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Social Media 100 Success Secrets: Social Media, Web 2.0 User-Generated Content and Virtual Communities - 100 Most Asked Mass Collaboration Questions

Social Media 100 Success Secrets: Social Media, Web 2.0 User-Generated Content and Virtual Communities - 100 Most Asked Mass Collaboration Questions

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Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. Technologies include: blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few.

This terrific exploration of Social Media shows how organizations are communicating directly with important constituents. And it's done with real word examples, not theory.

In the past, marketers could try all kinds of expensive advertising to get the word out to new buyers, with little to show for the investment. These are companies where the existing customers love the products, but the media doesn't seem to care. Many people are saying that big budget marketing and PR programs just aren't working anymore so they are asking: "How do you get noticed in a crowded marketplace?"

This book shows the power of online thought leadership and communicating to people directly without the advertising and media filter. Imagine if people learn about you on the Web first, so when they decide to contact you, the sale is already partly done, That's the power of online thought leadership.

This book shows you how to harness the power the Web.
Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. Technologies include: blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few.

This terrific exploration of Social Media shows how organizations are communicating directly with important constituents. And it's done with real word examples, not theory.

In the past, marketers could try all kinds of expensive advertising to get the word out to new buyers, with little to show for the investment. These are companies where the existing customers love the products, but the media doesn't seem to care. Many people are saying that big budget marketing and PR programs just aren't working anymore so they are asking: "How do you get noticed in a crowded marketplace?"

This book shows the power of online thought leadership and communicating to people directly without the advertising and media filter. Imagine if people learn about you on the Web first, so when they decide to contact you, the sale is already partly done, That's the power of online thought leadership.

This book shows you how to harness the power the Web.

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  • Friendster: A Social Media Site
  • The Benefits of Free Social Media
  • Learning the Basics of Social Media 101
  • Can Social Media Buttons Drive Traffic?
  • The Impact of Social Media in the Internet Industry
  • The Map of Social Media
  • The Search for the Best Social Media
  • Social Media sites to Improve Social Life
  • The Use of Social Media
  • YouTube: A Social Media Element
  • The Top Social Media Tip
  • What encompasses the Best Social Media?
  • The Effective Guide to Social Media
  • Social Media: A revolutionizing Internet Marketing Scheme
  • How Social Media Directory Help Organize Things
  • The Impact Of Social Media Index
  • What are the Social Media Platforms?
  • The General View on a Social Media Site
  • The Effective Social Media Software
  • The Effective Social Media to Catch Better Page Ranking
  • What is the Best Social Media Website?
  • Social Media Studies: In retrospect
  • The Social Media on the Web
  • Social Media as the Center of Internet Marketing
  • Online Games as a Social Media Platform
  • Social Media at Work
  • Social Media for a Faster Means to Com- municate
  • The Impact of Social Media Links to a Bet- ter Traffic
  • What is Social Media Relations?
  • Social Media Sites for Everyone
  • Understanding the Social Media System
  • Top Social Media Tools
  • Social Media in comparison with Social Networking
  • The Best Social Media Books
  • Social Media as Defined by Some
  • Social Media of Today
  • Knowledge Sharing By Social Media Com- munities
  • Make your Web Visible, Use SMO
  • What Social Media Research Does?
  • Knowledge about Social Media
  • The Media for Social Issues Discussion
  • Advertising Using Social Media
  • Goals to Achieve through Social Media Marketing
  • Putting Policy on Social Media Interaction
  • Strategies For an Effective Social Media Networking
  • Social Change through Social Media
  • Services As Provided by Social Media Con- sulting
  • Social Media Press Release, the Next Gen- eration News Release
  • Welcome to the World of Blogs and Social Media
  • Social Media for Social Change
  • The Rules of Social Media: Make it Search- able and Friendly
  • Social Media Marketers
  • A Closer Look at Social Media Services
  • The Great Power of Social Media
  • Getting the Right Social Media Images
  • The Impacts of Social Media
  • Social Media and Public Relations
  • Using Social Media to Respond to Crisis
  • How to Accurately Measure Social Media
  • Successful Social Reform with Media and Social Movements
  • Attributes and Methodologies of Social Media Measurement
  • Social Media Survey Results Comparing US and Asia
  • Different Media Social Movements in the World
  • The Primary Objective of Social Media Col- lective
  • Examples of Social Media Sharing Sites
  • The Potential Power of Social Media Webi- nar
  • Add Social Media, Reap the Benefits
  • New Media and Social Fundamentals
  • Correcting Misconceptions on Social Media Demographics
  • Social media experts know the way to Great Sales
  • How to Benefit from Social media riches
  • Working With Social Media Tags
  • Smart Ways to Increase Social Media Traf- fic
  • Effective Techniques in Using Social Media
  • Media and Social Class: Discerning Fact from Fiction
  • Popular Social media Sites and its Use in Marketing
  • The Helpfulness of a Social Media Book
  • Using Digg to Improve Social Media
  • What is a Social Media Script?
  • Social media user and its Tremendous Power
  • Yes, You CAN Benefit From a Social Media Workshop
  • What are social media and how it got so popular?
  • Mobile Social Media: Right at Your Finger- tips
  • Shift social media and its Rewards
  • How a Company Can Benefit from Social Media
  • Social Media Event as a Strategic Market- ing Campaign
  • How to Ensure the Success of Social Media Press Release
  • Social Media Seminar can give you an Edge to Success
  • Inexpensive Social Media Tracking – Com- ing Right Up!
  • Invest on Social Media Web Sites
  • Why You Need the Best Source for Social Media
  • Improving Your Social Media

