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ECDL and ICDL 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing ECDL and ICDL Course, Training, Test, Exam and Certification Guide

ECDL and ICDL 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing ECDL and ICDL Course, Training, Test, Exam and Certification Guide

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There has never been an ECDL/ICDL Guide like this.

100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of ECDL/ICDL. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print.

This book is also not about ECDL/ICDL’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with ECDL/ICDL.

This ECDL/ICDL book is designed to assist people at work, home or in study, establish Certification in ICDL/ECDL, a recognised standard for everyone who uses a computer in a professional or personal capacity. Individuals can choose how they wish to study for the tests - through TAFE, privately-run courses or self-study.

ECDL/ICDL certification informs current and prospective employers that you possess competency in fundamental IT skills. Most importantly, you will gain self-confidence from knowing you can use a PC and a variety of standard computer software applications.

Benefits of ECDL/ICDL Certification are: Increase your confidence to participate in the global digital society, Improve the quality of your life by gaining a better working knowledge of computers, Increase your value in the workplace by possessing a valuable credential, Establish a solid range of basic computer skills on which to increase your computer literacy.
There has never been an ECDL/ICDL Guide like this.

100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of ECDL/ICDL. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print.

This book is also not about ECDL/ICDL’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with ECDL/ICDL.

This ECDL/ICDL book is designed to assist people at work, home or in study, establish Certification in ICDL/ECDL, a recognised standard for everyone who uses a computer in a professional or personal capacity. Individuals can choose how they wish to study for the tests - through TAFE, privately-run courses or self-study.

ECDL/ICDL certification informs current and prospective employers that you possess competency in fundamental IT skills. Most importantly, you will gain self-confidence from knowing you can use a PC and a variety of standard computer software applications.

Benefits of ECDL/ICDL Certification are: Increase your confidence to participate in the global digital society, Improve the quality of your life by gaining a better working knowledge of computers, Increase your value in the workplace by possessing a valuable credential, Establish a solid range of basic computer skills on which to increase your computer literacy.

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  • Managing the UK ECDL: BCS
  • The Need to Download ECDL Training Materials
  • What is ECDL?
  • ECDL 4 Essentials
  • The New ECDL 2007 4.5 version
  • Advanced Your ECDL Skills
  • ECDL – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Popular ECDL Books
  • ECDL Training on CD
  • Take ECDL Only on Authorized Test Cen- ters
  • Role of ECDL Training Companies in UK
  • All About ECDL Foundation
  • Proving One’s Computer Literacy through ECDL
  • ECDL Course Learning
  • Online ECDL Exams Administered by Enlight.net
  • ECDL Exam Details
  • The Need to Take on ECDL Exercises
  • ECDL Standard Reference for the NHS
  • Adoption of ECDL within the UK National Health Service
  • Online ECDL Training
  • Understanding ECDL Part 2
  • Practice Makes ECDL Perfect
  • ECDL Quiz – Taking Note of the 7 ECDL Modules
  • Test your Computer Skills with ECDL Sample
  • Taking the ECDL Sample Test
  • All About ECDL Module 4: Spreadsheets
  • What is the ECDL Test?
  • Online EDCL Training
  • The ECDL in the UK
  • The ECDL Optional Module Unit E
  • ECDL Access: Understanding the Details of ECDL Module 5
  • ECDL Advance: A Module Designed for the Power User
  • What Are the Benefits of ECDL Advanced Courses
  • Needed Skills to Create ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets
  • ECDL CAD: Providing Licenses for 2D Design Professionals
  • How to Get the ECDL Certificate
  • The Importance of Taking ECDL Computer Course
  • ECDL Cost and the Value of ECDL Certifi- cation
  • Where to Find the Best ECDL Courseware
  • The Importance of ECDL Database
  • The Benefits of ECDL Excel Training
  • How to Become an ECDL Expert
  • A Foundation for the ECDL
  • Bewildered by the ECDL? Help is Three Steps Away
  • ECDL Home: An Overview
  • Getting Clued in to ECDL and ICDl
  • How to Achieve ECDL Learning the Best Way
  • Understanding the ECDL Level
  • A Background on ECDL Level 1
  • A Primer on ECDL Level 2
  • The More Complicated ECDL Level 3 Course
  • Learning the Basics of an ECDL Mock Test
  • What is Module 1 of ECDL?
  • What is Module 2 of ECDL?
  • What is Module 3 of ECDL?
  • What is Module 4 of ECDL?
  • ECDL Module 6 — Showcasing Slideshow Presentation Skills
  • ECDL NHS UK Learning Portal: Making Things Easier
  • Learning ECDL Online: Its Benefits and Uses
  • The ECDL Online Courses: What They Are?
  • What is Part 1 of ECDL?
  • 3 Benefits of ECDL Practice Tests
  • 2 Main Forms of ECDL Practice Guides
  • Steps to Get ECDL Qualification
  • Where to Get Practice ECDL Questions
  • What are the Different Kinds of ECDL Re- sources?
  • The Importance of ECDL Revision Exer- cises
  • Several Ways to Get ECDL Sample Tests for Review
  • Understanding the Different ECDL Sylla- bus Versions
  • How to Find the Ideal ECDL Test Centers
  • ECDL Testing Tips: Ways to Overcome Test Anxieties
  • The Value of ECDL Test Papers
  • ECDL Torrent: Faster Downloads for Faster Studies
  • Learning ECDL For Free
  • What is ICDL?
  • Why Professionals Need to Learn ECDL Modules?
  • The 3 Concrete Benefits of NHS ECDL Por- tal

ECDL and ICDL 100 Success Secrets

There has never been an ECDL/ICDL Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of ECDL/ICDL. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about ECDL/ICDL’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with ECDL/ICDL. This ECDL/ICDL book is designed to assist people at work, home or in study, establish Certification in ICDL/ECDL, a recognised standard for everyone who uses a computer in a professional or personal capacity. Individuals can choose how they wish to study for the tests - through TAFE, privately-run courses or self-study. ECDL/ICDL certification informs current and prospective employers that you possess competency in fundamental IT skills. Most importantly, you will gain self-confidence from knowing you can use a PC and a variety of standard computer software applications. Benefits of ECDL/ICDL Certification are: Increase your confidence to participate in the global digital society, Improve the quality of your life by gaining a better working knowledge of computers, Increase your value in the workplace by possessing a valuable credential, Establish a solid range of basic computer skills on which to increase your computer literacy.

ECDL and ICDL 100 Success Secrets
100 Most Asked Questions - The Missing ECDL and ICDL Course, Training, Test, Exam and Certification Guide
Lance Batten

ISBN 978-0-9805-1368-4


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ECDL/ICDL 100 Success Secrets
ECDL and ICDL 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing ECDL and ICDL Course, Training, Test, Exam and Certification Guide Lance Batten

ECDL/ICDL 100 Success Secrets Copyright © 2008 Notice of rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book, neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. No such use, or the use of any trade name, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book.

ECDL/ICDL 100 Success Secrets

There has never been an ECDL/ICDL Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of ECDL/ICDL. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about ECDL/ICDL’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with ECDL/ICDL.

..............40 ECDL Standard Reference for the NHS...............33 ECDL Course Learning .....................................................5 version ...........net ......................37 ECDL Exam Details ...........................46 ........................................31 Proving One’s Computer Literacy through ECDL ......................................29 All About ECDL Foundation ........................................16 ECDL 4 Essentials ..................................................14 What is ECDL? .....................................................................38 The Need to Take on ECDL Exercises...........................25 ECDL Training on CD .................................................................................................................Table of Contents Managing the UK ECDL: BCS.............12 The Need to Download ECDL Training Materials .........41 Adoption of ECDL within the UK National Health Service............................................................35 Online ECDL Exams Administered by Enlight...20 Advanced Your ECDL Skills ......................................................................................27 Take ECDL Only on Authorized Test Centers .....................44 Understanding ECDL Part 2.....18 The New ECDL 2007 4..42 Online ECDL Training ..................................................................................................................................28 Role of ECDL Training Companies in UK ..............................................23 Popular ECDL Books..................................................................................................................................................21 ECDL – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions ...........................

............................................ 52 Taking the ECDL Sample Test ........................ 77 ECDL CD ROM: Providing Portability and Convenience for ECDL Trainees....................................... 75 ECDL CAD: Providing Licenses for 2D Design Professionals ....................... 67 What Are the Benefits of ECDL Advanced Courses..................... 65 ECDL Advance: A Module Designed for the Power User.................................................................................................................... 63 ECDL Access: Understanding the Details of ECDL Module 5...................................... 54 Getting Enough Preparation through ECDL Software Programs .... 49 ECDL Quiz – Taking Note of the 7 ECDL Modules... 58 Online EDCL Training................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 59 The ECDL in the UK ...................... 69 ECDL Advanced Excel: Producing Quality Spreadsheets Experts ..... 61 The ECDL Optional Module Unit E ................ 71 Needed Skills to Create ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets................................................................................................................................ECDL Presentation – The Advantage of Familiarizing MS PowerPoint.............. 55 All About ECDL Module 4: Spreadsheets ............................... 73 ECDL Advanced Word Courses: Creating Superior Documents ......................................................................................................................................... 50 Test your Computer Skills with ECDL Sample .......................................................... 47 Practice Makes ECDL Perfect ....... 78 ........... 56 What is the ECDL Test?.........................................

......98 How to Achieve ECDL Learning the Best Way...............................................................................................................91 ECDL Forum: A Better Way to Acquire More Information about ECDL..............86 The Importance of ECDL Database ..............88 The Benefits of ECDL Excel Training...92 A Foundation for the ECDL .................107 .......................................................84 Where to Find the Best ECDL Courseware ...93 Bewildered by the ECDL? Help is Three Steps Away...........................................100 Understanding the ECDL Level...... and Courses to Help Applicants Prepare for ECDL.................................................How to Get the ECDL Certificate .......................................................................................................106 ECDL Login – They Key to Practice Exams...................................................................................................82 ECDL Cost and the Value of ECDL Certification.........................................................................94 ECDL Home: An Overview...........................................................................80 The Importance of Taking ECDL Computer Course........................................97 How potential are you going to land a job when you are ECDL Certified? ...........................90 How to Become an ECDL Expert.............105 The More Complicated ECDL Level 3 Course ............104 A Primer on ECDL Level 2 ..................................................................................................................87 ECDL Distance Learning: Providing Convenience and Flexibility for ECDL Training ......................... Lessons................................102 A Background on ECDL Level 1..........................................95 Getting Clued in to ECDL and ICDl ..............

... 116 ECDL Module 6 — Showcasing Slideshow Presentation Skills118 Understanding Internet Applications through ECDL Module 7 ..................NHS....................................................................................CO.................................................................................................................. 111 What is Module 3 of ECDL? ............................................ 128 ECDL NHS UK Learning Portal: Making Things Easier.......................................................... 113 What is Module 4 of ECDL? ...... 110 What is Module 2 of ECDL? .......... 136 ........................................................................................................................UK – Tying ECDL and NHS Together to Deliver Better Healthcare Service ............... 120 ECDL Module 8: Demonstrating IT Knowledge Through Practical Application......... 109 What is Module 1 of ECDL? .............................................................................................Learning the Basics of an ECDL Mock Test .. 122 ECDL Module E: The Eight ECDL Module for Using IT in the Workplace .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 132 Learning ECDL Online: Its Benefits and Uses ............................................................................. 114 ECDL Module 5: Testing Proficiencies in Database Management ......................... 126 ECDL........... 124 ECDL Modules: Testing General Computer Proficiencies and Practical Knowledge ......................................... 133 The ECDL Online Courses: What They Are?.......... 130 The Anglia Support Partnership or ASP and the ECDL NHS UK Learning Portal . 134 What is Part 1 of ECDL?...............

.........141 2 Main Forms of ECDL Practice Guides ................159 ECDL Torrent: Faster Downloads for Faster Studies .................................................150 Several Ways to Get ECDL Sample Tests for Review.................................................................................145 What are the Different Kinds of ECDL Resources? ...........165 Why Professionals Need to Learn ECDL Modules? ...................160 Learning ECDL For Free ...................................................................................................................................152 Understanding the Different ECDL Syllabus Versions...................149 ECDL Sample Papers: Essential Training Tools for ECDL Candidates ...ECDL Portal: Providing Valuable Assistance for ECDL Certification .......................................................................................................157 The Value of ECDL Test Papers..............................................................................................137 ECDL Practice Papers: Providing Practical Study Guides for the ECDL Test ..................143 Where to Get Practice ECDL Questions ..............................................................................................................163 ICT ECDL: How IT Skills Help Candidates Grasp ECDL Modules..................................................139 3 Benefits of ECDL Practice Tests ......169 ......................................147 The Importance of ECDL Revision Exercises ...............154 How to Find the Ideal ECDL Test Centers.............167 The 3 Concrete Benefits of NHS ECDL Portal ..142 Steps to Get ECDL Qualification .................................................................................................................156 ECDL Testing Tips: Ways to Overcome Test Anxieties ........162 What is ICDL?.....................

...........Several Methods of Teaching ECDL...............................................................ecdl..............com ...... 171 What is ECDL: Understanding the Basics of ECDL Certification .......................................... 173 Know More about ECDL Through www........... 175 ............................


11 .

It is the role of BCS to ensure that these test centers provide candidates a learning place that is free from discrimination or personal harassment. prompt and friendly service. to take immediate action on complaints addressed. In the United Kingdom. For testing centers. it is the BCS who approves the testing center. They are responsible for awarding those who have qualified for the ECDL certification. With . Audit functions are performed by them. Those who are interested to be an accredited testing center. to see to it that test centers conform to the standard procedures. A certification to be credible and acceptable depends on how the awarding body determine who rightfully deserves. They are the ones who perform audit on test centers. its benefits and the ECDL syllabus. the ECDL is managed by the British Computer Society (BCS). to give attention to appeals made by candidates and prompt action. The BCS also provides awards to test centers with quality marks for their excellent service. companies should be able to meet the BCS Qualifications. The BCS provides a link for candidates to locate the nearest testing center in their area. efficient. The BCS provides guides to those candidates who intend to take the ECDL exam. The BCS accredits an individual professional competence and integrity. It provides an overview of what ECDL is all about. and investigate malpractices.12 Managing the UK ECDL: BCS The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is an internationally recognized IT qualification in Europe. They also provide readers with a sample test to provide prospective candidates of the ECDL exam an idea of the kind of questions asked during the exam.

you can be assured that only the qualified are earning the rewards. .13 the BCS managing the ECDL exam.

students are required and forced to study by their instructors. Once you have downloaded any of these. Unlike classroom training. Some of these downloadables include ECDL courseware programs. Taking advantage of the available training materials that can be downloaded from the web is the next best thing aside from classroom training. practice exercises and training manuals. you will develop that much needed confidence in taking the ECDL exam. this may only happen to people with flexible schedules. There are a lot of ECDL preparation materials on the Internet that are just waiting for you to download them.14 The Need to Download ECDL Training Materials One of the most common questions that European Computer Driving License or ECDL certification hopefuls are asking themselves is that if it is all worth it to take on a bunch of preparation just to pass the exam. Resorting to ECDL training programs that are only accessible online gives the candidate the option to take responsibility to his or her learning. This is because your preparation for the said exam is like your one and only bullet to achieve ECDL certification. Through these. the only thing that you should only think about if how to find time to read and access them. But then again. maybe the things that you have reviewed will appear on the actual exam? This will definitely give you an edge over other candidates… . Who knows. Why not just take on the exam first and check on the results afterwards without the element of preparation? Taking the easiest way out is never an option when obtaining a certification just like ECDL.

15 dates… something that you should be proud of yourself for taking on an extra mile of preparation. .

The programme is offered to those who can demonstrate their full competence through the use of personal computer and common knowledge in computer applications. the very first thing you think about is a certification to drive a vehicle. The ECDL certification receives recognition and support from governments. which is a non-profit organization. using the computer & managing files. The candidate should know the essential concepts of the Information Technology. computer societies. database. . ECDL is an internationally recognized Information and Communication Technology and digital literacy certification program. It is an advantage if prospective candidates have earlier knowledge in the use of computers and some of the common software applications. In Europe. The ECDL certification is offered in 148 countries and in 38 languages.16 What is ECDL? As you hear the words driving license. The exam consist of seven separate modules that covers computer theory and practice. presentation. word processing. and information & communication. ECDL is also called as the International Computer Driving License (ICDL). spreadsheets. to be licensed in the operations of computer is to acquire the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). international organizations and commercial corporations. The seven modules are concepts of information technology. The ECDL certification exam is given by a local Test Centre for a fee. The certification program is provided by the ECDL foundation. To receive an ECDL certification is to pass all the seven modules.

