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Careers and Employment - 128 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated Ways To Find the employment opportunities you're looking for

Careers and Employment - 128 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated Ways To Find the employment opportunities you're looking for

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Information is power – you know that. But, how do you research the best Careers and Employment strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information.

There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well, yes there is… we did all the research for you, combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 128 most up to date and best Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice here, in this book.

The 128 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Careers and Employment:

- 4 Keys to Go From Fearful to Fearless (and Fantastic) In Your Next Interview

- Asking For a Raise - A Few Tips

- Career Change - What's Holding You Back?

- Getting That Promotion

- How to Keep Your Job and Survive the Downturn

- How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession

- How to Write Cover Letters - Learn How to Write Cover Letters the Lazy Way

- Ideal Preparation For a Job Interview

- Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs

- Top Job Interview Techniques

And Much More...
Information is power – you know that. But, how do you research the best Careers and Employment strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information.

There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well, yes there is… we did all the research for you, combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 128 most up to date and best Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice here, in this book.

The 128 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Careers and Employment:

- 4 Keys to Go From Fearful to Fearless (and Fantastic) In Your Next Interview

- Asking For a Raise - A Few Tips

- Career Change - What's Holding You Back?

- Getting That Promotion

- How to Keep Your Job and Survive the Downturn

- How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession

- How to Write Cover Letters - Learn How to Write Cover Letters the Lazy Way

- Ideal Preparation For a Job Interview

- Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs

- Top Job Interview Techniques

And Much More...

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  • 5 Tips For Setting Career Goals
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  • Online Modeling Agency - The Fundamentals
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  • Job Security
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  • How to Keep Your Job and Sur- vive the Downturn
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  • A Profession For Professionals
  • Anatomy of a Computer Analyst - Job Description
  • Anatomy of a Customer Service Job Description
  • Join Tiling Courses and Take Up Tiling As a Career
  • Launching Your Next Career
  • Trucking Job - The Different Types of Trucking Jobs
  • Rewriting the Resume Rules
  • Ideas For Selecting a Coach For Your Employees
  • Becoming a Nurse - Which Nurs- ing Field is Right For You?
  • US Jobs During Crisis
  • Five Reasons Why Friendliness is a Leadership Necessity
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  • The New Rules to IT Contract Job
  • Top Ten Strategies For Success in Corporate America
  • Learning More About Your Or- ganization, Day 3
  • Basel II Stress Tests - Weaknesses That Led to the Turmoil
  • Why Am I Special? - Insight Into Personal Branding
  • Don't Get in Line - Get Online
  • UK Government Help For Job- less? Don't Believe a Word
  • Why HR's Just Not That Into You
  • How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession
  • Life of a Database Administrator
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  • Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs
  • Recession-Proof Jobs
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  • The Journalist at Work
  • Is a Fitness Career Profitable?
  • Are You Considering a Career in Medical Coding?
  • Get a Job - By Playing Rec Sports!
  • Vacancies For Speech and Lan- guage Therapy Assistants
  • Cleaning Business - A Rewarding and Promising Career
  • Hospital Physical Therapy Assis-
  • Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs
  • Project Managers - Isn't it About Time You Got Qualified?
  • My Favorite Jobs For 14 Year Olds
  • Jobs Hiring at 15 and Up
  • Jobs For 17 Year Olds - Minimum Wage is Overrated
  • How to Get a Job at 14
  • Succeeding at a Restaurant Job
  • Career Option - Nursing Versus
  • Work From Home Make Money
  • Data Entry Cash - What You Need to Know to Get Started
  • The Reality of Attaining a Man- agement Position
  • Getting That Promotion
  • Asking For a Raise - A Few Tips
  • What If I Will Be Paid by Com-
  • Traveling Jobs in Occupational
  • How to Bounce Back From Job Interview Rejection
  • Jobs For the Average 16 Year Old
  • Your Best Bets For Jobs at 14
  • Seeking Jobs For Teens Around 14? Look No Further!
  • Jobs For 15 Year Olds Really Do
  • A List of Jobs For a 15 Year Old
  • Time to Start Driving Instructor

Careers and Employment - 128 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated

Ways To Find the employment opportunities you're looking for

Information is power – you know that. But, how do you research the best Careers and Employment strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information. There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well, yes there is… we did all the research for you, combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 128 most up to date and best Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice here, in this book. The 128 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Careers and Employment: - 4 Keys to Go From Fearful to Fearless (and Fantastic) In Your Next Interview - Asking For a Raise - A Few Tips - Career Change - What's Holding You Back? - Getting That Promotion - How to Keep Your Job and Survive the Downturn - How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession - How to Write Cover Letters - Learn How to Write Cover Letters the Lazy Way - Ideal Preparation For a Job Interview - Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs - Top Job Interview Techniques And Much More...

Careers and Employment
128 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated Ways To Find the employment opportunities you're looking for

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Careers and Employment - 128 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice – the TOP rated Ways To Find the employment opportunities you're looking for

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Forget Lousy Minimum Wage Contract Of Employment Explained Data Entry Cash . Hints.Nursing Versus Dental Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants Choose to Change a Career and Choose Success Cleaning Business . Hints. There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well.What You Need to Know to Get Started Don't Get in Line .128 World Class Expert Facts.What's Holding You Back? Part 2 Career Option .A Rewarding and Promising Career Compilation of Jobs For 17 Year Olds . Tips and Advice . Hints.Apply Today . The 128 of the most current.Which Nursing Field is Right For You? Career Change .Be Adaptable to Keep Your Job Entertainment Careers 101 . combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 128 most up to date and best Facts.Careers and Employment .What's Holding You Back? Part 1 Career Change . Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Careers and Employment: 15 Most Common Banking & Finance Interview Questions 4 Keys to Go From Fearful to Fearless (and Fantastic) In Your Next Interview 5 Tips For Setting Career Goals A Career As a Video Game Beta Tester A Career in Automotive Engineering A List of Jobs For a 15 Year Old A Profession For Professionals Anatomy of a Computer Analyst .Jobs in the Film Industry Find Teaching Jobs Through a Recruitment Agency Five Reasons Why Friendliness is a Leadership Necessity Forensics Cybercrime and Careers Get a Job . most actual and beneficial Facts.Identify Your Transferable Skills Great Tips For IT Job Search Healthcare Jobs For Physical Therapists Highest Paying Jobs For Hiring . yes there is… we did all the research for you. AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information. without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week.Weaknesses That Led to the Turmoil Become an Au Pair in Dubai Becoming a Nurse . Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information.Job Description Anatomy of a Customer Service Job Description Are You Considering a Career in Medical Coding? Asking For a Raise .the TOP rated Ways To Find the employment opportunities you're looking for Information is power – you know that. which equates to $ 27 per hour.A Few Tips Basel II and Pillar 3 .Get Online Employment . how do you research the best Careers and Employment strategies.By Playing Rec Sports! Get Paid For Testing Video Games Getting That Promotion Graduate Job Applications .Liquidity Risk Management and Public Disclosure Basel II Stress Tests . But. in this book. Tips and Advice here.

How to Craft a Winning Job Application Cover Letter Job Searching .the Key to Success Job Security Job Vacancies For Occupational Therapists Jobs For 15 Year Olds Really Do Exist! Jobs For 17 Year Olds .How Relevant is it to My Career? Make Your Job Resistant to the Recession Medical Transcription Careers .A Guide to Personal Trainer Certifications Project Managers .5 Tips For Getting a Job in Banking When Everyone is Firing The Internet CEO . the Shams .Part III Hospital Physical Therapy Assistants How a Massage DVD Can Help Determine If a Massage Therapy Career is Right For You How Anyone Can Earn Extra Income Online How to Be a Game Tester and Make Money Doing It! How to Become a Flight Attendant How to Bounce Back From Job Interview Rejection How to Get a Job at 14 How to Keep Your Job and Survive the Downturn How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession How to Write Cover Letters . Day 3 Life of a Database Administrator Lifelong Learning .Learn How to Write Cover Letters the Lazy Way Ideal Preparation For a Job Interview Ideas For Selecting a Coach For Your Employees Inaccessible Employment After Graduation Is a Fitness Career Profitable? Is Sarkari Naukri Recession-Free? IT Training For the Future . Interviewing.Information Technology in the Age of the Credit Crunch Job Application Cover Letter .How to Make Money Online With the Internet Wall Street The Journalist at Work The Key For Advancement by Black Males in Law Enforcement The New Rules to IT Contract Job Hunting The Reality of Attaining a Management Position Thinking of Becoming a HR Software Reseller? Time to Start Driving Instructor Courses? Tips to Land the Student Internships .Minimum Wage is Overrated Jobs For the Average 16 Year Old Jobs Hiring at 15 and Up Join Tiling Courses and Take Up Tiling As a Career Launching Your Next Career Learning More About Your Organization.Isn't it About Time You Got Qualified? Pursuing a Career As Forensic Pathologist Quick Tips When Facing Unemployment Recession-Proof Jobs Recession-Proof Jobs in the Information Technology Field . Following Up Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs Top Job Interview Techniques Top Ten Strategies For Success in Corporate America Transcription Employment .The Stars.From Songwriting and Producing to Mixing My Favorite Jobs For 14 Year Olds New 2009 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs Nursing Job Descriptions Can Help in Making the Right Decision For Career Choice Online Modeling Agency .What You Need to Learn Before Getting Started Music Industry Career Primer .Home-Buying For the Telecommuter .Systems Analysts Re-Joining the Workforce Rewriting the Resume Rules Seeking Jobs For Teens Around 14? Look No Further! SES Training Seminar Smaller Company Vs A Large Corporation Specific Skills Will Be Required For a Legal Secretary Succeeding at a Restaurant Job Super Tips to Better Job Search Teens Might Have a Difficult Time Getting Jobs This Summer Ten Rules For Successful Interviewing The Definition of Action Centered Leadership The Five Worst Ways to Fire an Employee The Greening of the Job Market The Insider .The Real Alternative to Job Boards Personal Trainer Certifications .Applying.A Powerful Way to Secure Your Financial Future Medical Transcriptionist Careers .Work For Several Employers and Earn More Money Traveling Jobs in Occupational Therapy Trucking Job .Excellent Career Prospect People Boards .The Fundamentals Pediatric Occupational Therapist Jobs .The Different Types of Trucking Jobs UK Government Help For Jobless? Don't Believe a Word Unemployed and Need a New Income Stream? US Jobs During Crisis Vacancies For Speech and Language Therapy Assistants Video Game Career Want to Change Careers? Then Get Curious! .

Take Action Now .Insight Into Personal Branding Why HR's Just Not That Into You Why Use Staffing Agencies and Recruiters? Work From Home Make Money Fast Working Through a Recession Your Best Bets For Jobs at 14 You've Lost Your Job .What Are the Entry Level Jobs on Oil Rigs? What Does a Criminal Defense Solicitor Do? What If I Will Be Paid by Commission? When Do You Just Give Up Where Can I Find Jobs For 14 Year Olds? Why Am I Special? .

................................................48 .............................................................................36 Specific Skills Will Be Required For a Legal Secretary ...........19 Music Industry Career Primer ..............................13 How Anyone Can Earn Extra Income Online ....................The Real Alternative to Job Boards ..............................................................................................................................................The Fundamentals .........Learn How to Write Cover Letters the Lazy Way .........Table of Contents 5 Tips For Setting Career Goals ...................................................................................29 How to Write Cover Letters ................15 Entertainment Careers 101 ....................34 New 2009 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs ..................................................23 When Do You Just Give Up.40 SES Training Seminar .......................21 Job Application Cover Letter ..What's Holding You Back? Part 2..............................From Songwriting and Producing to Mixing ....25 Career Change .....................38 Unemployed and Need a New Income Stream?......How to Craft a Winning Job Application Cover Letter..........................Jobs in the Film Industry ........42 IT Training For the Future .......46 People Boards .......32 Job Security...........17 Online Modeling Agency ..............................................................................Information Technology in the Age of the Credit Crunch .........................27 Thinking of Becoming a HR Software Reseller? ...............................44 Choose to Change a Career and Choose Success........................................................

...........Take Action Now ............... 56 Working Through a Recession..........................Personal Trainer Certifications ............Which Nursing Field is Right For You?..................................... 54 Find Teaching Jobs Through a Recruitment Agency.................................. 72 A Profession For Professionals ................................................................................................................................................ 58 Great Tips For IT Job Search .......................................... 87 Rewriting the Resume Rules ... 91 Becoming a Nurse ...............................A Guide to Personal Trainer Certifications.... 74 Anatomy of a Computer Analyst ............................the Key to Success........................................................... 52 You've Lost Your Job ............. 76 Anatomy of a Customer Service Job Description........... the Shams . 79 The Five Worst Ways to Fire an Employee .................. 83 Launching Your Next Career .... 94 ............... 66 Ideal Preparation For a Job Interview............................................................................................... 50 Job Searching ..................................... 70 A Career in Automotive Engineering ............... 62 Super Tips to Better Job Search .......................... 85 Trucking Job ........ 64 Re-Joining the Workforce ................................................. 60 How to Be a Game Tester and Make Money Doing It! .................... 81 Join Tiling Courses and Take Up Tiling As a Career ..The Different Types of Trucking Jobs............................................... 89 Ideas For Selecting a Coach For Your Employees .........................The Stars....Job Description............................ 92 The Definition of Action Centered Leadership............... 68 How to Keep Your Job and Survive the Downturn .

...................................................................................................................................................................Insight Into Personal Branding ............110 Basel II Stress Tests .........................US Jobs During Crisis..106 Top Ten Strategies For Success in Corporate America ...................Get Online .........136 Why Use Staffing Agencies and Recruiters?.....Applying................... Day 3..................................................................................Weaknesses That Led to the Turmoil ....97 Want to Change Careers? Then Get Curious! . Interviewing...129 Tips to Land the Student Internships ........Identify Your Transferable Skills ..............................................134 UK Government Help For Jobless? Don't Believe a Word.........................................................................................146 .............................................................Liquidity Risk Management and Public Disclosure.......................................................122 Smaller Company Vs A Large Corporation...108 Learning More About Your Organization..................................124 Contract Of Employment Explained.......138 Why HR's Just Not That Into You ....................................143 How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession .. Following Up.............101 4 Keys to Go From Fearful to Fearless (and Fantastic) In Your Next Interview................................................103 The New Rules to IT Contract Job Hunting.................96 Five Reasons Why Friendliness is a Leadership Necessity.....................126 Basel II and Pillar 3 .............115 Why Am I Special? ........................132 Don't Get in Line ...141 Graduate Job Applications ...............99 Is Sarkari Naukri Recession-Free? ................................

..By Playing Rec Sports!..................... 171 Career Change ............ 189 Get a Job ........... 177 Home-Buying For the Telecommuter ................Pursuing a Career As Forensic Pathologist............................................................... 184 Is a Fitness Career Profitable? ..........................5 Tips For Getting a Job in Banking When Everyone is Firing .................................................. 158 Recession-Proof Jobs. 155 Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs............ 173 Lifelong Learning .. 182 The Journalist at Work...................How Relevant is it to My Career?.......................................................... 187 What Are the Entry Level Jobs on Oil Rigs? ...... 152 Forensics Cybercrime and Careers ...... 185 Are You Considering a Career in Medical Coding?............... 148 Life of a Database Administrator .............................. 166 Quick Tips When Facing Unemployment ........................................................................................... 169 Video Game Career ........ 180 Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants ....................................................................................................... 163 How to Become a Flight Attendant ............................ 150 Recession-Proof Jobs in the Information Technology Field Systems Analysts ....................................... 194 ............................................................................................................................................ 192 Vacancies For Speech and Language Therapy Assistants ....... 153 15 Most Common Banking & Finance Interview Questions............................................Part III ................................................................ 160 The Insider ................... 175 Top Job Interview Techniques...............What's Holding You Back? Part 1..........................................................

....211 Where Can I Find Jobs For 14 Year Olds?.........Minimum Wage is Overrated ................................Apply Today ..................221 What Does a Criminal Defense Solicitor Do?..............................................202 Hospital Physical Therapy Assistants ...................................207 Healthcare Jobs For Physical Therapists..........................................223 ................................................215 Jobs Hiring at 15 and Up ...Forget Lousy Minimum Wage............................A Rewarding and Promising Career...................219 Compilation of Jobs For 17 Year Olds ........................................................196 Job Vacancies For Occupational Therapists ....Isn't it About Time You Got Qualified?.........200 Nursing Job Descriptions Can Help in Making the Right Decision For Career Choice ...............................216 Highest Paying Jobs For Hiring ..........................217 Jobs For 17 Year Olds ..........197 Teens Might Have a Difficult Time Getting Jobs This Summer ........................220 How a Massage DVD Can Help Determine If a Massage Therapy Career is Right For You ..............................................199 Pediatric Occupational Therapist Jobs .................209 Project Managers ..........................205 Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs..............................................Excellent Career Prospect...........................................................214 My Favorite Jobs For 14 Year Olds................................................................203 Make Your Job Resistant to the Recession ......Cleaning Business ................................................................................................................................................................218 How to Get a Job at 14 .........................................

..................... 248 Traveling Jobs in Occupational Therapy ................................. 246 Medical Transcriptionist Careers .......................................... 235 Getting That Promotion............... 250 The Key For Advancement by Black Males in Law Enforcement ...... 229 Transcription Employment ........ 262 ........................................................................................................ 225 Career Option ................What You Need to Know to Get Started ...................... 254 Jobs For the Average 16 Year Old ..................... 257 Your Best Bets For Jobs at 14...................................................................................Work For Several Employers and Earn More Money ........................................... 260 A List of Jobs For a 15 Year Old ............... 231 Data Entry Cash .......................................................Nursing Versus Dental...................... 239 What If I Will Be Paid by Commission? ...............A Powerful Way to Secure Your Financial Future ................................................................................ 252 How to Bounce Back From Job Interview Rejection..............................................................................A Few Tips............. 241 Medical Transcription Careers .................................. 237 Asking For a Raise ............... 233 The Reality of Attaining a Management Position........................................ 261 Time to Start Driving Instructor Courses?............What You Need to Learn Before Getting Started ............. 259 Jobs For 15 Year Olds Really Do Exist! ............................ 258 Seeking Jobs For Teens Around 14? Look No Further! .....................Succeeding at a Restaurant Job ...................................................................................................... 227 Work From Home Make Money Fast.............

....................................................................................................Inaccessible Employment After Graduation..................................265 A Career As a Video Game Beta Tester...274 ....................................................................270 Employment .....................Be Adaptable to Keep Your Job ....264 The Greening of the Job Market.........272 Ten Rules For Successful Interviewing .......268 Become an Au Pair in Dubai ........

To make this work. * Follow your passion What kind of work is most exciting to you? Is there an area of study or work that you would love to pursue? Even if your current job is mundane. This is where you will have to. prospering or struggling. you will get greater satisfaction out of your work. Also. you must.. * Be realistic If your passion is beekeeping. it won't do any good if there is no market for it.. doing so will make your work life more enjoyable and satisfying.. Do your research and determine which direction to go. can you find something in your line of work you can be passionate about? You may have to request a transfer to a new department or take a different set of elective classes than you originally intended. Of course. are already in the work world or somewhere in between. Something .13 5 Tips For Setting Career Goals Whether you are entering college. you don't want to chase only the money. Even if the market isn't strong. it doesn't mean you should give up. if you follow your passion. it is never too late to set career goals. talk to others in the field to learn whether it is growing or shrinking. you should be able to condense them into a sentence or two. Yet. Just re-adjust your focus and. In fact. it is going to be more difficult to make a full-time career out of it than if it is research or chemistry. Here are 5 tips for setting the effective goals to guide you on your career path. as you are setting your goals.. * Know the market While following your passion is vital to getting the most out of your career.. * Keep it simple Your career goals do not have to be extensive and complicated. So. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is available online and can give you some idea of the direction your chosen career is headed. In fact. keep in mind what you have learned in your research about the market for your chosen field..

Read it daily.com/contact-page. the easier they will be to reach. Change it up as you grow and your goals shift. she writes for other websites and is completing a technical writing degree. The rest will take care of itself. Real success that doesn't cost you your happiness. But you first have to keep yourself accountable and. Studies have shown that writing down goals gives you a greater chance of reaching them than just "keeping them in your head. These tips can help you to choose career goals that fit your lifestyle and the workings of this world best. This isn't to say that you should settle for less than your dreams. * Write it down There is power in the written word.html> .nonfiction-writingguide.. By doing so." The simpler you can make your goals." Having written goals keeps you focused. private airline. She can be reached directly here <http://www.14 such as "I want to have my own legal practice. you have a greater chance at success. Write your goal on an index card and keep it in your wallet or purse. Rather. More than once a day is even better. it means that you should boil those dreams down to their essence and pursue that essence." or "I want to travel the world as a flight attendant for a small. In addition. Mary Klaebel uses her own experience to help others learn the skills they need to find work and excel in their jobs..

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Simply because the company is not advertising for a certain position doesn't mean that something you would be qualified for may not come up soon. You can browse through available job openings or post an online profile that has the potential for being reviewed by hiring companies. like Monster or Career builder. . Most job boards also include a list of companies which have posted job openings most recently. Keep in mind that many jobs are never advertised. On most sites you can register for free to see job listings for the TV and film industries. You will have a better chance of getting hired if you are able to send them to a specific person. The approach you should take will depend on the type of work you are looking for and what stage you are at in your career. Another approach you can use to find work if you are in school is to ask your instructors if they know of anywhere you should be applying. If possible. The Internet also has some job sites specifically for people who are interested in finding openings in the film industry. You may also want to ask whether any potential employers conduct on-campus interviews to find new staff.Jobs in the Film Industry If you are looking for work in the film industry.17 Entertainment Careers 101 . then your college job board is a good place to start. and you want to get your resume in front of as many people as possible when you are looking for work. If you are taking a course at film school. You may also want to specify a specific location. Choose a job title or a keyword to find advertised job openings. get the name of a specific person you should be directing your resume and cover letter to. You may want to start by checking out the major job boards. Looking for work online is another way to get hired in the film industry. Employers who are advertising there are recruiting for entry-level positions and welcome recent graduates. as opposed to the Personnel Department or the Hiring Manager. if you want to limit your search to certain cities only. you have a number of options to choose from to find your dream job.

At the very least. the research you have done on the prospective employer will pay off. or keyword.18 It's best to leave no stones unturned when looking for film industry job listings . you need to have some idea about how you would fit in to that company.html> through your school job board or by searching through online job boards like the free board on JobMonkey. You may even end up with a job offer if the employer likes your work. Also. In addition to working in film or music you can even learn about reality TV casting calls <http://www.com/realitytv/> and broadcasting careers. "Why should we hire you?" you will be able to provide a well-thought-out answer. job title. Once you get to the interview stage. .com/filmmusic/film_jobs. When you are asked. look for information about specific companies by clicking on "Research Companies" when that option is available.jobmonkey. You can also approach your job search for work in the film industry by making a list of all the companies you are interested in working for and conducting some in depth research on each one. you should be able to gain some valuable contacts through your internship experience. Get the scoop on careers in the entertainment industry from career writer Lisa Jenkins on JobMonkey. Don't overlook advertisements for entertainment or film industry interns and this is another way you can get some practical experience. On every job board site search for jobs by location. All information is free online. Look for film industry jobs <http://www.jobmonkey. You can also conduct your own research to make a list of companies you are interested in working for.it's a competitive business. Before you can present yourself to a prospective employer as someone who can add value to the organization.

Others are lucky when they are spotted from a crowd by an agent and everything else is history. This means you have to confirm that you are going to show up and will show up on time. The profile shot which covers half of the card should be your best. Perhaps a business card can be taken for granted for other careers but this is not the case for the comp card. Most agencies would refuse to consider applicants if they do not have this.5 by 8. What good is a perfect comp card if it has been printed poorly.19 Online Modeling Agency . It is understandable that the comp card should be recent meaning your look is very close to what images you placed in them. You should .The Fundamentals There are many people who consider modeling as a career but are hesitant because they are totally clueless about the industry. the images. try to back your files up so you would never have to worry about reprinting if the need arises.5 inches but it could vary depending on what the agency requires. the eye color and the color and length of hair are factors that clients consider before hiring a model. The most important aspect of a comp card is. Lastly. models are not just discovered that way. the talent and whatever they think it takes to be one. For those who do not have an idea what a comp card is. You can come up with variations depending on the agency you are applying for. the body. For instance. It should be the best of what you have to offer. Remember not to overlook the printing as the quality of the images may very well be what would give you an edge over the other models. They help models in advertising their comp cards to potential clients and even endorse models they feel are perfect for the specific needs of a certain company. of course. be professional. The standard layout of a comp card is 5. Finally. There are times that people should consider taking the matters in their own hands and not just idly wait for the next agent to single them out from a crowd. The other 4 smaller ones are also selected images that showcase your flexibility. This should include the model's vital statistics and features. However. when you are contacted by an online modeling agency. It becomes frustrating especially if they know that they have the look. An online modeling agency makes it convenient for the amateur model to find their way in this new world. it is short for composite card and serves as the model's business card. Applying through an online modeling agency is the first step but there are a few things you should know.

20 also have a modeling portfolio in hand. they will help and guide you to start your modeling career with 3 easy steps.Vuicy. Looking for a website who can bring you in contact with the most famous names in the fashion industry? Please visit: http://www.com. . The comp card is the first taste of what you have to offer while the modeling portfolio should include an in-depth assessment of what you can do as a model.


Music Industry Career Primer From Songwriting and Producing to Mixing

With all of the reality shows on television today, everyone wants to be the next big music star. You would think that singing was the only job in the music industry. It is the one job that is out in the forefront, but it is not the only job in the music industry. With all the changes in technology, the music business has gone hi-tech. the sound is not just produced by listening to tunes on a keyboard. Music is mixed, recorded, and re-recorded to produce the best quality sound possible. Highly skilled people are needed to fill those positions. Let's start at the bottom and work our way up. One person who needs to be around all the time is the technician. This person's job is to become familiar with all of the technical equipment used in a recording studio. When something breaks down, he or she is the one who everyone looks at to get the equipment back up and running in the least amount of time. This person may not be recognized as a major player in the industry, but he helps all the movers and shakers get their jobs done. Someone has to write all those songs that the music stars sing and set them to music. These jobs belong to the songwriter and composer. Sometimes, this is one and the same person. Songwriters are a dime a dozen in this industry. The one thing that will set them apart is their style of music and their dedication to the craft. A songwriter who has an ear for what's interesting and can create the sound to go with it is a hot commodity. They know their way around a keyboard, synthesizer, and can maybe carry a tune. Once a song is chosen for an artist, several other jobs come on board. Someone has to program the musical tracks so the singer can hear it as they perform the lyrics. A programmer works with the music arranger and sound mixing engineer to turn all of these sounds into one flawless recording. It's amazing that all the singer has to do is sing a few times and the technical guys do the rest.

A studio is rated on the quality of the work they produce. For that, they need to hire the best people they can to do the job. We've always heard that you should find one thing that you are good at and stick with it. In the music industry, someone who can do more than one thing is an asset especially when it comes to the technical side of the business. Now, there are some jobs that get as much attention as the musical performer. I'm speaking about the music producer. The producer is visible, but they have learned the skills that have earned them the position and the title. A producer oversees all of the recording done in the studio. They listen to the tracks and the performers. A producer can change or adds sounds and they can also remove parts of the song that they feel are not needed. The producer is the one responsible for the final finished musical product. A music producer may have done all of the above jobs and worked their way up to being the one in charge of the entire production. The music industry is still highly competitive, but it is easier to break into the business if you've got the right combination of talent, determination, and education. Each job in the music industry is important because it builds on every other job. The more you are willing to learn, the further you will go. Singing is obviously not the only type of music job <http://www.jobmonkey.com/filmmusic/music_jobs.html> although it's the most visible. There are many behind-the-scenes positions that require considerable talent and skill. Visit the Film and Music section of JobMonkey where you'll learn about recording engineer jobs <http://www.jobmonkey.com/filmmusic/recording_engineer_jobs.html> and other careers in music and entertainment. Lisa Jenkins is a freelance careers writer who tells her readers where the jobs are and how to get them.


Job Application Cover Letter How to Craft a Winning Job Application Cover Letter

Many people wonder how to write the perfect job application cover letter. It is not an arduous task provided you know what you are doing. Here are few tips to put you on the right track. First of all please do not try to impress your audience, which is your recruiter, with a fancy paper, fancy font or fancy graphics. Not so long ago, applicants were writing job application cover letters by hand. Therefore they were not tempted towards cutting-edge design or templates. You do not not need any of that either. Just impress with the content, not with the form. Make sure that your letter is tailored to the company you are applying for. If you know the name of the recruiter, put it in your letter. There is nothing worse than a letter starting off with a tasteless "To whom it may concern", or an impersonal "Dear Sir". Individualize your letter as much you can. Your reader has to be under the impression that you have written that letter specifically for him -or her- and no one else.If you are applying for different positions in the same company, make sure that you detail the positions you are applying for and why you are targeting those particular positions. Tell your recruiter why he should hire you instead of someone else. What makes you so special. Your recruiter needs to be under the impression that HE needs you more than you need him. You need to sound confident, not pretentious though. Do not forget to put your thinking cap on to bring humour. When your letter is picked up, don't forget that you are taking your reader onto a journey and you do not want them to leave without a -positive- smile on their face. Think about this: you are a recruiter and you have read hundreds of boring letters already. Your letter should be the highlight of his day. You have nothing to lose.

Proofread your letter and focus on details: move a coma.squidoo. Visit us if you want more tips on how to write cover letters <http://www.com/Effective-Cover-Letter> . Every single detail counts when it comes to land that job interview. Take action now! . You do not want to appear like a robot.24 At the end of your letter make sure that you sign it by hand. Do you know the secret sentence used in one out of a thousand cover letters? Use this secret sentence and you will dramatically increase your chances of getting a job interview. add a full stop or a break a long sentence into two shorter ones.

That way they don't need to know when. to give up. Yes. I know other people who don't believe that in the first place they can do work they love and make money. "This is just not going to work. I know I did." and then stop? When does it become too difficult and not worth the sacrifice? I'm sure you have wondered about this. 2. So how do you answer it? It depends on two things: 1. By the way I should tell you. even the most wildly successful people ask themselves this question. or if. How badly do you want to figure out your passion in life and live it? I know some people who for them doing work they love is a nice idea but not really worth the investment. Your thoughts on what it takes to get there. There are still other people probably like you who feel differently about doing work they are passionate about. It was a deep burning desire to do work that was significant. I had to spend my time on this planet doing something that mattered to me. that I looked forward to. Everyone working toward a dream or desire wonders about this. I couldn't just go to a J-O-B everyday.25 When Do You Just Give Up When do you quit? When do you say. How badly you want to live a life doing what you know in your heart you are meant to do. They don't even consider pursuing a dream. I know I have. that was an authentic expression of ME! And even as I struggled to find what my purpose . They are more comfortable dealing with what they have and what they know about their life and career and are uncomfortable trading that in for the unknowns of a career change.

when your dream comes true. and how unhappy you are about where you are today. Let me explain.com and download your own free career changer toolkit today! . how uncomfortable you feel not having all of the answers. It's these perceptions that are determining the likelihood of your success. If you keep focusing on how much you are struggling. of course you will be wondering if you should give up. the dream starts to feel REAL. In fact it is hard. You already have preconceived ideas about what it takes to uncover your purpose and go through a career change. and the author of the book.thecareerchanger. Once you get that taste there's no turning back. Ready to switch careers and don't know where to begin? Visit http://www.26 was and doubted myself plenty of times along the way I knew at my core there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. You start feeling today what you expect to feel in the future. Annemarie Segaric is a nationally recognized career change coach. But that's not the whole picture. you won't seriously consider giving up. Your soul would not let you. motivational speaker. and how you will feel when you get there. it's not easy. Who wouldn't? But if you focus on the dream. There had to be more than a corporate job which depleted me each day of all of my energy simply because it was not an expression of my true self. There is no giving up. This gives you a taste of what is possible. But then there was the process of figuring out what I was meant to do in the first place. I was moving from the familiarity of a job I didn't like to an awakening that I wasn't absolutely sure I would have. This is where many of you may be getting tripped up. When you keep your eye on the prize. You see. It would be impossible. Step into the Right Career: 107 Tips for Changing Your Career While Still Paying the Bills. the vision of what your life and career could be.

html> . perhaps as a result of undiagnosed dyslexia or because they had a different learning style from the one addressed by the teacher. when they might have been ridiculed or made to feel stupid. fear of change is normal. So the fear is that if you give up the job you know.coolercareers. Going back to studying or learning new skills is another common fear. particularly those over 40 often have very bad memories of school. Everyone. however confident they appear. When you start something new. Depending on what you want to do.com/personal-goal-setting. In fact. this can be anything from a short course or picking up some new skills on the job to a 3 or 4 year commitment to study for a professional qualification or degree. In the next article. It's not unusual to feel that you might fail in your new career. experiences some degree of anxiety when they do something new. don't resist it.27 Career Change . depth. you may feel very isolated and have doubts about your ability to pull it off. no-one can know in advance that they will be good at something or even enjoy it. but if you take the right steps it becomes challenging and rewarding. we'll start looking at these barriers to change in more Changing careers can be terrifying. So acknowledge it. you could end up worse off than when you started. Fear of what other people will say is another potential block to career change. you want and need the support of friends and family and if it isn't available. which is often based on past experience. Most career change involves developing new skills or gaining new qualifications. Adults. it's very difficult to do anything about them. First of all. Get on track by mapping out your career goals with our free goal setting software <http://www. even if you aren't happy in it.What's Holding You Back? Part 2 If you aren't clear about the fears which are holding you back from making a career change.

com Waller Jamison is a careers advisor and teacher who understands both from clients and personal experience. just how difficult career change can be.28 Kick start your career change with our tips and advice at http://www. .coolercareers.

the prospective VAR will pay some type of upfront fee to the HR software vendor for training on the system. of your marketing and overhead costs. I created this article to offer some advice for anyone who is considering entering this type of business. When asked what type of system they were using.000 upon completion of the engagement. the right to sell the system and the ability to earn commissions. if not all. If you. If you never sell anything. the frequent answer back then. Basically. The vendor might offer leads but most don't. You will be expected to cover most. as well. support. Under the channel business model. which is short for value added reseller. They were doing everything manually or on spreadsheets. my firm netted over $45.200 employee system. was they did not have a system. the vendor has still collected your start up fee. Sounds easy right? Why it's Not Easy Ten years ago. partners. perform all the implementation and consulting services to get a new system up and running. The Payout HR Software margins can range from 20 to 60 percent of software and 10 to 20 percent of annual support revenue. It was a pretty easy sell to take someone from the organizational dark ages to the 20th . these are separate independent businesses that sell. we would have made additional future income from that client. If we had kept the client. Consulting fees for training and implementation can run as high as 50% of the total cost of the software and annual support. or your staff. On a $95.29 Thinking of Becoming a HR Software Reseller? Many of the leading HR software and business software companies sell their systems through what is called a channel. for even 500 or larger employee sized companies. and offer implementation and training services on the HR software vendor's systems. The reward is as you sell these HR systems. HR software sales was a much easier industry than it is today. Add in the margins and do the math and you will quickly see that it does not take too many deals to earn a decent income. you will receive 100% of the consulting fees.000 net deal for a 1. or VAR's. you can receive very high margins because you are taking all the risk.

and long close cycle leads. but as a new VAR if you make it past your first several years. you won't face nearly the hazards of someone just entering the business. Eventually. you have current income and a pipeline. These challenges have not only created hazards for new VARs. Making a profit may come much later.30 century. What type of firm will likely succeed as a HR Software VAR? Now that I have pointed out the negatives. As a new VAR. There has been a recent movement where vendors are bringing sales internal. You will start to add consistency to your income from existing clients. For a firm that already has income. you may have a big leg up as well for the same reasons. The leads go to the internal sales force not the resellers. you will have to cover a lot of operating costs and not see much . I would say in today's market it's almost impossible. During my last year as a VAR we saw tremendous reductions in vendor provided leads. As a new VAR. For a new reseller just starting a business it's a hard road to climb. you are going to have to become an expert in marketing in order to generate your own leads. I am not talking about a profit either. You want to sign up VARs who will survive. they have caused existing VARs. you may very well not see a check for six months at the earliest. you are also competing with the HR software vendor and you can expect not to receive as many leads. It is supposed to be. If you work in the HR consulting world. then you still have to finish the consulting before you get paid in full. All of this takes time. expect to cover all operating costs and marketing costs for at least nine months before expecting to see any revenue. To get to that point. only revenue. you will not see the zero income months. Once you have some valid leads it will take three to four months at a minimum to close any of them. If your existing firm is already selling other software products. to leave the business. This means as a reseller. such as accounting or time keeping systems and you are merely looking to add HRIS or HRMS products to your offerings. You may see fairly quick income from the new product offering by selling to your existing clients or adding the capability to all outstanding proposals. It takes time I have painted a pretty grim picture and I meant to. allow me the opportunity to paint a picture of the firm that can succeed as a VAR almost out of the gate. things will get much easier. you will market the HR system for at least three to four months before you start to generate any real leads. A far higher percentage of companies now own a system than did fifteen or even ten years ago. The paragraph above should also assist vendors who are looking to grow or start a channel. If you are going to succeed as a HR software reseller. As I re-read this paragraph it sounds a little scary. clients. This is not the case today. referrals. As a new VAR. Consider this time line. if any. and a pipe line that may not be the case.

Comment on the post if you have any questions on entering a VAR business.com.com for additional HRIS articles. a web site dedicated to assisting HR professionals with their search. selection. to assit you with your HR software selection process. I hope this advice assists those already in the business or considering getting into it. .HR-softwareblog.com offers an extremely comprehensive HRIS selection tool.31 income for perhaps several years before things improve. Comparehris. Be sure to also view http://www. Clay C. Scroggin has over fifteen years of experience in the human resources software industry. implementation and use of HR software. Clay is currently the President and owner of http://www.CompareHRIS.

If you are in this situation. elance. It can save you time.32 How to Write Cover Letters Learn How to Write Cover Letters the Lazy Way Do you know how to write cover letters? It is amazing the number of people who actually struggle to achieve that. You can have it written for you in less than 24 hours at a very affordable price. don't worry. article writing and. Do you know the secret sentence used in one out of a thousand cover letters? Use this secret sentence and you will dramatically increase your chances . graphics design. Bargain your price and make sure that your writer knows exactly what you want to portray through your letter. there is no excuse . More importantly. whether it is banner ads. Let's have a look at some sneaky techniques you can use to write your letter effectively. allfreelancework. Now.even lazy writers can have effective job interview. If you have exceptional skills in your field but can never get it right on paper.com. If you are in this situation.com. That advanced software will quickly create a cover letter for you after clicking a few buttons. just let professionals do it for you. Have you heard of outsourcing? Yes. it can also capture the "mood" of your letter and customize it the way you want. you can outsource everything and anything. Another option for you is to opt for a cover letter creator. according to your specific needs. So how to write cover letters? Writing a good one is not difficult. However a staggering number of people stumble upon simple steps to write compelling job application cover letters that would drive recruiters to them like a magnet. energy and money. I've got a secret for you: you can now completely bypass that writing step and let someone else do that for you. now on the internet. cover letters.com or odesk. you are not the only one.com. There are a myriad of places where you can find great freelance writers who will crank out a perfectly worded and well-crafted job application cover letter for you. You can get those gems at guru. more interestingly.

Visit us if you want more tips on how to write cover letters <http://www.com/Effective-Cover-Letter> .33 of getting a job interview. Take action now! .squidoo.

34 Job Security In the day and age that we are living in. As Americans are worried about their job security in the workplace. Environmental Sciences: With everyone including many business going "green" this could be a top career choice. Education: The need for teachers will always be there. This makes the need for police officers. private security guards. and family. newspapers. this makes the need even greater due to the fast that some locations have to be environmentally sensitive. The outlook for the years to come looks great. and international security exports are a sure bet. every person in every aspect of life is concerned about the economy. and terrorism. detectives. internet. . In cases were people are getting laid off due to budget cuts. friends. These crimes include white collar. nurses. corporate espionage. Healthcare: This is the nations fastest growing career. the demand continues to rise. This field is expected to grow by 25% over the next decade. Experts in the field of Careers came up with five career paths that provide a stable path of employment. There is some career paths out there that Americans know if they get laid off. There is not one job out there that offers 100% security. We hear these words through many different media outlets: radio. and lay offs. they should be able to find another job in that field relatively quickly. unemployment. therapists. Some Americans have been forced to go back in the workforce. this is becoming a burden on many Americans. and physician assistants. Security: This day and age it seems like crime never stops. A person can't go through a day without hearing words like. Job prospects include doctors. there is still a need in the private sector. the demand for teachers will always be there. and others are being forced to do a complete 360 in the areas that they work. As the population gets older. pharmacists. The jobs in this area are growing due to the fact of crime. With the population growing every year. As population increases. Many Americans are looking at starting over in a new career. recession. economy.

To learn more about Rodney Todd go to http://www. the federal government has some of the most stable jobs. With many jobs getting outsourced to overseas. the more money and better stability can be achieved. with the aging workforce. Even when corporate America is laying off or firing. and has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. If a person does not have a college degree.35 Government: With all the jobs that people are looking for. it is always good to remember the more education you have in a particular field. it can and will be more difficult to find a job that is not in danger. Rodney Todd is part of a top internet marketing team of mentors. dreams and aspirations.christmentor.com . the government must continue on.

They generally fall into one of three categories: secret shopper viewing consumer products or signing up for free lists to win an iPod your sponsor can resell and share the profit with you. In my view. Unlike many jobs in the healthcare industry. stuffing envelopes and like administrative work for business promotion. This makes these real "working from home jobs" because you can literally stay at home to do them. The training you do need can be completed on line . These types of jobs can assist people with their Health Care needs in terms of obtaining Health Care and maintaining their health. There is usually more opportunity and the jobs pay more money. everyone is familiar with the healthcare crisis that we're in now. Health Care is a huge industry and the number of real work from home jobs that come from this industry are growing. One of the top legitimate work at home jobs for 2009 is the health concierge. the best opportunities for legitimate work at home jobs are in the healthcare industry. there are some legitimate work at home jobs listed on the Internet. previous training or experience in not necessary. As the country ages. In fact. Also. there is more and more need for individuals that can help seniors and families with health needs. This job leads the list because there's great opportunity. Even on reputable sites like Craig's List.36 New 2009 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs Unfortunately. However. the demand is so high for people doing these realwork from home jobs that many companies that offer them will provide or help you get clients. The best part is that many of these tasks can be done virtually or over the Internet. most of the job listings that you see on the Internet are little more than scams. Most of all. you will see the listings which look like legit job offers which turn out to be primers for head hunters and temp agencies. these are great jobs to do from home because almost anyone can do them with very little training. and Internet Marketing jobs were you engage in varied tedious and laborious tasks like web site link building or something like that.

His work with members of the President Obama transition team helps ensure his recommendations regarding the future of health related jobs is timely and accurate. Lindsay has more than 18 years of clinical practice and health technology experience.37 and in a month or two.html> .com/HealthConciergeJobsHiringInMyAre a.the time to act is now! Get Details on our recommendation. Also.approvedsellerreviews. If you are looking for a great job. Dr. I would rank health concierge as one of the best and legit work from home jobs of 2009. career or business opportunity . there is no need for a bank loan or student loan because the training is very inexpensive. the Health Concierge at: Health Concierge Jobs Now <http://www.

