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James Cheetham CV 2010

James Cheetham CV 2010

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Published by: slimjim3906 on Aug 18, 2010
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James Cheetham CV

Video Editor

T. 07590 562 497

The Perfect Recipe for a tv show. .21/04/89 Dorothy Stringer School Full Time Employment Company: MIA Europe Position: Video Editor Date: Jan 2008 . featuring 3d particles forming together to create the world recognised ‘CK’ logo for Calvin Klein. Project: O’Neill CWC Scotland Client: O’Neill Europe Role: Assistant Editor Format: 24 minute TV Show. O’Neill Evolution is one of 6 TTR globally recognised Snowboard competitions. The end user would purchase these clips via download through their mobile phone. CWC Scotland fetured surfing in a ice cold blizzard.Dec 2008 As a video Editor at MIA I cut short glamour videos for global distribution through mobile phone networks such as 02 and vodafone.B . 2005 D. I would upload the content onto the clients ftp server for aproval and distribution.C A-Level Film Studies .com. The O’Neill coldwater classic series documents surfing in extreme conditions. Created using Maxon’s cinema 4d and Adobe after effects.B A-Level Media studies . Created for Broadcast on a variety of chanells. Project: O’Neill Hyperfreak Client: O’Neill Europe Role: Editor Format: 4 x 2 minute promos Project: O’Neill Evolution Client: O’Neill Europe Role: Assistant Editor Format: 24 Minute TV Show Project: Calvin Klein DVD Client: Calvin Klein/ Studio 9 Role: Motion Designer Format: 10 sec DVD Intro The Great Escape is a forward thinking music festival based in Brighton. Freelance work 2010_ Project: The Great Escape Client: Channel 4/ CC Lab Role: Camera Operator/ Assistant Editor Format: 24 minute TV Show. I edited four promos for www. This was a fast paced production. Consisting of talented musicians from around the world. transfered and edited.Education Varndean College Brighton A-Level Photography . O’Neill Hyperfreak boardshorts are at the pinacle of technology in surf gear.B 10 GCSEs. After being Logged. 10 second Motion Graphics sequence. Acting as a qaulifier for the olympics. I was in charge of logging and transfering footage on location in Switzerland throughout the event.O.o’neil. Made for broadcast on Channel 4’s 4music.

This was a production for Calvin Klein. Paul Harnden is a world renowned shoe maker. . Corioliss are one of the leading brands of hair electronic products. I adapted a film directed by russian film maker Vladimir Tyulkin for screening in art gallery’s around the world. Mainly using Photoshop. This video promoted their latest range of C2 hair straightners. often using it in conjunction with other software from the cs4 suite. Autodesk Maya I have basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya. I am competent in using the IBK Keyer along with Primatte and Keylight. super 8 and DV. I have used it for a variety of 3d project. the footage is a mixture of Red One. 16mm. Adobe After Effects I am a competent Adobe after effects user. I am experienced working on fast paced shows for broadcast and organising projects for high pressure TV Shows on location. in design and after effects.0. creating a training video to show staff how to correctly measure customers bra sizes. creating visualisations for companies such as Calvin Klein and Corioliss. I also have a good understanding of the basic roto tools with Nuke. Key Skills Final Cut Pro I have over 5 years experience working with Final cut pro in a proffesional environment. I assisted crew members and made sure the shoot ran smoothly. selling exlusively in shops around the world for up to £2000 a pair. Filmed over three years. This was a green screen shoot for a Calvin Klein corporate dvd. Adobe Cs4 Suite I am a user of a variety of programmes from Adobe’s Cs4 suite.2009_ Project: Brighten Client:: Personal Role: Director Format: 66 Minute film Project: CK Training video Client: Calvin Klein/ Studio 9 Role: Camera Operator Format: 20 minute DVD Project: About Love Client: Paul Harnden Shoemakers Role: Editor Format: 6 minute DVD 2008_ Project: You Are The Difference Client: Calvin Klein Role: Production Assistant Format: 20 minute DVD Project: Corioliss Promo Client: Corioliss Role: Director Format: 12 minute DVD This was a personal project that I created to showcase the talent of skateboarders in Brighton. The foundry Nuke I have basic knowledge of The Foundry’s Nuke v5.

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