Social Media 100 Success Secrets

Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. Technologies include: blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wallpostings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few. This terrific exploration of Social Media shows how organizations are communicating directly with important constituents. And it's done with real word examples, not theory. In the past, marketers could try all kinds of expensive advertising to get the word out to new buyers, with little to show for the investment. These are companies where the existing customers love the products, but the media doesn't seem to care. Many people are saying that big budget marketing and PR programs just aren't working anymore so they are asking: "How do you get noticed in a crowded marketplace?" This book shows the power of online thought leadership and communicating to people directly without the advertising and media filter. Imagine if people learn about you on the Web first, so when they decide to contact you, the sale is already partly done, That's the power of online thought leadership. This book shows you how to harness the power the Web.

Social Media 100 Success Secrets
Social Media, Web 2.0 User-Generated Content and Virtual Communities - 100 Most Asked Mass Collaboration Questions

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George Brown

Social Media 100 Success Secrets
Social Media, Web 2.0 User-Generated Content and Virtual Communities 100 most Asked Mass Collaboration Questions

Social Media 100 Success Secrets Copyright © 2008 Notice of rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book, neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. No such use, or the use of any trade name, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book.

. with tips that have never before been offered in print. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Social Media. This book is also not about Social Media’s best practice and standards details. Instead. our consultancy and education programs. it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Social Media.Social Media 100 Success Secrets There has never been a Social Media Guide like this. Instead. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions. it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums.

..................................................................................................31 The Effective Social Media to Catch Better Page Ranking ......................26 The Impact Of Social Media Index ...........................................28 The General View on a Social Media Site................................21 The Top Social Media Tip ..................16 Social Media sites to Improve Social Life .............27 What are the Social Media Platforms? .........12 Can Social Media Buttons Drive Traffic?........................23 The Effective Guide to Social Media ........15 The Search for the Best Social Media .............................................................................................................................................30 The Effective Social Media Software ..........................................................................................................13 The Impact of Social Media in the Internet Industry...................Table of Contents Friendster: A Social Media Site ................22 What encompasses the Best Social Media? ..........................................18 The Use of Social Media..................................................24 Social Media: A revolutionizing Internet Marketing Scheme ............17 Learning the Intricacies of the Social Media Systems the Easy Way ................11 Learning the Basics of Social Media 101 ..20 YouTube: A Social Media Element.................................................................................33 ...................................................14 The Map of Social Media .......................................................................................25 How Social Media Directory Help Organize Things...............................10 The Benefits of Free Social Media.......................

.................................................................................................. 38 Social Media at Work.......................... 62 Goals to Achieve through Social Media Marketing ..............................................................................What is the Best Social Media Website?................. 47 The Best Social Media Books ..................... 42 What is Social Media Relations? ....................................................................................................................... 59 The Media for Social Issues Discussion ............................................................ 48 Social Media as Defined by Some .............................................................................. 46 Social Media in comparison with Social Networking....................... 50 Social Media of Today ....................... 35 The Social Media on the Web .............................................. 37 Online Games as a Social Media Platform................................................................................... 65 ... 44 Understanding the Social Media System......................................................... 40 The Impact of Social Media Links to a Better Traffic ........ 60 Advertising Using Social Media ........ 54 Make your Web Visible............ Use SMO ........................ 55 What Social Media Research Does?........................................................................... 57 Knowledge about Social Media ............. 45 Top Social Media Tools .............. 39 Social Media for a Faster Means to Communicate ..... 36 Social Media as the Center of Internet Marketing............................................................. 43 Social Media Sites for Everyone.. 34 Social Media Studies: In retrospect................................................. 52 Knowledge Sharing By Social Media Communities .. 63 Putting Policy on Social Media Interaction .....................................................

..........................................67 Social Change through Social Media ................................................................................................84 Getting the Right Social Media Images..................................................91 How to Accurately Measure Social Media......................95 A Better Way with the Combined Forces of Social Media and Public Relations ..Strategies For an Effective Social Media Networking ................................................................................................79 Social Media Marketers.......85 The Impacts of Social Media.........................................................................82 The Great Power of Social Media .......................93 Successful Social Reform with Media and Social Movements .............................................................................................................................87 Social Media and Public Relations ..............................................96 Attributes and Methodologies of Social Media Measurement......................................70 Let Your Voice be Heard: Social Justice Media Makes it Happen ...............................................72 Social Media Press Release................................89 Using Social Media to Respond to Crisis.........................75 Social Media for Social Change................................100 List of Companies and Organizations Measuring Social Media .................................................98 Social Media Survey Results Comparing US and Asia .....................................................102 .......................77 The Rules of Social Media: Make it Searchable and Friendly. the Next Generation News Release74 Welcome to the World of Blogs and Social Media .69 Services As Provided by Social Media Consulting ......80 A Closer Look at Social Media Services....