You will need to know many specifics in the law profession. dictate letters. The University of Phoenix. Many schools will offer online courses if you are not close enough to attend their classes on campus. Taking a training course will help you be confident and . There are many schools that you can earn a specialized certificate for becoming a legal secretary. and also learn the basic skills required to run an office smoothly and efficiently. and many of your local Universities and Community Colleges are just a few of the many schools you can attend. answer phones. and letters. fast and efficient computer and keyboarding skills are a must. and law related subjects. or by taking a legal training course. file legal documents. maintain schedules. You will spend most of your time typing legal documents. Many legal firms will not require you to have a degree as a legal secretary. and specialty continuing education programs. Communication and people skills will also be extremely important in this type of position. You will not be required to have a college degree. While many law offices will not require their legal secretaries to have a degree. and interact with other office staff and lawyers on a daily basis. American Intercontinental University. but your will need specific training and skills in business. arrange meetings between lawyers and clients. knowing some of the legal lingo will help you be prepared for your potential interviews. so good. Westwood. but they will want you to have some experience. Becoming familiar with basic secretarial skills will also help you perform your duties as a legal secretary more efficiently. Your duties as a legal secretary will require you to have basic receptionists skills. to name a few. and ITT Technical Institute. If you are interested in becoming an accredited legal secretary. From a class you will receive training on computer programs related to your specific field of study.38 Specific Skills Will Be Required For a Legal Secretary The skills to become a legal secretary will require a high school diploma or a GED. learn the legal vocabulary that is needed to perform your duties as a legal secretary. A legal secretary is a specialized secretary. You can gain experience either in the work field starting as a receptionist. book appointments. you can obtain a certificate through many community colleges.

Legal secretaries can help the over all efficiency of the lawyers and their firm.legal--secretary. experienced legal secretaries are also very competitive. Matt D Murren owns and operates http://www.com Legal Secretary <http://www. and specific set of skills. and are based on your experience.39 qualified to perform all of the duties that will be required of you as a legal secretary. The salaries for dependable. certified. Positions for qualified legal secretaries are abundant.com> .legal--secretary.

Jan Mitchell is a business woman with adult children and has had to rebuild her life after superannuation and all other funding was lost when her husband walked out of her life and left her with nothing. Live it. is abundantly viable and would include the opportunity to train. is very appealing. no daily wasting time by driving to and from work.40 Unemployed and Need a New Income Stream? Did you really still like what you were doing? Perhaps this is an opportunity to re-assess what you really want to do and what would give you satisfaction and fulfillment. You have of course heard the saying "there is light at the end of that tunnel" and that is very true and it can be a very bright light. start again. help and support others. that you complete your own due diligence to ascertain viability of a business before becoming involved. planning and effort. like Jan. It's not too late. one that you'd never even contemplated before. Visit her business at http://lifeawakeningpath.com> . Do it. in fact in a much greener pasture. She has built a new life and is creating wealth and abundance in all areas of her life. there are exceptions to every rule. and with her guidance and support. She had absolutely no experience in network marketing and the success that she is achieving is due to her intention. The idea of building one's own business. There are many options and many fields which may be "foreign" to you right now but no one is ever "too old" to learn new things in fact learning a new skill or two can give a new interest and as is said "a change is as good as a holiday". remembering of course. It is essential that whatever path you take. if you have the intention. Dream it. You can. It's also said that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. with flexible work hours.lifeawakeningpath. to retrain in another field. knowledge. however. to find work that you'd enjoy. How satisfying though. Perhaps you'd be much happier doing something totally different and challenging in an alternate direction. There are opportunities to start your own business from the comfort of your own home.com <http://www. determined mindset and attitude of gratitude. that no goal is ever reached without intention.

41 .

led by experts and skilled academics. In-residence sessions. The seminar approaches the "leading change" concept from a Senior management level. Online and Residential Overview This blended Executive Development Seminar contains the same developmental activities as the Executive Development Seminar. You will learn to act strategically and communicate orally in a variety of settings. involving strategy and policy. . You will determine which other Government agencies. I have listed here the next training seminar that will be available and the details that go with it. are interactive and hands-on. it's goals. which Congressional committees. It has been developed to strengthen the ability of senior managers in the federal government to transition into the (SES). You will explore your leadership style through a 360-degree assessment and apply concepts that are applicable to todays Federal Government structure. and which special interest groups are the most likely partners and you will work on building those relationships. Executive Development Seminar: Blended Course Blended Course. There are eight hours of weekly work online that are academically "tough" and where you develop collaborative skills. identifying the diverse stakeholders involved in a policy area. These are the areas in which you will benefit: Acquire and demonstrate new techniques and approaches for leading change within the Federal Government Construct a map of the political environment. establish the agencies mission.42 SES Training Seminar Does the Federal Government offer training or seminars to those wishing to move into the Senior Executive Service (SES)? The answer is yes and the training is very comprehensive . and complete an strategic plan that will align with aligned with the President's Management Agenda and the (PART). During the course of the seminar you will be required to design a Government agency.

2009. Political Savvy. CO. Better understand the interrelationship of the Legislative and Executive Branches. 3 days in residence July 14-16. Who Should Attend: Experienced managers (GS-14s/15s) who find it difficult to be away for the standard two-week EDS seminar SES-level managers seeking focused skills development and promotion Individuals enrolled in a SES Federal Candidate Development. .com <http://www. CO 8 weeks online starting May 4-June 26. College Credits 4 Hours/Graduate Employment911. Understand the leaders responsibility for managing an ethical organization. It really is a one-stop resource center for your job search needs. It offers job listings.43 Enhance your skills in planning and delivering results-oriented performance Improve your political savvy by identifying valuable partnerships and coalitions.Aurora.com/asp/resumewriting_dir.asp> is a great resource for the job seeker. Competencies Emphasized: External Awareness. meals and lodging.Jul 16.employment911. Oral Communications and Interpersonal Skills Location WMDC .Aurora. Improve your executive communication skills.com/asp/resumewriting_dir. Program Schedule: May 4 . '09 @ WMDC .employment911.asp> and Distribution services. 2009 Tuition includes materials. Professional resume writing <http://www.Strategic Thinking. The seminar is specifically designed to meet the interagency training requirements for SES Federal Candidate Development Program enrollees.

especially with the recession. There is no concrete way of knowing that you will always be in the position.44 IT Training For the Future . This trend will continue as the internet is one of the best ways to connect to the world and will only continue to grow in the future. Governments are in debt. especially in a subject as confusing as information technology. You can take these skills and apply them to other sectors and industries as well. real estate and construction. there is a way to prepare for the declining future and that is through IT training. customer service. or even with the company you are with now. IT training may be your ticket out of the recession and into a fulfilling and stable career. etc. while the economy is slowly falling. However. our future is not set in stone. However. if that time ever comes.Information Technology in the Age of the Credit Crunch There's no denying that we are in a worldwide recession. This will make the leap to another career in the future much less overwhelming. Here's why: Universality of IT: For most of us. This is faster than most other industries . customer service. houses are being repossessed and people are suffering because of it. jobs are being cut. marketing. Technological trends in the future: According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Technology and Telecommunication: While many people are losing their jobs in marketing. communication. IT technology can open doors to more than just your own working environment. However. Websites are in constant need to IT help including webmasters. Every industry needs IT technicians whether you work in television. If you are like most people. graphic designers and programmers. more and more people are finding their calling via telecommunication. the last thing on your mind is paying for schooling. the "economy" is blossoming. This is because. the technology world will continue to increase with jobs in IT increasing by 16 percent in the next ten years. IT training can prepare for a future in information technology at any sector.

although some systems vary from company to company.co.45 in the United States due to the many technological advances within many industries. and from country to country. IT is Universal: Another important element of information technology is that.uk> .skillscenter. but they also transcend continental boundaries as well. you can travel and transfer with career training in IT. if you choose to do so. they are all relatively the same. or take your skills to Australia when the winter months get too cold. Spend a year in Japan seeing the sights and working in IT on the side.uk where you can find out about it training <http://www.co. Information technology exists everywhere and this is why it's important to gain the skills needed to understand the information technological aspect of your sector. information technology training can help prepare you for advancement in your own sector.skillscenter. James Copper is a writer for http://www. IT Training for all Industries: even if you never want to partake in a career as an IT technician. This means that. The possibilities for those with information technology training not only transfer from industry to industry.

If more education or training is necessary. Checking with your local employment center would be the best place to start.46 Choose to Change a Career and Choose Success In the current state of the economy there could be several reasons why a person would be considering changing their career. Of course. it may be wise to check out what types of jobs are available in your area. a good job may be more difficult to find. they can not only give you information on job opportunities. you may be eligible for some funding. and some companies are cutting back on personnel. you will still retain your company seniority. it only means that you get more or better benefits. Many companies allow for advancement. check with . your medical or your retirement plans. Will your training be covered or will you need to pay for it? If this is training that you are arranging on your own to change career. Usually even if your department seniority changes. Many companies are going bankrupt and leaving employees jobless. you have little choice but to change careers or look for a new job. and some even pay for extra education or training if it is necessary. If you are working for a company that seems to be stable you may be simply considering a different position within the company. they can also advise you about any requirements needed to change career. If your change career is because you are bored with your job. Going from a blue collar position to a white collar position is a great way to change career because you are allowed to keep most of the benefits you have worked so hard to attain. or more vacation time. some companies are taking jobs overseas. There is no need to interrupt your life insurance. will you be able to work at your old job while you are training? If not. Certainly if you happen to work for one of those companies. With so many people facing unemployment. your human resources department will be able to advise you on any adjustments that you may need to make. In fact the only thing that may change is that you get different medical insurance. will you be able to get any financing to keep you solvent while you are going through the program? Some employers are willing to pay for training if you are willing to agree to work for them for a specific amount of time after your training is complete. Most of the time when you move up.

co. they may have several options for you. There are many things to consider and it is important that you do not make rash decisions. What are the long term possibilities? Just remember to be realistic and make educated decisions.47 your local employment center for information. Consider how the current economy will affect a change of career.uk> . so be sure that you are including your family in your change career. A good support system is imperative.trainingplace.co. James Copper is a writer for http://www.uk where you can find out how to change career <http://www. Be sure that the change you are making will be better that the job you have now.trainingplace.

they charge a lot of money for employers (or agencies) that wish to advertise their job vacancies. Only employers who register with the job board and pay (far too much money) will be able to search for your CV.The Real Alternative to Job Boards Sometimes when "something" becomes popular and successful for a long time it becomes a defacto standard. Such is the case of the ubiquitous job board.. There have been many massive market shifts by inventors and freethinking people in history. no questions asked. At first this sounds like a reasonable deal until you realise that the CV database is locked down.the kind that make you think. People/users demand more from Internet services and they want these services to be free.48 People Boards . What they do is in fact the reverse. other people and organisations try to catch hold of the coat tails of this success by copying (sometimes with slight variations. The job board market is lazily jogging along (fat from its profits) unaware that its nemesis the "people board" is about to sprint past it and leave it for dead (quite literally).. a buzzer when you leave your car lights on. .. often with none) the original idea. something that is just accepted. times have changed. Dyson and the vacuum cleaner industry. Any Internet service that is going to succeed in a massive way must focus on the benefits for its users. The Internet is now much more people focused. everyone is too busy admiring this "something" to notice that times have changed and the world has moved on. You see.. Over time. job advertising and a CV (resume) database. is a little odd.. Many job boards focus on two areas. Essentially users can send their CV (free of charge) to the job board. the CV database. it's the same in the recruitment industry. For job advertising. The other side of the job board website. All were big revelations. Job boards simply do not focus on their users. Think of the first automatically sliced loaf. Often.well that's obvious! Well.

allows employers to search for people 5. So what is a people board? Here's my definition: A people board: 1. enables people to publish their availability and references 3. The job board has effectively restricted access to companies who can afford to pay for the service. 1-4 MUST be free of charge We don't need to overcomplicate the recruitment business. but then the best ideas usually are.knokknok. employers and even agencies. There should only be two sides to it. enables people to control how their data is presented and how they can be contacted 4. those not actively looking for work. no matter what the business. Your data is only visible for those periods of time when companies pay for it and actively search for some skills. employers seeking candidates and candidates looking for roles in business.com . 3. enables people to promote their skills 2. The people board is a simple concept.49 There are three fundamentally bad things here: 1. People boards are the reverse of this and bring benefits for those actively looking for work. The objective of a people board is to make it much easier to put both sides of the recruitment equation in touch with each other. Graham Findlay For a good example of a people board visit http://www. no matter what skills the person has. free! The job boards are selling YOUR data and you gave them it for 2.

and background. even unqualified ones. * Anatomy and physiology in depth. methods.A Guide to Personal Trainer Certifications Congratulations! You have chosen to dive into a most rewarding independent career as a personal trainer. What to Look For: Anyone can find an online personal trainer certification program and.50 Personal Trainer Certifications The Stars. you want to get a certificate from a program that will give you a competitive edge and lead you to be a great personal trainer with a waiting list for clients! Effectiveness: The most effective and trustworthy certification school will include a comprehensive program that offers instruction in the following: * Assessment of clients for their physical health. you must exercise your best judgment when looking for a program that best suits you and will prepare you. If you want to distinguish yourself from them. Naturally there will be many barelyqualified personal trainers out there. including muscles. props. the Shams . and body planes. Therefore. There are also some that are better to avoid if you are serious about succeeding in your career. and * CPR/First Aid training. movement. abilities. * All exercises. . Certifications exist that lend credibility to you and your business and prepare you to be an effective and successful personal trainer. in minutes. and machines. print out a certificate at home. * Designing fitness programs and nutrition analysis. Which Program? There is not a universally-recognized accreditation system for programs offering personal trainer certifications.

What can be better than that? To find one of the top personal trainer certifications programs near you. go here <http://www.com/> http://www.com/> . and be ready to launch a successful business helping others to be at their best too.51 There is no replacement for direct.com <http://www.AllPersonalTrainerCertifications. all the while doing what you love. hands-on experience when you are working for personal training certifications. Not only are you certified at the end of a good program.AllPersonalTrainerCertifications. you are fit! You will feel better than you ever have in your life.AllPersonalTrainerCertifications. I cannot emphasize this enough: If you want to be a personal trainer. you need to be personally trained! This is something the online programs will never do for you.

use your network to gather as much information as possible about the companies who will be there. These are easy tools and comfortable techniques. Likewise.networking? According to the most recent statistics by Drake Beam Morin. Search for your next job with tools that actually work. Before you go to your local career fair. but they don't necessarily get you a job. it is the perfect tool to use to expand and enhance your potential contacts. you borrow a chainsaw and learn how to use that unfamiliar tool. and as you do be sure to mention the name of a mutual business associate. when you are searching for a new job. you can't limit yourself to using only the most convenient techniques. For example. Unfortunately. using the internet as your primary job search tool isn't much better. . networking landed 71% of all job seekers their new job. when a trusted colleague refers you to them. you don't grab your hammer and go to work. recruiters only land jobs for about 10-12% of all job seekers. However. The total number of jobs that are found by responding to classifieds ads. networking shouldn't be used in isolation. why not add-in the one job search technique that outperforms them all . Even recruiters are more apt to recommend you.52 Job Searching . even for all of its effectiveness.the Key to Success When you are cutting dead limbs off a tree in the yard. While the internet may be a black hole for resume postings. posting resumes online. The most powerful strategy for job search success is to use networking in conjunction with all of the other techniques named above. Only 3-7% of all jobs are found through that technique. Why? Because it works. you can apply to that classified ad. Instead. Instead. And while it would be great to have someone else find that next job for you. The Truth about Job Searching It should come as no surprise that the easiest and most accessible job search techniques are usually the least effective. and going to career fairs are negligible.

com . corporate trainer. For more than 20 years. Job Search Strategist. professional speaker. Use it lavishly.career-builders-plus.53 Networking is the job seekers tool of choice. Licensed Mental Health Counselor.CareerBuildersPlus. and owner of Career Builders Plus. She is a Certified Career and Life Coach. Kim Avery has equipped and inspired others to discover success and significance in their lives and their careers. Let Kim's years of experience work for you by visiting her free job search resource website at http://www. built on a strong relational foundation is the key to job search success. but don't feel like you have to rely on it exclusively. A true multi-faceted approach. use it wisely.com Or you can learn more about her career coaching practice at http://www.

Now I had a mortgage to pay and a family to support. These taxes could have gone to you in the form of higher wages. To find the website for your state. and replace the XX with your two letter state abbreviation.state. Things have likely changed . These taxes went to fund the benefits that you are now going to apply for. and effective resume. I've paid for them. You will have to sign into your account on a weekly basis and answer a few short questions. That's it. I was without a job. But then I thought. * Update Your Resume There are plenty of free websites on the internet that can help you create an up-to-date. * Register for Unemployment Benefits I felt very strange when I did this. You can apply for unemployment benefits online. I could sit around feeling sorry for myself or I could take action. I know how you feel. modern.XX." You see. start with www.54 You've Lost Your Job . My pride was telling me that it was wrong to be dependent on government assistance. your former employer was required to pay both federal and state unemployment taxes. You will have to answer a bunch of questions when you first register. Of course.us. I was in the same place two years ago when I lost my job due to a merger. you paid for the benefits. So in essence. it may take some time. But it was different this time. the process gets much easier. try: labor. Here is what I did. "Why shoulnd't I apply for the benefits. What was I going to do? I figured I had two options. It was so strange. I decided to take action. Don't let that put you off. For the first time in 20 years. Once once you're registered.Take Action Now So you've lost your job.

and I have more freedom than ever before. go here <http://www. Why? Two main reasons: 1. To see how I did this. It's easy to fall into a funk or malaise. Make sure you find the most current resume format. Don't do it. I made the decision to start my own business. T he one thing you must do is to take action.3% and is expected to go to 9% or 10%. your state may require that you prove you are actively searching for a new job. Trust me.ilostmyjob. You have to make sure that your resume stands out. don't rely on your memory. and every action you take to find a new job.weebly. * Document Your Job Search Activities Keep track of every resume you send out.The unemployment rate is 7. Good luck. Nearly 1 million jobs are being lost every month. Send out thank you notes. My income now comes directly from my own efforts. Follow Up . Start with the things listed above. 2.com> . To keep your unemployment benefits. I make my own schedule. do what every it takes to make sure you get noticed. You've lost your job. I have no boss to report to. After several months of my own job search. follow-up with phone calls (when appropriate).55 since the last time you created a resume. every person you network with. .

permanent and contracted teaching positions can also be found with the agency far easier than searching and applying yourself. There are many times when the school might need to contact a supply teacher to fill a position immediately and often this is at very short notice. Suitable teaching positions can be hard to find. this is now essential for the peace of mind of both the school and the parents. A good recruitment agency would work on the behalf of both the school and the teacher. This practice is also considered essential so that the teacher can be matched accurately with the school. Primary would include Junior. The agency deal with all the hard work of finding suitable teachers for the vacancies and recruitment of teachers is therefore made so much easier for the school. A good agency conducts a face to face interview with all teachers registering with them. If you register with a recruitment agency working with many of the schools throughout the Kent area.56 Find Teaching Jobs Through a Recruitment Agency One of the ways you can consider looking for teaching jobs in Kent is to register with a specialist recruitment agency. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Secondary includes teaching Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 across all curriculum subjects. Of course not all teachers in Kent are looking for full time positions. you stand more chance of finding a suitable that suitable position. When looking for teaching jobs in Kent a good agency should be able to offer positions for any level of teaching. Infant and Nursery teaching at the levels of Foundation. Of course the recruitment agency is also able to fill mid-term positions which could be due to maternity leave or long term illness. This would include arranging . If you are registered with the agency then you could be offered that position. Sometimes this could be for the odd days work for instance if a member of their staff has called in sick for the day or has to attend a course or meeting. Long term. When registering with the agency all teachers are fully vetted. The teacher and the school are both assigned an individual consultant who is on hand to make the whole process of recruitment and selection a great deal easier. some are looking for part time work so the agency would be able to offer short term supply teaching too. This should include primary and secondary school teaching.

uk> and secondary supply teachers <http://www.classiceducation.57 interviews and providing feedback on behalf of the school in order to match the most suitable teacher to the position.co.uk> . which is a Kent based recruitment specialist for the education sector. They provide Kent supply teachers <http://www. Finding teaching jobs in Kent through a recruitment agency can not only save a great deal of time it would also provide peace of mind. You would have access to suitable jobs and schools and of course you would have your own personal consultant to rely on if you needed help or advice on matters relating to any position you were considering taking on. Julie Flesher is Director of Classic Education.classiceducation. .co.

If you are one of those who have lost their job or you are just looking for a change of pace. This is due to so many other jobs available to women now. for some companies. And what better way to do that than to have an accountant look through the finances and make suggestions. This is because. leads to more employment in corrections. many have lost and will lose their jobs. take a look at the list below. ? Corrections: Bad monetary times lead to more crime. Businesses want to make sure that their money is well-spent and well-preserved. less and less women (and men. Many wonder if any industry is safe from the current economic crisis. Even though this job field started out as primarily female workers. ? Accounting: Accountants find great job opportunities during tough economic times.trainingharbor. Well.com/> is available. And for those looking to get into this line of work or just renewing their contractor's license. for that matter) are getting into the nursing field. ? Nursing: No matter how bad the economy is. there are still great sales jobs available. people always need to be taken care of. they also get benefits. ? Contractors: For many states. What's not to love about that? . But there are a few states that seem to have constant construction projects. which. Idaho and Utah are some of those states because the roads become pothole-ridden due to harsh weather. and covers the same topics. construction work is being cut. Businesses all want to find ways to cut back and save money. Utah contractor online training <http://agcut. there are. Aggressive sales has keep many companies alive and kicking when other businesses are going under. And not only is the field of corrections always looking for quality workers. ? Sales: While the shopping power of America has decreased.58 Working Through a Recession Jobs are hard to come by these days. the only way to pull through a recession is to increase the sales workforce. that there never was with previous generations. in turn. With the economy in the state it's in. This is a cheaper alternative to actually attending training in person. Here is a list of some of the best recession-proof jobs available.

. These jobs just might be the link we need to make it through unscathed.59 ? Administrative Assistants: An office is run by administrative assistants. As we all hope that our economic situation will improve very soon. it is better to be prepared for a deeper recession. These types of job seem harder to fill these days because the pay scale is lower than other jobs. there is always work to be done-from filing to answering phones. With the above jobs. But. no one has to be out of work.

To access a site from the list. The key to successful job research is to know how and where to look for the best available jobs. the jobs will be based on the information from the person.60 Great Tips For IT Job Search The best source for finding jobs in the information technology (commonly known as IT Industry) is by making use of the web (Internet). Subscribe to the website on which you are searching for the job. needs to have his or her hands on the following information: 1. because there are different disciplines. consider the following information: 1. Several sites offer lists of vacancies for specific areas. If you are ready to change your current location. The applicant has the possibility of choosing contractual. This is usually around the navigation to facilitate the work. internships or temporary jobs category. part time. While most employers ask for a copy of your resume through the Internet (email). Get yourself well organised: Organize your career portfolio in soft copies as well as and hard copies. In the search for the best suitable available jobs you will most usually be asked to fill out an online form that the will now state your personal and individual profile. a person. when you search for jobs on many IT openings on the Internet. you may now have access to the list 3. 2. then you can opt for jobs an a location of your choice. full time. To avoid the frustration. there are some who still need hard copies of your resume in their respective offices. After confirmation of the notification in your mail address (via e-mail from the moderator for the website). . Other sites automatically match the profile of the individual. Determine your best place of work. 4.

always ensure that you send your CV on the basis of the above pre-determined priorities. 4. Please. Search the Internet for various locations in the list of IT jobs. Register on a number of job listing websites for a wider access to various job lists.com. Classification of the above is based on your own personal priority.joblinkage. You can get even more helpful and updated information at http://www. 6.61 2. 5. Wage : It is always understandable that you will not be the one to determine how much you will be paid.net> TODAY. but you need to have a salary range of what you expect to be paid in the job you are applying for.employersfield. . 3. There are also lots of Free Local and International Job vacancies for you to apply for today by visiting JOBLINKAGE <http://www.


How to Be a Game Tester and Make Money Doing It!

Knowing how to be a game tester could fall into the category of almost too good to be true. Imagine having the opportunity to do something that is really enjoyable (and you are probably doing anyway!) and make serious money at the same time. That's the combination we all search for and hope that one day we can find. And this can be your reality if you know how to be a game tester. A fast growing type of employment, more and more people are searching for a game tester career. The video game industry has exploding and in 2008 was worth $50 BILLION. The estimates are that the growth rate will continue for the next several years. The challenge of creating new and exciting products to meet this demand has also created a new type of job... that of a being a computer game tester. All the computer programmers and engineers in the world still cannot provide the one skill that a company must have to succeed in this market. That is...the real life experience of playing video games. The consumer has been at it for several years now and often has a passion for it that is remarkable. These are the people who will ultimately make or break the success of the game. And the companies want to show you how to be a game tester and assure their games are winners before they hit the market! How to be a game tester is relatively simple. You must be at least 15 years old. There are no education requirements. You don't have to have experience in being a computer game tester either. What you do need is real life experience playing a number of games and know what works and what doesn't. How to be a game tester is as simple as doing what you have probably spent years doing anyway! Computer game testers uncover bugs that would frustrate users and hurt sales. They also provide valuable input as to their opinion of what might make the game more fun or challenging. For someone who is serious about this field, it is easy to gain testing experience and develop a game tester career.

To become a game tester you will need to fill out an application with a company which gives them an idea of your game experience. There are numerous guides available which make this process much easier. They give guidance on the best way to present yourself in the application. By demonstrating to the company that you know the ropes when it comes to computer games you will have a good chance of being hired. From that point learning how to become a game tester is easy. The guides that are available provide a list of companies that have positions open.It is possible to just work for one company and test whatever new games they have when they are developed. This becomes a great part time job that can fit in around school or other employment. But a growing number of people have made this their game testing career. They test games for several different companies and are always working on something. The average computer game tester made almost $40,000 in 2008. Not bad pay for doing something you love! If you'd like a more indepth look into this exploding job choice head over to How to be a Game Tester <http://Squidoo.com/How-to-be-a-GameTester4> and start making money now.


Super Tips to Better Job Search

Hunting for the perfect job for an individual requires time, effort and knowledge. In other for anyone to have a stress free search for a job, everyone should first consider the following information before you proceed with your job search: You need to figure exactly what kind of job you are applying for before embarking on a job search. When you gate crash for a job test or interview, only to realize that the job was not for your qualifications, then you would have wasted your time. Think about your interests, preferred work environment as well as time for you family. These are important to consider as their have been cases of people resigning after a couple of weeks of employment. 2. there is need to prepare the necessary documents or career CV and portfolio. Several copies of your CV, certificates and documents should all be prepared and ready. 3. Know where to look for jobs. There are various places to search for jobs. Here are some of these best list: Job website. One of the most common is the search for job vacancies using the Internet. Besides the fact that surfing the Internet for the posts is less time consuming for personal, it may also be the cheapest way to search for jobs. The Internet do not only help you find the right vacancies faster, it also helps you to find list of other international job vacancies more easily. Daily Newspapers: One of the most commonly used when it comes to job vacancies research. Local Newspapers have a lot of jobs that are went for residents in a particular environment. The job listings are more directed to local residence where the newspapers are printed. And of course it is one of the oldest ways of searching for jobs. Careers and job employment centers:

they mainly focus on the young applicants. .com . So you need to visit it regularly to find the right job. Office premises: Some reputable organizations have job listing boards where vacancies are posting for everyone to see. So you may need to visit some of these office to get an update on their available job vacancies. They are periodically updated and as such job listings are specific professionals who need employment in their area of practice. Although it is usually filled with job vacancies.employersfield. There are also lots of Free Local and International Job vacancies for you to apply for today by visiting JOBLINKAGE <http://www.joblinkage. Job listings have a more regular updates.65 They usually offer jobs for 16-18 years and you can hardly find jobs 21 years and above. Job magazines: This is the best place for professionals to seek for job.net> TODAY. You can get even more helpful and updated information at http://www.

family. ? Tell everyone you know you're looking for a job Start networking and telling friends. the reality of going back to work is fast approaching and can get overwhelming. get lost in the chaos of bills and lose hope. ? Set your goals When setting your goals. Prepare your resume and start emailing and carrying a copy of it around to give to potential employers. determine what it is going to take and write out a plan to get there. monthly. decide how much you want and then you can start brainstorming on how to make it. how much will child care be and most importantly how much money can be made? Below you will find a few helpful tips for anyone re-joining the workforce. Get the word out and don't be ashamed to tell people you are in need of work. For many individuals. Several factors have to be considered when a mom goes back to work. Who will watch the kids. yearly and lifelong goals are. So many people. If you want to just save for a rainy day. If you want to stop foreclosure. The reasons for going back to work vary from trying to avoid a foreclosure of their home to just needing some extra cash to save for a rainy day. . Determine what your weekly.66 Re-Joining the Workforce The money is running out fast. don't just stop with the daily goals. TIPS ? Determine your skills What are you good at doing? Can you type fast. do you have a pleasant personality on the phone or do you prefer to work with others? Determine what skills you have from your past experiences and that will help narrow down what jobs you should search for. especially stay at home moms. especially those losing their home to foreclosure. neighbors and email buddies you are looking for a job. People love to help and you never know who it will be that has the perfect job just waiting for you. the bills keep coming in and re-joining the workforce is now a must.

but it is possible and the benefits are rewarding. then you have a choice to make and change what your thinking about which will in turn change the way you feel and then the way you act. Ask yourself if you would want to hire someone acting like your acting? If the answer is no. Since founded. Rejoining the workforce can be daunting and overwhelming. Our Lenders and brokers across the country are given accounts to access borrower information and make successful loans. Foreclosure Defense Law Center is the parent company of ForeclosureDefenseLawCenter. The extra paycheck is nice and you never know who you might meet that will change the course of your future. you can start getting cynical and stop thinking of other possibilities that are out there. Good luck. Often.foreclosuredefenselawcenter.67 ? Stay positive and hopeful After weeks of searching for jobs and little to no luck finding one. .us> and its affiliate websites. our top goals and priorities have been to maintain the integrity of service we provide and the guaranteed satisfaction of our users and customers alike. it's easy to get discouraged and feel like you will never find a job.us <http://www. We provide Borrowers nationwide with a service geared to make the loan process as stress-free and simple as possible.

You would have to put in your very best effort in this part as will ultimately determine the result of all your efforts to find a job. 3. A small research on the company One of the best ways to make a good impression of your conversation partner is a little research about the company where you are applying. It would not be normal for you to put up another body language during the conversation. What would you like to go next? The interview is important and has even more stress when trying to land a job. If you know a thing or two about the company. Watch Your Body Language Many interviewer understand clearly the language of the body. Your clothes must be appropriate. 1. Remember here that the employer is the one to make a decision. It will help you to be better equipped with materials to answer the many questions the interviewer will throw at you. at least. 2. so that. Whatever the employers may demand from their employees. Experienced interviewers will observe this within minutes.68 Ideal Preparation For a Job Interview Now. If you fail here then all your efforts on the interview for the job application would simply be in vain. whether you have the right attitude for the job. the first impression of created by the fiscal conversation with the applicant goes a long way to determine if you will get the nod. You are in front of the box and have just a call for an interview. focusing on his feelings. One of the main points that you should try to prove to the interviewer is how your skills can help the company improve and become even a better organisation. it shall signify an openness of heart and self honesty. Make a good impression Always ensure that you present your self in the best light to the interviewer. it is much easier to answer this question. Avoid saying lies of trying to say what is not. What you need to do is to note the language of the body. you have a killer resume and all other support documents. Always keep your hands open and not put or .

so ensure you are able to prove that you have what it takes.69 fold your legs or arms together. You can get even more helpful and updated information at http://www. Confidence Go with a goal. There are also lots of Free Local and International Job vacancies for you to apply for today by visiting JOBLINKAGE <http://www. 4. Try not to be over confidence and then make more mistakes. Answer with a goal. Ensure that you are sure of whatever you're saying.com . No one want to employer a staff that lacks self confidence. .employersfield. Do not be afraid to make an eye contact with the eyes of the interviewer when speaking.joblinkage.net> TODAY.

This will give you more visibility and a sense of importance which may be invaluable come the next cut. it is becoming more important for employees to hold on to their jobs until the economy turns around.Get in touch with your boss and convey to them your goals for the next month.Now is the time to take on more responsibilities in your workplace and become more involved. Take note of your attitude . Up to 50% of all employers in the Euro zone will be laying off workers this year according to the latest GMBA poll taken last month. . Look at your diet . hopefully by 2011.Try not to fall into the trap that turns one into a cynical or pessimistic person. "Treat cynicism the same way would treat a cancer". "It can lead to a downward spiral that affects the way way others perceive you and the way you think about the world". The survey also says that employers do not expect to see a recovery until 2011. Enquire about skills training at your company. says Janet. The economic environment is causing much stress and despair to individuals trying to get through.This is a great opportunity to gain extra experience and develop your skills. Make sure your work benefits your organisation . professor of human resources at the London Institute has kindly given us his advice on getting through these turbulent times. Develop your skill set . Maurice Hayes. 2009 does not look like things are going to get better with job cuts increasing. Try to eat better and you should feel better in body as well as mind by ensuring you get your recommended daily intake of fruit and veg. Plan monthly benchmarks .Although not directly directly related to your career. Bruce Richardson of the Institute of Behavioural Research in Cambridge believes this behaviour can be corrosive. Given this information. a healthy diet will translate into a healthy mind. read up on publications and learn everything about your career.70 How to Keep Your Job and Survive the Downturn Those of you who still have a job can consider themselves lucky.

aspx> for more career advise.telcojobs. "Do the tasks no one wants to do .telcojobs. This is vital to your well being.." says Catherine Nevin a recruitment head hunter.It may be too late when you lose your job to tidy up your finances. if you can.just grin and bear it! It will be very beneficial to you when managers have to choose who to cut" Examine your finances . and your body will follow. If this is not possible. Believe in yourself .eu/> or see their job seekers center <http://www. "Train your mind to seceded with positivity.eu/cms/JobSeekersCenter/tabid/59/Default. a HR manager for Coca Cola says that it is time to take on more tasks and become that vital cog in your companies machinery. . try to have a budget so you can survive 5-7 months without work if possible. "I see a great difference in folks when they decide to adopt a positive mental attitude to actually believe they can and will succeed. look at cutting the fat out of your expenditure and try to live lean now.eu if you are interested in an engineering or telecommunications job <http://www." Go to telcojobs.It is important to believe that you will pull through these difficult times.71 Karen Staunton.

Generally. The engineer works on developing new or improved structural parts. it is the engineer who determines driveability. Department of Labor Dictionary of Occupational Titles. transmissions and suspension systems. The engineer is involved in production cost estimation. most jobs within the US are centered in the Midwest since that is the major location of the auto industry.000 annually and a Bachelor of Science .S. there is still a demand for engineers due to the current focus on fuel economy and alternate fueled vehicles. While there are global opportunities for automotive engineers in countries as far flung as Malaysia and the United Kingdom. The word design is slightly misleading since an automotive designer is a stylist basically concerned with the appearance of the automobile while the engineer specializes in the performance of the automobile and its components. The field is expected to grow as fast as average through 2014. engines. reduction of production costs and implementing cost/quality control improvements. automotive engineering is a sub-specialty of mechanical engineering. According to the U. In the case of new designs. The engineer must be sure that the product meets all federal regulations. The working environment is a combination of office and on site. Even though the automotive manufacturing industry is in a slump at this time. The entry-level salary starts at around $48. an automotive engineer is one who works on the design or manufacture of automobiles.72 A Career in Automotive Engineering Would you like to make "I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech and a heck of an engineer" a reality in your life? Have you always enjoyed tinkering around with cars and figuring out what made stuff work? Does being a team player developing products that are the cutting edge of technology appeal to you? Then automotive engineering might be the career for you. General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler. The big three employers in the United States are Ford.

To ensure admission to the college of choice. While all engineering colleges are selective. physics.73 degree is required. the engineer should have excellent communication skills. One characteristic you need to look for in a college is the quality of instruction.trianglerentacar. It also doesn't hurt to consider a college that offers advanced degrees in the event you decide to go further than a bachelor's degree. It will also be necessary to score high on whatever college admissions test the school requires as the admissions committee will base their decision on both your high school record and admissions test scores.com/locally-ownedrental-car-company. strong troubleshooting skills and the ability to work as part of a team.com/locally-ownedrental-car-company. In addition to the degree. advanced math.php> Car Rental Raleigh <http://www. The same is true of having instructors with industry connections. the better and the best are even more so. Vocational classes in automotive mechanics are also helpful. Local Car Rental <http://www.php> .trianglerentacar. chemistry and geometry. Are all the classes taught by professional teachers and not graduate assistants? Do these teachers have industry connections? Is simulation and hands-on an integral part of the program? Does the college offer internships or work study opportunities? Internships and work-study are very important as they offer a path to instant employment upon graduation. a high school graduate should have a high GPA with a strong background in calculus. the choice of a college is crucial. statistics. As with any engineering degree.

For example. and engineers-somewhere near the top of the employment food chain. But even before the recession. accountants. probably the best and most accurate measure of status-and respect-is the value that a person conveys to society as a whole. particularly if the product sold is of dubious value.74 A Profession For Professionals Society often judges people based on their profession. In the end. or to society in general. Of course this isn't always the case. but it happens more often than not. the answer might well lie with network marketing. On the other end of the spectrum you have the high school dropout who got tired of struggling as an auto service manager and started one of the most dynamic internet marketing companies operating today. become villains-or heroes. someone selling large computer systems is more respected than someone selling used cars. Many boomers turn away from potential network marketing opportunities . because today. society sees what they do for a living. and makes snap determinations on that basis. That may be why the public takes great interest when people break out of their molds. Sales people on the other hand sometimes find their careers disparaged. Instead of seeing the person. and in the glare of the media eye. That gentleman now spends most of his time promoting charitable causes-and donating money to them. This is an important distinction. lawyers. The recession of course has put a very bold exclamation point on this consideration as people at all points along the income spectrum deal with an unstable job market and the loss of wealth. The two judges in Pennsylvania-a job typically near the pinnacle of professional respect-made headlines when they were busted for imposing excessively long juvenile sentences on offenders by sending them to a detention facility which the judges themselves owned. we tend to place professionals-doctors. The job you hold can either result in status-or stigma. Within that classification scale. the contemporary iteration of the old-and often maligned-Multi Level Marketing (MLM). those same people were struggling with how to give back more to their community. Today. many Baby Boomers are wrestling with itamong a lot of other things-when considering their lives and their careers.

Regardless of where a person is with their career. it's certainly something to consider.75 because of the stigma. OH that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. For more information and to contact Ann. or their life.net . but it can also provide a forum for helping others to grow and prosper as well. visit: http://dreams2wealth. The factual reality is that network marketing can not only provide a person at any level of the economic strata with a substantial six-figure income. Ann Shipley is a business coach and mentor based out of Chardon.

and coordinate support services in response to of- . Companies will classify jobs that an employee will perform and be compensated. Once the concepts of creating job descriptions are understood. create. Based on the rules and characterizations of the job description the company manager and employee truly understand the duties associated with the position. it is possible to create a resume version that aligns specific abilities and knowledge to the job description being advertised. There are many ways to write a job description so that candidates can associate specific skills and experiences for the purpose of creating a potential match.76 Anatomy of a Computer Analyst Job Description Job descriptions define a needed position or role within an organization that must be filled with the best qualified individual(s). Job descriptions are typically focused to capture the essence of the job position. It creates an understanding that the duties of this employee are well thought out and articulated to create a hierarchy or organizational matrix to which other jobs will connect. duties and responsibilities for a potential match to occur but allow for some interpretation by potential candidates. style and format. Plan. The fundamental breakdown of a job description can follow a consistent flow. Let's examine two sample job descriptions for a Computer Analyst: Computer Analyst (1) Duties and Responsibilities: Requirements for support specialist include: Direct support services: * fice needs.

enlarging charts and photographs. document. duplicating tapes and videos. install. * Operate video editing and duplicating equipment. they are very different in structure and format. Computer Analyst (2) Company seeks a systems analyst I for our program at XXX. quality assurance. configuration. * Design. Preparation of documentation in support of office based software and meetings are key components of the job. * Must possess an XXX degree in Computer Science or verifiable commensurate experience * Must be able to obtain or posses a secret security clearance * Will be responsible for loading new XXX Software on all computers used to support equipment maintenance * Will be responsible for loading XX Software on all computers used to support Equipment maintenance * Will be required to produce documentation on work of all computer settings for use in troubleshooting purposes * Must be capable of trouble shooting problems * Must be familiar with XXX module software and capable of troubleshooting systems * Must be capable of setting up LAN compliant server from the start which complies with with all XXX security settings Evaluation . Technical assistance services on the standard office applications * Produce a variety of documentation materials that include tables. * Provide technical support e. graphs and charts * Provide assistance to personnel in preparation of meeting presentations.g. maintenance of all related support services. Very strict style showing that the organization knows exactly what the . and teach end users on the use of new and updated support software applications. and marking exhibits. The skills that this computer analyst job position requires are focused on formatting of documentation for presentation purposes and a close relationship to executives and managers. test. installation.77 * Responsible for testing. deploy. implementation.Even both descriptions are labeled as Computer Analyst. develop. * Sole individual responsible for the operation of all software and hardware used to maintain wireless network connectivity ensuring all systems are operated in compliance with company XXX policies. Computer Analyst (2) gives more information in a more structured format. Computer Analyst (1) is a geared more toward planning and support.

googlepages. Customer Relationship Management.78 job entails and is very specific on what the qualified applicant needs to possess to be considered for the position. Blog Info <http://resumeservices. it is imperative to fully understand the position being defined and create a resume and cover letter to align skills and experience to fit the job being applied for. This style leaves little room for variations in experience and knowledge and may have been written for internal personnel.com> . 25 years experience in various industries as a business consultant. Project Management Contributing articles about employment strategies in education. When viewing job descriptions. health care and Information Technology. management. Specialist in Customer Service <http://findmeagoodjob.com/home> .wordpress.

Companies will classify jobs that an employee will perform and be compensated. Job descriptions are typically focused to capture the essence of the job position. Let's examine two sample job descriptions for a Computer Support Representative: Computer Service Representative (1) * Supports computer users with installation of hardware/software and networking components to meet personal computer needs. duties and responsibilities for a potential match to occur but allow for some interpretation by potential candidates. There are many ways to write a job description so that candidates can associate specific skills and experiences for the purpose of creating a potential match. and implementation of policies throughout area of assignment. Based on the rules and characterizations of the job description the company manager and employee truly understand the duties associated with the position. It creates an understanding that the duties of this employee are well thought out and articulated to create a hierarchy or organizational matrix to which other jobs will connect. projects. Once the concepts of creating job descriptions are understood. * Assists with computer studies. * Conducts diagnostic reviews and produces error reports as requested by customers in order to identify and correct any problems. * Diagnoses and troubleshoots problems with individual or multiple computer systems in order to maintain proper functioning. resolves issues including contacting and assisting vendors. . it is possible to create a resume version that aligns specific abilities and knowledge to the job description being advertised. style and format. The fundamental breakdown of a job description can follow a consistent flow.79 Anatomy of a Customer Service Job Description Job descriptions define a needed position or role within an organization that must be filled with the best qualified individual(s).

Computer Service Representative (2) Purpose To provide technical and functional support by phone. research. Project Management Contributing articles about employment strategies in education.80 * Assists in the design and development of standardized operational management reports in order to identify issues or monitor computers. it is imperative to fully understand the position being defined and create a resume and cover letter to align skills and experience to fit the job being applied for. and provides hardware/software quotations.Serve as a technical resource and the main point of contact for technical or functional issues with supported systems to include computer and printer hardware. When viewing job descriptions. problem resolution. Blog Info <http://resumeservices. * Researches. tools to be used and types of problems the candidate will expect if they accept the position. in writing or in person to XXX end users on technical problems to include installation.Troubleshoot. Outlining a job purpose role sets high level expectations before detailing specific duties to perform. . Specialist in Customer Service <http://findmeagoodjob. and other purchasing information to users to assist in purchasing necessary equipment. but provides specific duties that spell out exactly what the company expects. and resolve technical and functional issues using all available resources and following internal procedures. . Customer Relationship Management. management.wordpress.com> . Responsibilities .Utilize call management system to track and escalate technical or functional issues according to procedures. operating systems. ordering information. end-user training. Computer Service Representative (1) is a basic listing of responsibilities and duties in a bulleted format.com/home> . Computer Service Representative (2) gives more information in a structured format. analyzes. It also gives more definition to the duties to be performed. 25 years experience in various industries as a business consultant. and preferred applications. health care and Information Technology.googlepages. This format gives basic information on what this job entails.

