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Name_of_Factory Delton Cable Industries Ltd. M/s Bhansali Udhog Pvt Ltd Palam Potteries Matchless Industries of India Raj Foundary & Workshop M/s Times of India M/s Agents and Maufactures Metro Electronics M/s Cooper Pharma Manufacturing Satjai Industries M/s Flora Electrical Industries M/s Gogia Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. Saraswati Ohset Printers Metal Forgings (P) Ltd. (Plant III) Jupiter Radios M/s Capital Busniess Systems Ltd. M/s Pathik Engg. Works M/s Shri Jainendra Press Gulab Oil Mills M/s Rajdhani Flour Mills K.S & Sons M/s R.K. Electrical Industries M/s Olympus (India) (P) Ltd. M/s Sain Steel Products M/s India Navigetion Co. M/s Cosmo Voice Radio Products Technics M/s Floors India (Tiles) M/s Ahuja Furnishers (P) Ltd. M/s Orient Fashions M/s Asu Traders Pvt. Ltd. M/s My Fair Lady Limited M/s Cosmo Metal Furnishing M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd M/s Jyoti Apparels M/s Chalsea Mills M/s Sahu Referegration Industries Pvt. Ltd. M/s Piyush Printers Publisher P Ltd. M/s Tinna Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. M/s Rangi International Pvt.Ltd. M/s Himalaya Drug Company M/s Allied Holding Pvt Ltd. M/s Leogold Corporation M/s G.D. Ferro Alloys (P) Ltd. M/s Shri Ganesh Enterprises (P) Ltd. M/s M.G. Plymers

Postal Address Factory 24, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi A-42, Mayapuri, Rewari Line Indl. Area, ph-1, New Delhi P.O Gurgaon Road, New Delhi -37 36- DLF, Indl. Area, Najafgarh Raod, New Delhi B-33, phase-1, Maya Puri Indl. Area, New Delhi 7, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 508, Chota Bazar, Delhi, Shahdara B-216, Naraina Indl. Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-28 20, Wazirpur Indl. Area, Delhi 554, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara, Delhi -32 A-101/5, Wazirpur Indl. Area, Delhi-52 A-127, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase -II, New Delhi 5-A, Phase-II, Nariana Indl. Area, New Delhi B-2 Mayapuri New Delhi-110027 C/46, Phase -II, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020 G-13, Udhog Nagar, Rohtak Road, Delhi A-44, Maya Puri, Indl. Area, Phase-I, New Delhi -27 45-A, Phase -I, Indl. Area, Indl. Area, Naraina, New Delhi C-35/22, Lawrence Road, Indl. Area, Delhi -35 C-45/4, Lawrence Road, Ind. Area, Delhi B-75, Maya Puri, Phase -I, New Delhi A/47, Naraina Indl.. Area, Phase -I, New Delhi 5, Mohan Co-operation, Indl. Area, 8/2, Mathura Road, New Delhi 218, Okhla Indl. Estate, New Delhi -20 A/103, Maya Puri, Indl. Area, Phase -II, New Delhi No.B.6/2, Okhla Indl. Area, Phase II, New Delhi X-46, Okhla Indl. Area, Ph II, New Delhi -20 Village Jonepur, Tehseel Mehrauli, New Delhi -30 E-40/1, Okhla Indl. Area, Ph II, New Delhi -20 20, Community Center, New Friends Colony, New Delhi 45, Okhla Indl. Area, New Delhi Z-37,Oklha Indl.Area Phase-II New Delhi T-31,Okhla Industrial Area,Phase-II New Delhi P.O Bijwason New Delhi-110061 D-42,Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-110020 A-201, Kirti Nagar, WHS, New Delhi-110015 80, Rajathani Udyog Nagar G-12, Udyog Nagar, Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110041 C-118, MayaPuri Phase-II New Delhi-110064 C-58/1,Okhla Indl.Area Phase-II New Delhi-110020 20, Najafgarh Road New Delhi Plot No.Z-43, Okhla Indl.Area, Phase-II New Delhi-110020 21-Community Centre Mayapuri Phase-I New delhi 67-Small Seate Cooperation.Indl.Area Estate G.T Karnal Area,Delhi-110033 X-15 Okhla Indl.Area Phase-II New Delhi 1-Tilak Nagar Indl.Area New Delhi-110018