.......... 125 Media and Social Class: Discerning Fact from Fiction................................... 122 Social Media Wikipedia: Revolutionizing Information Resource Communication ............................ 128 The Helpfulness of a Social Media Book ...................... 104 The Primary Objective of Social Media Collective ............................................................................................................ 116 Social media experts know the way to Great Sales ............. 118 How to Benefit from Social media riches .......... 123 Effective Techniques in Using Social Media ..................... 113 Social Class Media: How Class Structure Impacts on Social Media ................... 114 Correcting Misconceptions on Social Media Demographics ....................... 134 ........... 108 The Potential Power of Social Media Webinar ....... 120 Working With Social Media Tags .......................................................................................... 110 Add Social Media....... 106 Examples of Social Media Sharing Sites ............ 130 Using Digg to Improve Social Media ............................................................. 126 Popular Social media Sites and its Use in Marketing ................................................................................... 131 Social Media Music: Some Issues and Concerns Surrounding Music File Sharing..................... 112 New Media and Social Fundamentals ............................................................................... 132 What is a Social Media Script? .... Reap the Benefits ................................................................................. 121 Smart Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic .....Different Media Social Movements in the World.............................

............148 Inexpensive Social Media Tracking – Coming Right Up! ......142 How a Company Can Benefit from Social Media ................................................139 Mobile Social Media: Right at Your Fingertips...................................What are Social Media Tools: Understanding the Purpose of Social Media Tools ..................136 Yes...........135 Social media user and its Tremendous Power.................................146 Social Media Seminar can give you an Edge to Success .............. You CAN Benefit From a Social Media Workshop ............................138 What are social media and how it got so popular?......................................141 Shift social media and its Rewards.........................144 How to Ensure the Success of Social Media Press Release ...............151 Why You Need the Best Source for Social Media ..........................150 Invest on Social Media Web Sites ...153 ............152 Improving Your Social Media ........................................................................143 Social Media Event as a Strategic Marketing Campaign.............

9 .

although being duplicated remains to be one of the most celebrated social media sites that we have these days. . This social media networking site has been proven to be both effective and efficient in searching for that someone in your somebody else's life.com is also a social media site that has become a new avenue for people to find and search for their lifetime relationship.com site has reached global. as well.com site now has become more aggressive in giving out these features such as pictures/graphics and a multimedia capability to make sure that it gets more competitive. Friendster site as a social media is also known as a social networking because of its capability to network people within a single loop – the friendster. The friendster. Friendster. Now. foremostly caters to people who would like to build and develop friendships (thus the name!) with people or get in touch with people who have drifted with one another either because of time or distance. More to that. as it has captured the audience from all points of the world. What is more surprising to know is that this social media platform is not only familiar with students and young individuals but also to highly professional people.com. The Friendster. the friendster.com is all about.com and you will be surprised to know that even high school students are very much aware about what friendster.com. more and more opportunities for other people to get in touch with people that they used to hang out with or get company with other people from different cultures and diversified beliefs.10 Friendster: A Social Media Site Ask anyone about friendster. It continues to expand in terms of its features and capabilities. The friendster.

there is a free access to entertainment particularly with the YouTube site. The wikis which store and deposit all forms of manuscripts bearing relevant and essential pieces of information are accessible to all people who have Internet connection or are able to connect to the Internet. This social media site is able to bridge the world of entertainment to all points of the globe. With social media. Ever since that social media concept was perceived. the usage of it has been free of charge. With social media. it has contributed vastly into the welfare of the human kind. there is the free access to build friendships and relationships.11 The Benefits of Free Social Media In itself. . With social media.com social media site. Being it as a free service. Now. which incidentally is the case – then it become more beneficial to the users. the creation of a social media site is deemed fundamentally beneficial to a lot of people most especially to the net users. The latest craze that people are getting addicted is the friendster. b. This site allowed for people to connect and reconnect with one another without having to pay for any amount. c. Below are some of the more notable benefits that people have enjoyed and continuously enjoy these days: a. there is no charge or fee that is associated with it when it is being used. there is the free access to worthy information that was not made possible during the early years. when the social media is turned into a free social media – meaning.

This is the reason why social media is sometimes being referred to as the social media. exchanging of instant messages through an IM software. . if you are not aware.12 Learning the Basics of Social Media 101 Did you know that social media is interchangeably being used with the term social networking? Well. social media makers thought of using the same elements of multimedia within the concept of social media. and a lot more. Since multimedia is fast becoming the state-ofthe-art thing. Social networking is one of the current platforms that social media is using. video uploading and sharing. social media may look so simple to understand and to some a certain of degree of difficulty in understanding its concepts is usually encountered. why did the social media creators develop the concept? What was the rationale behind? Social media was developed because of the emerging need of the Internet users with a lot entertaining and educational pieces of works. Social media is not enclosed within the loops of social networking. Social media encompasses more varied domains such as textual concepts. It is definitely more than that. To some people. then this is the right time to know and learn that. Learning the basics of social media is best attained by clearly identifying the scope and coverage that form the boundaries of it. Social media is a very big and diverse concept to perceive. This has brought then the whole idea of social media on the Internet and the rest as they all say is history. Learning deeper. photo and picture sharing.