Undecidedly E. a redundancy policy that truly involves 'letting someone go'. via text message. or as the punch line for an opening joke at the office party. as he had done in his previous tenure at Real back in 1997. email.. before they clear out their desk. When Capello delivered the League on the last day of the season.g. Why it doesn't work: Most people will be incredulous of such off-hand redundancy methods. 4. proves they can do your job better than you can. Fabio Capello at Real Madrid in 2007. It's hard to believe that your life's employment has been cancelled because of a breezily worded email from some slick-haired suit in the office upstairs.S.A..g. Montgomery Burns of Springfield. but you'll think otherwise when you see 'Health & Safety' guidelines for disposing of the remains. Casually E. Why it doesn't work: It may be thrilling at the time. Murderously E.81 The Five Worst Ways to Fire an Employee 5... There's also something rather distasteful about taking the podium at some pie-eyed office knees-up only to say. it was to the news that he was to be sacked in the coming weeks. With the team struggling in the spring. the board decided that they'd had enough of Don Fabio. but never got round to serving him his redundancy papers. who famously keeps a trap-door immediately in front of his desk. 3. Why it doesn't work: Nothing makes you look sillier than firing someone who. by managing England. 'The Don' is now proving that he can turn even the shabbiest examples of professional sportsmen into a winning side. "You'll be pleased to hear ..g. U.

the company intends to help small businesses avoid costly breaches of regulation and legal action. By providing these legal documents (with content provided by leading commercial lawyers. Fearfully E." before reading out thirty names to a crowd of thirty two. in which a monstrously imperious Alec Baldwin swaggers under the weight of his own manhood and challenges his four hapless wards to finish top of the pile by the end of the week or ship out.82 that the following people have not been fired.g.simplydocs.uk/CustomPage. The film version of David Mamet's 'Glengarry Glen Ross'. Why it doesn't work: Such a brutal redundancy procedure will win you no friends and may lead to comparisons between you and the Roman Emperor Commodus. HR and health & safety consultants) at an affordable price. your employees look to you for fair and decisive leadership. The firm provides over 1100 UK documents covering all aspects of business from holiday entitlement to comprehensive redundancy documents <http://www.aspx?customPageID=55> . Iain Mackintosh is the Managing Director of Simply-Docs. Gladiatorially E.D. who unaccountably fires his entire staff. 2. . 1.co. Why it doesn't work: As a manager... Alan Partridge of I'm Alan Partridge. locks himself in his office and timidly confesses via intercom that his business has collapsed. By lying your way into humiliating revelations you'll leave the firees not only devastated by their redundancy but baffled at how they could have followed such a feckless goon in the first place. whose gladiatorial sadism and penchant for murdering anything with a backbone led to his being strangled in the bath in 192 A.g.

However. such experience can be gained while you are on the tiling courses. plastering or some cementing. ceramics. why not consider joining tiling courses? A tiler is a member of a construction team that will implement the plans already drawn up by a builder. restaurants and office buildings. you can find tilers being employed in businesses such as stores. Although many people do not really acknowledge the need to follow tiling courses. They would be putting tiles to the bathroom or the kitchen. getting yourself onto tiling courses will surely not put you at a disadvantage. using the needed quantity of grout and finishing off the job A tiler generally gets work in a variety of environments.83 Join Tiling Courses and Take Up Tiling As a Career Modern day houses extensively make use of tiles.wearing properties. A tiler has a number of responsibilities under his purview. glass or stone. ? the tiler should first ensure that the area which has to be covered is prepared properly. more so in the kitchen and bathroom. The tiler also works with a variety of materials such as marble. Further more employers will look to hire people who have some practical experience. The needful can be done through sanding. which include: ? finding out how many tiles are needed for a particular area (this is known as 'setting out' or 'marking out') ? using the appropriate tools to get the tiles into the correct size and shape.mounted tools or by hand tools. Properly qualified tilers are demanded highly and can benefit from a really good salary. including residential and private homes. Joining tiling courses will help you get hands on experience in such areas. architect or a designer. There are even some specialty works which are done by tilers such as the tiles in swimming pools and the mosaic walls which can generally be seen in the garden outside the house. terracotta. Commercial buildings are also making use of them because of the fact that they are hard . This could be done by bench . ? adjusting or fixing the tiles as need after they are set. .

which could involve. can help you out with in terms of top notch articles which are not only informative and interesting but are also key word rich. Nowadays. Once you've become a tiler. and also get through a health & safety assessment. preparing. A Diploma in Construction can benefit you.blogspot. you should get through a number of units. You'll need to have an NVQ or something equal to it. Why not visit my blog http://topnotcharticlewriter. You can talk with contractor companies and get to know whether they will facilitate on-the-job training. you can start off as an apprentice. setting out surfaces and mosaic finishes. There are a number of colleges which facilitate courses like the ICA (Intermediate Construction Award) which enables you to qualify as as tiler. Poongothai. This is one of the few areas in which I. Hope to hear from you soon! . Becoming an apprentice would require some basic math as well as English skills.84 For people who don't have any experience but would like to become a tiler. you may need to have a CSCS card in order to work in particular construction sites. you can start on-the-job training. Practical ability will also be needed. This card will show what competencies and skills you have with regard to tiling.com to see more of the samples that I have done and how I can help you meet your article needs. To get an NVQ. There are websites which will help you get to know where these classes are conducted.

there seems to be a growing need to not only improve one's professional life. but to improve life at home as well. Some people launch their second career to bring more money into their lives. turnkey. and especially for people who are not experienced with Internet marketing. as well as extensive training for the new entrepreneur. Then they can begin to enjoy working from home. not the least of which is the horrendous recession that is plaguing us all. but it need not be difficult either. online business opportunity. . Particularly for the baby boomer generation who has achieved some level of success. they are making substantially more money than they were in their original careers. while others do it as a hedge against losing their job. Launching a career is not necessarily easy. Of course a person who has already lost their job might think even harder about launching another career. People are undertaking second careers for a myriad of reasons. This in turn fulfills the need that many baby boomers are feeling-giving back to the community and helping other people to survive and succeed as well. One thing that many Internet entrepreneurs are finding is that because of the size of the market and the efficiencies of online marketing. it may be time to think about launching your next career. These successful entrepreneurs all of a sudden find themselves in a situation where they not only have more money in their life but more time as well. Of course working from home is still working. training and hands-on support is also essential in order to get the new business up and running. This is leading people from all walks of life to consider working from home by finding a business opportunity that allows them to make a substantial income without having to go to an office or place of business. Anyone who is seriously considering redirecting their career should consider a packaged.85 Launching Your Next Career Regardless of the success-or lack thereof-that you've seen in your professional career to date. The key is to find a turnkey opportunity that offers a complete system for marketing and lead generation. One of the biggest reasons that people start a new career however is to improve their quality of life. With the Internet in place. launching a home business-particularly in the network marketing industry-is a very viable approach to launching a second career.

net .86 Ann Shipley is a business coach and mentor based out of Chardon. For more information and to contact Ann. visit: http://dreams2wealth. OH that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams.

Their routes typically will not take them to any more than 8 states within their region . The company sets up the load assignments and tells the driver where their next load will be. They get to decide when they want to work and where they want to go. They are usually on the road from 1 to 4 weeks at a time.The Different Types of Trucking Jobs Truck driving may seem to be a very attractive profession in today's hard economic times. Owner operator An owner operator owns their own truck or is buying one. and works for him or herself. They drive throughout the 48 states of the U. If you decide to pursue a interesting career in trucking then you should know that there are many types of jobs available. A career in truck driving can provide a person with good job stability.87 Trucking Job . OTR (over the road) OTR drivers are the ones who drive trucks for long distances and are out on the road for weeks.S. All the driver has to do is drive the truck and get to their destination on time. and are assigned to a certain tractor. becoming an owner operator requires a lot of paperwork and business skills. including Canada and Mexico. Regional These drivers operate within a limited geographical area only. OTR drivers are the ones who get to travel all over America and make good money doing it. lots of traveling opportunities. and no boss over your shoulder. Just like with any business. Company Driver Company driver's work for a trucking company. This is the most common type of driver out there and how most new drivers get their start. excellent benefits. Each job pays different and may require some special training. On an average an OTR driver can expect to drive around 2500 miles in one week.

which don't have a sleeper in the back. Bo Murphy is a 22 year veteran of the trucking industry. He is a high paid truck driver and the author of a new book " How to make $100. For Trucking Jobs <http://www.000 during a Recession as a Truck Driver".com . They drive daycab tractors.moneymakingtruckdriver. Local drivers are home every night and usually get paid by the hour.com> go to http://www. Like LTL driver's local drivers can have multiple stops in a day.88 of operation or maybe just within one state. Their lifestyle is similar to that of an OTR drivers except they usually get home within days or every weekend. Local Local drivers operate trucks within a 100-mile radius of their hometown.moneymakingtruckdriver.

For over thirty years. this is the time when self-confidence and good orderly direction are more important than ever. etc. The DiSC breaks out behavior into the following four categories: ? Dominance: Direct and Decisive. If you find yourself unexpectedly looking for a job. For instance. With over two million jobs lost in 2008. this is the place to show it off. capturing your personality and abilities on paper and standing out in the crowd is more important than ever and more difficult. If they mention international travel. Spend those extra few minutes to customize your resume and use as much specific verbiage as possible from the ad itself. well. core strengths. strong-minded people who like accepting challenges. Those who closely relate to the "I" behavior traits are "people people" who like participating on teams. Companies now use special scanner and software packages and feed through resumes they receive in order to search for keywords and phrases. It is vital to know that automation plays a new role in the hiring process. Those who are closely associated with the "D" behavior trait are strong-willed. sharing . Or if you've run a staff or seventy and built a million dollar business out of nothing. If you find this to be your dominant dimension. ? Influence: Optimistic and Outgoing. and getting immediate results. then you mention international travel too. Be sure to spend a few minutes of true introspection to uncover as much about yourself and your best assets as possible through the DiSC behavior assessment. Here are some basics to keep in mind as you put pen to paper and begin your job hunt. leadership and senior management will be a natural fit for you. taking action.89 Rewriting the Resume Rules The rules for resume writing have definitely changed the last twelve months. the DiSC dimensions of behavior provide an objective tool for exploring behavioral issues across four primary dimensions and empower the subject to make choices based on their true. Next. if you have twenty five years experience and speak three languages. consider featuring your job objective on your cover letter and using those two starring sentences at the top of your resume to highlight your unique brilliance instead. you get the picture.

Inc. ? Steadiness: Sympathetic and Cooperative. ? Conscientiousness: Concerned and Correct. CPBA. Spending an hour or two with a great Career Mentor is an investment well worth making in order to be sure that your focus is effective and your resume is great! Catherine Palmiere CEIC. employing systematic approaches. and being good listeners. Palmiere Career Services Phone: 212 557-9150 ext. Finally. CPCC.adampersonnel. there ARE jobs out there. Inc. Among other things. 208 http://www. "I" people make excellent sales executives. C's are sticklers for quality and like planning ahead. remember this . You may need to change industries or take on a few consulting assignments while you're looking. and checking and re-checking for accuracy. and energizing and entertaining others.com . no matter what you do to support yourself to be empowered at this time and to stand out in the crowd.palmierecareerservices. Adam Temporary Services.com http://www. performing in consistent and predictable ways.even in a recession. CSS and all-around GSP (Great Staffing Partner)! President of Adam Personnel. CTS.90 ideas. S's are helpful people who like working behind the scenes. CPC.

com/2009/02/tips-topromote-positive-thinking. aims and venerations. the next question revolves around the fact. Lastly beware of advice givers/ shares of expertise. it is critical to determine the need for which you want to take a coach. The first question that you should think of is whether the person has had any formal training or not? How many coaching clients they have had. but such people are not good coaches. Some may work for six months on a contract basis. In fact. and put's you in the driver's seat. With the right kind of coach and sequent coaching environment.blogspot.blogspot. that who will assume this powerful role. Once you have decided this. . They may be great advisers. First Of All. failings.com/> Learn more about Tips To Promote Positive Thinking <http://career-with-lauren. or to develop managerial or leadership skills. if you want to hire an ideal individual for your company. For example. Taking the right coach for your demands or situation will be a important epitope of whether your program succeeds or not.html> . Focus more on you and the desired outcomes that you want from investing time and money into coaching. Ask about their charges or fees. A good coach is someone who is able to identify your potencies.91 Ideas For Selecting a Coach For Your Employees Selecting a coach for your organization is not an smooth task. Your coach may be external or internal to the organization. while others may have certain conditions or requirements before they take on this task. To read more about Career With Lauren visit Career With Lauren <http://career-with-lauren. it can be quite dashing and harrowing. you can be sure of achieving your coaching goals. it could be to frontline your employees. You need to ask the person about their preferred way of working with the clients. For selecting a good coach you need to keep a lot of things in mind. that the certification is granted by the International Coaches Federation. since they became a coach? Are they certified through a coaching program? It is important to note.

92 Becoming a Nurse . a nurse who does not like children would not do well in a family practice. and so forth there are nurses who are specially trained. they might do quite well working for a general practitioner. and the ability to take a temperature and wear scrubs there is far more to being a nurse than this. such as emergency care. From the basic nurse with minimal training. and processing lab work that must be done. there are plenty of times when the nurses that are on staff are actually quite different. wear scrubs typically and handle a large number of patient needs quickly and efficiently. intensive care. For example. all nurses seem to be exactly the same.Which Nursing Field is Right For You? For the typical person. and lots of opportunities to help people as a nurse . the intensive care unit. The simple reality is that there is a very large number of nurses that fill an extremely large capacity within the medical field. The job requirements and skills that one department might rely upon could be vastly different than the skills and requirements that another department needs. Because of this. it is extremely important that they be properly matched to the segment of the medical field that they are best suited and most comfortable. pediatrics. However. Many nurses are literally the only way that the doctors they work with can stay organized and together. Because the medical field has a huge range of specialty fields there is a large number of people who are specialized nurses as well. and even the neurology departments. However. taking blood. While most consider nurses to simply always require good bedside manners. Within all of the different medical fields. pediatric. There are very few differences. or even emergency room setting typically. after all they all assist doctors. to the super experienced registered nurse there are plenty of places where you might fit in. While some of the duties that nurses are assigned are quite small such as taking a medical history. What might be included in the job description for one nurse could easily be quite different for someone else. or temperature there are other duties that are quite large and significant like administering medications.

Best Buy Uniforms offers the lowest prices and highest quality Dickies Nursing Uniforms <http://www.com/listing.com/listing. economy nursing uniform scrubs.93 regardless of the chosen field and position. lab coats. tunics. and Landau Medical Uniforms <http://www.asp?cid=9> economy medical uniforms.asp?cid=148> . With ample room for growth and development. nursing can be one of the most exciting jobs that you ever select. landau nursing uniforms.bestbuyuniforms. smocks. dickies medical scrubs. warm up jackets and more.bestbuyuniforms. . If you're in the medical or nursing field we have you covered with great deals on cherokee nursing uniforms.

and should take steps to encourage and inspire an individual. From here. He should be able to identify their personality.He should also be able to monitor the overall performance of the group. All important factor is that the communication should be open and direct. . Now this person is judged by his qualities. people. He/she needs to foretell and resolve group fights. purpose and direction. The Action Centered Leadership model revolves around three key activities attempted by the leader: accomplishing the task. one can say that the leadership is centered in the actions that a person takes. highs and lows. potential and the actions that he/she takes while doing the job with his/her teammates. as they look. To help team spirit. problems. so that a mutual trust develops. The sensitive leader should also remember the dignity of an individual. Lastly. aims and fears. Any leader should gain the respect of the group that he leads. came the concept of Action Centered Leadership.94 The Definition of Action Centered Leadership Action Centered Leadership is a model developed by John Adair that focuses on what leaders should do in order to be effective. skills. An effective and influential leadership can make a paradigm change in any organization. strategies and tools for achieving the task. He needs to identify resources. Going by this. strengths. the standards in the team need to be high and members should take pride in their work. He should be able to assist individuals: plans. Some of the world's greatest leaders had and have the abilities to interpret the situation and act concordant to the needs. For attaining the target or attaining the task needs. variances and scrambles. a leader should have the ability to identify and hone the skills of any individual in the group. Building and maintaining the team is another essential task that the leader needs to carry out. building and upholding the team and preparing an individual (honing his talents or skills). every leader should identify aims and visions for the group. as well as production.

choiceofcareer.com/> Learn more about Coaching Employees in the Workplace <http://www.com/2009/02/11/coachingemployees-in-the-workplace/> .95 To read more about Choice of Career visit Choice of Career <http://www.choiceofcareer.

Neither we nor world's governments want to experience hard financial times and live in a rampant unemployment. The shortest possible to imagine explanation is to say money has not disappeared. Remember: "it's going to get worse before it gets better". We should remember. Summing up. Not only because we feel his words are reliable. Before you let your TV or a newspaper scare you. The developing computerization and change of needs of the industry.com/> in USA on NowHired. Find available jobs <http://www. average people earning and spending are able to stimulate economy. do check. even if you're depressed by the media do not give up." says Barrack Obama and we should believe him.nowhired. There still are jobs available in the US. their number is not going to decrease. The only way to outsmart the crisis is to get one of many available jobs in US and build up your future despite of the times. The more jobs can be done by machines the less human factor is needed in the production process. because it would not help getting out of the crisis. there's no need to be afraid of the crisis if you contribute to getting out of it.96 US Jobs During Crisis It should be remembered that since the early 21st century we've been frightened by rising unemployment in the US. Every situation is temporary and leads to opposite effects. Moreover. that crisis is a natural economical phenomenon which is going to be sinusoidally reversed in relatively short time.com . So. But this is mainly due to the reorganization of the market. "The single most important part of the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Plan is the fact that it will save or create up to 4 million jobs in US. this is only the problem of activating its current source. but because everybody knows. But jobs in US are permanently available in the sectors that are not dependent on national budget and that need human factor to function (like majority of the services).

leaders cannot propel or force people to work according to them. exhibiting friendliness even in the hardest circumstances can make you a example in the organization. Thirdly. can earn you accolades and respect from the employees and other people. if you have a friendly attitude.blogspot. they'll be thrown-off balance in benignly effective ways. Secondly. As a leader. Firstly. we tend to ignore the fact "a leader should be friendly". So. Unfriendly leaders often win battles but loose wars. by exhibiting friendly attitude. Your opponents can be put off balance. But often. and it is up to the people whether to function for you or against you. then there are more chances that you'll be backed or loved by everyone.even in the times of anger and stress. But if you are friendly. gentle and cordial in your relationships. "give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. then people will respond more openly and positively to you. An alpha dog leadership can ultimately turn out to be disparaging for the employees. but when they encounter friendly attitude on your part. you are sure that many people will support your cause. organization and the leader himself! Being kind. you'll often come across people working against you. Leadership is not all about dictating terms and accomplishing targets. Basically. Every one wants to be glad. In this way. There are a number of grounds which prove that friendliness is a leadership necessary. This will help you to set an example of how people should react in such hard times." To read more about Online Career Tips visit Online Career Tips <http://online-career-tips.97 Five Reasons Why Friendliness is a Leadership Necessity We have often heard about the various qualities that a good leader must posses or have. and friendliness is a great way to spread happiness. with friendliness everybody has an opportunity to win. Of course.com/> Learn more about List of Different . you'll even be able to turn your enemies in your favor.

com/2009/01/list-ofdifferent-careers-and-jobs.blogspot.html> .98 Careers and Jobs <http://online-career-tips. .

not just work skills. Be curious about yourself How well do you really know yourself? What are you good at? What interests and excites you? What values are really important to you? What is your personality and how does that influence the work you will feel comfortable doing? If you don't take the time to get to know yourself better. What led you make the career choices you have made up to now? Why did you think they would work for you? What have you enjoyed on the job so far and what have you come to thoroughly dislike? What were the high and low points of the work you have done? What have you learned . If not.99 Want to Change Careers? Then Get Curious! If you are trying to make a career change. then its time to make a change. pin them down and then decide if you still want to go along with them. If you don't plan your career change with a curious and enquiring approach. but about yourself? Be curious about the messages from your childhood What were the messages you got about what kind of career you should pursue when you grow up? What was expected of you? Name these messages. Be curious about other people's jobs . You can choose whether what you think you should be doing is actually what you want to do. Curiosity without being critical of yourself allows you to work out how you lost your career direction and how you can find a new route forwards. you run the risk of finding yourself going back down the same well worn tracks. then how can you be sure that your new career ideas will be a better match than the last ones? Be curious about your experience to date What has gone before is a great place to start. So what do you need to get curious about? Here are my top tips for using curiosity to help you make your career change a positive one. then curiosity is a great approach to adopt.

Look around you at what other people do. So what are you waiting for? Get curious and start taking action now! From Cherry Douglas. the more ideas you will generate for yourself. but didn't curiosity kill the cat?' Maybe it did. http://www. then I invite you to come and take a look round the How to Change Careers website. what alternative income streams could you set up? Break out of the 9-5 mindset and be open to new approaches. Yes. And the next step is to take action! If challenging to you to get curious has got you thinking..and what drives them nuts!.100 Once you have looked in at yourself.com/kickstart-your-career-change. Your Career Change Guide . take a look outwards. what do they love about what they do . you just might!).com It takes you through a step by step process that will help you make the career change you know you need. Find out what a typical day involves.how-to-change-careers. shift work. freelance. Be curious about just what you would do if there were no obstacles Allowing yourself to do this kind of open minded star gazing can really liberate your thinking. Maybe you are thinking 'yes. So what about freeing yourself up to move on to your next career? Life is too short just to have one! Getting curious is the first step on the road to a great new career future. You can also download my free ebook <http://www. This is not necessarily about having a dream and then expecting to just go out and get it (though you never know.how-to-change-careers. but. What about part-time. it can be hard to think of other ways of working. but that just freed the cat up to move on to its next life. short-term contracts and portfolio careers? If you are considering a switch to a less well paid job.. The more information you can gather about a wide range of possibilities. But there are many ways of structuring a working life. Be curious about other ways of structuring a working life If you are in a 9-5 job.html> 11¾ Ways To Kick Start Your Career Change. Simply thinking outside the box can help you come up with some great new angles that would not cross your mind if you are not curious enough to take off the blinkers. Become a curious roving reporter. consultancy. Ask them about their work.

There is still a huge demand of employees from various sectors. There were not many private companies and opportunities in private jobs and government jobs were the biggest employers. government jobs are perceived as less challenging. Freshers out of college are often not that patient to wait it out. in comparison to private employers. the public sector appears to be largely unaffected. . Mostly people seeking government jobs are looking for consistency. Private jobs are performance-based and allow various chances to grow if the employee is a star performer. In India Sarkari Naukri was considered safe and popular traditionally.101 Is Sarkari Naukri RecessionFree? Despite the fact that the global recession has been taking away millions of jobs in the private sectors. private jobs offer high career-growth opportunities even though they do not guarantee job security. Choosing between a between a government job and a job in the private sector is just a matter of what the person is looking for in a job. Pension is one of the major attractions of a government career. On the other hand. A common cliché about government jobs is that it is monotonous while private jobs are challenging and creative. people turned towards privately owned companies and new organizations ended up forming on a daily basis. One has to clear a series of entrance exams and interviews to make become eligible. security and an easy going life. Job seekers looking for private jobs will find that government jobs offer a low starting salary. entering into a government job is not always easy. With the increase of unemployment. Also. there is a steep increase in the demand for Sarkari Naukri in recent times. Work-wise. But in recent times. Salary hikes in a government career are less dependent on one's performance. People who are not very professionally ambitious and are satisfied with slow and steady growth look in government organizations. as well as the promotions and pay raises that are consistent and fixed.

com/> and jobs blog. you can get relevant information from employment newspapers and on the internet too. For anything one receives. The government is also creating Sarkari Naukri in computer/IT field which seems to be doing extremely well. life insurance. and other technical jobs are big and are in the news. hospital jobs. Though one can't comment on the politics involved in organizations. facilities for women employees. There are hundreds of new blogs and websites coming up showcasing the latest Sarkari Naukri in all fields. If you are making up your mind to think about Sarkari Naukris. Corruption rate is low as compared to the government sector.timesjobs. In comparison. the percentage of job satisfaction is much high in private jobs.com/> . . the government is taking steps to create more jobs in public sectors. institute jobs. career in Gulf <http://ae. Private organizations have better infrastructure and attractive modern technologies. one has to pay for it too. If you would like get more information about sarkari naukri <http://www. hard work and stress.timesjobs. You might be the lucky one to get your dream job. the demand for an Indian government job is on the rise and on the other. Sarkari Naukri in banks. On the one hand. Give it a try! Krish Bhatt is offering job advice for quite some time. Private jobs demand long working hours. Stress involved in private jobs robs health and decreases the time one spends with family.102 One important reason for people choosing private jobs is the efficiency and transparency of the system. etc. People are becoming aware of the importance of a secure job. power plant jobs. He is a writer with an enthusiasm for writing about anything. the policies offered by government institutions are more attractive like the number of leaves available.

panic and fear in even the most talented of professionals. here are four simple (yet powerful) steps that will enable you to go from fearful to fearless. she 'leaves her brain at the door' rendering her incapable of answering any questions in a professional and articulate way. claims that when walking into the interviewer's office. Quite the opposite to how she conducts herself during the normal course of her working day. and which is unfortunately something that is often overlooked by many job seekers. In fact. however. Step One: Procede The first and most important step. "What should I expect?" "What questions do you think they'll ask me?" "How do I know if my answer is what they are looking for?" "What should I do/not do to ensure I build rapport with the interviewer?" "How should I respond if they ask me a difficult question?" are but a few of the numerous questions I'm often asked by panicked clients. For some people. one person we have recently spoken to. Does this sound like you? Are you worried your fear and anxiety are impacting negatively on your ability to communicate effectively during the interview? If so.103 4 Keys to Go From Fearful to Fearless (and Fantastic) In Your Next Interview Just thinking about attending an interview for their dream job is enough to cause unrest. Miss this step and you could potentially jeopardize your candidacy. so that you can enhance your communication skills to deliver relevant and memorable responses the next time you attend an interview. . the thought of attending an interview can literally be debilitating.

skills and strengths they seek by identifying relevant examples of situations that demonstrate these strengths in action. principle when delivering your response. and/or corporate website. stands for: C = challenge Providing brief information about the challenge (situation or project) will allow the interviewer to understand the context in which you were working. R = result Confirming the outcome and impact your actions (strengths) had on the challenge (situation or project) confirms the value and professionalism you offer the organisation.R. so that on the day of the interview. Step Two: Preparation Once you have identified the organization's requirements it's important to confirm that you have the experience. This information can be found by reviewing the job advertisement.104 This step involves thorough research of the position and the company to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for in an ideal candidate in terms of skills. experience and strengths etc. qualifications. Step Three: Practice As the saying goes 'practice makes perfect' and this is also a very important step to follow when preparing for upcoming interviews. position description. or your career coach. This is your promise of value that you offer the new organisation should you be invited to join their team. .R.A. You can discuss situations from either your previous and/or your current experience as long as they are relevant and follow the C. C. in front of a mirror or a friend/family member. You need to ensure you're comfortable with what you are saying and practicing your responses will allow you to iron out any stutters.A. A = action Pinpointing your actions and involvements to overcome the challenge (or contributions within the situation or project) will confirm your strengths and expertise. you'll able to communicate articulately and professionally. Identifying the quantified result follows the WIIFM principle (what's in it for me) confirming the successes your previous employer gained through your direct involvement. Rehearse and refine your responses by practicing your (previously developed) examples out loud.

105 Step Four: Picture Top athletes use visualization in their fitness regime to enhance their performance levels and so can you. what you concentrate on. Remember.a-e-c. Find a quiet setting (free from interruptions) and begin picturing yourself progressing well through the entire interview.au and http://www. personally branded and powerful career marketing documents.com. So make sure you are concentrating on positive.com/careercommunique . Imagine yourself building rapport with the interviewer easily and effortlessly. Hear the interviewer congratulating you on your successes and confirming you are exactly what they are looking for in a potential candidate. Annemarie Cross is a Career Coach and Personal Branding Strategist with Advanced Employment Concepts . Secure that interview! Get paid what you're worth! Love your job! How much success can YOU handle? Annemarie can be contacted at: http://www.multi award-winning Career Management and Personal Branding Strategists creating professional. expands. Visualize yourself being calm and in control. being able to provide relevant examples to each of the questions the interviewer asks you. helpful and uplifting things to continue building and enhancing your interviewing skills. See yourself answering the questions professionally.blogtalkradio. in preparation for your upcoming interviews.

Who to send it to? . or to a busy Human Resources Department. you must play this game to win. Can you demonstrate all "value adds" that you've brought to all of your positions? If you just list facts of what you have done and where. Mirroring your potential employer's ad or company typeface can be a small but useful trick too. The best way around this is to have a skills matrix at the end of your CV. So be careful with abbreviations. Remember. it can be boring. sometimes your CV will be in front of someone who's empowered but not qualified to say yes or no. agency or in house is based on keyword searching using Word. Also use Rich Text Formatting as this will help with keeping any formatting you've done. Keywords To get around this you must be aware of keywords. or indeed if you're posting your CV to a job site or even uploading to your own site. or the IT Director of a small company searching online. you'll have to ensure that once your CV is found. You cannot guarantee that the person viewing your CV will recognize what's second nature to you. you finished the job of work on time and under budget.106 The New Rules to IT Contract Job Hunting If you are sending your CV to an IT Recruiter. Value Adds If you can think like the hiring manager. the first look may well be from a non technical person. it stands out. PDFs print better but it's an image and tricky to search. Also recommended is that you use a Word document rather than an Adobe PDF. you need to make sure that you'll be found. in the same way that search engines rate web pages. Irrespective of whether the searcher is an experienced Recruiter. a junior Human Resources Administrator. applying keyword techniques to your document will get it found. including all training you've done in any technology. that's value and ultimately a cost saving. Ensure you have all keywords on your CV. Most recruitment machinery. If you can say that your work enabled a quicker time to launch for a given product.

I strongly suggest you run a "vanity search" online.mynewcv. create your own website and upload your CV Track everything Have someone else read your CV. however.mynewcv. If you're not sure where your CV has gone. * * * * * sites * * * * If possible.ie <http://www.mynewcv.. don't use logos of companies you've worked for or courses you've done. Use hiring manager phraseology so when they type . then you'll be in trouble. In conclusion. post your details online where anyone who's looking could find it. Do you know who the best IT Contract recruiters are? Who's placed you in the past? Are they working with the same company now they were then? Whatever process you use. you may be making a rod for your own back. and importantly for them at present. they'll find you.Java Contract Developer into a search engine. potentially develop a poor reputation. and you'll be amazed how often this typo escapes conventional spell checking technology.. you'll double apply (or agents will on your behalf). Read your CV and better still have a third party read it for you! Don't use photographs of yourself.ie/> or contact sales@mynewcv.track everything. as social networking takes off more and more. because Contract employers move jobs too. don't just press spellcheck Vanity Search Use a skills matrix with keywords Demonstrate Value CVs should be in Word (Rich Text Formats) Don't use Logos/Photos Register with online databases (let employers find you) or free To learn more about CV and Jobsearching advice visit www. Again.107 Ask around? Who is employing contractors in this market? Use your personal network or professional networking sites to establish who the hiring managers are. I recommend that you type "IT Manger" into a search engine. It takes up processing space and can lead to formatting nightmares. Almost every candidate being offered a role will be "googled" so make sure that there's no reason online for you not to be hired. Ruadhri McGarry http://www. Type your name into a search engine and ensure that nothing embarrassing comes up on a networking site. be it a free ad site or your own or a friend's site.ie . Finally. they'll find you for free! Potential Negatives Spell check is good to an extent.

show it. with an expressionless face. make a collage. raises. Write down five of the goals that will turn your vision into reality 3. Exude enthusiasm. While there are never any guarantees. 6. If you don't love your work. Gratitude is always a good thing. Discover how they got where they did. Identify the projects and roles that will increase your visibility and contribute to your company's success. Study your boss. his boss. . just get it down on paper. Translate your vision into goals.108 Top Ten Strategies For Success in Corporate America In light of the current turbulent business and economic times. Develop relationships with hundreds of colleagues throughout your company and industry. People will still get promotions. or industry. who you are. Choose goals that are in alignment with your vision. and where you are heading. Play well with others. You can't get somewhere if you don't know where you are going. Capitalize on it. If you love your work. 1. and the leaders of your company and industry. business. most people are in survival mode. skill. 4. 7. people love to be around it. Learn. Become indispensable. Even in these turbulent times. or vision. Enthusiasm is infectious. I am always surprised at how many people say they love their work. draw it. knowledge that no one else has. They are hoping they do not get fired. Always be learning about your industry and company. Be well-known and wellliked. and make lots of money. Have a clear strong vision of what you believe. Write it. Develop a compelling vision for yourself. it's very different than a manager. these suggestions for rising to the top hold just as true in a thriving economy as they do in a down economy. 2. Become known in your company or industry as the person who gets things done. and thankful to have a job. What's coming down the road? How does technology impact it? If you think there is nothing new to learn about your role. Be a leader. one does not need to lose sight of their dream. Have the important client. 5. maybe you need to reconsider what you are doing? 8. Think Again! 9.

com http://www.109 10. and little room for disaster. Don't be afraid to take calculated risks where there is high potential for success.careerintervention.careerintervention.com . Allan Fried Executive & Career Coaching http://www. Take risks.

this is the real test. This research helped you learn as much as possible about the organization so that you would be knowledgeable in the interview. As discussed on Day 1. Day 3 It) Data Leads To Knowledge That Can Become Wisdom (If You Work At During your job hunt and in the interviewing process. it would benefit for all parties to do so now. As you may not have had the opportunity to sit down and discuss your role in the organization to any depth with your manager. With this research you may have the opportunity to guide the organization in the appropriate direction. but may not know all of the essential job qualifications or the players. you know the organization. you may be just considering taking another position within the same organization. shape.110 Learning More About Your Organization. you still need to quickly gain a new perspective about the job at hand in regard to its size. . you may be still a little unsure of what you or you prospective manager (or the organization for that matter) really wants from the position. I had the experience of having the manager who hired me leave the company on my first day on the job. particularly with a new manager. I was asked "How do you feel about this. I know an individual. he was promised the world until he got in the job. So if you have been around the organization awhile and are just moving down the hall so to speak. In this case. who as put in this position. At this early stage. where you have to sell yourself with more effort and detail. he decided to go back to his old job. Then things change and within a few weeks. you had to do a lot of research on the hiring company so that you could develop questions about the products and services so that you knew what you were getting into. On the other hand." My new manager did not know my qualifications or the role that I was told that I would play in the organization! Talk about a great beginning! As stated. The direction and content of your job may have changed due to new circumstances since the interview. You will learn more about this do the appropriate research. and how it is considered of value to the organization.

In today's environment matrix-style management is quickly becoming the standard in many organizations and only can work if the management has established clear authority and responsibility between all the individuals involved. On the other hand. This combination places stress on the inheriting staff as they must learn and manage areas not within their direct expertise. In preparation for your new organization. This will at least provide you a map of where you are and who has responsibility for what. You should try to keep your organizational chart up to date for your own purposes. You tend to can get so involved in your projects and you have a difference perspective that you may loose the overall feel for what the greater part of the organization is about. but also had a direct dotted line reporting responsibilities to 15 plant managers. We will be discussing this topic as another avenue to pursue in a later article. In one organization that I worked. Some companies still maintain nicely detailed organization charts while other companies assume whoever works there can figure it out on their own. out of date. new network. but everyone has an idea what the reporting structure is. people give up on them. the necessary authorities and responsibilities may be regarded as secondary. Another form of organization charting is Social Networking. safety and security combined as well as human resources inheriting the duties of both. you should be able to sketch your own organization. you should be able to sketch your own organization chart so you will at least understand the linkage between you and others. This was a case of an unwritten rule around the organization. new duties. etc. Social networking charts can help you establish the strengths and direction of relationships and communications with others . The "You Are Here" Organizational charts have fallen out of favor with many companies over the past years as they take time to develop and as organizations seem to be forever changing. The learning curve is great and in many cases the primary job takes precedent over the inherited jobs. But do not assume that everyone knows! You need to understand how the organization is structured. as example. new politics. such as LinkedIn and Facebook. companies may be using matrix-style management as a method to reduce and reorganize their business due to the economy. new personalities. If changes are made due to economic reason.111 A very important learning here: if you are moving to a new role in the same organization. the following are some areas to evaluate: Organizational Charts. do not assume that you know everything that is involved. It may be unwritten. By asking enough questions and listening to discussions around the organization. and have to learn what to do! As you begin to work within an organization. you gradually get away from keeping the scope of the organization in view or focus. there is always an "organizational chart. informal. you are new to this job. I reported to the Vice President of Manufacturing. We have seen. However.

but politics has been observed in all human group interactions. managers. change. including corporate. the strength of the communications is an essential knowledge quest to help in enhancing the success of your future duties and activities." meaning you might detect something coming and what is coming may require an entirely different set of skills. Review the latest annual financial report." Who has the power? Who are the go-to people? Who knows who has the pull? And so on. Therefore. It consists of social relations involving authority or power and refers to the regulation of a political unit. its industry. labor/management relations. This term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments. Office Politics. and religious institutions. academic. etc. and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.112 outside of the organization. You may feel that your job and its tasks are righteous and protected but that may or may not be the case. and the industry environment in which it exist and operates can give you an advantage. and keep it up to date to the highest degree possible. We can not emphasize how important these contacts really are. specific processes/services/activities. What are the exposures to business ineffectiveness or potential loss that you . According to Wikipedia. Will your internal radar (gut feeling) pick up on problems coming over the horizon? Having even a crude idea is better than no idea at all. Gaining support for any your programs and activities requires you to have an in-depth knowledge and insight about the personalities and traits of many people in the work environment. A combined use of organizational and social network charts with insight on the politics of the organization can help you develop your personal "radar" that gives forewarning of obstacles. number of vehicles and types. number of employees. Do We Really Have To Bring This Up? Many people we have found have responsibility for a specialty area but no authority to tell anyone to do anything! We briefly discussed office politics and getting acquainted with the administrative staff and others in the organization who can provide you the best source of information. a detailed knowledge and understanding of your company. I am not saying you should "suck up" to anyone but the goal is to have a clear knowledge of how the system works and you will be able to increase your probability of being successful. A social network chart can uncover critical gaps in specific areas. Politics in its true sense is not a bad thing. The old saying is "Keep an ear to the ground. So What Do You Guys Do Around Here? You need to understand the full details about your organization. Company Information. or developing issues. "Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions. such as: Who talks to whom. You should develop a base line of core information on company locations.

Day 3 Summary Gather data. James Roughton is an experienced Safety Professional and mentor to others on the art of safety management and injury reduction. management or supervisors or the employees? All industries and organizations have their own language and specific jargon. and Certified 6 Sigma Black Belt. and consulting industry with 30 years in the safety field. You can pick up on the jargon. So what's The Competition (Consumer. Are you speaking the same business Language as industry peers. CIT. Etc. He has the following background. CET. Government. learn as much as possible about your organization and its industry then translate that into solid knowledge so that you can. You need to continually refresh yourself on specific industry issues and problems." "Unions.) Up To? The next thing is try to understand industry in more detail. The person was very deep into the current and specific jargon of her field. Nathan remembers a large meeting where a very good training professional was making a presentation. Learn the jargon. much of what was said was really in a different language not spoken by the audience and the concepts were really not communicated to the group. and employees use and watch the manner that people talk about what they do. Industry Issues.113 may need to be addressing? Are there potential areas you may uncover that have the potential for improvement or bring value to the organization? The objective is to begin to use this new found knowledge in a process of continuously maintaining a clear picture of the scope and needs of the organization." "Six Sigma (lean and 5S). In addition. unless you had read the same professional journals and text as that person read. There you will have to research the industry language and understand the jargon that is used. construction. Each person has a different perspective of the organization and you have to learn multiple business languages. supervisors. do you understand the basic concepts of "Finance. He holds a BS in Management and a Masters Degree in Safety and has the following certifications: CSP. he is an . 40 years in the manufacturing. CRSP. up or down turns. I remember scratching my head trying to figure out what was being said. regulations. Get involved with industry associations so you can find what is going on within your industry: the problems. Study the language that management. concerns. I remember being in meetings when there many jargon (short cuts) thrown around. For example. Unfortunately." etc. by listening intently to everyone. hopefully mad better and wiser decisions. and/or technology. CHMM.

thinker. . and innovator who is interested in may things. If you would like to learn more about safety and others areas of interest please visit my web sites. developing websites. both inside and outside of the profession. social networking. and the like.114 independent contributor. to share his various interests of safety management. In recent years he has broken out of the mold of being just a Safety Professional by reaching out to others.

Scenario selection. At banks that were highly exposed to the financial crisis and fared comparatively well.Weaknesses That Led to the Turmoil According to the Bank of International Settlements. with the results of tests serving as an input into strategic decision making which benefited the bank. Prior to the crisis. did not foster internal debate nor challenge prior assumptions such as the cost. Testing practices at most banks. the financial crisis has highlighted weaknesses in stress testing practices employed prior to the start of the turmoil in four broad areas: 1. defining scenarios. 1. discussing the results of tests. risk and speed with which new capital could be raised or that positions could be hedged or sold. however. The financial crisis has also revealed weaknesses in organisational aspects of stress testing programmes. Methodologies 3. This meant that.115 Basel II Stress Tests . Use of stress testing and integration in risk governance Board and senior management involvement is critical in ensuring the appropriate use of stress testing in banks' risk governance and capital planning. and 4. 2. business areas often believed that the analysis was not credible. assessing potential actions and decision making. senior management as a whole took an active interest in the development and operation of testing. . This includes setting testing objectives. Use of stress testing and integration in risk governance. testing at some banks was performed mainly as an isolated exercise by the risk function with little interaction with business areas. Testing of specific risks and products. amongst other things.

Furthermore. in many banks. Stress testing frameworks were usually not flexible enough to respond quickly as the crisis evolved (eg inability to aggregate exposures quickly. 2. Methodologies Tests cover a range of methodologies. obtain more granularity as to unencumbered assets. and forecast balance sheet needs of business units. the testing programme was a mechanical exercise. from the level of an individual instrument up to the institutional level. credit. Further investments in IT infrastructure may be necessary to enhance the availability and granularity of risk information that will enable timely analysis and assessment of the impact of new stress scenarios designed to address a rapidly changing environment. testing for credit risk in the banking book has only emerged more recently. While there is room for routinely operated stress tests within a comprehensive stress testing programme (eg for background monitoring). Complexity can vary. Tests may be performed at varying degrees of aggregation. apply new scenarios or modify models). which aim to assess the impact of a severe macroeconomic stress event on measures like earnings and economic capital. many banks did not have an overarching stress testing programme in place but ran separate tests for particular risks or portfolios with limited firm-level integration. Risk-specific testing was usually conducted within business lines. This led to organisational barriers when aiming to integrate quantitative and qualitative testing results across a bank. ranging from simple sensitivity tests to complex tests. While stress testing for market and interest rate risk had been practiced for several years. Other tests are still in their infancy. For example. These tests are performed for different risk types including market. operational and liquidity risk. Prior to the crisis. . investing in liquidity risk management information systems that would enhance the ability of a bank to automate end-of-day information.116 Moreover. tests were carried out by separate units focusing on particular business lines or risk types. there was insufficient ability to identify correlated tail exposures and risk concentrations across the bank. they do not provide a complete picture because mechanical approaches can neither fully take account of changing business conditions nor incorporate qualitative judgments from across the different areas of a bank. at some banks. As a result.

