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Accounts Payable by ORACLEUG

Accounts Payable by ORACLEUG

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Published by: PraveenReddyB on Aug 18, 2010
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Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 09:10

1. Run the program ‘Expense Report Import’ program.

2. Run the ‘Invoice Validation’ program for all parameters - This will validate all the invoices entered in the
Operating Unit.

3. Run the ‘Invoice On Hold Report’ for the period to verify if any invoice is put on hold.
Submit the program with default parameters.
If there is any invoice on hold, resolve the issue and remove the hold.

4. Run 'Payable Accounting Process'.

5. Run ‘Unaccounted Transactions Report’ program to find out any unaccounted transaction for the period.
Enter Period Name and submit the report.

6. For the previous month, run:
a) Account Payable Trial Balance Report

For the month just closed, run:
a) Posted Payment Register
b) Posted Invoice Register
c) Account Payable Trial Balance Report

Reconcile using:
Previous month Account Payable Trial Balance
+ Current Month Posted Invoice Register
- Current Month Posted Payment Register
= Current Month Account Payable Trial Balance

7. Transfer accounting transactions to GL by running 'Payables Transfer to General Ledger' program.

8. Run ‘Account Analysis Report with Sub Ledger Detail’ for your AP Liability Account in GL.
The grand totals should match with AP Trial Balance Report.

9. To Close period in AP and open the next period:
Navigate to Accounting > Control Payables Periods
Close the current period and then open the next period

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