. This may seem to be doing positive effects on the social media sites because more often than not.. the mere fact that you are exhausting all possible means to make sure that you obtain the right amount of traffic is what matters best. thus creating a more noticeable angle on the content area. these buttons are segregated from the usual contents putting some more highlight on it. high priority search would mean more profit and sales for the website. Social media site owners also engage in creating strategic marketing plans to boost the page rank of the social media site and to ensure that search engines like Google and Yahoo are able to notice this. Buttons on a website is practically prominent because of the belief that this buttons can actually generate more clicks and in turn more visits and higher page ranking. Social media sites just like any other websites on the net also needs traffic to sustain a longer lifespan on the web. One of the ways that social media site owners are doing is putting a button on the site. Whether or not this action reinforces positive impact. This is the reason why a lot of web site owners are taking all possible chances to make sure that their site (even social media sites) are able to catch and generate more traffic. Putting a button on the site is just one of the many ways to generate traffic on the site. Traffic spells good page ranking from search engines. Good page ranking is equal to high priority search.13 Can Social Media Buttons Drive Traffic? Traffic is what website owners want for their site. And eventually.

There may have been positive impacts that people are able to experience about the rise of social media but along with the positive impacts are also the negative things. Now.14 The Impact of Social Media in the Internet Industry With the fast evolution of social media. the social media has spelled great opportunities and to some this has dwelled into a deeper problem in the Internet. people can get communicated with other people from the other ends of the world. in just a sway. both the potential clients and the business people. The social media gave rise to more opportunities for business entrepreneurs to explore their choices in terms of building business. How does the Social Media impact the Internet industry? What severe implications does it bring to the Internet business people? Are the web users implicated by the sudden rise of the social media sites? The sudden rise of the social media on the net brought another avenue for people to explore the capabilities and features of the Internet. people can get entertained. This is one thing that seems to become the major drawback in the rise of the social media sites. Although the Internet is a highly secured channel. It gave these people the opportunity to better experience the Internet. are seeing the severe effects that it has brought. . the Internet and its users. the chances for perpetrators to hack and violate privacy guidelines are imminent. in just a click. this time in another dimension – the virtual world. To some. One of the more notable negative impact that social media has brought is the total exposure of someone’s privacy.

thus social media. no matter how big or voluminous social media may be. When you look at social media. However.com. however. Commonly. youtube. One of the more prominently used sites. you will know that there is more to it. for freedom of expression.com. you may be flabbergasted to know that social media is not only about what everyone else know – friendster. If you are to look at the map that covers the social media environment. Myspace. the social media that everyone knows is delimited to social networking sites.15 The Map of Social Media Social media in itself is such a dynamic and humongous concept that one can ever perceive. a more famous mode of people in expressing their ideas and concepts both professional and personal is one of the few social media activities that net users are engaging into right now either for personal development. the need to understand and decipher it remains fundamentally essential as it is deemed vital to the growth of the Internet world. Web logging. ideas. however. and concepts that net users can use. since these are sites that are capable of relaying and information. more often being disregarded as part of the social media family are the Wikipedia and the webopedia sites. . The scope covered by social media is by nature very extensive and wide. or to basically earn a living.com. These two sites are text-based. the social networking is just one of the elements found in the umbrella of social l media. however. it has become impacting to the society.

This type of a social media allows you to basically discuss things that you want with other people. People are currently hooked up with web logging either for freedom of expression or they want to earn out of web logging. In fact. The various types that we currently have are being distinguished by the platforms that they represent. Forum sites. As the generation of today becomes musically attached. These enumerated platforms can somehow help an Internet user who is in search for the best social media site that he wants. The more common and most popular among the wiki family is the Wikipedia. IPod-casting or the podcast. Music is an evolving platform of the new social media generation. c. there were new additions in the current line-up of the new social media forms. Web logs are like electronic diaries that allow you to scribble all your thoughts electronically which prompt you for it to be privately or publicly open. the need for a social media platform to respond to this demand came into existence. Web log sites.16 The Search for the Best Social Media Social media offers a wide variety of choices. b. These forum sites are best for acquiring first-hand information from people who share common interest and whose expertise is centered on the field of what is being discussed on the forum site. Wiki sites. d. . just recently. These wiki sites are primarily intended for sharing textual concepts and ideas on a more comprehensive manner. Below are some of the more notable social media platforms to help you decide in choosing and searching for the best social media: a.