Therefore.117 Notwithstanding this wide range of methodologies. the financial crisis has again shown that. As a result. The reliance on historical relationships and ignoring reactions within the system implied that firms underestimated the interaction between risks and the firm-wide impact of severe stress scenarios. First. proved to be unreliable once actual events started to unfold. most banks did not perform tests that took a comprehensive firmwide perspective across risks and different books. Extreme reactions (by definition) occur rarely and may carry little weight in models that rely on historical data. ie they assume that historical relationships constitute a good basis for forecasting the development of future risks. Second. the stress tests were insufficient in identifying and aggregating risks. It also means that they are hard to model quantitatively. At the most fundamental level. These effects can dramatically amplify initial shocks as recent events have illustrated. including tests. given a long period of stability. Historical statistical relationships. the turmoil has highlighted several methodological weaknesses. This weakness limits the effectiveness of risk management tools . banks generally underestimated the strong interlinkages between.including stress testing. Even if they did. risk characteristics can change rapidly as reactions by market participants within the system can induce feedback effects and lead to systemwide interactions. especially in stressed conditions. for example. . Prior to the crisis. market and liquidity risks of their various businesses. use historical statistical relationships to assess risk. backward-looking historical information indicated benign conditions so that these models did not pick up the possibility of severe shocks nor the build up of vulnerabilities within the system. banks did not have a comprehensive view across credit. the lack of market liquidity and funding liquidity pressures. They assume that risk is driven by a known and constant statistical process. weaknesses in infrastructure limited the ability of banks to identify and aggregate exposures across the bank. The management of most banks did not sufficiently question these limitations of more traditional risk management models used to derive stress testing outcomes nor did they sufficiently take account of qualitative expert judgment to develop innovative ad-hoc stress scenarios. The turmoil has revealed serious flaws with relying solely on such an approach. Most risk management models. such as correlations.

Prior to the crisis. assume shorter durations and underestimate the correlations between different positions. Historical scenarios were frequently implemented based on a significant market event experienced in the past. Such stress tests were not able to capture risks in new products that have been at the centre of the turmoil. holding constant all other factors. Scenario selection Most bank stress tests were not designed to capture the extreme market events that were experienced. In particular. scenarios tended to reflect mild shocks. Given that these scenarios ignore multiple risk factors or feedback effects. should have counteracted the overly optimistic outlook of traders in securities backed by the same subprime loans. either in terms of severity or the degree of interaction across portfolios or risk types. banks can easily lose more than one quarter of earnings. The length of the stress period was viewed as unprecedented and so historically based tests underestimated the level of risk and interaction between risks. who in some cases were reducing exposure to US subprime mortgages. More sophisticated approaches apply shocks to many parameters simultaneously. the severity levels and duration of stress indicated by previous episodes proved to be inadequate. At the most basic level there are sensitivity tests. "severe" stress scenarios typically resulted in estimates of losses that were no more than a quarter's worth of earnings (and typically much less). risk types and markets due to system-wide interactions and feedback effects. banks generally applied only moderate scenarios.118 An appropriately conducted firm-wide test would have beneficially drawn together experts from across the organisation. History has shown that when stress events occur. . Prior to the crisis. their main benefit is that they can provide a fast initial assessment of portfolio sensitivity to a given risk factor and identify certain risk concentrations. Approaches are typically either historically based or hypothetical. Most firms discovered that one or several aspects of their tests did not even broadly match actual developments. 3. Banks also implemented hypothetical stress tests. Furthermore. For example. A range of techniques have been used to develop scenarios. which only shock one single parameter. the expertise of retail lenders. however. aiming to capture events that had not yet been experienced.

Furthermore. to off-balance sheet vehicles. and 5. thereby reducing the effectiveness of hedges. be attributed to reliance on historical data. it was difficult for risk managers to obtain senior management buy-in for more severe scenarios. 4. This also meant that banks underestimated the pipeline risk related to issuing new structured products. This may. that this would not be the case for a prolonged period. stress tests of structured products suffered from the same problems as other risk management models in this area in that they failed to recognise that risk dynamics for structured instruments are different from those of similarly-rated cash instruments such as bonds. . Contingent risks. for example related to the credit protection purchased from monoline insurers. The behaviour of complex structured products under stressed liquidity conditions. to some degree. Specific risks Particular risks that were not covered in sufficient detail in most stress tests include: 1. 4. for example. In general. stress tests also assumed that markets in structured products would remain liquid or.119 At many banks. Scenarios that were considered extreme or innovative were often regarded as implausible by the board and senior management. 2. if market liquidity would be impaired. These differences were particularly pronounced during the crisis. In many cases tests dealt only with directional risk and did not capture basis risk. Pipeline or securitisation risk. Funding liquidity risk Scenarios were not sufficiently severe when stress testing structured products and leveraged lending prior to the crisis. Another feature of the crisis was wrong-way risk. 3. Basis risk in relation to hedging strategies. further degrading the performance of the stress tests. Another weakness of the models was that they did not adequately capture contingent risks that arose either from legally binding credit and liquidity lines or from reputational concerns related.

To learn more: http://www. you have much more: 1. Instead of just training. alerts and opportunities 5.com . packing and posting to your office or home. C. Become a Certified Basel ii Professional (CBiiPro). 15+ of the best headhunters of the world are members of the association. Certification 3. The additional official presentations we use in our Basel ii (instructor-led) classes in the countries of the European Union (395 slides). Membership is free. you must study the official presentations. Our distance learning and online certification program costs US$ 297. but you do not need to spend money to try again. If you fail. Monthly newsletter with news. Up to 3 Online Exams. tests did not capture the systemic nature of the crisis or the magnitude and duration of the disruption to interbank markets. D.120 Had tests adequately captured in such exposures may have been avoided. Membership in our Association 4. What is included in this price: A. so you may have new opportunities. Personalized Membership Certificate printed in full colour.basel-ii-association. Training 2. opportunities and alerts is great. the largest association of Basel ii Professionals in the world. Processing. so you will continue to learn month after month. With regard to funding liquidity. Our newsletter with news. The Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) is the common framework for the implementation of Basel ii in European Union. Networking and exposure to the best headhunters To learn more: . Become a member of the Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA). The official presentations we use in our instructor-led classes (430 slides) B. printing.

basel-iiassociation.com/Distance_Learning_Online_Certification.121 http://www.htm .

122 Why Am I Special? . Wading through all of this information can be a bit daunting. how I take in information. the companies you have worked for.any of these resonate with you? Can you think of what your tagline would be and more importantly. ? I have a unique set of talents / strengths that can bring great value to my work and life if they are properly channeled and developed Add to this your personal background. To put it simply.. Just think about it. and the "world view" that you alone have developed. but also my focus in my dealings with others..Insight Into Personal Branding Among career transition professionals. that others may not care about at all! ? I have a temperament that exhibits how I flow energy. how I prefer to make decisions and the basic day-to-day lifestyle that I prefer.but you can do an exercise that's easy and kind of fun to get some sort of idea of how ."whaaaat????" One way of understanding personal branding is that it is an invisible tagline that follows you wherever you go. Getting to the very essence of your personal brand begins with a single question: Why am I special? What unique combination of skills." Popular wisdom dictates that you must not only have a strong personal brand. is that how you want to be known??? Personal branding is where your inner perceptions of yourself and the perceptions of others around you intersect. one of the catch phrases that is being bantered about these days is "personal branding. ? I am motivated by things that are important to me. it is walking your talk on a consistent basis... You are the "go-to guy when deals fall apart" or you are the "one who takes care of all the details and makes everything run like magic" or maybe even "the one who always delivers". but also must have the ability to project that brand 24/7! No wonder many people are walking around thinking... personality traits and abilities do I bring to the table that no one else does? Why am I special? ? I have a set of behavioral traits that affect not only the way I communicate with others.. family culture..

About the author Michele Rhoten Michele has always been fascinated by how each person's uniqueness influences both their lifestyle and career decisions. ? Later. She has now combined those perspectives to assist others in boldly taking charge of their future career paths.you can only be the most powerful version of yourself possible. Being the most powerful and authentic version of yourself is important in your personal life.and I was the woman you could always count on to "help out" and the woman whose yard was where all the kids played. but it is doubly important during a career transition. so I was the smart girl whose homework all the football players copied.. The employer is looking for signs that you will likely make a significant contribution to the future of the company as well as its ROI.. You cannot be someone you are not. A potential employer is "introduced" to you through your resume.. my friends and I loved to write and perform plays (one of my masterpieces was entitled "Bookworms Don't Have to Bite!") and I was the girl who was always up for a fun idea. I can go back over my own life: ? When I was in 5th grade. and I'm pretty sure that I'm the woman who will always tell you the truth. Showing up in an intentional manner helps the company understand who you are and what you bring to the table. that introduction can lead to a "first meeting" in the form of an interview and so on through the whole hiring process. . ? In high school. attitudes and values say about you. ? Fast forward to today. Personal branding is simply becoming aware and intentional about what your appearance. For over 10 years. She then transitioned into the recruiting world and was able to view the whole career process through a different lens. and go back to various points in your life-what were you doing at that time and "who" were you? For example.123 your personal brand evolves.. whether in an intentional way or not. that fascination fueled her passion to coach others to create more fulfilling and successful lives. We show who we are in every area of our lives. I absolutely adored chemistry and math. I was a wife and mother. actions. Just take a few minutes.

Would there be a differ- . Teamwork: I feel so much as part of a family in the organization since we are around 30 employees only and know each other so closely. Experience: Working in a smaller firm gives me the opportunity to learn much more since the organization is not very structured and hence I am exposed to a lot more variety in my work activities on a daily basis.124 Smaller Company Vs A Large Corporation Why am I only looking for a job in a larger corporation when I get so much more.I am looking for. It is such a nice feeling . Furthermore. most of whom I do not know when I meet them in the hallway. Even my job responsibilities are not defined to the t. We also get to meet the families during the get togethers at the owner's house on special occasions.' Decision Making: One of the biggest advantages is being exposed to the owner principals or senior management on a daily basis thereby getting faster decisions on issues that may have taken a very long time given the bureaucracy and red tapism in a larger entity. However.almost like a home away from home.. from being associated with a smaller company? I am aware that I may not be offered the best benefit package or have a gym membership or even regular training programs. my performance or lack thereof is also exposed to the management and hence I should be prepared for a commendation or the axe. Systems & Processes: Sometimes I do miss the structure and the systems and processes prevalent in a larger organization. My colleagues and superiors know me by name and do not refer to me as 'Excuse me . In the same coin I am also exposed to the whims and fancies of the owners that can change very frequently rather than a long term perspective / strategic intent of a corporation. when I think about the following components.. so I am free to jump in and get something done although it may not directly relate to my function / scope. I realize the benefits and/or quirks of working with a smaller organization. and maybe not get to work with an SAP system. Feeling of existence: I am a human being with a name and not just a number in payroll in an ocean of people.

Vikki Mungre is better known as The Immigrant Coach by those he has helped. but in their lives. Vikki Mungre Immigrant Coach http://www.125 ence in my career growth if I had exposure to maybe a SAP or ORACLE experience in addition to my having a well known Brand like e. P & G. especially Immigrants from across the world.com http://www. A seasoned Management professional with over 20 years of extensive international experience in diverse industries like Logistics. stage in your career.thelifeiwanttolive.g. Career Counseling. Zig Ziglar. not only in their careers. etc.immigrantcoach. Harv Eker. Hospitality. On the personal front .he loves to spend time with his family and whatever is left. financial situation and career plans before you can come to a conclusion whether it is better to work for a smaller organization or a larger entity. and Microsoft on my resume? There are a lot more components that I can think of however one must also focus on your needs and expectations. Retail and Staffing. Tony Robbins. Unilever. he likes investing in reading/listening to self development literature written by the likes of Deepak Chopra. Motivation and Recruitment. Car rentals.com . He is passionate about helping people succeed. Office Automation. Brian Tracy. Specific areas he likes and enjoys working with are Success Coaching.

it covers and shows the name of the job. allowances. It then means that for the contract of employment to be binding just as I general law of contract. there should be an offer. This will help in knowing when to start calculating the employee's entitlements. ? Remuneration: The salary agreed on should be put down in writing. The scale or method of calculating the remuneration should also be put down in writing. IMPORTANT FEATURES OF A CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT: A well written contract of employment should include all of the following. either bi weekly or monthly depending on the policy of the firm. and should refer to the relevant company laws and policies as is applicable to the employee. It is always advisable for one to be sure of what the contract states before signing and accepting the contract as once signed it is binding on both parties. pension arrangements. This then means that every contract of employment should be binding on both parties as well as valid. an acceptance and a furnished consideration. . Most contracts of employment are in written form which makes it applicable and governed to the general law of contract. holidays. ? Parties to the contract should be clearly stated: The name and contact address of the employee who is being employed should be clearly stated as well as the name and address of the employer. ? Date of employment should be clearly stated: The resumption date of the employment should be stated in the contract of employment. A well prepared contract of employment is a statement of the capacity in which the employee is employed. pay. In a more refined way. a contract of employment is defined as an employment agreement voluntarily entered into by the employer and employee which stipulates and defines the conditions of employment. Also the interval of payment should be written.126 Contract Of Employment Explained Contract of employment like every other contract is an agreement between and employer and an employee which describes and states the condition of employment. In this case the offer is the written employment letter which is accepted by the employee and the consideration being the wage the employer is ready to pay the employee. leave. hours of work.

As part of the employment contract. other types of leave he may be entitled to (sick leave. there is an amount that was agreed by both parties as wages for the employee. He should not be involved in any action that will be detrimental to the firm. He should be able to prove the skills he claimed to have prior to employment. ? Has to abide by the laws and policies of the firm: For every organization. ? Disengagement: The number of days or months notice required by either of the parties before the contract will be terminated should be written as well. ? Confirmation: The number of months or years as the case may be the employee will serve successfully before his/her appointment will be confirmed should be stated.127 ? Terms and conditions of work relating to hours a day: The expected number of hours to be put in by the employee per day should be clearly stated in the contract of employment. After the contract of employment has been established. He should come to work early and comport himself during office hours. The following are expected to be carried out by the employer. The job tasks as well should be written. . ? Pension entitlements: The employee's pension entitlements should be clearly stated if any. ? An employee should add value to his employer which is the main reason for his employment. there are laid down rules and regulations as well as policy guides that direct the affairs of the organization. he has to keep to all of the following. Disobedience to any of this may result to outright dismissal or termination of appointment. the employer and employer as well have duties to perform to keep to the terms of the contract. he has to do his job and duties by himself. casual etc). number of days he is entitled to. The employer is expected to pay such wages and as when due. his leave allowance. ? The job title: The title of the job being offered should be stated. ? Leave entitlements: The employees leave entitlement should be stated. ? Has to do his job personally: The employer was employed to work and carry out his duties by himself. ? He is to conduct himself well and properly at all times. ? The employee should not by any means compete with his employer. ? He should be accountable to his employer on all assignments given to him during his period of employment. In the case of the employee. He should not have any interest that will be against that of his employer. On the other hand the employer has some duties to perform for the employee to make sure that the contract of employment between them is sustained. It then means that by the terms of the contract. ? The employer is expected to pay the wages of the employee. The employee is bound by the contract of his employment to abide by the rules and regulations surrounding his employment contract.

because without the employee. http://www. rather as a partner in progress.blogspot.128 ? He should provide the necessary and required tools to enable the employee carry out his duties effectively. ? The employer should also make sure that there is an enabling environment and good working conditions for the employee to perform his duties.hraexpert. The employer should not see the employee as a slave. ? The employee should be rewarded when he has performed well. the employer will not succeed.com . He should also be motivated by the employer at all times. ? The safety and safe working conditions should also be assured by the employer to avoid putting the employee at risk during his period of employment.

additional collateral requirements as the result of a credit rating downgrade. In particular. facilitates valuation. A bank's description of its liquidity risk management framework should indicate the degree to which the treasury function and liquidity risk management is centralised or decentralised. to its limit setting systems. the interaction between the group's units should be described. A bank should disclose its organisational structure and framework for the management of liquidity risk.Liquidity Risk Management and Public Disclosure Public disclosure improves transparency. Where centralised treasury and risk management functions are in place. the limits placed on the values of those metrics. A bank should describe this structure with regard to its funding activities. The objective for the business units in the organisation should also be indicated. the values of internal ratios and other key metrics that management monitors (including regulatory metrics that may exist in the bank's jurisdiction). as well as those of different functional and business units. Examples of quantitative disclosures currently disclosed by some banks include information regarding the size and composition of the bank's liquidity cushion. a bank should provide quantitative information about its liquidity position that enables market participants to form a view of its liquidity risk. a bank should disclose sufficient information regarding its liquidity risk management to enable relevant stakeholders to make an informed judgement about the ability of the bank to meet its liquidity needs. for instance. reduces uncertainty in the markets and strengthens market discipline. the disclosure should explain the roles and responsibilities of the relevant committees. According to the Bank of International Settlements. and balance sheet and . the extent to which they are expected to manage their own liquidity risk.129 Basel II and Pillar 3 . and to its intra-group lending strategies. As part of its periodic financial reporting.

the largest association of Basel ii Professionals in the world. bank or non-bank subsidiary). A description of the stress testing scenarios modelled 8. The concepts utilised in measuring its liquidity position and liquidity risk. liquidity risk and liquidity cushion. An outline of the bank's contingency funding plans and an indication of how the plan relates to stress testing 9. Other techniques used to mitigate liquidity risk 4. . An explanation of how stress testing is used 7. Examples of qualitative information currently disclosed by some banks are highlighted below. including additional metrics for which the bank is not disclosing data 5. the organisational level to which the metric applies (group. Regulatory restrictions on the transfer of liquidity among group en11.130 off-balance sheet items broken down into a number of short-term maturity bands and the resultant cumulative liquidity gaps. A bank should provide sufficient qualitative discussion around its metrics to enable market participants to understand them. 10. A bank should disclose additional qualitative information that provides market participants with further insight into how it manages liquidity risk. This list is illustrative rather than exhaustive: 1. The aspects of liquidity risk to which the bank is exposed and that it monitors 2. eg the time span covered. whether computed under normal or stressed conditions. and other assumptions utilised in measuring the bank's liquidity position. The frequency and type of internal liquidity reporting Become a member of the Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA). The bank's policy on maintaining liquidity reserves tities. The diversification of the bank's funding sources 3. An explanation of how asset market liquidity risk is reflected in the bank's framework for managing funding liquidity 6.

The Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) is the common framework for the implementation of Basel ii in European Union. Membership in our Association 4.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Become a Certified Basel ii Professional (CBiiPro). so you will continue to learn month after month. Instead of just training.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . but you do not need to spend money to try again. Up to 3 Online Exams. alerts and opportunities 5. To learn more: http://www. If you fail. you have much more: 1. packing and posting to your office or home. The additional official presentations we use in our Basel ii (instructor-led) classes in the countries of the European Union (395 slides). What is included in this price: slides) A. printing. The official presentations we use in our instructor-led classes (430 B. Networking and exposure to the best headhunters To learn more: http://www. so you may have new opportunities. Monthly newsletter with news. Personalized Membership Certificate printed in full colour. Certification 3. 15+ of the best headhunters of the world are members of the association. D.basel-ii-association.131 Our newsletter with news. you must study the official presentations.com/Distance_Learning_Online_Certification.basel-iiassociation. opportunities and alerts is great. Processing. C. Training 2. Membership is free. Our distance learning and online certification program costs US$ 297.


Tips to Land the Student Internships - Applying, Interviewing, Following Up

If you've found the perfect internship or program, congratulations! This means that the bulk of the work is already done, and you can focus on improving your resume, writing an amazing cover letter and acing your interview. But what if you've done that already too? In the case of some of the bigger internship programs, it may be a while before you hear about whether or not you got the position. It may seem like it is time to sit back and relax while you wait, but there are a few things that you can do to stay productive and on the right track while you wait for your internship acceptance. SEND A THANK YOU NOTE At this point, it should be automatic to send a Thank You note for every interview. This includes informational interviews, as well as first, second or third rounds internship interviews. If someone has taken the time to sit and speak with you about internships, you should thank them. Thank you's can take a number of forms. Most people are comfortable sending an email thank you, including a sentence about continued interest in the position. Some may prefer to stand out with a handwritten note. This is based on personal preference, and both are acceptable. Your politeness could be kept in mind in the future, if for some reason you don't land the internship position you were seeking. APPLY FOR MANY INTERNSHIPS Internships are competitive, and it is a good idea to apply to more than one. Even if one program or position seems to suit all of your needs, it never hurts to go through the process of applying to three or four places. It is good practice for writing cover letters; make sure you write a specific letter for each job! Many internship candidates will make the mistake of sending a generic cover letter to all recruiters, making no specific mention f the position or even the company. This sends the message to recruiters that you are only mildly interested in the internship, and that you have not done your research.

It may also be a good experience to apply to an internship outside of your major or focus area; you may learn something you never knew, or find that you are suited for an internship that you hadn't thought about before. CHECK IN OFTEN In some cases, it is okay to check in with your interviewer or potential internship supervisor about your status; unless they specifically stated "no calls" you may want to make a simple phone call asking if they have made a decision, or asking if they are having any trouble contacting your references. You'll want to be careful not to be pushy, and to only call if you haven't heard from anyone in a week or so, and no one has given you a date to expect a decision. You may also want to take some time to look at the company's website, especially a blog if they have one. Staying on top of the goings-on of the company will give you the edge if and when you do land the internship, and may also offer some insight as to why you haven't heard yet. NOTHING Of course, there will often be nothing that you can do once you've applied for an internship. If you've planned ahead, done research and applied to multiple programs, you have the option of sitting back and waiting for the acceptances to come in. There is no need to stress yourself out hitting the email refresh button, or bombarding your potential internship supervisor with phone calls. Remember that internship decisions are based on a number of factors, and once you've completed all the steps of the process, there is little you can really do! Nearly every Fortune 1000 company offers student internship programs <http://www.internshipfinder.com> , and they hire far more than one intern. They key is to think about how you want to spend your summer, whether you're after paid summer internships <http://www.internshipfinder.com/when-intern.php> or can work unpaid, and how what you learn could be applied down the line after graduation. Find out everything you need to know about intern programs and get a list of employers through Bill Edwards on InternshipFinder.


Don't Get in Line - Get Online

It's depressing when you hear that one of the few places where you can find a job today is at the unemployment office. And we're not talking about the jobs that they find for unemployed people. No, unemployment offices all over the country are actually hiring people to process the flood of unemployment claims that they are swamped with. With unemployment at 25 year highs, now at 8% and rising, it's no wonder. To compound the situation, the state unemployment benefit pools are running out of money as well. The volume of claims is so great that they don't have enough cash on hand to pay all of the benefits. The bottom line is that if you are relying on unemployment compensation to survive the recession, you might want to consider some alternatives. One of the first things you should look at is an online business based on internet marketing. Internet marketing is literally changing the lives of people the world over, as they realize that they can make more money than they've ever made in their lives in an online business. Completely recession proof, an online business offers the comfort and flexibility of working from your own home, on your own schedule, while making as much money as you care to make. Finding a legitimate online business is easy. Look for an internet marketing system that is based on tried and proven tactics and tools, using strategies that have been tested and refined. A good internet marketing system should have been developed by internet marketing professionals with a demonstrated track record of success and achievement. And this isn't about marketing hype and hyperbole. The proof is in the pudding-unless the team has literally made gobs of cash while putting their system together, it's not the right system for you. Even if you have extensive sales and marketing experience, but particularly if you don't, make sure the online business opportunity includes a healthy dose of hands on, personalized training and support. The business of internet marketing changes at the speed of light and staying on top of it is next to impossible for one person. Find a team that can not only train you, but that keeps you at the front of the pack, and you'll rewrite your financial future overnight.

Jr.com . For more information and to contact John visit: http://MySuccessMadeEasy. is a business coach and mentor based in Lumberton.135 John W Brown. TX. that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams.

unclear and unkept promises and a trail of propaganda about how they are doing everything they can to help the unemployed. They deliver us pomposity. honest people who given the opportunity will thrive to the benefit of their families and employers. I can put my view. Except for the fact that they aren't doing enough to help the unemployed either get jobs or retrain. What makes me the expert? Well. There are people with an array of important skill-sets out there and too many of these talented hard workers are without jobs and having to sign on the dole. All of these organisations had spent and are spending obscene amounts of money on media advertising extolling the virtues of their wonderfulness. You can disagree with me. The vast majority of job seekers are decent. Soundbites with no substance and no clear intentions.136 UK Government Help For Jobless? Don't Believe a Word The PM & Government are feeding us mistruths at a time when they should be bending over backwards to instil confidence and trust to a nation in despair.I've been an employee. We told them how we were self funded and were going to be building (at our expense) a . Mr GB actually said he intends to "maximise the chances of the unemployed getting jobs". just stop reading if I bore you. I can make judgments because I have acquired knowledge and common sense. we were keen to be of help AT NO COST to them. So Mr Brown & Co. I've experienced all sides of the fence . I'm going to talk about the elephant in the room. frankly I don't care. I've seen in others the devastation being without a job brings and its consequences. I've witnessed the fear of losing a job. I've had 20 years in recruitment and I'm a small business owner. your position. I can speak. with a similar letter sent to the MarComs Director at Train to Gain (sent both by email and post) and then subsequently to the Office of the Director of External Relations for JobCentrePlus. Today. It's devastating to lose your job. as an experienced business with an online recruitment facility. In Nov 08 I wrote to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Our letter set out how. I'll still have my say. your pride and your ability to make a worthwhile contribution.

part-time and under (sometimes well under) 16 hours a week. The role of this qwango is to advise government that they should offer training. win. © copyright . win for everyone. the employer could get their job filled and we have satisfied our customers and by doing so will have repeat business .e. Win. So what response did I get from the great and the good? After I made some phone calls (I had no response from them) I found out from the Head of PR at UKCES that essentially they are a think tank (cos we need more think tanks) subsidised no doubt by a huge sum from you and I.com . No. JobCentrePlus were unprepared to step outside the comfort zone and actually do anything or take on board any suggestions because they have a system. but a system nonetheless.137 part of our website to be dedicated to training & education.hotjobsinhospitality. CEO & Recruitment Advisor http://www. by simply having a link on their site. we know that a lot of employers would not advertise directly with JobCentrePlus and so we could do our part to bridge the gap if they allowed job seekers to be able to see our site and the jobs our clients had to offer.Linda Meehan.thus all three parts of this jigsaw would be putting money back into the economy. I'm not making it up. Proper jobs I hear you say? Yes. A system that isn't working. I'm obstructed by the Government and its team of jobsworths and plebs (the most printable words I can use to describe them). but I can do my bit to help and if just one family are given back their dignity then it's all worth it. The problem is. I don't have all the answers. I can't solve the problems.the jobseeker gains access to a bigger choice of proper full time jobs. no courtesy of a response at all. This had a three way benefit . Being commercially aware. 25% of JobCentrePlus jobs are nonjobs i. A system you and I are paying for. As for Train to Gain.

In addition. software and as a result they know just what to look for when they see a position or project description. HR departments and HR recruiters do not have the technical knowledge to correctly and accurately identify the appropriately skilled candidates and keeping those lacking necessary skills from consuming valuable time and resources. In addition to administrating government requirements.138 Why Use Staffing Agencies and Recruiters? Many companies and corporations both large and small have debated whether or not to utilize the services of staffing agencies and recruiters to supplement their own Human Resources department or hiring process. but have they examined all the potential benefits. HR is also charged with maintaining the benefits including informing employees of 401K results. 1. Smaller agencies may already have a network of qualified technical professionals and know who is available and whether or not they have the necessary skills. coordinating travel between branches. etc. This stretches the time and resources of the entire department. competing for HR's time and attention are the so many government requirements. HR has is doing all that they can simply to keep up and stay compliant. These companies have weighed all the factors. Firms can either work alongside HR (having access to collected résumés and those who've expressed a desire in the company) or independently (utilizing their own candidate channels). record keeping and the countless meetings HR departments are responsible for keep the business legally compliant. monitoring vacation days. both pros and cons. Engaging a technical recruiter or staffing firm frees up the valuable time of an already taxed department. Let those with the technical skills make the recommendation. and many times. The best technical recruiters stay abreast of the latest technological trends. tools. Many times. Many staffing agencies and recruiters employee the talent of former technical professionals themselves. The main role of a Human Resources department is as an employee advocate and consultant to corporate management providing employee representation. Free up Human Resources to meet their other obligations. .). not to mention assisting in facility security (distributing and collecting access badges. 2.

associations and connections essential in quickly identifying the right person for the right need.139 3. does not do targeted searches and recruiting. Very seldom do HR department recruiters possess technical experience themselves (through no fault of their own . they are expensive .Monster. They may also post on a nationwide job board (i.summitconsultingservices.net/> ). 4. . receive a phone screen or maybe even an onsite interview with a hiring manager and/or an entire review team only to discover this person was unqualified.net <http://www. For more information on utilizing the services of a Staffing agency or recruiting firm. With technically experienced technical recruiters seriously discriminating and sifting through countless résumés. Selection accuracy. Free up hiring managers' time. the resources or the network to do what is called a "targeted" recruiting. you can insure only qualified candidates are in front of the hiring managers and/or review teams. when weighed against the cost involved in the search for an individual who may not work out and get that person up to speed or out the door.com).SummitConsultingServices. Staffing agencies and recruiting firms work on countless positions every day. In most cases. Many HR departments are charged with only a few technical hires per year.especially if they are used for just a few technical positions per year. engaging a staffing agency or recruiting firm may be just the solution to the woes of getting that position filled or project completed. Go directly to the source. who is looking for the next opportunity and who has the skills and talent needed to do more than their current position requires. unqualified candidates who appear to have appropriate skills and experience move forward through the hiring process. They probably will not have the time. Many recruiters will personally know who is qualified. HR merely receives or collects candidate resumes. Economically beneficial. In most organizations. While there may be a recruiting fee to quickly identify the right candidate for the position/project requirements. 6. contacts. resources. please contact Eddie Field at Summit Consulting Services (http://www. They know what to look for and can spot "red flags" in resumes or interviews. While large job boards or resume posting sites exist. 7. 5. As a result. "Targeted" recruiting requires the professional knowledge of candidates and is dependent upon the technical and personal knowledge of those in the industry. They look for keywords on the position description. Access to resources.that is simply the nature of the industry). "Passive" recruiting ("recruiting" relying upon jobs postings on the company website and/or job boards) is dependent upon those candidates who might be looking on those job boards or the company website. HR will post a need on the corporate website. who is happy where they are. Staffing agencies and recruiting firms have the subscriptions.e.

net).SummitConsultingServices.140 Eddie Field Summit Consulting Services (http://www. .

you are just one item on a long to-do list. when many people don't tell the truth on their resumes or apply in spite of the fact that they are completely unqualified for the job. Here they are: 1) They only pursue candidates they are really interested in AND when they are ready to hire them.HR shares some of the same reasons. if you haven't heard from them it's because A) they aren't ready to hire for the position yet. 3) They don't have the time. Usually. but stalking them repeatedly is another. you can come off looking really desperate and hurt your chances of getting hired if you impulsively start harassing HR about the job. In fact. So. they are angry because a company didn't bother to acknowledge they got their resume. I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating than to go through piles of resumes. As a former HR person who has seen this firsthand. But you see. They've got your e-mail and your phone number and they know how to use them both. I've been told candidly by more than a few hiring managers that when they get inundated with resumes for an opening. they don't bother to look at all the applications and seek referral candidates . or failed to call them after an interview. or B) they aren't choosing you.141 Why HR's Just Not That Into You At least once each week. so I know why you aren't hearing from them.1000+ cover letters and resumes to review. Finding a job may be the main focus in your life. These same people are always shocked when I don't commiserate with them. Just like the book (and now the movie by the same name) that explains to women why "He's Just Not that Into You" . Following up to let them know you are definitely interested in the position is one thing. I've been on the HR side. Imagine having to look at them all? That is one overwhelming and potentially unproductive process.Some hiring processes take months to complete. money or desire to let every candidate down easy. Hence. pick the ones that look the best on paper and then call and find out they aren't what they portrayed. but to HR. Especially. That's right . FYI . someone e-mails me complaining about HR. Filling the job is just one of HR's numerous responsibilities. some HR people are receiving more than 1000 applications in less than a day of posting a job. These days. 2) You are not their main priority.

) Moreover. the next time you want to complain about how inconsiderate HR is. J.. why don't you try to put yourself in their shoes and think of ways you can do a better job of attracting their attention and gaining their respect. To sum it up. HR is interested in the 'hot' applicant that comes highly recommended.CAREEREALISM. cuttingedge job search and career strategy advice for young professionals. O'Donnell is a nationally syndicated career expert. you understand the rules. Then. author and founder of CAREEREALISM. Thus. CareerBuilder. trying to get one (ie. maybe it's better to just move on and keep searching for the right job where you will be valued and appreciated for who you are.they'll be back. In fact.142 from the bunch instead..that is.T.com today. you can decide if you want them too. Their thought process on this is as follows: If you are in the job hunt. (Tip: The single fastest way to get your resume to the top of the pile for consideration is a personal recommendation from a credible source. if you really want to? Let's not forget this simple law of attraction: It takes two to tango. ages 18-40.com and BusinessWeek. Not everyone wins and you aren't owed an explanation.com. For more articles. Her work has been noted by leading sources including. just so they can send out personalized rejection e-mails to thousands of people. If they figure out they want you down the line . visit her at http://www. Just like in dating. . most companies are not equipped with the personnel and technology (nor want to spend the money to acquire them). Calling or emailing to complain about not being chosen or that you weren't informed you weren't chosen) is the quickest way to be remembered as someone NEVER to hire.com for its timely.

such as effective time management. they are things you can do in one area of your life which can be used somewhere else.Identify Your Transferable Skills Getting into the labour market after school or college is a daunting prospect and that's without the minefield of jargon. Choose any role you've had in your life. did you get all your assignments in on time? Were you able to set up extensions if your work was late? Did you learn how to type quickly and use a number of computer programmes effectively? Did you hold down a part-time job and manage to juggle work with study and your social life? If you answered yes to all. What did you come up with? Communication Skills . As a student. you have demonstrated an extensive range of skills.Let's bust a bit of that jargon! What exactly are transferable skills? Quite simply. overnight advances in technology and discriminatory attitudes. that's exactly what you'd call them. you'll have spent a large part of your life so far as a student and so we'll use that in our example. Now. You've been picking up skills from the moment you were born. Let's take an example. but if you were filling in a job application form. That's something we've got to change! So grab a pen and paper. negotiating and good communication skills. OK . The problem is that you take most of your skills for granted. you may not give them such grand titles. As a graduate. Have a go at brainstorming the skills you developed in your school or student days. or at least some of the above.143 Graduate Job Applications . get yourself a cup of coffee and let's get started.

I'm a teacher! You may have had to research a subject to make a group presentation or for a written assignment. you will know a lot about what it takes to work as a member of a team. writing a thesis? You may have devised questionnaires and interviewed members of the public.144 You had no chance of surviving as a student . but if it had to be done. . how good were you at getting all the work done? You may not have liked it. written articles for on or offline publication or for a college newsletter.I know. email and word processing packages. but stuff you had to do alone and you probably had to motivate yourself to get on with it. such as web design or programming. How did you use your own initiative? Did you devise ways in which to make remembering information easier? Did you come up with creative ideas to make your work different and interesting? Did you find a job which you were able to fit in with your studies and which solved some of your financial problems? Ability to meet deadlines Deadlines . You may also have developed other skills in your own time or when you were at school. sitting up all night at the last minute. the internet. or perhaps you produced a class newsletter or were involved in a community project with classmates. both oral and written and write examples of each. Add all these to your list.and even less chance of passing your exams . Your college will probably have provided free tuition in these and possibly also in programmes like Powerpoint and Excel. Think about each subject you studied and write a list of the methods of communication you used. answering questions. You'll have taken notes and summarised information from books and lectures. chances are you did it. If you have played any team sports in your spare time. How did you communicate this information? By writing essays. Did you meet them? You may have learned the hard way. at the very least. giving presentations or talks. but most people manage to get things in on time.You certainly had a few of these in your student days. And if you didn't. Teamwork As a student you will have been exposed to group work of some sort . So. delivering a lesson to other students. how well did you negotiate an alternative solution? IT Skills As a student you will have used. Ability to work alone and on your own initiative Much of the work you did at college was not group work.if you couldn't communicate the knowledge and skills that you are at college to learn.

ability to work on your own and to use your own initiative. make your own list of specific examples. They will help you shine both on paper and at the interview.com/personal-goal-setting. interviewing. journals. IT and research skills are all high on employers' lists of essential attributes in a graduate employee. Your job is to provide examples which prove that you have these skills. Write down the methods you used .coolercareers. For free CV tips and advice on career change go to: http://www. ability to meet deadlines. doing case studies.com . teamwork. specialist libraries.coolercareers. Get Your Career on Track with our free goal setting software <http://www. Communication skills. using the information in this article. So. using questionnaires.145 Research skills You will have had to do some form of research for your assignments and for your thesis or dissertation if you went to university.html> .internet.

I was reading a book the other day and I found an idea which has worked for a number of people. Your CV can be a very good starting point and you can try and separate yourself from the pack. pull your socks up and tuck your shirt in and differentiate yourself from all the other applicants. most of the time it looks the same in appearance to that of other applicants. let's say 10 times harder.146 How to Make Your CV Stand Out During the Recession If you have recently lost your job then you know how difficult it is to find another one at the moment. I've recently heard of people going for about 20 job interviews or even more with no luck at all. A lot of people are applying for jobs at the moment and they're sending in their CV's. Just imagine how many job applications companies and businesses are handling on a daily basis. You really need to work twice or three times harder. Why don't you accompany your CV with a professional looking passport size photo and make it stand out? Brand your CV in a different fashion and make it stick out. By this I mean a . What you need to do at the moment is separate yourself from the rest when it comes to applying for jobs and attending job interviews. For every job application that you make attach a professional looking passport size photo to every CV that you post or hand in. in some circumstances they don't even get a reply notifying them if they have succeeded or failed to get the position that they applied for. When the situation is this bad then you need to. But when your CV gets to the desks of companies and employment agencies. There are simply not enough jobs to cater for the ever increasing number of people who are unemployed at the present moment and the jobs that are there are just difficult to get. Actually. Some people have been using this tactic for a while now successfully.

Wear what you would wear for a normal job interview. It has to be a passport size photo and not any other size. Remember to smile as well. Roadmap To Help You Find Your Way Online And Offline <http://netbizguides. This is obvious.com> .147 passport size photo stapled onto your CV on the top left hand corner of the front page. Make sure you look smart in the photo.

Therefore. it is about enhancing your skills from the start. By pursuing such training. which must encompass anatomic pathology. It takes several years of study and practice before you finally become a professional. Here are a few necessary steps that one needs to accomplish for becoming a forensic pathologist. besides having a Medical degree. Pursue your medical degree but also keep in mind that practical work is a little different than the theoretical knowledge. you learn how to analyze tissue and how to prove evidence in court. So. you will have to start working from your college years. such programs are no longer than three years. How to Become a Forensic Pathologist ? If you want to become a forensic pathologist. Furthermore. ? Getting into a medical college requires extraordinary grades but if you have worked hard and paid proper time to studies. ? It is good for your career as a forensic pathologist to accomplish a residency training course. It indeed is a very good field to be in but forensic pathologist is a good career only if you are good at it. Selection of subjects is very necessary because you cannot become a forensic pathologist without completing your medical school. which is a completely wrong concept. . it is recommended for you to get an internship with a forensic pathologist. you also need to work on your inter-personal and communication skills as there are times when you would be required to communicate with the siblings of a deceased. you can easily make it. The more skills you have. Moreover.148 Pursuing a Career As Forensic Pathologist The common idea about becoming a forensic pathologist talks about its ease and good salaries and majority of people think that it's not a tough play. you also need to have a forensic science degree to proceed with your career in the right direction. Mostly. the more would be your value and you would be able to pursue a good job in an efficient institute very easily.

For more details regarding online degrees and careers. you can also pursue online forensic science degree after you completing your medical degree for becoming a forensic pathologist. you learn about all kinds of methods and techniques as well as sensitive information that is necessary for leading you to a bright career as a forensic pathologist. you need to finish 1 year fellowship. which in most cases takes place with the help of a medical examiner. visit http://www. It offers you home education.149 ? After that. While pursuing your online forensic science degree. which is really expensive in some cases but once you have passed it. ? The final step that you need to accomplish for becoming a forensic pathologist is to clear The American Board of Pathology. where you have to work in his office to gain more practical experience.html . and you do not have to attend any campus classes. opportunities give you a warm welcome. practical work experience is a necessity and you cannot simply neglect that.net/index. which saves a lot of your time.forensicsciencedegrees. However. Moreover.

You see. heads will roll! So you have to perform routine functions on a daily basis to make sure that never happens. If you make a mistake and information is lost. If they both are under the gun. They're very particular and organized and allow very little room for error. You'll need to delegate to them various tasks and make sure they're carried out with precision and efficiency. So you need to have a couple people checking on each other to make sure when one is under the gun. the other is monitoring his operations to keep him out of trouble. and that pressure often causes more errors. There's a lot of information stored in them. the world could be in grave danger. someone might be holding a piece of pipe or metal rod. That would hurt even more! If you're interested in DBA jobs. Things like constantly backing up information and storing it on multiple locations. If you like things just so. Their DBA forms and DBA software pretty much speak for themselves. then it might be a good fit for you. you're to be blamed. you might want to consider what the job entails.150 Life of a Database Administrator DBA or database administrators have a lot of tedious responsibilities. Imagine someone whacking you over the head with a stick! That's what it'd feel like. But they monitor things that matter to the entire human race. Of course. It's hard to know that if any errors occur. you have the responsibility of making sure no errors are made. So if you're a DBA manager. You have to monitor the databases for possible errors to make sure you catch them in time. If they forget to dot an 'i' or cross a 't'. When there's no room for error. DBA's rule a portion of the underground world we don't see or hear. then it's a good option. There are all kinds of things that could go wrong with systems and databases. they might both be making the same mistakes and then the world is in trouble. and have everything lined up in the right order. there's a lot of pressure on the admin. So they have to make sure nobody is holding any sticks or wood of any kind. etc. which makes their upkeep and organization a top priority. . You'll have to be the type to pay attention to detail and have a natural gift for organization. You will also need to handle a team of operators standing by to assist you. If you enjoy organization and are good with systems management and operations.

