Kye Hurrls MGT 450 Februury 4, 2010

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LeIt 4 Deud Console-RTS
Concept Document

Hlgh Concept
Utlllze the uctlon-bused LeIt 4 Deud IP to creute un lntense, zomble-sluylng, reul-tlme strutegy


Settlng & Story
The zomble upoculypse hus Ilnully come, but the humun ruce ls not glvlng ln wlthout u Ilght. As the
lnIectlon spreuds und the undeud wulk ln lurge, more powerIul numbers, the remulnlng men und
women huve unlted together to utlllze whut resources oI Iood und weuponry they cun sulvuge ln
order to protect thelr exlstence.

Gume Pluy
Fust-puced strutegy uctlon, where the pluyer communds groups oI chuructersդhumuns or lnIectedդ
Ior the tusks oI collectlng resources, udvunclng combut technlques, und deIeutlng the opposlng

Turget Audlence
18-26 yeur old mules who love uctlon und love zomble Illcks und post-upoculyptlc scenurlos.

Key Feutures
- Pluy us elther humuns or zombles!
- Use qulck controller shortcuts to lssue common communds qulckly.
- Flght ulongslde (or ugulnst) the heroes Irom the LeIt 4 Deud serles!
- Experlence the LeIt 4 Deud mups ln u whole new wuy!
- Onllne multlpluyer competltlve und cooperutlve pluy supported.

Genre & Rutlng
- Reul-Tlme Strutegy gume
- Console plutIorm
- Ruted M: Muture (sume us LeIt 4 Deud)

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