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rom 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Under section 501(c), 527, or 4947(a(1) of the Internal Revenue Code (except black ung lag oer Bonett trust or private foundation Peeters ‘an Rowe ees > Te eganzaton mayhaveto use a copyo! ts reunto satay sate repotng requrenents ena 1 For tho 2004 calendar yar, or tmx year begining 9/01 2004, and ending 09/30/2005 ‘© Name of erganaaton Employer denticauon number Jweits| qUDSON INSTITUTE, INC. 13-1945187 MMerae| Number and sree (or P.O box f mal snot delvered to svestederess) [Roomisuto | E Telephone runt 1015 19H STREET Nw sre_s0o_| 202)223-1770 ene} City or town, site or cuir, and P34 som Talrene = icTON,_D 7 Section S01(c\9)organmahons and TaN) sonerampt charles Tae rt sppcatio w secon 27 aavatns iets mont tach computed Schedule (Porm 9000 99082) arc rag oece cae [eal a) Gwe > view, UDSON ORG Nb) Yes: enernumbe toa Bo wo Me) hes pasate veo LIne K concctow > L Jute ogsnasiens gross recep a nomaty nat more than $28.000 The |ywa ly rrseesevontertren (6) lana asapteu ase an ‘orgeneaton eed not le ctu wih the RS, but ¥ the erganzsten recaved a Fam 900 Postage |" aganzaumcowesnreqrznin?] —Lves [3x] No [iesatra) sive mot shu sem wh ana Be ses eure apt er. 1 Geis engin — ee Set [|i enc ar vod cs renps ns 0,046 i 1 9,896,485. | worsen ser 8 famsan 5082 05097) Revenue, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets of Fund Balances See page TB he stron) Contra, oft, rns ansmir enous reeves 2 Dre pte eps. «fl 5,322,532 x © snaret pubic snpen “he BS | c covermentconmbstens (gana) 222222221 el 7536. FS | a somtstine nnmorycas____ 5,334,068. mans, Y faa 5,394,068 15 | 2. Progam secervenveineing goverment fs rd contact em Pat i,t 5) 1.764.934 | 3) embers aie and strove Z| 4 eeston songs an temper cash evesmais 23,725, BB | 5 omencs anderen tom sets 241.415 Ae teams Gh | tees rou eiinee oo Z_ _ | netrenat come rst aaa iran ne 6a) Lega y eave eevee fe Z 3 | 7 otherrevesimentincome (desert ila SE | ee cross ana roman fasts cnr i Secs co Qe | mamma SEATEMENT 11". |" 934,637, 1,553,021 b Lave cantor oterbes and sss orto 967.266. 1,431,338 € Gan orfes)atoc sede). +». - L_—=32, 628. 321683 4 Ne go or (ost conte tne casnns AaB)» «= ea 89,056. ©. psa! events and artes (tach hae) Manyara tom gomng check re > (—] 2: ross ean rtincargS contor repre on 13) rn b Lent ect emerees herb undaangepeies (] € Ht cen ors) om special ents ne fram ine) === ee 103 Gross sts of ment uss ehersanésiownees «Re © Lene cont iodo, ee © Grats roti or oso Sin tne aiben sera) strat ine eon 08). «je 11° Oper eerue fom Pat on 13) : i 44.605 42 Total revenue (edna 1, 2,9, 45,607,956 06 81) ia 7,497.88 13° Program serees (tam ine4#.cOuna(®) ve evsseseeeeeee 13 5.729.033 $ 14 Management and general (from line 44, column (C)). 1.4 1,325,246 E [15 runerong (rome, conn (0) is 307-011 E |e paymens to atte atch shea 1 47. Total expenses (asin 16 ana 4¢ cama 7 7 iei, 290 [8 Sess (ste ore yo (beet 7 fa ie 2) in 326-591, E | 19 netessetortineontaces at begnang ot er tomine?3| amr CEIVED || °° ra 70,481./596 [20° omerenenges m net essets or und stances (atachecianain) [smut a BI... [ol 590.64 3 [yt atssse ound pares at ord for comoes nes 8 eebegy- 82006: LOL Jan 1.408.836 ForPrvacy fet and Papewen RacctonActReben se hesenwownfntos, Form 990 (2008) suzeay 1294 wwe | OGDEN, UT Form 990 (2004) 13-1945157 Pogo 2 ee ans cna in CaS a i TOGO PASOST Eloennas 2s Caan ones caceng mula namnaenre oer Seep a aneote| Toagngaonenr gee | | won Sr Fogen | eee | pyran 22 Grants and allocations (attach schedule] | i polelaninaarseneuiaaaie Pr wou 7 \ 23 Spec wamansto nen aos [23 eal aeaseeo oe ores coe | 25. Conpeneaton ef often recom eto [28 | 293,772,| 188 684. 7.088. 28. Other selon an wooes 26 | 2, 960-930] 2, 368.744.[ 810-439. ae 37 Penaon ponconmovens |. [zt 28 Otterempuyeetenais || || [28] ——aa4,7, ——9@.,0u7,| 7,402 Ta, eer Gr ee ee 5687. 30 Protessena fndasegies || [30 31 Accouningtees. (34 Zane wou, a0,760. Lr 79983 63.986 15.997. 33 Suppies IT 3 4.170 38.216. Sati. as. 34 Telegnone IIIT a 68-018 70-412. RIE 136. 35 Postape and Sippng || 38 25.003 20-003. 1839 re 36 Octuparey 3e[sa2.z28.) —an7.780.[ 0445. 37 Equpman veil and mabuorarce, | [31 25.681 23.008. S516. 38 Prning andpublestons. 38 S243 73.18. 36.158. Hs a Tae 30] 262.344| 209.875. 48.926 343 48 Cos niin | [ag] a84.280 [ana 376 708A See meee et atte ee [At 4 42 deprecation depo, (aS head. [42 112,686, 90,449. 22,537. 13. onoconmarecnan urea Stv@_2 adel —i,656-160.| 1,363-269:| 3a 44 ase es ise ite See a ses 729,033, 1,325,268 107,011, Joint Costs. Check > [_if you are following SOP 98-2. [re any ant costs from a combined educational campaign and fundeassing sokataton cepted in (8) Pogtam serwces? \f Yes, enir (te aggregate amount ofthese jant costs $ (0) 80 amount allocated to Program services mount allocated to Management and gooral $ and the amount allocated to Fundrasng$ ‘Statement of Program Service Accomplishments (See page 25 of the instructions.) . > (lyes Gi) no s What the organization's pomary exempt purpose? Be All ccganvzatons must descntbe ther exemp! purpose achievements 19 a clear and concise manner Siate the number of chants serve, publications ‘stved, ate Discuss achievements that are not measurable. (Secton 501(e\3) and (8) trganizatons and 4947(a)1) nanevempt chartable trusts must also enter the amount of grants and allocation to othes ) Progam Service Erponses | recur S019) ae (a) orge aa aera ‘won, but orale ona as (Grants and alocations $ NONE! 5,729,033 > {(Granis and allocations $ (Grants and allocations $ j a (Grants and locators § e Other program services (alach schedule) (Grants and locators $ Total of Program Service Expenses (should equal ine 44, column (B), Program serves), bh 8, 729,033, 512833 1394 vos-8 Fam 990 (2008) 13-1945157 fem 990 2008) rae 3 : Balance Sheets (See page 25 ofthe nstructions ) ‘Note: Where requred,aflached schedules and amounts win the descrahon a @, column shoul be for end.of year amounts only lm yar End year 45 Cash nonenterestbeamg reas 235,316 [45 442,885, 48 Savings and temporary cashimvestmenis |. ss seve ee eee 4 47a Accounts recawable cece cece es [878 422,080 Less allowance fr doubifulaccounis' ||| || [a7 Nong __362,675.