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Manage PDD Activities [PDD A]

Define Process Evaluate Process

[PDD B2] [PDD B3]

Initiate Process Definition Identify Process Identify Pilot Deploy process

[PDD B1] Scope Project [PDD B4]
[PDD 2.1] [PDD 3.1]

Identify Issues and Incorporate into

Goals OSSP
[PDD 1.1] [PDD 4.1]
Develop Process
Understand ‘as-is’ Documents Define Evaluation Evaluate Results
Perform PDD Activities [PDD B]

Practice & [PDD 2.5] criteria [PDD 3.5]

Approach [PDD 3.2]
[PDD 2.2]
Setup Process
Definition Team Organize Training
[PDD 1.2] [PDD 4.2]
Analyze Gap with
‘to-be’ Practice Provide
Orientation Submit Report to
[PDD 2.3] Conduct Review SEPG
[PDD 2.6] [PDD 3.3]
[PDD 3.6]
Develop PDD Plan Deploy Process
[PDD 1.3] [PDD 4.3]

Finalize Activities Implement and

and Tasks Monitor Process
[PDD 2.4] [PDD 3.4]

Note: Shaded areas indicate major activities.

Task packages are shown within major activities.