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16491040 the Backyard Homestead Brochure

16491040 the Backyard Homestead Brochure

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Published by: DHOBO on Aug 19, 2010
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Achieve Food Self-Sufficienc

The indispensible one-stop guide to enjoying fre

Illustration © Michael Austin

cy Right at Home

Storey’s 25-year-old mission is making news today.
The Backyard Homestead is a compendium of the best advice from the country’s foremost publisher of books that promote personal independence in harmony with the environment. Who else could publish a single volume that contains all the information needed to produce meal after meal right from the backyard? This food doesn’t contain pesticides or chemicals and doesn’t need excessive packaging or processing. Without the addition of preservatives, fruits and vegetables come to the table exactly as nature intended.

esher, better-tasting food

The Backyard Homestead will help readers:
• Grow vegetables and fruit with timeless advice on where to plant, how to harvest, and how to preserve the crop • Make cheese from local dairy products • Make homemade apple cider or kitchen-fresh blackberry jam • Raise chickens for eggs and meat • Keep bees and enjoy their honey straight from the comb • Cure meats to enjoy all winter long
Never before has so much food wisdom been collected in one volume. The Backyard Homestead will be the go-to reference for readers looking to live a more self-sufficient life, one they can celebrate with locally produced food and drink.

Eat Organic, All-Natural – All the Time
The Backyard Homestead
Edited by Carleen Madigan Perkins
Two-color; illustrations throughout 368 pages; 7 x 9 Paper: $18.95 US / $24.95 CAN ISBN: 978-1-60342-138-6; No. 62138
ses Relea ‘09 h MaRc

Publicity & Promotion Press Contact: Amy Greeman (413) 346-2113
or Amy.Greeman@storey.com • National feature pitch to food writers • Targeted mailing to “green” blogs and outlets who liked Made from Scratch • Featured title in Storey’s Stock the Pantry Promotion (Promo code: S09PAN) • National review mailing

About the Editor:
Before becoming an editor at Storey, Carleen Madigan Perkins was managing editor of Horticulture magazine and lived on an organic farm outside Boston, Massachusetts, where she learned many of the homesteading skills contained in The Backyard Homestead. She enjoys gardening, hiking, foraging, baking, spinning wool, and knitting. Carleen lives in western Massachusetts.

210 MASS MoCA Way | North Adams, MA 01247 www.storey.com

Storey books are distributed in the gift and book trade by Workman Publishing. To order, please see your sales representative or call (800) 722-7202. Storey books are distributed in Canada by Thomas Allen & Son, LTD, (800) 387-4333.

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