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104 Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs - and Much More

104 Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs - and Much More

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All you wanted to know about digital photography - How you can get professional results with your equipment.

You enjoy photography as a hobby and own (or are out to get) a great digital camera. This book, with advise from over a hundred experts, emphasizes the importance of getting the best possible shot when taking the picture, to make your hobby more enjoyable. You don't have to work as hard if you make the correct exposure to begin with.

Each chapter helps you to really understand what you need; a clear bottom line on how to approach the person or subject you want to photograph.

You'll see some improvement in your pictures the moment you pick up your camera after going through this book.

It has equipment recommendations and shooting tips for the person that has just bought a digital camera to the person that uses it to make a living.
There are even tips on how to process the digital photographs and how to best print them. Photography can be more fun if you get results you like by using some of the basic principles used by professional photographers.

This is one of the least expensive camera related purchases that you will make to bring your excitement of photography to a new level. We're quite certain you won't be disappointed, and you can expect your copy to become dog eared from use.


- Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs!
- Digital Photography - Little Marketing Steps That Will Boost Your Photography Sales Part 5
- Digital Photography Tips - How To Select The Correct File Format To Improve Your Photos
- Learn Digital Photography - Review For Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Digital SLR Camera
- Learn Digital Photography Now - Solving Some Concerns In Digital Macro Photography
- Digital Photography Business Ideas - How Can Use My Digital Camera To Make Money?
- The Complete Digital Photography Lighting Guide: 100% Improvement On Your Photos
- Learn Digital Photography - Frames Within Frames Add Excitement to Your Photos
- Learn Digital Photography - Fill the Frame For More Dramatic Photos in 6 Steps

And much, much more


All you wanted to know about digital photography - How you can get professional results with your equipment.

You enjoy photography as a hobby and own (or are out to get) a great digital camera. This book, with advise from over a hundred experts, emphasizes the importance of getting the best possible shot when taking the picture, to make your hobby more enjoyable. You don't have to work as hard if you make the correct exposure to begin with.

Each chapter helps you to really understand what you need; a clear bottom line on how to approach the person or subject you want to photograph.

You'll see some improvement in your pictures the moment you pick up your camera after going through this book.

This is one of the least expensive camera related purchases that you will make to bring your excitement of photography to a new level. We're quite certain you won't be disappointed, and you can expect your copy to become dog eared from use.
All you wanted to know about digital photography - How you can get professional results with your equipment.

You enjoy photography as a hobby and own (or are out to get) a great digital camera. This book, with advise from over a hundred experts, emphasizes the importance of getting the best possible shot when taking the picture, to make your hobby more enjoyable. You don't have to work as hard if you make the correct exposure to begin with.

Each chapter helps you to really understand what you need; a clear bottom line on how to approach the person or subject you want to photograph.

You'll see some improvement in your pictures the moment you pick up your camera after going through this book.

It has equipment recommendations and shooting tips for the person that has just bought a digital camera to the person that uses it to make a living.
There are even tips on how to process the digital photographs and how to best print them. Photography can be more fun if you get results you like by using some of the basic principles used by professional photographers.

This is one of the least expensive camera related purchases that you will make to bring your excitement of photography to a new level. We're quite certain you won't be disappointed, and you can expect your copy to become dog eared from use.


- Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs!
- Digital Photography - Little Marketing Steps That Will Boost Your Photography Sales Part 5
- Digital Photography Tips - How To Select The Correct File Format To Improve Your Photos
- Learn Digital Photography - Review For Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Digital SLR Camera
- Learn Digital Photography Now - Solving Some Concerns In Digital Macro Photography
- Digital Photography Business Ideas - How Can Use My Digital Camera To Make Money?
- The Complete Digital Photography Lighting Guide: 100% Improvement On Your Photos
- Learn Digital Photography - Frames Within Frames Add Excitement to Your Photos
- Learn Digital Photography - Fill the Frame For More Dramatic Photos in 6 Steps

And much, much more


All you wanted to know about digital photography - How you can get professional results with your equipment.

You enjoy photography as a hobby and own (or are out to get) a great digital camera. This book, with advise from over a hundred experts, emphasizes the importance of getting the best possible shot when taking the picture, to make your hobby more enjoyable. You don't have to work as hard if you make the correct exposure to begin with.

Each chapter helps you to really understand what you need; a clear bottom line on how to approach the person or subject you want to photograph.

You'll see some improvement in your pictures the moment you pick up your camera after going through this book.

This is one of the least expensive camera related purchases that you will make to bring your excitement of photography to a new level. We're quite certain you won't be disappointed, and you can expect your copy to become dog eared from use.

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104 Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs and Much More

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You don't have to work as hard if you make the correct exposure to begin with. You enjoy photography as a hobby and own (or are out to get) a great digital camera. to make your hobby more enjoyable. We're quite certain you . You'll see some improvement in your pictures the moment you pick up your camera after going through this book. There are even tips on how to process the digital photographs and how to best print them. Each chapter helps you to really understand what you need. This is one of the least expensive camera related purchases that you will make to bring your excitement of photography to a new level. This book.All you wanted to know about digital photography . Photography can be more fun if you get results you like by using some of the basic principles used by professional photographers. It has equipment recommendations and shooting tips for the person that has just bought a digital camera to the person that uses it to make a living. with advise from over a hundred experts. a clear bottom line on how to approach the person or subject you want to photograph. emphasizes the importance of getting the best possible shot when taking the picture.How you can get professional results with your equipment.

won't be disappointed. and you can expect your copy to become dog eared from use.. .

..............Get the Scoop! .................................... 33 Digital Photography Exposure and Techniques . 26 The difference between film and digital photography................1 ...Happy With Digital Photography ......................................................... 30 Digital Photography ..........................................................................................................Shedding Light On The Subject ..... 24 Make Extra Money With Digital Photography .......................How to Reduce Camera Shake in 6 Easy Steps ........... 34 Basic Digital Photography ................................. 16 Advantages of Digital Photography ..............Table of Contents Digital Photography Lighting ......................................Depth of Field ................. 42 ............. 40 Learn Digital Photography ........................................ 27 Become Snap ............. 38 Learn Digital Photography .........................................................The Rule of Thirds is Key to Great Photos ......6 Keys to Shooting Weddings Like the Pros ................3 Ways to Start Thinking Outside the Box .........................................Learn How.............................How to Take Good Pictures Part 1 ........... 20 Learn Digital Photography .................... 21 Learn Digital Photography ........................ 15 Digital Photography Class ................................................ 13 The Best Digital Photography Course .............................................Taking Action Shots . 18 Digital Photography Backdrops Backgrounds ................................................ 32 Digital Photography and Its Importance in a Crime Scene Investigation.................................................. 36 Digital Photography Green Screen Techniques ..........................

............................................... 49 Learn Digital Photography .............................. 69 The Era of Digital Photography ................Frames Within Frames Add Excitement to Your Photos ........................... 75 Learn Digital Photography .................................................................Creativity Can Be Learned........................................................................................................ 68 How Much Can You Make With Freelance Digital Photography? ................ 44 Better and Cheaper ........................................Advances in Digital Photography ...............Digital Landscape Photography ..Nature Photography Techniques For Beginners..............................Digital Photography Tutorial ....................Exposure Settings and Tips ...... 65 A Comprehensive Analysis of Digital Photography .....Class 3.................................... 78 .................................Becoming a Fashion Photographer ............................. 51 Benefits of a Digital Photography Guide ..... 53 Learn Digital Photography .................................................................................................................... 66 Digital Photography Cameras Online For Sale........... 54 Learn Digital Photography .How to Compose a Perfect Picture ...... 71 How Digital Photography Changed the Art and Business of Taking Pictures! ... 63 Depth of Field .........................Digital Photography Jobs..................... 47 Where Can I Find Good Digital Photography Backdrops? ............. 61 Digital Photography .............. 58 Digital Photography Tips and Tricks Part 2 ............................... 56 Learn Digital Photography ................... 73 Digital Photography ............................. 45 Digital Photography During the Holidays....................................

...........................................................................104 Digital Photography and ISO Ratings ............................................... 87 Learn Digital Photography ....... 96 Digital Photography ........................................................... 98 A Quick Way to Use Digital Photography ..................................Learn Digital Photography ................Tips For Beginners ...........100 Getting Digital Photography Jobs . 99 Learn Digital Photography ........................................................Seven Top Wedding Photography Tips.....Benefits of Getting Closer to Your Subject ........................4 Keys to Shooting Better Colour Photos .........................................................................................................................................What You Should Know! ......................................................................................................Macro Lenses ................Backing Up Your Images Without Losing Quality .......................................The Most Important Thing in Photography ...................... 89 Digital Photography .............102 Learn Digital Photography ....................106 ........ 94 Tips on Digital Photography For Beginners .......... 92 Things You Didn't Know About Digital Photography Til Now..................... 86 Learn Digital Photography .......Review For Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Digital SLR Camera ............. 79 Learn Digital Photography ...............................Great Beginner Tips For Photographing Birds ................................................. 81 Digital Photography ............................................................ 84 Top 5 Digital Photography Tips For Outside .........................................................................................

...... 116 Basic Digital Photography Tutorial .............................................................. 121 Digital Photography Secrets ....................Digital Photography Tips .Monetizing Digital Camera Pictures of the Moon ..................Best Tips For Beginners............. 129 Night Photography ......................... 117 Black And White Digital Photography .................. 114 Digital Photography .Digital Color To Grayscale Magic ................. 111 Digital Photography .................................................................Using Flash With Digital Cameras 127 What is PP in Digital Photography? ..........................................Learn Digital Photography Now ............. 110 Essential Digital Photography Accessories That You Should Have ..................................................... 130 How To Take SLR Photos ...............................Solving Some Concerns In Digital Macro Photography .............. 126 Flash Digital Photography .............................................................A Modernized Tool ...... 119 The Number One Mistake That Newcomers to Digital Photography Make ..........................Photo Printing Possibilities .......... 113 Edit Digital Photography ........................ 123 Digital Photography Tips ........................................... 131 ..............................................Digital Photography Tips For Beginners ..................Creating Breathtaking Landscape Photos ....................................................................................... 124 Aerial Survey With Digital Photography ................... 108 Learn Digital Photography ............................................................................Shoot Great Photos With Your New Digital Camera....

.............153 How Camera Lenses Determine Digital Photography Success ........................6 Landscape Photography Keys For Beginners ....Be More Selective in Your Photography .....................................135 Learn Digital Photography .........................................................The Money Aspects ..........................One Large Memory Card Or Several Smaller Cards ....................................Digital Photography Tips .....................................150 Learn Digital Photography ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................148 Digital Photography eBook Review: Camera Dollars Income System ....................133 Learn Digital Photography .......................6 Macro Photography Tips...................155 The Complete Digital Photography Lighting Guide: 100% Improvement On Your Photos .................................137 Digital Photography's Finer Points (Part 2) ......How To Select The Correct File Format To Improve Your Photos ...............................................147 How to Use Infrared Digital Photography in Your Pictures .Putting the X-Factor Into Your Portraits .......................................................140 Learn Digital Photography ..........158 3 Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs! ..........144 Online Digital Photography Courses .......................................160 ...............156 Master the Art of Digital Photography ..........................142 Learn Digital Photography ...............139 Digital Photography Tutorial Reveals Digital Camera Pricing Tips .................................................

............. 173 Do You Know The Meanings Of The Most Common Digital Photography Terms? ..... 171 Digital Photography ....................................... 177 Edit Digital Photography ............................................................................... 179 The Rule of Thirds ..................... 166 How to Start Learning Digital Photography...........................................................7 Steps to Macro Photography For Beginners........Digital Photography at Your Wedding ......................... 186 Top 5 Digital Photography SLR Tips ..........Improve Your Photography in Five Steps Now ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 163 Learn Digital Photography .......................Digital Photography Tips ............ 180 Basics on Digital Photography and Photo Editing ...........Little Marketing Steps That Will Boost Your Photography Sales Part 5 ................................... 168 How Many Megapixels Equal Digital Photography Success? ........................ 183 7 Ways to Make Money With Digital Photography ...................Using Photoshop to Restore Old Photos .......................... 181 Digital Photography ................................... 169 Advantages of Digital Photography ..........10 Killer Tips to Take Great Pictures .................................................... 174 Digital Photography Class 9 .......................................... 184 The Secret to Mastering Digital Photography...............Fill the Frame For More Dramatic Photos in 6 Steps ........................... 162 Learn Digital Photography .......................................Tips on Lighting ................................... 187 ......... 176 Learn Digital Photography ..................

...............................................191 Digital Photography Business Ideas .............................If You're a Beginner..............................................The Fastest Way to Learn Digital Photography ........................................................How to Take Stunning Landscapes Photos ...........................................How Can Use My Digital Camera To Make Money? ......................................................................................192 Digital Photography Software Options ........................189 5 Simple Digital Photography Tips That Makes the Best Out of Your Photos ......194 Digital Photography is to Scrapbooking as Peanut Butter is to Jelly ......199 ............................................197 Digital Photography Tutorial .....................................................................................................


and dealing with it. not the least being that some CCD sensors still lack the broad exposure latitude of color films. but these cameras have very different ways of reading. If a more challenging digital photography lighting situation arise. and an illuminated background in the night. may have empty shadows and blown out highlights. Then there is the "museum" setting which is optimized for shooting without a flash (or sound!) in a museum. This means that some digital photos taken in strong light conditions.13 Digital Photography Lighting . This setting uses a slower than normal shutter speed. and to learn from previous mistakes! Most digital cameras have preset digital photography lighting modes. or "scenes". To give an example: a camera such as the popular Olympus SP500 Ultra Zoom has 21 preset scenes. interpreting. This is where the versatility of digital photography lighting clearly shows itself. The 'night & portrait' scene is for shooting both your main subject. Digital photography lighting presents many challenges. . However. which have been carefully set up to deal with a wide variety of lighting situations.or when your kid is sleeping. you can easily choose any one of these to get the perfect shot. this is exactly where these cameras have the upper hand! They offer you the opportunity to test your understanding of digital photography lighting conditions.Shedding Light On The Subject Digital photography lighting may utilize the same light as film cameras.. or art gallery ..

practice. Huggins explains techniques such as how to bring sunshine into cloudy day pictures. practice makes for perfect digital photography lighting! For more information visit Best-Digital-Photography. cloudy.com . For example. Revised and Updated'. such as candlelight and neon. Many of these cameras also display a histogram to help judge exposure (under or overexposure) in different digital photography lighting situations. This is the process of determining what will be the baseline white in your image. He includes 350 photographs to demonstrate the most important techniques. He explains the full spectrum of light. how the camera measures it.14 With digital photography lighting. What about lighting equipment? You don't necessarily need expensive lighting equipment. by Barry Huggins. relative to which other colors are rendered. and different types of light. To help you master both the technical and creative aspects related to digital photography lighting. The message of these authors are clear: practice. you can easily start with something such as the Screwfix double 500W site light set including a telescopic tripod. if you're taking informal portraits of your family and friends. Digital cameras boast options such as daylight. you may want to study 'Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques. most cameras have various options for white balancing. as well as how to get color accuracy in your digital images. If you want to fully explore how to use post-processing in Photoshop to achieve a variety of digital photography lighting results. Most cameras also have an automatic setting for white balancing. and to create underwater effects. You can also find out about light sources. Michael Freeman has written 'Digital Photography Expert: Light & Lighting: The Definitive Guide For Serious Digital Photographers'. shade. and tungsten.

you will also learn the difference between certain camera types and features.com researches.15 Rika Susan of Article-Alert. you can expect to learn many key concepts that are both artistic and technological in nature. The course will go on to show you how to apply those concepts to your own work to improve your personal technique and ultimately your finished products. then maybe it's time for you to be more optimistic about your talents and their usefulness. any professional knows that a lot more than the camera and your pointer finger goes into capturing a good shot. In a digital photography course. which lenses to use for specific times and settings. This article may be reprinted if the resource box and hyperlinks are left intact. Copyright of this article: 2006 Rika Susan. If you were considering a digital photography course specifically as an elective. then why not put your money where your mouth is by investing in a proper education? You can take a digital photography course at most colleges. and publishes full-time on the Web. both on-site and online. These courses often start with the basics and move forward until students are practicing concepts from professional level . Rika Susan The Best Digital Photography Course In a digital photography course. Digital photography courses don't focus solely on the creative aspects though. While there is a definite emphasis on taking good pictures. If you already appreciate the potential of your photographing skills. These skills can help you to take your digital photography to a level that people would be willing to pay for. writes. and how to perform advanced techniques in both the photographing and editing stages of the process.

but I strongly recommend http://www. There are any number of jobs available to good photographers. then it is necessary for you to invest in both.findyourartschool. the places your camera could take you are endless. You can find on Google good references. Photography is a competitive field. from traditional portrait work to journalistic opportunities like sports photography. In this manner.com Allan Fernandes Digital Photography Class . and millions more are online right now surfing for the art or services they need to compliment their lives. but it can guide you in creating your first portfolio for professional endeavors.Get down on their level . Not only will the course help you to develop a better understanding of the art. There are millions of people out there that have purchased professional portraits or prints in the past. but a digital photography course can help you to acquire the modern skill set necessary to enter it confidently. When they ask me a good place where they can find good art and photography schools in USA. I forewarn them that the best action to take is to look for reference sites instead of visiting art schools and colleges one by one.1 Digital Photography Class . If you want to take exceptional photos. Even if you don't have big dreams your photographs. A single photography course will cost you no more than the price of a good camera.16 photography. My name is Allan and I love arts and I conventionally advise students who want the best for their career as photographers to visit high quality reference sites. even the most amateur of photographers can follow along with the course while more experienced camera people can solidify and improve on the basic skills before honing more specific ones. a digital photography course can help you to capture your memories with the beauty and clarity that they deserve.

if you do this you will see the difference! This one simple Digital Photography Class tip will transform your photo collection from pictures that look nice to pictures that look even better with great detail. Digital Photography Class tip If the subject of your memorable moment is at a lower eye level than your own like a baby or a pet. hold your camera at the subjects eye level to capture the true essence of those magnetic gazes and mesmerizing smiles. you should get down to their level to take the picture. I personally use Olympus Digital Camera Accessories which includes their waterproof range to take fantastic definitive high quality photos pictures in any conditions. you can visit Olympus Digital Waterproof and view the different deals that are being offered. the eye level angle alone will create that personal feeling and capture the emotions of the moment. If you would like to learn more and of the most affordable quality photo equipment. . What you would find is that as it's quite rare to capture an eye catching gaze from the position you took the photo from and are very unlikely to capture the true reflection of the moment. They don't have to be looking directly into the camera. Once your on their level. while preserving the magical moments that prompted you to take the photo in the first place. Imagine you take a photo of your little baby taking their first steps and you took it from your eye level which is higher than the babies.17 Have you ever taken a Digital Photo and been a little disappointed that it didn't catch that memorable moment the way that you thought it would? Think about it! How many times you have looked at a photo and felt the same emotions you felt at the time you were taking the shot? You probably haven't! There is a reason for this. Wayne PM has been taking professional photo's for years and uses Olympus Camera Accessories . This is probably one of the most important Photography Class tips you will learn. Trust me.

which is becoming more common and popular all the time with photographers of all experience levels. Digital photography is popular for many reasons simply because it is so versatile for taking all types of pictures. Perhaps the biggest advantage for most photographers is that digital photography means you don’t have to process the pictures like traditional photos. and they can be easily stored on your home computer. You can avoid that visit to the photo shop to develop your pictures since you can easily view your pictures on your home computer as well as on the digital camera itself. eliminating imperfections. We are all exposed to these digital movies. they can be displayed on web pages. The other advantage about digital photographs is that you can print them in non-traditional forms that you can then use them to create greeting cards and personalized calendars as well as copy them on tshirts and mugs. Digital photographs can also be modified to slide shows and can then be viewed on your computer monitor or your television.18 Wayne PM Advantages of Digital Photography These days digital technology is can be found everywhere due to its affordability. Some of the alterations you can make include cropping. and combining two or more photo images to create . which can save you a lot of money. One of these new formats is digital photography. Digital photography eliminates the developing process. they can be copied to CDs. enhancing and changing colors. and doesn't use harmful chemicals that harm the environment. and music that have made their way into new forms and designs of digital formats. Still another advantage to digital photography is the ease with which photos can be edited and altered. photographs. Digital photographs can be sent to family and friends through e-mail. adjusting the contrast of the picture. You can modify digital images in a variety of ways through the use of many types of computer software.

Visit his page to learn new techniques in Digital Photography. And don’t forget the money you will save by not having to develop all those negative from your classic camera. This digital camera feature lets you look instantly at the picture you have just shot. All of these modifications can be made in just a few minutes with just a few mouse clicks and key strokes. Digital photography is very affordable for most buyers when you consider the technology that comes along with it.digitalphotographytraining. The best way to take advantage of digital photography is to use a digital camera. If you think that all of the above comes at a heavy cost you will change your mind when you look at the reasonable cost of buying a used digital camera. And if you are a beginner to digital photography what better way to get started than by buying a used digital camera. This way you can determine if you want to learn more about digital photography without having to spend a lot of money on new camera equipment. as well as a great way to advance your interest in photography. Paul Lines is a teacher and has a keen interest in digital photography. If you aren’t happy with the picture you can delete it and start all over again. can be used as video recorders so that you can take video footage with sound. However. His free online photography tips are viewable at http://www. Some digital cameras. A digital camera also allows you to crop some sections of the picture before you save it into the memory of the camera.19 interesting and new designs. Digital photography is both affordable and practical. allowing you to take great pictures. The money that you will save buying a used digital camera can be quite considerable. Paul Lines . Most photo developing stores will offer the service of converting your classic film negatives into digital format.net . Classic cameras are much more limiting than digital cameras. you can also use a classic camera and then modify the picture negatives into digital photographic format. Converting your classic picture negatives will give you a good idea of whether or not you want to invest in a digital camera. A digital camera provides you with a viewing screen that you can use both as a picture finder and as a view finder. both older and newer models.

Your imaging program MUST be able to support layers. Corel Paint Shop Pro. andMicrosoft Digital Image Suite . Do you have to use a greenscreen or chromakey backdrop? Absolutely NOT.Get the Scoop! Turn your snapshots into professional looking photos! Photography is going the way of the digital style. no expensive muslins to buy. and you MUST be able to "cut out" your subject from your source image.20 Digital Photography Backdrops Backgrounds .psd files. PhotoImpact. (This is called extraction) You will be extracting (cutting out) your subject and pasting it onto a better more beautiful backdrop. No Studio is required.)Â Some photographers use what is called a greenscreen or chromakey backdrop to take the first initial shot. as they find it difficult removing the "green spill" that sometimes occurs on . You can get hundreds of Digital Backdrops for under the cost of just 1 cloth muslin! In order to be able to use digital backdrops you will need a graphics editing program. Even moms and dads. Programs that we know to work are: Adobe Photoshop (any version).png to work with the MicrosoftDigitalprogram. it MUST be able to support . but the picture of your precious one is just WAY to good to be stuffed in a box somewhere! So fix it! Digital Backdrops are high resolution images that replace the backgrounds of your photographs.You will have to convert .tif and . Most find it easier NOT to use a greenscreen.psd files to . Gimp. Photographers are trying their hand at digital backdrops. grandparents etc are doing it! Ever take a photo that you just wish had a different background? Uncle Stew drinking a beer behind your child isn't something that you want to frame and hang on your wall.

tutorials etc. (White works wonders! I can even show you how.since they ARE only images. Looking at the image on the camera's LCD screen we see a nice image. get free tutorials. or from the drive/folder in which you downloaded them to.How to Reduce Camera Shake in 6 Easy Steps All of us have at some stage of our photography had a problem with camera shake and the resulting blurry image. (Mac and Pc compatible) So where can you find them? You can get them from your own backyard. But this is a personal preference. they are only images. I purchased some without looking at the specs (details). . You can use them on any operating system . (take a snapshot of your tree as if someone were standing there. you can use them straight off the disc/DVD.com Follow me along. But once we get home and view it on the computer or have it printed out at a photo lab the disappointment sets in.) Or you can find a large selection on the web.21 the subject. I will post more about different products. they never have to be installed. For now. What I got was thumbnails that were no good to print any larger than one inch! Ouch! You can find out more. How do we resolve this problem? Let's take look at a few easy steps to eliminate camera shake. and purchase all sorts of digital products to help with your imaging needs here: NesCreationdesigns. thanks for reading! Renee Steele Renee Steele Learn Digital Photography . and buy digital backdrops. Be careful though! When I first started working with digital backdrops.) There is NO install process to using digital backdrops.

2. 4. Any surface that will securely support your camera is a temporary tripod. If you don't have one use any cloth bag and fill it with rice or corn and then sew it up or staple it.22 1. A bean bag A small bean bag is an essential item in any photographer's photo bag. use a tripod. This will emphasise camera shake dramatically because even the best photographer cannot completely eliminate it. When shooting in low light you need to reduce your shutter speed to allow in more light. This prevents the camera moving when your arms move even if it is very slightly. Remote shutter release . If a tripod is not possible a monopod can be extremely useful. You want a firm platform for your camera. This will help you keep your balance and anchor you firmly to the ground. Not as sturdy as a tripod. none of us want our cameras scratched or damaged by a rough or dirty so this is where the bean bag comes in handy. But. Before you press the shutter take a deep breath then exhale completely. This allows you to rest your camera on a firm surface forming a cushion for your camera. it will give you a firm base for your photo shoot. This is often just enough to add a little movement which removes the sharpness from an image. Place your feet apart By placing your feet slightly apart and standing firmly but comfortably you form a solid foundation. There is nothing like a sturdy tripod to eliminate camera shake completely. This is especially so when shooting with a wide aperture or a slow shutter speed. Balance is so important when shooting an image while standing straight up. Never place your weight on just one foot as you will begin to sway slightly. Use a tripod or monopod When a situation allows it. Tuck your elbows in By tucking your elbows into your body tightly you help steady your camera and make it one with your body. You want to prevent even the slightest movement when breathing. 5. 3.

You will no longer be able to see the image through the viewfinder. This can also be wireless using a remote. When the shutter closes again the mirror drops back down into position.23 All digital slrs have an input for an electronic shutter release. These are just a few tips for reducing camera shake and increasing the sharpness of your images. Wayne G Turner . They aren't expensive and are invaluable when using a tripod or bean bag. When you press the shutter button the mirror flips up out of the way so that the image can be exposed on the sensor. Download it here for free: http://www. Most slrs have a setting called mirror lock-up. What the release does is allow you to press the shutter off camera via the cable that connects to the camera.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. This reflects the image up through the viewfinder. try out these and you will be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in your images. You can also use the shutter release timer setting that allows a delay between the time you press the shutter and the time the picture is taken. Mirror lockup A digital slr camera has a mirror that sits in front of the shutter which covers the sensor. Once you have composed your photo engage the mirror lock-up. Now press the remote shutter release and photo is taken without any extra vibrations from the mirror. Even with a tripod you introduce shake when pressing the shutter button.21steps2perfectphotos. In the meantime. This causes micro vibrations which cause small amounts of camera shake even though the camera is mounted on a tripod or bean bag.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. There are many other tips which I will cover in a future article.21steps2perfectphotos.com/21steps. 6. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail.

How do you think outside the box when applying it to photography? It easy to say it but how do you do it? That's the million dollar question.3 Ways to Start Thinking Outside the Box The creative photographer is one who has learned to think outside the box and take their photography to a higher level. "Thinking outside the box is to think differently. I first saw this applied to photography in a farewell gift when I left New Zealand. perspectives and vantage points. Stepping into a location and shooting fast does not allow you to be creative. 2. Exclude preconceived ideas and photos you may have taken there or seen. Open your eyes and look for the out of the ordinary and things that interact or relate to each other. Let's look at a few points that will help you see outside the box. The book had been produced by a photographer that saw outside the box. 1. This phrase often refers to novel. Now if you are like me this statement doesn't mean much but it has been bandied about for decades. Often I am told that successful people think outside the box. Wikipedia says. Many of the angles made the famous sites and locations look completely different and 30 years later I still have the book. creative and smart thinking. You have to look for that which is unusual. So how to begin would be the question I need to answer. an inspiration for seeing outside the box. He had photographed New Zealand from a completely different perspective than normal. A creative thinker outside the box brings one than one of their senses into play. unconventional or from a different perspective. Sometimes creativity is more feeling than seeing and sensing things rather than looking for them. Walk around the area and find new angles. Time and thought is vital to a creative thinker. Relax and visualise the possibilities. A clever outside the box thinker ponders the scene carefully. A creative thinker breaks the rules ." Applying this to photography you could replace the word thinking with seeing. unconventionally or from a new perspective. You need to arrive at your location and take time to quietly take in the scene and think about what you are seeing.24 Learn Digital Photography .

htm . I think that boundaries should be pushed and tested because it's only once you know the true boundary can you push the limits. Once you start it becomes easier and easier and before you know it you'll be a creative outside the box thinker.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. If the rule says never place the subject in the centre of the composition try breaking it and see what happens. 3.21steps2perfectphotos. Never be afraid to try new things.25 Some say that rules are made to be broken others say they are there to provide the boundaries. Use your imagination and look for things that are different and maybe a lot more challenging. Most times it doesn't work but there are times that it creates an amazing image. I know one photographer that lay down in the middle of a cobbled square in France and got the most amazing shot. Download it here for free: http://www. Lie on you back. He looked a fool and everyone stopped and stared.com/21steps. you too might hit the jackpot. To most of us thinking or seeing outside the box is a daunting challenge as it doesn't come naturally but bottom line is do you want to be better than the next person? If you do. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. then you need to fly against convention and try things that might not seem normal. If you stick to a traditional approach you might never find the one occasion when breaking the rule works. Who knows. crawl on your stomach and hang from a tree (exercising care of course) and find that elusive angle or perspective. If the rule says that two colours or patterns should never be seen together try it and see what happens. Thinkers aren't scared to make fools of themselves A strange statement you may think. He now sells that image on stock photo sites and makes money from it all year round. Not so. Wayne G Turner . Many of the great pro photographers try things that others are too scared to attempt and get the great shot.21steps2perfectphotos. Don't be afraid to venture outside you comfort zone. Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.

It is all about knowing who is willing to pay for your photographs. Look for online websites that allow for microstock photography to start making some extra cash out of those old photographs. Contrary to popular belief. you do not have to be a professional photographer with years and years of experience to make money with your camera. It is no scam that you can take some photographs. . You need a digital camera. Few people out there know that simple. Give them a real purpose instead of just letting them collect virtual dust. In fact it can be so simple it can be hard to believe. basic digital photography knowledge can also make you money and not only make you spend it. Photography is a really popular hobby and by personal experience.Learn How Making extra money with digital photography is actually pretty simple. then you have all the experience you need to make money with your photos.26 Make Extra Money With Digital Photography . it can really turn out to be an expensive one. If you can take a picture like that. You most probably already have all you need to start . the owner (the photographer who submitted it) gets paid. and an internet connection. We have all seen those ads in the newspaper with the pictures of cars and houses for sale. they get paid for them. Learn more about how to take advantage of your photographs with microstock photography and different ways to make extra money with digital photography. choose the best ones and submit them to websites online so that people in need of pictures download them. They are not great pictures but. This is called microstock photography. When people download them.

However understanding the differences can help taking even better photos and can also help when debating with friends about the future of film. The sensor is built from tiny light sensitive sensors each representing a pixel. When the shutter opens light hits the sensor and each pixel gets its “value”. Never stop learning and discover how you can start making money with your digital pictures today. When a photo is taken the shutter opens for a predetermined period of time and light hits the film. Since digital sensors are smaller in size than a 35mm film the depth of field will be much higher and in fact in most compact digital . Luis C Hernandez The difference between film and digital photography There are many differences between film and digital photography. The sensor: The most obvious difference between film and digital is the sensor used to take the photo. They prefer the convenience. The result is a photo “printed” on the film. The differences are listed in no particular order. Following is a list of differences that are important to understand. With film cameras a film sensitive to light is placed behind the lens. What does a different sensor mean? The main difference is in the Depth of Field. To most amateur photographers they do not matter much. ease of use and lower cost of digital cameras and are not going to revert to the film age. Put together all the pixels comprise one photo. With digital cameras a fixed electronic sensor (sometimes known as CCD) is situated behind the lens.27 There is a lot of information out there that can catapult your moneymaking skills with photographs. To take a new photo the film has to be rolled and a fresh “clean†film is place behind the  lens. To take a new photo the photo is saved on a digital media and the CCD is electronically emptied.

