UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative

Jan Dash (Director), Pamela V’Combe, Kent Price, Larry Danos, Bruce Knotts (UU-UNO Executive Director), Ana Collins, Guy Quinlan Update July 2010 We have formed a Climate Advisory Group (CAG) with a wider perspective than the UU-UNO Climate Change Task Force (CCTF) that carries out the UU-UNO Climate Initiative. UU-UNO Board member Larry Danos has been welcomed as a new CCTF member and Ana Collins has joined the CAG. Synergies / Collaborations with NGOs, UN organizations The UU-UNO Spring Seminar Statement was finalized and sent to the Board for approval and thence to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The suggested theme for UN Sunday on October 24 is “Ethical Aspects of Climate Change,” with a specific example of “Ethical Aspects of a Climate Treaty.” Synergies include continued work on the UN Committee on Sustainable Development (CoNGO, NY), and with its Climate Change Working Group. Collaborative efforts continue for climate action with UU and other faith groups and environmental groups. Jan Dash gave climate talks at the Methodist Church in Red Bank NJ, at the Franciscans International in NY, and at the UUCMC in NJ. He also appeared on local TV in May for an interview along with Judy Kramer, who was trained by Al Gore. Put Climate Change “back on the front page” for UU Congregations Progress with the UU-UNO Climate Portal continues, with substantial new information. Notably, information for teaching resources for climate change now is provided. Education: “Counter the Contrarians” Jan was co-leader for a “Counter the Contrarians” series of three classes at the UUCMC in NJ. This lead to Jan formulating quick one-line responses to over 100 fallacious contrarian claims, which were placed by John Cook on his well-known website, SkepticalScience, plus the iPhone and Twitter. Relevant information on contrarians continues to be gathered and placed on the UU-UNO Climate Portal. Joint Statements of Conscience We signed in May a joint statement to President Obama re: Clean Energy Legislation. The UUA also was a signatory.

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