu;ogrsts,ll' l,9;

. d- d' "",;'rI C' -.:p '·..1-1 1k' +.' 1 ..

ttl .uce~ ,. as W~ .ag, r e, l!awau~ecflCiJj iJl Sip,~r~tUi;r ~i?~il:tr~.

The 8Utij:ects IDf tivi'3 ki'nil of ClaWv'Qj;JanLi.e are ec;.s1dk$~ nm~!J']~ ~Q ealled, This. de~aritnt;njt~ M S JJirit«al CltJir-

,r. ,r- ~ '.]~. . l .Ji" ,r. . ...

7!G'y!m'e~ j)r:oper,. r I·Q.rrn~ tne tQplC ;~or uJ,'ilne;s to Wl'.it~

about :ra1her: th~n pltYrSi,ejans. C'lairooyGi!C.t! is .~Qm,e.ttimes 'r:eJEote1y indueed by tb,e' iope[~t~ou Q f ru3ltura;l ohjee·ts .. Koep~" R:etcAe.jf'b~h~. ~shQur'",qr - his :amwttator==ilnd Q't1u~,· 'hav~ dl~omi;frited that ~ome' &tibj eCts, ha:V0 <their ll,oml3l ,polarity disltllHt.eoj more of less oompUetely ln-

_ ..... ..l 'k;)t., ' ...1:' ... ''Ii b" 'L., Thi

v~tt~"vY :tue acti(;tlfllO!l[ nattu~W. o JetJts upon tnem, ' :1,9

de.partmen;~ 38 'na.~r,M Cl'a~Q~~tu::e ~ pro.perty be]ofig~ 'm natlar:a~ pl"ljtcsopbusJ. an,cl[ "we. ~haJl na.iJ '~h~ day ·wh~m. th,~y recognize i~ as b-ei'ng' .in ·th~iT d]omBlin.

CliJ~n:!O'lJ'll1tt;f~, embr~d.. by physieaj. sd:~\nof". atul ~op .. efl, Itlid~ed. by l1100lCru art: by 'v~flOUS means, [,u,t chief of' ,all by hurna'!) m~Hetist~" Is. the dep~t'tm.~nt which, ss H ,¢Cfl1C CJair'"o,,"am:e;, f'alls natttr:aUy ·~thin 'the 1}ll"OV'" moe of the physician. TillS, facwty~ enabling' the ;Pe1"ceiv.lilg· sGu] to eome'J? \vhile. still in the body', ~nto '-alporf ;witn 'the inner' f~rmsJ QuaUtieS'J and stares of' Q,tber'


1S.L. ,Exattnesi of -dr~!,t1b.51~~' In ~);:iIl(n;j;ag'-the seat: o-f ml)"'; inst~mla~, d:1'~-e,~ agd. ~,D ,obvJatin~ the etpRlC.,JMohl~ ~f the dotmtfut ,stttb,os~'ej, the Gibj~tionatJre

. . ) ~. " -- .

'sp~lDm, etC'

gn'~~, ,ttt~ [~BCf fUsori'm:i~il:iiQIl ,of'" T:emp.($am~Ht: aud G'oosutationil, peeWi~ri~~, ood C~n'espeud[nglY

Ract a'~'~iWOtl of m~ki'ne and, dO$e.~ _

~~=':~ ...:0--:. .. ~ •

,3':'d. Eubt aMreci~lloP alIne )(o',r,aI s,'ate,anl1l-"its. ~~~':"

d it'i~n as ca'pse ~01! 'C(in.;se-qu~ce o i 'tJl(~; ,pHysical

~ ....... d" . u:]S'I!.i Jr ~m"'.

4th. The: s~j~ctjve ~ii.U.~~tkos:e £:~tt .. i;l~ly by,the, . pa,{f~Pt~~]~g I~jeetive to' ;dtc ,p,hysie1~

tb,ou;h the €l'al WAJi~tls pereeptiODr. ' '


pbysiciatfJ~ ROif.' hQW often. is !fIe :rHlt ollliged to can ~'ess tbrutordinary discrim~na.ti~ b a,t. i·,9.ult? 'We: aU know t~at the most ~re physidan;s err oonl~tim$S ln doo.:ir d~~sis, ev~ ""hen, ,aided . by the be'S"t corwtrivance8 ~nvmted by' i~~i ~:;. ,aJ]id wher.e there. :Ls er~Qr in dia:gno~i$ theJ~ is! 'ne\!es~ny error in trea:crruw;t.

