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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites - And Much More - 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Social Media

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites - And Much More - 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Social Media

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You'll love this book. Covering social media and social media marketing insights by experts. They're well organized, and the book is full of content covering everything from your Goals for Social Media, Preparing for Social Marketing, using Social Media Channels and measuring your benefits.

The book's experts discuss the marketing issues of social media, and then devise approaches to putting together a social media marketing plan customized to yourr needs.

You'll find it very easy to cruise through this book and then tackling the full content of the book after having a pretty good idea of what was being covered.

After reading this book you will have insight in how to reach your social media goals with which platform, content, and interaction. You will have decided whether to use Twitter, Technorati, MySpace, Socialvibe, Flickr, Facebook, Friendster, Linkedin, and/or YouTube.

So if you want to tap into the power of the Social Web through connected networks and consumer-oriented media, then I recommend this book as one of the tomes you seek out and read in order to build your social media marketing plan.

The 101 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Social Media:

- Do You Need Help Attracting the Target Market to You- - Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing

- What is Twitter, Why You Should Worry If You Don't Have it and How You Can Profit From It

- 7 Easy Steps to Creating a Twitter Badge That Will Post Your Tweets on Your Other Sites

- Two Hugely Popular Twitter Tools to Make Twitter More Productive For Your Business

- Reconnect With Old Friends on Facebook - Twitter and Grow Your Customer Base

- 5 More Must Have Cool Twitter Tools For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

- 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Social Media Optimization Services

- Lucrative Consulting - Using Twitter, Facebook to Build Your Business

- 10 Reasons Why Twitter May Be the Best Social Media For Your Company

- Common Sense Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

...And Much More...
You'll love this book. Covering social media and social media marketing insights by experts. They're well organized, and the book is full of content covering everything from your Goals for Social Media, Preparing for Social Marketing, using Social Media Channels and measuring your benefits.

The book's experts discuss the marketing issues of social media, and then devise approaches to putting together a social media marketing plan customized to yourr needs.

You'll find it very easy to cruise through this book and then tackling the full content of the book after having a pretty good idea of what was being covered.

After reading this book you will have insight in how to reach your social media goals with which platform, content, and interaction. You will have decided whether to use Twitter, Technorati, MySpace, Socialvibe, Flickr, Facebook, Friendster, Linkedin, and/or YouTube.

So if you want to tap into the power of the Social Web through connected networks and consumer-oriented media, then I recommend this book as one of the tomes you seek out and read in order to build your social media marketing plan.

The 101 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Social Media:

- Do You Need Help Attracting the Target Market to You- - Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing

- What is Twitter, Why You Should Worry If You Don't Have it and How You Can Profit From It

- 7 Easy Steps to Creating a Twitter Badge That Will Post Your Tweets on Your Other Sites

- Two Hugely Popular Twitter Tools to Make Twitter More Productive For Your Business

- Reconnect With Old Friends on Facebook - Twitter and Grow Your Customer Base

- 5 More Must Have Cool Twitter Tools For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

- 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Social Media Optimization Services

- Lucrative Consulting - Using Twitter, Facebook to Build Your Business

- 10 Reasons Why Twitter May Be the Best Social Media For Your Company

- Common Sense Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

...And Much More...

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  • Biggest Barriers to Corporate Social
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  • Social Media Marketing to Have a Bright Future in China
  • Viral Traffic to Your Site Through So- cial Media Optimization
  • Viral Traffic Through Social Media
  • Social Media Optimization Services

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites - And Much More

- 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Social Media

You'll love this book. Covering social media and social media marketing insights by experts. They're well organized, and the book is full of content covering everything from your Goals for Social Media, Preparing for Social Marketing, using Social Media Channels and measuring your benefits. The book's experts discuss the marketing issues of social media, and then devise approaches to putting together a social media marketing plan customized to yourr needs. You'll find it very easy to cruise through this book and then tackling the full content of the book after having a pretty good idea of what was being covered. After reading this book you will have insight in how to reach your social media goals with which platform, content, and interaction. You will have decided whether to use Twitter, Technorati, MySpace, Socialvibe, Flickr, Facebook, Friendster, Linkedin, and/or YouTube. So if you want to tap into the power of the Social Web through connected networks and consumer-oriented media, then I recommend this book as one of the tomes you seek out and read in order to build your social media marketing plan. The 101 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Social Media: - Do You Need Help Attracting the Target Market to You- - Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing - What is Twitter, Why You Should Worry If You Don't Have it and How You Can Profit From It - 7 Easy Steps to Creating a Twitter Badge That Will Post Your Tweets on Your Other Sites - Two Hugely Popular Twitter Tools to Make Twitter More Productive For Your Business - Reconnect With Old Friends on Facebook - Twitter and Grow Your Customer Base - 5 More Must Have Cool Twitter Tools For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts - 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Social Media Optimization Services - Lucrative Consulting - Using Twitter, Facebook to Build Your Business - 10 Reasons Why Twitter May Be the Best Social Media For Your Company - Common Sense Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice On Social Media

No such use. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. or the use of any trade name. Where those designations appear in this book. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book. electronic. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim.Copyright © Notice of rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means. the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. or otherwise. without the prior written permission of the publisher. photocopying. recording. mechanical. . is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book. neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it.


AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information. most actual and beneficial Facts. how do you research the best Social Media strategies. Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Social Media: . The 101 of the most current. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information. But. Tips and Advice here. There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well.Information is power – you know that. Hints. combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 101 most up to date and best Facts. without spending too much of your time (and money) on it. Hints.The average person earns $ 1100 per week. in this book. which equates to $ 27 per hour. yes there is… we did all the research for you.

...............16 SMM Training ...........................................Driving Traffic to Your Blog Through Twitter.13 Social Media Marketing Thrives on the Blogosphere ..0 and Social Media Marketing ..........Getting You in Tune With Social Media Marketing.................................19 Digg Review ......................42 Twitter and the New Rules of Marketing .....................................................................31 Link Building Techniques For Web 2.................................................47 .............................................................................35 Twitter Tools ...........................................17 Businesses Using Social Media to Connect With Customers..................................................................................37 Twitter & You ................................................................................21 Do You Need Help Attracting the Target Market to You..........44 The Power to Influence .....24 The Benefits of Life Streaming.....................The Story of Peter and Paul ........................................................Guidelines to Use Twitter Optimally.39 How You Can Take Advantage of Social Media Sites ..................................................32 An Introduction to Online Dating and Chats.................40 Social Media and Twitter Lesson For Shaq!....................................................................14 Grow Your Business With Facebook .......27 Home Based Business Success With Facebook Friends ...Table of Contents Chris Brogan Takes on Social Media Marketers .......................................................................Web 2..............26 A Social Media Tale of Authenticity ..A Primer .....0 ..................22 Twitter For Business ..................

.... 86 5 More Must Have Cool Twitter Tools For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts................................................Why All the Rage .............................................. 82 Profitable Online Social Media System..... 55 Social Media .................................How to Create a Measurable Social Media Marketing Campaign48 8 Surefire Ways to Build Your Email List Using Social Media ..................... Twiter............................................................................ 71 Twitter For Marketing and PR .................. 77 Reconnect With Old Friends on Facebook ......................................................... 75 A Social Media Marketing Key ........................................... 78 The Benefits of Twitter For Bloggers....Facebook..................... 62 Conversation Era................................... 81 Modeling Innovation Culture Using Social Media.................. 53 Common Sense Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses ............................................................................... Digg........................................................................................................ 87 Social Media Marketing ................ 73 Go Green With Eco-Friendly Social Media Sites......... 69 Get Tons of Twitter Followers Fast! ......... 60 Social Media Marketing .............Twitter and Grow Your Customer Base ..... 84 How to Create a Huge Following on Twitter ............ 94 .................. 51 LinkedIn Interview Tips ...................................................................................................................................................................................... 58 Explode Your Business With Social Media ...........................................................................The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook89 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Social Media Optimization Services ...

......................................................104 How to Tune Into Online Conversations and Engage With Your Audience ..................................................114 Social Media Marketing .122 Why Are People Flocking to Twitter? ............................116 How to Get the Best Out of Twitter API ..........................121 What Are the Consequences of Social Media Marketing?................112 Tweet For Talent ................Twitter....Two Hugely Popular Twitter Tools to Make Twitter More Productive For Your Business .126 Can Twitter Help Your Online Business? ..........................132 .............106 Social Media Profit Strategy...................................................118 Tweeting George Orwell ................................................................110 Getting the Maximum Results From Twitter ...........................................The Art of Authentic Marketing............101 Twitter Tips .....108 Social Media is the SEO Bomb .....................109 20 Ways Twitter Helps Businesses Beat the Economic Downturn ......................................................124 What is Social Media Optimization ....................Why Monitor After All? ........Using Twitter to Find Outsourced Talent ...............................130 The Facebook Frenzy ..........................117 Social Media Monitoring ..................3 Mistakes and What to Do Instead ...........................................................................100 Social Media Wizardry .............96 Why You Should Check Out Twellow For Twitter ................................................And How Your Business Can Benefit...........................................................................98 What is Twitter............................................................................. Why You Should Worry If You Don't Have it and How You Can Profit From It........

..................................What's All the Fuss About?.............. 156 Facebook Marketing ......................... 165 Changes Are Afoot at Twitter............................................ 140 How to Find Relevant Twitter Followers........... 152 3 Resources For Finding Niche Topics For Lenses .................. 150 Ideal Uses of How to Twitter Things............Seven Reasons.....Using Twitter........................................................... 154 Twitter ............................... 173 Twitter Targeted Traffic Tips .............. 147 Small Business Uses For Twitter... 135 10 Reasons Why Twitter May Be the Best Social Media For Your Company........................................... 176 .............................................................................................. 170 Why Social Media is Not For Business .......................... 148 Lucrative Consulting ........................................................ 158 Twitter Search Shows the Internet in Real Time ...........................................Modern Day Text Voyeurism Or Blogging Solicitation? ................................Creating Your Personal Profile ....................................... 134 Twitter Et All ....................... 137 Do Not Advertise on Social Media Sites ........................................................Benefits and Methods ..... Facebook to Build Your Business ................................................ 168 7 Ways You Can Brand Yourself Online With Social Media...............How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Twitter ........ 174 Social Media Monitoring & Brand Monitor..................................000 Twitter Followers in Just a Few Weeks...................................... 162 Twitter ...................................................................................... 144 The Secret to Social Media Success .............. 161 Social Media Optimization ............. 143 How to Get 2...............

..........197 Top Ten Ways to Create Visibility For Your Business on Facebook ......................................How to Lead Your Social Media Marketing Tribe...........................................................................................................................192 Social Media ..............................................................182 Biggest Barriers to Corporate Social Media ....190 How to Get More Business With Social Media ..................................186 7 Easy Steps to Creating a Twitter Badge That Will Post Your Tweets on Your Other Sites.............................Using Social Media to Connect With Current and Potential Customer...........................................................................................................................................Your Thoroughfare to Be Ranked Number One .........................................................................0 Meets the Corporate Enterprise ..............213 ...............................194 Use a Social Media Map to Show Customers How to Find You ......................209 Viral Traffic Through Social Media ............Five Questions to Consider ............178 How Will Companies Monetize the Web in the Age of Social Media? ..........211 Social Media Optimization Services ...........184 Marketing Your Catering Business ....207 How to Get More Leads Using Linkedin As a Social Media Tool .....196 Social Media Marketing to Have a Bright Future in China........205 Viral Traffic to Your Site Through Social Media Optimization....................180 Getting Social Media Buy-In From the Boss....................................................................................................................200 Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites ...............................203 Web 2...........

............... 215 Social Media Marketing and Networking..........Is Social Media Networking a Fad?.. 217 Social Media Optimization .................................................................... 218 ..........The Concept Behind It....


basic articles. it is clear that. tarnishing the reputation and the craft of successfully using and manipulating the internet to a vendor's need just as any customer would. Falls recently posted . the blog in question is entitled "Why You Shouldn't Trust Social Media to a SEO Consultant." There. Because of such a threat to this kind of marketing. the mechanics are lacking thanks to the wave after wave of amateurs. These amateurs use the needs of businesses to get into the cracks of the social media system thanks to an increasing demand for online advertising. In fact. Although the success of SEO can still be argued. Because the mechanics of the search engine optimization operation have become polluted with "charlatans." SEO is losing credibility. especially through search engine optimization. A second industry insider.13 Chris Brogan Takes on Social Media Marketers Social media marketer Chris Brogan has spoken of new content creators in the social media space as fakes. Although no further commentary has been noted. that many amateurs have played this game. taints the ideals of SEO consultants dealing with social media marketing in his blog. it is understandable when Brogan continues to say how SEO is becoming a marginalized aspect of social media marketing. Jason Falls. frauds. Also. blogging. a plethora of such amateur marketers have hit the internet. the wider its cracks spread. spreading to every nook and cranny. and even charlatans. because of how wide ranging the internet has become. and anything else under the category of social media marketing when it comes to finding potential clientele. the wider the internet spreads.

Marshall is a SEO expert who helps businesses make money online by using Social Media Marketing. Falls advocates. companies. clients. the customer.14 how the simple tool of creating a link is nothing in regards to social media marketing success as a built upon relationship. Inc.com> company. Social media communicates through those willing to put their buck where the bloggers' mouth is with the companies. In the past. but. bands. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Social Media Marketing Thrives on the Blogosphere Social media marketing thrives on the blogosphere. this is the new advertisement. brands. and trust. not hyperlinks and such-a web within a web as if the marketer were some spider feeding on a stuck prey. Instead. customers. ads were everywhere. Full of fans. between clientele and marketers should be made through relationships. Because of this. Hubert C. social media marketing brings "subliminal" advertisement thanks to non professionals speaking their mind in the democracy that is the free speech internet. there are "too many" ads.beachstarinc. Beachstar. a product or service. Find out how to make more money online using his Florida SEO <http://www. depend on blogs to choose. Instead. and everything in between. and anything else selling something are starting to learn to need the blogs and their bloggers just the same. clients. because of the internet. potential fans. PR practitioners should take on the social media marketing monster because of such a need for said relationships between a vendor and client. customers. etc. . leading them to be ineffective.

and chatting online. leaning towards several categories.For starters. Find out how to make more money online using his Florida SEO <http://www. Inc.beachstarinc. Hubert C. through some association. the fact that marketing on social media has spread into several categories declares that the internet is of the highest interest to a group seeking profit-newspaper ads. through a user-initiated banter. such as a blogger starting a conversation on Pepsi. In other words. are a thing of the past not because this sort of promotion is some sort of futuristic milestone for the sake of progression. Identification through declaration is a simple way for a supplier to find its customers through looking at the internet's declaration of identity. The other ideas regarding how it has spread into the world of the internet is self-explanatory. Such categories include identification through declaration. Pepsi starting a blog on Pepsi. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.15 Because of how wide the internet is SMM has learned to widen itself as well. billboards. whenever a user creates a profile. etc. . Marshall is a SEO expert who helps businesses make money online by using Social Media Marketing. and what do they mean. through a product/service supplier-initiated banter. and/or a personal contact. or anything else with enough personal information to categorize said user. a blog. creating a network-more intelligence can be gathered for the company when seeking customers via SMM. So what. Identification through some association is the general notion of users connecting with other users. a company will do so for the sake of gaining brand recognition.com> company. Beachstar. but because it works and billboards and the rest simply do not.

but for some reason or other you've lost touch with over the years. or just fun news. and before you know it you've got an online reunion of sorts. These are future customers! Facebook breaks down so many of the barriers to sharing your business with your friends who may not even know what you do. camp. It's first based on who you know and that's how your social network builds in Facebook.16 Grow Your Business With Facebook If you're a business owner in Orange County. Now think of all the people that would happily greet and talk with you. If they are people currently in your life they know your current story. etc. Check out . You find old friends from high school. you suggest people they may know. then you are in the middle of one of the largest concentrations of small to medium sized businesses in the country. Have you considered a company profile on Facebook. That fact alone means that you have most likely experienced firsthand the benefit of networking. offers. Many companies use the FB (Facebook) page for special announcements. family and business partners have gotten to know you and shared your story with their friends and over time your business has grown.Facebook is an amazing combination of those marketing channels. Your friends. They send you a friend request. It also means that you are always looking for ways to build your business. Add to that the marketing and formal advertising you may be doing and you are where you are today because your business story has been told through these two channels. These are the people that need a place to read more about your business. These are people that you are willing to connect with but haven't kept up with the growth of your business or career. jobs. college. Your business page on Facebook makes it easy for them to learn about what you do in a setting (Facebook) that feels safe and non-confrontational.

there needs to be a call via web.) That's why a little education in social media marketing is so valuable. at some level. or phone.Getting You in Tune With Social Media Marketing If your business is considering using social media marketing (SMM). (I provide a few hints here. FB message.facebook.com/pages/San-Clemente-CA/StoneHillTech/53332292030> . It can help you determine which social media sites currently exist.Do you need a blog if you use Twitter. How do you know if you need it.What's the difference between Jaiku. one lunch break spent setting up your company's Facebook profile could grow your business for a very low cost. a call to action even if it's not overt. you might also want to consider taking some SMM training.Is paid advertising on Facebook (or similar sites) the way to go.StoneHillTech. but in these days of tight budgets.What is Hi5? Most business owners would have trouble answering any these questions. Twitter and Plurk. which are in . Go here <http://www.Try this little quiz to find out: . Like they say you can't get something for nothing. Do it today! Then become a "Fan" of the Stonehill Page on FB and tell us about it! To learn more go to http://www.17 Stonehill's FB page.com today! SMM Training . Like any advertising there needs to be good information and.

MySpace and LinkedIn. although none seem to pose a threat to Twitter right now. It is currently dominated by Facebook. It means getting involved with the . where should a business with limited time concentrate its efforts? There is no easy way to answer that question. which are in decline and. you need to consider the nature of your business. is also a factor. Twitter is a microblogging site that has seen its use as a marketing tool skyrocket over the past several months. so most companies choose the participation option. which are best for your business. What's The Best Content Strategy for Your Business? With social media marketing. So. Can you keep up with the traffic on multiple social media sites. Sites like Facebook and Hi5 (currently the number 3 social network in the world) are not shy about pushing their advertising options. There are a lot of variables at play. but predictions are that ads will not be a viable revenue stream for social networking sites. You also need to analyze your target market and figure out where they "hang out" online.Should you even try? Those are some of the questions a social media training course can answer for you. similar sites have also emerged (Plurk and Jaiku among them). Current Leaders in Social Media Marketing Social networking is one of the biggest tools in the social media marketing arsenal.18 ascendance. ultimately. Other. The response to ads on social media sites is lukewarm at best. Participation requires more than just signing up for an account on Facebook or Twitter. mentioned earlier. First of all. there are two main options: pay for advertising on a social media site or promote your business through participation. Time.

seotrainingtoronto. And that means contributing regularly and having something to say. although perceived as more authentic. the topic of social media marketing is complex. does require more time. draws them to your blog or website. SMM Training Will Demystify Social Media As this brief discussion shows. After learning about social media.whatever suits your company. blog posts.com/social-mediamarketing/blogging/> or Web Analytics Classes <http://www. using articles. as an added bonus. For more information on Social Media Marketing Training <http://www. SMM training can answer all of the burning questions business owners have and help them chart a course that brings success in this new frontier of marketing.Participation in social media. you will be able to determine for yourself which kind of content you need and how often you need to create something new.com/web-analytics/> visit wolf21 Businesses Using Social Media to Connect With Customers .19 communities. It includes creating a presence on social media sites. And this is one of the reasons SMM training is such a worthwhile investment.seotrainingtoronto. The bottom line. For many business owners. An SMM course can show you how to create content that gets the attention of your target audience and. video . it is positively overwhelming. but it also means you need to develop content to share with people on those sites.

like Facebook. Online communities. reading their favorite blogs. To be seen and engaged by such a vast. they have to learn how to join the conversation. have turned to social networking as an innovative way to get out a message and connect to their customers. Sharing is the power of social media. Most people engaged with social media dedicate significant amounts of time daily to their favorite sites. Social news portals. adjusting the brand message to suit a savvy audience. Online link sharing and social networking communities are ruled by users and populated with user generated content. Even more valuable. social networks. in a wide range of industries. Why is the use of social media suddenly in such demand by so many different industries. Some consumers check their email and social networking pages before they have their morning coffee. Advertisers see potential in these mediums. more sales. and blog posts are a portal to a much wider stage for popular content. Also. it can become viral and circulate through word-of- . But joining the conversation means more than just talking to the audience about a specific product or brand. connecting with friends. businesses have chosen social networking as a way to inform these consumers about their products and website offerings. For advertisers to find a place in the world of social networking.It isn't as easy as it sounds. So why hasn't every business taken advantage of social media's potential.Popularity. Twitter and Digg. and being open to all types of feedback. internet browsers and plug-ins make it possible for them to reject brand messages altogether. Some have used social networking sites to help educate current and potential consumers. and sharing interesting content. Once picked up by the community. are growing dramatically and reach people from almost every demographic. Joining the conversation means building a relationship with prospective customers. positive brand association.20 Many businesses. a surge in exposure and ultimately. both positive and negative. Much like the remote control enabled television viewers to ignore advertising. global community means invaluable brand recognition. popular content can make it as far as mainstream media.

I do not agree. The more people that vote on a story. This .com/aboutus/contact/social-media> page. and blog comments for years after its initial release. you will find that most of the top stories are about current events or about general topics. This viral circulation is the goal of any social media marketing campaign. videos and podcasts. and listen to vodcasts and podcasts visit Check 'n Go's Social Media <http://www. view their social pages. To find out more about Check 'n Go's social media efforts. instead. Look closely and see if you can somehow connect your sites subject to a current event. Digg is a good place to generate back links and also get some free traffic. the higher it is ranked. you will begin to be seen as an expert in your field. text messaging. If you submit enough good stories. If you were to visit the site. e-mail. the more likely that consumer will be to pass that message along. If the consumer accepts and approves the message. Viral marketing has the potential to create consumer loyalty that was never possible with any traditional advertising medium. Digg users then vote on the stories that they like the best. consumers directly distribute viral content to other consumers. Having one's website on the first page of Digg can generate millions of visitors. Digg Review Digg is a website that allows individuals to report on interesting content and information.21 mouth. Some people complain that Digg readers are not necessarily buyers and so it can be a waste of time for internet marketers. Digg allows individuals to share news stories. the readers act as the editors.checkngo. simply because the consumer has the power. Unlike traditional campaigns. There are no official editors on Digg.

Some people submit websites to social networking and social bookmarking sites for a fee. The more people that you can get to vote on your site the better. You can add your own stories and link back to your website or you can pay someone to do it for you. and so simply linking to a sales page may not be very successful.com Do You Need Help Attracting the Target Market to You. A subject that is not particularly popular may allow your website to able to reach the front page with only a few votes. search engine optimization. For more information visit http://www. In these cases. Once you do that on a regular basis. and pay per visit..0 and Social Media Marketing . it is important to give them what they are looking for. Instead.netbizexpert. Ted Prodromou is an Internet Business Consultant who helps small business owners build successful online businesses.Web 2. information. There a couple of ways to benefit from Digg <http://digg. they may trust your opinion enough to make a purchase from you. Digg users are usually at the website to get good information. you can open up a few Digg accounts and vote for yourself.com/> . Ted started working with the internet in 1991.22 will increase the likelihood that people will eventually buy from you. Depending on how many sites you want your website listed to. traffic generation. they are not there to buy anything. You also ask your friends or email list to vote on your website as well. the fee can cost anywhere from $3-$20 (or more). Ted's been designing websites for over 10 years and is an expert at ecommerce. Also. long before Al Gore declared that he invented it. It generally does not cost a lot. consider the keyword and subject that you want to use.

For example. business prospects or people interested in what you have to say on anything. we recommend you have accounts in some of the marketing components such as: * Articles * Blogs * Facebook * Twitter * Forum * Content Sharing sites * Social Bookmarking * Video * Press Releases There are many other options available not listed. Web 2. if you are promoting nutritional products.0 and Social Media Marketing. Recent changes on the Internet makes it possible for people to interact with the web and to share content even if you are a complete non-techie person. You then set up the necessary accounts at the specific Internet locations and provide regular stream of contents your target market is interested in. it is better to focus on a few you are comfortable with and to do it correctly.23 There are two ways to attract your target market to you. you would create contents that are of value to them. You probably have heard of Web 2. It's certainly not necessary to do them all. You would not be . While paid advertisement is more targeted.0 and Social Media Marketing can be used to attract prospects for any purpose. While it is not necessary to do them all. assuming you know what you are doing. Free traffic generation provides long term solution and best of all. whether to attract product customers. it is Free. You either do it through paid advertisement or through Free traffic generation.

Twitter and its users are evidently a force to be reckoned with. With good content. Despite its detractors and mimic sites. To make Internet Marketing work for you. http://www. You get the idea. One. there are rules you need to observe and pitfalls to avoid. Twitter's recent growth considerably outstrips that of the other social media sites. From that one article. business-friendly social media site dominated by users in their peak earning years. Content is king on the Internet. it rides the crest of the virtual relationship wave on the . Reasons for its growing popularity may be close to hand. Although still relatively small in comparison with older giants like MySpace and Facebook.com Twitter For Business . Various software and print products have arisen to teach users how to and how not to use Twitter to increase their business bottom line.24 creating contents that discuss the merits of taking public transport versus driving to work. you can make some changes so that it is not duplicated word for word and use it in your other marketing components like blogs. build credibility and people are likely to follow your updates and recommendation.MaverickATM. even though many of these are growing at very robust rates. Not everyone likes to write but there is always freelance writer you can hire for less than $10 an article.A Primer As I write. Learn from successful millionaire mentor who can guide you every step of the way. ezine articles etc. You can even create podcast or video out of it. you establish trust. Twitter is a three year old.

although Twitter can be mildly addicting. like changing channels. but less targeted audience. Or once a day. Dropping with a visit shuts them out of my site. And there is always the self-serving link in one's profile. I may listen and I may buy. Quality tweets may be friendly or funny to attract. seasonal specials. Someone suggested ten minutes three times a day: morning. and I am not alone. Focus tweets on things relevant to your keywords and niche. In fact. and you may develop a broader. Of course. Tweeters using Twitter for business would thus do well to provide quality tweets consistently. Focus more broadly. One can even use Twitter on one's iPhone. and you will develop a niche go-to reputation. like and trust the person. They may ask questions to get conversations going (as long as the conversation is not long and relevant only to you and the other person). but significant ways. preferably at peak viewing times for your target audience. even if I am slightly pestered-I may drop them from my "following" list. that is what I have done sometimes. a natural for business. or if the person I am following has provided tweets that lead me to know. so that the bulk of the relationships are superficial and transitory at best. Others are successful with less. and product launches will . But if I fear I might miss an opportunity by dropping the person with sales pitches. But Twitter is a platform that has enabled the average person to touch a large circle of casual friends in brief. whether the information is self-serving or not. but not so many that one becomes annoying. afternoon. If done right. especially when Twitter only allows a maximum of 140 characters per tweet. as someone said. the technology has not changed human nature.25 internet. One want to provide tweets enough to be noticed. They may answer questions to be helpful--and enhance one's reputation as a go-to person. They may warn others of a problem that concerns them. promotions. They may provide helpful and desired information. Consistency of tweeting need not be all day long. and evening. Obviously. If a person tweets me relentlessly with sales pitches (fleshed out via the links on the tweets)--OK. if one doesn't mind paying for text message "tweets" (as the micro-blogging messages are called).

the music you love. modern technology may have passed you right by. what are the real benefits of life streaming. The Benefits of Life Streaming If you haven't been paying attention. it takes social networking to a new level by exposing your entire life to the world at large. For more information regarding Twitter and the use of social media for business. However. the massive amount of information available to them is too much to simply keep inside their head. and that is a good question. It is essentially venting to the world about your entire life. see the author's blog <http://www.26 be times when you will want to provide more tweets than normally. Alternatively. For some people. You may wonder why anyone would ever want to do this. this sharing can sometimes get out of hand. .bestaffiliatefamily. or what you had for dinner is somehow cathartic. MySpace. By telling the world about your day.Some may say that the benefits are only for the life streamer. So. It is something like opening your diary and daily activities up for everyone to see. your boyfriend. In many ways. They feel a need to share it with others. much like the friend who religiously forwards "funny emails". It seems that this concept is more for the benefit of the life streamer than the reader. you know about social networking . LinkedIn .and you may know about services such as Twitter.Facebook. you may ask what interest people may have in your life. Surely.com/blog> . but have you ever heard of life streaming? Life streaming is a new concept in online networking.

Nineties style internet marketing approaches . they can get a glimpse into the lives of others and see that. Perhaps they think of it as practice for when they become legitimate authors later in life. life streaming is a way to hone their skills. Perhaps the biggest benefit of life streaming is the creation of one humankind. They can read life streams of strangers and make new friends. For them. Spend a few hours looking through various peoples' life streams and you will find many similarities with your own life. our lives are much the same. The benefits of life streaming are many . that no matter where we live.com> news site. and feel closer to them.27 Some life streamers think of themselves as amateur "writers" and consider their life stream to be a book of some sort. or our nationality. we are all very much the same and share the same kinds of daily trials and tribulations. our gender. For readers of life streams. They can read life streams of friends who live overseas or far away. no matter where we live. A Social Media Tale of Authenticity The Story of Peter and Paul Take a quick look around the vast social media landscape taking over the internet right now and you could soon start to feel just a little bit dizzy.both for the reader and the life streamer. To learn more about the exciting new concept of life streaming visit the life streaming <http://www. our color.lifestreamingnews.

Eben Pagan. Identical twins. At worst it's like the return of the dead. Being brothers. What others . Some guy posts a video or sets up a facebook group claiming they can show you how to produce thirty or forty leads per day for your internet marketing system and how they know what it's like to be struggling in MLM because they struggled. Peter and Paul were brothers who I knew when I was a small boy living in Manchester. MySpace. the list goes on and the one thing these guys all have in common is their ability to be original. Ann Sieg. twins. Still not convinced. YouTube or Squidoo for a little while you're sure to have come across it at least once already..28 such as email marketing. had done nothing to bring them closer to one another. maybe a thousand times if we're being honest here.. It's what some misinformed networkers seem to believe is successful duplication in network marketing but it's far from it. England.Okay. hit and run sales strategies and mass market vampire marketing campaigns are thankfully long gone. in fact they spent thousands of dollars until finally they came across this unique system and now they want to share it with you because they really do care about you and if you just put your name in the form right there at the .. They had few friends and spent most of their time together. It's bad replication at best. they hated each other. But there's a new ugly and equally off putting monster emerging on the social media horizon and if you've been on Facebook. pale...blah. well before you follow in the monster's footsteps maybe you should hear the story of Peter and Paul. like the proverbial pees in the pod. So don't try to replicate them but duplicate what they do. They had red hair... spotty skin and bad teeth from drinking far too much coca cola which they bought by the litre using their mother's rent money. Even so.blah Mike Dillard..blah. They were twins in fact. You know what I'm talking about.

full to the top and brimming with bolognese sauce. And that's the way it was most Thursdays for around a year or so. A pile of spaghetti piled around twelve inches high covered with as much processed parmesan cheese as Paul could shake from the plastic container.. Paul was greedy. Paul accepted this fate with increasing bitterness until finally one day the bubble burst and all hell broke. You see.. waited their turn with as much or as little patience as they could and when they finally arrived at the pasta dishes. they despised about each other as individuals and they spent their time together trying relentlessly to get the upper hand. the bus queue and the queue to kiss Kate West for a pound every Friday behind the bike sheds. as the rest of the school turned from their seats to watch. 'Here brother. insisting that his name came first in the class register despite it's alphabetical disposition and taking his turn before his brother at the rear of the dinner queue. He loved his food and could eat like a shire horse all day and everyday.' he smiled. The system suited Paul to be behind Peter on Thursdays. Peter hated pasta as most of the kids seemed to do and so by the time it came to Paul you could be certain there was always a large panful of the stuff left to pile up high on his plate.' I'll help you pile it on high' . Peter and Paul took their usual place in the dinner queue.. Then one Thursday something fairly ugly happened which convinced me never to pretend to be something that I'm not.29 disliked about them as a pair... His favourite food was spaghetti bolognese which was one of two choices every Thursday in the school canteen (the other was cheese pie if you can believe that!). Peter was the elder of the two by just over three minutes and he used this simple truth to lord over his younger brother wherever and whenever he could.. Peter turned to Paul and handed him a plate.

. if you're trying to be something that you're not out there in the vast social media landscape do it in the comfort of your own living room with the pc turned off. chillies. as though this was his last meal.. The brothers took their usual seats at the back of the hall and placed their plates on the table. filled it with a mixture of old cheese. Paul began to choke. coughing and spluttering like an old man on his death bed. a fine creamy yellow glow. Sometimes. covering the whole of the pasta with a creamy yellow glow. a little puzzled 'don't forget the parmesan' 'I won't' Peter smiled again taking hold of what looked like the parmesan dispenser and shaking it all over the top of the pasta. Peter took a small bite of his cheese pie and then turned to watch as Paul lifted a huge spoonful of pasta and forced it into his mouth.. The mixture was so strong and repugnant that it caused Paul's body to go into shock and before being taken away to a nearby hospital he covered most of the schools teaching staff with a splattering of puke and fresh bolognese sauce.30 'Thanks' Paul nodded.. ground pepper and seven or eight cloves of fresh ground garlic. Then suddenly. mountains of it. He recovered a couple of days later but left a lesson for every single person in the room that day. . violently.. we found out later that Peter had switched the parmesan and replicated the container at home the evening before. You see. So. what we think looks like parmesan is something completely different. shoveling more and more down towards the back of his throat the way he always did.

One quick way to get started on Facebook is to find friends you already know before venturing out to make new friends. At the top of the page there is a tool bar.MaverickMarketingProfits. Neil Ashworth is a successful internet marketer who has been making money online since 2003 while helping others to do the same. Be honest. Visit on the link labeled friends.com Home Based Business Success With Facebook Friends If you are looking to expand your home based business using the internet then you will want a presence on Facebook. Next Just below the tool bar located on the right side of the page under your name you will see the link labeled "Find people you know on Facebook". http://www. When you enter your Facebook page you will be on your Home page. Be authentic. .31 Be yourself. family and business associates. Be the best you can be and learn to be even better. This will take you to a page where you can view all your friends... Be entertaining. Be unique. Facebook is a social networking site with over 170 million people from around the world using it to keep in touch with friends. Want to learn how? Take a look through the door.

following tips/techniques make Web 2. You can find out more by contacting the author directly at paul.com Link Building Techniques For Web 2.0 more interesting from an online marketing point of view.0 Keeping Web 2.sorgi@gmail. Don't worry Facebook just searches your contacts to see who is already on Facebook and then you can add them as friends! Repeat this step for all your email accounts. These links are very important in the search engine optimization and these put forward more link building opportunities for website owners. You can then browse your computer for the file you wan to upload and Facebook will search out those on your list who are already using Facebook.sorgi@gmail. A second way to find friends is to upload existing lists of contacts. Then you must choose to automatically update from your outlook or choose "upload a contact file". To do this you need to visit on "upload contact file" which is located on the right side of the page. . He has been mentoring and coaching individuals for the past several years. Enter your information and visit on "Find Friends".0 and its link building in mind. Just select those you wish to add as friends and you are well on your way to having tremendous success using Facebook.32 Once at this page you will see two text boxes one for your email address and the other for your password to your email account.com> or by visiting his blog at http://paulsorgi.com <mailtopaul. The author Paul Sorgi has had extensive experience in the Home Based Business profession.

will visit your site and may like to link to your website.Start your own Blog: You should start your own blog and regularly post useful. 3. Create your own free blog at Blogger. practical information.com <https://www.blogger. make your execution flawless.Make your site and its content worth linking: A good quality site having good design. bloggers and media outlets through PRweb or PRnewswire etc.us and Technorati.Build your own Directory: . The articles sites like GoArticles.com/start> 5. 2. make sentences with good grammar and punctuation.PR with press: Media has a vital role regarding general awareness / propagation etc and public relations will spread the word about your company news besides it will attract links to your site. Either you may hire a public relations consultant or like to write your own press releases and forward those to hundreds of journalists. del. whatsoever you sell or provide service. useful and relevant content will attract links from good quality sites. Whether your article gets elevated as number one spot on Digg etc then hundreds of bloggers looking for content. You'll be surprised to have a response and to get people to engage in discussion and link back to your site.icio. It is also added here that you may like to submit your articles to social book-marking sites like Digg. isnare and IdeaMarketers often rank high in the search engine results and they can send targeted traffic to your site. 4.Write articles related to industry: The good articles based on the news of your industry are particularly popular in the readers and these are easy to write.33 1.

Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites such as YouTube. 9.Sponsor Sports: You may like to sponsor the sports events.Local Network: You may like to join your local chamber of commerce.bbb. These are wildly popular with young people. 6. you must satisfy yourself about the quality of the directory in which you are going to submit your link. attract free publicity and you can even write / submit press releases about your charitable activities / tendencies. trade promotion bodies and the Better Business Bureau <http://www. Go here to see a current list of the best internet directories. It may provide few quality links. 10.Submit your site to other directories: You may like to forward insertion of your site in other directories. It will promote awareness regarding your business activities through their media campaign. FaceBook and MySpace allow people to upload content such as their videos or personal profiles.org/> . They will list you on their sites and reciprocally you will receive a high-quality links. 8.34 Directory organized by topic into categories is the most convenient way to find people and business therefore you should build your own directory of sites although it is an old technique regarding attracting links but it still works very efficiently.Sponsor Charities: You may consider making a donation to charities alongwith providing products or services free to charities that are relevant to your industry. Before submission. The directory will provide useful information to your visitors and also builds in coming links to your site. . 7.