Plus. look for the right company to work for. So you'll be serving a high purpose in protecting others from terrorism while making sure the operations of your system and database are working properly.com/> .com/speaking-coaching-andworkshop-fees/> and writes articles relating to the legal community. Circus performers are a little strange and you might find them disconcerting at times. EmploymentScape (originally Juriscape) employs several hundred employees in 14 offices throughout the United States. Harrison recently started offering a limited number of coaching engagements to job seekers. This is all part of the job.aharrisonbarnes. They let you play with their database all day long. So choose wisely.151 You'll also need to monitor communications between your peers and random innocent bystanders. and Europe. but you'll be more in your element and won't be faced with life or death situations on a daily basis. monitoring of private chat room content and emails sent to and from US citizens to non-US citizens are part of your work. These companies were literally started from Harrison's garage several years ago after Harrison quit his job. California. He is a sought-after motivational speaker <http://www. You might even feel downright uncomfortable in their presence. Harrison resides in Malibu. That'll determine the kind of job you'll have. If you like databases. you should look into DBA jobs. Given his passion for job seekers and them reaching their full ability. It's not quite as exciting as the circus. recruiting firms and student loan companies. You'll be flagging words that will resemble code written by terrorists. Asia.employmentscape. If like to have a desk job. employment services. you'll be working with normal people living normal lives. and you get paid for it! A. Harrison Barnes is the founder and CEO of EmploymentScape <http://www. Tapping into phone lines. . the parent company of more than 90 job-search websites. then look into software companies that need someone to watch over their operations and make sure their database is up to date and backed up frequently. Harrison is an active philanthropist and advocate for people reaching their full potential in their careers. So in the end.

they may design new hardware and software. dreams and aspirations. faster than the average growth of all occupations. This collaboration alone would probably require that they be on-site to allow effective communication with this group. Median salary is $71.Systems Analysts Between now and 2016. personnel. visit her Web site at http://www. One of the jobs at the top of the list is the systems analyst position.tonibigticket. or scientific and engineering systems. They solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the organization's needs and to maximize the benefits of the organization's investment in equipment. IT jobs are very desirable and are also considered recession-proof. Outsourcing isn't as much a concern for systems analysts as it is for programmers. systems analysts work with business. programming and systems design. Or. and business processes. She has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. To learn more about Toni Desrocher and her team of marketing mentors. information science. or management information systems (MIS) is usually the minimum education required by employers. Depending on the functions of the organization that employs them. or add a new software application to enhance the computer's power. Systems analysts work under the direction of the IT Manager to plan and coordinate installation and upgrading of hardware and software. Other titles for systems analysts are systems developers or systems architects. Systems analysts do more than just write code. Toni Desrocher firmly believes in the abundance of the Universe.com . accounting.152 Recession-Proof Jobs in the Information Technology Field . the employment rate in the field of information technology is expected to increase 29%.000. A bachelor's degree in computer science. or financial systems. Being in the same time zone and a native speaker of the language are also barriers to outsourcing. They work jointly with both the producers and the consumers of the information.

which was supposed to be the most secured form of conducting several businesses that involved tangible money and sensitive data. ? You also need to have a complete knowledge of Linux and its entire version because hackers are not just limited to Windows Operating Systems. ? Professional training in digital crime investigation scenes is the second step and it helps you familiarize with the practical crime investigation methods and scenes. one needs to be certified as a law enforcement officer of a particular state.Security professional with forensics cybercrimes degrees. Online companies need them for their survival because hackers are continuously trying to attack thousands of websites everyday. Several cops have moved to forensics cybercrime to pursue a better career. cybercrime can be stopped with the help of IT. Here is a simple guideline for all those people who want to pursue a career in forensics cybercrime. It was. What is Essential for a Forensics Cybercrime Investigator? ? For pursuing a career in forensics cybercrime. there are loads of hackers who can cause severe damage to your accounts and information by hacking into your computers as well as your online accounts. in fact. have moved over to the internet.Security personnel. However. who are of extremely great demand these days. In recent years. where you will get to learn all kind of methods that are essential for . Now. Anyone can join pursue a career in forensics cybercrime very easily if he has interests in computers and the internet. Moreover.153 Forensics Cybercrime and Careers Criminals and crimes have a very old history and people have worked hard to secure their properties and savings from the outlaws. the entire world's business including banking and all kind of money transactions. As it is a very tough job to handle all the security. There are a lot of companies that use Linux for their professional work progress. and they have succeeded. you can also pursue computer forensics cybercrime degree online. its salaries are also worth it. the safest mode of business until the dawn of cybercrimes. Every company needs an IT.Security Professional to safeguard its privacy and this demand has certainly increased the value of IT.

forensicsciencedegrees.html .154 carrying out a cybercrime investigation. For more details on careers and computer forensics cybercrime degree online http://www. The amount of salary of a cybercrime investigator significantly increases after pursuing a further degree in computer forensics cybercrime degree online.net/index.

How many degrees (if any) are there in the angle between the hour and the minute hands of a clock when the time is a quarter past three? [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for entry level investment banking graduate jobs] 2. a remainder of 3 when divided by 4. risk? [Typically asked during interviews for trading jobs] When can hedging an options position make you take on more . Two standard options have exactly the same features. Which one has the higher gamma? jobs] 4. .. expect that one has long maturity. Find the smallest positive integer that leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by 2.155 15 Most Common Banking & Finance Interview Questions Some of the most common interview questions for an investment banking interview include (some are a bit on the tough side but they DO come up very often.. [Typically asked during interviews for bank derivatives trading How do you calculate an option's delta? [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for derivatives trading jobs] 5. increasingly as a means of trimming down the candidate lists as the finance graduate job market gets harsher): 1. and the other has short maturity. a remainder of 2 when divided by 3. and a remainder of 9 when divided by 10 [Typically asked during interviews for quantitative finance jobs] 3.

If you could go on a cross-country car trip with any three people. What distinguishes you from other candidates we might hire? How do you "value" yourself? Here "value" means in financial [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for graduate investment banking vacancies] 11. They present one marble to each other. agement jobs] 14. If both present blue. A wins $3. finance or job!] 13. Each player has both a red and a blue marble.156 6. If both present red. A wins $1. Describe their properties [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for graduate investment banking jobs] 8. Is it better to be A or B. Tell be about a stock you like or hate and why [Asked by job interviewers for any accounting. terms [Typically asked during interviews for MBA finance jobs or experienced banking hires] 10. If the colors do not match. How would you move mount Fuji? What is the difference between default and prepayment risk? [Typically asked during interviews for credit jobs / risk man- . Are you better off using implied standard deviation or historical standard deviation to forecast volatility? Why? [Typically asked during interviews for quantitative finance jobs] 7. or does it matter? [Typically asked during interviews for quantitative finance or derivatives jobs] 9. and uses Describe "duration" and "convexity". Two players A and B play a marble game. who would you choose? Why? [Typically asked during interviews for corporate finance / mergers & acquisitions banking jobs] 12. B wins $2.

157 [Typically asked during investment banking interviews for consulting jobs or graduate accounting jobs] 15.co. cover letter and application form.uk . He is also the Founder and CEO of a team of Investment Banking professionals who pride themselves in helping people jump-start their investment banking career <http://www. Estimate the annual car demand for car batteries [Typically asked during interviews for corporate finance jobs.helpmegetajob.helpmegetajob. For the latest techniques.uk> in the financial services sector through an outstanding banking CV. visit http://www.co. mergers & acquisition banking jobs or consulting jobs] Agustin Valecillos is a Vice President at a top tier Investment bank focussing on Commodities and FX Structuring .

Those people do not have recession proof jobs. Infections dont care about the state of the economy. Its a law for kids to attend school. there will always be teachers to teach those kids. People will not stop getting sick or injured. #4 . crime rates may increase because of the recession. #2 Administrative Assistant There are lots of offices that need administrative assistants. they are not very hard jobs to acquire. etc. In fact. nurses. In fact.Security Guard There will always be people who commit crimes. Another plus of this job is it requires little training or qualifications. There are a few fields of work that will never go out of business and this is a list of those jobs. You never know when the company you work for will either go out of business or have giant layoffs. There will always be a need for hospitals and doctors. Because of this law. This job is needed almost everywhere and the people who protect businesses are just as important as the business itself. Top 5 List #5 Job . #3 . . Many of these employees move on to other jobs or are retiring. This is scary for the average joe. Security will always be in high demand.Teacher / Faculty Teachers and various school related faculty will always have a job. It seems every day on the news theres a story about giant corporations laying off thousands of people.158 Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs The unemployment rate is skyrocketing nowadays.S Bureau of Labor Statistics have classified teachers as generally recession proof jobs. Better yet. Along with these hospitals comes work like medical billing. the U.Nurse / Medical Billing Just about 50% of the fastest growing careers in the United States are in health care.

GPT or "Get paid to" services offer a great way to ensure a steady flow of income. Go here .com/jobsinarecession> ! GPT site. There are many GPT sites available.squidoo.Online GPT Services <-The internet is huge.159 --> #1 Recommended Job . Its a great way to earn a few hundred dollars a month with very little effort put in. My experience with GPT services has been extremely positive and I highly recommend it in my list of Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs. some superior then others. and there will always be a demand for people to work on it. To learn more about a popular <http://www.

science. Of course. In the cases where non-private sector personnel are laid-off due to federal or state budget cuts. Specific stable job prospects encompass: doctors. nurses. As a result police officers. private security guards. physical therapists and physician assistants. bilingual education. The Five Most Recession-Proof Jobs Healthcare: This profession leads the nation in fastest growing careers. that they should be able to find another job fairly quickly due to their skill set and knowledge in regard to that particular industry. those forced out of retirement. friends and family. Education: Like doctors we will always need teachers. economy. Words like recession. and those being forced to switch career paths. However. there is no job or career that comes with a guarantee of 100% job security. not even in a recession. and college instructors. and lay-offs are unfortunately daily topics of discussion everywhere. there are still certain industries where workers know that even if they are down-sized. those starting over. With a increasingly aging population the demand continues to grow in this field. These 'buzz-words' bombard us by the media. Job security has become a serious concern for an ever growing portion of our nations population. especially in high demand areas such as: math. pharmacists. It is becoming ever more apparent at every level of social class that we are all replaceable it seems. news programs. The only variance is in areas of the nation where education jobs follow population trends. unemployment.160 Recession-Proof Jobs These days everyone is seriously concerned about the economy. laid-off or fired. newsprint. internet. Security: Crime never stops. detectives and international security experts are all sure bets. Career experts and job trend data came up with the following five careers that should provide safer employment ports in this serious economic storm which our nation now faces. they will always be immediately needed in . Thus demand here will stay strong for years to come. that being said. radio. This encompasses the entire American workforce: those starting out.

Always keep your resume updated. 6. retail. Other durable choices are tradesmen like electricians. Even when corporate America is laying off. and auto/diesel mechanics. 2.161 the private sector. Firing and lay-offs happen at a quarter the rate of the private sector. Do not be complacent about your job. Always promote yourself within your company. 5. especially with its ever aging workforce. increased need to monitor our impact as a nation on the environment and assist planners and developers in regard to water resource protection and better land use allocation. Position yourself as the 'go-to' person at work. Keep skills and knowledge updated. 3. Environmental careers include: ecologist. environmental chemist and others. Demand here is driven by population increases. Without A College Degree Although it may be more difficult to find a recession-proof job without a college degree the key is to look for jobs that cannot be out-sourced overseas. Environmental Sciences: Far surpassing the 'green' movement this is a very solid career choice. Be pro-active about your career. Private sector jobs in this area are exploding due to the increasing need to police ever rising white collar crime. Government: Remarkably the federal government still has some of the most stable jobs. . especially with its expectant growth of 25% in the next decade. both imported and domestic. 7. heating/cooling specialist. and related healthcare jobs. increased population into environmentally sensitive locations. 4. Always keep in mind that the more education you can achieve the better job you can get and the more money you will make in the course of your lifetime. such as: hospitality. plumbers. corporate espionage. Build professional networks and relationships within your field. and unfortunately since 9/11. Healthcare jobs without extensive college degree include: medical and dental assistant and home health aides. In fact this aging workforce has been a job boom for the 20's age group most recently. Don't let yourself get out-dated. down-sizing and out-sourcing the government must carry on. the ever increasing threat of terrorism. Tips for Recession-proofing your job/career: 1. hydrologists.

In conclusion. JudyAnne Pfeiffer-Parm is part of a dynamic top internet marketing team of mentors. for those looking to opt out of 'Corporate America' you may want to consider thinking outside the box for a career that is truly recession-proof and thrives in todays' economy. 10.162 8. Volunteer quickly and maintain high visibility with management. If this concept interests you and you are serious about a significant change in your life and financial success.4-3-2-1GO. Keep alert to ways the company can become more productive. maybe you should consider a home-based-business. She has a sincere passion for helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. reduce costs and increase profits. Whatever you choose to do in regards to recession-proofing your career do your research and let your due diligence guide you in the direction that is right for you. Just some food for thought. God Bless on your road to personal and professional success.com . dreams and aspirations. The biggest bonus with this career is that you are your own boss and you can't be fired. down-sized or out-sourced. 9. To learn more about JudyAnne Pfeiffer-Parm and her dynamic team of marketing mentors go to http:http://www. Follow up with your boss about further education and skills training in regard to your job.

However. extremely so in the investment banking industry. And you as a job seeker only need ONE. In the financial services industry alone.163 The Insider . more specifically into a front office Investment Banking Position? 1) DO NOT HAVE ANY TYPOS OR GRAMMAR ERRORS IN YOUR RESUME OR COVER LETTER. after years of interviewing candidates on behalf of investment banks.2 million between September 2007 and September 2008. There currently are more than three times as many job hunters as posted job openings. and the September 2008 unemployment rate hit 6.1 percent . 2) TARGET A SMALL SET OF OPENINGS (SAY 5 TOP TIER GLOBAL INVESTMENT BANKS) THAT YOU WOULD PICK OVER ANYTHING ELSE ANY TIME. for example. THIS IS YOUR PLAN A.the highest level in five years. Get friends to proof-read your CV/cover letters/application forms before submitting them or even better.9% employment.1% unemployment there is 93.9% of the employed population. As simple and trivial as it may sound. . you would be surprised the number of CVs and cover letters that still have typos in them. A flawed document is a 100% guarantee of your application being rejected automatically.5 Tips For Getting a Job in Banking When Everyone is Firing The global credit crunch has invariably made this one of the most challenging times to seek a job. the number of unemployed increased by 2. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. So how do you get into the 93. no matter how good your profile is. hard-hit by the subprime crisis. seek professional help.000 people have lost their jobs through the first nine months of 2008. more than 111. Even in a job market with 6. there are on average more than 3 million jobs available every month in the US.

For example. ability to work under pressure and ability to work in a team. So write up a generic CV and cover letter that demonstrate how you are the best candidate with those skills. not blanket statements) that you are the best candidate. THIS IS YOUR PLAN B.164 Spend time researching the roles. i. Yet they hired those working for them! Fact: At least 50% of the people I have coached in the last couple of years have been offered their current job through speculative applications. 4) GO OFF THE BEATEN TRACK. if you are going for a Corporate Finance Analyst position you know any role will require good analytical/quantitative skills. . They will all be very similar (of course. the companies and the sector. let alone an online application form. applying for jobs that were not advertised. b) Where did I develop these skills during my previous academic/professional experience? This shows you are the ideal candidate. there is only one you!) but make sure for every key skill in each role you answer the following questions: a) What skills is the company looking for? This proves you have done your research. Some of them won't even have a dedicated Recruitment Section. Use the STAR technique: S: What was the Situation? T: What Tasks was I assigned? A: What Actions did I perform? R: What was the Result? 3) TARGET A LARGER SET OF OPENINGS (SAY 10 MID TIER INVESTMENT BANKS) YOU SEE YOURSELF WORKING IN. For this you will use your generic CV and cover letter you drafted for 3). How do you see the challenges the banking sector is facing evolving over the next 12 months? How do your skills help the company face those challenges? Draft a CV and a cover letter specially for each one of them. Prepare a generic CV and cover letter. 5) NETWORK. c) How can I prove it? This convinces the reader (with facts. Google less well-known finance houses and send speculative applications.e.

It may also help you identify things you are doing right and things you are doing wrong. It does not need to be every week.co. even in the top-tier Investment Banks that you read in the press are laying off staff.165 Make friends and keep in touch with previous university and work colleagues.helpmegetajob. visit http://www. For the latest techniques.co. not even every month. Show you are genuinely interested in them and not just calling asking for a job. etc". Once a quarter is fine unless you have anything specific to discuss.uk . You may be out of a job for a LONG time. The 2009 recruitment market will be about distinguishing the outstanding from the good candidates. Yet. Make a spreadsheet with an action plan of you emailing or calling them regularly. Remember. If you want to be one of the few lucky ones you need to make sure you step up your game to the highest level with persistence. I would be lying if I was to say things will improve soon or that by the law of large numbers you will get a job. and only the outstanding will succeed. but it may actually give you an idea/viewpoint in your job search you may not have thought about on your own. This will not only help you find out about potential vacancies. Just say "Hi. Agustin Valecillos is a Vice President at a top tier Investment bank focussing on Commodities and FX Structuring. wanted to know how you job/course/whatever is going. He is also the Founder and CEO of a team of Investment Banking professionals who pride themselves in helping people jump-start their investment banking career in the financial services sector through an outstanding banking CV. "The market can stay inefficient for longer than you can stay solvent". cover letter and application form <http://www.helpmegetajob.uk> . These are in all likelihood the most difficult market conditions you will ever find yourself in. CONCLUSION All in all. a small number of people are still being hired. not any time soon in this climate.

especially young children and physically impaired individuals to find their seats * Maintain order and make sure passengers are calm when an emergency arises * Make sure everyone on board complies with the FAA safety rules and regulations Get The Requirements Before you can land a flight attendant job. and assist people when an emergency arises.166 How to Become a Flight Attendant Flight attendants also make sure that safety regulations are properly carried out. blankets and headsets * Answer passenger queries as pleasantly as possible * Administer first aid * Demonstrate evacuation and safety procedures * Assist all passengers. Lean The Duties Flight attendants do more than just smile. Choosing a career as a flight attendant is a good idea. and before embarking on this career path. There are a number of duties and responsibilities involved with this job. your potential employers will first check if you've got all the educational and physical . but you must first make sure that you have all the necessary traits. or even an interview. give out snacks and night pillows and assist passengers to their chairs. Flight attendant duties include: * Make sure passengers are comfortable. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to become a flight attendant. you must have an idea of what to expect. by handing out food. beverages. requirements and training before pursuing this job.

requirements, as well as work experience. Remember, a large part of their decision to hire you comes from these requirements, so make sure you prepare yourself fully. * For the educational aspect, most airlines prefer someone who has a college degree, though this isn't a major requirement. A course in oral communication, psychology, education or other people-related disciplines is a plus point. * As for the physical requirements, most airlines have set standards for the height of their attendants. Many airlines require someone at least 18 years old, but major airlines only accept those 21 years old and above. * For the work aspect, applicants with prior experience in customer service, including restaurant, hospitality and retail, are more preferred. * Aside from these, you must also prepare major identification cards, especially your passport. Being fluent in one or more foreign language is also a bonus, especially if you want to be hired in an international airline. Do Your Research Once you've completed the primary requirements, you must find out which airlines are looking for attendants. Check out open house listings in large city newspapers for job opportunities. Individual airline sites also post when they are looking for new people to hire. Once you've seen a few options, send your comprehensive resume to these airlines. Stress a few important points on your resume that the employer will look for. Example, list down all the relevant work experience you had, as well as foreign language, and first aid knowledge. You should also stress out your readiness to relocate. The Interview When the airline invites you applied for invites you for an interview, you must prepare well: this is your chance to impress and let them know how competent you are. Wear a neutral suit, black shoes (for men) or small pumps (for women), and brush back your hair. Don't don any jewelry, just a watch. Let them visualize you as an attendant working for them. Make sure you show an air of professionalism and confidence, and answer all their questions as honestly and clearly as you can. Public Speaking One very important trait that airlines look for potential flight attendants is their ability to speak in front of a crowd. Remember, one of the main duties that you'll be given when you're on this job is speaking to different passengers

everyday, answering questions and making important announcements. Your employers will then watch you as you speak in front of them, observing your voice quality, your composure, pleasantness, and your ability to comfort people. Practice your public speaking before going to the interview. Complete Your Training When you pass the interview, you can move on to the next step: undergoing flight attendant training. This can take between three to eight weeks, at the airline's flight training center. You will need to learn about various emergency procedures and passport and custom regulations. This is done in simulated environments, in front of your instructors and fellow trainees. You will also be taken aboard practice flights, and observed and graded. When you finish these successfully, the FAA will give you a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. Being a flight attendant is no easy task. Remember, you are responsible for the lives of people, thousands of feet up in the air. Keep these important considerations in mind as you prepare yourself for this fulfilling career. You'll surely be a reliable and trustworthy attendant. For more on How to become a flight attendant <http://monsterguide.net/how-to-become-a-flight-attendant> and other howto do stuff, please visit Monster Guide <http://monsterguide.net> . Wisdom is the sharing of wise experiences and knowledge, but a lot of it is common sense. The difference is how we apply this common sense - we all have the ability to keep going even when we face challenges in our lives - basically it comes down to your attitude.


Quick Tips When Facing Unemployment

There is much loss usually associated with unemployment but it doesn't have to be that way; we can choose to perceive our situations differently. While this time is a period of letting go and moving on, this can be difficult but it can also be an exciting time in your life. To start, it may help to rephrase the term unemployment by referring to this in-between-jobs time as a period of "Creative Growth"! Can you feel the shift simply by phrasing the situation in a positive light? This "Creative Growth" period can actually be a time of huge career development and realizing personal awareness and potential! We always talk about how we wish we had more time to do the things we love. So here it is here is your time to do exactly what you want! Explore! Think big and imagine and feel in your heart that all is possible! Does this seem completely naive to you? I am aware of this but I speak from both personal and professional experience and it is true so please keep reading. Harness this unplanned and potentially devastating event in your life by turning it into a life-changing and thrilling launch toward your dreams and selfdiscovery! How does that even seem possible? The answer is to embrace your life all of it, in this moment, take a good look at what is going well in your life; write it down in a heartfelt way and be grateful for it daily! Gain perspective and recognize that it will only be a matter of time before you get another job. Do you want to go to school? Learn a language? A new professional skill? Join a group? Whatever it is this is the time to expand your personal profile and meet new people. And another benefit of learning is a renewed sense of confidence! If you are a structured person, continue with or get a daytimer and create a routine that will encourage purposeful, results-oriented behaviour and

Life/Career Coach Kelly McIntyre M." Go to http://www. is author of "A Girl's Guide to Life Change".com Would you like to reprint Embrace Change articles? You can as long as the entire article and the following blurb are included: "Embrace Your LifeKelly McIntyre M. Get online and create consistent professional profiles there too. Embrace and enjoy this special "Creative Growth" period in your life! Follow your heart! Kelly McIntyre M. Helping You Follow Your Heart. talking with others will feel more natural as you talk passionately about your dream and what you want in your life.Sc. Copyright 2009 Embrace Your Life .blogspot.Sc. http://embraceyourlifetransition. "Embrace Change Ezine.170 also schedule free time for fun! It is okay to have fun! You may kick yourself later when you are back at work and didn't take advantage of this "Creative Growth" period! Put some key words to paper with examples of your greatest strengths and accomplishments and overcome the common fear of self-promotion. info about how to redeem your FREE 30-minute consultation and her FREE ezine. For her FREE "Goal Setting Worksheet!". If you are clear about what you want.embraceyourlife.ca.Sc.

If a person has the passion for video games and is technically sound then they can rest assured. The process of making a video game is always creative and exciting. In the meantime. There are so many schools that teach video game design. making oodles of cash everyday with a video game career? In today's world video games are played by almost everyone. And you'll have greater insight into how you can slowly accumulate wealth as a video game tester by doing what you love. Knowledge of the industry .171 Video Game Career What if I showed you how you can make $2000 per month. knowing it is a wise career option. I think that before taking up any serious decision like choosing a career one should go for something that will benefit them afterwards. you'll be able to get started right away. read on to learn more about this fantastic money-maker! Did you know that you can be sitting at home. Education If a person is prepared to take video game testing as a career then joining in any video game designing school will be beneficial for him/her. By the end of this article. It's no coincidence that video gaming is a booming industry Why not take advantage of this lucrative career option? I chose video game testing as my career not too long ago. I can say that it has some aspects that make it challenging. but at the same time making video games requires skill and qualification. someone who loves playing video games would be the best one to opt for the video game profession. My passion for video games is what makes this career most exhilarating for me. These schools offer a lot of career information on video game design through their scheduled programs. The course duration may be 2 to 4 years. just by playing games? Don't believe me? By the end of this article your perspective on work will have completely changed. Why? Because you'll have learned that you don't need some run of the mill job to make a living. Enthusiasm is essential. However.

testing. design. Leaving these four major teams there is a producer who monitors the whole process from budgeting to executing the project. The artistic team creates the characters. This career also demands some experience level or knowledge regarding game designing industry. A game developing studio consists of four major teams: programming. Go here <http://www. Story behind the screen In today's fast moving world the Job titles and job responsibility of video game designers differ by game type and game designing organizations. Each company is demanding something new and exciting. In spite of every thing one should have some knowledge about various companies in this game industry. You can be making some sweet sweet cash right now for going about your normal video game playing routine. develop the sound and music. Are you still sitting on your butt playing the latest PS3 game and NOT GETTING PAID? Don't be such a sucker. Jobs tasks change in quickly as new expertise emerges. artistic.video-game-testing-jobs. game play objects and character interaction. The responsibility of the game designing team is to build up the concept of the game. Lastly the game tester checks the full game before publishing to see whether it contains any errors or not.com> To Learn More About How To GET PAID Testing Video Games . The programming team develops the codes and plans the game programming software.172 Getting a degree is not always enough.

why is it that so few actually make the break and move to something they really enjoy? Often our fears are greater than the desire to change. you may realize that a career change is the only way to achieve it. you can become bored with a career at any age and many people experiencing a "mid-life crisis" want to experiment with something new. Of course. we'll consider some common fears which stop many people from making the first move. The desire to move to a different line of work can arise at any stage in your career history. This could be because you have children and want to spend more time with them or because you want the time and flexibility to follow other interests. you can start to do something about them. but once the initial novelty has worn off. career change is an important dream. but as soon as you get into the routine. but one they never realize. In part 2.What's Holding You Back? Part 1 For many people. such as setting up a small business or going part-time in their current job and starting something else on a part-time basis. Young people just starting out are excited by the prospect of going to work and earning a salary. . our goals and priorities change and so even if you were happy with your original choice after college. but if you can identify the fears which are holding you back. With over 80% of Americans claiming they are unhappy at work. Changing jobs may bring a temporary improvement. As we get older. If you find yourself in this position. As retirement approaches. you are disillusioned again.173 Career Change . you may feel that you want to do something different. an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the need to earn an ongoing income. they may find it is not as much fun as they anticipated.

but if you take the right steps it becomes challenging and rewarding.coolercareers.174 Changing careers can be terrifying.com/personal-goal-setting. Want to experience more success with your career and personal goals? Download our free goal setting software here: http://www.com/> to find out more.coolercareers.html . Go to Start Your Career Change Now <http://www.

without doubt. or in danger of being made redundant. even the economic eras in which we are living change so quickly. it would be a good idea to look at which industries are experiencing growth and to develop skills and acquire knowledge which would be useful in those fields. How on earth are they coping with mp3 players.175 Lifelong Learning . brand and popularity. but since then we've already moved through a further age and into a second one. The Industrial Age started around 1750 and continued until approximately 1970. Education has also changed dramatically. If you can identify with this. And if that isn't bad enough. in which intangible goods are of prime importance and consist of a combination of factors such as information. for if we are to survive in the new economy. irrespective of which career an individual is involved in. You could be forgiven for thinking we're still in that one. Information and knowledge have become essential commodities since the late 20th century.How Relevant is it to My Career? Did you hate school? You couldn't wait to get out into the world to earn a living and felt everything you were learning just did not relate to real life. when the Information Age began. in around 2002. it may come as a bit of a shock to discover that lifelong learning is now something which should be on everyone's agenda. The Knowledge Economy started in about 1990 and gave way. What impact does all this have on our careers and the job prospects for our children? A big one. with the rise in importance and increased accessibility of distance learning. it's almost impossible to keep up. Developments . Not long ago there were millions out there trying to figure out how to program their VCRs. technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it is difficult for consumers. If you are looking for work. especially online. we need to develop new skills and knowledge and to keep up to date with change. never mind experts to keep up. digital TVs and phones which incorporate video cameras and internet access? In fact. it is essential to keep up with the latest developments in your industry. So how can you do this? If you already work in an area which is thriving. to the Intangible Economy.

you can consider working towards a qualification which will enable you to catch up with the latest employment trends. . to get used to being a student again. you could consider short courses. If you have children this will also provide valuable knowledge which you can use to help them make career choices.coolercareers. If you have been out of education for a long time. try out some free courses in a field which interests you. enabling people who have difficulty with traditional studying to learn in other ways.com/studying. look out for local community education programs. If you aren't online at home. by listening to audio lessons and using interactive programs on CD or the internet. either in the community or online.com/personal-goal-setting.coolercareers. If you have internet access. for example. © Waller Jamison 2006 Want to experience more success with your career and personal development goals? Download our free goal setting software here: http://www. Alternatively. spend time in an internet café or a library. Once you feel more confident about your abilities.html To read more about lifelong learning go to Back to Study <http://www.html> Waller Jamison is a careers advisor and former university teacher who is constantly studying to keep up with trends.176 in technology have also taken into account different learning styles.

Listen This list may seem daunting but if you break it down into individual steps it will make it make your task much easier.177 Top Job Interview Techniques Job Interview Techniques can they really help? I have been in the recruitment industry for the last 11 years and have interviewed many candidates. Eye Contact 3. There are 10 Job Interview Techniques that they use: 1. lowing: According to research employers' impressions are made up of the fol? Body Language and image -70% . This comes down to their Job interview techniques. Eye Contact 4. Know when to stop talking 10. I am often asked why a candidate that I interview stands out from all the others.First impression The first and most important Job interview Technique is make a strong first impression as soon as you walk in. Appearance . 1. Confidence Appearance . Today I am going to concentrate on the 3 Job interview techniques that I think are the most important. Preparation 2.First impression 2. Concise answers 8. Appearance . Enthusiasm 6. Relevant Questions 9. Honesty 7. Confidence 5.First impression 3.

20% ? What you say. I have helped many people to find their perfect Job if you would like more information on My Top 10 Interview Techniques then visit my site Job . the nodding of the head in the right places.178 ? Tone of voice. Confidence This is probably the most difficult obstacle to overcome. If you follow these job interview techniques you will be on your way to that new Job. If possible go and see what the majority of people are wearing when they are coming out of their building and copy their style. If you look like you would fit in to that organisation you will have a great head start. if you talk too loud it's obnoxious and mumbling is irritating. If you get lots of practise your confidence will grow and you will be prepared for the majority of situations you will come across in an interview. Make sure you use that all important eye contact. Practise. My advice would be Practise.10% When you are going to a job Interview ask yourself "Do I look like I work for this company?" If you don't look like you would fit in then you need to do some research. Smile and nod your head when being spoken to and always keep that all important eye contact. Richard has been working in the recruitment industry for 11 years and specialises in Risk Management and Business Continuity. Practise. Eye Contact As soon as you walk into the building make sure you have good eye contact with everyone you meet. You will know your strengths and weakness and using this valuable information your confidence will soar. You must treat everyone you come into contact with the same way. You will be seen by the interviewer that you are interested. Always have good eye contact a firm hand shake (remember it is eye contact not staring). Warning:Don't be over confident. First impressions do count so remember to always talk clearly. stay relaxed show you have a friendly personality and you will not come across as arrogant.

<http://www.sentient-recruitment.html> Good luck I hope this article has helped you.179 interview Techniques Page interview-techniques.com/job- .

And even for people who still have to go in once in a while. or new head of your organization. However. the more often you telecommute. location!" Getting a home in just the right location can be one of the biggest challenges when buying your house. however. * Don't forget the risks from down-sizing. a long commute once or twice a week is a whole different consideration than a long commute every day. are death and taxes. you never know when the rules might change for you.sometimes living hundreds of miles away from his or her company office. Obviously if you only telecommute occasionally then you still need to live driving-distance from work. the easier it will be to tolerate a long distance to the company office. * Even if you work for a company that is very pro-telecommuting. I've never heard telecommuting added to that list. In Part I of this series I mentioned. I've seen policies so strict that people who were unwilling to move could no longer keep their jobs. But the jobs you apply for may not be as . I've seen even very large companies that are known for excellent telecommuting policies suddenly switch gears and call all their telecommuters back into the office. that the exclusive telecommuter may not be concerned about location . one thing you must remember is that the only constants in life. Suddenly your whole group is cut and you're job-hunting. you've learned already about 2 factors that the average telecommuter must consider when house-hunting that non-telecommuters may not need to concern themselves with.Part III If you already read Parts I and II of my "Home-buying for the Telecommuter" series.180 Home-Buying For the Telecommuter . Read on now to learn about the final factor that is probably the last thing you'd expect me to tell telecommuters to be concerned about! Location: Every home buyer (or home seeker) has heard the real estate mantra "Location. as they say. and suddenly the rules are all different. no matter what your current telecommuting status. location. But chances are. All it takes is a new CEO.

Do you have a large financial cushion to take the extra time to find a job that permits full-time telecommuting? Or do you have a family depending on you as sole bread-winner. money.181 interested in hiring someone who lives in the middle of nowhere and can't come into the company office on a regular basis. She specializes in teaching people how to effectively work from home. Make sure you know how working from home differs from going into the office. the "Master of Telecommuting Success" is the author of "How to Avoid Going to Work Without Quitting your Job". and you can't afford to be out of work for more than a couple months? Unless you are certain that you'd rather take the time and make the sacrifices to find a new telecommuting job than go back into a company office again.to learn from the mistakes of others: http://avoidgoingtowork. I invite you to get your free copy of the "Top 10 Telecommuter Mistakes list" . or you don't expect to stay in this house you're buying for very long. You may want to hedge your bets and make sure you live close enough to your company (or other companies in your industry) that you can drive in (perhaps nearly daily) if you absolutely had to! If telecommuting is an important part of your work-life balance please consider this factor plus the others mentioned in the previous articles when you buy your next home! Bottom Line? Experience huge gains in time. You deserve it! But don't dive in unprepared. and stress reduction by telecommuting. . Nicole has been telecommuting exclusively for over 4 years. don't get too cocky about how flexible your home location can be.com/free Nicole Bachelor. and has vast experience working with teams that are spread across the world.

part-time. community centers.182 Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants Those seeking employment in the healthcare sector can benefit greatly by choosing to be occupational therapy assistants. the occupational therapy assistant must hold a state-issued license in addition to an associate degree from an accredited college. long term or short term. Occupational Therapy Assistant Duties In consultation with the therapist. Professionals who like to work in various locations can opt for traveling jobs. Basic Requirements to Practice in the U. Comfortable Working Conditions Therapy assistants can work in a range of healthcare and community based settings including rehabilitation centers.S To practice in the United States as a COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant). a therapy assistant works with patients to improve the quality of their lives by developing and implementing OT treatment plans. Certified occupational therapy assistants are assured excellent job opportunities in leading healthcare facilities with high remuneration and associated benefits. full-time. Meet Your Professional and Personal Career Goals . institutions. They help patients carry out the prescribed rehabilitation exercises and activities. residential centers and hospitals. These healthcare professionals utilize their knowledge. long term acute care centers. They have the option to work in flexible work schedules . and successfully navigate their living environment. skill and effort to assist patients get back to a normal lifestyle. OT assistants should have good communication skills and be dedicated to their profession. The job involves working with patients with various physical and mental disabilities and providing high quality patient care.

therakare. Experienced recruiters in these agencies can assist certified occupational therapy assistants to locate the most rewarding jobs.com/occupational-therapy-assistant-jobs. continuing education program.183 Choosing OTA career as your profession. and 401(k) retirement plan.a leading OT staffing company in the US. you can achieve your professional as well as personal goals. If you are interested in occupational therapy assistant jobs <http://www. This is a career that offers numerous benefits such as travel expenses. medical and dental insurance.therakare. paid housing. earn bonus package. professional liability insurance.html> .com/occupational-therapist-assistant-jobs. contact TheraKare . additional state license.html> for you. Here you can find the best occupational therapist assistant jobs <http://www. Section 125 cafeteria plan. Find the Right Recruiting Service The process of finding this well-paid job can be frustrating. immigration processing for trained foreign candidates. Overcome this frustration with the help of recruiting agencies that match the right employee with the right employer. . relocation expenses.

the lead. We all exercise. rumors and informants who offer the journalist a story to elaborate on. is related to "sources. the police officer. and even the journalist although you might think it's hard to imagine." There are many information sources where the journalist is dependent on: news feeds. The other side is also true and implicit damaging: acknowledging a new source of information but decline it just because not trusting the source. When this happens the organization is working with information that is not accurate or in the worst-case scenario wrong. the error of the un-validated source may penetrate deep into the organs of the organization.184 The Journalist at Work In the office we often come across the career in a new context. like the arbiter. This is a very implicit process hardly visible but when this validation gets flawed a chain of activities gets infected with wrong data. But what if the source is not (completely) correct? As information spreads itself like a virus. the judge.. the journalist at work is a role to keep in mind. This is not only the case when reading information in e-mails. In business this information processing activity is also very important as we continuously read information. beware of this role. Information is a factor of production and information exchange and information processing is therefore supporting the main business process of an organization. but also when attending presentations. One of the most important activities that makes a journalist unique. at different moments. validate it and only then continue to work with it.. Therefore. and continue our own work on the basis of the information delivered by these (third party) sources. In either way. summarize it. © 2009 Hans Bool . the role of the journalist at work in an activity where we acknowledge what we receive from others. the journalist at work.

There are many other jobs to consider such as a membership director for a health club. Follow that up by managers. and getting paid well for it is the ultimate goal a person should seek. This all depends upon your location. reputation. and experience. Personal fitness professionals can earn anywhere from $40 per hour to over $100 an hour. . Therefore. the big question is can fitness enthusiasts successfully profit in the fitness industry? The overwhelming answer is yes! You have many great opportunities to profit doing something you really love in the form of a fitness career. Becoming a personal trainer is only one occupation underneath the fitness business umbrella. Most careers in fitness are occupied by individuals who love to workout. qualifications. You can enjoy a fitness career of managing a health club. and aerobic instructors. if you want a fitness career that gives you the best return on investment it would be owning your own personal training business. So when talking fitness careers. The best way to become a personal trainer is to take a personal training certification course. or even a group of personal trainers.185 Is a Fitness Career Profitable? Everyone who is interested in a fitness career wants to first know if they can really make money at it. please understand that working in the fitness business does not mean you are a personal fitness trainer. Or. program directors. there are plenty of opportunities to profit from careers in fitness. As you can see. in club personal trainers. Now which fitness job can pad your wallet the most? In my opinion. However. possibly strive to own your own health club. along with a business. or even an aerobics instructor. membership sales. and marketing based personal trainer training such as Personal Training Riches. Doing what a person loves. what exactly does that mean? First off. fitness sales associate. owning your own personal training business. marketing. or health club/gym takes the prize.

how to easily. or have a fitness career that pays less. Discover. create a plan.000.com> that even generates income when you are not working. All you need to do is get the best personal training courses. is by creating fitness information products. and marketing skills. physiology. So determine what direction you want to take in your fitness career.186 In order for you to succeed in your new personal trainer career it is important to get a basic fitness education in anatomy. If training is your passion. There are many excellent personal trainer courses available to help you succeed. The sky is the limit! Additional tip! One of the most effective ways to generate significant residual fitness income. or by developing a fitness publishing business. This is the point at which you will have to leverage your time into greater fitness income.000. and commitment will determine what income bracket you enter. The choice is yours. and marketing them online. and personal training marketing as possible. Your goal will be to generate as many prospects as possible which will get you to the point of having to hire other professional fitness trainers. Please note the average personal trainer salary is around $43. Your hard work. and model your fitness business after those that have already succeeded. and even marketing. The highest income earning personal trainers leverage their time wisely by creating additional profit centers such as starting a fitness boot camp. step-by-step. The fitness professionals who have the most sales. there is money to be made with careers in personal fitness! The time is now. If personal training is your interest in a fitness career. then I recommend you acquire as much information on business. and follow it to success. Even if you are employed as a personal trainer it is important to have basic personal training business. learn from the best fitness courses. . and marketing knowledge generally make the most money. you need to determine if you want to make more than $43. Please understand. even while sleeping.fitnessinfobusiness. and quickly create a residual income fitness career <http://www.

basic CPT coding. In supplementary to the previously mentioned subjects. medical coding and specialist practice. To be considered for this education. and effective English writing and communication skills. good speaking abilities along with speech communication should be the additional two topics which could make up am part of the material. illnesses. Aside from codes. Physiology. This involves deciphering of medical terminology. The're many schools that teach medical coding and the course longevity is normally two hundred to two hundred and thirty hours. introduction to IT. A person performing this job must be able to comprehend and iron out insurance stipulations and compensation to clients and patients the same. People who are individual decision-makers and who're fussy about their work should enjoy this chore because it doesn't require a lot of communication with other individuals.. Medical Nomenclature. They must also be able to complete out bookkeeping tasks. you will need a high school graduation. Medical Facts and Office Functioning. The training for this program not only involve reading of medical nomenclature but also directs some weight in computer literacy as well as English understanding. you'll also see the examinations on sickness. . IT accomplishments are considered necessary to get into this area because a coder has to work with computers all day long. computer applications and expository composition (prose that is explanation in nature). The following codes are determined so as to make the process of reimbursement easy for each of the parties implicated. Reimbursement Methodologies. advanced coding and reimbursement. pharmacology. the institutions in addition instruct topics including Law. Anatomy.187 Are You Considering a Career in Medical Coding? Medical coding could be defined as the occurrence in which alphanumeric codes are given to the various processes which come in the category of allopathic healthcare. Ethical Motives. Topics which are covered in the course usually cover general anatomy and physiology.But. basic ICD9 coding. deal with medical billing technicalities. get back with insurance organizations and patients on late bills and bill insurance firms and patients stalling. precisely interpret and finish claim forms.

medicalcodingfirst.Medical Coding <http://www.com .188 Internet tutorial classes and distance study are additionally available for those whom are seeking out a part time study choice.com> .medicalcodingfirst. P Abbey owns and operates http://www.

here is a list of entry level offshore rig jobs.189 What Are the Entry Level Jobs on Oil Rigs? Are you looking for jobs on oil rigs? When you do not have any experience in this industry.000 a year. This is one of the lowest paying jobs on an oil rig. preparation and hard work can do wonders. they may be asked to help the roughnecks on the drill floor. They also build new metalwork when necessary. they may eventually find themselves becoming a cook or camp boss themselves. Compare this to the average salary in the manufacturing sector . Rig Welder Welders carry out the day-to-day repairs on an oil rig. When necessary. cleans up the accommodations and does the laundry. Like any other industry. you need to start at the bottom to get in. They provide the brawn and handle most of the heavy lifting and cleaning. 2.$30. For a start. Typical salaries are around $60. Unlike roustabouts.000 based on 2004 statistics. Roustabout Roustabouts are general laborers.000. 1. They mostly work on the main deck of the oil rig. The steward helps out in the kitchen. 4. the oil services contractor will hire additional welders for the duration of the project to speed up its completion. However. welders may need some form of trade certification (CITB in the UK. at only $45. These certifications are rigorous and need to be renewed regularly. finding a job looks as tough as climbing Mount Everest. 3.000 per year. The next step up from roustabout is roughneck. just a little bit of knowledge. If they do their jobs right and make an effort to improve themselves. Steward This is another unskilled entry level position. AWS in the US). When there is a big project.000 to $55. Scaffolders . Salaries range from $45.

9. RSTC (Rig Safety and Training Coordinator) Required qualities: * * * * * Good communications Good organizational skills Computer skills Knowledge of offshore safety laws Knowledge of company policies This post has a lot of responsibility. Unlike roustabouts. Those who do well are quickly promoted to data engineer within a 1/2-year to 2 years.g. or the explosion on Piper Alpha in 1988. 6. which explains the $60. Medic Usually ex-nurses. Mud Logger/Engineer One of the few positions needing a university degree . Both were in the North Sea. 5.especially after a major accident. after the Alexander Kielland platform collapsed in 1980. especially by those who handle the more back-breaking labor on an oil rig. 8. Salary? $70. their work is done high up on the oil rig.$80. Radio Operator Generally considered an easy and boring job. Responsible for the drilling fluids used.000 .000 salary. on some rigs. When comparing the different jobs on a rig. On the other hand.usually a BSc in Chemistry. it can quickly become a mid or senior position .000. Salary: up to $70.to cover the rig 24/7. which explains the $80. Storeman . this is one of the more dangerous ones. responsible for the sick bay and medical supplies.190 Scaffolders move from rig to rig as needed. This is why there are always 2 mud loggers . 7. On the other hand. Compare this to the construction industry's rate of $7 per hour.000 salary for an entry level job. Their most important duty is probably to monitor the level of dangerous gasses which can cause the well to blow. installing equipment and collecting samples during ongoing drilling. which explains why they can easily earn up to $60.000 per year. e.000. Some oil companies require their scaffolders to hold a trade certification. it is a vital job.