How <?,fifen do we meet with cases, wher~.~ from in,evj .. tabJe fI'CGf oJ diagnosis, a system Q\E' mere palliAtion 'hrM beenp,:['\¥lscribed on, the gro,ua,d 0'£ inlpo-ssiblE tty erf cure.

Su~h are tke cas~s, ~llSt w!hiillh; llll:tder' Diyinle' PJo·vi.d;en,ee" tlJ.e· physi'CiiJ1. can ~uu~s {dlly; ocdle. ~'1 the HG'ht ,alui-aid. Q f HYGiENIC CLAmvoy A:N'CE!


1 ~ Roo'M should h~'Ve a. snbd.l1ed. night in it,

~, ,n tntlu ~J'egic 'M irr€n~*... plaeed Ql1 a standj ,or table, with its baCk tOW-M,ds the ,N'o,d~.

,3,. ,$til>j ect, 8ltS fari~' M,~c Mitf'fFfJ about d!~~ f'~et:

away f tom it .

Th ,;, 1-:.: _.lld. ;j;'·,'~!.6 ,", 1ifII",,~~"I:i!'MH d~· .. ~ t"f t:._L=,..,_jJ

4-t e op:eraL;or SJiOw ',~(;~",: Ri '~~~'!.tvilo£- ~,~, 9 [:( _-.- ~C.Uu:"l!L

tile M (Joir Mirf'ot' so :he ~a.tI, look str,aJ,ht 'illto the sUbj ec;f s eyes~ In this pGsi'tion 'bo'lli the' reflected ra,ys of ] igilt, ffOtn the black sum-'f aee 0'£ ~~ ,Marp~

'~'!l: eY

MirFart, ~d ,the Mgtin~lism ifrom,.,·<the' opet;U~ e"'~B" 'vriU &n' strajtti]jt '"b:tb ~ tie SIubc; e ,t"s' PV~S: ' .

. 'J; ~ ~~. ---: _" -.. -~~ .. - ~~"_ e- ? iJ.1Y.,.~ ~£!il'.--: k

S,. ~.e~a(Qt" pt»£;~·'~l~t·t'a .M:t;fgjJelibe' .¥~r, 'Mt"~~ ·til Blaki;ng clewn.w3ro:l 'PQ:ss~~ ~r' it ,fo~; ~t"!'le,mmltEb!s,~'

e: TI'.. b~' .... ,'. .. 'L _. d'" ~ .. ".:'1\ '0 '!tL. '. ~,~' -. ' ,

w,. ~1{.e ~ ',,1ec-c; ls to :ue ,~t!J m ~ 'tJl~ilt ·baVnl~ ~l1 'ItS

J, . ..- ~ It:--

t~· io!lf~ ilWs~llaloot. ' y. pbip:~· !g~s~. or 'rubbe.r l;tttd~

it'S'l :gs) ,a~~" ,saJJj,ootfa feet ~ t;est~g 'GU. iDf .insu,;. l~tea SID.01.:

:)' .. N~£',pa;r,~ Gi the s~bje\:es'~&dYi hi~: dqrh,e$'}'';'fb'' ,legsf 61.' 1ije ~~;df ,S!H~u1d:'be ~lrSw'e'd .io,'tou.ct1. tli:l floor"

,!~ ~C)t;ai ;enul . must' be III 'th~ N orill 'end ~1 *@i'roOm.

<9" An:y 'Gthe.r p~.s.on Pl"'e5ierit mifl1s·~ l'emai11 q_uu~t1_:y;~~ted . in. the SOll~h~ ,Wes;t ~QfFlliQn_ :(Jr. thf: r~(.Jm,.

;,. c,:l~, " "' ,

IP~ N,o :a'fUrI!ai f{not leven ,;l tat' lor'dog) must be' pfesen:t:

~. .' '_' .

. m ~:llLe T4gq.L'n.

