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8125 Salt Lake City, UT Email: Morgan Bowen Urges Rob Bishop to attend the Roundtable on Immigration Reform
SALT LAKE CITY, August 16th, 2010 – Utah First District Congressional candidate, Morgan Bowen, is urging Congressman Rob Bishop to attend the Immigration Roundtable on Thursday August 19 at 1 pm-3pm. The Roundtable will be held at the Centro Civico - 155 South 600 West - Salt Lake City, Utah. "The reason why various states, including Utah, are attempting to create their own immigration laws is due to the fact that congress and the White House have failed to act on the issue for the past decade. Rob Bishop has been part of the problem by not actively seeking a comprehensive solution." Bowen said. Bowen continued “Bishop was in the majority party in congress with a Republican president in the White House, yet he failed to do anything about immigration reform." The forum is being hosted by Centro Civico and the Utah Coalition of La Raza. All candidates for Federal office and Federal office holders have been invited along with community and religious leaders from various perspectives on the immigration issue. "I encourage Rob Bishop to attend and discuss this issue and ways we can have a workable, reasonable, and humane approach to immigration reform in the United States with the Federal Government stepping up and doing their job. It would be extremely costly for Utah to enforce any kind of immigration law on the state level, especially in light of the economic crisis we are in today." Bowen said. "Constitutionally, border security and immigration is a Federal Issue and our representatives in Washington have been sleeping on the job for too many years." For additional information or to get involved with the campaign see or call (435) 760-4812.

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