|476 412,890 48a Pledges recenable : 72,086 Less, alowance for doubtful accounts * [ase] NOW! 97,596 |48e 72,086. 49° Granlsrecenable ..... cavteiteeees 311.407 }4s [3,275,000 50 Recewables from officers, ecto, vustees and key employees 1 {attach schedule)... ...... eee 50. ‘513 Other notes and loans recewabl atiach a} schedule)... vee [St - 3] Less atowance for doubt accounts || | | (540) sic Hys2” tmenores for sae or we icy SEEEBSSSESSBEnSE Ts2 59. Prepaid expenses and deferred charges PLL 33.758) 53 38,166, 54 Investments - securities (attach schedue) srum 5, > [_] Cost Ge] FMV 10,841,709, 54 12,492,228 8559 Investments -land, bulings, ard ] equipment base cee 550 b Less accumulated depreciation (attach | schedue) cee [Sst ss 56 Investments - other (attach schedule) epee se 57a Land, bukings, and equpment basi “staf "31461470 J Less sccapug pprecteeach | schedule) aE, veces es [57 664,206] _3,514,431,/576 197,164 58 Other asses (describe m ) 38 Total assets (ad lines 45 through 58) (must equal ine 74) 13,296,968 s9| 15,520,369, ‘Accounts payable and accrued expenses aaaemnnnne a32.071)60| 1.220.105. Grenis payable... ie a mH Deferred revenue ||. ss 2111 2raea aor [ez | 30r aze, Loans from officer, director, tstees, and Key employees (attach schedule) eevee ener 63 Bl esa Tax-exempt bond iabities (atachschedue) © 22111! eee 64a 3)» Mortgages and other notes payable (attach schedule) 4b 65. Other labites (deserbe > ) 65 60 Total iaities (add ines 60 though 65)... 2 2,915,372) 66| 4,121,533, ‘Organizations that follow SFAS 117, check here ® |X] and complete ines 67 through 69 and ines 73 and 74 87 Unrestricted ........... see be eeeeee eee ee 9,781, 000,| 67 10,706,273. 3\60 Temporary esincied ||. PII 700,596,168 702.563 )62 Permanent rested eee ae o 5 ovsaizations tat donot flow SFAS 117, chuck ere Land Bf complete ines 70 tough 74 ‘$| 70. Capital stock. trust principal. or curent funds... se 7 70 Bir Pacem orcaptal urls, or land, buldng, and equpment tind | >| / [Tr | 3) 72 Retained earnings, endowment, accumulated income, or other funds... 12 €|73 Total net assets or fund balances (add lines 67 through 69 or hnes 3) 70 trough 72, column (A) must equal fre 19; column (@) must equal ine 21)... 30,491,596 73| 11,408,036. TA Total iablities and net assets / fund balances (add ines 66 and 74) . | 19,396,968|74 | 15,530,369, Form 990 1s available for public inspection and, for some people, serves as the prmary or sole source of information about @ partcular organization How the public perceives an organzation in such cases may be determined by the information presented fn iis return Therefore, please make sure the return 1S complete and accurate and fully describes, in Par iil, the organization's programs and accomplshments ro 512035 1396 vo4-8 erm 900 (2008) swith Revenue per 13+ 1945157 Return (See page 27 of ne wetuclons | a@Tolal revenue, gains, and other support ‘@ Total expenses and losses per per audited financial statements .. Lal @,088,530.| audited financial statements... >| a|_ 7,161,290 b Amounts included on line a but nat on Amounts included on line a but not line 12, Form 990, fn ine 17, Form 980. (1) Net unrasized gas (1) Donsted servees oninvesimens $590,649. and use of facies $ (2) Donated servces (2) Prior year ahusiments ‘and use of facies § reported online 20, (9) Recovenes of por Form 900... o£ yeargans .... § (8) Losses reports on (4) Other (specty) line 20, Form 990 $ (4) Otner (seedy) ss ‘Add amounts on lines (1) through (4) | b 20.649.) s ‘Add amounts on ines ()theough (4), LD © Line @ minus ine b ple] 7,497,061,J¢ Lneaminusineb .........bLe| 7,261,290 4 Amounts included on tine 12, I 4 Amounts included of tine 17, Form 990 but rot on line a: | | Form 990 but not on ine a: (1) Investment expenses | | (1) Investment expenses ‘ot inluded on ne not neluded online 6, Form oa0 6, Forman0 , .$ (2) Other (spect) | (2) other (spect) s s ‘Add amouris on tines (1) and (2). . Ld ‘Add amounts on lines (1) and (2). . >| a @ Total revenue per ine 12, Form 980 '@ Total expenses per line 17, Form 990 ine ¢ plus ined) = ple| 7,497,881,| (ine e plus ined) ple] 7,161,290, List of Officers, Directors, Trustees, and Key Employees (Lst each one even f nat compensated, see page 27 of the wstevetons (a) Name and ares SEE_STATEMENT 6 iTaeard were | (©) Gon our (at ston |_| Cowauimse Trae mist |ntguymeeemes| tun Seber NONE 75 Did any officer, director, rusiee, or Key employee recewve aggregate compensation of mare fan $100,000 rem your ‘organization and all elated organization, of which mare than $10,000 was prowded by he "Yes" alach schedule - see page 28 of te mstuctens sed cxgonaatons? > Chvos [Jno 512835 1394 voa-8 Fam 990 (2008) cum 990 (2008) 13-1945157 EXERT Other information (See page 28 of the instructions) *76 Dia the organation engage n any actuty nol previously reported to the IRS? I"Yes allach a delaied descrpton ofeach aewiy .. [76 | | x. 7 Were any changes made io the organizing or goverring documents but not reperid othe IRS? cect eee eeeeel. DF x "Yes" attach a conformed copy a the changes 78a Ox the organization have unrelated business gross imcome of $1,000 oF more durng the year covered by his elver? ........ (78a) | x. if Yes,"haa fed ataxrolvn on Form SBO-T IONE YOO?. ee eee eee eee cece eee es [P8bL Ny 79 Was there a lausdation, dsseluton, termination, of substantia conraston dung the year? W'ves,"ataena statement»... [7a | | x {80a Is the ganization related (other than by association wih a statewide or nationwide organcaton)thaugh common membership, overnng bodies, trustees, oleae, ele, fo anyother exert ornonexomt oxgonzaten?....,,, {80aL bif-Yes enter the name ofthe ccgancabon HUDSON ANALYTICAL SERVICES, INC. 1é.check whether tis L_Jexemptor [_xf nonexempt ‘81a Enter crect and ndract potcal ependtures See ine 81 matuctens, . os. owe| Od the organczaton fle Form 1120-POL ferbieyear? vovssess sess [tol [x {82a Did the organization raceive donated services or the use of materi, equpment, cr Facts at no chege or at substantially las than far fa VA? eevee cscs eeeeueveeeeeeees .. [oral | x Hf °Yes.” you may indicate the valve ofthese dems here Do nance ths amount as revenue m Part ler as an expense m Par Il (Seeinswvctens in Pari). ve eevee ve ee v= [82 N/A. 183 Od the organczavon comply with the pubic inspection requvements for returns and exampion applestens? sal x ' Did the organization comply withthe disclosure requirements relating toque pro quo cntnoutons? , {842 Did the organization soit any contnbutions o pts that were not axdeductb? ws IF "Yee" ds th organization include with every sobetation an express statement tha such conibutcns oF gts were not OK EMEBE eeeee eee wee Le [eae sz. 85 S014, (8), er 6) oxganastons” a Were subsiantaly all dues nendeductbeby members? ss. [SSA LN, 1» Dis the organization make only in-house lobbying expenditures of $2,000 orless? eee asb| Nj "Yes" was answered 10 ether 85 oF 85b, do not complete 8Se through 85h below unless ine arganzaton recewvod a wawer for proxy tax owed forthe por yer © Dues, assessments, and smi amounis om members eee ee ee « [BBE N/A. 4 Secton 162(e) lobbying and poitical expences. , ‘i ae N/A. ‘Aggregate nondeduetible amount of section 6033%6)(1XA) des natees - 850 N/A. { Taxable amount of lobbying and poiteal expenditures (ine BSdless 85e) ss... [BSE N/A. {Does the organization alec to pay the eecton 6033(e) taxon the amaunten ne BS? eevee eee es |8SOLN/R ‘nif section 6933(e)(1\(A) dues notices were sent, does the organzaion agre lo ad the aman on ie Sos reasonable estimate of dues alocable to nondeduetble lobbying and poiial expenditures forthe flowing aye... vee vee ees (OSH| W, 86 501(0)(7) orgs Enter a Intation fees and capital contributions mcluded on ine 12 s6a| N/A b Gross recompts, nekided on hne 12, fer puble use of ebfacies sss, (BSB N/A. 87 501(c(12) gs Enter a Gross income fom members cr shareholders os. [Ta N/A. ‘Gross ncome from other sources {De not net amours ve or pad io ther sources aganst amounts ove orrecenesfiom Mem)... ve. eee eve vee e cece es [O7B N/A. [A any te during the year, the organization wn a 50% ce greater interest m taxable corporation or partnership, or an enly disregarded a separate from the organzaton under Regulators sections 301 7701-2 ang 30% 7701-37 I "Yea complete Part x , ve cetevuteuetentenes veces. [ool x (898 501(c(3) xganaations Enter Amount of tax mposed on the arganizaien dunn the year under section 4911 NONE, section 4912 NONE, t02bon 4955 owe! » 201((3 and 201(c(4) 796 Ord the organzavon engage in any section 4988 excess benef irensacton ring the year or di & become aware of an excess bene ransacton fram a pr year? "Yes. tach a statement explaming €9ch fansaChe vee eee eve eveeenes ponesaoccoocolh tere ‘© Ener Amount of tax imposed on the organization managers or @squaliied persana dunng he year under sections 4912, £955, and 4958. ee Lee NONE, Enter Amount of tax on ne 88e. above, rembursed by ine oganazaion a ‘NONE. {802 List he states ith which a copy of th rtum sled INDIANA, D.C. 1, NEW YORK Number of employees employed in the pay psrd that includes March 12, 2004 (Seeinsiuciors), .., . ~ 1908 [42 91 Thetockssemcewo! b_DEBORAH HOOPES, CONTROLLER “rughanaro 317-859-6456 Located 201 S. EMERSON AVE, #120, GREENWOOD, =N ze+4 b__46143 92 Section 4947(0)(1) nonexempt chartable trate fing Farm 990 m bau of Form 1064 Check hare and enter the amount of tax-exempt mores ocewed or accrued durng the axyear Fem 980 (2004) 512033 1394 vos-a fam 50004 23-1945157 ome 6 GERRI Anaya of come Producing Activites (See page 35 of he Mstuctons.) + Note: Enter gross amounts unless aherwise Unrelated busses ncome [Excuses by secon 5 518 954 © indeed Related or at prtoint [esl Anteunt ‘exempt function 93. Program serve revenue sce ot np fun INDEPENDENT b__RESEARCH | a ‘ 1 iedearaticacae payments, . . 1 Fees ane contacts tom goverment apenas 4,181,094, 94° Membership dues and assessments 95 seston song antoreomy can maine + a4 23,725 Dindends and itorst rom secuntes 14 242,415. 97 Net rental ncome or (oss) fom realestate 8 debtfinanced propery. - not debt‘financed propery swt nae am pan ope ‘Other investment ncame 100. om ofsam suest ses ote an ny 18 29,058 101 Netincome or (oss) rom specal events. 102 Gross proto (oss fom ses of oventxy 103 Other revenue 9 b ROYALTY 45 1,856 ¢ RECOVERY OF ¢__RECEIVABLE 34,333, ¢_MISCELLANEOUS, 8,496. 