Mark Hess/Ed Campion Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

March 21, 1991 (Phone: 202/453-8536) RELEASE: 91-44 NASA ISSUES MODIFICATIONS TO SHUTTLE MANIFEST NASA managers today announced adjustments to modify the February 1991 Mixed Fleet Manifest. The modifications to the manifest were necessary after the STS-39 mission, scheduled for March with Space Shuttle Discovery, was postponed due to cracks on the orbiter's external tank door drive mechanism housing The flights now projected for calendar year 1991 begin with Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Gamma Ray Observatory flying in April. Following repairs to the door drive mechanism housing, Discovery will fly the STS-39 mission in May. The projected date for STS-40/Spacelab Life Sciences mission aboard Shuttle Columbia remains in May. Columbia will be taken off line as planned for structural inspections and modifications for Extended Duration Orbiter capability following completion of the STS-40 mission. The Tracking Data Relay Satellite mission originally scheduled to fly on Discovery in July is now on Atlantis in August. The Defense Support Program mission remains on Atlantis but will move from August to December. These two adjustments preserve the agency's capability to fly Discovery with the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite payload during its required science window with launch projected now for October. The International Microgravity Laboratory mission which was planned for December 1991 will become the first flight in calendar year 1992. The mixed cargo flight of the Tethered Satellite System and the European Space Agency's European

Retrievable Carrier originally scheduled for February on Shuttle Discovery will move to August 1992 and will fly on Space Shuttle Atlantis. Flights in the mid-1992 time frame remain in their original manifested positions with Atlas-1 in April, the Intelsat reboost mission in May which will involve the first flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour and the U.S. Microgravity Laboratory in June. Spacelab-J and the mixed cargo flight of the U.S. Microgravity Payload and the Laser Geodynamics Satellite also remain as scheduled for September 1992. The Canadian Experiments payload also is joining this mission. - more -2Adjustments to the manifest beyond September 1992 are still being examined and will be announced at a later date. 1991 Shuttle Launches DATE April 1991 May 1991 May 1991 MISSION STS-37 STS-39 STS-40 VEHICLE Atlantis Discovery Columbia Atlantis Discovery Atlantis PAYLOAD GRO AFP-675/IBSS SLS-1 TDRS-E UARS DSP

August 1991 STS-43 October 1991 STS-48 December 1991 STS-44

1992 Shuttle Launches DATE MISSION VEHICLE Discovery Atlantis PAYLOAD IML-1 ATLAS-1

February 1992 STS-42 April 1992 STS-45

May 1992 June 1992





Columbia Atlantis

August 1992 STS-46 Sept. 1992 STS-47

TSS-1/EURECA Spacelab-J

Endeavour Columbia

Sept. 1992 STS-52 USMP/LAGEOS/CANEX - end -

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