in the milling crowd two wandering souls gently pacing.

too heavy the baggage yet pretending to be light you slung it onto the shoulder. i walked dead slow trying to prolong those seconds slipping by you realised! with a smile pushed me along. in another hour i would retrace this path the same me but without you! the thought seemed to be unbearable the dagger pierced deeper i winced. you never told me if you feel the way i do nor did you let me know how long this was going to last how can a downtrodden mind like mine decipher the innermost thoughts of yours? it was shameful but it was true i feared losing you! you stopped. i didnt hide. you pulled me closer "some feelings are best when left unexpressed, my love!" you said and looked straight into my eyes. then an impulse an urge you kissed me we locked our lips long..very long.. moments of ecstasy, a bliss! your love poured into mine the desires of the flesh and soul merged melted into one the loudspeaker shrieked we broke apart it was time! you stepped in it started moving your hands slipped away i held onto it - afraid to let go! the essence of loss ebbing in my mind

why cant you stay? dont leave me here and walk away! through the screeches and shouts your voice echoed "next time we will take this journey side by side yes! together!" with it you dissolved in the mist leaving a helpless but hopeful 'me' behind!

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