104 Subic (aad ctu (8), (0), and) 356,050 1,807,763, 408. Total (add ine 104, columns (8), (0), and aa Note: Line 105 plus ina fd. Part shoul eva the amount on ine 42, Part Relationship of Activities to the Accomplishment of Exempt Purposes (See page 34 of the instructions.) Explam how each acony for which income 18 reperted a column (E) of Part Vl contributes importantly tothe accomplishment ofthe organization's exempt purposes (ether than by rowing Tune or such purposes) [srr 7 > 2,163,813 [EMIUIA_irformation Regarding Taxable Subsidiaries and Disregarded Enities (See page 34 of re navuctons) vane, ates Sea %, r ena mg ates, a EN pent Nature of betes Total nome be sTwT 8 NONE: NONE [ERIE _information Regarding Transfers Associated with Personal Benefit Contracts (See page 34 of the maivtons {2} Oa canton, ung a, econo de eter med, py enn Nepean Yes [x] No (6) ba the organcston, dung the year pay remums, dely or mdvecy, on 8 personal beneti conic” []¥es [x] No Note: "Yes" too), file Form 6870 and Form 4720 (see mstuctons) ‘Unger nates of pony. sca tatRave raed th eum HATED SSSR SCG ed aa, rd ak Ty KO Sans Beet ig tesco, end complete Deftran ef prepare (ethan aia sbsed on alinomavan ol wach preparers ony txewespe Please + 06 Bat | en UDazeo — oa pat arama am) Paid sym 4-24-00 |store oT 1 Prepare’s (rons neue ERNST € YOUNG IP Gib 34=6565596 Use Only |cncamsaay > p- se51 EAREVIEW PARAWAY SOUTH DRIVE a tens and 2 + 4 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 fo 317-280-3400 om 990 Gos) 512837 1394 vo4-8 SCHEDULE A Organization Exempt Under Section 501(c)(3) ca no 145907 (Form 980 or 990-£2) (Except Prvate Foundation) and Section 01 501(0), or Section 4947/31) Nonexempt Charsable Trust 01(), S01), ‘eporment the Tessuy ‘Supplementary Information - (See separate instructions.) (nigna’Rawnue Saree” |p MUST be completed by the above organizations and atached to thoi Form 950 or 50-62 2004 Name ofthe organization HUDSON INSTITUTE, INC. Employer oaticabon RURDST 13-1945157 ‘Compensation of the Five Highest Paid Employees Other Than Officers, Directors, and Trustees (See page 1 of the instructions. List each one. If there are none, enter "None.") 1B] Tin ad eg (@)Conibamate Bom, {2} Name and adaress clench ampoyn pac more hour par nek lempoyee tones pone 8] accountng ar than $50,000 ance peston |_()COmomrston fete esnpnasan Slowanese ‘18TH STREET, NW : WASHINGTON, DC 20036 40_uRs/wK. 180,456. 10,500 NONE. - _| seston rao 1015 18TH STREET, N.W WASHINGTON, DC 20036 40_uRs/wK. 195,002. 14,800, NONE _| seston razon 1015 18TH STREET, W.W WASHINGTON, DC 20036 40_uRs/wK 167,731 13,418, NONE, smvroR FELLOW 1015 18TH STREET, N.W WASHINGTON, Dc 20036 40_uRs/wK 185,001. 1,850 NONE, sexT0R FELLOW j 1015 18TH STREET, W.W WASHINGTON, DC_20036 40_uRs/wK. 175,001.) 11,064. NONE Total umber of other employees pad over $50,000... >| 30 ‘Compensation of the Five Highest Pai Independent Contractors for Professional Services (See page 2 of the instructions. List each one (whether ndwiduals or firms). If there are none, enter "None.”) nd dares of esch independent contactor ac mor tan $8000 (o1Type of sence ] (e) Compersston 4226 BRANDYWINE ST, NW, WSHTN, DC 20016 CONSULTING $5,000. BETSY MCCAUGHEY 4 1121 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10128 | consuzeme 55,014. HERBERT I. LONDON, INC._** 10 WEST STREET; NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10004 CONSULTING 191,667 ‘SEE STATEMENT 12 | Tolal number of ethers recewng over $80,000 for professonal erveas >| wove For Paperwork Redcton Act Note, se the inetcton for Form 860 and Farm SB0EZ 512037 1394 vo4-8 ‘Schedule A Ferm 090 or 02) 2006 ‘Schedule (Form 990 900-62} 2004 131945157 Page 2 ‘Statements About Activities (See page 2 of the instructions.) Yes 1 Ounng the year, has the organizaten allempted to influence natonsl, stale, oF local legslaton, iscluding any allempt {0 snfuence public prion on a legislaive matter or ceferendum? If “Yes. enter the total expenses pad ‘or ncured m connection wih the lobbying actbes § (Must equal amounts on ine 38, Pon VIA orineiofPat VIB)... . ae x COrgarizatons that made an election under secton S01(h} by fing Foem $768 must compleie Pan VLA Other coxganizatont checking "Yes," must complete Part VLB AND attach a siatement giong a detaled descrption of the lobdyng sctwes 2 During the yoar, hae the organizaton, ether directly or indvecty, engaged in any of the folowing acts with any substanual contributors, trustees, rectors, offices, creators, Key employees, or members of their fambes, of with any taxable organzaton with which any such parson s affilaied a6 an officer, dvector, trusoe, majonty ‘owner, or pemeipal beneicary? (the answer to any queston 1s "Yes" allach 9 dolled statement explanng the transactons ) 1 Sale, exchange, or leasing of property? 2a x Lending of money o ather exension af ered? x {© Furmshing of goods, serces, or facies? . x 14 Payment af compensation (or payment or remmbursement cf expenses # more than $1,000)? . FORM.999, .RART.V...|2a} x Transfer of any part of ts mcome or assets? eee 2 x 3a Do you mate grants for scholarships, fellowshos, student loans, ele? (if "Yes" atlach an explanation of how you determine that recipents qualy to recov payments) , fee Str .10, | sa|_x > Do you have a secton 403(0) annuty lan foryour employees? ee eee eee eee eee pl x. 4a Ox you manta any separate account for parvepating donors where donors have he ng fo prods avs on tha use or dtibuton of funds... Goscu00cc000 aan x ‘Do you ron cred counseing, Seb mangement ced par er deb notation ences? 2: al Lx Reason for Non-Private Foundation Status (See pages 3 through 6 of the instructions.) ‘The ezganization we not a prvate Foundation Because is (Please check only ONE applicable box) 5 |_| Acnuten, convention of churches, o assocon of churches Secon 17O(0) KAN) 6 [_] Aschoot Secuon 170(bN VAs) (Aso completa Part) 7 [| Anosptal ora cooperative nospial service exganzaton Secton 170K NAH) 2 [| AFederal, state, of local government or governmental unt Section 170(0K NK) 9 [J A meses! research organcaton operated in conjunction witha hospi Sacton 176) TKAl(w) Enter the hospltas name, city, andi B 0 (1) Arorsonzten setae bar ot al (as campitath Suppent ened Pa .A} tai] Arovgonenten not normaly races a scbsona par lsu om goveaman unr tom he gel ue Scion "70 tKAKa) (Ato comse he Support ened Pan A} s10[] Aconmumty ust Seton 17O@)TH/AKe) (to conse Suppat Stade Pa VA) 412, LL] Avergoneaten ht norma rceves {1} more than 391% ols tupat ton conto marbur es,ad gst fncels om artes rete ts charade neon suet i cetam acpi a (2 mare than 33 18% of Toanppat tom gore esinet neon and vas beets ines ncar ln an 6 tin an bametn cared by ive ogancaton flr tne 20,175 Se secon 504042) (Aso capt te Supper Scedien Pot WA) 12, (2) Arorgeneaen ttn ot canoaed by ny dna pone (then ociton manger} nd pts ezine Geserbeze (ines weugh 12 ab (2 secon eK4).