Ted Prodromou is an Internet Business Consultant who helps small business owners build successful online businesses.Paid Advertising: You may want to think about pay-per-visit on Google. You may create a few links from relevant content sites but that may not be enough to generate sales. search engine optimization. arguably more fickle audience that is beginning to ignore traditional advertising. for example. Pay-per-visit advertising and/or paid advertising on other websites is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. the "Helga" profile is losing appeal as other marketers have invaded MySpace. and pay per visit. For more information visit http://www.netbizexpert.35 marketers are starting to invest in social networking advertising. Ted's been designing websites for over 10 years and is an expert at ecommerce. Already. Unilever. long before Al Gore declared that he invented it. as Volkswagen learned with its 2005 launch of a MySpace profile for a character in its commercials. Yahoo or MSN to sell your products and build awareness regarding your brand. has become one of the most popular ways to meet new people. traffic generation. make some very good friends and . Ted started working with the internet in 1991. promotes its Axe deodorant on a MySpace page dedicated to what it calls "Gamekillers"-people who interfere with a young man's efforts to find dates. You can set up pages on MySpace or Squidoo but it pays to keep the concept fresh. 11.com An Introduction to Online Dating and Chats Online dating and chat. These sites facilitate companies to reach a younger. Volkswagen marketers told The New York Times.

and dislikes. So you see. just by choosing a nickname and a password. they can contact you. by adding a picture and just a few details about yourself. favourite music etc.. it has become very easy to chat with people all over the world. let off a little steam maybe. you spilt your afternoon coffee on your leg and your car has a parking fine. Online dating and chat is ideal. With the explosion of technology over past years and the introduction of the many sites available. Most people today. long hours or maybe too shy to go out. So. The registration process can be really simple and easy on most sites. who have realised that they have found their soul mate and had the fairytale romance. people with the same interests can browse your profile and if they like what they see. You don't have to dress up. live busy and hectic lifestyles and just don't have the time to socialise. who I have . you get home. your boss has been on your back all day.. from wealthy business people to single parents.. log in and you are transported to a place where you can tell others about your day. Online chat and dating can be the best thing that you will ever do and all of the people I know. going out after a day like that is not an option. spend hours putting on makeup. some looking for just friendship. some very good friends wish they has registered sooner. who are looking for the same as you. Imagine. You will be amazed to find that there are so many people just like you. All you want to do is go home. turn your computer on. this kind of introduction to other people can be just what you are looking for. you have had a really hard day at work. because of work commitments. some for years. Whatever the reason. online dating has become an exciting way to meet new people who would normally be out of reach.36 possibly find the love of your life. It really is that simple. There can be a wide range of people registered with online dating sites. you can basically sit in whatever clothes you find comfortable and chat away. got married and they are still together today. I have heard so many lovely stories about people who have been chatting. some maybe more. All looking for someone to have a chat with at the end of a busy day. for months. I myself have many good friends. It can take a few minutes and then you are free to browse a vast selection of likeminded people. It is never too late though and highly recommended by many. likes.

The rate at which they appear on twitter and other features can be easily monitored by you. TwitterSearch: Twitter Search engine lets you stay in touch with the rest of the twitter world.qmpeople. Twitter Tools . working with the site owner to expand the community. Good luck everyone. TwitterFox: If you are interested in the updates of the tweets and the direct messages that you get. Garry Downey helps to run a successful online dating <http://www. you can go for the TwitterFox which is a Mozilla Firefox add-on but its compatibility with other browsers is remarkable.Why can't you drive enough traffic to your blog. You can know what is going onall you have to do is know what keyword! TwitterFeed: Tweeting your blog posts in one line could be described as the functionality of TwitterFeed. .Driving Traffic to Your Blog Through Twitter Doing it "The Twitter Way"! Where did you go wrong.What is it that you are lagging in your approach? There are certain twitter tools which are absolutely free of cost and would help you drive.37 met through dating sites and they are still in contact to this very day.com/> and chat site.

It is basically a news site which lets its users to specify the traits which they would want to see in their followers. Your fellow Twitter Twins are a visit away.This is for the search engine marketers. You can Twollo for a more specific approach to obtain traffic from the desired points of supply. to stay in sync with the latest updates of the online search marketing world David Chester is digital marketing <http://www.havasdigital. TweetBeep: You heard about Google Alerts. Keep reading. Twollo does it for you automatically based on the inputs you provided it to. There are several other tools which can be used for actively using Twitter for your marketing on Twitter. TwitterLater: The case is-you want to send a tweet but you don't want it now.38 LoudTwitter: This is staunch opposite to the TwitterFeeds that help you post your updated blog posts onto Twitter. . You don't have to add people. blog-name or anything that you want to track. Keep exploring and you never know you might just stumble upon something which you wish existed and it just did! Havas Digital-Media Agency <http://www. Twitzer came into picture which lets you post longer messages.com> excels in offering various services in the online search marketing. the details regarding the company name. Twitzer: Just when you were thinking 140 character limit is too less. You want to schedule the posting of the tweet for the later time. Automation of your job was never more easier! Twollo: Getting traffic from useless sources is not something everybody would want.com> consultant and loves writing about the updates of the internet marketing sector.havasdigital. LoudTwitter helps you post your daily Tweets on to your blog. Track down the references of your product.

Please. Listen to the tète-à-tète that's going on. Nothing! Void! To be more precise. .Guidelines to Use Twitter Optimally Twitter. micro-blogging is an amazing platform where in the users can stay in touch -sending brief updates in form of texts or photos or audio clips and publish them in their network. say it "just" enough! Ease with which it can be used to provide the desired results is just beyond imagination. also make sure you are an active member yourself. Here.What is TwitterThe answer comes . There is a word limit of 140 characters per post so you have to be absolute in your approach. This is very important if you want to start a conversation. c) Attention span shouldn't be short. please make sure people "hang-in" there. but it is not funny for what it can do for you and your blog.a funny name at first. So generally when you ask the question. The perfect blend of networking. b) Invite more people and engage yourself in more conversations. to be a part of it. interaction.39 Twitter & You . Yes listen. Some do's & don'ts would be: a) Get started by creating a profile and making it more doting so that people visit on it and be your follower. Don't say too much. d) No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen. social media and more is what twitter offers you. Twitter helps you do the same and the updates which you send across are called as Tweets.it's a micro-blogging platform. But make sure you keep your twitter spam free. But what would a layman make out of it. marketing.

TwitterSearch. h) Use Twitter Tools which can help you fetch a lot of traffic. f) Link Love. The traffic on your blog can be increased in a paramount manner if these tools are used efficiently. Twollo can be used for efficient marketing.Share links actively on twitter.mediacontacts. Happy Tweeting! David Chester is digital marketing <http://www. Sharing and instant popularity go hand in hand on Twitter! You can either post the link or you can subscribe to Twitter Feed which would post the link of your blog every time a new blog post is made. Keep reading for more updates and news How You Can Take Advantage of Social Media Sites If you have decided to jump on the bandwagon and join thousand of people using social marketing as a tool to grow their .mediacontacts. Make it look like some sort of a signature to give your post a more "a la mode" outlook.com> consultant and loves writing about the updates of the internet marketing sector.TweeBeep. g) Including a "Follow Me" Link after every post which you want your target audience to read would be of a lot of help. TwitterFox. Media Contacts-Interactive Media Agency <http://www.Tweetlater.com> excels in offering various services in the online search marketing. LoudSearch.40 e) Don't jump into the selling as soon as you enter because then there would only be a lot of falling.

It is a great site to promote your business.Digg: In this website.YouTube: This video social marketing site works wonders for any business. etc. One of the most utilized strategies is by tapping on social marketing sites that are popping up everywhere. then you need to get started with Digg. Social marketing has proven to be effective and sustainable in influencing the target market to buy your products and services. Asia is also quite into MySpace too. then you are on the right track. It allows you to showcase photos to friends. which is a great way to understand your target market.Flickr: It is perhaps the best online photo sharing site in the world. It has high exposure to most countries in the West and East. they allow you to . By uploading some videos. blogs. Among the most popular social marketing sites today are: . we can share videos for everyone to see. MySpace has definitely become one of the top social marketing sites in the world. Social media sites are indeed very helpful in getting you on track with your business goals. you will find everything you needfrom articles. This is especially helpful for those who are new to social marketing. . In so many ways. . Launched 5 years ago. it will be easier to find your target market here. . you will have people comment and share ideas on your page. Of course it is necessary to choose only those that are reliable and good for your ecommerce business. family and even to those you do not know.41 business. With so many people joining MySpace. You can upload and share videos about your products and services so people will know who you are and what you have to offer. insights. . With YouTube. If you like to improve your marketing and sales.MySpace: With the music and video now part of its package. it now has more than 3 billion photos stored.Metacafe: It is the number 2 site for video social marketing.

Social Media and Twitter Lesson For Shaq! I don't know if you have been sleeping under a rock. As any good social marketer knows. frequently referred to simply as "Shaq". being prepared for anything is vital to the success of your business.interspire.interspire. As a good social marketer. The important thing with social marketing is you need to be able to keep up with the demand. and many more. is an American professional basket- . If you can do this. they expect you to be able to address their concerns.com/emailmarketer> software by Interspire.they tell you what they want and what they do not want. if you can apply the techniques involved in the social marketing process. commenting.42 stay connected to your target customers through photo and video sharing. Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal (born March 6. content management system software. then go ahead and tell the whole world about your business. This article is going to break down the success of Shaq Twitter profile. People feed you with information. 1972). and email marketing <http://www. You will find that it is probably one of the best things you have ever done. and in return. Grow your web business with ecommerce shopping cart software <http://www. but social media is literally changing the Internet! Never before have so many people been able to reach out to each other in seconds to make a connection. blogging.com/shoppingcart> . you have to be ready for any challenges that come your way when you use these social marketing tools.

43 ball player.Build a community one person at a time! To effectively manager a growing Twitter account you need some kind of management software. call your own shots. he understand the importance of technology and staying current with his group of customers. and live the lifestyle of your dreams! . He leverages the Internet. You seriously need to engage people to get a response! Put the "Shaq Attack" into your marketing! John T.First is diversity in marketing.S.000 followers! The reason that I picked Shaquille as an example is because he actually practices what everyone should do with their Twitter account.Is a home base business owner who teaches people "How To" break free of the 9 to 5 Lifestyle. You have to engage with others. television. I recommend Twitter Deck. He actually responses to people. Here is the thing that no buddy knows: This guy is one of the best marketers of all time!!! He has his own website for his fans. and actor. He has close to 500. and most recently Twitter. It makes interactions much easier. He maintains constant contact and always has something new to offer. Murphy. Tip: Want to build a massive following with Twitter. Another thing to note is that Shaq does his best to be interesting and different with his posts and replies. He is widely perceived as one of the most dominant players in the history of the NBA and one of the most quotable athletes of all time. He isn't like many other celebrities who just have an assistant. He shows EXACTLY how you can work from home. rapper. Question: What can we learn from Shaq. He regular communicates with everyone who communicates with him.

mass emails and so on. In fact. those traditional marketing methods have evolved and . effective spam filters and being able to fast forward through the TV adverts. as well as on the television and radio and to generate leads companies would traditionally target you with direct mail campaigns. Throughout the day we are constantly bombarded with marketing through print media such as newspapers and magazines. so have the marketing methods used and these days. Traditional marketing methods have become more and more ineffective as they generally reach so many more people than we intend to and the message is often lost. studies have shown that an overwhelming majority of people will skip TV adverts if they can and we are increasingly in control of what messages we want to hear and when we want to hear them. but as we become more sophisticated in being open to marketing methods. cold calls. When there were only a few marketing channels available for instance via limited television channels. consumers have a way of being able to completely block out unwanted messages and advertising.ImNOTaGURU.44 To find out more information about John and how he helps people: Go to http://www.net ing Twitter and the New Rules of Market- Most traditional marketing methods involve targeting potential customers and clients to get the message or product out to the masses. These days. this type of marketing would have been more effective. through the use of caller ID.

Off-site SEO covers what is generally known as internet marketing and is the practice of ensuring we have an online presence and makes use of article writing. for business owners and service providers etc. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that has experienced meteoric growth over the last year by offering a very simple yet effective way of communicating with your fellow Tweeters. is far from over with. To attract people to our website we need to ensure we are considered a search engine friendly site and need to employ online techniques to make sure we ourselves do enough to our own site as well as make sure we maximise on the potential other website owners can also help us with. and in particular Google which has the lion's share of the search engine market. In marketing terms. press releases. On-site SEO techniques include making sure our website is structured and coded in such as way that it is easily crawled by the search engines. this is half the battle won as it means our client base is now actively searching for us. This is known as on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Twitter allows you to write very short and concise updates or messages on any- . We all want to do our research to get the best information and the best deal and we all want to know what others think of a product or service before we go ahead ourselves. With the freedom to access information in our own time online. We have clients primed and ready to seal the deal with and to ensure we maximize on this potential. As consumers we all still have a need to know about the latest products and services to make informed decisions on our purchases. blogs and social networking. This is all now done most effectively over the internet. we need to ensure that whenever someone is looking for us online.45 now we are talking of buzz marketing and viral marketing and being able to target our client base in a much more efficient way. we can be found. Marketing itself though. rather than us ineffectively marketing to the masses. we tend to be more receptive as we already know what we are generally looking for and how to go about accessing it.


thing you like. Using the tag line "What Are You Doing?", you can post up to 140 characters at a time to 1 individual either publicly or privately, as well as publicly to all of your followers. The popularity lies in the advantage of receiving short updates from lots of people. You can opt in to follow as many others as you like and you then receive their updates into your own feed. From a business perspective, Twitter helps build new contacts and also maintain relationships. Many Twitterers use the network to find like minded people in similar industries with whom they can share valuable resources. It is a modern version of a business networking lunch, and a lot more effective and quicker! It is particularly useful for those in the online world as there are often geographical constraints involved in face to face meetings. Using your network on Twitter you can do some online PR and build brand awareness, interact with potential and existing customers, post valuable updates on your brand/company, promote your wider online presence and other blogs or sites you may contribute to and generally keep on top of who is saying what about you and your brand. There is valuable marketing and PR to be had by driving people to your website via your twitter account and also networking with those who have the ability and scope to also help drive others to your site such as fellow bloggers and those in the media industry. Alana Burton, Artemis Internet Marketing alana@artemisinternetmarketing.com <mailtoalana@artemisinternetmarketing.com> http://www.artemisinternetmarketing.com Artemis Internet Marketing has a strong online presence and is active and positive about the powers of Social Media Optimisation. Follow us on Twitter; @alanaburton and @seo_spain Become a fan of our Facebook page; http://tinyurl.com/dk8wb2


The Power to Influence
Social media is related to the chunks of information or data established and emanated by individuals who utilize easy access and upgradeable publishing techniques for communication, persuasion, and maintenance of relations with their contemporaries and other audiences. This is done characteristically by means of the Internet and some mobile technology systems. Social media stands at the junction of various functions that bring together the diverse arms of telecommunications, technology, and social networking on a common platform and does so with the help of established words, images, sound and visual bites. As perpetrators of social media interact with each other, sharing their stories, data, and experiences, their manner of dissemination of the same varies from one perspective to another. This often leads to the creation of collective mutual connotation among groups. The concept of social media can be distinguished from the other forms of traditional media like the industrial or mass or broadcast varieties, which include newspapers, film, and television. This is because industrial media banks on considerable amount of investment of expensive tools to issue data, whereas social media works with the manipulation of instruments that are rather inexpensive, and can be employed by almost anybody for their benefit or purpose of issuing information. So while industrial media is generally owned by private business owners or governments, in the field of social media, everybody can access the vehicles with hardly any cost. Another distinction is that, special acumen and practice are required to produce industrial media, while social media operators do not need any particular skill; sometimes a characteristic trait helps in the process, but that is never mandatory. One of the most important reasons why social media has gained such tremendous momentum in the past few years is because of the negligible time it takes to publish or issue information. Industrial media is known


to takes hours, days, weeks, or even months for issuing their publications, while with social media, the same can be done in seconds, almost immediately, depending upon the operator's wish. But the one distinction that sometimes makes social media look not so trustworthy is the issue of accountability. Society is known to hold industrial media like newspapers accountable for the quality and result of their published content, bringing to fore topics of public interest, editorial freedom, and the most important feature of responsibility for the society we live in. On the other hand, social media usually is a rather free domain, though with the recent arrival of certain phenomenon this freedom might face the danger of being curbed. Because social media vehicles establish scope for the employment of both preliminary and consequential sense of reasoning for the ones who use them, assertions or guarantees change fast to become oversimplified because of the way information is posted, shared, and viewed by all and sundry. But there is nonetheless, one similarity between the new social and old traditional media kinds. They both have the power of reaching out to and influencing audiences of various sizes, depending upon the kind and vehicle of publishing. Some examples of social media could be Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and videos, done through MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter etc. For more information http://socialmediamicroblog.com http://mediamicroblog.com on social media, visit and

How to Create a Measurable Social Media Marketing Campaign


Social media marketing IS measurable if you use it as it was intended. However, it means that companies can no longer operate in a vacuum and expect a successful launch of a new product or service. I have clients contact me all the time asking how they can utilize the social media universe to boost their business. Thanks to a lot of the so-called "gurus" out there, they've been hoodwinked into believing there's a one-size-fits-all solution. Social media can be a great marketing tool but like all other marketing methodologies, every situation requires a unique strategy. Take for instance the most brilliant use of Twitter I've seen yet. Kogi Korean BBQ-To-Go, the LA fast food street vendors, use Twitter to supply fans with up-to-the-second information on where their trucks will be next. Fast moving social media for fast moving food. I have yet to see another company that "gets it" like they do. Is that the answer for everyone- Not a chance. Could Twitter work for General Motors, General Mills or General Electric- It's possible if it were part of a campaign designed around a particular product or service launch. If General Motors wanted to generate long-term excitement about a new electric car they were engineering, they could have a combination of engineers, designers, researchers, technicians, testers and test drivers blogging about their progress, difficulties they encounter, solutions they develop, and team dynamics (gossip) to keep the story fresh for reporters and the public. Each of their posts would be automatically uploaded to Twitter to keep a never ending stream of posts available for the curious. That would also alleviate the biggest complain we get from clients. "My people don't have enough time to blog every day or even three times a week." It's all about leveraging social media according to your abilities and integrating it into your daily product and service development process. General Electric could do the same thing if they ever get to work on another nuclear power plant. To keep the public inter-

I recently was invited by a "marketing firm" to attend a taste test for a series of microwaveable food products. Developing a product in secret and then pasting a marketing plan over it is the most difficult and failure prone way to launch a product or service. In my opinion. and post certifications and safety documents..." While taste tests have their place.50 ested and informed and to combat fear and ignorance. the mind boggles. Unfortunately. Companies have operated in secret for so long. through the development phase. press. giving out clues as to where the trucks will be with cool giveaways and free food testing. Imagine the launch of any product that the public feels they were heavily involved in the development of? Public taste tests with free food.Hmmm.. food networks. that it's extremely difficult to get them to trust the public to help them develop a good product or service. treating a food product like a sterile laboratory experiment does nothing to generate excitement and interest.sounds familiar. food magazines. they could post interesting stories about the day to day development of the plant. The products actually sounded interesting. Contests throughout the development phase.. . Engaging the public throughout the whole process so that when you release it YOU KNOW that you have a saleable product with an already developed fan base is how you can exactly measure the effects of social media marketing. (and no one is claiming humility here) they would be much further ahead engaging the public through social media right from the first concept meeting. I knew nothing about them because of the tendency of marketers to try to filter out all "distractions" to get to your "opinion. or better yet. human interest stories about the real people involved. right up through packaging design and launch. Imagine using Twitter to notify people where and when the trucks will be arriving in hip locations. getting up to the minute feedback from potential customers.

Social Media Marketing <http://www. Take advantage of these top ways to add subscribers when using social media sites so that you can begin communicating regularly with more potential clients and customers. Reach refers to the number of people you reach with your message.com/> firm specializing in creating massive targeted traffic for small to mid-size businesses.html> . while frequency refers to the number of times each person is reached on average. Two big components of effective marketing are reach and frequency. it is important to build a list of targeted subscribers to market your products or services to. More people than ever are using social media tools so more of your target market is reachable there today than even just a few short months ago. you should definitely have an opt-in form to capture a visitor's name and email address in a prominent location.51 WordsmithBob. Include your .com/social-mediamarketing. You want a responsive list and your job is to provide consistent value to them. Frequency builds trust and drives your particular message home. What do I mean by effectiveUse a real photo of yourself and your real name.wordsmithbob. Organic Search Engine Optimization. Our tools include Article Marketing such the article you just read.com is an Online Marketing <http://www.wordsmithbob. Whether you have a blog or a website. 8 Surefire Ways to Build Your Email List Using Social Media When you are doing business online. Strategic Linking Campaigns and Pay Per Visit Advertising. 1) Create an effective profile.

The Profile HTML application in Facebook allows you to add your optin box for collecting names and emails very easily. Invite your followers and friends and direct them to a sign-up page specifically for the event. 5) Place an opt-in box on your Facebook profile. Anyone can create a network for free around a specific interest. . you have the option to automatically tweet a link to your newsletter when the broadcast is sent out. up-to-date and with all contact information. This keeps you consistently on others radars. This is a great tool for getting in front of your niche or target market. Have a way for readers to submit posts they enjoy to bookmarking sites (Digg. This is something I explain how to do in detail in my free e-course. A great way to add targeted subscribers is to hold an event such as a teleclass. StumbleUpon. This is a nice way to drive traffic to your site when others come across your bookmarked site. organize and store bookmarks of web pages. 4) Sync your newsletter broadcasts with Twitter. they will also receive a complimentary subscription to your e-zine or other valuable information. 2) Offer events. If you use an email list service such as AWeber. Let them know that in addition to signing up for whatever the event is. This way you can capture new subscribers right from your profile. 3) Join a Ning network or create your own. Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to search. etc. Twitter and LinkedIn all have tools that will post your latest blog posts on their sites as soon as they are published. Delicious. Facebook. 7) Feed your blog posts to sites automatically.) right from your blog. Ning is a platform which allows people to create their own social networks online.52 location and a good bio--complete. 6) Use social bookmarking sites. Just choose Syndicate and Twitter Update.

Take action on several of these tips as soon as you can.Most of us probably have been. offer suggestions. You do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of time there. People will get to know you this way and want to seek out more information about you.com. For FREE tips on how to build profitable relationships. You get that sinking feeling and it just goes downhill from there. It has never been simpler and more fun to build your list online than it is now! Christine Gallagher. give.Well the secret is LinkedIn and the other social network sites. teaches solopreneurs and small business owners how to use online marketing and social media to communicate effectively and authentically and attract more business. Now imagine you know something about the person you are interviewing that they went to the same college as you or once worked for a Big 5 CPA firm etc.53 8) Be helpful and participate often. The best advice I can give for spending time on social sites is to give. With that knowledge you could drop a name or place that would allow you to instantly bond. Interview Preparation . founder of CommunicateValue. Ever been there. Wouldn't you feel more confident going into that interview. visit http://CommunicateValue. advice and tips. MLS.com LinkedIn Interview Tips The interview starts and you get off to a bad start because you ramble on and on with the tell me about yourself question. leverage technology and create your own successful online business. Create conversation as well as join it. give. MSIS. but when you do use them.

LinkedIn for Interviews When you get the name. Now there should not be a problem giving you the name of your interviewer. Don't push too hard but at least ask. Sometimes the HR person or the recruiter may not know. For instance suppose you attended a local college and you are considering an MBA. You would be surprised to learn what you can find out about a person. It is only fair. You can easily weave into a conversation that you are considering an MBA program and you are considering their Alma Mater. Whenever possible. If it is a panel interview or a series of interviews. Now don't go overboard and become a stalker but you want to find something in common that can bridge you and you can have some common ground. Maybe you should consider where your interviewer got their MBA. sometimes you can reverse look-up the people the person.54 Among the many thing you do when preparing for an interview. Imagine the bonding that will take place! Don't Go Overboard When you have done your research you don't want to come off as a stalker. find the name or at least the title of the person who will be interviewing you. they are going to check you out so remember an interview is a 2 way street. see if you can find them on LinkedIn. Their profile will often give you a few details about that person that would help your interview. past career information and groups & affiliations. one should be due diligence on the company and the people who will interview you. This means drop a couple hints and if your interviewer doesn't bite and engage. get as many names/titles as you can. don't push it. . This works best if you are able to weave it into the conversation. Often you will find colleges. Do a little digging. Just the knowledge that you know something about your interviewer should give you confidence and power. You will still have bonded and put yourself in a better position. When you don't have the name but have the title.

digs.that promote or disparage products and services online. Social media sites like StumbleUpon. Having the knowledge will give you confidence and power.html tips visit Common Sense Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses With the death of the local newspaper and the explosion of social media websites. don't push it. Social media marketing strategies have the potential to make a company?s products and services go viral if businesses are able to grasp the effectiveness of establishing a brand and a brand reputation online. as part of your interview preparation you want to use LinkedIn to research your interviewer.55 Final Thought So to review. Jane?s Book. Weave in a couple of nuggets from their past into the conversation and see if you can create rapport. Digg. On the internet are tools that allow consumers to share content and information as well as to exchange views and recommendations of those products and services they are buying. They can give starts. and research products/goods/services before they buy. For more great job search related http://www. and thumbs ups or downs on vendors and service providers that can be read by millions of people instantly.com/Job_Search_Sites. If they don't bite.smsicorp. Social media marketing strategies are a great method of branding who and what a business is and helping that business build relationships and build a sense of community with . Yelp. people are changing how they seek information. share opinions. So be secure in your knowledge of your interviewer and it will give you confidence in your interview. and Angie?s list are the new ?word of mouth. Remember knowledge is power.


their target audience of consumers. So how do you build that sense of community and brand familiarity- How do you build a credible online presence that goes beyond your website- How do you use social media in a way that is inviting for consumers that sells your brand and your product without selling- By employing a few simple basic business strategies online you can create a credible and effective user-friendly web presence for your brand and your business. How Social Networking Sites Benefit Your Business LinkedIn, Twitter, Biznik, and Facebook are communities of people who have gathered together online to discuss similar topics or to share similar interests. Solidifying your social media community is a no brainer! The best part about social networking sites is that you don?t have to be online 24/7 to market and deliver your business to your audience anytime on time. Social networking sites let you build a business centered around a particular purpose: building brand credibility and creating zealots who will talk about your company and its products. The first step in building a credible social networking presence is to build a credible profile that is associated with your brand. By creating a profile that represents your brand you are creating a credible presence in that social networking community. They will love the fact that you are reaching out to your audience where they ?hang out- rather than waiting for them to come to you. Developing warm ?fuzzies- for your crowd is how you develop the ideal client. If your avatar (photo or brand symbol) is not clear or is of you in 1974 when you were a lot younger, thinner, and had more hair, then you suggest that you are hiding something or not very authentic and perhaps a person/company not worth knowing. If you are using social marketing as a component of your marketing strategy you want to give some thoughts to the photo or ?avatar- that you use. Think about them as branding images that reside right beside your name, your latest entry, or your comments. Besides using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, there are a myriad of other searchable social media sites. Flickr, Digg, YouTube, Viddlr, etc are great for depositing search engine geotargeted images, video, and rich content that can drive your busi-


ness to the top of the search results. Social bookmarks (Magnolia, Delicious, Diigo, StumbleUpon), niche social networks (CrowdVine, Naymz, ClaimID, Gooruze), location networks (Upcoming, Eventful, BarCamp, Meetup, Evite), and customer service networks (Yelp, JanesBook, Angie?s List, Google Local) all build search engine go juice for your business presence on the web. Community Building is the Corner Stone of Business Success The web?s social applications are growing rapidly and with a little effort you can pick two or three strategies to carve out your niche presence on it. By anchoring social media links on your business website you can engage your customers and create an atmosphere of ?community- and begin to develop contacts with new and potential customers that encourage them to come back to your site and your business again and again. Post your profile on the social media sites that are appropriate for your business and where your potential audience is hanging out. Go in and foster community building through the exchange of information and knowledge while building business contacts and connections without selling. Remember, it is about developing a niche audience that is interested in your company and your goods and services. If you just start the conversation, the community will build the enthusiasm and drive the need for acquiring your products or services. Establishing your company and your brand as the leading ?go to- authority in your industry will promote your website, set you apart from your competition, and ultimately increase your sales. Shannon Evans is recognized in the Puget Sound as an expert in how to make your business have a web presence rather than just a web page. Her conversational marketing techniques and practices outlined by Practical Small Business Marketing, LLC you will see your small business presence on the web increase: http://practicallocalsearch.com/ She is a consultant for e-marketing campaigns that allow you to organize your marketing and sales efforts in an inexpensive delivery platform that is easy to set up and manage. The ability to send, deliver, and track any installed resource gives you the power


to create a marketing program quickly and easily in a scalable format that can grow with your business. Shannon is also a contributing author and editor of Your Ultimate Sales Force (http://www.yoursalesforcebook.com/) and multiple business ebooks. Her books teach entrepreneurs that they must publish or perish in the internet age where businesses must deliver a consistent and unified message. This is especially critical in this challenging environment of email, Internet, and mobile phones. Leveraging the market today requires new methods for attracting new clients. Shannon has a wide and varied background in both the practical and the pragmatic aspects of the business world. As Cofounder of Practical Small Business Marketing she loves nothing better than teaching local businesses how to think globally but to be searched locally.

Social Media - Why All the Rage
One of the most popular forms of marketing today is social media. It's all many marketing companies are talking about. If you are not using this new form of marketing, you probably are wondering whether it lives up to all the hype. If you ask companies that use this medium, they no doubt will tell you it does. Social media has undergone a drastic change in the last couple of years. It used to be that only teenagers and college students were using media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. That is no longer the case. These days, many adults are using these sites for more than just reconnecting with old friends. One of the reasons why social media is becoming extremely popular in the business world is because companies understand the need to make an online presence. So many people, potential

They can be kept up to date on new projects and products. Using social media for marketing also is a great way to better understand your target audience. Your marketing team can have people who research the different profile pages that will help the company create better and more personal marketing campaigns. so you will have access to their profile pages. This is what some people consider the marketing technique's downfall. are dependent on the Internet. People are online anyway." They can turn into customers if they see what your site has to offer them. so why not help them find your online business by using the social mediaUsing this media allows your company to communicate with its customers and potential customers on a more personal level. so daily. but only if you or your staff has the time to work with it. They will be your online friends. or close to daily use is a must. You have to be able to stay on top of your site and keep in contact with your online friends. Your company also can use social media sites to build your customer list. They will give you the answers without even knowing it.59 customers to businesses. You can't just add them and then not connect with them again. it is a great way to promote your company to potential customers. Glen Kohlenberg . These sites allow you to add "friends. the more people who will be following your business and its moves. Because the age demographic for these sites no longer is limited to teenagers and college students who have no money. You can spread your business message in a more relaxed way that customers can relate. It is an extremely interactive form of marketing. They no longer have to "run errands" anymore because it all can be done from their home computer. The more friends you have on your sites. This form of marketing can work wonders for your company. In order for your company to successfully use social media. You can see what they like and dislike without having to make them fill out long and boring surveys. you have to be consistent with it.

still didn't quite do it for me. This beautiful simplicity didn't last long. these were people who trusted you and believed in what you had to say.contractorblab. however.com - Explode Your Business With Social Media When I first heard about social media. When marketers exhausted their warm market. Something was missing. and even approached strangers in grocery store checkout lines. allows us to do network marketing the way it was meant to be done. but there was that coldness that persisted. and fortunes were made. Originally. You see. Yes. Even though I recruited people. Social media. I also lost them almost as fast. I got excited.contractorblabblog. I mean. I'd done network marketing the old fashioned way for years. Huge downlines were built this way. only on a much larger scale. most adopted the belief that "everybody is a prospect. while much more effective than traditional methods. yes. you see." Network marketers began deserv- . Then I discovered the Internet. and so on. They would then tell their network of friends. Bear in mind. network marketers would tell their friends and family about their products and their business. I cold-called leads. I found that "something" in social media.com http://www. Let me explain. The Internet. I was able to build a decent-sized downline using only traffic exchanges and email marketing. placed flyers on cars.60 http://www.

your business is doomed. and people stopped believing what they were being told. we create our warm market. .61 ing their reputation as the most obnoxious people on the planet. This is how you create a warm market. . or release an ebook. Advertising itself displayed a lack of integrity. think about it. If you're not doing it. Gregory McGuire is a successful network marketer living in Smyrna. then you can have whatever you want. comment on others' blog posts. Why do I say this is how network marketing was meant to be in the first place. you're doing the exact same thing. focus on getting as much value out there as possible. Instead of focusing on generating leads for your business.Well." . I'll see you at the top. you told people who trusted you about your products and business. this generates more leads than ever. Once you build a warm market with social media. TN. He lives life and conducts business by the Zig Ziglar saying. and doing it right. The key is to make sure your intentions are pure. If you come off as a salesperson in any way. In the old days. high-quality. But that's not all . Writing articles is just one way to provide value. Your mindset needs to be one of giving. pre-sold leads. Ironically. and your credibility will be blown. There are several ways to do this. Couple that with some ethically-challenged network marketers who scammed a lot of people. and you can see why many people mistrust you the instant they find out you're a network marketer. If you are doing it. Social media is the future of network marketing. With social media. You can also make videos. "If you can help enough people get what they want. Plus. they're super. We do this by providing valuable content and establishing relationships. you'll get shut down.

but with literally hundreds-of-millions of users from all demographics. for exam- . networking online has become the driving force behind many marketing campaigns.62 To learn more. social media outlets allow CEO's and companies to interact with their customers daily in a highly productive way. Social media. Digg Getting your company or personal website to rank on the three major search engines (Google. is no longer for the kids. Social marketing is still a new strategy for many major companies. Marketing your business online is easier.net Social Media Marketing . Online social sites such as Facebook. According to a recent article on Forbes. Yahoo. MSN) is the quickest and most effective way to boost your sales and grow your business. visit http://www. Social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon are a couple more free resources that will spread your product or message like wildfire. and more importantly cheaper.callingmyownshots. Starbucks. Many search engine optimization (SEO) companies charge an arm-and-a-leg for ranking services. Twitter. than you probably realize.com. also known as Web 2. By using free web marketing tools and capitalizing on free social mediums you can easily drive traffic to your website and interact with your customers for no cost and very little time. Twiter.0. and YouTube require nothing more than a valid email account and password. and give your business free access to millions of potential customers. when you can do much of the work yourself for a fraction of the cost.Facebook. these free platforms provide great potential. Don't be fooled by the flashy profiles and young founders.

' Your profile picture can be your logo. Facebook. If your business name is already optimized. There are two simple things to remember when setting up a social networking account: use keywords in your profile name. The majority of Web 2. You will be prompted to enter your email address and new password. Setting up a social profile. you will be instantly asked for a username.63 ple. When creating a profile on YouTube and Twitter. then you have the best of both worlds. it is well worth your time to set up a Flickr profile with examples of your best work. and interact on a more personal level. and while MySpace still attracts the younger crowd. uses Twitter to get direct feedback from customers and update them on new products. photo. Use free online tools such as Wordtracker and Google Keywords to research what names will attract more traffic. . rather than as the business itself. for example. If you are a photographer. YouTube. and use a catchy profile picture. or Twitter involves finding the "Sign Up" tab (or "Join" tab) usually located on the right-hand-side near the "Sign In" tab.' that trust only enhances when the interaction is with an individual instead of a business. and even LinkedIn are great for reaching the buying public in an innovative way. These are the tools that make conveying your message and redirecting traffic to your site easier then ever. whether it be on Facebook. By setting up a free account as an individual. you can blog about your work on upcoming projects. You basically have two options here: use your company name or use an optimized keyword name.0 users are between the ages of 1834. Squidoo. and email applications. Your profile picture is the first thing that customers will see when browsing the internet or considering your online 'friendship. The best part about these free networks is that they come with built-in blog. but in some cases it is preferable to set up an account as the company CEO. I would suggest using your company email or setting up a free Gmail account using your business name. post pictures of your business convention. While statistics show that a certain amount of trust is already given to a social network 'friend.

Once your profiles are created and customized. From this site you can test your keyword optimized profile name. and within a matter of minutes you have created your first social marketing site. If too many of your recipients mark your email as "Spam. MySpace comes equipped with a "Spam" tab to use when you send an unwanted or commercial email. In order to update your personal information on MySpace. the more opportunity you give yourself to organically rank higher on search engine report pages (SERPS). don't be too professional. and sign up for many accounts quickly and easily. Use the free online tool CheckUserNames. Have some fun with it while conveying your company's message. When a user searches for new 'friends. If you happen to have a business selling Cardinal's apparel.' they will enter a keyword to find profiles. I simply mean to rank on .com to simultaneously check multiple social networks for user name availability. Of course. it's definitely not advised that you simply come out and post your product all over the network. By organically. When it's time to fill in your personal information. After creating your account. That is a great way to get blocked and rejected by every user on every platform. Follow the setup steps as prompted. you'll have to go to "Edit Profile" under the "Profile" tab near the top of your screen. This is why you must use a valid email address. if a MySpace user is searching for an Arizona Cardinal's fan. Remember. The more free profiles that you have. it's time to get down to work. using this keyword is highly productive for you. For example. they will type in the keyword Arizona Cardinals. you will have to check your email to authenticate your profile. From this page you will be able to change the look of your profile and add to your "About Me" section.64 Keep in mind that this will be how a customer finds you on these social platforms. you can have an account in every social network and can optimize each one to drive traffic back to your site." you run the great risk of being banned from MySpace.

