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Non-resident Indian (NRI) is an Indian citizen who moves to another country, the person is of Indian origin born outside India or a person of Indian origin permanently resident outside India. in other words the same meaning in India and abroad are foreigners in India. general use, often born Indians who have citizenship in other countries. Term North America East Indian and Asian Indians are often used to distinguish those who came from India, indigenous, Native American, while the term used to describe or Deshi Desi diaspora. Person of Indian Origin (PIO) is usually a person of Indian origin, who is a citizen of India. Give PIO Card, the Indian government considers anyone India, even four generations of the PIO. [2] The PIO card holders in their own name may lead to PIO card. The latter category includes foreign spouses of Indian nationality, regardless of their ethnicity. PIO card holders are the limits that apply to many foreigners, such as visas and work permits, and some other economic constraints. Note that, strictly speaking, Indian Foreign Minister refers only to taxes a person or a person who is a law in 1961 has not lived in India, the Income Tax Act (Article 6), but it is an Indian citizen in Anyway. Living in India, the Indian law on holiday in India, income is less than 182 days per calendar year or 365 days over four years. This requirement applies to all persons with any person other than an Indian citizen can live in India to enforce the law, but to live in response to the Indian citizen in India. Similarly, those who do not reside in Indian law, apparently a foreigner in India, but only those who are citizens of India but does not meet the residence requirement is considered Indians abroad. More about NRI INDIA Name: NRI India Email: Website:

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