Be able to develop your IT skills and enhance your career perspective.17 ECDL is your way of gaining a benchmark qualification in computer. .

the best invention ever created is the computer. fields of study. they are looking into implementing the Syllabus 5. Previously. Constantly checked and monitored by the ECDL Foundation. ECDL Syllabus documents are guaranteed to be updated regularly. as well as certification programs such as European Computer Driving License or ECDL also adjusts to the changing times. It is designed to help students prepare for the 7 ECDL tests for each module and eventually pass it. From manual labor to automated machines and from abacus to the computer – these changes have made significant effects on people’s lives. its latest version is ECDL Syllabus 4. This is the reason why the ECDL Syllabus was developed. here are some of the books that you should be reading to know more about it: (a) ECDL 4 for Dummies (Paperback) Authored by Steve Young. This student friendly book is very much ideal to accompany students in their quest for ECDL supremacy. and since it constantly evolves every now and then. this book was published in July 30. . These did not only make man’s day to day job a lot faster and easier.18 ECDL 4 Essentials Changes in technology are inevitable as man always seeks for improvement as days pass by. Since Syllabus 4 is still widely used nowadays. 2004. Without a doubt. but these also have provided new career opportunities to many. It was written by Paul Holden and Sharon Murphy. but now. 2005 containing 592 pages. (b) How to Pass ECDL 4: Office XP (Paperback) This book contains 592 pages and was published in June 10.

For more information such as the retail prices for each book.19 These are just two of the many reference materials to pass ECDL 4. it is therefore recommended to drop by to a bookstore near you. .

20 The New ECDL 2007 4. The new development is the level of knowledge required to pass the actual ECDL exam.0. The ECDL 2007 4. The seven new modules under ECDL 2007 4.5 XP.Word Processing Software Level 2 Module 4 – Spreadsheet Software Level 2 Module 5 . The online training course is the very first to provide user with a guide in passing the exam in addition to the ECDL portfolio.5 2007 version is broken into seven modules.Database Software Level 2 Module 6 . 2 and 7 and are specific for UK users only. instructions and pedagogical features and more. All features were designed for those running on Windows XP. The ECDL 4.Presentation Software Level 2 Module 7 – Internet and Intranet Level 1 Emails Level 1 .5 are as follows: Module 1 – Use IT Systems Level 1 Module 2 – Operate a Computer Level 1 Module 3. The ECDL XP and the new 2007 4. examples.5 version A candidate running on an XP operating system would have to use the latest ECDL version 4. It has been endorsed by the ECDL foundation and written by authorized ECDL trainers. It contains minor updates to align syllabus closely to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for IT users. The Modules affected by the updates are the modules 1. Each chapter provides the reader a walkthrough of the subject matter with the latest features that includes screenshots.5 version is an update to the ECDL 4.5 ECDL version is the latest development of the ECDL. animations.

multimedia. automation. and embedding data. charts and graphs. Features included in these program applications are as follows: 1. images and drawing. an additional certificate is given out recognizing your expertise in computer use. layout. delivery. The additional certificate is called the ECDL expert Certificate. Presentations – include audience and environment. 2. . query design. link data and macros. presentation. Database – includes table design. slide show setup. form design. organization. data relationships. security. databases and presentations. Word Processing – includes text management. document elements. Just like the ECDL Certificate . functions and macros and auditing. design. the ECDL Advanced modules can be taken individually and upon passing the exam you receive an ECDL Advanced certificate. 4. Spreadsheet – includes data handling. The ECDL Advanced enables you to demonstrate your highlevel computer skills and will help you in your career. 3. macros and data management. If you have completed all the modules.21 Advanced Your ECDL Skills There are advanced programs offered to ECDL passers who wish to advance and progress their skills in computer literacy. report design. spreadsheets. as employers will start recognizing and build confidence in your competencies and efficiency in the various ranges of applications. display. The ECDL Advanced offers advanced program applications in word processing. linking data. charts and graphs.

These training centers have professional tutors to help candidates and a one hour sit test per module is undertaken. there are available courseware materials that will help you learn ECDL Advanced. Those who prefer to do a self study on ECDL Advanced.22 If you intend to take the ECDL Advanced. . e-learning and blended learning. Available courseware may be in the form of textbooks. there are various approved centers across the UK that can provide the needed support and training.

23 ECDL – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Since the European Computer Driving License or ECDL is one of the most in-demand certification nowadays. using MS PowerPoint. ECDL is divided into 7 modules that will give prospective candidates a slight idea of what to expect during the exam. ECDL is now being administered in 148 countries and in 38 different languages. This headcount continues to grow as more and more IT enthusiasts are getting into the ECDL vibe for job prospects improvement. Zimbabwe. (e) Databases – i. (f) Presentation – i. (c) Word Processing – i. (d) Spreadsheets – i.e. Another common question is the scope of the ECDL exam. Fortunately. These modules include the following: (a) Basic IT Concepts – general computer knowledge. (b) Using and Managing Files. using MS Excel. One of the most frequently asked questions is if ECDL is available worldwide. Unlike other certification programs. using MS Access. Canada.e. using MS Word. Passing all tests for each of the 7 modules means ob- . ECDL is an internationally recognized certification that allows people to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of computer functions and its common software applications. and (g) Information and Communication – email and the Internet. As of the year 2007. Australia. ECDL has been expanded and crossed the borders of continental Europe already. Some of these countries include United States of America.e. Indeed. it is just normal that a lot of prospective candidates will ask questions on how to qualify and eventually pass the said certification program. the ECDL Foundation has reportedly issued more than 7 million certificates. and South Africa.e.

24 taining an ECDL certificate. For more information. . inquire at a credible testing center nearest you.

It also covers all 7 modules of ECDL. a perfect choice for all ECDL aspirants.25 Popular ECDL Books The growing popularity of the European Computer Driving License or ECDL has encouraged a lot of brilliant minds to work together to come up with the best ECDL study guide. It contains 257 pages with a series of structured exercises and questions for each of the seven ECDL modules. Here are some of the popular choices. practical computer instruction and comprehensive coverage of all ECDL / ICDL objectives.0 Study Guide (Paperback) This book is a collaboration from John Lancaster. David Penfold. These . It is said to be a complete fully accredited guide that can help candidates pass the ECDL examination. this book was authored by Jackie Sherman. David Scott. if not the best books that you can find in a bookstore near you. Sybex and the British Computer Society (BCS) with Bill McTaggart as its publisher. (a) Brilliant ECDL (Paperback) Written by James Morgan and Victoria Hull. It was first published in January of 2005. this book allows its readers to find the information they need in just a snap. (c) Practical Exercises for ECDL using Office XP and 2003 (Paperback) Published in 2006. this book was published in December of 2005 with 552 pages. It contains 448 pages of ECDL information including detailed hands-on exercises. (b) ECDL / ICDL 4. With its visual step by step approach.

there are a lot of ECDL reference materials available nowadays but choosing one that suits your needs will guarantee you of achieving ECDL success. . Indeed.26 exercises are designed to assess one’s progress in learning the basic concepts of ECDL.

Yes. he or she must observe good study habits all the time. there is a need to follow a certain schedule to constantly update oneself with the issues surrounding ECDL and get the most out of the money that was used to purchase it. ECDL Training CDs can also be purchased online. In addition. To check for one. there is also a drawback for this type of training material. there are also some books with accompanying CD versions with it. Though considered as a generic type of certification exam.27 ECDL Training on CD It is very critical for most IT professionals to get ECDL (European Computer Driving License) certified. however. Though some still prefers reading books. its functions and common applications. there are also some institutions that offer plain CD. Most of these training videos come with an instructor who will lead you the way on what you need to know about the computer. They find this more convenient as the training itself takes place directly on the computer. visit any online bookstore site today. this type of training is more practical. which is just the perfect environment in honing one’s computer skills. . candidates are still purchasing ECDL training materials to enhance their computer skills and fill knowledge gaps if there are any. a lot of people are resorting to ECDL study guides in CD format. ECDL training materials on CD version can be installed on the computer as a courseware and can be viewed similar to watching a movie. Meanwhile. Since the user is responsible for his or her own learning. But then again.

On the screening process itself. where certification programs play a vital role. Before registering. make sure to visit ECDL official web sites for confirmation. achieving a bachelor’s degree is not enough to guarantee a potential candidate a slot to at least make it to the qualifying exam. there are a lot of testing sites deployed in countries where ECDL is being administered. but make sure to take it on an authorized test centre. Nowadays. applicants are being ranked based on experience and credits. simply call them and they will let you know ECDL exam particulars specifically the date and venue of the exam and its accompanying cost. It is most likely that there is one that is available in the city or town nearest you. make sure that the ECDL test centre is credible in administering the exam. European Computer Driving License or ECDL is one of these. To check out local ECDL test centers. Since the ECDL certification program has gone global. Should you be interested. . specifically ITrelated. The demand for professionals with more than satisfactory skills and knowledge when it comes to dealing with this generation’s state of the art computer programs makes the selection even narrower as more and more employers are looking for evidence or proof of one’s qualification.28 Take ECDL Only on Authorized Test Centers The competition on the job market is getting stiffer than ever as a lot of qualified individuals are set to fill in vacant posts on most sought-after companies in the metro. ECDL is administered only on selected test centers. Just like any other certification program.

ECDL companies in the United Kingdom offer interactive online course that provide a step by step lessons to candidates as well as simulations and practice questions. ECDL companies do accept interested candidates who have or no knowledge in computer. This is to ensure or test their learning pace. there are about 148 countries where ECDL certification is available. Most of them are qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP). Inasmuch as it is globally recognized. They are leading professional bodies that help those working in IT. It is also one way of tracking your learning development. e-learning and blended learning. The ECDL companies provide you with advice on the areas which you need to give focus into. They help learners get prepared for the ECDL examinations through gaining a basic level of competence in the use of personal computer. They provide a free demo for those interested and the system requirements are defined. courseware for those who prefers a self-study course approach. Various ECDL companies in the United Kingdom provide support and training for candidates of the ECDL. normally a period of a year.29 Role of ECDL Training Companies in UK The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) certification is globally recognized Information and Communication Technology and digital literacy certification. Available courseware maybe in the form of textbooks. Software packages that are access online are set with a limited time for access. . ECDL companies offer as well.

.30 It is the objective of almost all the ECDL companies in UK to promote the study and practice of computing and advance the knowledge and education in IT for the benefit of those in the IT profession.

It has a earned its reputation in pioneering the role in identifying and developing program content.31 All About ECDL Foundation The European Computer Driving License Foundation is the one that provides the ECDL computer literacy certification program. Asia Pacific. This is to ensure the quality and relevance of the certifications that it issues out to qualified candidates. Its products are developed following recommendations from international computer societies. come up with a rigorous test design methodologies and adherence to the highest quality standards. ECDL Foundation is registered in Ireland and is the worldwide governing body and licensing authority for ECDL (European Computer Driving License) and ICDL (International Computer Driving License). The ECDL Foundation markets the certification programme to those who need to show their full competence in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications. Europe. The company ensures that creation of syllabi is always relevant. A non-profit organization supports IT competencies over 148 countries across the globe. the ECDL Foundation is here to helping raise the general level of computer skills in . This ECDL company seeks to increase the productivity and job prospects improvement of IT professionals. ECDL Foundation has offices in Dublin. up to date and meaningful. Brussels and Singapore. Middle East and America. the global standard in end-user computer skills certification. The countries are grouped into five regions such as Africa. A non-profit organization as it is. The ECDL Foundation has ten main products ranging from equal skills at entry-level to specialized and professional programs for IT practitioners.

.32 society and providing access for those in the IT field of profession.

The ECDL / ISDL certification program is divided into 7 separate modules. (e) Databases. (c) Word Processing. governments and commercial corporations. international organizations. Also known as International Computer Driving License (ISDL). It was developed in 2001 through a Task Force of the Council of Professional Informatics Societies and was recommended to be a Europe-wide certification scheme by the European Commission High Level Group or ESDIS. ECDL is a computer literacy certification program provided by a non-profit organization called ECDL Foundation. its functions and other common applications. Since ECDL tests one’s knowledge of computers. (d) Spreadsheets. This means that passing this sought-after certification program will also mean increasing your chances of getting hired to the company of your choice. namely: (a) Concepts of Information Technology. To gain an ECDL / ISDL certificate. then take the European Computer Driving License or ECDL. (b) Using the Computer and Managing Files.33 Proving One’s Computer Literacy through ECDL Do you want to get a certification that will prove your full competence when it comes to the use of a personal computer and its common software applications? If yes. prospective candidates of this certification program are expected to have used and constantly exposed to the computer. it is a must to successfully pass a test in all 7 modules. As a globally recognized Information and Computer Technology (ICT) digital literacy certification. (f) Presentation and (g) Information and Communication. ECDL / ISDL is currently available in 148 countries (in 38 different languages) and is supported by computer societies. . ECDL claims to have issued more than 7 million ECDL certificates as of the year 2007.

it is therefore recommended to get enough preparation in conquering this much-coveted ECDL certification.34 Before registration. .

You may wish to contact approved centers to help you know the courseware providers in your area. Individual who prefer the self-study approach. e-learning and blended learning. Information and Communication A candidate may take each module in any order and over a period of three years or may take the entire module exam in once. When a candidate has passed all the modules.35 ECDL Course Learning The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a computer literacy certification program that is provided by the ECDL Foundation. Word processing 4. To gain certification in ECDL is to pass the ECDL examination. Testing centers are available to provide help and support to candidates of ECDL. It will enable individuals to develop their IT skills and strengthen their career prospects. Presentation 7. Using the computer and managing files 3. . Online Training Courses are available and allows access to ECDL software packages for a maximum of one year. Basic concepts of IT 2. Spreadsheets 5. ECDL is designed for those who want to gain a benchmark qualification in the computer industry. The ECDL exam covers seven modules that tests individual’s computer skills and competencies. courseware are also available in the form of textbooks. The seven modules of the ECDL exam cover the following: 1. Database 6. it is only then that a certificate is awarded.

get ready for the ECDL exam and get your rewards. Start feeling confident. competent and enhance your career prospects.36 You should ensure that the course provided are within the standards required. . Take the ECDL courses.

Enlight focuses on independent certification programs such as ECDL. With a lot of candidates taking the ECDL exam each day. . the internet and a software application that is installed on customer’s own server. Enlight helps test centers in handling ECDL certifications in a more efficient and costeffective way possible. It is a leading provider of global solutions and consulting services for certifications and testing. Signing up to an authorized ECDL test center will definitely assure the candidate of a more reliable and efficient ECDL test administration. with more than 1 million tests delivered online every year. It is currently being used around the world.37 Online ECDL Exams Administered by Enlight. ECDL tests that are held online minimize the need for manual labor and invest on additional hardware devices or software applications. Enlight was founded in 1993 and has offices in Sweden and the UK. The solutions that this company provides enable their clients to have the knowledge needed in reaching key business objectives. Indeed. a test center with already established automated processes will definitely make it a lot faster and easier to carry out test center loads for test administrators.net Selecting the best test center plays a critical role in taking certification programs such as the European Computer Driving License or ECDL. These solutions are available through an online service. This is because almost everything happens in the test center. This is where Enlight comes to the picture. from test registration up to the generation of exam results. Providing a wide range of products and services for Knowledge Assurance.

they also have the option to take on generic entry-level computer certifications such as European Computer Driving License or ECDL. These 7 modules are the following: (a) Module 1: Basic concepts of Information Technology – includes basic hardware questions. MS Excel (e) Module 5: Databases – i. MS Word (d) Module 4: Spreadsheets – i.e. There is no pre-requisite for the ECDL certification but candidates must pass 7 individual exams before an ECDL certificate is awarded. MS PowerPoint (g) Module 7: Information and Communication – i. (c) Module 3: Word Processing – i.e. MS Access (f) Module 6: Presentation – i. Module 1 is more like a theory-based exam with approximately 35 questions on multiple-choice format.e. IE browser (web) and MS Outlook (email). It is intended to demonstrate a user’s expertise in all-round computer use typical to an office-like environment.e.e. To start off.38 ECDL Exam Details There are a lot of certification programs that IT professionals can take nowadays to get additional credentials that will give them greater chances of landing on a high paying job of their choice. Modules 2 to 7 . (b) Module 2: Using the computer and managing files – includes questions about computer features and functionalities. These would depend on their area of expertise.

They also have the option to take all exams at once or individually in any order.39 contain various exercises designed to measure the candidate’s practical skills of computers and some of its applications. ECDL aspirants are given 45 minutes to complete each exam. . As for the passing mark for each exam. it usually depend on the module and it would be best to ask test administrators about it before the exam is taken so as to avoid false expectations.

