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Things to Do When Lucid

Things to Do When Lucid

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Published by Steven Sonnabend

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Published by: Steven Sonnabend on Aug 20, 2010
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1. Travel to other planets. 2. Dive to the bottom of the sea. 3. Read other people's thoughts. 4.

Burn down a building. 5. Fly a plane or a helicopter. 6. Walk on busy city street and stop time. 7. Transform into an animal of your choice. 8. Move objects with your thoughts. 9. Go into a cave, find Gollum and steal The One Ring. 10. Read a book. 11. Summon a dream character. 12. Posses a dream character. 13. Ask a dream character to tell you something about yourself which even you do n't know. 14. Point at a car and make it explode. 15. Summon Tim and ask him to give you some LD tips. 16. change the weather 17.make your enemy's UGLY 18.tell a dream character that you control their world 19.become rich and famous and have a lot of cool stuff 20.go to the future or past 21.become a hero and save someone 22.do stuff you wouldn't or couldn't do while awake 23.make yourself prettier 24.meet book characters 25.be really young or really old 26. Give yourself photoshop abilities for the world around you (change the color s and distort the world around you) 27. Play an RTS (real time strategy) game with real people and cities 28. Create any kind of creature you can imagine 29. Produce music without any instruments 30.Have sex. 31.Create Dream characters. 32.Trying going onto the internet. 33.Fly 34. Face your fears. 35. Have kids. 36.Change your hair color. 37.Create your own dream home/world image 38. Travel back in time and visit dinosaurs. 39. Get drunk. 40. Jump thru a window of a tall building. 41. Stab yourself and see if it hurts. 42. Get yourself police outfit and chase criminals. 43. Meditate. 44. Try to have lucid dream while in a lucid dream. 45. Summon your dream guide. 46. Play golf. 47. Go to a hospital and tell doctor to fix you. 48. Smash a window and rewind the process. 49. Create two Dream Characters and make them build a village. Watch or help the village to grow into a city! 50. Stand in the middle of a really huge crowd of people, start dancing and try to make everyone else dance with you. 51. Start fishing in a "Magical Fountain" and see what you get. 52. Take a piss by the entrance to a Troll's Cave. 53. Put yourself in the role of Neo in the first Matrix movie, starting by his c omputer in his room just like in the film. See what happens! 54. Reach down your pocket. There's a pill there? Eat it and be astounded by the consequences.

55. Can you beat a game of poker against a dog? 56. Go to a random house and demand rent. 57. Go to a TV, change the channel a few times and enter it. Yes, through the sc reen. 58. Gather a bunch of people and make them laugh to a really, then I mean a real ly bad joke. 59. Trip and miss the ground. 60. Ask a Dream Character what would be fun to try out in a dream. 61. Have flashy, explosive magical powers 62. Recreate mythical cities like Atlantis 63. Have angel wings and fly 64. Read a book you need for school? (I was wondering if the actual content of a book is retained in lucid dreams) 65. Run along and climb walls 66. Summon a Council of "parts" of your mind and try to figure out things from r eal life to see if you can. 67. Die and see if you wake up or go somewhere. 68. Win the world series. 69. Go to Disneyland!!! 70. Start kissing random members of the opposite sex and see how they react. 71. Do the above and replace kissing with doing various perverted things... why the heck did i just say that... 72. Save the world and see if anyone notices. 73. Be your favorite superhero. 74. Do various bodily functions and try to make different things happen (that's just me and my gross mind...) 75. Break out into a song you know by heart and see if anyone sings along. 76. Get a (dream) boombox, play caramelldansen, and see if anything special happ ens (for those you who don't know what caramelldansen is, it's a swedish song th at has gained alot of popularity in Japan and in America that many people find a nnoying. Search for it on youtube.). 77. walk through walls, fly through ceilings 78. jump in Santa's sack and be a present to someone random 79. use the cement as a trampoline and laugh when you land on your face 80. turn random people into pumkins 81. have a conversation with a Mrs. Buttersworth bottle 82. walk on walls and shoot web like Spidey (personal favorite) 83. Run so fast that the world blurs around you. Much more fun than flying 84. Let the world become a white space and start creating objects one by one. 85. Create shapes by moving buildings while flying. 86. Go around manipulating temperature, like really heavy. From 0 K to infinity, see what happens. 87. Hack the US defense system, let them attack you with an atom bomb. Wait to s ee what happens. 88. Radiate light. 89. Play piano, bass guitar or any other cool instrument. 90. Go watch atoms. 91. Buy a goat. 92. Scare random people by coming up through them by walls. 93. Amaze people by saying: "Watch this." then fly up. 94. Turn your body into water, blood or some corrosive fluid, see what happens. 95. Turn yourself into food. 96. Make a building fly and put it on top of another building. 97. Take someone with you on a flying trip. 98. Minimize all skyscrapers (to about domino-size) and make a domino thingey fr om them (you know, those stones which fall after eachother) 99. Grow your hair until you can cover half the world, then watch it from outsid e. 100. Be everything and everyone at the same time. 101. [s]buy another goat[/s] Act like you normally would, then 'accidentally' wa

Go say boo. Find a poet and ask him/her to tell you a poem he/she has made. 104. Go in to a really huge building. an idea so smart your head would explode if yu even began to know what you're talking about. Climb into the body and mind of a close friend/partner (somebody you know v ery well) experience being .Reverse a sunset. Make the sun explode and protect the world 106. find something out and recive the nobel price. 111. Create a theater out of the world 130. Practice for something (an encounter. 113. eat your self 148. Build your own personal workshop. Fly with Santa on Christmas Eve! 129. paint something 144. 110. turn into the opposite gender 151.) 103.j. 116. Make yourself the only person of your sex on the planet if your straight. Draw a line on the ground and walk along it. meet your inner self 137. Memorize for instance an equation and try to s olve it in the dream. stop bullets 139. 125. the goat you bought. Make a school bus. 146. Lord of the Rings. or any other vehicle you're on. 109. 115. Drill to the center of the earth and see what you find. then travel back in time and w alk the opposite direction on the line facing your past self 122. (this can include stuff like your favouri te instrument. Remove buildings that block your sight. aiming from earth 121. lose your head . have an idea. Imagine how you're lying in bed right now. 124. protect o. be the president 149. etc. Shoot the moon down with a Sniper Rifle. simpson. go to the past and make president clinton black 133. Be the lead in some EPIC battle (300. get into a dream-simulator that creates any environment that you want 135. get really small and dig a hole into food 138. equilibirum) 140. be an astronaut on a mission to mars (with success!) 141. o r make the other sex go away. Whisper and then make it sound really hard two metres around you. boo and boo. travel to the planet of the apes 132. direct a movie (with a very big budget) 136. Draw an island when you're awake and then try to visit it in a dream. 108. Family guy) 145.this other person 128. be a cleric (film.lk knee-deep through the earth. life with the simpsons 142. Try to solve a real problem. Be a character from a movie. a song. 105. lines for a play) 120. 123. 134. Make the whole world echo. Do homework? 114. your hobbies etc. do nothing 150. but without being t he driver! 127.(peter. Play the lottery and see what happens. 112. Try taking over the world. 118. Get your Dream Journal and ask a Dream Character to read a page out loud. 119. (Albert Einstein or Tim for instance) 107. malcolm x and MLKjr134. hang on the ceiling and scare the crap out of any dream characters walking by! 129. be the last man on earth (my favorite!) 143. 126. 102. Ask people what the date is 131. Talk to people you'd like to meet.). Try to convince dream characters around you of what they are. fly a boeing 747 (as a pilot) 147. 117. fly.