By simply posting a bulletin on MySpace. photos and videos to convey your message. Use banners that redirect traffic to your site. You create it. you should let your customers know. In order to find your market customer. To market your profile. use some of your email marketing skills to reach "friends. keeping in mind that weekends will show different results than weekdays. Facebook advertising is built to allow you complete control of who is seeing your ad.65 the top three search engines without paying for it through PayPer-Visit strategies or paid advertising. gender. or posting a note on Facebook. Embed links in every picture. However. have a band or gaming product." where you can search by age. Each Web 2. writing a blog. Tools such as Pyzam will help you build your site with flair. Find your customer and let them know who you are without sounding like a used car salesman.0 platform thrives under different strategies. this is the perfect free resource. This is a great way to keep things interactive and personal between you and your Web . and you can use this to your advantage." Use a lot of art. After you have secured "friends" on these social networks. video. though it may take a little cash. MySpace is an extremely visual medium. if you're targeting a younger crowd. and the money you are willing to spend. Build your profile with multiple links back to your website. MySpace is a great platform for "shock-and-awe. Be smart about how you word your ad. and an advertising timeframe. Check your numbers frequently. and even interests. and piece of artwork on your profile that will lead traffic back to your website. it will drive traffic to your site. how much money you are willing to spend. select exactly who will see it. location. what photos or logo you use. Every time you update your website in any way. and. or a discounted special. For example. Advertising on MySpace is just as easy as setting up a profile. it couldn't be easier to tell them anything and everything you want. let's say you have a new product coming out. follow the "Friends" tab to "Find Friends." Search engine guru's still typically stay away from this free medium. you can reach all of your customers at once.

or to a recent blog that you posted. it can be your greatest free marketing tool. and adding a link directing people to your site. It rarely even matters what the video is about. and the cycle will continue throughout the network. The whole purpose of Twitter is to literally let your "friends" know what you're doing in every second of every day. Do a little research on Google Trends or Yahoo Buzz . Filming a short video. or a company event. Twitter is a social network that you truly must be a part of. Embed links back to your site. as long as it's entertaining and under about three minutes. in demand and creating one that is short and informational will do wonders for your website. Create a simple questioner about almost anything from a users favorite things to what they had for lunch. and most of all. By using a simple SEO strategy known as link baiting. It's unique in the way that it allows you to consistently update your status without being too obnoxious. Let customers know how you're feeling about popular news. YouTube is another free social venue that is quickly becoming the SEO guru's dream. and newly posted articles and blogs. and send it to your friends or post it on your profile. is all the work you need to do. questioners and personality tests. but creating a small quiz or questioner will end up reaching for more people than you might imagine. gossip. Don't be too professional.66 2. specials. you can drive traffic to your site. you are taking your social marketing to the next level. Entice your "friends" to fill out the questioner and send it to their friends. and while it may take a bit more technical knowledge. How-To videos are. or throwing together a quick slideshow with music. but send relaxed and informational messages to your "friends" on a constant basis. You can simply use your Windows MovieMaker to edit the video. It may seem like a small process. videos." By attaching or embedding a link back to your website. and will continue to be. Social mediums such as MySpace and Facebook have an amazing way of spreading photos. Be sure to include a reference to your website. a title and credits.0 "friends. Use Twitter to inform customers of upcoming events. and a few bookmarking options. add music.

Be specific to either what your video is about. Bookmarking sites are used to spread the word about interesting blogs. Creating a profile on sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon is similar to creating your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you have built your social profiles and video descriptions with smart links to redirect traffic. He will "shout" it out to all of his friends. If you can harness the power of social bookmarking sites like Digg. where they'll "Digg" the article and pass it to their friends. The New York Times uses Digg as its number three resource to drive traffic back to its website. For example. or what your business is about. articles. The only way that your video will be found is through the description that you give it. as long as the link to your website is within the first few lines. or have a friend or employee comment to get the ball rolling. This will also persuade people to bookmark your video (or blog) to share the controversy with others. your video will be at the top of the list. when users search for YouTube videos via Google or YouTube itself.0 marketing tool is social bookmarking. make a controversial video (or blog). If you can get people interested and talking. The key to YouTube marketing is filling your video description with keywords and links to your website. a video on You- . These will be the first words that a viewer will see in your description. you will drastically improve your traffic. The more Digg users that see this link. you should notice your numbers going up. This is why it is crucial that anytime you post a blog on Myspace. Another free Web 2. Make your description as long as you need to. on Digg a user will post a story that he found interesting about Obama's stimulus package. you will definitely get them to your site. without sounding too much like that used car salesman. and talk about them. and websites. Don't be afraid to comment on your own video. and before you know it your video will rank on Google alongside your Facebook page and company website. By using optimized keywords. If you're a gamble. the more readers this Obama article gets.67 to find out what the hot topics are. Post the videos you make on other video sharing sites such as MySpace and Meta Tube.

com to get the code and customize your bookmarking options. SocialMarker. Lastly.com is a great free resource that allows you to track who is talking about you on Twitter. Anytime you post a new blog or article. or an article on your personal or company website. Your next step is to bookmark your bookmarking profile. . Their step is to choose one of the many free bookmarking sites. what people in your industry are talking about. they should be automatically notified. Check out AddThis.68 Tube. post your blog on that site. by using Google Alerts and setting it up manage your online reputation as well as monitoring your competitors reputation. it will appear to the search engines that you must have something relevant and important to say. and the reputation of other users. While this product is not entirely free. and how often they are saying it." If each of your employees bookmarks your blog. By using the free online tool Trackur. Something to consider when doing social marketing is your online reputation. what they are saying. These are great tools for staying on top of what is new in your industry. you can stay completely informed at all times. Adding bookmarking options to your blogs involves one simple step. what they are saying about you. This is a platform that will actually take you from site to site. Your employees should all be subscribing to your RSS feeds already. It's an embed code that you will place directly into your work. you must add some bookmarking options for your readers. and thus spread the word to their Web 2. it can come in handy when you need to know the atmosphere of your online network.com. This will only add more relevance to your blogs and articles.com is another great free resource for creating accounts on many different bookmarking platforms and easily accessing those accounts. (An RSS feed is a way of syndicating your content throughout the internet to anyone who is subscribed to receive it). you can monitor yourself as well as others across many social mediums.0 "friends. and how well your social marketing strategy is going. An SEO strategy that has been implemented by many marketing companies is to combine RSS feeds with social bookmarking. Tweetbeep. allowing you to open an account or add your blog one by one.

you will no doubt watch your sales go up. While it's still a new medium. easy. by using these simple steps you can drive traffic to where you want it absolutely free. Facebook.Leave me a comment below. By converging many different aspects of social media. and incredibly useful if you know how to take advantage of it. and SEO guru's are still learning how to capitalize on it. but in time this completely free online SEO technique will work towards your advantage. I just want to say. and LinkedIn to get your product known. Make the most of social bookmarking sites. Don't believe me. and we can talk about it. The era of big broadcast messages on television shows. Take some time to do your research on keywords and effective social strategies by simply Googling social network marketing. Use the sites like MySpace.com and specializes in social media marketing. exploit the opportunities your own employees can offer you through their online profiles and bookmarking pages. Conversation Era So. and implementing social strategies. The days of standing in an auditorium with a spotlight on stage shouting while the audience obediently listens are over.SociallyOptimizedSEM. or in the pages of your magazine are . and superb content.69 Social marketing is free. Squidoo. social bookmarking. She focuses her attention on social network strategies. Kandice Day is the founder of http://www. billboards that clutter every open space. "it's here. they have talked about it for some time." Welcome to the age of the conversation. artciel submission. It may take a little longer to see your website rank higher on Google or Yahoo.

which in this case required nothing more than a search . Boxee.I posted about the diabolic Quickbooks. Have a problem with Quickbooks. through a tweet. at what price and how many. B 2 C (Business to Consumer) is redefined. Under the new definition. After my subtle suggestion. Now consumers are talking to each other. businesses eavesdrop on the Consumer to Consumer conversation for an opportunity to jump in: Take Comcast.70 reaching the end of their usable lives. If careful and attentive a business can listen exactly to the needs of their market. but Alpha testing was backlogged. I wager that a friendly tweet will come from @comcastcares trying to help-talking with you about your problems (and not just sleeping on your couch). Business to Conversation. talking to the businesses. a little. Intuit jumps into the conversation pledging assistance. They reached out to him and started a conversation about the product. for example. A friend was raving about a new wireframing application. After listening to a few raving reviews. People are tired of businesses screaming at them and telling them what to buy. I wanted an invite to a cool new application. Within a few hours. and sometimes even shouting back. Boxee obliged the next day. Have a problem with your cable or internet connection. The consumer now has a voice to reach out and talk to businesses. which is reserved for the courageous. they offered more licenses to friends. By gently listening. What would have required focus groups and millions of dollars in testing is now just a matter listening. The online conversation that started with a tweet sprang to life as he truly had something to talk about: a great product and a company that engaged. Balsamiq. B 2 C is also flipped to C 2 B. They not only gave him a free license to the product. Jump on Twitter and start talking about your experience.

there is a good chance they are going to follow you. The age of conversation is here. You get 140 characters to share your thoughts with the world and provide value to others. Get Tons of Twitter Followers Fast! Twitter is a revolutionary social media that has changed the way people communicate with each other. Glenn Reynolds' core concept in Army of Davids is that the emerging (conversational) Web and other technological enhancements are allowing the little guy take down giants. And you'd have to have a lot of followers to have the community disable the rule that doesn't allow you to follow more than 2000 people. this company can organically grow their product to interested parties. And if the community finds you useful. Some businesses lightly wade into the social sphere to "get the benefits" of the new web. . A lot of folks can't even get their first thousand. there are legitimate tactics you can use to increase the number of folks who are following you. just listen. shouting and no one is listening-they just don't get it. conversations between a group of moms in the fall of 2008 forced the Goliath.71 feed. If you have been involved in Twitter. to yank their ads after a short run. You may find getting that many followers daunting. but they are unwilling to truly get wet. but in reality. Unfortunately. Compare that with a blairing billboard. Motrin. We are truly in a different era that is not fully understood. there are some still standing on the dimly lit stage. Sometimes the Customers shout a bit more. For example. you have probably seen all these gurus that have thousands of followers.

you can do the same thing with your followers. * Provide value: don't go off tanget on your Twitter account can only cost you. * Give away your product: one of the best ways to gain followers on YouTube is by giving away a product in return for them retweeting about your product and following you. but this time you are using your blog as a method to drive you new fans. See what they are about. you'll get there. it never hurts to follow them back. Freebies work great.72 Here is how you can increase the number of your Tweeter followers: * Don't be stingy: if people take time to follow you. don't just ignore them. Read their profiles. * Giveaway goodies on your blog: similar to the above approaches. and you are going to get a lot of fans if you provide valuable content in your videos. and you can benefit from it. a lot of folks follow the top guns' followers. Don't expect to become a superstar overnight. It take a bit of time. * Create a video: videos are hot these days. There you have it. and so does great content. you can gain lots of new fans. By joining the events going on. If they are providing value. Take Follow Friday for example. * Join the game: there are many things going on in this community. but as long as you are adding to the community. Stay on message and provide value your followers are seeking. * Follow the masters: by following the top folks in your market you can not only see what they are about but also get a lot of followers as a result. and the chances are they'll return the favor. The key here is to provide value and think outside the box. Join the game and recommend folks whom you feel are worth following. . * Give away an ebook: if you have a report or ebook that you are giving away to your e-mail list. You see. Ask people to follow you and reward them for it.

Read our Viral Tweets review <http://www. Build a big network of friends by finding your friends on Twitter. with its 140 characters makes posting updates easy and simple. with its wide network of users has an incredible potential for expanding your marketing and PR campaigns. Try to post something interesting and informative in your posts. Innumerable internet savvy companies have used twitter to their advantage. so why not you? Start tweeting! Sign up with Twitter services for free and invest your time to increase your profits. personal information and business through micro-blogging. log on to http://www. Then.a tweet away! Not enough sales coming your way. Twitter has truly made the world look smaller and now more and more people use Twitter for marketing and PR.com/viral-tweets-review/> to find out how you can attract thousands of new followers fast.Twitter. A popular social networking and micro blogging service.com Twitter For Marketing and PR Marketing and PR. You can post your updates or tweets and also find somebody to follow by checking out the face book profiles of the other members. efficaciously.smoabc.smoabc. .73 Looking for a solution that allows you to go viral with twitter. Blogging is considered time consuming but micro-blogging in Twitter. For more social media tips. post comments and discuss professional.Here's a one stop strategy for all your marketing and PR needs. You can even provide a link to that information.Having a hard time finding customers and making your brand visible. Twitter.

Among these people. * Twitter can be used to announce special offers. etc and you can increase the traffic to your company's website by creating a commendable impression about your company among your followers. * Convince the CEO of your company to use social media for marketing and create a company page. new products.74 Why Twitter? Twitter. * If a new product is to be launched. deals. Follow everyone whom you find talking about the company and strike conversations with them. * Identify a few top users and influential people in the field of marketing and follow them. discounts and sales to a larger audience. collaborative efforts. which can even allow you to create a better product in the future. employees and customers. events. Interact with them constantly for better communication and collaboration. * Engage your community with the latest updates on the company. Using Twitter for marketing and PR can be the best way to build relationships with prospective business associates and partners. with its myriad users and followers is the best place to meet people and improve your business potential. marketing and PR! Using twitter search. Twittering. * Publish contents about your products that are simple and very helpful. This will improve the customer-company relationship. you might find prospective clients. * Interact with your customers and listen to their opinions on a product. Sometimes a creative and intelligent post can give your company that extra mileage that can steer you to greater heights. press releases. events. you can monitor the people who talk about your company. You can post information on the company. etc. products. . build the expectation by asking your followers to subscribe for the company newsletter and so on.

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Social Media Sites The green movement has been speeding up in the past few months. you can use Twitter for marketing and PR to your company's advantage! Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. and you can expect it to gain even more momentum in the months to come. . Improve your online brand reputation and enhance your companies image by becoming accessible to multitudes of people around. gaming systems. last minute changes and exclusive events on Twitter. events. laptops. pictures.75 * Provide updates on conferences.virtualsocialmedia. We have seen eco-friendly monitors. * Post links to webinars. As the Earth experiences severe climate change. * Follow what people have to say about your brand/product/company and make necessary amends that are possible. Twitter has revolutionized the concept of traditional marketing and has become the best tool for online marketing and increasing PR.com/> is for those who care to optimize their online presence in this web2. With a tad bit of innovation and imagination. the governments and the private sector are coming together to provide more green options to the consumers and help save the environment in the process. and even credit cards. toys.virtualsocialmedia.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www. etc on Twitter. upcoming events. through Twitter. blog articles.0 revolution. * Encourage discussions on your products and company.

Celcias: Celcias tackles the issue of climate change. you can hear it all on Tree Hugger. By expanding your reach. One of the most important issues we are all struggling with these days. The challenges of cleaner energy sources and cleaner foods are discussed here as well. If you are looking to connect with other like-minded folks. or recycling challenges. . Tree Hugger: one of the most popular social communities around the globe. Mind Body Green: this website tackles health issues and shows you want you need to take to live a better. and one way to do that is by reaching out to others in green social media networks. That mentality needs to change. 4. Care 2 allows you to create your own profile and connect it with other top networking sites. Care 2: a top social-media community in this category. If you want to get it all in one place. 3. tree hugger is dedicated to tackle environmental issues that we are struggling with.76 Research has shown that as long as the price is not too high the consumers are ready to take action and buy eco-friendly products. you can raise more awareness about causes that are important to you and help the movement in the process. greener life. here is where you should start. wind. When you talk about Toyota Prius. 2. a lot of folks only think about how much they can save on gas and now how they can save the environment with eco-friendly cars. Here are 5 eco-sites that you should be involved in to promote your cause: 1. Eco URLs: this website is dedicated to bringing you the latest eco-news. 5. Whether its solar. Eco URLs is a service to consider. Many experts acknowledge that raising awareness about eco issues is one of the biggest challenges for the industry.

77 Whatever your cause. For more information. an information . The main interest is other people. You will fail if you do not have the working knowledge of customers. markets. Know the area. communicating and reach out to others. Knowing the Internet. Look at it like a map. Social Media marketers are communicators. and their surroundings. using it most effectively and being able to distribute the information is very important. understand the industry you are promoting. You must know the layout and the terrain. Looking for Eco-BargainsEcoBargains. Understand the products. Who says living greener is no fun. These people are connecting. always sharing and being active in the interest of others. you can join forces and get more done. the people you are reaching out to. the people. understand and gain the trust of that community. log on to: http://www. One that connects. and the complete picture of the company's product. By connecting with others who believe in the same cause. Always sharing and giving news and ideas.net A Social Media Marketing Key The common thread of social media marketers is that they connect with the world.net is specifically designed to bring you eco friendly bargains <http://www.ecobargains. To be successful in Social Media one must be active in it.ecobargains.net/> . Proficiency in the various social web community is the main goal of the new marketer. you can't do it all by yourself. An expert Social Media marketer must understand the Internet as if they are a member of the community and they know.

78 resource at the same time being very trustful and an active participant. Do not let all of the tools. Glenn is a very sought after speaker and trainer to some of the biggest earners in the Home Business and Online Industry. And why.Twitter and Grow Your Customer Base . a conversationalist in the social media community. To see what Glenn is up to visit http://www. The conclusion. is a person with many qualities. how and when to fit into place. a conversationalists).ActualSuccess. those who find the most success in this marketing territory are those who are seriously networked and make certain that continue constant associations is part of their everyday routine. He and his team have produced in the excess of $10. trustfulness (listening. and work get in the way of the big picture.biz Reconnect With Old Friends on Facebook . our morals and knowledge that develop significant and gratifying associations. speaking.000. Web Marketer. As an expert in Social Media. we must have the ability to conclude which networks are pertinent to the product/service we represent. peer pressures. not really "marketer". known as "The Meetings Millionaire". Customer Service and PR combined with genuine enthusiasm. Glenn Mosser is an expert Online Marketer. Ideally.000 in revenue in the home-business industry combined. a Social Media marketer.

a dad. I am speaking about those of us that make our living selling online. If you run an online business. Most of the people Facebooking and Tweeting on a daily (or hourly) basis have a vested interest in connecting. To ignore a networking tool like Facebook is to turn your back on a free. Some have embraced this marketing trend to the fullest. Unlike the dreadful small talk we are forced to endure at awkward business networking functions. include a link to your site (preferably by first visiting a site like . partners and consultants.Think again. These people knew you before you were a wife. Think you don't want to reconnect with schoolmates you haven't seen in decades. investors. You have a greater chance at developing strong networking connections with old classmates. unfamiliar salesman version of yourself. it can be the start of a casual. easy and fun connection to hundreds of potential customers. a husband. In other words. 'catch-up' conversation with old friends comes naturally. Sharing a common point of reference from your past. if not urgent. a business owner. a mom. you should do it in the same manner in which you might recommend a great restaurant. you know about social media. while others have shunned it.79 It seems that today there is no limit to how we are able to connect with people via the internet.. but also your business up with accounts on these social media/social networking websites. to note that there is an unspoken code of ethics when it comes to marketing your company via social media.) On Twitter. you are able to reach out and share 'good old days' stories. You should be 'you' and not a weird. Mention that you have set your business's page up on Facebook and you'd love it if everyone 'became a fan' (which is the terminology used on Facebook for business pages. When alerting your list of friends or followers to the fact that you even own an online business. be they former BFFs or just mere acquaintances.. take care not to seem pushy or greedy. It is worth the time and effort setting not only yourself. yet profitable business networking relationship. It is important. This is not only refreshing personally. than a stranger at a business mixer.

be prepared to see nothing but lousy results.80 tinyurl. Since I found that social media sites work well for my business.com/wordpress . Do NOT update your status on Facebook letting everyone know each time a 'great new product was just added to your website. services or content to your website.com to condense the URL) and let everyone know that you would love for them to check it out. So.tweet to your followers that you have added new products. have fun with social media and you can't lose. Bulk up the content on your company's Facebook page.blueskyrocket. The same thing goes for Twitter .' If all of your communications to the FB or Twitter community are business related. She is a work at home mom to two young boys. I have followed these 'rules' and had a nice amount of success on Facebook. but in moderation. Stacey Conway is an online business and blog owner.com and blog http://blueskyrocket. This way. I have since connected my Wordpress blog to Facebook. All comments or questions welcome over at her shop http://www.not as a headline/status update . Do NOT tweet each time you get mentioned in the press. as long as you remember to be 'you'. I have also secured some great exposure for my site on prominent product review blogs through Twitter. This casually shows up in a box on my personal FB page . It is prominent. but not in their face. a new note pops up on my business FB page. If you get lousy results (no one 'fans' your page on Facebook and you can see from your Google Analytics that no one came over to your website via the link you 'tweeted' on Twitter) be patient. A couple of times a month (between casual personal FB communications) update your status with something relevant to your business. I now have repeat customers that were once fellow Girl Scouts. each time I add a post to my blog. These things are all acceptable.but literally as a side note. relax.

Twitter is microblogging service that lets you post or "tweet" short messages of 140 characters or less. ask a question around your idea and see what responses you get. You can search for other people who tweet and follow them and they can follow you. Well you can refer to your blog posts via Twitter. Its one of the most popular services out there on the Internet. Twitter is yet another powerful and sometimes real time tool to help you market yourself. Its so popular there are now hundreds of applications to help extend its basic functionality. Better yet. making videos. etc.81 The Benefits of Twitter For Bloggers If you don't know about Twitter by now you definitely should. all these activities in multiple mediums help to get your name "out there" in the Internet. interacting on social networks. Here are a few listed below: Research If your stuck for ideas researching a new post tweet your idea into the "twittersphere" and see what responses you get.You want your ideas your content to be heard and/or seen. which means their awareness of your blog can increase as well. Promote Your Content You're not on the Internet to hear yourself right. That being said. if you're a blogger there are numerous ways that you can take advantage of twitter to help leverage your own blog. Build Your Brand Whether you're blogging. Also there . You can search using twitter (or better yet use Tweetdeck) for topics of interest and jump start your post based on what others are talking about around that topic. When people "resend" or retweet a helpful tweet of yours for example that means they are promoting your content and your brand into "their" network and your brand has just gone viral! You'll find as people get to know you and you offer valuable content your brand awareness will naturally increase. In fact there's a cool tool called Twitterfeed that'll let you feed your rss blog to Twitter.

ebook Carlos Alston is an entrepreneur and internet marketer working with all forms of social media. etc. Extend your audience Some bloggers find they reach a certain saturation point with their readers.82 are Wordpress plug-ins that will individually post to Twitter each time you publish a blog post.profitsocialmedia.com> right here. Twitter can help you grow and audience by searching for new folks in the Twittersphere based on your blog topics. Story Gathering Twitter is GREAT for hearing about breaking news and other news sometimes before the large media outlets get wind of it. Modeling Innovation Culture Using Social Media . Do you want to learn how to use twitter and other social media to generate more traffic and more money for your own business or cause? Get my free social media <http://www. Networking Networking really combines all the aspects of social interaction. follow and communicate with others building up relationships over time. You can then follow them and communicate with them too referring them back to your blog. Twitter allows you find. engaging communicating.

0. trust and communications networks. Flickr and YouTube. By trying extreme versions of our new model we can safely say that hierarchies will die . trust relationships can also be built. trust and knowledge amongst other things. I had been puzzling for a while about how to model the spread of Innovation and the transfer of knowledge as well as other issues such as communication and trust. Little did I know that I had already considered this without really understanding. technology is now being developed to match and mimic the behaviour of groups of people in a social environment. telephone. So interactions within Social Media look like those in an ideal Innovation culture. We know that introducing certain technologies into society often changes society itself (electricity. Within Organisational Development we might say that these connections do not map onto an organisational structure chart but map onto informal advice. and playing with this idea we can adapt our model for a range of situations. There are groups of interest and depending on technology.83 I have my own unique model of Innovation which helps with obtaining 'buy in' and best of all. In an (ideal) Innovation culture there is little or no hierarchy and knowledge flows at varying rates and often 'on demand'. a group interested in a particular topic will have what looks like random connections. Facebook. I attended a talk by Dr Kelly Page of Cardiff University about New Media and Web 2. Analysis of this behaviour is interesting. Rather than humans adapting to technology (remember the first mobile phones. I became particularly excited by some of the concepts and analysis surrounding Social Media such as Twitter. the birth of the Internet). But these changes are incremental. it leads to a method of measuring the capacity to innovate which is a much more sensitive measure than waiting for KPIs to change. These are not random and are built upon interest. Looking at traffic on say Twitter. Recently. motor car) so will introducing technologies such as Social Media actually lead to changes in society and in particular our businesses? The answer is most definitely yes.

speaker. and co creator of workshops such as Creating The Difference. What unforgettable branding impression do you want to achieve with your social media presence.uk and filling out the simple sign up form. Innovation and Idea Generation. Ultimately it will make our businesses more profitable as those working in them will be empowered and will all share responsibility for success. And nothing is more bottom line basic than building positive buzz with your personal online social profile.co. See also http://www.prdpartnership.84 and that concepts such as vision and values will truly have shared ownership. He is creator of the Innovation Toolkit. experts in commercialising ideas. Derek Cheshire is an expert. trust and communications networks. Watch this space for new developments (or should I say MySpace?). To make profitable connections. Creativity as a Business Tool.creative4business. Those who cling onto the old hierarchies will find themselves bypassed in advice. Sticky Strategy and The Idea Factory. You can receive regular ideas and updates on Business Creativity and Innovation by visiting http://www. consultant and facilitator in the areas of Business Creativity. Derek is also a director of the PRD Partnership. they will be lonely.com Profitable Online Social Media System The #1 purpose of all the social media systems on the internet is to create new relationships by networking with other likeminded people .. you need to get the basics right.Maybe: . whether it's Facebook or MySpace or Twitter or your own blog.

Google lists 18 of the 20 articles in its top 4 search results. that you can drive people to. Tell them a dream you have.. See the proof at http://ArticlesByRichard. . if your profile doesn't excite or inspire them. Your unique profile has to make you stand out from all the gazillions of competitors out there. Richard Dennis submitted 20 short articles in 10 days. Maybe a short.com. looking to create new relationships. so visitors can identify with you. 14 articles are #1 . * Demonstrate how you and your audience are alike. and that you are looking to interact and bond with others who share that dream. and get your free step-by-step plan for how you can do the same.. that is probably the end of that possible relationship. Talk about a particular skill you can help them with. * Get them wanting to have a long-term relationship with you. Only results count. against many millions of competing pages. Entertain and engage them with a story. with all the features in your mental picture. * Show them that you really care. Make them an offer tools or time .85 * Make yourself attractive to your target niche market.they cannot refuse. The time you spend creating a riveting social media profile that you can use again and again is time well spent. Result. quirky human interest story. Over time. this profile may introduce you to thousands of people. Reward them for their time. It's important to have an accurate picture in your mind of the impression you want to create. resources. You want a web presentation you have total confidence in. * Let your prospects see the value. For each of them. and opportunity you can bring into their lives. funny. In fact. * Highlight your appealing personality.

86 How to Create a Huge Following on Twitter Following on Twitter is becoming somewhat of a religion to many users of this versatile yet fun software a 7 letter word which up until a few years back was jargon for bird song. Hopefully my choice of "massive" is adequately accurate. * Create meaningful Tweets. If it is purely to see how many followers you can get then there are various tools at your disposal for searching the "twitterverse" for anyone and everyone you could possibly want to add.Decide what you are using Twitter for. once you get into the thousands where your following is concerned. These Tweets would be fine for friends and family but do you really think potential customers or colleagues want to know these irrelevant items of conversation. there is no way you could possibly keep up with everyone and what they're . It is vital to create Tweets with real meaning and not just "My breakfast was awesome!" or "Isn't the telly awful tonight?".I cannot stress this enough. you will see that following begin to fall rather sharply back to big fat zero! There are various searches that others carry out (some of them very influential on Twitter) and if they black flag someone then you might as well logout. If you go on there and don't thank others for a follow or start verbally abusing others then trust me. * Be polite at all times . And the genius that came up with the idea to use it as the name of what is one of the fastest growing social networks most be one of the most popular people on the planet as everyone will be with him following on Twitter. * First and foremost . But enough poppycock. you're here to see how you can gain a massive following on Twitter. create a new account and start all over again. Again it's down to your usage of Twitter. the chances of them following you are remote. Bear in mind that if you add randomly.Of course not.Have some influence or purpose for your followers.Don't spend all day on Twitter. * And finally .

Paul.87 doing (Twitter may have derived from bird song. full of useful information and interesting people.000 followers (Wow!). but do you think every bird on the planet knows what the other is doing?) One extreme example of someone wasting their life on Twitter had spent over 2500 in a year conversing with their 86. Just remember the above points and your manners and within weeks you will have a dedicated following with you following on Twitter. mark my words! Until next time. Exceptional following but what did it actually achieve except serious wrist sprain and lack of sleep.com> ==> Go here 5 More Must Have Cool Twitter Tools For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts .twittertraffictoyou.TwitterTrafficToYou. become part of what is a very fun application.I'm guessing not a lot. start using and following on twitter. Get Your Copy Now! <http://www. You Will Never Need Another Twitter Guide.Do You Know How You Can Easily Turn Your Flock Into Dollars AND Add Value As Well? All you need to know to monetize Twitter with so many Secrets and Hidden Gems. So just to wrap up..com> In Record Time..Period!. Would You Like to Tweet Your Way To a Responsive Following On Twitter <http://www.

HootSuite This is one cool Twitter tool! It allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and profiles from one web-based application. You can also send one tweet to multiple accounts. Also your password is temporarily stored so if you're squeamish about that don't use it. You can track any conversation instantly. schedule your tweets. You can store your videos. Its a microblogging tool. music and more with just a few visits and your files are automatically posted on Twitter to share with others. and track visits to your shortened url links (using HootSuite's ow. Some caveats: When you "unsnooze" them they get sent an "unfollow" email. images. "@replies" between any two twitterers. But it could be useful to limit a "talker". TweetChannel . TweetCube is a filesharing service for Twitter. where you're content is usually limited to text and there's a strict limit on the character length 140 characters.88 Twitter is one of the most popular social networking applications in the Internet space right now. like a mini blog. Here is a list of great 5 "must have" twitter tools that can to use with Twitter to push your social media marketing efforts into overdrive: TweetCube Simply put. Tweet2Tweet Wanna know the conversation between two peoplesTweet2Tweet lets you see the replies. TwitterSnooze If you follow someone that is annoying you with a flood of tweets. you can "snooze" them or unfollow them "temporarily"and their tweets.ly URL shortening service). You simply type in both screen names on the page to see the results.

You can see the most popular as well as the newest created channels directly from the website.The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook Where have YOU been? Unless you have lived in a cave the last 4 years. I built a training and consulting business that does business in over 20 countries. because of social media and the internet. ." A LAW about Facebook?" Yes.I know that you may be asking.profitsocialmedia. And there are marketing laws that all marketers and business professionals must follow if they are going to have Success in the marketplace online. It is a rocking hot social networking site that seems to be almost everywhere today. It is on the news. you have probably heard of this. It is on the radio.89 Use Tweet Channel to send tweets to a specific groups. It is on the minds of millions of folks a day. I am a marketer and have been for 20 years. It is called "Facebook" and over 175 million people are active on this site. Social Media Marketing . Make sure you put these twitter tools in your social media toolbox.com/> Carlos Alston is an entrepreneur and internet marketer working with all forms of social media.Get my free ebook right here <http://www. Do you want to learn how to use twitter and other social media to generate more traffic and more money for your own business or cause. Ok. This web-based tool sports an easy to use interface to that allows you to work with hashtags. 10 of them for marketing and business success in what you do.

One of the first things they check out is your Facebook profile.All of these things put you in the 'Visibility Zone" on Facebook. many folks regard their Wall as a communication utility like email. Lets cover them briefly: 1) The Law of Visibility on Facebook. You must put yourself together a "Facebook blueprint" and work it. and get them to take action towards YOU.Does it tell them you are person they MUST know. How many hours a week are you going to be seen on FB. You MUST use your Wall to market or message.Or someone that has a nice picture and a nice profile. Be SEEN and be THERE on a daily basis. Why would people want to get to know you.Does it make them think. You already have a Facebook email. It is not that. The Wall is for you to . What does it saybut better yet.Does it make them see that you have Value for their life and can help change it? Powerful Facebook profiles are NOT based on what is said in your profile.but what it DOES.90 It is the same for Facebook.How many times are you going to upload photos this week. You must spend time on Facebook and get to know people. and on the radar as far as people on Facebook.Does it make them smile.with no magnetism.Put yourself OUT THERE and tell the world WHY they need you as a friend.How many times are you going to befriend someone this week. 2) The Law of the Powerful Facebook Profile.what does it DO. You MUST be visible on Facebook of you are going to get your message out.Does it make people curious and want to get to know you. Does it direct them to DO something. 3) The Law of the Facebook WALL.

Thank people for sharing with you their visit or message.BRICK BY BRICK. This will set you apart from most on Facebook.926 people in my network that I could potentially MEET LIVE in a local place and get to know them and connect with them. Don't stare at the wall." You will find it there. Notifications are part of your "Facebook email system. The Wall is simply a BILLBOARD of what you are doing and your friends are doing on Facebook.it goes on your Wall. Where do you find your network? Visit on "settings" and then visit on "network.your Brand on Facebook. talking about you. Use it often and wisely. and then visit on "notifications. .VIDEO BY VIDEO. I live in Birmingham Michigan. And make sure you stay CONNECTED to them. You are part of a local Facebook network and you have access to that network to befriend them. including you in tags. 4) The Law of Your Facebook Network.NOTE BY NOTE. 5) The Law of the Facebook Notifications. Thank them for their thoughts of you on their Wall and let them know you appreciate it. Pay attention to the Facebook notifications. This will show up on THEIR wall. There are 640. You have local folks as well. This is an overlooked and rarely talked about utility." Go to "email" at the top of your Facebook profile page. This is a GOLD MINE of people that have PROVEN they are behind you and willing to make you a part of their Facebook experience. and generally is pointing to you.91 BUILD. The notifications are GOLD and is a prospecting Vault of Leads.MESSAGE BY MESSAGE. Include them as well on your tags and other activity on Facebook.and keep yourself out there with the Wall. and the network i am a part of is the Detroit network.CLIMB THE SUCKER and make your message the PEAK of the page. Every time something happens with you. This is a GOLD MINE of people in your local area to CONNECT and Construct new trust bridges that may lead to business down the road. And answer the messages on your Wall."This is list of who is thinking about you.

8) The Law of Facebook Events. Join a LOT of Groups. Attend more Events. and allows it to be a LIVE link.and to network.EXPOSURE for you. Find interesting links of others and send them out. Join groups.then on a profile page. Why. they will start sending out YOUR links. It picks up the image that you want on the link page.and you can send presents to folks. There are more people in a group . It allows you to post a link that you like and then sends it out on the news feed that is on your home page. Make them messages of VALUE and interest. AUTHORITY. INCREASE YOUR REACH. Start your own and be a Leader. The join MORE groups.Here are a few reasons: EXPOSURE. Let others do that. and create exposure. THIS will get their attention as it shows up on . Send out other people's LINK and givem some LOVE. Why. MULTIPLIED PROSPECTS. You will be given credit for the link.It allows you to leave a message on the events page wall. Do NOT just send out your own links. Been there done that. CONNECTION to other Group members. Events can be found on the new Facebook page in the upper right under "Upcoming"-these are the events that are upcoming. Duh. And then attend many MORE events.Groups extend your reach into Facebook. 7) The Law of Facebook Groups. WHY. Build a list in your own group and then you can become an admin and email messages to them.92 6) The Law of Facebook Link Love. People LOVE link love. Start your OWN groups.to learn. I attend at least 2 Facebook events every week. If you send out a LOT of other people's links on Facebook. Attend events. There is one unique twist: You have birthdays under the "upcoming" tag. The Link application on Facebook is a HOT commodity.

and it will find every event that is going on in your network of friends. and caring.It is called EXPOSURE! 10) The Law of the Facebook NEWS FEED.Videos and Photos. but also will allow you to "tag" others on these. This will show your professionalism. Yes. And when you tag someone. This gets you out to ALL of your friends and creates a massive exposure vehicle that can keep your brand in front and recognized.it shows up on THEIR wall. write and publish a note. This is the big kahuna of Exposure on Facebook. But if you are going to MARKET on Facebook-then you need to at least get a guideline of what and how to do it. BUT'always leave a RSVP message about attending or not. Upload some photographs.learn and grow from them. Be seen. Event UP! This will do you well on Facebook. They are the most looked at and watched pages on Facebook. Not only will the be seen on your wall and the Facebook news feed.93 their wall and the news feed as well. It is a GOLD MINE of new possibilties of business. Make some videos and upload them. you need to establish relationships. This means that you can pick out people you have befriended and let them know you are thinking of them. and build community. upload a video. make them worth your while. . like change your status.and be seen often if you are trying to brand yourself on Facebook. The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook hopefully gave you some idea in your social media marketing. This gives you HUGE exposure. Not isn't THAT cool. Put the term "events" in the search box.with an encouraging message. Become a master of events! 9) The Law of Facebook Multimedia. Attend as many events as you can. You also will be many times on the "featured" part of the new news feed on the right. Whatever you do. People LOVE photos and videos.it SHOWS UP in the news Feed. or just comment on another person's message on the Facebook news feed.

. A Million people a month read his training letter.newrulesofhomebusiness.plus FREE ebook <http://www. Proper use of keywords from content is one of the main features of Search engine Optimization. MLM. Therefore. This type of Internet marketing is a part of SEO service as they have same contribution to a website in search engine rankings. You can subscribe to his FR-ee training letter -which includes 3 FR-ee gifts just for subscribing at http://www.com .000 a year.000 people worldwide earn in excess of 50. Communities in websites like Facebook. SMM (Social Media Marketing) has become a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Internet is one of the widely used marketing arenas. Today.com> 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Social Media Optimization Services Today. Social Media Optimization services help you with well developed marketing strategies using social media websites. 1) Link Building: Media Websites like Digg.94 blessings.He has helped over 10. Reddit. Network Marketing Home Business Trainers. Speakers and Authors in the world. All of the above are parts of Social Media Marketing.Doug Firebaugh Doug Firebaugh is one of theTop Social Media strategists. 2) Blog Submission: Search engines are undoubtedly a considerable boost that results from Social Media Optimization. This .passionfire. Squidoo help in promoting your content over the Internet. there are many reasons behind outsourcing social media optimization services. He wants to help you do the same.. Stumbleupon. Orkut have features of making comments and forums.