These people have learned to develop selfesteem because they are able to find comfort and solace from the non-judgmental factors. It is the perfect avenue for people who would like to exchange concepts and ideas with people who share the same interest. The social media sites are a better way to improve social life because rejections from people who are superficial-based. In a nutshell. There were scientific studies that showed Internet as one of the fundamental tools that can initiate social interaction with other groups because of the media that it employs – private and confidential.17 Social Media sites to Improve Social Life The Internet is one of the most powerful tools used to socialize and get the chance to meet other people. These social media sites are more focused on what and how you can make other people benefit from you. these social media sites were formed and built to create a means for other people to improve their social being and in the end create a new environment that is socially interactive. Social media sites like forum sites can allow people to voice out their opinions and concepts without the need to reveal their whole self and become the object of rejection and ridicule. I have seen and witnessed a lot of times how the Internet. specifically the social media sites are able to create a life changing situation for people. . The people who are introvert and who never socialized with peers have20found comfort with the other people on the social media site ( Instant Messaging) because there of the feature of this social media tool to contain privacy and confidentiality.

you may be faced with a lot of intricacies along the way in learning its basic in and out. Social media systems when learned on a perspective of learning just the facade of it shall not entail any difficulty for someone who is an Internet user. social media is not a difficult thing to understand. Learning the intricacies of social media systems the easy way can be best achieved should you have the following things with you: • When you have enough background in the usage of the Internet and all the devices and software that made up the whole Internet. However. things become definitely different. Just like when you are asked to understand and learn the social media systems. . • When you have the interest to understand and learn how the whole social media system then it shall come very easy for you. the degree of difficulty shall not be as complex when you try to dissect further the anatomy of the whole social media systems. however. when it requires understanding the social media in a deeper perspective.18 Learning the Intricacies of the Social Media Systems the Easy Way In itself. the whole process of learning the social media systems may be acquired instantly with ease. things shall be pretty for you to understand. There may be cases that learning the basic may come difficult to early learners of the Internet. • When you have the inclination to work with social media sites yourself.

too.19 These attributes shall make the learning about the social media systems a lot more bearable and uncomplicated. These shall be helpful. in digesting the easy way the social media concepts that you may need to understand which will facilitate better learning. .

With the social media at hand. there is also a better way to find and locate people whom you have lost contact with. The MySpace site for one is one good example of a social media which made it possible for people who have lost contact and were re-united because of the social media site known as MySpace.com). But apparently.20 The Use of Social Media Have you heard about a potential singer who captured her own performance and have uploaded it on the YouTube site and now became part of the very prestigious music industry in the United States? How about a budding singer who joined a singing contest and have uploaded all her gigs and apparently became a music sensation which even landed her to a guesting in some of the most popular shows in the United States? The use of the social media in the lives of people is potentially huge. and companionships were built and made because of the social media sites. Apart from social media providing entertainment to people because of its capability to capture the moment and have it viewed and reviewed. . relationships are built because of the social networking sites (like friendster. friendships. there is an easy communication between and among people. The use of a social media such as YouTube or MySpace has definitely its own advantage and disadvantage. the disadvantages are being over weighed by the advantages that it has. Many marriages. With the use of the social media. it is also useful in a sense that it can bridge the gap between and among people.

The YouTube is very saleable to net users because they can repeatedly view and review all the videos that they want even the shows that have been recently shown via the largest network companies. your talent. your concepts.21 YouTube: A Social Media Element The YouTube site is fast becoming the most popular social media sites these days because of the many recent happenings that transpired with the use of the YouTube site. The YouTube site is the site which is capable of accepting video uploads from its members without imposing copyright or patent license restrictions. a Spanish version of the YouTube has been recently released to make sure that the Latin and Spanish speaking countries are also able to contribute to the growing archives of videos that are uploaded on the YouTube site. The YouTube site as a social media has indeed made its mark in the Internet industry because of the great contribution that it has given the Internet platform. the YouTube site is one of the more acclaimed social media sites there is these days in terms of the incomparable contribution that it can yield for the human kind. and even your skills. . The YouTube site is the perfect instrument to reach out to people – your ideas. Many people have been discovered and many truths have been unveiled because of the YouTube site. As a manifestation of the continued growth of the YouTube site. It was successfully used to convey messages across the globe through its widest and broadest range. A social media site that is capable of widening the spectrum for people. Indeed.

These two social media sites greatly impacted the Internet with their presence. Some of the classic examples of successful social media sites in terms of public appreciation are the MySpace and YouTube. They would appreciate having these capabilities put onto the social media site. Although. The latest and the hippest in the technological arena are basically all fused together to come up with a grand. single platform. c. but working on your social media site while popups are seemingly endless can pull away all of your registrants. Below are some of the tips that one can use on how to mimic the success of these two social media sites: a. Entertaining people by combining all the multimedia elements made these sites very successful b. but its crowd-drawing power is simply amazing. YouTube and MySpace are basically entertainment-based. The concepts of these two sites seem to look very simple. Make sure that you inject common features such as putting comment boxes and personalizing your site. Social media is one element of the Internet that starts to take its shape and form. it is a given fact that the social media site is for free. Do not bombard your social media with too many advertisements.22 The Top Social Media Tip When you come and visit the Internet. . A lot of online business people are engaging into social media because of the massive pull that it has towards the consuming public. Always capture the hearts of the consuming public by giving what they want. People just love to express their views about something. you will be amused at how the Internet has evolved and progressed.