1 L Grne! SQft .Dd ,gentle clIord" if ~r,a:venient,,' mal be ·p.J3re~ en lb. pima~ bl1.~t ·.n'O ather O~t t~e. ,same

.. ~~i!'iII!ii"i -'q;g'""'1f:I!O;:5.,1[ •

'2\ P~evi,, th . e~0rimef:I1&the~lf(J.~:.J!~rrQ''' sho:U,ld he w~~. p~U~NOO, and th~n, sJ:~l?i;nkJ~d~ ,\~th . ~ _g·tOOd

,nI "fi:~Ut.I. . .... t· ' 'h'~ ,- :L ild ~ .A " .• ' .II: -:: .Jl ",rr~.~-l)if~:£" ~.~ l~'f'lI;~ - ~\. ~ Wf' t us l~ 's]I·O~.u. - . ~~ q~l1G.~. a;nu

" l' WolI.......A ., . OL 1: cl . '1' L.L

·~n i~h61~~H~ wl~h 'an ;eBt~[e;l[1···· ~:~~n. C.'@iU-l-.

Ill, Afte.f· the,"s1l.1bject 'has been s~a,t.OO f41dng .. tbeJ!a"gi;: '" A1iff.Jtl" th:f:J ,o~etat{)r :~l}.QuI~. 'btll~n .~!' ~~t "Qf

A '~ :t..r·""'~ '" .!r.:. '~J\":-~-- ' -.!'if'!'-"~' ,r:"" - -

.blnf.nt~·;l:'~:""liA e lll'nC,enre~ £,.F;rER. .i.-a IS lD~ ~1:~ijL.,

14. .Tl.e. opera'Wf now· 'ta1:ifSi, apos~~jon d;rettty' 'back ~ f


d~e ,M GfJie M:£" 0. t'j 'xing hi,s gase Sb~Mii1y ,and ~nmnsely ,on t:be subikt\~ eyes~ all '~he wnl],e biakiog dl~\'V.nWa:Fd ,passes, in llie duedJon G::Ii the, SJ1Jbj~es ~ace :a.nd-hood,;

jf S. If Uhf :aM\~e fs ~ait'l1.'itilly carried ou.t; by a good s,trGng- M'ij;t)'mrfic ()'Per:ahzlr tllJe, !.ubj:ect: mo,utd sfiQ'["',tly pas.'] irl!to a .L~.Cl(}~e'ti'tI: ,s,l,.ep ~d exhibit the mo's1r. ~ markable 'pcnvers Q f J nne1' ,VWQn. or :Ctrlit!'V'oyance.,


M agne-tit Clbirooyanc~ 'nuts be jndit;tC€ld by:, Flrst= 'B1liming;' a 'hall' teaspoonful 0 i Orif?1$tal 'T ~mp'la Jffl:-.etnc" The very' sam·e; 'being a. :l;H)\vel'fu], i'Umig-~tion to ~ttr~ die spirits 0 f the i\_~~aJ. Plane;" 'so it .is be1i~'ed, UU\1ugh ... ~ut b:ui.ia, and the Orie-ni. 'The Diseip'l e may also MseJ 'OrR his or h~t.~ga.f11l~nb ~ small IDfiount ,Gf gml1ine Oriental :R&or.fumn;: such as to!' ~~!'al~ of K,~hnaur ,P e1'fu41tt}~' Magnetic Clni,.iiOJramt may be ,scl f-induced by yom" 1!;lLsiag a" C'f'ystw to!" ,thi.rty er tony minutes daily-or several tH,[1~S' a ·weeli; 'but tOll mtt:;i, .not ~t eas~ly discour-


agqd~ for wit'h SQ.n1~ ]t t;3J{es W~~Si cd p'E~cti~~ \vhUe

'';Adth oij1ers ,it 'takes, S~~i'!!,1'ICr:al l1'iJ,~n.tbs.