7) Picture Promotions: This is quite similar to Video promotions. The difference lies here that as compared to videos. 4) Social Media Marketing: When your website gets linked by another well known website on the Internet. 8) Links from Search engine Crawlers: Newly added social media is often crawled by search engines. These new dimensions help new websites increase their visibility and in a faster and effective way. 5) Getting notified by social Media Websites: Targeting at specific keywords via media websites are more effective as they target more visitors. SMM is a way that enhances your search engine rankings. So. 6) Video Promotions: Catchy Videos promoting your website spread the word more effectively. links from these newly posts are directed to your website.95 wide impact of SMM on SEO has many worthy reasons that prove their benefits. people see pictures at a glance and their attention is diverted if it is a wonderful one. Therefore. These links can neither be bought nor can they be reciprocated. 3) Quality and Relevant Links: The Search engine ranking of a website is the prior aspect that brings traffic to its visitors. It might not help you rank your website but it definitely brings targeted visitors to your website. both visitors and search engines give preference to that. Social Media websites are places where people visit often during their leisure time. you can expect longer visits from them on your websites. Search engine algorithms also track this and increase ranking based on this very concept. Organic links from Media websites deliver a lot of traffic to your website. A certain amount of traffic from well known websites get delivered to your website via links. Better specified keywords can also help you geo target visitors. The watermark along with the hyperlink would definitely attract more visitors. .

96 9) Viral Marketing: Viral Marketing by social media optimization services is another effective way of Internet marketing.com/social-media-marketingoptimization-services> with patience Two Hugely Popular Twitter Tools to Make Twitter More Productive For Your Business Twitter is the most widely used microblogging tool on the Internet today. Its use has skyrocketed in a relatively short time and a ton of twitter tools have been created to extend its functionality. you should be very careful about such factors and select your social media optimization services <http://www. So.com/social-media-marketingoptimization-services> and social media marketing services <http://www.virtualsocialmedia.virtualsocialmedia. It is a way of marketing in which visitors spread the word themselves. It must be catchy which people would love to read and share. The word you want to spread is induced in the free product. Its important to know how to really use some of these tools and see whether they're worth your time. by their own will. share it and the product gets spread along with your ad on it. This article assumes you're already familiar with Twitter. If you're not check out my newbie article on Twitter. 10) Free E-Books: This marketing is generally done in the form of some free e-books. Rivals can take various strategies to influence your reputation negatively. There may be an adverse affect of social media marketing. People download it. Here are two .

By the way you may already find yourself in the directory because Twellow automatically seeks and gathers public Twitter information about you. By visiting around the categories. direct messages are place into their own group which makes things easier to manage. Here are the cool things about it: So you get all the power of twitter but all your posts. Then . which means you're not constrained to refreshing a browser to get your updates from Twitter in your browser. Twellow. Its based on Adobe technologies AIR platform.you can quickly find and add several top tier twitterers based on your area of interest. It takes over where Twitter. You'll want to maximize that profile by entering in as much interesting on-topic information about yourself as possible. You can create your own search groups. You can add people into new groups. These categories and sub can help you drill down into the industries or interests of the Twitter community. It allows you to proactively find people by searching for by categories and subcategories already created for you. replies.com left off in terms of additional features. Its a desktop based application number one.com Twellow is a great online Twitter search directory . Finally. you can search for the term "Internet marketing" for all twitter posts and the results are put into their own group and continuously updated.97 very useful and popular twitter tools that will increase your productivity while using twitter: Tweetdeck This is one of the most widely used twitter tools around today. You can create a profile in Twellow.a kind of yellow pages for Twitterers. For example. you can chose to shorten any of your long Urls with any number of Url shortener services like Tinyurl.

If you've been on Twitter for any length of time you know it can be difficult to locate people who may be worth following. Do you want to learn how to use twitter and other social media to generate more traffic and more money for your own business or cause. Twellow allows you quite simply to promote yourself. Carlos Alston is an entrepreneur and internet marketer working with all forms of social media.com profiles are divided into keyword categories raised from thousands of member listings. your business via a profile and improve access to other creditable folks or businesses via those profiles. Why You Should Check Out Twellow For Twitter Twellow.profitsocialmedia. it's become quite challenging to locate quality information. And as social networks grow exponentially on the Internet.com is in the business of organizing and categorizing Twitter's rapidly expanding social network.Get my free social media marketing ebook <http://www. There are literally hundreds of Twitter applications now on the Internet You should definitely be aware of them and understand how to best leverage them in your business. expanding your own network. These twitter tools are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how to leverage Twitter as a social media tool.98 you can begin to follow them watch their updates and engage them in social conversation. .com> right here. Twellow.

99 Twellow. members can add up to ten items designating their interests or talents.com lists subscribers in the applicable categories according to their biographical input and their categorical preferences. Twellow. Once Twellow. Once profile information is entered. categories. members may access and update their profile. . In the category field. This is another great Twitter tool to check out for your social media marketing strategy! Do you want to learn how to use twitter and other social media to generate more traffic and more money for your own business or cause. Upon viewing the listings.com> right here.com links may be placed on the member Urls.com subscribers update these fields. location and URL information.Get my free social media marketing ebook <http://www.profitsocialmedia. Carlos Alston is an entrepreneur and internet marketer working with all forms of social media.com member has verified their account. which enables subscribers to build connections to their other web presences. Twellow.com listing. Most Twitter members will already find they have a Twellow. Twellow. Once the Twellow. biography.com listings from nonregistered members are compiled based on public data records posted on the Internet. members can change their classifications. All Twellow.com's free services include profile updating and management and a new linking feature. they can edit their name. These links can be edited by the subscriber.com memberships are established.

and they can do the same for you. why you should be using it and how you can profit from it. Why You Should Worry If You Don't Have it and How You Can Profit From It So unless you've been under a rock for the past few month you must have undoubtedly heard of Twitter. You can follow people you find interesting who discuss topics you're interested in and engage them in conversation. If you've heard of the term blog then you know that a blog is really just content published on a webpage. Twitter has a character length of 140 characters. A microblogging tool is like a mini blog. I have an interest in Internet marketing for example. I can search for the . In this article I'm going to tell you what twitter is. audio video. The content could be text . The interesting part is that you can search for and follow other people. Why You Should Be Using It Now The reason you should be using Twitter now is simple. Twitter allows you to create and publish your little mini posts. Microblogging tool So twitter is a microblogging tool. You can "direct message" to individuals meaning that you can send private posts. The nature of microblogs allow you to post text very quickly and easily almost like a stream of consciousness. where you're content is usually limited to text and there's a strict limit on the character length. It's a great social marketing tool.100 What is Twitter. It really is something that is literally sweeping the Internet by storm. And it doesn't hurt that it has mindshare and brandshare right now. A twitter post by the way is also called a "tweet".

com/> right here. Carlos Alston is an entrepreneur and internet marketer working with all forms of social media. People are the interactive force that engages customers for sustainable periods of time.com. and so you trust them and the company they represent.profitsocialmedia. I can ask questions either posted on twitter for all to see or just to one particular person. Self Branding You can actually virally brand yourself to a large audience and both directly and indirectly market products and services. Orville Redenbacher passed away over a . Social Media Wizardry .The Art of Authentic Marketing Companies of all sizes are using social media marketing to put a face on their business. They are recognizing that company logos are passive symbols of who they are. There are even tools (coming in another article) that allow you to track keywords in near real time.Get my free social media marketing ebook <http://www.101 topic Internet marketing on Twitter. This is great for market research. You feel like you know them. You Can Do Great Market Research Twitter has reached a critical mass of people to the point where you can search on just about anything and find out how popular it is. Do you want to learn how to use twitter and other social media to generate more traffic and more money for your own business or cause. find people discussing the term. and start following them.

However you decide to build your community. If your market is upscale or exclusive in some way.just build a team that can share the respective duties of idea generation. People will wonder if you are a good wizard or a bad wizard. It's easy to be visible. This attracts customers to you and keeps them engaged. Are you trying to attract thousands of fans. You are the face of the company your customers connect with. the wizard proves to be a good guy who is both interesting and willing to help. yet his image is still used to sell product. Don't fall into the visibility trap. Are You a Good Wizard? Putting your face in front of your company can be intimidating. They see everything . the key is to be clear about your message and communicate it with purpose.all your imperfections that make you human. and use of . which is exactly what you have to do. There are countless ways to connect. then by definition your company is interesting. Use your blog and social media presence to show us what makes you interesting. No problem . If you are interesting and you are a leader in your company. like you. then blogging or Facebook® may be more appropriate networks. This is a Team Sport I'm working with several companies that initially said they were interested in social media but just didn't have the time to commit to it. Pull back the curtain so we can learn what makes you a good wizard. The Visibility Trap The big mistake I see with social media today is the quest for visibility.If so. And this is exactly why they trust you. and want to work with you. The challenge is making that visibility pay off for you. all you have to do is be interesting and interested in other people. story-telling.102 decade ago. Dorothy came to that conclusion when she pulled back the curtain. the popular micro-blog is probably an excellent choice for you. then Twitter®. In the classic film The Wizard of Oz. This is why you need to have a solid social media strategy that is consistent with your business objectives.

truenature. Feel free to make comments about what connects with you. blogging is a team sport. This multi-media format allows for reading. Jeff speaks on maximizing marketing results by strategically building communities of loyal customers. This is another social media marketing tool you should consider. Jeff blogs at http://www. He applies over three decades of marketing experience to helping organizations strategically build communities of loyal customers. for all types of organizations. Jeff is the author of Strategic Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Take Control of Your Business Growth Now! . Take your time and map out the implementation of your strategy. Jeff Korhan 3559 Scottsdale Circle Naperville. especially with social media and Internet marketing. while also taking a little extra time to add a short video.jeffkorhan.com> http://www.com <mailtospeaker@truenature. including those that are green or want to be. green industry expert. call 630-7748350 Jeff Korhan is best known as an award winning entrepreneur.com You can follow Jeff Korhan on Twitter by searching for his name with no spaces. You see.103 technology. IL 60564 630-774-8350 speaker@truenature. If you are interested in learning video-blogging. and the founder of True Nature Inc®. you are tapping into new networks to build your community. I understand this multi-media format is more likely to hold the attention of a larger audience because I'm serving up my message in ways that work best for everyone. or just listening for those incurable multi-taskers. When you comment on social media sites and blogs with a message that is consistent with yours. just go to my YouTube® account or my blog and you'll find some good tutorials. viewing. I create one solid blog post every week. My recommendation is to create a system that you can consistently stick to. marketer.com To hire Jeff to speak to your organization.

with promotional stuff tucked in here and there. Mistake 1: Being overly salesy. their products. It's true that there's a time and place to promote yourself and what you offer on Twitter. good links. but I see a ton of people making major mistakes on Twitter. The mistake is in overdoing it. What to do instead: Twitter is called social media for a reason. It's social! Be a real person. just keep it around 20-25%. good resources.or waiting for people to follow you. What to do instead: Use the search function of Twitter to look for people by keyword. they will come" -. you could be waiting longer than you need to. Make sure lots of sociable tweets are dominant. I'll tell you the truth. If you wonder if you're overdoing it. People will follow you as they see you posting good valuable tweets. their links. as on all social media platforms. either geographically if that's important in your busi- . no one wants to follow you on Twitter or anywhere else if you're one big billboard.104 Twitter Tips . If you look at some people's Twitter streams. new ideas. Here are 3 mistakes and what to do instead. post what you find of value for other people. Of course you can post some promotional tweets too. it's all about them. visit on your own profile and take a look at your own Twitter stream.3 Mistakes and What to Do Instead Twitter is one of those phenomenal opportunities to build your online presence for free. Mistake 2: "If you build it. but if you sit around waiting for a bigger following.

com> at http://www.ExpectToConnect. or by important keywords. use tools like Tweetlater that allow you to schedule your own tweets to appear at different times during the day.com From Becki Maxson . You'll catch more people in different time zones by posting at different times of the day. That way you can take advantage of hot topics and be seen as someone who adds value. If you haven't found this out yet. Also you can set a time in your daily or weekly calendar to pre-schedule some tweets. depending on your availability. but you also manage your time and don't get into a 'Twitter trance' and lose track of time! It's a tool.ExpectToConnect. This is important because people are on at all different times and you want them to see you participating with value.105 ness. which is one more way that 'batch processing' can be a great time management tool for you. you will soon -.the Attraction Marketing Maven . This search function is also available in several of the applications that continue to pop up to make Twitter more useable for people. Mistake 3: Becoming a Twit-addict and spending too much time. Schedule 10 minutes one or two times a day to do that.and what have you really accomplished? What to do instead: First.it can be addicting to sit and follow the conversations going on all hours of the day and night on Twitter! You can look up and find an hour has passed if you're not careful -. You'll also want to participate spontaneously and just pop on and enter some conversations that are going on. like Tweetdeck. make it work for you! BONUS TIP: Come get your free e-course to learn other practical and free methods of Attraction Marketing <http://www.

Examining the underlying data will tell you whether you are working with positive or negative sentiment. Granted there are a number of closed communities. Here is another view .... and a lot of it is just plain. However due to close monitoring and lightning reactions they were able to deal with the negative sentiment quickly and offer laptop owners assurances and handle returns to reduce the overall negative stress that this occasion caused and so in turn help to resolve the issue for consumers and ultimately repair their reputation. Search engines are used to viewing a lot of data and search engines such as Google will help you find the data that you need. you need to see what is going on. but we estimate that around 80% is visible whilst Facebook does not share its data unless invited. There is more to social media than Facebook of course. You cannot form an opinion if you do not have the data. comments on posts. most forums and nearly all blogs are accessible and search engine technologies already read them . like FaceBook . that aside.. There are a range of dedicated and sophisticated tools out there that can help you develop your world view.would you ignore it or would you write back with your . Twitter. There are now a number of famous case studies for instance the one around Dell and its laptop battery problems referred to as Dell Hell..your business receives a letter of complaint .to your advantage.paints a picture that will direct your future actions if you take notice of what you find.when you can only access information when you have permission. They all add up to providing a world view and the amount of data available across a range of media . comments via Twitter. Clearly interpretation is key. links to posts. Technorati. there are open pages. There is a lot that you can see.106 How to Tune Into Online Conversations and Engage With Your Audience Social Media is a digital medium and as such it is extremely measurable. Interpretation is key Before you start anything. but the first top tip is to find ways of examining the data. Facebook and Forums. open..

PPC. visit . It is a bit like the company who ignores feedback.would the store get in ice cream and start satisfying demand or does the store put up a sign saying NO ICE CREAM SOLD HERE! There are a lot people out there talking about brand issues whether they know it or not.com Media Tips. SEO.and this works in every niche.weboptimiser. based in London. especially those that are having problems. He is also an author. imagine a store where clients keep asking for ice cream . EMail and Video marketing. Discussions are taking place and you can find out what is said when and by who just by monitoring you keywords . The very least your company should do is to monitor what is said about your brand online. with social media monitoring you can see the level of interest and the conversation relating to those issues. With google keywords we can see the words people use. If it is good commentary .socialmediatoptips.you should encourage this and thank them! This is common sense. The same should apply on the Internet yet some brands and most small companies are simply unaware. You will find more information on making Social Media work with Search.. Please contact him directly on +44 207 953 1123 if you are looking for an event speaker or expert help and advice For more Social http://www.com> company Weboptimizer. David White is CEO is Weboptimiser Group. UK. Latest market size information and industry overviews available for free from internet marketing <http://www.. Odd as it might sound.107 side of the story hoping to solve the problem and demonstrate that you care about each of your clients. Finally you can enter the conversation. blogger and public speaker.

Google lists 18 of the 20 articles in its top 4 search results. especially in social media. Result. your feedback creates a favorable impression. what support questions are people most likely to ask...108 Social Media Profit Strategy What differentiates your digital business from all the others who use the social media..Do you have an effective profit strategyWhat does your target audience experience in dealing with you on Facebook or MySpace or other sites to encourage them brand you as unique. What frustrations really get their goat." You hear so many voices in online buzz. That is certainly the way to win friends and influence people on the internet. for your niche. maybe you actually care. 14 articles are #1 . Dedicate some time to learning advanced search techniques and resources. against many millions . full response.. What electronic tools are they most likely to search for..Find a widget solution for them. It's also useful to know. Richard Dennis submitted 20 short articles in 10 days. the better able you'll be to give them better options and unforgettable value . as you enhance your own popularity.Be ready to offer a work-around. Being ignored is fairly routine. Your audience sees that you are actually listening. A complete reply with a sense of urgency may even spotlight you as a person with a passion for what your followers are doing. which will often trigger the reciprocity response. Even more . so you can really come through for your potential customers. What could be better? Only results count. The more you understand your market and their dreams and desires.Have the answers ready. compared to all your potential competitors? One impact social branding strategy that is easy to implement is "quick.. In fact. But if you quickly respond to Twitter messages or shouts on Digg.

You can literally have your idea or products selling online in a matter of weeks to consumers that are in your demographic and want your products. articles.0. Social Media is the SEO Bomb Social Media Marketing in the coming years will help drive website traffic at an incredible rate.109 of competing pages. The internet has come a long way and the tools are there at the average persons disposal. Viral Marketing and online marketing today and see what the world of the web has to offer you. in our business all the time. What took people 5 or ten years before now is done in weeks or a few months with the right tools and methods. We see people. getting noticed and achieving much greater business success than ever. Once it is set up and in place it will beat ALL other forms of advertising that you could possibly do. Why not Google Web 2. Search engines love blogs and articles.com. They seem to drive traffic much faster and open up the average business to a particular method of branding that has never been able to spread virally at this rate before. That is branding. blogging and a few other tools online the average small business has the opportunity to make as much of an impact on the world as all of the big name celebrity marketers. . Using video. and get your free step-by-step plan for how you can do the same. You will know a company name because you have heard or seen it over the internet time and time again until it is seared in your mind. The average person does not need to know how search engines work as much as to do the right things to get them to notice their blogs or websites. See the proof at http://ArticlesByRichard. Word of mouth takes on a whole new meaning with social media networking but it is time consuming and has to be done right.

grow their followers. James Wright is a social networker and works with small business over the Toronto area to help them spread word about what they do.opening networking opportunities with contacts companies wouldn't have had access to. http://tweetittoronto. It is true some companies are still getting familiar with this new tool and see it as a time consuming and there can be an overload of non-valuable information but over 80% of comments we received indicated the pro's far outweighing the con's What we were delighted to see is that although twitter is strong in news and social interaction.blogspot.creating access to new customers .110 W. and when needed apply external technology tools that simplifies the vast amounts of information. it is playing a fundamental role in giving a number of companies a competitive edge during challenging economic times by: . .com 20 Ways Twitter Helps Businesses Beat the Economic Downturn After reviewing feedback from over 120 professionals on LinkedIn on how they are using twitter we've distilled the strongest themes into 20 simple points on how companies are gaining an advantage to beat the economic downturn.receiving customer and public feedback that leads to more successful sales . 20 of LinkedIn's Strongest Group Discussion Themes from over 120 Comments Following are the strongest themes many companies said they're enjoying as they've learned how to grasp the culture.

Been a great way to gain interactive access with new clients by following their tweets 10. Great for bringing traffic to your site if you offer truly valuable information and links 14. Can be a great resource for getting push information versus searching the web 16. Can save time by getting the latest news without having to go search for it 18. speaking engagements 11. press. Build relationships with people they would have not met 2. it can generate buzz/talk about your company 13. It can increase your market reach if you actively promote your presence on twitter . Exposure to lots of new business thoughts. Allows leaders to connect to followers on a personal level 12. Clients have asked for accounts to be opened so they can get regular updates 7. TV. technical ideas and leadership styles 3. Can follow businesses you want the latest updates from with less effort 6.111 Here's how companies have benefited from twitter: before 1. Enables expansion of your database by removing budget or geography barriers 19. Can assist Google rankings. Without being pushy. Received access to publicity: radio. sometimes it gets first page results 8. Can act as a news wire for journalist who are looking for story content 17. Access to thinkers and doer's one wouldn't normally interact with 5. Provides a premier marketing tool when used correctly 15. Can assist in getting real questions answered real time during the day 9. Finding new clients by commenting back on others' tweets 4.

you will also . Strictly speaking it is one of a rising number of "micro blogs" like jaiku and is fast becoming not only the most popular micro blog but one of the most visited sites on the internet. In other words do not just post 10 "tweets" a day consisting of links to your money sites. This will not only get you more followers as people tend to follow the Gurus followers.112 20. If you post a lot of quality links then drop in the occasional sales link of your own you will get better results both in terms of getting followers and keeping them and also making money. Article by Andrew Ballenthin. For more information go to our blog http://www.twitter. Similar to normal blogs and websites for that matter one of the best ways of making sure you get a lot of visits is to write good content. President of Sol Solutions. A great way to showcase your expertise and differentiate from competition. Another good way of getting followers is to find authority figures in your niche and follow them.typepad. Remember this does not just have to be in the internet marketing world you can use twitter to great effect in any niche. Try to post valuable resources that are not even yours.communitymarketing.com or follow us on Twitter at http://www.com/solsolutions Getting the Maximum Results From Twitter You can post anything whether it be short messages about what you are doing to marketing messages induced to get you traffic or profits from online businesses. When you need to stand apart from your competition talk to Sol Solutions for your competitive branding. advertising and marketing strategies.

That is twenty five resource links or tips with no sales angle to every one sales pitch. I actually use a ratio of 25-1. When i started my twitter profile it was about 50 to 1 but as i saw results coming in and followers increasing then I increased the number of my own links.html> as there really is no better way to get targeted web traffic than Twitter Promotion <http://www.com/twitter-secrets. There a re many resources out there for improving the look of you page whether it be full themes or just cool images. Post great resources for your followers to read and don't stuff them with sales and affiliate links. Dave Beasley runs his own internet marketing business from home.com/66/web20/twitterpromotion. Check out this excellent guide about maximizing web traffic called Twitter Secrets <http://www. I mean crikey even President Obama had a twitter page during his election campaign.113 pick up great tips from these gurus and also find great resources to tweet yourself. Don't neglect your profile description either.makemoney4nothing. Just remember that when it comes to Twitter then content really is king.makemoney4nothing. you don't have a lot of words to work with so make it catchy. If you want to get the biggest results out of twitter you need to get onboard now while it is still growing. It is very important you do this before you start to tweet as you want your visitors first impression to be a good one. If you get this right and post worthwhile tweets your followers should start to grow exponentially. The popularity of Twitter is growing at a frenetic pace and across all kinds of niches. If you would like to see what is in my opinion the best guide to twitter then check out my resource box below. .php> and traffic. When you first start make sure you build yourself a good profile page.

statements and marketing.114 Tweet For Talent . Personal friends and twitter followers sent me DM's saying they had used such and such person for their twitter background. Comments should be insightful thoughts about other people's Twitter posts or about . Of course within minutes I was responded to. Your tweets can be things such as. However. In principle. you want to vary your posts between questions. Posting Tweets Twitter allows you to post comments or tweets on your profile page to share with your network of friends and the Twitterverse. comments.Finding Talent Twitter can be a misunderstood application to many newcomers to the online marketing world. Instead of loads of professionals responding to me I was pleasantly surprised with recommendations from followers. it is a social media or social networking platform that offers the ability for friends to share what they are doing with each other. Remember twitter is not a glorified RSS feed. One thing was different. like most other social network applications online.. business owners have discovered ways to utilize Twitter to market their businesses. Twitter.Using Twitter to Find Outsourced Talent A week ago I posted a tweet that I was looking for someone to do a twitter background for one of my accounts. I'd much rather be referred to a professional a friend of mine already used that is proven.. Questions should be used to tap the knowledge and network resources of your Twitter network. "Searching for freelance writers" or "Does anyone have a great freelance writer that they use?" To build the largest and most cohesive Twitter network.

you can also search for specific individuals using the keyword search tool on Twitter (search. While all of these uses are available on Twitter. Things to Remember when posting work over twitter Everyone can see. Before posting on any of the freelance websites I will now be asking my twitter followers for their favorite talent first. However I'm shifting forward.115 resources that you have come across that may benefit your network. I have been using Elance for the majority of my simple job postings. it is appropriate to let your network of friends know about your company sales. Staying hidden behind an Elance user name and not your public twitter profile is still sometimes preferred. You can then take the search function one step further by asking for regular notifications of posts containing those relevant keywords. And. one of the most underutilized opportunities on the site is to find quality outsourced talent. Search Keywords In addition to building your network of friends organically. Posts that have contained those specific keywords will come up.com). new product launches and any other news on a regular basis. Entrepreneur and Outsourcing Specialist. promotions. Marshall Haas. Twitter is my new favorite and probably yours.twitter. Author of http://SaveTimeOutsource. allowing you to search through them. Simply search the posts to find individuals or groups that provide those services. if you are looking to hire programmers. You will instantly start to come across outsourced talent within your given niche or needed area. you can type that keyword as well as any other relevant keywords into the search engine on the site. A recommendation is always preferred.the one good thing about freelance sites is sometimes you don't want people to know your outsourcing a specific task.com . For example. Social Media is powerful and we all know it.

If you are on the pulse of society the faster you process the data the better. It has still limitless opportunities and possibilities in our new high tech. where the faster you know if something works or doesn't work the faster you are to fixing a potential problem or bug. I will get notified. Give me 5 minutes and you will learn the secrets of submitting massive amounts of articles.com> your articles today quickly and easily. This is powerful and one of the many reasons why social media marketing is a 'big deal'. and talk to them in real time.116 Social Media Marketing . Best web hosting <http://www. See what people are doing in real time.com> . Article Submit <http://articlesubmithq. high touch society. and follow those who are tweeting about my key phrase. or description is a blog post and get instant feedback. Imagine direct selling over the internet! Imagine being able to post a new product.Twitter One of the interesting thing that I'm doing with Twitter now is to use "Twitter Alerts". More importantly you can get a consensus from your target market. Feedback loops are crucial in programming software. When someone tweets about dog walking I will get notified and follow whoever is tweeting about it. There is great profits in being able to predict the future. For example lets say I was in the "dog walking" niche.hostsvault. It's direct response marketing times ten because everything is happening in real time. Another thing you can do with social media is pick up trends. You can get a consensus of the market pretty swiftly. This new social medium is still open to new thinkers and entrepreneurs. Every time someone talks about me or a key phrase I am tracking. This way I can start a dialogue with those that are in my niche.

There are a lot of things you can do with the programming interface. In order to get the best out of TAPI. These applications are not only easy to use but they provide your capabilities that are beyond what's offered by the network. Using the search function allows you to track conversations and identify needs. Writing an innovative search code can help you go viral. If you want to go viral with your code. . You goal should be to figure out what people need and provide it to them. it is the fastest growing network as thousands of people join the revolution every day. you should think outside the box to come up with innovative ideas to change the behavior of the community. There was a time that people looked at tweeting as a waste of time. Twitter-API is an easy-to-use application programming interface that allows developers come up with innovative applications for the platform. But there is a lot of value that can be gained from the community. Sites such as TwitterFeed and Tweetlaters are good examples of sophisticated programs that have been built upon TAPI. In fact. you need to have a clear understanding what you want to achieve. Take a look at other offerings on the market to find out what areas you can improve upon. Tweetlater and other top apps have done that. One way to do so is by listening to what others tweet on a daily basis. * Search: there is a lot of information available on Twitter.117 How to Get the Best Out of Twitter API Twitter is one of the hottest social media communities around the web. Here are a few areas that innovative can be achieved: * Publishing: innovative publishing tools are still in demand. It's true that you'd be wasting your time talking about what you have had for lunch. and the more you put into it. but your application should have a purpose. the more you will get out of it.

Why Monitor After All? Social Media Monitoring is for brand strategizers. social media monitoring in the 21st century is essential to almost anyone . Looking for an innovative twitter solution that helps you get hundreds of friends fast.projectweb30. In fact. please log on to: http://www. a journalist. an intellectual.anyone. social media monitoring is not just limited to businesses.a business owner. If you pay attention to what others need and take into account the challenges and the opportunities.com/twitter-api-a-developers-guide-preview/ Social Media Monitoring . who believe in taking an organized approach towards brand building.Read on to find out about the one free Web 2.118 * Mashups: combining TAPI with other APIs enables you to write sophisticated code that provides more value to the community. bloggers find them useful too.com> that helps you do just that For more information on Twitter API. a customer. a housewife. However. brand gurus and brand managers. a student.0 tool <http://www. there is no reason you can't succeed. Before showing your work to the world.smoabc. you want to make sure it works. a sportsman. * Aggregation: coding aggregators is another way to provide value to the community. So take time to think about the risks and how things could go wrong. a fool . Here are some insights about the same: .

you definitely would love to hear what people are talking about your company.com got popular in the first place. education committees is a great way for students. organizations. Essentially. Secondly. Blog- .119 Social Media Monitoring for Businesses: Obviously as a Business Owner or a responsible Brand Manager for a business (irrespective of big or small). there are thousands of places where people are voicing their opinions. And sometimes you may not even have the slightest idea of a growing protestation in a community or group for your products / services. Obviously you are not expecting a dream about it. your brand. what courses are in demand. only because your customers have gone online. For the same reason. community portals like Trip Advisor and MouthShut. say some of your customers are located in Saimata (a city in Japan) where your product is being talked about on a local blog / regional community forum. today. business. monitoring social media can only make work easier for you. Social Media Monitoring is now an integral part if businesses really want to safeguard their integrity. your business. it is as important for an Offline Business too. They find internet the easiest way to review your product and a place where their voice is heard by many. Further monitoring communities where people discuss or speak about details on a subject is another great way to benefit through Social Media Monitoring. So an offline business would not want to be completely unaware of what is cooking against them or for them online. For instance. You are better equipped by what courses are on offer. Twitter is known to be the fastest news release source. what are the courses educational institutions or ministry are more inclined to develop. You need to find it for yourself. Now unlike earlier days (around a few years back) when there were only a couple of such portals where people got together and shouted. News: If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in any particular area. Social Media Monitoring is not just for Online Business. Education: Monitoring education societies. government issues or whatever. researches alike.

social media can help you in an all round development of your professional personality. This is what I shall take up in my next article.If you happen to love freaking out. can help you gain access to a lot of freely available useful information as also having a personal chat with your customers. Engaging yourself with what your customers say about you or your friends talk about you or your professional peers re-iterate. Latest Buzz: Social Media Monitoring helps in keeping yourself informed upto the last minute. It is like understanding the needs and behavior more effectively. Engagement: This is the most important and widely accepted aspect of Social Media Monitoring. Monitoring Social Media where news spread quicker than any other medium today would be the best source if you wish to be among the first few to popularize it. Professional Development: As with education. But what is actually needed is to Strategize and exploit this resource in the most efficient manner.Which celebrity is making a presence tonight & where. trends being followed & things people look forward to. .Who is offering freebies and when.120 gers collect a lot of topics to write upon through this medium. you can be assured of being the first ones to get updated of the buzz. Social Media Monitoring can only help them combine their product / service with the ongoing buzz / trends to achieve a desired product. Monitoring social media groups where peers of your profession gather and speak and discuss things can help you in expanding your professional learning as well as networking circles. Product Development: Businesses can strategize according to the buzz. What is the latest buzz around your town. monitoring it can only help you expedite your efforts to your goals. Considering the scope of Social Media and the information that it has in store and which is freely available.

Mosquitoes rather bad. data-mining universal wiretaps." Hopefully the good stuff comes later. Orwell's diary/tweet for today is surely less interesting than yours or ours: "Quite hot. Currently exploring Social Media Monitoring Tools <http://www. But George Orwell is on Twitter. You can follow Shadab Malik on Twitter <http://www.) Orwell on Twitter raises an interesting question: Is the information overload associated with the microblogging phenomenon just the next step on our civilization's long road toward.html> . The brilliant British author. whose nightmare vision of a future in which technology and ideology combine to enslave humanity has been haunting readers for more than half a century. you can now relive George Orwell's life. criminal psychological profiling. Radically from the Hospitality Industry. Most of our nasturtiums in flower & everything else growing rapidly. but today cloudy. Shadab also offers consultancy on Travel. he has an expertise in Online Travel. you see.com/social-media-monitoring.vibemetrix.com/malik112> Tweeting George Orwell George Orwell has been dead for 59 years. or the Fox News Channel.Will . the Orwell Trust tweets an excerpt from the dead writer's 1938-42 diary. Even literary giants sometimes write boring prose. through the magic of microblogging. he has been appreciated to successfully launch a no of SEO programmes for many websites. Orwell never encountered closed-circuit surveillance cameras.121 Shadab Malik is a veteran SEO & an active Social Media Marketer . Air America Radio.twitter. never lived to see the rise of the real-world inventions that might make "Big Brother" real. Every day. as he lived it-just seventy years and one information revolution later.

have a keen awareness of the situation that is causing them to be harassed or to feel helpless. US history. You need to get in touch with their pain.html> George Orwell.shmoop.And how much of it are you willing to surrender fulfilling the needs a given community?" What exactly does compassion have to do with social media marketing.Compassion is having a Deep awareness of the suffering of another being coupled with the wish to relieve their suffering and fulfill their need.com/intro/literature/georgeorwell/1984. you then must to do something about it. 1984 <http://www. Moby Dick and others. perhaps the answer is both.. It's a perfect aid for students and Teachers <http://www. In Social Media Marketing you need to identify with your follower. client etc.122 teachers harness the power of decentralized communication to engage today's students on their own ground. Once you have clearly identified their need. Then you need .com/teachers/> seeking guidance with advance study. compassionately and not superficially. essays and writing papers. customer.Is the decentralization of information inherent in the Twitter model a means for us to liberate ourselves from the centralized power of "Big Brother". for sure. Maybe George Orwell's next tweet will help us figure it out. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.Hard to say.shmoop.Or will students use ever more fragmented communication channels to subvert authority and academic integrity. Shmoop is an online learning and teaching resource that covers literature. and poetry" Some of our famous study guides include Sonnet 18. What Are the Consequences of Social Media Marketing? The first question you need to ask yourself and honestly answer is "What is your true level of compassion. The Raven.

every where in the global village that we have become numb to it. You have to view others through the unconditional eyes of love and we all need to become better listeners (tough one for me) to know what those needs are. not gloom and doom. In social media marketing with the MLM or network marketing industry.Numb. This task is beyond mind boggling and ranks up there with the requirements of becoming a brain surgeon. This is a humbling experience that will pay huge dividends providing your passion is genuine. we are positioned to provide purpose... promise and possibilities.. What have we become. all while eating dinner. we have become caulis..123 to actively take part in solving their problem. the harvest is plenty and the .NFL etc team's game went. and with so much pollution in every sense.You fill in your interpretation.. If you hope to survive in the arena of social media marketing you need to live in harmony with the needs of the certain community you wish to serve.. This is not rocket science.. However trying to understand the many marketing options available in social media Internet marketing and mlm Internet marketing strategies relies on far more than common sense.. People are wandering aimlessly with no design or purpose but may not like to admit it. Too many of us are too busy or burnt out buy our own tragedies too much to really be compassionate about fulfilling the next guy's needs. There is no need to be scattered or feel harassed by the events of the day. SEO20. If you can provide this through true compassion you can move others toward action. apathetic and filled with hopeless despair. If you don't listen with razor sharp hearing you will not know how to deal with relieving others pain. its common sense. Unfortunately today there is so much pain and suffering..ComplacentDisconnected. Many of us are grasping for our own breath of fresh air. On one segment of the news you view a teen aged gunman killing 15 classmates in yet another school and the next clip is how your local NBA. NEXT.Cold.

social media web sites and so on. I am beginning to believe them.What is the reason that over 3. . an RSS feed. Members can get these updates via the twitter website. If you want to make it to the top in SEO20. Dr Deb DiBiasie ND http://www. you have to give it all your heart. I now have a clue as to why there would be little competition.Can you deliverCan you really be a leader. there is very little competition.124 workers are few.000. a number of applications including other blogging. These updates.web20seotraining.com drdebnd@gmail. Let me explain this as a list.com <mailtodrdebnd@gmail. Are you wired to be a worker.com> 781-231-0509 Why Are People Flocking to Twitter? Why are people flocking to Twitter. Hopefully these answers will explain why people are flocking to Twitter. After devoting months to Research. email.I ask myself these questions everyday. First we will describe what Twitter is and then we will talk about how people are using this new tool. allow the user to share messages. what they are doing to anyone who has decided to follow each tweet and really connect with their followers. For how long do you pour yourself into it before you experience the fruits of your laborI'll keep you posted. text message. As Ferny and Ray say in SEO Networker's Master Mind.Why are technologically advanced companies using it? Let's answer this question in two parts. status updates. to make it easier to follow. or tweets as they are called on Twitter.000 people so far are heading to this site.

ninjanerd. Stream of Details: I get urgent news and details on Twitter long before many news stations. Twitter is simple and easy to use. If you're in a niche business you can easily find people who have the same interests. A fantastic example was when the Bay area had their recent earthquake. Try marketing yourself via a social networking site like Twitter. It's great! People from all over the planet use Twitter.(or as my spouse would ask. In about 10 minutes Twitter had the details before CNN put it on their breaking news. Daiv Russell is a Social Media Ninja-Nerd specializing in helping small businesses leverage social media and internet technologies to make their business more profitable. a strong brand is very important. just like big companies such as Dell and Comcast market themselves. Try it out if you haven't already done so. It worked for me. Whether for a big company or just for you. "Why in the world do people care what you're doing?") Networking: It's a great way to meet people. Marketing: You need to market yourself. You can always find someone who shares your interests and wants to chat.125 Why Do People Use Twitter.check out my Using-Twitter blog. You can also integrate twitter into your other social networking accounts via "cross posting". For more information on how to use twitter to market <http://www.using-twitter. You need to let the world see who you are and what you have to offer.com/should-you-twitter-internet-marketing-viamicroblogs/> or if you want to learn how to post links on Twitter <http://www.com/blog/how-to-tweet-links-ontwitter/> or for more insights into What is Twitter. .

and facebook as well as blogs. SMO greatly benefits SEO though through the generation of organic backlinks and SMO benefits from the core concepts of SEO forming a symbiotic relationship.) Encourage the mashup 6. RSS syndication sites. Bhargava deduced that there were 6 rules for conducting SMO: 1. online reputation management (ORM). and general Web marketing. forums.) Increase your linkability 2.) Make tagging and bookmarking easy 3. Organic links.126 What is Social Media Optimization "Social Media Optimization" or "SMO" was first coined by Rohit Bhargava to describe the method through which sites generate traffic and publicity through social media Web sites. They provide both authority with the search engines as well as good amounts of traffic. SMO goes a step further than the standard SEO best practices because it also incorporates video and images as optimal content. such as those from social media sites. This essentially places SMO on the crossroads between SEO. Backlinks are links from another Web site to your Web site. and article hosting sites.) Get communities connected The idea behind SMO is to get as many sites to link back as possible to your site using the readily available tools of the large social media Web sites such as digg. also generate traffic. These are ideal links and provide the most value to a site. SMO as an Integral Part of SEO .) Help your content travel 5. stumbleupon. They help to increase your authority in the search engines and improve rankings. The end goal of Social Media Optimization is to drive traffic to a site and generate backlinks. Organic links are links that develop without payment to the third party Web site.) Reward inbound links 4. press release aggregators.

