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Timeless Moments

Timeless Moments

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Published by Lucy Diaz

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Lucy Diaz on Aug 18, 2010
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What is time? We have come up to organize it by seconds, minutes, and hours.

We created clocks , watches, and alarms to remind us of its existence. We set up meetings and sche dules around an abstract idea. I used to be a slave of my wrist watch, constantl y watching it, and programming my life around it until I lost it on my high scho ol graduation trip to the beach. The Atlantic ocean devoured my master as a way of freeing me from the tic-tacs. Since then, I have not bought a watch again. However, that doesn't mean I'm a disorganized person who likes to procastinate. On the contrary, as a good straight A's college student who likes to set up a st udy time, and I'm proud of being on time to the encounters with friends and othe r meetings. Nevertheless, I enjoy my timeless moments such as those when I paint, do yoga, o r like today, a chat with two old friends that lasted four hours, and yet, it fe lt like twenty seconds. I love when those moments happen, when I just stop being awared of the past or the future, and only the present exists. Like this moment. I'm here with my laptop, my thoughts, and some Arabic music on the background. Although I'm Colombian, I love to listen world music. Yet, ther e is something special about Middle Eastern music that reminds me of places I've never been to, but that feel like home. It's a weird and I can't describe this feeling precisely, yet it's so real. I believe there are two kinds of timeless experiences. There is the shared exper ience, which is the one that is felt as a group. There are a few friends with wh om I hadn't lost that special connection that regardless of what stage we are in our lives, we feel that we still play in the same tune. What creates that feeli ng is unclear. Perhaps it is a matter of compatible personalities, special exper iences shared, or an inner close connection. The other kind of timeless experience is the one experienced with oneself. It's the kind I feel when I paint or do yoga. When I'm alone with my colors, brushes, and visual ideas. My mind is on the non tangible place where my paintings come to life before they even exist. That feeling is different from the one I experience when I'm doing yoga or medit ating in which I feel connected to my body and my mind. I started practicing yog a over a year ago, but now this practice is guiding me into a more spiritual sta te. Yoga started by helping me to fix some back problems and as a stress reliever. T hen, it became a way of calibrating my stiffed body every morning. Lately, I've started to notice a change. I started to see "new" parts in my body. Not because they were not there before, but because I've never seen them before with close attention. For instance, when I do the the downward facing dog, I can see the po int of my toes; or when I do the reverse warrior, I can see my palms from a diff erent perspective. Or even when I do the bridge pose, I can see my belly button at the same time as I feel my blood flow coming toward my chest. Those timeless moments are priceless! I can see my body, I can feel my body, I c an appreciate my body, and most important, I can thank my body for its hard work of keeping me alive 24/7. I hope those timeless moments never cease. I wish some readers can understand th is feeling, and hopefully, experience it as well. Time is an ilussion and when w e realize that truth and enjoy it, our mind and body become free.

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