This also gives one the much needed confidence during the ECDL test proper. Doing ECDL practice exercises is like assessing a candidate’s readiness in taking the ECDL exam. . Though this is often seen as time consuming. However. it is then advisable to review these items and take time to evaluate the answers. a favorable result is surely along the way. while some can be accessed on the site itself. if there are more incorrect answers.40 The Need to Take on ECDL Exercises With enough preparation on any given certification exam increases a candidate’s chance of passing it with flying colors. wherein most likely. So where are these ECDL practical exercises found? Fortunately. If almost all items are answered correctly. this means that the candidate is pretty much ready in taking the exam. Since all the tests for each of the ECDL modules are bounded by time limits. it would be best to focus on doing ECDL practice exercises to be familiarized with the possible practical skills to be performed during the actual ECDL test. Some items can be downloaded from the Internet. getting ready for the scheduled exam date is all worth it. there are a lot of web sites that cater such offering to ECDL exam takers. it would be best to take a bunch of practice exercises and determine the result. As a tip. There are times that reading books is not enough as there are certification exams. such as the European Computer Driving License or ECDL that requires candidates to perform practical tests to prove their knowledge and expertise of basic computer functions and some of its common applications.

The ECDL learning for the NHS enabled users to read. With the ECDL as a standard reference. easy access to patient’s information and the required care for patients. The NHS recognized the need for their staffs the use of Information Management and Technology. In 2007. The syllabus was designed specifically for users of healthcare systems. ECDL companies have entered into agreement with the NHS to administer and support NHS staff in getting the ECDL certification. The increased use of technology made NHS to make a step to have their staff equipped with the basic IT skills. This would allow quick. The NHS has in fact provided funding for health service employees training fund to acquire the ECDL certification. . NHS staffs are ensured that their staffs have the capability of adapting easily to new IT and information systems.41 ECDL Standard Reference for the NHS In the world of technology where everything is computerized. The NHS has used the ECDL as a reference standard of its staff computer literacy and competency. employees on the health service should be computer literate. It also provides candidates an understanding of the key issues regarding patient confidentiality and data security. retrieve. update and store patient records accurately. The new ECDL Health Unit was developed to answer the demand for a more direct syllabus specific to the health sector. the British Computer Society launched a new ECDL for Health Unit. The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a certification program for which NHS recognizes. The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom requires all those in the health industry device have a licensed in computing.

The UK NHS requires health service employees to become ECDL certified. electronic prescribing and electronic booking. Patients are able to have a summary of their health information. e-learning or blended learning. The need for the basic IT skills has become an essential requirement in the health industry. Just like the regular ECDL exam. Candidates for the ECDL can prepare themselves through attendance to training centers or avail of those courseware available in the form of textbooks. Steps are undertaken for the NHS to handle initiatives on NHS Care Records.42 Adoption of ECDL within the UK National Health Service The UK National Health Service (NHS) is a public funded organization founded in 1948 to provide free health care to all UK citizens. The success of adopting new skills using the standard ECDL remains entirely on the will of its staff/employees to make it work. For example with the NHS Care Records Service. In 2001. With ECDL. the UK NHS has adopted ECDL as the reference standard for basic IT skills. which are made available anywhere in the NHS in UK. All the NHS training centers trainers would not sign an individual for the ECDL if the individual cannot be supported all throughout. It is necessary that candidates get the help and support in their learning pace. the UK NHS ECDL covers seven modules. the staffs or employees are ensured of a quick and easy access to information needed to support patient care. The rapid increased in technology and where the use of Information Technology expands in the NHS. don’t you . the organization believed that it was about time to equip their staff with the basic IT skills. the person’s detailed records are securely shared to the different parts of the local NHS.

.43 think you should start preparing yourselves and become ECDL certified.

modular and hands on.44 Online ECDL Training Course wares are made available for those who prefer to study on their own or whose time needs to be flexible. It provides skill assessments 5. It has a tutor support throughout the course 6. The ECDL exam consists of seven modules such as concepts of information technology. It allows course interaction and simulations 3. It can be downloadable and printable material 8. using the computer and managing files. and information and communications. databases. It provides a 24/7 mentoring support 2. ECDL Online allows candidates to choose among the seven modules of ECDL exam when they feel ready. The program is design to provide a study that is flexible. It allows flexibility in studying . word processing. presentations. Candidates who wish to take the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) can work their way in preparing for the ECDL exam through ECDL Online Training. The ECDL online will allow candidates to increase their computer literacy and confidence in their place of work. It software provides upgrades with no extra charge 7. Its interactive online course provides a walk through as well as simulations and practical questions. Some of the benefits and features of ECDL Online are the following: 1. spreadsheets. This will enable candidates and the provider what areas needs to be given focus. It provides online certification and employment support 4.

Prepare your ECDL exam by taking ECDL online training.45 ECDL Online requires system requirements that user have to conform. Manage your own study time and assess your performance. . It provides candidates a 12 months access on the downloadable material.

6 and E (General IT Knowledge). (2) Using the Computer and Managing Files. . ECDL Part 2 (or Level 2 qualification) is more comprehensive as it is intended to give a more in depth understanding of computer functions and applications. there is a need to successfully complete ECDL Part 1 first as this will serve as an entry requirement. This will result to a much greater understanding of computer functions and applications as hands-on exercises are far better than written exams. 2 and 7. consists of Modules 3. ECDL Part 1 covers the basic modules that include Modules 1. ECDL is subdivided into two parts: ECDL Part 1 and ECDL Part 2. ECDL Part 2. 5. an ECDL course is developed and administered by most training institutions nowadays. After completing ECDL Part 2. with a greater weight given to the latter. If ECDL Part 1 (also referred to as Level 1 qualification) is designed to give a fundamental overview of computers for candidates who would like to obtain accreditation for their existing skills. (6) Presentation and (7) Information and Communication. the candidate has the option to take on ECDL Advanced. (4) Spreadsheets. 4. on the other hand. Before a candidate or a student will be able to take up ECDL Part 2.46 Understanding ECDL Part 2 If you are interested in taking a certification for European Computer Driving License or ECDL. ECDL Part 2 is a mixture of theories and practical computer exercises. (5) Databases. make sure to pass each of the tests taken from its 7 modules. To aid in enhancing one’s skills of computers and fill any knowledge gaps. namely: (1) Basic Concepts of Information Technology. (3) Word Processing.

This is because the 6th module of ECDL is all about “Presentations” and its exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills of using a typical presentation tool such as MS PowerPoint. formatting and preparing presentations using various style layouts either for display or printing distribution. To get hold of an ECDL certificate. and charts within the presentation. it would be an advantage to familiarize . This is the reason why it is very critical to know how to use such presentation tools and the developers of the European Computer Driving License or ECDL is very much aware of this.47 ECDL Presentation – The Advantage of Familiarizing MS PowerPoint As an IT professional. investing time on creating good quality presentations will make way for better understanding. texts. There are a lot of ways to impress the panel but it just makes sense to maximize all resources and come up with a slide show presentation with animations and colorful images on it. He or she must be able to move and duplicate images. To enhance your presentation skills. Tasks that the candidate should perform include creating. Knowledge on the use of various slide show effects is also one great advantage. then you will definitely have no problems taking on the exam for Module 6 of EDCL. Aside from enticing one’s viewing pleasure. If you are adept in creating slide show presentations using MS PowerPoint. it is but very common to engage in various corporate meetings where one’s presentation skills will be put to the test. modifying. it is a must to pass the exam for Module 6. Having at least 24 marks out of a possible 32 is good enough to reach the 75% passing score.

.48 oneself with the functionalities of MS PowerPoint and gain more confidence in passing the exam.

There is a need to put into practice what you have learned on each module. colleagues at work and employer that you know your job well. Taking the ECDL exam requires preparation and time for study. The ECDL exam is time pressured and you may need to read and understand questions well and still manage the time allotted. It is necessary that you understand the technology as you will need to apply them as you expand your career in the field of IT technology. ECDL training providers offer practice sets to candidates of the ECDL exam. It is through learning that you can prove to yourself. The practice sets allow you to time your exam.49 Practice Makes ECDL Perfect The ECDL exam is your key to become an ECDL certified. They provide a practice test in study mode and provide a detailed explanation and reference material listings that are for review. answer to the questions are explained which allows candidates a better understanding why the answer was the most acceptable. The practice would gauge how prepared you are to take the exam. Industry experts prepare ECDL practice tests. A practice test in custom mode is also made available. With the practice test. . The ECDL certification is the instrument that supports your computer literacy and skills competency in information technology. Passing the ECDL exam is just the first step. Good results on your practice test may yield good results in the ECDL exam. candidates are able to use their score report to identify where score is lower and what area candidate needs to give more focus. Practice sets prepare you to pass the exam. It also helps you apply in your daily life on the job. In this mode.

Take note that in order for you to get hold of an ECDL certificate. (b) Module 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files requires a candidate to demonstrate competence in using the common functions of the computer and its operating system.50 ECDL Quiz – Taking Note of the 7 ECDL Modules To assess yourself on how prepared you are for the European Computer Driving License or ECDL certification. here is a brief recap of the 7 modules of ECDL and take time to review each one of them. taking a practice quiz will definitely go a long way. (d) Module 4: Spreadsheets . (c) Module 3: Word Processing requires a candidate to display competence with the use of a word processing application on a computer such as MS Word. Just like after taking a quiz. (a) Module 1: Concepts of Information Technology requires a candidate to have an understanding of the main IT concepts at a general level including hardware and software functionalities. it is a must for you to pass all of the tests for each of the 7 modules of ECDL.

. it is best to take extra preparation and have better chances of successfully passing the certification. (e) Module 5: Database requires a candidate to be aware of the functions of databases and how to use it on a computer. (f) Module 6: Presentation requires a candidate to show competence in making use of a presentation tool such as MS PowerPoint.51 requires a candidate to understand the concept of spreadsheets and demonstrate the ability to use a spreadsheet application such as MS Excel. (g) Module 7: Information and Communication requires a candidate to understand some basic concepts and terms related with using the internet and electronic mail (e-mail). To be adept with each of the ECDP modules.

The number of items given on each module is 36. database.52 Test your Computer Skills with ECDL Sample There are seven modules that covers the ECDL exam. presentation. to give you a better understanding why the answer is arrived at. using the computer and managing files. . It is an excellent way of preparing for your actual ECDL exam. These modules are basic concepts of IT. Sample test are given for each module. Most often questions on the sample test are derived from previous ECDL exams. The Sample test items are based on the ECDL Syllabus. Most ECDL training providers have sample test papers for ECDL candidates to practice their skills. information and communication. The passing mark for each module is 75%. word processing. spreadsheets. A candidate should at least get 27 to get a passing mark. ECDL sample test questions are in multiple choice questions and answers to those questions are explained in detail. Applications and formatting functions are included in the sample test. The ECDL sample test provides an indication of the scope and approach used within the ECDL standard tests. It also familiarizes you on how testing software works. The sample test allows you to get an idea of the type of questions given out during the actual ECDL examination. You would be ask to apply actions on a given tasks which may involve calculations. The sample test is important in monitoring your progress and your level of knowledge in computing. The sample test are prepared by industry experts.


ECDL sample test is a tool in making the ECDL exam easy for you. Get on that sample test and start assessing how well your knowledge is in computer.


Taking the ECDL Sample Test
In most cases, it feels better to have an idea of how things are done before heading for something that you have no idea. Knowing how it is like to be in a situation would give you more confidence in handling matters. Just like in taking the ECDL exam, you need to be prepared and you would surely need mentoring as you undertake your review. There might be areas that you think you know but actually, you have missed or did not fully understand. Reviewing for the ECDL exam is not just about reading. The ECDL exam requires applications and the use of computer equipment. This is the same reason why the ECDL exam is given, to test your computer knowledge and skills. One good way to test how well your knowledge and skills in computer is undergoing an ECDL sample test. The ECDL training courses and courseware provide sample test for ECDL candidates. The ECDL sample test is a tool that will enable you and your trainers to assess your grasp of the 7 modules given during the ECDL exam. Each module is provided with sample test exercises. It provides a multiple choice questions and answers to the questions are explained in detail. This will allow you to check on items that you answered wrongly. Just like the actual test, your sample test is graded. An indication of a failing mark means there is more time to be spent on studying on the module. The passing mark is 75%. The sample test is made of 32 questions and a candidate should at least get a mark of 27 to be able to meet the passing mark. Take the ECDL sample test and find out if you are prepared for the ECDL exam.


Getting Enough Preparation through ECDL Software Programs
If you would like to be an inch closer in getting the much coveted certification for the European Computer Driving License or ECDL, then it is a must to take the much needed preparation to get familiarize with the basic computer concepts and functionalities. For college students who just recently graduated, it is easier to accomplish this as they have all the time in the world to review. They can even attend training classes as they are more flexible in their respective schedules. However, for professionals who are already working, taking the time to attend classroom training would be a bit of a hassle. The best alternative is to resort to getting ECDL training software materials. Most ECDL software applications come in a form of a courseware that can be installed in the computer. The price it takes to purchase one ECDL courseware varies and it usually depends on the content of the courseware itself. It also depends on the version of the courseware as companies usually release a new edition of the software program once updates are made. Say for example, an ECDL courseware for Windows Vista may be a bit costly compared to Windows 98. In addition, make sure to check if the ECDL courseware that you are purchasing is the one that fits your needs. If you are already adept with a certain ECDL module, try to look on another courseware that is focused mainly on the module that you would like to be familiar of. In this case, you will get the most out of the money that you have used to purchase the product. Most ECDL courseware programs are available online, so take time to browse the ones that came from legit training institutions just to be safe.


All About ECDL Module 4: Spreadsheets
As you may have known by now, ECDL covers 7 modules and for you to acquire a certification, you have to successfully pass a test for each module. ECDL tests one’s knowledge of basic computer programs and one common application used by most professionals nowadays is MS Excel. This program is the popular choice in generating spreadsheets, typically used in accomplishing business reports. Thus, the 4th module of ECDL is all about “spreadsheets”. “Spreadsheets” requires a candidate to understand the concept and functionality of spreadsheets and to display the ability to make spreadsheets through a computer application specifically designed for spreadsheet creation such as MS Excel and Corel’s Quattro Pro. The candidate is free as to which spreadsheet program he or she wishes to be tested on, however there is a need to inquire if the testing facility has the resources to accommodate the request. Aside from being adept in accomplishing tasks associated with developing, and modifying spreadsheets, the candidate should also be confident in entering, manipulating and formatting data. In addition, he or she should also know how to apply logical and mathematical formulas needed in generating reports. Demonstrating competence in creating and formatting graphs or tables is also a must. Printing spreadsheets is also one thing that will be checked on. In order to pass Module 4 of ECDL, a candidate must at least score 24 marks out of a possible 32. This means that the candidate should achieve a 75% mark to pass. This is the reason why it is recommended to take on sample exercises available in

.57 various sites on the web to measure one’s readiness to conquer the “Spreadsheets” module.

The ECDL test follows a ECDL Syllabus that enumerates the knowledge areas and knowledge items and skill sets and task items as covered by the ECDL standard. database. presentation. The ECDL test consists of seven modules. A 3 year period is given for you to pass all the 7 modules. . To pass the ECDL test and acquire the certificate is to have pass all the 7 modules. word processing. using the computer & managing files. spreadsheets. An EDCL module you have passed after 3 years will not count. The 7 modules can be taken per module or all at one time. The ECDL test is a step towards allowing people regardless of background to be a part of the information society. The foundation monitors the test based on ECDL syllabus. The first module which is on concepts is theoretical and the other six are practice based test that assess the candidate’s basic competence in the use of personal computer and ability to perform applications. The procedure in the conduct of test may vary in some countries but the foundation requires them to submit a well define test procedures with reliable testing process at the test centers. and information & communication. As soon as you register for the ECDL exam you are given a tag list for the 7 modules.58 What is the ECDL Test? The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a certification that signifies the holder knowledge in the basic concepts of information technology and the ability to use personal computer and perform software applications. The ECDL test is offered in 148 countries and in 38 languages. The ECDL test is given on test centers for a fee. The ECDL test is deployed and monitored by the ECDL Foundation. The modules include concepts of information technology.

there are course wares available for the busy people on the go. Training provides qualification recognition in the IT industry For ECDL Online Training. and information & communication. Modules include concepts of information technology. Benefits that are derived from ECDL Online Training include the following: 1. These modules are presented and sample test questions are provided at the end of each module to assess the candidate as to the level of knowledge gained. Training online improves the productivity of the candidate at home and at work 3. word processing. The most common training course that is availed of is the ECDL Online Training. your computer should meet the system requirement based on the training package as provided. spreadsheets. presentation. Training increases the level of competency of the candidate in IT and computer skills 2. Most of the ECDL packages run on Microsoft Office 2003 or higher.59 Online EDCL Training Taking the ECDL exam needs preparation and a lot of time spent on studying. For those who do not have the time to attend classroom training. The . e-learning or blended learning. The ECDL Online Training provides candidates with the literacy and competency in computer skills. Courseware are available in the form of textbooks. Training do not require prior knowledge of IT or computer skills 4. ECDL Training package provide the seven modules covered for the EDCL exam. database. using the computer & managing files.

take your ECDL training online. Manage your time and your study.60 ECDL Training Online is downloadable and allows user to a 12 month access online. . ECDL Training Online is convenient and allows flexibility for those who do not hold of their time.

