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MamasLittle ‘An amazing reference site By Rorva Robinson ‘When Chrissy Glen's daughter was bom in February 2008, Gi would spend hours online looking for activites and vents, especially foe or low cost, to help give hera childhood full of great expo- riences, “I didn’t mind spending seme money, but couldn't afford to spend So in November 2009, Glen (aka “Mama, who lives in Bucks County, creat- cd MamastitleHelper. org as ‘reference for moms in Bucks and Montgomery counties and suaounding aes, The site features a cal ‘ends of local evens ncde ing many fe evens, coupes: giveaways, dite tories of classes, indeor‘autdoar places to play, stor times, and eon- signmentstoresales; helpful parent- ng articles; a mombhly newsletter and blog ‘What makes the Mama's Little Helper website different dian many ‘others in is genre isa more intiate connection “As far as pats wsing, the st, wo offer a personal approach We have a Faccbook and Twutter sceount, so we ean have a relationship ‘with the followers ofthe wobsite. We offera calendar of events with so many things to do... 11s of them fee things to do,” says Gen