June 20, 2008 "Write to Parent" 5119 Highland Rd. #229 Waterford, MI 48327 Attn: Lary Holland Mr.

Holland, I applaud your efforts to bring parents’ voices to the Capital. It’s high time our representatives realize the destruction they’re responsible for inflicting on America’s families. We must make positive changes now. Bad laws cause parents to endure protracted child custody cases and often one parent loses all contact with the children. Families have their children removed from their home by CPS without cause. Parents are the best providers of protection, not the government. The right to parent our own children is a right that none of us take lightly. Yet so many take it for granted. We can no longer be naïve. Too many families are suffering. I wish you much success,

Teri C. Stoddard

Teri Stoddard, Shared Parenting Works http://www.sharedparentingworks.org

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