Spreadsheets . in the UK they have ECDL for NHS. The ECDL UK has seven modules.Module 7 .Module 3 .Module 6 . it develops your IT skills and increases your career prospects. You may not be eligible to work in companies in the UK if you have not passed the ECDL.Module 2 . The ECDL is a certification applied to European countries like the United Kingdom. Most employers would find passing the ECDL as a requirement in filling up vacancies. the ECDL is internationally recognized by over 148 countries that adapt the ECDL program. which are the following: .Using the Computer and Managing Files .Basic Concepts of IT . Thus. ECDDL in countries outside Europe is known as International Computer Driving License (ICDL).Word Processing .61 The ECDL in the UK To gain qualification in IT if you are in the United Kingdom is to pass the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) exam.Module 4 . They are responsible for awarding the qualification to .Presentations . The UK ECDL is managed by the British Computer Society (BCS). However. ECDL for Educators.Module 1 . The ECDL certification confirms the holder of his knowledge in the use of computer and skills in handling computer applications. The ECDL helps you to be more efficient and confident in your present job. however minor changes are put in place to make the ECDL specifically designed based on occupational grouping.Electronic Communication In the UK the standard ECDL syllabus is observed.Databases . ECDL for IT etc.Module 5 .

62 passers of the ECDL exam. . They also award the auditing test centers on yearly basis.

Good Practice. Unit E brings together all the 7 modules of the ECDL. embedding and linking data. Equal To and Wildcards 6. Working With Applications – includes topics on integrating. copying and pasting data and generic formats 4. Copyright Restrictions. how to back up data and reduce virus infections 5.63 The ECDL Optional Module Unit E An optional module in taking the ECDL review is the ECDL Unit E. unlike all the other 7 modules where the passing rate for each module should be 75%. ECDL Unit E requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in computer through a series of theoretical elements. cutting. Application Search – includes the different ways to search for information. templates. The module covers the following: 1.includes topics on learning the right way to copy. automatic updates. It is all about Using IT. Backup systems and Data recovery and many other topics 2. Greater Than and Less Than. Offensive Materials. The passing rate for Unit E is 80%. data type formatting and character cases during presentations The ECDL Unit E is in a multiple-choice test similar to how Module 1 questions are given. Health & Safety – includes topics on student awareness on repetitive strain Injury. Legal issues.includes topics on Data Protection Act. by using the words OR and. glare from the screen and recycling and saving 3. Presenting Information – includes topics on using headers and footers. move and delete files. .

it is recommended that candidates study this module in order to put into perspective all the other 7 modules. However. .64 Unit-E is not required to gain the full ECDL certification.

ECDL candidates are assured that they can easily pass Module 5 of the ECDL. it can also be used as a frontline application to service the needs of external customers. Access is a database creation and management program developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is probably the widest database management solution being used by companies. These forms can be configured by users to match the specific needs of their companies. These rules can be edited and revised using only the embedded tools of the applications. Certain validation rules and data parameters can be included on the program to produce accurate results for every query on the database.65 ECDL Access: Understanding the Details of ECDL Module 5 ECDL Access is included in module 5 of the ECDL course work. . Companies can create customized forms and tables using MS Access. As a database management solution. If the basic operations of MS Access can be mastered. end-users must show proficiency in navigating the different tools provided by Access. Access is a useful program for all types of enterprises. Users can configure the way data should be presented so that reports can be understood more clearly by stakeholders or superiors. It can be customized to quickly retrieve important data that may be needed by the company’s frontline operations. It can process and handle database tasks and ideal for systematizing database management. Access can also produce hard copy reproduction of data represented in different format. As part of ECDL module 5. So.

66 it would be very important to include Access in the review program in order to successfully overcome the ECDL Database exams. .

They offer this advance training and certification process for those who finished the Level 1 and Level 2 course work of BCS.67 ECDL Advance: A Module Designed for the Power User ECDL Advance is a higher level certification process designed for computer power users. and computer centers also provide ECDL Advance courses which have curriculums authorized by the ECDL Foundation. Candidates should enroll in the Advance program so that they can be allowed to take the qualifying exams. Getting the ECDL Advance license can make a definite mark on the careers of employees. the advance utilities and functions of these programs are cultivated by the ECDL Advance courses. These core applications are word processing. database. The British Computer Society is one of the pioneers in providing the advance coursework for ECDL. This is also designed for IT personnel that possess advanced knowledge of computer applications. spreadsheets. Although these areas are well covered in basic ECDL. The process of certification is also similar to the basic ECDL certification. and presentations. . This advanced course work is ideal for individuals who already finished the ECDL licensing and certification process. Other training institutions. The ECDL Advance consists of the four core applications for office administration. universities. They can show that they are not only knowledgeable in basic computer applications but they are also experts in utilizing the different tools and plug-ins of the programs.

. they can take the exam and wait for their certification. It is generally advised therefore for advanced computer users to review their knowledge of the core office applications in order to successfully overcome the ECDL Advance certification tests. This is applicable if they can pass the rigorous exams.68 They can train for the advance modules. but if candidate feel that they have enough knowledge of the courses.

if candidates can successfully pass any of the three prescribed modules. Successful examinees therefore can now apply for Expert computer license. Each module has a corresponding certification. It must be noted that the Expert license is not issued automati- . In the United Kingdom. and presentations. database. It is a step forward towards gaining membership in the prestigious roster of BCS. Upon successful completion of the ECDL advance courses and certification. The basic ECDL course work is not a prerequisite for the advanced courses. spreadsheets. That’s because the advance courses use the foundation course as basis. A final license will be awarded. they can be certified as advance users of word processing and are given special certification for it. However. This certification includes the advanced Unit E of the BCS for higher IT usage and applications functionality.69 What Are the Benefits of ECDL Advanced Courses ECDL advanced courses consist of modules on word processing. It means if candidates for advance ECDL pass the higher word processing module. it would be useful if candidates have deeper background on basic ECDL. they can be allowed to take the British Computer Society Level 3 Computer certification. Modules of advance courses derive some of its basic precepts on the basic courses. However. then they can quickly jump to the advance courses and get the coveted certification for it. if computer users have enough guts and knowledge of the core computer applications.

. Candidates must apply for it and it will be given to them for free.70 cally by the governing bodies of the ECDL or BCS.

It is part of the entire advance ECDL program which includes advance courses in word processing. and presentation. It is a fact that Excel is the most popular and widely used spreadsheets program. Other schools on the other hand allow their students to take the advanced Excel course work and certification exams even without finishing the basic ECDL requirements. links data and automatic parameters. This advance ECDL course for spreadsheets offers a separate license and certification.71 ECDL Advanced Excel: Producing Quality Spreadsheets Experts ECDL Advanced Excel is a specialized course for utilizing the advance functions of MS Excel. This can be divided into 7 three . after successfully taking the other three ad- . The advanced Excel however offers additional skills in creating dynamic forms.hour sessions. Some institutions require students and candidates to finish their basic ECDL and get the necessary certification for that level. and integration of separate spreadsheets. Courses can last for 21 hours. In fact. This advanced certification procedure for Excel is administered by the British Computer Society. Having an advanced Excel license is a distinction of expertise. Candidates that can successfully pass the advanced Excel course can apply for Level 3 certification for advanced computer users. It can be utilized by companies as well as individuals for managing and organizing their data in tabular forms. It means that the advanced Excel courses can be finished in just a week and the student can immediately take the certification exams. database.

.72 vanced ECDL courses. they can apply for expert certifications. This certification could certainly boost careers and widen job opportunities.

and embedding macros on specific fields is also important requirements for advanced spreadsheets users. Course work for advanced spreadsheet program needs approval from these regulating bodies. This may involve the creation and configuration of mathematical formulas that will trigger an action whenever data is introduced in individual fields. Advanced spreadsheet users must be able to create logical solutions that the program can recognize. . It means that users must be able to accomplish conversion of simple facts into figures and graphs that can be easily understood by the readers of spreadsheets. These tasks are quite complicated and may involve certain basic inprogram tweaking. The ability to automate data sorting. The ECDL advanced spreadsheets program is sanctioned by the ECDL Foundation and the British Computer Society. there are several not so common utilities that must be learned by users before they can confidently take the advances spreadsheets programs. The sorted data must also be linked for easy navigation to other spreadsheets.73 Needed Skills to Create ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets What are the needed competencies in order to take the ECDL advanced spreadsheets certifications? Well. The specific skills requirement for advanced spreadsheets includes the ability to create and transform data into enhanced numerical and graphical presentations. creating automatic calculations.

74 Finally. This may involve running analysis language within the program to easily generate data auditing. These are some of the advanced tasks that should be learned by spreadsheets power users. Experts can easily create spreadsheets that have these functionalities. advanced users are required to thoroughly grasp the auditing functions of spreadsheets programs for easy validation of data. .

Another important advanced skill that could be learned from advanced words is recording and running of Macros and the ability to embed dynamic tables that have dropdown functionalities and radio buttons. and automation of custom formats. The advanced ECDL for word seeks to harness the abilities of individual computer users to make word processing a dynamic program that can be used for professional publishing and presentations of reports. and advanced printing and publishing options can also be learned. The dynamic advanced tweaks that can be learned from ECDL Advanced Word course include advanced formatting of documents that may include word linking. and edit documents that can be pub- . multiple language translations. customize. That’s because these job categories use lots of word documents to be able to organize their work and produce useful information resource. There are lots of tweaks that can be made on it in order create enhanced and dynamic documents. paragraph hotlink. word documents can also be converted into web pages with HTML tags for easy publication of documents on the Internet. and graduate students.75 ECDL Advanced Word Courses: Creating Superior Documents ECDL advanced word processing course is ideal for middle level staff. Word processing application is not a simple type and print program. users can create. All these can be made available on advanced courses and lessons on ECDL Word Processing. research personnel. After passing the certification exam on advance word. Other functions such as advanced editing. In fact.

With advanced web functionalities.76 lished anywhere whether on commercial or electronic publications. documents now can be easily uploaded on the Internet. .

engineers and architect should register with the program offered by the ECDL Foundation. they should look for ECDL CAD certification centers in their country or localities. However. Upon successful completion of the CAD module. This certification is offered worldwide so a distinction of ECDL is a great addition to the resumes of CAD programmers and designers. that is why it would be a sure career boost for professional 2D designers.77 ECDL CAD: Providing Licenses for 2D Design Professionals ECDL CAD seeks to certify professionals who have competence in creating two dimensional designs using computer software. they can qualify for the exam. CAD or computer aided design is used for engineering. In this way. the ECDL will issue a certificate of distinction for CAD users who have shown proficiency in using several CAD based software and applications. So. the ECDL is vendor neutral and it seeks to elevate the abilities of computer users in the production of 2D objects. . There are many applications that are being used for CAD. They can skip the formal trainings if they have expert knowledge of CAD and take the certification exams instead. architectural. the ECDL CAD can be the top choice of CAD users who want to get a license for their computer skills. The ECDL has a global reach and it would be easy to find its affiliates. This certification is a recognized globally. If this is physically impossible. Professionals that can find a suitable CAD certification center should register with the ECDL CAD program. To get the ECDL CAD certifications. and interior design specializations.

the CD tutorials can be purchased independently so that the lectures can be studied repeatedly. study guides.78 ECDL CD ROM: Providing Portability and Convenience for ECDL Trainees CD-ROMs have been used extensively by ECDL training centers in providing study materials for their trainees. This type of study material can be played on standard portable CD players for easy recall of concepts and principles of computer technology. workbooks. The portability and convenience of ECDL courses in CD-ROM made it the hottest study materials in the inventories of training schools. The audio presentation can be played over and over to enhance memorization of those who will take the ECDL exams. and test papers or mock exams. ECDL CD-ROM can also be formatted as video presentation. This type of study material is used for online tutorials using streaming videos. However. references. Audio CDs can contain lectures and voice presentation of different ECDL courses and modules. ECDL CDs can be audio or video. The 750 megabyte capacity of CD-ROM can contain electronic documents that can equal to a complete set of encyclopedia. This is a more comprehensive study material which will include lectures and graphical presentations of ECDL modules. That’s the storage power of CD-ROMs that is why they are used widely by ECDL training centers as an important study materials. ECDL CDs can also contain important documents. .

79 ECDL CD-ROMs are good addition to the study materials of those who will take the ECDL certification exams. . These materials however must be purchased from authorized ECDL coursework vendors in order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the study materials.

It covers basic computer theory as well as practical knowledge of several computer applications that are commonly used in the work place. The ECDL certification is offered by the ECDL Foundation. The exams are regulated by the Foundation but it is licensed to accredited testing centers. It is a must for ECDL candidates to enroll in the required ECDL programs.80 How to Get the ECDL Certificate ECDL certificate is granted to those who can successfully pass the entire ECDL examinations. Professionals can take advantage of trainings offered by these recognized training centers. Candidates for the certification process must pass all the modules in order to get the much coveted ECDL certificate. Having an ECDL certificate improves the skills of individual computer users and they can enhance these skills for possible promotion or to transfer to a more lucrative job position. Without it. It is a global process and there are strict quality standards implemented for it. the candidates . The exam is 45 minutes long for each of the module. In this way. Passing mark for each of the module is 75%. The ECDL is a 7 course module. The certificate is a distinction of computer proficiency that is recognized throughout the world. This means the ECDL certification is a long exam which needs proper preparation and training. It is also advisable to take the necessary trainings in order to master the intricacies of several computer applications which will be covered by the exam. they cannot take the certification exams.

.81 for certification can ensure that they can easily pass the exam on one sitting alone.

That is why it is important to have a thorough grasp of each module and it should be answered diligently and correctly by the examinees. Either the examinees pass every module or else they would not get their computer certification. Candidates for certifications must understand that the ECDL Foundation only issues certificates to those who can pass the entire exam. This can only be possible if candidates for certification will undergo trainings for different computer applications and technologies. There are no provisions for partial certifications. and ICT. It would not be enough to grasp word processing and not study database management. spreadsheets. trainings and courses on basic computer technology will spell the big difference between success and failure in the ECDL certification process. These are the important modules and the difficult aspects of the exams. There are many ECDL computer course and trainings that can be availed on the Internet. database. Some provide full online learning while others offer combination of online and classroom methods. candidates for it must take several computer courses that cover the modules of the ECDL. This will only lead to unsuccessful attempt at the exams. One this is certain though. presentations. It is critical therefore to have basic knowledge on all of these areas of computer technology.82 The Importance of Taking ECDL Computer Course To be able to pass the ECDL certification exams. Trainings are available and provided by the testing . It should be noted that the ECDL has modules for word processing.

Good preparation for the ECDL exams could result to outright certification because of high marks in the exams.83 centers. .

trainings. Self study materials such as CD ROMs. The official ECDL logbook has a life-span of three years. It means that candidates have three years to complete the seven modules of the ECDL certification process. The results of the exam will also be stored on the official logbook so this small office material serves a critical function in the entire ECDL certification process. These trainings are expensive but they can ensure success in the exams.84 ECDL Cost and the Value of ECDL Certification Upon registration to the ECDL certification program. It means that the entire certification exam will cost 105 pounds plus the cost of the logbook. Within that period. Each ECDL exam cost 15 pounds. as with trainings. self studies. It can be considered an investment that can pay big dividends in the . The logbook will be used to record the abilities of the candidates whether they are prepared to take the exam or not. The 130 pound cost of ECDL certification process can become higher if candidates will enroll in formal trainings. and other study kits can also be more expensive than the actual cost of the exam. No one can take the exam without the official ECDL logbook. candidates will be given a logbook. these are valuable tools that will ensure success at the exams. and mock exams can be taken as preparatory steps for each ECDL module exams. workbooks. This official ECDL logbook costs 25 pounds sterling. However. This is a small amount compared to the benefits of having an official ECDL computer proficiency certificate. Practice test papers.

.85 future.

