Guatemala, April 4 th 2009

Liceo Guatemala is tacking advices for the pig flu.

Estuardo Linde: All you want to know about!

Juan Gerardi’s death’s anniversary. How did Liceo Guatemala’s students commemorated it.
Liceo Guatemala’s Idol What everybody is talking about, the participants, the judge and the songs.

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and Spain. vomiting and dehydration. Avoid contact with sick or infected. Avoid sharing eating utensils. body ache. the U. known in Mexico. to submit the following symptoms: cough. sore throat. Avoid reset medicines for yourselves. . Six tips for avoiding this disease. 2. In Guatemalan schools are beginning to give some pointers or tips to prevent this serious disease which has caused a large number of patients. It is a disease that causes a number of serious symptoms such as fever greater than 40 degrees. Here in Guatemala the government has given the advice of staying calm. especially after tocer or sneeze. but paying attention to the symptoms. 6. 4. nasal secretion. Wash hands often with soap and water. fever. 1. 3. Avoid hand or kiss hello. It was thought that the possible cure would be found in a period of approximately six months. Avoid being in places so crowded (with people) 5. diarrhea. cover your mouth with tissue when you cough and then throw them away. and headache.The pig flu is actually an illness which attacks to people’s health and is very frequently.S.

Things are going well between y ou and your fam ily . too. but it's easier still to av oid situations in which you'v e got to do so.ARIES March 21-April 19 Children are a bigger part of your life today . TAURUS April 20-May 20 You and your friends and allies are working in perfect harmony today and any project y ou work on jointly should work out really well. It's time to sit them down and let them know that they need to ease up. LIBRA September 23-October 22 Your creative side is out in force today .som e things for the better. If you don't have any of your own. In the long run. it's not common sense! LEO July 23-August 22 You'v e got more heart than most and on a day like today .other people are far too likely to take y ou seriously . you are glad it all went down this way . SCORPIO October 23 . CANCER June 22-July 22 You don't hav e to justify yourself to anyone -. some for the worse. you need to resolv e som e issues with im portant players before you can get back to business as usual. so try your best to keep on track and keep your people from straying too far. but now is no the time to ex pect special favors from anyone else. VIRGO August 23-September 22 It's a great day for making plans -. SAGITTARIUS Nov ember 22-December 21 Enjoy the fiery personal energy you'v e got coming today -. especially if you're leading the way and keeping everyone informed. m aybe the boss's little darlings. Do y our best to lie low and let things happen for the tim e being and get the help y ou need later on. so m ake the most of it! Add some flair to your work projects.y ou know that you deserve what's coming today . It's easy to amuse y ourself! CAPRICORN Decem ber 22-January 19 Your fam ily is pulling you away from something y ou'd rather be doing and you're getting a little sick of all the demands. but you are enthralled by the wonder of it all. so it may be a good time to build up those relations.and for sticking to them! Dev iation can m ake life much more difficult on day s like today . It's not selfish. It's easy to back-pedal.or even if you're not employed! Somehow. . you m ay find that one or m ore pops up from out of nowhere .m aybe a v isitor. ev en if other folks think they 've earned part of it. AQUARIUS January 20-February 18 Ev erything changes in a flash today -. ev en if y ou're not scheduled -. brighten up your living space or find a new way to tell that special someone how much you should keep y ou happy even if you're stuck behind a desk or anywhere else you'd rather not be. PISCES February 19-March 20 Work is a problem today.Nov ember 21 Your fam ily has got y our back. GEMINI May 21-June 21 Beware of sarcasm or teasing today -. y ou can m ake the most of it.

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