By ,observing' fhe i'o]lowing .,Y011 \vi1~ be; helped in, :~QUr devetQ'plrnrerrt. ]3e$] th~abov,~, method ,fQ)t indlllcin.g Mti~tic 'JairtJo,{1;nlte~ tbe stU(~oot w'iU fi~d ,inc'Illldedi hereln the ,f&l1JlGtJS 'HIND'U ~'[ErHOD"OF 1~"lDUC1NG CLAI RV'OY ANCE., There is also ,glv~n a very

Al\.TC'-lir7cN" T' JU[-EIT"'UIi'O'D'1 O'F", IlIlJD-: UC' "I--N"-'G'" C":" AIR'V: '0" '''Y'' _'

~,. ~'. l"~ --~:fJI-' .. '," ~ .,1~ .. :,_, "_,e:_ ,.-~~. e ',-:.' .,---!

,J\N'C:E. ,This lalt~r method 1$ more cqmpHtafoo tha~

~jp~I1:U::AL. lJLAIl\Vll¥ANCm 17'·

ejjtherioi~~;,,[)the:r8;~ htt ·th~ swim1\ .".~q.y' ·,: lloke.

... - .. - - ... .. . .-

an'4. ,use w.1iiQli h~ _.hd~~~.s ~ ti~5t. ~p~tri:d 'tGi hlJs .ecru,=,

-:".... •• • .. • :I' ••

v~t9i6~ . . f~re~ i~ £iql tHing ~ tliit. -, ,s\l6g1d .~~" 6~fi1e, .in

tHiDd c aNd; . tiatt .it :is absmute1y. n0c~rJ thit;yot1..

-. . ,'_ .,« 1 "JI . Ill} .-~:

b'tltli ~OO:le T ~'iJ:,'I-"zC" i.H(:-e#f;~ ~ r)})ID ti:tn~ ~to tj_m~," 3.I.ld . that

~ - • • I

,~ot1 . _'1 ~. a. ~eh.nin:e Ori~~lli}l P:,~rl meJ at9.. ·'tIlel:e diio!p'"·,,:3;te.

,~ssmtiiY 'fo. ~~cCes~; Th~se -who, at.e· .e~1Iy.. ,ais~~r.agedt. 'weak .,01 VillI an·lit do not 'apply tliien~l{s·el;\r\e9 d1ttt~riU;Yf' will

"" ... 1 J: .~. 1 k . i ",,-.:;1 i:: ;,

n~~er· SU~~~~;I. ~9r S.u~~5;S ~~~. OO(f ·'O~t.tJfi~ ;p,' ~'ar~g-

5t'fil~tat~n·tJon to ijtat f\~.fmed 'iQ 11 }~:m .

. Alr .Cf:t1fnli))Id:nts.. -.shQu1d~ b.i be useE$!, st1e~ees~r.\l~ ;a;~d en;du~r~g, .C-1id~i'V3te the:-. h~i~ .(].f .!Jeep' i·te-atbililg., ·{or. an M,~tal Po'weF' d.~l~en~,5 'l~l~$'ely' UPO[ .~1Uigl"~FQWu and e&nt~ti~atio~~ Coti:dnu~d abMUY ·cangnt·· .. :-ld. if d~,tlc

& ~l s· tu::gl·ec~edL .

jk]l :Cl'a:iw()~M~£ s1tou~(l ~eoo 0.111 the best food (J·bta1ttabfe.

·C><· .

- l I ~. ~ .v- '- ~'.li. ." . .., lh ~Iii;.~- ... ,~~"'. ~ .. .;..

.• jo"'a-wviC!~B;nt~ U1US't ~Xrerclse. .g~~ ~l~ .~[t ~tu;;f'S

~lativ,e to ,the pjfocT!eative fttnrtloos. Ail!bs;ti~enQ~;n tli.i.s :~R:cti91fJ~. ,goP~ and t~ta~ abslinen.e i~ "still &~,e.F.'~ .Au. e~ ~ in ads. :dj~e-ctJ.Dn i~ f~tal'~ ,~tf#!r visrqm.t and, may .cau.,se ,:ill 1,engtbefltefl sti~s~on <of pd\)tu ~

IUp~d b~ea.thiQg, £er~tbl;r"1 JoY" 90 secoo$1 w1§."ite. !J~ng dawnj'"bt toooeet~on with .'. G~'*11J.q .Cry.:tl·il:1 held lin the

- - ._ ~ . .-" .,. - .~ ~ .~

'lt~j \Yl,u' .prttvc· ~c~gsifitl i"n .m1bb~lr., you. to. ~. WlUL'"

m1tt ... @y,e~ I~: 'YC~ are :;; tf)Od .~ubJed. .