This is an assurance that their products are sanctioned officially by the ECDL. The study materials and training tools therefore of individual ECDL vendor must include this upgrade. the ECDL foundation has released version 5. courseware must include practice ECDL papers such as sample tests and questions. the website of ECDL Foundation has a dedicated page for its sanctioned courseware providers. In fact. The list can be valuable in choosing the right ECDL vendor. For UK residents. the search engines will present hundreds of results that point to the websites of ECDL courseware vendors. The best courseware must be updated. On the websites of individual courseware provider. the latest ECDL with Unit E is now on its version 4. Without training exams. These study materials can complement the ECDL course kit that will be purchased. Currently.86 Where to Find the Best ECDL Courseware There are many ECDL courseware vendors on the Internet. in a single search for ECDL course. The answer to this is posted on the websites of the ECDL Foundation and the courseware vendors. Version information can guide trainees on where to purchase the best courseware that is updated and current. This means that the latest version of the syllabus must be in effect. Finally. So the main question is how to choose quality ECDL courseware.5. candidates will have a difficult time passing the ECDL certification process and exams. .0 of the syllabus. To determine authorized courseware vendors. the ECDL logo and the word ‘authorized courseware’ must be at the prominent section of each web page.

There could be lots of questions and problems that will arise about these programs during the actual ECDL exams. These rules will define the parameters of queries as well as the answers to these queries. these things can be learned through ECDL database management course. So. . This is the creation stage of the database which is the most critical steps in database management. The second lessons that should be learned in ECDL database course is the creation of rules for the forms created. The result should match the query. This means that the values and parameters are correct. The most important database management knowledge that is needed during the exam is the ability to create a system from a given raw data. Module 5 of the ECDL is probably the most difficult part of the exam. This is the least used in the core office applications.87 The Importance of ECDL Database ECDL database training is an important step to be able to get high marks on the ECDL Module 5 exams. This is important for effectively managing the data in the database. There are many database management programs that are being used by companies. It is imperative therefore to learn the basics of each program especially the popularly used applications. During the ECDL database exams. examinees may be asked to create tables and sort the date into categories that can be retrieved through simple search query. That is why it is important to take ECDL Module 5 trainings or database management course in order to successfully pass the ECDL database.

and convenience. Through full online distance learning. Second. full online. They will be given an official logbook or scorecard which they will use to take the exam. One on one tutorial lesson can be offered by these online schools which is ideal for those who have difficulty learning in a classroom set-up. ECDL candidates will not go to the motion of attending classroom discussions which can eat up valuable time. They can practice on individual computers using the workbooks as guides. can provide intensive highly personalized trainings. Trainings are not really compulsory for the ECDL certification. However. some ECDL candidate may not be comfortable using self study methods to prepare for the certification exams. What is needed is the candidate’s enrolment to the ECDL program.88 ECDL Distance Learning: Providing Convenience and Flexibility for ECDL Training ECDL distance learning is simply the online training service provided ECDL vendors. . especially if the training center has the proper hardware. distance education provides flexibility. There are lots of training centers on the Internet and most of them offer full online education. distance education. comfort. ECDL distance education centers then can be their best alternative. Candidates may opt to self study and gather all the available materials they can find. The benefits if the ECDL distance learning system can be summarized in the following points: First. candidates can choose their own schedules and study at the comfort of their homes or during their breaks at the office.

They can always enroll in a full online school and still learn valuable ECDL lessons.89 Distance education is ideal for ECDL candidates that do not have time for regular classroom studies. .

It is not enough to know basic concepts of Excel. It is being used as a valuable data organization tool of companies for their financials. Creation of tables and formatting it is a must skill because this task will certainly be asked during the exam. Aside from preparing candidates for the actual certification exams. Basic Excel tasks can be learned in these trainings. That’s the reason why those taking the ECDL certification should also take ECDL Excel trainings. Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program. These spreadsheets will be updated daily so rules must be created to automate computing tasks. That’s the beauty of ECDL trainings. All these are possible with Excel and these operations will surely arise as a problem during actual ECDL exams. the knowledge learned can be applied at their work places. and sales. This task is important for creating balance sheets and inventory controls. During ECDL exams. However. The trainings will provide valuable skills for office workers who must learn the functionalities of Excel. not many employees know how to manipulate and tweak certain Excel tools to make it more useful for companies. practical tasks will be required so it is important to take formal Excel skills training. Data sorting and application of common mathematical rules must also be learned because this is also a basic Excel task. That’s the importance of ECDL Excel trainings.90 The Benefits of ECDL Excel Training ECDL Excel courses are designed for those who do not have enough skills on spreadsheet applications. inventories. . The trainings therefore can help in their daily computing tasks.

If all the four modules can be successfully tackled. Investing on ECDL certifications will certainly pay off in the future especially with the career boost associated with it. complex program application skills will be demanded from the examinees. Expert status means that candidates have extremely advance knowledge and skills on the four core applications of the Advanced ECDL modules. An ECDL expert certification will to be issued to the successful candidates. a certification for that will be issued by the ECDL. They can teach advance computer classes and they can serve in higher paying positions in their respective companies. It will be issued free of charge. if a candidate successfully passed the word processing advance module. and students to start their ECDL certification so that they can still enjoy its benefits while they are still at the prime of their careers. spreadsheets. The examinee must apply for it at the British Computer Society office. but membership to the elite expert club in the BCS has a corresponding fee. The good thing about advance ECDL is each module has its own certification. So it is advisable for office personnel. For example. and presentation. . Each module therefore has their own value and candidates can gain ability points for each successful exam. ECDL expert certification is not issued automatically after successful examinations. However. The advance ECDL is composed of the four core office applications: word processing. During advance certifications.91 How to Become an ECDL Expert To become an ECDL expert. educators. database. the ECDL candidate will be eligible for expert status. one needs to pass the entire ECDL advance certification exams.

All you have to do is to be cautious about the veracity and validity of the information that you are getting from the site. ECDL is fully aware of the great contribution of the forum sites in maximizing the dissemination of information. . the information that you are able to catch from these forum sites will in one way or the other remain useful and helpful. effective way towards perfecting the ECDL course. to sharing mock test experiences. The forum as a third party mechanism to acquire added information is a sure.92 ECDL Forum: A Better Way to Acquire More Information about ECDL For most people. nonetheless. One of the more popular ways is thru the use of the forum site. there are a lot of Internet enthusiasts who prefer indulging at forum sites rather than merely extracting information thru the use of the web sites. In reality. These forum sites are potential in sharing all sorts of information from tips and techniques on how to pass the exam. It may be a mechanism that is hard to regulate. There are numerous forum sites dedicated towards discussing facts and events concerning ECDL that are made available for anyone to get engaged with – all these are offering all sorts of information relevant to ECDL. the message boards are the best sources towards getting the right kind of information. There are other means that one can use in order to capture information. web sites are the best avenues to acquire additional information. to sharing examination experience. This is so because the forum channel allows for its participants to have an interactive exchange of ideas and information at a real time mode. To some.

Sensing a need for education outside their borders. ECDL’s educational programs are not just limited to the European countries. The ECDL Foundation dedicates itself to help raise the overall level of the entire society’s proficiency in computer use. the ECDL Foundation is committed to making very rigorous test designs as well as methodologies in order to maintain their high standards of quality. As a backgrounder on the European Computer Driving License. Clearly. Singapore and Brussels and is easily accessible via the Internet as well.93 A Foundation for the ECDL If you are looking for information or help regarding the European computer driving license or ECDL. as well as helping the rest of the citizens gain access to all that can be found in the Information Society. you only need to log on to the ECDL Foundation’s website for answers. . which was built solidly on their pioneering role in both identifying as well as developing the program content of computer skills certification. It is the primary body that governs the enduser skills certification in computer programming in Europe. it is a foundation that is non-profit in nature. promotes the highest standards in the certification of computer skills in the entire world. This foundation is also registered in Ireland and as such. This is because the ECDL Foundation is the number one resource for you regarding ECDL. The success behind ECDL lies in their reputation. It also has offices in other countries such as Dublin. they have expanded their service to cater more than one hundred and forty eight countries worldwide.

especially since the European Computer Driving License is the toughest certification test that is highly regarded all over the world.. you will need to consider the help coming from several avenues for this. you will definitely have to have a sense of self help. you will also need to have human help. This includes all the materials you need to study. if wording is a problem or if you need to brush up on your technical knowledge). Keep these things in mind and you will surely pass the European Computer Driving License examination. Always make it a point to exhaust all the electronic material you can get because the more you have. So in order to make all your efforts worth it. logging onto different website that gives you more information regarding European Computer Driving License and other things. . the better prepared you will be for the test.94 Bewildered by the ECDL? Help is Three Steps Away Are you busy preparing yourself for the certification in European Computer Driving License? You may need some help when it comes to this. Human help is important because you will be able to get a clue regarding the ins and outs of the test itself (i. And finally. such as review compact discs. This comes in the form of professional help from teachers and previous passers of the European Computer Driving License certification exam.e. In this case. Next. The first help that you will need is electronic help. which parts are quite difficult. discipline will take you from simply knowing the information to truly being able to access and apply it in a more efficient manner.

Specifically. They are geared towards enhancing the computer skills of an individual. the following are the 7 key concepts after completing the course: Fundamental Concepts of Computing World and Information Technology. Specifically. this qualification shall further enhance the career path of a certified and qualified individual. Presentation software. it shall benefit the learner and the organizational employer as it can: • Raise his competency in information technology. Internet and Communication. and Networking. As an organization. it shall generally help the learner to earn confidence in the use of computer in the industrial setting. The ECDL as a course is comprised of seven well-designed and industry-related subjects. . Spreadsheet. Word Processing. After these 7 key concepts have been learned and studied. Potentially. this was developed for people who would want to acquire a certification to qualify as a competent and reliant workforce in the industry. • Relatively improve the work productivity • Enable the company owner to practically pour his capital investment efficiently in the IT industry • Assure the learner a good foundation in terms of ethics and values in the workplace. It is a known organization in about 150 countries and has been gaining immense acceptance to this date. Relational Database.95 ECDL Home: An Overview The ECDL is a world-wide non-profit organization that has gained fame and respect from various established organizations all over the globe.

.96 The certification of qualification that a learner can acquire from completing the ECDL course is one good ticket that towards being recognized as a qualified workforce in the international scene.

South Africa. these two are different but are also strikingly familiar. In the International Computer Driving License. but in this case has been expanded to include other countries beyond those belonging to the European nations. the ECDL provides certification when it comes to basic information technology competence. ECDL stands for European Computer Driving License. This actually originates from the European Computer Driving License. In Europe. Such a scheme is backed up and supported by both governments as well as the local computer societies that are present in each country that is a member of the organization. If you find yourself in any of the countries that are part of the ECDL or the ICDL and you think you are competent.97 Getting Clued in to ECDL and ICDl There are two ways for you to gain a certification in computer skills. of course) can also gain their certifications as well. . Of course. Australia. The ICDL. The ECDL and the ICDL are globally recognized for competence standards in Information and Communications Technology as well as digital literacy certification. citizens from countries such as the United States of America. It consists of different modules that range from the most basic theory in information technology all the way to adeptly using the Internet. and that is through the ECDL and the ICDL. on the other hand. To begin. which is based in Europe. stands for the International Computer Driving License. Both organizations are non profit in nature and stress the recognition of computer literacy for many individuals. Canada as well as Zimbabwe (and many more. try to get certified in order to boost your employability.

Your skills and capabilities are recognized not only locally but worldwide as ECDL is known to have a good reputation and established credibility in the international scene. The ECDL course after completing it shall better prepare you: • To become potent element of the workforce capable of handling all computer-related jobs. The chances of becoming employed after having been certified in your ECDL course is way too high compared to those who did not gain certification. • To easily adjust with the industrial requirements as the modules being offered in the whole duration of the course is industry-based. • To be equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge on a computerized environment. The industry needs someone who is qualified and certified.98 How potential are you going to land a job when you are ECDL Certified? Being an ECDL certified opens too many opportunities for you. the ECDL is a process to gain literacy in the use of computers in the industrial setting. The current demand of the industry and the labor force is very high. As we all know. As such. Your skills are there and you gained . This means that the main thrust of the course is geared towards potentially equipping the learner with the skills and knowledge on how he can become useful and functional in the present demands of the workforce industry. the best way to cope with this demand is to be prepared on how to become a qualified one and learn how to gain excellent skills to answer this current workforce demand.

what reasons would the industry have not to hire you? . So.99 certification.

Make your load a little lighter by taking the module one a time. • You can seek for a partner to help you learn and understand the module you are having difficulty understanding with. just like any daily activities should not be treated always the serious way. Learning. Here are some of the best ways to learn it the best and happy way: • If you can bend your time. The truth is that. • Expect things to be difficult even they are not. As they say. This will help you get less frustrated when things do not go the right way. • Have time to relax and enjoy. two heads are better than one. but there should always be a way to learn and complete it the best and happy way.100 How to Achieve ECDL Learning the Best Way Learning ECDL may look like very intimidating to majority of people and the certification may seem to feel like a very frightening stage to complete. • When your budget is not tight. learning ECDL can be fun and exciting. do not overwhelm yourself with too much modules to take. Always take time out after each module has been completed. You can relax for a week or two before engaging into the next module. ask someone to help you out while happily learning it with him or her. you can take advanced classes prior taking it as a module. This will help you better appreciate the module when it is about time to take it. So. .

101 These tips and techniques are effective ways to learn European Computer Driving and Licensing the best and happy way. .

spreadsheets. which makes it powerful in a specific application.102 Understanding the ECDL Level The ECDL as course has been sub-divided into two levels to categorize the level of difficulty and ease that each subject or module contains. Each of this software is powerful in its own merit. presentation. Specifically. thus the name application software. a bit of healthy and security measures that concern computing issues. the learner shall be exposed with learning application software programs like word processors. These levels were put not placed into such perspective to threaten or discourage people from ever taking them. and database programs. the first level of the ECDL course dwells on the Foundational Level (or better known as the Level 1). As every learning process entails. Level 2 of the ECDL course on the other hand dwells more on studying and becoming an expert in the various types of software programs that are being utilized in the real industrial setting. This first level encompasses general concepts and ideas about how the computer system works and the positive impacts that it brings into the computing world and the industry as a whole. These sets of knowledge that shall be learned in the first level will be useful in preparing the learner in appreciating the general environment of the whole computing world. The second level which is the Advanced Level encompasses the specific application of the software in the industry and how you achieve the exact skills to answer that demand. Level 1 of the ECDL requires that the learner generally possesses an understanding about hardware and peripheral devices. intermediate networking and Internet skills. software and its specific applications. They were . Looking at the two levels in a deeper perspective.

103 put a level to ensure that the category is properly understood by its learner. .

the skills of the students enrolled in such a course shall be reinforced by way of completion of the different sample assignments related to the topics in the content. If you are just going to start out. The workshops that are designed to help you learn all these things will also have some handouts which you can easily refer to. Such a course will last for usually ten weeks and will require you to attend three one hour sessions per week. . Such a course will tackle the basic concepts related to computers and will also require you to perform basic file management as well as information searching and communication through the use of computers. you will begin with the test for the Level 1 Certificate. The Level 1 certificate may be prepared from in a workshop method which will slowly introduce to you the different topics that will come out in the entire test.104 A Background on ECDL Level 1 Taking the European Computer Driving License is no laughing matter. It is very serious and will expect a lot from you. it is a ladderized program designed to test you at different competency levels. but in the end it will really be worth it. The European Computer Driving License Level 1 program content is designed in such a way that it will help build up your computing skills so you reach a relative beginner mode which is necessary in order to operate many office software packages that are popularly used in different fields. the European Computer Driving License has several levels – as such. In this way. As you probably know by now.

spreadsheets. it is time to take your skills up one more notch in the field of information technology. Such a course will be very useful for those who already have some knowledge regarding the use of computers and information technology. which is a must if you want to work with the more complicated programs for office software packages. If you want to be accepted in this course. The European Computer Driving License Level 2 Course is assessed through practical multiple choice type of tests for all the modules that are part of the entire course. . the Level 2 is then designed to develop your skills as a proficient user of Windows. presenting information. Such a course also incorporates different aspects of word processing. If the European Computer Driving License Level 1 Certification is a starter course. working with databases as well as integrating the entire package. the Level 2 course will last for fourteen weeks and will require you to attend a weekly session for three hours each. you will not need any type of formal qualifications. it will require you to stay motivated and be willing to come to all the session of the entire course.105 A Primer on ECDL Level 2 After successfully finishing your European Computer Driving License Level 1 Certification. The entire course of European Computer Driving License Level 2 will be a bit longer than the Level 1 – in this case. However. Your next step then is to tackle the Level 2 Certificate for your computer driving license. To be awarded your ECDL certificate as well as passport you will need to get five Pass marks for the modules.

you need to know how to perform certain advanced formatting functions like conditional formatting. and you are expected to perform quite well and show proficiency in all of them. The course content of the European Computer Driving License Level 2 Certification is quite extensive. laying out graphics and drawing.106 The More Complicated ECDL Level 3 Course In European Computer Driving License. . To break down the skills you need to be good in Word. you must be familiar with different data tables (with both single and double inputs). you should be prepared to know all the functions and tools that one can find in such a program. failing that. you should be familiar with the many advanced functions that can be used. have enough relevant experience to cope. logical. and such. and knowing how to deal with both auditing as well as error messages. This includes knowing how to work with master as well as sub documents. text and reference functions. like the financial. If you know all these and more. you probably are aware of the fact that you should have been able to pass the European Computer Driving License certificate courses Levels 1 and 2 or. Excel and PowerPoint. and working with advanced formulas. There are different contents. mathematical. themes as well as projects. Likewise. Basically. it will cover all areas of Word. Should you find yourself geared towards achieving certification in this level. you will surely be able to get your European Computer Driving License Level 3 Certification in no time. Additionally. the advanced course is called the Level 3. tackling collaborative editing. working with advanced chart features. In Excel.

