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USAC Rulebook

USAC Rulebook

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Published by: Nathan Haslick on Aug 17, 2010
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1O1. Starting Time. No heat or race may be started before
the time stated in the official race announcement except with
the consent of all registered riders in the heat or race. It is
the rider's responsibility to report at the appointed time and
location for the start of the race [disqualification for starting
at an incorrect time or location].


1O2. No Delays. No licensee may unnecessarily delay the
start of a race [disqualification]. However, a brief delay to
replace a punctured tire may be allowed if a replacement
wheel, ready for immediate use, is available at the starting
1O3. Starts or the resumption of racing shall be signaled by
a single gunshot, whistle, or waved flag. The starter alone
judges the validity of the start. The stopping or neutralizing of
the race because of a false start or other conditions specified
in the rules shall be signaled by a double gunshot or double
1O4. All competitors shall be started in the same manner,
either all with holders, all with one foot on the ground, or all
with a rolling start. Holders may not step over the starting
line at the start of a race.
1O5. Where a massed rolling start is used on the track,
there shall be one or more neutral laps to ensure that the
riders are sufficiently together to provide a fair start in the
judgment of the starter.
1O6. Rerides and Replacements. Unless prevented by
unavoidable circumstances, any riders qualifying for a reride
or for any of the final rounds of a race shall start the reride or
the next round. When qualification for the second round is
based on time, if qualified riders are unable to start, they may
be replaced by riders who had the next best times. No
replacements are allowed after the second round.

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