Only great content has a lot of organic backlinks. In this way. This has a very powerful effect on the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. There are a . Link baiting is inherently viral because it relies on many different sources to pick up on it and spread it. we are really optimizing a site for not only search engines. and inbound links. but without links you will find it hard to rank for even non-competitive terms. Together. They also make a statement about the quality of your content. organic linking and paid linking can be made to work together to maximize the number of backlinks. but the power and authority of a site is derived from the quantity and quality of inbound links. META tags. The keywords you actually rank for are determined by the text content on the site and the text in the inbound links. For many sites. SMO dictates that we not get tunnel vision on the search engines and consider the millions of other sites that might also like our content and direct their users to it. but Webmasters in general as well. but the major engines consider links to be the most accurate description of a site's authority. With any SEO campaign. There are many ways to go about it. but restricting. Because of this. SEO provides what the search engines want and SMO provides what other sites want. The search engines know this and rank pages accordingly. then inbound linking comprises approximately 60% of your rank. These links are much harder to get which is why they are more highly valued. You can write the best text content on the Web on the most search engine friendly site around. organic linking must be a part of an SEO campaign for it to be truly optimal. Of course content is important. but the very best links are generated organically.127 The core practices of SEO are sound. If we take a typical SEO campaign that addresses text content. they provide the most effective campaign possible. Link Baiting Your Way to Big Traffic Writing good articles that people want to link to is called 'link baiting'. there is always the subject of inbound linking to consider. This means that it is the single most important aspect determining where you rank in the engines. architecture/URLs.

The goal here is to provide very rare or useful tips and news that benefit the reader. Articles should always be informative. The goal of a link bait article is to hook the reader enough that they want to link to the material.Create something funny that catches on across the Web. This is the hardest hook to develop because people like such a wide variety of things and it can be hard to develop something with wide appeal that will generate a lot of links. This is the most widespread type of hook. Negative Hooks . A great example of this is Adobe's Acrobat Reader software.128 number of ways to get people to link to your articles simply by writing them a certain way. it will be hard to maintain any kind of long term link bait traffic. Oftentimes. There are a number of different hooks that can be used in your articles. It's also important to keep in mind that viral sources are generally volatile. Keep in mind that long term link baiting is dependent on quality content. Informational Hooks . Negative hooks are not recommended for most business sites because they can also generate negative buzz for the company. these come in the form of detailed guides or breaking news articles. Lately. Widget Hooks . They do however generate a lot of traffic and links. Humor and negative hooks especially are volatile as trends and fads change rapidly on the Web.Create a tool that is widely needed on your site or create a tool that can be embedded on other people's Web sites and includes a link back. it is always advisable to work on your link . but it takes a little more to make them interesting enough to be link bait.These are articles that are controversial or attack something popular. humor hooks are generally funny videos. Humor Hooks . So. meaning they are temporary. It is linked to from thousands upon thousands of Web sites so that users can view PDFs. If you are writing content that is not of the highest quality.

you cannot expect people to link back to it and it'll be hard to rank the page. Text content must be interesting and appeal to your audience.Optimized press releases . we want to make sure everyone has a chance to read it and direct their friends to it. Opening Up Your Content to the World The goal of SEO and SMO are essentially the same: to bring content to the masses. approaches to it. but it's more effective to simply write the content right from the beginning.Online photo galleries through Flickr showing your offices . This can be done through some of the following: . To bring attention to our content. it can be tempting to go with a 100% paid linking campaign to make up for the fact that no one will link to your boring content. but it also refers to the method of making the content easy to share.Company profiles on social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace .Providing incentives for Webmasters to link back to your articles . Once we have some good content on the site. we must first generate it. Keep this in mind at all times when writing your content.YouTube channel for videos . They just take different.Add an 'email this article to a friend' button . We should be improving the quality of the Web. This is why SEO works so well with SMO.Set up a mini PR campaign around a new link bait article These are all very simple ways to increase your visibility and expose your content to the world.RSS feeds of your blog entries .129 baiting and not rest on your laurels once you have a single popular piece of content. One way is to do it through organic search.Adding social media submission buttons to your articles . In this case. but they are often over- .Submit your RSS feeds and articles to aggregate sites . It ensures we have all our bases covered. overlapping. SMO directly targets social media sites. If it does not.

Individually. If you're new to Twitter. The more eyes you can get your content in front of. Okay. Vegas. To compete in the rapidly growing marketplace of SEM.130 looked. Can Twitter Help Your Online Business? Most people using Twitter are connecting to new members so they can say what's on their mind. Viacom. Formerly from Mississippi where he attended Ole Miss. they are not the biggest traffic generators. but together they can form a powerful source of inbound links and traffic. DeVries was previously a lead technical consultant at a competing local firm. DeVries' experience has brought him much industry attention and placed him in high demand as a speaker at industry events by those looking to pick his brain. what their doing. setting up a new account takes just seconds. and sometimes throwing in their sales pitch to attract new customers. who is one of the most coveted experts in the industry today.com. Workopolis. Treehouse immediately set itself apart by placing Chief Technology Officer DeVries at the helm. Now what do i do with it? . the larger number of backlinks you'll receive generating both authority and traffic. and marketing aspects of hundreds of Web sites. Steve moved to San Diego to pursue further challenges in the Web marketing arena. and Ziff Davis Media. achieving top rankings for major clients such as Entrepreneur. About the Author: Steve comes from a rich Web background where he has worked on the design. development.

. Just remember that if you do get a purchase from someone through Twitter. Even if Twittering just gets you a few customers.not to mention all for free. I would recommend that you try to settle the dispute directly with the purchaser offering them a refund for the product. or talk about events that happened during your day. If you can.. does it? Once in a while you put up a post about a product or information pertaining to your website.. or give them free incentives. and many of the masters of Twitter know what I'm talking about when it comes to this. and who knows.. It doesn't get any easier than that.131 This is the easy part. and the purchaser starts complaining about the product on Twitter. This will help you get the exposure to your business. then it's a few more customers than you had before. you'll get a new customer.. or put a link to their site from yours. so keep on Twittering.then great! I have an affiliate program that will teach you how to build a six-figure a month business on the internet. I would also recommend that you settle the dispute quickly. you might get even more customers! Happy Twittering! If you found this article helpful. and from time to time. because Twitter posts spread like wildfire. The best part about this is that it required very little work on your behalf.just talk about what your doing. it could drag your website sales and creditability down the drain. or someone will subscribe to one of your newsletters. and there's nothing like having bad news going around about your website's products.

which attracted 117. .com The Facebook Frenzy . Back when the election was in its infant stages. join me before it's too late. Caroline. She set her political views as "liberal" and joined the group "One Million Strong for Barack" a fan page for Barack Obama supporters.1 million unique visitors in June 2008.And How Your Business Can Benefit Here's a little tip. http://www. having overtaken main competitor MySpace in April 2008. Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors.6 million. ComScore reports that Facebook attracted 132. The media was all over the social networking profile like flies to a picnic. decided it was time to update her Facebook profile. Rudy Giuliani's daughter. don't make it public through social networking. According to comScore. If you're the daughter of a presidential candidate and you decide to support the opponent. We could go through all the do's and don'ts of social networking but the overall message in all of this: social networking websites are an effective way to get your message across and meet other people with similar interests. compared to MySpace. a marketing research company serving many of the Internet's largest businesses.132 If you want to make money online.BestBigTicket.

networking and expressing your individuality on Facebook shouldn't pose too much of a business risk. there are countless opportunities for networking. you can join fan pages for your favorite television show. There are groups for people interested in everything from fly fishing to reading the Harry Potter series. And on the more professional side of things . strong communication skills and the ability to do some very clever networking." the website boasts membership that includes the likes Fortune 500 businessmen. the National Writers Union and the Denver Press Club.133 And to clear up the myth that Facebook is just for "young people. musicians and everybody in between. ultimately your true colors will eventually shine through anyway. As a matter of fact. on Facebook. He is a member of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. While this may be good when looking for a new career. innovation.Be sure to add me as a friend! Jeremy "Basil" Dannebohm is a freelance writer.. musician. The site lacks the ability to show your true colors. the HR recruiter who initially brought me to Denver first met me . . political leaders.. There are other "business social networking sites" the most common of which is Linkedin. local celebrity. So are you ready to catch the Facebook frenzy. celebrities. celebrity. While on Facebook. which is good but strictly business. determination. He can be reached at jeremy at dannebohm dot com. Using social networking tools is the perfect launch pad from which to present yourself to the professional world. To navigate your way through this economic storm will require creativity.. so if you lead a relatively normal life..

And don't hesitate to reach out and follow others. These folks follow you and you follow them back. Twitter is a community of friend and followers. Make sure you get involved. Don't forget to talk about what you can offer to the community in your bio. Build your profile: if you want others to follow you. and you both get value out of the relationship. 2. Learn about the events that are going on in the community (e. In order to get more traffic on this platform. Here is how you can build up your presence on Twitter: 1. you've got to build trust and gain not only followers but friends as well. You have folks who follow you to find out about your thoughts and content. Whether you are an individual or a business. you've got to set up a proper profile with all your contact information. Network: it may sound easy to just talk about what you eat on this platform.134 How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Twitter Twitter has truly revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. . But you don't have to be an early-adopter to get the best out of Twitter. follow friday). The micro blogging platform has been around for a while but until recently it was dismissed as a distraction and "useless" tool. Those who jumped on Twitter in its early days set themselves apart from the rest of us. Social networking sites are designed for you to network with others and build relationships. But it's more than that. micro-blogging has something for everyone. Use an appropriate background and include your websites and possibly a picture of yourself there. Then you've got a group that you can call your Tweet friends.g. and you can do just that by tweeting with others.

There are plenty of other things you can do to drive traffic to your website from the social media. If you see someone who's providing you with valuable information. Make sure you keep your focus and don't jump all over the place. . Looking for more twitter followers? Read on to find out about the revolutionary Web 2. 5. For more information and tips on Twitter log on to: http://www. Follow others: don't avoid following others. The more people you know.135 3.com Twitter Et All Look .0 system <http://www. But you've got to be involved to get any value. Behave: Twitter is not a chat room. follow them. Get listed on twibs.smoabc. and everything you say stays on the web. Don't say things you would not say in a professional setting. I should know.com> that helps you gather thousands of Twitter followers fast. Provide Value: one way to get people to follow you is by giving them valuable information.projectweb30. 6. We try. the more you get out of tweeting. and sometimes are quite successful. 4. I work on the Internet.you have to be conscientious and proactive when dealing with a new Social networking outlet. Partner up: you'd be surprised how many businesses have found partners on Twitter.com and reach out to other businesses.

Can you imagine how many papers you could have aced if you only had a tool that could quantify and qualify your . Suffice it to say. I am not saying don't do it. Granted. Maybe saying "boring" is a bit unfair.136 at new software. but I have seen my followers grow to over 300 in less than a month. While I am still trying to figure out what the whole experience is. One is about managing the whole experience named Tweetdeck. Everyday I get anywhere from three to six new links that I find interesting. if you took marketing 101 in college. tuck my hair in and move forward. The ones that really bug me are the ones that constantly promote their own agenda. you can Google Twitter tools and see hundreds of pages on the subject. Well. let me tell you. some Twitter tools deal with how to mass DM (direct message) your followers. I tighten my goggles. but I really do get bored when the people I am following are merely spewing links that really are of no interest to me. @'s). Tweet Effect. With that said. you would have loved this gadget. So I am thinking this is a hot tool if you can dice and trim all of the fat. Yes. but I have to be honest: sometimes it's boring. I am a newbie. I am not going to bore you and give you another list of all these tools. Twitter is hot. I have only been using Twitter for about one month and it wasn't until a nice Canadian @orenoque asked me to look at some of the tools he uses. Then I happened on this tool. For example. I can see how one might imagine strapping goggles and a flight hat on before sitting down to use this turbo tool. I truly believe it is due to paying attention to what works and how to maximize your Twitter-ability. gadgets and media. Let me explain. Most are focused on how to use your Twitter to maximum capacity. but give us all a break (and you know who you are. yet watching your followers grow is a feat and enjoyment in itself.

then strap your goggles on and get ready to become a Twitter expert. I read and write 5 languages fluently. and M-7. Web content. Therefore.level343. your best bet is to copy your numbers. As an SEO copy writing specialist I write Press releases. you have a strong chance of finding out what interests your target audience and what doesn't. In conclusion. how are you" is always welcome. I would love to hear what your favorite Twitter tool is and how it has helped you grow your business.com/> or you can see more of my articles at SEO Articles <http://www. If you can muddle through all the tools out there and find just a few to can harness the power of Twitter. If you need to contact me feel free to contact me through Professional SEO Specialist <http://www.level343. and on what post. Reviews. Give me ideas of how to harness my creativity.The only problem is they do not save or generate reports on their results. Landing pages. It's a great marketing tool. remember we want to hear about a variety of things . Maybe I am putting too much emphasis on the quality of my followers and I should be happy I have any followers at all.not just how wonderful you are and what a great tool you have created. I have been in the Marketing and Internet business for well over 20 years.137 results. because it lets you know someone quit following you. give me snippets about people in your life. Between Tweet Effect and Qwitter. Everything I write is Search Engine Optimized with comprehensive keywords. Gabriella Sannino Also known as M-7levels. and yes.com/article_archive/> 10 Reasons Why Twitter May Be the Best Social Media For Your Company . a "good morning. Blogs. Articles. The way I see it is even if you have hundred of followers. Another great tool that I recently find is Qwitter.

the good news today is there no charge to get started and continue building an unlimited "Following" (database) of contacts that want your news. Twitter Is Free . 4. and Facebook which can be great for growing your contacts and public relations. Getting Started Take Only Minutes . 3. Like any social media it takes a bit of time to learn how to use and interact with others. but compared to Facebook and MySpace the set-up takes only a fraction of the time and its ongoing use is low maintenance. .138 If you haven't started using twitter but have wondered what use it could be. and build a Following. MySpace.If you already have a database of contacts and prospects you can search for them on twitter or send messages via other advertising.Unlike LinkedIn. build your own branded twitter page. consider that twitter offers one of the simplest social networks formats with the least amount of time required to get started and maintain. Twitter is simple and reasonably straightforward. It Takes Seconds To Get Your Point Across . Following are 10 reasons why twitter might be the easiest social media for your organization to break into for creating brand interactivity and real time relationships with your customers.There's no need for lengthy projects or hours of strategic thinking when all you have is 140 characters (one and a half sentences) to make your point. Building A Database Can Be Easy . 1. Either start Googling away searching on your twitter topics or seek out the top twitter users and tune in to how they are making the most their communications.Like all highly used social networks. The good news is there are spectacular quality articles that give great tutorials and helpful pointers. like your monthly newsletter. 2.

7. twitter allows you to get the word and links out to your information in seconds.If you're in a business where your customers are in front of their computer. 10. advertising and marketing strategies. President of Sol Solutions. you can note when new products arrived.com/solsolutions .communitymarketing. there's no coding or technical experience required. Article by Andrew Ballenthin. etc.By sending out regular updates. regular policy/news updates. Google catches their updates and keeps it for searches. It's Not A Time Consuming Monster . you'll find that a variety of software applications will capture your content on their platform. Create Real Time Relationships .typepad. Easily Share Updates And Links .As your following grows. When you need to stand apart from your competition talk to Sol Solutions for your competitive branding.If your audience is highly tuned into what your company does. No Technical Experience Is Required . 6. Google Loves Tweets . You may only use it a few times a week in which case it will only take minutes out of your schedule.twitter. It's a simple as writing and line and submitting. 9. For more information go to our blog http://www.If your firm does not have a 'whiz' with software.You'll need to decide how frequently you want to twitter (comment). Masses of Customers Can Get Updates . 8. Twitter can be monumental for building trust.139 5. your followers can feel like they're interacting with you.com or follow us on Twitter at http://www. Most companies buy on trust and value as much as they buy because they need the products/service.

in order to connect there has to be an exchange that is of value to the user. The first thing to understand is that social media and consumer generated content serves as a repository and public record . The gold dust of social media is consumer generated content and the sentiment it reflects about brands .advertising and marketing messages are inherently persuasive and rightly perceived as biased whereas word of mouth messages naturally build (or diminish) confidence without perceived bias. harness. So why does traditional online advertising not work in social media. fast-moving audiences found in social media sites. from those things that make up everyday life. 78% of respondents to the 2007 Nielsen Global Survey on Word of Mouth indicate consumer recommendations are the most credible form of advertising. Second. blogs and social media platforms empower consumers to communicate. In simple terms the challenge is to define and tie key performance indicators to the content and sentiment being measured. emotion and thought. advertising is about persuasion while social media is about empowerment . network. If you chose to advertise on social media sites be conscious of the need to give that audience something of value as opposed to a advertising message. the value of good advertising in social media or any other environment is in its ability to spark inspiration and need. Lets be honest. The question is how to identify. Twiter. Three. The difference boils down to consumer confidence .dynamic word of mouth and conversation. the mindset of social media users is driven by self promotion and community (social engagement) . Flyertalk and thousands of community boards. Granted. contribute and make decisions about their everyday life. Case in point. Facebook.140 Do Not Advertise on Social Media Sites Don't advertise on social media sites. most consumers' decisions on social media sites take place through the referral of friends.service as opposed to solicitation. measure and act upon the conversational gold dust. the push marketing approach does not apply to niche.First.

. . In our experience.New vs. measured the number of consumer "Promoters" (those who would recommend a product or services) and "Detractors" (those who actively discourage the use of a product or service) of hundreds of companies across many categories finding that on average the NPS leader grows at 2. it is important to define additional metrics aimed at benchmarking the contribution of social media against other channels of consumer interaction. based on five measurement modules.Site visits .5x. Involvement This set of metrics is aimed at understanding the propensity of involvement for either your own social media environment (community board.Navigational path . the consumer generated insight research opportunity is to use that insight on a regular basis and with quality marketing-based analysis to derive valuable insights that can improve marketing communications. Assigning a unique referring ID to your social media property or third party social sites within your site analytics tool (Web Trends and Google Analytics) should facilitate this data. the single most important measurement metric for social media is a variation of Net Promoter Score ®. Our work with Avis and OpenSkies on the social media space has allowed us to define a measurement approach to consumer generated content.Time spent . While the Net Promoter Score ® metric can provide a foundation metric. In fact. Fred Reichheld of Bain & Co.141 of conversations and consumer sentiment about a brand. 1. Brand Watch.Pages viewed . Creator. Market Sentinel) have popped up offering technology to capture those conversations for analysis but much of the application of that technology is still quite tactical or focused on brand reputation management. A number of companies (Nielsen Buzzmetrics. returning users . blog) or third party social media sites that drive users to your site.

Every engagement such as a comment should be equated to a call centre engagement or store visit.Trackbacks .Citations . transactions from social media can be measured by leveraging third party ad-serving and site analytics data.Frequency of comments .Shopping cart instances . Propagation This set of metrics is aimed at indentifying the distribution of social media content and its impact on how other consumers find and participate on the discussions about your brand.Commentary creator segments .Commentary volume .Registrations . . . Sentiment This set of metrics is aimed at identifying changes in positive and negative feedback across time and against competitors.Sources of commentary . Transaction While not applicable to all brands.Search Engine indexing 5. . providing a degree of benchmarking.142 2. This information can be used by Customer Service teams to proactively address specific issues being openly discussed by consumers. This approach allows for social media engagement to be viewed as part of the overall customer journey. . A key metric is search engine indexing which is related to the incremental impact of natural search traffic and visibility derived from social media.Net Promoter Index variation 4. Engagement These metrics are aimed at understanding the specific actions and behaviors of users.Conversion rate . Establishing a control test against your average transactional site data can be an effective way of identifying variations on behavior and value.Topics/Subjects 3.

I'm offering a tip for not only rapidly increasing your twitter following. Here's how to make this process easier and more effective. favorite TV shows. or buy your product. Band names. Search for words or phrases that you are personally interested. visit on your links. Web Liquid ers How to Find Relevant Twitter Follow- Twitter is a rapidly spreading social media phenomenon.143 . But don't follow just anyone. visit on "Feed for this query" in . Many of the people you follow will kindly follow you back. etc.Revenue by user Alain Portmann. Here's the idea: Follow as many tweeps (twitter + peeps.Revenue per transaction . favorite books. but finding followers who share similar interests with you. Anyone who is tweeting about what you're interested in. When you do a search on Twitter. More and more folks are joining the twitterverse and it's becoming a hugely popular tool for promotion and marketing as well as friendly networking with others across the globe. Use RSS to continuously find relevant people to follow on Twitter. I couldn't resist) as possible. Twitter newbies always seem to be looking for ways to increase their following.twitter. would be worth following and a valuable follower of your tweets.com) to search tweets for keywords. This is important because these are followers who are more likely to pay attention to your tweets. Follow those with similar interests as you. Here's how you seek them out: Use twitter search (search. website names.

Another way is to add several feeds to your RSS reader. Then view all of the feeds in that folder at once to see a nicely mixed list of relevant people to follow on Twitter. You can do this for several keyword searches. How to Get 2.144 the upper right corner of the screen. Remember. This Twitter marketing tip is to give those people an option.net> . some people have an easier time doing stuff the old fashioned way. and without all the new bells and whistles out there.000 Twitter Followers in Just a Few Weeks Here is the way I used to grow my Twitter list to 2. Nothing against new technology. each for a different keyword. For more articles about song craft. In Google Reader. Here is what I did in 5 easy steps: . With what I know now.000 followers in just a few months. you could group several feeds into a folder. It's how many relevant twitter follows you have! Check out this article on twitter for bands <http://www. One way is to search for multiple keywords and grab the RSS feed for that twitter search. it's not about how many twitter followers you have. music production techniques. and online music promotion visit Serve The Song <http://www.net/promotion/grow-band-twitterfollowing/> . My feed reader of choice is Google Reader. I know I could do it in weeks. Add this search result to your RSS feed reader.servethesong.servethesong. but face it.

Just scroll down the page. Every day. just RT or re-Tweet something that you found useful. 3. So. and wanted to see how they use Twitter . sociable. If you don't see it. so it makes it more likely that they will follow you back. @replies or RTs . you should go to your Following list and delete anyone who is not following you back. Make sure that those replies are positive. I picked several like Frank Kern and Mike Dillard . About 25% of these people will follow you back. You should also have made about 100-125 Tweets . I just went down the list and started following them. After just 4-5 days you should be following about 1. and friendly. This keeps you from being mistaken for a spammer and getting kicked out of Twitter . Follow about 20 people from each of your "gurus" list till you have followed 250. Twitter likes to see you communicating and being social. repeat this process. Then go do @replies to 25 Tweets or reply to direct messages you have received. These are people who have proven that they will follow and they're interested in the same information I was. At this point. about 25 at a time from each guru . If not. about 25 from each guru I was following. The first thing I did was find a few marketing "gurus" that I wanted to get Tweets from. I set a schedule to follow 250 people every day. for example.145 (This is assuming you have your Twitter site up and running.)< 1. Believe me. you can expect to get about 25 to follow you back. 2. They should also contain good valuable information that Tweets can use. they aren't following and you need to remove them. deleting . 4. Just make sure you follow 250 and reply to 25 every day. If you don't know what to Tweet . The way to tell if they are following you is by checking if the words "Direct Message" is underneath their name. The next thing I did was make sure I was Tweeting and doing about 25 @replies and direct replies every day. I then started following their followers. I was learning from them anyway. go see my earlier Twitter Marketing Tips. especially if you are Tweeting several times a day about interesting and valuable information. if you follow 100.000 and have 250-350 following you. they will add up fast.

as they are following him for his value and will be looking for others who Tweet valuable info. I would still keep the practice of following and deleting nonfollowers and Tweeting and sending @replies at least 25 times a day. if someone has really good Tweets .Affiliate Marketing . As soon as you get 2. To learn more about how to create traffic with Twitter.ooo follower Twitter obstacle. You'll be amazed at how fast your list grows when your Twitter goes viral. This will even up your following and followers list and make you look like more of an authority figure on Twitter .Bizness Wizard. This will get you thru the 2.146 or removing as you go and at the bottom visit on next.com You'll learn all about Marketing Tips That Work. That is why it's so important to make sure you are sticking to the code that says." Of course. that limit is lifted. Twitter has a rule that limits you to following only 2. Repeat this till you have checked every page. You can also start following more people a day now that you have built up your followers list. just do this step every 4-5 days to keep non-followers off your following list.List Building . This is a good time to up your following to about 500-700 people a day.000 followers. you are able to follow at will. His followers are probably good ones to follow as well. It's also a common courtesy to follow everyone back. Hope this Twitter marketing tip helps.ooo people. "If ya don't follow me back. you're out'a here. That will give you about 150 new followers every day. From Carol Hansen .Product Creation. When you get 2. I make an exception. Social Marketing and Affiliates. . 5.000 followers. Then delete non-followers every 4-5 days. From now on.From My Kitchen Table . Always respect the Twitter community and follow these rules. Happy Tweeting. Social Marketing . you can check out Carol at http://FromMyKitchenTable.Traffic Generation .

You See. They don't want to hear that I've spent $10. and any top earner will agree with me.." . online people see the finished product of those who have been successful entrepreneurs online. The competition is fierce and you need to be savvy with your time. What they have not seen is all of the BLOOD. They dont want to hear that top earners usually don't sleep much. You are the secret. "If I do what most people are not willing to do. The Newbies all want to know what the secret to succeeding in social media is. I am going to live like most people will never live. when you tell them. I was after it. I went a whole week once with 2 hours of sleep. SWEAT AND TEARS that went into the journey to that success. People want to know what it takes. The secret to succeeding in social media is you have to be one step ahead of the guy behind you at all times. I love it when people tell me they need their 8 hours of sleep to function the next day. "If You do what most people do." Now lets Reverse that Statement. for the 98%ers. Here is how I have always thought.000 on programs. your money and where you put them both. they don't want to hear it. I had a goal and it came to fruition. And I was not on drugs. but the truth is.. systems and education. you will have what most people have. Bull.147 The Secret to Social Media Success Everyone Wants To Know The Secret. I'll give you the straightest answer I can. THERE IS NO SECRET! In Fact.

. Tell me what you do with your money and who you spend your time with and I will tell you where you will be five years from now. 2006 and is fast becoming the most popular micro-blogging platform on the web.What is holding you back.Which side of the fence are you on. its here to stay and getting more advanced by the day. So You have to ask yourself. even I am having a hard time separating money making activities and studying the latest and greatest as it is coming out quick.. Social Media is not going anywhere. His passion lies in bringing out the best in people and helping them to Live Their Dream. In February 2009 Twitter hit 8 billion users.148 I think that one is a no brainer.. Stay Tuned for more so called "Secrets" -The Maui Marketer 866-264-7080 Josh Boxer is recognized as a Top Internet Marketer and works with the top internet marketers in the world..InternetWealthPros. For FREE information on the most powerful online marketing system and business in the world check out ---> http://www. I have to admit. Quantcast reports that demographically users are predominantly in the .com Small Business Uses For Twitter Twitter launched in July.if it isn't all ready.

keywords.49 yrs * 82% Caucasian * 74% No Kids * 46% College * 17% Grad School Twitter is a highly adaptable tool that can be utilized for a multitude of purposes. Where think tanks and focus groups are limited by size.149 United States. Small businesses that cannot afford to use up their marketing budget on expensive reports have some alternatives. and time constraints Twitter is global and always on. brands or businesses. but users are still able to share articles. Caucasian. and videos through the use of shortened URL links. industries. location. business. pictures. reports. Where market research and case studies can take months and years to come to fruition Twitter is a real time source for data. With just a few useful tools. * 53% female * 47% male * 47% 18 . between 18 to 49 years old. and focus groups in the hopes of obtaining business building information on their industry and target market. Businesses and organizations collectively pay millions of dollars for case studies. news. Twitter not only helps you connect with millions of people but it is also a phenomenal research tool. college graduates. Twitter can be used to research geographically. and Twitter is one of them. white papers. with no children. think tanks. .34 yrs * 31% 35 . You would think that 140 characters limits what can be distributed. On top of using Twitter as a communication and information sharing utility it is a very useful and an highly effective research apparatus that can be applied to diverse areas of study with minimal cost. also known as "tweets" for fun. there are hundreds of them. information. targeted demographics. and in emergencies. Twitter is a free resource that can be utilized to supplement your existing research efforts. People send out status updates.

com TwitPwr. resellers.com Geographical and Target Market Research Twellow.Using Twitter. Social Media Optimization is about cultivating relationships in online communities that allow your business to connect with potential clients.thegetsmartblog. investors.Grader.com NearbyTweets. employees.com TweetBeep.com Twhirl .com Top Twitter Influencers Twitter.com/> Lucrative Consulting .150 Small Business Twitter Tools Brand Management and Keyword Research Search.org Through the use of social media we instruct our clients on how best to cultivate a strong and personable online presence.twitter. Facebook to Build Your Business . Twitter Management Tools <http://www.com Twitter Management Tweetdeck. and strategic partners.com/2009/01/get-smart-twittertools/> Internet Presence Building <http://gswconsultinggroup.

Lets take a little time here. conducted research which looked at 17. Through these occasions of interaction you will be building a "case history" of sorts.151 Maybe you don't know how social media can be used to build your Consulting business. with no real way you could consistently get clients. Maybe you feel its just a big waste of time. That usually comes in the nature of questions in a post. build brand or name recognition from using something like twitter. If you spend time speaking to business professionals. list. and let me show you how to build a successful Consulting business using online social media services. You can create a FAQ. Because the social media world is a perfect pool of prospects and professionals. A valid reason alone for using sites such as Twitter and Face-book.000 Internet users in 29 countries" and found that social media can have a dramatic impact on their brand's reputation." What impact could that have on your business? There is no faster way to create credibility and brand recognition than through social media. Once you have begun to collect followers who seem interested in you and your business you will be in position to offer real value to those seeking more info on you and what you have to offer. "The Society for New Communications Research. you can con- . These questions get speared throughout an entire network. "34% post opinions about products and brands on their blog and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs. and how you answer these questions will reflect your professionalism and personal touch. or talking to people about business than were on the right path. Begin with looking at how you already or might be able to use these services.

A lot of people are now hooked on how twitter works and ideally there are many things to do in twitter. But if you are a newbie. Paul Godines Coaches Professionals to become High Priced Experts with the Skills. invite others for Interviews. and become a High Priced Expert than go to Adapt on a Dime. As you can see this is the probably the fastest and most efficient way to interact with prospects.adaptonadime. and even do some advertising by posting titles and links to helpful articles that you write.com http://www.152 duct a Survey. So HOW do you Twitter? . By sending you valuable content and leads. If you're ready to go to the next step. In short it is really FASCINATING. You will very quickly be able to connect to hundreds of thousands of real live people who can contribute to your business. Industry or Field" Ideal Uses of How to Twitter Things Things are becoming more interactive and very fast these days. The Twitter face value is really becoming bigger and brighter. Paul says "If you have trained another person than I can train you to become a High Priced Expert in your Career. The Twitter application is one of the big miracles that can turn the world as closer and as faster than ever before. It is exactly the same as social bookmarking with a mash up on instant texting with a mix of blogging. it is not too late for you to learn Tweeting. Knowledge and Experience they already have.com Get your FREE audio download called "Get 50 Clients Worth Tens Of Thousands In 2 Minutes Each".

hobbies. Feedalizr. a widget application. Users can receive updates via the Twitter website. Ok. Claim your course on getting YOUR website to the top of google for free just email learnseo@trustseo. On the web. Facebook. Twitter and tweeting is really fun.153 Fast facts on Twitter. you can also support a presidential candidate.com <mailtolearn-seo@trustseo. twitter can be use with the use of emails and even cell phones. CEO of search engine optimization for http://www. it is a web application which is a part social networking and microblogging service. Please don't be too much on the sense that you are over doing it. RSS. Its could be useful in our jobs. you can even say I love you to you boyfriend. It allows users to send and read other member's updates.com. You can sell your stuffs on twitter. ). It is predicted that there will be more and more people who will join the craze. Twinkle. Now. because people will surely hate it and they don't want to follow a person who spams. don't insult people. And most of all.The answer lies on the satisfaction of every individual who manage to look closely on the twitter potential. People are very much into it that a lot of them are addicted on this simple application. It Is really a great update site because it is much faster and has a limited 140 text characters. Sounds cool but a lot of people are still not learning about its potential. User members are estimated to be 6 million at recent discovery. and Twidget. About the Author Tor Black.trustSEO. So there are a lot of creative ways on how to tweet. SMS. or through applications such as TwitterMobile. It is best to keep it 3 updates per hour. you can even make a lot of networking for your clients. there are many guidelines on how to twitter. Tweetie.com> . just a reminder for folks who are very much into Twitter. and there are plenty of things to do in twitter. you can court a girl by tweeting. and many more. Bear in mind that his web application is very useful to all of us. So what is blogging under 140 characters. Please don't spam. Twitterrific. updates.

and better yet. worth creating lenses about. and that if you want to position yourself as an expert. It isn't enough to know that your second-cousin on your mom's side is double jointed and should really be in the circus.154 3 Resources For Finding Niche Topics For Lenses Don't you just LOVE being in the know? We all know that knowledge is power. you need to have knowledge that people want. let's just stick to these three for now... you are far more likely to take the additional step of actually checking them out (as opposed to simply scrawling them down on what is no doubt an evergrowing to-do list). By focusing on just three resources. but I didn't want to overwhelm you. So. folks were scrambling about looking for a way to quickly obtain information from Twit- . I'm going to share three helpful resources for identifying knowledge that is actually worth having. Of course there are more than three. when is that going to actually be useful? That said. Resource #1: Tweet Scan After Twitter search was disabled.because outside of family reunions and reality television.

155 ter. delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds. innovative business ideas from around the world. Along the way Alexa has developed an installed based of millions of toolbars." The site also has a . What Makes it a Great Resource: On the Tweet Scan homepage is a tag cloud that creates a visual representation of the topics that are the "most tweeted" at that particular time. Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. What Makes it a Great Resource: From their website. you can quickly get a runthrough of the top ten hot URL's on the web at any given time. Resource #2: Alexa From Alexa's website . one of the largest Web crawls and an infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data. It doesn't get much easier that this . Broken down into multiple categories. but it is the one that I use the most often. Resource #3: Springwise I love this site! It features cool. you can browse this site easily.000 spotters scan the globe for smart new business ideas. the hotter the topic.and there is plenty of potential to stumble upon blogs that offer feeds that you could utilize in your lens creation.Visit on the link at the bottom of the list. you can quickly get a look at the top sites by country by subscribing to one of Alexa's free feeds."Founded in April 1996. and come up with literally DOZENS of lens ideas. For those who like to get their information from RSS. The larger the type. Want more than ten. "Springwise and its network of 8. If you want more information on any particular tag. just visit on it." What Makes it a Great Resource: By glancing at their homepage. Tweet Scan is one of several such directories.

While you are browsing the site. for those who may be in a hurry. and simply drive traffic to a website.Modern Day Text Voyeurism Or Blogging Solicitation? Twitter is the largest micro-blogging website with 6 million users and third-largest social networking website behind MySpace and Facebook. blends helpful tips and resources with a healthy dose of humor.PromoDiva. is a freelance writer.SquidooFlipping. I find myself blogging about everything from random thoughts to interesting articles. aka The Promo Diva(R). Because of my career. located at http://www. Traci's blog. coach and consultant that specializes in working with small businesses and startups. I want everyone to know who I am and what I am doing. don't forget to sign up to receive their weekly newsletter. I would recommend this site for anyone who is interested in staying on the cutting edge of new business trends and ideas. Traci Hayner Vanover. On the flip side. drive brand awareness and positive PR. I can hide behind text and there is no judgment.com.com. visit Traci's newest blog. Drawing on over twenty years experience in the fields of marketing and promotion. Twitter is truly unique in that it offers so much with so very little (text that is). As I tweet on a personal level.156 Most Read quick list on the home page. You can either choose to follow or not. as well as custom lens design and premade lenses for sale. where you'll find helpful tips. Twitter . Why am I so addicted to letting the entire world know what obscure thoughts are floating around in my head. tools and strategies for lens building. For those interested in harnessing the power of Squidoo. I have used Twitter to promote offers. http://www. I am . and immediately know why.And then I look at my followers.