ECDL provides the needed certification to qualified applicants who are vying for technical positions within a particular company. applicants can join a variety of these websites to help them further in their quest to pass ECDL.107 ECDL Login – They Key to Practice Exams. employers didn't have a standardized method to measure just what a passing level was. These courses help applicants keep track of the progress they've made. This dilemma of employers worldwide gave way to the birth of European Computer Driving License (ECDL) in 2001. organizations. Practice exams are made available only to paying members and not the general public. Depending on their budget. The homepage of these websites usually require a login ID and password before an applicant can gain access the lessons and courses. Most of these ECDL portals require applicants to sign up and pay a certain fee before they can join. . Lessons. and Courses to Help Applicants Prepare for ECDL Because of the major role computers play in running businesses. and enterprises. The lessons simulate actual examinations to prepare applicants for ECDL. However. it's important for employers to hire employees who have a passing level of computer literacy for them to do their jobs efficiently and quickly. Applicants who are interested in taking ECDL to improve their marketability can take self-study lessons online to increase their chances of passing ECDL. companies. A certification coming from ECDL is recognized worldwide as an official measurement of an applicant's skills in using a computer and its various applications.

108 Applicants can choose to join websites focusing on a particular module if they need highly specialized help on a particular area of weakness. .

The questions are generally in multiple choice formats. However. However. The ECDL mock tests are available online – meaning thru the Internet. there are other mock tests that will involve some writing skills that will test the examinee’s readiness in expounding his or her ideas about a certain concept. It sets the mood and the expectation thereby eliminating any possible culture shock during the actual certification day itself. Or you may opt at enrolling in a testing center and part of the course would be the mock test. As it is. The use of the mock test is very relevant and essential to the examinee. prior to taking the final certification/examination. .109 Learning the Basics of an ECDL Mock Test The European Computer Driving and License course is a long and tedious process to complete before you can finally get the opportunity to get certified and be recognized as a competent member of the workforce. and also they are being distributed during the whole duration of the course. The questions are simulated questions that are anchored from the actual modules that are being offered in the ECDL course. they are proven to be effective to train and prepare the future examinee to achieve a better and higher score. The mock test shall involve general questions ranging from the impacts of computers to the society to subject-specific questions like how to save a file on application software. you will need to immerse yourself with the series of mock tests to test your preparedness to take the examination. The ECDL mock test works similarly like the actual ECDL certification examination.

• The role of hardware and its relevance to the computer system plus the various kinds of hardware and peripheral devices. it needs to commence on the fundamental stage. The first module shall require a learner that he has at least a general idea or understanding about the function of a computer system and the impacts and uses of it in the computing world. • The current trends in the network technology and how each types of network technology can be best applied in accordance with the need of an organization. Just like any learning process. the module 1 of ECDL encompasses the theories about: • Software and its specific application from medicine to engineering to science and its limitations and capabilities. The first module of ECDL was designed to give its users basic and fundamental concepts about Computers and how they affect the society. .110 What is Module 1 of ECDL? The European Computer Driving License is a step-by-step learning on how to achieve computer literacy and how to become a potent part of the industrial workforce. crackers. • The different ways on how to secure and protect your computer system from possible technological threats – hackers. The ECDL was created and designed on a modular basis to be able to make it more adaptive to the specific needs of a learner. fraud attacks and all. Particularly. Moreover. It also requires an in-depth understanding about the various kinds of software and its specific application. it deals with what Information Technology is and what it is made of. be it done on a formal or non-formal setting.

In as far a knowledge requirement is concerned. • The capacity of the operating system on how to delete. The learner should be able to acquire comprehensive skills on how to work with folders and files. folders. the learner is expected to have an understanding on how to navigate thru the computer system using the keyboard and the mouse. • The capabilities of an operating system to manage the files and the resources available on the computer system. from one computer system to another. In this module. • Explore the other capabilities of the operating system like how to customize the desktop thru the use of the Control Panel. • Be able to understand how to manage printing documents and files.111 What is Module 2 of ECDL? As a learner moves into the levels of ECDL. the learner should understand the general concepts of an operating system. The movement from understanding the general concept that revolves the computing world is necessary. move. the learner now dwells more on how you are going to operate the computer system in consonance with the specific applications like the operating system. particularly on the following aspects: • The features of the operating system in terms of controlling and manipulating the computer system and its peripheral devices. In module 2. and import files. he or she gets the chance to have a deeper understanding about the function of the computer system. copy. A familiarity with other operating system is a plus but not a re- . directories.

.112 quirement towards achieving success in achieving knowledge in module 2.

• Ability to work on volumes of documents thru importing and mail merging. In specific. . Table is one feature of a word processor that allows you to easily matrix the information. Insertion of an image or picture is one capability that should be mastered by a user. A word processing software is an application software that is powerful in terms of paragraph formatting and document creation. A column is a feature of the word processor that allows the user to create a document that looks like a magazine in columns. Specifically. • Ability to work on inserting and embedding pictures. and manipulate tables. format. The learner in order to gain confidence in learning this module is required to have basic understanding about navigating thru the screen either thru the use of the keyboard or the mouse. The learner is expected to demonstrate skills in the use of a word processing software like MS Word. the learner should be able to understand and accomplish with ease the fundamental operations that are associated with document creation and how to format it to have a better looking appearance.113 What is Module 3 of ECDL? The module 3 of the ECDL course is going to allow the learner to discover and explore a specific application software that was designed to be functional in the office setting – the word processor. The mail merge is an ability of the word processor to merge several field on a single document. • Ability to create a document in columnar form. or images. the following things are expected to be demonstrated with ease by the user: • Ability to create. graphics.

the learner should be able to demonstrate skills in managing the spreadsheets files effectively. • Explore some formatting features that are also present on a spreadsheet. • Explore the feature of the spreadsheet towards converting figures into graphical representations or charts. the learner should have an understanding about the fundamental operations in mathematics and how to . A spreadsheet is an application software that is specifically designed to ease the burden of a user in solving mathematical equations or any numerical expression that requires formula building. In order to become successful in learning this module of the ECDL course. Graph and chart are two of the distinct features that a spreadsheet has. but limited features in word formatting. Although. the spreadsheet has. the following things are the encapsulated in this module: • Explore the ability of the spreadsheet in terms of formula building. a word processor is far more powerful in terms of formatting.114 What is Module 4 of ECDL? The fourth module of the ECDL course is an exploration of another application software that is fundamentally functional in terms of number crunching and formula building – the spreadsheet. Formula building is the main thrust of any spreadsheet. In particular. The learner of the module is expected to acquire an indepth knowledge in aspects such ease in manipulating numerical expressions. In addition to that.

115 apply them in any mathematical expression. In as far as computer operations is concerned. . the skill to navigate and work on the navigational buttons on the keyboard or the ability to hover and use the mouse is required.

The certification test is provided by the ECDL Foundation and available in hundreds of countries. It is specifically designed for users who are responsible for the database of their companies.116 ECDL Module 5: Testing Proficiencies in Database Management The ECDL module 5 tests proficiencies in creating. database. and edit the system for accurate validation of data for individual and generalized queries. users must be able to discriminate data that should be included in the database. ECDL or European Computer Driving License is a globally recognized certification test for common computer applications such as word processing. Aside from table creation. create parameters for individual fields and results. There are many other sub-aspects that are included in the ECDL module 5 certification test. The key component of ECDL module 5 is to test the abilities of users to create database tables from scratch. editing. Several database management systems must be learned in order to satisfactorily pass the certification exam on database management. presentations. Outside of Europe. and similar office programs. A good way for professionals to grasp the intricacies of database management is to download . ECDL module 5 however should not be mistaken for advanced database programming. spreadsheets. ECDL module 5 is a major part of the entire ECDL certification course. and managing databases. The module is geared for those who constantly use common database application of popular office administration programs. it is known as the International Computer Driving License or ICDL.

117 practical tests or workbooks for ECDL module 5. There are also online tutorials which could guide users on the step by step process of database creation and management. .

Each module tests a particular technical skill set. He should also be able to use different effects during his presentation. the examinee is expected create from scratch a whole slideshow presentation. Employers rely on ECDL scores to determine the level of technical skills of hopeful applicants. format. the examinee must be able to show his knowledge in using graphics. and edit slides to fit a variety of layouts. managers.People who are interested in working as trainers. To pass module 6. ECDL is a program run by the non-profit organization ECDL Foundation. ECDL is made up of seven mandatory modules and an optional eighth module. Aside from creating slides. or 24 points out of a possible 35.118 ECDL Module 6 — Showcasing Slideshow Presentation Skills Anyone who wants to make his way up the corporate ladder with his technical skills must consider taking a certification from European Computer Driving License (ECDL). and other positions that require a lot of interaction with . one popular example of which is Microsoft PowerPoint. he must also be able to show how to modify. but to the individual elements of the slides as well. Certifications by ECDL are recognized as an official license by more than a hundred countries. and not just to the whole slides. colored or patterned backgrounds. pictures. Module 6 in particular focuses on measuring the knowledge of an examinee when it comes to using presentation software and applications. Lastly. In module 6. client relations officers. the examinee must get a grade of at least 75%. and charts in his presentation.

119 other people through presentations are advised to get an edge over their competitors by getting an ECDL certification. .

navigating and bookmarking websites. The module tackles basic emailing tasks such as setting up an account with an email program. users will learn basic search engine operation. By studying the ECDL module 7. and accomplishing online forms.120 Understanding Internet Applications through ECDL Module 7 Information and communication are the focal point of ECDL module 7. On the other hand. This sub-section primarily answers basic questions. This part refers specifically to electronic mail system of the Internet. This is the last section of the ECDL course. composing messages. This portion of the ECDL is divided into two sub-categories. Module 7 also teaches users how to create and manage files and folders within the email account. The first part is Information. Those who feel that they have sufficient practical competency can immediately take the skills tests and skip the training phase. The second part of ECDL module 7 is Communication. They will also know other basic Internet tasks such as saving web pages. downloading. terminologies. those who need additional skills training in information and communi- . and sending messages. web browsing. and practical uses of the Internet. attaching files. The module serves as an introduction to common Internet protocols and web-related security issues so that users can understand how the world wide web operates and how to properly approach daily www tasks. Candidates who will take the ECDL certification will have an easy time overcoming this module if they are familiar on how to use the Internet and email system.

121 cation can take the 30-hour training schedule offered by accredited ECDL courseware provider. .

This article focuses on the Module 8. It was difficult for employers to determine whether or not an applicant is skilled enough in using a computer without a means to express his aptitude in numerical terms. ECDL is divided into eight different modules. 4. It helps employers in recognizing who among their many applicants are most eligible for a certain technical position. there was a time when measuring a person's computer skills was not standardized and accurate.122 ECDL Module 8: Demonstrating IT Knowledge Through Practical Application Because of the major role computers play in all aspects of modern life. which is formally known as Unit E. possessing computer literacy is an in-demand skill needed in almost any kind of employee. But thanks to The European Computer Driving License (ECDL). This module belongs to level 2 qualification. and 6. ECDL is an IT qualification exam recognized internationally in more than 125 countries. employers can now easily determine the level of computer skills applicants possess. However. . 5. along with Modules 3. especially the whitecollar ones.

safety. . and most especially. In order to be able to take Unit E. the examinee must get a grade no lower than 80%. legal matters. the examinee should have taken and passed the first seven modules.123 Unit E is the last and perhaps most difficult one out of all the modules. He should be able to present through practical application his understanding of the implications and effects of using IT on all other aspects of a business such health. To pass Unit E. an examinee is required to apply his IT knowledge through demonstrations. In Unit E.

The Level 2 BCS computer skills certification includes the other ECDL module plus the Unit E. These modules are Concepts of IT (module 1). and Information and Communication (module 7). The module E is an addition by the BCS in its two stage computer skills and proficiency certification design. Candidates who qualify for this stage are given basic certification and can take the Level 2 computer skills qualifications. It introduces the users to the health hazards posed by computers especially on extended and repetitive use in the workplace. Specifically. commonly referred to as the eight module of the ECDL. general computing and Internet protocols and regulations. ECDL module E also discusses critical health issues that are commonly associated with computer use.124 ECDL Module E: The Eight ECDL Module for Using IT in the Workplace The ECDL module E. . it touches on certain important legal matters or issues related to computer usage. The Level 1 certification is the most basic computer proficiency test in UK. was designed by the British Computer Society (BCS). which is known as ECDL module E. The BCS manages and assures the quality of ECDL certification testing in the entire United Kingdom. Using the Computer and File Management (module 2). The first BCS level (Level 1 certification) consists of three ECDL modules. It also provides methods on how to avoid health hazards due to computer use. The Unit E comprehensively covers the utilization of Information Technology in the workplace.

So aside from the practical knowledge demanded by ECDL modules.125 Aside from legal and health issues. ECDL module E tests the efficiency of users in using computers. . users need to know important techniques of computing in order to qualify for the BCS Second Level certification.

those that need skills enhancement can undergo intensive training based on the different ECDL . If candidates are confident that they have sufficient knowledge of the applications. It is actually a test of proficiency in performing several computer tasks that are commonly used at the workplace. There are seven ECDL modules which cover theoretical and practical knowledge on computing. and Information and Communication. they can skip the trainings and take the certification tests instead. ECDL modules 3 to 7 test practical skills in Word Processing. applications. On the other hand.126 ECDL Modules: Testing General Computer Proficiencies and Practical Knowledge The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is the premiere practical computer skills certification recognized in the world. and functions. ECDL module 2 tests knowledge on general computer utility as well as the ability to manage files and folders. It tackles the basic precepts of information technology as well as conceptual knowledge of computer use. Spreadsheets. Presentation. This serves as an introduction to the more practical modules of the ECDL. ECDL module 1 is the theoretical aspect of the certification test. Those who wish to be certified as proficient in the use of these applications must undergo skills training and take the certification exam provided by the ECDL Foundation through several accredited training and testing centers. Database Management.

Their proficiency in practical computing can be assessed by the training provider through this scorecard.127 modules. They will be given a skills scorecard by the training provider. After a 30 hour training for each of the ECDL module. . candidates can now take the certification examinations.

UK – Tying ECDL and NHS Together to Deliver Better Healthcare Service European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is an internationally recognized certification program that measures computer literacy in a standardized and quantifiable manner. Current employees were also trained over a few years to qualify for a certification from ECDL. NHS knows the importance of using a computerized system in order to deliver a better service to UK citizens. National Health Service (NHS). However. in reality. ECDL and NHS seem to have nothing to do with each other. these two are closely related to one another.CO. A whole nation's health is relying on NHS. on the other hand.NHS. As a result. NHS employees should be well-versed when it comes to using computers. One way for NHS to ensure that only qualified people were hired was to set a standard as reference when it came to identifying the necessary IT skills applicants must possess. At first glance. practically all aspects of NHS are dependent on technology.128 ECDL. Nowadays. . so they can't afford to make mistakes because of computer illiterate employees working for them. ECDL entered the picture. It's a relatively new program that started in 2001. is UK's healthcare system that runs on public funds. future applicants were screened accordingly. With ECDL. It has been around since 1948. NHS adopted ECDL certification as a standard across the whole organization because it’s important for them to have their whole workforce trained to use computers given how everything from record storage to prescription processes are done electronically.

uk/ up until the 31st of March 2008.ecdl. . March 2009. However. employees who still have their ECDL license can access ECL resources up until next year. Currently.129 The ECDL certification program for NHS was found in this link http://www.nhs. ECDL is replaced by Essential IT Skills (EITS) program.

the NHS ECDL Learning Portal shall include also the proper venue and tools for a fused online learning and practice with that of classroom setting training. the learning portal was developed to cater the different levels of learning that people possess. They have been widely accepted by the UK people because of its ease . The main thrust of the portal learning is to allow its users to study and learn all about the ECDL in their most convenient time and learn it based on how fast or slow they clearly understand the topics. This concept has been perceived by the developers of the portal learning because they are all aware of the various learning needs of every individual. To this date. the online portal will have a mechanism to determine the development pattern of the user based on the online assessment and exams that are included on the portal itself. Apart from the fact that it was designed to help clinical and medical practitioners.130 ECDL NHS UK Learning Portal: Making Things Easier The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is cognizant about the need to have a far more efficient and effective means for its people to acquire learning about European Computer Driving License or ECDL other than giving it on an actual training using the traditional manual based education. these are downloadable online. In addition. The Online Learning Portal of the NHS for ECDL shall encompass training kits and materials just like the usual however. the online portal learning centers for ECDL NHS in the United Kingdom has reached a few thousands. More to this.