Fly up to the clouds.Drive around a real nice sports car really really fast! 185. be invisible (duh) 160.Find the end of the rainbow 200.Enter a world that is in 4-D!!! (is that possible!?) 198. Punch someone and then hear the cinematic sound effects and see the words p opping up going "BAM" "ZINGGG" 176. Have a twin brother/sister /if you don't already have one / 157. (Already done! ) 202.Ride a unicorn 199. find out what would happen if you fly up and don't stop 153. be a kid/ adult/ old guy 165.Find out what all is deep in the ocean 182.Climb the Eiffel tower 187.Go to Italy 188. travel through time 162. Spin yourself a spider web and see what it catches.Talk to someone you miss 181.. walk up walls 161. find 2 people you have and make them fight each other 154. Try to convince a dream character that THEY are dreaming 170.. try to recreate old memories 207. try drugs that you would never experiment with in real life 205.Go Shopping! (with unlimited amounts of money!) 196.Jump off of High places 186. 206.Re-live missed memories 183.Be a Vampire 191. be somebody elses "tyler durden" (fight club) 203. shrink yourself and go into an atom or experience any level of molecular si ze. get buff 167.Be a Ghost 201.Be Famous 179. 174. Go sideways in time 177. elevate the floor up or down.152. deconstruct society and rebuild it 204.Try to survive in a world being taken over by zombies 194. grow the opposite sex organ 159. Fly into a black hole 156. grab some. stop time and go to the girls locker room.Be a Rockstar 180. cause natural disasters 164.Be a Zombie 193.Play Sports 195. run around naked 168. 166.Go to a Night Club 184. Have sex underwater 175.Be a Mermaid/Merman 192. who doesn't enjoy sex 169.Eat all your favorite foods without gaining a pound! 197. Lick your elbow (apparently 98% of people can't do this. come back down to earth and put them on st icks and sell them as a new type of fairy floss 178.Go on the perfect vacation 190. Lift yourself up by your bootstraps 171. Go to the center of the Earth 158. Make yourself into some wierd creature by making each of your body parts fr om a different animal. While in a house. cut off your body parts and re grow them 163.Meet Someone Famous 189. 173.in waking life) 172. Thinking of items too add to this list while you are sleeping 155. present new ideas to yourself via dream characters .

(really thats fun) 222.. change your girlfriend clothes in just a second. meet jesus 213. 241. 226. 223. What your dream wants you to do? 221. like a wave of water. enter the mind of david lynch 215. 238. Did u watch a film u didn't like the ending? Change it. 235. 237. ( you change your mind lik e a girl changes her clothes) in front of you LOL 224. 242. 218. perform a reality check 243. Ride in a animal half eagle. Bend iron with your hands. Compose your own GREAT symphony soundtrack etc. its a fighting skill. Have a non-stop 144 hour during party with everyone you know. 234. Drink pina coladas. 216. Be a vegetable. be avatar aang and control water. be uri geller and bend everything in your way. Surf on earth very fast. (That is amazing to see and to experience) 225. Become part of an italian maffia family. fight the zombie hoards! 209. Fly or run faster than light 233. 252. Or be an actor or actress. Fight at vikings side as their God of war using different spells 220.summon someone from the forums (you'll be amazed!) 247 Earth bending skills (without touching the earth. Eat furniture 239. Float rocks in front of you and shoot it to bad guys. 236. have a conversation with Schopenhauer or Nietzsche or other great minds. become an ideological disease 214. Be jedi-knight and feel the force 219. Make a big wall of earth. and see the creations you made in the water swim ming. lead the revolution 211. fly close above the oceon. so you can just social ize all the time and just have fun. Ride a dolphin. Eat your head off? o_O 244. earth fire and air. Find the meaning of Life 227. Have a meeting with the artist you hate the most of all. make your own movie or anime. Make a huge mountain if you are experienced enough. Dance like Michael jackson 229. create new universes 210. Make a dream character tell you a story and rewrite it in waking life 245.look into a crystal ball 246.2. or even a wale. Fight against a really huge giant 232. Play with Barcelona against the great teams of Europe and win the Champions League by scoring the winning goal. or a shark. or something like that 228. Create your own room where is always some different suprise or "tool" or an ything. and see what your dream gi ves you. Own a multinational and do what it takes to keep it running 233.208. its not as eas y as you think it is) 250. but you could). 251. Be in school while not having to do anything for it. 240. and get caught in the rain. (try it. Live in a macdonalds (don't want to.talk to you evil side 245 .. create artwork then try to recreate it in the waking world 217. Iron doors or iron cage etc. half lion like in Harry Potter and The prisone r of Askaban 230. and kick the shit out of him for doing what he does. (I did not try this yet) . use your arms and legs to make it happen) 248. deconstruct the environment into nothingness to experience self? i'd like t o try 212. 249. have a baby dragon 231.

Shoot the fire out of your hands and legs. close them and close your eyes. 265. 267. throw balls of fire at people/objects . no intentions. 281. Make it happen. no denials 259 Get inside a father s balls and become that tiny bit of life that made its way all the way up to the top and did his thing so we could be here but as Mae said « the kinda guy you marry just to get rid of » 260 Get inside a tip. or some crazy drug-induced declaratio n of Independent thought. then see how it has affected the present. just jump off a cliff and stop yourself r ight before you hit the ground. Completely destroy a grocery store! 271. Get inside someones TV and start dancing 278. A high fire bending skill: make lightning (yes I know. i would love to have sex with her . 269. stop time. move things around and start time again. (watch the last air bender. I watch too much tv) Make a powerfull lightning energy in both hands. instead of flying yourself. see the reactions 286. see how its is gonna feel (its j ust there is this character in street fighter i liked since i was young. Now do the same again and say blue f ire (whatever colour you like) You will be amazed. Just fire bending and fighting skills. Instead of conquering nightmares. 279. Ride on the back of a tiger. Make a huge fire that comes out of your mouth. it will inspire you to do these tricks better) 283. Travel around somewhere (e. Fire will come out of your both feets. 282. Military Intelligence? Contradiction in terms (Groucho ) 261 Get inside the energy of a honey bee s wings 262 Get inside a heart transplantation with gratitude 263 Get inside a bud that is about to explode with new abundance 264.g. meet a cartoon character . 288. but hack up random citizens. to take you to where you want t o go. Breath in and out and concentrate. Count to infinity 276. ask dream characters how they got there 285. Become Godzilla and terrorise Tokyo. Than say f ire loud and open your eyes and both hands. your feets will do the work. 280. take away gravity alltogether and see everythin g float. change it.253 Get inside Groucho Marx s mind to invent things like « time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana » ! 254 Get inside Einstein s head and change the speed of light 255 Get inside Picasso s bed and sketch him while he s sleeping 256 Get inside George W Bush s bank account and totally f#*k it up 257 Get inside the CIA files on the MLKjr and JFK assassinations and find the wa ys to show the world that 9/11 was an « inside job » 258 Get inside a mother again and feel what it s like to float around in intempora l space with no desires. They are like a jetpack. Fight Jackie Chan and Jet Li using kung fu. walk around in a group of people and disappear. 268. Same as above. by flying or jumping) then say "REWIND!" and start going backwards the way you came. Instead of jumping and flying. hold both hands in front of you. touch him/her . or a b ill of rights for the haves and have nots. Become a Jedi / Sith Lord and fight with a lightsabre. like the tip of a pen writing a will or a will not. 277. no fears. make fire with your arms and legs. juggle with planets 284. conquer your real life fears. Go back in time. Than breath out with all you got. 275. 266. 287. Give yourself the power to summon and befriend animals e. and wondering how is it gonna be possible 274. like big sp iders or if anyones afraid of heights. 270.g. now you can destroy everything you want just by shooting it out on a distance. you whistle and all birds nearby come and perch on your shoulders 272. Be a vampire and bite someone 273.

