Don ts and Do s I Never believe anything that originates from the Trusted source-you may end up disappointed

and broken. II Don t think about the affections you feel for that ladHe may be your worst foe. III When you lie down to sleep, listen to your heart beep-it May be directing you towards your promised land. IV Watch before you act-listen carefully-not a drop of word From your mouth until the final game is over! V Everybody is your friend, but not everybody will stand by you When you need them-take heart. VI Massage your thoughts by nurturing them with wholesome Pleasures. You re special even if not in the sight of men. VII Never limit your abilities-you re unique and only your prowess Counts at the grandest occasions. VIII Learn to love unconditionally-choosing whom to love depicts

You re a coward-a sham who favors only a few. IX Try; even when you don t feel like it-for therein lies your Breakthrough. Never give up-why cop out when you can fit in? X Obey your natural instincts-open up your heart to your conscienceDon t fool yourself! XI Let your intuition match up to your understanding-never act in a rush!.... XII Remember-even if no one loves you, God does and that s enough to upload Your cares at Heaven s gates. XIII Never let your peak sway you from your roots-forget not your humble beginnings .. XIV At the end of the day, it s what you impart into your generation that counts, Not your fame and fortune-BE WISE!!!

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