() ore. mea etl eaten HY) (Seo seston 803 Drews he (loa emer able suaaied oaanaalos (Sree a wena ‘or unvereiy owned or operated by 2 governmenial uni Secon 17O(0K)AN) Line number (0) Name(s) of supported orgnzation(s) ee 14 [1s orgenaaion oganzed and operated ots! or publesaety Secton $00(8) (Soo pone 5 of ho sitions hme seh 512033 1394 vos-8 (a A (Fo 090 or 99-62) 2008 Scheu Form 990 o $602) 2006 13-1945157 Page EMMIZYsupport Schedule (Complete ony i you checked a box on ine 10, 17,07 12) Usecash method of accounting. + Note: You may use the worksheet in the mstructons for converting trom the accrual fo the cash method of accounting Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning in) pl __(a) 2003 ) 2002 fe) 2001 (2000 | {e) Tota 18. Gifs, grant, and coninbbons recaved (Oo ___nolinciude unusual grants Seeine 28)... ..| 6,291,806.| 6,126,784.| 5,620,649.) 6,436,250,| 26,455,579. “6 Membership fees recaved = NONE ‘NONE! NONE! OR NONE “7” Grose recote from admeasone, merchansae ] 015 or serces performed, of furshng of facies in any setaty that 1 related to the organizabon'schantabe ete, pupese TB Grose income from interest, avdends, amounts ecewved from payments. on secures tears (socton $12(aK5) rents, royalties, and Unrelated busmess texble income (ess section 511 tae) fom businesses acqured by the organization after June 30,1975. TO Net income from umvelated — busmess actiesrotineded n ine 18 = ee ee none nowe| we 9,250 9,250 FO Tax revenues lnved forthe organization's benelt and ener pad toi or expended on tabena i The value of semees or facies foro To the oxgarizaton by @ governmental unt ‘without charge Do not include the vale of sences of facies general fursed othe ble without charge. BE Other meome Attach a schedule “Oo not Include gain o (os) from sale of eaptal sts 23a ofies 1S throwgh22...........| 6,799,619.| 9,385,589.| 7,154,509, 7,968,293,| 33,308,210 24 Lino 23 mnus ine 17 | 6,532,094.| @,442,021.| 5,983,556,| 6,990,960. 27,948,631 25 Enier Yhof ine 23 87,998, 93,856 72,545 79,683 28 Organizations desenbed on ines Wor tt: a Enier 2% of amountincobmn(@).8ne28 .... .« >[zea| _sse,973 ‘Prepare a tt for your records to show the name of and amount contibuted by each person (other than a ‘overnmenisl unt oF publly supported orgenzaten) whose total gfe for 2000 through 2003 exceeded the amount shown in tne 25¢ Oo not fila ths ist with your retum. Enter the total of all these excess omounis [z60| 5,462,240. 2,267,725.| _943,568.| 1,170,953,| _977,333| 5,359,579 2a0,198.| _315,237,| _362,907.| __565,460| 1,483,802. «€ Total support for eaction 509(aK1) test Enter ne 24, MOE) ee eee cevee esse, [2se[ 27948631, Ads Amounts from cehmn (e)forlnes 18 1,483,802, 19 91.250. 2 2eb 5,462,240. ......,..., , >| 20d] 6,955,292 «Public suppor (line 26¢ minus ine 266 la) ss. vv eves evevvneeee sicseeeesssD/26e[ 20903339 { Public support percentage (ino 260 (numerater) divided by ine 26 (denominator) >lzet 27 Organizations described on line 12: a For amourls cluded im lines 15,16, and” 17 thal wore recowed (om a “aisquallied orton” proparo a ist for your recatds to show the name of, and total amounis recewed in each year fom, each “atsqualiied. person” Bo note tis ist with your return. Entar the sum of such amounts foreach year (2003) (2002) _ _ (2001) ___NO® APPEICABLE_ (2000) _ Fer any amount included in tne 17 that was recewved {fom each person (other than “éisquaiied persons), prepare @ lst for your records 10 how the name of and amount recened for each year that was more than the larger of (#) the amount on line 25 for the yea” (2) $5,000, (include im the st organizabone described in lines 6 through 11, ae wel a¢ nawidlt ) Do not fla thie list with your retum. Alter compuing the ciference between the amount recelved and the larger amount described in (1) of (2h enter tho sum of these aferences (he. exc amounts fo each year (2003) (2002) _ (2008) (2000) © Add. Amount from column (@) for ines 15 16 v 20 a pee ere ae 1 Aed Lino 278 ola), andine 27b Wiel, >[a70 ‘¢ Puthe suppor (hme 27¢ total mnus ine 274.) eee DILTID epee {Total support fr section 509{a}(2) test Enter amount rom ine 23, eouma(e) «+s eee = mle 1. Publ support percentage (ine 270 (numerator) divided by line 21 (denominator)... eee v eevee © (2a % _tavostm Th % 2s Unvsual Grants: For an organvzalon described in ine 10, 11, of 12 thal receved any unusual granis dunng 2000 through 2003, propore a at for your recores to show, for each your, the name of tho conti, the date and amount of the grant, and 2 nel ‘Gesenplon of tha nature of tha grant Do na file this ist with your return, not wclude these grants nine 15 Shade Koen 00 6 SWORD 3k 512933 1394 voa-8 13-1945157 enon A (Fam 990 $0082 2004 a Private School Questionnaire (See page 7 of the instructions.) ‘NOT APPLICABLE (To be completed ONLY by schools that checked the box on line 6 in Part IV) 38 Does the organzaton have a racially nondscrminatory pokey toward students by statement ns charter, byawa, [Ves] No. other governing instrument, or m a resolution of ts governing body? .. e 30 Does the organization include a statement of ts racially nondiscrnminato’y policy foward Students in a ts” brochures, catalogues, and other wntten communications with the public dealing with student admission, programs, and SchOBISNES? eee 30 31. Has the organzation publicwd iis racially nondsscrminatory poly through newspaper of broadcast media during the penod of soliton for students, or dung the registraion penod it has no solictation program, im a way that makes the policy known to all paris of the general communty # serves? [at It*Yes," please describe, No,” please explain (i you need more space, attach a separate statement) 32 Does the organzation maintain the following: ‘a Records indicating the racial composition of the student body, facully, and adminstratve staf”? | 32a) 'b Records documenting that scholarships and other financial assistance are awarded on a racial nondscrimnatory bass? | 3201 © Copies of al catalogues, broctures, announcements, and other writen Commurscations tothe public dealing vith student admissions, programs, and scholarships? . 