then open it and see what it sees. Go inside a bank and steal all the money. then enter somebody's ear and explore. see if you are treated differently or not. Seee what happens when you shoplift. See what sort of crazy viruses you get. Slide around like a snake in the form of a human. Change your race. 304. Replace ugly people's heads with bowling balls. freeze somebody and kick them into peices 296. dunno. 284.V. 295.. Destroy all the major cities of the world. 306. Going inside your body. 280. Have a wallet that has never ending $$ in it. 304. Crash a plane and survive. 301. Shrink and explore your house. 287. 285. Practice something. 300. Reach into your T. Draw a third eye on your forehead. which means if your training your brain to hit that high note in your choir music. Become the character Jon in the comics Watchmen 302. 281. Jump off a cliff and think that there a trampoline at the bottom and hope f or the best! 289. Ride it around town and challen ge street racers. Pimp out a turtle with NOS and neon lights.289. Go to your ex's house and tell her off. Blow up a nuclear power plant and brace yourself! 286 isn't a real thing you can do while lucid yet 301. go shopping 291.. go to a diner and eat someone elses food 292. and slap Hannah Montana repeatedly as you scream "GET OUT OF MY T. Talk to God about everything you wanted to know. Be godzilla and destroy Toyko! 290. 308. 298. 305. Stick a USB cord into Bill Gate's belly button..!" 305. 303. 283. and jump into it like Mar ry Poppins. and go to a busy city or grocery store or school. Eat as much food as you can until you explode. Shrink down to the size of a ant and go into a ant hole. Draw yourself a scene with chalk on the sidewalk. see how they feel about living with you. 299. Be Gandalf and cast awesome spells.V. Hunt Bigfoot 298. Try to get the military to attack you and defeat them in a war. Become a tree. 300. Shrink yourself. play tennis 294. become the statue of liberty and kick people 293.. 288. 286.S President! 291. Turn into a godzilla and rampage around the world till every country nukes you. Be Your Dream Guide. 303. 309. Run against a bunny! 292. Go try to win the election for U. 296. create a new invention 297. Talk to your pets. then plug it into your comp uter. Go to the North Pole and go into Santa Workshop! 297. Turn New York into chocolate and eat it all. . anything! Your brain does the same thing while your dre aming as it does when your awake. live in someones eyeball 290. 299. 294. 302. because the signals are the same! <--this to me i s the most interesting and exciting thing about Lucid Dreaming. 282. you'll hit it much faster if you practice h itting it while your dreaming. jump rope with rope made of hair. and might change your life) 307. 295. Go on Lucidpedia in your dream and make yourself Admin 293. Take random people's ipods and see what song plays when you hit play. (this one is intense.

Be the strongest in your dream 346. starting the way our universe is build: with a toms. visit a alien planet 353. Be really fast so fast you can go to 1000000000000 light years in a minute or second or EVEN HIGHER 337. bury an epmty box (in real life) then find it in your dream and open it 354. Have an arch-nemesis and battle with him every night 323.) 327. change your voice 357. Make dream characters into cartoons 331. 335. Become a scarecrow and chase crows away from a pumpkin patch 328. 311. Beat world records 339.2. turn into a "glitch" type thing that attatches to your wrist etc) 344.Drink seawater 350. Be a baby 317. (Trave l space. Create a series of reoccurring dreams and change something small each time to see what happens 322. Go into a painting 315. Live in the ocean 332. Eat a cactus or something what is spiky and see what it feels like 314. After your lucid dream. See what it's like to be blind in a dream O. Talk to your dead pet or talk to your dead relative.2. 310 . appear on your fav TV show 352. Go see what heaven looks like 312.Fly really really high into a place and it takes 100000000 light years 336. Grow wings 311 . slap your boss / teacher 356. Tear down an entire building with your bare hands 342. Turn your hand into a cell phone and call someone.o 325. Drive through a mall Blues Brothers style 313. Do random things with someone really h-o-t! 338..See it is like to be small as a hamster and explore your house 340. visit an art museem (soz cant spell mew-see-um) and see wat the art is like 355. Find a totally new way to build things. 334-Destroy Everything with random tornados then recrate the world and everythin g yourself. Take a nap 333. Change some laws of physics. And then see if it'll succeed (or collapse. See what it feels like to be poor 321. put a dvd or video into a tv and see what it plays . Become a monster and bite people's heads off (what the heck?!?!?!?) 329. Pay some hobo all your stuff (IN YOUR DREAMS!!) 348.310. Make cartoon characters real! (Very Cool) 330. Be a mosquito 316. Eventually defeat your arch-nemesis 324. Go inside a soap bubble and see where it takes you 319. creating a Big Bang and a new universe which you couldn't think of). Get involved in a stick figure fight 320. fly. Swim with whales and dolphins 343. (I did this and a screen appeared in my palm) 341. Become really big and step on stuff 326. so you can practice the words you vaguely know.. Learn Japanese (or some other language). Build and design a spacecraft/machine that can do anything you can imagine and have it become a re-occuring dream object to help you in your dreams.Make an island with lots of people and do whatever you want 349. 347. See what it's like to not have braces! (Oh I wish. remember where it stopped and resume your dream nex t time. Go inside a computer 318.Climb the biggest mountian 351. You might want to study in real li fe first. "Paint" a 3 dimensional object out of thin air with your fingers 345.

. befriend your heros 364. 404. 399. smell things 361. 377. or in spa ce) 392. Invent a new language 372. friends. See if it's possible to voluntarily remove your senses eg try and make your self deaf. turn into a public item (bin. 396. and climb inside.. REALLY GOOD ONE HERE.. find a termite mound or ant colony.. Punch a fat guy in the stomach in slow motion and watch the hit create ripp les.. 383. 375. then defeat everyone. burn down your school 389. Change your handedness eg if you're righthanded.. Eat glass.. give yourself a gun and make life a game where you mist destroy monsters 370. 374. Meet Van Halen and steal all his guitar moves.Be your pet. talk to someone. bring back a being to our world.) and scare people 359. divide an atom with your mind. ROLEPLAY. make everyone around you get random emotions 366. 379. 373. jump and fall down straight through earth 389. smell somthing. Start massive brawls at assorted public places.. never ending fart or burp 371. and play along 397. READ THIS! look at your hands. Turn your hair into fire. Reenact the 5 gum commercials to stimulate your senses. watch the moon/another planet collide with the earth (from earth. Teleport yourself to your house. Create the newest flavor of Orbit gum in a laboratory. Create your own planet! 394. Dig a hole to the otherside of the world.. Change someone elses name without them realising. skip through town butt naked 391. 403. 401. look at the universe from the outside 390.. like a motorcycle or a fast car. Wake "yourself" up and see what happens. then rememb er that your in your bed asleep while your doing this (spooky) 363. Be two people at once.. become lefthanded! 375. Hopefully you will see yourself asleep in your bed. kaBOOM . Turn the Earth inside out. 376. basicly you create your life (familey. save someones life 367. Be in two places at once. shrink into one of your cells and find a whole new world (a whole neewww ww wooorrrlllddd. 378. 382. simply just play a game (ps2 or PC) without cheating 365. get a job) and re turn to that dream everynight so you can have 2 famileys and 2 lifes 360. become alice and explore wonderland 385. then deaf and blind etc.. see if you can find y our way to the queen. Open a box marked "Surprise" 380. spawn a MP3 of Ipod and listen to a song thats stuck in your head 368. 381.. have a blow job 369. Pretend you are in a video game. 402. take a big breath and try to realize that your not even breathing 362..358. meditate in mid air or space 388. letterbox. Open the front door and go to your bedroom . or wa tch from a safe distance. 395. 398. Drive something really fast. fly to a conflict area and disarm all of the soldiers on both sides. 400. fly to a utopian world. watch the earth blow up in space 386.) 393.. and watch them fai nt in horror 387.. Abolish all currencies and see what happens to the world. Become a giant and crush everything in sight! 384..