Phase-I New Delhi 10.T Karnal Road Delhi-110033 C-69. Block B-1 Mohan Coop. M/s Capital Security Printers M/s R M X Jass M/s Competent Automobiles Co.Area Phase-I New Delhi Palam Marg Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110057 A-2.Phase-I New Delhi B-14/2 Okhla Indl.31-1996 B Govind puri Kalkaji New Delhi B-88/1 Mayapuri Indl. Phase-II.S. Phase-I New Delhi B-33-Okhla Indl.47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 M/s Arkay Enterprises M/s Utility Forus Pvt Ltd. DDA SHED.T Karnal Road.Ltd.Estate Mathura Road New Delhi110044 C-65/1.Estate G. M/s Indane LPG Botting Plant M/s Sunny Graphics Pvt Ltd. Rohtak Road. M/s Alok Industries D-89.71 Okhla Indl.Indl. Rohtak Road.Phase-I New Delhi-110028 C-107.Area. Phase-II. M/s Kohinoor Biscut Product M/s Mayur Print Houses M/s Himalaya Overseas M/s Dimple Creations (P) Ltd.Area New Delhi-110028 T-2 Okhla Indl. Extn Mohan Co-operative Indl.Mehrarli New Delhi-110030 Bijwasan Delhi A-60. New Delhi-110041 H-25.Shivaji Marg New Delhi-110015 A-140. New delhi-20 A-65.Op Indl. New Delhi-110041 H-9.A Co.II Nangloi Delhi F-20/25.70. M/s Shyam Antenna Electronic Ltd.Najab garh Road Rama Road New Delhi-110015 Shed No 9 & 10 DSIDC Cat. Naraina Indl.Udyog nagar.Area. Naraina Indl. M/s Jaquar & co.Ltd. Oklha Industrial Area Phase-I Delhi-110020 A-23/B-1Mohan Corp. M/s Naresh Industries M/s Piping & Encingy Products (P) Ltd M/s JaQuar & Co. M/s New Era Exports Mona International M/s Malcha Filling Station M/s Marc Sanitation Pvt Ltd.Okhla Indl. P O Badar Pur New Delhi B-139 Okhla Indl. Pvt Ltd. New Delhi-110020 B-1/E-5 mohan Cooprative Indl.Area New Delhi B-104-Mayapuri Phase-I New Delhi A-73.Area. (P) Ltd.Estate G.Area Phase-II New Delhi 2/18.Naraina Indl. New Delhi-110020 Z-18.Area.Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110020 . Indl.Mathura Road New delhiC-59/3. M/s Supermax Laborabries M/s Jindal Industries M/s Hindustan Rubber Indl.M.Area.T Kamal Road. M/s Haiderpur Water Works M/s Rai & Sons (P) Ltd. M/s Oriental Wood Works (P) Ltd.Phase-II.A Co-oper Indl.Area Nangloi Delhi C-36/6 Lawrance Road New Delhi-110035 C-128.Estate G.Estate Mathura Road New Delhi B-233. Phase-I New Delhi-110028 E-15/6-1.X Joss M/s Kund Kund Polymers Norma Steel & Alloys Ltd.Area. SMA Cop.Area.DLF Indl. Okhla Industrial Area. M/s Kanodia Hosiery Mills (P) Ltd.Udyog Nagar. Phase-II New Delhi C-20. M/s Richa & Co.Delhi-110033 C-19 S. Estate.Shahdara Delhi Gali No.Naraina Indl.phase-II New Delhi-110020 70-Najafgarh Road Rama Road New Delhi F-4 Udyog Nagar Indl.Area Phase-II. M/s Madan Trading Co.Area.Area.DSIDC Complex Jhilmil Indl.Aea Phase-I New Delhi-110020 MA -S&6 Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 C-139 Naraina Indl. M/s Bhagwati Printers (P) Ltd.Area Phase-I New Delhi-110020 14/15. M/s Bharat Petroleum Corpo. M/s Chelsea Products M/s Classic Caps M/s Aman Collection M/s Gagan Exports M/s Mogra Cable & Conductors M/s Anu Appareli M/s Rahul Industrial Corpn.M.M. Okhla. M/s Narula & Co.Indl. M/s Cords Cable Industries Pvt Ltd.Delhi-110033 Behind savita Vihar Madan pur khadan New Delhi-110044 A-115 DDA shed Okhla Indl. Phase-I New Delhi K-76.Area.(P) Ltd.Area. Okhla Indl. M/s Rama Sanghi Auto Pvt Ltd.Phase-I New Delhi-110018 PO Haider Pur Delhi 63. W H S Kirti Nagar New Delhi-110015 18/1 WHS Kriti Nagar New Delhi-110015 D-94 Phase-I Okhla Indl.Okhla Indl.Pvt Ltd.Area. Phase-II New Delhi-110020 895/C-8. Okhla Indl.Area Phase-II New Delhi-110020 B-35 Okhla Indl. M/s Richa & Company M/s Unique Print Pack (P) Ltd M/s Precision Steels M/s R.