" All. 1n~gnetic~· edyllie and :mesmmc' pro~ ·ate ~tr time·!) .. morq ptoartc'tivac ~f lue.cessi~ f~Wlm :"f'

oondit~efl1n ,31 quie~, "


.'FO,R ATTJ\itNING ER¥STAL VISION" F'ooct-~:Da:Hy dJi~t should 00 ve~'y ligbt. Fruit, "Dea.! Co 1-, 'i~e, :MHk~ may be fre:ruy t1!scli, l;m:,t »9 COOCDlal~~ Fat, 0ys[,eFS or Pastry, andl very ,Httle Su~.

F ~.£tixg,,,-=-S~rict fasting' ff;)l" at least £()U~' MWS, be fore ming the C~~al j~ ooVantagoous m the suecess of the' ~~~~]'imenter'.

L- -" ~ - Ii"'ii'i- ~~'L be _ .f'+.Eo 'I(I._, .:til _f:n.rH '~uW5'E -: ',... 0.1 ~n 'C.1L1lange~.

Sltin,. 1"l COO' atUJ H ai~ mus.t be k-~pt ,s~fupulo1lL81y- clean, Tbe l;u:tth i~ t'~e" very best pr~p3;,raUoo, ~QJl" e%peri.m,er...~1 ~p.d!. no one eM reaeh good results unless l~~r:fectlM and absoIut-eUy Id~an ..

Patiem:~1 is a most n{(:~;sa:t",Y g.~:ruifi~.tioIi. Slle;t-$({-ect stillness ~irot"]d. be ob8et·v1ed w'h~ usi-~g the ~rystal.

'F~ ._;U'smny allew thirty 'to £Qf.ty mlnutes ~'or ,(J:Ua.ltlin.g ~ CryniJl Vlsion. Mn J;om;e eases one 0:1' two .hours ha:~ b~m'knp\w 'to ,el~psf; '~fGre any result was obtained.

'VIlta1 j'g the diff.!ren£'t- bei~wern-'

! ra) €lairvrJ;)'rm.oJJ~~ (b) Psycho~metf;~;' (t) 11ttu'i'ti~n 1

:A:N"S"wltR.-=-=;The ir~lt :Sees: m'Or~ or l.ess d'ist]nct1-y,.

The SGiC~I[d ~t.'Mh~ 'wiili· ,grea:te;r 'Of less imrtf'.lliiJly.,

The 'ill'hird K .1-6I"W~eap'$ at results ,~t al single bo~d



allJifiVC''JuiM~ ,depene.~ tip,on ,~:.-~ut~~u·"""lwflditl,oD pf the

. ~;- . _" ~l~~..: .

Bmln ani Nerves., 'If -is: ~mpRijtrle,' with th~'moSlt fi~lJu:r'

heaol~ thril~'~'b. - SQmeitml\~~, the a;c~. QtrJi'~~it'l11m,' c - It of ~<fS"",

I .. ~j ~ r~~ '0 s- Y ... *

tjnI~e4 fi~e~. " , -

Tnm ~e".~llNe ,'dA~,~td nlatlers witb. W"E1.dl it is

.~ .~ ~.

lOeoes8a~ 'to ·mrure YSbll'B~lv~', acq~iililtec1 ¥i'z ... --

L , '

(a). . l"lrJ!e ~adt m~I~.o([,,"~o~ (~) T·lte Pret]s~', ,swt:"~~re~ (c) "The pf\gper time. wh~~

tq",~,£y, t.1:te IR'ecltic' ~agn-e~i; o~":es to My ·pa_"b:ul~F indh;'id,uat~:"m order to' ,fQGucce lu.idWtyl .of the ':(~8' ~]~

~"~ broad 'ruI~ 75 Got mi· 1@0 ca~ ·be~pm:e',,·a.rl(V ltwill ..