Every time you press the shutter button you spend money. The result is that blur backgrounds can not be created. You can shoot as many photos as you want and at the end of the day just dump them on your computer’s disk. I immediately looked at the camera’s LCD to review my photos and make sure they were focused and had the cat in them. I can not imagine myself just lying down on the dirty . The feedback: One of the most important features of the digital camera is instant feedback. The cost of a photo: Photos taken with a digital camera literally cost nothing. It takes a lot of the guessing away from photography. for developing the negative and for printing the photo. Almost all digital cameras include a small LCD screen. With film cameras there is no way to know how the photo on the film will look like when printed. The capacity: With ever growing storage capacities digital cameras today can hold hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos on a single media. New shooting angles: Just a few days ago I took a great photo with my digital camera that I would have never taken with my film one. The ability to see how the photo looks like results in better photos. The photos are kept in erasable memory and thus can always be discarded at no cost. Also the photos you would like to keep can be copied to digital media such as a computer’s hard disk. Being able to see the photos on the spot results in an educated decision how to fix a photo or how to better compose it. With storage prices going down the cost of saving a photo on disk is practically zero. For that reason many professional journalists carry a few cameras on them and instead of changing rolls they turn and use another camera just so that they do not miss a shooting opportunity. The result is that a digital camera has practically infinite capacity. I held the camera in my hand and positioned it down where it almost touched the ground and I started shooting.28 cameras almost infinite. The result was one great photo looking at the cat from the ground. A roll of 36 photos can only hold 36 photos. With a film camera you have to pay for the roll of film. If the photo is not good you can take another one. After a roll is used changing to a new roll can take time and is not easy to do in scenarios such as darkness or a harsh environment. I probably took 50 or more photos. You can always have a few more in your pocket and changing is very fast. Film does cost money. Once a photo is shot you can go back and watch it on that screen. I shot a cat that was resting on little rock. Film cameras’ capacity is very limited.

Some correction abilities are built-in to the cameras but many more are available as software packages for your PC. The results of shooting with the wrong film can be distorted colors (reddish photos for example).e. After the film is developed it is very hard to make any corrections. zero photo cost and instant adaptability to changing conditions photographers can produce better compositions and experiment more to get the best photo possible. night photography etc. With film cameras what you get is what you get. Changing conditions: Every roll of film is designed for best results in a specific environment. With digital cameras the characteristics of the sensor can be changed instantly for each photo taken. Overhead shots where you raise the camera over your head are much easier to do since you can still see what the camera is shooting by just looking up at its LCD screen. a grainy photo and more. For example there are indoor and outdoor films or films with different light sensitivity. The myth of quality: While it is true that film photography has its advantages the claim for superior quality is no longer true. With digital cameras’ high capacity. change the roll (and usually lose photos that were not used in the current roll) or use another camera with a different film in it. low light. With a click of a button the camera can be put in an indoor or outdoor mode.29 ground with a film camera looking through the viewfinder and perfecting that one shot. converted to digital) corrected and then printed again (in a long and costly process). Correcting photos: With digital cameras photos can be corrected using photo editing software. . If conditions change rapidly a film camera user will have to either shoot with the wrong film. When considering quality you should also consider the quality in terms of composition and the scenario caught in the photo. With digital cameras you can actually take photos without having your eye glued to the viewfinder. As digital camera evolved the quality of high end digital SLR cameras is superb and in many ways even better than film. Some cameras will automatically sense the scenario and set the sensor mode accordingly. Usually if corrections are absolutely needed the negative or the printed photo will be scanned (i.

a love of photography can turn into a profession. You can find more information about photo album printing and photography in general on http://www. Ziv Haparnas is a technology veteran and writes about practical technology and science issues.Happy With Digital Photography The digital revolution has made amateur photography more popular than ever before. If you’re looking to take your photography to the next level. it’s a good idea to first build up a portfolio of work. scratched and just plain “old”. The photo looked a a bit yellow. and then submit your work to the many dedicated photography websites or competitions.com . For some. There are hundreds of amateur photography forums and websites where members . to capture great shots with simple “point and shoot” digital models. Digital photos on the other hand never lose their quality. it’s possible for anyone with a good eye for photography yet little practical knowledge of the mechanics of cameras. The days of Fuji film and print processing have been replaced with talk of mega-pixels and memory cards. This article can be reprinted and used as long as the resource box including the backlink is included.printrates.30 Longevity: We have also paged through old photo albums of our grandparents. With hundreds of cheap digital cameras on the market. A digital photo will be identical today and 500 years from now.a site dedicated to photo printing Ziv Haparnas Become Snap . Storage of printed film photos or even negatives results in quality deterioration. As long as we remember to refresh the digital media every now and then and to back it up our photos can literally list forever and not lose their quality.

A good idea is to start small. photography is an extremely rewarding hobby. if you are a keen skier. persistence pays. and can win you fans. Either choose a general photography magazine to do this. Whether it’s for fun. Amateur photography competitions are another great way of getting your photography seen. while UKplus are also holding an online photography competition with a top prize of £1000 for photographs taken within the UK. prizes and even commissions or customers. And you never know . is offering a top prize of one million dollars for unique location images from anywhere in the world. as they are often on the lookout for pictures to accompany their stories. Another way to get recognition and even payment for your photographs is to submit your shots to magazines.you might just see your picture on the cover of National Geographic one day! Adam Singleton is an online.31 can submit their work for critical appraisal by other members. or perhaps a new career path. or try specialist consumer magazines. for example. Other competitions include Embassy Suite Hotels ‘Happiness in Motion’ competition. submit your ski shots to a winter sports magazine. There are hundreds to enter. For example. don’t get disheartened if your shots aren’t accepted at first . nature to nautical and portrait to planes. it’s important to remember that photography is an extremely competitive field and that you will be up against professionals. Adam Singleton . His portfolio. called Capquest Photography is available to view online. Local papers are also a good place to submit photos.just keep on shooting and continue submitting. or if you enjoy fishing. and they tend to have set themes . glory. your local photography club will probably hold various contests. Therefore. try an angling magazine. Such websites also offer advice and tips on photography techniques. freelance journalist and keen amateur photographer. The ‘Million Places on Earth’ competition. in the world of photography. also keep an eye out for other competitions that are within your field of expertise. When submitting your photography to magazines. which carries an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii as their top prize.covering everything from travel to sports.

http://www. The latter is called a small depth of field where the subject focused on is crisp and clear and the background is very blurry. A large f number lets in less light so this is good in bright conditions especially outside and a small f number lets in more light. Small depth of field you would set to a small f number of 2. Also if you zoom in on your subject the background you will create a very good small depth of field and the background will appear very blurry. This will be discussed in part 2. To create the first one (large depth of field) you have set your camera to aperture. ISO numbers also have an a great importance when it comes to light and as to be set when your setting your aperture.cherishfinearts.Depth of Field Part 1 is all about how to create clear and sharp pictures to pictures with the subject being very clear with a blurry background. An example of this could be a sharp image of a person with a blurry background.com/pages/CHERISH-FINEARTS/26118092779?ref=ts .8-8 which would give a large aperture.uk http://www. You could also widen the angle of the lens. This is all using natural light. This controls how much light comes in through the lens.co.32 Digital Photography . Depth of field is the sharpness that is created within the image with relation to the objects and their distances. For this you need to set your camera to a large F number of 16-22 this is a small aperture.facebook.How to Take Good Pictures Part 1 . Basically this is called depth of field. To create a clear and sharp photograph of say a clear and crisp scene of fields and house that is quite a distance away is called a large depth of field. Setting your digital camera to aperture gives you control over the aperture which are the F numbers.

editing and printing.which creates an incontestable record of an incident location. Criminologists quickly realized that this technology enabled them to freeze time . Today. This type of camera makes it simple to share pictures both online and in print. This is because most evidence is transitory: fingerprints must be lifted. These cameras plug into a PC via USB. The cameras with resolution in the four-to-five mega pixel range are capable of producing great professional-quality images. and homes and businesses must be returned to their normal state. forensic photos are essentials for investigating and prosecuting a crime. but they usually lack important features. Digital cameras with less than one mega pixel are not expensive. Crime scene photography has been around almost as long as the camera itself. Today. The advantage of digital cameras is the ability to take several pictures at no extra cost and then printing only the best ones. Cameras that were meant for automatic point-and -shoot photos. but also the placement of items in a room and the relation of evidence to other objects that are in the room. Photos help to preserve not only the most fleeting evidence. . Digital cameras are extremely easy to use and they offer a host of wonderful features. or even a body. the purpose of the digital camera and digital photography is to record evidence that will be admissible in court. with a 3x zoom lens will serve casual shooters as well as loyal hobbyists much of the time. a piece of evidence. digital photography is in the mainstream of camera use. like the shape of a blood stain that will soon be mopped up. so you can upload your pictures easily for archiving.33 Precious Mckissick Digital Photography and Its Importance in a Crime Scene Investigation When it comes to an investigation of an incident location. bodies must be removed and examined.

I am offering a 21-page e-Book. http://www. that details the step-by-step process of crime scene investigation. and keeps the reader in-tune with everything a crime scene investigator should know about a crime scene. crime scene investigators have not completely replaced digital with film. Settings to consider include the amount of light falling on and around the subject of the photograph.com Tyrone Craft Digital Photography Exposure and Techniques Digital Photography is similar to film photography in many ways as the photographer needs to ensure the best settings for each picture taken. My ultimate goal is to provide information back to the general public in the form of e-Books.. or even more pixels give you the latitude to create larger prints.. Since film still produces better picture quality.34 Cameras with higher resolutions of 7. the shutter speed.csi-how-to-ebooks. All digital cameras have a built-in computer and all of them record images electronically. My professional career experience has been in the field of Law Enforcement. as I have served as a police officer for twenty-five years.14-plus years. the lens aperture and any filters used. until the case is solved! Learn How To Conduct a Basic Crime Scene Investigation at. from the moment the investigator is notified. . "How To Conduct a Basic Crime Scene Investigation". or to stop and edit images with photo-editing software without destroying quality. 10. the film speed required. 8.

The light is reflected from the objects or scene onto the sensor or film of the camera for a set length of time. and remembering the settings for each type of shot. colours. angles and intensity of pictures. etc.The amount of light and length of time exposed affects the end result and quality of the picture. Many digital cameras available on the market today automatically adjust and adapt settings to ensure good photographs on every shot. the main subject's position and so on. or exposure. shadows.Mastering the control of these elements is a feat in itself.uk Shirley Brown . The two main controls for exposure are the shutter speed determining the length of time the sensor is exposed to the light and the lens aperture determining the size of the lens opening allowing the light into the camera. mainly achieved by trial and error.Manager. Training Company Internet Entrepreneur http://www.co.photos4money. insects. Understanding exposure and applying specific conditions to each shot can improve the probability of capturing good quality photographs.35 Light. Having these two elements in your control allow various types of photograph to be taken such as action shots. Shirley Brown . lots of photographs and different settings. There are lots of techniques to be learned when using digital cameras to gauge the quality of your photographs and other variants to take into consideration such as angles.However photographers with experience will use cameras capable of adjusting these settings dependent on the desired effect. is very important as it highlights specific features. distance shots or close up detailed pictures of flowers.

save them on computer. Shutter lag is particularly problematic when trying to capture action shots. and share them over the internet. When using this method it is often best to observe through the Optical Viewfinder and keep both eyes open so that it is easy to anticipate shots as action approaches. With the ability to take huge numbers of pictures. One way of decreasing shutter lag is to press the shutter button halfway down. Reduce lag time and latency: . Photographs of fast moving action are more common as well as people are able to experiment to obtain the type of images they want without fear of "ruining" a shot that requires more skill to take. When trying to obtain shots of action. and vacations are still common images. the photographer can use one of two approaches: . An example would be focusing on the basketball goal or 1st base. This process allows the camera to perform some of the focusing function prior to taking the shot thereby reducing the shutter lag time. . celebrations. and then press the button down completely when ready to take the shot. 1. .36 Basic Digital Photography . 2. The following outlines a few pointers that can get the novice started off on the right foot. During this lag time the camera is setting the exposure and focus.Follow subjects with the camera as they wait for action to happen. the cost of film and developing are no longer limiting factors. portraits.Focus the camera on a particular spot where action is anticipated and wait for it to happen. Although group photographs.Shutter lag is the delay between the time the shutter button is pressed and the time when the camera actually takes the picture. hold it.Taking Action Shots Personal photography has gone through a sort of mini evolution in the past 20 years as digital cameras have become popular. personal photography now captures more impromptu and daily types of events. Capturing action can be challenging for a beginning photographer and requires quite a bit of practice to master.

To reduce latency. Practice is necessary .The shot is taken by squeezing the shutter button to avoid any downward movement of the camera. This allows the camera to take the shots in a more rapid sequence. Many digital cameras offer a Burst Mode which allows the user to capture a sequence of shots. practice. 6.Latency is the time it takes the digital camera to write/store images before the next shot can be taken. A faster shutter speed generally freezes action to help eliminate blurring. The type of shot desired is what dictates the appropriate shutter speed to use. Follow the action. however a somewhat slower shutter speed can better demonstrate movement by allowing some blurring of the arms. . However. The camera tends to set the focus and exposure on the first shot and then take remaining shots with these same settings.Tracking of the movement continues for 1-2 seconds after the shot is taken. legs. a lower resolution setting can be used for the shot so that the camera has less information to process and store. Beginners can anticipate their action shots will not meet their expectations initially.37 . staying parallel to the action generally produces the best demonstration of movement and allows the photographer to pan if desired. 7. this is known as "panning". but this technique of reducing latency must be used carefully as image quality can be compromised. . 3. 4. a photographer should use flash cards with fast write times. practice. Action shots can be taken from any angle. a slow shutter speed is often used to allow the subject to be focused and the background to blur demonstrating the action that is occurring. In some instances. As the photographer moves in the same direction as the motion. Practice. 5. Panning is not necessary for all action shots but is one method of demonstrating the movement while keeping the subject in focus. and feet as the subject moves. Panning involves tracking the motion of the subject horizontally to capture the movement as it goes side to side.Tracking is initiated prior to taking the shot. Shutter speed reminder. Use Burst Mode when wanting to capture a series of movements. The process of panning involves the following: .

Next up you need to make sure that you have good lighting for your digital photo. For more information about using or choosing a digital camera be sure to visit the author's home electronics store . You can look for them in places like eBay. homemedias.info. This way any shadows should be canceled out. you can make your own from fabric or even by painting a roll of paper. First off. However. in front of your subject and to either side. This is especially useful when you come to edit your pictures as extra shadows can confuse any automatic software options that you choose. . Purpose made green screens are readily available from around $20. Christine Peppler Digital Photography Green Screen Techniques Using a digital photography green screen is easy. practice is only an investment in time. you need an actual green screen. The screens are used in both still photography and videos although it's more common in video photography. Place them both upright. Amazon or your local photo store. So long as the color is consistent. you'll be fine. with the ability to delete images on digital cameras. this can be either green or blue in color. The choice of color will largely be dictated by what you are photographing as you want to make it easy for your software to isolate the intended image with you.38 and will require many shots to be taken. Despite the name. Then take your photographs. Alternatively. you'll probably find that you can get very good results with just a couple of fluorescent tubes. Although you can buy expensive lights.

this will vary with your software package but providing you can get the software to just copy the selected area. It's at times like these when you're grateful for Edit Undo options but personally I wouldn't rely on them one hundred percent. This is where the contrast between the green screen and your subject matter comes in handy as it gives your chosen software a much better chance of doing a good job with as little of your help as possible. Again. you then need to use another option to digitally "lift" the image and then drop it onto your chosen background. It's then a relatively easy matter of dropping your carefully cut out selection on to the new picture. the time has come to edit them and put in a new background. But it may still take a while to tweak the places where the automatic software recognition program isn't as accurate as you may like. you will need to trace round the outline of your chosen image. Much will now depend on your photo editing software. you'll be fine.39 Once you're happy with these. in front of a street scene. Once you've got your image selected. Programs like Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop have tools that will help you to do this. Trevor Stonham . or just about anywhere else you choose. So you can then pretend to be talking to people from in front of the pyramids of Egypt or anywhere else you prefer. Get more tips and tricks on digital photography green screens as well as a host of other digital photography goodies. So your "talking head" shot now shows you in a news studio. It may pay you to practice doing this with a simple shape such as a rectangle or a circle so that you don't waste lots of time tracing round a complicated image only to find you press the wrong key at the wrong time. At its most basic.

You only get one chance. 2. Meet with the bride and groom and find out which shots they would like. Create an equipment checklist Even the pros need to make sure that they have every necessary piece of equipment in the bag. Create a shot list This absolutely vital and every pro uses one. work out the sequence of shots all the way through the wedding. Weddings are the biggest day in the lives of most couples and it needs to be perfect.40 Learn Digital Photography . Have it typed up and laminated and keep it in your bag for prechecks. change cameras. less stress and money in your bank account. One you'll use with your wide angle lens and the other will have a zoom with a range of say 70 through 200mm. In between. There is no time to continually change lenses to get the important shots. Start with the wedding rehearsal which is also a good time for you to set up your cameras for the indoor shots. there are no retakes and once the day is over so is the opportunity. It means good planning and will make your wedding run like clockwork. . you need to take a few tips from them. take a few tips. Lenses and cameras Don't change lenses. 3.6 Keys to Shooting Weddings Like the Pros If you'd like to shoot weddings like the pros do. 1. Then make some suggestions as to what extra ones will look great. Before the big day email or deliver this to the couple for their final approval. And of course end with the couple leaving for their honeymoon. This is a tough one but if you're going to make a real go at wedding photography you are going to need at least one extra camera. So. Unless you want to learn from the school of hard knocks. get it right first time and you'll have a happy bridal couple. They've learnt the easiest way to do things and the most effective ways of getting stunning shots. With the number of kit items it is impossible to remember everything so create a comprehensive checklist.

Despite how the poor groom feels about it. As I said earlier. Follow the bride Stick to the bride like glue. Don't forget the poor old groom but don't make him the central focus. Wedding photography is not for the feint hearted. This is a non-negotiable. Have backups for everything This is critical on the day as you only have one chance. those little silver ones. It is a given and you have to use it on most occasions.htm . memory cards and flash.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Throughout the day you'll find that she is the centre of attention and lot of the activity will involve her. If you get these three things right your day will be a success. It may sound ridiculous with bright sunlight around but it will help you eliminate any harsh shadows around that would spoil those images. Use flash outdoors A lot of your photos will be taken indoors so flash is absolutely essential. you go.com/21steps. But. 5. Have extra batteries. This is called fill in flash and should not be used on full power. Make sure that you have extra backup batteries for your camera. Wherever she goes. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. people are here to see the bride and after the shoot it's photos of the bride people will buy. Set your flash exposure compensation to -1 and it will lower the power of the flash and make it more subtle.21steps2perfectphotos. here's a tip that will help. If the flash seems too obvious. especially the parents. 6. there is a trick most wedding photographers use. Download it here for free: http://www. There is a major amount of stress that goes with it and you can't have a meltdown in the middle of someone's big day. stay focused and plan for the worst. This is their little girl's big day and they want lots of photos.41 Fifteen lens changes of 2 minutes will mean 30 minutes less photo time which you cannot afford.21steps2perfectphotos. Be prepared. two cameras are essential so the one will act as a backup to the other. 4. Use flash outdoors as well.

So why do we have this imaginary grid running across the scene? Where the lines intersect become the focal points of your image.The Rule of Thirds is Key to Great Photos Many people who have gone beyond the realm of point and shoot photography have discovered or been made aware the 'rule of thirds'.42 Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography . What is the rule of thirds and can it be used to enhance our compositions? It's easy to understand and quite simple to apply giving you results that will amaze. Just as if your were drawing a tic-tac-toe grid across the scene. Two horizontal lines dividing your image into thirds horizontally and two vertical lines dividing your image vertically into thirds. . Let's get your imagination working. It's simple to imagine even though we can't show you a photo. Thirds. The image is divided into imaginary thirds although with some cameras a grid is superimposed over the viewfinder. The answer to this is in the question. Something to do with mathematical formulae. Imagine lines that divide your image like a tic-tac-toe or noughts and crosses grid. Studies have found that the ancient Greeks discovered that the eye is drawn naturally to these points in an image. The theory behind this is that when you place your points of interest or subjects on any of these points the image becomes more balanced and the viewers eyes interact more naturally with the photo.

try the rules of thirds and then shoot the scene without this rule. By doing this the image achieves a more balanced look that can be very pleasing to the eye. There is another point for consideration when taking an image of a landscape or any photo with an horizon. What are my points of interest? These are your main points of interest.43 When using this rule there are two questions you need to ask yourself. take an image using each of them. Sometimes when breaking a rule in photography you'll find that it works and results in a fantastic image. like a lighthouse on an horizon or a cottage on a rolling green hill. Try each of the four intersecting points in the image. This is achieved placing a secondary object that doesn't compete with the main subject on one of the opposite two thirds intersections. the focal or disappearing point is placed on one of the intersections. So. Again this is done to balance the image. Another great effect when using the rule of thirds is called counterpoint. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. You need to identify what you want to make the main focus of your image and place it at one of these intersecting points. The horizon should always lie along one of the two horizontal lines of the grid. Often when lines are used in an image such an s-shaped pathway or fence leading to a focal point or disappearing into the distance. 1. Where should I place them? The choice is yours as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 2. You will probably find that one of them will be most pleasing to your eye. If you're not sure. Now rules are made to be broken and many of us will break the rules just for sake of breaking them. . Digital costs nothing to take extra images. Never in the middle of the image. When applying the rules we mean applying them generally and not all the time.

com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. you get paid every time your picture gets downloaded. websites. hard fact for you: people are making six figure incomes doing this. Doing something they love to do. The system is based on submitting pictures to the web. Yes. Are you sure you want a job in digital photography? Often that means taking pictures for people. I would rather work from home and submit my digital photos to the web and get paid to do so. . Wayne G Turner Digital Photography Jobs First of all. It's very simple. and the photos don't even have to be of a professional quality. to certain websites actually (sorry. I'm not legally allowed to reveal them just yet!) and when people browse these websites and come across your photo and decide to download it.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. there are even techniques to maximize income from this and get more people to download your photos. and here's a cold. If I was you.com/21steps. amateur photographers get paid very well too.21steps2perfectphotos.44 Download it here for free: http://www. that is possible. before we get into the 'meat of the matter' I would like to ask you one question. magazines and so on.21steps2perfectphotos.

This idiom is once again proven right when one thinks of digital cameras.blogspot. So basically. Read my complete step by step solution for making more money from submitting pictures to the web. before you go applying to companies for a job. because it's an activity you enjoy doing. .Advances in Digital Photography Like all things electronic the older the technology gets the more affordable it becomes. you might want to consider this path as well. then I mere thought of a job ceased to exist in my mind. I wouldn't call it work. you'll be able to make more than everyone else trying to do what you're doing. The first digital cameras had pathetic resolution and cost an arm and a leg to own. so in essence you get paid to play around! Sounds almost silly. this is an opportunity for anyone with a camera to make money online and improve the quality of their lives with a good income.45 In the beginning I was also interested in Digital Photography Jobs. Find out more at http://camera-dollar. but when I came across this solution which allowed me to "work" from home and make more money than I would do at any job. Using my techniques to maximize the quality of your photos. With advances in sensor and storage technology better and better equipment is now making its way into the market at large. doesn't it? Well.com Linus Rylander Better and Cheaper .

Nikon. While I welcome the advances I still advocate everyone who wants to use a camera should invest time in getting the necessary knowledge. Here are a few exciting new features of the latest entrants onto the market: Touchscreens: Touchscreens are jumping from cell phones to digital cameras. New digital cameras like the Samsung ST1000 which has built in GPS receiver. On the other hand touch screens also make the cameras more delicate. They are no substitute to good photographic sense and knowledge. Cannon and other companies have released touch screen cameras. Thereby enabling more accurate geo Tagging. Making it easy to capture the best expressions without having to shoot multiple pictures. Face and Smile Recognition: Face and smile recognition are amazing when it comes to taking pictures of such unpredictable subjects such as children. It records the location each photo is taken. Sony. As great as all these features are but they do make the job of taking photos easier. Samsung. These cameras will detect a human face and focus optimally for the face. While digital cameras do not still match the film cameras in terms of shutter speed and resolution they are getting pretty close to the point where it is less noticeable.46 The newer digital cameras have been benefiting hugely from the technological advances in computing power for small devices. . The newer models are taking full advantage of advances in touch screen technology developed for the likes of the iPhone. Some of these cameras can also double as navigation units and help you not get lost in the wilderness or the concrete jungle wherever you prefer to live. Touchscreens eliminate the clutter of various buttons and make them more attractive. GPS receivers: Geo Tagging of photos is all the craze. The smile detection can be used to click the picture at the moment the child smiles.

Thanksgiving brings families together sometimes family from quite a distance. watched some great football. because she refused to do anything else until they were done. It just wasn't a holiday portrait fest without instant pictures.47 Nidhi Mathur is a photography aficionado who wants to see more quality pictures being taken by humanity and to learn some real digital photography techniques recommends you visit http://www. Of course we did as grandma wanted even if we mumbled as we did it.com Nidhi Mathur Digital Photography During the Holidays As the holidays get closer it is extremely important that you have your digital camera handy and your digital storage device cleaned and ready to go.digital-photography-techniques-help. Having just two sisters we still seemed to fill up the house each holiday where we ate all the favorite traditional feasts. she would pull out past years of the 'pictures' where we would admire the spread and compare the growth of the grandchildren. My mom was not one that would ever have turned in rolls of film for developing. Do you remember waiting for the picture to develop? It was like magic. The pictures were taken with a Polaroid SX-70 because they provided instant viewing (well almost instant). I remember when I was young my mother laid out a spread that barely fit on a conference room table (which is what she had in her dining room). and of course posed in various planned groupings for those snap shots that 'grandma' would insist upon for her wallet size collage she carried in her purse to show off as much as she possibly could during the coming year. After dinner and dish washing . .

After all. She could have viewed all those shots instantly and been able to do retakes if necessary (although waiting patiently to see if the picture turned out was part of the fun). My mother would have loved the new digital generation. or have the perfect setting. I wonder if that would be different now? Digital Cameras are so easy to use and every grandchild would have one which of course they would have on them because. But how would the banter of family comparisons or the passing around of her new stack of pictures be replaced? Maybe a yearly slide show on DVD created by one of the grand kids of course since they are the true digital and computer experts would be up for viewing during halftime of the game.48 Those were great times. I think she would have liked the new instant pictures available with a digital camera (as long as she could instantly print so she could still pass them around the room). I can envision it now. While she directed the various photographers. she rarely was the photographer herself. although the comparisons are usually about who gained or lost the most weight since last year. she won't care as long as she has some instant prints to pass around. or are the best digital camera photographer. . The desert table would be partially replaced (being more health conscious now) with space for the printer so instant pictures could still be passed around to enjoy and share laughter over. imperfect pictures show personality and character. So while you are venturing out during the coming holidays remember think of grandma and whether you have the perfect lighting. Washing dishes would still be a necessity because she never believed in dish washers even after they were customary. The spread would still be the spread because well let's face it mom just loved putting on a show. everyone seemed to be one sometime through the day. And now. Probably one of the kids would have purchased grandma a digital photo album so bringing out the 'album' would have different meaning. even though I have no grandchildren yet. they don't leave home without it. I still enjoy the snap of pictures. as American Express always said.

greatest digital point-n-shoot cameras while also providing interesting analysis of digital storage and digital camera accessories. For further information please visit http://www.49 © Robert Cooper. Robert Cooper is a computer networking consultant and has been in the electronics field for 25 years.onlinedigitalcamerareviews. using a good backdrop. He frequently writes about Canon digital cameras. These use the backdrop types to conceal the background in the photograph behind the subject with a more satisfactory one. In today's market there are several different backdrop types available for both amateur and professional photographers with a different application for each type. the latest. Backdrops of this type have both commercial as well as personal applications. There are innumerable types of digital photography backdrops geared toward family. Available in a wide range of styles and colors. cost. friends or . A digital backdrop is also an excellent way to take an average digital portrait and. Robert A Cooper Where Can I Find Good Digital Photography Backdrops? Digital photography backdrops are very important as they provide an attractive background that can enhance photographs a great deal. As an author he specializes in digital camera reviews and digital photography tips. and ability to make photos unique-looking by enhancing the images. change it into a quality photograph that resembles one from a professional photography studio.com where you can also find the latest digital camera reviews and articles on digital photography tips and courses. which include the convenience. More photographers than ever have turned to digital photography for many reasons. Nikon digital cameras. finding the perfect backdrops for every image or photo is easier than ever. The basic background is certainly one of the most popular and best-liked types of backdrops.

these backdrops are very easy to use. Camera shops and computer stores often sell digital backdrops. Although you can use digital backdrops with practically any image and background. as you often find inexpensive and unusual items that will work great. curtains and tablecloths also work well. too. The internet is one of the best places to find good backdrops as online retailers often have a far larger selection. using photo-editing software. Photography for Novices . Many online retailers are professional photographers themselves. gives . It is very easy to use digital photography backdrop software. cheap fabric. thrift shops are an excellent place to start looking. so along with selling digital backdrops. Very low cost backdrops include using tape and rolls of seamless paper or low thread count. Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist with a wide range of hobbies. Simply open the image. they will share their extensive expertise with you if required. using photo-editing tools. Some of the many include: • Image enhancing blocky letters • Fanciful creature backdrops • Bright color backdrops • Island themed backdrops • Sports themed backdrops • Holiday themed backdrops • Landscape backdrops • Abstract themed backdrops Compatible with numerous photo-editing software types. His website. For a digital photographer looking for backdrops or props to use when taking photos. For a photographer that is shooting something small. Render the prior background transparent and then paste the image onto the backdrop. onto the same chosen backdrop screen. images or pictures taken against green or blue backgrounds seem to transfer the best to digital backdrops.50 children and intended just for entertainment and fun. These online retail websites permit customers to look at the backdrop types they carry before purchasing any and provide customers with troubleshooting tips. These same photo editing programs include tools that edit and smooth any rough edges when using backdrops. solid color sheets that only need ironing before using. easy to follow instructions. and answers to questions people may have about the product.

fail and then give up. Terence Roberts Learn Digital Photography . You need a starting point. You need to make a conscious choice that you are starting a creative journey. how do we start our creative journey? Let's take a look at a few points that will get you going: 1. Society says that a man shouldn't like flowers or a woman can't get excited by motor- . try to copy theirs. look at my work.51 advice for beginners. Discover your area of passion It's sometimes necessary to discover your passion as we often keep these areas of ours lives hidden for various reasons. I know that in my photography experience I would look at these photographers. equating this to you and me we have to start somewhere. With all this said and done. They began their creative journey somewhere. It wasn't an instant change but a process.Creativity Can Be Learned Those of us who admire the work of great artists and the award winning images of outstanding photographers. All is not lost or as bleak as it appears. marvel at the creativity of these artists. A little envious of their amazing abilities and natural talent. Don't miss his 7 Tips for Digital Photography Beginners . So. The important part of the process was on the journey and how they developed along this road of learning. We look at our own photographs and wonder how we'll ever get anywhere near the masters. It became a cycle of failure and discouragement until I realised that I could actually take good photos. What I realised was that the masters never painted a perfect picture the first time they held a brush nor the great photographers the first time they held a camera. a point of departure. It's back to this point that you'll look and use it as a comparison to your future work.

you are lost before you begin. We want to be creative and we want it now. find it and go there. They should motivate you to go out and shoot. don't take it with you. 3. If you love old buildings then find a location that has many of them. 4. Think about the possibilities for a good composition and imagine the various possibilities. And. There is a difference between copying someone else's work and being inspired by it. colours and perspectives. If you love flowers and insects go to a botanical garden. Take time out and take your time So often we want to do something and do it now and have the results now. Have an understanding of what you want to create in your images. Once you have uncovered this you have a foundation for fresh ideas and a platform for experimentation that will keep you motivated and not give up or become discouraged.52 cycles. This in it itself is a small journey within our creative journey. It doesn't just happen over night. Get away from the hustle and bustle and find a place that makes you feel good about yourself and where you can enjoy the moment. . Find a quiet place now and relax as you think about what are your passions. Creativity takes time and conscious effort to develop. angles. Yes. You need to experience the environment. Get inspiration but don't copy. Let them give you ideas and understanding of their techniques and methods of composition. find a place that inspires you. 2. Whatever it is. Many artists have a place where they go to for inspiration. Instant gratification is one of the great warts of life in this modern age. Allow it to get you excited and driven to take images of similar quality and beauty. We are so tempted to start taking pictures and by doing this we miss the moment and get to involved with technical issues before we are inspired. This is where the help of the masters comes in. Begin with the end in mind You need to have some ideas about what you want to achieve through you creativity. So it's essential to rediscover what excites us and what makes our creativity tick. imbibe the atmosphere and just observe. leave your camera at home. If you can't see something in your mind's eye and have no idea of what you want to achieve. Choose an inspirational location or setting To help your creativity.