I follow people and businesses because they . just give me the punch line. Tweet a lot. 5. It's the 140-character modern day soap opera. There are hundreds of articles out there on how to use Twitter to generate tons of traffic to your website. No one has time to sit through entire episodes anymore. But I do go to Zappos. Southwest Airlines (twitter. What does all of this mean. Drama sells! People want to live vicariously through others. Get traffic to your website. Do I take pleasure in the drama of othersAbsolutely! Now let's look at the Corporate America side of Twitter. 2. but you get into the daily routine of one of its employees. you have to have a bit of voyeur in you. Insert links into a percentage of tweets.com to purchase shoes. I think both Southwest Airlines and Zappos do a great job of this blending of voyeurism and blogging. 4. Tony is a text voyeur. Zappos (twitter.To be successful. Twitter allows us to sum everything up in just a few characters and help paint a picture. it is an art form. WRONG! But it's not that simple to disguise solicitation.com/zappos) Zappos is run by CEO Tony Hsieh. Twitter is a simple concept for Corporate America: 1. You have to give information to your followers that they truly want or create the need. You have to blend true blogging with solicitation without it appearing too much of a hard sell.com/SouthwestAir) Southwest is one of the best Corporate America Twitters around. He wants everyone to know every detail of his life from getting a funky haircut to where he is flying off to today. 3.157 a follower of several people whose drama I can't get enough of. Get a bunch of followers. Not only does it engage with its followers. I know because I have read most of them.

The Personal Profile has a "Wall and Tab" design making it easy to navigate between components. Only one Personal . I listen to them. The goal of your Personal Profile is be engaging and energetic about your business or product without promotional overkill. Go to Facebook and fill-in the requested information and visit the Sign-up button. in one form or another. Robert Jensen Paid & Social Media Expert in the Travel Industry Central Florida Facebook Marketing .Creating Your Personal Profile If you're just starting out with Facebook marketing. Think of your Personal Profile as your business "warm call" to attract Friends who can become Fans.158 keep me interested. After the security question. you are probably thinking: "Do I need a Personal Profile if I am on Facebook to promote my business?" The short answer is an unequivocal "YES!" In fact. the personal profile is one of the most important components of Facebook Marketing. Register your account. Facebook will send a confirmation request to the email account that you supplied. Your Public Profile (Pages) gives you the opportunity to convert Fans to customers through more direct promotion. Everything ultimately comes back to that one spot. And for this. Here are some tips to get you started with your Personal Profile. Confirmation email. They give me just enough information to want more. 2. a confirmation email will be sent to you. 1.

or Twitter address. you're here to network. other users? * Why did you get into this businessd. Basic. 3.Where? * Are you married or single? * Do you have children. In many ways. Contact. Facebook users desire to know about you.159 Profile will be allowed for your email account. Visit the provided link. Update personal details about yourself including your sex. relationship status. Any other relevant contact information such as outside email address or telephone numbers should be displayed here.What are their ages and gender? * What cars do you love? * What is your favorite movie? * Who is your favorite actor/actress? * What life experiences set you apart. What makes you different and stand out in complex world. region. and you will be sent to your new Personal Profile. they are the lifeblood of your Facebook marketing strategy. state. * Where were you born? * Where did you go to high school? * Did you go to college. List your high school. select your birthday.How many. Education. . Any of your selections can be changed later. college's graduation dates. and the schools that you attended are a major beacon for friends to find you. This is your first opportunity to "soft sell" by displaying your URL for your company. Be honest here. your hometown. but keep them short enough to maintain interest. prep school. blog. or bonds you with. b. Next. and the reason that you are on Facebook. c. and religious views. Edit your profile. Personal. The Facebook community is built around similarities. That's what Facebook marketing is all about. Use lists. sexual orientation. a.

What is your job. Find Friends. You can upload your Outlook contacts. Photos.160 e. Work. Facebook allows you to change your regional network once every three months. and learn .facebookboost. You can narrow your friend search by joining a regional network.How long have you been doing it. Upload an upbeat photo for your profile picture. For example. Friends want to look through the window of Facebook at your life. b. Target Notes to synergize your presence and engage your Friends. Notes. 6. Creating a complete and compelling Personal Profile will greatly enhance your Facebook marketing efforts. 4. Remember the importance of photos to the Facebook community. Image. Create an inviting presence by posting candid photos. Facebook has an intuitive mechanism to help you locate Friends based on your Profile. brand.Use Work to show your commitment and passion to your company. School. This photo is the image you project to the Facebook community. and update regularly. if you graduated from West High in 2000. Facebook will list users who did the same. 5. Wayne Wesley has over 10 years of successful experience in using the latest Internet trends and technologies to help small businesses grow. and product. c. Individual searches can also be performed by: a. Wayne's latest project is Facebook marketing. f. Name. Visit his blog at Facebook Boost <http://www. Facebook will even review some email accounts to find matches to Facebook users. Workplace.com> . Where to you work.

Any time you search Twitter. . Or.but rather the latest thing. Google's search results are painstakingly filtered to find the best sources of information online. you'll find people who are actively engaged in a delayed conversation about the exact keywords you're looking for. you can also choose to make your conversations public. people are not looking for established authority . Fundamentally. Google has a way of finding the most popular websites and trusted authorities on any field. and for good reason. you might even find someone who just got back from the movie and you can ask them some questions about it yourself. With people utilizing this media platform world wide. And this is where Twitter comes in. for example. if you're looking for some critique about a recently released movie. Where the search comes in is that Twitter's search function actually arranges results by reverse chronological order: the most recent comments show up at the top. Sometimes though.161 how to give your small or Internet business a boost using Facebook. So. Twitter is an open instant messaging platform. While it allows you to connect to your friends and acquaintances. you won't have to search through results for the official trailer that was released a few months ago. almost every topic is represented with discussions among those who are particularly interested in the subject. Twitter Search Shows the Internet in Real Time A large majority of internet searches begin with Google. Whatever it is you are looking for.

How do I achieve this.The benefits will be almost self explanatory after you find the answers to the first two questions. there are often people who are able to witness major events unfolding at the same time they're publishing news to the internet. be sure to check it out! Social Media Optimization . Since the service is also available with mobile phone and laptop computer applications. Some people in social media have been watching Twitter instead of the mainstream news when it comes to disasters. Will Twitter come to totally dominate web searches. The revolutionary new development is in how we can find breaking news and people who share common interests. The new way of organizing information won't eliminate the old one.Benefits and Methods First question .biz/seo/> work of if you want to learn about how to get your own sites started.there are a lot of times when authority and relevance are exactly what you hope to find. John is a writer and web publisher with a blog dedicated to helping new webmasters build websites <http://websitebuilding. It does not .What is social media optimization. it will simply provide an additional resource for the times we need to know the most recent word. If you are interested in how search engines <http://websitebuilding.biz> and make money online. crimes.Probably not .162 In the last few months. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is whatever methods are used for generating public interest in your content.And the second question . and even for covering cultural events & professional conferences. some major news stories have broken on Twitter.

RSS feeds are another. Help your content get to the maximum number of people possible. Create a way to make bookmarking and tagging your content simple. Using the 'mashup' approach is an exceptional way of getting your content noticed. SMO is the most important part of managing your online reputation and the strategies you will use if you want the best online presence available. 3. This is why you need to hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of doing this for your business. the public will never know this. The content you put up might be the best content around but without the public interest that can be generated by a professional. the business will fall flat. What are the Available Methods? There are several methods available to achieve the SMO that you need. Increasing the ability to link to your business. The incorporation of useful tools such as images and videos are another way to achieve SMO.This simplest way to explain this is when a professional company develops your website. 5. Online communities and their websites will be still another way of achieving the social media optimization you need. 4. Blogging is one. if there is no public interest in it. There are basically five rules for SMO that if adhered to will ensure you the best ways of getting the interest in your business that you need. 2. Find other websites that will benefit from using your links. you may ask.163 matter what type of business you have. 1. . What are mashups.

What Will a Professional Do for My Business? Getting inbound links will be one of the first things a professional will do for your business. People very rarely see your content.164 they may take the data from two sources and join it to become a unified tool. How Can I Do This? Hire the best. If your content is a good and this means really good (not a repetition of everything else that is available) the professional can get your business social media optimization that will knock your socks off. Because they will get you the most traffic and recognition that is available for your business. it has to be extraordinarily good. This happens somewhat on its own as word gets out about your business but it can be helped along rapidly by concentrating on a few simple things when it comes to content. And you know what happens if you are not on the first page. Check out their reputation before you hire them so you know you are getting the best. This is their ultimate responsibility and your online reputation as well as business depends upon it. The benefits of this are a business or website that will attract attention because it is so unique. .Do they have clients that you can check with for an unbiased review of their abilities to do what they advertise they can do? It cannot be overemphasized enough when it comes to hiring a professional that they must know what they are doing. Maybe one in a million people will happen to visit on your site. It is not enough for your content to be good. Are people satisfied they are doing a good job. This will save you thousands of dollars in advertising to no avail. This is what makes the difference between the number one ranking on the search engines and page 10. 20 or 30.

or is there something genuinely important and groundbreaking about Twitter . Do not let your business die before it even has a chance. That is why they are the professionals.What's All the Fuss About? Unless you have been trekking across the Sahara (without a mobile phone) for the last few months. Twitter .and can there be a business opportunity? Twitter seems to have really taken off in the UK when Stephen Fry talked about his interest in it on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross back in January. you will almost certainly have come across the phenomenon that is Twitter. find the perfect SMO professional. Results in the shortest amount of time possible are what you need. Many use it for following celebrities. Every day the newspapers are full of stories about this latest social networking craze.com/social-media-optimization-benefitsand-methods> and Internet Marketing Company <http://www.rzconcepts. but it has many applications.com> specializing in top placement among the major search engines. Is it just that. prospers and in turn makes money for you. RZ Concepts Inc is a Social Media Optimization <http://www.165 The professional social media optimization team knows how to do this. Instead of wasting months waiting for your website to get the interest it needs to survive. I have been experimenting with Twitter myself over the last couple of weeks. and thought you might find it useful if I let you . Hiring the right professional for the job will be the key to the business that survives.rzconcepts.

along with those of everyone else that they follow.166 know a little about my experiences. Registering is very simple and there are no detailed profiles to complete. I have started using Twitterfeed <http://twitterfeed. I have significantly increased its usefulness with two free pieces of software.com/beta/> instead of the Twitter website to manage the incoming and outgoing tweets.com/> to automatically tweet new blog posts once I post them. When I started looking at it properly this rapidly increased to over 150 within a week. That's Twitter in a nutshell. At first I couldn't grasp the potential and didn't sign up. It's not until you get into it that you realise the potential. I am using Tweetdeck <http://www. My experiences I had kept hearing about Twitter and had been encouraged to sign up by Emily Coltman who I have worked with on our Pivot Table Videos. . This tends to be how news spreads very quickly on Twitter. Anyone else can choose to follow them and see these tweets on their Twitter homepage (or in third party software) . I still did very little with it for a couple of weeks but had picked up about 25 followers anyway. Secondly. Firstly. You can also 'retweet' someone else's tweet (similar to forwarding an email) to your followers.tweetdeck. You can reply to anyone's tweets (visible to anyone else) or send a direct message to anyone that is following you (visible only to them). so you can be up and running in about 10 minutes. but eventually did so at the end of January after hearing Stephen Fry talk about it (in the interview mentioned above). What is Twitter?Twitter allows users to have a profile and post status updates of up to 140 characters at a time. particularly from a business perspective. One of its strengths is its simplicity.

etc. business consultancies specialising in business improvement and cost savings. I. Conclusion This facility alone allows anyone to determine what the world is saying about any particular subject at any one time. This allows you to set up an ongoing search of all tweets (whether or not you are currently following the tweeter) thereby allowing you to see comments from all over the world on your chosen subject. Very often they start following me if I have been helpful. Glen Feechan is Chief Executive of Feechan Consulting Ltd and FC Procurement Ltd. all from one screen. Think of the possibilities for market research. It has also been a lot of fun.com/glenfeechan. and looks like generating real world consultancy and training opportunities. if I have time available. It has generated online training sales. or even simply communicating with people with similar interests. for example. One of the most powerful uses I have found of Tweetdeck though. I reply .twitter. I would recommend anyone register and take a look. Where I see someone struggling with pivot tables. .offering to answer their questions. have a column looking at the term 'pivot table' or 'pivot tables' which shows me every tweet that uses these terms. I also tweet a link to my free pivot table videos if I think it appropriate. In a matter of weeks. picture links. I can also choose to follow these people to see how they get on. politics (many even claim that Twitter won the US election for Barrack Obama). You could start by following me at http://www. I have found that Twitter has allowed me to reach a far wider audience with this blog and ezine.167 Tweetdeck allows you to view incoming tweets by groupings and to post tweets with shortened URLs. is the search facility.

notjustnumbers. @NatGeoSociety 1. But has Twitter reached its peak in popularity and is the darling of social media waning.co. Here is a sampling of their 'twitters' over a six hour period." Over the past year it has gained significant traction as a business tool with everybody from entrepreneurs.. "What am I doing right now?" or share insightful information. very brightly. a multi-platform blogging service. i.. i. But is Twitter's business model sustainable? "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Changes Are Afoot at Twitter Twitter is technically speaking.Naysayers have been predicting the demise of Twitter as early as 2007 but it is still around and generates a passionate following.168 Glen is also the editor (and regular contributor) of Not Just Numbers ezine and blog (view or sign up at http://www. and to larger companies like Dell and Comcast.about 6 hours ago from twitterfeed 2.uk).e." Blade Runner Let's look at a real life example of a twitter account that you could subscribe to: The National Geographic Society. EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Rare Artifacts Return to Afghanistan .and you have burned so very.about 6 hours ago from twitterfeed . Pluto Has "Upside Down" Atmosphere ..e. small business. "Look at this great article. It was designed as a way to post short messages of 140 characters or less. Roy. to update your friends and network with your current "status".

and many existing services -ranging from Instant Messenger to social networks -. #Whale giveaway 5! How many calories per day does the average blue whale need for survival. In summary. They are less interested in the technology but desire to absorb Twitter's bloated subscriber network. Our final giveaway is happening at 3P et.com/webmarketers me on twitter at .have overlapping functionality and value. It is also rare that a communication medium maintains such popularity when it is controlled by a private entity. email.about 12 hours ago from HootSuite The assumption is that because I have signed up for their Twitter account. mass popularity and little understanding you are liable to get an overrated. I am interested in these topics. Any time you have a convergence of newness. Twitter is not the first. its private ownership makes it very attractive to suitors. Opensource mediums that are successful have open standards and work in a distributed fashion with examples: newgroups. However. Twitter will be acquired by another company. and it will not be the last.169 3. This is a lot of information that I need to digest and there is an assumption that I have the time and interest. Before that happens. Be the first to answer and win Nat Geo prizes about 10 hours ago from HootSuite 5. The "Pluto Has 'Upside Down' Atmosphere" article sounds interesting but is that enough to sustain my interest in their twitter feed. Twitter's growth as the defacto social communication medium is limited. Facebook had expressed interest in purchasing them and the latest suitor is Google. Twitter's business model will change for the sole reason that eventually the audience will move. scientists study a stronghold of the blue #whale. and very simple. Read the Nat Geo Magazine article . etc. webpages.Be the first to answer and win a prize about 8 hours ago from HootSuite 4. Near Costa Rica. It is the same reason we have abandoned malls for online shopping sites. there is no compelling reason for most people to use it. technology. FYI: You can follow http://twitter.

Michael was the Sr. 7 Ways You Can Brand Yourself Online With Social Media Social Media is all the rage now days and will continue to grow and to become one of the main ways to brand yourself online.org. Create a Facebook Fan Page for yourself. Web Strategy at both Websense and Modern Postcard where he developed the online strategy supporting the company's business objectives.sddma. Prior to that. Michael also serves as a Board member for the San Diego Direct Marketing Association http://www. directing their Global Online Marketing initiatives leading a diverse global team of matrixed team leaders and digital/online agencies leading to successful global results. Michael spent 8 years at Symantec. there is much confusion about how to do it properly.170 About the Author: Michael Senger is an energetic. However. results-oriented Senior Marketing Professional with more than 10 years experience in both Internet marketing and marketing communications. Manager. Here are seven ways you can succeed in branding yourself online with social media. He was a recipient of numerous awards including "Best E-Zine Website" by the Web Marketing Association and "2005 VisitZ Marketing Excellence" Award for Internet marketing programs targeting the Executive level IT audience. . Prior to BlendStream. Michael has a MBA in Marketing Information Technology from the University of British Columbia in Canada. 1.

you will generate more followers and interest by tweeting on a regular basis. Create a Squidoo lensography all about you.171 Many people do not understand the differences between a Facebook profile and a fan page. 3. Squidoo is also a very popular social media site and can work wonders for your online traffic. Even if you are not planning on using Twitter heavily or if you have a Twitter account under another name or brand you really need to register your name on Twitter as well even if for no other reason than to maintain the integrity and consistency of your brand. patrons and partners to be your fan. 4. Profiles must be under your real name. Furthermore you can demonstrate you and your brand and how they are different with video. your business and services. Fan pages also allow more personal branding for business owners than profiles. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos promoting you. A Squidoo lensography is a lens created using your name as the Squidoo name and URL and includes information all about you and links to many or all of your other Squidoo lenses. Video is very popular and offers you a way to connect with people that you cannot accomplish in any other way. relationships and an online presence as well. Furthermore. You cannot register your business with a Facebook profile. 2. If you have a business then you must use a fan page to promote your business. . Twitter usernames are very quickly becoming like domain names. YouTube is also a very heavy traffic website and having a strong presence there can do wonders for your business. messages. You can drive traffic to your fan page and encourage your customers. Fan pages can include videos. Being active on Twitter will also provide you with more business. and all kinds of branding and promotional materials. Register your name on Twitter and tweet at least once a day.

Present yourself in a professional manner and you cannot go wrong. AnnaLaura Brown is a successful online network marketer who enjoys helping others change their financial future. If necessary you can hire a branding professional to help you with this. Create a profile on Linkedin and get connected with as many people as possible. In short. consistency is crucial. or something else. branding yourself with social media does take some time but it can be done and in the future it will be crucial if you want to succeed not only online but also offline. 7. Linkedin is one of the key sites you need to use to brand yourself. Always use the same picture of you. Learn more about how to build a successful online network marketing organization or a successful online business and subscribe to her free newsletter at http://www.172 sites. Each one will require a minimum of time in order to use it effectively and you cannot spread yourself too thin if you are going to be effective at establishing yourself with social networking. It is also imperative that you use a picture of you and not of a logo. 6. There are many business professionals there and you never know you can connect with and who you will find online. 5.com . your dog.internetworkmarketingwealth. People must see that you are the same person and brand on every site. Pick 2-4 sites and use them regularly. logo and motto on all When creating an online brand with social media. There are thousands of social media sites and the reality is that most people cannot keep track of and actively participate on more than 4.

(5) Using social media sites effectively takes a lot of work consistently. perhaps such as dating services). . boost link numbers and PageRank. when someone crashes your dinner time to try to sell you something. People use social media sites for their own agendas. (1) Most of the sites are opposed in policy and practice to business promotion. directly or indirectly. but there are reasons to avoid them if used to generate business. most of the time and energy spent will probably be on matters irrelevant to your business. or worse. (3) The social media chat topics usually have no relevance to your business and conversely (save for certain types of businesses. unless in individual cases you find your business can solve their problem. this may be why. Once the fad or sensation is over. It is the same with social media chats that are interrupted by sales pitches. traffic stops. And if the sensation is largely irrelevant to your business. probably the traffic is largely unqualified for your business. I'm not here to argue that businesses have no place on social media sites.173 Why Social Media is Not For Business Seven Reasons One of the business fads of today is to use social media sites.. If visits to your site rarely translate into subscriptions and sales. (2) Your viewers' demographics often make most of them improbable candidates for what you want to promote. whether you say something offensive once or they leave for reasons entirely their own. (4) Traffic generated may be fadish or sensation-driven. If you are to engage in conversations and develop relationships properly. to advertise. Imagine how you feel when you get a sales call in the middle of dinner conversation.. and these are not related to your business . and increase sales. And you can easily lose parties in whom you have invested time and energy.

More information about internet marketing appears on his blog at his blog <http://www. The author's use of social media has been cautious on account of thoughts and experiences like the above. And you have no control over what complainers and hecklers say. Twitter Targeted Traffic Tips What Is Twitter? .174 (6) Search engines do not value links to your site from social media sites. and/or uniquely provide what a lot of people want. there are success stories of business people who have done well using social media for business. businesses seeking to use social media for business purposes would do well to keep the above warnings in mind. but this is because they have solved or minimized the difficulties. Of course. put in the work developing relationships. There are other forms of forms of online marketing that may be tackled first.bestaffiliatefamily. are gifted in the task. In any event. (7) Depending on the drift of conversation.com/blog> . He joined a team of internet marketers in 2008. you may run out of ideas and things to say. And some businesses lend themselves to social media more than others.

you definitely should get a Twitter account. bloggers and many more people are benefiting from the amount of exposure that Twitter can bring them.175 Twitter is a powerful tool that allows you to stay connected and find out what people are doing every single moment. business owner has achieve great marketing results using it and politicians are using this tool as a marketing tool for their campaign. Build Relationship With People In your Niche . This will build a connection between your site which you want to drive free targeted traffic to and also update people on what you are doing. There are many ways to promote your Twitter feed. If your contents are interesting enough.. you will probably not generate a buzz and create free targeted traffic to your site. politicians. Prolific blogger has use Twitter to keep in touch with their audience. If you are looking at ways to drive free targeted traffic to your website. people will want to check your out your post more and this will in turn bring you more follower. Being original will make you stand out from the rest. add an extra field on your contact page or put your Twitter feed on one part of your blog. Provide your followers with something original will make them pay more attention to your Tweets and catch their attention. If you are posting duplicated content or what everybody else are posting on Twitter. You can do so by putting a twitter feed on your face book profile. you just have to urge them and you will be receiving free targeted traffic with ease. So what can you do to keep driving the free targeted traffic coming to your site? Be Original With Your Content Twitter has more than a million users. Leveraging Your Twitter Feed Promoting your Twitter feed is another excellent way to get more people to follow you and to drive free targeted traffic to your website. After you have build up a large audience. Internet business owners.

Interact with these people. bring you free targeted traffic. Ask a question that you think will generate a buzz and get people to be more engaging in your post.com> itor Social Media Monitoring & Brand Mon- Just when you thought that it is becoming tougher each day as you gather more clients. It will lead people to your site eventually and also.And in no time. Question And Answer Be active on Twitter. a dream company or a Celebrity. If you want to learn more free targeted traffic tips. This can help with your relationship building with the people who you are following and those who are following you. By doing so. You could directly put across your thoughts and no appointments are actually . some tools can really make life easier for you as a Brand Manager. this viral method will draw you a huge amount of follower.176 Connecting yourself with people in you same niche will help you build relationship with them. you can go to SocialTrafficology! <http://www. Answering question has the same type of effect as asking a question as well. Social Media has been a phenomenon lately.There are many more ways to enhance your profile on Twitter and also drive free targeted traffic to your website.0 to a greater extent. exchange tips and. comment on what they are Tweeting about. By doing so. Social Media has further dissolved the boundaries of the Web 2.socialtrafficology. Media platforms.. this is due to the unbeatable usefulness that comes with your engagement to Social Media. and of course. keep them updated with what you are doing. you will be building up a profile for yourself and also bringing in free targeted traffic. you will also draw attention from the followers that are following those who are in your nice. like Twitter brings you closer to a Marketing Guru.

Bloggers.177 needed! This is one of the many uses of Twitter and similarly Twitter is one among many Social Media Platforms available on the internet today. Now with this bat in hand. Now.Guessed right! Google. Social Media Marketers and Public Relations Officers to monitor their brand online and manage it accordingly. marketers have been proactive in spotting the opportunities and exploiting the avenues that come with such a huge potential customer base. it becomes essential to have a means that could assist you to actually monitor your efforts. mold or improvise your marketing efforts further by such first-hand information that you gain. extract opinions of customers and conduct research pretty easily and also with much lower costs. since too much depends on the results that this tool shall generate. As your marketing efforts grow. our senses find it obvious that there MUST be a tool that is available to tackle such intricacies. Further. But for now. In my next Article I shall offer you an Analysis on some of the best media monitoring tools available online. Researching for the best Social Media Monitoring Tool could really again be a TASK rather than a step and as always. And what do we do. An important consideration. it becomes easier for Marketers to actually showcase their products. the data happens to be very accurate in such cases. if done properly. is to manage your interaction with the masses and thereby ensuring that you are keeping up pace and are considerably in sync with the people that may be your actual & potential customers. check out discussions simultaneously. concerning you or your targeted market and then modify. a marketer actually can enhance his endeavors to an unimaginable extent and reap out the benefits. however. you have to be very careful in choosing the right tool. With millions of users engaged & connected through social media. hear responses. Surprisingly. . let me just finish off by saying that such tools offer an easy interface for Corporate.

He was the youngest of three brothers from Belfast who came to our school just before Christmas and took the place by storm.html> ..vibemetrix. You can follow Shadab Malik on Twitter <http://www. he has an expertise in Online Travel. catch it on the back of his neck and balance it on the end of his nose like a seal to the amusement of all who followed him. . Shadab also offers consultancy on Travel.178 Shadab Malik is a veteran SEO & an active Social Media Marketer.. he has been appreciated to successfully launch a no of SEO programmes for many websites. entertain and intrigue his followers with in the school yard. Danny was the first leader I had ever known.twitter. Danny was one of the greatest soccer players I have ever seen. He could hold a ball on his foot for hours.. Myspace and YouTube to build your business and wondering how to attract more customers maybe you should take a closer look in the playground next time you walk past the local kindergarten. Currently exploring Social Media Monitoring Tools <http://www. buck teeth and ears that turned red in Winter. I was six at the time but I can remember it like it was yesterday. Even so. You see Danny had a unique gift which he used to amuse. He was one of those kids who found school tough going. Radically from the Hospitality Industry.com/social-media-monitoring.com/malik112> How to Lead Your Social Media Marketing Tribe If you're using social media such as Facebook.. Danny McDermott was a small boy with a square head.

each and every one of them without question.He could have ran out of the school yard and away through the fields and they would have ran too. so that they could feel good about themselves and not foolish. for no reason. They believed in him you understand. seventy or eighty kids in total. One by one at first. He would practise each and every day for hours. Stop trying to work out which marketing system will work for you and start to understand how the tribe works and maybe one day you can run like Danny McDermott. Danny picked up the ball and placed it beneath his arm.. following Danny wherever he went. Danny's tribe of followers smiled too and you know even today I can remember their faces. then quickly in small groups racing behind one another like middle distance runners.179 But Danny wasn't naturally gifted.. Then he began to run.. how to recognise his strengths and focus on them and how to teach others to master the same tricks that had made him popular. Neil Ashworth is a successful internet marketer who has been making money online since 2003 while helping others to do the same. Only nobody ever realised this. in fact I'd say he was clumsy at most things.. improving his knowledge of how the ball should be worked. . running behind him while he charged ahead smiling like he'd never smiled before. Then one day. His followers ran too. And a strange thing happened. Within minutes Danny had the whole playground. but what made him special was his dedication to learning new skills and practising them until they seemed second nature.

. What's a widget you ask..Well. and it is likely that you or your company are involved in this sort of endeavor. How Will Companies Monetize the Web in the Age of Social Media? If you haven't been living under a rock you've probably heard of the substantial importance that social media sites play in people's online activities.sell products to people.No other utility appears to have the promise and potential of the widget. A New Frontier Emerging Technology in Online SocialCommerce Part of what many businesses are grappling with today are ways in which they can use the current situation to do what they do . or if we're talking FriendFeed and Twitter. If this is you.industry well-knowns. To have millions upon millions of people daily treading to social sites to discuss. However. many companies are developing a variety of kinds of widgets. For the business minded such evolutions in public engagement cannot go unnoticed. may I suggest to you the widget. Whether we're talking MySpace and Facebook . making the definition a little elusive. The rules of game are the same.180 Want to know how he does it? Drop by for a chat today. and sell to one another it truly is a milestone in online business history. but the fields of play have changed. It spells opportunity. the general understanding is that a widget is a bit of code (programing language) that adds a portion of informa- . being social on the web has a lot of people interested. collaborate.

Using widgets.181 tion to a website. and Widgetbox. but maybe also provide companies with a means to monetize their online activities. you can make money too. and product widgets just to name a few. Now this information can take on a variety of forms. Many companies are being influenced by users' appeal for social media sites and the utility of emerging widgets. and money. or adding your company's flare to their profile page. If you've ever been to a MySpace page that has a music player. transactions. Check these sites and/or do some research to find the widget that best suits your needs. perhaps you've noticed that you can download the MP3 file of that song through the widget? There are plenty of other great examples of widget sites that are sure to challenge. video widgets.It doesn't. The reason the widget is so valued is that it provides companies a means of putting their product or information into a site without consuming the site. They are ramping up their revenue streams and restructuring their business models. Amazon. they too appear to enjoy decorating their pages with information that reflects their opinions. And. Christopher Drinkut . experience enhancing widget that can make money. but how does that drive transactions. There are music widgets. Users have shown that they enjoy the connectivity of social media sites. prior to the widget. Examples of Hot Widgets Available Today Without a doubt the MySpace music widget is a wellknown. Essentially. anything you've seen online can be adapted and made into a widget. Some other popular places to find working widgets include: netSpray. Companies. radio widgets. The widget appears to be the golden promise of the future that the web can provide customers. Sure it's nice that a user identifies your company by becoming a fan. have had a difficult time finding a clear-cut way to monetizing this sort of activity.

This illustrates your social media . Find several. Use bold type and write something eye-catching in the subject line such as "Oh my God. and affiliates all stand to gain incredible cash potential by using the netSpray solution. only to find that it continues to fall on deaf ears. If your boss doesn't "get" twitter. Getting Social Media Buy-In From the Boss If you've been preaching about the benefits of social media and urging your superiors to jump in head first. Introduce another platform and encourage participation there. Be sure to send this information about an hour after the previous "Oh my God. Internet marketers. Ecommerce. 3. Recommend more than one platform.netspray. Use one.com/ We provide the technology of the future. today. Provide a detailed report about a competitors social media efforts.182 http://www. ~ netSpray ~ it's going to change the way you do business. Here are six ideas that may help you with your mission. read this NOW" or "Look at these lies I found on the internet. No longer are you tied to one site as an online merchant. allow me to suggest a change in approach. No longer are you fighting the web host to keep your full commission as an affiliate. Accentuate the negative Do a Google search and find something negative that's been written about your organization or company. Illustrate how they are engaging the community and participating in a two-sided conversation. Send them in an e-mail marked urgent. Tout the efforts of the competition. stop pushing it." 2. read this NOW" email . What's important is you just keep trying! 1. or use them all.

She is the author of . and only after a series of at least three meetings. So put a proposal together. Think identity theft times ten.com where she manages the day-to-day content direction and long term planning strategies for the community of more than 11. flexibility and commitment to moving the organization into the current century.000 members. Just make sure your message is clear. This will surely get their attention. Angela Connor is a multimedia journalist and online community manager who launched and manages WRAL. Once you are able to garner interest it's important to be ready to present the benefits in a way the higher-ups will understand. 6. who feel relatively good about their job security and have a decent relationship with the powers-that-be. Explain what it means to be "brandjacked. If you work for a company where every decision has to be made by committee. where she manages the day-to-day content direction and long term planning strategies.000 members. If you can start something worthwhile. GOLO. not your company's.com's first online community.com's first online community. Have a proposal ready.183 savvy. you should try speaking their language. Google will manage it for you. Consider starting a personal blog with a disclaimer indicating that it's your work. Build a following and then show the results.) Sometimes you simply have to act and let the chips fall where they may. perhaps they'll let you keep it up and hopefully build even more." But that's not the worst that could happen. Ask for forgiveness." One of the first things I say before giving a presentation is this: "If you don't manage your online reputation. (This one is only for the risky. Angela Connor is the Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at WRAL. Include a chart or two. 5. Angela has grown the community from its infancy to its current state of more than 11. 4.com. Start twittering about non-proprietary information. GOLO. She moved to Raleigh in early 2007 to launch WRAL. not permission.

I am happy to announce now that we have recently received approval to create a branded presence on Twitter with FaceBook soon to follow. but constant push-back. This means that I must wade through Sr. managers and directors.184 book "18 Rules of Community Engagement. Due to my place in the company I don't have a direct line to the VP. . I am so grateful that the people I needed to convince did not just accept what I was saying as truth but rather made me convince many of them of the plan. Due to this light resistance I was able to really grow my knowledge and skills at creating proposals and really evangelizing what I felt was a key initiative. The traditional forms of marketing are always needed and social media is just an addition to the overall marketing mix. When I started on the journey of trying to introduce a social plan for our marketing department I was met with resistance from the middle management.angelaconnor. which will be released later this year. You can visit her blog Online Community Strategist at http://blog. Because the management is so rooted and schooled in the traditional it takes lots of effort to convince some that social media will help. In most corporate settings the management is well schooled in traditional methods and procedures for growing your business. The main reason for this post is not to revel in my own success and narcissism but rather discuss the barriers that exist with creating a radically different approach to marketing.com Biggest Barriers to Corporate Social Media As I work feverishly to develop and launch my company's brand into the social media space I have encountered light. Luckily for me we recently hired a new VP of Marketing that believes in social media and the power that it holds for our marketing efforts.

I specialize in PPC marketing and let me tell you. I believe social media falls in the middle of this spectrum. On the other end of the spectrum is my baby. Second. This doesn't mean that you can't enter the social media world it just means that you have to work hard to help change the guidelines.185 The first barrier that is most often hit is that they just simply don't understand. You must meet and discuss with the people who are in charge of the brand to find out what it is that you can and can't do. Yes. Work with the brand police not against. There are a variety of traditional marketing strategies that are simply not measurable and used every day. you can use traffic analytics to see if you are receiving more traffic to your store or site but how do you know exactly why the people are coming from. There really is no way. While not as directly measurable as PPC SEM. People in the social media space really understand that this is not even close to the facts anymore. everything online is tractable. This is because of the simple fact it is online and as most of us know. You must obey. Thirdly. proving that social media is a measurable effort. it is far more measurable than traditional advertising. Sorry. that is how Facebook grew its 175 million user base but in the last year or so it has really transformed into a place where businesses can interact with their customers. If . overcoming the infamous "this is not what our brand is" argument. Search Engine Marketing. I work at a company with very strict brand requirements and a military-esque control of the style guide. Use your web analytic tools and tracking systems to easily log what your campaigns are doing. Use examples of how other companies are using Facebook and social media to create and maintain the conversation with customers and prospects. even in this down economy my team continues to get budget increases because we can provide reports to management that shows exactly where every penny they spend goes and how successful we are. for example. to measure the true ROI of a radio or TV advertising campaign. there is no way around arguing with brand people over what they think. This is a key idea that needs to be expressed before your management will understand. To many Facebook is just a place where college students post their pictures and share crazy stories. Yes.

then picture and video sharing.186 they are good at their job they will come to a compromise that will allow you to reduce the rigid corporate feel to your brand if that is how it is managed. Homepages and Email were the beginning stages of the internet. You must be flexible and work with the powers to be. then businesses came in joined the space. Don't go right to the top because it will be difficult to get them to understand without people on your side. People are the driving force of this change. Bookmark and Share Garrett Scott http://www. Eventually that was not enough for the population. Evangelism of your cause is also important. Social Media really started coming in full bloom . then message boards. evolves. The Internet.com Marketing Your Catering Business Using Social Media to Connect With Current and Potential Customer Social Media is the new "Word of Mouth" marketing. The most important advice I can offer based on my experiences is talking and dialogue is unbelievable important.garrettmscott. This barrier is overcome with dialogue and politics. After countless discussions with the brand manager I was able to come to a less corporate feel to our Twitter page and relaxed feel on our planned Facebook page. Hopefully this post will help you understand what it takes to take your company into the social media space. as everything else. You will not win if you resist everything. specifically as it relates to the online space. Start small and build a following that will work for you.

the online world changed the way people looked at Facebook.Your clients can post messages on your Facebook wall that describe how much they "loved all the dishes at their wedding" or how "ABC Catering made my event so special because I didn't have to worry about anything!" You can post pictures of your events. the delicious food and the preparations you made to each unique event.187 when Internet visitors became engaged in the online content. As always. all of your Facebook friends and clients can join your Facebook fan page and you can show off to all potential clients all of the people you've done business with in the past. nonprofit. artist. Then. Twitter. Facebook. With your Facebook account you can join groups on catering so you can learn what other caterers are doing nationwide. You can do this by easily inserting yourself into the online conversation. everybody is fair game . Facebook Facebook started out as a social networking site strictly for college students. you want to join this conversation on two playing fields: Locally and Nationally. Facebook has grown substantially for all types of businesses. As a caterer. Whether you're a musician. You should also start your own group or "fan page". YouTube opened up videos to commenting. you want to use social media to spread the word about you and your catering company. Think of a Facebook fan page as an instant testimonial section for your catering business. Nationally. and eventually sites based solely on connecting and communication exploded.social media creates and open door policy of learning. An important thing to remember is online. Online Communities. Blogs. you want to know what other caterers are doing. the happy smiles of your clients. you can use social media to find out exactly what your clients are looking for in a catering service. or catering company Facebook is for you. Locally. The best part. websites allowed you to vote on content. On both accounts. and even YouTube are social media tools that you can use to market your business.you can learn and communicate all at the same time . As a caterer there are great things you can do in the realm of social media. It's a perfect place to show off your talents .

Videos that you have posted on your website. Whether it's Google or Twitter searching gives you the pot of gold at the end of the social media rainbow. The Search Tool A powerful and under utilized tool is the search. and testimonials for your company.com <http://search. A quick search of Twitter for "Caterer" gives us a GREAT example of what people are talking about.188 because a Facebook fan page is casual and allows you to connect with your current and potential customers. The more you have to share with people the faster you can build rapport. recipes that you would like to share.twitter. Here's what they're saying and what we can learn: "Just got off the phone with a caterer. "What are you doing?" It allows you to answer that question and follow people that interest you who are also answering this same question.This person is obviously stressed--a caterer is part of a big event and he needs to feel comfortable and less stressed ." . clients that you're working with. Right now you can figure out what people are talking about when it comes to catering. Twitter Twitter is a social media tool that simply asks. By keeping up with their day-to-day. For instance: http://search. and you should use it as such.com/> allows you to search keywords for what people are doing RIGHT NOW. As a caterer you can really use Twitter to get involved in the discussions and choices people make when selecting a caterer. It is a communication tool. Breathing. news. events that you're working on.twitter. Breathing. Your Daily Tweets Everyday you should tweet about new Blog posts on your website. you learn more about them and vice-versa.