Needs to know how to use the computer. These 12 jobs are generally considered entry level jobs on oil rigs. Some of those painting jobs need to be done while suspended from a harness hoisted by a crane.there is always something which needs painting. Salary: $58. The roustabout and steward only needs minimal education. Salary: $65. Salary: $60.com/blog/top-3-benefits-of-usingrigworkercom-service/> . This is not a job for someone afraid of heights. The other positions need you to show some trade skill. 12.000. an oil rig storeman may need to check incoming cargo even in the middle of the night. Considering how much iron and steel there is on an offshore oil rig.000. 11. Like the painter and mechanic. Salary: $58.191 Maintains the stores. or need a diploma (electrician) or degree (mud engineer). some of his work will be done while hanging from a crane. Are you looking for offshore oil rig jobs? Visit http://oilrigjobs. Electrician Maintains and repairs the electrical equipment on the oil rig. Motorman Helps the mechanic to maintain and repair all the machines.calvinmarketing. surrounded by all that salt water . 10. Like the painter. Unlike the comfortable post of an army storeman. Painter He paints the oil rig.000. orders and receives stocks.com/blog/ to learn how RigWorker can help you to quickly and easily find jobs on oil rigs <http://oilrigjobs.000.calvinmarketing. including the diesel generators and rig floor equipment. This includes changing the light bulbs. and does not require any kind of trade certification. some of their repairs will be done suspended from a crane. .

you go to your mom's work and play pick up games with other children in the neighborhood. Some run major corporations.? Working for the President of the United States? Imagine that you love playing basketball. After graduating magna cum laude.By Playing Rec Sports! What can you gain from playing rec sports? How about a job? In Washington D. Duncan has always been a big fan of basketball. you continue to play pick-up games with some of the guys you have met through your job. Duncan would accompany his mother to her children's center that catered to AfricanAmerican youth on the South side of Chicago. In case you are unaware. After school as a child. You end up playing professionally in Australia for a couple of years. Because of your love. and some have strange names like Barack Obama. You go to college and are good enough to play on the varsity team. Growing up.192 Get a Job . When your basketball career is over you return to your home town and get a "real job. These games aren't scheduled regularly. but are not a standout Down Under. some are successful in the non-profit world. but when they are played. and are fairly good at it. there are more than a few players whose names grace the pages of the newspapers." but your passion for the game doesn't wane. . I am describing what may have contributed to Arne Duncan being appointed Secretary of Education by President Obama. He would play pick-up games with the other kids and got good enough to make the basketball team when he enrolled at Harvard. Your senior year your teammates name you co-captain and in the highest profile game of your collegiate career you score 20 points against a nationally ranked team.C. Duncan spent 4 years playing professionally before returning to Chicago to pursue a career in education. some have household names like Michael Jordan.

Every time Obama was up for office. Obama. After the election results came in and Obama had the tough choice of selecting a cabinet. there may be someone you play with or against that you might be able to help down the road. the group would vote and then convene at a local gym to get their minds off the day's goings-ons.whosinfirst. when Duncan joined other players to help Obama sweat out some nerves. or who desire to be in a life of politics. 2009. but there is a lesson we can all learn from Duncan's story: there are more than just health benefits to participating in rec sports. . assumed the position of Secretary of Education. As Obama rose in the political spectrum. In some cases you can meet someone who will help you attain something you might not have been able to attain otherwise. he ultimately met many of Chicago's most famous people and started playing hoops with them whenever there was free time amongst all the busy schedules. his good friend on and off the court. Visit Who's In First. Duncan and the others. This continued even through Obama's recent election in November. One of the guys he regularly played against was President Obama. Duncan rose in the world of education. Duncan and several others still found time to get in a few games of roundball each year. Keep sporting! Evan Pfaff is co-owner <http://www. Playing basketball became an Election Day tradition for Obama. today for a free demonstration and to learn why Who's In First is the best choice for your league. and on January 20. his mind didn't stray far from the hardwood. Now it is not everyone who knows people of such power.193 Because of his high profile jobs. then a state senator from Illinois. So next time you throw on your jersey or lace up your shoes. Likewise.com. and in 2001 he was appointed CEO of Chicago Public Schools. http://www. once Obama was sworn into office.com> .whosinfirst. But even as their schedules got busier and busier. of Who's In First Who's In First is an online league management system for leagues of all sizes and sports. Our state-of-the-art software enables league managers the ability to quickly create and deploy schedules and standings over the Internet. think about Arne Duncan and the possibilities the position he is in because of rec sports.

which include: ? Speech language screenings ? Supervising specified treatment protocol ? Monitoring patients' progress and documenting it Qualifications Necessary to Practice as SLP Assistants An associate degree or certification in SLP is the minimum requirement necessary to work as an SLP assistant. Competitive Salary/Benefit Package A speech language therapy assistant can earn great pay and associated benefits. Maximize the Patients' Skills and Abilities A speech language therapy assistant assists licensed speech pathologists in developing treatment plans and improving the patients' vocal production. The associate degree program you choose must fulfill ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) guidelines.194 Vacancies For Speech and Language Therapy Assistants In the rehabilitation sector. Now. type of setting and location. full time and part time job positions for therapy assistants. numerous vacancies exist for locally as well as internationally trained speech and language therapy assistants in various parts of the US. Salary-bonus benefit package may vary depending on experience. travel. temporary. speech production and a variety of speech language disorders. short term. Therapy assistants can advance to become therapists after obtaining the required qualifications. long term. you receive: ? Life insurance . the job of a speech therapy assistant is a popular and rewarding career option for SLP professionals. Therapy assistants perform a variety of tasks. A wide variety of healthcare settings in the United States now offer permanent. In addition.

Contact TheraKare. they assist you in finding a suitable position in the right environment.therakare. You can view our current speech language pathologist job openings <http://www.com/speech-therapy-jobs. can apply online.therakare. Understanding your needs. find excellent placements via experienced recruiters. quickly and easily. interested in assistant job opportunities.com/speech-language-pathologist-job-opening.html> for qualified professionals. vision and dental insurance ? Professional liability insurance ? Short term disability insurance ? 401(k) retirement savings plan ? Paid housing ? Relocation expenses ? Immigration processing ? Additional licensure ? Travel allowance Your Ideal SPLA Job Right Away To obtain quality experience. a leading medical staffing company in the US that offers exciting and rewarding speech therapy jobs <http://www. . They know exactly what therapy assistants are looking for in an ideal position.html> via our website.195 ? Excellent medical. New graduates as well as experienced speech language therapy assistants.

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As for other jobs. Candidates with strong interpersonal skills and a desire to help people can work as occupational therapy aides. To work as occupational therapy assistants. How to Become a Good Professional If you are interested in working as an occupational therapist. For this they must have a high school diploma. The benefit package includes: ? Immigration processing (for trained foreign candidates) . candidates must have completed an associate's degree or certificate program. Make a Change in Your Career Occupational therapists can work in premier healthcare facilities in locations of their choice. They enable patients to lead an independent life by assisting them in performing their daily activities. According to individual preferences. candidates can apply for part-time jobs. teaching them how to use the equipment and giving physical exercises. Jobs that Demand Dedicated Service Occupational therapists work with both young and old individuals to overcome their disabilities caused by aging. a master's degree in OT from a recognized university or college is necessary. or accidents and physical or psychological illnesses.197 Job Vacancies For Occupational Therapists The healthcare field is a fertile area offering a number of jobs for qualified and experienced professionals. To practice in the U. the salary package may vary. exciting job vacancies exist for occupational therapists too.S. Based on academic qualifications and experience. temporary. full-time and travel assignments. The ultimate goal of therapy professionals is to help patients with both physical and mental impairments get back to a normal life. therapists must obtain a state licensure. Skilful and experienced occupational therapists can find attractive positions in top-tier medical and healthcare facilities in the United States. permanent.

TheraKare. being a leading occupational therapist staffing company can offer different job vacancies for occupational therapists <http://www.therakare. you can apply for suitable jobs.therakare.com/occupational-therapy-jobs. usually candidates will have to register at the provider websites.com/vacancy-for-occupational-therapist.html> openings listed on our website. Once registered. To access such databases. . View our current occupational therapist job <http://www.html> .198 ? Professional liability insurance ? Licensure assistance ? Health and life insurance ? 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan ? Relocation expenses (travelers) ? Continuing education ? High lucrative salary plus bonus ? Paid housing ? Section 125 Cafeteria plan Contact Reliable Recruiting Agencies for the Best Jobs Most recruiting agencies maintain an extensive online searchable database listing job vacancies to help OT professionals with their job search.

com/> . This bad economy is affecting every person in some way and that includes children and teens. Employers want to hire teens but with the minimum salary having just been raised and more experience applicants for entry level jobs. Never before have so many people been laid off so fast (besides the great depression) and jobs are at a premium for all age groups and work experience levels. people with some job experience might be fighting for those jobs as well because they will be glad to just get anything. This summer of 2009 might be the hardest summer for these teenagers who all want jobs in a faltering economy.199 Teens Might Have a Difficult Time Getting Jobs This Summer Around the age of 15 many kids start thinking of getting a part time job. One problem for teens might be that they will not be the only ones competing for the jobs that normally go to teens. Are you a teen looking for jobs for 15 year olds? <http://moneymakinghobby. . At that age they have just begun high school and want to have some extra spending money to use when they are with friends and to give them more independence. it may be hard to justify hiring a teen who has never worked before. please visit my site Money Making Ideas <http://moneymakinghobby. They are also thinking about turning 16 and that means getting their drivers license and needing money for a car. This means that many teens might be unemployed this summer and hopefully will find constructive things to do with their time. With things the way they are now.com/2008/11/01/easy-jobs-for-15-year-olds-andjobs-for-16-year-olds/> If so. Being new to the job market with no experience is not going to bode well for these teenagers who want to get their foot in the door.

inhome care units. hospitals. especially in connection with disorders affecting children. Make the Patients Stronger.200 Pediatric Occupational Therapist Jobs . In the pediatric rehabilitation process. Therapists will design treatment programs to develop skills. feeding/eating disorders.Excellent Career Prospect Pediatric occupational therapist jobs are much sought after ones in the healthcare and rehabilitation sector. temporary or permanent basis. Qualified candidates get the best placements on contract. long term acute care centers and institutions. Build the Career of Your Dreams . perceptual/motor limitations and genetic/metabolic disorders. These jobs give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the occupational therapy field. and More Independent Normally. full-time and travel assignments. rehabilitation centers. Job openings exist for part-time. short term. which include: ? Language and cognitive skills ? Refinement of sensory discrimination and processing ? Appropriate social interactions ? Development of communication skills ? Age appropriate self care skills ? Development of motor skills Therapist Job Openings Pediatric occupational therapist jobs are available in various prestigious healthcare settings such as nursing homes. pediatric occupational therapists play a vital role in treating a wide range of disorders such as spinal cord injury. long term. pediatric occupational therapists assist children who experience difficulty in performing their day-to-day activities. cerebral palsy. mainly because of the excellent career prospects involved.

com/occupationaltherapist-job-opening. We have numerous occupational therapist job openings <http://www. These agencies require you to register with them. immigration processing for trained foreign candidates. from which you can select jobs to your liking. additional state license. Enjoy a Range of Benefits plus Job Satisfaction Benefit package may include medical. Programs in occupational therapy prepare the candidates in the evaluation and treatment of infants. How to Find the Right Job You can find the right pediatric occupational therapist jobs with the assistance of a dependable recruitment agency.therakare. Section 125 cafeteria plan. paid housing and relocation expenses.201 Build the career of your dreams by finding suitable occupational therapist pediatric jobs. For this you need to have at least a master's degree in occupational therapy and a state issued license. dental.html> in various prestigious healthcare settings. Pediatric Occupational Therapist Jobs <http://www. professional liability insurance. . continuing education opportunities. who have congenital or acquired disorders.therakare.com/pediatric-occupational-therapy-jobs. and life insurance. following which you are given access to their job database. referral bonuses. 401(k) retirement savings plan.html> Search for occupational therapy pediatric jobs at TheraKare. travel expenses. children and adolescents.

Medical professionals undergo through rigid training even before they are employed. It is a must that they know what they are doing or people die. The first day on the job is the first chance that you get on impressing your boss.org/> . If you can ask for your job description before you even start your job. check out the different nursing job descriptions that are available all over the world wide web. It pays well.202 Nursing Job Descriptions Can Help in Making the Right Decision For Career Choice First impression lasts for a long time. Cheryl Forbes owns and operates the website http://www. But can you commit to do the job? Read up! Get a copy of the job description and then decide. it is better to read up all the information that you can about it.nursingrecruit.org <http://www. that is a given. if you still cannot make up your mind if you want to become a nurse or not. If you are still undecided on what career to take. it will be better for you. There is nothing that will make you more prepared than that piece of document. So even if you already know what you are supposed to do. so before you find out that becoming a nurse is all wrong for you. it is always best to know what is expected of you by reading your job description. There are certain professions that already know what they are required to do even before they start their first working day because of the internship that usually happens before the first day. Job Descriptions exist for a reason and that is to acquaint the employee when it comes to the responsibilities of the job and the tasks that he or she is expected to do.nursing-recruit. Some careers last a lifetime.

you can get the right type of physical therapy assistant job you are looking for in an established hospital. the licensed physical therapy assistant can become a registered therapist. one must hold a state-issued license and an associate degree in physical therapy assistant program from a recognized university or college. In addition to academic qualification. The PTA program prepares candidates to provide the best rehabilitation services in association with physical therapists. the therapy assistant must have practical skills. After years of experience and training in the PT assistant program. patience and compassion to perform this job. highly efficient and skilled physical therapy assistants are in high demand in hospitals and other healthcare facilities in both rural and urban areas in the United States. Duties of Physical Therapy Assistants Hospital based physical therapy assistants assist physical therapists to provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation service. Exciting and Rewarding Career Opportunity With the right certification.203 Hospital Physical Therapy Assistants At present. This rewarding career promises numerous benefits such as immigration processing for trained . good communication. They ? Help physical therapists to develop and implement treatment plans for patients ? Assist patients with rehabilitative activities and exercises ? Teach patients to use the equipment in the right way ? Monitor and record patients' progress ? Assist therapists to modify the treatment program for better results ? Do clerical duties including document billing Must Complete PTA Requirements To embark on a PTA career. Suitably qualified professionals can apply for permanent or temporary physical therapy jobs in hospitals and look forward to a bright and secure future.

Section 125 cafeteria plan.html> are available for qualified candidates. a premier hospital job staffing <http://www.204 foreign candidates. continuing education program and 401(k) retirement plan. TheraKare.com/hospital-job-staffing. They can find you well-paid jobs in top class facilities and in locations of your preference.com/physical-therapyassistant-jobs. medical and dental insurance. professional liability insurance. paid housing. Both temporary and permanent physical therapy assistant jobs <http://www.html> agency offers excellent jobs for physical therapy assistants.therakare. . You will have to register at their websites and apply online. earn bonus package.therakare. Find a Job through a Placement Service Provider Experienced recruitment service providers can help you locate the best jobs available. relocation expenses. travel expenses. additional state license.

There have been millions of American's who have lost their job due to the economic situation but you do not necessarily have to be one of them. Be Positive If the company is in peril and there is a lot of talk about what is to come. Be Indispensable If you know your job and the jobs of others like the back of your hand. they may not have a problem no longer seeing you at work.205 Make Your Job Resistant to the Recession Each night on the local news we are hearing about yet another layoff situation or the closing of another company. Everyday While there are certain situations that can excuse you legitimately from work. you are a valuable commodity. there are some things you can do to make a stronger case for yourself should the decision ever come down to you or another person's job. If during any point in your day you find you don't have much work to keep you occupied. Take the time to learn the new programs or procedures so that you are never left behind. If people who make the decisions around the office are not used to seeing you at work. Stay positive and work to influence others to do the same. While you can't absolutely guarantee that you can remain in your current job. Here are some tips to keep yourself relevant in your workplace and perhaps get bypassed for the layoff: Be There. it can be all too easy to slack off. Make the most of the time you do put in at work and keep your productivity levels as high as possible. making it easier . Show up on time or early. ask around in your department and see where you can be helpful. meaning people are now out of work. On Time. it is essential you show up every day to work. During stressful times where people are unsure of what to expect. make sure you aren't joining the crowd of complainers.

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mental. occupational therapist assistants provide rehabilitative services to patients with physical.207 Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs In the field of occupational therapy. clerical duties and taking care of the equipment used in therapy. they help patients belonging to all age groups achieve a more independent lifestyle through rehabilitative exercises and activities outlined in the treatment plans developed by therapists. Certified occupational therapist assistants (COTA) are consequently in great demand in various medical and healthcare facilities in the United States. Other responsibilities of the OTA include ordering supplies. Benefits of Working as Occupational Therapy Assistants Occupational therapy assistant jobs are lucrative and carry other benefits such as: ? Additional state license ? Paid housing . emotional or developmental impairments. evaluation. Occupational therapist assistants must pass a national certification examination to work in most states. employment opportunities are growing at a fast rate due to increase in the number of aged people and persons recovering from various physical and mental disorders with the help of advanced medical facilities. Certified occupational therapist assistant jobs are available for both local and foreign jobseekers. are awarded the title of COTA. Opportunity to Work with All Age Groups Usually. paper documentation. Basic Qualifications Required An individual with a high school diploma or its equivalent can become an occupational therapist assistant after completing an associate degree or certificate program from a recognized community college or technical school. who pass this test. Under the supervision of occupational therapists. Therapy assistants.

html> . These providers help eligible candidates to find work in particular settings they prefer. such as hospitals.com/healthcarestaffing. we offer a wide range of certified occupational therapy assistant jobs for potential job seekers. As a major healthcare staffing <http://www. rehabilitation centers.html> provider in the USA. you can find the perfect job suitable for developing your career with the support of reliable recruiting agencies.com/occupational-therapist-assistant-jobs. acute care centers and other healthcare facilities.therakare. TheraKare is the central resource for occupational therapist assistant jobs <http://www. .208 ? Medical and dental insurance ? Professional liability insurance ? Section 125 cafeteria plan ? Relocation expenses ? Travel expenses ? Immigration processing ? Continuing education programs ? 401(k) retirement plan Find COTA Jobs with the Help of Recruiting Agencies Apart from online search.therakare.

both physically and mentally. Therapy assistants and aides implement the treatment plans under the direction of physical therapists. In addition. flexibility and self-determination. Candidates with an associate degree can work as physical therapy assistants. They examine the patients' medical records and develop treatment plans.209 Healthcare Jobs For Physical Therapists Healthcare facilities throughout the United States offer attractive healthcare jobs that carry good remuneration and associated benefits. Benefits that Come with Physical Therapy Jobs Qualified PT professionals can have many value-added benefits such as: ? Medical and dental insurance ? Life insurance ? 401(k) retirement savings plan ? Incentives and bonuses ? Professional liability insurance ? Paid housing ? Relocation expenses . Qualified physical therapists treat individuals with health problems and help them regain their strength. Candidates aspiring for a PT career must acquire a master's degree in physical therapy and obtain state licensure. pride. Duties of a Physical Therapist The main objective of a physical therapist is to increase the patients' range of motion by reducing their pain and stress. they teach the patient how to use the therapy equipment and also document the patients' progress. for physical therapists. These jobs are in great demand among suitably qualified physical therapists because they carry the promise of a rewarding professional career. which include therapeutic exercises and activities.

enjoy flexible work schedules. temporary. permanent and traveling jobs. You might have to register at provider websites and apply on the online application form provided. and can choose part-time.210 Physical therapists receive excellent remuneration. . home health agencies. nursing homes. Physical therapists with higher educational qualification can go on to teach in universities and colleges.com/physical-therapist-staffing-agency. Find the Best Jobs in the PT Field PT job vacancies are available in various healthcare settings such as long-term acute care facilities. offers fast and efficient healthcare job placement solutions for physical therapists seeking employment in the US rehabilitation sector.html> in the USA.therakare.com/healthcare-jobs. Healthcare Jobs <http://www. a well-known physical therapist staffing agency <http://www. full-time.therakare. community clinics. Both US trained and internationally trained professionals can apply for these positions.html> TheraKare. managed care organizations and hospitals. get in touch with a qualified placement service provider. To track down physical therapist employment opportunities throughout the United States.

quality material and an opportunity to practice applying your new knowledge in the workplace . More often than not though. it assumed that getting a qualification meant that you could actually do the job. You'd complete the course and assignments and be awarded a certificate. They'd come back from training and claim "it was terrible . months or even years. there were people who had "been around a long time" and were so experienced they simply didn't need to do a course just to prove that they were capable of performing the job. Skills recognition is about acknowledging the broad range of expertise that people develop through working on different projects and identifying how those skills can progress to a qualification. diploma or an advanced diploma at the end. at TAFE or university or a private vocational education institution. experienced facilitators. First. The traditional way to get qualifications was to do a course over several weeks.I knew more than the teacher did!" They were usually right. The flaws with the training approach were twofold.you'd develop the necessary skills to supplement your qualification and be able to present as a valuable resource for potential employers. The key tools of skills recognition are .211 Project Managers . working on many fundraising projects for your local Hockey team over a number of years and being able to use the results as key evidence towards receiving your Certificate IV in Project Management.and had good. If you were lucky . Imagine.Isn't it About Time You Got Qualified? Training is not the only way to get a valuable qualification. this wasn't the case and many employers were "burned" by people with lots of quals but no practical experience. Better ways to get qualified Changes in recent years to the national training system means that there are much better ways to gain Nationally-Recognised qualifications that make use of the experience you have gleaned in your workplace or community activity -even your family life. Second.

your CV and other documents such as a 3rd party reference.documents you have produced or physical evidence. practical experience in the job market.212 RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and RCC (Recognition of Current Competency). The premise is that it doesn't matter where or how you learn. simplified. the RPL process is about assessing the skills and determining if you meet the competency requirements for that qualification. The added bonus is that you will be ahead of the pack because you can also demonstrate significant. Documentary evidence you provide will most likely come from the workplace . You complete a self-assessment to determine what skills you have and the qualification you aim to achieve and submit it with your CV. worthwhile. However. 1. How Do RPL and RCC Work? There may be greater flexibility with RPL and RCC but that doesn't mean that it's an easy 'tick and flick' process. To ensure the qualification process is robust and employers can rely on certificates to convey an expected level of competency . The main work you'll have to complete is in preparing for your assessment and assembling evidence to prove that claim. RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) and Workplace Assessors who assess and award qualifications are required to vary their approaches to suit their specialities and their particular client groups. This means some work for both you and your assessor. it is just as appropriate to use evidence from volunteer roles (such as the SES or P&C) or through sport or though undertaking simulations in a controlled environment. The great thing about making the most of RPL and RCC is that it saves time in attending unnecessary training and the qualifications have the same status as a qualification gained through education alone. .there are some compliance activities that have to be completed. The trick for people seeking assessment for skills recognition is to find an assessor who will deliver the right blend of rigour and streamlining to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. The Transformed Approach Transformed has adopted a structured. 6-stage approach to assist candidates to assemble and present evidence with a minimum of fuss.

Here the assessor clarifies any information. If you are found to not be competent. You identify suitable referees who can comment on your competence against the appropriate competencies for that qualification and ask them to complete the 3rd party reference provided. 3. If successful you will then be issued your qualification. . The assessor will then examine all the evidence provided and completed an assessment tool. At Transformed we believe it is the assessor's job to do whatever they can to help you to get "over the line". 4. you will be asked to provide additional evidence to substantiate your claim. discusses examples of your work and asks questions to identify your knowledge level. 6. The Transformed assessor will advise you of the examples of the evidence you need to provide. 5. They will review the self assessment and examine your CV to assist in identifying the qualification or the level of qualification you might be able to achieve given your experience and training. You will be assessed as either 'competent' or 'not yet competent'. Assessment is not a 'pass' or 'fail' or grading. An 'assessment interview' is arranged (about 2 .213 2. You need to collect at least two of each of the examples. Transformed will match you with the most suitable assessor.4 hours duration depending on the qualification).

214 Where Can I Find Jobs For 14 Year Olds? Today's financial crisis is taking its toll on most families. They also don't require the amount of time and effort that other physical and manual jobs necessitate. One just has to be careful in picking the jobs that he or she is interested in since there are also numerous scams.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . 14 year old teenagers can start working at their young age. Start survey filling today <http://www. CashCrate <http://www. the children resort to thinking of ways to earn money. Looking for jobs for 14 year olds over the internet is a common practice for most teenagers today. Because of this. They can be found online or by asking around. some also encourage their 14 year old teenager to find jobs since the experiences teaches them maturity and responsibility.squidoo.squidoo. This can also help out their parents. Parents are struggling to make ends meet. Teenagers can also consult their school counselors for advice in looking for jobs since working usually requires having a work permit issued by the school. There is a variety of jobs available for 14 year olds. However. Though some may say that 14 year olds should concentrate on their schooling first and work later. jobs which include filling up survey forms are the most popular today since they are generally free to join. To avoid this. teenagers are advised to be guided by their parents in looking for online jobs. They tighten their belts and limit their expenditures on unnecessary items. The internet holds a variety of resources.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. This is especially the case if they have their eyes on a certain item which the parents think can wait. Researching about the job and what it entails will also the help the 14 year old in determining what type of job he or she wants to work in.

Think about it.squidoo. They can also set-up their own businesses depending on what they're interested in.squidoo. It depends on which state you're in since the rules differ in each state. they can advertise themselves as pet walkers. CashCrate <http://www. then he or she may try applying for a lifeguard position in their local pool. They can apply at some grocery stores and fast food joints.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . For those who prefer jobs which include kids. There are many ways out there to get a job. Some also advertise snow shoveling services. that shouldn't stop them from exerting the effort to find a job that he or she really likes. Some people don't have time to walk their pets so this kind of job may be lucrative to some. patience is also needed to rack up the big bucks.215 My Favorite Jobs For 14 Year Olds Being a 14 year old is not all that easy. they can always be babysitters. Of course. It doesn't take up most of your time to do and can be done at the comforts of your own home. They're old enough to get a job but too young for most jobs.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. Some set up a lawn mowing business. Stores may hire 14 year olds. Finding a job can be a cinch if you know what you want to do. And then there are also some who want some steady income and job experience. However. He or she should try to find one that he or she is suited for. An internet connection is all that one needs to fulfill this job. Start survey filling today <http://www. If someone is looking for a summer job. For those that prefer pets. One of the most common and most favored jobs for 14 year olds is the survey form filling job.

These companies sometimes need someone who can write fonts for wedding parties.216 Jobs Hiring at 15 and Up The world has definitely changed. You can do this for them. Calligraphy jobs may be rare but once you find a company that are looking for the skill that you have.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. If these teenagers have good handwriting. and other events. You just need the skill. This is why there are so many jobs hiring at 15. these businesses wouldn't mind hiring minors. The average salary for this kind of work is $1 per project or maybe $8 for every hour worked. birthday celebrations. It depends on the understanding with the business. An example of jobs hiring at 15 are handwriting jobs. There are now jobs hiring at 15. They send out handwritten invitations as well as thank you notes. like calligraphy. Start survey filling today <http://www. He or she must also practice this skill so that he or she can get more clients over the course of time. They know that there is a demand for financial resources and responsible teenagers are on a look-out for jobs that will let them help their parents and at the same time fend for themselves financially. make the most out of this. There are so many ways for kids to make money. You don't need a resume to get the job.squidoo.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! .squidoo. As long as they are fit enough and they have the brains for their work. Those who have the skills for handwriting jobs must invest in a calligraphy kit. then they can use this skill and earn money for it. The important thing to remember here is that there are jobs hiring at 15 because there are already skills that can be used even at that early age. CashCrate <http://www.

do programming. Those who like to try. Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC).squidoo. Probably one of the simplest. there are jobs for hiring online now that surprisingly. or fast food employment if they want to have their own income. easiest jobs for hiring involve filling up of online survey forms or sheets.217 Highest Paying Jobs For Hiring Apply Today Believe it or not. There are freelancing sites that now offer a lot of job opportunities for those who can write.easy to do and accomplish CashCrate <http://www. or Paid-to-Click (PTC). the Internet is now home to so many opportunities to earn not just a few extra bucks.squidoo.flexibility in terms of time/schedule . Aside from being a source of important data or information. but there are other advantages like: . Start survey filling today <http://www. Aside from these jobs. though. or for just about anything they may need some funding for. house sitting. A typical scenario these days involve the teens who flock to the Internet for extra money they can use to pay for a date. really works! The world now looks to the Internet for everything it needs where information is concerned. can just sign up for an account in paid survey sites and get to earn as much as $100 in a week depending on their outputs per day. buy some CDs. These jobs may require skills and experience.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. These jobs pay high and that's probably the best benefit.no need for any technical skill or experience . design and edit graphics. These teens have found that they are no longer restricted to babysitting. or perform simple administrative tasks.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . there are other opportunities like blog marketing. but even so much more if you know your way around.

The most you could first is to focus on what skills you have.218 Jobs For 17 Year Olds . Baby sitting or tutoring are areas which can bring in the money and also provide a sense of meaning and goodwill at the same time.Minimum Wage is Overrated Hunting for jobs for 17 year olds but looking for above minimum wage earnings? The secret is to look at jobs that give out tips or incentives for selling something. your tips can become even more than what you're accepting as an employee. Jobs for 17 year olds that would most likely have this swanky above minimum wage earning power would be in the restaurant business and telemarketing. you need to further sharpen your skills.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! .squidoo. Being in the restaurant or food service business would be paying minimum wage but if you do excellently waiting tables. Just in case. This is also a great way to meet people who can provide employment opportunities in the future. You also have to have the right attitude. weekly or monthly basis. CashCrate <http://www. especially if you are savvy in the area of sales. This will shine through the hiring process and you would be able to at least have a reason on why you are legit to have above minimum wage. The more skilled you are and the good grades to show for it will really help you win a job that pays higher than minimum wage.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. opt for two parttime jobs that would pay you by the hour.squidoo. Telemarketing can have lucrative jobs for 17 year olds. Start survey filling today <http://www. Look for companies which give you commissions or incentives when you are able to meet targets on a daily.

If you end up empty handed still. But how does one actually get a job at 14 years old only? Here are some tips you have to take note of.squidoo. school bulletin. then advertise your service. You are one of the few teens out there who actually know that they have to earn money and you are also a part of an even smaller group that takes responsibilities for their needs and wants. it still helps to be prepared. Search out ads on jobs for teenagers. Prepare yourself. One very good source of income online is by applying to a paid survey service. you can ask a close friend or even a parent to help you prepare mentally and emotionally for this by talking things out with them. You can check your community bulletin board. 3. 6. If you want. Start survey filling today <http://www. Do not forget to check the web for income generating sources. supermarket bulletin and park ads. 1.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! .com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. Start by making your resume. Even if most of the people who might end up hiring you will not require a resume. Making your own resume also allows you to get to know yourself better. then congratulations to you.squidoo. 2.219 How to Get a Job at 14 If you are reading this. Use your connections. church bulletin. If all else fail. Instill discipline and make sure that before you start looking for a job that you are in fact serious about keeping a job. ask your friends if they know any job opportunities. CashCrate <http://www. 5. Are you good with dogs? Put up ads from dog walking services then. 4.

or teachers. Life is so easy nowadays that you can find a compilation of jobs for 17 year olds online and you can apply for these jobs. The first interview you get might be nerve-wrecking and you might stutter and stammer but after three interviews. and cross your fingers that you get the job they are offering to people of your age. aside from the typical jobs for 17 year olds? CashCrate <http://www. We recommend you going online to merely check out what is available out there.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . Since you do not have a resume. Start survey filling today <http://www. Try again tomorrow and you can try again the day after tomorrow. Ask your parents. that these jobs are just a compilation.squidoo. You need a computer and an Internet connection. friends. What you can do is march personally to these establishments. But take note though. then there are two things you need. You can also ask people if they know where you can work. You can't send out anything yet to them because there is nothing for you to send. Don't give up if you weren't able to get the information you need one day. talk to the manager face to face.Forget Lousy Minimum Wage If you are a 17 year old and you are looking for a list of jobs for 17 year olds and you want those high paying jobs and not those lousy minimum wages. what you can do is list down what you've done in school. you'll probably get the hang of it and who knows? You might be up for other jobs.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet.squidoo. You can present this to the management.220 Compilation of Jobs For 17 Year Olds .

Try to work on all types of people big. and don't worry about how good you are or not. small. Make sure you practice and memorize moves on every part of the body that you learned in the massage DVD. preferably one that has won an award. practice few basic moves and get good at at them. Many new therapists. This is where a massage DVD can help any potential therapist make a decision about school before spending a ton of money. what many students are not told. get injured or burned out in a very short period of time. As the demand grows. No. If . your not going to charge them. male female every kind of person you can get on the table. they have to perform many more massages that sometimes they can handle. Also. but as a way to improve health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find as many people as you can to book a massage with you. there are many jobs for new e therapist that paid very little so in order to make a living solely on massage. this is how you'll get good by actually doing it. People everywhere are realizing the numerous health benefits they receive from regularly scheduled sessions. it can also be very physically demanding. the demand for therapists increases as well. you're going to give each massage away for free. becoming disillusioned with profession. unfortunately. Schools are filling out with students eager to take advantage of the many job openings in the massage therapy field. You may love certain parts of giving a treatment and hating others. and you're doing a full body session on each person. In fact many students don't realize this until they spent thousands of dollars on school. or certain body parts you don't want to massage. and don't realize is that massage therapy as rewarding as it can be as a career. Don't over think it. Then. Now start scheduling people that you know for appointments. However. You may discover there are certain people you don't want to work on. So if you're thinking of going to massage school here's how to use a massage DVD to help you make a decision. First get a good massage DVD.221 How a Massage DVD Can Help Determine If a Massage Therapy Career is Right For You Massage therapy is being seen in the world today not as a luxury.

com . Are you ready to learn to massage like a pro with this massage DVD <http://stressreliefmassagedvd. Ask yourself how you felt after working on many different types of people. Do you want to do this 20 or 30 hours a week? If not. Either way at least you won't waste time and money. maybe he just do it part time.222 you look several people in a row you may find you get awfully tired or you may feel ok. After doing dozens of appointments with the professional techniques you learned from a massage DVD.com/> ? Don't waste money on massage school before you know or sure go to http://stressreliefmassagedvd.weigh your pros and cons. This is the time to discover your likes and dislikes about giving a massage on a regular basis. The questions and answers are endless that you can ask yourself but there's no better way of knowing if a career in this field is right for you then doing it.

and it is getting easier as people are not as security conscious about their personal details as they need to be. or could be due to tax evasion or false accounting. Internet and Computer Fraud Internet and Computer Fraud is a growing threat to all users of the Internet. hacking into companies' databases to steal financial information. Identity Fraud Identity Fraud is increasing. As so much of our business and personal life is carried out online. or the person then you might be surprised to learn that there are many sorts of cases that could involve a Criminal Defence Solicitor. Money Laundering Money laundering can be defined very simply as hiding the origin or destination of money or other assets. Passports. 3. internet and computer fraud can be very profitable. pretending to be from banks or other genuine sources. credit cards. money laundering allows those involved to "hide" where the money has come from or where it's going to. Here are 5: 1.223 What Does a Criminal Defense Solicitor Do? If you thought that a Criminal Defense Solicitor only dealt with crimes against property. or to crash websites. The money or assets could be the proceeds of a crime such as a burglary. 2. Common fraud includes trying to obtain users' personal information by sending out "phishing" emails. . driving licences can be copied and faked quickly and easily by those who know how. or depositing large amounts of money into a bank account. known as a Denial Of Service attack. Rather than arouse suspicion by either spending large amounts of money on extravagant items that would normally be unobtainable.

to provide cheap labour in countries where labour is relatively expensive. or alternatively. the more people will take the risks involved. It can be reassuring to know that if you need one.eadsolicitors> can help you. and often in many countries. whether to provide an escape from a life of poverty and misery. Now you know what sort of cases a Criminal Defense Solicitor gets involved with. As drug smuggling becomes more lucrative. a Criminal Defense Solicitor will be able to handle your case. and can end up themselves are facing criminal charges due to non payment of loans or fines. Drug Importation and Supply Those involved in importing and supplying drugs are often working for larger organisations.224 A victim of identity fraud can find themselves landed with large loans taken out in their name and often in arrears.uk/fraud-criminal-law/> and the other ways that EAD Solicitors <http://www. 5. 4. Sometimes the person caught importing drugs may be just the tip of the iceberg. traffic violations. Find out more about the work done by a Criminal Defense Solicitor <http://eadsolicitors.co. . People Smuggling Some people are involved in people smuggling.

You will discover that one of the best ways to really succeed at a restaurant job is by simply looking for ways to improve. working to find their perfect job is not always easy. you will discover that you really can control just how successful you are at restaurant work. The ability to interact with customers on a professional and friendly level will help in customer service situations. . This is not a trait that everyone is born with. For the average restaurant employee. Learning different tips and tricks to cleaning quickly will enable your time to be much more productive as well. For many people. learn new techniques and even learn ways that you can engage in tasks that you might have never considered before. but also a lot of things that can go badly as well. Restaurants become extremely dirty very quickly. being exceptional at customer service is an absolute must.225 Succeeding at a Restaurant Job Trying to discover the best type of job for your personality is a process that could be lined with disasters as well as triumphs. This is something that is extremely important but also highly desired by employers. finding a great career really is possible if you are willing to take the time to start looking at all of your options as they are developed and available. finding the keys to success will help you to fully unlock your potential as well as discover the best ways that you can continue to succeed within the restaurant industry. Not only can you learn the best methods of success this way. After all. and this can be a huge factor on earnings if you are working in a position that relies heavily upon customer tips. Having the desire to keep things clean will help you to ensure that you are getting the best working environment possible. which can be a great help. Other traits that are useful is the inclination towards having things be clean. In order to really pull yourself free of the problems it is important that you take some time to consider how you can actually succeed at a restaurant and work on improving your own skills and traits to do even better. There are so many different things that can go well. but it is something that is possible to develop over time and can enable you to be much more successful while working in a restaurant. After all. Because of this extensive means of learning. but you will learn how to improve your skills continuously. rather than simply hoping for success.

asp?cid=66> chef uniforms. We have you covered with an affordable and great selection of chef coats. chef hats.bestbuyuniforms.226 Best Buy Uniforms offers the lowest prices and highest quality Chef Coats <http://www. and Chef Pants <http://www. chef uniforms and chef accessories in the food service hospitality industry. chef pants.asp?cid=5> . .com/listing.com/listing.bestbuyuniforms.

Choosing a dental or nursing career doesn't just secure you a job always but they also offer lucrative pay packages. because so many interesting. Nursing can be a very interesting and challenging career although very rewarding at the same time! The dental career is another interesting yet very challenging career that requires eight years of education after high school. A dentist is a primary care dental provider. Being a nurse practitioner gives you the authorization to diagnose the health problem and prescribe medication. health revival and maintaining patient records are some of the duties nurses perform. including many tasks customarily performed by a physician. making a decision while still in high school can be difficult. For example in some parts of Europe. For the most part. If you're looking into getting a head start on your career decision the best way to succeed is by planning while currently attending high school. skills. nursing and dental. dentists are on high demand now and will .Nursing Versus Dental Choosing a career for life can be a very difficult and confusing task. However. A nurse is a person educated and trained to care for the sick or disabled. the earning structure of nurses is quite rewarding although it varies significantly depending on the different regions and countries. Usually it depends on the distinction of the nurses based on their educational qualifications. developing a nursing plan. Patient care. Being a nurse entitles you to many responsibilities while at work. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with special training for providing primary health care. you can be considered a nurse after graduating from high school and completing 12-18 months of nurse training.227 Career Option . new careers are emerging in the job market. Just like nurses. In other countries the only people eligible to be a nurse are those with a bachelor's degree. Professional nurses are in high demand and can earn more than task based nurses. There are two careers that are in high demand now and will continue to be in the near future. Choosing nursing as a profession may also include tasks involving research studies and executing many non clinical functions essentially in the healthcare segment. In this article you'll find brief descriptions about the nursing and dental field. work experience and responsibilities.

nurses and dentists do more for us than we think. radiology supplies. treats and manages overall oral health care needs. Additionally they are trained to analyze x-rays. part of the training involves many administrative tasks such as keeping track of accounts.medacademy. Modesto. In order to avoid infectious diseases from patients. Operative instruments. During the schooling process. infection control supplies and operative supplies are some of the many supplies that a dentist practicing dentistry individually will need. fillings. dentists take precautions by wearing gloves. . which is extremely helpful to those practicing on their own. and masks.org> offers licensed vocational nursing (LVN) programs <http://www. safety glasses. crowns.medacademy. root canals. and if you'd like to join the team of helping others and receive a smile every time you make a difference on a patient. when choosing a career remember to consider the nursing or dental field! Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts <http://www.228 continue to be. Without nurses we wouldn't have a knowledge person watching over us 24/7 while in the hospital and without dentists we wouldn't be able to know the importance of keeping our mouth clean. Fresno and Concord Campus in California.org/programs/> in their San Mateo. bridges. Enrollment and Registration is open now. Like many careers being a dentist also has its ups and downs but overall it's a great career to choose! Nurses and Dentists have a few similarities such as. veneers. standard prophy kit. Because most of the income generated is paid by medical insurance. including gum care. Many dentists choose to practice dentistry individually by setting up the required equipment. preventive dentistry supplies. The biggest hurdle about choosing dental as your career is that many of us tend to put aside any dental issues that come across due to any financial crisis we may be going through. infection control supplies. At this point in time the prospects with dental careers are looking bright and are expected to improve further in the future. treating patients. monitoring supplies and accurate bookkeeping. Both are phenomenal careers that require lots of time and dedication in school and during work. recognizing the importance of having good communication with patients and treating patients with respect. it is said that the claims for dental services will decrease drastically at some point when the economy is sluggish. Let's face it. hand pieces. work on administrative responsibilities and medical records. oral surgery instruments and supplies. and preventive education. A dentist diagnoses. providing emergency care to people. disposables.

We are now having to adjust to an economy that most have NEVER seen in their lifetime. . Besides credit card companies and banks are reluctant to give loans anyway. You can recession proof your job (if you still have one) by learning to Work From Home and Make Money Fast. If you are receiving unemployment compensation. You can quickly learn to make $1. (2) government because so many things need fixing and (3) computer related "internet" because the world is becoming more "wired". you probably are getting 60-65% of what you were earning and it only lasts 4-6months if you get an extension.000-$10.000 monthly inside of 30 days. they are (1) medical because of the aging population. You need money fast. you must move quickly because competition is increasing daily. Things will definitely get worse before they get better. Credit cards are quickly maxed out and bills pile up much too fast. The stimulus plan is on the way but it will not turn the economy around immediately. If you are an employee and have not already lost your job or been cut back then you should feel fortunate but afraid. but what if your credit score and lack of a job keep you from accessing credit. It is one of the few business opportunities that literally can be launched for under $100 dollars. Finding a traditional job in these times is next to impossible and if you happened on one it would probably pay much less than you were making on your old job. There are only a few segments of the economy where jobs are expanding. Major employers are downsizing as never before or simply shutting down completely. To be more specific. Affilliate marketing is probably the best route to Making Money Fast. You need to replace your lost income NOW. However.229 Work From Home Make Money Fast The US economy is losing over a half million jobs every month.

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This type of work requires a typing speed of around 40 to 60 words per minute and good listening skills. then that would be a whooping $120 a day. Good typing speed and listening skills. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. Some companies pay you hour by hour. This will allow you to have something to fall back on when during some period you get a lower number of transcribing jobs. There is no assurance that you will get constant jobs in this career option and that is why having a safety net is recommended. 2 months and even a year. like I mean in the next hour. If you are aiming to earn more than $100 a day. . I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. There are several methods used by companies to calculate how much money to pay the transcribers that are working for them. the more money you can earn in a day. The faster you are able to finish transcribing an audio recording.231 Transcription Employment Work For Several Employers and Earn More Money Transcriptionist employment is one of the leading sources of income for individuals who are working at home. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too: read the amazing. Other companies pay per audio minute. If you need money now. If you want to earn more money and have a stable income. That adds up to a very attractive income over a period of 1 month. then you should work for several employers. For example. true story of Martin Thomas in the link below. using the time you actually spend at your computer as a basis. and still others reward you for each word that you transcribe. try what I did. if you earn an average of $40 per employer per day and you got three employers. as well as accuracy are your best tools towards having a flourishing career in the world of transcriptionist employment. then start looking for potential employers today.