32 4 Copies ofall matenal used by the organzation or on its behalf to salad contibuions? 32d Iv you answered “Not to any ofthe above, please explamn (Ifyouneed more space, atach a separate statement) 33 Does the organization discriminate by race m any way with respect to 7 4 Students nghts oF pruleges? 33a eee eee ee eee 336) «© Employment of faculty or adminstratve staff? 33¢ 4 Scholarships or other financial assistance? 33d @ Educational potcies? # Use of facies? 33 9 Athlete programs? |aa9 fh Other exracurneuiar actus? aah it you answered "Yes" to any of the above, please expan. (i you need more space attach a separate statement ) Does the organzation receive any fnancial aid or assistance rom a governmental agency? , . {4a bb Has the organzaton's right to such aid ever been revoked or suspended? . 340) It you answered "Yes" to either 34a or b, please explain using an attached staternent 35. Does the organization certy that has complied wih the appicable requrrements of sections 4.01 through 4 05 of Rev Proc 75.50, 1975-2 C.B 587, coverng racial nondiscrimnation? f"No,”atach an explanation. . 35. ‘Sehodule A (Form 90 or #0Z) 2004 512835 1394 voa-8 Fore 990 $602) 004 23-19452 Page 5 Lobbying Expenditures by Electing Public Charities (See page 8 ofthe instructons) (Tobe completed ONLY by an eligible organization that fled Form 5768) Now APPLICABLE Check & a[ [it the organization belongs io an affiisied group _Check Bb |_| if you checked “a” and "hmited contro!” provisions ag : . e aces its on Lobbying Expenditures Aftiates group | To be completed totals for ALL electing (The term "expenditures" means amounts pas or incurred ) erganizatens, 36. Total lobbying expenditures to influence puble opinion (grassroots Iobbying) .. | 38 37 Total lobbying expenditures to influence a legislative body (direct lobbying) 37 38 Total lobbying expenditures (add lines 36 and 37), 1 Bs 39 Other exempt purpose expenditures... . 39 40 Total exempt purpose expenditures (add ines 28 and 38) || Lao 41 Lobbying nontaxable amount, Enter the amount from the flowing tate = IW the amount on tine 40 is - The lobbying nontaxable amount is - Net ower 500000... 20% ofthe amount an ine 0, ‘ovr $500,000 but not over $1,600,000 _ | $100,000 pie 15% ofthe excess ovr $00.00 ‘over $1,000,000 but ot ovr $1 500,000 | | $175,000 pts 10% othe excess ovr .000000 7°, 44 ‘over $100,000 but et ovr $17,00,000 | | $225,000 pus 8% tho excess ower 200.000 | | vers17.000.000 $1000.00 cee eee J] 42. Grassroots nontaxable amount (enter 25% of ine 41) DUTT. [a2 43, Subtract line 42 from line 36 Enter -0- if Ime 42 1s more than line 36 1 [43 44 Subtract Ine 41 from line 38 Enter -O-if ine 41 1s more than line 38 | ||” | [ae Caution: If there 1s an amount on either line 43 or ine 44, you must fle Form 4720 I 4-Year Averaging Period Under Section 501(h) (Some organzatins that made a section 501(h) electon do not have to complete all of the five columns below See the structions for ines 45 through 50 on page 11 of the mstructons ) Lobbying Expenditures During 4-Year Averaging Period ‘alendar year (or fiscal @) ©), C) @ (°) /ear beginmng in) 2004 2003, 2002 2001 Total Lebbying nontaxable 45 amount Loabying ceiing amount 46. (15086 of ine 45)» 4T_ raat epoyng spent (Grassroots nonarate 48 amount « Grasses cong amar 49 (150% of ne as) Grassroots lobbying BERRGEY “ott ying Actin by noneteting Pubic Charities NOP APPLICABLE (For reporting only by organizations that did nat complete Part VA) (See page 11 of the structions) ‘ng th en. he organaion alto fluence nora sae rrr. nig any attempt nlveee pubic opmon on legate mate or retredan rough he we of A VOUMEET eee e eee ee ete cece ne eee ee b Pad stat of inanagerenincide compenssvon ih expénaésreporied on ines through h) sada sarees eee 4 Maiings to members, iegisators, or he pubic 4 Pubicatons, or publshed or broadcast statements” t ° fh 'Yes|No| Amount Grants to other organizations for lobbyng purposes : Direct contact with legislators, their stats, government officals, of 3 legsiatwe body Rallies, demonstrations, seminars, conventions, speeches, lectures, or ary other means Total lobbying expenditures (Add ines ¢ through f), "Yes" to any of the above, also attach a statement giving a detaled descngton of te lobbying actwaies ‘Sehudle A (Ferm 600 or OEE) 2008 512833 1394 voe-8 Seno A (Form 990 or 990-62) 2008 13-1945157 Page 6 EAM Information Regarding Transfers To and Transactions and Relationships With Noncharitable Exempt Organizations (See page 11 of the instructions.) {51 Did the reporing organalion directly or ndirectly engage in any of the followng with any other organzabon descnbed in secon 501(c) of the Code (other than section 601(c)(3) organizations) or in section 527, relating to politcal organizations? ‘2 Transfers from the reporting organization to @ nonchartable exempt organzation of (0 Cash i) Other assets b Other transactons (i) Sales or exchanges of assets with 2 noncharitable exempt organczaton , (il) Purchases of assets from a nonchantable exempt organzaton (ii) Rental of faciities, equipment, or