131 in use. its portability. and the comfort of having at the tip of your hand – at anytime and at anywhere! .

the implementation of the 24x7 online support and learning portal via the Internet. With the partnership that it has with ASP. it has allowed for the integration of modern technology and learning effectively. The support that a third party institution can give to a learning mechanism is immense and at times indispensable. a more effective learning and a better learning environment will be achieved. or a far more effective learning method. per attendee scheme. the fusion between ASP and NHS Learning Portal has re-directed the learning methods of its purveyor of knowledge and at same time uplifting the standards of effective teaching. . This is the reason why the National Health Service has thought about reaching out for the fusion of the Anglia Support Partnership and its NHS ECDL Portal Learning built in the United Kingdom. and lastly. With the ASP at hand.132 The Anglia Support Partnership or ASP and the ECDL NHS UK Learning Portal Generally of educators and academicians would claim that learning is further enhanced and well achieved when it is supported by an equally powerful. the chance for its students to learn on his own and with the trainer’s support when needed thru the use of the online portal. an institution. In particular. third party supplier of knowledge – which can be another person. the learning methods are geared towards having lecture sessions with the trainers on a percomputer. Not to mention. the use of the latest and up-todate educational software and programs. The National Health Service is aware of the essential contribution of the partnership and agreement between ASP and its Learning Portal.

The trend continues to soar high and seemingly. All things that we do are actually capable of being done via the Internet. Thus. having it online to learn rather than having it on a formal classroom setting can save more time. everything is driven by the Internet. For this reason. From buying your clothes to looking for your partners. learning and gaining knowledge have been made Internet-based. and will remain part of any mechanism. The drawback of the ECDL Online may still be present and felt. the need to adapt with this kind of environment is deemed essentially needed. however. . The Internet and the computer being the media to learn and understand have been seen effective tools to convey ideas because it can allow for multimedia to be utilized. energy. and even money. Apart from the time that you can save to learn. the ECDL Online creates a different and far more interesting venue for learners to gain the knowledge that they need. The ECDL being conducted as a training-online process is foreseen to be more effective and far reaching considering the fact that most of its takers live in a very fast-paced environment where time is of great importance and value. it is unstoppable. One of the things that has been gaining wide acceptance is the Online European Computer Driving Licensing – a process for any person to gain computer knowledge and literacy and become certified at a certain point. drawbacks are still there whether things are performed online or offline – they are.133 Learning ECDL Online: Its Benefits and Uses In the advent of Internet and Information Technology.

but it is likewise geared towards shaping the person to become successful and become naturally adaptive with the all types of work environment that he may be facing in the future. ECDL Online courses are all focused in enhancing and substantiating an individual’s skills in terms of computer and information technology. after all modules have already been successfully completed and finished. and are being implemented because they have been guaranteed as excellent determinant to know the readiness and qualification of an individual towards becoming an effective worker. The discipline (the ECDL course) may have placed a great value in empowering an individual in terms of how to manipulate and control a computer. In particular. Spreadsheets. conceived. and Presentation . it is expected that any learner will have confidence to work in a computerbased workplace and shall have gained knowledge in the following: • Fundamental Concepts of Computers and Information Technology • Database and File Management • Office Software like Word Processors. The ECDL courses were designed.134 The ECDL Online Courses: What They Are? The European Computer Driving and Licensing course is a wide discipline that moulds a person towards becoming adept and skilled not only in terms of learning the fundamental concepts of computer but also transforming him or her to become an effective member of the workforce.

He or she can use all these to properly equip him or her to properly cope with the industrial needs. the learner shall be then ready to become a potent part of the whole industrial workforce. .135 • Internet Competency By learning all these.

the learner will have a better appreciation of the positive impacts that computers have on the society in general sense. threats. Moreover. In addition. if you are positive in all questions.136 What is Part 1 of ECDL? Have you recently thought about how obsolete your computer knowledge lately? Have you been seeing so many new things about the computer industry that you have not seen during your time? Have you experienced being asked by your son or your friend something about the latest craze in the computing industry that you thought unimaginable to happen but you were too overwhelmed to know that it really does exist? Well. The part 1 of the ECDL revolves around introducing the learner into the general overview and concepts of the computing world and its facets – the hardware. impacts of the computers in the industry and the hazards it brings into the environment. then it is about time that you refresh and update your knowledge in computers as yours is really passé and renaissance. the security. the software. the network. the ECDL course was designed under the principle of equipping the learner with computer knowledge skills that are applicable and best fitted to answer the demands of the industry. Anyone should consider engaging into the ECDL course because it will allow you to understand with confidence the uses of computers in the industrial setting. You may want to learn the ECDL course and be updated with the current trends in IT and computing world. . the learner will be further exposed into the concepts involving files and directories and how to effectively manage these files. By having this skill set and knowledge. and fraud activities in the computing world.

There is a dedicated site for ECDL information and resources that can be accessed through the ECDL Foundation website. ECDL portals are useful sites because they can help candidates prepare for the certification examinations. The second type of ECDL portal can be found on university or school institution websites. Some of the best ECDL portals even provide comprehensive online tutorials . First. Usually. However. There are download functions and utilities on this kind of ECDL portal as well as important links to online tutorials on the different aspects of ECDL certification courses. courseware provider and training centers have a portal for ECDL.137 ECDL Portal: Providing Valuable Assistance for ECDL Certification An ECDL portal can be found usually on three kinds of sites. This site is exclusively dedicated to the study of ECDL modules. Students need to enroll through the ECDL portal and they can also get the study materials there. Valuable sample study materials can be accessed through these portals which can be downloaded and studied at home. this service is provided by schools to their students as a special course that can be accomplished within a semester. The third type is provided by the ECDL Foundation. Those who want to take the ECDL certification must use this portal to get sufficient information about the courses and the sanctioned vendors of ECDL modules as well as the authorized list of training centers. users who are not bona fide students of a school institution can also access this portal by availing of the ECDL courses for the semester.

.138 that can guide the candidates on the step by step operations required for each ECDL module.

ECDL practice papers are downloadable study materials which include the syllabus for the different ECDL modules and practice tests for a mock exam. Usually. Some can be downloaded for free especially on sites that provide services and trainings for ECDL certifications. There are also online forums that post links of important ECDL resources that include practice papers. Because the ECDL is primarily a practical test on the ability of candidates to manipu- . If a compatibility problem arises. users of practice papers can easily contact the customer service of training providers and ask for immediate assistance. free syllabus. Preparation for the ECDL exams may involve formal training through course providers or selfstudy using ECDL practice papers. The good thing about paid ECDL practice paper is the technical support that can be made available to buyers. It can also include a comprehensive package of different documents that detail the basic operations of common office applications. and training software. ECDL practice papers can be acquired in two ways. candidates can purchase a set from courseware vendors.139 ECDL Practice Papers: Providing Practical Study Guides for the ECDL Test The key to successfully ace the ECDL certification test is to undergo extensive preparation. these practice papers are included in the entire ECDL training course. ECDL practice papers are good study materials for those preparing for the ECDL certifications. Proficiency in these applications will determine the result of the certification test. To ensure that the ECDL practice paper is updated and authorized.

. These practice papers can surely help candidates successfully pass the certification exams on their first try.140 late basic computer programs. the practice papers can be utilized to master the basic. step by step operations of each applications.

It can help those preparing for the certification exams to focus more on their weakness so that during the actual test. By configuring a practice test into a custom mode. The ECDL practice tests also measures the general proficiency of candidates. ECDL practice tests are valuable preparation tool of computer users that will take the certification exam. Timed practice tests can be made so that the examinees can experience actual test conditions. So.141 3 Benefits of ECDL Practice Tests ECDL practice tests provide accurate and detailed overview of the actual ECDL exams. This will help them cope with any pressure associated with the ECDL exams. It can also measure the general level of computer proficiency which could help organize ECDL formal studies. It can enhance the confidence of those who will take the exams to avoid unnecessary mental stress during tests. The ECDL practice test can also be configured to simulate actual exams. The second is the skills proficiency determination. After taking the practice tests. these areas can be answered correctly. This means that more study is needed to master applications that pose difficulties for the user. the weak areas of users can be displayed. explanations will be displayed which offer detailed instructions on the step by step process involved in coming up with the correct answer. So. the questions will have a comprehensive explanation of the answers. ECDL practice tests can be taken in three modes. it is a good indicator of the strength and weaknesses of computer users. The first is a custom practice test which is also a valuable educational and review tool. . after answering the exam.

The most popular ECDL practice resource comes in CDROM. Some book stores and shops also offer ECDL books and manuals. Detailed explanations are provided for each computer application and there are graphics and diagrams that provide illustrative descriptions of the lessons. and detailed lessons based on the ECDL syllabus. The contents can be studied at the office or at home and it offers superior portability because the CD can be taken anywhere. This is generally available on the websites of ECDL courseware vendors. Another good thing is the practice guide can be used as manual for daily computer tasks. Another important ECDL practice guides are books and manuals. practice tests. Its value therefore goes beyond the actual tests. ECDL CD-ROMs are sometimes the main educational tools of training providers. ECDL books are available online and it can be purchased also from training centers. It could be electronic or paper based and some can be worked on using web interfaces. . practical techniques. Lessons. These are ideal for those who are more comfortable in using books as study reference.142 2 Main Forms of ECDL Practice Guides There are many ECDL practice guides that can be purchased from the Internet. In fact. All the contents that can be found on CDs are also included in ECDL books. These resources offer important information. and step by step instructions are stored on CDs which can be installed on computers. ECDL practice guides on CD can be ordered and purchased online. ECDL practice guides come in many forms. These ECDL practice materials can be used over and over as long as the syllabus remains the same.

one must take the ECDL qualification tests. If ECDL candidates already know the practical operation of a specific module. then they are allowed to take the qualification exam for that module without undergoing formal training. They will be given a skills assessment card which they can use to measure their own development. The first step in getting ECDL qualification is to take a computer skills practice tests. The results of the practice test will show proficiency or insufficiency of computing skills. For UK examinees. Having an ECDL certification shows that an employee is proficient in using computer applications in the workplace and will be able to handle any job that requires the use of computer. a practical test will be scheduled and candidates will take a time-limited examination for each of . Candidates for certification must pass all the ECDL modules before they can be certified. ECDL certification is an important career enhancement program designed to measure the aptitude of office staff in using common office administration applications. These exams consist of seven modules which cover the theory and practice of computer use. After formal training. This can save lots of time and resources. the British Computer Society has added a module called Unit E in their level 2 computer certification process. An ECDL qualification is recognized throughout the world.143 Steps to Get ECDL Qualification To get the necessary computer certification. The staff therefore can start formal training using the facilities and services of online ECDL training schools.

they will be given a formal certification for computer proficiency.144 the ECDL module. . Once they successfully pass the exams.

and database management. These materials are included in the training package to speed up the learning process. It means that the questions can be answered directly through the web browsers of users. candidates must stick to the time limit provided for each. The latest version of ECDL syllabus is version 4. So. ECDL questions are also available on books and manuals. ECDL examinees should purchase a more comprehen- .5 so it would be best to get study materials with questions that are based on this. ECDL module 1 is commonly offered through this service. For more practical sample questions. early versions of ECDL study materials can also be useful especially as a reference guide.145 Where to Get Practice ECDL Questions ECDL questions or practice test questions are widely available on the Internet. when answering a test module. spreadsheets. ECDL questions are also available as an online hosted service. examinees can be better prepared. the exam can be simulated more accurately so that during actual tests. However. Some practice questions can be downloaded for free especially on websites that use study references as promotional items for their main services. In this way. That’s because module 1 is a multichoice type of exam and it can be easily simulated on the Internet. Hosted ECDL service can provide a question or two which the examinees can use. The other modules are practical applications of computer programs such as word processing. Candidates who opt to take formal training for ECDL certification will be given free test questions and mock exams. It is important to note that each test module of the ECDL must be accomplished in forty five minutes.

146 sive study material. . This will greatly help them during actual ECDL examination.

These manuals provide valuable instructions on the different methods and techniques of handling computer applications. There are websites however that can provide specialized modules. The utility of manuals can be enhanced through actual hands-on practice on a computer workstation. these resources are available on local libraries and book stores. These practice questions can be used as a measure of computer skill and as a way to determine the test-taking abilities of ECDL trainees. . the step by step process of creating. The results of the sample exams will be the basis of the candidates if they need more training or if they are competent enough take the ECDL certification exams. it should conform to actual test conditions. and managing files can be studied more thoroughly. if a candidate only needs to refurbish their database management skills the resources on this module can be made available to them. Majority of ECDL resources are available on the Internet so it would be quite easy to access it. For example. Another ECDL resource are sample exam questions. This is a more focused approach on utilizing ECDL resources. When taking the ECDL practice questions. editing. Usually. In this way.147 What are the Different Kinds of ECDL Resources? There are many kinds of ECDL resources which can be used as study materials in preparation for the ECDL exams. The first type of ECDL resources are manuals and reference books.

they must take advantage of several ECDL resources that are widely available on the Internet and in libraries. To successfully pass the process in one sitting.148 ECDL is an important qualification not just for office personnel but also for educators and students. .

and databases and make the necessary changes to the materials. A thorough knowledge of the application is needed in order to make the appropriate changes. File and document revisions are valuable exercise that will enhance the abilities of ECDL trainees to spot errors in documents. Some ECDL revision methods are simple operations which need only little document of file changes. spreadsheets. However. . That is why educational institutions provide tutors in case the trainees will not be able to navigate the tasks before them. Revision exercises are major component of ECDL course because office computer programs are normally subjected to revisions and changes. These sessions are called Revision Day and usually tutors or instructors are available to help the students in their tasks. These can be made available to trainees in book or CD format and it can be purchased through the facilities of online ECDL training centers. In some schools and universities. there complicated revision exercises which will test the proficiencies of student . principles. there are special sessions for ECDL revision. Grasping the essence. There are also resources such as books and manuals as well as electronic guide documents that teach the basics of ECDL revisions processes.149 The Importance of ECDL Revision Exercises ECDL revision exercises are specific lessons allowing trainees to study set documents that need major changes or updates. table formulas or parameters.trainees in overhauling a document. database entries. a set of files. and techniques of ECDL revisions can help students during actual exams where there are lots of exercises that require revisions and corrections.

In this way. These centers offer authorized sample papers and other materials. it would be best to get the latest version of ECDL materials based on the current syllabus. as the ECDL syllabus is constantly being updated. Sample papers are provided to trainees as part the services of ECDL training centers. Most ECDL sample papers approximate the actual examinations format for each module. candidates can be assured that their training materials can provide accurate information and latest techniques. practical exercises. and revision exercises on ECDL sample papers. There are also free ECDL sample papers which can be downloaded from the Internet. some freeware ECDL courses. Other centers also provide extra documents or sample files that can be used as additional training and exercises materials.150 ECDL Sample Papers: Essential Training Tools for ECDL Candidates ECDL sample papers are actually test questions that can be used by trainees to prepare for the actual exams. manuals. These papers can be downloaded as a zip file which contains the seven modules of the ECDL. However. In fact almost all online ECDL courseware provider and tutoring centers offer complete ECDL sample papers. and sample papers could be outdated. Those who will take the ECDL are advised to enroll in an accredited training center for ECDL. A trainee therefore can find multiple choice questions. The current syllabus today is version 4. Although these materials will generally help ECDL candidates for their selfstudy.5 so it would best to get ECDL materials that .

Getting the latest sample papers can make a big difference during the actual ECDL exams.151 conform to this update. .

