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Fw: Questions on Hudspeth/El Paso condemnations? Wednesday, March 19, 2008 9:50:05 AM High

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Sent: Tue Mar 18 18:27:39 2008 Subject: Questions on Hudspeth/El Paso condemnations?

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1. Is the below accurate with regards to fence segments...i.e. is there any condemnation needed on K2A or K-2B?: 1.Right of Entry Condemnation Issues: a)Two New ROE DT’s…Notification Letters due from COE by 3/19: i.El Paso County Water Improvement District #1 (Segments K-2C, K-2D & K-3) ii.Hudspeth County Water Reclamation & Conservation District (Segments K-4 & K-5) 2. Can you please reiterate which fence will be planned along: a. the north levee toe? b. north of an irrigation canal...no seepage ditch exists (if any)? c. on the south edge of road north of seepage ditch? 3. Will the 75 foot from centerline of levee cover all those scenarios? 4. Please confirm whether either county controls access roads that we need? 5. If possible, please state which fence segments have a need for a newly constructed crossing(s) over a ditch/canal? Thanks in advance,

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