61 in "00 QaD '~~ S-elliid'V"e$.' ,

45 'I ,.~:~ .r.euh t~e'2ndd~ee of e~ai~!\Ul1ite.

$::!''' '" can,Teaeh1'be 3;fd ,,~H ,,;r

].4'.·'~ , H' ,C8flIj rea£lb the 4d~ ";;,, ,H

:5 ,I~\ ~, ea'" ~cb t'~~ I~th ~,~ ,j ,~

<2~ ~It II ~'~ta:en the 6th. ,~' ~,~. ~~

Kt'':Pl;:T'ns.. O' 'F' 'C·~ 'I' .A'IR' 't1"O'!("A' ""'if"":'iC'i

.Il.~lI~U· .. J ~ r.' y' ·~l_··· i;'~

. - .. ~ . • .' .! • , • . • •

Ti'.. ':a:.~H J 'f.~....!J! f- C J' -

[~~ are V3;:flOtUi, ~.s as wen, as u-egt'{?es' p.: ,~ ~~O,:Y-

a«k\'e :N~tura1j Medical, S<mial, I nWleetu.:al" Pracfiica[~ Pur~y Meatalll E;fherreal and DivtrcH~" Gen~r.a1, S:pe~ (as in. Rcligi'ooJ P1tUo:sophy~ Seien'ce~ Art" Edu~ation~ Love, ete.) ,; Jntro5_pution (p~si: 1:: Inspectien (present] i

P" .. ,.".--. ",".' (~ .. tI,' )"" M' lnd R' "''''1·-1'- -', ,fOJeC;""lQrI . 1!u,,-,ure :II :]fiCdUtng,

An tru:e G~tL!i .is 'mo~ 0'[ ]es~ Cj'ai~1rmt} but of ..oo~e~, it ,doB tl9t n~jly £'ot[c.rli'ir Otat all C1i1itrvo, ... ,

""'-:""'!!II~ a,g;fttt'l;Il!""~' ~. ~'IIW' :!I;-~'~L,¥tolI.

,~tl! l,'~'d"~a~g~'"i '"j

\!I ' ,P'~.MI, ''':1.'" " ,

- - - - I •

• ~'U~ ",L'N-~""I'"trAl..' 'O-~ ~Diil'C!!~ ii"If:l!'f!R, ~~J _Ml~lilV~~-'J - . I?i: ,.~"I.Ii:Ji. IU~~


~ .. C'enWi-J\ nef'!lQtll~ ,IoeaHS'i:d i9rmi' or ~'~n jp.' in. the; hram Cfrc~t-A dre;il!u COiilt~e.,

Clai'f'audie1ile~~aUbd p-tJw~r. (if 'heub,!S'. wgiii~~e-fotno.w;ledge\i .

CoHiC~~ 'sr1~inB'~ atrdo,mln~r paiD. c.omp~rl~'I_e..-.;..AlP'eI!JIJ])~e.

CQnr;e,tkm,~!m~athm;, eOm,&iR_bg~t'm: ~~tdJ;ng· wRhi:n, t'lle mmil. CQitllto:rd@rl~h ·~~t or l;li&~~f.,

'Coo:(:l'et\e-CID!1t:~n:l'1!~d; !lJiil-C, w:h01e. -

Cnrporeity-Tlre state of havit1>!l a 1Cady., CQbcln\~{t;,ng-lRndrn8'; ,~b!l~ to ,tJl~ '!i'ei!ft1<:al :~Qint

'David Hume--i!\ Srolmisb p'bilosop'her: and h~sto,riaa. Bo~ Edb:Lbw~!fh

'lin: di'ooJ :a: 716:.

Diap05i:i,=JU1:\ '(;Ii di~ti~5hiflg;, ctisQf]mmatirnu ;jjl! '~sease., :llis:;;:st~ To. dis5Qlv~ and s~p;l1'a;l~.

Dih~liQ:n--=A~rlOIi, ~ 'wh~clJ: a, dose !Of m'edi£:Lme' i~ dim.'iw~'!heill m


Dii:-urti.o"n:s=Mixmrcs mooe: 'Weaker., ID:rcid~~g;e~,.....-A~oe~~iilt JriU5r. P[Q~h~t~.5>e~.