I'd see a positive comment already! "How does caterer not get directions BEFORE they leave for their destination. . the caterer gave me a little discount because I was -.This comment shows that not everyone is happy on twitter -." -. What if you searched for "caterers. Using the search tool to find potential clients You can use Twitter's search function as a positive and beneficial version of the yellow pages. in reverse. Helped make our public service dinner a success. Meg! My most favorite caterer ever!" -.189 nice.Proof that other caterers are on twitter already! "Purple dot restaurant/caterer in Seattle delivers mass quantities of food.Although it would have been nice for him to mention the caterer by name." "problem with catering company?" It's like reading the minds of those who have a need or information on catering. This is a small sample of what people have been saying as it relates to "Caterer" in one day. Moral: Get directions! This search was generated at 11:00pm on a Thursday evening.but it's a learning experience for you! Clients are smart and opinionated." "Today. Instead of them scouring the yellow pages for you--look for clients on the Internet.And how do they justify answering questions like this." "looking for a catering company. Thanks guys! -." "catering.Positive feedback in a public forum for one caterer's company!" --If I searched for "Purple Dot" on twitter because I was looking for comments on a caterer. I see trees. this tweet shows how a little relationship can go a long way "Welcome to Twitter. These are all within ONE day using only one keyword search.

It easy to do with the Twitter Badge.com/cateringresults 7 Easy Steps to Creating a Twitter Badge That Will Post Your Tweets on Your Other Sites How would you like to have all your Tweets show up on your other websites. You can then follow them.190 With Twitter Search. CateringResults. like Facebook or your blog. . Begin by following those people you've worked with in the past and other people you know. James Stern is a contributor to CateringResults. reply to their message and let them know that you are interested in putting some quotes together for them. The Twitter Badge is actually one of Twitter's ways to try to get you to promote your Twitter site. Here is a Twitter Marketing Tip that explains the 7 easy steps to putting a Twitter Badge on all your sites. you can filter your search down to cities or a mile radius. You should use Twitter as a resource to connect with current and potential customers and provide value.cateringresults. Learn more at http://www.com is a website dedicated to helping caterers successfully market their business.com. Example: Search for "looking for a caterer" within 75 miles of your city and you can find potential clients. Be careful. do not abuse Twitter and simply follow a large number of people in order to gain their business.com and connect with them at: http://twitter.

You can also put other people's Twitter on your page by going into the html and changing the Twitter link to their Twitter user name instead of yours. You can find the Twitter Badge on your Twitter site. (in the top right corner).Put the address here (You can also add Twitter to your site here. It also has the scroll feature. If you choose to visit on the html option. visit on Other and then visit on Continue (bottom right corner). 5. just copy and paste it into your site. Then scroll down. The html widget is good because it will just mix in with the rest of your blog text. colors.) to More Info URL. This will bring you to a page where you have 2 options. 3. Visit on the blue link and you are invited to put the Twitter Badge on various social networks. To put a Twitter Badge on your blog. It looks really good just as it is for most blogs. It says "Have a homepage or blog. OK. visit Continue again. Then visit on copy. now you're going to put it on your blog. You can choose Number of updates shown and create your own Title. Decide which one you want and visit Continue again. 6. The narrow size works great on a blog.) 2. Just visit on the one you want to have a Twitter Badge on and it will guide you thru the steps. You will have a flash widget and an html widget. You have a couple more options. It will show on the right exactly what it will look like. This is the page where you can select the style and size you'd like to display on your blog. This takes you to another page where you can choose yet another older Twitter widget that just shows your latest Tweet. Just visit on the styles and it will show examples of how they look. 4. If you know some html. The flash widget has a more professional look contained inside a box with a login and follow button. Once again. If you don't know html. . so you can scroll down and see several Tweets. etc. then leave it alone. right where you want it. Just go to settings. Right visit on the box of html code and visit select all in the pop up box. After deciding which Twitter badge you want on your blog. here is where you can go in and modify the Twitter widget to exactly the look and size you want.191 1. (and it's kind of hard to find.

This opens a Text Widget at the bottom of your Current Widgets. From Carol Hansen . Look for Text and visit on the blue Add link. Visit Done and Save Changes and go view your blog site.From My Kitchen Table . How to Get More Business With Social Media Everybody's big on social media right now. You can then go back and drag the text box you just created up to the location in your sidebar where you want it to appear. select Widgets.Product Creation.Traffic Generation . To learn more about how to create traffic with Twitter. Easy as cake. Social Marketing . Hope you enjoyed this Twitter Marketing Tip. you can visit and paste the html code you copied.List Building . Login to your blog admin site and under Appearance. you can check out Carol at http://FromMyKitchenTable.Bizness Wizard. but are spinning their wheels when it comes to converting those friends into new business.com You'll learn all about Marketing Tips That Work. Social Marketing and Affiliates. huh? This is a great way to put additional new content on your site pages constantly with no extra work. Many writers pour lots of times into getting lots and lots of friends.Affiliate Marketing .192 7. Here are a few ideas you can put to work right now: . but few people seem to understand how to use it to get more business. Visit Edit link and when it opens.

Link your blog to your status updates Use tweetfeed or some similar service to send notices of new blog posts to your stats updates. essentially turning your social networks into another contact list.. 4. Create a newsletter/free reports It should go without saying that you should be linking your social networks back to your site. 2. Talk to People . By watching what they talk about. Create a newsletter or free report on a topic that they can't resist.com. you can get a feel for the issues and problems they are facing day-to-day. Put your specialties in your profile Make it easy for people to find out exactly what it is you can do for them. Join groups relevant to your specialties People in all sorts of businesses are using facebook and linked in to connect to others in their industry. you can build your own aura of expertise in their eyes. Fill up your "interests" or "hobbies" or whatever box you have with the niches and industries you help (or even have a passing interest in). This lets everyone you're friends or connected with know when you post new information on your blog. 5.but based on what I see far to often. You can tap into those groups simply by joining and participating. and offer it in return for their email address using a tool like Aweber. 3.. it needs to be said anyway. it should also go without saying that you need to have a system in place to capture email addresses of visitors to your site.193 1. Of course. Building a list is vital to building a relationship that can turn one-time visitors into valuable clients. and by answering questions yourself.

you have to actually log on at least once or twice a week and TALK TO PEOPLE. Nothing sales-y.Your Thoroughfare to Be Ranked Number One The existence of social networking enables anyone with a computer and online capabilities to ask anyone out there on the Web anything they desire. both personally and professionally. These are **SOCIAL** Networks. Of course one will have to take into account the validity of a response.com Social Media . . but most people in the same circles are there to gain experience and insight as well and most likely will not mind to offer their piece of mind. People will visit your blog and website if you establish a sense of intellect. and that is not being talked about. Social networking on the web is a great way to market your business know-how. the more returns you will get from going social." A huge benefit of those partaking in social networking is finding others with similar interests and in the same industries. Make (*gasp*) friends. Get personal. "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about. He also helps new and struggling copywriters turn their business around at http://www.194 P-A-R-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-E. Social networking offers a virtual live stage for people to project the content of their minds on a daily basis and to build on-going commentary and debate on germane topics. Danny Thompson is a freelance writer and former manager and corporate trainer. To get results.CopywriterSurvivalGuide. The more you do. Just genuinely reach out to connect to others for no other reason than to connect with them.

Various social media avenues directly and indirectly aid in building your brand name and selling your products and services.spectramindz. Spectramindz based in Arizona provides affordable and innovative web designing and development and corporate branding solutions. It is suggested to employ them keeping them as a marketing initiative keeping in mind their effectiveness. ten.spectramindz. People that discover your blog or your web site will relate their resources and foster friendships with others. Remember the adage.195 Social Media offers people the ability to link two. or more heads together through the use of web networking. there are business strides to be made through sharing and commenting on intellect. Social forums are usually engineered around a niche topic and then explore topics within the niche. Looking for Quality website content Services for your website check us out at http://www. New technologies and applications are being produced as designers are realizing the social and business potential of social networking. There are many web friendly thoroughfares that grant users the chance to talk to one another to share ideas. but building continuing relations with others within your niche can serve to be very useful in business. It is time to let your social image do the talking. Online social forums are creating a social explosion on the Internet. Social networking is advantageous and immensely popular from a marketing point of view. A business can gain a feel of how they are matching up against their peers through the comment system. one thousand."Great Minds think alike". Social networking sites are taking the notion of weblogs a bit further. These sites are nichespecific.com/ecommerce_solutions.html .com and for all your ecommerce designing requirements visit us at http://www. Weblogs are not just for chatting.

If you've signed up for more than a few networking sites. this list will come in handy in a pinch! For sites like Twitter.. I realized that I had gotten used to all of my OWN social media tools and how they feed each other feeling like a fuzzy maze in my mind. if you're not sure what you're address is. That all stopped after I committed to spending some quick time each morning evaluating where I am at with each of my social media outlets (Twitter. draw your Social Media Map using circles to represent each social networking site and a square for your blog(s). such as on Twitter). Maybe you can relate to that fuzzy feeling. 1) Create a login sheet for all your social media outlets.Twitter. the URL of your direct address (if you have one. I have a few tips for you that might help make everything a bit clearer and a bit easier to manage (for your customers too!).If you'd like to do something about it. Facebook etc.com/yourloginhere 2) Create a "Social Media Map. Blogger. .. Connect the sites together if a particular site feeds your formation to another. Facebook.. HubPages (goodness I could make a really long list here)." Using a blank sheet of paper.196 Use a Social Media Map to Show Customers How to Find You Over the last months I've been actively learning how to use all the major social media tools that have become popular.). List each site name in bold and beneath it.. it's typically Twitter's URL followed by your username. and your username and password. For instance your Twitter address would look like: twitter.

com Social Media Marketing to Have a Bright Future in China . Spend 5 minutes a day reviewing your "map" as you begin to add more social networking sites to it. my Social Media Map starts with my blog. To help them see your social media networking tools of choice. the search engines will pick up and index your links as well. Website designer Krista Garren publishes the "Design Like an Expert" monthly Ezine where you can learn EASY. create a "Connect With Me" page on your website.197 For instance. fun and money saving website design strategies to build a BUSINESS BOOSTING website. This tells me that information flows from my blog to Twitter and one of my Squidoo lenses.designlikeanexpert. Squidoo and others. 3) Show Your Customers How To Find You. I draw a line with an arrow from my blog to the Twitter and Squidoo circles. To learn more. check out her Ezine and sign up for her FREE how-to report at http://www. For each of the sites your use that provide direct access to your profile or content (such as Twitter or Facebook) list these sites along with your unique URL. Because my blog is fed to Twitter (via TwitterFeed) and Squidoo. Not only will customers who enjoy spending time on the Internet probably like to connect with you this way. I currently have circles representing my accounts on Twitter. You'll also want your customers to know where you are online. Facebook.

Statistics from the State Administration for Industry & Commerce . the suggestion by my friend is the future of social media marketing in this land is questionable. as of F'05. The Big Questions.What will be the social media marketing role in tomorrows' China? The report made me reflect more on the question above but did not make me change my mind (at least. However.com are the YouTube equivalent in China. So if 51. Gartner Inc. saying it is uneasy for enterprises to implement marketing strategies in social networks which are a tool to promote relationship and friendship rather than a tool for enterprises to get more money. In the report released by market research company. These SMEs are mainly 39 million individual businesses (small businesses registered with some government departments).com. Mr Sarner also suggested that half of the ongoing social media marketing and customer-relationship activities will turn to failure. Firstly. late last year. the other 50% has been proved to be successful). I fair assurance but one I don't support. According to the National Development and Reform Commission.198 Following my last post. there were 43 million SMEs in China.com can be regarded as the Chinese version of Facebook and Tudou. Youku. the analyst Adam Sarner estimated that more than 75% of the Fortune 1000 enterprises had employed social networks as a tool of marketing and customer-relationship management. Using this report as evidence. my friend implied that I might have been to quick to embrace Social Media Marketing as a digital marketing channel. Though it may take times. a female friend of mine sent me an interesting link to a new report on digital marketing. Xiaonei. I believe social media marketing will have a bright future in China. He highlighted Facebook as an example. Department of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) figures. the increasing demand for proper marketing model from SMEs should not be neglect.

. but it increases the probability of becoming customer's choice in the future. Under such circumstances. On the other hand.--JPMorgan: Nothing but Net 2009 The overall number of SMEs in China is large. After determining the target group. yet the investment will also become conservative due to the economic recession. meaning the competition would be rather intensive. as well as a problem. Considering that social media marketing is an economical choice. a temptation. Here are some points that outline this: JPMorgan: Nothing but Net (2009). The component of the whole base is complicated and it's important to position the target group. the need had better be met with favorable cost). or it may consume the enterprise too much. blogs.199 (SAIC) suggest that the number of SMEs in China is roughly 24 million. it won't take long before more to choose it as a high-cost performance marketing model. It won't spend as that much. it comes to find where the market is. or where the target group's 'gathering place' is. the increasing rural user group. These SMEs have urgent need for obtaining more business opportunities. big brands keep on investing on public relationship. Besides the enterprises' demand. from foreign policies to daily communication. What social media marketing does is to build and strengthen relationships. There is a lot need to learn: the young people (especially young students) who take a large proportion of the user base. This is the notion of 'Guanxi'(relationship) and this interplay with the society of China. as well as cultures and strengthens customers' brand loyalty. etc. taking account into the current economic environment. expanding brand influence and even promoting the company culture (of course. It may not work immediately. improving understanding and communications between enterprises and customers. In China. social media marketing can be applied as part of long-term brand strategy or public relationship management. but will bring profound significance. I think there is also a cultural significance which supports my idea.

com. Youku.Regards Linda Linda Ying from SinoTech Group Comments and ideas are highly welcome! Twitter me: @farewellcup or my blog: http://www. some 50 million bloggers.com http://www. maybe there is still no relevant or suitable social media for them to perform. Today. it is definitely worth taking a look at if you are in business. The study showed that companies that use social networking sites are 17 times more likely .0 sites such as SNS sites like Xiaonei. China has the largest blogger community in the world.200 podcasts.sinotechblog. there has been an increase in the popularity of web2. mop. Finding the right place and applying the right marketing strategies with the right ways is important. As for social networks.com Top Ten Ways to Create Visibility For Your Business on Facebook With Facebook recently overtaking MySpace as the number one social networking site. In that case. making an or industrial platform can be considered. According to a study done recently by the Aberdeen Group companies are using sites like Facebook to improve the interactions they have with their customers. To some enterprises. and social networks are all favorite social media tools. The Blog being the most popular. over the past year. Be interested in your ideas and comments. and video sites such as Tudou.sinotechblog.

Be sure to comment in the discussions and post helpful tips and links. then facilitate that. Because these types of updates show up through the News Feed function for others. Encourage conversation and participation and include a way for others to find out more about your business when you fill in your info as the administrator for the group. recommend and introduce: If you know people you think should be introduced. Recommend and suggest resources to others. 1) Take special care in filling out your profile: You will want to take the time to thoroughly fill out your profile. 4) Update often: This doesn't mean you need to spend hours on the site. brand visibility and gaining feedback--check out these top tips for boosting your reach through this hot social tool. 5) Suggest. especially making sure to include your website address and your interests and activities.201 to improve customer satisfaction than companies that don't use them.Be seen as an authority while forming relationships with other members you have invited. why not create your own group. update your status and add relevant. 2) Join and contribute to groups: Joining groups relevant to your niche is a good way to reach your target market and share your knowledge. If you already have a profile on the site but aren't sure how to leverage it for networking. . photos or information to your profile. but for the time you do carve out. you are creating a viral spread of information that helps build your brand and create familiarity. People appreciate this type of insight into the person behind the business. helpful links. 3) Start your own group: Taking the group idea up a notch. All of these activities create community and contribute to the awareness of both you and what you have to offer.

This can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness. The best thing about it. Remember. you can create invites for your friends to receive with all the relevant information included. After all. courses. 9) Promote your events: If you are holding sales. it is about relationship building. Once you really jump in and get involved I think you will find Facebook to be a fabulous tool for both networking and visibility. 10) Place targeted ads: "Social Ads" as they are called on Facebook are another option. With these ads you are able to select targeted demographics for your campaigns. not "push" marketing. 7) Create a Page for your business: Facebook Pages are a nice option because it allows you to have a whole separate profile for your business. You can invite others to join the page. live events or anything of the like. it helps your business rank highly as well! 8) Personalize your friend requests: It is a good idea to add a friendly message when you are making a friend request. teleseminars. hold discussions and "naturally" promote your services or products. adding to your credibility and expert status in your particular niche. If it is overwhelming.Facebook is ranked so highly in the search engines that by giving your business a page.202 6) Import your blog posts: You can use the Notes application to pull your blog posts into your profile. Take time to explore the privacy options on your profile and keep in mind how all of your Facebook activities may be perceived by your potential clients and customers. People are more likely to remember you and it's just a good relationshipbuilding practice. post relevant items. it's not just for college kids anymore! . This is great for increasing participation and driving traffic. take it one step at a time--but don't stand on the sidelines any longer. The posts then appear in others' news feeds. A few cautions: make sure you never do anything that could be seen as spam.

Any business small or big can become successful with the help of social media.203 Christine Gallagher. Why post your profile in social media? 1: stay connected: Staying connected to the near and dear is the primary aim of anyone signing up with a social networking site. 2: your space: . visit http://CommunicateValue. leverage technology and create your own successful online business.com Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites Social media networking sites allow you to know and to be known to multitudes of people. MLS. founder of CommunicateValue.com. more business and ultimately greater profits. new collaborations. MSIS. Through the social networking sites you can meet many influential individuals and organizations who can get you referrals. teaches solopreneurs and small business owners how to use online marketing and social media to communicate effectively and authentically and attract more business. at any time. For FREE tips on how to build profitable relationships. globally. living in any part of the globe. Social media allows you to stay in touch with anyone.

pictures and opinions. 8: increase visibility: . etc.204 Your profile is your exclusive space. videos. You just have to visit a few buttons and type details about yourself/company to be known. the greater your opportunities are for finding a good job. You can enter into aggressive marketing through the updates. 3: expand network: Social networking sites allow you to make friends and form a large network of the people from your industry. newspaper. through which you can share your thoughts. blogs. et al. you can get more work and this translates into more money. 5: no cost: Signing up and posting your profile on the social media incurs no cost unlike other media like television. 7: marketing: You can indulge in marketing your company/product/brand through social media with a bit of imagination and plenty of innovation. 4: easy and quick: Having your profile on any social media site is easy and quick. You can post a blog and submit a link for the users on the social networking site. webinars. business lead. business offer. radio. The larger the network. 6: more work: If you have a network with the best in your industry and prove to them that you are really good at your job. etc.

instantly. endeavors and enterprises.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www. This makes you much sough after by the users of the social media networking site and you become famous. as with most cultural changes. Yet.0 spaces. 10: instant fame: Posting regular updates and interesting links bring you many friends and fans. Web 2.com/> is for those who care to optimize their online presence in this web2. feeds and photo sharing. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. 9: expert help: Your network may include experts in your industry who can provide valuable guidance on your new products.virtualsocialmedia. They can guide you through your tough times. the move to social media is fraught with numerous challenges to adoption even from employees who are already active in Web 2.205 Posting informative content on your company can increase the site traffic to your company's site that might boost your brand visibility.0 matures beyond blogs.Five Questions to Consider As Web 2. approach.0 revolution.0 Meets the Corporate Enterprise . .virtualsocialmedia. many organizations are considering how to leverage social media within the enterprise to improve information sharing and employee productivity.

P&G senior management are confident that this investment in the tools will payoff with better collaboration and foster a work environment which is more team-focused.0 (or Enterprise 2.206 For most organizations. There is little doubt as to the power of Web 2. the cell phone and email are the most common means of communication and information sharing. there are issues and factors unique to each organization's culture which must be taken into account. is mostly unstructured and difficult to rely on as a primary source of easily-accessible data for users across the enterprise. 1) What benefits are you hoping to realize from a social media implementation? 2) What are the barriers to sharing (or collecting. Here are a few questions you may want to consider before moving ahead with adoption of enterprise-level social software. Conglomerate Proctor & Gamble has nearly 300 internal blogs and wikis.Have they had an opportunity to provide input as to process and tools? This list just scratches the surface. considerations about tools are secondary to prevailing cultural attitudes about ownership of information and the benefits of sharing what I know with others. We often see approaches which are too . etc. Yet email stores information in blob form.) that information today? 3) What processes will need to be put into place (online and offline) to help make the transition to social media tools successful? 4) What is the track record for adoption of new processes and tools to date? 5) What do your employees think about these plans.0) tools. (Source: Baseline) At the end of the day though.

web development and online marketing. gain momentum and increase their sales.J. products. Social networking sites are utilized creatively by organizations and companies to promote their business.com/about. If the best in the industry choose you then you get more work. The main goal of social media optimization is increasing the viral traffic to the company's/organization's website.bewebdriven. How to use Social media optimization for viral traffic: . D. DC and Boston. A social media approach to the enterprise which is informed by cultural realities about information propriety and aims at understanding (and to the degree possible removing or mitigating) current barriers stands a much better chance of success. a web services firm with offices in Washington. There might be prospective clients. Learn more at http://www. D. business associates or customers who visit your site.207 focused on the 'technology of the month' instead of a thoughtful strategic application of these promising technologies.J. As the viral traffic increases your brand/product/company gets noticed by myriads of people from the industry. or services. is Managing Director at WebDriven. Smith is an Internet consultant and entrepreneur with more than 14 years experience in the areas of web design. if you increase the viral traffic through social media optimization.php Viral Traffic to Your Site Through Social Media Optimization Social media optimization (SMO) is the new marketing strategy or buzzword that allows all kinds of business enterprises to become popular.

etc. Bookmarking: Success in submitting numerous exceptional articles to social bookmarking sites translates into more visitors. The viral traffic to your/company's website increases with the growing number of visitors. video files and contents through the internet. it will invite many editorial links to your site. services. If the content posted in your website is interesting. RSS feeds: By syndication and marketing of RSS feeds. Inquisitiveness to know more about your company/brand can result in more visitors to your site. Visitors sometimes post comments and reviews on the articles. They even vote and rate your articles. Advertisements posted on the social networking sites get noticed instantly and they can play a significant role in increasing the viral traffic. to . participants and bloggers. which increases the site traffic. Impressed with the articles. A high rated article definitely creates a buzz to know more about the author. you can share your audio files. unique and informative.208 Link building: You can post the link to your/company's website in any social networking site. Online Ads: With millions of users across the world. social media is the right place to post your advertisements. achievement. E-zines: You can post links to the articles on the e-zines that provide a detail picture of your products. This increases your exposure and your articles find a place in the bookmarking sites of the visitors. they might even share it with others. who repeat their visits most often.

A unique newsletter can help you to build the online reputation of your company/organization. How to Get More Leads Using Linkedin As a Social Media Tool LinkedIn. products.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www.com/> is for those who care to optimize their online presence in this web2.209 increase the site traffic. photos and compelling content will definitely bring in a lot of visitors.com is considered to be a great way of promoting the media files by many companies. A few tech savvy companies have discovered the infinite potential of LinkedIn and have started using this social networking site to get more leads to strengthen their business and even widen their network. Newsletters: Newsletters that include all the details about the company's latest services. friends and colleagues. increase brand visibility and build a huge network of people for improving your business prospects. How do you generate leads? Create a unique profile: . LinkedIn can be used to promote your business. YouTube. achievements. create brand awareness. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www.0 revolution. a popular social networking site helps us to keep in touch with our family.virtualsocialmedia.virtualsocialmedia.

when the network of friends is larger. new products. blogs. LinkedIn marketing: Understand that LinkedIn is an under-utilized marketing tool and use it to your advantage. associates. special events. events. Make it clear to your prospective clients. If you manage to give best answers for almost all the questions then you become an expert. et al. Invite contacts from your existing network and make these contacts.why they must choose you and why you are the best in the business. special offers. product launches. achievements. employees and even financiers. then you have instant fan following. You can update details about your company. An expert is mostly contacted directly by the users in LinkedIn and this increases the traffic to your/your company's website. webinars. etc. Post an intelligent reply to any question on your business/industry. Stay in touch: Sustaining all the contacts is a significant task. Post an update on your company. Widen network: Create a large network and promote your business among people who can be your prospective business partners. give them a prompt reply. Involve all the members in your network by creating a blog for your group or a forum for exciting discussions on various aspects pertaining to your industry. product launch events. You must find time to stay connected with the best in your industry and not lose track of them. Respond to Questions: When the members in your network pose a query. so review your profile. press releases. videos. pictures. . part of your specific interest group. new endeavors. If your answer is chosen as the best for a particular question.210 An exceptional profile speaks volumes about your company.

Post Direct Ads: The Direct Ads feature in LinkedIn can be of immense help in posting direct advertisements to a targeted demographic. Social media uses viral marketing as one of the best weapons in attaining its goal.virtualsocialmedia. it is a way of marketing in which visitors spread the word themselves. These advertisements expand your horizon by reaching out to more groups and networks from your industry. People download it.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www. by their own will.211 Promote your business through the contents you post on LinkedIn. The word you want to spread is induced in the free product. creatively. It has made us understand that Viral Marketing is a successful implementation through social media.virtualsocialmedia. But.com/> is for those who care to optimize their online presence in this web2. share it and the product gets spread along with your ad on it.0 revolution. Viral Traffic Through Social Media The past few years have shown us that social media is of great importance in promoting websites and driving traffic. before getting into more details we must know what "Viral Marketing" actually is? In short terms. In fact. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. This marketing is generally done in the form of some free digital products or ebooks. Internet is undoubtedly a big face of social media. . beyond your network.

perhaps it would have no end point. Viral Marketing should be such that people sharing and participating can attain the maximum value from your content. The viral marketing strategy should be such that a group of directly affected visitors generate another group of visitors and so on. High quality articles always bring more referred visitors. reddit and others can be more effective. The high quality articles that you publish should be related to the free digital products that you use for viral marketing. If something could be created that would be fully viral. This could continue exponentially until it reaches the level of saturation. Viral Marketing via Digg. But. This will translate to an increase in your bottom line. so too will your visitors grow. The more appealing your viral content is the more chances are that you can gain more benefit from it. and lessen your job by bringing more visitors by referrals. Editorial links are very attractive and cannot be bought. Initial exposure can be done via web directories or websites like Digg. in reality such a viral content is hardly available. Even editorial links from outside sources can be of very use in marketing. reddit and Squidoo. High quality content in Social Media sites will bring numerous editorial links from other Bloggers & Social Media participants. They help you a lot in getting this initial name and fame. As the links to your website grow. They would visit your webpage. Blogging is also an effective way of viral marketing. There comes a time when the stream of visitors generated by your viral content diminishes and the end of its life cycle has come. Spreading your viral content through social communities is an effective way of marketing. there should be more people sharing it than the people who reject it. Visitors make repeated visits to help you increase your bottom line. And visitors would never stop.212 It is a well estimated fact that to go viral successfully. Viral video clips are also one of the most interactive ways that can also deliver more traffic to your site. Positive .

Social media can be defined as a set of collaborative tools. or can share his own thoughts with everyone who has access to that site.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www.213 votes that increase interest and exposure gets more attention and in turn more visitors. very easily. and this potential of the internet can be tapped effectively by any company wanting promotion. we can find prospective customers. More and more people are surfing the internet every day. and internet is fast becoming one of the best forms of link between people hailing from the farthest parts of the world. who can modify the content. Social media optimization is nothing but a form of Internet Marketing.virtualsocialmedia. where publicity about a site or product is generated by the use of social media. like blogs. They advice us on the steps that can . social Networking sites and forums.0 revolution. No wonder that Social Media Optimization Services is one of the most sought after services today for the promotion of products. Social Media Optimization Services The internet is one of the most effective media of today.virtualsocialmedia. Social Media Optimization Services are services provided by some other company to increase the visibility of a site or product in the internet social media. who may be interested in our products. Information is getting shared faster than one could have ever imagined. Using blogs and similar forums. which allow the surfer to rise from being just a passive observer to someone who is active.com/> is for those who care to optimize their online presence in this web2. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www.

The bookmarks can even be shared. by letting other site developers tag our site's content. almost every social networking site today. is another such method. like Orkut and Facebook. but also reaches out to a wider sphere of people from different backgrounds. Inbound links can also be rewarded. Advertising in communities which fit our bill and making custom made applications. The ways to accomplish this may be manifold. For example. adding more content related to the site. and thus catching the eye of surfers.214 be taken to attract the attention of more likely customers. If our product happens to be a site.com/> & Social Media Market- .virtualsocialmedia. This increases the hit ratio dramatically. Another common suggestion is to update the page regularly. Creating blogs containing the enticing details of our products. and add facilities of RSS feeds. Letting the content travel across sites. increasing the number of search tags. The services may also include viral marketing. A new concept which has revolutionized the concept of social media optimization is advertising via mobiles. so that the site features in more searches made by people. which means more publicity by those people whose attention we have managed to capture. i. which also acts as the advertisement of the site or product being promoted is delivered to the recipient. This also helps us to reach out to people who have no internet access. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. Online calendars can also be used to display and bookmark the dates if we are trying to publicize some event. is another popular method. where videos and articles promoting our products are put on sites which deal with similar issues and things. then the service provider may also suggest increasing the visibility of the site.e. and the message. The user may send some message using the site. has many numbers of communities devoted to a group of people with similar interests. bookmarks and newsletters. is not only less expensive than advertising in traditional media.

The new age marketing people who strongly believe in the untapped potential of social media as a marketing tool feel otherwise. Many feel that this is a fad among the youngsters and tech savvy individuals. Increased site traffic apparently results in increased advertising. exposure. business and finally profit. first-rate blog articles. newsletters. Posting links for videos.virtualsocialmedia. More and more companies have adopted this type of marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy. et al on social media can increase your site traffic. online reputation. You can create a large network of people who are the renowned in the industry to expand your professional and personal horizons. voicing their opinions and even sharing their moments with others. webinars. Benefits of social media networking: . Is Social Media Networking a Fad? Social media networking plays a significant role in bringing people closer and creating a sense of belonging among the users. brand visibility.215 ing Services <http://www. regular updates. popularity.0 revolution. No fad but a novel marketing trend: Advertisement through interactions via social media has found many takers.com/> is for those who care about their online presence in this web2. audio files. Any new technology or development has its share of supporters and opposers and social media is no exception. at no cost. People find it a great way of interacting. Social media allows you to meet up with numerous people across the globe belonging all kinds of profession. You get the ultimate business momentum by signing up with a social networking site and that too. these days. quality content.

virtualsocialmedia. communicating. Even quality responses to questions posted in the forums belonging to your community can fetch you more following. Social media allows one to form an interest specific group from your industry. through social media networking. Your group/network can help you to a great extend in finding new jobs. bookmarking. So you get advertised instantly. The visitors to your site can be converted into customers/clients/business partners/associates with a bit of extra effort and inventive thought. promoting your business. etc. The experts can help you during a crisis with their wisdom and experience. etc. sharing and so on. . excellent contents.216 Networking: A prominent reason for joining a social networking site is widening one's network of friends and acquaintances.0 revolution. Compelling content posted by you improves your site traffic through editorial links. Guidance: In your network/group/community in the social media. Profit: We advertise to get more profit and social media helps you to do it in many ways through networking. engaging and following the members/users.com/> is for those who care to optimize their online presence in this web2. responding. you might stumble across people who are experts in the industry.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. You can post the links to your company's site. Advertising: Advertising normally incurs greater costs but now social media allows you to advertise free of cost.virtualsocialmedia. interacting.

Marketing social networking service provides you a new path of doing business and it can be guaranteed that it will work to perfection if done the right way. There are lots of social network which you may want to utilize. Marketing social networking services can be a helpful topic in this matter. after sometime it will be found that this is the wrong approach as success lies in a different way. Now it depends upon you when and how you start to brand yourself and put a good image of yours in front of the visitor.217 ing Social Media Marketing and Network- It is seen that most people do things they used to do previously when the subject deals with their network marketing. etc. At first they may seem like they are sites similar to those just for kids but if carefully seen. Anyone can utilize these social websites for their business as they can play a crucial role in the way to success and anyone interested must try to utilize them right from commencing their business. General people see your profile and if you are able to set it up the right way. it is bound to attract the visitor to you and eventually this can help in your business. In most cases it has been seen that people start sending a bunch of links to their friends right from start resulting in loose of people's respect for him as it does not really suit for any individual. . Going through the basics. MySpace. It must be kept in mind that one should build reputation along with building relations. One must focus on building reputation there as good reputation definitely makes a difference. the first aspect of social network marketing you should be in touch with very popular Media sites like Orkut. To be clear. The key is to create and build a relationship with a group of friends. they are the places where many people join everyday and they are one of those sites in which you can be able to expose yourself.

But you will have to learn how to do it in the correct manner. until I developed myself as well as my knowledge and became an expert in the field. Makes sense doesn't it.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www. There are lots of strategies that you can adopt to help you successfully market on these types of websites. If not. It is even simpler than what you think.com/> is for those who care about their online presence to network in this web2.virtualsocialmedia. What they do.virtualsocialmedia. Orkut. Social Media Optimization . what happens is that the old marketing tactics may not be working anymore. YouTube) and through .218 If you have been on the Internet for any time now.0 revolution. Perhaps this is one of the easiest ways of marketing social networking services. It may also be heard by many experts that marketing social networks is no longer a fruitful way. you have probably heard of social network marketing.The Concept Behind It Social media refers to interaction between humans via Internet (mostly.But the truth is most people who are wrong. These sites are accessed by millions of users per day and social network marketing on these websites will never stop as long as they are popular. I must admit I was guilty of this some years ago. like Facebook. Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. social networking is simply marketing on social networks. Actually.They spam their opportunity to as many people as they can before they get kicked out forever.

use of pre-existing social networking services to popularize the product. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and using third party images. Vox . If you think of a site. Sometimes viral marketing is used.e. Some 93% of the teen use internet. Yahoo) and also frequently used in blogs. to increase the visibility of the site. you (as service provider) can increase search tags. where videos and articles promoting our products are put on sites which deal with similar issues and things.Social Networking like Facebook. Here changes are implemented to a site so that it is more visible in search engines (such as Google. adding content more related to the site so that the site is searched more.Because it is where the visitors come from and returning visitors gets converted to customers. Some examples include: . Online calendars can also be used to display and bookmark the dates if we are trying to publicize some event. i. SMO creates a open line of communication between you and your customers. This increases the hit ratio and so there will be increase of potential customers. Therefore it increases your business.219 mobiles for discussion and sharing information. This in turn increases the traffic and gives good return in your business.. videos etc. .Internet forum like V bulletin . Orkut . clients. flash games and text messages for promotions. Another option can be updating the site regularly and making other site users to tag your site regularly.Blogs like Word press. So there are a few steps for generating publicity through Internet.Video Sharing like YouTube The concept behind Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is fairly simple. It may use software. The Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that 64% of the teens aged 12-17 years participate in content writing. You can directly interact with people buying or using the products and clear your views. Why do we think of Social Media Optimization (SMO). These steps include blogging.

.33% of online teens create or work on webpage. When you bookmark a page you are more likely to come again.55% of online teens have profile on a social network like MySpace. .Social Bookmarking(similar to bookmarking you site to "favorites" in your browser) through high quality bookmarking sites like Google.Article Submission. .Creating Social Media profiles (Facebook. Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) and Online Reputation Management (ORM). . Digg. Facebook.com.virtualsocialmedia.com/> & Social Media Marketing Services <http://www.27% of online teens works on their own webpage.virtualsocialmedia. My Space.28% of online teens have created their online journal.220 . Google).com/> is for those who care about their online presence.Writing and/or participating in Blogs in quality blogging sites like Blogger. Orkut. .57% of online teens have watched videos from YouTube. . . . Social Media Optimization Services <http://www. Yahoo. Social Media Optimization Services includes: . A social Bookmarking service allows your book mark for public access and thus it help to other internet users looking for similar thing.

56. 83. 119. 120. 114. 104. 214 advertisers 20 advertising 13. 17-18. 208. 18. 205-6 Barriers to Corporate Social Media 10. 172. 108. 69.221 INDEX* A activities. 35. simple 56 Beachstar 14-15 beat 109-10 befriend 89-90 behavior 117. 213-15 advertising timeframe 65 Affiliate Marketing 146. 151. 162. 128. 153. 129. 210. 177. 201 avatar 56 Award for Internet marketing programs 170 B backlinks 126-7. 26-7. 164. 69. 202 advertise 139-40. 65. 139 advertisements 14. 64-5. 210 answered real time 111 applications 52. 194. 192 affiliates 146. 117. 71. 181. 165. 184-5. 126-7. 72. 159 Alexa 155 Alston. 124. 39. 105. 213 Art of Authentic Marketing 8. 99. 62. 138. 101 amateurs 13. 23. 187. 192 Age of Social Media 179 ages 10. 47-8. 60. 205 [2] Benefits of social media networking 215 Benefits of Twitter 7. 122. 129. 101 Artemis Internet Marketing 46 article hosting sites 126 audience 8. 80. 153. 20. 27 answer 18-19. 102. 22. 182-3. 70. 176. 44. 129 organic 126-7 ball 178-9 barriers 16. 132. 108. 151. 162-3. 70. 97. 111. 81. 74. 16. 161-2. 141-2 benchmarking 141-2 benefits 3. 63. 94. Carlos 82. 140. 164. 201. 47. 90. 59. 124. 138-40. 101 authority 92. 49. 25. facebook 202 ads 14. 84. 109. 20. 183 basic business strategies online. 8-9. 80 . 140. 169-70 [2] Authentic Marketing 8. 215-16 Advertise on Social Media Sites 9. 167-8.

