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Early Christians

Early Christians

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Published by: Jidilea Baluyot on Aug 18, 2010
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Early Christian Art

(200 ± 500 AD)

I. Background
‡ The period of dramatic growth of Christianity. ‡Early Christians were intensely interested in how Christ carried himself. ‡ Images of ancient Pantheon was replaced by saints and angels. ‡Images of gods, goddesses, heroes, and nymphs were neglected.

I. Background
‡ ARIANISM ± the denial of the Son¶s full divinity and how He shared the Father¶s nature.

‡ LATE ANTIQUE ± continuity of style and patterns of government, social structures, and in culture similar to the previous age of Imperial Rome.

‡ EMPEROR MYSTIQUE ± image of presenting an emperor in a figure.

II. Art and Architecture
‡ Early Christians refused pictorial representation of its faith. ‡ In the 3rd century did Early Christians considered putting into art their faith. ‡Churches is not only the house of God but also the place of worship. ‡ Early Christians did not fully neglected the forms of art of preceding ages.

II. Art and Architecture
‡ Restricted to making sarcophagi, works in ivory, diptychs, metal vessels for secular and sacred uses, and gems.

‡ BASILICA ± a longitudinal structure with aisles an a central aisle lit by windows in the walls found on the side aisles.

‡ CRYPT ± Bodies of saints were buried under churches.

II. Art and Architecture

‡ DIPTYCHS ± inner faces were used as book covers, writing tablets, caskets and toiletry containers.

‡ MOSAICS ± light-reflecting paintings used with gold, colored stones and glass pastes (enamels).

IV. Artworks

Arc of Constantine ( 315 CE) Rome, Italy

IV. Artworks

Priestess celebrating the rites of Bacchus c.380-400. Right leaf of the Diptych of the Nicomachi and the Symmachi

IV. Artworks

Left panel: Ceres-priestess before the altar of Cybele Ivory diptych of the Nicomachi and Symmachi, end of IVth century.

IV. Artworks
Early Christian Art: Early Christian.avi

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