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HSBC Worship Ministry Schedule

January 2009 – February 2009

1 2 3 4
2 Weeks 2 Weeks 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Andreae (alto-har) Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea
Ambere (sop-har) Amber Amber
Angiee (alto-har) Angie Angie
Carol (sop-mel)
Chiko (alto-mel)
Corinnee (alto-har) Corinne Corinne
Lisae (sop-mel) Lisa
Margee (sop-mel) Marge
Randye (bar-mel) Randy

Bobe (Bass) Bob Bob
Grege (Bass) Greg Greg
Jessee (A./E. Guitar) Jesse Jesse Jesse
Grege (A. Guitar)
Mike S.e (Drums) Mike S. Mike S.
Mike B.e (Drums) Mike B. Mike B.
Sylvia (Percussion) Sylvia Sylvia

TECHS Sound Video Lights Camera

Jane Adame Amanda Amanda
Jeffe Brade Fisherse Fisherse
Jessee Jonathane Gezere Gezere
Jone .Joshe Jonathane Jonathane
Lance Kyle Kyle
Erik (Train)† Mike S.e

e t
Email Available Hands on training / Introductory period


Worship / Warm-Up Mid-Week Rehearsal Rot Snd Video Lights Camera Event Notes

Jan 4 7:15am None — Jan Lance Amanda Amanda

Jan 11 7:15am Jan 8 6:30pm old Rot 1 Jon Randy Fishers Fishers
Jan 18 7:15am Jan 15 6:30pm old Rot 1 Jon Brad Jonathan Jonathan
Jan 25 7:15am Jan 22 6:30pm Rot 2 Jan Jonathan Kyle Kyle

Feb 1 7:15am Jan 29 6:30pm Rot 2 Jan Lance Amanda Amanda

Feb 8 7:15am Feb 5 6:30pm Rot 3 Jon Randy Fishers Fishers
Feb 15 7:15am Feb 12 6:30pm Rot 3 Jon Brad Jonathan Jonathan
Feb 22 7:15am None Rot 4 Jeff Rusty Kyle Kyle

Mar 1 7:15am Feb 26 6:30pm Rot 4 Jeff Lance Amanda Amanda Eric’s Last Day
Mar 8** 7:15am TBA* Youth Jon Randy Fishers Fishers Youth Band
Mar 15** 7:15am TBA* TBA* Jeff Brad Jonathan Jonathan Guest Leader TBA*
Mar 22** 7:15am TBA* TBA* Jan Josh Kyle Kyle Guest Leader TBA*
Memorial Day
Mar 29** 7:15am TBA* TBA* Jan Mike S. Gezer Gezer Guest Leader TBA*
* TBA (To Be Announced) – Rotation or participants will be determined as date approaches
** Tentative Schedule

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