other assets , (iv) Reimbursement arrangements (¥) Loans orloan guarantees. eee eee (i). Performance of servces or membership or undrassng soketatons ae aigceeed © Shanng of facies, equipment, mating ists, other assets, or paid employees: Pt Le I the answer to any ofthe above = “Yes,” completa the folowing schedule Column (b) shou always show the far marke value of he Yes] No x x (Sta i (00s, other assets, or serwces gen by the reporting organization Ifthe erganzationrecewved less than fox marke vale nary lwansacton of shaving arrangement, show in column (d the value ofthe goods. oer asses, or seruces ecenved ) eo ° @ Lune no Amountnvolved | Nameafnonchantabiesxenatorgnaton_| _Cescnpton of arse, ansscns an sheng anangemerts NA ‘52a Is the organzation directly or indirectly atfilated with, or related to, one or more tax-exempt organzators described in section 501(c) of the Code (other than secton $01(c)(3)) or nsection 5277,......,., ™L]ves (x)no b If “Yes,” complete the following schedule @) C) © Name of organization Type of exganzation Deserption of relationship Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-£2) 2006 512837 1394 voa-8 HUDSON INSTITUTE, INC. 13-1945157 FORM 990, PART I - OTHER INCREASES IN FUND BALANCES DESCRIPTION AMOUNT NET CHANGE IN UNREALIZED GAIN/ (LOSS) ON INVESTMENTS 590,649. TOTAL 590,649. STATEMENT 1 512837 1394 vo4-8 z ENaWaLVES 8-¥0A v6ET CeBZTs 21 aNawazvis a3s ++ zap’ ep 'sez "692'E9€'T “69T'959'T ST¥EOL 88 . svo'r “S€6/8T *899/€z SNOSNVTTSOSIN LLt's "80L‘0z “s8a/sz BSNaaXE ONTAOW Soe ozz‘t szs’ SB BINYOauoo o0z’s “108 ‘ze “00th SONWENSNI 9ET'2 “s¥s’8 *189‘ OT SONWNZLNIVA ONIGTING pre's "952/12 "69597 SEILITIEA osz’t zss‘8 “L0z‘6E “600'6¥ SEOTAWES aWaz 9t2’y zwz/oz “TE8/L6 “68z‘2zt suaunano> zse’T svo'e 7£85/6T “vay! Pz STvaN SSaNISAG “9 6It'y *299/9T “L28/0z SNOTLYDITaNa 3 SxOOE EL‘ €zz “8Ts/980'T “Tez/OTE'T +» SENWL'INSNOD ONISTWWaNNS Teanga aNw sgorAuaS ‘TeLOL NorgaTuosaa INSHEOWNYH weDoNd LSTS¥6T-ET SHSNSdXa WAHLO - II Luwa ‘066 WuoT ‘ONT ‘3LOLIESNI NoSanH HUDSON INSTITUTE, INC. 13-1945157 FORM 990, PART III - ORGANIZATION'S PRIMARY EXEMPT PURPOSE THE PRIMARY EXEMPT PURPOSE OF THE HUDSON INSTITUTE, INC. IS TO RESEARCH NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL ISSUES FOR EDUCATION OF THE PUBLIC. STATEMENT 3 512837 1394 vo4a-8 PROGRAMS AND SCHOLARS 2005 1015 15™ STREET, N.W. SIXTH FLOOR WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005 202.974.2400 MAIN 202.974.2410 FAX WWW.HUDSON.ORG STATEMENT 4 ABOUT HUDSON INSTITUTE Hudson Institute is a nonpartisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom. We challenge conventional thinking and help manage strategic transitions to the future through interdisciplinary and collaborative studies in defense, international relations, economics, culture, science, technology, and law. Through publications, conferences, and policy recommendations, we seek to guide global leaders in government and business. Since our founding in 1961 by the brilliant futurist Herman Kahn, Hudson’s perspective has been uniquely future-oriented and guardedly optimistic. Our research has stood the test of time in a world dramatically transformed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of China, and the advent of radicalism within Islam, Because Hudson sees the complexities within societies, we focus on the often overlooked interplay among culture, demography, technology, markets, and political leadership. Our broad-based approach has, for decades, allowed us to present well-timed recommendations to leaders in government and business. Thus, in the 1970s, Hudson’s scholars helped tur the world away from the no-growth policies of the Club of Rome; in the early 1990s, we helped the newly liberated Baltic nations become booming market economies; at home in the mid-1990s, we helped write the pioneering Wisconsin welfare reform law that became the model for successful national welfare reform. Today, we are developing programs for political and ‘economic reform across the Muslim world, as well as approaches to the growing strategic and economic challenges posed by the Asian world, most notably China and India. (Our current research agenda includes: the War on Terror and the future of Islam the rise of Asia and U.S.-Asia relations human rights in Asia and Africa civil justice reform and judicial policy agricultural and biotechnology policy civil society and global philanthropy market reforms and the 21*-century welfare state Latin American studies vvvVVVVY Hudson scholars regularly consult with policymakers in London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and other international capitals. They frequently appear on major media such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox ‘News Channel, CNN, BBC, France 2, and NHK; and they contribute to Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, The Sunday Times (London), The Wall Street Journal, Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo), Le Figaro (Patis) and The New Republic. Hudson Institute is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our work is made possible through the tax-deductible contributions of our supporters, including individuals, foundations, and corporations. In addition to helping Hudson Institute continue its important work, donors receive institute publications, updates on our research, and invitations to special Hudson events. Hudson Institute's Leadership WALTER P. STERN Chairman Walter Stern is chairman of Hudson Institute. He is also vice president of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy; vice chairman and a director of Capital International, Inc., a large investment management firm; and chairman emeritus of two global funds, the New Perspective Fund and the Emerging Markets Growth Fund. A Chartered