Observe your surroundings carefully and look for opportunities. Think. This is a learned process and cannot be crowded by the everyday hustle and bustle and concerns of life.53 5. We all have creativity within us but we need to create the setting that will coax it out. Observe how the light falls on an object and the direction of the shadows. sit down or lie down in you chosen location. Once you have been through these five steps you are starting to get to a point from which your creative ideas can start to flow. Once you discover this. Wayne G Turner Benefits of a Digital Photography Guide If you're looking to master the quality of your digital pictures or you're new to photography then a digital photography guide is a good place to start.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. Look at the different angles. Look for details you haven't seen before. All these factors play a part in your journey of creativity. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail.21steps2perfectphotos. slow and sweet and once you've tasted it you'll never forget it. there will be no end to the exciting images you will be able to create.21steps2perfectphotos. Look for lines and repeated patterns. It's like the flow of honey from a jar. Carefully examine colours and shapes. Download it here for free: http://www.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. observe and let your creativity run wild Walk around. Creativity cannot be rushed. You have to create an environment for it to begin.com/21steps. .

Direction on printing or how to share your photos on the internet. . A. This is where much of the pleasure of photography lies. Alexandra Learn Digital Photography . good composition.Equip you with the skills to correct picture taking problems quickly and effectively.How to 'capture the moment' through mastering the basics and beyond. . Avoid being impressed by guides that focus too much on technical terms. There are elements that if you include them will create a strong composition. To learn the techniques mentioned here and other exciting tips to help you achieve professional looking pictures every time find your guide to digital photography today.Education on observing the surrounding lighting so to get the optimal pose and shot. An informative guide will offer in-depth tips for the bravehearted.Guidance so your background compliments (not competes) with your subject. allowing you to take professional pictures every time. A few of the topics a good guide will cover include. . A good guide will offer even more great tips and tricks than outlined here.54 An informative guide can help an amateur gain a better understanding of their camera as well as a solid grasp on digital photography.How to Compose a Perfect Picture All of us want to compose a perfect image that looks stunning and is admired by others. .Instruction on experimenting with angles to break-up the dullness of a straight shot. When selecting a digital photography guide make sure it is easy to follow. . There are various tips (as well as tricks!) that a guide can offer to help you take professional looking photos. instead look for one that keeps things simple. .

For use in the horizontal format. Use the rule of thirds to place it. Subject Placement This is just as vital as the first step. Most people shoot with the camera height about 1. Do you shoot from high above the scene or down below. But. Experiment and try as many as you can think of.5 metres above the ground. It's on these points you would place your subject or focal point. They discovered the Golden Mean which is similar and the rule of thirds seems to have its origins there. we still need to learn these elements of good composition. So. 1. Must you keep at the subject's eye level? Walk around the scene or subject and explore different angles and viewpoints. four of them. 4. 2. as it will determine the difference between a mediocre and a stunning image. The rule of what? The Greeks are responsible for this. By dividing your image equally into thirds horizontally and thirds vertically you end up with a grid like a noughts and crosses or tic tac toe grid. It is pleasing to the eye and the eye is naturally drawn to these areas. Technique aside the skill of looking and seeing is what will help the most. The Viewpoint A very important key. Format This is where you make your first choice when deciding to create a photo. The more adventurous photographer will vary this height and often get a superior photo.55 The sense of achievement you have when you get it right is amazing. Getting it right every time is not only the domain of the pro. Do you use landscape or do you use portrait? Our eyes tend to see in a horizontal fuzzy oval shape which is similar to the landscape format. Where these lines cross are intersecting points. So basic to any good composition is choosing the right format for the scene or subject you are going to shoot. Knowing where to stand and shoot from is fundamental to a good composition. All of us can do it if we follow some basic rules of composition. Make this call correctly and you are on your way. we are always drawn to this format and to make matters worse this is how camera manufacturers design their cameras. 3. The background . Never place your subject dead centre in your frame.

Frames Within Frames Add Excitement to Your Photos . faraway objects.com/21steps. Placement of the horizon is also important. They will all play an important part in your composition. A good foreground gives the image a sense of depth. Always think about each of these elements when creating an image. Have them all working together and you will know why your image is stunning. It needs to be interesting and complement the subject. Include something close to the camera that contrasts with the smaller. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. 5. Do you want include or exclude background elements? Should it be in focus or blurred out? These are questions you need to answer in each of the unique situations you find yourself in.56 Another vitally important element to a strong composition. Leave one out and you'll know something is missing. Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography .21steps2perfectphotos.21steps2perfectphotos.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. The Foreground All too often we focus on the background in a photo and forget that the foreground is almost as important. It will often give a sense of scale to the rest of the image. Never in the middle of the image. Always place it on one of the horizontal two thirds grid lines. Don't just leave open and uninteresting spaces.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Download it here for free: http://www.

. 3. Examples of these are buildings and archways. Colour frames Picture this. the area around the subject is dull and lacks appeal. use a frame within a frame. all of which can be extremely effective. the sentry standing in front of his sentry box or the dog lying outside its kennel are classic representations of this type of framing. For example. A red and white stop sign framed by the brilliant blue sky. an arch or a porthole all are great candidates for a frame. foliage or a fence. There are several types of framing methods. From windows to doors. 2. It isolates and contains the stop sign allowing it to be lifted off the background and emphasized. 1. The frame is behind your subject and gives it prominence. Shape frames Simply explained this is just a regular shape that is larger than the subject and helps exclude non essential background elements. The colour blue becomes the frame.57 If ever you look through your viewfinder and discover that although your subject is interesting and appealing. Foreground frames This gives a feeling of depth because your eye is drawn through the frame into the image focusing on the main point of interest or focal point. Does your eye focus on the blue sky or the red sign? The sign of course. Background frames These are less common but still effective. 4. For example. This is the most common way of framing an image and very effective. a lady's face with a very large straw hat has her face isolated by the round shape of the hat. As long as you choose your viewpoint carefully you can add a frame to almost any subject. It's a simple and effective device for bringing cohesion to your image and emphasizing your subject. The frame isolates the subject and lifts it off the background. Obvious ones are windows and doors so look for the unusual to add a new dimension.

58 It's contained within the blue of the sky. As the old adage goes. 5. This means that much more of your image will be in focus from just in front to all the way in the distance. Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography . Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Having more of the archway or large doorway in the image allows you to create a more contained image that is pleasing to the viewers eye. It allows you to get a greater amount of the frame in the image and a greater depth of focus as well. So whenever you have an interesting subject in uninteresting surroundings. Download it here for free: http://www. The key to any photograph is to experiment until you find the final image that is pleasing to your eye. practise makes perfect.com/ .htm . So what can you do? Change to a wide angle lens.21steps2perfectphotos.com/21steps. look for something to frame the subject. I think that frames are a wonderful way to add depth and dimension to your photos.Nature Photography Techniques For Beginners .21steps2perfectphotos. A white Dalmatian against the colour red of a fire engine has the same effect. Choosing a lens or focal length Sometimes you are limited to a fixed viewpoint and therefore cannot change how big or small you want the frame to be. Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.

It's 99% effort and 1% luck. right animal or right lighting conditions takes a lot of patience and effort. If you don't continue to practise you won't get the shot. Because of all these factors. Equip yourself This is really key to any form of nature photography from landscape on the one side right across to close-up and macro on the other. Research your subject A good knowledge of your subject is essential. 2. Be patient and practise Patience is a virtue and no more so than with nature photography. A good nature photographer is a good naturalist or ornithologist. 3. So here are some keys to great nature photography. A photographer should never interfere in any way with nature or leave traces of their presence after a shoot. practise becomes an essential part of a nature photographers life. There is more to . If you aren't prepared to do this then maybe it's not for you. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to shoot a subject that is just out of reach or the inability to get close enough. The fundamental principle for any nature or wildlife photography is a love for nature and a desire to see it preserved for future generations. A zoom lens with a macro feature could suffice for close-up photography and coupled with a two times converter for bird photography. This preservation attitude will keep an open invitation for future generations of photographers.59 Taking photos of nature can be the most fulfilling form of photography if learnt carefully and precisely. Animals and birds (even in zoos) do not act on cue so it becomes necessary to wait for hours and sometimes. even days. So where do we begin as nature photographers? 1. as with professionals. There are minimum equipment requirements and you should get good advice from other photographers or reputable equipment suppliers. Waiting for the right weather conditions. Knowing when it feeds or what time of the day a flower opens or when there is dew on the roses will enhance the possibilities of a stunning image. It doesn't have to be expensive to begin with. We all desire a connection with the great outdoors and nature photography is often this link.

Nature photography can be one of the most fulfilling areas of photography and can reap great rewards. skills and experience it's time to decide if this is for you and worth the investment in better. don't specialise and waste money on kit you cannot afford. more specialised equipment. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail.21steps2perfectphotos.60 being a nature photographer than just shooting images. Unless you know in which direction or specialisation your photographic journey is taking you. Specialised equipment Once you have been through all the previous steps and gained the knowledge. Try visiting your location or subjects several times before starting your photography so that you get to understand their environment. 5.com You can also learn to take perfect photos in 21 steps by taking a look at my new ebook 21 Steps 2 Perfect Photos. Only once you know what you are doing and if this is for you. should you consider investing in more expensive kit. humpback whales or the elusive snow leopard.21steps2perfectphotos. A good location with good subjects will spur you on to greater heights. These are not the place to start unless you live on a game reserve or at the coast. Find a suitable location All wildlife or nature photographers aspire to shoot the big five. A good tripod. Try things on a small scale and work upwards as you gain more experience and are up to the challenge. http://www. specialised macro lens or a long focal length zoom or prime lens are essential to the advanced nature photographer. Find a place close to home like your back garden. 4. Read books. Download it here for free: http://www. It takes time effort and a lot of practise so be prepared to dedicate your self to many hours of waiting and preparation. If you have what it takes the results will speak for themselves. Somewhere you can be comfortable and practise without major effort.com/21steps.htm . a local botanical garden or even a zoo. join societies and search the internet until you feel you know enough about your chosen field to start shooting images.

always keep in mind the emotional effect your photos will give and what you want to accomplish with your photo. you can create mind-blowing pictures. Digital photography technology has been in the process of constant development. The Importance of Location in Digital Landscape Photography The selection of the right location is key in digital landscape photography. you should consider the purpose of your photograph. If your purpose is an exhibition then you should consider anger or fury to bring out a striking impact. If you want to capture photos to hang them in your bedroom.61 Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. seascape or moorelands. With the right technical knowledge and some imaginative power. peace or calm and look for such locations as a mountain range. Whether you are a professional who needs a refresher or an enthusiastic amateur photographer. you will find the following information helpful to you. you should think of serenity. Now it has reached a point where even amateur photographers are capable of capturing amazing scenery with wonderful photos. in the age of digital photography. Wayne G Turner Digital Photography Tips and Tricks Part 2 Digital Landscape Photography Since the camera was invented in 1888 photographers have shown great interest to capture landscapes. Before you choose a location. Both amateur and professional photographers show their interest in digital landscape photography. That is probably even more true today. Thus. . than it has ever been before.

so that you have nine squares. But the light becomes more contrasting and harsh as the day progresses and is at its strongest during the middle of the day. in fact. A good rule is to follow the 'Rule Of Thirds'. away from the middle of the frame. Digital Landscape Photography and Capturing the Perfect Moment . When you take a photo of only the main subject it will look only half as good as the same picture but with some foreground and background in it to give the whole piece perspective. If you apply this technique. such as a lighthouse.62 The Importance of Composition in Digital Landscape Photography Try to keep you image simple and uncluttered. it is more eye-catching and interesting when you choose something completely out of the ordinary. rich glow which works extremely well for landscape images. A favorite time to landscape photographers is the evening when the sun sets and you can get that warm. But the main point is to pick one main subject for your photo. This will help you bring more prominence to your focus subject as your viewers eye will not drift as much. your photo will look more dynamic. So split your photo in three equal parts horizontally and also vertically. the top row is for the background. shadows are weaker and pastel colors more apparent in your shots. which attracts the viewers' eye. or to one side. Keep your main focus subject off-center. select the particular time of the day for the particular effect you want from your image. Thus. The Focal Point in Digital Landscape Photography An important part of the composition of your image is the focal point. Also try to include some form of foreground interest into the image. This will ensure that your photo has a dimension and sense of scale. Suppose when the sun rises. and ultimately more interesting to view. Digital Landscape Photography and the Time of Day The quality and the effect of the light on your photos will depend on the part of the day you select for your photography. You will not have to use something mainstream as your focal point. it will help prevent the image from looking too bland or boring. The bottom row is for the foreground. As a result. You should remove any distractions from your photograph. a boat on the ocean etc. Atmospheric haze is also at its lowest in the morning. If you want maximum color impact then you should shoot your picture with the sun behind you.

a tripod and a lens cleaning cloth. But you can take some simple items that make it easier for you to create great digital landscape photography. So. pay some attention to the right equipment. A simple lens cleaning cloth may prove an important tool when the whether is rough. These are some of the most important tips to great digital landscape photography. Dominique Vangheel is a devoted fan of digital photography. However. not just any shot. Visit Your Digital Photography for more information on digital photography. Armed with these tips you should be able to put a real sense of purpose in your next digital landscape photography session. A camera bag. In the end. a lot of it comes down to practice and being conscious about what you want to create. do not remain satisfied with second rate shots just because factors seem to turn against you. If. These items are a camera bag. do not consider it as a set back. for example.Class 3 .63 A good photographer should try to get sufficient control over the situation and him/herself to take the perfect shot. tips and news for digital camera users. Dominique Vangheel Digital Photography . And I bet you that the results will then speak for themselves! Want more digital photography tips and tricks? Then check out the Tips 'n Tricks eZine . you cannot get the shot you want because it starts to rain. which is both protective and sturdy. Rather let your imagination work freely and then try to capture shots only possible when it is raining! As a last suggestion. that's too bad. is essential if you are walking over rugged areas. The most expensive kit does not guarantee that you will take superb shots. come back another time for that shot. He works to gather information. A tripod can be very handy to have with you to keep your camera stable and to help you take the right image.

64 Digital Photography Class . Taking a photo like this would mean that your partners face would be dark because of the shadow from the hat. The fact is that if your flash is off you will save some battery but you won't get the pictures you want. do you even notice that there are dark shaded areas in the picture even though you're outside in the sunshine? Well what the fill flash does is lights up all those dark areas on your subject what the natural sunlight can't get to. try setting your flash so that it works in daylight. And on cloudy days where it's a bit darker than usual. This is particularly important when the sun is directly overhead or behind your subject.Use Flash Outdoors Has anybody ever told you to turn your flash off when you take pictures outside? I'm sure they have. you can visit Olympus Memory Card and view the different deals that are being offered. If your camera doesn't have a fill flash feature. Wayne PM .When to use the flash outdoors Use the flash in bright sunlight to lighten the dark shadows under your subject's eyes and nose. Digital Photography Class . so this Digital Photography Class is all about how important it is to use the Fill Flash setting on your Olympus Camera. Imagine your taking a picture of your partner and she's wearing a hat to shade her face from the sun. If you would like to learn more and of the most affordable quality photo equipment. you can brighten up faces to help them stand out from the background. Wayne PM has been taking professional photo's for years and highly recommends the Olympus Slr Camera . it's actually a myth that many people seem to believe. Having the fill flash option on would mean the whole face would be lit up regardless of the weather conditions or what's on your partners head. or another brand if it also has this feature. What a Fill Flash can do for you! When you look back at photos.

while composition is the plot. . The foreground (flowers) leads me up to the caption that I had targeted. printers. Okay. and so forth. background. etc in the body to make someone understand what you are seeing and how it works. you must capture cameras. which makes a person wonder why someone would want a picture of the likes. I would use a lens that focuses on the length the lens will extend. if you are snapping pictures you will need a main attraction. What does it mean? What did you see in this picture that I am missing? For example. however. it also wants a feel of the surroundings so that it can see where the picture is leading. which will lead the eyes to a foreground. I would use an aperture size of small to reach an effect. which we know is not real. In this picture. however. and so forth. A distant hill captures the sky bringing it down to the earth's surface. The imagination starts to explore. I touched base on this subject in a previous digital photography tutorial. focal point. the distance focus. The foreground takes the front leading you to a boulder half buried in the ground with more boulders spread out in a filed of yellow with shades of green grass. and the aperture option. I used the terms plot in previous publications because those less familiar with digital imaging might find it easier to relate. perspective. In the depth of field. The focal point is the objective of the game in a way. while the eye is hitting home. I am taking a shot of a barn off in the distance and in its surrounding. In this scene. slants. thirds. scale. film. Yet. Likewise. Let's break this down. all there terms sounds nuts if you don't understand photography. lines. yet composition is the target. you are writing a book on the subject photography. You need something to hit home in this picture in other words. is a field of yellow flowers of some sort and green grass beneath it. background. foreground. focal point. You know the main composition is surrounding photography. I used the rule of the thirds while adding a foreground to the scene. Anyway. frames.65 Depth of Field . Since this is a landscape photo.Digital Photography Tutorial Actually. you consider composition. I snap a shot of a clear blue sky with sorted clouds dancing in the air. In photography. the focal point is a natural attraction to the eye.

if you get the feel of the camera and use it wisely. The photography through digital medium has made the task of the amateur and professional photographers easy and expedient. It makes a big difference how you use a camera as to how the film or photo will turn out. Danny Feildman A Comprehensive Analysis of Digital Photography The digital photography is a revolutionized form of photography. After writing around 50 digital photography tutorials I've learned a lot about photography. never let anyone defy you of your natural instincts and eye. including their definitions. the wide-angle lenses are the best choice. The lens will provide a depth deeper than other model lens. your best bet is becoming acquainted with the terms photographers use. This form of picture making has produced variety of realistic and emphatic images. If you are working towards becoming a professional. The diligent task of photographers and scientists brought a revolution in the world of photography. the one thing I already knew is that your eyes and instincts will guide you better than anyone or any device. If you are starting out in photography. you will spend less time in front of a computer and more time in the field snapping those shots. Keep it real and go with your gut feeling! Did you like this digital photography tutorial? Curious about reading more Digital Photography Tutorials ? What are you waiting for? Get This FREE Digital Photography Tutorial . The real moments of life can be captured within seconds and made visually striking. However. The first camera was invented in the eleventh century. which will only guide you towards the wrong direction. While there are software programs for editing available. . An f/22 depth is ideal if you are snapping pictures at a distance.66 If you are taking photos of landscape.

Some tools enable the user to shoot the picture in the absence of light. The replacement can be done electronically with the use of variety of video green screen software. one can replace the background image of the subject by any desirable image. the photographic film was used to create images. The advantage of using these tools is that the photographer can dwarf the subject or make the subject giant by placing him in the midst of tall or miniature buildings. giving special effects as per your needs. respectively. In other words. You should place the subject in front of a green or blue color background. green screen software . The photography through digital means can make the user more flexible in the task of developing high quality and unique images. green screen software that can enhance the quality of the images. Uses of digital photography: There are many uses of this form of picture making. Over the years. A person can make use of green screen technology and give wings to creativity. A photographer can portray his creative imagination through a series of beautiful and creative images. chroma key software helps in customizing video / images for replacing background. Others arm the user to capture the image of a wider range. Myself webmaster of 123videomagic. Photography Tools: There are many photography tools that enhance the quality and beauty of the images.com providing video editing software. After shooting the subject. one can photograph the subject in a proper studio with appropriate lighting. There are many other modified tools like chroma key editor .67 A Brief history of digital photography: Before the advent of photography through digital technology. This has given rise to the technology that can produce digital images. Good tools can infuse life in your pictures. The picture quality is high by using digital camera. Before 1970s many people used slides or chrome films. You can also clone the subject in the photography. imaging and optics. the advancement in technology has brought revolution in the camera production. .

I considered getting a Canon or Nikon. I actually was good at it and I'm hoping to buy a better one soon! As said above. There are several thousand different cameras. These cameras range from $100 on up to $900 depending on what brand you get. if you're interested in photography as a hobby. you probably wouldn't mind buying a compact camera for a few hundred dollars. Listed below are some of the best cameras. However. These cameras are still great cameras but they lack quality in resolution. to some of the top dogs such as Hasselblad! Of course if you're a new photographer like I was and you're to be considered amateur. Nikon.68 Angel Wood Digital Photography Cameras Online For Sale When I first decided that I wanted to become a photographer. Fuji and Olympus come in second. For my first camera. they also have less options. SLR. if you're looking to find a more professional camera it's a good idea to look for SLR type cameras. Canon and Nikon are of course two of the most popular camera brands. heck i wasn't even sure I would be good at it! Obviously to my surprise. a lot of people said this wouldn't be the right camera for me simply because it was really jumping into the deep end without a life preserver! But I considered my options and figured this was the best camera for me at the time. Fuji and Olympus are four of the very top camera brands you should be looking at if you're interested in photography. which might be good for beginner. but wasn't ready to spend $600 or more for my first camera. not a hobbyist then there are several different ones I think you should take a look at. You can choose from from compact. I decided to buy and Olympus SP-510 UZ. I knew one of the most important things was choosing the right camera. you can buy online: . First and foremost Canon.

Price $600. Pixels 12.000 to throw around! If you're searching for cameras online have them be compact. or buying cameras online. We must now think of our digital camera as a career . Pixels 10. digital photography. but there are also large format cameras such as Hasselblad. The prices on these can range from $2500 on up to $20.0 million Nikon D60. Pixels 10. Resolution 3872 x 2592. No longer must we think of our digital camera as just a tool for taking great family photos on the go. With all the things a digital camera can offer like ease of use. Olympus E-520.6 million.2 million. Price $600. Good luck in your search! This author is a huge fan of Top Digital Cameras Kristi Ambrose How Much Can You Make With Freelance Digital Photography? Digital photography has been increasingly getting popular and casting a pretty big shadow over conventional picture taking. Canon and Nikon. Canon EOS 450D Price $800 Resolution 4272 x 2848. In my opinion these large format cameras are for professionals only. Pixels 14.2 million.000.69 Pentax K 20 D Price $1100 Resolution 4672 x 3104. unless of course you have $20. mobility. Now these are considered medium format cameras. or more professional you can search for topics relevant to digital cameras. media storage. digital editing and now Freelance photography. Resolution 3648 x 2736.

00 dollars a day. you will be creating your own market of digital pictures. If you attempt to leap into freelance digital photography you might find the competition to be unbearable. Back to what 'the headline says. And of course if you are veteran of the business and this is . But if you take your time you can find ways where the competition is non-existent. The science I am referring to simply deals with: How to edit your work so your pictures will be noticed How to upload your photos where people will find them How to develop high amounts of digital photography spectator traffic How to get excellent Conversion rates Those are all the hows. I'm hoping your not think that you can just do this a couple minutes a week and expect to quit your job with all the profits.70 option for those with some spare time and ambition to learn what it takes." But a better question to ask is: are you willing to spend the few hours to really learn how this can be done correctly (or) are you going to just dive head first until you hit the bottom of the success pool. Yes of Course. uploading. is the freelance digital photography business lucrative enough to make a commendable salary? Depending on what commendable means to you." But that doesn't mean that you will have the right method of earning a good amount of money from this line of work. What isn't that simple sometimes is the means to getting those hows. If you spend spend time each day taking digital photos. IN THE BEGINNING! But as a couple of weeks pass and you do the proper steps you can make easily over a 100. and continually learn you might make over 20 dollars a day." or "creating your own hours. With all the conveniences of the internet it can be easy to lose sight of the science that makes freelance digital photography so successful. Yes. The structure of this business can be misleading with the term freelance. and they are simple enough. converting. This once called hobby can earn some money but can it really earn a salary? The short of it (before I go into the long of it) is "Why. the term can mean "being your own boss.

These photographers are earning at least 20. I am speaking generally. It is indeed one of several forms of digital imaging. You can find more resources on the subject at the sources I have provided below or check Google for other sites related to this career choice. If freelance digital photography is something that you want to learn. Lastly. most people can't stand to learn all the steps you need to take. You just need to take pictures of things we see everyday. All the software and learning materials needed to start are on this site. Also remember that half of the job titles in photography are jobs in freelance photography.000. Tons of business need to buy the simplest of digital picture concepts for ads.com .00 for a daily average. products and so on. you will make up to 1. people who love photography no matter what age. Do most people who are in the freelance digital photography business make a 1000.000. You don't have to take pictures of super models to sell them over the internet.71 your official career title. Nick Normandy The Era of Digital Photography Digital photography could be described as a form of photography that utilizes digital technology to make digital images of subjects. I just want to say that this isn't directed just towards a young and upcoming photographer. This is directed towards people like you and me. I also offer digital photography tutorials and more information on freelance digital photography jobs at my site DigitalPhotoJob.00 a day? No. but sadly. I have seen the failure rate solely based on the lack of information a person has on the subject when beginning. placing them on .00 dollars a year. magazines. They try for a little under a month and throw in the (barely sweaty) towel. It has been adopted by many amateur snapshot photographers who take advantage of the convenience of the form when sending images by email.

permanent storage on digital media is considerably cheaper than film. what is not commonly understood is that digital photography and photos that speak directly to the customer is a critical and absolutely part of print communication. Minimal on going costs for those wishing to capture hundreds of photographs for digital uses. although the equipment itself does not outdate so fast and has a longer service life. shutter speed. Ability to embed metadata within the image file such as the time and date of the photograph. The film photography requires continuous expenditure of funds for supplies and developing. If there is a problem with a picture. The technology was used in astronomy long before its use by the general public and had almost completely displaced the existence of photographic plates. some commercial photographers and amateurs interested in artistic photography have been resistant to using digital rather than film cameras because they believe that the image quality available from a digital camera is still inferior to that available from a film camera and the quality of images taken on medium format film is near impossible to match at any price with a digital camera. Photos may be copied from one digital medium to another without any degradation. Advantages of digital photography over traditional film includes. flash use and other similar items to aid in the reviewing and sorting of photographs. Moreover. To be honest and realistic. Actually. . instant review of pictures with no wait for the film to be developed. the photographer can immediately correct the problem and take another picture.72 the internet or displaying them in digital picture frames. If one already owns a newer computer. with the acceptable image quality and other advantages of digital photography the majority of professional news photographers have begun capturing their images with digital cameras. model of the camera. the increasing popularity of products such as digital photo frames and canvas prints is as a result of the increasing popularity of digital photography. Pictures do not need to be scanned before viewing them on a computer and the ability to print photos using a computer and consumer grade printer. However. such as computer storage and e-mailing but not printing. Some other commercial photographers and many amateurs have finally embraced digital photography because they believe that its flexibility and lower long term costs outweigh its initial price disadvantages.

meaning that the cost is for the equipment needed to store and copy the images and once purchased. film cameras have limited ability to handle meta data. it virtually requires no further expense. the technology of digital photography has put the process of developing and processing pictures into the hands of the consumer.California For information on digital photography. http://biggsmall. Finally.73 Indeed. Film should be stored under archival conditions for maximum longevity. every new process and device. With every new camera. Obinna Heche. film photography and more visit. This should not be a problem for digital images as perfect copies can be made and stored elsewhere. though many film cameras can also imprint a date over a picture by exposing the film to an internal LED array or other device which displays the date. Los Angeles . These pictures have captured moments in time and changed the way our world is viewed.com Obinna Heche How Digital Photography Changed the Art and Business of Taking Pictures! Since the first photograph taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1827. Digital photography has finally come of age. we have perfected the way photographs are taken. Almost all of the cost of digital photography is capital cost. Film images can also easily be converted to digital with some possible loss of quality. the art of photography has been ever-changing. It is also very important to know that the differences between film and digital photography are far less significant than the differences between painting and film photography. And just when we think we .

the leading software developers have brought out the big guns . Digital photography has enabled us to share these moments in time.their mobile phone with a built-in camera. but it was actually Texas Instruments that patented the first film-less electronic camera in 1972. continent to continent. these devices still fulfill our need to "have it now. In 1991 Kodak released the first digital camera system.74 have created the perfect picture taking device. For the weekend warrior. more versatility.for that one perfect shot. or that quick jaunt to Vegas." and to be able to share photos mobile to mobile. with friends and family across the country. professional photographers quickly saw the need for professional grade cameras. hiking across the Northlands. Not long after the introduction of digital photography. instant gratification from his mountain bike trip. home-use device has become a way of life and of doing business for not only photographers but most industries. Digital photography allowed the professionals the same instant gratification of viewing their shots as they happen.first trip to the ocean. Mobile device manufacturers weren't the only ones to reap the rewards of this new digital craze. Digital photography sent picture-takers into a frenzy.3 megapixel. Camera manufacturers are continuously designing bigger and better products.first tooth . the Nikon F-3 1. what began as an amateur. Many people think that Kodak was the first to develop the digital camera in 1986. coast to coast. Amateur photographers weren't the only ones to recognize the benefits of digital photography. another is born with better features. No more waiting three days to show off baby's first step . and if that's not enough. Where the quality of the photos are quite a bit lower than that of a camera. but it wasn't until 1986 that a megapixel technology hit the scene and Kodak scientists haven't slowed down since. with more options. Kodak developed several in the 1970's.improving . This newfound photography freedom was just another way of bridging the distance between family members and friends. but also eliminated hours and hours of photographing the same scene and burning through ten plus rolls of film . as they happen. mobile phone manufacturers jumped on the band wagon creating mobile phones and technologies to offer consumers the luxury of carrying one device .

Digital cameras are reasonably priced and you can find a device to fit your needs . Advertising & Lifestyle Photography Tony Mandarich Digital Photography . So why has digital photography taken our world by storm? The benefits are immeasurable. and you can still print and frame your photos. If the shot is exposed for too short a time the photograph will appear too dark. digital photography provides superior image quality. If the shot is exposed for too long a time the photograph will be washed out. faster/slower shutter speeds.Exposure Settings and Tips Exposure is the amount of light collected by the sensor in your camera during a single shot or photograph. Most people depend on the light meter which is fine. manipulation and delivery of your digital photos right from your laptop. Digital photography has proven to be the better. instant access to your photos. faster and smarter way to take pictures. hi/low resolution. -Aperture and Shutter Speed . electronic storage of your photos. aside from the obvious. mandarich Commercial. Almost all cameras today have light meters which measure the light in the given composition and set an ideal exposure automatically.75 the delivery and manipulation of digital photos through electronic applications which upgrade just about every six months.underwater. but if you know how to control your exposures you can get some creative and sometimes greatly improved pictures.

Almost all digital cameras today give the photographer the option of manually setting the white balance which can sometimes be hard if . You might wonder why there isn't just a constant shutter speed or a constant aperture so that you would only have to worry about one control. (1/2000 of a second is very fast and 8' seconds is extremely slow).8 and a very narrow aperture is f/19). The common span of ISO speed is 100 to 1600. White balance is simply a function where the photographer has the option of designating what parts of a scene are white so the camera can adjust to the other color temperatures accordingly. for example can be used to freeze subjects in midair with a fast speed or it can be used to blur water with a slow speed. Aperture can also be used to focus everything in a picture with a narrow aperture (high f/stop). Shutter speeds are measured in seconds and more commonly fractions of a second. Aperture can be used to draw attention to one subject (like the flower on the right) by blurring the background with a wide aperture (low f/stop). Apertures are measured in something called f/stops (a very wide aperture is f/2. The reason is that even though they both designate the amount of light getting to the sensor they also control other aspects of the picture. Most of the time you should keep it at a lower ISO speed if there is enough light. For example if your trying to take pictures in dim light without a tripod you might want to raise the ISO speed in order to get a picture that's not blurry. Shutter speed.76 The two primary controls your camera depends upon for exposure are shutter speed (the amount of time the sensor is exposed to light) and aperture (the size of the lens opening that lets light into the camera). but it makes a big difference when there isn't. Aperture controls the depth-of-field which is what is in focus in the picture. -White Balance Most people don’t experiment with or use the white balance function on their cameras. Different cameras make different amounts of noise in photos so I would definitely experiment with your cameras ISO settings so you will know what to expect when it matters. -ISO Speed On most digital SLR's (Single Lens Reflex) cameras today you can even change the sensitivity of the sensor when collecting light which is called the ISO speed. The higher the ISO speed the faster the camera collects light but it also adds more noise to the photograph than the lower speeds.

and photoshop tutorials. If you aren’t using flash and are taking photos at night probably with a tripod then you should set the ISO speed very high and you will need a very long shutter speed and a moderately wide aperture.htm where there is free high resolution desktop wallpaper available.com/freewallpaper. Richard Schneider . then you could become a much more professional photographer. During this time there should be enough light for most kinds of exposures except if you are trying to catch an object in motion. In the middle of the day (with typical weather) the light is very bright and you should be able to use any shutter speed or aperture that you want at the lowest ISO setting. If you are trying to catch sports photos or objects in motion you will have to adjust the aperture and maybe even the ISO speed (both of which are discussed in this article) in order to be able to use the necessary shutter speed. -Time of Day The time of day is usually what determines how much light you are going to be working with. In the early morning and the late afternoon there will be less light than in the middle of the day. I have found that using the preset modes is almost just as effective as setting the white balance manually so I would definitely advise others to keep the preset white balance modes in mind when they are using their cameras.picturecorrect. To become comfortable with exposure settings is a very difficult task. Richard Schneider is a digital photography enthusiast and founder of http://www. Please also visit http://www. At night it is a totally different story if you are not using flash.com/ which offers tips and news about digital photography.77 you don’t have a white or grey card. Many new digital cameras have a set of preset white balances for certain types of scenes such as snow or clouds.picturecorrect. But if you master exposure enough to know what you should use for each scene. digital camera reviews.