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try what I did.. This could be the solution to your financial problems.What You Need to Know to Get Started Today's complex business relationships and the rapidly growing amount of information have created the need for data entry workers. such a working position grants you the feeling of freedom as you can work at home. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too: read the amazing. this could be an advantage and help you in your working process. If you have peripheral equipment such as a scanner or printer. train for life and start earning cash! At first you should learn more about this area of work. letters and other text material. you'll work on your computer only. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. at a timetable that suits you. All it takes is a computer with access to the Internet. One of the benefits of earning data entry cash online is that it is easy. such as addresses on envelopes and even prepare standard forms like requests. and in many cases you can even choose the projects you want to work on. fill out surveys. there are many possibilities. basic typing and Internet skills and a willingness to work. This could be your perfect chance to get a job. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at . You can work as much or as little as you wish. deal with charts and statistics. upload files somewhere. Workers in this field are responsible for the handling of information. You could enter information into a database. If you need money now. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. They enter information into a computer or write down reports. written statements and so on.233 Data Entry Cash . If you are based in an office environment there will also be other office assignments involved. such as answering telephones and filing documents. To operate in this job over the internet.. like I mean in the next hour. A job as an online information worker is varied. petitions. Moreover. true story of Martin Thomas in the link below.

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managers are constantly being brought in from outside of the company. and they have proven themselves. The reality is that most of the time.235 The Reality of Attaining a Management Position In this article. Take a look at the latest office movies. not people who have handed in sparkling executive resumes. the people know the systems. it seems as though everything is open to the young hot shot. What they want is a stable and reliable. but again. Myth #1: Companies Just Hire Off the Street The worst part of this myth is that it is not just coming out of Hollywood. Most of the company management are people who have worked for the company for years. Myth #2: Everyone's Looking For the Young Hot Shot Even in movies about the old employee. we will bust some prevalent myths about attaining senior positions within a company and take a look at what you will probably need to do in order to get into management. they know the corporate structure. In fact. . A quick look at Monster or Job Search will turn up a lot of articles on "How to get Hired as an Executive". and there may even be advertised positions. companies will not hire for upper echelon positions off the street. this is not the case. this is really the best way for a company to hire its management. Young hot shots everywhere are hitting the streets with inflated hopes of finding a top twenty position in a Fortune 500 company. proven employee who has demonstrated that he or she can take charge under the corporate principles. No matter what you may believe from The Apprentice. most companies are not looking for a well educated hot shot.

Six Sigma Online ( http://www. Along with some patience. green belts.236 Now.sixsigmaonline. . Aveta Solutions . and yellow belts. and that means there are less openings. The best way to rise to the top is to demonstrate commitment. Here are a few tips. but it is possible. this will get you into the position you desire. If you really want that upper position. than you might think. and an ability to do your best in any situations. don't feel too disappointed. ? Take advantage of every opportunity. It just means that you have to achieve this goal playing by the rules of reality instead of those popularized by Tinsel Town. a good work ethic. Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal.org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma. People get promoted in their early 30s right up to their early 50s. Just because the path you thought was the easy way to an executive lifestyle has a few road blocks does not mean that it is impossible. black belts. be prepared to pay your dues in terms of time served first. and with less frequency. Established management is usually around for a while. Any kind of assignment or job within your work place will be used to measure your abilities when it comes time to hire for a managing position. Keep this in mind and no matter what you do. ? Be in it for the long haul. do it well! Getting to the top levels of a corporate structure is not easy.

every time. every day. First of all. you didn't think you had the time to handle the extra responsibility.237 Getting That Promotion What is it that makes some people rise to the top while others just tread water their whole career? Let's take a look at some ways to guarantee that you will be first in line when promotion time comes along. try your best to get along with other employees. sadly in today's work force there are few people who can meet this standard. you don't actually want to be a "yes" person. you have to be sure that you focus on that goal all day. Too many times. if you really do want to get ahead in the office. for as long as it takes. Your record will speak for itself. Being a 'Good' Worker The danger of being a good employee is that often your co-workers will see your actions as "sucking up" to the boss. seek out new challenges. you weren't ready to be ahead of your office friends. Capitalize on Opportunities When the opportunity arises. being a good worker just means that you are doing your job. and in a position with higher power. your co-worker wanted the job. More often than not management will be able to tell the difference between a good work ethic and a suck up and too much of the latter might actually hurt your chances at promotion. Of course. Sometimes the reasons for blowing the opportunity can seem very good. and you don't need to worry about what other people say. remain productive. . There is nothing like a brilliant track record that says to management that this individual is one who can make things happen where she is now. Avoid missing work for any reason. you will have to take a chance on it. In fact. Get your tasks accomplished on time. an employee will be passed over for promotion because she just didn't speak up and try to take the job when it was on the table.

green belts. . If you sound as though you have been thinking about the job for a long time. and yellow belts. Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Instead of simply passing the chance up.238 The problem is. When it is time for you to go for the position. your opportunities may be limited and you might not be able to afford to turn this one down. it will be that much more impressive to management. make sure that you have an effective presentation ready. If you worry that extra hours may dig into your personal time talk the chance over with your family.sixsigmaonline. Be prepared to outline the things you have accomplished within the company and the things you plan to achieve in the new position. maybe you should focus on your reasons for not wanting that particular promotion. black belts. have a talk with her and make sure you are both aware that it is just the job. Aveta Solutions .Six Sigma Online ( http://www. If a co-worker you like is also submitting her name for the position.org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma.

It's definitely the wrong time to approach management about a raise. a company simply won't be able to hand out raises for a variety of reasons. This is a very valid reason to approach your boss about upping your paycheck. and sometimes you just won't be heard. ? Make sure that the company's outlook is good. it might be time to think about approaching your boss on the topic. If people are being laid off all around you. You might hear that a few other people who work similar jobs to your own are getting or have received raises. ? You have more responsibility. If it is true though.A Few Tips Wait For the Appropriate Time One mistake a lot of employees make when it comes to asking for a raise is getting the timing wrong. A lot of the time an employee will realize that over the last few months. then a raise should be coming your way. it is likely that something is wrong with the company's financial picture. If it has been a year or more since your last raise. Be careful here.239 Asking For a Raise . Here are a couple of tips on timing when you are thinking about asking for a raise. because co-workers have been known to fabricate this type of story before. Sometimes. ? Other people are getting raises. she has received a few extra duties and this has not been reflected in her pay scale. even if you have been there for a while! ? How long has it been since your last raise? It's simply good human resource management to make sure that employees are given a raise every year. How to Approach Your Boss .

Aveta Solutions .org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma. The best way to make sure your chances of being heard and getting that raise are good is to present a good argument to your manager about why you should get a raise. black belts. Don't be afraid to point out the sound reasons that you deserve the raise. Don't issue ultimatums ("and if I don't get it. Remember. . Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Detail the work that you have been doing for the last few months. I will quit") and don't bluster.240 Just as there are appropriate times to approach your boss about the topic of a raise. just don't do it in a manner that is too aggressive. you might actually have to follow through. It's the best way to get denied and worse. Perhaps most importantly. the length of time you have been with the company and similar pay structures for other companies. and yellow belts. We will go over a few below. when it comes to getting a raise you are going to be your best asset. ? Avoid threats. green belts. ? Make a good presentation.Six Sigma Online ( http://www. never go into a situation where you will be asking for a raise in a threatening manner.sixsigmaonline. so too are there appropriate ways in which to ask for it.

you're safe. you're no more secure on salary than on commission. salary. Draws and advances are not gifts. You might be paid a higher commission on new accounts. instead of negotiating more salary. base plus commission. you can practically write your own ticket. salary and bonus. on larger sales. or tiered (increases at certain intervals of sales. no one will fire you. I will define them here and discuss the rationale behind each package. If you don't sell. They simply represent payment ahead of time of a portion of your future earnings. every job is "straight commission of a sort. variable commission. Straight Commission: Sometimes straight commission jobs are the bottom of the sales barrel . If you sell well. If you sell great. The best salespeople love straight commission because they know they get every dollar that's coming to them and that their income is entirely in their control. On the other hand. but it's actually the purist compensation. straight commission is ordinarily not workable. On straight commission. Good luck. Bottom line. However. your compensation is strictly a percentage of your sales. they come out of your sales. Sink or swim.you're fired. advance against commission.) Variable Commission: Same as straight commission. Here are some of the more common combinations: straight commission. and residuals. but the rate goes up or down depending on sales circumstances. Negotiating tip: see if you can get the commission percentage increased. straight commission is not practical if you can't make sales right away. a straight commission puts your income in your control. When the sales cycle is lengthy. salary plus commission. you're not only secure.241 What If I Will Be Paid by Commission? If your initial offer isn't big enough and you're in sales.the company isn't willing to invest anything in you. or on total volume over a certain . To many people that arrangement seems like the most risky. draw against commission. If you don't bring in more than they're paying you . you can negotiate a bigger salary package.

but rest assured you have to earn your keep. Here is a negotiating tip: Get your base salary first.there's nothing to lose in asking. Salary and Bonus: A bonus is a one-time payment of a fixed amount of money for achieving a certain volume of sales. Advance against Commission: Like a draw.242 amount. you're entitled. Residual Commission: This is a type of commission that keeps on paying even if you quit the company. and negotiate it as "no payback" if you can. for a period . but you can still try to negotiate it higher . It could be a weekly.000 in commissions. Base plus Commission: This is the same as salary plus commission. Most draws are "forgivable. It usually will not exceed the amount of commissions already earned. event. If not. Negotiating tip: bonuses usually have to be uniform across the sales force. except the employer lets you draw a certain amount of money each pay period to help you get started. So if you have a $3. the company gives you a commission according to a mutually agreed-upon formula. or even annual bonus or a bonus that automatically kicks in when you reach your goal. Above that. no commission." which means that if the job isn't working out you could quit and not have to pay back any money you owed the company. Negotiating tip: follow the normal salary negotiating rules. Salary: Some sales jobs pay a straight salary. Negotiating tip: an increase in commission rate for top performance can be very lucrative and motivating. Negotiating tip: try to get an advance if they're not willing to give you a base and you need more money to cover your life expenses while on the job. but it is normally an occasional.000 draw and you make only $2. Negotiating tip: do check this out. The longer the sales cycle. rather than a continual. the higher the base needs to be. and then negotiate your commission rates and tiers." As referenced above. you would get a check for $3. That's yours to keep and rely on.are ultimately straight commission. and the draw itself may be reduced or increased over time.000 back out of future earnings. quarterly. Here the company pays you a certain salary. "no pressure . Some companies like to advertise. These jobs almost always come with bonuses. all sales jobs .our sales people are not on commission. called your base. you can try to negotiate one.000 and pay the company $1. Draws may last indefinitely or for a specified number of weeks or months. Most sales are this combination. for instance. So a salary may take the pressure off any individual sale. In insurance sales. they are there to help you. monthly.all jobs for that matter . after you've been with the company for a certain length of time. Draw against Commission: Also straight commission.

misfortunes in negotiating sales commissions is not being clear about what happens when you leave the company.the company isn't willing to invest anything in you. you can negotiate a bigger salary package.you're fired. salary plus commission. draw against commission. One of the most common. salary and bonus. every job is "straight commission of a sort. However. salary. I will define them here and discuss the rationale behind each package. Good luck. If you sell great. If you don't bring in more than they're paying you . instead of negotiating more salary. straight commission is not practical if you can't make sales right away.243 of time. Watch out! Don't get cheated out of your commissions when you leave. When the sales cycle is lengthy. Negotiating tip: negotiate both the commission rate and the duration. to a commission on the payments clients make to the policies you sold them whether or not you work for the company any longer. On straight commission. On the other hand.) Variable Commission: Same as straight commission. a portion of the income should still be yours for a while. after you leave and the account is maintained. Too many people that arrangement seems like the most risky. Bottom line. Negotiating a Bigger Sales Package if Salary too Low. Sink or swim. Negotiating tip: see if you can get the commission percentage increased. base plus commission. They simply represent payment ahead of time of a portion of your future earnings. When your sales work involves a lot of new-account generation. Draws and advances are not gifts. advance against commission. you're no more secure on salary than on commission. make sure to get it in writing. variable commission. you're safe. but avoidable. you're not only secure. The justification here is that the reward for selling the account belongs to you. but it's actually the purist compensation. If your initial offer isn't big enough and you're in sales. or tiered (increases at certain intervals of sales. You might be paid a higher . and residuals. straight commission is ordinarily not workable. but the rate goes up or down depending on sales circumstances. Straight Commission: Sometimes straight commission jobs are the bottom of the sales barrel . no one will fire you. Here' are some of the more common combinations: straight commission. The best salespeople love straight commission because they know they get every dollar that's coming to them and that their income is entirely in their control. a straight commission puts your income in your control. If you sell well. you would be wise to negotiate a residual commission on those new accounts. your compensation is strictly a percentage of your sales. they come out of your sales. If you don't sell. you can practically write your own ticket. Whatever your commission structure is.

event. you're entitled. no commission. Negotiating tip: follow the normal salary negotiating rules. Negotiating tip: try to get an advance if they're not willing to give you a base and you need more money to cover your life expenses while on the job.all jobs for that matter . Most draws are "forgivable. all sales jobs . called your base. on larger sales. Here the company pays you a certain salary." which means that if the job isn't working out you could quit and not have to pay back any money you owed the company.000 draw and you make only $2. Negotiating tip: base salary first. So if you have a $3." As referenced above.are ultimately straight commission. and negotiate it as "no payback" if you can. for a period of time. or even annual bonus or a bonus that automatically kicks in when you reach your goal. quarterly. That's yours to keep and rely on. except the employer lets you draw a certain amount of money each pay period to help you get started.000 back out of future earnings. after you have been with the company for a certain length of time. the higher the base needs to be. Above that. It usually will not exceed the amount of commissions already earned.there is nothing to lose in asking. So a salary may take the pressure off any individual sale. Residual Commission: This is a type of commission that keeps on paying even if you quit the company. but you can still try to negotiate it higher . In insurance sales. and the draw itself may be reduced or increased over time.our sales people are not on commission. The longer the sales cycle. the company gives you a commission according to a mutually agreed-upon formula. Some companies like to advertise.000 in commissions. Negotiating tip: an increase in commission rate for top performance can be very lucrative and motivating. Draws may last indefinitely or for a specified number of weeks or months. "no pressure . but it is normally an occasional. Salary and Bonus: A bonus is a one-time payment of a fixed amount of money for achieving a certain volume of sales. Most sales are this combination. they are there to help you. but rest assured you have to earn your keep. Salary: Some sales jobs pay a straight salary. rather than a continual. for instance.000 and pay the company $1. It could be a weekly. Negotiating tip: do check this out. Draw against Commission: Also straight commission. Advance against Commission: Like a draw. . Base plus Commission: Same as salary plus commission. you would get a check for $3.244 commission on new accounts. to a commission on the payments clients make to the policies you sold them whether or not you work for the company any longer. and then commission rates and tiers. These jobs almost always come with bonuses. you can try to negotiate one. Negotiating tip: bonuses usually have to be uniform across the sales force. If not. or on total volume over a certain amount. monthly.

Whatever your commission structure is. The justification here is that the reward for selling the account belongs to you. and second. you would be wise to negotiate a residual commission on those new accounts. Those payments may lag several months after the sale is made.000 individuals. after you leave and the account is maintained. to systematically manage their careers to achieve financial independence. So. Jack works with clients in two ways: First. Jack Chapman Jack Chapman. not when the client is billed. negotiate a draw. is now in its 6th edition. One of the most common. Since 1981. when you begin. a bump in commission. misfortunes in negotiating sales commissions is not being clear about what happens when you leave the company. make sure you get clear exactly how commissions and pay are handled when you leave the company. a portion of the income should still be yours for a while. and when is the payment due? Often. (c) 2008. Inc. to become more satisfied and better paid in their careers. with nation-wide and international clientele. when the salary isn't good enough. There are lots of ways to sweeten an offer. You don't want to fight this battle when you're gone. "Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute". you would lose. Jack also conducts best in class workshops and webinars in the arenas of salary negotiation as well as a professionally oriented strategic time management course. His book. What sales do you get paid on. a performance bonus or residuals. commissions are payable when the client pays. . Get it in writing now. Negotiating tip: negotiate both the commission rate and the duration. Jack has personally coached well over 2. Jack conducts a private practice named Lucrative Careers. but avoidable. "The Salary Coach" is a nationally known as a career adviser and speaker in the field of career development.245 When your sales work involves a lot of new-account generation. Watch out! Don't get cheated out of your commissions when you leave.

doctors' clinics. in special transcription offices. As soon as you have full certification and gained enough experience in the field. where there are health facilities. which requires the services of a trained transcriber. there are always opportunities available in this area of careers options. Thanks to that. to medical centers and online assistance websites. or as freelancer working from home. however.246 Medical Transcription Careers . but now anyone who qualifies can do same work they would do in an office in the privacy of their own home. You can find work in a diagnostic center. medical transcriptionists have not only a secure. there is always plenty of transcriber employment available. Using the Internet you would receive and send transcriptions to work on. Along with this need comes the requirement for written documentation.A Powerful Way to Secure Your Financial Future With the medical transcriptionist field spreading its roots all over the world. As a freelancer you will be able to control your working hours. hospital. or on the Internet. either as a full time or part time employee. enjoying all the benefits that come along with such a working from home job. With a growing population in this day and age. In today's world it is not always easy to find jobs with a long lasting and secure future. from hospitals. thus making it easy to work from any location. there are jobs available for the taking. and you can work from anywhere in the world. the need for medical attention will never decrease. Jobs can be found anywhere. you can offer your services in this field of work professionally. laboratory. In recent years there have been more and more employees in the medical transcriptionist field who work from home. In general. or staying at home and working. worldwide. Luckily. but also a bright and fulfilling money making future. The pay usually ranges from . there seems to be no limit of money making possibilities in its career opportunities. There are many different options for educated professionals as well as newbies in the field. These occupations are not only for people working in an office. All you need is a computer or laptop and an Internet connection. You could be traveling and working.

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if you should need it. and that is what you should be striving to be when it comes to your typing skills. you are ready to go about finding your first job. This may or may not be easy. You will need one of these while you are studying and may need it just as much once you are a working transcriptionist. you may want to choose a correspondence course. These are available through community colleges. Take your time and choose carefully. Your course will have many lessons to help you learn the terminology as well as anatomy. The materials and text books are mailed to your home and you would be able to study at your own pace. It is very important that you choose a school that is accredited. Typing speed is a vital part of a career in medical transcription and may be something that would be a good idea to spruce up a bit. If you feel that this is the direction you would like to go in. Some schools have a placement system that will help you find a job once you have your certificate of successful completion in your hand. There are a few online . with or without accent. This is one area where practice definitely does make you perfect. Once you have studied all the material in the course and practiced until effortless performance. correspondence courses and specialized schools. A medical dictionary is going to be one of the most important books you will own as someone working in healthcare. Depending on your lifestyle and schedule. First of all.248 Medical Transcriptionist Careers . along with being able to accurately type every word that is said. the career of a medical transcriptionist is becoming quite popular. as many places require a certain amount of experience before hiring. Skills that are vital to your success in this job are having a good ear and understanding everything that is said. you will need to find a reputable and trustworthy class in the subject. Your course will contain materials and suggestions to help you with this. People in this occupation have the luxury of working from home as well as making a better than average salary.What You Need to Learn Before Getting Started With so many people preferring to work from home these days. there are a few things you should consider and be aware of first.

but the pay is typically a little lower in the beginning.incomeforfreedom.249 companies that will hire new transcriptionists. try what I did. If you need money now. click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the Easy Corporate Money Program. true story of Martin Thomas in the link below. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too: read the amazing. like I mean in the next hour. http://www. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too.com . When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was.

developmental and emotional well-being of the individual. Most of the travel companies offer a variety of benefits for the employees. To carry out all these functions. the therapist should possess good management skills. Some of them include: ? Healthcare insurance ? Professional liability insurance ? Additional state license ? Cancer insurance ? Retirement plans ? Private housing ? Daily stipends Duties of an Occupational Therapist The primary role of an occupational therapist is to help the patients perform their routine jobs. Privileges of a Travel Occupational Therapist A job position as a travel occupational therapist promises earnings more than that of an occupational therapist having a permanent job. Occupational therapists focus on the complete physical. the therapist will get the privilege to deal with people in different locations. social. healthcare centers. communication skills. Some of the companies even permit them to travel with their friends or partners to different work places. Along with enjoying new places.250 Traveling Jobs in Occupational Therapy Traveling jobs are ideal for people who love to enhance their career in the field as well as discover new places. They conduct various intervention programs and keep accurate records regarding the treatment programs carried out. patience. school health systems and various medical centers. Find the Right Travel OT Job . Traveling jobs in occupational therapy are open in hospitals. good experience and qualification in the field. mental.

com/traveling-occupational-therapy-jobs.therakare. You will have to register at their database.html> come along with numerous benefit packages. a travel job in occupational therapy will help you to soar high in your career and make a positive difference in the lives of others. first of all.html> from TheraKare. after which you will be notified regarding the vacancies arising in different companies in various specialties.therakare. . you should have a clear picture about the company and the type of job you are undertaking. a reliable occupational therapist staffing solution provider based in Oklahoma. In short. Our occupational therapy travel jobs <http://www. Get top class traveling occupational therapy jobs <http://www. Recruiting companies help a lot in the job hunt. They will assist you in finding the right job suiting your qualification and requirements.251 A traveling job in occupational therapy is an ideal way to build up your career and acquire more experience. When searching for a job.com/occupational-therapy-travel-jobs.

In my years as a police executive. Preparation for advancements in police organizations require due diligence in matriculation and studying is paramount to passing promotional examinations. Yes. Hence. seem to be the norm of some of the newer.. which is a must if you want to get ahead in a police organization. They grab as many assignments as possible. the former may seem a necessity. younger generation in law enforcement. which leave little time to focus on personal development. when police officers in many areas struggle to make ends meet due to their low pay. Women of all races. Unfortunately. However. or they fail to even rank. Therefore. There are also other distracters officers engage in that leave little time for personal growth and development in law enforcement. I encourage this new generation of police officers to always take advantage of career development opportunities in academia and advance police courses. when promotional examinations are given. we hear that ugly term and the old cry of discrimination. many fall so far at the bottom of the ranking that they would never be considered for advancement. I have found that too many officers chose to spend their time supplementing their salaries through various off-duty jobs. my parents always taught me (an African American) that there were no silver spoons in life and one must "pull them self up by their own bootstraps" and work hard to get ahead. and some seem to believe that there is a silver spoon entitlement. holding onto the vestiges of the history in America and not striving to reap the benefits of opportunities that are currently present in law enforcement.. without grabbing education in academia or pursuing career development courses. there are still varying degrees of complacency in accepting opportunity. Written examinations and in-basket exercises are the .252 The Key For Advancement by Black Males in Law Enforcement The ranks of law enforcement have opened up to allow increases in minority representation. there is no disputing that blacks and other minorities were denied equality and history bares accurate testament of the racial inequalities in American society. Thus. men of color and in other minority groups have been given chances to reach higher heights within police organizations. as it relates to the once protected classes. However."cause work never killed [no one]!" Unfortunately.

Ph. Savage. Improvement comes with personal development in study habits and continuing education provides a platform for improving these habits. Eugene G.com .m-gconsulting.253 primary areas where I have seen many candidates fail.D Chief Consultant http://www.

responsibilities. the post box and your phone.the tasks. skills and abilities it involved?. one or more rejections are inevitable.the polite rejection. Did you know all about the job you were interviewing for . Ask questions like. we regret to inform you. thank them for their time and input and make good use of their advice. Listen carefully to their answers.254 How to Bounce Back From Job Interview Rejection Job interview rejection is tough but being passed over for that great job is no reason to give up. It doesn't matter how good a candidate you are. Job rejection shock is a hard fact of life. What are your options now? What do you do when facing rejection? Take these simple steps and come away from the experience wiser and better equipped to manage your next job application and interview. Take the experience and use it to turn yourself into a smarter job candidate." . Even in good times organizations usually have a number of candidates to choose from and in today's job market supply clearly exceeds demand. Then it comes through . Contact the employer immediately Phone or email and ask politely for constructive feedback."Dear John... This is not what you expected. You've had your job interview. Conduct an audit of your job interview keeping their feedback in mind. "Where did I fall short of the requirements?". you're checking your emails. Ask yourself these questions: Did I do my homework ? Did you find out sufficient information beforehand about the organization and the job. you know you're the right candidate for this job. How much detail did you . "Can you give me some advice that will help me with any future applications?" Avoid sounding defensive but rather focus on the future and suggest to the company that they can assist you by providing you with honest feedback.

Had you addressed all the interviewer's concerns before leaving? Did you restate your interest in the position and close with an expression of appreciation for the interview opportunity? Did you follow up with a thank you letter within 24 hours of the job interview? . "Do you have any questions?" Did I have the right documentation with me? Did you have a portfolio with you that included references. Did you arrive on time? Were you appropriately dressed? When you saw how the company employees were dressed did you feel comfortable with what you were wearing? Did you greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and use the correct name? Did I listen carefully and answer questions appropriately? Were you clear about what the interviewer was asking you? Did you respond with the relevant information? Did the interviewer have to repeat the question to get the information he or she wanted? Were your responses fluent and well organized or did you stumble over your answers? Did you get the job interview questions you expected or were you taken by surprise? Did I show my enthusiasm for the position? Did you use positive words and project a positive message with your body language? Did you display confidence in your ability to do the job or were you nervous and unsure? Alternatively were you too pushy and dominated the discussion? Did I have informed and relevant questions to ask the interviewer? Did you prepare good and insightful questions to ask about the company. the job. weaknesses. selling points. extra copies of your resume? When the interviewer asked for a document were you able to produce it? Did I close the interview and follow up appropriately? Job interview rejection can be the result of the final minutes of the interview. suitability? Was the position a good fit with your skills and abilities? Did I make a good first impression? First impressions are critically important in job interviews as they set the tone for the rest of the interview.255 have on the organization? Did you know your strengths. the management and the industry? Were your questions based on solid information you had gathered during your interview preparation or did you quickly think up something to ask when the interviewer said. work samples.

best-job-interview. Her free website Best Job Interview <http://www.html> to make sure you are properly prepared to make the best impression in your job interview. preparation and constant improvement will land you the right job. .com> provides comprehensive and expert resources to help you get the job you want.it's a job in itself! Go through the pre interview checklist <http://www. Build on what you have learned and try to keep positive. Getting the right job requires dedication.com/interviewchecklist.best-job-interview. a planned approach and a great deal of focused effort .256 Thinking through your job application and interview in a constructive and proactive way will allow you to work through your disappointment at job interview rejection and shift your focus to the next opportunity. Keep looking for the right opportunity and stay determined. Persistence. Julia Penny is a recruitment and career management specialist with over 20 years experience across a wide range of industries.

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Some fast food chain outlets also offer job opportunities for 14 year olds. Just find a job that you're interested in if you're interested in getting a job to add to your work experience or if you just want to earn money. What have you got to lose? Of course. if you plan on becoming a baby-sitter then it is important to be trained in case of emergency situations. If you're fond of smaller kids then you can also be a baby-sitter.258 Your Best Bets For Jobs at 14 Looking for a job when you're only 14 years old can be hard. Looking for a job need not be as tiring as work or school. Another great thing about this type of job is that it is completely free.squidoo. Most of the available jobs are for people older than you.squidoo. CashCrate <http://www. then just ask around. You should also be prepared for any possible situation since you're taking care of a smaller kid. The internet can be a treasure chest when it comes to looking for jobs at 14. Your opinion matters to them. there are other types of jobs available for a 14 year old.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . There are many available jobs out there if one only knows where to look for them. If you like manual labor then you can offer your services to a neighbor. Think about it. However. It doesn't hurt to ask. If you're on the internet for a couple of hours a day then survey form filling is the job for you. Start survey filling today <http://www. However. However. it depends on which state you live in since different states have different regulations regarding the age in which a company can hire someone. companies are paying you to fill up survey forms. you should not let your age be a hindrance to your job-finding mission. A kid can spend only a couple of minutes filling up forms for various companies who need the opinions of consumers.

squidoo. All they will do is to fill up survey forms and they will be paid based on the number of survey forms they have filled. Start survey filling today <http://www. the great place to start with is the internet and look for the most lucrative jobs ever. all they need is basic computer skills. if you will look at the national classified ads. they won't be exposed to other people who can be a bad influence in their lives. They will be working at your home.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . "food servers" and other manual jobs that have an hourly rate.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. Babysitting is the most common but it isn't the perfect job for teens 14. It does not require extensive knowledge or experience. With this job. They can work at their most convenient time and can work double time if they want to. CashCrate <http://www. In search for the perfect jobs for teens 14 and up. within your sight and reach and with no bosses giving orders or commands. The top online home jobs perfect for teens 14 and up is paid survey service. you'll only find "babysitting". The pay is real good without standing for long hours at the restaurant or malls.squidoo. there are numerous survey forms waiting to be filled up. They don't have to worry from not being able to fill up forms because to date. The next most common is being waiter or waitresses but it isn't the perfect because your teenager will be working for long hours in a day.259 Seeking Jobs For Teens Around 14? Look No Further! Are you tired of looking for the perfect job for your child aged 14 and up? For sure.

However. CashCrate <http://www. which is why they are willing to spend much money for online paid surveys. delivering newspapers. tutoring. The target market of these companies are teenagers. which offer minimum wage. In addition.squidoo. However. the kinds of shoes you wear. and lawn mowing.squidoo. which offers twenty to forty dollars per hour. you do not need to travel to go to work and your location is not a problem. it is necessary to take caution when choosing an online paid survey service because there are many dishonest companies in the internet. the clothes you buy or the movies you usually watch. there is no other option but to do these jobs. After you complete the survey. You need to undergo a long process that can last for almost a month. For instance. Start survey filling today <http://www. there are a lot of online jobs for teenagers that can help them earn more money without going through the long process. These online paid surveys are popular for teenagers because of its convenience. you can do another set and the payment is guaranteed for each form submitted.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. Online paid survey service is now one of the most popular jobs for 15 year old. What you only need to do is to stay home and share your thoughts with the companies. The questions involved in the surveys are about the teenagers' activities and likes.260 Jobs For 15 Year Olds Really Do Exist! Jobs for 15 year olds are difficult to find because most companies usually offer jobs for 16 year olds and above. The most common jobs for 15 year old include working in a burger joint or a fast food restaurant. baby-sitting.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . The good thing about online paid survey is the fact that you can work anytime you want and for as long as you like. For most teenagers.

Aside from the fact that it can be a good exercise.com/Jobsforteensunder18> is the highest paying most reputable paid survey service on the internet. Teens can earn money through painting jobs. All you need is a bucket of water with a little amount of vinegar and a sponge to earn money. It is also a good idea to put up flyers in your community grocery store or school. Most people do not have time to wash windows and many are willing to pay teens to do the work. 1. In addition if you are capable of painting ceilings. 3. In addition. Most homeowners do not have time to paint their walls so most of them pay fifty to seventy dollars for a good painting job. most teens are into paid survey service wherein they do not have to leave their homes.com/Jobsforteensunder18> and make a big nice wad of cash! . you can earn more. lawn mowing or shoveling the driveway can give you extra income.squidoo. cleaning people's junk can give you extra money through selling and recycling. All it takes is ten to thirty minutes everyday to give your opinion for cash. Lawn mowing or shoveling the driveway is another way to earn money. 4. CashCrate <http://www. Start survey filling today <http://www. Cleaning the basement or the attic is also a way to earn money. here are some jobs for 15 year old that can help you earn money easily. If you need extra money and considering to work. One of the jobs for 15 year old teens is washing windows. 2. Nowadays.squidoo. 5. Most homes have lots of things in the attic or basement in which you can get valuable stuff.261 A List of Jobs For a 15 Year Old There are a lot of jobs for 15 year old teens that are available and it is easy for you to find one as long as you know the right places to look. You can earn more money through paid survey filling than cleaning tables or flipping burgers. The best thing about paid online service is you do not need experience about anything and you can work at your own pace. You can charge five dollars per window or per hour.

The courses always emphasize to possess all round observation of the learners. To be a driving instructor one has to undergo Driving Instructor Courses. Besides you will be familiar with legal aspects regarding the driving training industry. First of all you should be old enough. You should possess a good eye-sight. You will also learn to move away safely straight ahead at an angle or uphill and downhill. Your identity should be genuine. As a driving instructor. meeting and crossing of other vehicles. The would-be drivers always take the help of the driving instructor for their training. You will be learnt to judge distance.262 Time to Start Driving Instructor Courses? Driving Instructor Courses are now booming day by day. You should judge beforehand rather anticipate the actions of the other road users and then take a prudent action. The concept of the basic of the vehicles will be quite clear to you. You must pass the test to proceed further. You must be a physically fit person. You can easily overcome the hurdle for the questions are based on theoretical aspects of driving and training. This course will teach you to stop your vehicle safely in an emergency. You must have a full and unrestricted driving license. All of these are very important before undergoing such courses. But there are certain terms and conditions if you want to undergo the courses. . At first you have to undergo a theory test and Hazard Perception Test. The courses help you to have a vast knowledge of the driving licensing system and road rules. You have to be an expert in handling the controls. The demand of the profession is rising and the present generation is very much interested in this profession. You will get an idea of turning left and right corners aptly. you should be a master of overtaking. then you will carry on to the next phase of the course. All these requirements that are needed to be a successful driving instructor are included in Driving Instructor Courses. speed and timing. Reverse parking is another important factor of driving. The Hazard Perception Test includes videos showing real road scenes and hazards. Once you pass the test. You will be embellished with varieties learning techniques. Besides you must not have been disqualified from driving at any time.

After undergoing such courses.com/site/newcareerskillslimited/> .google. You must build a bond of friendship between you and your learners.google. Once you undergo this course. then you will learn not only to praise you learners but also detect their drawbacks. The courses teach you how to guide and give instruction to your learners in an effective way.com/site/newcareerskillslimited/> where he writes all about how you can gain New Career Skills <http://sites. Only then you can be a good driving instructor.263 The courses help you a lot to be a successful driving instructor and make your career smooth and easy-going. The courses enrich your knowledge regarding driving laws and you are able to answer all the questions asked by your learners. You can enjoy the taste of freedom ignoring the scheduled office hours. James Copper is a writer for New Career Skills <http://sites. teaching ability grows in you and helps you to be an adept driving instructor. All aspiring driving instructors should undergo the courses since such courses can bring more money.

Perseverance of desired career is indispensable and it is a key to success.com> portal.264 Inaccessible Employment After Graduation The graduates who are victors in the arena of education must hold high the torch of knowledge that they now have and utilize it to illumine the path of those who have gone astray. Examination for Singapore <http://www. the applicants as graduates of certain courses should strive hard and be hired using the knowledge. etc. . On the other hand. skills and talents so that they may have the brighter future and opportunities as part of the establishments they are aiming for or planning to plug away with.. It is ironical for a graduate to apply for a job with a distinction attached to TOR (transcript of records) with honors because such an achievement is only a Pyrrhic victory. it is not a solution to success in life when a graduate looks for something which is new contrary to what a certain school has done for the benefits of the entire students. Whatever it is.kaphy.com> and the rest of Asia. to light a ray of hope to those who are disheartened. let us strive not for a Pyrrhic victory but for a goal to obtain laurels that could not be surpassed by a faded crown. inaccessible employment after graduation is also due to incompetence of the graduates to apply for a job or perchance it is the lack of job employment from a developing country. In addition to this. Above all. It is hoped that we should realize that a Pyrrhic victory is not an assurance that it will give rise to another victory. Everybody must bear with it until he/she gets hired and has a good job in the company. We can't blame them because the government needs also a stringent reminder for the nonchalance of its actions. Arnold Santos is a copywriter of professionally managed online Singapore jobs <http://www. especially by irregularities in school as far as the "ignominious" knowledge is concerned.pmpstudies. that is lacking in terms of employment opportunities. Victory is not a solution to a good career if it is injected. We also engaged in PMP Training.

these terms are used and misused in ways that create confusion rather than clarity. We're informed about the green economy. As a career coach specializing in careers in environmental industries and market sectors. I don't know where to start. Unfortunately. in fact. any kind of work you can think of that promotes sustainability. Green business opportunities provide a process. though many jobseekers are holding . "I'm confused. media coverage has made "green" the hottest buzzword in the news today. In an effort to capture the language of this revolution. That's good news for the ailing employment market. waste management to natural resources management. and educational and training programs are shaping new green career tracks. The possibilities are unlimited. as a movement." I usually start by clarifying some terms that have been widely used and accepted within the industry: Green careers are emerging from the growth and development of new industries and market sectors. sustainable agriculture to transportation to "smart growth. green careers." career professionals. The variety of green entrepreneurial ventures is evidenced in local and national green business directories. From green building to renewable energy. Green jobs are. The first words I most frequently hear are. it promises to rival the Industrial Revolution and the technological revolution in creating career opportunities. and green collar jobs on a daily basis in all forms of media. reshaping and revitalizing the American economy and job market. higher than that of the "non-green" economy. exactly.265 The Greening of the Job Market The green economy is growing rapidly. green business. a product. with new job titles being created daily in the "hidden" job market. I get calls and emails every day from jobseekers who want to align their commitment to creating a more sustainable world with the kind of work they do. But it has everyone scrambling to understand what a green job market means. green jobs. essentially. Its growth rate is. professional associations. or a service that saves or re-uses natural resources.

a term referring to intentionally opting to work "undercover" in one's current job.college graduates. At this point. social and economic sustainability [gain meaningful work in a changing. hiring statistics. We may even get a little green around the gills hearing the "g" word before the wave of the environmental movement becomes the norm and all business practices. Barbara Parks specializes in career planning and tracking for people who care about the environment and want to work for a more sustainable future through conscious career choices. Barbara combines a 20-year background in career counseling and development training in corporate. Greening the job market should provoke discussion and debate. and just world.". With offices in Minneapolis and the San Francisco Bay Area. After nailing down those basic terms. and certified training in spiritual direction. . and midcareer changers . and the planet. We have a long way to go before we solve the climate change crises and create a more environmentally-friendly. marketplace. people.266 tight until they see the hard data about job descriptions. government regulations requiring buildings to be more energy efficient will create work retrofitting buildings all across America with solar panels and other renewable energy materials And then there's green stealth. dislocated workers. social. careers. we need to be out in the community asking the questions: What is a green job? Where are the green jobs? How can green jobs build strong. Leadership in Public Policy Program graduate at the Humphrey Institute. challenging. degree in Communications. Green-collar jobs are a subset of green jobs defined in the Green Jobs Act. and entrepreneurial arenas with a B. first-time job seekers. She has a solid track record as a career coach helping hundreds of individuals . For example.A. local economies? Green may be the first word in describing jobs and careers that focus on the ideals of profit. Government-subsidized programs will provide $125 million a year for training in installation. We are far from having all the answers. which was included in the 2007 Energy Bill. salaries. non-profit. and maintenance type jobs aimed at helping minorities. repair. but it won't be the last. and training requirements. advocating for sustainability principles and procedures within the company or organization. and jobs are naturally green. I advise my clients to focus less on the "g" word and more on what it represents in the job market. Barbara Parks As founder of Green Career Tracks.gain meaningful work that supports ecological. low-income and hardto-serve job seekers to "use the green economy as a pathway out of poverty.

consultant. Barbara is an expert in the field of sustainable career planning and tracking. and economic sustainability. Barbara brings a dedicated presence to her work as a green career coach gleaned from 15 years' experience in the career and employment counseling field. "As a career coach.greencareertracks. author and entrepreneur. a career coaching and consulting practice begun in 2004 to support careers promoting ecological. speaker. "Your Green Parachute: How to Land a Good Job in the Growing Green Economy. Visit us at http://www. social. She believes that conscious career choices are at the heart of creating a more environmentally friendly and socially just world.com . She is frequently asked to speak on green jobs and career opportunities and is currently working to complete her second book.267 Barbara Parks is founder of Green Career Tracks.

Well hold on to your chair or controller because a new Job is in town. and push the games to extremes. If your the person that loves to play video games. . Some companies pay as much as $150. They need people who can test these games. The developer might add features to the game he thinks are great. This is why they need you. and it is possible to make some serious money doing it.00 per day to sit at home and play games. errors. who can spot those problems while you play and report them. what makes them work and function. If you call it job. but you as a gamer might not think the same way. this is the perfect job for you. The gaming industry is a forever growing community of developers whose desire is to create the next top seller. This is a $50 billion dollar business. I call it getting paid to play. So. This is a real job. I do not expect it to go away any time soon.268 A Career As a Video Game Beta Tester Who would of ever thought that you could get paid to play video games. You could be the perfect candidate. You will get to dig deep inside the games and learn about how they are made. It is a forever growing industry and constantly creating new games. The gaming industry has been around for quite some time. express their opinion of the game and report things that are not quite right. Your application is then review by the companies. There are thousands of companies online looking for game testers. You get to help find bugs. Companies worldwide produce games on a daily basis and they will have bugs in them. The greatest benefit of this job is you get to play video games before anyone else and the best part is you get paid to play them. It could take up to 60 days or more to land a job. If those bugs are not found this could result in millions of dollars loss. Applying for a job is as easy as filling out an application and submitting to the companies who need game testers. but once you are accepted you are on your way to a fun and exciting new career. just to make sure they are working properly. they need people like you.

http://www. you might as well get a job doing what you love to do most.269 If this type of job fits your lifestyle and you love to play games.video-game-income. Visit this website for more details.com .

You will get food and accommodation provided by the family free of charge. you are free to pursue your own interests. An au pair is in charge of taking care of the children. For more information on travelling to Dubai including list of important events in Dubai for the Year 2009 please visit . You should be sure to get up on time. dress the children or ensure the children dress themselves. You would also be in charge of their meals. tidy up their rooms and be free to baby-sit them if needed. As a result it is recommended that au pairs not be responsible for children under the age of 2. Play with them. and a small allowance in addition which is a sort of pocket money. at least well enough to understand and communicate with the children. As an au pair your duties would include taking care of the children.270 Become an Au Pair in Dubai A wonderful way to travel and really learn the customs of a country is to become an au pair. The family welcoming you into their home will be sure to realize that you are not an employee but a home help for the children. work a maximum of 25-35 hours per week and have at least 2 days off during the week. You must speak the same language. You will also be allowed time off.com/2009/02/au-pair-in-dubai. There are no set conditions. often for an expatriate European family. medical insurance and insurance on your possessions all provided by your host family who are most likely to consider you a valued member of the household. some evenings. although candidates are likely to be EU citizens between the age of 18 and 27 and are more commonly female than male. As au pairs are not professional child minders you are therefore not required to have professional childcare qualifications.blogspot. Opportunities exist to work as an au pair in Dubai. Therefore they will make sure that you have your own bedroom. which would obviously include seeing all the sights of your new home for the next few years.html> and access an excellent way to travel to Dubai with all the added perks of earning an income. Then take them to school/nursery/activity classes. During time off. home security. Become an au pair in Dubai <http://terrafermadubaitravel.

com .blogspot.271 http://terraferma-dubaitravel.

Try to read one book per month relevant to your marketplace and ask about courses that will enable you to do your job more efficiently.Be Adaptable to Keep Your Job 1. Your aim should be for your boss and colleagues to think of you as an essential feature of the business and that the office would not be the same without you. 3. accept them on the understanding that once the company is in better shape. Demands keep changing and you will need to keep up with the market. and in the future you may be rewarded for your understanding and loyalty. If you are offered a cut in hours or rates. your pay will return to its original level. You will help the team and your contributions will help expand your visibility. 4. Make sacrifices There are no quick fixes in the market where most employees are suffering at every level. Take a pay cut with dignity The next sacrifice could even be to accept a pay cut. Get that in writing. 5. . Keep learning and improving Identify gaps in your skills or areas that could do with refreshing. Support your colleagues and share your expertise. 2. If protecting your long term employment involves missing out on your favorite hobbies for a few weeks or even months.272 Employment . Expand your role Rather than being paid less and/or working longer hours a more interesting approach would be to get involved in new areas if you can. then that could well be a compromise you are going to have to make. but it is sound tactics to be seen to put in the extra hours when you can. Put in the hours You do not always have to turn up for work first and leave after the boss has gone home.