Mayapuri Indl. (Unit-II) M/s Divya Jewellers Limited M/s Glyco Remedies M/s RSG Packaging (P) Ltd.New Delhi-110020 B-14. M/s Le Apparell's Elegance Embrodiery Collection Pvt Ltd.I.New Delhi-110041 T-1/88.95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 Tost International (Pharmacutical Division) M/s Pritha Offset Pvt Ltd. Okhla Indl.Okhla Indl.Okhla Indl. M/s Orient Texfabs Pvt Ltd.New Delhi-110020 D-120. Electro Plast & Chemical Industries M/s Sun Dye Chem Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Bijwasan IRD M/s Lord's Homoepathic Laboratory (P) Ltd.New Delhi-110020 .Shahdara DelhiB-98.Estate G. A V M Enterprises (P) Ltd. M/s Plus Creations Pvt Ltd.Area. M/s Pearl Engineering Co.New Delhi-110020 A-101.area Phase-I.New Delhi-110020 A-68-69 M.Mayapuri Indl.8 Friends Colony GT Road Shahdara Delhi-110095 B-57 (Basement.S. Ohkla Indl. Ltd.Phase-II.Delhi-110040 B-62/11.New Delhi-110020 F-40.Complex Narela Delhi-110040 B-35.I Co-op indl.New Delhi C-617 D.New Delhi-110020 B-121.Phase-I. M/s Anic Overseas (Pvt) (Front side) New Delhi-110020 X-42 (2nd floor) okhla Indl. Udyog Nagar.New Delhi-110020 277-F.Phase-I. DSIDC packaging complex kirti nagar New Delhi-110015 25. M/s Starlite Rubbers Pvt Ltd.E Patparganj Industrial Area. Rohtak Road.Okhla Area. M/s Super Metals M/s Shiva Enterprises M/s ABYSS Pharma Pvt Ltd.Phase-II New Delhi-110028 D-9.Okhla Indl.Area Phase-I New Delhi-110020 A-483 Oberai Building Dilshad Garden Shahdara Delhi-110095 A-6/2 Jhilmil Indl.Area.Okhla Industrial Area.Area.Area.New Delhi-110020 E-45/9.S. Okhla Indl.Area.Delhi-110033 C-58/3.Phase-I.Phase-II. M/s Orient Texfabs Pvt Ltd. Okhla Industrial Area.Phase-II.Phase-I.Area.New Delhi E-45/13.New Delhi-110020 H-28.Phase-II.Area. Okhla Indl.Area.New DelhiFlee-26 Block-5 Indl.New Delhi-110034 A-17.New Delhi-110020 B-9/2.E Patparganj Indl. M/s Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd.Area.New Delhi-110028 D-19.Area.Phase-II.Area Phase-II new Delhi-110020 C-73 Ground Floor mezzaing floor C-73 Okhla Indl.Phase-I.GF 2nd & 3rd floor indl.New Delhi-110019 E-45/10 Ist & II nd Floor.Phase-I. Naraina Indl. Naraina Indl.New Delhi D-3.New Delhi-110020 W-8 Okhla Indl. Okhla Indl. M/s Raman Interntional M/s Mona Apparels M/s Orient Craft Ltd.Indl.Phase-I.Delhi-110092 47.S.Okhla Industrial Area. M/s Dulari Exports(P) Ltd.Phase-I.Ltd. F.Phase-II. M/s Cotton Clothing coporation of India M/s Teg Bahadur Overseas H-1422 DSIDC Indl.Area.G.Area. Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110064 Village Bijwsan New Delhi-110061 C-106/5. Okhla Indl.Mayapuri Industrial Area.Area.Area.Phase-II.New DelhiB-95.Sha.T Karnal Road Delhi110033 E-47/1 Okhla Indl.Delhi-110092 C-21 SMA Co-Operative Industrial Estate.I. M/s Knakish Export M/s Jaquar Co. Ltd.Okhla Industrial Area.New Delhi-110083 F-12. M/s Jay Anita Exports M/s Garg Trading Company M/s Richa Apparels M/s Silver Ocean Exports Pvt.Phase-II.Company Gali NO.Phase-I.Area. M/s Continental Home furnishing (Regd) M/s Trend Stter International M/s Cosmique Global Elegance Multi Colour Embroidery (P) Ltd.New Delhi-110020 458-66. M/s Syadwad Traders M/s R M X Joss Merchants Pvt Ltd.Phase-II.Phase-I. Phase-I Industrial Area. M/s Silver Ocean Exports Pvt. Phase-II.Mayapuri New Delhi-110064 297-298.Phase-II.Area.Area.Phase-II.Area.Phase-II New Delhi-110020 122 FIE Patparganj Delhi-110092 A-68.Area Narela.T Karnal Road. Indl.121.Area.Naraina Industrial Area. Regency Packaging (A Unit of Amansou Overseas (P) Ltd.

I.Area.309.Mayapuri Indl. New Delhi-110064 279. Phase-I.J Enterprises Ltd. Phase-I.S Designer M/s Welcome Shoes Pvt. Delhi-110092 63.New Delhi-110020 314.Area.Rohtak Road.Rama Road.F.Area. Abhay International Sas Pharmaceuticals Gravity Car's Pvt Ltd.K Industries M/s P. Patparganj Indl.4 New Delhi-110041 K-52.Area.Area.Udyog Nagar. New Delhi-110041 I-4 DSIDC Indl. Okhla Indl. Phase-II.New Delhi-110020 A-2. Udyog Nagar. Okhla Indl.Area.F. Phase-I New Delhi 19. M/s Orient Home Accents (P) Ltd.Mayapuri Indl. Delhi-110092 245. Phase-I.Phase-II. M/s P.New Delhi-110020 Y-29.Area.Nangloi Delhi-110041 NH-24. M/s Masih Automobiles M/s Todays Apparels M/s Pyrocast India Pvt Ltd. FIE Patparganj Delhi-110092 300. M/s Shree Gain Darshan Indus M/s P. M/s Jaiswal Industries (Regd) M/s Rajiv Pundir Filling Station M/s Synergy offset M/s Nicro Systems M/s Jaksons House Indian Railway Catering and tourism Corporation Limited M/s Indraprastha Gas Ltd.Area. Udyog Nagar. M/s Samara India Pvt Ltd. Nangloi Delhi-110041 .(Basement) FIE Patparganj Delhi-110092 98.Shivaji Marg.Area. M/s Trimurti Fragrances (P) Ltd. Delhi-110092 D-139.Phase-II.P.Area.Area.Delhi-110092 Plot No. M/s Silver Ocean Export Pvt. Ltd.N.Area. Delhi92 H-24.Area. Naraina Indl.FIE Patparganj Delhi-110092 418.New Delhi-110015 A-7 DSIDC Jhilmil Indl.New Delhi-110028 C-55/1. Phase-II.J Enterprises Ltd.Nangloi Bus Deport Rohtak Road. Delhi-110092 70.78-B. Udyog Nagar. Vikash Marg Extn. Rohtak Road.G. Udyog Nagar. Rohtak Road.Estate Delhi-110092 62. Area.Area.complex Nangloi No. New Delhi-110015 B-146. Patparganj Industral Area.New Delhi-110028 H-56. Patparganj Indl. Najafgarh Road.R. Rohtak Road.137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 M/s Nagdev Industries M/s M.11 FIE.Area. Okhla Indl. Delhi-110041 66. Phase-I.FIE Patparganj Indl. Okhla Indl. (Basement & Ground Floor) Phase-II.Phase-II.Ltd.Phase-I. FIE Patparganj Delhi-110092 J-11. C-181.complex Shahdara Delhi-110095 D-97. Delhi 310.Near Ghazipur More New Delhi 46. M/s Option Printofast M/s C.New Delhi-110020 Plot No. Anand Vihar. Phase-I .Delhi-110092 Plot No.New Delhi-110020 A-1/1.Area. Phase-II.Area. Okhla Indl.Area. FIE Patparganj Delhi-110092 82.E Patparganj Indl. Panorama Exports Pvt Ltd. New Delhi-110041 Northless Railway wireless str.F Automobiles Ltd. Footwear M/s Royal Automobiles M/s Mahalaxmi Footwear M/s J. Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110020 B-5/3. New Delhi-110041 B-1.E Patparganj Indl.R. Okhla Indl. New Rohtak Road.Area.Area.Area.(Rama Road) New Delhi-110015 Near Nari Niketon Virender Nagar Janakpuri.C Creation Pvt Ltd. Patparganj Functional Indl. New Delhi-110034 B-95 Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110020 F-86/1. M/s Richa & Co. Tricycle Industry M/s Cyper Pharma M/s Nupur Motors Pvt Ltd. Patparganj Indl.Area. M/s Fashion Force Pvt Ltd. New Delhi-110041 Basement Ground & I Floor 190.I. Okhla Indl.Opp. Sonu Exim Sona Printers Pvt.New DelhiA-9. (FIE) Patparganj Indl. Rohtak Road. Kanodia Hosiery Mills (P) Ltd.Ltd Shivalik Printes Dharam Udyog Competent Automobile Co. Mayaa Indl. M/s Amit Polymers (India) M/s Kumar Traders M/s A.23. Phase-I. M/s Classic Polymers M/s S. New Delhi B-62/7. Delhi-110092 E-48/4 (Mezzarine & first Floor). Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110020 A-42.Area.New Delhi-110020 B-91. FIE.Udyog Nagar. Okhla Indl. Delhi-110092 J-31. Mangolpuri. M/s New Shama Unani Laboratries (P) Ltd.Patparganj Indl. Phase-II.New Delhi-110020 Road No.

Rampura. New Delhi110005 A-51.Area. D.New Delhi-110028 H-38. Wazirpur. Area.Road Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 B-70. Ltd. M/s Knakish Export Kay Tent Industries M/s Shiva Enterprises M/s R M X Joss Merchants Pvt Ltd.New Delhi-110020 Janakpuri.Okhla Indl.I.New Delhi-110064 B-98. Basement & Ground floor. New Delhi-20 C-115. Electrical Industries M/s Malik International M/s Jindal Rubber Industries M/s Gem Sanitary Applianas Pvt. New Delhi-28 X-40.D. Chaurasia Tobacco Industries M/s Pioneer Converstions M/s R.Phase-II. Naraina Indl.Area. Okhla Indl. Rohtak Road. Udyog Nagar. Shahdara. Ph-I. M/s Drivewell Service Station M/s B.(Frong right side portion of Ground & First floor) Udyog Nagar.Rohtak Road.New Delhi B-95. Okhla Indl. Indl.Phase-I.Area. Area. Estate .P International M/s MKM Technologies (P) Ltd. ( Half front Portion of right side & fall back portion) Udyog Nagar. M/s L. New Delhi-44 B-225. M/s Resham Box R.. Delhi-92 70. Phase-II.Area. Ltd.New Delhi-110020 B-96.M. New Delhi-110041 B-2/17.M. Near Punjabi Bagh Club. M/s Atul Plastic Pvt. Delhi -52 17/112 St No. Area.Ltd Site No. New Delhi 226. Polymers M/s Bonanzo Engg.D.Area. New Delhi-110041 Rohtak Road. Ltd.New Delhi-110020 G. N.New Delhi (2nd & 3rd floor) A-483 Oberai Building Dilshad Garden Shahdara Delhi-110095 .D. Okhla Indl.Okhla Indl.Mayapuri Indl.T. Rohtak Road. Mayapuri Indl.New Delhi-110020 A-68.28 C-94. 296. Ltd.New Delhi-110020 A-17.Phase-I. M/s Gautam Motors Pvt Ltd. Okhla Indl.Area. New Delhi-110041 B-314. Rohtak Road. M/s Indraprastha Gas Limited M/s Indraprastha Gas Limited M/s Shivoy Mode Accessories M/s Lucky Footwear Corporation M/s J. Najafgarh Road.Area. Udyog Nagar. Area.Area.Okhla Area.Area. Area.Phase-I. Jhilmil Tahirpur. Naraina Indl.Area Phase-I. Phase-II.K.183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 M/s Gopal Magic Moments M/s Crown Art-Printers M/s Bharat Pet Ltd. Naraina Indl. M/s Allied Electricals M/s Orient Fashion Exports (India) Pvt. M/s Speedage Engineers (India) Pvt. Ring Road. Udyog Nagar.Area. Phase-II. Phase-I. New Delhi 231-Hauz Rani Malvia Nagar New Delhi J-12. M/s Ansum Multitech (P) Ltd. M/s Sopan Overseas Pvt Ltd. Ltd.P Radio Corporation M/s Indraprastha Gas Limited Shaheed Ariushya Dhyani Service Station M/s Klick International Pvt.A Sheds. New Delhi-20 K-90. Ltd. FIE.New Delhi-110028 A/47. New Delhi-15 A-33. Okhla Indl. Ltd.2 community Centre Hari Nagar Ghanta Ghar New Delhi-110064 D-16.2 Than Singh Road Anand Parbat. Okhla Indl. Patparganj Indl. New Delhi-110041 A/57. New Delhi-28 A-84/3. Phase-I New Delhi 277-F. M/s Gopal Das Properties Pvt. Indl. Okhla Indl. Phase-II. Rohtak Road. Phase -I.Delhi-110092 B-109. Phase-I. Naraina Indl. M/s Aval Fashion House M/s Golden Printers M/s Innova Plast Private Ltd.Delhi-110035 Punjabi Bagh. Area. New Delhi-110041 E-45/14. Shivaji Marg. New Delhi-20 Patparganj Mega.D-Block Rama Road.K. Udyog Nagar. Near Patparganj Appt. M/s Sangat Printers Pvt. Rohtak Road.Area. Phase-I. New Delhi-110015 K-32. Mathura Road. Area.Area.E Patparganj Indl. Naraina Indl. Phase-I New Delhi-110064 B-48. New Delhi-110041 63. Sagar Exports M/s RSG Packaging (P) Ltd. FIE. Area. Rama Road. Ph-I. Delhi F-6. & Chemicals Pvt. Delhi-110092 A-1/B. Naraina Indl. Area. M/s Indraprastha Gas Ltd. Ltd. New Delhi Dealer's hindustaan Petroleum corp. Delhi -32 A-14/1. Phase-II. Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate. Phase-I. Patparganj Indl. Okhla Indl.

Phase-I. Friends Colony.J. M/s N. Okhla Indl.Phase-II.New Delhi 16. Okhla Indl.Mayapuri Indl.Area Phase-II. Gravity Car's Pvt Ltd. M/s Capital Transformers M/s Jawahar Exports Wear Well India Pvt Ltd. New Delhi110020 B-40 Jhilmil Indl.Ltd.J. Gali No. New Rohtak Road.o Badli Delhi -42 NITC Palam New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal -I B-16/E. M/s Ambassdor Sky Chef M/s Narang International Hotels (P) Ltd.Phase-I.Ltd. Phase -I. M/s Cornell Overseas Ltd.K.I. M/s Uni Tach Dials (P) Limited M/s Bagga Link Motors (P) Ltd. Mayaa Indl.Patparganj. International Pvt Ltd.Phase-II.New Delhi C-85.Area. Phase-II.o. Phase-II.New Phase II. Sanjay Printers & Publishers PVt Ltd.Area.PatparganjIndl.Phase-I. Impex (Delhi) Pvt Ltd. M.Area.C New Delhi D-5/3. M/s Lumax Auto Pvt. M/s Competent Automobiles Co. patparganj Indl.Area.Area. M/s Thanstronix (India) P.227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 M/s Richa Knitwears M/s Nupur Motors Pvt Ltd. M/s Floors India (Tiles) M/s Purisions Engineers Pvt Ltd. Phase-I New Delhi-110020 D-9/2. Naraina Indl. Okhla Indl. New Delhi-28 E-45/3. Village Samapur.Estate Delhi-110092 B-91.3 Gazipur New Maharajpur U.9.Area.New Delhi180. Udyog Nagar. Phase-I .New Delhi-110020 A-27 Najafgarh Road New Delhi 352. Pipal Thala Azadpur P.Mayapuri Indl.Estate New Delhi46. New Delhi -27 WH-21.Area Shahdara Delhi-110095 B-77. Area.Area Phase-II. Area. Delhi -33 D-32 Okhla Indl.Area.Area Phase-I New Delhi-110020 C-255. New Delhi-05 . New Okhla Complex.Estate.Area Phase-I.M Exports (India) M/s Fashion Expressions M/s Fashion Force Pvt Ltd. Mayapuri Phase-II.Mayapuri Phase-I. Maya Puri.Area.U Electricals Industry M/s Orient Craft Pvt Ltd.Indl. Mayapuri Industrial Area.Phase-I.Area Phase-II New Delhi A-219 (GF Ist & Mex Floor) Okhla Industrial Area. M/s Yadav Plastic Works M/s S. Tehseel Mehrauli. New Delhi -30 F-31 (Ground & Basement) Okhla Indl. New Delhi-110020 A-1/1. Jain Enterprises M/s Bharat Petroleum Cop.Area.New Delhi-110064 B-16.Area.Ltd.T Road. G. Narang Sciencetific Works M/s Bright Electro Plates M/s Simran International M/s Mazda Cables Pvt Ltd. M/s Plasticizers & Allied Chemical M/s Kundan Industrial Corporators (P) Ltd. Phase-II.Shahdara Delhi-110032 B-235 Okhla Indl.Ltd.New Delhi-110064 A-9/1. Area New Delhi-110064 A-20/3.T Karnal Road. Phase-II New delhi-110020 B-140 Mayapuri Phase-I. Delhi-110092 GI/112 Basement.9. Ist & 2nd Floor Okhla Indl. Good Lift (India) Industries M/s Sharma Electro planting works Standard Electro Plates M/s Brooklyn Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd.G.Phase-II New Delhi Plot No. FIE delhi-110092 Basement GF & Ist Floor Mayapuri Indl. M/s Bhartiya Binetal Corporation A-41. New Delhi-110041 Gali No.Patparganj Indl. G.New Delhi-110020 Palam Gurgaon Road Behind C-W. Phase-II.Delhi-110092 A-20/1 Naraina Indl.Area.complex Shahdara Delhi-110095 80 A.DDA Shed Okhla Indl.Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110020 395. Anand parbat Indl. New Delhi-110064 H-44.New Delhi-110064 F-39.T Road.T Road. M/s Vig International M/s A.E.Area.P Border Delhi-110092 D-18/4 (Ground Floor) Okhla Indl.Okhla Indl.New Delhi-110020 B-25 G.Delhi-110033 D-160/2. Rajasthani Udhog Nagar. Exitence M/s Pearl Polymers M/s Emsons Chain Limited Siddharth Optical Disc Pvt Ltd. Rohtak Road.New Delhi-110064 A-7 DSIDC Jhilmil Indl. M/s Air Transmission Controls M/s Gyan Industries (HUF) M/s J. Jhilmil Indl.F. Delhi-32 F-85 Okhla Indl.Phase-I New Delhi Village Jonepur. New Delhi 493. P. Shahdara. Okhla Indl.

M/s Welspring Universal M/s Marcos (Overseas) Pvt Ltd. Phase II. Okhla Indl. Area. New Delhi B-16.K Road Indl. M/s Alpine Industries M/s Chandra Engineers M/s L. New Delhi 59. Kirti Nagar.Area Delhi-110033 33/33A.New Delhi J-9 Ganga Ram Vatika Tilak nagar New Delhi A-64 G.Area G T Road Shahdara Delhi110032 B-237. Jawala Flour Mills M/s Orient Craft Pvt Ltd.Area. Najafgarh Road.Mayapuri Indl. New Delhi -15 D-16/1.Indl. Naraina Industruial Area. Nagafgarh Road. Industrial Area. M/s R M X Jass M/s Pioneer Stationary Mart M/s Finess Enterprises M/s Fashion Force Pvt Ltd.2 Indl.DSIDC Shed Scheme-III Phase-III Okhla Indl.Basement & IIIrd floor. Phase-II New Delhi-110020 5/15.T. Okhla Indl.Are Phase-I.Phase-I.Okhla Indl. Delhi110020 29. Sagar Exports M/s Guru Exports M/s Inalsa Ltd. New Delhi 16 Friends Colony Lane No.New DelhiB-19.271 272 273 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 M/s Amish (India) Export M/s Integ Electronics Delhi Cable Co. Phase I. New Delhi -20 A-1/1.Phase-I New Delhi-110064 2/53. A-36.whs kirti Nagar New DelhiA-67.Area.M. Vishal Enclacve.Area. M/s Rekha Printers Pvt Ltd.Area Phase-II New Delhi .Area.New Delhi-110020 A-65. Okhla Indl.Area. Delhi C-121 Okhla Indl. Okhla Industrial Area. Phase-I .

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