Walk trough things. 455. 412: Try the Stairway to Heaven (or the Highway to Hell?) 413: Go into your friend's dream and tell them they're dreaming 414: Take pictures in your dreams and store them for later use 415: Enter in your previous dream's pictures 416: Go to a Guns N' Roses show. steal Slash's guitar and amaze him by doing a better solo 417: Crush the traffic on rush hour in a monster truck 418: Be pacman 419: Be the first to discover electricity 420: Be Terminator 421: Ruin the Back to the Future movie by changing the date on the Delorean's ti me machine (a little trip to the prehistoric age?) 422: Why would you walk? Just float 423: Be God 424: Play an electric guitar with a 2km high speaker 425: Attach a reactor to your car 426: Attach a reactor to your bike 427.Go on lucidipedia! 429. Be a gladiator. Try to blow yourself up. Swim in lava. 441. fly through the sky butt naked! 433. 443. Control more than one body at once (mix it up by making one a person and on e a bird). Hug random people. enter a gunfight. 407. .g. 438. For example: Make your skin green or yellow.. (e. Eat the Sun. 408. then fly into the most explosive thing you can find at a ridiculously h igh speed. 448. flood the whole place and then laugh (underw ater) at people drowning 410: Go show your new ferrari to your friends 411: Have your own house on the moon and invite your friends. Change your skin colour on the street and see the reactions of the people. Survive it. Go to a beach and try to walk on water in front of everyone. Become a master snowboarder.405. get up on stage. 449. Grab some tampons and go running on the street while shouting: "Yay! Tampon s!". Summon a pie and eat it.Make your friends do embarrassing things! 428. Steal the car of a president and see what happens. 452. 451. tattoos or hairstyles. Try and kill yourself in the most bad ass way possible. 447. or girlfriend. survive trying to kill yourself in the most bad ass way possible. set yourself on fire. Become a ball. 437. 453. Travel back trough time and fight in WW2.. Go to your dream land! 430. Throw things into the exosphere and watch it float up into orbit! 431. Become fat. 439. pick up any instrument and see if you can play well 434. Or both. Or throw it at someone. 450. pick up a paint brush and see if you can paint a masterpiece 435. Try on a few cool looking clothes. 409: Go into a mall full of people. 442. Mutate and morph people! 432. 446. Make random things burn just by pointing at them. 440. 406. Lick random people and see what they taste like. Give yourself a blowjob 436. 456. 444. (From above the clouds) 445. and purposefully get shot. Fall into the ocean from REALLY REALLY high. 454. Become all powerful and challenge everyone.

Invent a new perfume/deodorant and smell it. Become so small that you can clothe yourself in flower petals 477. and then enjoy the fast connection. 495. close your eyes and think of the afterlife . Make a new friend 459. Make a doorknob appear and open door everywhere (see whats' behind them) 478 . Invent a 500000 Terrabyte mini-usb stick . shrink down onto a dog like and roam like a flea 481. 504. go to California. 503. but once you get to the main course you will awe the valleys of s kin and be flung high up into `1the sky) 487. and government authorities spread their massive wealth with the masses enabling the entire human species to flourish as one big stoned race 486. 494. moonwalk on the clouds with michael jackson 462. meditate in the center. become a member of your favorite band and play a massive concert 480.the worlds best trampoline (or for the women. create a place where sea life flys around in air 464. Make a documentary of your lucid dream 461. Give yourself Fairy godparents 470.the hike up is a little hairy and unstable. see what the world would be like without money. Be in a really crazed fun house. bomb the world with THC and watch as people all over the world become more friendly. Turn yourself into a speck 479. Open a "windows media player" window and listen. Turn yourself into a radio. California über alles! 493. Ride a speeding mattress on open sea. a. EXTREME feckin' PARKOUR!! 490. breast feed a baby siberian tiger . 502.457.and hopefullt you wake up lol 468: Hunt for pokémon 469. Live in a pineapple under the sea 478. 505. 500. abduct random people and see what the aliens do to them 483. Make a game. and observe. 501. Kill people with coins. see how long you can go without breathing . or guinea-pigs) that do everything f or you 474. seperate an ocean like jebus 463.. check out the crazy catapolt ride .. and amuse someone.. MEET YOUR FUTURE SELF!!! 488. go to stonehedge. Browse youtube.. turn yourself into chocholate and eat yourself . Gather an army of minions (or bunnies. Turn electricity on and off by clapping your hands 473. Take a holiday in Cambodia (It's tough kid. See through walls what people do inside their houses 476. Bring back MJ and show him the world without him or b. become a sand dune. and see what happens 466. Stick your hand in the back of someones head and make him your handpuppet 472. Give everyone a number over their head that shows how many times they've ha d sex 471. 498. Forget about Cambodia.or have others eat you 467. countries and government 465. Steal the Internet. Behead yourself. and hear some not yet invented music.2. and experiance every part of yourself being drifted awa y when the wind comes around 491. kill MJ before he rapes little children 489. Melt someone... Make a movie 460.. watch soldiers fighting in war put down their guns and hug each other. but it's life!) 492. 497. Nightvision 475. Draw on peoples faces xD Yay. 499. 485... Enter a mirror 458. xD 496.then open them 484. bounce on a pair of two mountainous boobs . summon up extraterrestrials and climb abord their ship 482. and be famous..

