Tuna Float Parade Competition

OFFICIAL RULES AND GUIDELINES 1. This competition is open to any group or association, private companies and barangays in the city. 2. Participation may either be competing or non-competing. Non-Competing entries that would lead to promote a product or business/commercial firm will be required to pay a participation fee of P25, 000.00. If the company is already a major sponsor of the Tuna Festival then the participation fee is waived. 3. Tuna Float Requirements: i. The Maximum height of the float must not be higher than 12 feet or 3.5 meters from the ground level. ii. The maximum length of the float must not be more than ten (10) meters long and must not be more than three (3) meters wide. (FUSO CANTER or ISUZU ELF) 4. Commercialization of the float by painting the name of the sponsoring company or its product in LARGE AND BOLD LETTERS must be minimized. 5. A float must depict a conceptualized drama, focusing on the festival theme: “ GO, GLOBAL GENSAN: WE ARE READY FOR THE WORLD” showing to all and sundry that we have a lot more to offer than just tuna. Include our Agricultural and Tourism capabilities, highlight on our strength as a PEOPLE – truly Magandang Gensan. Live characters atop the float must be dressed in costumes that must conform to standards of morality. 6. And since this competition is called TUNA FLOAT PARADE COMPETITON, it is expected that the floats will be adorned with amazing and colorful effects and must be attractive. 7. Participants to this category must submit to the General Santos City Chamber Office the design and plot of their float. This will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. 8. A maximum of fifteen (15) finalists will be chosen among the entries that shall be the official participants of the Tuna Revolution Float Parade Competition.

9. The prizes to be awarded are the following: First prize Second prize Third prize Fourth prize Fifth prize P150, 000.00 P100, 000.00 P 75, 000.00 P 50, 000.00 P 30, 000.00


Consolation prize of P 15,000.00 each will be awarded to the 10 non-winning entries. 10. Deadline for the registration and submission of concept will be on August 18, 2010. 10.

Criteria for judging are as follows:

Creativity / Artistry / (50%) This pertains to the use of materials, tools and other equipment/s resulting into excellent quality of the float. Relevance to Festival Theme (20%) Refers to an idea reflecting Gensan’s spirit based on the theme:


Originality (30%) The idea must be fresh and novel. This also involves the manipulating of elements so that it would show a high degree of creativity and innovativeness within the parameters of aesthetics and good taste. 11. Judging of entries shall be on the day of the parade, September 5, 2010. Assembly will be in front of the QUEEN TUNA PARK at 7:00 a.m. where they will stay for display and photo-opportunity for the public until 9:00 a.m. Parade will start at exactly 9:00 a.m. moving towards Pioneer Avenue then Roxas Avenue and finally to the Oval Plaza. 12. The Council shall carefully select a panel of five (5) judges. decisions shall be considered final and therefore not appealable. Their

13. The Council reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to abide by the stipulation signified in this contest guideline. 14. All competing floats have to stand by for display and public viewing after the parade at the Oval Plaza. 15. The Tuna Float Parade committee reserves the right to disqualify a competing float and the forfeiture of the consolation budget of P15,000.00 provided by the Tuna Festival if proven and found out to have violated in spending below the required amount during the actual event.

16. All Communication and inquiries may be coursed through: MS. JUDITH C. JANIOLA, MPA Tuna Float Parade Competition c/o GSCCCII Secretariat 3rd Flr., Yap Mabuhay Bldg. Mansanitas St., General Santos City Mobile No. 09177314457 Email ad: judi40ph@yahoo.com



Please submit filled August 18, 2010. Please check if you: / / /







/ Will join the Parade as contestant / Will join the Parade as a non-contestant / Will not join the parade


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