En :J'~pport='ItlJ, syrttptlr¥:, or oonn~joD, with., E!I1titl~A ~~aTale bdng'.

~,pi1ePs:y-&!i. hdl:a~ma't(i,1'y d~~m.:s¢. Epih:i±ni~dl-.C'ond'en~d; b1"(rn,g'Ftlt - into 5ifieJJl~1' .'¢9m:p~ Ery,sipelaS"l-AI'l ,rnfl! disase oJ! 't"he :skin.. E.rlJrit:,;h{l~'SvpmiJ~~Phjiosophica1J ,s,pirit.

Es8'enes=-:A :piil.05@,p11;Cal ,5~ct.. .

'Ex:utlsi.s-EcMaS,f'. Ijtwarll' O1litside..

-- - - ~ -. !,' --

F<CI:i::!!J]ty-F,ower ,; vi:rhle;

Fre:r,rogs, ~ '!Fe~nlgin~ilj~nL:PO,8e~ (OllrOta_. l"lO'' at~ senened,

,:F.ibei1l:l a,pparatus-Central mac,hin-ery.

(iafig]i:anIe syslellJil.- The ~a;1t 5~mpat:hetie :9:YSMm. @f. net'!le.~ (iaul-Frnlll.-Ce.,

Ha]m,G~~TJi~ t,a,tfj,er of H(kma;alila,tJJy-" :FrU108k~ibin-=-;~ ~dlld~al!iW~:I; o~ ,th~ Hlood

H~ii;ed[tal'N-ln_he:fhed' from, ~r@'genioor:i-. .

llltgpo~lat,t~E~! n e. ~ A f~M'~ of Moed]~l S-de~.

,~,. ~.:f,p"'~·in,~By w~ o:i' eminentC. hSjivity·-N"ot: oP,tildng.

Platim-A. highly '¥aJluable s~ver.-lik~ m~t-at Pliny-Famous learmred Raman Na1tllia'l Histm'iam,

Ell;ito, .Q:~d P.r·Qserthta-King ~d trii;e~ ~f flie~ lofernal R:giOl;iS, PCJilar:it1r.......opposire prope,H~~ O'r PQ'W~tl% as No\r1b ,and Sauth.

PQsMv·e=-=Abs"Olut?e;, wntairnmg' :toe· l;Iloo:l '

Fl'Jeciphatre-A powde:ry d~si,t;.

iPf~1iI~· ....... ,r_e.,~To. ~e: ~eralJ['L" kn6m.

"'L.I'-JI:L.L ~~.- ..-: 1f:I:~.. ~ ~.

P~y~1io]ogistli-Studen'fi:s \:I;{ _p:syehnto,gy.

~.yeho~etr~Exal]]h]ing of; !iub~a'noes dlr.Qugh hi.~1l~:f. mtwtiatl. Pyfua~1ras-A ·g[>ea~ _i~nt ,hiIQsovlliiet,. bO;t'D aoout. R ~.;. 5~, Rando:[pn;j, F •. B.~A · 'Or;euhi~t and w;fit~f :of Ame'ri~,

. n, Jp, !'if'

r._3tti]~11~~'JL 0' !r~,: .i3VglU:~

~.activJ'ty---'-AmM 0·£ 3:¢S~s.~ t~ a ,O:'iHt aMU~d. &cJ-llr.~~~I.=ln~fdl.at1glmr"

·mt!,.ad:~~~RtbO~d cd '1's.ys of ru~Bht.

Rb!ll:!;~nll~!J:h < Bal'O;tI. ~~.; ~FamQ1l~ Genmi.ti, opgcla1i attd au~t"

;R~··eiT'i ..... t~-:ni~~"""~~, ~ - -, lOa. -

"_~__ _ _ " .I.!. .. ,~ ,.Rf _ _

~~sD:5cihat''''''''- b"'~:iv.~ 1

~ ",,",B- """,,,,,\i .: ,-~ .•

~h·.a:do~S!.i~fa·bYf:litl~J1t $~!t\!g of salJiQ .. Se~A Oai~1rCU!l~ Oit" Ff!O:l!'11e~~

~~"'f!l.u .... ti!s----.D.e.lartin~ :to ~e: ,An;;fII'Vftl>t::tI![ "'::- t'h-"'''''ns.t:s

~.,.,--y-- ,--- b - ."... .... -.iI!. - - ",,:y - -~ ""'"- _.