Make sure you show your ability to take photographs . make sure you have extra film so you don't have to interrupt your flow. The basic equipment you will need to start out is a good camera. They spend years studying composition to make their images achieve the most impact. They are on TV. They present high-fashion to the public and have the responsibility of representing it in its best light.Becoming a Fashion Photographer In today's world we are saturated with images. If you are having trouble getting any of these. especially in fashion magazines. Money and fame may be the dream of any aspiring young newcomer. Developing photographs in the 4x5" format is the best way to display your work. some standard lighting equipment and a tripod. one must extraordinary ambition and persistence.78 Learn Digital Photography . To reach the golden heights that many hunger for. but entry to this exclusive universe is as difficult as it is desirable. so keep absorbing everything you find. use that as well. These people are fashion photographers. If your work is in a publication.com. There are fantastic resources on the internet. Having a great portfolio to show off your work is vital to success. as your choice of camera will affect the look of your work. these photographs that exude style and character while highlighting the clothing to enhance its elegance? These people spend years practising the art of capturing light and colour perfectly with a camera. a good quality 8x10" will suffice. All around us there are images of thin women dressed in the latest fashion. You can find books on the subject at Amazon. Research the different types of cameras and the unique looks they produce. You can never stop learning. Photographers like Mario Testino are just as celebrated as models and designers in the realm of fashion. To get started in this competitive field you must obsessively study your craft. But who brings these images to us? Who captures these photographs that command our attention. With every successful fashion photographer. Have at least 20 photos in it to give you room to show off your skill in producing a range of styles. On any shoot. there are thousands left in the gutter promoting their work in hope of being picked up. in magazines and all over the internet.

say an image of a watch on a young woman's wrist. there are a few things that need to be considered when taking a great colour image. Setting up a website with your portfolio on it could be the key to your success. What fashion editors are really looking for is a unique character in your photographs. ever want to start Learning Digital Photography? Find some great tips on how to take digital photographs with This Free Report Dan Feildman Learn Digital Photography . .79 of different aspects of the human figure. Looking into digital photography.4 Keys to Shooting Better Colour Photos We live in a world of colour and we assume that shooting colour is easy. It is a good idea to learn about your art to improve your technical skills. A full figure photo with character will take you a long way. Every photographer captures different images. Research ways to promote your website. such as entering online competitions and participating in online fashion forums. To deal with this you should make copies of your portfolio so that you can apply for more than one job at the same time. Not all colours work together so be careful. Fashion is about accessories too so a close-up partial body shot can make a great photo. When you apply for a job be aware that you may have to leave your portfolio there for a couple of weeks. This will give you greater freedom to express your vision. You need to be aware of your surroundings and the colours contained in them. Having an online presence is becoming an important part of fashion photography. But.

it's reflection is going muddle the rest of the colours. then blues and greens will evoke a sense of peace and serenity. but there are still a few things you need to consider. 1. Dark greys. Two colours should never compete for the eye's attention. If the event or scene is a happy one. colour has tremendous power to draw the eye into an image. In simple terms. make sure you take some time to think about it before clicking the shutter. not knowing which colour to be drawn to. Too many strong colours cause your image to become muddled. Learn to create a mood with your colour Different colours have different meanings to us. 3. so be aware of all the colours and how they will interact in your final image. Vast expanses of colour in a scene will reflect that colour onto the rest of the scene. blacks and muted colours will have a sombre mood. heavy or full of colour. Often it will be necessary to change your viewpoint or angle so that the memory of the original scene is captured true to how you remember it. Avoid confusion in colour When looking at a scene that is colourful and has the potential to make a great image. The memories attached to an image like this will be happy ones. It may be necessary to zoom in tightly to exclude unwanted colours from the image. A camera can only capture the scene it's pointed at. there should be no conflict. yellows and oranges.e. Look for a dominant colour When evaluating a scene for a photograph.80 When shooting for colour it is vital that you consider a few points so that your resulting images make it into the outstanding photo category. Always be aware of what your camera is seeing so that the final image will be true to the original scene. 2. Putting into practice what we've chatted about earlier is great. For example. With all of the reflected red you may find the white of the Dalmation may be tinged with pink due to the reflected red. As I've mentioned. and the viewer's eye will be confused. So if that colour is not captured as the main colour. A warm autumn day will have lots of browns. look for a colour that is dominant. i. the Dalmation with the fire engine. If the scene was a tranquil and relaxing one. it cannot capture the emotion and feelings of the scene. . look for bright cheerful primary colours that are well saturated.

Less is more as the old adage goes. . Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography . Rather take a series of photos of the scene with a focus on single colours than one with everything in it. what it views is often a series of images as it takes in the beauty of a situation. Keep it simple A beautiful scene full of rich and bright colours stimulates your creativity and you tend to want to capture everything. and. read on.81 4. Experiment and find out what works and what doesn't. Just because you are shooting colour and not monochrome it doesn't mean you don't consider colours. We go back to the principle "keep it simple".htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.com/21steps. The human brain is amazing. Download it here for free: http://www.21steps2perfectphotos.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. So key to shooting great colour images is awareness of colour and how different colours relate to each other. This will continually raise its head throughout your learning experience.The Most Important Thing in Photography What is the most important thing in photography? Don't read on. Think about this carefully without peeking at the next paragraph.21steps2perfectphotos. Sometimes we need to capture the scene as a group of several individual images. Have you got it or perhaps not quite sure? Okay then.

Oh. Two. Or. Get a clear plastic sleeve or sandwich bag. How you treat her determines her significance in the marriage. Here are three ways to make your subject important: 1. Here is a quick task to emphasise the point. Go find half a dozen or so photographs that you like from your album or snapshot box from under the bed. at the very least fills a significant part of the frame. Without it you'll meander along your photographic journey not achieving much and being continually frustrated. This is the first and most fundamental key to. It's not that you haven't had a subject in your photos up till now but rather it's the importance you've placed on your subject. No. It's the same with the subject in photography. It's logical isn't it? Easy when you know the answer but maybe not so when thinking about it. Line all the bags up and see what you get.82 It's the SUBJECT! The object or point of interest central to your image. Place the image inside the bag. Make your subject the most important part of the photo. no! The wife may say something different. A married man may say that his wife is important because they have been married for a long time. Why? Because we don't know what the keys are to a good image. REMEMBER. Do this for all six using different plastic bags. use the zoom on your camera or lens to get in close so that your subject fills most of the frame. Take the photo out of the bag and put it away. take a permanent marker and draw a line along the edge of the photo. use your feet to . In ninety percent of most photos the subject will only take up a small portion of the image. the photo is in the plastic bag and you are writing on the plastic not the irreplaceable photo. Now carefully outline your image and then colour it in. One. but you say that each of your photos does have a subject. Fill the frame with your subject This can be done in two ways. Photos with the subject slap bang in the middle of the image are most times not pleasing to the eye. Everything in photography revolves around this one key. So how do you make the subject important and central to your image? I said central and not centred.

i. Remove clutter from the frame Nothing should compete with the subject for importance or prominence. On the other hand you can get down really low or place your subject higher. Get up on a wall or climb a tree and shoot from a high angle. When taking a portion of your subject it should be the part that will identify the subject as a whole.e. With children it's important to get right down to their level and interact where they are. your subject standing next to a bright red fire engine is going is going to compete with a dramatic object. 2. What you can do is use a part of the fire engine as a background for you subject. For example.83 move in closer to your subject to achieve the same. Download it here for free: http://www. By the way. If you like the fire engine.com/ To . If you add these simple steps when photographing your subject your photos will become more memorable. In twenty years time when looking through your albums do you want to remember things that are competing with your subject for attention? Is the kettle and microwave that important that you want them in the photo with your daughter who is helping mommy cook in the kitchen? Or. the whole face. Penney's (the local undertaker) chimney growing out the top of my head. Thanks to the digital age I was able to erase it in Photoshop. make it the subject and exclude the person. The most prominent object in the image becomes the subject automatically. Remember. So many casual kids shots are taken with them looking up. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. If you don't then get in close and exclude the non-essentials. I have a photo of myself taken by my Dad with Mr. no competition. Change your angle Find a different or unusual angle to shoot from. You can also shoot just a portion of your subject such as a person's head and shoulders or face. Be careful when photographing your subject next to or near bright colourful objects. Think about this. do you really want to remember the neighbour's chimney growing out of you son's head. 3.21steps2perfectphotos. Change your viewpoint.

a camera body. It has an incredibly shallow depth of field* when working close up which adds an edge to the creative effect. Which would you prefer? One of the things I've preached to my photography students over the years.21steps2perfectphotos. a lens and you! All three of these things can be top quality or just plain average. 1:1 Macro lens. It can transform the mundane. buy yourself a brand name.8 Micro AFS lens is a great example of this quality. and never more so than in this day and age of CCD chips and many megapixels. but they're absolutely worth it. and unfortunately expensive lenses.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. Wayne G Turner Digital Photography . they're not cheap. And when it comes to Macro/Micro Photography add another 20% to the crucial factor.com/21steps. are but there is no substitute for good glass and good construction. relies on a number of basic things . Both Canon and Nikon include 1:1 Macros in their stables. but even more important than the body is the lens or lenses you put on it. The latest Nikon 105 f2. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial good lenses.84 learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. is that yes the camera body is important. Do yourself a favor if close-up photography is your thing. average reality shot into an emotive art piece in an instant - .Macro Lenses Good photography. especially the techno-files. whether it's using digital or conventional film.

try without flash . *For those of you who are new to serious macro photography with a DSLR remember that the aperture of the lens is always set to its widest open position to make focusing easier and only shuts down to the . Serendipity at its best. Furthermore. If in doubt. and you'll keep coming back for more. It's worth shooting extravagantly in the beginning to find a look and feel that you like. with movement and without.. then I advise always using a tripod . Remember one thing though when working really close-up. Macro lenses are expensive but the quality of the lenses speak for themselves and long term the investment is worth it.. it also slows you down a bit.the amount of camera shake you get is generally exaggerated the closer you get to the image. shift your focal point to several positions on your subject and shoot 3. but then you can't have everything.. allows time for reflection. and you enjoy taking a lot of flower pictures you'll know all about trying to keep flowers steady on a windy day! I've taken pictures in the past where the flower has almost completely left the frame by the time I took the picture. Frustrating and yet even then I've found that sometimes the effect of a flower moving out of frame is gorgeous. If you like crisp clean images. a bit of time for pondering. One of the fantastic things about this digital revolution is that shooting many frames at a time on one subject has no inherent cost. bracket (taking more than one shot at a time at different exposures in order to get the best exposure). try with flash. a bit odd but cool nonetheless.. a tripod is a really useful tool. a bit blurry. precise images as well. they all have merit. If you are like me. the shift in focus from in-focus to out-of-focus is so rapid at wide open apertures that it's sometimes hard to be sure the point of focus or the subject you are focusing on is enough to hold the picture together creatively. Experiment! Try different apertures. and where needed it produces perfectly sharp. Remember in focus or out focus. especially when you consider the huge gain in creativity and enjoyment of using such a precise tool. because focusing is so critical close up. 4 or even a dozen shots.85 experience this once. Of course this doesn't mean that your subject is necessarily going to stay still. weighing up options. The list of possibilities is endless.

an online art gallery and flower picture library. See the colour of light. Make sure you check out ever angle before you shoot away with your camera. 3 . 4 . people will miss really good photo opportunities because they are not looking all around the shot. take a walk and take your time. height.learn how to see the light. have a look at all the different possible photo angles. So when you get on to location. we see the world in 3 dimensions.trying to portray this in your picture is difficult as cameras only see 2 dimensions. Don't be in a hurry to get to your final location and miss what's going on around you. Cocreator of A Flower Gallery .Create depth and dimension Try to create dimension and depth in your pictures .86 aperture you selected when the shot is taken . down back and up! A lot of the time. height and width. see the direction of light. 2 .hence the sometimes annoying difference you see between the final image and the image you see while focusing.in other words. It is therefore our job to try and create a sense of depth. When you get to the spot where you want to be. that way you can set your exposure to the right level.Look up. take your time to have a good look around to find the best spot. depth and width .Take your time. One way to do this is to use a fore ground element when taking a landscape picture. and co-founder of Food and Family . See the quality of light and look for the shadows and highlights. Copyright 2008 Patrick Heathcock Patrick Heathcock is a photographer and web developer. Patrick Heathcock Top 5 Digital Photography Tips For Outside 1 . Walk around the subject. .

tigers and elephants bird photography fascinates many amateur photographers. or getting up close and hiding so they don't know you are there. although one way is a bit more so because of the financial constraints. you won't be at all successful. a window frame or anything which looks like it could be used as a frame . their habitat and feeding habits. look for a frame such as a hole in a rock.can make for a great photo. You have to constantly work at outwitting them. Know your subject There are so many different species of birds. 1. What time of day. each with their own set of characteristics. This is such a huge subject so only a few key tips can be discussed.Great Beginner Tips For Photographing Birds Next to the great shots of lions. The reason birds are such a challenge. Photographers Leeds Seascape Painting Nick Schofield Learn Digital Photography .Frame it! When you are photographing somebody. Maybe it's the ability to get in close to a world within a world of colour and delicate feathers.87 5. either by staying far away and shooting with a long lens. is that they don't like humans getting too close. Unless you know which birds you're going to shoot. Let's take a look at some tips. lenses. Both ways are a challenge. what time of year to shoot or not to shoot because of breed- .

Anything further would require something in the region of 600mm but you'd probably need to win the lottery to afford that. or eagles at the local bird sanctuary. This means that you can use lenses of a shorter focal length and even your compact camera to take great shots. Don't forget converters. then 200-300mm will do.88 ing. 300-500mm should suffice. Before placing feeders. Know where to start You may know all the best places around your town or city. create a hide where you can set up your tripod and camera. A good 1.7x converter increases the focal length considerably and of course there is the focal length multiplication factor with digital SLRs. . so you'll learn even more. 2. but how and where do you start. Learn the best way to shoot them from books or other photographers. Go on outings with other club members and you'll learn all you need to know. where do you start your bird photography? All this information is great. It's quite simple. So. 3. Follow this process. the birds you've chosen to shoot will be attracted to them. what is the minimum that you can use. Know where to go Of course the best way to find out more is to join a local ornithological society. By placing a few feeders. One. how much can you afford and two. If you're shooting waterfowl from a hide. A good lens like the Canon 100-400mm is worth its weight in gold. but the best place for beginners is in the back yard. the big question is. They'll know the best locations for the type of bird you want to capture. Know how to shoot The most important question that is asked by all potential bird photographers is "what lens do I buy for my camera?" There are two answers to this question. It's called armchair photography and it's literally shooting birds from your armchair. Let's try something.4 or 1. The most important accessory though is the humble tripod. If you're going to be photographing geese at your local park. is vital to capturing a good image. Location is everything when photographing birds. 4. which is essential as you increase your focal length. There are probably members who are also photographers.

Happy shooting! Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. Download it here for free: http://www. Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography .com/21steps. Make sure it's in an area that has good lighting.21steps2perfectphotos. c. I can guarantee that if you're serious about this setup. you'll get some beautiful bird shots. It should look on to a quiet area of your garden where there is minimal disturbance. Check out your location .89 a.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Hang the feeder or feeders outside the window within the focal distance of your camera. Again.Seven Top Wedding Photography Tips 1. or that the background isn't suitable for the bird you're shooting. d. Place the right food in the feeder and you're ready to start shooting. Choose a room in your house where you can set up your camera on a tripod.21steps2perfectphotos. You may find that the type of feeder doesn't allow you to get good shots. Don't mount it permanently until you're sure it's in the right place. b. the key here again is to experiment. Go to your local pet store or garden centre and buy yourself a bird feeder that will attract the type of bird you're interested in.

90 If you don't plan to do this before the big day then you have lost the battle already. Knowledge is power in situations like this. display a . So write down from beginning to end where each set of shots will be taken. Get creative A unique style will always get you good business and there is no better place to showcase your ability than at a wedding location. Create a list of shots Knowing where and how the shots will be taken from the couple's perspective is essential to a successful shoot. Don't be afraid to experiment with angles. Show your confidence and be bold and decisive while at the same time allowing suggestions from your couple. After all a wedding uses the same techniques and principles for any good photography shoot. Run a few test shots on each card. A good photographer will scout the wedding location before the actual day to get a feel for the wedding setting. Visit the location at the same time of day as the wedding as this knowledge of your location will help with planning shots in terms of the lighting conditions. This gives the opportunity to find the best positions to shoot from. discuss this beforehand with them. viewpoints and positions. Ask if you can attend the rehearsal and take some shots for the final album. Key here is to be confident in your photographic knowledge. If you are concerned about your creativity then go and buy wedding books and magazines and look for ideas you can use or improve on. 2. 3. Don't be afraid to make suggestions or tell the couple which of their ideas might not work. In case of bad weather or lighting have an alternative location ready to offer the couple. Sometimes you may even get the couple to come with and try out some test shots. Make sure batteries are full and memory cards have been formatted and are working. Part of the job you are being paid for is to offer ideas for great photos. Planning is essential Good preparation is paramount to a successful wedding shoot. Make sure you have a wedding programme/itinerary and add your notes to it. Even better. Go through every item of kit you will be needing advance. With digital photography you are able to display your creativity immediately so if you have a laptop. 4. You'll need to get an idea where to position yourself for all the shots of the ceremony and reception as well as the formal shots. especially inside the church or venue.

One camera with a wide angle and the other with a zoom of say 70-200. When the pressure is on you need that extra pair of hands. Use an assistant where possible This person can be a back up photographer or just someone who knows about photography and who can pass you lenses and equipment and help change memory cards and batteries. It is more time consuming with post production but it can save your life. There are tricky settings you need to be constantly aware of at weddings especially shooting indoors and outdoors with often a lot of white. Be prepared to pay a reasonable price for their help. You must have it with a second lens. 7.com/21steps. Download it here for free: http://www. which is the one I use. 5. Don't use something cheap. But don't stop here. 6. hire. The key of course is to experiment and practise till it comes naturally. You will find an assistant invaluable on the day. These are my top seven tips. The reason you shoot in RAW is because it covers a multitude of sins.21steps2perfectphotos. ISO and other settings with more latitude if you shoot in RAW. Try to learn as much as you can about wedding photography.htm .com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. Shoot in RAW All DSLRs have a RAW shooting setting. Use a second camera If you are going to be at all successful you need to buy. In you post-production you'll be able to manipulate your exposure. This is great for new business and above all allows you to showcase your work.91 selection of your best images at the reception. It's good quality and takes sharp images. Rather hire your second lens of quality. beg or borrow a second camera.21steps2perfectphotos. It's a photographic journey in a niche market with so much to learn about.

Backing Up Your Images Without Losing Quality One of the biggest benefits of digital photography is that you can take as many pictures as you want at virtually no cost .especially if. If you really value your photos I would recommend making two copies of each CD you write. In an ideal world you'd have one set of CDs at home and one at work. Wayne G Turner Digital Photography .with no developing and printing or film to pay for there's nothing to stop you shooting away to your heart's content. or is lost through accident or theft? You're left with nothing . With this in mind.or at least somewhere separate from the computer itself. like most people. and storing one of the copies somewhere safe . what happens if (or some would say when) it goes wrong. and you'll be able to fit from around 100 to over a thousand images (depending on resolution) on a single disk costing under 50p. If you take a lot of high resolution photos you might want to consider using DVD%2B/-R as an alternative to CD%2B/-R (DVDs hold around seven times more data . here are a few tips on making sure your precious JPEGs are as safe as they can possibly be. Backing up By far the best course of action is to back up all your digital photos. you print only a small proportion of your photos. And today's personal computers come with such huge hard drives that it'll still take years until you fill them up with your digital photos.92 Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. But there is a downside to keeping all your irreplaceable photos and memories on your computer's hard drive. but of course this might not be possible. Virtually all modern PCs can burn CDs.

It's also worth checking with your ISP to see if they offer a similar free service.like this: Image1. If you need access to your images regularly. So if you've got a 64MB memory card you'd be looking at a maximum of seven shots before it was full. you might consider a large external hard drive (with a FireWire or USB 2. inevitably. A typical 3 megapixel digital photo contains around 9 Megabytes' worth of information. such as fotki.0 connection) to store them on (in addition to the CD or DVD backup) .that way if the computer fails you'll still have access to your images. Such sites also have the advantage that you can access your images from any computer with web access. Unless you have altered your camera settings. your camera will save your images as jpg (or jpeg). Other backup options If you don't shoot a huge amount of images you can back copies of your images using an online photo sharing site. However. thus allowing you to save many more pictures. anywhere in the world.. (because something is . and many also offer mail order printing of your pictures. The file format of every image file has a suffix in order to show what type of file format the file is . Of course storing your images online is only really practical if you've got fast internet access in the first place so broadband is a distinct advantage.Tiff or Windmill. the files used are normally in jpg.jpg or Children. In order to make such space savings JPEG has to discard some of the information in the original photo.Gif or Wedding. however. This is referred to as 'lossy' compression. which offers free uploading for modest collections or unlimited web storage for a small annual fee. JPEG files also have the advantage that they can be opened and read by virtually all popular software packages. But by far the most important thing about JPEG is that it allows photos to be 'compressed' squashed down so that they occupy much less space on your memory card or computer hard drive.bmp etc In digital photography. a downside. tiff or raw format. But there is.93 than CDs). JPEG uses some very clever maths to reduce the file size to as little as 1/100th of its original size without reducing the number of pixels in the image. pronounced jaypeg.

co. Hi.94 lost). tips and wrinkles to others based on my experiences. It is best to save a separate copy of the modified image and experiment on that and only use your original images for viewing.uk for an in depth look at the whole field of digital photography for helpful advice on getting the best results from your hobby to maximise your enjoyment of this fascinating subject. One concrete explanation of this noteworthy discovery is the digital . Many heavy inventions were invented to make it less complicated for folks to complete whatever their jobs need. Viewing without resaving is ok but if you want to crop.but more of this in another article (Editor permitting).picturememory. The problem is that each time you open a jpeg and resave it. the less noticeable the loss of quality is to the human eye. and the less compression used. I am a photographer and author who enjoys both digital and film photography. you will suffer a loss of image quality each time. there is a better way of storing your original images (and edited ones) whilst retaining maximum image quality . But it's nowhere near as bad as it sounds! JPEG offers the option to vary the amount of compression. you take a little of the image quality away from it. Peter Martin Jones Things You Didn't Know About Digital Photography Til Now A better look at Digital Photography Digital technology has been a prevailing factor why folks can now have the simplicity of access in pretty much anything they do. rotate or edit the image and resave it. You may like to visit my web site at: http://www. However. I like writing about photography topics and passing on some hints.

Whatever it is that you need for your photograph. you can check the screen of the PC to determine if it your picture is in the highest image quality. the shot goes quickly from the camera and then moved to the PC. In that instant you can see your picture in the monitor and you can even preview the image and check if the image quality is good and the color is correct. Why are there so many folks turning to digital photos? It's just because digital pictures lets you use your mind. This is the basic idea of digital photograph capture. There are heaps of things that digital photography offers to . Well in general. The contrast is critical if you actually need to get the best result in your photos. reinforce or revive your photograph according to your taste. Digital cameras let you fix the image quality of your photos. Some folks understand digital photography as something which converts a standard photograph into digital format by simply employing a scanner. To make sure that your photograph gets the best image quality.95 photography. isn't it? Thanks to the great features of digital photography. many folks now are considering purchasing an electronic camera. Fixing the image quality of a digital photograph often involves many elements like the colours and the contrast. If you do not like the results of the shot. What digital photography means? Digital photography suggests different things dependent on how the people translate it. you can improve the image quality by adjusting its colours. You can edit. you may have it when it's digitally caught. If the image is in your PC. You can change the background or add a text to the picture to make it more personalised. And this is good stories for the people because there is no need to hang about for the picture for it to be revealed. Others translate it as something that is done by way of a traditional picture taken from film and digitise it thru the PC. which implies bigger ease and comfort in taking photographs of any sort. Now the issue is how digital photography can fix the image quality of a certain photograph. you want to check the setting of your electronic camera before you press on that click button. All these can be done in realtime. you can just remove the image and have your photograph shoot again. When you take photographs employing a digicam. You can tweak the appearance of the image without much effort. If you'd like to add life to your footage. digital photography is a variety of photography that does not need film. While others see it as something captured digitally by way of a digicam. Extremely simple.

Usually . price of production. with complex features the digital camera has. Download your free report which reveals secret methods for turning your ugly photos into a beautiful Photographic Portfolio . The advantages of digital cameras are many.org to find out more. You may wonder. the more you become comfortable in using the complex features it offer. unlike the traditional film cameras. the digital photography is not only cost effective but also has flexibility to experiment without any hindrance. Taking many photos will help you to get familiarized with your new digital camera.96 make certain that your footage will come out tasty. whether you will get good images.Frequent use of digital camera The more you use it. the better you'll get. In essence. The more familiar you get with it. This implies that using digital camera. If some photos which have not come right those could be easily deleted so that you can have more space. do not blindly follow the default settings. 1. there's still more to find out about the digital side of photography. and see the outcome on your photos. Dave Horvath Tips on Digital Photography For Beginners Now getting great looking digital photographs is not difficult. Always look for the most appropriate setting suit for the condition. You may be worried about messing up your shots. you have to experiment . you can take as many photos as as long as your memory card permits. Some of the problems being deliberated are involved with the image quality. since these may no be the best option. the features of digicam and other comforts. For example. These issues are considered to make the sector of photography more accessible to the people. Go to http://theportfoliopro. You should experiment with the digital camera using many features it has.

you can do many things without wasting your time and money.com . Don't be afraid to experiment. start right now. it will certainly stimulate your creativity and for some it may be an income generator. More you play with the camera.Tripod for taking close-ups. 4. And again. Shooting indoors. try using natural light if possible. Some times you may face with lack of memory space.97 and also use your creativity. So if you have not yet into digital photography. more you learn the fine features of the camera. hold it to the left or the right of your camera. this can be adjusted using the photo edit software. Try it out now! . It's also possible to get an image resizer software application . 2. If the red eye condition still appears. In most digital cameras this feature is provided. Some times direct sunlight streaming through a window may not be the best alternative For example. When using an external flash. Alex usually writes about photography methods for http://reshade. Minimize the risk of managing your valuable digital camera by going for stable and quality tripod. as cheap ones are unstable. Take Photos under natural light When taking digital photos always try to use natural light which is these the best for photography. Sturdy tripods are available at an affordable price. take special attention to light coming through windows. The company is specialized in image enlargement programs offering a free online picture resizer service. better photos are possible using indirect or softer light coming from a window. 3. and will be valuable accessory if you are taking close-ups or zooming in. You need to fix tripod on a firm surface when using the tripod. With a digital camera. do not worry. Better to experiment using different windows so that you can decide which window provides you the best natural lighting. then just delete what ever you do not retain and get the required space.Get rid of red-eye The red-eye reduction can be easily got rid of using the facility available on your digital camera. Always invest on a good quality tripods.

Of course. you need the right tool for it. For example. there really are some worthy tidbits of information worth reading in that thick book. you could begin with a compact digital camera and when you are deciding to become a professional photographer. it relates back to composing paintings. As you probably already knew. But in any case. is to read the handbook that was delivered with your digital camera. i promise you that! Digital cameras are made with a frightening variety of tools and settings to help new and pro photographers alike shoot special photographs. Photography is not just something we have been doing for the past century. yea.98 Alex Don Digital Photography . remember to use your camera whenever the opportunity arises. There is always something more to understand.Tips For Beginners It is definitely not very hard to start out and become great at digital photography. Yet it is an undertaking which you cannot allow yourself to stop learning in. One of the best ways to understand the limits of your digital camera is to experiment with it regularly. . This resource will show you the basics you can then implement when you shoot your first digital photographs! First rule for anyone wishing to learn and understand digital photography a bit better. you can participate in workshops. photography is an art form and you need to advance your skills to make it better. Yea. you should probably think about purchasing a DSLR camera. those features are only of use if you know how to find and make use of them properly! If you want to enjoy the process of taking photographs. read blogs or buy a photography book to learn the in and outs of digital photography. When you are beginning with photography.

This is a short guide to help you through the process of learning how to take advantage of digital photos. It's easier to build on good photos. Make sure you protect your camera always. If you don't have the time to do this each time you take a new photo. With traditional photography and processing.99 As your photographs are saved digitally. One of the most important is that you have a much greater control over the final result. After you have made a selection. Capture your subject with different modes and check which mode is better. you can go through all of the pictures on your memory card later to see which ones you like and would want to use. The maximum wastage can only be battery juice which can be recharged. it may seem overwhelming However. using digital photography and changing your pictures the way you want is easier than you can imagine and anyone who has ever touched a computer can do it. you do not have to be worried about buying film. This gives you the chance to try again in case you are not satisfied with the way it turned out. At times capturing a picture under bad lightning with the flash turned off is better than setting the flash on. you have to transfer your pictures from . check out this Canon Digital Camera Cases Review at new-camera. If you have come across these inconveniences. it's time to change all this and switch to digital photography and photo processing. Lars Erdragon A Quick Way to Use Digital Photography There are many reasons to use digital photography. once you've pressed the shoot button there's little you can do: you depend upon the negatives and the quality of the processing service.com. For those of us who are not very technical. The first and easiest thing you can do is get used to looking at your photo in the camera before you take it. You wait for days to have your photos back just to realize that many of them are completely unusable.

You should create an account in advance and carefully go through the instructions on the way you should upload your photos. After you've got your pictures on you PC.Benefits of Getting Closer to Your Subject . you can move on to the ordering page of the photo printing website and have the photos sent directly to your home.100 the camera to your PC. Alex D writes on the theme of photo resizers at the company reshade. After picking the application that responds best to your needs and making the changes you want. You have to do this as most photo printing services will ask you to upload the photos to their website from your account page. The business targets image resizing providing an online picture resizer software . When the upload is complete. which are usually free and available for download over the Internet. Also it offers a photo enlargement program. You can use the memory card inside the camera or a transfer cable.com. all you have to do is save the file and upload it to the digital photo printing website from your account page. Alex Don Learn Digital Photography . This is an easy process and should take no more than a few minutes depending on how many pictures you want to print. Most computer systems today have a pre-installed image viewing software that enables you to double-click each file and open it right away. This way the process of sending your images to the photo printing service will be faster. For this you need a photo editing program. You may also want to change the picture a bit in order to improve the result. such as resizing. This way you get the photos you want without even leaving the house. You can change colors or add special effects. More advanced software programs give you more freedom to play with the image. you can go through them to see which ones you like and are worth printing. cropping and rotating before saving it. include some options which let you make minor changes to the picture. Basic applications.

Here are some benefits to getting in closer. Moving your feet or changing your angle will help tremendously. Why are people happy with photos that need a magnifying glass to see who is in the image? If getting in closer with big zoom lenses is so important in wildlife photography why don't we get in closer with our family and children's photos. For example. Discover detail By getting in closer to a subject you will find detail you were totally unaware of. now. I am so happy that I created memories when he was alive. 1. My most treasured memories of my father are the ones of him close up where I can see his face. Pattern and texture is revealed . garbage can or neighbours chimney in your images then go ahead. By getting in closer you get more of your subject in the frame and less of the surrounding elements and clutter. Exclude unnecessary clutter If you tell me that you want to record the microwave. There are worlds within worlds we never see because we don't get in close enough. would you do anything different? Of course you would. the wrinkles and the character that I no longer see in real life. then exclude anything from your image that is not important. Pay careful attention to the edges of the scene in your camera's viewfinder. 4. Make real memories Let me ask you this question. Often we are so focused on the subject that we don't see these elements and only later see all the unwanted clutter. But. if you want to create real memories for the future. This is the reason why you need to get in closer.101 I am not sure the reason why more people do get in closer to their subject when taking photos. Shoot a tree and it looks like a tree but get in closer and focus on the bark and the image is so different. an old vintage car looks great but get in closer and focus on a headlamp or the spokes in a wheel or the manufacturers logo on the grill. In 20 years time when your loved one has passed on and all you have to remember them by are images that need a magnifying glass to see who it is. 2. 3. This is especially true in macro and close-up photography.