23 What encompasses the Best Social Media? If I were to ask you to choose from among these choices: Friendster. The platforms even when they are laid down remain not understandable because people do not take time to carefully understand the social media concept. they do not the basic traits and characteristics of every social media site that they visit. When people are not aware of these. Third. Wikipedia. Myspace. Second. . not all people are aware that the above written choices are all social media sites. Webopedia. a lot of people do not know how to distinguish the difference between and among the various social media platforms making it difficult for them to understand which bears the best characteristics.com. and Flicker.com. which would you rather choose to have? The question may seem to look very simple but very difficult to arrive at an answer. For the choice to be made one should understand what sort of good traits and characteristics a social media site possesses. Facebook. They may have visited and accessed these sites but unconscious and unaware that these are actually social media sites. for majority of people. It is only then that one could be able to choose the best social media for him. Social media sites have differing functionality and as such bears varied platforms. Plaxo. Picassa.com. then it is quite impossible for them to really make a good choice. Why? Below are some of the explanations that generally of people would be citing as to why they are having difficulty locating for the best social media site: First.

however. The examples I have provided above are seemingly some of the more popular social media sites. These websites are basically the forms that make up what a social media is all about. youtube. Yahoo Messenger.com. so is your method of defining what social media is all about and your guide to understanding social media then becomes a lot easier. instant messaging programs like Plaxo. The guide towards clearly understanding social media is best attained when actual users are able to experience and have an actual usage of the tools. As the scope becomes a lot bigger. or has recently uploaded their pictures either on Picassa or in Flicker. as the social media becomes more feature-oriented. . This is often an ignored method of guiding newbie users of the Internet. People may look at social media very difficult to understand within a textual definition. social media has a wider and a lot broader sense of scope. having said that. Now. You can start by telling these people if they have gone through visiting sites like Friendster. more and more social media developments are being perceived.24 The Effective Guide to Social Media When someone asks you about what a social media is. and the “all-in-one” Meebo. how do you intend to answer back? What sort of pieces of information are you going to provide? Defining social media should be and needs to be very simple. You can define social media by giving out all the best examples that social media encompasses. Now. Any form that provides interaction and communication with people is considered as social media. this becomes a lot easier when defined by citing example.com are part of the social media umbrella.com.

Internet marketing goes with the way on how they it can be able to penetrate more and more potential clients through the medium that it uses – the Internet. video and audio sharing. Social media as an Internet Marketing strategy is such a powerful and effective marketing tool because of the huge involvement of Internet users with this – YouTube. cheap. MySpace. . Social media is such a strong medium used by people to integrate and combine various technological advancement such as text exchange. Flickr and all sorts. young and evolving professionals.25 Social Media: A revolutionizing Internet Marketing Scheme With the vast impact of the Internet to people – whether students. In fact. This is the reason why social media is becoming the main channel of people to interact with one another. and best of all practical means to perform marketing actions. and even anti-social – the need for online business people to come up with a good and effective marketing strategy becomes indispensable. The utility of social media as a channel to perform marketing is one of the more utilized mechanisms nowadays. Internet Marketing is such a diverse and dynamic method to reach out with your potential clients. The capability of social media to penetrate almost all forms and types of Internet users is quite visible these days because of the need for a much better and faster mode to convey and relay messages to the other point. The Internet as a conduit to relay what the online business people would want to convey with their clients is such an inexpensive. Digg. graphic and picture exchange all rolled in a single mechanism. Friendster.

The social media directory then can best answer this ongoing dilemma. this type of organization is one of the things that generally of net users are looking for in a site apart from the web content. In addition. The social media directory will allow anyone to: • Categorically arrange all the social media platforms in such a way that the category will be easier to browse. a mechanism to effectively arrange these platforms is substantially needed. it creates an ambiance of proper organization on the site that creates a positive image for the company or for the website owner. With the rapid growth of the social media sites.26 How Social Media Directory Help Organize Things Social Media directory helps everyone understand how each platform of the social media is arranged in accordance with their basic feature and classification. • Social media directory will help you toggle between different categories without having to worry too much about the complexity of doing it. Although not all social media site owners are practically employing the social media directory. It is a common knowledge that social media continues to grow and seemingly unstoppable at this time as more and more social media sites begin to mushroom at a rate that is unimaginable. . Incidentally. Making it a lot faster for any user to choose the right category for him or her. • The social media directory will result into an easier and less complicated browsing mechanism. it is being suggested that they adapt to this kind of a mechanism to make sure that everything in the site is put in order.

27 The Impact Of Social Media Index Social media just like any website on the Internet is being ranked. graded. Apart from that. More painfully. What then happens when a social media is indexed poorly? Are there any bad effects that it can bring the social media site? Will it bring any impact on the usability or functionality of the social media site? When a social media is being indexed poorly. basically ranks and indexes the social media site. web users who frequently visit the site will learn that contents written on your social media site are definitively true. thus. the adverse effect that will be yielded is taken against on the capability of the social media site of being searched with immediacy and priority. For one. Whether it results to positive or the otherwise. with basis. web users who used to visit your social media site may no longer believe on what you have on your site. when a social media site is being ranked and indexed poorly. it may result to your social media site being not visited at all. the positive adverse effect can be insurmountable. a better and optimized social media site is achieved when it is rightfully indexed. The search engine. and indexed. when your social media site is properly indexed. which is primarily the tool that gauges the usability of a site in the perspective of the web visitors. and a lot of net users believe the same. In addition. . The effects of social media index is unimaginable at a certain extent. things may never look the same on your social media site once it has been indexed by the search engine. However. results into poor search results.

