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V E R 21st
R O u gu
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STA ti l l A
Jul y

This exciting opportunity is presented by Stella Artois, and will be known as ‘Stella
Artois: Star over London.’ Stella Artois is proud to celebrate its pioneering spirit
by bringing a commercial airship to London, and invites you to take part in this
unique, tranquil and timeless experience.

The airship gives an unparalleled opportunity, the most formidable flight of a

lifetime. Imagine you are hovering smoothly and quietly along the skyline of
London. The cabin of the airship has 12 passenger panorama windows seats. The
ship takes off vertically and the flight altitude is reached after a few minutes.
Passengers are allowed to unfasten their seat belts and move around freely in the
gondola. The all-round visibility with bird’s eye view, a quiet, soft sound of the
engine – time stands still. Watch over the shoulder of the navigating pilots. Get
ready to feel deep inside the sheer magnitude of emotion from being on board
the largest passenger airship on earth. With the most recognised and famous
landmarks along its route, the trip is breath taking and thoroughly extraordinary.

Flight Routes and Prices

The Airship will be based at Damyns Hall Airfield, near Upminster, just over 20
minutes by train from Fenchurch Street Station.

· 30 minutes £185, Upminster to Canary Wharf, O2 Dome, Cutty Sark and

Greenwich Palace.
· 45 minutes £295, Upminster to Canary Wharf, O2 Dome, The Tower of London,
HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge.
· 60 minutes £360, Upminster to Canary Wharf, O2 Dome, The Tower of London,
HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, The London Eye and Westminster.

How to book
For individual passenger bookings please call +44 (0) 207 1833 911 / 912 / 913
For Corporate or Group Bookings of ten or more please call +44 (0) 207 1833 024
The call centre lines open between 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday.