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Cheesecakes - Maxine Clark

Cheesecakes - Maxine Clark

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I PJlotooi'DfJh11W M etlin BOEdtl'S


FIr"~l published in Great 8r'taill in 2'003 by Rylan.d Peters Po Small

Kirkman House

Il -14 Whltflold Sh,eel London Wl T 2RP wwvljI.rylandpe1erS con'


Tex'l e Maxine Olark 2003 De Sli gn and ph01 Q gr a p hs

@' Ryl a 11 d Peters ~ Sma~ I ,~003

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Fllilod :Slylrists Ma)one Clark, E3.udget Sargeson

~ayl~st Helen Treml

lirndelillililll' HUary 8 rd

Au ~,hor'!s m'ckn CI'w"e'd~!eme lii!,~:S Spe?lal ~h~nks go to my siister JacKs for. help, with reCipe testing Thanks ~~ Manln and Hel~1" tor produrr,ng

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• All spoon measurements are level unless otherwise specified

• An eggs are medium unless otherwise specirlsd. Uncooked or part'y cooked 18ggS shoulc no' be served to the very young. the very old. those with compromised Immune systems or

to pl"egnall1~ women

,~ Be10re bakmg, weigh or measure au ingredients exac1~y and prepare bak,ng tlns or sheets

~ Ovens should b(3 preheated 0 the speCilUed temperature. Recipes in this book were 'I est d in S'9v,eral ~onds of oven - an work slightly differently. I recommend! uSling jjn oven thermometer and con~ulting the maker's handbook for soec 1311 im s ~ r uct Ion s,

Fa,~ CQnrtenrt ,of ICliiN2'eses used in lhiris, ofJiolk

All cheeses labelled 'l~gtnf (]' · ExtraLight' have added s~ a,bilizBI'S and although they reduce the calories i

ttl'l3 text ur'B In coo ke d ch eesec iii k.e s may be d iffere n t w hen S LIb S tl t ut ed fo r 1he higher fat version .


6 perlect for pudoinq ", ..

8 rnakinq cheesecake bases 12 oven-baked cheesecakes 36 refriqerator cheesecakes 62 sauces

64 index


perfect for pudding

• II! I

Say the word I cheesecake , and most people will sigh with pleasure and start to r6rCa~~ the~ favourites. We see cheesecakes evewywhEHI8 now~ from coffee bars to supermarket shelves, but the best are always homemade.

Mly first taste of a. real baked cheesecake was on childhood trips to Harrogate lin Yorkshire many years ago. They were thick and dense and incredibly rich. Then I tasted reai Jewish che,es'8cake ~n Petticoat l.ane in lLondon- this was a revelation! I was converted. and stsrtsd to col~ecm' and tiP! alii sorts of recipes.

Cheesecake' was partlloldarly popular In Britain in the '70s. and always seen as s'om,sthing rather exotic ~ it came from faraway places Hke Ital~y, America ano Eastern Europe. In Amenca of COurse, ~mlmiglrants from all over 'the world contributed their own tw,ils't to the art. whether it be iln the type of cheese used, or the added ingred~ents,

Tham said! bake,d clheeseGa~8' ils al~ways best sen ed with coffee.

Nowa.days~ we forget that 'lhese baked cheesecakes came earlier than the i~glhter~ uncooked] cheesecakes set wjth gelatins, which wer@, seen as a qUick and easy alternative, and could look very gllamorous lindeed. Gelatlne-sEl' cheesecakes became the perfect conclusion to a dinner party and still are today - they look spectacular, are relattve'y simple to make and taste wonderful.

Whether baked or set, cheesecakes are a firm favounte In the

W'estern Wor'ld d

,an the best are made t home - esp8ClaNy if it one of thesJ8 '"

1_- aking cheesecae shortcrust pastry

This is the classic 'm,e,thod for Imaking short and crumbly shortcrus1 pastry. It is made 'with half buUer and h,alf lard - the butter for colour _nd Iflavour and cODking f,at fo'r shortneas. 111 you have coot hands, the hand rremoo 15 best as iit w'iU inoorporat'8 more air than iln a food processor. If you h,ave hot hands,. the food processor is a blessing~ The quantities of wa '9r add vary according to such things s tlh humli ity of the flouralways add less than it says, you can always add more if it is dry, but once it is a st1cky mess, it cou~d prove disastrous!

basic shortcrust pastry

tl50 9 plain flour. p us e tra

or dusHng

~ pinch of sal"

50 9 tar 0'1 white coot Ing tat, crul eo and cut Into small PI' cas

7 9 msalt ad bu r, chille(J

and L~jl Into small pisces

2-3 tablespoons iced water

Makesabout400g,enoughto line 'the base 101 a 23 em fluted nan tin, or 10 loose-based tarUet tms, 101 em dlameter

Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Add the liard anc butter, and U'ilng your fingertips, rub lit In until the mixture resembles fme breadcrumbs. Stir In enough chl1lled water. about 2-3 tablespoons. to produce a firm dough.

Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surrace and knead 19hUy. Shape the douoh Into a flattened ba~~. wrap In clingfilrn and chill for at least 30 minutes before roiling out.

o make the pI: shy in a food processor. $1 I the flour ~mld salt into the pi oceSSOL Add the lard and but er and process for 30 secon s until th mixture resembles very line breadcrumbs. POUI In

2 tablespoons water arid pulse for 10 seconds. The Clough should start to come together In large lumps. if nor, Add 1 tablespoon atel and pulse again. As SOon as he dough arms 8 largle lump. transfer to

a lightly (loured work SUI tace and kne d lightly.

P, oC8sd as bov .

Note, for bath recipes Ir using a food processor, do not overprocess! otherwise the pastry will be tough.

rich shortcrust pastry

250 9 nlam lour, plus e tra for dusting

y. teaspoon salt

2S 9 unsalted but r, cllilled and CLJt uno small pieces

2 egg yol~s

2-3 ablaspoons iced vatsr

Makes about 400 g. EU10uIgh to Iline tha base of a 23 em fIIuled tlan tin, or 1 a loose-based tartlet tins. 10 'em dtarneter

Sift the flour and salt into a larue bowl. Add the butter and, using your fingertips, rub It ", until the mixture resembles fine breadorumbs. St~r m the egg yolks mixed with at least 2 tablespoons Iced water to make a ftrrn but iii lIeable dough.

Transfer the dough to a Ilgt1t1y tjoure work surface and knead until smooth. Shape the dough Into ,8 flattened ball. wrap In c~jngfjlm aoo chill for at least 30 minutes before rolling out.

To make the p stry in a rOO(~ processor, ift the f 0 If

and salt into the ocessor, Add the butt n

process for 30 seconds until he nu ture resembles fine brsadcrumbs. POUI In the egg yolks rru ed with at least .2 tablespoons Iced water and pulse for

10 seconds. The dough shoulo start to come togethel

in lumps. If not dd tablespoon ter n pu se

aga n. As soon as th douqh orms I rg lump,

transfer to a lightly flour ark surf C rid ned

mto a firm but m UeabJ dough. Proc s above

Variation To rnak Sweet Rich Shartcrust Pa t add 2 tablespoons ICing sugar 'V U • the flo I


biscuit bases

biscuit crumb, base

400 9 chgesu e biscuas buttel

50 9 caster ;sug~r

Put he blscuits In a food processor and blend until crumbs form. Alternatively put the biscults ~n a plastic bag and crush finely wlth a rOUing pin.

Wlelt the butter and sugar in small saucepan aver gentle heat Stir m the crumbs and use at once.

chocolate crumb base

17r h '

9 oco ateAcoa~fJc! (hges wes. cncccia e ctup C ookres

o chocolate COLruon biscuus

9 OlJ~iel

25 9 501 l)rown sugar

Makes enoLlgh to hlt'lle' th€ base of a 2'A.... t' .

... . ILl ",,1111 1111 ()II' dn;ln

~~~ the biscuns In a Ioori procesSor and blend until

mbs form. AlternQhvely, put the biSCUits i . p!aStic bag ano crush finely w~th a roiling rnn, ()

lv1ell the bUlter and su a

gen Ie I'le·~t St h 910 r In small Sdllr I.-man over

. II In t e Clurnbs and u~,tJ at once

tlUtty biscut crur b base

75 9 c.ligestlve biscuus 50 9 butter

50 9 caste: Sligar

25 9 chcopeo toasted nuts, such as hazelnuts, wa~nuts m almonds~

Ma.k,e'S 'EHIIIO"l.lllgtl to tine the base of an 20 em tin or dish

Putt the blscues in a food processor and blliend until crumbs 'form. Alternatively. out the brscuits in a plastic ba'gl and crush finely with a roiling pin.

MeH the butter and sugar in a small saucepan over gentle heat. Stir In the cnu nbs and chopped nuts and use at once.

"Note To toast nuts, put them In a dry frying pan and stir over qentjs heat until starting to colour aH ovelr. Watch t herll closely. because they burn easily. Altern6ltive~y. put the nuts on a baking sheet and cook In a preheated oven at 190 C (375C!F) Gas 5 until lightly coloured


. cheesecakes

Baked cheesecake rruxtures contain whole eggs, which add lightness to the mixture and cook to set the cake. Classic American and Italian cheesecakes are made this way and have a completely different texture from a set cheesecake. Some are deep and some shalow, but both have a tendency to crack during cooking, so don't worry jf this happens to you.



00 9 d estive biscuits 100 9 uns ted but er 75 9 ster sugar


1 0 9 unsalted butler 170 9 ::lster sugar

4 181'ge eggs, oeatan :30 Q plain floor

In 1) gr JI d zest and Iu,ce Of 1 lrtrYL n':.'Vrl xed lemon

I leaspooll arulla essence

61S 9 f 11- tst so CI)09Se {Phlladelpllfal at 'roam temperalur~

ml m,~·


42 ml SOUl r am

1 aOlesp on ICing llgal

d luic Of 1 lemon

pnr'gf rm ca e rm,

23 cham [(I 9(ea 1

akm ileet

Ser"lJes 10-1 2


This is the real thing - a dense. rich cheesecake with a crunchy biscuit base, Serve with your favourite cup of coffee and imagine yoursellf in a Ne'w York deli!

traditional new york cheesecake

To make the crumb base, put the biscuits in a food processor and process until fine crumbs form, A~tetndtlvely, put the biscuits in a large plastic bag and finely crush them with a rolling pin. Mea the butter In a small saucepan over tJentle heat. then stlr in the crumbs and sugar. Spread the crumb mixture overthe base of the prepared cake tin, pressmq down jlghtly. Stand the tin on a bakinq sheet and cook in a preheated oven at 190 C (375°F) (,as 5 lor 8-10 minutes. Hernove from the oven and lat cool

Reduce the temoeraturete 160°C (325°F) Gas 3. To make the flfling, put the butter and sugar ,n a large bowl and. using a woodeo soon or electric hand rmxer beat until pale' andfiLiHy. Gradually beat In the egl . MIx In the flour, lemon zest. lemon jluice .md vanilla, Put the soft cheese In a separate bowl and, usinq a wooden spoon or ell,ectric hand rmxar, beat until smooth. Gently Il)e8Jt in the milk, then y'f adual.ly beat n the butter nd sugar mixture. Spoon lh,s mi ture ovai lha crumb base and ~eve! the surface Bake m the preheated oven fOT 1}j hours,

To make the tOPPing, put the SOur cream, ~Glng sugar and lemon JUice In a ~rge bowl and, UShltJ, d wooden spoon or etectrrc hand mixer beat hghtfy

,11111 In the refrlgerato! ut1t~1 reqUired.

Remove the cheese k f

190 C 37r.' ,ca e rom the oven and mcreass the temperature to

1 I ( ;) F) C.,a::l 5. Pour the tOPPing Over the surfa e of the cheesecake

~:: (lInd fe-turn to the Oven to a further 1 Q minute or untIl set Turn ff the

t n, Ikeave the door aiar and let the cheesecake cool n the van t prey t I crac Ing Alterna11vel t

the cake th I·. v. ransfer It to a wire rack Invert larg b I

- ,en '91 coo: ChilI the chea Beak for hour befo a

1 - clpe Sv eet Rich Shortcrust Pastry (I agte 9. see Varlattnnl, at room emoaraturs

plain flour, for dustLng


1 unwa ad lien on 75 g caster sugar

350 q fun fal soft cheese (Phlladelphf9}

large 8gg, plus 3 egg yolks

2 ails oons v8,nilla


a tcos« oas,e tart tln 23 Ct 11 dlam e tf:!

ba mg PClfchmem and ceramic tJakmfj bedll'lS or nee

Serves 4-6

I have been making this cheesecake since J s arted cooking at the tend ,r age of iglht- it used to be my piece de resistance I Blending the sue ar with large strips of lemon zest transfers he essentlal oils to the suqar and gives a wonderful aroma to

the art. Use cot age cheese instead of cream cheese to give

a IIgh er ex ure, M scarpone Cream or Lemon Syllabub Cream (page 63) would be ellcious with this cheesecake .


c eese tart

Roll 0 t the pastry on a I L r NO surface and use to ne the art

un Pick he base with 0 en chi I or freeze for 15 minutes. Cut out a

~ rg pee of bakin par hrn nt to fit th tin, use to line the pastry case then flil wltll cerarruc akmq bean or nee. Alternatively. line the pastry case with crumpled foil. B ke 111 a preheated oven at 190°C (375°F) Gas 5 for

10 minut s. Ren ove th bak ng parchment and beans or fOIl and return 0 the oven for a further 10 minutes. Let cool.

USing veg,elable peeler, remove the zest from the lemon leaving behind any white pith. then squeeze the Juice. Put the lemon zest and sugar n a food processor Cor blender and process until the sugar and lemon zest mixture looks damp.

Add the lemon Juice and process aqam (the lemon zest should have completely dissolved In the sugar). then dd the soft cheese th whole egg f egg yolks and vanilla essence and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture Into the pastry case.

Bake the t rt In a preheated oven at 190°C (375 F) Gas 5 for or until Just set and lightly browned on top Remove from the cool Serve at room tempar ture.


225 9 tine ooleo a

5 9 o'am t Our plus e· tra fo'dustlng

12'5 q castel sugar

55 g toasted ~)lne 11utS

175 9 unsalted b'J ter dlced 2 large egg yolk


75 9 arge Muscatel rarsms

-3 lablespcons Vln Santo or Ma sala wine

00 9 rlCOUI cheG-Se:

500 g rull fet sot cheese 240 11'1 sour cream

4 large ggs separated , 2 9 caS\SI sugar

2 ta spoons V31llBa essence It sl~1 grnted nutmeg


PWIgfOrm aka fIn 2 m

dramefer greasGd a""d I a J

II se IT ed

bak n9 P (' hm T al'd ceramic bakIng bean Or t 8

Serves B-1C


n bak

Delicious for a summer lunch, this rich cheesecake IS perfect for any special occasion. For best results I make sure all the fining ~ngredients are at room temperature.

ricotta and muscatel raisin cheesecake

To make the pastry, put the polenta, fllour! sugar, prna nu ts and butter In a food processor and blend, in short bursts. until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Add the egg yolks and process until the dough forms a ball. Wrap in chngl~l'lm and chill for 1 hour.

R[)tl~ out the pastry 011 a sheet O'f iIiIlgh~~y floured i greasepr .f D per to about 7 mm thickness and carefu~ly use to !ine the tin. ChilI for 5 m.nutes. Cut out a large piece of baking parchment to ht the tin. put 1t on top 0; the pastry case, then fill with ceramic bakm,g beans or rice. Alternatlvelly, line the pastry case with crurnpied toi I, Bake In 8 p reheated oven a t 180°C (350 F) Gas 4 for 10 minutes R,emove the bak~ng parchment and beans or fOil and return to the oven for a further 10 minutes. Let cool.

To make the hmng. put the raisins in a small bowl, add the Vm Santo rmx weU and leave to plump up for several hours or overnight. Alternatively put the bowl In the microwave and heat on MEDIUM for 1 minute. Put the ncotta cheese, soft cheese and sour cream In a large bowl and, using a woode.n sooon or electnc hand rmxer, beat well. Put the egg yolks and Sugar m a separate bowl and beat until light and creamy. Add the cheese mixture and vanilla essence and beat until smooth,

PU1 'he eglg white d

I S an a pInch ot salt m a separate spotlessty cle8l1

grease-free bowl Us b 'h k

S ft ks t -. Ing a auocn whisk or electric hand mixer, W IS

0, pea S form. then fold into the cheese mixture Spoon the filling

pastry case and sPrinkle nutmeg generously over the top Bake an t centr 01 a p,reheated oven at 180°C (350 F) Ga 4 for 30-40 until gal Jen but stili I

coo! M t a 11tlle soft In the entre. Transfer to a WIre

·os cheesecake

Contract an I s may spilt when baking don t w rry th

coo mg Serve at room temperatura

V; recipe Baslc Shortcrust Pastry (page 9)

pllam flour, for dusting


250 g' curd or cottage cheese 2 1abiesPoons caster sugar

2 eggs

finely grated zest of 1 X unwaxed lemons and the Juice of Y l,emon

2 teaspoons cornnou,

2 ta.blespoons double cream 1 tablespoon melted butter

~ 0 9 raISins 01 currants soaked III boiling water for 20 mi~LJtes

a deep pie piate, 25 em dramerelor a loose-based rart tm,

23 em dramefel'

fXlk1ng parcflment and ceramiC bEl king beans or IIG'C

Serve's 6,


This lis a delicious and s,limple cheesecake made in my grandfather's native countv Although he married a Scots lass and lived ali Ihis mantee ~ife in Scotland I he stil ate his apple pie or C'hristmas puddling with a w,edg'8 of cheese like a true Yorkshirernan. He would have loved this cheesecake. You can make cure at horne by adding! a tablespoon of lemon juice to 600 ml Ireshlv boilled milk, waiting until it separates, then dr-aining off t'he whey.

yorkshire cheesecake

Ho U out the pastry thinly on a lightly tloured work surface and use to line the pie plate or tart tin, then chill or freeze for 20 minutes. If USing a pie plate. make a decorative edge. Cut out a piece of baking parchment to fit the plate or tin and use to line the pastry case, then fill with ceramic baking beans or rice. Alternatively, line the pastry case with crumpled fOIl. Bake m a preheated oven at 200°C (400~F) Gas 6 for 10 minutes. Remove the baking parchment and beans or foil and return to the oven for a further

5 minutes .. Reduce the oven temperature to 180DC (350-:lF) Gas 4.

Strain the curd cheese in a large bowl. Add the sugar, eggs, lemon zest and lemon lures and, using a wooden spoon or electric hand mixer, beat until smooth. Put the cornflour and cream in another bowl, mix to a smooth paste. then beat mto the cheese mixture with the melted butter. Pour the rnixture into the pastry case.

Drain the raisins, pat dry with kitchen paper. then sprtnkle th m over the top of the cheesecake. Bake in a p-reheated oven at 180°C (350 F Gas 4 for 30 minutes until set. Let cool and serve at cool room temperature.

1 recipe Sweet Rich ShortorLJS' Pastry Ipage 9, see Var iatmn}. a1 room temOejatufe

~Ialn Hour, lor dusting

50 9 unsalted butte!' 75 9 caSler Sugar

rne'~ graLe(j zeSE a"d jUice of 1 LlnwaxeCl lemon

, 25 (J curn or coUa{J9 Icheese 2 large eggs, beaten

75 ml br311(ly Or che-rry brandy 125 9 ground almond'S

alJOLIt 12 tabtesPIJOI"'IS chert

conserve Y

B SPrigs 01 rOsemary {oPtion, I) salt

ICing sligar lor dUMIi1q

8 IOose-lJasei1 tarUel ~ms 10 em d1imJ01er .

Makes B

These were named after the ladies (maids of honour) who carried thern back to Rtchmond' Palace for King Henry VIII or Queen Elizabeth I ~ both monarchs. it is said I loved these rittle cheesecakes made by a local baker. I include a spoonful of best cherry compote or jam in the base of each - almond and cherry mak1e a great oomlbination. I hketo make these rn smart, deep tins (Iilke m~ni .. brioche tins) if you can find them I as the fmingl seems rnoistsr and they look great!

little richmond maids of honour

Ro~i OU~ the pastry thInly on a ligl1tiyr~oun~d work surface and use to line the tartlet tins. Stand on a bakilng sh!,eet anc chill tor 30 minutes.

sec the butler, sugar and lemon zest in a large bowl and, uSing a wooden

coon or electnc hand rmxer, beat until pale and nUffy. Strain the curd or cottag~ cheeS'9 into another bowl (do not biend in a food processor, otherwise the lexlure Will be altered), Ihen beat the curd or cottage cheese jnto the butte1f and sugar mix~ure. Beat in the eggs. lemon JUIce and brandy,

then gentl . f· id . . •

yo. In the ground almonds and a pmch of satt,

Drop a sPOonful of h

al d' . C erry conserve in each pastry case than add the

m~n filling to about two-thirds lull to leave room for riSing, Bake In a

P9~~deatbed oven at , so-c (35001F) Gas 4 for 20-25 minutes until rrsen and I en rOWn Remove f

ahe '. rom the oven and let cool snghtly. Spear each

ese-cake with a sp f h

ICing SLIgar. ng 0 fresh rosemary and serve warm, dusted Wit

Note The Cheesecake

need a 10l1g .. . s may also be made In smalter, deeper tins, but wtU

er COoking time.


350 9 plalll . ow, pll s e h 8 or dustH1g

225 9 bUI9r

2 saspoons ground glng r

2- lablaspoolls Icing LJgar, s .• Hed

large egg, baa en

5 ablespoons Cit Illed Gr an

01 ar Wme Or swee hi e wine

rrn ~ I 11 2 rabresooons ver y

r II ' f.,;!1oPlled stem qm pr



500 9 so' goats' .... h es 100 9 cas r sugar

v mila essence. to tc; ste G large eggs, sElpan'it'ed 150 n I [louble cream

1 00 ~ glace glnge or stern o~nger. Chonpe

2 5 f ash na ! a v' to decoraha [opt onau

Rhubarb Camp'ote

1 ~g rest nu arb,lr1mll1ed

350 9 Cas er SUCJc.r 0 0 te

. prine fOfm enk tm 23 CUl dUlmeier

Serves 10

goats c eese an ginger

c eesecake with rhubarb compote

This deep. creamy, mild cheesecake made with goats· cheese is spectacular when served with a stunningly pink compote of new se on's rhubar . As rhubarb and ginger are such a classic f avou combination I've added ginger to the pastry and to the flilling to give it c bit of punch!

o rn xe P LI th flour in a large bowl. add the butter and rub t

In un II th rr les breadcrumbs. Add the ginger~ sugar salt egg

c:: nd Win ana n rx to flrn jough. Transfer the dough to a lightly floured

work sun ce an In "9 tly. then wrap and chill for 30 minutes. Roll out

the dOUg~1 thin y n h. htl f oursd work surlace and use to line the cake

tin, Chili or lreez r 1 n mutes, then tnrn down 2 em from the top edge

o til 11n and disca j lh tnmmlngs. Chll until required.

Pu t e goa s I clg r, varnll essence, egg yolks and c eam In a

large bowl and us 00 en spoon or electric hand rrnxsr, beat lightly.

St;r ir the chopped ginger and 2 tablespoons of syrup from the stem gtnger Jar. If usmq. Put 4 of the egg whites and a pinch of salt In a spotlessly

clean reese-free bowl nd whisk until stiff but not dry. Fold into the cheese mix u e, then spoon Into the pastry C se, Decorate with a r ng of

b I ves do his II htly, bee use they will sin slightly dunng cook ng)

Bake In . preheated oven t 1 BO°C (350°F) Gas 4 for 20 minutes then cover th top with foil (to prevent the bay eaves burning) nd bake for a further 25 rmnutes or until well nsen and dark golden brown Turn off the oven. uncover the cheesecake and let cool In the oven for 20 minutes Serve warm or cold (not chilled) with the compote.

To make the compote, cut the rhub rb Into 3 em hunks n put In a w de saucepan with the sugar. Cover and coo , snrr n9 occasion " . to

10 minutes or until JUices start to flow the rhub rb starts to dl Integr te

and the sugar has dissolved Taste and add more sugar If ne Transfer to a bowl to cool, cover w.th chngftlm nd chllJ until

, reCIpe Sweet R1Ctl ShorLcrus~ Pastry (page Q, see Var latlonl, at !OOn1 temDerature

piau, flour lor dusUng

3. eggs

i 25 9 butler, soHened

25 9 caster Sugar Or v~nma sugar

225 9 h"Qmage 11 ais -1 van111d POd

8 f Ipe purple fIgs nt'le ones wnn the ruby red CBntrss)

Jedcu rar)t Jre~lv


a loose·b9sed rant tm, 20 em dIameter

bak.n9 parC~lmEmf ana ceramic ba~mg beans or rjCClo

I first tasted this cheesecake on a tr~p to France, when luscious npe red-centred figs were, in season at the end of September. The contrast between the plain light vanilla cheesecake J crisp pastry and wan" caramelized figs was a revelation!

caramelized purple fig cheesecake

Roll out the pastry thinly on a h'ghHy floured wor k surface and use to line the iar1 lin. Prick the base with a fork. Cut out a larqe piece of baking parchment to fit the tin I use to line the pastry case, then 1iU with ceramic bak~n9r beans or nee, Alh~~rnatlvle~y, nne with crumpled toil. Bake m a pmhea~9d oven at 190ClC (375°F) Gas 5 for 10 minutes .. Remove the bakmg pa.rcnment and beans or fall and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes or until Just coloured. Put 1 egg and a pinch of salt in a small bowl and beat well. then use to brush the Irls,l,de of the baked pastry case. Bake for afUirther 5-8 minutes until the egg IS set and shiny. Cool in the tin.

Put the buHer and Sugar in a large bowl and, usmg a wooden spoon or electric hand rmxer, beat until soft and fluffy, then beat In the fromage frais. SPI,'t the varulla pad lengthways and scrape out the seeds with the tiP of a knife. Put the 2 remain~ng eggs in a separate bowl. add the vanilla seeds, ?eat well, then gradually beat them Into the cheese mixture. Pour the fllhng Into the pastry case and bake In a preheated oven at 190 C (375°F) Gas 5 tor 25-30 m~nutes until risen and brown. Let cool in the tjn for 10 minutes, then transle'f to a wire rack to cool completely.

cur the f~gs Into quarters and arrange on top of the cheesecake, making Sure that they Sit UPright. Put the redcurrant Jelly In a small saucepan. warm over gentle heat, then lightly brush aver the figs Cover the pastry edges with fall 10 prevent overbrownlng Put the cheesecake under a preheated grlil and cook qUII.::k~y until the flQs start to 'eaten' and brown. Brush w.th some mOre warm redcurrant jelly and serve Immediately

12 sheets Greek 110 pastry (whlcn tends t(.. be thlnror than most othm ypes)

100 9 butter melted

60 9 butler or m8JrgfHIJlf' 60 9 caster sugar

2 eggs, se~ laratsd

250 c Cllr(J cheese, strained fll~aly grated zest of 1 unwaxad emon

y. tea sp Don 9 rn u nd em na m 0 f'I 50 ml SOur cre9r~

250 9 1resll chernes, Pitted Cipd Qua rlere d

ICing Sl.Jg· t

rlr Or (ilJstlng

Be rOm, fa,

I/gh ge bakmg S/18e t s

t y (Ur d '

Ma1kes about 12

When I first visited Salzburg in Austria, r was amazed by the sweet cakes and pastries. , had never seen such a vanety of struoels ~ aU shapes and sizes, flavours and textures. This was one of my favourites. If fresh cherries are not available} use frozen ones but drain them well before adding 10 the firling.

curd c st u

and cherry


n ugar In a iarlge bowl and, usrng a

beat until pale and fluffy StIr In the st cmnarnon and sour cream

lit S In separate. spotlessly clean hI k or electrrc hand mixer. whisk

woods eglg yo'ik I then fold In t grea~e-fre9 b unt II stiff (je~tl

I(eep the filo pa tr It c~lngflim to prevent them drying

out. Put a ftlo sheet orl ur ace and brush with a little of the

melted butter Startln t e hort Id of each sheet of pastry 2.5 em In

from the front E:dge p on about 2 heaped tablespoons of the mixture along U1e edge I eep ng .5 em In from the Sides Flip the bottom edge aver the flllmg rot on e, then flip the sides Inwards to encase the flltlng completely. Roll up I ke a ciqar, brush with mefted butter and set on a large bakrng sheet Repeat with the other sheets of pastry.

Bake In a preheated oven at 190 C (375 F) Gas 5 for about 20 minute until the pastry IS firm and golden brown, Let cool Slightly then dust with ICing sugar and serve warm

Note If you make the titling In an electriC blender. the cu d hae e not be strained.

, rec~p~ Cllocol£1le Crumb Base (page 10)

a lilUe mened butter 100 9 w~)lie crocotate.

grated and chilled, to decorate


150 '9 PIC1Hl chocolate. between 60 70 pel cent cocoa SOh(IS, C~'oPI,ed

750 g full-tat sott cheese P"'I~ad8Iphla), at room

- emperalUre

250 9 caste: sugar

1 vanula pod, split engthways, seeds scraped out and set aside. or 1 teaspoon varulla essence

2 large eggs

a spnngform cake 'in or deep s8ndvwch ern wJ[n a removsote ba se 23 em diameter.

Serulas '10

Th~s is a very specia' cheesecake indeed. Make sure that the chocolate and water are melted together - the shock of adding thl19 water ~at'er wiU make the chocolate thicken and seize.

chocolate marble cheesecake

Pr,ess the Chocolate Crumb Base mixture in the bottom of the cake nn, Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C (350°F) Gas 4 for 15 minutes, then remove from the· oven, lightl.y firm down again and ~et cool completely. Reduce the oven temperature to 160°C (32SQF) Gas 3.

Wilen the base is CQ~d. carefully paint the sides of the tin with a ~Inle melted butter, then chin untll required. Put the plain chocolate and 50 rnl water In a small hsatproct bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water. Stir cccasonallv until the chocolate ~s smooth and melted. then keep it warm.

Put the 500ft cheese, sugar and vanilla seeds, if usinq, ln a lar,ge bowl and. us~ng a wooden spoon orelectric hand mixer, beat until son and creamy. Put the egg~ and vanilla essence, if usirrq, in a bowl ano whisk well. GraduaUy beat the eggs Into this cheese mixture. POur 250 1111 of the mixture into a jug I then pour tile remain~ng mixture into the prepared tin.

Stir the warm plam chocolats ~nto the reserved cheese rnixtur e. POur the chocolate mixture In a wide zigzag pattern over the surface of the cheesecake, edge to edlgl9. Draw the h,al1d~e of a thick WOOdSr1 spoon through the pattern, zigzagging m the opposite way so the mixtures are marbled together. Do not. overwork, or the patter n will be lost. Keep It simple and the edges neal.

Bake for 20-25 minutes. 01 until the cbeesecaks 3181 ts to puff slightly around the edges but IS slll1 ve~'y soft III the canu e. C, ret Lilly tI anslsr ,t to a wtre rack and loosen the edges with a very thin knife blade Let coer siowt, by puttmg a large uptur ned bowl over the cheesecs ke. Wtletl completely cord. chllt for 811 I:east 3 hours before removrnq tile' till. Remove tile tin and spread ihe sides hght.ilv wl~h a very thin layel Of W~llpned cr earn Pre's the grateci whl~e cho alate around Hie sides. CLd with bo knue to serve,

275 U amaretti biscuit s. r tauas or macaroons

75 guns ltad butter


700 9 mascarpons cheese Or ulI- la sou cheese

( Ila elplua). at room e pera ure

50 9 caster sugar 3 eggs. separated 30 9 plam llnur

5 m dar rum

aspoon van. la essence

7 ~ 9 plain chocolate

1 ablespoon mely ground espresso coffee

3 able-Spoons coHee nqusur. SUCh as Tla Maria

iCIng SlJg .

, ar or dusting (op ional

a Sprmgform cake In 23 em dIameter '


An outrageously rich cheesecake based on the delicious ingredients of' tiramisu - coffee! mascarpone. chocolate, coffee liqueur and rum. A creamy rum and vanilla mixture is marbled throuqh a plain chocolate, coffee and liqueur combination, then poured into an amaretti sheU and baked.

tiramisu cheesecake

Put the biscuits in a blender or food processor and btsnd until finely ground. Alternatively. put the biscuits in a large plastic bag and crush with a roUing p'in. Put the butter in a saucepan and heat ,gently until melted, then stir into the crumbs until the'y are well coated. Spoon into the cake tin and

prHSS evenly over the base and 4\ em up the sides with the back of a spoon

to torrn a neat shell, Chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes unt!t f,rm.

Put the rnascarpone in a ~arg,e bowl and, using a wooden spoon or electric hand rnlxer, beat untill smooth. Add the sugar and beat until smooth. then beat in the 'eg~g yolks. Divide the mixture in half and put in 2 bowls. Stir the flour, rum and vanllia essence into one of the bowls.

Put the chocolate in a small hsatproot bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water and melt Q!,ently, Let coot slightly, then stir in the coffee and coffee liqueur, Stir into the second bowl. Put the egg whites in a spotlessly clean, grease-free bowl, whisk until soft peaks form, then fold half into each flavoured cheese mixture.

Quickly spoon alternate mounds of the cheese mixture into the biscuit case until full. Using a sharp knife, swirl the mixtures together with a knife to

p oduce a marbled effect (do not overrrn ), Bake In a preheated oven at 20QoC (40QoF) Gas 6 for 45 minutes until golden brown b It still soft In the centre - cover tne top If It ppe rs to be overbrownlng. Turn the oven off with the door ajar. then Ie ve the chees cake In the ov n to cool completely. Alternatlvely, tr nsfer the cheesec ke to a wira r ck and Invert

a large bowl over the cake so It cools slowly. When cold, chili for several hours before serving. Serv dusted with ICing su ar If uSing

100 g whole tmlllaflched hazelnuts ~ 00 9 caster sugar

Rs sp berry Sau ce (p 8g e 63), to serve


200 9 caster sugar 55 g butler, soltenso

500 9 fuU-fat soft cheese at room temperature

25 9 [)Ialn lIour

2 tablespoons honey 5 eggs, separated

6 tablespoons single cream 1 leaspoon \ aT)llla essence-

I ? teaspoon grm,Jnd Cinnamon lh teaspOon groun (II n u t meg 55 9 light SOH brown Suga.r

75 9 tl8lelnuts. loaSlad skmned and cOarsely cnoppeCl

a large bakIng s/leat. Oiled

a Sprmgfortn or Srra,gfH SjCisd creep cake J t1 2 ~

_ - - f ';'1 em dl;;Unete.

greaSed and "oured

Serves 1 0

II used to make this for big parties - easy to prepare in advance and utterly delicious. Don't use a honey that is too strong or it wW dominate the ftavour ~ acacia or orange blossom is just fine.

honey hazelnut crunch cheesecake

To make the praline, put the hazelnuts and caster sugar in a saucepan and se~ over g'8nUe heat untll the s.ugar has meltec. Do not stir.

When melted, Increase the heat and boil until the melted sugar turns to Q'olden caramel. ~mmed~ately pour onto the prepared baking sheet and Jet set and cooll cQ,mplete,ly - about 1 hour. Break into pieces, then put in a blendler or tooo processor and grind to a ffne powder. Store m an airtight contaeier until required,

To make tile filli,ng. put the sugar and butter in a large bowl and, uStng a wooden Spoon or electric hand mixer, beat until pale and fluffy. Add the salt cheese and beat until fluffy. Beat in the flour, honey and egg yolkS. Stir in the cream, vaniliia essencs, spices and half the prallne,

Pu~ the egg whites in a separate. spotlessly clean, grease-free bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form. Gentty (old into the cheese mixture. then poll" mro n.,e prepared cake tin.

pu~. the sott brown sugar in a bowl and stir In the chopped hazelnuts~ sPrinkle OVer tile surface of the cheesecake. Bake In a preheated oven

~ 60°C (325°F) Gas 3 for 1 hour. then turn the oven off. leave the doOr and let the cheeseoake cool in the oven for about 2 hours. Alt8m~ transrer the chees'ecake to a wire rack and Invert a large bowl over the ca~e so tt cools slowly. Chill for 2 hours but serve at room .... ~nf'\llanulUlW!'-:'1

spr!nkl- d·tt -. . •

e WI 1 tne rerna'lnlng hazelnut praline Serve with raspbet'fY

ref iger

c. eesecakes

cak mixtures are flavoured in various ways and mixture is usually poured into a prepared case description, usually made from crushed

. melted butter. Sometimes sponge cake

Ur cooked -

is used or eatherweight effect. The flavours and textures

are limltl 58 bu a IiQht hand is needed when whisking and folding in egg whites for an any result. Most fillings are gent'y set because too much gelatine can give a rubbery texture.

or onto a b · biscuit crun

2 r coes BISCUit Crumb Base

(pag 9), made with I allan blscolll {camucclnl1

Fill ing

300 ml mascarpone C leese, at room temper ature

300 mil cJOuble Cream

Illnly pee ell zest or 1 ur'h'~~xed Or ang.e

25 9 cast f sugar

, va IUa pod, spin lengthways 60 n l rn k

1 ta ls!1iJoon POwdered gela me

6 rarif~l tms j 0 em dlametef, with removable bases

Serv s 6

Loos1elly based on the mixture for ItaHan panna cotta I these silky smooth cheesecakes are easy to make, yet sophisticated. If you can't buy rnascarpone, use th~ck clotted cream or double cream instead. The cream will be less rich but still delicious.

mascarpone biscotti cheesecakes

IPresshe crumb mixture neatlv Into the base and sides of the tartlet tins. Stand on a baking sheet and chilli until required.

Put the rnascarpons cheese In Btl larg'e bowl and, usinq a wooden spoon or electric h nd mixer. beat until softened.

Pul the cream, orange zest, sugar and vanilla pod n a medium saucepan and heat until almost but no quite boiling. Stir occasionally to loosen the vanilla seeds from the poe, R,emove from the heat and leave to infuse for

~o minutes. When cooled, remove the pod and graduailly whisk the flavoured ~Iquld into t 18 mascarpone Chl€6se.

Pour the milk into another saucepan and sprink e the gelatine over tbs s~rfa.ce, then heat gently l ntl! H19 gelatine has dissolved. Stir the gelatlnemilk mto the cream and mascarpone mixture, then strain Into a small jug.

Pour the cream into the chiUed tart cases and chill for several ho rs or until set. Renlove hom the refngerator 30 mmutas befo e serving.

1 recipes Nutty Bisel! t Crumb Base' (page 10), uSlny na 'elnulS

Toffee Ca-amel Sauce (pag'e 62), to serve

100 9 caster sugar. plus 100 91 extra 'ror the caramel, shards

2'25 9 full rat soft cheese

2 eggs. separated

150 rnt creme fra!che

3 nos medlulll bananas

final'1 grilted zest and luice of 1 unwaxed lemon

15 9 POwdered gelallne

(5 9 Cllopped toasted hazelnuts

a lOOse based round cake hn Or Springform cake tm, 23 em dIameter, 0' eased

e laf9,e o.ec e of fOlf, ouea

Serves 6-8

Tbis cheesecake ~s the ideal finale to a dinner party ~ bananas and hazelnuts! topped with pieces of caramel, always make a great combination. Serve w,ith a dleticious Toffee Caramel Sauce or even Hot Fudge Sauce (page 62).

banana caramel cheesecake

Press the' crumb mixture evenly over the base of the prepared cake tin, then ct,ill until rBqlured, Put the sugar in a saucepan wIth 6 tablespoons water. Stir to dlssotve, then heat silowly until completely dissolved. Have another 150 fill water ready in a jug. Bring the sugar syrup to the boil, then bod hard until it turns to an amber caramel. Ourckjy pour in the water - watch out as It will splutter, Stir over qentta heat untH the caramel dissoJves again, then ball hard untH thick and syrupy, Let cool completely.

IPlJt the son cheese In a bowl and, USing a wooden spoon or' electric hand mixer, beat until softened. Beat in the egg yolks and creme fralche. Put the bananas in another bow1 and mash wIth a fork. Beat In the lemon zest and JUIlce, then the cheese' mixture. Stir' In the cold caramel syrup.

Put the gelatine and water in a small heatproof bowl, let sponge for

5 minutes. then set over a 'Saucepan of hot water and snr until the gelatine has dissolved. Beat the ge~ahne into the banana mixture. Set aside until the mixture is on the point of setting (starting to set and thickenl.

Put the egg whites m a spotlessly c~ean. grease-free bowl and whisk until soft peaks form. then gently fold into the banana mixture. Pour Into the prepared cake tin and level the surface. Sprlnkle with the chopped nuts and chtll for 3-4 hours or until sat.

To make the caramel shards, sprinkle the sugar lightly over the oiled fall put under a preheated grill and cook until the sugar melts and turns to carameL Watch carefully or It can burn Let cool then break Into shards

Remove the cheesecake from the lin and transfer to a servIng plate Decorate w~th the caramel shards and serve with toffee caramel sau e.

recipe B'SClJII CUJmb Bese

[pag' 0)

rec P2 Str awb arry Sauc ( age n3) 0 serve


2 5 9 mini Wh1tS marshmallows 50 g white chocolate, grated 60011 mil

Be , .. t powder d gelatme 225 9 curd cheese Of hornaqa fr,us

1 V811111a pod

100 9 c r- ster sugar

00 ml SOLJ( cream 2 9gg w It s

350 9 Slt'all fresh strawLJernes hunecJ and halved . ,

a Spnngform cake tin or 'oose- ased r..af<e tm

20 em diameter 'UlAU

Serves 6

42 r u a lor

A wlicked. slilky smooth uncooked cheesecake for a summer's day. Serve with a strawberry sauce laced with a little balsamic vineg!ar to blling out the flavour of the berries and to cut through the richness of the cheesecake.

strawberry and white marshmallow che seca e

Press the biscuit crumb mixture into the base of the prepared cake tin (using a potato masher helps to flatten the, crumb base evenly) then chili until rscuireo.

o make the rillingl, PUT 200 g marshmaillows and 11,e white chocolate in

a heavy saucepan, add the milk and stir aver very gerltle heat until the marshmallows and chocolate have melted, Remove from the heat. Put the gelatine and 75 m~ waller in a small heatp oof bow Ie sponge for about

5 rrunutes, then se over a saucepan of hot w ter an stir until the gelatine nas dissolved.

Put the curd ch'Qese In a larQl'9 bowl, and usmq a 'Ii oocen spoon or electric hand mixer. beat until softenecL Spllit the v nllla po crape out the seeds with the tip of a knrta, then beat into the cheese wnh 50 9 of the sugar, the rl'le!ted marshrrnallow mixture and sour cream, B at the ge atrns Into the che'13se mixture, then chIli for 15-20 minutes ntl It starts to thicken (this can happen quite qUickly). but does not set.

Put th~ egg whites in a spotlessly clean, grease-tree bowl and whIsk

until stiff but not dry, then whisk In the remaining caster sugar, gradually, spoonful by spoonful. whisking until thick betor each addition Gently fold Into the cheese mixture. Spoon the rru ture into the pre red tin nd shake

h lin gently 0 level the surf ceo Dot th r maining m rshmallow over the top they shoul completely cover the surt ce). ChIli for 3-4 hour or until set

Carefully remove the cheesecake from the tin Remove the paper and

transfer to a serv Its .

h mg p a e. peon the halved strawberne round the

G eesecake nd serve with th sauce.

i large ready Il1ade sponge nan about 28 em diameter


500 g ffesh r dspberries

50 ml raspberry and cranberry IUlce Of jLrst cranberry JUIce

2QO 9 lUll-fat soft cheese (Phlfad-elphia)

100 9 SugClr

, package raspberry jelly, 135 g, made up according to 'hI?

dHect 10 ns 011 t n e pack et

170 ml evaporated rnilk

2 la~ge eqg whlies

~ Sprmgfonn cake l'n, 25 em (Jlam~ler. 1m ea wi r h non - s uc k bflifm:J parchmem

Serves 1 O~, 2

This is a cheesecake ~nspiried by a pudding my mother used to make when! was a chilo. Adding cream cheese to the ongrnal mixture makes it very luxurious.

raspberry fluff cheesecake

Cut off the rtrn to level the sponge flan, then carefully sues the cake In two honzontahy. Wrap and freeze one hlalf for use another time. USing the base of the tin as a guide, put it on top of the sponge and cut round to make a 25 em circle, Set aside. Line the base and sides of the t.n with non-stick baking parchment. making sure that the paper doesn't protrude above the edge of the tin. Arrange 300 9 of the raspberries m sa thick layer In the bottom. ChiU.

Sunmer the I emaininq raspberries in the fruit juice for 2-3 minutes. then pass through a sieve (don't worry if a few seeds push through) to make a ouree. Let cool comple'l.elly.

Put the soft cheese in a bowl, add half the sugar, beat to soften, then gradually beat in the cold raspberry puree.

Cut up the Jelly into squares and put In a saucepan with the evaporated milk. Heat gently, stunnq lInttn the reUy dissolves. Gaol slightly. then

gil aduaUy stir Into the cheese mixture. Whisk the egg whites until stiff. than graduaUy whlsk In the remaining sugar until stiff and meringue-like.

Beat 2 jarge spoontuts into the cheese and raspberry mixture then carefully fold In the rest. malking sure there are no large pockets of msnnaue,

Quick~y spoon over the raspberry layer In the tin and level the surface. Tap the tin gently to settle the mixture. Carefully lay the reserved sponge on top of the mixture. Press in very lightly Just to make sure It IS touchrng the whole surface, Chill tor 2-3 hours until set.

To serve. Invert the t In over a serving dish and release the sprrng Remove the ring and base. Carefully remove the paper from the sides and top and replace any raspberries that may fall down onto the plate Return to the

r9,frigerator until ready to serve.

BisClHI Crumb Base

,00 9 bullet

2 tablespoons so t brown sLJgar 250 9 plain chocotate chgesllve brscuus finely crushed

350 9 luu-tat soft cheese (Phllacje1p~ U~}

3 egg,s separated '00 9 caster sugar

i teaspoon v~nilia essence 200 mt double cream

20 9 powdered Q'etatine

250 9 fresh or frozen rat-pot:! nas 50 g caster sugal

Choco11ate IRipp~e

50 9 plarn chocolate

2 tablespoons doubla cream

a loose~based deep co/(E! fm, 20 em Olameter; greasea and hoed

Serves B

This creamy cheesecake holds rivulets of real raspberry and choco~ate sauces In a crisp chocolate cookie case. Aiternativeiy, if your time is !Iimited. you couild fol,d fresh raspberries and grated choco'ate 'into the- cheese mixture instead of the sauces.

raspberry and chocolate ripple cheesecake

Put ~he buller and suqar in a saucepan. melt over g,antle heat. then stir In the blscuu crumbs. Press ttH~! crumb mixture even~y over the base and up the sides ot the prepared cake tin, Chin for at least 30 minutes.

To make the lining, put the soft cheese in a large bowl and, usinq a wooden spoon or electric harte mixer, beat until softened. Beat lin the egg yotks and h,~iJf 'he caster sugar, vanilla essence and cream

Putt the ge~atine and 2 tabl~espoons water in a small heatproof bowl. set OV8'r a saucepan of hot water and sti r occasonallv until the the gelatme has dissolved. Keep I' warm. To make U1e raspberry ripple, put the rascbernes and sugar ~n a saucepan, heat gent'I'Y untll the sugar d-ssotves. then bo~1 for 1 minute until shghUy thickened. Press through a sieve and let cool. To rnaks the chocolate ripple, put the chocolate and cream in another saucepan. heat until the chocolate has melted, then stir well and let cool until Just warm, but still pourable. Beat the' gelatine into the cheese mixture.

Put ~he egg whites in a spotlessly dean, grease-free bowl. whisk until stiff but not dry, then whisk In the remaining sugar, grad ually, spoonful by spoontul, whisking until thick after each addrtion, Beat 2 spoonfuls of the menngue Into the cheese mixture, then quickly fold In the rest. Put small sooontuts of mixture over the base of the biscuit case so that they JOin up. then pou. the raspberry and chocolate sauces In between the spoonfuls of rmxture Spoon m tile remainmg cheese mixture and pour again (keep any rarnammq sauces to serve). SWIrl the mixtures together w,th a skewer to produce a ripple effect. Give the tin a shake to settle the mixture. then chdl for about 2-4 hours until set. To serve, remove the cake from the tin and car ef~Jlly peel off the paper Serve In thin suces with any extra sauces

1 macuurn I eadv made spong

lien case (a taast 23 em dldme ~r)


600 9 canned blackcurr nts In IIUlt IUlce, dramad anc1lu1ca reserved, or 250 g (raljl1 air frozen

tackour rants

70. 9 cast f sur I

o I crem Ie ca !;iIS 350 9 full fat salt en sa (P 11l£1delpnm)

2 09gs, socarat '(I

200 9 t10uble cr n

1 sacn pow ,Ell.! latm

Lake topping

50 rnt b!3Ckcw r nt lui!· (It ~Js~ng rash b1i)ckcw t anttJ

1 l u: pr u .'l powc:l reel lalln

tre I (I will,

I have sed Uiis on a beautifu~ udcJing often seen in French

patissenes. The inlk-col,oured base is covered with a deep purple-red, shiny lake' of SBt blackcurrant puree. Fresh blackcurra.us are best for CO~Olll and flavour. but frozen and canned work very wen lif the frui is out of season.

Cut oH the 11m ro level the flan case, then carefully slice tile cake In halt l1oflzontaUy. W~ ap and freeze one h H lor use another time. USing the base of e cake In as a c ulde. J.~u\ it on top of tlhe spongle nd cul round to

m ke a 23 em circle. Arrl: nge the sponqe in the bottom of th prepare t lin.

If Llsing canneo fruit, put the trull~, sugar and creme de cassis in a blender and work to a smooth purse. Press throuqh a sieve to remove the seeds, then set the iuica aside. If usinq nesu or frozen btackcu rants. Pl~t the fruit

In a ucapan WI h the sugar and .3 extr tablespoons of S rqar, Bring to

the boil nd simmer for 5 minutes until they burst. Transfer the fruit to blender, add the crern de C SSIS nd work to a smooth puree. Press througlh sieve to remove the seeds rid s I aside the Juice. Let cool completely, Set aside ,2 tablespoons of either puree to make th glaze.

Put the soft cheese, egg yolks and cream in a bowl and, usinq wooden spoon 01 electric h nd mil ern beat well, then stu In the puree. Put tile

gl latina and 75 ml reserved' Iluce or water In a so all heatproof bowl and fe sponge for 5 minutes. Set the bowl ovar a saucepan of hot w tsr and stir

9 ntly until Ole glelat~ne h s dlssotvso, then stir into the chs se rm ture, Put ~he egg whites m a spotlessly clean, grease-fir sa bowl and whisk until stiff but not chry, then lo~d in~o the mixture. Pour mto the tin and level the surface. Chilli tor 3-4 hours until film.

To rn . e the lak opping, put 50 ml re rved JUice, Ihe r rye pure n

h 1 easpor I) powd r d 9 latin In sauc pan nd rnl w II He t until

rmngfonn cak·· 1m the alaune has dissolv d. then cool unttl Imost cold n Just turntng to

m cirJmet(]j, Ol/( d syrup. Carefu~~y poui over the surtac of the chsesecak • n akinq sure It

covers til top. ChlU for a further 1 hour. C refully remove from th tin and

Serve a set 011 a servmc pial . Decorate with ug red btackcurr nts an j serve



100 9 buUsl

225 a J.,l1;:ur1 chocotate mscults. crusnao

sw~rls of Cr nan piped chocolate oecoraticns md tftngsnne segments nalt-rnpped Ul chOco~ate I to decorate


8 ~Jnwn;.:au tallgel mas 25 9 powdered golJ;n~ne 450 U mascarpooe or 1UU-18i so t thee !3

4 e~19s I epar atsd

17>J 9 C~ls~el ~ug H

300 ml creme tratche O~ SOur cream

3 table peons COlnl reau or rand Marllfel

tl ) fUJgform cake un 'i ('nJ dl mere t: hfJe 1

Serves 12

This is a cheesecake for a buffet party, It bursts with juicy nieces of tangerine and is very re'freshing after a meal. For a t eany special occasor I try usl ng tangerines or clementlnes reacy-orepereo in a Hqueur and sugar syrup, available from spectatst grocery stores.

tangerine and chocolate cheesecake

Put the butter in a small saucepan, melt over gentle haat. then stir in the brscuit crumbs. Press evenly Into the base of the prepared cake tin and Clli11 for 30 r Il inu tes.

Finely grate the zest of 2 tangerines and sat aside. Squeeze the JUice from 4 of the langEllrine's and pour into a small saucepan Spnnkle with the q.elatl1l8 and let sponge for 10 minutes. Remove the Uash from the segments of the remaining tangermes and chop coarsely.

Put the rnascarpons ln a large bowl and, usmq a wooden spoon or efectnc hand mixer, beat until softened, then beat In the egg yolks. 100 9 of the caster sugar. creme traiche and liqueur. Heat the gelat,ne slowly until dissolved, then stir Into the cheese mixture Fold In the tangerine zest and chopped tangerines.

Put the egg whites In a spotlessly clean, grease .. free bowl, whisk until stfff then gradually whisk In the rernammq caster sugar. Fotd Into the cheese rmxtura and spoon Into the cake tin. Level the surface and ch.1I for

3-4 hours until set.

Carefully remove the cheesecake from the tin onto a flat servrng plate Decorate w,th SWirls of cream topped with a chocolate decorano and chocolate- dipped tangenne segments Anernatlvely pipe an rr g ar r cross pattern over the lop of the cake with a hUla melted p~ n hv"","',~ .. v.

1 recipes Blscwi Ct limb

Base, mads with glngBr biscuits {p,age 10)

lhln~y shcecl kiwifruit toasted st1 ave cil coconut and shredded stem ginger. to oecorats

75 9 creamed coconut block

75 ml swestdessart wine, suer, as Moscatel de Valencia

3 l.abl'9spoons stein ginger syrup 2 teaspoons I)owdered gsl8ltine 24 frEsh or c~nnad Iychees

5 tablespoons coconut II,QlIeur, such as Ma~lbu

300 ml mascarpof"ls cheese 3 tablespoons chopped stem giliger

2 egg wt1\tes

50 9 caster sugar

5 loose based IfH1fel [ms, !loul 10 em diamUrer

Serves 6


The subt~e combination of coconut and Iychee makes these indivi,dual cheesecakes ~rres~stlib~e. Creamed coconut comes in a solid block and has a glood strong flavour - other types of coconut cream and mlilk wm not g~ve the- same effect.

Iychee and coconut cheesecakes

Press the crumb mixture into the bases and sides or the tart tms, then chili In ~he refrig'9H!f\Olf until required.

Grate the creamed coconut sind put in a saucepan with the sweet wine. 'gingler syrup and gellatine, Heat very gently until the coconut has melted. Do not bo~L St~r weB and pour into a blender

Peel the trash ~ychees, ~f using, and cut in half to remove the stones. Add to the blender with the coconut liqueur and b~end until smooth.

Put 'the rnascerpone cheese in a large bowl and, USIng a wooden spoon or el,ec'tric hand mixer, beat until softened, then graduaHy beat the puree into the cheese, Stir in the stern gInger.

Put the legg whites in 8. spotlessly clean. grease-free cowl, whisk untd stiff but, not dry, then whisk in the sugar, gradually, spoonful by spoonful. whlskrng until thick after each addition. Beat 2 spoonfuls of the meringue ~nto the cheese mixture, then fold in the rest. Spoon the Tilting Into the prepared tins and level the surface, Chill in the refngerator for at least

30 mlnuh;lS. Decorate with kiwitrutt slices, toasted coconut and shreds of stem ginger before servmg,

1 rscipe Biscuit Crur nb Base (pag'e , 0)


4ClD m! caniled coconut Pl~I~ 1 vamll(l pod

200 ml m!lk

4 egg yolkS

, 25 9 caster sldgar

2 lnb!espool1'Ti pllwrlerert gelatine 150 ili'l rnascan» me ~he8se

3 \ilblespaons coconut ~lQueur

1 large ripe mango, abou: 500 g rreSh~y SQueezed JUice 0 1 ori;mge flBshly SQusez.scl JUice ot 1 lime

2 npe wnflKled passion: r nt

!cu~g sugar. to lUStS

f) (Jeep meta, rings 6.5 x 6 em WHI I c"pa 't

J ... Cj \- of 120 mi. oiled

( Use washed and drred food Ci:ln, Opened at Gaoh end)

The tropical flavours of coconut I mango an.d passlontrult are gliven a ~jtt with coconut liqueur and orange and lime juice. If you can't f·ind canned coconut Imi!k, use dried coconut milk powder and make up as for thick coconut mi'lk. using the same quantity as in the recipe.

coconut cheesecake

with rranqo and passionfruit sauce

Stand Ihe prepared lings on a baking sheet and press a layer of the crumb «uxture Into the base of each one. Chill. Put the coconut milk in a nonalurnimum saucepan and whisk wei!. Spilt the vanilla pod lengthways and SCI ape the black seeds into the coconut milk. Stir In the milk, heat to bOIHngl point, then remove from tile heat.

PlJt the egg yolks and sugar ,in a bowl and whisk until pate and fluHy. Pour on the scalded coconut milk and stir welL Return to the saucepan and cook over gentle heat, stirr1itl9, until thickened like double cream. 00 not boit. otherwise It will curdle, This will take about 15 minutes. Strain this custard mto a bowl, caver with damp greaseproof paper and cool. Put the gelatine and! 50 m' cold water in a small hsatoroot bowl and let sponge. Set the bowl over a saucepan of simmenng water and jet melt until clear. Stir occasionally, then cool slightly. Put the rnascarpone In another bowl. beat in the liqueur to loosen it, then beat In the custard. Stir the gelatine into the cheese mixture. Chili for 15-20 minutes unt II the custard starts to thicken shghtlly Pour into the rings and chJII for 2-3 hours until set.

Peel the mang 0 and cut the nesh away from t he stone. then put In a blender with the orange and lime Juice. Blend until smooth, then press through a s~eve Into a bowl. Cut open the passionfruit. scoop out the seeds, then stir Into the sauce. Add ICing sugar to taste. If the sauce IS a IIUle thick, add rnoro orange JUice. Chill To serve, loosen the cheesecakes sllda eaoh one onto a plate, remove the rings and spoon over a httle sau e

1 recipe Chocolate C limb Base (page 10)

mini chocolate dipped Uorentines t to decorate (oPtional)

250 9 plain chocolate, over 60 per cent COcoa solids

300 9 fun-fat soft cheese 100 9 li(Jhl soft brown sugar 60 ml ark rum

100 9 macaroons 0 ratatas. 11 Iy crushed

cocoa POwder, sifted. lor dllstmg

£l sandwIch cake tlfjj 23 em dwmeter, Wlttl removable t)~S

Sen; s 6-8

A wickedly dense cheesecake to serve with the coffee after dinner, It couldn't be any easier to make. You may add any I~queur you like,. but Imy preterence lis for rum. Serve in thin s'ioes~ stralii'ght from the refriqerator so that it is as cool and firm as possible.

chocolate macaroon truffle cheesecake

Press the crumb mixture thinly (you Inlay not have to use It all) over the base of the cake tin and chill until required.

Break the chocolate lnto small I' evenly sized pieces and put in a small h'eatproof bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir constantly. unt iI the chocolate has m sited ~ then set aside.

Put the soft cheese iln a large bowl and, using a wooden spoon or electric hand mixer, beat until softened. Beat in the brown sugar and rum, then stir In the melted chocolate and crushed macaroons. Spoon Into the tin and level the surface as neatly as possible. Chill for 1-2 hours.

When firm. dust the top with a thin layer of cocoa powder. Carefully remove from the tin (yOU may like to warm the sides of the tin to release the cheesecake) and set on a large serving plate. Decorate with mini

flOfsntines, if using. and serve.

,'/ recipes Chocolate Crumb Base ~page 10)

shards or curls, mace from 125 9 plain chocot2llt.e, melted, to decorate

iculg, sugar, for dusting

whipped cream, to serve (OptiOnal)

350 9 ncona cheese, at room tsmperatLJrEI

350 9 rnascarpone cheese, st room tem peratum

, tablespoon dlark rum

3 tables.poons coffee liqueur, sue h 8!B Tla Maria

1 teaspoon vaniUa essenc e 4 tables.poQ1rlS ic~ng 'Sugar

125 9 grated p~ain bitter chocolate, 60 pE!r cent cocoa solids

2 tabloor"l

l' coons espresso ground

talian roast coffee

a Spnngform cake tin 25 em diameter. line~

Serves 6-8

A semifreddo is a puddling that is half frozer to 'g,ive it a s!ightl:y thickened, creamy texture. Rlicotta and rnascarpcne are sweetened I laoeo with rum and Tla IMar~ai and flavoured w~th pU[lveriz:ed Italian coffee and grated p~lain chocolate to give an interesti~ng texture, You must buy ve1ry f1ilnely ground espresso coftee. or it wilill taste 'QlF'itty!

coffee ricotta semifreddo cheesecake

Press the crumb mixture into the base of the prepared cake till. (Using a potato masher helps to flatten the crumb base ENenly.) Chin untf required.

Strain the ricotta cheese into a bowl I then beat in the rnascarpons cheese w~th a wooden spoon. (Do not attempt to do this in a food processor, otherwise the mixture wiH be v'fJery runny.)

Beat In the rum, ~iqueur, vanitla essence and sugar, then ~o~d In the grated chocolate and ground coffee, leaving thle mixture streaky. Carefully spoon lnto the prepared tin, Ilsav:ing the surface coarse,

Fre,sze' for about :2 hours until just frozen, not rock solid, The pudding should be only just frozen or very chilled. Transfer to the refrigerator 3.0 minutes before slarvlng to soften slightly if too firm.

To serve', unrnould, remove the paper and set on a farge serving plate. Use a knife to. cutthrouqh very cold plain chocolate to make spiky shards, then use to cover the surface of the cheesecake. Alternatively. to make chocolate curls, spread rneited plai n chocolate on a marble slab to a depth of 5 rnm. When just set, draw a fine-bladed knife across the chocolate at a 45 degrs,8 angle to shave off curls. Dust with icing sugar and serve with a spoonful of whipped cream, if using.

Note Ricotta is a light fresh cheese made from whey. If unavailable, use strained cottaqe cheese Instead.

refngerator 81


crccoate sauce

75 9 besl-QLi(=lh~y plain chocolate 50 9 caster sugar

1 teaspoon cocoa powder 1 teaspocn van.~ja essence

Makes about ,350 ml

Bna'ak the chocolate Into small , evenly sized pieces and put in a smaH heavy-basedl saucepan.

Add this, sugar, cocoa powLtler and 300 mi water. Heatt gen~lyj s1irr~ngl occaslonaUy, until the chocolate has melted. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15-20 mlnutl9s unti! syrupy and "'ery glossy.

Remove hom the heat. stir in the vanilla, then let cool. Reheat s10wly to serve.


hot fudge sauce

so 9 best Quality plain chocolate. 7,0 per cent cocoa SOI10'$

15 g butter

2 tablespoons golden s~~rlJP 150 91 soft brown sugar, sieved 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Makes, about ,250 ml

Break the chocolate into small, even~y sized pieces

and put in a. medium bowl set over a saucepan of bare1ly simmeringl water. Leave for about 10 minutes until compl,etely me:l'ted, then stir

in I he, butter. Add 75 m I bOIling water, st ir well to blend, then stir In the golden syrup and sugar.

Transfer to a small saucepan I add the vanina and bnng to the boil, turn the heat down and leave to bubble very slowly for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat immediately. KelSp it warm Over the hot water, it Will set as it cools.

It can eaSily be remelted over gent ~e heat.

toffee caramel sauce

4 tanlesooons golden syrup

2 tablespoons soft brown sugar 1 tablespoon un sa ted butter

1 50 m~ dou ble cream

treshly squeezed uuce of ~ large lemon

Make's about 300 rnl

Put the golden syrup. sugar and butter in a medium saucepan and heat gently until dissolved. then boll untf it becomes a rlch golden brown.

Remove the saucepan from the heat, add 150 m I water, return to the heat and stir until dissolved. Pour in the cream and lemon juice. then bOil untlr syrupy. Let coot, This sauce IS best served warm.

strawberry saUCI8

500 9 fresh strawberries

2 ablespoons iCing suy r ablespoon balsamic v negar

Makes about 30D ml

Hull and halve U"le strawberries, then put them in a smaU

saucepan with the icinq sugar

and 3 tabl'espoons water. Heat slow\y until the' Juices start to - ru n, then transfer to a blender or food processor1 add the balsamic v~negar and puree until smooth.

If yoU plrefer, press tlhe sauce through a sieve to remove tne seeds. Pour 1nto a smaU bowl. cover wiith ci~nghlm and chili

unW required,

Variatilon M k

- . a 8 raspberry sauce

the same way, but substitute r~SPberry vinegar for the balsamic

Vmegar t·

I - I Just adds a certain

sharp note to the sauce.

500 rnl n ascerpone cheese or double c earn

3 abrespoons ICing sugall 100 rnl Italian Vin San a or Mars la wine

Makes about 500 rnl

Put the mascarpone c~ eese. icing sugar and Yin Santo In a large bowl and, using a bal loon whisk or electric hand mixer, whisk until soft peaks 8r e forrneo. Chm

until required.

lemon syllabub cream

flnely grated zest and JUice of 1 unwa· ad lemon

6 tabrespoons Mad Ir wme or sherry 150 rnl dry white Wine, Madeira

or sherry

tre ,hly grated nutmeg 500 ml double cream ICing sugar, to taste

Makes about 500 ml

Put the lemon zest in a bowl with the Madeira. wine and grated nutmeg. Leave to macerate for

at least 1 hour. Strain Into another bowl.

Put the cream and Icing sugar to taste in another bowl, and uSing a balloon whisk or electric hand mixer, whisk until Just starting to thicken. then gradually whisk In the flavoured wine until the mixture forms soft peaks. Use Immediately. otherwise it wtll separate.


b nana c:ruClmei cl1eesccake, :010

base t makl"S cheesecake. a b scow cheesec es,

maSC81 pone. 38

otac urrar- ake cheesecake 49


canrned oranqe eedla nreds at orange zest, 50 C8raFf\e~~i.ed r,lurple ~Q

chee ecake. 26

carnrne shards ~ 1


macaroon trul e

cneesecs ke, 5U marble ch secak ,3(\ sauce 62


yCI1er and, cneeseca'Kes, 55

con neon em' f' hi0

ell 0' s ec a~H.l, 60 ooloe cases 0

coo ~e crumt) bas 10

c ocola e 01 umb bas , 10 nuHy b CUll c.llunb

tJase, llJ cOHagr) cneesu

aile c rl Y st U els. 28, t t canton' or. l1

cream chees ,fa" com Oil'll 01,4


rat content 01 en eses fudge sauce nor, 6


g (II' cheOL e anc £longer 'Lee::seca, 0 wIth rhubaU) compote, zs


haney h zelnut

CtH1 cake

hot ludge



K~ng Henry V u, 22

lern 11

cheeseca~ll', Slmpl , .. 7

5Vllabub cream. 53

little Riehm nd maids of honour 22

,chee anO COCOi,ut

c ieesec es, 55


ma~d of honour, 22 mango and pussronn ui

sauce, 57 marsfl-mallow, while strawberry

chet CA ~e, 42

masc rpo: E!

b scot cr-ena cakes 38 crcam.63

la content of, 4 measurements. ~, 64


fl ·s

orn~'f hazolnut crunch cleesecake, 34 nun y cookie CU,Jmb base, 10


anqe blossom

c~ eesec kes, 5 ~ mango needlesh'eds. 50 ven-bak d cnee acak s, ~:? 35

ave • preheDllr19 4


usan Ehzabh I, 2


f~spb fry

and cnocolate pple cheesee Ike, dO

flu f cheese aka,

reJ erator cnee oak ,~l '53

rrlUr.d compote, 25 nCOI a

ancl raism c:hE8SUC ke, 18 fat corn eru 01', 4


Sfluces. G2-3. choco'ate sauc '62 hO~ fudge sauce, 6

Ir-!mof' syllabub cream, 63

r scarpone cream, 63 strawnerry avce, 3

toffee caramel sauce, 62 simple lemon che secak 1 7

strawcerrv sauce, 63

wh.ta marsbrnat ow cheesecake 42


to ea caram l auce 2 tanqer n rind C~lOCO ate

heesecake: 5 nrarruau chees aks, 3 \fEldltlonat New York

hess ke 14


york h~re case

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