"attach" it to the univers e. 522: Revisit the most early childhood memories. 544: Meet your higher-self! 545: Summon a dark part of your mind. represented as a dream charachter. Become the Earth. only from your perspective t his time. and fig ht with him a holy battle with swords and spiritual energies. 511. 542: Go into some random persons house and ummm well I dont know Smile. Go into a museum. Don't know why I want to do this. (or some more masculine things) 527: Own the 'Golden Compass' from the movie to go to different dimensions 528: Have an animal deamon like in the Golden Compass 529: See peoples aura`s? 530: Play a FPS with yourself. Become the weather. 508.. Have them play your favorite song. Make them "telepathically" re-experience the situation where they harmed you. with God on your s ide! 546: Be an alchemist. 534: Suck up the dreamscape like in the ending in the movie "paprika" 535: Play billiards with the planets. enter world of warcraft 517. 523: Find a very old magical book of prophecies in the bookshelf and read about what you are meant to do. 513. Be surprised by the answers. make an eternity code 518. forgotten by the awake self. Summon someone that has wronged you in some way. 516.. make your own language 519. and watch as the landscape changes over millions of years of reverse erosion. 531: Explore a building designed by MC Esher 532: Be an atomic bomb and detonate yourslef. Watch a s dream characters marvel at the mysterious source of the music. 536: Create a doornob that isnt attached to anything.) 525: Jump into the world of faeries by using a magic dream box or magic dust Raz z 526: Run through a huge breathtaking field of red poppies and let hummingbirds a nd butterflies fly with you. (This is one I really want to do!!!) 509. Drown. and open a door in the world.including the little toy p rehistoric beasts at the gift store. but I do. Make everything come to life.or feeling th at your stomach is full xD. 524: Ask your true love to appear and let him/her introduce him/her self (if you have not find him/her yet.watch as the cities sh rink down to villages and then into nothing. 537: Go to the future. 510. 539: Have a midas touch that turns things invisible 540: Be invisible and try to talk to a dream character 541: Play a video game that you have played in real life. Enter the mind of a wild animal and experience its life for a while. But for that you must separate your mind in diffe rent players and make them unable to read another's mind. tamper with your genetic makeup such as making yourself based on boron-sili cate 520. 533: Go to a place where only conciousness exists. 512. Ask him/her questions. 515.506. Make the objects around you vibrate in such a way that they mimic a musical instrument but without becoming one. fly on a griffin i have done this before and it is really fun to do dives 521: Jump into your own paintings or interesting art worlds of others. Go outside and make time go into super fast rewind . but be the character i nstead of controling the character. 543: Eat all the possible candy in the world withough gaining wait. Create another version of yourself. 514. Touch sound. like in Fullmetal Alchemist! . 507. 538: Have the midas touch.

0. be a vampire hunter 570. And if you defeated him. do synchronized roundhouse kicks with chuck norris 560. of death!!!! MUAHAHAHA give it a flaming skull and a hor n made of titanium 577. reach out and touch faith 583. when you're aw ake. and win 561 . kill the alien 568. eat watermelon 571. and see if you can defeat L.0. 553. see sound.0. forge the most awesome weapon ever 560 . summon me. 565. get trapped in LOWES 579. experience synesthesia.. shrink people you hate. let a girl ride YOUR sea serpent (lol just kidding) 575. give a mouse a muffin 559. become an arrow of Eros' 556. create your own race of people . stretch your limbs. (Hear colors. Have sex while flying. create a planet for this new race 550.0. or both at the same time.0. instead of letting Misa interfere with her childishness!) 552: Have a shared dream! Try to meet a person.547.according to my brother. clone yourself and kick yourself in the nuts (see if it hurts you) 562. become the most awesome death knight ever with awesome hair 558 . create a new world! (And get the eye of a shinigami. meet an alien that your mind makes up 567. see what you get then message me or put a comment on one of my dreams 562 . shoot someone just to watch him die(like the song) 556 . go to hell and kick the devil's but 572. Punch an atheist in the face 584. find yourself and ask your inner self if killing your clone is suicide or m urder 563. to discuss this with him/her. before trying this. get dressed up in an absolutley stupid costume and walk through the middle of times square 551: Be Kira. be a death knight 557 . rule the world 578. summon zombies to kill 582.. run on all fours by making your legs shorter and your arms longer (i have d one this in a non-lucid dream by wondering what it would be like before i went t o bed) 564. get one of your friends to make up a planet (in real life) then go there (i n your dream) 555.aliens? 549. and run across the now empty sea bed with super spe ed 548.0. make a better mousetrap 573. It's a good idea. learn martial arts 569. 561. battle the greek gods. drink tea 580. enter the books eragon or "the circle of magic" 557. eat ramen 558. 559 . or shouting out his/her name. I mean the real person in your d ream.0. add toothpicks to their heads. etc. ride a unicorn. play chess with ninjas as your chess pieces 576. by thinking of his/her personality. feel sweetness. and play darts w ith them. drain the entire ocean.. ride a sea serpent 574. be Spock 581.) 566. punch a religious person in the face .become a character from mythology 554.

Become a plant and do planty things. Twisted Evil 599. Fight thousands of enemies to the superman theme! 605.2: Make it someone unable to take off their pants when they really need to use the restroom. Use a jutsu 614. b. try a food you have never tasted in real life 622. a. Skim a stone endlessly around the world. Laugh manically and watch the world crumble around you 611. Clone yourself (many times) and just interact. put your zombie plan in action. 592.. Make an impossible sculpture 626. 596. 602. Maybe battle. of course) Wink 609. 629.. Make a new creature all your own and ask it it's name 619. Destroy whatever strikes your fancy. Improve your lousy dodge ball throwing skills 589. has sex as the opposite gender Confused 612. entertainment. Smile 594. 598. "forge" your own dreamscape 587. 595.. Make everyone's thoughts register as thought bubbles and jump into someone' s thought bubble 620. rape. Add up who wins every night for a week. practice your driving skills in case you haven't gotten license yet. Summon your subconcious and see if it remembers everything that has ever ha ppened to you. Fight sea monsters 610. Make a round flame 630. Commit crimes with no consequence (Ex. Act like a dog (fire hydrant and all) 625. With lucid dreaming friends. 591. Get crazy ultimate powers and become emperor of anything you set eyes upon. Do you feel remorse? I did. Robbery. 618. Zero. 623. Gravity. 617. brainstorm about various subjects 588. watch thier expression Cool 604. maybe talk. Work on an essay for school and write it when you wake up 624.) 613. have a huge rampage inside. have epic battles with the m and compare the scores.. kill stormtroopers and da rth vader. change what you dont like about yourself 627. make the perfect moment and freeze it exactly as it is. 603. stick two people in a cage and make them fight each other. Strip someone of their life force MK style. Fart out a missile. Find someone you have no negative feelings for and beat the shit out of the m anyway. 597. food related. 616. Uppercut a punk-ass 615. Kick a gnome . or just satisfaction of power by pushing people around. maybe just entertain some dream characters. Fly so fast you can't see where your going. have them do your bidding. 600. Control people as though they were your puppets. destroy all transformers and take ov er the galaxy!! Twisted Evil 607. then blow the death star up for a finale! 606. and award them their medals in a fantastic stadium (in a dream. Tell a friend to do a reality check. Make all the animals in the world perform a broadway musical 593. Steal the Allspark from Optimus Prime. five syllables. Improve your ultimate dodge ball throwing skills(if already good) 590. like photosynthesis. Lay down and have a WILD 628. Two words. Go to the death star. Blow up planets! 601. Dream that your dreaming inside a dream 586. If you have a friend that is lucid dreaming too. Razz 608. Sit on your pyramid (or wherever you're ruling from) with all of your desir es at your fingertips. and see if your "inner self" thinks it's fu nctional. Murder.585. 615 . Whether they may be sexual. ma ybe solve problems. Walk into your own bedroom and punch yourself 621.