the Wikipedia and Webopedia sites have been included as part of the Wikis and the social bookmarking platform continuously to expand and grow adding few more other sites. As the technology evolves. . As for the Collaboration platform. and Avatars United have been added in the communication platforms.28 What are the Social Media Platforms? Social media is a very diverse and dynamic section of the Internet Marketing and Strategies. more and more developments have been added. The latest additions in the platform are the multimedia and the entertainment. Friendster. Along with the evolution came also the intricate and rising demands of net users towards a more comprehensive and full-packaged social media web site. too. along with the other social platforms that are existing. the demands of the net users began to evolve.com. This prompted the social media developers to come up and build new advancements in the field of social media entertainment and multimedia platforms.com and Reddit sites. Now. Web users have been wanting to have the means to share photos and graphics which led to the development of the photo sharing platforms.com. At first. Social networking sites such as Facebook. Online and interactive games have also been added on the roster of social media platform making it more dynamic and diverse. the social media was only encompassing a few of the more common and notable websites such as the ones that are categorized as the collaboration and the communication platforms specifically the MySpace.

. so are the developers of the social media platforms. They remain to be responsive and attentive to the everyday growing needs of the end-users.29 As the needs and wants of the net users continue to soar high.

A social media is a website that can be distinguished based on the purpose or objective why the website has been created. Neither is it being seen on the forms of words or the kind of grammatical syntax that they put on the web content.com website. . if you are accessing the Friendster. Apart from the purpose of the site that makes it different from the other site. A social media site is something that allows for your opinions or concepts to be freely expressed and in exchange will permit the other end to make his own comments or share his own perspective about what you have placed on the web content.30 The General View on a Social Media Site How many websites do you think are there on the Internet? A thousand? A million? If there are about a million of websites on the web. A social media site is capable of merely sharing your videos or audio files to other people who are sharing the same interest as you do. you will see that the social media site is not in any way different or varying from any other website. you can also distinguish a social media site from any other website on the net when it belongs to a certain cluster or group. When we try to look at how the social media site is structured. For example. this site is under the category of social networking similar with MySpace or Hi5. then how do we know which ones are the social media sites? A social media if we are to take note of the primary difference is not seen on the content or in the manner how the site has been created or designed.

these software packages are scripting language by nature. . Currently. since it is practically going to be an Internet-based site shall require then a software that has capabilities and features to integrate the system protocol with the Internet protocol. because of the vast production in the software package that requires scripting. when choosing the software to use for the social media. Usually. he thinks about the functionalities and added features that shall be incorporated on the social media site. the market is rich with software that is Internet-executable. Reliability pertains to the capability of the software to generate a trusted source code for the system. More often.31 The Effective Social Media Software Software as an integral component of the social media development is a crucial factor to consider. The software must display reliability. having been said will mean then that the social media site shall encompass building a code that is going to be Internet–readable and executable. the following characteristics of the software should be observed: a. The failure or success of the social media structure is dependent on the type of software that was used to build and structuralize the social media site. Now. social media developers have a great and varied option to choose from. so are the software packages that went along with it. when one thinks about building an architecture for the social media site. The social media site. This. And as the Internet grew rapidly. However.

The software must display portability. This means that the source code is capable of being read and executed on different platforms. .32 b.

So. the site itself must contain well-written contents that promise interest and excite the eyes of the potential site visitors. This is the reason why these web site owners are spending time. effort. However. In addition. . making the site powerful in terms of ranking. do not attempt to come up with a registration process that is too complex for your potential registrants as this may pull them away. these social media sites are targeting the net users’ visit because they know that once they are able to capture these visitors.33 The Effective Social Media to Catch Better Page Ranking Page ranking as determined by the search engine like Google and Yahoo is an important factor that every website takes into consideration. Website owners are in fact giving it a high importance because they know that getting a lower page ranking can mean disaster to the site. This is probably one of the reasons why they are offering the social media sites for free. This leads them towards attracting more and more potential advertisers on the net that are so willing to pay huge amount of money. to have an effective social media site. Social media sites just like any other websites are much likely the same. They are also targeting to have a better page ranking. they can contribute better to the ranking of the site. and lots and lots of money just so they can ensure that their website gets the best page ranking. make sure that since it is for free. This is the way how social media sites are practically earning.

what sort of things interests you and can the social media site able to provide you all the things that you need – information. The main criteria then in choosing the best social media site is dependent on two things – what the user wants and what the user needs. Or to better simplify things.com. the answer is best qualified when this group of people have a clustered desires and needs. relevance. and entertainment! People who visit the Internet or the social media site specifically have varying reasons on their own.34 What is the Best Social Media Website? How does one determine which social media is the best? What are the criteria being looked upon to ensure that the best is the one that is chosen? Choosing the best social media website is very simple and uncomplicated. All you need to do is to ask yourself as to the purpose why you are visiting or looking at the social media site.com may differ from the reasons of other people who frequently visit Flickr. pertinence. . The reason for other people visiting the Youtube. When these needs and wants of the users are fully satisfied. This claim may have been pictured with subjectivity but it is after all the user who can lastly claim whether or not the social media site that he or she visited was able to gratify the needs. This means that when this question will be thrown to a collective group of people. he or she can then claim that the social media site that he frequently visits is the one that is best for him.