There are training centers that can provide online tests for their trainees. There are also free sources of ECDL sample tests on the Internet.152 Several Ways to Get ECDL Sample Tests for Review The European Computer Driving License is a certification program that measures individual skills in the basic use of computers. Candidates to the certification process must pass all seven modules before a certification or license is awarded. Sample tests provide an accurate view of how ECDL exams are given. However some of these free materials are sometimes not updated or incomplete. . During training. The entire program is composed of seven modules that tackle different theoretical and practical concepts and operations of common office applications. it is important to get copies of ECDL sample tests in order to speed up the process of preparation. In this way. This would be a good option to practice constantly on different ECDL modules. they can enroll in their school’s ECDL program and get the sample materials that will be provided for them. For currently enrolled students. candidates can practice on more materials and get different insights on different ECDL study materials. Libraries also have rich stocks of ECDL sample tests especially on the references and manuals sections. The first method is to enroll in an ECDL training provider and get the free sample tests. There are several ways to get ECDL sample exams. The key in maximizing free ECDL materials is to download as many resources as possible.

153 Practicing on ECDL sample tests can help candidates take the certification exams successfully. It will give them enough confidence to answer questions that will be asked during actual ECDL exams. .

The changes to the syllabus are actually small upgrades to keep up with the upgrades of each computer application. it would still best to get materials that conform to the 4. before candidates purchase sample modules. it is advisable to look at the version of the material. In other countries. The ECDL syllabus is constantly being updated to catch up with current software development as well as discoveries of new techniques and technologies for some computer applications.0 of the syllabus is still in effect. These volumes are divided in theoretical module which is the first module and the practical module which encompass modules 2 to 7.154 Understanding the Different ECDL Syllabus Versions The ECDL syllabus is the framework of the entire ECDL program which covers seven volumes. For candidates of ECDL certification. or reference workbook. Past and current ECDL syllabus has very little differences. The current version of ECDL syllabus is ECDL version 5.5. and 5. 4. So the instructions and methodologies remain the same as well as the basic techniques in handling office applications.0 versions of the syllabus. However.0.5. ECDL version 4. in the United Kingdom.0 to its recognized courseware vendors. Any- . In this way they can get accurate instructional materials that can help them during the actual exams. The peculiarity however of the British version is it has an added module for using IT. the latest version is ECDL 4. That’s because the software or applications actually do not have major updates.0. tests. But this might change in due time because the ECDL Foundation already authorized the distribution of ECDL syllabus version 5. So.

0 version would be very outdated and will not help at all. .155 thing below the 4.

000 authorized ECDL test centers around the world. These are spread over 148 countries that have ECDL licensed test providers. In order to avoid problems. All these network of ECDL test centers are being supervised and quality assured by the ECDL Foundation. In this way they can avoid the hassle of long distance travel just to go to an accredited test centre. Candidates can look for test centers that are near their workplace or home. then its test centers are also accredited and authorized to provide the exams. They should also arrive early at the test center so that they can still take a necessary rest before the actual exams. . There are also links on the website for any country that has a licensed ECDL test provider. So if the name of the licensed institution is listed on the ECDL Foundation website.156 How to Find the Ideal ECDL Test Centers According to current figures. Candidates are advised to take the ECDL exams in places that are very near their place of residence. there are more than 22. They can find these centers by using the website search function of licensed test providers. ECDL certification candidates must first visit the ECDL website to get the list of accredited training providers. There are regulations being implemented in each test center and these should be followed to avoid any complications with the ECDL exams. Different options will be provided so that examinees can properly decide where they will sit their ECDL exams. These licensed providers have vast networks of ECDL test centers.

If a difficult question is encountered. candidates must skip it and proceed to the next easy questions. Answering more . A good rule of thumb however is not to make any changes to the test papers unless the examinee is 100% sure of the correctness of the new answer. If there is enough time. In any exams it is always best to carefully read the instructions for each section and sub-sections of the test. they should focus their attention to the items that they really know.157 ECDL Testing Tips: Ways to Overcome Test Anxieties ECDL certification tests can be made easier by following some of the best testing tips developed by previous examinees. Knowing what needs to be accomplished will certainly increase confidence and reduce anxieties. If pressed for time. It is still better to answer more easy questions than to answer few hard questions. Overcoming the easy questions quickly will give examinees ample time to answer more difficult questions. the examinees must carefully review their answers and look for items that have been missed out. The examinees must not be pressured by the time limitations. This is also true for the ECDL exam in order to eliminate errors due to wrong interpretation of instructions. These ECDL testing advises are practical solutions to principally eliminate and overcome anxieties and stress during the actual exams.

These ECDL testing tips have been used by other test takers.158 questions increases the chance of making the 75% passing cutoff. The most important thing however is to thoroughly prepare for the ECDL exams to ensure success in one sitting. .

by learning how to answer ECDL test papers and understanding the process. tests can be taken even without finishing formal trainings. manuals. ECDL certificates will be issued to those who can successfully pass the exams. The ECDL test is divided into two categories: computer theory and practical skills.159 The Value of ECDL Test Papers ECDL test papers cover the seven modules of the entire ECDL program. candidates can have greater chances of being certified in just one exam sitting. So. To ensure success during actual ECDL exams. candidates are advised to undergo several training processes. they can skip training on these areas and focus on applications that they still do not have enough knowledge. presentations. Computer theory and general concepts are provided in ECDL module 1 while modules 2 to 7 cover computer file management. During trainings. candidates will be provided with different study tools such as sample ECDL test papers. In fact. and information and communication. . These tools can help them overcome difficult processes by learning the step by step operations of the applications. But this is advisable only for those who are very proficient in using office applications. The passing mark for each module is 75%. spreadsheets. word processing. They will have to enroll in an ECDL program in order to be allowed to take the certification tests. Each module of the ECDL has separate test papers and should be accomplished within the 45 minute time limit for every test. If a candidate is already proficient in some applications. Candidates need to accomplish and pass the seven test modules in order to complete their ECDL certification process. database. and workbooks.

160 ECDL Torrent: Faster Downloads for Faster Studies Torrent technologies are download accelerators which help Internet users save large documents and files on faster bit rates. There are many ECDL resources sites that can be found using torrent accelerators for their download facilities. some resources even reach the 15 megabytes file sizes. A wide array of websites will be presented to users so the next step would just involve choosing . Some files and resources of the ECDL are very bulky. they should look for training centers that can provide torrent downloads of study materials. This technology is widely used on audio and video downloads but it can also be utilized for downloading voluminous documents from the Internet. On zip conditions. ECDL torrent download accelerators are also useful for multimedia files and presentations of tutorials and specialized instructions and lectures. To make faster downloads. ECDL candidates or trainees will definitely need torrent technology because they will have to download large files and zip folders that contain important ECDL study materials. ECDL torrent downloads therefore is a valuable tool to make life easier for those currently training for the ECDL certification. These media files are naturally much bigger than documents and it would be convenient to be able to download them faster. These are very heavy downloads which could tax the patience of ECDL candidates. Users need only to search for them by typing ECDL and Torrent in the search fields of search engines.

161 the right provider. . The technology will really make the study and research for ECDL easier and convenient.

wish to and know how to use a personal computer. Many non-profit organizations help people in getting free ECDL. Most free ECDL are offered online. the wider your knowledge. However. The ECDL is an information technology available for all citizens. At today’s world. people are prevented or hesitant to learn. it is important for people to have computer skills. A free interactive self-paced multimedia is available free. These organizations assist people to educate themselves. reviewing for the ECDL exam is not a problem.162 Learning ECDL For Free The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) offers candidates to be recognized internationally in computer skills through its certification. It is a program for those who need. thus offering a more equitable and sustainable global society. Remember. The Free ECDL is not only made available for the cant affords. even those who can afford can use the free ECDL to widen their area of knowledge in computer. the wider your advantage to succeed. for those who cannot afford. . To gain an ECDL certification is to pass the seven modules that cover theory and practice. Most of these organizations lived their means through donations received. They believe that everyone has the right to education. Everything that we move around is digital or computerized. For those who can afford. These organizations believe that high quality education can be achieved at no cost. The study of computer is useful for those not only looking or currently working but it is necessary that everyone should be digital or computer literate. These organizations offer free online learning which enable people to educate themselves.

presentation. Just like when you are license to drive a car. word processing. ICDL gets its support from the government. The ICDL aims include: • To raise the general level of IT competency • To improve work productivity • To reduce user support costs • To make employers invest more efficiently in IT. The ICDL becomes an essential requirement by employers to their new or current employees. using the computer & managing files. The ICDL benefits the individual as well as employers in the end. Both are internationally recognized Information and Communication Technology and digital literacy certification program. database. The ICDL exams are patterned with the ECDL Syllabus. organizations and educational institutions. the ICDL is designed for those who can drive a computer. The ICDL is a competency standard that is recognized through testing. and • To make sure that best practice and quality issues are understood and implemented. It covers the 7 modules such concepts of information technology. The world is fast changing and you need to keep abreast . For certification outside Europe. spreadsheets. and information & communication.163 What is ICDL? The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is also known as the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). the ICDL is used to refer a holder of having met the standard competency in computer knowledge and skills. It is based on the ECDL scheme and is governed by the ECDL Foundation member over 148 countries around the world.

164 with the changes. . Show competency in your skills and widen your career path.

which is administered by the British Computer Society. These are foundation knowledge of the entire ICT skills which may involve some complicated information technology tasks. Although Unit E is only applicable in UK. the seventh module of ECDL or the Information and Communication section touches on the basic operations that are involved in using the Internet. . information and communication technologies are critical aspects of ECDL. ICT skills is also needed so that those who wish to get ECDL certification can have an easy time overcoming certain test modules. So. This is known as the eight module of ECDL and it specifically tackles issues and concerns of current ICT use. Module 7 of the ECDL also familiarizes the user on the basic use of email technology which is also a basic ICT skill. The UK version of ECDL. it just shows that users need to have enough ICT skills in order to appreciate the entire ECDL program. Specifically.165 ICT ECDL: How IT Skills Help Candidates Grasp ECDL Modules ECDL is basically a test of ICT skills. ECDL also test the ability of users to utilize modern communication using the Internet. Utilizing modern communication processes such as email technologies are the skills needed to understand complex Internet communication protocols. has a special unit called ECDL Unit E. The European Computer Driving License is a computer skills test for measuring the proficiency of individual end-users in operating different applications.

These skills however can be learned through trainings which is part of the ECDL program.166 Basic ICT skills and knowledge is essential so that ECDL candidates can easily overcome the certification exams. .

and educators can learn ECDL modules by enrolling in an authorized program of the ECDL Foundation. learning ECDL modules will improve the speed and accuracy of end users in utilizing computer programs. By learning the different ECDL modules. The ECDL license is a recognized certification throughout the world. Having an ECDL certification gives computer end-users an advantage. . It can surely boost the career and job opportunities of professionals because ECDL license is a proof that they possess sufficient computer knowledge and proficiency. Learning the ECDL modules can also help professional in their daily office tasks and office administrations. staff and personnel can increase their office productivity and efficiency by having the ability to handle and manage different computer applications needed for everyday office work. professionals. it can serve as a good guide for creating any type of computer documents or files. With these abilities. It can also serve as a guide to troubleshoot simple file errors and to correct or revise documents. test taking would be easier especially for the practical aspects of ECDL.167 Why Professionals Need to Learn ECDL Modules? Students. Joining an ECDL program is an essential prerequisite before one can be allowed to take the certification exams. This could result to more work done at the office and minimizing wastage due to erroneous computer entries. Because an ECDL module can be used as a workbook. Finally.

More than the certification badge. learning ECDL can help professionals in their daily work involving computers and Internet. .168 It is really important to learn the different ECDL modules.

Months of being live. So. The in-house portal gave the employees and staff of NHS a low cost ECDL training alternative. With increasing enrollment. the NHS ECDL portal significantly increased computer proficiency of staff and employees. Second. the portal was warmly received by its staff and personnel by enrolling in ECDL services and programs through the portal. This is due to the decreased cost of taking ECDL training program which could be costly if acquired through third party provider. First the ECDL portal brought enormous financial savings for the NHS. This resulted to higher percentage of passers which actually reduced the cost of trainings. the study materials provided by the in-house NHS portal was more quality laden than other commercially available ECDL materials. more personnel have taken advantage of the program and studied ECDL modules. The more personnel who can pass the ECDL certification on a single sitting can eliminate the cost of retake and retraining. quality ECDL . the number of certified computer users also increased. Savings on its first eight months of operation have reached millions of pounds.169 The 3 Concrete Benefits of NHS ECDL Portal The NHS ECDL Portal was inaugurated in March of 2003 to serve as the center for computing excellence and resources of the institution. This resulted to increased productivity of the entire institution due to advanced computer knowledge. the concrete benefits of the NHS ECDL Portal have been felt by the entire NHS institution. Because of the low cost trainings. Finally. After a successful launch.

.170 materials meant quality learning methods which helped produce more ECDL passers.

However. With good Internet connections. and schools that included ECDL in their special curriculum or courses. colleges. Another method of online ECDL teaching is video tutorials. it would be possible for training centers to interact with their students through the use of Internet communications systems such as teleconferencing. Teaching ECDL to remote trainees or students can be easy. The most popular ECDL teaching method is through the provision of documents and study kits that can be downloaded from the Internet. the video tutorials can be very useful study and review materials. These are electronic documents which can be . More institutions and recognized training centers are offering online ECDL programs. These tutorials are carried out using telephony services that incorporate streaming video. So. So.171 Several Methods of Teaching ECDL Teaching ECDL can take many forms. The most interactive online methods of ECDL learning is through online tutorials. These pre-recorded lectures are streamed directly to the browsers of trainees. Classroom based teaching methods are mainly provided by universities. Modern information and communication technology made possible the creation of virtual classroom. ECDL trainees can study the video over and over until they master the step by step presentation on the tutorial. the most common mode of ECDL teaching is through full online method. The good thing about streaming video tutorials is it can be downloaded and saved on local computers. Trainees therefore can study based on their own set schedules and they can choose which ECDL module to study first.

172 displayed on computers or printed so that it can be studied more thoroughly. .

In other countries the prescribed 7 modules studies of the ECDL Foundation is in effect. . All these are recognized by the ECDL Foundation. This certification is administered by the ECDL Foundation which gives out licenses and authorities to several bodies that can serve as training and testing centers. These are the following: Module 1 – Concepts of IT Module 2 – Basic Computer Use and File Management Module 3 – Word processing Module 4 – Spreadsheets knowledge Module 5 – Database management Module 6 – Computer presentations Module 7 – Information and Communication (Internet use and Emails) The British Computer Society or BCS added a module called Unit E which covers Information Technology Use.173 What is ECDL: Understanding the Basics of ECDL Certification ECDL stands for European Computer Driving License. There are also more than 22.000 testing centers spread throughout the world. Outside of Europe. It is the top licensing and certification process for basic computer proficiency. The ECDL course is composed of seven different skills modules. this certification program is known as International Computer Driving License or ICDL. However. this additional module is applicable only in the United Kingdom. More than 184 countries recognize ECDL as the premiere certification for basic computer applications.

enrollment in the program is a prerequisite for the certification exam.174 To be able to get certification. This is a badge of proficiency for basic computer applications that are being used at the workplace. homes. Although formal training is not compulsory. . ECDL candidates must enroll in a program provided by authorized training centers. Candidates who can pass all 7 modules of ECDL with an average rating of 75% on each test will be awarded a License by the ECDL Foundation. and society.

com allows prospective candidates the idea of what is .175 Know More about ECDL Through www. These websites provide sample test papers for candidates to practice their skills.ecdl. In as much as the ECDL certification is given to 148 countries. The websites provide guides for candidates. They provide readers an idea of the type of exam to be given. websites are available to help you in knowing more about European Computer Driving License (ECDL). the websites provide links to candidates to look for the nearest learning centre in their area.ecdl. spreadsheets. If you are a candidate who prefers to study on your own. The testing centre will inform candidates the time to come and register and the fee it would cost for the training. presentation. and information and communication. word processing. These websites provide an overview of what ECDL is all about and the benefits of taking an ECDL exam. Frequently Asked Questions are also available for readers. available materials are also listed on the websites. using the computer and managing files. The www. The seven modules consist of exam on the basic concepts of IT.com If you are interested in getting a European license in computer driving. The ECDL exam is broken into seven modules and prospective candidates may take the modules in any order and over any period of up to three years or at one sitting. An example is on information about taking the ECDL exam. Engine search can be done using the command ‘ecdl’. database. Candidates are also advised as to how the ECDL class is ran in terms of the days and hours.

176 ECDL and how the examination goes to obtain a certification. . Take a visit and learn more.

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