Help santa claus to send the presents 672. 658. Cure the common cold 665.Take on sephiroth .(new way to communicate with th e real world during a dream if it works) 656. Be an emotion. beat everyone 653. experiencing multiple perspectives. 641. Read a sacred/divine book. Go swimming in zero gravity. Cure cancer. Be an inanimate object. Become the night angel 654. Multiply yourself. Eat before mentioned god. Be an angel (not the hallmark card kind) 655. Go back into the womb. Be multiple people at one time. 634. 664. Try to hear the sirenes of SilentHill and see.. Go to "Half-Blood Hill" from percy and the Olympians 668. Write the greatest story ever written and then burn it 633.. Play chess with your true self.Create a universe and destroy it 683. what will happen to the scen e 674. Bite someone's head off and make their neck spew candy 662. 635. Record yourself and in your dream change your breathing patterns and see if it changes your breathing patterns in real life. uncensored truth 660. 650. 671. Become very very small to see the atoms 676. See if you healing yourself in a dream makes you heal faster in real life 663. 649. Be a soldier in the Trojan war. Wonder at how i have no life 666. Go to sleep in your own bed and see what will happen 680. Meet yourself in the future. infinitely increase your room's size 652. Dissolve everything until you are in complete nothingness 638. 645. 659. Throw your perfect birthday party. 640. Try to see the big bang 677. until there are thousands of you. Make a compass that tells you how good someone is and use it on yourself 657. 643.Paint a picture telekinetically 685. 661.631. Be an Oculator from the Alcatraz series 669. kind of) 632. Tell someone the unadulterated. Live an entire life. Visit an alien race and explain to them what you are and where you're from. 642. See how the Egyptians built the pyramides 681.. 646.Team up with link and save hyrule 682. Find and meet god. Wonder why 666 is the number of the beast. Try to see what there was BEFORE the big bang??? 678. ask your subconcious how to lucid dream every night without fail 636. 644. Meet your children (that you don't have) 648. Try to met your soulmate (which you hav not met before) 679. Meet your realitives which are not alive anymore 673. try to remember what it said when you wake up. re-wire your brain. 647. Make your tongue REALLY looooong. Stick your tongue to a really cold pole. why not 667 or 123 667. Use Allomancy 670. Try to escape from your own mind/thoughts 639. 637. Tell Albert Einstein about the new stuff in physics and see his reaction (o r maybe he has some new points as well?) 675. Telekinetically change your clothes 651. Fly an airplane (i know how to.Go into 3rd person 684.

JUST DANCE! 695. Ride a giraffe. 697. 704. spar with onazzer and jet lee 722. have a threesome with miley cirus AND hannah montana! 714. For a truly unique experience. try b eing in Spore 711. kill and resurrect yourself. Mix yourself with somebody else so that you are half you and half another p erson. Be water my friend . 702. If it was Big Bang.Hang out with Abraham Lincoln 688. 706. 693. Find the one-eyed. :' ( 696. break T. 708. DESTROY everyt hing! then wake up and look at the difference 725. Turn yourself into the opposite gender and have sex with your real self. Be two people at the same time and then have sex with yourself. 710. 703.feel the n ature 736. Change yourself into water and just flow with a river 730. 737. like your bedroom. go into a familiar place. stop it 734. and do what ever 727.I out of jail 716. Give yourself (or your partner) ridiculously over-sized junk..Go to the edge of the universe and step out 691.go to the cinema and try to watch a 4d movie. 705. Go try to interview dream characters and find out an easy way to induce luc id dreams and post your findings on the forum. dance with micheal jackson 718. giant purple people eater and vanquish it.Get on here Cool 692. Live the moment.turn yourself into a blob of goo see what it feels like. change gender and read numbers 703 and 704. Be the main character in a video game. Steal candy from a baby and laugh maniacally. and ransack it.shrink to the size of an ant. turn around the sun as the planets do 735. If female. 694. 724.Call down Thor and blow up a city 687.686. 709. 712. 700. 699. 729. Create a link with a plant or an animal like in AVATAR the film. Host a tournament where champion gets the key to your chastity belt. see we re you go 726.Build a house at the bottom of the ocean 689. Take a bubble bath. one-horned. 701. Win the ultimate showdown! 713. p-p-p-poke her face! 715. abduct an alien 719. 728. -2. Pick your friends 698. milk a bear 720. Have that giant crowd be all female and have them swoon over your enhanced self. Pick your nose. See how the universum was created 733. ride a whale 723. Go to the sun and stand on it 731. cook a vegetatrian meal for a dragon 717. and tell them to teleport you somewere awsome. Be a sperm and race for arriving the first one 732. Giant. Pick your friend's nose. SNOW ANGELS 722. Find a way to NOT incinerate companion cube. Visit the Lucid dreamer Castle (credit to marsmenschli) 721. go up to a random DC. 707.Have tea with Bruce Lee 690. crowd-sized orgy. Give birth.

. ride on the outside of a plane (ps i know its not possible in real life) 760. Instead of walking. and anyone else you can think of 767. dye the president's / primeminister's hair bright pink 762. Do everything you always wanted to do. Find your demonic parentage and defeat them 747.738. IN 3D HI-DEF!! 751. listen to the rhythm of life. are you preg nant?" *Vanish* 782. Make the most awesome band ever with Rob Zombie. walk inside a giant clam to get the pearl. Reflect on existencial questions 742. experiment with different combinations of super powers to see which powers work best together 755. Ask people really awkward questions then turn invisible ("Hey. 745. Make a gigantic stained glass window 772. Be a gangsta 769. of cloudless climes and stary skies. Be yourself at the same time you explore your interior 744. Do a dollop. Try to talk to God 774.. 750. or alternatively raise an army of zombies 749. remake a movie that you didn't like with better everything. glide along slowly 786.. David Mustaine. Sit down and watch the world passing by 741. base jump.real things such as sky diving. break said window with only your voice 773. 756. 757. Fight Sylar from the television show Heroes 779. Dine out at a fancy restaurant with whomever you choose 781.maybe it changes your opinion about m aterialism 740. travel through a forest of mile high trees 754. Ride a Phoenix 768.. bite mike tysons ear 761. lead an army of ants to battle against spiders 763. Be fire my friend 739. For a more melodramatic version. Be a necromancer and put ghosts at peace 748. Go to the center of the earth and feel yourself get pulled in all direction s 777. Make plants grow when you walk 775.. make simon cowell eat the teletubies 758. make plants die when you walk by them 776. Have tea with the Queen of England 780. Be all you can be 770. Play "Dude Looks Like A Lady" with Aerosmith 766."(for the ladies) 783. tell someone you love them. and mean it. Act like the people from "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" 784. Live in contact with the pure nature. 746. Be a half demon.. Make a poem of epic awesomeness 785. or alternatively make an awesome thriller video with Michael Jackson's corp se (not meaning to be insensitive) that's all i got for that series. Give your girlfriend an isty-bitsy-tieny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikini. tha t she will then wear for the first time 771. 752. Ride with a whale with the oppisite gender both naked underwater? 765. shrink yourself and flush yourself down the toilet 759. Make solid light (what would that look like?) . Walk in beauty like the night "She walks in beauuuutyyyyy liiiike the night .. Go into a electronic device 743. ride a giant black panther 753. cuddle with a tiger 764. do do a dollop of Daisy (stupid commercial for sour cream in A merica) 778.