Do this little exercise.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. As I said before it opens up world within worlds often adding a new dimension to your photography.21steps2perfectphotos.102 Leading on from discovering detail. This reveals more texture and patterns to the eye. Experiment and try new things and get the best shot possible.com/21steps. but consider getting closer every time you shoot. Discover the world of macro Most compact cameras have a macro feature and many zoom lenses a macro setting. This is really getting in close and most of us love this type of photography. I can guarantee that in years to come you will be glad that you did. Keep this principle in mind every time you take photos. If the image looks great from a distance then by all means take it. There is nothing like shooting a flower or seeing an insect really close up. 5. Now take a photo of it and try to reveal what you felt with you images. Happy shooting! Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. pattern or texture while closing your eyes. Wayne G Turner Getting Digital Photography Jobs . Download it here for free: http://www. by getting in close you will find patterns and texture that are not revealed at a distance. get in close to your subject and feel the grain.21steps2perfectphotos. One thing to remember is that you need to shoot this type of image early or late in the day so that the angle of your light is from the side.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.

This is a constant need for fresh and new stock images. But more importantly. it is entirely possible. These areas are: 1. You can do a good job of creating nice digital photography. This is one area that digital photography jobs are alway in demand. You can create photo works that grab peoples' attention. The author's digital photography blog features a product call the Photography Business Pack which is a set of digital e-books and tools that is designed to help the photography enthusiast earn an income from his photographic hobby. These promotional effort are what that help to convert your skill into many digital photography jobs. We will need to find digital photography jobs. A wedding is not complete without a photographer. these are just two ways of making money using photography. People say that you are good at photography. You know many tricks and techniques about photography. There are many that are on the internet. Weddings. You can sell your photographic works with stock photograph vendors. it is time to make some money from your competence in photography. Perhaps. These photos will usually be binded into the wedding album. Can we generate an income from this fantastic but expensive hobby of photography? Yes. Stock photographs. Well. a photographer is need to capture the memories of the wedding itself. The demand for stock photographs is huge. Photographers are required for studio shots as well as outdoor shots. The demand for digital photography jobs in this field will never fade away. You know and understand your camera as if it is an extension of you. 2. It is time to get some nice digital photography jobs.103 You have been a photography enthusiast for quite a while now. They give you a commission for each photo sold. There are several areas that require constant digital photography jobs. Shen Gerald . The process actually entails a lot of self-promotional effort. This is because advertisements alway require new and relevant photo images.

much like most typical DSLRs. The Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D comes in a practical matte black. The digital camera comes with a 6. the large 2. The grip is comfortably contoured and feels secure. The optical system of the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D has noticeably been carefully designed to allow one to take great photos. it still looks good with its angular design. The Maxxum 7D is a midrange digital SLR. only an ounce or two heavier than average for this class. the camera weighs about 30 ounces.1 megapixel resolution and an Anti-Shake mechanism. The Anti-Shake mechanism prevents image blur created by camera motion. . The body is solid and well-crafted. and without a lens.Review For Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Digital SLR Camera If you're burnt out on cameras from Canon and Nikon. made of a hybrid of magnesium-alloy and plastic.5-inch LCD has room to display more settings than the usual status LCD. take into consideration the Konica Minolta Maxxum series of cameras. It offers optical image stabilization with any lens. While conventional. The Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D features are under review in this article. It has a unique Anti-Shake system that works with all lenses and also has an proficient control layout. This enables it to function with all Konica Minolta autofocus (AF) lenses. the Maxxum 7D forgoes a separate status LCD and instead relies on the camera's main LCD to exhibit shooting settings. color mode. along with others. Similar to the Olympus Evolt E300. and image parameters. such as ISO. On this Maxxum.104 Learn Digital Photography . This mechanism is built in the Maxxum 7D's body and works by shifting the CCD.

including exposure adjustments are controlled with thumb and forefinger command wheels. Flash setting or ambient exposure compensation can be controlled with a dial on the camera's top left side.0 interface. If you are reliant on a long battery life. The Minolta 7D stores your photos in CompactFlash Type I/II memory cards. three light-metering modes (14-segment honeycomb. rather than being in the menu system itself. The Maxxum 7D offers a broad range of exposure selections.200 in 1EV increments. Pictures are transferred easily from the camera to the PC with the USB 2. You can also use a MicroDrive should you choose.105 Plus. These consist of all four standard exposure modes. center-weighted. The user controls of the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D are where they should be for the advanced photographer's camera. nine focus points are incorporated into the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D's advanced AF system. you can always take along some extras that can be purchased at your neighborhood camera store. The Konica Minolta 7D's noted battery life is more or less adequate for a full day's shooting. and spot). . Other shooting settings. but can also be made using the forefinger wheel. The white-balance control is one of the quickest and most flexible available. The sensor's sensitivity can be set to auto or from ISO 100 to ISO 3. Overall. control placement and operating efficiency on this camera are among the best I've seen on any DSLR. ambient exposure compensation either in half-EV increments to plus or minus 3EV or in one-third-EV increments to plus or minus 2EV. You can also set the camera to switch to continuous or tracking AF operation automatically if it detects subject movement. consisting of a rotating switch surrounding a button that ingeniously accesses several menu choices. You can allocate the active point yourself or leave all of them active and let the camera settle on which to use from shot to shot. which I found to be more proficient. The most significant features are controlled by means of dedicated external buttons.

.What You Should Know! Before Digital Cameras ever came to be. and there is no way to avoid noise reduction processing in high ISO images. you would adjust the nob to reflect an ASA reading of 400 in the small window pane aligned with a small. it is totally pointless to be using the built-in flash. usually. If it is you are seeking a decent professional SLR camera. ever want to start Learning Digital Photography ? Find some great tips on how to take digital photographs with This Free Report Dan Feildman Digital Photography and ISO Ratings . most of you probably owned a standard 35mm camera with an attachable flash. If you did own one of those.106 Of course there are some quirks I noticed in the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D.Simply put. The point of all this is the following. You are also restricted to one JPEG compression ratio in raw-plus-JPEG. you'll recall thatlittle nob at the bottom of the camera with a series of numbers from B1. One such peeve is that the camera is slow to start-up. I hope this Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D review has been helpful to you. and of course you want to know what they are. although you see it all the time by the 100s of flickering lights.. red arrow. the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D might be hard to pass up. when you bring your knew digital camera to any large event. . as an example. when you bought film which was rated 400 ASA. which I foolishly sold on Ebay. The built-in flash is much to small to have any effect when you're 100s of feet from your subject.to 4000 ASA/ISO. like my old Nikon F1. Still make sure to do your own research when making a buying decision and after that happy shopping! Looking into digital photography. and you were very adept in photography.

com/index. the aperture opening of the lens. this constituted a real problem. For example.com [http://www.).. and shutter speed to create the best picture possible. you really have to be very close to the subject for the flash to be fullyeffective. But we won't go there and stick with digital.digitalkool.in other words the capability of taking pics from far distances without a flash.digitalkool. here's a tip. get all the latest information . we used this to our advantage in combination with the aperture opening of the lens for some really awesome effects.9' etc. The ISO designation you should know. In addition. For more information on understanding how ISO works.com/index. It cost much more but well worth the investment. and therefore is better able to capture images in dark surrounding areas.. make sure you read your manual or check with the manufacturer of your camera. a film with a rating of ISO1000 (considered fast film) is much more sensitive to light than a film with a rating of ISO100. Actually. Michel is a successful webmaster and publisher of digitalkool.html]. you amplify noise levels. when you selected a digital camera with a high ISO rating.com]. however. In the early days of digital cameras.. So to be understood. if you were really good in the old days. Today. is a measure used for light sensitivity. So it was. such as in a radio which has a weak signal. the camera will automatically set the ISO. when you set your camera to 'auto'. the variable light sensitivity is accomplished by amplifying the signal. If you don't yet own a digital camera.html]? Need a new digital camera [http://www.because the quality of the image was less than desirable. as you amplify a signal. but since no film is used.107 Since cameras list the effectiveness of a flash measured in distance or range (3' . digital camera technology uses the same ISO system.. Are you looking for new information on digital photography [http://www. So you turn it up only to hear more static in the background. make sure you buy the highest megapixel possible. You won't regret it! Jon G. that you can buy a digital camera with a high ISO rating reducing the need for a flash. this so called noise has been so controlled.digitalkool.Sound confusing! In electronics.

It takes the genius of an artist to take something so ordinary and something so dismissible and turn it into something that just captures an aspect of life.You need to have the skills necessary for digital macro photography. By looking at a piece of art such as digital macro photography.Solving Some Concerns In Digital Macro Photography We have always found that looking at objects from another perspective is fascinating. This includes the ability to see those fragments of beauty within the world that would be shared with those that would view your work. One thing to understand about digital macro photography is that it is not easy. For that is what art is. You also need technical skills such as a steady hand. Art is a reflection of the world through the eyes of the artist. There's no question about that. When taking digital macro photographs. But what are these factors? 1) Skills . Jonathan G. No art ever claimed to contain all the truths of life. Many factors come into play in creating an amazing photograph. This is because of the fact that we often discover new things just by looking at a familiar object from a different angle or focus. Michel Learn Digital Photography Now . .108 Copyright © 2006 Jon G. even hardly perceptible movements of the hand can spoil your picture. Michel This article can be used as long as the article remains unchanged and the author's bio is included. This might be the reason for people's fascination with digital macro photography. Digital macro photography is an art. we get to share the perspective of other people and that can be a very powerful connection.

2) Equipment . However.Most everything holds a new level of interest when viewed in different ways. This is because such equipment can definitely bring out the best in your skills. While you can edit digital macro photography. you should try to find equipment that's specially made for digital macro photography. So keep in mind the power of your photography subject. But know it is still essential to polish these skills by taking classes or attending workshops. Photography skills come naturally for some.109 The ability to use a camera correctly is a must. A new point of view never hurts and only creates another facet to your vision. The goal in digital macro photography is centered on showcasing things in news ways and perspectives. 3) Subject . the perfect shot begins with the camera. The proper equipment is crucial since digital macro photography requires a lot of skill and practice to be perfected. The proper tools can help you a lot if you want to achieve the effect that you want. With the right tools for digital macro photography. Remember that although there are tools today that claim to be usable for any type of photography. Keeping this in mind. Knowing when and how to adjust the camera accordingly can make the difference in capturing the image that you are striving for.you also need the proper tools in order to express your talent. ever want to start Learning Digital Photography ? Find some great tips on how to take digital photographs with This Free Report Dan Feildman . this goal can be reached much easier and will present your photos to the best of you and your subject's ability. Looking into digital photography. The best subjects of digital macro photography are those that open a door to a new world from the everyday. When choosing your subject of digital macro photography you might find even yourself surprised at the new things you see within an object from a different vantage point. there are some subjects more appealing than others. know that people may view your work differently from the way you designed it to been seen.

A digital point and shoot camera may be even be best for you. 1) Choose the right camera for a beginner. There are some great online courses and these will prompt you to follow a structure. even paintings to look at with the photographer's eye. Compare prices of cameras online to get the best deal when you have chosen a camera. For a beginner Iknow it can be overwhelming and finding out how to learn digital photography can be baffling! Here are my top tips for a beginner to digital photography. This links to my point above . They will give you the technical skills you may need as a beginner to digital photography but also encourage you to use your camera for projects and actual assignments.Best Tips For Beginners Photography is a fantastic and highly rewarding pastime and well worth the effort to learn and develop skills in. 2) Get to know your camera. 5) Study a course. Don't be talked into buying a camera with features you don't need and will rarely or never use. At first your digital SLR may seem highly technical and confusing but take it steady and it will soon become clear. A digital SLR offers more creative control and if you want to learn digital photography I would recommend this as your best tool. There are online galleries. .just using the camera will improve photographic skills at a real pace. photographs in adverts. We are surrounded by photographs and images and just opening your eyes to these will help you think about composition. You should be very familiar with your camera to get the best from it. When faced with a perfect sunset or a moment where the kids are all smiling and laughing you don't want to be flicking through menus and deciding which mode might be best! 3) Use your camera! This may seem obvious but to learn digital photography like any new skill you have to actually do it. Even if you don't plan photographic trips take your camera out with you on days out or walks in the park.110 Learn Digital Photography . lighting and other essential things to develop your photography. 4) Look at pictures.

but for the hardcore photographers. be sure to keep extra filters on you. or be out on a landscaping picture taking adventure only to find out you need another memory card. In the event you're wanting to take black and white shots. Whether or not you'll need that many is up to you. . This article will list out the most important of the accessories you should keep in your gear.blogspot. Most people who use a digital camera don't use film anymore. It's annoying to get to a shoot.com For more information on point and shoot cameras look here http://www.squidoo. film shots can prove especially powerful. I've found that Fuji Velvia is the best film to use. especially if you're looking into taking nature or landscape photography. or a tripod. and like landscape shots. In my experience. I've found the best to keep on you would be a neutral density filter and a polarizing filter. I have over 20 years experience as a photographer and am passionate about helping people learn and develop digital photography skills http://how-to-choose-a-digital-slr-camera.com/bestpointandshootdigitalcameras Jon Mainwaring Essential Digital Photography Accessories That You Should Have There are indeed hundreds upon hundreds of digital photography accessories out on the market that you can buy.111 For anyone wanting to learn digital photography there is a lot of help and support out there and Iurge you to follow a path to develop these skills. They can often provide the extra boost necessary to capture that beautiful landscape shot. Filters are another essential accessory to keep in your gear. If you're like me. film in a necessity to have in your gear.

The wider you can spread the legs of the tripod. Other tough exposures require a slightly different filter. or . Choose to go with carbon fiber. or else you'll be faced with the impossible task of holding your camera perfectly still. and utilizing a cable release helps to ensure that you're getting the best possible shot the first time around.3. Tripods. There's nothing more annoying than being on a long photo-shoot. Simply because the hands are slightly shaky. With the hundreds of different types of tripods out there. you must have a tripod. weight. you make sure any vibrations don't affect the shot.9. Another consideration is to ensure your tripod can be spread wide. you'll find that using a slower shutter speed. the sturdier and steady the images will be. resulting in better pictures. you should be using a neutral density filter that either has a . To maximize that depth of field. such as 1/60 of a second will give your pictures a whole lot more depth. Carrying around a heavy tripod isn't fun. Definitely put one of those filters on your list of the top filters to have. there's only one consideration. which will to help to balance out your colors without affecting the color scheme too much. . Although most digital cameras have them built in these days. In which case. and most will readily pull theirs out. it's always nice to have an external one handy ready to measure how much light is available to you. Ask any pro photographer if they have a light meter. Most photographers would agree that extra memory cards are your best friend when it comes to taking shots. but by using a cable release. nor effective. such as too much brightness from the overhead sky. or delete some. that just might save your pictures lives is a cable release. to realize that you're out of memory and have to stop taking shots.6. Even the slightest vibrations are caused when you press down the shutter button. although it's slightly more expensive. A great accessory to keep with you.112 If you're looking to use filters even more to your advantage. . consider taking advantage of the 81 series polarizing filter. This filter works to balance out the light in your pictures to bring them extra warmth. Even the slightest vibrations can cause your photo to be less than perfect. Use them and consistently you'll find that you have sharper and crisper images.

you'll love the brand new e-course I've created for you to help you start taking amazing pictures. This process was facilitated with the development of chemical photography. The pictures are realistic in appearance with great color and brightness contrasts. In today's modern world there are many tools and techniques to develop creative and unique photographs. This form of photography enabled a photographer to produce higher quality pictures.113 In closing. Digital Photography: Digital photography is one of the most innovative technologies of late twentieth century. In the . It has revolutionized and reformed the way the world developed photographs. It's yours for free and is delivered straight to your email. yet useful gadgets to get the most out of your bigger investment in digital photography. The digital pictures are also cost-effective and environment friendly. your camera. In fifth century B. You can download it for free here: http://www. the concept of pinhole camera was developed and introduced to the world.. If you want to learn even more about digital photography accessories . Be sure to keep extra camera batteries with you. Dating back to 1820s the process of photography was evolved. there are plenty of accessories worth mentioning.. The first permanent photograph was introduced by the French inventor Nicephore Niepce in 1827.digitalphotographyadvantage.A Modernized Tool The concept of photography has been evolved by combining many technical inventions. but always remember the basics. The photography has turned digital which has equipped the photographers to employ their creativity. Don't overlook investing in these small. and invest in a grey card to check exposure.com/ Phil G Town Digital Photography . extra lenses for taking different shots. The photography was developed and improved over the years..C.

A person can replace any type of image at the background of the subject. You can even create unbelievable and unimaginable images with the use of digital photography.Photo Printing Possibilities Not all online photo printing services are created equal. You can also reuse the storage media repeatedly in a digital camera. chroma key software helps in customizing video / images for replacing background. Do a little research to see what online printing service has the most to offer. Should you want the highest quality prints.114 traditional photography a person uses paper material to print photographs. A digital camera also takes good quality pictures. It is a modernized tool deployed extensively in the world of photography. One can also make a subject invisible in a photograph or video. Myself webmaster of 123videomagic. Angel Wood Edit Digital Photography . but the results are another. Unfortunately there are companies out there that will promise you one thing. The digital photography displays pictures electronically. A professional photographer can create numerous high quality photographs instantly. The use of paper involves cutting down of trees that is harmful for the environment. The task of taking photographs becomes creative and full of fun. A photographer can use green screen photography to add several visual effects to an image.com providing video editing software. Nowadays many advanced cameras are available that makes your task of taking photographs convenient and smooth. If it is that you would just like a basic printout of your photos sent to you by mail then almost any service will do. you will have to be discriminating. giving special effects as per your needs. Digital photography can not only be used for professional purpose and can be made a hobby. You can even dwarf the subject and make them stand in the midst of massive buildings. . green screen software. With this kind of technique you can create cloning or overlay effects to a photograph.

A good printing company will offer an endless array of options to you. A user friendly online photo editing tool or software is vital. but the more features and options that are offered. the more complex it will be to manage. Make use of the online software provided by your printing company if you are a novice photo editor. Would like to find out more about editing digital photography? Don't trust anybody's advice until you read this free report David M Peters . anywhere from your cell phone.115 Online photo albums are a great feature offered by some of the better printing services. Not only can you view your pictures through your phone. And of course if you store your photos online you have the ability to access them anytime. This service comes at no charge from the higher quality online printing services. Most companies extend deals and promotions to returning customers or large orders as a way of saying thanks for trusting them with your business. With the file already being uploaded. Many companies have these available but some are not so simple to use. The results are more likely to be just right if you use a software that the printer is also more used to seeing. With their affordable pricing and membership programs. will payoff best in the end. All you have to do is direct everyone to a website you are given for your photos to be viewed. online photo albums are increasing in popularity as a way for friends and family to see updated pictures online. Your printing service can store and act as a back-up for your photographs. Another feature is online storage of your photos. Remember that basic albums are simple and easy to design and update. Take the time to see what different companies have to offer different from their competition. Anything from customized postage stamps with your photos on them to cell phone ringer IDs is a possibility. you can also place an order. Editing will make a dramatic difference in the quality of the final print. you can save time and effort when it comes time to place an order. Finding the service that offers the most features and products you could ever want.

This would be just one niche. there are plenty more to choose from.. These websites are so various that they need images of practically anything. Gone are the days when the only people that could benefit by taking pictures were professionals. but by focussing on a specific topic such as the moon you stand a chance of finding an additional niche within a niche. A modern day digital camera is capable of putting many hundreds and in some cases thousands of extra dollars into the owners pocket on a weekly basis. If you are looking for ways of making some money from your everyday photographs this is probably one of the easiest that there is. This is where your photographs are held and displayed. Moon pictures are quite sort after and by taking just that little bit extra determination to produce really good results can pay dividends. Different website owners can buy the same image time and time again and this is often the case if a good one has been submitted.Monetizing Digital Camera Pictures of the Moon One of the many great things about digital photography is the fact that it is a growing activity for many thousands of would be photographers and not only that. The creators/owners often scour stock photograph websites in order to find an image that fits the bill and is cost effective for them to buy.. More importantly that is without a professionally taken photograph in sight. Websites that are just starting out lack a major budget and cannot afford professionally produced images. this provides the owner of that picture with an ongoing revenue stream that again can lead into a considerable amount. but the outlay that a lot of people put into obtaining digital photographic equipment these days can quite easily be recouped.116 Digital Photography . Websites are starting up all the time day and night and to create them images are needed by the creators. but they can actually now have a golden opportunity to cash in from their photographic activities. Not only are those days gone. Taking pictures of everyday activities has become a profitable business and it is a lot easier to jump onto this cash cow band wagon than most people realise. .

Clive Anderson Clive Anderson Basic Digital Photography Tutorial Basic Digital Photography To get the absolute most out of the material. and if you are conscious of digital photography basics you may make the decision effortlessly. Digital photography has many advantages far more than traditional film photography. When you're altering the settings on a camera. and it is extremely low-noise across the whole collection. So whether you are a professional or a complete novice to photography make your way over to myphotographblog. you should have a digital SLR or a high-end digital camera that presents you a wide group of control over shutter speeds and aperture settings. Digital photography uses electronic instruments to seize a snapshot of a particular thing and translate the portrait into binary record. from low-resolution (less than 1 megapixel) to high-resolution (greater than 1 mega-pixel) to advanced highresolution (4 mega-pixels or more). Digital cameras are principally characterized by their picture resolution or mega-pixel capacities.com and be truly inspired.117 Photography is not just a great hobby and interest that people can enjoy and share with each other. A blog that allows visitors to explore the many boundaries and wonders of modern day photography with some amazing photographs and links for added enjoyment.com . you're trying to observe the correct exposure for the subject and lighting conditions. it can be seriously relaxing and in some cases therapeutic. ISO ranges from 100-3200. Expressing the many aspects of some great photography is myphotographblog. You can be astonished which the greatest digital camera is. . which is readable by a computer.

If everything you are worried about is knowing how to be able to have a digital camera to obtain your Myspace pictures hence you don't have to be concerned about developing and scanning everything. You will notice that it is easy to go off from digital photography for beginners to the subsequent level of photography. Have the ISO set for the surroundings you’re in hence you don’t lose valuable moment.118 How to set shutterspeed. for you find more comfortable with your digital camera. you should perhaps just get a small lesson from our digital camera and check the handbook or owner's instruction manual to deal with any troubles you can undergo. aperture. What Are The Advantages Of Digital Photography Training? You will be taken through the steps of loading your camera and getting the most out of your camera' s storage space for images. . and exposure depending on the type of condition and much more. Finally. The advantages are many if you are willing to take them. for the more advanced student there will be a number of classes that go into greater depth in a wide range of areas. If you are barely planning to use the pictures online or with a computer. 5 megapixels are sufficient for most situations. for example. Digital photography for beginners could be mastered by anybody. you will also meet like minded people who can share stories of their own skills and weak points. you would have a lower resolution setting. and want to learn how to take competent photos with one. a beginner' s class will be aimed at people who have never previously used a digital camera. What is great about the digital camera is the fact that you can have a continual amount of pictures. The aim of an intermediate class will be to develop the beginner' s knowledge and introduce more techniques and skills to make their photography more enjoyable and interesting. You may be able to take a class which teaches you how to produce excellent photos with night photography. For example. Digital photography classes are also often designed to appeal to people at different stages of learning. Not only will you learn new techniques and new ways to take photos. It is being able to share information in this way that makes digital photography classes so appealing to many people.

Most of the effects you can create in the traditional darkroom can be imitated with imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop.com/sitemap. you need to discover the wonderful world of black and white digital photography.digitechpal. .digitalphotography.119 More tips on Digital Photography and other Digital Technology/Gadgets click below to visit my website: ===> http://www. As digital cameras generally only take pictures in color. is how and when to turn your digital color images into exactly the black and white digital photography image you want. especially when combining it with the many benefits offered by digital photography in general.com/BasicDigital-Photography-Skill.digitechpal.digitalphotography.php Johan Liemanza Black And White Digital Photography Digital Color To Grayscale Magic There will always be room for the special quality and elegance of black and white digital photography images.php ===> http://www.digitalphotography. many of the techniques can be applied to black and white digital photography.digitechpal.com/blog ===>http:/www. In digital photography and imaging there are many features and techniques available for image control and management. the most basic element of the digital darkroom you will need to master. Whereas these are mostly aimed at color aspects. If black and white photography is your area of expertise.

This method of implementing black and white digital photography should give better results than a simple grayscale conversion. some useful tips to keep in mind while getting comfortable with black and white digital photography are: The Canon 20D lets you view color in black and white for RAW mode. You will in effect retain a RGB (color) image but convert all the channels to monochrome. A better way than both the above black and white digital photography techniques for getting that grayscale image.. The snag in this method is that it can leave your image looking relatively flat. If you are just starting out. Masking. giving you a good idea of what images will look like. etc. and then adjust them separately and in combination. is to separate the colors of the original in such a way that you end up with a separate lightness or luminosity channel. depending on the original colors. the first and most straightforward way is to do a simple conversion to grayscale.120 In Adobe Photoshop you can follow three basic routes to this conversion. is easier with a color file than with a monochrome file. Don't convert to grayscale too soon. layer blending. without the highlights falling off either side of the histogram. leaving your picture only with shades of gray. which can be used as a grayscale image.. Photoshop's Channel Mixer gives the best control over the tones of your image. This tells the software to throw out all color information. is to use Photoshop's channel mixer. the computer term for black and white. You want to capture as much data as you can. In black and white digital photography you should be careful not to overexpose highlights. . In black and white digital photography. Adjusting contrast afterwards can cause the loss of quite a bit of detail. This is just some of the many techniques and procedures you can explore in the world of black and white digital photography. Another way of getting that color out of the picture.

and publishes full-time on the Web. it is not the worst mistake that newcomers to digital photography make. This article may be reprinted if the resource box and hyperlinks are left intact. Rika Susan The Number One Mistake That Newcomers to Digital Photography Make Although bad composition and poor use of lighting are major problems with today's digital photographers.com researches. they turn out to be technically good photographs. you will do well to keep in mind that there are more similarities than differences between the basic elements of black and white digital photography. and those of the film world. they immediately go out and start taking a ton of photos and for the most part. After all is said and done. to be able to predict how they will translate into the final black and white digital photography image! For more information visit Best-Digital-Photography. writes. otherwise only the black ink will be involved. they could have been much better. print the black and white digital photography image in RGB format. Copyright of this article: 2006 Rika Susan. you still have to understand how to read the qualities of light and color in the scene in front of you.com Rika Susan of Article-Alert. in many circumstances. As a black and white photographer. However. When someone buys there first digital camera. .121 To achieve more tonal richness in your printed image.

But. processing and printing that it might be hours or even days . As a long time professional photographer. now I am starting to notice that they are also not making full use of the different scene modes. fill-in flash. the new owners of these cameras have not taken the time to find out all of the options that are available to them. sports mode. back-lit mode. the first thing I notice is the poor use of lighting and absolutely miserable composition but. I was always dragging around about one hundred pounds of equipment and it might take hours of setting up to take one photo. friends are constantly coming to me wanting to show off their latest digital masterpiece. Today.122 The single biggest mistake is that they haven't taken the time to read the owner's manual. macro-mode. Back in the day. They set the camera on full automatic and start firing away. you should then start learning about lighting and composition. if you are not aware of them. there is no excuse for not using all of the technical capabilities of your new digital camera. Of course. we can tackle composition and lighting but start off on the right foot by reading the manual. you are getting full use of the camera's abilities. Today. all that you need do is point and shoot and then you can look at the screen and know immediately if the picture is good or bad. manual modes. for the most part. before you take picture number one should be to read and study the manual that came with the camera-cover to cover. Then once you know what the camera is capable of doing. Composition and lighting are somewhat difficult to learn but. Your first step. Then when you go out on your first photo shoot. All it takes is a couple of hours of study and then. When I started out as a professional photographer more than forty years ago. for the most part. you are missing out on the true capabilities of your new digital camera.s digital camera are technical marvels. These little technical marvels may have upwards of 15 or more scene modes for specific types of situations. there was so many variables in aperture. All of these different controls are available to improve your pictures but. shutters speed. Later on. you will know how to best set-up the camera so that you are getting full use of it's technical capabilities and produce far better photographs. It will give you a head-start on taking better pictures. light metering. I love these modern technical marvels. aperture and shutter speed controls. scenic mode and the list goes on forever. Most of the cameras today have a tremendous range of options that will help produce even better photographs. at least.

123 before you actually knew if you had created the photograph you had expected. which is particularly noticeable when you are shooting large vistas. You will also want to find a good telephoto and wide-angle lens for landscapes. especially when using a new digital camera. I have enjoyed the transition from film to digital photography. Tripods will eliminate camera shake in your photos. please visit: http://digitalphoto. The first tip is to be prepared.net46. They can also be challenging. Compared to the good old days. The poor quality of your pictures can only be blamed on you. Stan Pontiere has been an avid photographer since childhood. or . Having worked for the likes of the Associated Press and The New York Times and an instructor of photography at a college back east. The key to good shots outdoors is the light.net Stan Pontiere Digital Photography Secrets . With a little preparation you will be able to create beautiful digital landscape photos. often fail to produce optimal pictures simply because they had not read the manual that came with their camera. while you would use the wide-angle to give a panoramic feel to your pictures.Creating Breathtaking Landscape Photos Landscapes can be among the most captivating photos a photographer can create. Telephoto can be used to zoom in on interesting characteristics of the environment. today's photographers have it really easy but. Carry a tripod as well as extra memory and batteries to allow you to keep shooting. Shame on you if you don't bother to read the manual. The best time to shoot landscapes is early in the morning as the sun is coming up. For more information on digital photography.

124 during dusk. to give your pictures depth and a look of professionalism." Play with black and white. Find an interesting element to focus on. This again adds depth and scale to your photo. This way the colours don't become washed out in the harsh mid-day sunlight and shadows tend to have more character. This will give your pictures more character as ensure that the scale of your landscape is not lost on viewers. you want to invasion the scene as being cut into three sections. What used to necessitate several cameras is now as simple as the push of a button. as well as giving it "life. Aim slightly off centre. Get more help on taking digital photography landscapes and other ways to get the best from your digital camera . Referred to as the Rule of Thirds. whatever. Don't lose yourself in the background. Black and white produces drastic contrasts between light and dark and can make even a dull seeming picture more spellbinding. It could be a river. either along the horizontal or vertical axes.Shoot Great Photos With Your New Digital Camera . Never before has it been possible for a photographer to seamlessly switch from colour to black and white photography. or a unique rock outcropping. Geoff White Digital Photography Tips . You can use anything that resembles a line running in the direction you want people to look in. The foreground subject could be as simple as a person. Keep your photos off-centred. Find ways to guide your audience to the main feature you want to highlight. a road. or kids running through a field.

and before you know it. For portraits. you'll be amazed at how often your best shots follow these rules. and it's inexpensive too. so that they become unaware of you after a few minutes. and the shot happened completely by accident. so that you're looking up at them. but it helps to know what they are. Although this takes longer to get your photos. Visit the Fab Digital Photography Blog at http://www. and if you're shooting children. it also means that you can capture the personality of your subjects. this means getting close to your subjects. Fill The Frame. however if you want to take superb images. Take Real-Life Images .125 Digital photography makes it ultra-simple to take photos. Let's look at the so-called "rules" of composition. when a boy and his dog ran towards me . getting down on their level. Compose your frames according to the rule of thirds. When you're photographing people.fabdigitalphotography. You don't have to follow these rules. or slightly below. and you'll be amazed at the interest your photos achieve with little effort.Take Photos In The Middle Of Daily Life Staged photos usually aren't as good as candid images. Digital photography is a lot of fun.they formed two thirds of the frame. you'll have some images which are frame-worthy and of which you're proud. Don't be afraid to take lots of images . Even if you totally ignore them. . Try it. get them actively engrossed in something that they enjoy. you need to put thought into how you compose your photographs.Divide Your Frame Into Three Areas The best shot I've ever taken followed this rule exactly. and a car's backlights in the left of the frame made the final third. Composition's Rule Of Thirds .you can always delete them . So That The Eye Is Drawn Across The Image Don't be afraid to fill the frame of your shot completely. I was holding my camera at dusk.com/blog/ and discover more hints and tips on how to make the most of your digital camera.