Financial Analyst, Stern is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a director and advisory board member of the The American Committee on Foreign Relations, a member of the Board of Visitors of the Monterey Institute and a member of the CFA Center Advisory Council. He is also former chairman of the Institute for Chartered Financial Analysts and the Financial Analysts Federation and former member of the Board of Directors of Temple-Inland, Inc. Prior to joining Capital in 1973, he was a senior executive vice president and director of Drexel Burnham & Co. in New York, where he was responsible for research, institutional sales and investment management. Currently he is responsible for following financial and political developments in New York and worldwide. Stern received a bachelor’s degree (Phi Beta Kappa) from Williams College and an MBA, with distinction, from Harvard University. Hersert I, LONDON President Herbert London became president of Hudson Institute on September 1, 1997. He has been a member of the Hudson Institute Board of Trustees since 1974 and has been a senior fellow for more than thirty years, founding Hudson's Center for Education and Employment Policy. He is the former John M. Olin University Professor of Humanities at New York University, responsible for the creation in 1972 of the Gallatin School, where he served as dean until 1992. London graduated from Columbia University in 1960 and received his Ph.D. from New York University in 1966, He is a tenured professor of social studies at New York University. KENNETH R. WEINSTE! Chief Executive Officer ing who has taught at Claremont McKenna College and Georgetown, University, Weinstein has written on policy areas ranging from European and Middle Easter politics to labor and education policy and the future of Japan. He graduated from the University of Chicago (B.A. in General Studies in the Humanities), the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (DEA. in Soviet and Easter European Studies), and Harvard University (Ph.D. in Political Science). GLOBAL AFFAIRS Hudson research in global affairs is conducted in six main areas: future security strategies; Islam, democracy, and the future of the Muslim world; Middle East policy; Latin American studies; US.-E.U. relations; and the rise of Asia and U.S.-Asia relations. Four senior fellows, S, Enders bush, Hillel Fradkin, Meyrav Wurmser, and Jaime Daremblum, direct research centers that oversee multiple projects. Other fellows—James Clad, Mary Fitzgerald, Charles Homer, Laurent Murawiec, William Odom, and Max Singer—work on miscellaneous projects reflecting their backgrounds and sense of issues of critical importance in global affairs today. Hupson Institute GLOBAL AFFAIRS S. ENDERS WIMBUSH Senior Fellow (CENTER FOR FUTURE SECURITY STRATEGIES The Center for Future Security Strategies seeks to explore evolving, emerging and imaginable international security environments and to assess the implications of possible alternative futures for security strategies. Its director S. Enders Wimbush brings to his research ten years of experience in the private sector analyzing future security environments for government and corporate clients and three decades of experience consulting for the Office of Net Assessment of the Secretary of Defense. Using a variety of innovative tools and techniques, the center aims to identify trends, attitudes, ideas, and other forces that will contribute to the shape of the future, going far beyond forecasts that simply project visible trends. It seeks to analyze critical variables that might alter the trajectory of influences and events and to consider the potential impact of powerful nonlinear forces, or wildcards, that might radically alter outcomes. Ultimately, the center seeks to understand the dynamics that could influence actors’ formulation of strategies for dealing with the future; to characterize those strategies; to explore where and how strategies of different actors could intersect, converge, or collide; and to identify challenges and opportunities that could result from these interactions. CURRENT PROJECTS Pakistan Futures. This project, through a series of workshops and commissioned papers, ‘examines alternative futures for Pakistan by examining possible emerging pathways and the forces that influence them, and by identifying areas of uncertainty and wildcards. Asia 2030. This project, through a series of workshops, considers strategic movement in Asia ‘over the next several decades that could influence defense and military planning. The project features two teams of researchers and strategists, one from the United States and one from India. Its deliverable is a scenario-based net assessment report. Nuclear Futures V. This project is the fifth in a series of workshops that examine the nature of security competition around the year 2030. This project revolves around a new understanding of the uses of nuclear weapons (such as new nuclear reactors with small arsenals) and of nuclear asymmetries, which might alter the way actors build nuclear weapons into doctrines of deterrence and/or use. The project will feature a workshop in Paris with American, French, and British participants. Radical Islam: A Net Assessment. This is a joint project with Hudson's Center on Islam, Democracy, and the Future of the Muslim World. It involves a comparative analysis of military, technical, political, economic, and other factors governing the current and prospective ‘competitive capabilites of radicaV/Islamic groups and the United States. The net assessment portion of the project will focus on deep-rooted values that influence the competition; on relative strengths and weaknesses; and on areas of greatest opportunity and risk.

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