Make a really big pancake! 806. Send a note to the Rothchilds and Rockefellers that unless they share their fortune with the world and cease their secret oppressive goverments you will ki ck the shit out of them and give them 7 days 792. Challenge the devil to a Rock-off. Make a perfect world. 813. Make darkness swallow earth. Travel to a world swallowed by darkness and explore. 788. You need to defeat them one by one in order to continue. Fight an enemy without any known weaknesses and try to defeat it.787. Make mentioned castle disappear into nothingness level by level from the to p. and see how the world got swallowed. See what your kid will look like 20 years from now. see what happens 797. 817. 810. 826. 811. Go kick the crap out of Rocks and Roths who will have not obeyed your lette rs thinking you were only bluffing and make them clear there is now someone more powerful than them now. see what happens. 821. Literally PUNCH reality and see what bizarre events happen after the punch like revivals. Give everyone the power to realize something upon thinking it and see how t he goverment collapse having no control over people anymore 790. 802. Jump off and land on a fat panda. with lots of dark monsters in ev ery room and level. Dive into a volcano and swim in the lava. Teleport yourself to the top level of a gigantic castle. altought she can look lik e AJ as long as she is the character) 798. 825. see what that world is like. Make yourself unable to feel any emotions. but this time. Make the seven days past fast in your lucid dream 793. Try to enter the world and see if the gatekeeper lets you in. 805. Escape from earth while it's being swallowed by darkness. 822. 803. what does it feels 796. 819. Go into North Korea and kick the crap out of the leader forcing him to abol ish the concentration camps 791. 814. 809. Drive a car you love. and a gatekeeper who decides who can enter mentioned world. retcons in history etc. and then return t . but Lara Croft herself. Eat Galactus 795. Become reality itself and then kill yourself. 807. 820. Check out what the kitchens of certain restaurants in your hometown really look like. Become an abstract concept like a plot for a story in an author's mind (is that possible?! even within the realm of lucid dreaming?) 789. Meet a talking pig. Let yourself caught by Darkness and see what will happen. Have sex with a REALLY badass and sexy girl that could kick your ass like L ara Croft (not Angelina Jolie. (You can't run past them.) 816. Do the same all over again. Run around in a favorite anime show and talk/interact with the characters 799. 804. If he lets you in. Jump off of a building and stop right before you hit the floor. Go into the Star Wars universe and become The Force. and then possibly into a wall xD 800. Make dream characters that are representing the different sides of your inn er personality. 801. 818. after kicking the crap out of them tell they must obey your conditions within 7 days or you will return and turn them into puupies 794. Travel back in time. 808. 815. 823. Disappear and then erase everyones memories about you. and see what the wor ld would be like if you never existed. Tell some politicians exactly what you think of them without fear of conseq uences. Try to escape the castle before it completely disappears. 824. Try to save the world. 812. Find out where your ex boyfriend disappeared.

o see the remains. drink cohcolote milk 866. solve a rubiks cube in . video tape number 847 and play it in slow mo. turn Zombiebrain into Arrow_of_eros 842. After finishing the story. Leave earth and then use the power of darkness to create a world of your ow n. Go to google. 830. 3452352348392784928739472364726357 lightyears away 855. and wen u wake up. Swim in magma 836.com. 867. Throw molotov cocktails at random people 837. Be a jedi knight! 875. Eat the moon 833. 829.turn lucidipedia into a city and meet all the members and imagine what the l . Continue this story on your own. go to a galaxy. turn TIM into a zombie 844. get SO drunk. 858. Fall up the stairs 834. turn ME into a zombie 845. sing something. Become Tim Post! 873. that you start convulging. 827. drink coffee with TONS of caffeene. clone yourself and give each clone a different hairstyle. 849. Become the worlds most famous person 877. Fly through the time vortex 876. turn Zombiebrain into a goat 841. see if it is familliar 846. throw a building 861. Turn Arrow_of_eros into a ZOMBIE 843. go to school and bad mouth the teacher.Ride the lightning 860.000000000000000000000000000000003 seconds 848. including the earth and sun. Rearrange the order of the planets. This time. use the powers of the light and try to eliminate darkness. Live 20 minuites in the space of 1 minute 878.be a pokemon trainer 859. take your eyes out and put them on your hands 864. ride a roller coaster 869. Become doctor who and have a great adventure through time and space! 870. (for americans) add a 51st state. Become pacman 835. Become an assassin from assassins creed 872. Change pepole's voices to low/high voices and laugh as they speak. turn Arrow_of_eros into a goat 840. 832. Try to find any survivors. look at this list and see if the list is the same 851. and see what u get 852. 831. Remember that you're the one controlling d arkness and the Light is what you try to destroy. 856. Own Lucidipedia 874. 828. walk through walls 853. jump into a bottomless trench. falling at 2000 miles per hour 847. raid a supermarket 862. and start an empire 854. ride the AWESOMEST water slide ever 868.if you have good dream recall. Do 10 backflips of the empire state building 871. and be like"you aint the boss of me " 857. 863. type in your name. Hi-jack a ufo 838. play a real time strategy with real people and monsters and such build an e pic civillization and give yourself god powers (like age of mythology) 839. play it again. Log into Lucidipedia and finish this list! 850. be a giant and grab the sun between your thumb and forfinger 865. and then fill it with dark beings as you like. turn into a fly and fly around 879.

choke on somthing 887. make a youtube video and get a trillion views. stick your tounge out like this 904. Give yourself laser eyes then try to make a picture by burning something 922. needing to use the bathro om etc 917. be as bored as i am right now 883.. try to transfer your energy into an OBE 903. thor 886. say "what what. be a piece of poop 901. make the earth stop spinning 899. battle Arrow_of_eros's dragon. Connect yourself to the internet and download a hot dog 929.ook like 880. log into lucidipedia and get to # 900 before me! TOO LATE. Become a full time employee of the hello kitty factory 926. Tim post is better t han you" 905. Grow your neck like a giraffe and eat the top of a tree 916. "dont worry. 909. See what freedom actually smells like 930. See what its like to be blind 932.go up to a little kid with an ice cream cone and knock it out of his hand 896. be happy" 902. give it back to him 897. TOO SLOW! 900. Meet Alfred E. such as being hungry. surf a tsunami 884. ask threelettersyndrom to do your homework for you 892. See what its like to be deaf 933. switch around the keys on a keyboard 913. Taste a star 925. sit and do nothing 882. Team up with him and devise a plot to destroy all magazines except MAD 928. throw a hammer at a car 890. Pull out all your guts(or someone elses!) and see how long it really is 931. have charlie bite you 910. shapeshift into the Question emoticon 889. spawn a wrapped present and open it! 908. Newman 927. 894. Try and influence feelings. change ur lucidipedia sig. in the butt" 914. send a text messege to a friend (this is a VERY interesting one) think abou t this one. what do u think would happen? weird huh 893. meet stephan laberge and walk up to him and say "dude. Ride on a turtle the size of a large Island 920. do a reality check (alwase useful) 895. bring mona lisa out of her painting 907. < call this number! 911 the police 912. Become a space shuttle mechanic . Slowly eat yourself starting from your feet and see what happens 923. log into lucidipedia and LOCK this forum topic 906. Exit the universe 924. steal a unicorn's kidney 911. Grow your mouth and devour the turtle 921. make popcorn 898. Lead specially trained soldier monkeys into battle against chimps 919. play cards 894. break jhon gosslin's arm 885. go to jupiter and try not to freeze 888. Eat a Cannibal 915. video tape somthing and email it to yourself 891. Conduct an orchestra of specially trained singing monkeys 918.