You can hire a photographer who takes aerial photos and should know his or her way around New York. or New Jersey you will need an East Coast photographer. or just to have for your records. or . Decide whether you want the photo in the day or night. morning or afternoon. right after dark or right before dawn. gifts. From creating press releases to marketing material for real estate or just an outstanding travel brochure.126 Angela Booth Aerial Survey With Digital Photography There are several reasons why you would want aerial photography of your property. They can take an aerial view of the location that you choose and give you a brilliant picture of the property or the vista. it takes patience and knowledge to know how to take an aerial photo that only an experienced photographer knows. You can find an east coast photographer by searching online for photographers who specialize in this type of photography. An aerial survey may be done when land is too difficult to reach or if you want a quick glance at some property. They should also know how to judge the best time of day or night to take the picture. Before you contact an East coast photographer make a list of all the details that you can think of. They should also know how to capture the object perfectly. It's not as simple as flying over and taking a picture. You will also want to decide if you want a side view. They will need to have access to an airplane or helicopter depending on where you live. This will help the photographer plan the best aerial photo for you. If you want a photographer for New York. You need to be specific on your instructions when ordering aerial photos. Connecticut. Apart from that it's great for new landowners. to share. top view. aerial photographs can throw light on the true beauty of the areas.

we no longer have to deal with buying flashes for our cameras anymore. is the feature that allows you to change the setting. depending on how much light is available.127 back yard view. if you give the right details beforehand. Aerial photographs are wonderful to display where you would normally hang up art. the views from such a height are awesome. Some digital cameras even come with a setting that will let you know when the lighting isn't right for the setting you have it set on. David Margolis Flash Digital Photography . You can keep your aerial photos New York on display at your office or at home.Using Flash With Digital Cameras Fortunately. . you may want to ask the photographer for his opinion about the photograph. our digital cameras come with a built in automatic flash and. With some of the best cameras available for precision digital photography. If you are not sure which direction to go.com . Today. David Margolis is the owner of Skyviews Survey. The flash (instead of being put on top of the camera like it used to) is now built right into the flash digital cameras themselves. The photo should display exactly what you wanted it to be. From aerial photographs to creating marketing materials for commercial real estate. one of the oldest and largest aerial photography company on the East Coast. They make great housewarming gifts for those newlyweds who just bought their first home. Flash digital photography is now a real term used both in words and in the photography industry. even better. Then you will need to change the setting yourself. know more about aerial photography and other services at http://www.skyviewsurvey.

This happens because the flash didn't reach those areas. The camera manufacturer will usually list the maximum flash strength and how far away you can be when taking a good shot. Your flash digital camera can provide you with a wealth of creative photography opportunities. in your studio (if you have one). Photography is lots of fun. This will help you determine how far away from your subject you can be before the shadows disappear. you can get a great number of beautiful pictures using flash digital photography. You certainly don't want to lose any perspective and/or depth in your pictures. Try it outside at different times of the day. Unfortunately.128 The best way to use flash with your digital camera is to first read the instruction manual on how the settings are set up and how you should use them. By using the steps outlined in this article and by playing around with your flash settings. You just have to know how to use it and this is easy to learn. Read on to learn more about wedding photography and underwater photography Diane Crawford . You should also play with the settings with different areas where shadows could show up. You should also learn how to use the settings by then taking that knowledge and working with your camera hands-on. you can get a digital camera that has a setting to help reduce red eye or you can fix the problem with your photography software. Fortunately. you can see first-hand what settings work best for what type of lighting. You will just need a detachable flash component that is simply powered by a bracket on the camera along with a cable that all work together to help the flash inside the camera to work with the external flash unit. some digital cameras have the flash too close to the lens and that can lead to red eyes in your pictures. You can reduce both of these problems of red eye and poor depth by getting a flash device that is separate from your camera. in your home and anywhere else you might be taking pictures. in different areas. This will help your flash digital camera by providing an extra source of flash and reduce the amount of red eye and poor depth coming out in your pictures. By doing this.

P. That's right! This is the Photo Printer's stuff or the Photo Paper's stuff. Color and B&W (Black and White) film and print processing.PP in digital photography conversations to say the word "Photoshop" shortly.we think that this is not normal too.mostly in the internet and they are quotations from some photography books. But PP in the Digital Photography means something else. One of them is a Canon's model. but it is a fact. that there is another PP abbreviation and it's for Pocket Pouch.a leading team in the photography branch. because it offers a lot of abilities for picture optimization and getting higher images quality. In this case people are talking about the Post-Processing in Digital Photography or for short: "PP in Digital Photography".color-negative / color-reversal processing. Our research shows. Believe us . When it is attended . And talking about print processing we remembered that there is another PP meaning. There are even some printers' models that are called "(something) PP". Normally the Photoshop software is in use from the Professional Photography. The pocket pouches for your digital cameras can be offered in some sites or pamphlets like PP for digital cameras. developing photographs. courses. which is used in digital photography conversations. called this way . shooting and developing photographs. that most of the people use this abbreviation . May be you will hate us. because this is our name! Because we are PP Group. when it says "Photographic process". As we understand there is even a book. It comes out from the first and the last letters in the word . but you may see PP like "pages" meaning in Photography as well. but we feel the need to share with you. that this is PP Group . as well. called "high gloss photo paper PP 101D" or something similar. we would like to say. which describes the PP . Or photo paper. Another use for PP with the photography stuff is when people are trying to say "Post-Processing" shortly. There are lots of lessons. lectures and articles that are written on different places ."Photographic Processes". It means the processing. Believing or not. You can see the PP abbreviation.129 What is PP in Digital Photography? Of course.

The technique to it though is to have the shutter open long enough to get the light in to get a good quality photo. and means. Here's a couple tips: . you can use the slow-synchronized flash on your camera.) To freeze the background long enough to take the photo you want. It is too possible to see another PP meaning as well. don't forget that in general currency PP means "Photoshop". (The shutter is what lets in the background light of the photo you are taking. as you know . So if you are not a patient type of person. Mostly it looks like this way: pp 136-278. another not described here. it is not so difficult to understand what is PP in the Digital Photography now. But. when the conversation is for the Photography.130 by numbers it is too possible PP to be a page number. you may not want to get into this type of photography. Reneta Yordanova Night Photography . This type of photography takes a lot of patience and time to develop good quality.Digital Photography Tips For Beginners Night photography is something many photographers do. PP Group has car-tuning TV .pages 136 to 278. when you know the rest of the text.Digital images source. You can assess which meaning will be helpful for you and to understand the main text idea. because people like to use abbreviations. Well.online television for tuning cars and Photo Paradise .

It will help you to not shake the camera when you know the shutter is going to go off.131 Depend on your histogram to check exposure. Read More If your really into night photography then you want to make sure to get a camera with the longest possible shutter range. When you're taking photos. If you would like to find out more information on how to take pictures. When you find the one you want you know you're doing it right. If you really get into photo shooting then you will want to buy one. With night photography. like a self-timer. Get a tripod. They can prevent unwanted light from coming into your photo at spots you don't want it to. Lens hoods are really important. You will also want to make sure the camera has a good. Buy a lens hood.Digital Photography Tips . If you have trouble keeping the camera sturdy. the best thing to get is a tripod.com howtotakepicture. for example one that has a 3 to 30 second range.com Latisha Haworth How To Take SLR Photos . Almost everyone that is into photo shooting has one and is probably the best accessory to get for your camera. take different photos at different shutter speeds. There are other features you may also want for your camera. long lasting bulb. Use a self-timer. It can also prevent your camera lens from knocking into things. please visit: http://howtotakepicture.

This is the most time consuming mode to be in. you must know some simple guidelines and how to use your SLR and the certain modes it has. This means you can adjust it to a small aperture or a large aperture. Manual Mode Manual mode gives you full control over the settings. You can either pick automatic focus or manual. This article will show you exactly that. Focusing is also important with SLR cameras. You must set both shutter and aperture. Automatic Mode Automatic mode gives the camera total control over the shutter and aperture along with other settings as well. manual. This is a great mode when you want to take action shots or blur movement like waterfalls. Shutter Priority Shutter priority gives you full control over the shutter speed. This means you can adjust it as much as you want and have a fast or slow shutter speed. This mode is great when walking around. You set the aperture.132 Taking SLR photos is not that difficult. The shutter speed is automatically adjusted to expose the image properly. . shutter speed. and all the other settings as well. Automatic is great also when you are taking simple photos or just walking around. aperture priority. There is shutter priority. and automatic. If you set one wrong then the photo can end up blurred and or under and over exposed. The aperture is automatically adjusted for proper exposure. If you see a tiger rush out then you can snap that photo quick and not have to worry about underexposed shots. There are different modes in SLR cameras. Manual will give you more control over the focus and is recommended. However. Aperture Priority Aperture priority mode gives you full control over the aperture of the camera. This is the mode to use when you want shallow depth of field or expansive depth photos.

It is worth the trouble. double-check that it’s current.133 Al Sanez has a Free Video that shows you how to learn digital photography tips Al Sanez Digital Photography Tips . No two photographers are the same or have the same thing in mind for the photos they are taking.How To Select The Correct File Format To Improve Your Photos Whether your have a brand-new digital camera just out o the box or whether you’ve been using your digital camera for some time. Set the image resolution . Will you just look at them on your computer? Will you only make small prints. It will also make organizing your photos easier. or are you planning to make 11 x 17 prints to mount on your wall? With your final purpose in mind. A larger image size allows you to crop a photo and still have a decent file size in the cropped photo for a sharp print. Set the date and time . However. If you’ve already set the date and time on your camera. it’s important to understand the camera’s various settings.even if you have to carefully read the manual to figure out how. now’s the time to do so . .Image resolution determines how sharp your photo will be. 2. Others don’t. the higher the resolution. especially if you’re going to enlarge the photo. so keep in mind what you plan to do with your photos. here’s a checklist to go through to make sure you have selected the best settings for how you plan to use your photos. the bigger the file size of the image. This will not only provide a reference for you when searching for a photo. a lower resolution and smaller file size allows you to squeeze more photos onto your memory card. If you haven’t set it yet.Some digital cameras require that the date and time be set before you can use them. In contrast. 1.

With a digital camera. tips and how-to's. Set the IS speed .com Dave Hunt . Set your file format . But just like with real film. However since . Dave Hunt has shot landscape and scenic photos in almost all states of the US and in most countries in Europe. a higher speed setting will result in a grainier picture. take control of your camera’s setting and use them to improve your photos. visit: http://www. So. you had to choose between high speed film. or lower speed film. However “raw†files are huge. He is the author of numerous articles on photography.bahamasbeat.jpg is appropriate.jpg is a method of compressing the original file to save space.digitalphotographygeek. travel and recreation. So be sure to use a lower speed setting like ISO 50 or 100 unless you are shooting in a low light situation. You can find more articles. which required more light for a good photo.com and and vacation ideasl. which allowed taking pictures in low light. but was far less grainy. but which produced grainy photos. Most of the time a . in summary. so  it’s usually best to shoot .jpg images unless you plan to process the image later with advanced digital photo processing software that can handle the raw format.Even the most basic digital cameras allow you to change the format of the file your photos are saved in.com For tips on travel http://www. some of the data is lost in the compression. which saves all the data from when a digital photo is taken. which cannot be retrieved later after the file is compressed. 4.deskatravel. The opposite is the “raw” file format. along with and the latest news and information on digital photography at: http://www. you can make the camera simulate low or high-speed film.Back in the days of film.134 3.

6 Macro Photography Tips Macro photography or the art of taking photos close-up can be an expensive hobby especially if have a digital slr. as I said in the previous point. It's all in the technique. Most cameras won't allow you to change your settings once in this mode as it will automatically select the largest aperture for you. Make sure that you now how to use your macro feature on your camera or slr lens. Macro lenses are high quality and very expensive. Once you have your lens it's not always as easy as it looks. Read the manual! 1. You want to be . Use the tripod. Aperture Most compact cameras have a setting on the dial represented by a little flower. 3. 2. You want complete control over the image. When shooting so close up even the slightest movement is magnified. With macro lenses on slrs switch off the autofocus on the lens. This will blur out the background and focus on the subject. Of course with a compact being light you don't have to go for a very heavy one.135 Learn Digital Photography . Use a tripod This is the most fundamental key to getting a good macro photo. Now macro shots with a compact will not compare with a digital slr quality but you will still be able to take remarkable photos. Focusing Focusing. You need to know how to use it before you can try these techniques. This is your macro mode. Focus is critical here so be careful. is critical when shooting macro. Don't let it worry you that you are only shooting with a compact. Your focus is critical and you need to limit any camera shake. With an slr you need to choose your widest aperture to get the same effect while shooting on AV mode. Here are some tips for both compact cameras and slrs with macro lenses. do it. If you have a compact that allows you switch off the autofocus feature.

4.21steps2perfectphotos. 6. You still need to place your subject in the best place in the image. This allows camera movement and vibrations to subside before the shutter is released. Composition Remember that composition is very important even though you are close up. We use the term macro photography loosely here. Exclude any clutter or distracting elements and watch your backgrounds.21steps2perfectphotos.htm . You especially don't want other objects or subjects competing for attention in a macro image.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Don't forget the rule of thirds. Happy shooting! Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail.com/21steps. By applying these simple techniques you will increase your chances of getting a great macro shot dramatically. Some compacts allow you to use a shutter cable release but most don't so use your self-timer. Reflectors are a good idea for macro shooting. Download it here for free: http://www. The self-timer allows you to press the shutter and after a ten second delay the shutter is released. you introduce camera shake just because you are touching the camera. rather choose the time of day when there is plenty of natural light. Flash Because an on camera flash can be harsh as it is so close it's an idea to try diffusing the flash by using a piece of tissue paper or tracing paper taped over the flash. But most photographers refer to macro when doing close up work. 5. The key is to experiment and practise as much as possible. A simple piece of plain white card or even the back of your camera manual will reflect light and fill in the shadow. It's actually close up photography. Macro photography is when you capture the image in life size or bigger with a 1:1 ratio. But.136 able to choose the exact point of focus on the subject you're shooting and not let the camera choose for you. Self-timers or shutter cable release When your shot is set up and you press the shutter button.

This is a great one for the avid photographer to learn. You could compare photography to thoroughbred racehorse breeding instead of pheasant hunting. Here's how. Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography . There is no thought of being selective. You may get a thrill and rush of blood in shooting but it's what you get after that which counts. As it does he discharges both barrels. It's the result that counts and not action. Maybe planning and preparation can be thrown in here as well. It doesn't work like that. The reason I used the word "avid" is because this is often just what they don't do. Compare this to the shooting party in the fields of rural England. be more selective. If it flies then shoot it. Again the issue of thinking and thought raises its head. The horse breeder needs careful planning and preparation when selecting his breeding stock. Each man with gun dog at his side and shotgun firmly pressed to his shoulder waiting for the prey to break cover. The same goes for the photographer.Be More Selective in Your Photography Most amateur photographers fire away with gay abandon at anything and everything that moves. If it moves shoot it! But by taking your time and being more selective about what you photograph will improve your photography dramatically. If it attracts their attention they shoot with shutter finger blazing. . The thought is if you shoot fast enough and capture enough images you'll cover all your bases and somewhere in amongst the hundreds of images will be your gem. Photography is not like this.137 Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. He or she must have a plan and put in some careful thought. This is typical with many avid photographers.

What time of day would be best and whether to shoot in black and white or colour. colour. Get the thought process moving before you get out to where you will take your photos. When do I want to shoot? The time of day. By answering these simple questions you will be able to plan your shoot and thereby prevent frustration and confusion.138 The problem with photography is that when you go out shooting there are so many stimuli hitting the senses from all directions. Download it here for free: http://www. What do I want to shoot? The subject. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. He or she is selective.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. people and shapes all competing for attention. 2.21steps2perfectphotos.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. . It doesn't take much time but what it does is make you more effective and focuses you on the task at hand. "Those who fail to plan. 5. The reason? For pleasure or business.com/21steps. Black and white or abstract. What do I shoot when arriving at a busy location? Begin with the end in mind. If your goal is a character study of a weathered fisherman's face then you know where to go and what to shoot. As the old adage goes. plan to fail". pattern texture.21steps2perfectphotos. Thinking about the final image and not just shooting wildly and hoping for the best. This is why the professional photographer takes the winning images. Where do I want shoot? The location. 4. 3. Movement. How do I want to shoot? The technique. I love colour but I also like nature and people. Ask yourself some simple questions: 1.

. Much more will be in focus with the lens at F/16 than at F/4. To sum it up. you could change your combination to F/16 and 1/60th of a second to get the same exposure. you'll have a method to use to control what's in focus in your photograph. This technique will be used for every one of your pictures and it's relatively easy. Depth of field is the zone of focus in your picture. If a picture would be perfectly exposed at F/4 for 1/250th of a second. Most advanced 35mm film cameras have a depth of field preview button on them to let you observe the zone of focus before you take the picture. we talked about the rule of thirds. In this installment.139 Wayne G Turner Digital Photography's Finer Points (Part 2) In part one of this series. To confuse matters. but the shutter speed will come into play as you will see. This is when shutter speed comes in. If you'd like more area to be in focus. If you use F/16. Even though the exposure would be the same for both pictures. You have two things at your control to make a good exposure with your camera: shutter speed and F/stop or aperture. you need a small F/stop. F/16 is a smaller opening than F/4. these two features control the intensity of light and the duration of light. we'll talk about depth of field. you have to let it in for longer duration. Only a very high end (read expensive!) digital cameras have this feature. You probably won't be able to preview the depth of field. Even with the simplest digital cameras. but you'll see the results in seconds on the camera screen after you snap the picture. the amount of area in focus in the photograph would be much more with the F/16 setting. smaller F/stops have larger numbers. The F/stop is your main control for depth of field. which is a small portal to let light into the camera. Keep in mind that 1/60th of a second is a longer amount of time than 1/250th of a second.

. If you'd like an opportunity to learn the craft and make money with your photography skills. If you keep in mind that you're playing with light in photography.140 If the reading on your camera screen says F/4 and you want more depth of field. The more you learn about photography. When you lower the shutter speed. Have the camera in the "shutter priority" mode. How much light and for what duration is the basics of photography. it'll be automatic. the better chance you have of taking beautiful pictures. the F/stop will go up and increase the area of focus for you. but once you do it.com Michael Roy Digital Photography Tutorial Reveals Digital Camera Pricing Tips It is hard to imagine that it was only a few years ago where we had to wait for days in order to have camera film processed and be able to see the results of our photography work. This is either "S" or "Tv" on the control dial. you'll understand the concepts much better. Fortunately with today's technology those days of waiting are over. There are many techniques involved to master the craft of photography. Today's digital cameras not only give us instant gratification but better photos and the ability to manipulate our photos through the use of photo editing software. Control this and you can control depth of field. Most experts agree that 1/60th of a second is the most amount of time to use for hand-held pictures. With the changes in photography people are no longer dependent on professional photographers to capture those special moments in their lives. you can ignore this to some degree. If it's on a tripod. use the control to lower the shutter speed. send an email to articles@infogators. It may sound difficult.

as well as the better the overall quality of the photo. when purchasing a digital camera you can toss this notion out the window.141 If you are in the market to purchase a digital camera you may become overwhelmed by the choices you face. learning the terminology that you will see when looking for your camera. To get the most bang for your buck I advise that you do some Internet research. Cameras in this price range have an incredible amount of features and are perfect if you would like to take professional quality photos. When digital cameras were first on the market you were faced with spending enormous amounts of money.1 to 5 mega pixels for under $50. thankfully today you can find a camera under $100 that has all the features you are looking for including 5 mega pixels and a great zoom lens. Inexpensive cameras are ideal for most everyone's needs. spur of the moment. name brand manufacturers. market digital cameras at reasonable prices. yet they are ideal for typical personal use. photos. Even though there are some incredible opportunities on the Internet. there are hundreds of cameras which fit every budget. if you don't know exactly what it is you are looking for you will have a very difficult time finding the best camera for you. Some of the manu- . Most of these cameras have 8 to 10 mega pixels which will create quality prints in the 4x6 . All of the major. Most cameras are compact and can be carried with you anywhere so you can take great pictures no matter where you are. You will find that the features on these cameras are a bit more limited. Kodak. When you do your research you will learn that the higher the mega pixel rating the larger the print you will be able to make. generally small enough to be slipped into the pocket. most cameras on the market today are incredibly compact. with a smaller zoom range. including Fuji. If you have a more constrained budget you can find cameras with anywhere from 3. Cameras in this range are generally small enough to take wherever you wish to go to get incredible. There is a common misconception that only expensive items are of good quality. If you would like to have more than a point and shoot camera you will be looking at cameras in the $100 to $200 range. Nikon and HP. Olympus. Understanding the terms and knowing exactly what you would like to have will help narrow down your search.8x10 range. Samsung. In fact. It is easy to find a quality inexpensive camera with features that will meet every need. however.

Prior to purchasing you definitely want to make some price comparisons and there are a variety of sites that allow you to do this.6 Landscape Photography Keys For Beginners If you thought that taking great landscapes was for the pros then think again. Nikon. All of us can take stunning landscape photos. Using simple steps anyone can take great landscape photos. Features to expect include optical zoom. allowing you to change out lenses. Danny Feildman Learn Digital Photography . The nice thing about these cameras is that even though these cameras are thin they still contain the advanced features such as digital zoom and LCD. Minolta.142 facturers that you will want to look for include Konica. Even though SLR cameras are bulkier you are definitely moving out of the point and shoot range to the professional arena. It is even possible to find basic SLR cameras at this price range. Did you like this digital photography tutorial? Curious about reading more Digital Photography Tutorials ? What are you waiting for? Read This FREE Digital Photography Report And Check Out The "Learn Digital Photography Now" Blog For Even More Digital Photography Tutorials. image stabilization high resolution sensors and an ultra compact body. in this price range you will find 12 mega pixels. Research is key to finding the best deal. LCD and a few other useful functions. Here's how to do it. In this price range you can also purchase ultra compact cameras. The Internet is the worlds largest library and here you can not only find discounts but stay abreast of the latest innovations in digital cameras. multiscene. . For a more professional camera you can spend more than $200. These are typically the size of a credit card and 1" thick. Sony and Olympus.

Wrong! Sometimes the most dramatic shots are taken in dramatic weather conditions. Find the right time of day and take your time It's the patient photographer who knows the right time of day for that particular location who will get the remarkable photograph. Divide the image into three horizontal thirds. Use winding roads. Spring and summer are the seasons for great images although winter and autumn can result in spectacular images. you too can create masterpieces that will be admired as art. Don't be fooled by the conditions and remember to protect your valuable equipment. the landscape format. Follow the rules of composition The great artists over the centuries discovered that landscapes that are properly composed most times follow the rule of thirds. Again. foreground and middle ground. 3. Shoot in all weather conditions Most of us think that a great landscape shot can only be taken on a bright sunny day. A background. fences or hedges to lead the eye to a focal point. 4. But. A panorama might not always be the best format for the shot. 2. Use both formats Most times landscapes are shot using the horizontal or as it is known. using the vertical or portrait format can also yield some stunning shots. when using the portrait format don't forget the rule of thirds. 5. Thunderstorms with galeforce winds and rainy conditions will surprise you with the resulting images. The best time of day for landscape shots is early morning and late afternoon when the light is golden. Always place the horizon along one of these dividing lines. By using some fundamental rules of landscape photography. Dark foreboding skies yield great high contrast shots. Time and effort will always result in a shot that stands out from others. 1.143 Great scenery has been an inspiration to artists for centuries. Use colour to divide the image along the third lines. the sun is low in the sky and the shadows are long. Knowledge of the location will add to the chances of a great image being created. Understand depth of field .

Wayne G Turner Learn Digital Photography . don't be afraid to experiment with depth of field.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. Depth of field is the area of focus in front of the subject and behind it. How much of it that is in focus is called the depth of field. focus on an area about two thirds of the way into the scene. Landscape photography is an art form that has been practised for generations and takes time to perfect. Allow yourself the time to make this form of photography your own.Putting the XFactor Into Your Portraits .com/21steps. sometimes you'll want to crop a scene and a telephoto can help isolate parts of the scene resulting in outstanding images. Download it here for free: http://www.21steps2perfectphotos.144 Great landscape images are usually in sharp focus from the foreground all the way to the background. 6. To get great depth of field.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. But. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail.21steps2perfectphotos. Zoom lenses are a good substitute allowing you to go from a wide angle to a tighter more isolated image but cannot truly replace a dedicated wide angle lens. A large depth of field means there is sharp focus from the front of the scene all the way to the background. But. Use wide angle and telephoto lenses The classic landscape lens is the wide angle as it allows for more of the scene to be in the image. The results can be remarkable and the sense of fulfillment unsurpassed. Nothing beats a wide lens for creating a truly dramatic landscape image.

A frontal viewpoint is the norm and very average. . You'll need to know what props to use and other factors like lighting and how to interact. the subject. to the side or stare into the distance. are the windows to the soul. Portraits are not police mugshots as many photos tend to end up as. Use props Allow your subject to have some sort of prop. They should be sharp and in focus all the time. below and to the side of the subject's eyeline. 3. Change your viewpoint or perspective Don't only shoot at eye level. 4. Don't always have the subject looking directly at the camera.145 If you are happy with a portrait photograph that shouts 'say cheese' then you don't need to read on. If you want to add pizzazz to your portraits by adding the x-factor then here are some top portrait tips. 2. Emphasize the eyes Eyes. So pay careful attention to your subject's eyes. It's there as a comfort or a prop and should never distract from the point of the photo. Always have them looking into the image and remember that the viewer will always follow the eyes of the subject. So putting the x-factor into portraits should be your top priority. This is because we are shooting images of family and friends most of the time. There is a big difference between a children's session and a senior citizens. Here are some tips that will help add pizzazz to your portraits. some say. Planning and preparation Knowing who you are going to shoot and where it's going to be is essential to the planning of a successful portrait shoot. Let them look above. You are creating memories. You can tell a lot about a person by just looking at their eyes. Try other perspectives and angles. Not only does this contextualise the subject but it also relaxes them knowing that they have something familiar in their hands. This is especially true of children holding their favourite toy or book. Good preparation is often the success of any session. 1. Shoot from above. So try to be a little more radical and experiment with different and more interesting perspectives. Whether it's intentional or not most of us take portrait photographs in some form or other.

Rules of composition are made to be broken only if it works and the composition is outstanding.146 5. A good portrait photographer knows when to follow them and when to break them. Don't be afraid to be a director and get your subject doing things. Don't copy other photographers before you know your own style. The reason candid shots are so popular is because they are better and more interesting to the viewer. Focus on an interesting or beautiful feature or perhaps a piece of jewellery they are wearing. Experiment with lighting There is no right way to light your portraits. This also helps to exclude clutter and distracting elements in the scene. Then of course there is the great outdoors. Having fun and looking more natural creates a far more exciting image than traditional poses. Each of us has our own unique style so use it. Staging is a no no Even if you are in a studio for the purpose of shooting a portrait don't overpose or stage the photo. 6. Once you know the rules then try to push the limits and boundaries. Not blemishes but interesting detail which isn't revealed in a full length shot. Get in close Look at some fashion magazines and see how many cover photos have been shot full face or very close to it. It relaxes and gets them out of their comfort zone. Creative composition Don't be afraid to experiment with composing your portrait image. 8. Move your subject closer. Use your creativity and try out new lighting positions. Get your subject moving If you've ever seen a fashion shoot you'll know that the photographer gets the model moving. People want to see portraits close up and as much detail as possible. 7. 9. Don't break them just because you want to. You'll be surprised at the results. Vary the position of the lighting. . Change the angle of reflectors or add filters. Getting in close is what makes the memories.

com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Don't be afraid to experiment.The Money Aspects Are you able to take simple pictures? Are you able to edit them afterwards? Do you have a 3.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.com/21steps. Communicate with your subject Many people feel awkward and uncomfortable when having to sit for a portrait. you have the right tools and knowledge to make money with online digital photography. Communicate with them and let them know exactly what you want. The only thing you need to learn is how to market photos. you also relax the subject and eventually you may find they no longer notice the camera. By communicating. Download it here for free: http://www. . which photos are in demand and how to make them 'findable'. Portraits are really rewarding and by following these simple steps you will add pizzazz and the x-factor missing from many traditional portraits. Be a director and place them where you want them and doing the things that add to a good quality image. Happy shooting! Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. Wayne G Turner Online Digital Photography Courses .2 megapixel camera? Well.21steps2perfectphotos. A good photo doesn't bring in cash if no one can find it.21steps2perfectphotos.147 10.

If you don't take action you won't succeed. However. since you already took the time to read and research. Kenneth Douglas How to Use Infrared Digital Photography in Your Pictures . These keywords receive less traffic. strategies and ways to create better photos and make money. These courses provide you with tips. If youre photos are decent and you are targeting long tail keywords.148 It can be fun and rewarding to make money with online digital photography. you must practice alot to be good at finding keywords and think the way prospective buyers think Long tail keywords are only one aspect of making money with pictures. "building" or "money" are way to competitive. However. you are advised to take a online digital photo course. but it is easier to get a slice of that traffic. I have full confidence that you will make money. Nobody will find your digital photo if you aim for these." 3 story building" or "red money sack" are much better. All of them cover both aspects: 'better photos and making money'. 90% of the people fail to make money with digital photography online. You will need to take some online digital photography courses. most complete and easiest way to make money with photos online. You should look at these reviews on digital photography courses . Keywords like "rotten apple". you will make profit. To master all the aspect of digital photography and marketing picture. generic keywords like "apple". There are various subjects you will learn with an online digital photography course. Keywords make sure that people can find your photo. They are the best. One of them is long tail keyword research.

Something important to remember is that taking more pictures is better than not taking enough. While the sky and water become extremely dark. of course. just like radio waves. will bring drama to your photographs. this can be fixed. Seek out the right filter that will give you the most accurate detailed appearance. like leaves on a plant or tree. produces a rich beauty all its own. There is no need to wonder if you captured the image correctly. . become very rich. Living things. infrared light is invisible.149 The visible light your camera captures will be transformed to the invisible light of heat radiation when you begin using infrared digital photography. you can bring more drama to your infrared digital photographs than ever before. So if you don't like it. People tend to take on a ghostly white or pallid tone. take another. This lens captures heat radiation and with a little careful planning. The eclectic images developed from the heat sources of your subject or landscape using an IR lens. The direction your subject is facing or moving will give you an idea on the angle you should place your camera. Your picture appears immediately. first you must think through the process. As in all aspects of photography. do your research and make sure you are using all the right accessories and settings which pertain to your camera. Lighting that is too bright can cause too much glare. and having to wait until you get to the dark room to develop your film is a thing of the past. A lot of professionals' jobs are done on the computer. Placing an IR lens on your camera can bring your photography to a new level. What are you trying to accomplish? You should remember that instead of visible light you will be capturing light that cannot be seen with the human eye. Lighting that is too dark can cause too much shadow. so using a tripod is essential. Lighting is another key factor to great digital photography. Using Photoshop. Capturing your subject in the infrared spectrum of light. Your camera should be as still as possible because camera shake will knock your image out of focus. The best thing about digital photography is that you get to see your image as soon as you take it. can make your photographs more dramatic. In order to get the striking photograph you are attempting. If your picture seems to have too much color.

150 Another important factor is to check your owner's manual. The infrared lens and filters are not "one size fits all", so be informed. Purchasing more accessories will be well worth your investment when you start producing the stunning prints you can get using infrared photography. Be creative using your IR photography skills in every photograph you take. Practice with living and non-living subjects. Take pictures of nature, landscapes and people; hone in on your natural talent to capture those remarkable shots that you, as well as others, will truly appreciate as a work of art. If you want to learn even more about infrared digital photography , you'll love the brand new e-course I've created for you to help you start taking amazing pictures. It's yours for free and is delivered straight to your email. You can download it for free here: http://www.digitalphotographyadvantage.com/ Phil G Town

Digital Photography eBook Review: Camera Dollars Income System
The “Camera Dollars Income System eBook” written by Brian Moore claims to contain everything you need to know to make money with your digital camera. This is one of the few books currently available on the market today with the type of hardnosed information and resources those bent on doing digital photography work will ever need. Other books I have seen seem outdated - being primarily theoretical and not very helpful in today's market -- when compared with the freshness of Moore's eBook. Brian Moore has been earning a very high income for more than two years while using this system. He continues to make his living as a free-lance digital photographer. His advice is timely and useful.

