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Valedictory Address

Valedictory Address

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Published by: vhetzki12 on Aug 18, 2010
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Valedictory Address

Yvette F. Watson

A pleasant morning Dr. Elvira Directo, our honored guest speaker, Mo. Felecita Serra, our mother superior, Sr. Aida Davide, our Directress, Mrs. Celeste Palado, Officer-in-Charge, faculty and staff, guests, friends and fellow graduates. I am honored to be standing here representing the graduating class of 2010. On behalf of the graduates, I would like to thank you for joining us on this auspicious occasion. Graduation is a time of reflecting on the past and looking onward to the future. It is a time that we, as graduates, get together for one last hurrah before moving on to bigger and better adventures. As we look back on 4 amazing years, it is easy to see that MCJCS has played an instrumental role in helping to shape the young men and women we are today. Four years ago, we walked in to the gates of Mary, Cause of our Joy Catholic School, fresh from elementary, and we had no idea what to expect from high school. We thought it was a stepping ground to the real goal, college. Friendships quickly developed between us, especially meeting new faces from other schools. And then came sophomore year. By then, those new friendships were stronger and no one even remembered which elementary school you came from. We all belonged to MCJCS. We spent third year, with fewer people, but nonetheless we worked hard in school, played harder on the courts and worked harder in competitions. It was in this year we began to realize each of our own potentials. We shared challenges and victories, and most of all the memories spent in all those days of collecting bottles for Ecology and practice for DramaFest, and so much more. That brings us to our final year, Senior year. Everyone always told me, “senior year goes by fast,” but I never imagined it would be this fast. One year. One last year and what a year it has been. We finally did it. We completed 4 years of education in high school. We finally completed grad transitions and here we are all together for the last time. That definitely puts a lot of pressure on me. As most of you know, I am not the most profound person in the world. In fact, when I was trying to find inspiring quotes for this speech, I came across many that I simply couldn’t understand. Fortunately for me, there was one man who summed up my ideas perfectly and as a bonus, his ideas rhymed. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.” Although it is pretty selfexplanatory, I think Dr. Seuss hit the nail on the head. For the past 10 years of our lives, we have been given information and knowledge and it is now time to put it to good use. Our teachers and administrators have equipped and prepared us for our futures which begin as we step out of these doors for one last time. This June, we won’t be coming together for the first day of school, as we have done year after year after year. We won’t be excited to see our new schedules, meet our new teachers and see everyone wear the new black shoes that our parents said were too expensive to buy. We each chose a path and, whether it begins tomorrow or in June, things will never be the same again. We

than any formula we could ever have learned in Chemistry. Whether it is a parent. It is the beginning of new adventures. an uncle. more parties. It is not ionic but it is just as powerful. . We have a fresh blank page ahead of us. Unfortunately. Their jobs as caretakers are relatively over and it is time for them to step aside and let our true colors shine through. they will no longer be parents of children but rather parents of young men and women who will be sent. it’s not about quizzes or test marks. for that. Let us take what we have learned and let it guide us through to our futures. I ask you to take this opportunity to write an unforgettable chapter filled with the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. Oscar Wilde wrote. most importantly. into the real world. to get to this day. who have never stopped giving their love and inspiring me to make my dreams come true. There is no other faculty that knows almost everyone by name. In the end.have made bonds between friends that will never be broken. who has helped each and every one of us to get here. A generous thank you is well deserved. I have been so fortunate in experiencing this gift with some of the most amazing people in the world. They have been an integral part of learning inside the classroom as well as outside of it. We have laughed so hard we were practically crying together. It’s about what you have gained as a person that truly matters. an aunt. This commencement ceremony can be as difficult for our parents as it is for us. big and small. well prepared. After today. new friendships and. you have inspired and made it possible for us to get here. It is a special type of bond. as well as my fellow graduates. It takes a truly special person to be a teacher. We have cried together. in my entire life. We are all very diverse and distinct in our beliefs and ideas but when you put us all together. a neighbor or just someone special. much stronger and more valuable. I believe he was referring to something else. Thank you. a new one begins. I would like to take this time to thank everyone. I would like to say a special thank you to the hardworking faculty at MCJCS. This is a day that is eagerly anticipated yet one that brings at least a few tears. I would like to thank them. We have made memories that will last a lifetime. Getting a diploma today is not the end of graduation but rather the beginning of something special. There is something. It is something that is experienced. It is up to us to grab our pens and write our own stories. The gift of friendship is something that can never be taught. They have been influential in helping us get to this day. the graduates.” The first time I read this I completely agreed. a guardian. will I need to know how to find the inverse of functions given a set of ordered pairs. And not just because of the several dozen late and absence slips we have accumulated over the years. My friends have been there for me when I have needed them the most and I for them. They have helped me. Never. I think that the teachers here have tried their best to teach us this valuable lesson and. “Education is an admirable thing. I have been so blessed to have a family who helped me in every way possible to get to this day. I don’t think that is what Oscar Wilde intended. but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught. We have laughed together. a grandparent. As we end one glorious chapter of our lives.

I believe that this is something we have all done extraordinarily well. Congratulations grads of 2010! I love you RUSHERS. . A truly inspirational teacher once told me not to be the person that others expect me to be but rather be the person that I want to be. I probably took much of your time. For our futures.something amazing happens. in the end. I cannot think of anything better to ask of my fellow graduates than this. It takes important events to realize that we won’t have a second chance to do this next year. that’s all that matters. We need to seize our opportunities today. I hope you all live your lives to your hearts’ content and that you take the path in life that leads you to the most happiness because. I hope that our worries stay small and that all our dreams reach the stars because the sky’s the limit.

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