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Manage ITST Activities [ITST A]

Plan for Testing Perform Integration Testing Plan for Regression

[ITST B1] [ITST B3] Test
(If needed)
Understand SDD [ITST B5]
[ITST 1.1]
Integrate with
SMM Integrate Modules Analyze Defects
[ITST 3.1] [ITST 3.4] [ITST 4.1]
Develop Test Plan
[ITST 1.5]
Define Integration Verify Results
Perform ITST Activities [ITST B]

[ITST 5.1]
[ITST 1.2]
Integrate with
Hardware Conduct Tests Fix Defects
[ITST 3.2] [ITST 3.5] [ITST 4.2]
Develop Test Cases
& Data Collect Defect
[ITST 1.3] Measures
Review Test Plan [ITST 5.2]
[ITST 1.6] Integrate with GUI Identify Regression
(Display / Input) Record Results Test Scope
[ITST 3.3] [ITST 3.6] [ITST 4.3]
Identify Resources
and Environment
[ITST 1.4]

Perform Regression Testing

Manage Testing Environment

[ITST B2] Setup Environment
Tool Verify Target
[ITST 2.1] Board [ITST 2.2]

Note: Shaded areas indicate major activities.

Task packages are shown within major activities.

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