151 The ability of the layman to earn a living by selling his photos is a fairly recent phenomenon in digital photography circles. Moore does an admirable job of breaking down the whole business of digital photography without getting bogged down in the history of its development. His audience is clearly the layman with a digital camera who wants to earn a part-time or full-time income selling his photos on the internet. In this eBook, you’ll learn: 'How to' earn ongoing residual revenue from each digital photo you submit online; About a relatively unknown photography market that is exploding thanks to the internet; How to ensure you are getting the best fee possible for each photo you submit online; How NOT to get taken advantage of and how to ensure you are paid a fair price for your photos; Resources to find out what buyers are looking for and why buyers are buying photos; Who pays the highest rates - and how to market your photos to buyers so they will come back again and again for your work; Ideas to create multiple streams of income from your digital photos such as turning your photos into saleable screen savers; How to find websites that will practically beg you for your photos - and who’ll be willing to pay a premium for each photo you submit to them; How to select the right keywords to use with your photos - use the wrong keywords and your sales may slowly suffer, use the right keywords and sales will soar; What a "field rep" is and how you can start providing this indemand service immediately;

152 How to sell your images on your own website and keep all the profits for yourself - includes advice on how to post your photos on a web page, how to flood your site with traffic and how to write copy; How to sell your images offline in your own profitable brick and mortar photography store; How to make money in the competitive world of celebrity gossip sites - these tips are extremely powerful and will give you a leg up on your competition; How to take pictures of sporting events and sell them online - follow Brian's tips and he promises you'll make money; How to make your images look professional for extra cash even if you are an amateur just starting out - Brian demonstrates how to get the perfect shot every time with your digital camera; What to take pictures of - find out what types of images are in the most demand in this chapter; How to sell your photos on eBay - Brian gives some great tips on this and makes it so simple; There’s a lot more helpful information in the book regarding the finer points of setting up your business. There's not much fluff and it's easy to read. One of the impressive things that became apparent after I had finished the book was that digital photography work does not require you to buy expensive digital photography equipment, create any websites, ship anything, get involved with adult or pornographic content, or to have any special computer skills. It also does not require any extensive customer support. Moore drives home the fact that digital photography work is growing faster than the supply of available photographers. Photographers are needed worldwide - and thanks to the abilities of the Internet, anyone who will take the time to read and follow the instructions in this book has a legitimate chance of earning a very good part-time income or an excellent full-time income as a digital photographer selling photos online.

This is not really the issue at hand. This is a comprehensive guide that leaves nothing out of the business equation left unexplained. a Delaware Corporation Comments are welcome and appreciated on his blog at http://www. It describes and gives references to the types of images that are most in demand and where and how to upload your photos for residual monthly income. such as two. this is a helpful and practical how to guide for any erstwhile digital photographer desiring to do digital photography work online. it would be that one would get impatient and stop taking and uploading photos thereby limiting one's income potential. Inc.. four and eight gigs in size or several smaller ones such 256 or 512 megs. All in all. Waiting for someone to pay for your photos is the hardest part and if there is a fault with the system. Does it really matter what the size is as long as you have enough space? Some photographers say that this really isn't an issue as long as you have sufficient space to shoot the assignment you need to. The eBook tells you exactly how and where to upload the pictures you take onto the internet. The problem at hand is that although the .digital-photography-work. this is work one can do from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.One Large Memory Card Or Several Smaller Cards One of the questions asked by new digital photographers is whether they should make use of one large card. Bruce Santucci Learn Digital Photography .com where you can read more about this eBook and where you will find a link to purchase it.153 Because all work is submitted online. Bruce Santucci is Senior Reviewer for BAS & Associates.blogspot.

154 technology is really good and the likelihood of a card going bad is minimal, it still happens even with the best cards. The question you need to ask yourself is that if a card does go bad can I afford to lose the images? I think there are two factors here to look at. 1. What is the purpose of the shoot? Is the shoot for pleasure or one that I cannot afford to lose images on? Most of us don't want to lose images even if it is a casual shoot for pleasure. On the other hand, there are times when it is essential that images are not lost, i.e. when shooting for business. Despite the purpose of the shoot, it is still good practice to regard any shoot as important. Get into the habit of regarding all data as sacred and put into practice methods to prevent any digital losses. 2. How to minimize any loss. It is inevitable that there will be an occasion when you will either lose the card, drop it in water or the card will fail. The key to this is minimizing the loss. How is this done? Here is the answer to whether you should use one large card or several smaller cards. It is absolutely essential to use multiple cards when shooting important events or occasions. Why? If you are shooting across several cards or filling up smaller cards, the loss, damage or failure of one card means that you don't lose everything. So by using several smaller cards you are able to salvage any shoot or occasion with the remaining cards. So what strategy should we use when using several cards? Start at the beginning and just keep shooting, filling cards as you go? The method I use is a very simple one. Firstly, decide on the number of cards you will need to complete the shoot. Then as you shoot use this process to safeguard the integrity of the shoot. Block out the event, occasion or holiday into segments. For example, if it's a holiday and you have ten cards to use and the holiday is over ten days, take three of the cards and alternate them each day until full. Then when they are full take the next three and do the same. What you are achieving by doing this is spreading the images of the day, or the block of time you have decided upon, over three cards so that if one is lost you still have a good record of the day or event. It's a

155 little more work but it can save you a lot of trauma if one of the cards goes missing or is damaged. I suppose that you can see my point now if you were to use one large card over the period of time and it went missing. This method is even more vital if you are photographing as an occupation. Always keep in mind the fact that your data is precious and whatever the loss it is gone forever. So think before you go out and shoot. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. Download it here for free: http://www.21steps2perfectphotos.com/ . To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www.21steps2perfectphotos.com/21steps.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. Wayne G Turner

How Camera Lenses Determine Digital Photography Success
Have you ever taken a picture and wondered after you took the shot just what were you thinking? Has it looked as if you were nowhere near the subject of your shot? This is something that happens a whole lot, however, there is hope and you can still take beautiful photographs with some help. It is best for these methods if you have a camera that will allow you to change the lenses; however, there are also some cameras, which will allow for aftermarket lenses to be added which gives the same effect you are looking for. First type of lens to consider is the normal lens. This is something that will generally have a range of 45mm to typically only 60mm. However, while you are trying to figure out exactly what you can see from this range, consider your normal eyesight range. This is the best

156 way to describe a normal camera lens. Many SLR cameras include the normal lens standard, however many people are opting for more advanced lenses lately instead. Next type of lens is wide-angle lenses. These typically range from the 5mm to the 35mm range. Different lenses fluctuate between the various ranges and it is ok if your lens does not cover the full 5mm to 35mm distance. When you are looking for digital photograph success with wide-angle shots, you must have a wide-angle lens or you simply cannot get the great shot you are looking for. One of the biggest problems is wide angle lenses tend to be very expensive depending upon your camera. Moving along we have telephoto lenses. If you are looking for digital photography success with shots from great distances then a good telephoto lens is an absolute necessity that you cannot pass up. Typical telephoto lenses cover distances that range from 85mm to as much as 600mm easily. Consider that you can capture the perfect shot from thousands of feet away with the right telephoto lens and you can see why this is awesome. As you can imagine having the right lens for your needs can make a huge difference in terms of what is effective and what is not for capturing the perfect digital photography shot. If you have any doubts about whether your camera can change lenses, look towards your owners guide to help answer any questions about how to remove the lens and attach a new lens so you too can find digital photography success no matter what the shot you are after. Chris Wight has been dabbling in photography since he was child playing in his dad's darkroom. You can learn more about digital photography at his site: http://www.digitalphotosuccess.com Chris Wight

The Complete Digital Photography Lighting Guide: 100% Improvement On Your Photos

1. The secret to getting that perfect picture is to do it right the first time. Yes it can. With out proper lighting and understand how to get it your digital photos will never be that great. Meaning. Below are some of the natural sources of digital photography lighting that will make your photos look terrific. In addition. By doing it right. photos turn out great when they are shoot after sunrise and before sunset. This is because you have not considered having the proper lighting when the photo was taken. .157 Having the most expensive digital camera with all of the latest bells and whistles is only half the battle. Of those elements lighting is one of the most crucial. That is exactly why digital photography is an art form instead of a science you must learn to manipulate and master a wide variety of elements other then just the camera. Why is this so? This is because the orange color that appears in the sky during these times adds to the colors that your digital camera is capable. Most of the time. So if you subject is heavily backlit and you have not used a flash or you have used strong spot lights that are not diffused then you will end up with a poor quality photo. some photos appear dull and unrealistic when they are printed because of the representation of the colors when it is printed. it will make it easy for you to edit them on your computer once you feel that you want to put in some combination in the natural setting of the picture. You were thinking that the camera and its features will be able to do that for you. Have you ever seen digital photos that seem to blur and indistinguishable? There are a lot of cases like this. it simply means that you need to think about how well or bad the lighting is in the process of taking the photo. Even if you try and edit them using Photoshop or any other software. After sunrise and before sunset. The color of the environment can add a sort of brightness to your photos. Even the best digital cameras can only take as good a picture as the information they are given. But they may not reach your expectations. It is during these times that photography is at its peak. you cannot seem to get the desired lighting you want.

Keep in mind that you are not capable of altering the brightness of the sun or the shadows that it can create on your photos.ichibanda. Sunlight. Just make sure that they will not blur your photo. Try to shoot your photos with the perfect lighting and you will see that you do not need to edit or add some more colors in them. Sunlight is one form of lighting that is very effective once you know how to modify your shots. guides help. Unlike conventional cameras. For more free information. You can also make the most of the drop shadows that is created by the sunlight.html] with a full review and buying guide for Kodak Digital Cameras [http://www. Fro minor adjustments. It is also about looking for strategies and techniques that will benefit your shots. you are able to . Try on different angles and see if they look perfect once frozen. you can just edit the photos straight from your computer.com/kodakdigitalcamera/index. It is up for you to choose the best position wherein you can make the most of the light that is emitted by the sun.html] Chris Ryerson Master the Art of Digital Photography Digital Photography is all the rage when it comes to taking pictures.com/kodakdigitalcamera/index.ichibanda. and articles check out Mastering digital photography [http://www. Work them to your advantage.158 2. Shooting digital photos is not only about having the most advanced digital camera. the 35mm variety.

" by Bryan E. Zoom lenses used in most digital cameras are insufficient for nature photography.. If you are into digital photography. The biggest advantage of digital is its flexibility. and add words." With any type of camera you will need a good lens. decide whether or not you want to keep them and so much more. Without going into specific brands here are a couple of tips. Digital photographs can be easily shared through email. These are just a few of the basic items you get with Photoshop. Additionally. acquaint yourself with a product called Adobe Photoshop. Also unlike 35mm cameras. You may have already heard of it.159 view pictures immediately after you take them. "The Perfect Picture. digital is the only format that allows duplication with no loss of quality. According to Rob Schoeben of Apple Computers Inc. As with all hobbies and other subjects you can find a variety of tutorials and books on digital photography. Some include. With the release of Photoshop Lightroom you now have a professional photo management system for your digital photographs. giving you the potential of taking literally hundreds of photos without running out of film. jump drives and through the internet with online photo galleries where you can send share links to friends that allows them to view the photos or a slide show. I personally use Kodak Gallery. Peterson which offers beginners a strong foundation from exposure to composition on DVD format. but for those who haven`t this is a powerful piece of software that allows you to edit your photos to your wildest imagination. "the Photoshop Lightroom is about pulling the beauty out of image. Prime lenses offer the highest optical quality to digital photographers and Super zoom cameras are perfect to capture a sporting event. Most digital cameras come with a knob or digital menu that allow you to choose how you want the picture to be taken. The new program helps users to browse and manage images. In this article I want to give you digital photography enthusiasts some tips on making your experience as an amateur (who knows maybe some pros also) digital photographer even better. The short course . To give you an example. You will no longer need to carry separate cameras to shoot in black and white or color. you can make pictures more clear. digital cameras give you the ability to store your photos on a memory card. "SureShot System" is another DVD course from Big Picture Enterprises.

Now I have annoyed myself on numerous occasions with dark photographs. He can be reached at his website: AveragePersonGardening.160 "Fundamentals of Digital Photography: Getting the Most Out of Your Digital SLR" includes audio CDs. Since I started using a digital camera. The power of technology has lent itself to make digital photography a wonderful and enjoyable hobby for all. one reoccurring issue that I seemed to constantly have problems with was lighting. . blurry night images and overly bright pictures. Michael C Podlesny 3 Digital Photography Tips You Must Know If You Want to Produce Truly Professional Photographs! It's digital photography tricks and tips like the 3 below that will have you taking pictures like a professional. you can snap (or is it record?) your favorite photo and make it look like a pro took it. With these tips and further educating yourself on the matter. About the Author Mike is the author of the book Vegetable Gardening for the Average Person: A guide to vegetable gardening for the rest of us . in no time. Barnes & Noble and where ever gardening books are sold. Hopefully the 3 digital photography tricks and tips that you read below will help you in some way with lighting issues that you may encounter. available on Amazon.com where you can sign up for his free newsletter and he will send you a pack of vegetable seeds to get your home vegetable garden started.

but if nothing else practice makes perfect. At this point. Controlling light: As you get more comfortable with the concept of light and the use light for your pictures you can start to play with light.161 1.digital-photography-tips-and-tricks. one very important thing to remember is that photography is all about capturing light. By setting up subjects for photo shoots and concentrating light on them from various directions and angles you can change the characteristics and contrast of your subjects.com right now! Darren Flanagan . As with all photography the fun is in the practice and the trying out of new digital photography tricks and tips that you pick up along your way. By setting up lighting sources and directing them to hit your subject in a certain way you can add shadows. The best source of light for any photographer is natural light while outdoors or strong fixed light from indoor lights. unless you are in a well glassed open area. For these reasons professional photographers will most often use stronger external light sources or flashes. For more excellent digital photography tips you need to check out http://www. By knowing and remembering that different light will affect your pictures. Also remember that most ordinary built in flash cameras can only light up areas at close range. 3. If you're trying to take a natural picture then take the shot a few times so that you can avoid the shocked face effect in the final picture. Lighting: Whether its film photography or digital photography. Some flashes can be detachable from the camera others will be built in. No ordinary interior wall light or ceiling light will give as good a light source as natural light. Indoor Lighting: Indoors you are not going to have the same amount of natural light than you get outdoors. darken one side of the subject or make the subject appear completely different. 2. Having these proper sources of light will cut down on all the problems associated with using a flash. You might surprise yourself with some of your results. you can change the way in which photographs turn out. but all will add more light to the picture being taken. most photographers will use a flash of some sort or another. All I will say on the flash is that some times it can be very distracting for the subjects in the shot.

to capture those important memories. Be sure you have several spare memory cards to hand. The last thing you want is to run out of space to store your snaps. be sure that the background is suitable and the environment is not over crowded. As a guide. 4. Photographs preserve memories forever and it is the best way of preserving memories of your wedding day. Remember to include some candid photos. use a 256 MB memory card and for a 6 mega pixel camera use a 1Gb memory card. 3. So what is the best way to take pictures at a wedding? 1. The photographs are not just pieces of colored paper but are real memories from the past. Many professionals do this in order to portray the intimate and memorable moments of the day. But you can get a friend or family to take digital pictures that are nearly as good. . 5. for a 3 mega pixel camera. They just need to follow a few simple tips. many people decide to hire a professional photographer. Similarly.162 Digital Photography at Your Wedding . 2.10 Killer Tips to Take Great Pictures People often get sentimental when they are going through their old pictures as it reminds them of what has happened in their lives. Usually. When taking a picture of the happy newly weds. If you are finding it hard to focus on the couple but you have a great background then photograph them from the shoulder up. Try not to shoot guests against the light in such a way that dark images will not be present. have spare batteries for your camera to hand.

Digital photography can be very exciting and enjoyable as well as rewarding and will give you a large sense of satisfaction. 9. For those guests that are wearing spectacles. 10. Why? Because it can become an addiction and lead to more expensive equipment. Photographing an event such a wedding is such a rewarding experience as you are capturing the happy couple's memories forever. Use it wisely so be alert at all times to capture those special moments.163 6. ask them to tilt their heads slightly downward. Always use the highest resolution setting on your camera. 8. Above all it is fun and easy to do. Always keep copies of your best photos and learn from them. You can learn from them to improve your technique. You only have a short time window to take the photos.7 Steps to Macro Photography For Beginners Learning to use your camera's macro feature. This will then avoid any glaring that can be present if a flash is used. will open up a whole new world in your photography and may just get you into trouble. Andy J Jones Learn Digital Photography . on camera or lens. 7. Check out the author's latest website which provides great help and advice on Sony digital photo frames for helping you find some great deals on digital photo products. A fantastic way of viewing your treasured photos is with an electronic picture frame . . The photos may be required to be blown up so they can be hung on a wall. Zoom in or out of the picture for the group or a couple that you would like to include in the picture.

I think that it is essential for any form of close-up or macro photography. Switch on macro mode This may seem a no-brainer but many a beginner has been frustrated by the salesman's claims about macro just because they don't read the manual. Allowing the camera to choose by auto focusing will interfere with where you want to focus. This is usually represented by a small flower on the settings dial. This setting allows you to bring the camera lens closer to the subject. It would be ideal if your camera gave you control of the flash but if it doesn't use a piece of tracing paper and tape it over the flash to diffuse the harsh strobe light. So . But. This can be the white back cover of your camera manual or a proper reflector from a photo shop. 4. Focusing The ability to focus manually is a big bonus when shooting macro. there are several factors you need to be aware in order to do this. but make sure you know where it is on your individual camera. many years ago while still shooting film. 3. It will help limit any form of user induced vibration which will give a sharper image. Try shooting where possible in bright available light and if necessary use some form of reflector. It was simple screw on close-up filters and not a macro lens but still great fun. Getting the best should be your priority so a good tripod is key. Compact cameras can shoot remarkably good close-up photos depending on the quality of the camera. to fill the shadow. Macro photography is really the use of a dedicated macro lens giving a 1:1 view but we use it to generically describe all forms of close-up photography. Use flash It's not always necessary to use flash but often it is essential as shadows are a macro photographers enemy. Camera shake is more noticeable the closer you get to the subject. Because you are working with such limited depth of focus you need to be able to determine what you want in focus. 2. 1. Use a tripod Although some say a tripod can useful.164 I entered the world of macro many.

It's always a good idea to try it out with your compact before spending money on more expensive digital SLR camera systems. Aperture The ability to set your aperture manually is a big advantage as this allows you to control the depth of focus mentioned in point four. This is basically a delayed shutter release allowing vibrations to subside before the photo is taken. Some cameras won't allow changing the aperture once the setting has been changed to macro mode. Wayne G Turner .21steps2perfectphotos.165 set it manual focus and focus on the part of the subject you want in sharp focus. If you can change the aperture you'll probably use a large aperture in order to blur out the background which is very effective for close-ups.com/21steps.21steps2perfectphotos. Composition Don't forget the rules of good composition like the rule of thirds.htm Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. Placing your subject and making it the focal point are essential to good macro photos. Download it here for free: http://www. 5. Macro photography is fun and it opens up worlds within worlds.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Self-timer The use of your camera's self-timer is essential in limiting camera shake and vibration when pressing the shutter button. Check out your manual to see how it works on your particular brand of camera. 7. Often when people shoot close-up composition goes out the window because they are so focused on the detail. Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. 6. The technical term for this is depth of field and it determines how much of your image is in focus in front of the subject. But as I said in the introduction it can become addictive and expensive.

You have to know your focal point. By getting in closer you focus more attention on your focal point or main subject. 1. In twenty years time you will regret not having more of the person in the frame or seeing more of their face.166 Learn Digital Photography . This is just one of five simple things to dramatically improve your photos. I always approach it from this angle when teaching my students. If you can remember five little techniques and think before your shoot you will improve immediately and start taking great photos. 2. "I am the subject" ? I may be oversimplifying this point but you need to understand the importance of a subject in a photo. It should be easily identifiable and unmistakable when someone looks at the photo.Improve Your Photography in Five Steps Now The other day I was being interviewed about digital photography on radio and the presenter asked what single thing could I do to improve my photography. person or event. Identify you subject When looking at the photo does it clearly stand apart from the rest of the content. When you look at the image can you immediately see the subject? Does it say to you. 3. By taking photos you are creating memories. Get in closer All of us need to practise this technique more often. Exclude clutter . Photography should be simple and natural without too many rules. Memories that will bring back the feeling of the scene. "get in closer". I hardly gave it a thought before answering.

Look for new and different angles. Use your feet and move around looking for a better viewpoint. press the shutter.21steps2perfectphotos. When viewing the LCD screen or looking through the viewfinder of your camera pay attention to the edges of the frame. Before you press the shutter. Download it here for free: http://www.21steps2perfectphotos. Think before you shoot. 5. Consider your background A subject is always related to its background. This is coupled with point number two. Change your angle I can guarantee you that when you want to shoot an image you stand right in front of the scene or person and fire away. It allows you to bring out the best in the subject. By considering these five easy steps you will dramatically improve your images. By moving a few steps to your left or right you will remove or include different elements in your background. Hold it above your head like the press photographers do in a crown. Here is where you will find clutter that will distract your viewer. Always be aware of what is in your background.167 I do not know why so many photographers have so much clutter and non-related elements in their photos. Turn your camera from landscape to portrait format. A good background is simple and lifts the subject. There will always be something behind a subject even if it's only a white wall.com/ To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. Often there are things lurking there that you don't want to include in your final image. Then when you are satisfied. By getting in closer you exclude the unnecessary bits and pieces that distract from the subject.com/21steps. think! Is this the image I want? Can I in any way improve it? Are all the elements I want present or have unwanted elements crept in. 4. Am I correct? If I'm not then I commend you as you're on your way to becoming a great photographer.htm . The disease of digital photography is lack of thought. Get up higher or lower but get a different more interesting shot. Happy Shooting! Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail.

. while the background will be nearly pitch black.168 Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. The reason for this is that some picture formats (such as JPEG) can't capture the full range of light that our eyes can. the lens would stay open until enough ambient light was collected to take a quality picture. and there are both sunlit and shaded objects in the same area. How I Became a Skilled Photographer Some time ago I was given an expensive digital camera as a gift. I would take pictures without any real thought put into what I was doing. If the flash was not used. For example. What it actually does is cause objects near to the camera to be washed out. Some features of a camera defy common knowledge and relying on what is intuitive will sometimes stand in your way of taking a good picture. If shaded and sunlit subjects are in the same frame. the flash should be used outdoors when it is bright out. the shaded objects will appear too dark and the lit subjects will appear too bright when seen together. even the simplest digital camera is capable of far more than most people use it for. Wayne G Turner How to Start Learning Digital Photography How Hard is it to Take Good Pictures? While very easy to operate. but I never really got too much use out of it. So when is using the flash appropriate? Instead of using it to light up a dark room. simply pointing the camera at what I wanted to take a picture of and pressing the button. unskilled photographers often use the on-camera flash indoors or where there is not much light in the belief that it will create the light necessary for a good picture. Using the flash gets rid of the shaded areas and gives the picture consistency.

Recently I have even begun making money by submitting some of my pictures to various website as stock photos. and after following their guide I was able to take much better pictures in only a few weeks. There is a link in my signature that you can take if you want to learn more. Classes at the nearby community college cost almost $500 and the online courses I came across online weren't much cheaper.com. but they weren't very high quality. They offered a cheap ebook with a bunch of extras. While I was a bit skeptical at first. Learn how to master digital photography ! Vladimir Duran How Many Megapixels Equal Digital Photography Success? . It was then that a friend recommended LearnDigitalPhotographyNow. they provided a money-back guarantee so I gave it a try. If you are looking to improve your photography skills and don't want to spend a fortune to do so. I am very glad I decided to try LearnDigitalPhotographyNow's ebook. as it has not only given me a rewarding hobby. I decided that I wanted to take a digital photography class and learn how to use it better. Their ebook laid out step by step what I needed to do to become a good photographer. but all the classes I saw available were prohibitively expensive. but some extra spending money as well. I highly recommend checking them out. I never felt like I was really making the most out of the expensive camera I was given. Needless to say I was very impressed.169 While this worked alright for taking pictures of a night out or family event. I found some free tutorials online.

you are going to be lucky to make that picture the size of a stamp.170 If you are looking for a digital camera. In digital photography megapixel tell you how many pixels your picture has. If you do not have very many needs for an advanced digital camera then you can save the money and just purchase a cheaper digital camera with a smaller megapixel size. the megapixel size you select has a huge impact on how much digital photography success you will really have. and what it means for your pictures.digitalphotosuccess.com Chris Wight . which directly relates to how large you can make your picture. This probably sounds like a foreign language. If you are looking for digital photography success with making large poster sized portraits then you really need to splurge the money on a camera with a high megapixel rating. For example. As you can see. However. if you are only planning on doing pictures to a maximum size of 8x10 then you can stay to a camera in the 6MP and smaller range. The 6MP camera will have much less blur and will be a crisp and sharp picture. However. or MP. and grow with all of your potential needs then splurging for the advanced camera can be a very good long term investment. However. with some patience and careful research it is possible to really understand what a megapixel is. Chris Wight has been dabbling in photography since he was child playing in his dad's darkroom. a picture taken from the exact same distance with a 4MP and a 6MP camera are going to look very different. Many digital cameras now come with sizes as large as 10MP without breaking the bank. You should never select a camera smaller than 7MP if you are planning on poster-sized prints. If you have a camera that only has a 2MP size. However. You can learn more about digital photography at his site: http://www. a camera that has a 6MP rating will be able to give you a gigantic poster sized picture that you can treasure forever. Instead. if you want your camera to last as long as possible. The first thing you should understand is all digital cameras have a MP or megapixel rating. You can purchase cameras with 10MP for as little as a few hundred dollars. you should also realize that megapixel size will also affect your picture quality. you no doubt have been met with the term megapixel. and see from more than 2 inches away. but there is no reason to fear the terms.

This eliminates wastage of expensive film which obviously does not offer an option to delete past mistakes. get rid of annoying red eyes. you can upload your photos to your membership page and instantly make them available for your friends to see. Digital cameras are no different to other fast moving technologies inasmuch as their prices go down as the technology improves. Digital photography makes sharing your photos so much easier. alter the contrast and brightness. the amateur photographer has access to editing options that they could scarcely have dreamed about not so long ago. A Powerpoint presentation can be an effective way to present new ideas in an educational or business context. and to be able to instantly upload digital photographs into the presentation is convenient and easy. You . The same process applies to videos. then another attempt can be made on the spot. adjust colour settings and much more. You are able to crop the photo. If the result is not quite what was required. If you are holidaying on the other side of the world and want to send some photos home to loved ones. or if you are a member of a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace. You can simply upload your chosen snaps and attach them to an email and send them that way. With photo-editing software being widely available these days.171 Advantages of Digital Photography The advent of digital photography has. you have a number of options. The first obvious advantage is that the photographer is instantly able to review their photo in the viewer of the camera. to a certain extent democratized the art of photography. It has never been so easy for the ordinary person to take and edit photographs. Digital photography makes the process of creating a presentation so much easier.

which is a good way to store them when on holiday. you can use your social networking site of choice as a place of storage and retrieval as well. it is cheap and easy to take them to a commercial outlet to get the job done. Of course it is simply a matter of being prepared and having more batteries immediately available. Adrian Broadby . it is a simple matter of printing them out on quality photographic paper. or you can burn them onto a CD or DVD.172 should have no trouble purchasing a 10 MP digital camera for under $200. and probably significantly less in some cases. It is all so much more flexible than the photo album on the bookshelf. but if you are not that organized on the day. Your storage options for your digital photos are many and varied. If you wish. and I for one thoroughly embrace the advent of digital photography. which was the storage method of necessity in the past. you can store them on an external hard drive. If you wish to have hard copies of any of your digital photos. Apart from simply keeping them on your computer's hard drive or printing hard copies. a portable flash drive. If you do not have the required equipment. It is very frustrating to be in the middle of a day out and to be enjoying taking photos of the occasion when suddenly you see the dreaded red light telling you the battery is out of charge. The only real disadvantage that I find with digital cameras is their reliance on batteries. Adrian is an online writer and researcher and he invites you to visit his Wireless Computer Mouse website and to read about the latest in computer mouse pads . This is but a minor complaint though. Excellent quality photographs will be yours to hold and keep just as was the case with traditional photographic techniques. too bad.

because it will! . Partner with other photographers that are at a similar level as you. Only then would you see what creativity we're capable of! But right now. but some will. we just want to have the time and income to freely trounce around the world taking amazing photos when and where we please and on any subject we like. There's always something you can do well that can help other people out! In my case I can talk about marketing photography and promoting your photos ALL day long.just ask yourself if someone learned about what you know today. But to get the cash flow. And when you find someone who resonates with you. sit down with them and think through ways you can both add VALUE to other people. we're tied to our income. Forget about how great or amazing your own photography is .173 Digital Photography .Little Marketing Steps That Will Boost Your Photography Sales Part 5 You know what really pushes my hot buttons when it comes to digital photography and that whole niche? You need cash flow to take the photos that you want to take (because that stuff takes time). Here's one way to get that happening without it costing the earth. unlimited income and free air travel tickets. So we have to market and promote our goods. and thinks in a similar fashion to you. isn't it? After all.. expect something magical to happen. I don't mean do a photography exhibition with them. all the photographers would be handed the best digital cameras.. you have to market the heck out of your photography! It's frustrating. would they be better off than before? The advantages of this is that you have two minds working together. so it's likely something good will evolve. No. I mean. In a perfect world. What are you good at? Can you teach others how to take photos? Do you know Photoshop inside out? What are you an expert at? Not all digital photographers will immediately jump at this slightly off the wall marketing idea.

it is imperative for hobbyists and professionals to understand their meaning. • Pixel . Martin Hurley Do You Know The Meanings Of The Most Common Digital Photography Terms? As with any subject of interest.photohostingsecrets. When photographers use the term or word megapixel. In other words. • Megapixel . People that understand the meaning of common digital photography terms and abbreviations have the knowledge necessary to purchase digital cameras and understand the features they offer. it is important to be familiar with and understand the terminology . Here are some of the most common and important terms and abbreviations. Buy a digital camera with the highest megapixel range you can afford. Digital photographs are comprised of thousands or even millions of pixels.174 Martin has been writing articles for nearly 3 years. Because many of the abbreviations and terms are unique to digital photography and digital cameras. which are the photo's building blocks.A pixel is the tiniest part or smallest discrete component of any digitized picture or image and all photos actually start with a pixel. His latest website over at http://www. This means quality to the consumer because better quality photos have higher megapixel counts.com helps people find the right photo host for hosting and sharing digital images and creating cool online photo galleries. especially for people wanting to make photo prints. trying to keep it in the three or above megapixel range.and digital photography is certainly no exception.One million pixels make up one megapixel. cameras with a four-megapixel range take photographs that have a four million pixel maximum. . they are referring to a digital camera photo's maximum resolution in millions of pixels.

small opening that alters the diameter.before you purchase. His website.Often overlooked in amateur photography. which is a lossy file format.175 • Resolution . a JPEG is a compressing image standard or compression method. When you take a picture.don't miss his 7 Tips for Digital Photography Beginners . with the better quality. gives great advice for beginners . And.In the digital camera. which lets you save innumerable colors. of course . found on some digital cameras. inside the lens is a round. The lossy compression method used by JPEGs. • Memory .Formulated by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Photography for Novices . storage space capability that stores the pictures is the memory. sacrifices a little of the original image data each time you save an image. the term focal length refers to how much the camera lens is able to magnify a shot.The opening that lets the light travel to the sensor inside the interior of the digital cam is the aperture. The 24-bit color image stored by JPEGs. sharper pictures having a higher resolution. the focal lengths are telephoto and wide-angle for narrow fields and spacious fields of view respectively. is well suited for images and photos with fine grades of color and tone. Terence Roberts . Normally divided into two categories. JPEGs along with GIFs are two of the principal graphic formats found on the web. • Aperture .This refers to the total amount of pixels in a digital photo. which controls and measures the total light hitting the sensor in the digital camera. • JPEG . • Focal Length . It is the shutter speed and aperture combined that control how much light reaches the camera's sensor. test the digital camera out first! Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist with a wide range of hobbies. allows the photographer to adjust the aperture to suit their requirements. Knowing the common digital photography terms can help people understand cameras better so they can purchase one that meet their requirements. An aperture priority mode.