80. 90. 14. 142. 14 blogs 13-15. 93. 185 [5] branding 55. 152-3. 149-51. 37-41. 67. 81. 192-4. 156-7. 138. 100. 20. 116. 52. 46. 69-71. 99 normal 112 personal 183 rss 81 social 48 term 99 Book-marking sites 67 free 68 social 33 bookmarking. 124. 101-2.222 Best Social Media 9. 207 bookmarks 52. 37. 51-2. 178 browse 32. 137 Big Brother 121 billboards 15. 55-63. 148-52. 69. 32-3. 56. 151. 109. 201 updated 38 bloggers 7. 68. 174. 33. 36. 190-4. 80-1. 80-1. 104 bite 30. 193-5 business 6-10. 219 building 20. 62. 55-7. 207 high quality 219 social 22. 106-7. 81. 118-20. 186-7 conducts 61 digital 107 . 170-4. 156-60. 199. 212. 54-5 blah 28 blends 156-7 blog posts 19-20. 35. 174-5. 218 blogosphere 6. 219 bookmarking options 65. 175. 219 boss 10. 52. 186. 40. 67-9. 41-2. 109. 84. social 23. 13-18. 82. 182 box 72. 23-4. 96. 45-6. 66. 114. 213. 42. 199. 192. 102. 195. 96-101. 117. 196. 140. 166. 162. 52. 14-15. 61. 90. 107. 67 bookmarking sites 52. 203-5. 152. 209-10. 200-3. 218-19 [21] built-in 62 free 33 local 119 micro 112 mini 87. 65-8. 73. 177. 188. 69. 155 browser 37. 170-2 brothers 28-30. 81. 170-2. 191-2 Boxee 70 brand 9. 131-5. 139-41. 36. 118-19. 162-4. 207 Bloggers & Social Media partici-pants 212 blogging 13. 215-18 [26] average 109 based 31 catering 10.

19. 172 business promotion 173 business purposes 174 business rank 201 business risk 133 . 165 business professionals 89. 174. obtaining 149 Business Bureau 34 business consultancies specialising 167 business convention 63 Business Creativity 83 Business Creativity and Innovation 84 business ebooks. 170. 35. 114. 118. 22. 45. multiple 58 business enterprises 207 business fads 172 business FB page 80 business goals 41 Business Growth 103 business ideas 155 innovative 155 business improvement 167 business/industry 210 business know-how 194 Business LinkedIn 56 business message 59 business mixer 79 business models 181 business name 63 business objectives 102 company's 169 business online 51. 79 business partners 16 prospective 209 business perspective 46. 207 prospective 73 BUSINESS BOOSTING website 197 business building information.223 ecommerce 41 internet marketing 113 largest 132 local 58 month 131 offline 119 sized 16 ultimate 214 business activities 34 business associates 31. 202 burning questions 19 home base 43 private 47 business pages 16. 62 business owners 16. 53. 78. 151.

146. 148 business website 57 business world 58 Businesses Beat 8. 196 client base 45 clients 14. 49.com 190 Caucasian 148-9 Celcias 76 celebrities 43. 203. 97-8.com 53. 180. 207. 202 . 136. social media submission 129 buzz 120. 53-4. 191 Common Sense Social Media Marketing Strategies 7. 207 6. 58.224 business sites 128 business story 16 business strides 194 business success 57. 133. 109 business tool 83. 175-6. 179 cheese pie 29-30 Chester. 187. 89. 168 business trends 155 Business Twitter Tools 149 Business Uses 9. 150. 149. 55 CommunicateValue. 120. 159 college students 58-9. 40 China 10. 76. 189. 150. 19 C categories 13. 153. 44-5. 141 caterer 186-9 catering 187-9 catering company Facebook 187 CateringResults. 176 charities 34 charlatans 13 chat 35-6. 187 colors 27. 106. 110-11. 176. 34. 191 Cofounder of Practical Small Business Marketing 58 collaborations 74. 218 potential 51. 130. 15. 132. 164. 125. 1869. 209 climate change 75-6 code 67. David 38. 117. 109 businesses eavesdrop 69 businesses leverage 125 businesses screaming 69 Businesses Using Social Media to Connect businessmen 132 business's page 79 buttons. 197-9 circles 194. 193. 205 college 16. 122. 202 prospective 74.

74. 134. 210-11 [15] generated 20. 43. 111. 180-5. 33. 57. 77. 214 conversational marketing techniques 57 conversationalists 77 conversations 15. 182.225 community 19-20. 189-90. 79. 81. 139-40. 119. 39. 36-7. 198 little 123 comScore 132 concept 11. 101-2. 215 viral 21. 91. 137-8. 129 company website 67 compassion 122-3 competition 57. 16. 57. 111. 72. 149-50. 75. 207-10 [12] advanced 124 caterer's 188 dream 176 professional 163 companies charge 62 companies image 74 Companies Monetize 10. 159. 191 . 107. 175. 23-4. 35. 109. 54-9. 140. 69-71. 87 copy 87. 213 [3] facebook 159-60 community boards 140-1 community building 57 companies 14-15. 10. 59. 125. 106. 211 content direction 183 Content Sharing sites 23 content sites 35 content travel 126. 20. Angela 183 consensus 116 Consequences of Social Media Marketing 8. 127-9. 19-21. 99. 104-5. 40. 171-2. profitable 84 Connor. 59. 49-50. 147. 186-7. 82-3. 1223. 73-4. 218 confidence 54-5. 157. 168-9. 83. 139. 26-7. 93-4. 78. 140-1 popular 20 quality 128. 94. 179 Company profiles 16. 55-6. 196-7 [3] connections. 182-3. 53-5. 88. 124. 47. 94. 122 consistency 171 consultant 38. 76-8. 71-2. 137-41. 156 consumers 20-1. 37. 100. 25. 55-7. 46. 140 connect 6. 209 building business 57 contacts companies 110 content 19-21. 75. 86. 69-70. 117. 126. 112. 136. 102-3. 18-19. 74. 62. 159. 110-11. 173 [4] Cool Twitter Tools 7. 162-4. 207-8. 55-6. 106. 70. 101. 193. 140-2 contacts 32. 57. 214. 44-5. 79. 107.

156. 126. 183 cost 22. free 211-12 dinner queue 29 dinner time 173 directories 33-4. 50. 62. 191 cracks 13 creamy 30 Current Leaders in Social Media Marketing 18 curtain 101 Customer Service 142 Customer Service and PR 77 customer service net-works 57 customers 13-16. 130-1.226 Corner Stone of Business Success 57 Corporate America 157 Corporate Social Media 10. 175-6 drive traffic 9. 73-4. 148 drive 37. 207 ebook 61. 138 declaration 15 Demystify Social Media 19 description 67. 109. 215 couple 22. 177-8. 47. 62. 72. 94. 182 e-zines 52. 189. 30. 97. 101. 57-9. 170 drive website traffic 109 E e-books. 219 prospective 20. 127 designations 3 development phase 50 DeVries 130 dialogue 116. 56-7. 154 dispute 131 downturn. 67-8. 118-20. 52. 62. 108. 62. free 95 e-mail 20-1. 35. 199-200. 184. 67. 219 digg users 21-2. 109-10 drama 156-7 dreams 43. 203. 55. 59. 60. 195-7. 213 customers/clients/business partners/associates 216 customers connect 101 D Danny 178-9 database 111. 72. 187. 84. 79. 133. 165-6. economic 8. 185 Digg 7. 119. 46. 33. 218 [14] loyal 103 potential 44. 19-20. 79. 110. 41. 116. 52. 177. 135. 211. 108. 67 digital products. 55-6. 108. 86. 198. 62-3. 58. 37. 138-9. 65-6. 119. 62. 20-2. 64-5. 72 free social media 82 .

101. 200. 196 facebook 126. 66. 218-19 [23] FaceBook 34. 110. 124. 140 era 69.227 free social media marketing 97. 99-100 Eco-Friendly Social Media Sites 7. 132-3 facebook friends 6. 16-18. 89. 97. 184. 152. 184 highlighted 197 it. 92-3. 205-6. 21-2. 187 facebook group claiming 28 facebook marketing efforts 160 Facebook Network 90 . 62-3. 206 environment 58. 195-7. 159 email confirmation 158 facebook 90 EMail and Video marketing 107 Email List Using Social Media 7.201 worry 32 Facebook and Twitter accounts 67 facebook blue-print 89 Facebook Boost 160 facebook breaks 16 facebook email system 91 facebook events 92 Facebook. 70. 169. 194 [2] facebook 91 technical 139 experts 5. 151. 193 Facebook 6-7. 116. 134. 71 ernet-marketing-viamicroblogs 125 events 21. 204. 31-2. 213. 181. 217 exposure 20. 75 Eco URLs 76 education 17. 57. 147. 99. 136. 219 exchange 55. 150. 57. 210. 199. 174. 160. 174. 51 Embed links 65-6 employees 67-9. 141. 207. 74. 215 F Face-book 28. 80. 215. 79-80. 131. 157. 130. 209. 52.Face-book 16 facebook frenzy 8. 130. 132-3. 89-94. 187. 105-7. 77. 83. 141. 158-60. 176 engines 127 enterprises 197. 187-8. 209 energy 173 engagement 120. 212. 201. 158. 168. 187. 35. 31. 9-10. 130. 165-6. 140 experience 32. 123. 75. 47. 103. 197. 160. 105. 185. 92. 204-6 entrepreneurs 82. 72-4. 156. 154. 65. 75. 119-20. 174.

yellow 30 goal 21. 43. 188. 207. 120. 79. 187 fans 14. 110-13. 194. 204 Fast moving social media 49 favorite blogs 20 favorite sites 20 fee 22 feedback 20. 182. 181. 67. 218-19 Google Reader 143 . 89. 46. 110 Find people you know on Facebook 31 Find You 10. 79. 175. 158. 143. 180 Getting Social Media Buy-In 10. 92. 177. 161. 147. 126. 158. 90. 156-7. 211 goggles 136-7 GOLD 91-2 Google 35. 128-9. 72. 215 social 194 free resources 62. 102. 62. 134. 197 functions. 46. 63. 50. 178-9 [5] followers list 145 forums 23. 126. 149 Free traffic generation 23 frequency 51. 106. 81. 173. 182 Glenn 78 glow. 67. 69. 166. 187 facebook 170. 77. 170. 86. 169. 132. 105-6. 108. 143-6. 201 company's 79 planned 185 facebook profile 52. Doug 93 Florida SEO 14-15 focus groups 149 folder 143 folks 71-2. 214 fan pages 132. 170 company's 17 facebook profile page 91 facebook users 159-60 Facebook WALL 90 Facebooking 78 fad 11. 72. 142 friendship 36. 139. 195-6 Firebaugh. 71-4. 67-8.228 Facebook NEWS 93 facebook news feed 93 facebook notifications 91 Facebook Pages 31. awkward business networking 78 G gadgets 135-6 game 13. 43. 52. 46. 75. 92. 153-4 followers 38-9. 17. 209. 170. 106. 213. 94. 136-7. 108. 45. 134.

81-3. 87. 33-4. 84. 47. 168. 104. 77-8. 83-4. 113 Home Based Business 32 Home Based Business Success 6. 80-1. 137. 97-8. 187. 82-3. 161 . 192-4. 77. 62-3. 132. 182. 143. 35 internet business owners 174 internet connection 70 Internet forum 48. 162. 31 Home Business and Online Industry 78 hooks 128 negative 128 HootSuite 88. 94. 112. 70. 92. 159. 115. 184. 138. 74. 154-5 groups 15. 153.229 Great Resource 111. 57. 68. 209-11 [5] Guidelines to Use Twitter Optimally 6. 163-5. 131-2. 203 industry 20. 54. 169. 137. 212-13. 200-1. 43. 100. 152. 46. 130. 96 humor hooks 128 hyperlinks 14. 207. 46. 175. 217-19 [22] internet business 137. 217 individuals 21. 96-7. 85 Hugely Popular Twitter Tools to Make Twitter 8. 201 hours of sleep 147 Huge Following on Twitter 7. 71. 119. 84. 88. 47. 91. 218 Internet in Real Time 9. 22-5. 36. 124-5. 136. 39 gurus 49. 215 home-business 78 innovation 75. 140 Hi5 17-18 hierarchies 82-3 High Priced Experts 152 High quality content in Social Media sites 212 Hints 1. 5 hiring 164 home 30-1. 70. 203-4. 114-15. 58. 50. 160 Internet Business Consultant 22. 209-10. 95 I ice cream 106-7 identification 15 images 47. 152. 98-9. 52. 29. 77. 47. 75. 56. 60. 218 interests 36. 27. 110. 212-13 [10] internet 13-15. 186. 193. 65. 89. 101. 108-9. 126. 204 Innumerable internet savvy companies 73 intellect 194 interact 23. 144-5 H harness 67. 133. 178. 27. 43. 92. 42-3. 82. 168 hours 5. 36. 149. 97.

151. 80. 90. 103. 57. 26-7 life streams 27 lifestyle 43 limited time 18 . 94-5. 77. 184 Law 89-91. 143. 176 everyday 140 life streamer 26-7 life streaming 6.230 internet marketers 21. 178. 31. 82. 151. 51. 136. 179. 66. 127. 70. 37. 97. 82-3. 154. 55 interviewer 54-5 interviewing 53-4 interviews 53-5. 134. 101. 86. 200. 26-7.Videos and Photos 92 Law of Visibility on Facebook 89 lenses 9. 104. 166 J jaiku 17-18. 202 K key phrase 115 keywords 22. 63-4. 160. 107. 61. 99. 174. 89. 157. 184. 219 internet visitors 186 interview preparation 53. 40 internet marketing system 28 internet marketing work 24 internet marketing world 112 internet searches 161 internet time 109 internet users 52. 157. 107. 114. 139. 185. 36. 97. 69-70. 149 knowledge 53-5. 151. 181 internet marketing 45. 154. 164. 182. 177. 112 Jeff 103 Jeff blogs 103 jeremy 133 job 16. 137. 93 Law of Facebook Events 92 Law of Facebook Groups 91 Law of Facebook Link Love 91 Law of Facebook Multimedia. 100. 94-5. 114-15. 211. 116. 152. 68. 213 Internet Marketing Company 165 internet marketing programs 170 internet marketing sector 38. 169. 171 lets 37-8. 153. 38. 203-4. 159. 174. Jeff 102-3 L launch 35. 192 liability 3 life 16. 25. 120. 217 Korhan. 49-50. 215 JPMorgan 198-9 jump 40.

138-9. 103. 15-16. 19. 196 market 51. 62. 157-8.231 Link application on Facebook 91 link baiting 65. 207. 79. 64. 26. 214 quality 34. 200-1 [19] editorial 207. 139. 77. 111-13. 94. 50. 177 [5] warm 60-1 marketers 14. 176-7 expert Social Media 77 social 42 marketing 6-7. 40 Marketing and Internet business 137 marketing channels 16. 111. 31-5. 13. 68. 43-6. 83. 40. 35. 211. 94-5. 164. 10. 108. 65-7. 103-4. 91. 204. 184. 95. 93. 191 login 191 logo 63. 98. 184 marketing methods 44 traditional 44 marketing-optimization-services 96 marketing research company 132 marketing strategies 56. 114. 145 location 51-2. 102. 143-4. 197. 158-60 online search 38. 60 facebook 9. 171 long term planning strategies 183 LoudTwitter 38 lunch. 216-17 [13] digital 38. 197 email 28. 77. 111. 214 facebook 159 mlm Internet 122 . 40. 58. 56. 149. 129. 215 inbound 126-7. 138. 102. 212. 110. 44 marketing communications 141. 197. 81. 191-2. 52-6. following 25. 169 marketing companies 58. 65. 163. 125. business networking 46 M management 98. 89. 70-1. 177. 73-5. 68 marketing components 23-4 marketing efforts 7. 209-10 linking inbound 126-7 organic 127 links 21-2. 57-9. 90. 184-5 manages 183 map 77. 127-8 Linkedin 133. 112 links-on-twitter 125 list. 42. 126-9. 125. 60. 65. 172 LinkedIn 18. 38-9. 116-17.

162. 52-4. 10 media outlets. 85. 132. social 62. 98. 177 MBA 54 McDermott. 63. 204 money online 14-15. 160. 171. 201. 82 money 5. 129. 119 members 73. 107. 209 metrics 141-2 Michael 169-70 micro-blogging 39. 74-5. 112. 31. 197. 130. 98-9. 180. 68. 14-15 mashups 117. 60. 183. 64. 67. 188 negligible time 47 Net 198-9 Net Promoter Score 141 netSpray 181 network 46. 124. 66. 102. 181. 56. 28. 41. 26. 214 Marshall. 31. 65. 181 MySpace profile 35 N name 28-9. 138. 134 mimic sites 24 model 82-3 Modeling Innovation Culture Using Social Media 7. 34-5. 136. 24. 100. 83 multi-media format 102 music 26. 133. 119-20 Most business owners 17 motor 49. 68. 140. 20. 64-5. 164. 90-2. 114. 179 money sites 112 monitor 8. 47. 97. 77. 97. 87 musicians 132. 94-5 medium 16. 62. 145. 99-100. 83-4. 73.232 Marketing Tips 146. 163 masses 44-5. 134. 203-4. 81. 177 monitoring 68. 41. 77. Hubert C. 48 mechanics 13 media. 126. 197. 156 [3] MySpace page 35. 66. 88. 82. 192 marketing tool 49. 58. 103. 68. 187 MySpace 18. Danny 178-9 Measurable Social Media Marketing Campaign 7. 174. 209-10 [6] communications 83 . 147-8. 59. 195-6 media sites 58 multiple social 18 popular 216 searchable social 56 media websites 94-5 social 55. 48. 106. 107. 73. 117. 52. 131. industrial 47-8 Media Networking Sites 1. 129.

185-6. 114. 130. 218-19 . 53. 174. 203. 192. 59. 216 social 68. 208. 213. 187 online dating 35-7 online dating sites 36 online friends 59 online marketing 51. 180. 44 New York Times 35. 198. 119. 216-17 Network Marketing Home Business Trainers 93 network marketing industry 123 networking 11. 170-2. 39. 119. 40. 58-9. 215 newspapers 44. 127-9. 140. 67. 109. 45-6. 140-1. 213. 194. 128. 91-3. 97. 16. 207 online network marketing 172 Orkut 94. 220 online search marketing world 38 online shopping sites 169 online teens 219 ooo follower Twitter obstacle 145 Organic links 94. 57. 89. 51. 206 online reputation 68. 183. 115-16. 202. 81. 193. 13. 206 online business 8. 33. 77. 119. 119. 124. 182. 78-80. 202. 150. 53. 177. 47-8. 200. 215-16 networking sites 196 business social 133 social 213 New Rules of Marketing 6. 208. 52. 149. 175. 133. 81-2. 155. 215 online reputation management (ORM) 126. 153. 138. 200-1 niche business 124 Nineties style internet marketing approaches 27 non-followers 145 notifications 91 number 18. 203 niche 25. 138. 41. 194. 56. 182. 22. 61. 163-4. 112-13. 123. 62-3. 67 news 33. 110-11. 213 [4] O Oh my God 182 Old Friends on Facebook 7 online 9. 126 organizations 103. 103. 84. 71. 202 online business history 180 online communities 20. 65. 151. 131. 46. 149. 125. 35. 112. 110.233 green social media 75 local Facebook 90 regional 160 network/group/community 215 network marketers 60-1 network marketing 28. 124. 205. 105-6. 188 [1] facebook 92 newsletters 52. 165. 75. 112-13. 172. 216. 107-8. 163. 166.

65. 196 pasta 30 paste 191 Paul 6. 164. 25. 187 post status updates 165 post tweets 81. 129. 199. 38. 112. 156. 56. 87. 104. 85. 149. 108. 190-1. 106. 171. 80-1. 77. 182 plenty 123. 220 Orwell 121 George 121-2 Outsource Social Media 7 Outsource Social Media Optimization Services 94 outsourced talent 114-15 overboard 54 overdoing 103-4 P page 16. 159-60. 204 Plurk 17-18 Pluto 168 podcasts 21. 90. 145. 35. 79. 106. 27-30. 36. 53-4. 43. 52. 114-16. 134. 182. 201 partners 73. 27-30 photos 39. 205. 104-5. 210 posting links 215 . 77. 134. 100.234 ORM (online reputation management) 126. 191 popularity 46. 41. 184-5. 201. 166 posting 38. 41-2. 21. 85-6 plates 29-30 platform 25. 64. 155. 158. 203-4. 181. 184. 64. 65. 48. 92. 104-5. 51. 152 pay-per-visit 35 People Flocking to Twitter 8. 48. 62-3. 200-1. 62. 153. 108. 73. 115. 24. 200 personal information 15. 64. 90. 175. 79. 117. 207 post pictures 63. 95. 135. 66-8. 88. 199 politicians 174 pop 80. 31-2. 215 post 38-40. 112. 168-9. 152-3. 67. 125. 46. 113. 171. 170 password 32. 90. 160 Peter 6. 74. 208 pictures 36. 186 [3] pile 29 pivot tables 167 planet 60. 139. 201 [6] pain 122-3 parmesan 30 participation 18. 155. 124 Pepsi 15 person 3. 175-6. 207-10 [17] post links 74. 73 Personal Profile 9. 95-6. 188. 65. 88. 114. 135. 69. 49-50. 39.

211 register 158. 193. 213 publisher 3 purchaser 131 Q quality articles. 63-7. 67. 113. 52. 134. 112. high 212 quality blogging sites 219 quality website content services questioners 65-6 195 R rank 33. 85. 112. 102. 108. 167. 128. 143 real time source 149 real time tool 81 Really Simple Syndication. 165-6. 10. 127. 96. 84. 46-8. 162. 54-5. 175 social 63. 106. 84 profitable relationships 53. 20-1. 102. 116. 88. 126. 70. 154. 206 Powerful Facebook 90 Powerful Facebook Profile 89 PR 7. 104. 115 reconnect 7. 163. 202 profits 8. 136. 175-6. 56-7. 159 profile updating 98 profitable business networking relationship 79 Profitable Online Social Media System 7. see RSS recommendations 24. 33. 15. 189. 25. 184-5. 92. 173. 60. 68. 199 product review blogs 80 profile 1. 36. 106. 123. 25. 189 reputation 13. 54. 114. 96.235 Posting Tweets 114 Potential Customer 10. 159-60. 121. 129 reader 26-7. 138. 137. 73-5 Practical Small Business Marketing 57 problem 25. 145-6. 67. 209 Profile in Social Media Networking Sites 202 profile pages 59. 64. 194. 156. 46. 122. 200-3 [14] book 73. 90. . 63. 167. 62. 55. 97-8. 170. 84 unique 85. 67. 181 profile picture 63. 186 power 5-6. 73. 170-1 relation-ships 14 replies 43. 203. 120. 154-6. 215-16 projects 59. 67. 112. 95. 165. 194 proposal 182-3 publicity 111. 99. 217 resources 9. 95. 127. 78 Record Time 87 reddit 94. 57. 46.

162. 32. 130. 97. 33-4. 107. 124. 73-4. 117.com 114. 65. 173. 94-5. 68. 153 Search Engine Optimization. 160-1. 55. 218 right corner 190 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 68. 48. 80-1. 94. 164-5. 86. 117 search tool 188-9 search tweets 143 search. 70. 165 revenue 78. 201. 88. 113. 207-8. 126-7. 129. 105. 130. 201. 110. 69. 76. 212-13 [9] Shadab Malik 120-1.236 201 retweet 81. 207 sales pitches 25. 62. 177 Shannon 58 Shaq 6. 138 secret 50. 188-9 [3] search engine indexing 142 Search Engine Marketing 14-15. 218 RSS syndication sites 126 S sales 20. 40-1. 188 seats 29-30 seconds 42. 111. 107. 45. 123. 146 sensation 173 sentiment 140. 159-60. 172-3. 143. 106. 48. 139. 22. 213. 115. 216. 32. 51. 49-51. 57. 212.twitter. 62. 57. 115. 62. 35. 153. 62. 173 schedule 38. 197. 79. 26. 190-1 search 32. 126-7. 100. 42-3 . 142 negative 106 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 13-15. 41. 129. 145 school 29. 204. 113. 52. 143. 119-20. 214. 208. 123-4. 218 search engines love blogs 109 search function 104. 142 revolution 75. 156. 64. 178-9 high 16. 35. 55. 210. 94. 53. 146-8 Secret to Social Media Success 9. 35. 22. 185 search engine optimization 13. 143. 14. 208. 153 SEO campaign 126-7 SEO expert 14-15 SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) 220 services 3. 159 scope 46. 155. 114-15. 1401. see SEO Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing 14-15 Search engine ranking 94 Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) 220 search engines 45. 38. 45. 57. 116. 162. 120 scroll 145. 138-9.

58-62. 21-2. 62. 147 Small Businesses 55 SMEs (Sized Enterprises) 198 SMM. 199-201. 1901. 192 social marketing sites 41. 196. 65. 117 social media content 142 social media dedicate 20 social media efforts 21. see Social Media Optimization SNS sites 199 social marketing 40-2. 33-6. 170-2. 57-9. 215 freelance 115 friendly 45.237 shouting 69. 127 key 172 micro-blogging 45 sharing 41. 42 social media approach 206 social media avenues 195 social media chats 173 social media communities 56. 17. 47-50. 146. 182 social media engagement 141 social media environment 141 Social Media Expert 157 social media groups 120 social media horizon 28 social media implementation 205 . 213-16 [27] surrounding 82 Social Media and Twitter Lesson 6. 106. 180 top 155 update 152 video 199 visited 112 sites subject 21 Sites. 155. 207-8. 137-42. 126-9. 19-21. 19 SMO. 155. 212-14. 141. 216-19 [20] aggregate 129 bookmarked 52 company's 204. 71 sign 64. 64 popular 41 social marketing tools 42. 68. 67 social 53. 176. 210-11.html 55 Sized Enterprises. 99-105. 100 social media 5-10. 206-8. 77-80. 180-1. 45-6. 174. 192 Social Marketing and Affiliates 146. 184-7. 202-5. see social media marketing SMM Training 6. 56. 150-1. 77. 62. 175-6. 197 site traffic 204. 215 sites 17-19. 82-3. 73. 166-7. 84. 63-8. see SMEs sleep 86.

204 social media networking tools 196 Social Media Ninja-Nerd 125 social media operators 47 Social Media Optimisation 46. 206-7. 122-3. 93-5. 210. 13. 178 Social Media Monitoring 8. 177 social media networking 11. 162-5. 218-19 social media presence 84 social media profile 85 Social Media Profit Strategy 8. 125-7. 49-51. 30 Social Media Laws of Facebook 7. 94. 109. 115-16. 216 social media marketing arsenal 18 social media marketing campaign 21 social media marketing. 62. 109. 212-14. 204. 22-3. 13-15. 17-19. 118-20 Social Media Monitoring & Brand Monitor 9. 212-14. 204. 94-5. 77 social media marketing monster 14 social media marketing role 198 social media marketing services 96 Social media marketing strategies 55 social media marketing strategy 99 social media marketing success 14 Social Media Marketing Thrives 6. 150. 216. 75. 218-19 Social Media Optimization Services 10. 69. 195-6 Social Media Marketer. best 177 Social Media Monitoring Tools 120. 75. 150. 77 Social Media Marketers and Public Relations Officers 177 social media marketing (SMM) 6-8. 89. 218 Social Media Optimization (SMO) 8-11. 101. 125-6. 177 Social media marketer Chris Brogan 13 Social Media Marketers 6. 89. 206-8.238 social media in-curs 203 social media interact 47 social media Internet marketing 122 social media landscape 27. 218 social media optimization 8-11. 208. 210. 10. 214-15 Social media networking sites 203 Social Media Networking Sites 202.Compassion 122 social media marketing efforts 87 Social Media Marketing Key 7. 107 social media property 141 . 94-5. 197-9 Social Media Marketing and Networking 11. active 120. 216. 129. 93 social media links 57 Social Media Map 10. 213-14. 162-5. 107. 14 social media marketing tool 102 Social Media Marketing Training 19 Social Media Marketing Tribe 10. 176 Social Media Monitoring for Businesses 118 Social Media Monitoring Tool.

213. 20. 83. 199. 196. 207-9. 195. solid 102 Social Media Success 9. 56. 205. 202. 34. 190. 208 social media training 18 social media universe 49 social media users 140 social media vehicles 48 social media waning. 217 specialties 192-3 spectrum 185 Springwise 155 . 203 [1] popular 171 social media sites work 80 social media/social networking websites 79 social media space 13. 101 social media work 107 social media world 151. 59. 200. 172. 139 song. 169. 203. 63-6. 17-19.239 social media rainbow 188 social media savvy 182 social media services 151 social media sites 6. 199 Sol Solutions 111. 194. 9. 197. 153. 138. 116 free 62 social net-working sites 203 social network sites 53 social networking 18. 186. 187. 203. 81. bird 85-6 spaces 83. 187. 24. 56 social networking profile 132 social networking services 216-17 social networking sites 18. 180-1. 20. 57. 219 spam 64. 141. best 5 social media strategy. 26. 132. 134. 218 social networking communities 20. 199. 132. 40-1. 146 social media systems 84 Social Media Tale of Authenticity 6. 116. 206. 51. 35. 27 social media tips 72. 129. 98. 126. 219 society 48. 194-5. third-largest 156 social networking websites 132 social networks 16. 215 Social Networking Sites Benefit 56 social networking website. 185 social mediums 65. 125. 184-5 Social Media strategies. 18.Naysayers 168 social media web sites 124 social media Web sites 126 Social Media Wizardry 8. 51. 31. 217. 139-41. 68. 57. 20. 45. 97. 47. 193. 22. 152. 102. 172-3. 103. 107 social media toolbox 88 social media tools 10. 55.

89. 126. 147. 35. 211 Squidoo lensography 171 stalker 54 start 27. 62. 191 Tons of Twitter Followers Fast 7. 149. 217 [4] start tweeting 73 Steve 130 stories 6. 41. 102. professional social media optimization 164 team sport 102 tech savvy companies 209 technology 25. 216-17 suitors 169 surfers 213 Syndicate and Twitter Update 52 T tab 63-4 tags 91-2. 140. 78. 16. 167. 97. 33. 128.240 Squidoo 28. 94. 206-7. 69. 27-8. 106. 70. 32. 42. 40 tanks 149 TAPI 117 target group 199 target market 18. 80. 166-7. 47. 100. 169. 82-3. 188. 66. 84. 49-50. 144. 67. 156. 71 tool bar 31 . 112-13. 219 Take Advantage of Social Media Sites 6. 121. 200 targeted traffic. 156. 165 Strategic Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs 103 strategize 120 students 118-19. 119. 216 subscribers 51-2. 98 success 13. 55. 35 teenagers 58-9 television 43-4. 47. 91-2. 36. 57. 200 Tips and Advice on Social Media 1 title 54. 51-2. 135. 143. 57. 78. 214 Ted 22. 203 text content 127. 154. 47. 76. 171. 68. 86. 206. 186-7. 62. 121-2 StumbleUpon 52. 39. 112. 132. 67 styles 191 subject 22. 55. 158. 79. 43. 112 theTop Social Media strategists 93 Thursdays 29 Time Consuming Monster 138 time management tool 105 time on-line 45 time zones 105 tips 1. 129 themes 110. 184. 115-16. 5. 155. 43. 116. 160. 53. 136. 161. 195. free 175-6 taste tests 50 team. 196. 83. 19. 21-2. 23.

10. 105. 65. 168-9. 174. time constraints 149 twitter address 159. 116-17. 152-3. 143-4. 24-5. 110-14. 125. 177 top earners 147 Top Internet Marketer 148 top networking sites 76 top twitter users 138 topic Internet marketing 100 topics 19. 96. 67 traffic tips 9.com 109 Tweetlater 40. 157. 96. 63. 68. 109-10. 205-6 [12] communication 188 microblogging 87. 104. 193-4. 94. 80-2. 168. 119. 97-8 Twellow. 82-3. 82-3. 78. 73. 143-6. 116. 134-7. 78-87. 73.blogspot. 148-9. 145-6. 38. 101. 126. 110-15. 105-6.241 tools 14. 57.com 97-8 Twellow. 55. 111-13. 139 Trust Social Media 13 TV adverts 44 Tweet Scan 154 TweetCube 87 Tweetdeck 81. 63-4. 72-3. 37-8. 121 tweetittoronto. 149. 187-90 [25] Twitter & You 6. 176-7. 150. 83. 25-6. 81. 86-8. 37-9. 173 [10] redirect 65. 99-100. 86. 37-40. 41. 166 tweeter followers 71 tweeting 25. 39 Twitter. 137-8. 99-100. 196 Twitter API 8. 56. 1245. 77. 176 traffic website. 40.com listings 98 twitter 9. 22. 67. 174-7. 115-17. 102-6. 86. 188-9 [3] Twitter 6-9. 99 right 109. 134. 18. 190-1 [9] quality 25 Twellow 8. 51-2. 43-6. 152 twitter background 113-14 . 188. 117 tweets 8. 134. 128-9. 39-40. 94. 37. 98-100. 152-3. 216 social media chat 173 track 38. 40. 37. 156-7. 96-7. 165-7. 21. 63. 124. 34. 181 tree hugger 76 trucks 49-50 trust 14. 128. 143. 118 Twitter application 97. 40. 48. 100. heavy 171 transactions 142. 171. 111-15. 50-1. 79-81. 172 trademarks 3 traffic 18. 165-9. 23-6. 175 Tweeting George Orwell 8. 88. 154-5. 197. 174. 161. 33. 133-9. 73-5. 136. 143-6. 104-5. 166 tweeter 25.

161.com 96. 92-3. 201 [7] posting 73 upload 32. 196 users 15. 203-5. 146 Twitter Feed 40. 131 Twitter's business model 168-9 Twitter's search function 161. 46. 113. 132. 180-1. 62. 190-1 twitter network 114 cohesive 114 twitter page 113. 155-6. 214 [8] .com Twhirl 150 Twitter Marketing Tips 144. 190 Twitter Tips 8. 190-1 twitter community 79. 64-6. 136 cool 88 favorite 137 must have 87 popular 8. 97. 153. 175 twitter followers 9. 84. 130 twitter homepage 165 Twitter Lesson 6.242 Twitter Badge 10. 88. 64. 99. 143-4 Twitter Followers Fast 7. 153 twitter widget 191 Twitter. 175-6. 138-9. 100 twitterers 46. 100. 37-40. 143. 146. 37. 67-8. 148-9. 97 TwitterFox 37. 115. 40. 135. 20. 154. 24. 140-2. 42 Twitter Management Tools 150 Twitter Management Tweetdeck. 96-7. 188-9 twitter services 73 twitter site 144. 39 username 63. 32. 159-60 Use Twitter Optimally 6. 131 people's 114 twitter profile 113 public 115 twitter search 9. 71 Twitter Help 8. 152-3. 38-9. 96-8. 40 U updates 24. 41. 88. 189 twittersphere 81 Twitzer 38 Twollo 38. 96 twitter-verse 86. 79. 185 branded 137 twitter posts 97. 124. 62. 40 Twittering 74. 37. 114 twitter website 124. 73-4. 127-8. 110. 103 twitter tools 6.

45 Why 92. 124. 162-4. 109. 28. 190. 194. 211 Web sites 126. 186. 155-7. 34. 210 visibility 89. 92. 61. 202. 65-7. 112. 104-5. 219 website 21-2. 128. 193. 218 Why Social Media 172 . 35. 56-7. 205-6 [9] web application 152-3 web business 42 web marketing tools. 211. 79. 94-5. 102. 70-1. 83-4. 41-2. 207-8. 189 value links 173 vehicles 47-8 vendors 13-14. 65-7.243 Using blogs 213 Using Social Media to Connect 10. 139-40. 188. 213. 94-5. 102 viral marketing 21. 170-1. 81. 142. 95. 34. 117. 61. 109. 186 Using social networking tools 133 Using Twitter to Find Outsourced Talent 8. 90. 218-19 [12] short 66. 45. 76. 56. 55 video descriptions 66-7 video marketing 107 videos 19. 204. 130. 216-18 volatile 128 vote 21-2. 62. 48. 217 [17] designing 22. 194-6. 219 visibility trap 101-2 visitors 21. 156. 64-5. 211-13. 179-81. 21. 14. 194 webmasters 127. 95. 134-5. 23-4. 32. 22-3. 180-1 V value 23. free 62 web-sites 95. 162 webpage 99. 129. 92-3. 17. 206-8. 68. 56-7. 45-6. 10. 82. 175-7. 71-2. 146. 218 viral traffic 10. 169. 142. 159. 126. 186. 207 VP 184 W wall 90-3 facebook 187 wave 13 weave 54-5 web 6. 211-12. 131-5. 72. 194 large social media 126 people's 128 weblogs 48. 152. 113 utility 91. 127-9. 35 your/company's 207 website owners 32. 129. 84.

41.com 38 www.com 199-200 www.artemisinternetmarketing.com 160 www.ecobargains.twitter.com 87 www.sinotechblog.virtualsocialmedia. 102. 99-100 www.ExpectToConnect.level 137 www.com/solsolutions 111.twitter.com 93 www.facebookboost. 53-4.newrulesofhomebusiness.mediacontacts.TwitterTrafficToYou. 212.twittertraffictoyou.com 40 www.communitymarketing.244 Why You 98-100 widget 180-1. 177 www.com 82. 32-8. 169-70. 88. 99-104. 216. 72.com 75. 210.com 14-15 www. 48. 204. 69. 22-4. 62-3.creative4business. 139 www. 62.havasdigital. 171. 218-19 You 6-10. 178.com 87 www. 185-7.MaverickMarketingProfits.com 105 www.co. 40-3. 218-20 Y Yahoo 35.com/malik 121. 125.com 111. 186-7.internetworkmarketingwealth. 71-3. 59-61.net 76 www. 214.com 172 www. 34. 87-93. 97. 208. 147.beachstarinc. 218-19 Z Zappos 157 .uk 84 www. 139 www. 79-81. 190-1 flash 190-1 widget sites 181 wizard 101 Wordpress blog to Facebook 80 workers 123 www. 198. 189-91 [37] YouTube 28.com 31 www. 66-7. 1069. 82.typepad.profitsocialmedia.com 46 www.

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