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Amrita School of Ayurveda

Cosmetology &
Concept and Practice

Dr Ananth Ram Sharma

MD Panchakarma, (PhD).

Presented at CME on Cosmetology organized by

AMAI Kollam district committee on 18/07/10

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I will take you to…….
Concept of Beauty

Factors Affecting Beauty

What is Cosmetology

Cosmetic conditions and remedies

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart
~ Kahlil Gibran~

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What you mean by Beauty ?
• Beauty consciousness and the knowledge of
application of different beautifying materials is as old
as human existence on this earth.
• Concept of beauty may vary from ….
• Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, Place,
object or idea that provides a perceptual experience
of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. Beauty is
studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social
psychology and culture.
• An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or
possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a
particular culture, for perfection.

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Concept of Beauty in Ayurveda

• Ayurveda holds a clear concept of Beauty.

• More precisely it can be said that physical,

mental and spiritual Beauty as a combined unit
projects the Cosmetic sense of Ayurveda.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be

seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
~Hellen Keller ~

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How to determine Beauty

• Prakruthi – Based on body constitution

• Sara – Based on most nourished Dhatu.

• Samhanana – Based on compactness of body.

• Twak – Based on the factors like Varna, Prabha and


• Pramana - Based on body measurements.

• Dirghayu Lakshanas – Based on the signs of long life.

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Beauty in its Physical aspect
• People always look for the external beauty which
can be corrected by Ayurveda.
• The physical beauty depend on,

Contours of body

Texture of skin

Quality of hairs & nails

• Before the birth itself the beauty of a person is

determined. Which points out to the necessity of
understanding the beauty under the genetic

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Genetic Factors of Beauty

• Matruja and Pitruja Bhavas

• Factors which contribute from the maternal and

paternal side.

• This happens at the time of the Sukra Shonita

Samyoga union of Sperm and Ovum.

“It is not beauty that endears, it's love that makes us see beauty”

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Other Factors
• Panchamahabhutas.
• Agni with Jala and Akasha -Fair color.
• Agni with Pritvi and Vayu -Dark Color.
• All the 5 elements – tanned.

• Depending on Colour of Shukra

• White/ Ghee like - Fair
• Oily/ Like Honey - Dark
Beauty is not just a source
• Diet of mother of joy, but also relaxes the
mind, and gives confidence
• Milk & sweets - Fair
• Sesame & Junk foods - Dark
• Desha, Kala,Kula and mode of living
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Why Beauty Care

• The skin is the largest organ in the

body. It is our first line of defense
from disease-causing organisms in
the environment. The conditions
on inside and outside of the body
affect its health.

• Given this knowledge, there are

Uncontrollable and Controllable
Factors that we need to be aware
of so that we keep our skin

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Uncontrollable Factors Controllable Factors

Natural aging Exercise

Sun Water

Humidity Sleep

Temp./climate Nutrition

Air pollution Stress

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• Cosmetology (from Greek
κοσμητικός, kosmētikos,
"skilled in adornment";
and -λογία, '''') is the study
and application of beauty
treatment. Branches of
specialty including
hairstyling, skin care,
cosmetics, manicures/
pedicures, and

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Sl. Charya Benefits
1 Achamana • Removes Sebaceous Secretion
• Cools Body
2 Abhyanga • Improves glow of the skin
• Moistens the skin
3 Snana • Maintain Luster
• Removes Dirt
4 Nasya • Prevents Premature Graying
• Provides Strong shoulder & chest
5 Gandusha & Kavala • Well formed cheeks
• Strengthens facial muscles
6 Anjana • Improves visual perception
• Makes layers of eye distinct
7 Udvartana • Removes excess fat
• Improves complexion
8 Vyayama • Provide proportionate body
• Make the muscles well formed

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• Shodhana pralepa
• Ropana pralepa
• Katinyakara pralepa
• Mardavakara pralepa
• Savarneekarana Lepa
• Varnakara Lepa
• Roma Sanjanana Lepa
• Twak Karshnyakara Lepa

Page 13
• Kamya Rasayana for your Skin
• Achara Rasayana and Sadvritta for mental beauty

Single drugs Yogas

Bakuchi Narasimha Rasayana
Bhallataka Amruta Bhallataka
Loha Kalyanaka Gulam
Amalaki Sukumara Ghrutam
Jyotishmati Amruta Prasham
Manjishta etc.

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Various conditions

Dry Skin Krishneekarana

• External Applications • Bhallataka
• Sukumara gritam • Gajalinda Bhasma
• Narasinha Rasayanam • Gomutra with Nimba Lepa

• Brings normalcy
Pigmentary Disorders
• Varnya gana
• Ishtika Churna + Manjishta
• Eladi gana
• Manjishtadi Kashayam
• Nalpamaradi Keram
• Arogyavardhini Vati
• Manjishtadi Kashayam
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Various conditions
Feet-Dry And Peeling Romapaharama
• Amlika Twak Bhasma with Taila • Haratala, haridra
• Ketaki Patra Bhasma with Taila
• Pada Nimajjana (Remove the Debris) Scars
• Jalaukavacharana
Stana vardhaka • Madhu Lepa
• Ashvagandhadi Taila • Kasisadi Tailam
• Vidari Kandham • Tutham with Tailam
• Kalyanaka Gulam

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Various conditions
Sunburn Oily Skin
• Avoid further damage • Eladi gana Lepam
• Nalpamaradi Keram with Arikkadi
• Maha tiktakam Gritham int & ext. • Vamanam

• Eranda Taila Massage
• Dronapushpi Swarasa Application
Stretch Marks
• Dhanyaka kalka + navaneeta
• Rub with Gomay churna then
lepa with Triphala Churnam
Page 17
• Taila Panam

• Udwarthanam

• Gomutra Hareetaki

• Sthaulyahara Yavagu

• Snehapanam

• Virechanam

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To Summarize
Hygiene is as important as cosmetic application.

Beauty is not achieved by one day but it should be

enhanced or maintained by following the daily regimens
mentioned in Ayurveda.

Rasayana has important role in the enhancement of


Ayurveda has a rich knowledge of cosmetics which can be

applied for the day to day needs.

Don’t go behind the Spa therapies, instead of that can

utilize the hidden treasures of Ayurveda and upgrade

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“Na Matra Matramapyatra Kinchit Agama

For Your

Dr. Sharma’s Ayurveda Concepts

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