For any scenic photo's you might consider using the long natural shadows and colour of the early and late daylight. For instance if you were looking to take a nice photo of your son or daughter to place in a frame above your fireplace and ended up with a picture that's too dark to notice. Lighting is very important when it comes to taking photos and could be the one thing that determines the quality of the shot. This is a great way to learn and is also very simple to understand how important the correct lighting is in your shots. check out http://www. you would end up with a picture that has a wonderful complexion that stands out. I recommend that if you are taking people pictures the best lighting is the soft light of a cloudy day and to avoid over head sun light that may cast dark shadows across faces.olympusdigitalcamera-accessories. However if you were to take a digital photo in good light without any casting shadows.com . Wayne PM . you need to remember that Great Light Makes Great Pictures! A good way to learn this is to take loads of different types of photo's in all different types of lighting indoors and outdoors and then study the effects the light has in your photography. you wouldn't be happy with your picture. If you would like some information and some great internet deals I have found for the Olympus Stylus Camera that I use. To get this kind of digital shot.176 Digital Photography Class 9 Watch The Light! Welcome to another mini photography class to help you to get the most out of your photography no matter how experienced you are.

Mood Your subject will definitely look more imposing and give a dramatic effect that you would never have got if it was further away. It becomes a journey of discovery as you find out more about the object or subject. Get rid of the clutter and messy edges of the image. Simple isn't it? Yeah right! It does take practise and you need to remember to do it. 3. I too suffered from the microscopic malady in my photography. But then I started filling the frame with the subject and they immediately had more impact.Fill the Frame For More Dramatic Photos in 6 Steps It is all too often that when viewing our photos the subject appears to be too small and out come the spectacles and magnifying glasses. You will start to find that you have recorded elements or objects that you hadn't seen when taking the image. But once you do you'll find your photos improving by leaps and bounds. Here's how I did it. 1. By simply filling the frame your photos will have instant impact. 2. Background If the surroundings or situation of the subject are irrelevant to the image why include them? If the background cannot be changed to . Filling the frame with his head gives a powerful effect by showing the detail of the paint on his face.177 Learn Digital Photography . Rather an intimidating effect. 4. protrusions and backgrounds. Get in closer By getting in closer or zooming in tighter you will remove unwanted subjects. Take the example of a tribal chief in Papua New Guinea. the bones through his nose and texture of the feathers in his hair. The subjects were always too small and there was too much unwanted clutter in the image. Detail The larger the subject the more detail is recorded and it's this detail that adds to the quality of your images.

Scale How big is your final image going to be? The smaller the print then the larger the subjects needs to be and occupy more of the scene. To learn how you can take your photography from ordinary to outstanding visit http://www. clear and full of detail. Not much technique needed and simple to shoot. 5.com/ .com/21steps.21steps2perfectphotos. 6. Wayne G Turner . I am sure you will. just do it! Happy shooting! Do you want to learn more about photography in a digital world? I've just completed a brand new e-course delivered by e-mail. Think about this. Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.178 enhance the image then exclude it. examine them carefully and see if you can pick up things in the detail. So.21steps2perfectphotos. how does it affect the size of your images? Do you want to see more of their faces or as tiny subjects on a large background? People like memories to be large. Rather have no background and less of the subject but in a much larger proportion. pick up your camera and go shoot three images and this time fill the frame with your subject. So. otherwise zoom in close. Filling the frame is a very easy way of improving your images dramatically. Memories I thought that I would include this here to emphasize the fact that many of us create images of friends and family as memories. Once you've shot them. It doesn't cost you anything. If the print is going to be large then you can include more of the surroundings IF they are relevant to the image. By implementing this single step the quality of your images will be transformed significantly.htm . When a dear friend or family member has passed away. Download it here for free: http://www. Don't ever be afraid to experiment. stop what you're doing right now.

not the entire photograph. You might want to do the radius and threshold adjustment process again to get the correct texture and make sure all the scratches and marks are removed. You may also have another window open if the preview box is checked. scratches and blots on your old photos. To select these areas you can use the Lasso tool. The first slider option is called the Radius and the other one is called the Threshold. One of these elements is the Dust and Scratch Filter which can be used to remove the marks. You should be careful not to set the sliders too far or you will only create blotches on the picture. This should allow the details to return and make the picture clearer with the scratches disappearing. . To remove any marks on the photograph you will want to select only the part where the scratches are located. The Dust and Scratch Filter can be found on the Menu Bar and then clicking on the Filter Tab. An easy to learn program is Photoshop Elements. A drop down menu will list your choices at which point you can choose the Noise tab and click on the Dust and Scratches. You can try to adjust the Radius slider which may remove the scratches. a pop up window will open with two control sliders. After selecting the Dust and Scratches menu. Once you have fixed the areas you may want to use the feather tool to feather the edges of the selected area so that the fixed selection will not be obvious on the picture.Using Photoshop to Restore Old Photos Often times people have older photographs in albums or frames that become damaged by the sun or wear and tear. Radius and threshold are the main options that are used in restoring the picture. To use the feather tool you click the Feather option and choose the Scratch and Dust Filter again. Please be aware that overdoing it may make the edges blurred as well.179 Edit Digital Photography . This program contains options that can help restore your old photographs. It is easy to restore these cherished photographs thanks to the technology available through the computer and photo editing software. including Adobe Photoshop. If blurring happens you can adjust the Threshold slider.

and divide it up into three sections vertically and three sections horizontally. The canvas may be use to equally crop the image. it has been used "intuitively" by many artists and such long before this. The color may also be removed using the controls Shift+Ctrl+U. . This is one easy way on how to remove the blotches and marks on an old picture. He can do this with the Hue or Saturation tab. It will be a pleasant and easy way to display pictures kept on old albums and cabinets for a long time. The basic idea of the rule of thirds is to take a photograph or frame where you're going to compose a shot. The contrast may be adjusted using the Levels option.Digital Photography Tips One very useful and important rule in photography is the rule of thirds.180 To finish the process and make the photograph appear professional I recommend you crop the image enough to remove any cracks or torn edges of the photograph. This can greatly enhance the way your shots look. Would like to find out more about editing digital photography Don't trust anybody's advice until you read this free report David M Peters The Rule of Thirds . He can then add color by putting a little amount of Sepia. This is also a good way to make the picture look new but still appear classical. A person may add drama on the picture by adding a drop shadow on it. This article will show you how to use it in the quickest and easiest way possible. This will make the picture appear as if it has been lifted off the page. Despite this. The rule of thirds is a term and concept that was coined a few hundreds of years ago.

left. Also the top should be balanced with the bottom. if there is a very bright area on the top. The rule of thirds also is very much about balance. you don't always have to follow this. Ask yourself if your photo is balanced or what could be changed to make it follow the rule better. These images look sharper when printed. it could be balanced with a dog toy in the right close foreground. Now. Megapixel grading measures the image quality. images produced by digital cameras can be viewed right away and can be uploaded. Digital cameras that have high megapixels can capture bigger images with greater details. Nick Estrada recommends a Free Photo course that teaches beginners digital photography He also recommends a free five day video ecourse on how to Sell Your Pictures Online Nick Estrada Basics on Digital Photography and Photo Editing Digital photography has a number of benefits over film photography.181 When you are done you should see nine equally sized boxes in the frame. top. Digital photography encourages trial-and-error because there is no need for a film. The left side should be balanced with the right side. emailed. But it's good to learn and master this before breaking it. or bottom instead. there is much more to this. edited. However. They key to using this is to start taking photos with the rule of thirds in mind. For one. a dark bottom area will balance the two out. The very basic point of this is to avoid the center and place your subject of interest on the right. Or if there is a dog in the far background on the left. and reproduced immediately. This will force you to avoid just placing your subjects dead center and thus create a more appealing shot. For example. .

intensifying the saturation grades and modifying color levels. Simply press the shutter button at once. Cropping centers an image.182 How to Shoot Quality Pictures Shooting with a digital camera is just like using a film camera. Natural light is best. a crumpled look or wet look. merge. Buying high-end digital cameras usually come with these packages. Here are some tips in editing digital images: A. • Flash should only be applied when extremely needed. Using the viewfinder in place of the LCD monitor helps conserve batteries. unedited digital photograph as a separate file prior to editing. Modify color contrast and color concentration. Large uncondensed images appear impressive but cause system lag. Manual focus is for more advanced users. C. A digital camera only differs by producing digital photos instead of retrieving them from films. then full press to shoot. give it a sepia look. . Crop and rotate images. Simple approaches for beginners: • Start with auto focus. Digital photography and photo editing go hand in hand. There is seemingly unlimited possibilities you can do with your image if you study the editing software extensively. Use external flash if really necessary. B. This produces a sharper image. • Lower the quality settings if taking action shots. Experiment on the many tools of the editing software. Pushing the shutter halfway first to focus on the image. Large images are unnecessary when not to be printed large-scale. You can rotate images at an angle. Always save the original. If your unedited image appears pale. edit. The photo editing software can crop. • Maximize the viewfinder. and alter the color balance of digital images. • Moderate image quality. or deletes undesirable objects. This will permit you to experiment with various textures and treatments on the image as much as you can without the risk of deleting the unedited one. How to Use Photo Editing Software A number of editing software packages is available in the market.

however. There many things to learn in digital photography even with a point and shoot or digicam. lighting is the essential ingredient on any photography. 1. The secret is having adequate lighting.Tips on Lighting Due to rapid advances in photographic technology in the recent years it has become more and more exciting to many.Time of the Day for Photography The deciding the right time of the day for photography has a major influence on your final photos you take. There is no restriction in taking photos indoors without light. if you do not use appropriate lighting conditions suit your photo occasion. if the lighting is used prudently. 2. David Urmann Digital Photography . capturing great images require something extra. taking pictures during the in the night . you are sure to achieve dramatic results. However.Use of Flash The natural lighting will be the ideal when you need to take excellent pictures. We may agree that whether use a point and shoot camera worth few dollars or a very expensive Digital SLR. Irrespective of what camera you use. but in real life. we face the situation where natural light is not available. if natural sunlight streaming in will certainly help you to get very clear pictures. Any photographer should realize. getting the best out of your pictures. you are certain to get disappointed owing to poor quality images.183 For more information on Teach Yourself Visually and Teach Yourself Tips please visit our website. Having natural lighting or sunlight or halogen ligting will have a huge impact on your final outcome. For example. Irrespective of your type of camera used. one should not get misled to think that point and shoot will give you the ultimate in photography due to its ease of use.

184 when natural light is missing.Insurance Photographer . Give it a try ! Alex Don 7 Ways to Make Money With Digital Photography There are a lot ways that you can find to make money as a digital photographer. . You will want to ensure that your light is focused on your subject from the side. If you need softer photos.Real Estate Agents These guys need listing photos for advertisements and their websites on a regular basis. If you want bright and clear photos. Always try to ensure that your light is directed to your subject sideways not directing from behind which will obscure your line of site. Many times. Listing look the best when they have a few great photos of the property. Alex is an expert photographer for http://reshade. Here are seven ideas that I would like to share with you: 1. which will help you to overcome low light situation.com . It's also possible to order an image resizing software application. . 2. You may have experienced in ending up with too dark and grainy pictures. All digital cameras come with a built in flash. in low lighting situations. you have to have different color lighting. you'll end up with poor pictures. Under these circumstances we have to depend good artificial lights. Halogen lights may be a good option but be-careful it often result in less colorful and uninteresting pictures. Look at getting a few real estate agents on the area to regularly work with and you could soon find yourself swamped with work. Reshade works in the domain of online picture enlargement applications and makes available a free to use online picture resizer web-tool.

You could even sell the designs to other T Shirt websites. 4. By marketing yourself as a insurance photographer. Need to improve your digital photography techniques? Pick up your free digital photography guide for better photos instantly and learn more about making money with digital photography at: => http://www. Everyone wants a great picture of themselves for their online dating profiles. . but haven't the time to work out how. Also look at having a good online presence to promote yourself.185 People often want to take photos of items they are insuring. Sell them on eBay or your own website. . 3.Make T Shirts Taking photos and putting them on T Shirts is a great way to make money doing photography.Online Dating Photographer A great way to make some quick cash. 5.Sporting Events Local sporting events would love to have photographers take pictures of their games. This could lead to national events and is a simple way in making money as a digital photographer . Whether you want to do this part-time. Churches often produce this type of document of their members. . 6.Wedding Photographer This is the more common ways to start as a photographer. . or full-time.Church Directories Approach your local churches about taking photos of members for their church directory.learndigitalphotographynow. you can sort this out for them. 7. These a just a few of the many ideas that you can use to making money as a photographer.info . The resources available to you are endless. Getting good photos of this important event goes a long way towards creating credibility. .

Mastering digital photography is probably more about mastering your camera.186 David Crocombe The Secret to Mastering Digital Photography Want to know the secret to mastering digital SLR photography ? Get to know what your camera is capable of. change the settings. You need to take lots of pictures and determine what is right for you. The lighting may look better or your subject may look more dramatic. If you have aperture-priority and shutter-priority . decide what you want to 'bracket' . and it is true with developing your photographic style as well. Bracketing means taking a shot. Learn what your different pre-set modes are (portrait. Is it underexposed. practice.and take a picture at the correct exposure. and try again. over-exposed. change your settings to underexpose by one 'bracket'. Practice makes perfect. and another picture stepping up. out of focus? If so. Some digital SLR cameras have a built-in setting for automatic bracketing. and practice. What you'll find out is that you may prefer one of the over or under exposed shot more. And again. and then adjusting your settings to over-expose by one 'bracket' and again. but it is something easily done manually as well. You can see right away what your shot looks like. And again. night. etc). The beautiful thing about digital photography is there is no time or expense involved (like developing film and prints) to see your results. To manually bracket. it will automatically take the three shots at once without you having to manually change any settings. If your camera has auto-bracketing.aperture or shutter speed . practice. and another picture stepping down on your aperture or shutter speed. sports. One great way to experiment with different settings is to try bracketing.

5. Here I have collected a few basic digital SLR photography tips to get you started: 1.mainly because you get to see immediately what you are taking and can then adjust accordingly. Whatever DSLR you choose to purchase get to know the basic unctions. The quality of even the entry level Digital SLR cameras enables anyone to achieve this with just a little homework and practice. And bracketing is just one secret to getting that perfect shot. try them. See what happens to your shot when you have your aperture set at f/16 and then try taking the same shot at f/4. Try taking a shot of a fast running stream at a shutter speed of 1/1000 and again at 1/60. The technology can appear daunting at first but once you have the basics covered you can pretty much learn as you go along but still produce really effective and stunning shots. Learn how easy mastering digital SLR photography is and start taking amazing photographs . The flow of the water takes on two completely different feelings with these speeds. Learning digital photography takes much less time than learning with the traditional film camera . It is always advisable to at least try to learn some basic techniques that even professional photographers will employ in order to get the most out of your camera. You may like the depth of field better in one than the other.in just a few days. If you are continuously having to look at the instruction book . Carter Lee Top 5 Digital Photography SLR Tips Digital photography SLR technology has provided even those new to photography with the means to produce top class professional pictures.187 modes.

4. If you leave it on the auto it will make the shots look too cold but if you change it to cloudy it will increase the warmth of your shot. if you plan to go and photograph a sporting event remember to pack the telephoto not just the wide angle or the standard lens. this is especially useful if you are taking portraits outside. Match the lens to the subject matter. Get up high or lay down low. it will save you a lot of time and frustration. tips and techniques for improving your digital photography go to http://www. Don't be afraid to change your perspective. This will also provide you with a more interesting picture. Move your camera around. Whereas if you are familiar with your particular camera it will leave you free to concentrate on the subject rather than the technology. If you are taking photographs outside on a sunny day adjust the white balance on your camera from auto to cloudy setting. Also get in close. You have to get in close to the action and obviously if you are at an event you cannot get in the action too closely! More over. the subject of your shot should be obvious not just blend into a messy background. For more information. Sometimes if you are taking photographs of landscapes and you choose a portrait angle it can be much more dramatic. Joseph Woods is a digital photography enthusiast and has been involved in the photographic industry for over 35 years. 5. rotate it so you take portrait as well as landscape shots. 3. 2. You may feel a little self conscious at first but if you watch any professional photographer they are always looking for the different shot.188 when you are out taking photographs it can be self defeating. change your perspective and don't be afraid to take a chance and change your viewpoint you will have some stunning shots that will stand out from those you have taken previously.com . if you are planning a portrait session ensure you have a lens suitable. either a standard or short telephoto. You can change the depth of field for your shot so that the background is thrown out of focus. So try to think around your subject. You could also experiment with fill in flash on sunny days to avoid too much contrast. Joseph Woods . These five digital photography SLRtips only scratch the surface but if you get to know your camera inside out.digitalphotography-info.

Of course. Rule #1: Read the Manual! Rule number one for anyone wanting to learn and understand digital photography a bit better is to read the manual that came with your camera. you have made a wise investment. Using a video camera feature. but you will only reap the benefits of owning one of these technological wonders if you learn how to use it correctly. and it may have a video camera feature as well as pre-installed settings for landscape. may also drain the battery on a digital camera. Rule #2: Always Keep Your Battery Charged! Another critical pointer to a new digital photographer has to do with the camera equipment . and also read the manual for energy saving tips such as shutting off the LCD display. Be sure to charge batteries prior to setting out on a photo experiment. portrait. Take the time to explore and experiment with these features as they will allow a photographer great flexibility. do so! There is nothing more frustrating to creativity and exploration than equipment failure due to a dead battery. those are only useful to you if you know how to use them! Your camera probably has various timers. active or long distance imagery. macro settings. and video play back.if you can invest in a spare battery. If you all ready have a good understanding of photography basics such as composition .189 The Fastest Way to Learn Digital Photography . efficiency and creativity. Yes. Rule #3: Get Out and Play! The next step to learning digital photography is to get out and experiment with your camera. there really is something worth reading in that thick book! Digital cameras come with a staggering variety of tools and settings to help amateur and professional photographers alike take amazing photographs.If You're a Beginner While that new digital camera may seem a bit confusing and complicated. lighting and flash adjustments.

so be sure to pick one up when you purchase the camera! Experimentation is much easier with digital photography.190 and lighting. But if you are not an experienced photographer a digital camera is a great tool to learn the process. Amy also teaches photography online to her students which can be found at http://www. and the amount of light on any given subject will make a dramatic difference. macro photography settings and all of these will change the way an image appears. can easily move to a semi-professional level of skill in just a very short time. All digital cameras allow their settings to be adjusted. Memory cards allow endless experimentation.DigitalPhotographySuccess. Her educational ebooks takes the most complex photography terms and turns them into easy to understand language so that anyone. red eye flash settings. the owner simply deletes the "duds" from the memory without spending a dime on film processing and prints. then they should take the time to examine their photographic results immediately on the LCD screen. but a new user should disable these features to see what the results are without the automatic settings. You also want to be certain you have plenty of space on your memory card. Many DSLR digital cameras do not come with a memory card. Rule #4: Learn a Little Bit about Lighting New digital photographers should begin their digital camera education with an examination of lighting.com Amy Renfrey is the author of two major successful ebooks "Digital Photography Success" and "Advanced Digital Photography". Digital cameras offer many settings. There are cloudy day settings. She is a photographer and also teaches digital photography. you may already have some subjects in mind. If a digital photographer is prepared with an amply charged battery and a spare if possible. She's photographed many things from famous musicians (Drummers for Prince and Anastasia) to weddings and portraits of babies. including auto focus and auto flash. By Amy Renfrey www. at any level of photography. and the instant view of the resultant photographs makes the learning process much faster.com Amy Renfrey .DigitalPhotographySuccess.

191 5 Simple Digital Photography Tips That Makes the Best Out of Your Photos If you enjoy photography but are new at it then the best way to become good at it is by gathering as much information and tips as you can. Do not be afraid to experiment especially with the white balance setting on your digital as these effects the various tones of your images. almost everyone knows that you have to have a steady hand to get that great shot. To begin with. Meaning that we may not put as much emphasis on taking a good picture because we know we have editing tools to enhance it. Digital photography is wonderful but in some cases. This includes keeping the fingerprints at bay as well. The UV filter is just a small round piece of glass and you simply screw into onto the end of your lens. You discover your memory card is full and you do not have your laptop with you to download. and taking a good picture and making it better with editing techniques. Unfortunately. This is where a tripod or beanbag is necessary. Give some thought to using a UV filter. If one is serious about photography though they should consider putting a good effort into the shot. it makes us a bit lazy. Many people hate the thought of carting a tripod everywhere they go on their photography shoot. and then something seems to be wrong. This is not factual. To make this a little easier take a picture without the tripod then take the same picture again. which really helps with the true colors in your pictures. The filter fits on your camera lens and acts as protector from scratches and dust. Often pictures that are too stark in . Like most other things. practice makes perfect. It is wonderful when you have several hours ahead of you where you have nothing to do but take pictures. not too many of us have that ability to hold the camera perfectly still. You will see a setting called cloudy and often people feel this is restricted to dull days only. The UV filter has the ability to filter out the UV rays. You will be convinced at the need for one. You gather all your equipment and arrive at the perfect location. You begin by taking a series of pictures. Do yourself a favor get at least one high capacity memory card. They are very inexpensive but they sure can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to protecting the expensive stuff. then applying what you learn.

Do not be afraid to be carried away.192 color lack any warmth to them. You are bound to get a couple of good quality pictures to work with from doing it this way. Lucas Godfrey Digital Photography Business Ideas . Finally. the most important aspect of all is to enjoy your newfound hobby of digital photography. Keep shooting that same shot several times. Be among the rare few to own this "highly-exclusive" software suite before it vanishes. PhotoEditorX is the advanced photo editor software that allows you to enhance and manipulate photos. You too should . This is previously available only to professionals in the magazine houses. you can edit photos easily like the professionals! Visit http://www..PhotoEditorX..How Can Use My Digital Camera To Make Money? A digital photo revolution caused by a steep fall in the price of digital cameras and introduction of relatively easy-to-use software has created new standards in business communications.com now to grab your *FREE* photo sketching software. Visit PhotoEditorX. This is where the cloudy setting can really come in handy. If you think about it the best time to use this would be at sunrise or sunset. Now.com now. A fraction of a second can make all the difference in a picture.

improving colors. For example. The second step requires a fairly decent editing software. But if you send them a few photographs. flyers. The first step involves taking a digital camera and transferring the photographs into the computer. to improve the image quality of the photos by using digital enhancement tools.within seconds. convert them into digital images by scanning them directly into the computer. so to sync both photos and software to the same JPEG. etc.we move on down the line to one that does . they are ready to be used for ads. eliminating defects. Once the pictures are taken. there are three steps involved in using digital photographs for commercial purposes. You can also add back- . logos. An old saying. they can immediately spot the difference. or embedding it in a power point presentation. The third and last step involves setting the photo to whatever is needed in the business: graphic layouts. A househunter today skips any online home listing which does not have photographs because he prefers to look at those sites that provide "virtual tours" of properties. To edit a photos. many things can be accomplished . Businesses use photos in different ways such as construction companies use pre and post -project photos. in retail trade.changing the size and shape of images. "a picture is worth a thousand words" Today if we see a house-for-sale and there is no picture of it . This is because photographs bring out key selling points in ways that you can never describe. contrast and brightness.193 learn how to use digital photos in business if you want to make full use of the new technology. or TIFF is needed. photos of sale items or specials are used. Gone are the days when a printed document was used to make a sales pitch. or banking and finance companies similarly use photographs of their facilities to make a point. business cards. If photos from previous work or shoots are available. Once they are in the computer. it is tough to explain to a potential customer about different types of wooden doors you sell. Using an in-house photographer or someone that is nonprofessional to take them is the standard norm. food and events. hosting the image on a website. EPS. Different software opens only certain formats. merging with another image and much more. hospitality service providers rely on photos to promote their facilities.

creating a professional image for the business instantly. Digital stock photos are becoming a huge plus for many online businesses. many different forms of business software that lays the world wide open once the digital photo is ready. reports. sent as e-mail attachments. or commercials.194 ground music to make the presentation livelier. It makes good sense to incorporate digital photos in print materials such as advertisements. and they are purchased outright from the companies.digicamland. They are purchased for varying prices. proposals and even business cards and letters. they can be manipulated.org/ for more articles on digita camera and outdoor digital camera . The beginning steps of digital photographs open up the way to better business and prosperity. and photos with some line art or design adds to the overall theme. Color themes with "business savvy" wording that grabs attention. A stock photo or image have already been taken by a photographer. or edited with editing software. There are many. Check out http://www. depending on how the license is purchased. fliers. well-written layouts either online or in presentations. newsletters. All of this can be purchased as stock for a "quick ad. or hosted on your company's website or on a website where your company's products are listed. Mike Singh Digital Photography Software Options . purchasing a chosen image that is in "stock". direct mail materials." The digital photographs convey the products and their characteristics and ideals. Because they are digital. brochures. Digital photos can also be used in power point or slide presentations. magazines. It has been proven that photos sell products. Digital photographs are powerful marketing tools and make dayto-day business administration stronger. modified.

and present them in an album or other format. The increased attention has peaked the interest of many amateur photographers and the market is responding accordingly. etc. Simply snap a few shots of a building. mouse pads. print and or order any photos. that can be personalized using your enhanced digital photos! These sites offer printing services and allow you to create a slide show to be shared via email. record the time. control a remote camera. personalized products and online tutorials. reduce the camera's shudder etc. They also offer a number of services including gift ideas. You are able to set various controls such as whether or not the recipients can view. etc. sharing and manipulating photos. Before we move on to reviews of software products that have a variety of features that cover the photo taking process from start to finish. It is always recommended regardless of which site you use that photos be back up on a disc in case of any server problems. There are many software products available for download as well as purchase. I can not resist mentioning. I offer the following review of products that I found to be of good quality. Their software will combine all of the untouristed sections of each picture into a single tourist-free photo.. In the same way that HDR photos can take all the best bits from multiple exposures of the same subject and combine them into a single photo. calendars. These products offer various ways to edit and organize your photos as well as provide instruction. I suggest the following software as I find it to be reasonably priced and of good quality. . Kodak Gallery is a free online site for editing and storing photos. Photo Management Tool allows you to classify your photos. statue. Digital Camera Photography Professional Edition by Tradetouch Inc. Many software products are being offered that have camera control and recovery tools. Tourist Remover Software. Shutterfly and Winkflash are very similar to Kodak Gallery offering a number of products such as greeting cards.195 Digital photography has exploded the possibilities available for capturing. FutureLAB's cleverly named Tourist Remover Software can remove tourists your travel photos. Features include: Camera Control Tool which shows the user how to set capture time. happy tourists and all.

compile several photos into one etc. and saves your photos. Or you can print your photos and design your own gifts. Photo Enhancement Tools which include instruction on how to avoid over compression and how to use the best formats when saving photos for different uses. change color. You also can add transitions and music and turn your pics into slide shows.196 Advise and Teach Skills such as adjusting light. and managing instruments. Recover Tool allows you to recover deleted photos from your PC's disc or camera's RAM. classifies. The popular series is available for your computer. you can create your own digital photo albums and put your albums on Web sites. This is user friendly software that can help you with your everyday computing digital photo needs. Automatic Storage of your photos. No Installation or Hard Disk space used. focus manually or use auto focus. choosing shooting time. balance your white and colors and catch a moving target. and organizing your digital photos. Browser based interface is extremely fast. Photo Edit Tool will help you cut or add something fun to photos. Digital Photos by Atari Digital Photos is interactive software for editing. printing. simply plug your digital camera into your computer and the software automatically transfers. Specialty software is also available! For example. Printing Tips such as advice on what printers and paper are best for photo printing. Drivers for your camera are included with this software. . Features include: Educational Features will help you take superior photos by showing you how to adjust the ISO. Creating Fun Keepsakes using your software's wizards.

high-key lighting etc. equipment. makeup. lighting effects. creating poses. composition. There are many computer software [http://www.thesoftwarespot. Secrets to Fashion Photography by ARC Media Allows you to follow along with the instructional video as experienced top fashion photographer Desmond Williams guides you through a real fashion shoot covering a wide range of assignment types. creating a work area. equipment and props.asp?SID=xMU3AS7BKWJBJ 5CU5WJ2B2&S=500&A=F&SearchText=&CategoryID=1695949&NID= 6372614] products available for download as well as purchase. An instructional video guides you through a real shoot. sharing and manipulating photos.com] Software for Kids Please visit us at The Software Spot! Allison Merlino Digital Photography is to Scrapbooking as Peanut Butter is to Jelly . Learn about working with models. marketing etc. Photography software enables amateurs and professionals to get the most out of their camera and pictures! Computer Learning [http://www.197 Secrets to Kids' Photography by Select Soft Publishing This software introduces professional secrets that can mean the difference between taking an ordinary snapshot and capturing an incredible photo.com/default. Digital photography has exploded the possibilities available for capturing. These products offer various ways to edit and organize your photos as well as provide instruction. The user learns about different kinds of poses.thesoftwarespot. how to give instructions.

or you can convert your digital photography to any number of monochrome color tones. You can convert your images to match any color paper. or even freeform shapes. create beautiful memory albums using photographs and other memorabilia. You’ll have so many picture choices when you start to plan your layouts. You can experiment with different camera settings and get different effects. You can resize your pictures so they fit any size layout you have in mind. ovals. with digital photography and good digital photo editing software. since you’re not paying for film or development. Secondly. involves creating the entire layout digitally and printing onto appropriate paper. Digital scrapbooking. you work with copies and never risk damaging the originals. You can even make giant alphabets and insert your pictures into the letters. remove blemishes from your subject’s skin. You can convert color photographs to elegant black and white. often called scrapartists. you can resize. tidy up stray strands of hair. including stars. improve the color. an exciting new trend in the scrapbooking world. Whether you do traditional scrapbooking or you’re trying your hand at digital scrapbooking. paper. journaling and special embellishments. First of all. because you’re working with digital files. scrapbooking has no similarity to the scrapbooks you made in school . In case you haven’t discovered this wonderful hobby yet. . Let’s start with the pictures themselves. card stock. rectangles. circles. Even more exciting. create special effects. crop. make subjects appear slimmer and so much more. No more trying to make a less than thrilling photograph work with your beautiful layout design. you can take tons of digital photographs. combine photos together to form a collage. you’ll find so many fun things to do with your digital photographs. arranging so the key components are visible within the letter. squares.. You can reshape them to print into any number of shapes. its digital photography and scrapbooking. card stock or embellishments you plan on using.198 If ever two hobbies were made for each other. how many years ago? Today’s scrapbookers.

suppose your seacape shows a sailboat in the foreground. modern. If you want to take artistic license. distressed. you can duplicate any portion of an image. heritage . +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++ New to digital photography ? Discover how you can take spectacular photographs with your digital camera in thirty minutes or less. When you blend digital photography with scrapbooking. highlight your garden picture with a frame containing a pattern created from the golden sunflowers growing in the flower bed. using the exact colors that appear in the picture. you can manipulate your images to work with any scrapbook style you’re using -shabby chic.com ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ June Campbell Digital Photography Tutorial . fourth (or unlimited number) of identical sailboats elsewhere in the water. As I said earlier. you can fill your frames with a repeating portion of the image. For example. digital scrapbooking and digital photography make a natural fit. Visit StartMyDigitalPhotography. With digital image editing software. By following some of the digital photography .How to Take Stunning Landscapes Photos You don't need to be a professional photographer to take stunning landscapes photos. For example.199 You can add digital frames and blocks.anything you want. you can make a second. If you wish. third.

It will emphasize the lines and edges of the photos. You can divide your photo into areas like a tic-tac-toe grid. you will know how to capture impressive "natural" photos in no time. If it is a bit dark. at these period of times. It is not that difficult to capture great landscapes photos even if you are just using a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. This technique is commonly known as the rule of thirds. Rule of Thirds Place your subject off center rather than in the middle. try different shots with your subjects and great scenery in background. Usually. it will bring out a superb contrast. Be adventurous. This will make your photo more 3-D and create a better visual effect. you can make use of a tripod to capture your scenery. Experiment with different f-numbers until you get your desired results. Create Depth You can shoot a subject in the foreground of your image to create depth. the lightings are not too extreme and the colors are warmer. Remember some of these digital photography tutorial tips I mentioned and you will on your way to have some success! . Use Right Light The best time to take landscapes photos are during dusk or dawn. Include People Including people in your landscapes photos will inject personality and bring "warmth". This makes your photos look great. Put your subject in one of those lines to create a more compelling photo. Black and White By capturing your landscapes using black and white.200 tutorial tips below. Side lighting produces more texture between light and shade. You can adjust your DOF(depth of focus).

201 Johnny Sinclair is a digital photography enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience and has taught many beginners how to shoot their perfect pictures.com Johnny Sinclair . visit: http://www. To find out more on how you can access professional picture-taking secrets and capture the best digital images of your life.DigitalPhotographySpot.

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