Sir Char1es E~ll~ f'::m19US Biritish ~nawmisrli ~nl4 ~;ll1l1ifU~ S:pecie-8-ffi-:Orm~"~eariL'nte~ i;I. gIOUp or lutu:!. ~flcifi~SIl~i<l1.

S,pecu1ar:ii---N ame of ,an :rn~, .seet'. S:P.f:c-uh:nn-j:c:~-wUnle1lt f'or 'eMmh:11~ caviti~:iI. ~]lhelr,~A gldb.e or ball.

S-fl'On'FaB-~O'Ilsly".......O ~ own :1,C(:llJrrd j: ·v{I;lllfl,mrily.

Sti\i t;n 0::;; CQP C 1Ilsti:uDi~t\ 'fiOr' ~armil'iifiJg' ~ i:[]cst. St[a'b~lldei1lt GI::~p.ap:bk:;j,1· 'Writ,er+ Slmk!J.=.N~~~d wiU\t srnallt"ha;nt[et~ or ~rt&.

5<t A~dn¢=A i·a:motIJ~. ~a:r]y F-affi~~~ am3 MJ!1lsioliafY.

St, J ~till-Celeb!ral~~dl :f~.aIDni1::· pJ:li]ooopb.ce~ andl. aJ~i.siffall Mann .. s,t. Thoma:!!' l\_guirtas-Al:ll' e:ili~1 .Fa1fiJer. '~l~ ,the ~'OOh.

~',_IL,' .......... ,:'" T- I Olio.:.,.;:: 'L ...... s", _ <W_ - - -"'_..... •

i;;!'uu'};rt::a::.¥e-- . ro,-.. ;vE WRL'!.iIlllj, '!-'I'Ii:i an !l:O]1B~v'II~.


S\letQn;u~f'.Cl of' :P1h~y. 'A~ ~t~fried arUth~. ~u~l';eJtihl~~h~~JiitiJ1 .b~' ~te.tli~ .

.s~e(fbo.H_ ?v,o~d~lul ~lim,ki(So:tihet ~B;~d t'h~9}o,gLa_n. '1~llI," ,~-;:

.' (h~~ ,~.~,.,lm~ _

S~e.trJeaUY-1:n h~ JoQ'n !1ErJ ~rn.p(llrlia~ ~~~o~Fti~~ lOt 'rnriY. AirI"'h~5toii~ a:n-d .!ll:ratot.. T;~eJ.'~~jr~-:-~ruHl,t)'1Qdl~r I1:fJdJS~i.t,~;n;;£ott.. ~ef1~t&:=J?1"il'l~ip]~; ~1'l1flions. hriM ~.Q .~~ "'tf'l;ie.; 'T'ur.e:-tdAI-;Reaatfrig; ~to the ,~.a:rih ..

~~~ir,a. "~tn,mi.bqt--7~e IJotd ·of,l~~t$.

T!he.. ·1.;Can t·: .... :;'!P"1i\\!I~lio~ ~o: a i!i,piri~ 'Tb_JI!~a~~uli~T:r.~a1ing ,dis~a.~.

"I'o,Il!01:-.Jn~~paijJ ity. of' m~t1riin 1. JtlilUl:lb,n~; ]etbargh~', silef:~ "f'~tliS~!II~ta1i~,~~,ging' ,:oil ~tJF ~[Ir~btn(~',~ ~~~'Ue:r; ~riWIr~~' ,~Rt!lJfu1Jmif ,grinCiilli~; ott' f:e!JiU.Qmfi~ to r..t'J.w;tlor• '~:3n E~1nHIil\'l!it=~~'5.]ail' ai3~'i)VHe-~ 1fIJ diMnt~try,

V e:D6'tl~J\E &'1'] ,?fta,ll3~oQd"

Vjto-m~.tfu-BO$ta~ m:~gtt~~i~m ~t~ witl' ~ :IU~ po~tr.

TI:IE ,ENll).

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