For more information see http://www.guysguidesonline. but the opportunities that do exist have never been seen before. go to http://www. If you would like to make money online. Guy Thompson is a business lawyer who helps U.K.citycompromiseagreements. remember that the internet provides a low cost way to start a business from home. but don't know where to begin. or you lose your job anyway. This is not a way to make money without working. employees who lose their jobs sign compromise agreements with their London employers to protect both parties' interests.273 6.com for free video advice.com Guy also advises people starting internet businesses. . Start an online business If none of the above appeals.

following the ten steps outlined below will help to ensure that you put your best foot forward and leave a favorable impression with interviewers. The resources to which I am referring are jobs. Make sure that your resume is current. These practice sessions will also help to put you more at ease during the actual interview. There is a time and a purpose for each movement that you make and each word that you speak. This is the tool that they will use to determine whether or not you are selected for an interview. The interview process is like a dance.274 Ten Rules For Successful Interviewing Given the current global economic conditions. many of you are suddenly finding yourselves in a position where you have to compete for limited resources. Practice Prior to the interview make sure that you read your resume aloud to yourself as many times as necessary to ensure that you can accurately communicate all of the information verbally during the interview process. 2. The Resume Your resume is the tool that will provide your potential employer with key information about your skills and qualifications. 3. accurate and contains no spelling errors. so let's review the basic steps that you need to take in order to ensure success. 1. Whether you are going on your first interview or interviewing after being employed for a very long time. Research Company Background . Companies all over the world are laying off employees in record numbers and this situation doesn't appear to show any signs improvement in the near future.

Questions . Dress and Appearance Dress appropriately for the position for which you are applying. family situation. 6. this is like a dance so it is important to find the right balance. Important Don'ts Don't discuss personal information such as your financial status. skills. Remember. maintain good eye contact and above all. Talking too much or too little can work against you. 4. Paying attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues of the interviewer will help you determine the appropriate balance. A lack of understanding of key words on your part could spell disaster. What was the conflict. Maintain the all important balance between talking and listening. and abilities that make you qualified for the job. or other non job-related items. Stick to discussing the knowledge. first impressions are very important. how did you handle it and what was the end result?" 8. Smile. 5. 9. 10. The lack of basic information about the company may indicate that you are not serious about getting the job. Self Talk Get pumped up prior to the interview. Behavioral Questions Be prepared to answer Behavioral Questions should they arise. Buzz Words Be sure to read the job description thoroughly prior to the interview to make sure that you understand all of the terminology that will be used by the interviewer. These are questions that ask you to describe how you have handled certain workrelated problems in the past. Poise and Confidence Remain calm during your interview. listen. An example would be "Tell me about a time in the past when you had a disagreement with a co-worker. Remember. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "This job is mine and I am going to go out and get it!" 7.275 Always do your homework and research the background information on your potential employer's company so that you can speak intelligently to any questions that they may ask. Consider the environment or the culture in which you will be working and dress accordingly.

. Practice.exceptionallifecoaching..276 Be sure to come prepared with a couple of basic questions to ask the interviewer. Believe in yourself and invest in yourself because you are worth it! Be present.Be Exceptional! visit: For more information on how you can improve your interviewing skills http://www. preparation.com . This will show that you have initiative and a sincere desire to get the job.. and confidence are some of the key elements that you will need to achieve success during the interviewing process.Take Action..

friendly 97 Aurora 43 authorities 111-12 automobiles 72 available jobs 60. 236. 6. 207. 175. 29. 183. 270 age groups 199. 34. 164. 76. 56. 142. 106. 167. 258 . 167-8. 203 attendants 167-8 flight 4. 186-7. 158 ads 219 advancement 4. 50. 254. 242. 73. 252 advertise 48. 138. 258 best 60 Aveta Solutions 236. 96. 264 applications 63. 42. 7. 244 age 4. 270 Americans 34 anatomy 3. 45-6. 215. 131 allowances 126-7. 204 online modeling 4. 127. 44. 79. 204. 220. 94. 74 Action Centered Leadership 4. 23. 207 agencies 19. 235 Arne Duncan 192-3 assessment 116. 254-5 [9] academia 252 account. 50. 223 association 120. 76. 60. 201. 94 additional state license 183. 137. 250 Administrative Assistant 59. 248 Annemarie 105 applicants 19. 131. 107 air 167-8 airlines 167 alerts 120. 212-13 assessor 212-13 assets 22. 14. 173. 196. 48-9. 7. 146. 6. 19 agents 19. 201. 199-200. 141. 122. 116-17. 219. 166. 11. 79. 168 attic 261 attitude. 9. 243-5 accountants 58. 238. 257-8. 246. 268 speculative 164 appointments 38. 193-4. new 241. 240 B baby-sitters 215. 144-5. 139. 68. 221-2 apprentice 84.277 INDEX* A abilities 27.

115. 137 body 19. 112 behavior traits 89 belts black 236. 197-8. 58. 251 benefits 2. 152-3. 156. 212. 62. 238. 204. 110. 80 business skills 87 business software companies 29 business units 116. 163 banks 102. 40. 241-4. 141. 9. 255 bonus 162. 70-1. 135-6. 129 C cafeteria plan 183. 178. 238. 208 candidates 49. 158. 139. 247 bonuses 209. 48-9. 242. 184-6. 76. 173. 134. 201. 29-31. 94. 124. 136. 177. 266 busier 193 business 22. 130 basement 261 bathroom 83 BCPA (Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association) 120. 49-51. 196 fitness 185-6 old 231. 229 Barbara 266-7 base 73. 79-80. 201. 115. 239-40. 42. 115-19. 247. 34. 108. 130 behavior 89. 83-4. 6. 272-3 [9] cleaning 3. 66 boards 4. 129-31 Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA) 120. 275 Bank of International Settlements 115. 182-3. 201. 241-4 base salary 242. 74. 100. 42. 119. 153. 167. 196. 156. 70. 257 [12] bills 26. 202. 118. 198. 129 banking 4. 48-9. 10. 259 balance 97. 81. 79. 203. 87. 54. 223. 86. 8. 24. 58. 82-3. 212. 221 body language 68. 233. 240 yellow 236. 120. 46. 129-30. 244 Basel 3. 244 boss 55. 270 best 164 potential 76. 237.278 babysitting 217. 240 benefit packages 197. 105. 138. 253-4. 165. 136-8. 21. 215-16. 272 bother 141 break 21-2. 68. 209. 177. 75. 162. 38. 85. 249 business areas 115 business consultant 78. 67. 105 . 259. 268 building 40. 198. 177 bugs 62.

227-8. 209 stable 44 switch 26 career adviser 245 Career and Choose Success 3. 202 conscious 266-7 career coach 104. 7. 160-2. 70-2. 6. 85. high 101 career history 173 Career in Automotive Engineering 3. 183-6. 245 career development opportunities 252 career direction 99 career experts 160 career fairs 52 career goals 13-14. 100 phenomenal 228 portfolio 100 professional 85. 153-4. 176. 160 flourishing 231 full-time 13 green 265 independent 50 investment banking 157. 187 career information 171 . 247 bright 149 change 46-7 collegiate 192 dental 227-8 fastest growing 34. 85. 9. 6.279 capital 115. 232. 72 Career in Medical Coding 3. 227 career development 169. 263-8 [28] basketball 192 best 3. 9. 196. 53 career change 3. 171-6. 27 career growth 125 career-growth opportunities. 12-13. 17-19. 25-8. 247. 148-9. 145. 46 Career Builders 17. 266 career CV 64 career decisions 123. 7. 95. 200-2. 99. 99-100. 131 career 2-4. 47. 234. 173-4 Career Change Guide 100 Career Choice 4. 44-7. 249 Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) 120. 25-7. 9. 165 local 52 modeling 20 next 4. 158. 10. 265-7 Career Coach and Personal Branding Strategist 105 career coaching 267 career coaching practice 53 career counseling 125.

com 142 CAREEREALISM. 176 cash 134. 11. 8. 227. 257-61 cat 100 certificate 38. 270 charts 77. 64. 48-9. 199-201. 261 nice wad of 214-20. 123. 267 career option 3.com 91 career writer Lisa Jenkins 18 CareerBuilder. 270 choice solid career 161 top career 34 cid 93.blogspot. 174 Changing jobs 173 Chapman. 99-100 Changing careers 27. 173. 261. 91. 207 Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants 3. 192. 211-12. 10. 182-3 Change Careers 4. 34. 240 certifications personal training 51. 235. 73. 175-6. 207 Certified occupational therapist assistants (COTA) 182. 226 classes 38. 46. Jack 245 charge 22. 194. 238. 9. 214. 248 certification classes 236. 221. 233 social network 112 chef uniforms 226 Chicago 192-3 children 92. 231 wise 171 career paths 13. 196. 131.280 career management specialist 256 Career Mentor 90 career opportunities 246. 120. 50. 166 switch 160 career planning 266 sustainable 267 career plans 125 career portfolio 60 career process 123 career professionals 265 career promises 203 career training 45 career transition 123 career-with-lauren. 257-61 CashCrate 214-20. 265.com 142 careers advisor 28. 84. 185 trade 189-91 Certified Career and Life Coach 53 Certified occupational therapist assistant jobs 207 Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs 3. 123. 248 .

212-13 compilation 220 Compilation of Jobs 3. 62-3. 28-30. 29. 68. 76-7. 124-5 Computer Analyst 3. 197. 268 [34] contractor 84 credit card 229 dishonest 260 dynamic internet marketing 74 hiring 17. 182. 143-4. 180-1. 245 communication skills 103. 234. 38. 241-5. 266 co-workers 237-9. 110 job applications 146 list of 17-18. 76-7 . 216. 110-12. 108. 107-8. 187 college 13. 220 complain 142 compliant 138 components 72. 249 negotiating sales 243. 243 commission rates 242-5 commission structure 243. 210 community 38. 167 commission 5. 44-6. 15. 164. 11. 91. 145. 161. 10. 137. 218. 235. 143. 187. 173. 203. 232. 148. 187. 250 comp card 19-20 companies 17-19. 122-3. 132-3. 248 college degree 35.281 clients 19. 275 coach 4. 101. 123 recognized career change 26 codes 152. 91. 50. 84. 38. 7. 36. 192. 7. 245. 73. 245 residual 242-5 straight 241-4 variable 241. 200. 238-45. 151 potential employer's 275 private 101 right 151 sized 29 student loan 151 trucking 87 very large 180 companies machinery 71 companies online 268 company office 180-1 company website 139 competencies 84. 249-51. 172. 138. 247. 63 medical staffing 195 occupational therapist staffing 198 oil 190 online 153 parent 67.

224. 10. 64. 117. 133. 262-4. 223 Criminal Defense Solicitor 5. 223-4 crisis 96. 221. 258. 38. 105. James 45. 225. 167. 272 career development 252 Craft 4. 115. 164. 181. 137 cost. 231. 275-6 confident 27. 48. 220. 192 corrections 58 correlations 117-18 cos 43. 270 couple 64. 167. 126-8. 229. 275 contract 8. 212-13 CV database 48 cybercrimes 153 forensics 153 D dance 274-5 Database Administrator 4. 227. 214. operating 30 COTA (Certified occupational therapist assistants) 182. 177-8. 192. 241. 78. 228 crowd 19. 178 connect 44. 276 courses 84. 8. 233. 134. 107. 115-20 financial 115. 191. 262 confidence 69. 67. 205. 164. 263 corporations 124. 122. 23 crane 191 CRD (Capital Requirements Directive) 120. 169. 47. 167. 200 law of 126 contract of employment 126-7 control 49. 207 COTA Jobs 208 countries 45. 73. eye 69. 153. 124. 6. 89-90. 177-8. 68. 243. 233. 227 . 9. 131 Creative Growth period 169-70 credit 116-17. 79 contacts. 76. 153. 61. 58. 176. 160. 198. 171. 246 Copper. 251 DBA jobs 150-1 deadlines 144-5 decision 55. 150-1. 205 curiosity 99-100 customer service 44. 126-7. 82. 158. 187. 106-7. 225 CV 4.282 computer forensics cybercrime degree online 153-4 computer fraud 223 Computer game testers 62 Computer Service Representative 79-80 computers 77. 246 conditions 91. 239. 223. 120. 80. 80. 129 crimes 34. 150 databases 48. 138. 131. 182. 146-7. 112.

221. 194. 175. 152. 100. 70. 268 Difficult Time Getting Jobs 4. 227-8 dental insurance 183. 34-5. 146 Desrocher. 209. 96. 198. 80. 176 dreams 14. 173. 246 documents 55. 116. 100. 209. 245 duties 38-9. 233. 209. 127-8. 225. 94. 207. 260-1 download 26. 10. 243. 64. 167. 92. 207 [3] master's 197. 192-3. 270 Easy Corporate Money Program 232. 201. 208-9 dentists 227-8 department 13. 275 drive 87. 82 dollars 196. 92. 72. 52. 118-19. 205 design 42. 201. 252-3 [1] education jobs 160 effectiveness 50. 117. 38. 209 dental 3. 212. 200-1 dress 270. 162. 233. 108. 77. 110-11. 255 career marketing 105 legal 38. 160-2. 92. 152. 111. 250. 262 driving instructor 262-3 Driving Instructor Courses 262 Dubai 270 Duncan 192-3 duration 118. 197. 203. 243. 156. 257. 46. 118.283 degree 14. 191. 171. 46-7. 182. 77. 174. 79-80. 158. 137. 173. 58. 229. 199 dir. 172. 119 . 138. 234. 160. Toni 152 developers 161. 73. 120. 184 ear 21. 241-4. 129. 169-70. 111-12. 229. 162. 141. 106. 202. 11.asp 43 direction 13. 248 disorders 200 doctors 34. 108. 175-6. 158. 76. 181 driver 87 local 88 driveway 261 driving 40. 187. 228-9 green 265-6 education 22. 246 documentation 77. 249 ecological 266-7 economy 34. 186. 40. 35. 78. 27. 212. 189. 152. 195. 227. 241. 160. 172. 77. 154-5. 270 E e-mails 60. 171. 166-7. 80. 25-6. 217 designations 2 desks 81. 231. 40. 162. 44. 247. 204. 116. 137. 247-9 earnings 96.

228. 172. 7. 10. 62. 217. 101. 75. 79. 29. 235. 268 film industry 3. 125. 72-3 automotive 72 ental-car-company. 48-9. 76.php 73 Entertainment Careers 3. 43. 17-18. 123. 85-6. 182. 135. 218. 36. 166. 12. 274 employment 2-3. 250-1 [23] international 125 experts. 200 Executive & Career Coaching 109 Executive Development Seminar 42 experience 14-15. 66. 31. 126-8. 10. 91. 264 employment strategies 3. 9. 76. 80 engineer 22. 189. 126-7. 64. 68. 81-2. 68-70. 83. 17 entitlements 127 entity 2. 79. 131 evidence 212-13 Excellent Career Prospect 4. 265 electricians 161. 55. 156. 239. 83-4. 214-21. 210. 184. 136. 207. 231. 34. 182. 58. 80 . 189 Environmental careers 161 errors 150. 228. 1367. 257-61. 124-5 entrepreneurs 16. 38-40. 46. 196 quantitative 155-6 Find Jobs 5. 11.googlepages. 112-13. 54. 131 aggregate 116-17 F faculty 158 Favorite Jobs 4. 256. 167-8. 6.284 effort 40. 110. 113. 272-4 [10] employer lets 242. 6. 78. 231 [9] potential 66. 267 Entry Level Jobs on Oil Rigs 5. 54. 196-7. 17-18 film industry interns 18 finances 58. 272 period of 127-8 transcriptionist 231 employment opportunities 2-3. 211-14. 78-80. 214 findmeagoodjob. 91 filling 141. 166. 62-5. 163. 18. 72. 211-12. 211. 244 employers 4. 191 emergency 92. 10. 214-15. 27. 126-8. 181. 215 feedback effects 117-18 fees 29. 101. 71. 97. 143. syndicated career 142 exposures 112. 262 employees 4. 106. 120. 104. 68. 122 European Union 120. 268 essence 14.com/home 78. 60. 62. 247. 237.

9. 152. 122. 173. 172. 161. 144. 185. 180. 125. 92. 6. 111. 165. 12. 242. 40. 12. 72. 173. 81. 73.285 firing 4. 163 fit 14. 79-80 free career changer toolkit 26 Free Local and International Job vacancies 61. 63. 7. 150. 268 functional issues 80 Fundamentals 4. 113. 192-3. 186. 179. 81 Flight attendants 166 focus 13. 9. 237-8. 42. 255 fitness 185 fitness career 185-6 residual income 186 Fitness Career Profitable 4. 229. 112-13. 268 Game Tester and Make Money 4. 7. 110. 153 format 76-7. 240 green career coach 267 green career tracks 265 founder of 266-7 Green-collar jobs 266 Green Jobs Act 266 Greening 4. 218. 143. 169. 170. 161 government agencies 42 government career 101 government jobs 101 graduates 17. 62 game tester career 62 games 62-3. 9. 266 [2] food chains. 178. 141. 90-1. 264 federal 35. 148-9 Forensics Cybercrime and Careers 3. fast 257 forensic pathologist 4. 265-6 group 94. 238. 19 G game tester 62-3. 102. 136-7. 243 Good organizational skills 190 government 35. 65. 48. 161. 264 graduation 4. 264 granularity 116 green belts 236. 133. 241. 106. 252. 35. 97 fun 62. 172. 80. 66. 185 Five Worst Ways to Fire 4. 35. 69 freelancer 246 friendliness 3. 112. 24. 67. 263 . 237. 122. 216. 152. 193 group work 144 guide 13. 18. 264 Good luck 55. 42. 244. 108. 8. 20. 78. 9. 63. 132. 130. 268-9 generic CV 164 goals 13-14. 51. 65. 69-70. 26.

138-9. 267 Highest Paying Jobs 3. 217 Hints 2-3 hiring 3. 124. 217. 187. 40. 259-61. 138-9. 6. 272-3 [8] Home and Make Money Fast 229-30 home jobs 4. 36. 250 hours 3. 249 houses 44. 11. 90. 155. 200. 116-18. 108. 50. 169-70. 80. 272 [7] long 259 next 231. 199. 158. 120. 106-7. 165. 36-7. 141. 88. 246. 82. 175. 102. 228. 181. 19. 66. 198. 8. 123. 270. 106.286 gun 150 H habits 253 hackers 153 hardware 77. 126-7. 68. 82. 247. 10. 218 historical relationships 117 historical statistical relationships 117 home 15. 248 hiring managers 17. 207-9 healthcare industry 36 healthcare settings. 204. 217 housing 183. prestigious 200-1 heart 25. 180-1. 182. 141 hiring process 89. 143. 138-9. 10. 198. 210. 94. 79. 246 top online 259 working from 36 Home Make Money Fast 5. 180-1. best 120. 42. 8. 246. 139. 85. 190. 221 private jobs robs 102 Health Care 36 health club 185 health concierge 36-7 Health Concierge Jobs 37 healthcare facilities 182. 84. 203. 83. 91. 201. 88. 141-2 HR Software Reseller 4. 207. 231. 248. 173. 131 health 36-7. 137. 219. 78. 131. 246-7. 30. 203. 264 headhunters. 233. 260-1. 152 Harrison 151 Hazard Perception Test 262 he/she 94. 213 identity fraud 223-4 . 208. 195. 229 hospitals 158. 209 HR 5. 197. 6 HR software vendor 29-30 HR systems 29-30 human factor 96 I identify 3. 32. 185.

275 qualitative 130 updated 61. 209. 70. 159-60. 185. 112-13. professional liability 183. 152-3. 60. 9 information technology training 45 infrastructure 102. 204. 255. 206. 148. 129 internet 15. 202. 78. 80. 17. 40 interaction 115. 195. 264 incentives 209. 214-20. 60. 60-1. 141. 266 industry 19-21. 197. 45-7. 250 integration 115 intention 2. 139. 255. 201. 129. 233. 79 impression 23. 176 installation 77. 274-5 [1] informational 132 . 132. 133. 1668. 160. 215. 145. 36. 122. 31. 79-80. 150. 153. 155-7. 274-6 interviews 56-7. 233. 245. 32. 223. 68. 139. 144-5. 270 individuals 36. 266 insurance. 174. 274 first 68. 117-18. 186. 175. 102. 106. 178. 132-3. 219. 196. 177 implementation 29. 101. 64. 44-5. 58. 12. 65. 152 Information Technology Field 4. 68. 202 interview process 274 interviewer 68-9. 208-9. 220. 177-8. 103-5. 77. 69 International Settlements 115. 60. 85. 198. 18. 108. 129 International Job 61. 104. 189. 144-5. 134 Internet service 48 internet skills 233 internship experience 18 internship supervisor. 64. 111.287 images 19. 257-61 [9] internet access 175-6 Internet and Computer Fraud 223 internet businesses 273 internet connection 215. 187. 173. 247. 73. 220. 44-5. 175. 243. 36. potential 133 internships 60. 196. 241. 116-17 ing. 123. 255-6. 177-8. 184. 29. 66. 78. 246 internet marketing 36. 231. 6. 94. 228. 110. 80. 254-5 [20] basic 80. 246. 245. 177. 103-5. 52. 254-6. 69 information technology 4. 231. 275 personal 223. 217. 218 income 29-31. 275 in-between-jobs time 169 Inaccessible Employment 4. 85. 265 [5] gaming 268 industry connections 73 industry issues 113 information 2-3. 55. 159. 229-30.html 27. 65.

6. 6. 198. 7. 258 job position 76. 22 jobs 3-7. 68. 254. 265-6 job opportunities 46. 275 job experience 199. 219. 146. 7. 48-9. 204. 78-80. 43. 52 job security 4. 199 . 250 job search 3-4. 34. 238. 240 jargon 113. 24. 139 job/career 161 job descriptions 3. 103. 163. 256 Job Application Cover Letter 4. 136-7. 7. 64. 64-5 job market 4. 127. 69 JobMonkey 18. 199. 155-8. 98-102. 163 Job titles 17-18. 64-8. 101. 7. 136-7. 227. 196-206. 6. 43. 32. 215 job interview 4. 146. 143 job application 23. 55. 10. Tony 236. 65. 17. 34-7.288 investment banking interviews 155-7 J Jack 245 Jacowski. 23 job boards 4. 57-62. 60. 167. 79. 68. 76. 48. 160 job seekers 43. 36. 266-9 [44] acquisition banking 157 acquisitions banking 156 assessor's 213 best 198. 235 job search success 52-3 Job Searching 4. 217. 254-6 job interview techniques 177-8 job listings 17. 12. 64-5. 172 job vacancies 4. 210 best occupational therapist assistant 183 best recession-proof 58 calligraphy 216 certified occupational therapy assistant 208 common 260 constant 231 corporate 26 corporate finance 157 credit 156 cur-rent 205 derivatives 156 desk 151 dream 17. 212. 9-15. 241-4. 160-7. 266. 254-61. 202. 21-2. 197-8 JobCentrePlus 137 JobCentrePlus jobs 137 JOBLINKAGE 61. 92. 214-21. 33. 254-6 job interview rejection 4. 102-3 entry level 190-1. 189-92. 11. 151. 18. 52. 165.

261 part-time 143. 66. 10. 260 painting 191. 260 power plant 102 .289 entry level investment banking graduate 155 entry level offshore rig 189 excel-lent 204 favored 215 film industry 18 finish 196 fitness 185 flight attendant 166 graduate accounting 157 graduate investment banking 156 green 265-7 green collar 265 handwriting 216 hard 158 healthcare 3. 205 physical therapy assistant 203 popular 257. 178. 268 permanent 250 permanent physical therapy assistant 204 person's 21. 259. 259 maintenance type 266 managed online Singa-pore 264 manual 214. 225. 200-1 occupational therapist assistant 208 occupational therapist pediatric 201 occupational therapy assistant 183. 257 lowest paying 189 lucrative 218. 208. 161. 209-10 high paying 220 high profile 193 hospital 102 inherited 111 institute 102 land 52 legit 36 list of 220. 55 occupational therapist 198. 52. 259 mill 171 music 22 new 46. 218 people's 99 perfect 64. 207 occupational therapy pediatric 201 occupational therapy travel 251 off-duty 252 offshore oil rig 191 online 214. 197.

158. 8 jobs hiring 4. 201. 268 recession proof 4. 148. 152. 265. 216 jobs overseas 46 jobs postings 139 jobs sign compromise agreements 273 jobs tasks change 172 jobs-worths 137 Jobsearching 107 jobseekers 265 foreign 207 jobs. 270 foreign 167 Lauren 91 . 10. 262-4 [3] L laid-off 160 language 68. 9. 184 JudyAnne Pfeiffer-Parm 162 K Kent 56-7 Key Stage 56 keyboard 21 keywords 17-18. 189 knowledge 15. 76. 139 kids 66. 182. 40. 1712. 144. 250-1 jobs blog 102 Jobs During Crisis 4. 110. 142.html 18. 158-9 recording engineer 22 restau-rant 225 right 65. 112-13.290 primary 111 private 101-2 real 192. 200. 210. 192. 256 risk management 156 routine 250 site 178 speech therapy 195 stable 35. 106-7. 175. 22 journalist 4. 64. 89. 189. 113. 89. 215-16. 123. 168. 160-1. 258 kitchen 83. 243 technical 102 telecommunications 71 temporary physical therapy 203 tough 153 traditional 229 transcribing 231 traveling 182. 161 straight commission 241. 9. 78-9. 169.

89. 94. 141. 194. 162. 158-9. 38. 158. 235 managers 43. 201. 34. 85. 143. 97. 247. 58. 77. 204. 32-3. 30.Sc 170 life expenses 242. 124. 152 Management Position 4. 255 multi award-winning Career 105 management information systems (MIS) 116. 100-1. 144-5. 167. 192. 62 Make Money Fast 229-30 management 78. 71. 209 lifestyle 14. 175-6 legal secretary 4. 231-4. 11. 157. 118. 108. 166. 38-9 legitimate work 4. 198. 88. 23-4. 152. 11. 129-30 liquidity risk management 129 list 18. 116. 60-1. 220. 110. 6. 64. 116-19. 233. 180. 152. 246. 74 lay-offs 160-1 layoff 205-6 leaders 94. 66. 63.html 98 List of Jobs 3. 80. 72. 137. 248. 261 location 17-18. 127. 236. 227. 34. 244 lucrative career option 171 Lucrative Careers 245 LVN (licensed vocational nursing) 228 M Make Money 4. 255 level 56. 235-8. 80. 107. 36 letters 17. 11. 132. 25-6. 171. 250. 78. 122-3. 122-3. 112. 177. 133. 189 [2] list-of-different-careers-and-jobs. 75. 240 learners 262-3 learning. 165. 169. 269 [1] lucrative 207. 40. 213. 242. 129. 169-70 [9] Life/Career Coach Kelly McIntyre M. 100. 194. 221. 108. 85. 260 love 13. 187 law enforcement 4. 206. 75. 185. 58. 215. 36. 240 market 13. 117. 111. 25. 163-5. 102. 252 lawn mowing 260-1 lawyers 38-9. 269 link 59. 180. 108 leadership 89. 141. 7. 9. 249 liquidity 129-30 liquidity position 129-30 liquidity risk 116-17. 190. 72. 130.291 law 38. 6. lifelong 4. 9. 150-1. 136. 185. 60-1. 85. 197. 272 . 105. 160. 51. 182. 185. 220. 82. 51. 50. 224. 165. 113. 238. 162. 62. 142. 235. 96. 97. 244 life insurance 46. 97 leagues 81. 272 liability 2 licensed vocational nursing (LVN) 228 life 4. 193 lean 113.

89. 35-6. 163 half 229 MIS (management information systems) 116. 247. first 232. 204. 85. 185-6 massage 221-2 massage DVD 221-2 massage therapy 221 Massage Therapy Career 4. 234. 190. 129-30 market sectors 265 marketing 29-30. 15-16. 152 MLM (Multi Level Marketing) 74 models 19-20. 150. 116-17. 6. 249. 21 music producer 22 myth 235 . 231-3. 196. 94. 248 medical transcriptionist field 246 medical transcriptionists 246. 249 million jobs 55. 246-7. 83. 172 music industry 21-2 Music Industry Career Primer 4. 248 members 37. 130-1. 131 mergers 54. 260-1 [27] extra 217. 11. 261 fixed amount of 242. 9. 161. 130. 183. 221-3. 240 mechanic 191 medical 46. 56. 257-8.com 199 monitor 94. 11. 94. 247. 203 Most career change 27 Most careers 185 Most Recession-Proof Jobs 160 Multi Level Marketing (MLM) 74 music 18. 187-8 medical degree 148-9 medical field 92 medical nomenclature 187 Medical Transcription Careers 4. 229 medical billing 158 Medical Coding 3. 242. verified list of 232-3. 21-2. 144 Membership 120. 244. 244 money laundering 223 money online 15-16.292 market participants 117. 48. 96. 185-6. 207-9. 246 Medical Transcriptionist Careers 4. 273 moneymakinghobby. 93. 156-7 methodologies 115-17 metrics 129-30 mid-career changers 266 Million Dollar Corporations. 238. 249 Million Dollars. 161. 44. 120. 186 money 3-4. 119. 134. 221 MBA finance jobs 156 MBA Journal 236. 172. 201. 85. 10.

150-1 Oral Communications and Interpersonal Skills 43 organisations 48. 8. 65. 245 Negotiating tip 241-5 network 52. 102. 110-13. 13. 227-8 nursing career 227 nursing field 3. 127. 11. 189-91 online 3. 120. 152. 59. 124-5. 131. 136. 10. 107. 85. 115. 207. 131. 131. 202 NVQ 84 O Obama 193 occupational therapist assistants 207 occupational therapists 4. 243. 250-1 occupational therapy jobs 251 occupations 152. 74-5.blogspot. 121. 184. 138-9. 120. 58. 43. 129. 178. 120. 101-2. 79 OTA career 183 OTR drivers 87-8 outsourcing 32. 160-1 negotiate 144. 134. 202. 265 non-jobs 137 nurse practitioner 227 nurses 3. 250 occupational therapy 4. 6 news 81. 201. 82. 91. 93. 94. 104. 72. 88. 260 [8] online business 134. 76-7. 254-5 [4] police 252 organization charts 111 Organizational Charts 111 organizational matrix 76. 79. 18. 241. 175-6. 50. 180-1. 273 Online Career Tips 97 online-career-tips. 197-8. 248 office 38. 92. 198. 152 owner operator 87 . 205-6. 92-3 Nursing Job Descriptions 4. 164 network marketing 40. 111. 241-5 negotiating 143. 246 [5] oil rigs 5. 68. 195. 7. 8. 15. 11. 58. 224 organization 4. 34. 136. 193. 97. 151. 246. 70. 185. 207. 158. 76-7. 131 New Career Skills 263 New Income Stream 4. 10. 55.com 97-8 online forensic science degree 149 operations 77. 7. 150. 170. 200. 149. 184. 118. 160.293 N nation 34. 85 networking 52-3. 186. 136. 9. 227-8 nursing 3.

139. 17. 221. 94. 10. 203. 216. 46. 152 perspective 110. 169. 227-8. 187. 186-7 pick-up games 192 piles 82. 175. 171. 273 Partridge. 156. Barbara 266-7 parties 110. 171 pets 215 phones 59. 225 personnel 46. 187. 49. 257 Parks. 7. 113. 203. 94. 223 personal trainer 50-1. 192-3 . 50 personal training business 185 basic 186 personality 89. 90. 214. 209-10 qualified 209 physical therapy assistants 203-4. 80. 207. 213. 185-6 personal trainer career 186 Personal Trainer Certifications 4. 91-2. 60. 200 Pediatric Occupational Therapist Jobs 4. passport size 146-7 physical therapists 3. 209. 25. 8.294 owning 185 P Paid-to-Click (PTC) 217 painter 191 pairs 270 Palmiere Career Services 90 parents 56. 77-8. 260 peace 56-7 pediatric 92. 209 Physical Therapy Jobs 209 physiology 50. 197. 192 passport 167-8. 123. 219-20. 185. 200-1 person 2. 223-4 [17] personal brand 122-3 personal branding 5. 99. 262 passengers 166-7 passion 13. 194. 224. 250 Patients' Skills and Abilities 194 Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) 217 payment 126. 74-5. 62. 35. 123. 10. 252. 141-2 players 21. 223 patients 92. 254 photo. 182. 142. 122-3 Personal Branding Strategists 105 Personal Career Goals 182 personal development 252-3 personal experience 28 personal life 123. 160. 241-5. 66. 113. 151-2. 207. 186. Alan 82 pass 168. 126-7. 110. 34-5. 111-12. 101. 21. 171.

161 portfolios. 126-7. 190-1. 235 post 17. 87. 141. 237-8 properties 83. 139. 132. 107. 189. 146. 108. real life experience 62 Playing Rec Sports 3. 11. 201. 111. 233. 92. 103. 65. 240 quit 25. official 120. 10. 274-5 [15] internship 132 lifeguard 215 senior 190. 44. 120. 14. 110. 7. 240. 111-12. 76. 222 prospective employer 18 PT career 209 PTA career 203 PTC (Paid-to-Click) 217 publisher 2 Pyrrhic victory 264 Q qualifications 27. 79. 104. 193. 56-7. 64. 227. 153. 156. 250-1. 244 . 190 potential employers conduct on-campus interviews 17 power 3. 162. 244 price 32. 211 projects 79.295 playing. 80. 176. 48. 122. 172 profession 3. 266 Project Management 78. 21-3. 136. 197. 64. 237 PPC (Pay-Per-Clicks) 217 presentations. 223 pros 138. 196. 139. 110. 192 plenty 26. 274 quality analyst 236. 7. 230. 82. 131 Private jobs demand 102 Private sector jobs 161 privilege 250 processing. 9. 246 police officers 34. 120. 221. 242. 182. 197. 108. 32. 160. 185. 252 policies 42. 112. 74. 235-8. 242. 31. immigration 183. 131 President Obama 192-3 pressure 150. 193. 243-4 politics 102. 185. 193 population 34. 194. 158. 203. 130. 104. 196 promotion 3. 195. 101. 114. modeling 20 position 17. 262 professionals 3. 211-13. 185. 77. 172. 152. 54. 216. 202. 36. 238. 211. 138-9. 74. 182-3. 247 career transition 122 profile 60. 78-80. 38-9. 171. 184. 167. 102. 163 profit 30. 164. 206. 180. 255. 208 producer 22. 255 Promising Career 3. 112.

209 research 3. 166. 80 retirement savings plan 195. 44. 259 result 27. 125. 138 recruiters 5. 52. 23. 202. 79 resumeservices. 7. 60. 7. 218. 172. 66. 256 recruitment agency 3. 129. 58-9. 158.com 78. 76. 79-80. 113. 111. 201. 258 reimbursement 187 rejections 254 relocation expenses 183. 195 recruiting 17. 198. 204. 74. 208. 61. 127. 243. 275 Research Companies 18 research skills 145 resellers 29-30 residuals 241. 111-12. 150. 164.296 R radar 112 raise 3. 132. 78. 190. 166. 230. 125. 68. 138-9. 225. 139 targeted 139 recruiting companies 251 recruitment 56. 164. 161. 48. 201 recruitment industry 48. 139. 13. 9. 83. 160. 211. 112-13. 152. 243. 231. 219-20. 141. 257. 123. 127. 210. 104. 56. 34. 167. 138 responsibilities 70. 219. 80. 74. 89-90. 90. 214. 134. 183. 146. 106. 136. 56-7. 10. 8. 80. 138-9. 7-8. 201. 54-5. 209 revenue 30 reverse 48-9 reward 29. 110. 195. 198. 214. 88. 208-9 remainder 155 remuneration 126. 132. 270. 11. 116-17. 132-3. 239-40 ranks 252 rated Ways 2-3 RCC 212 Real Alternative to Job Boards 4. 274 [4] Resume Rules 4. 89 resume version 76.wordpress. 141-2. 104. 48. 255. 48 real life experience 62 recession 4-5. 107. 54. 129. 245 resources 43. 207. 80. 6. 205 Recession-Proof Jobs 4. 138-9. 177-8 register 17. 68. 160-1 recession-proofing 161-2 recommendations 37. 251 regulations 82. 144-5. 227 [2] restaurants 83. 274 human 70. 201. 162. 245 Rewarding Career Opportunity 203 rig 190 Right Career 26 . 268. 18. 204. 167. 275 resume 17. 198.

158. 134. 56-7. 224 basis 119 contingent 119 little 232-3. 52. 200. 233. 272 safety 111. 242. 29. 107-8. 110. bigger 241. 217 schedules 38. 66. 169. 252. 243 sales 30. 48-9. 138-40. 129. 130. 247. 55-6. 220-1. 89. 248 schools 17. 137-8. 6. 118 risks 29. 73. 148. 99. 64. 115-19. 42 . 74. 31. 186. 265 SES (Senior Executive Service) 42. 32 secretary. 180. 110-11. 139. 272 room 78. 60-2. 173. 241-5. 67. political 43 scaffolders 189-90 scenarios 116. 259 search engine 107 searching 18. 184. 79. 101. 136. 214. 171. 128. 181. 48-9. 164. normal 242. 193 role 49. 244 salary negotiating rules. 160. 219. third 132 roustabouts 189-91 RPL 212 S sacrifices 25. 101. 87. 193. 153. 227 massage 221-2 search 17. 249 secret sentence 24.297 risk governance 115 risk types 116. 248. 109. 108. 63. 118. 142. 96. 62. 187. 161 public 101-2 security 34. 223 Senior Executive Service (SES) 42. 128 safety management 113-14 Safety Professional 113-14 salary 39. 249 road 58. 266 straight 242. 126. 143. 162. 270 roughnecks 189 rounds internship interviews. 150. 164 private 34. 143-4. 218. 251 seconds 231. 189-91. 212 SES Training Seminar 4. 100. 264 [3] high 123. 52. 244 Sarkari Naukri 101-2 savvy. 64. 153-4. 38. 244 salary package. 27. 93. 192. 155. 60. 212 services 2. 219. 101. 118-19. 58. 246. 76. 55. 113-14. 201. 109. 134. 67. 241-5 sales cycle 241-4 sales jobs 58. 111. 170. 91. 96. 116. 199. 101. 247.com 39 sectors 44-5. 196. 83. 158. 258. 89. 106.

126. 150. 76-80. 107 sports. 143-5. 233.com 222 structure. 146. 58. 191 stick 22. 56. 273 [13] start survey 214-20. 131 Smaller Company 4. 215. 8. 84-5. 148. 87-8. 173-4. 257-61 states 46. 49. 138-9. 202. 66. 174. 66. 136. 177. 262 story. 27. 265. 153. 38-40. 200. 211-12. 167. 207. 258 steps. 158. 99-100. 70. severe 117-18 stress tests 3. 92. 247. 82. 77. 8.298 set career goals 13 Setting Career Goals 3. 117-19 stressreliefmassagedvd. true 231. 6. 217 skills matrix 106-7 skills recognition 211-12 skills training 70. 34. 21 spell 80. 189. 92. 160 skills 22. 240 singer 21 skill set 70. 50 shocks 117-18. 29-30. 7. corporate 235-6 structured products 119 . 130. 275 stigma 74-5 stop 24-5. 160. 215. 6. 162 slides 120. 89. 173. 94. 249 streets 235 stress 64. 196. 102. 115. 247. 20-1. 104. 69. 201. 219. 175 shoveling 261 sigma 236. 97. 240 Sigma Online 236. 238. 29. 13 Shams 4. 233. 43-5. 152. 145. 138. 7. 176 software companies 151 songs 21-2 songwriter 21 Songwriting 4. 29. 165 staffing agencies 138-9 Stars 4. 27. 158. 164. 133. 68. 54-5. 216-18 [25] interviewing 105. rec 193 staff 17. 124 smiling 231. 54-5. 249 smuggling 224 society 74 software 27. 209 stress scenarios. 50 start 17. 111. 276 listening 231 strong interpersonal 197 technical 138. 238. 60. 115-19. important 103-4 steward 189. 40.

181. 261 telecommunication 44 telecommute 180 telecommuters 180 telecommuting 180-1 telemarketing 218 temperature 92 temporary jobs category 60 testing 77. 134. 97. 77. 264 [5] summer 4. 62. 272 review 139 teamwork 124. 158. 77. 34. 152 systems analysts work 152 T Take Action 5. 10-11. 230. 9. 217. 175-6. 26. 248 success 4. 102. 152. 187. 225. 64 supervisors 113 supplies 228 infection control 228 support 27. 117. 219. 52-3. 178 subjects 38. 206. 258-9 survey service 214-20. 115-20. 259. 129. 104. 251 . 78-9. 160. 112. 133. 150-1. 56-7 team 73. 268 TheraKare 198. 137. 89. 77. 148. 10. 137. 44. 144. 263 taxes 54. 76. 130. 26. 29. 208. 208. 14. 207. 257. 7. 199. 260-1 survey forms 214-15. 44-5 technology 21. 106-7. 85. 144-5 technical recruiters 138-9 technicians 21. 201. 94. 235 internet marketing 134 systems analysts 4. 8. 164. 54 tanks 137 taste 20. 112. 142-3. 180 teachers 27-8. 214. 73. 211. 56-7. 40. 144. 220 teaching jobs 3. 150. 113. 216. 7. economic 266-7 systems 29-30. 259-60 teens 4. 204. 134. 90. 257 Summit 139-40 Super Tips to Better Job Search 4. 7. 81. 219. 230 teenagers 199. 45. 104-5. 134. 54. 133 studio 22 style 21. 48. 171-2 testing programme 115-16 tests 63. 134. 77. 257-61 sustainability. 174. 40. 115-17. 44. 109. 272 support careers 267 survey 70. 228. 172. 199. 144. 210. 262. 89. 7. 124.299 Student Internships 4.

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74. 194. 171-2.choiceofcareer. 70. 258 workers 70.career-builders-plus. 60. 268 vision 26. 94. 32 writer 32. 174 www. 84.com 109 www. 252 work ethic 236-7 work experience 149.employment 43 .employersfield. 127. 202. 237-8.blogtalkradio.com/listing. 195 W wages 54.classiceducation. 167. 223. 122-3. 126-7 minimum 4.careerintervention. 198.CAREEREALISM. 171 video games 3. 29. 137. 269 welders 189 Winning Job Application Cover Letter 4. 195.coolercareers. 251 value 18. 262 vendors 29-30. 167.com 53 www. 65. 233. 167. 80. 153. 47. 44. 148. 45. 60. 9. 7. 218. 237 workforce 4. 6. 34. 115.com 95 www. 108.com 28.bestbuyuniforms. 6. 141. 255 wear 147. 263 freelance careers 22 www. 102. 9. 205. 32. 106.CareerBuildersPlus. 79 victory 264 Video Game Career 4.com 61. 223 V vacancies 4. 23 woman 123 women 58. 129. 66-7 aging 35. 19. 260 Waller Jamison 28. 145. 113.html 176 www. 227. 204. 176 weaknesses 3. 56. 77. 104. 69 www. 259 Write Cover Letters 4. 102. 107. 211-12 World Class Expert Facts 2-3 worry 15. 65. 260 wear scrubs 92 websites 14-16.com 142 www. 160.com 53 www. 10.uk 57 www.com/careercommunique 105 www. 67. 20. 99. 156 VAR 29-30 new 30 vehicles 112. 178. 119. 110.301 users 48. 206.co. 8.coolercareers. 54.asp 93. 61.com/studying. 221. 161 workplace 34. 226 www. 117.

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