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Práctica de ejercicios

Nombre: Rene Arturo Ruiz Fierro Matrícula: 2603762

Nombre del curso: Physics I Nombre del profesor: Hugo Castaña

Módulo: 1. Actividad: 1.

Fecha: 2010-08-10 Equipo: Doesn’t apply.


Answer the following questions and exercises in a clear and organized manner.

1. What unit system, English or metric, is more widely used in the world? Explain.
2. What are the main disadvantages of the English system over the metric system?
3. What are the main disadvantages, if there were, in keep using the units on the
English system on the industry and commerce instead of converting them to the
metric system? Explain.
4. Convert each of the following measurements to meters:
o 509cm
o 3pm
o 80km
o 0.098mm
o 450μm
o 900nm
5. Order the following mass measurements from lowest to highest.
o 17mg
o 3000μg
o 50m
o 83fm
6. A rectangular building is on a lot that measures 100 feet times 50 feet.
Determine the area of said lot on square meters.
7. The age of the Universe is 5x1017 seconds. Express this amount in years using
the appropriate conversion factor.
8. Determine the order of magnitude of your age in minutes.
9. The speed of light is around 300,000 km/s. Convert this velocity to miles per
10. A known fast food restaurant sells a ½ pound hamburger. Express this quantity
in grams.


Práctica de ejercicios