... 956.err. Perhaps my personal favorite. Take every disease in the world and assemble it into one giant monster.934.DESTROY FACEBOOK!. 955. look into a mirror. for ex ample make yourself not hungry in waking life 974. maybe more? I wouldn't sug gest this unless you want some serious nightmares later on.create a whole new planet. Assemble a group of really romantic people and come up with a creative and memorable way of how to ask your love to marry you(if you haven't already) and t hen do this in real life(provided what they come up with is possible).. 954. air hockey 976. See what the burgers used in McDonald's are really made from. "be the crane" 966.Now watch the world cru mble in pain and agony at the loss of it's beloved social-networking monster. draw a picture like they do in old cartoons.. two words/ 3 sylables. then when done rewind the dream to the start (or man ifest everyone back) 942.speak to relatives who have passed on 945. Kiss the Wicked Witch of the West and. run around naked and watch how people look at you. 952. Become a flying monkey for the Wicked Witch of the West. be 2 people at the same time 971. 960.PORTAL GUN 963. Scam a scam artist 965.go on a killing spree. 957.. Join Bilbo Baggins on one of his adventures. Become James Bond and enter into one of his films.. 953. BE HARRY POTTER and cast magic spells 938. Take a hammer and pound nails into your body. 948. Wh at would the world do now? 959. prank phone calls 975...th en battle it and defeat it for the sake of humanity. Peel your own face off. bring cartoon characters in and get up to no good with them (aka.. blast some loud music 962. 949... Eat barbed wire and see how it feels. and build it up from scratch (make nature grass t rees then people. "I lost the game" 958. put it inside an envelope and mail it to your mothe r. play candyland and stargate into the game 973.3 strokes and your done 968. just close your eyes and leave em closed 978. houses etc) 939... 950. Tell everyone in your dream. Go back in time to when Hitler was a teenager and kill him.tell your secret love how you really feel about them 940. Use these to fight iron man 936. 943.. DESTROY it. Be Harry Potter Fly on his broomstick 937.... try tamper with brain cells and hormones to effect your waking like. 951... Become the Captain on one of the Star Trek ships and order crew members to phase other crew members. slap Justin Bieber 964. There. 961. 946.your now cured from ever eating fast food again. log into lucidipedia and click the "view more emoticons" button and use the . "THAT'S AN ORDER!" 947.. 970. if you get a horrifying beast thing staring back at you . Go to a facto ry where they make this stuff and see what it looks like. Give yourself cyborg features 935. go on facebook 967. Challenge your friends to a flying race 941. Chat with Buddha. stewie gr iffin from family guy!) 944.. fight bruce lee 977. Become the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and cause all kinds of mis chief throughout Wonderland... watch 2 'lil devils fight 972.

change lucidipedias layout/color schemes 983..legendary blue smily face!! 979. Be a brilliant painter. be a cop and arrest inocent people 996. play marbles but lite them on fire 982. grow huge. Be a general in a great historical battle 1128. shrinks down into a mortal. build an army of snowmen. go to santa clause at the shopping mall. turn your dream into a horrid nightmare.(ants should be giant to you. 1103. watch a video you are familiar with. 1106. 990. 1133: Fly up to heaven. Travel to the time of cavemen and give them the gift of fire 1131. Notice any differences that it may have (some do. use thought powered musical instruments 994. reply "DON'T USE MY NAM E IN VAIN!!!" Then make them asplode in front of other people. get a peticure 992. Fly a plane and crash in the ocean. 1119. 1132: go to the gym and have a full workout. Absorb all the information on the Internet 1130. and goes off to sunbathe somewhe re. 1134: Walk into the street and throw cars around (with people in them Twisted Ev . Fly a plane. dip a bubble blower in a deadly poison liquid and blow some mean bubbles 981. and you sit on the giant throne. *shudders* 1107. Drive a quad over the rocky Martian landscape 1125. "Oh my god". get a manicure 991. find God. relive a childhood non-lucid 980. 1101. Go around. and rip off his fake beard. and try to survive as long as poss ible 1000. Forge a master key from a magical furnace & go have fun unlocking doors Tw isted Evil 1126. so humans sho uld be like gods). draw a door and see whats on the other side.. he steps off of that g iant throne of his. 1105. jump into a tornado 984. fight em with ice and snow 999.just try not to BE on the earth un less u want to die 997.. do a stage dive into a HUUUGE adience! 988. ask Him if He wants a break. Travel to the year 12. some don't) 1121. and have fun controlling the ent ire world. create a colo ny and live off of raiding ant hills. See what Cher would look like without plastic surgery. Speak in binary 1129. if you are a guy. trip the big kool-aid guy and watch all the kool-aid spill out of him and s ay"OHHHHH-YEAHHHH!" 995. shrink yourself and dance on a keyboard 989. then if He says y es (which He will because its YOUR dream Twisted Evil ). Become extremely small along with an empire of other people. Be the head architect for the Stonehenge 1123. turn yourself into a girl and do 991 and 992 993. Eat dog food. use the declairation of independence as toilet paper. 1102.000 CE & see the New Roman Empire 1122. 1104. turn all the humams into tikis and do tiki stuff 985. Get plastic surgery. then close it and repeat 998. 1018. make the earth suddenly stop spinning. Become Michael Jackson. Jump & get stuck 1127. Visit an alien art gallery 1124. Post something on Lucidipedia and see what you get for an answer 1120. killing all on board except yourself. dance in public 987. Go on youtube. and whenever someone says. hop from telephone pole to telephone pole 986.

Live the dream underwater and start an army to take over the "land dweller s" 1156: spin a spinning top and see wether or not it eventually falls over 1157: tell characters in your dream that they are dreaming. 1154: Ask a dream character for a personal predicition. see what they do Smi le 1157: swim in lava 1158: see if dream characters can swim in lava loooool 1159: do an atomic fart that destroys everything around you 1160: do a full 360 degree flip on a swing ( or even multiple flips :O ) 1161: Check out the earth on December 22nd 2012 Wink 1162: Go through a randomly created dungeon. 1166: Try to see in 360 degrees.. WWII etc. Cool 1153: Chop down a forest. 1170. For instance. bad. get attention from every kid there the n create a tidal wave of lava to wipe everything out from under you..il ) 1135:Be a Na'vi and shoot people with your arrows 1136: Become a Grox from Spore and blow thing up while yelling "Muhuhahahah!" in that robot voice of the Gox's 1137: Tell Miley Cyrus she's ugly 1138: Tell Lady Gaga she is insane 1139: Tell Justin Bieber he's stupid (which he is) Twisted Evil 1140: Dive head first off a cliff and just before you hit the bottom start flyin g 1141: Scream at the top of your lungs and see if anyone notices 1142: Run around kicking people in the place that you shouldn't kick people 1143:Be Annyoing Orange 1144: Be Fred 1145: Create the worlds most amazing fireworks 1146: Be a firework 1147: Be a giant dragon and set things on fire while the millitary lauches missl es at you.it's fun right?) . 1149: Be repetitive.create a double of yourself and insult yourself(makes you feel good. 1164: Fly to the top of your high-school.. "what will I do tomorrow?" 1155. 1167: Be part of a very stealth.but.. 1163: Find a giant treasure chest and open it. 1148: Be repetitive. (I did this unintentionally once) 1165: Ask a DC how to control your third eye. 1151: Are you dreaming? 1152: Be Gordon Freeman and kick some Combine a**.g. WITH YOUR FIST. 1150: Ebe reptitivd. behind the enemy lines-mission.. Titanic. holding what you find inside up h igh like in Zelda with your own "new item" theme. or be the military and launch missles at a dragon while it sets thing s on fire. 1168: experience the world in "negetive" color 1169: Experience famous events e. and..

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