These materials are often called as the traditional forms of media. Social media is the interaction that happens and transpires between and among people that results into essential tidbits of information employing the Internet technology as the main channel of communication. and other forms of literatures that were manually bound and published. . When the Internet technology was aggressively taking the limelight. with the Internet as the mainstream for communication. development of learning. It has built its own sets of followers and has ultimately made a great amount of share in the building up of the whole Internet technology and the industry that surrounds it. researches. manual books. there is a ready and available means of communication that one can use in order to facilitate exchange of ideas.35 Social Media Studies: In retrospect Prior to the existence of the social media on the web. people are accustomed to getting and acquiring the information they need through other forms such as newspapers. Now. One of the more prominent offshoots of the Internet technology is the social media. However. This latest development has resulted into greater heights of opportunities for both the business sector and private individuals. Looking back when the Internet technology has not yet reached the peak of its state. after years of allowing for the concept to evolve. social media is now a concrete concept that a lot of people are becoming cognizant about. and professional growth. people are dependent on verbally sharing their insights with only a few people are actually benefiting from the conversation. more and more have started to evolve and mushroom.

that social media for it to accomplish its primal objective depends largely on the web element. to allow for the interactivity between people to exist using the social media site as the fundamental tool. Being it as such. The rationale behind all these lies on the fact that social media requires the web as the channel or medium to facilitate the objective of it – that is. pictures. Social media requires the web in order for people to fully appreciate why they were made and created. and even text files. too. the web works integral with it. The web is such an important and essential element for any social media platform. video. and even the marketing strategies – shall become futile and useless. . Social media is an Internet-based element. the driving forces or the objectives. they are collected to be deposited entities of the web. all else in the social media site– the contents. media. Now that we know how web plays an important role in the working environment of social media.36 The Social Media on the Web The web is a universal term that is used to designate as the residence or the repository of all things that were uploaded onto the web server – graphics. we should then realize. Social media sites are being uploaded onto the web. This means that any social media site should be channeled first to the web (this means that they need to be uploaded on the web) before it becomes fully functional or for its functions to be fully realized. As such. Without the web.

Social media is one of the front runners in the area of Internet marketing. What sort of traits do social media have for it to be considered as a potent Internet marketing tool? Social media sites are proven to be effective in generating good page ranks because of the popularity that these sites have in the general view of the net users. social media as a marketing tool can be used for a minimum amount to be spent. In addition to that. This in itself makes the social media as a contributing factor towards the success of the Internet marketing plan. . there is a secure number of visitors daily. And this number continues to grow every minute and every second. The versatility and the wide range of social media make it appealing to majority of the marketers. This is the reason why a lot of marketers and online businessmen are using the social media as the center of their internet marketing strategies. choosing the most effective and most practical remains to be the biggest issue. With the growing number of registered Friendster account holders day by day. Although there are several Internet marketing techniques and strategies that marketers can use.com.37 Social Media as the Center of Internet Marketing Many online business people are having such a big headache when they think about how well they can market and advertise their online businesses considering that there are about hundreds and thousands of similar online businesses that compete with one another. Take a look at how the social media site Friendster.

these social media developers are required to make sure that the developed game should be accessible even when the end-user only has the minimum system requirements otherwise. Online games are the in-thing these days. Even more. all of the hard work put in developing the online games shall result into such a big waste. the release of the PSP and other gaming devices. when this does not become possible. Online game requirements from the net users are highly graphic-based requiring high-end software.38 Online Games as a Social Media Platform With the advent of virtual games. and peripheral devices. the ones asking for more online games are not coming from the children age range but on the teens and adult ranges. Surprisingly. This is the reason why a lot of social media (online games) developers are experiencing difficulty in creating an upgrade because of the high requisitions that net users have. To make it more viable for the net users. these net users craving for more social media sites that offer virtual online games never decreased in number and apparently continues to grow and soar high in number. As the online gaming continues to hurdle some of the known limitations on both the manufacturer and the end-user. . the demand of net users for a more aggressive and far more graphical-based game has not ceased. With the recent developments in the gaming sector. hardware systems. prompted for the social media developers specifically the online games platform to develop more and more online gaming and console. more and more online games are being introduced in the market to make sure that net users are still given the right choices and options.

Now. All else in the world is seemingly attached with the Internet from shopping to learning to education and even with looking for your lifetime partner all else seems to be dependent on the Internet. the social media is aggressively working its way out to be the best Internet marketing tool that online businessmen can use. A lot of people have seen this as a great opportunity for them to enrich themselves either personally or professionally. . business people are busy looking for a marketing mechanism that will allow for the usage of the Internet as the effective medium to market and expose their businesses in the eye of the many web site visitors. While everyone else is busy working on the Internet. Social media is one of the more aggressive methods that a lot of businessmen are using in order to capture better marketing slots for their businesses. the social media is a better option to market the business with the least amount of money to spend but with greater efficiency. The Internet technology is no doubt one of the most powerful means or channels to communicate and learn. as the Internet continues to grow and expand.39 Social Media at Work The Internet industry is such a booming industry nowadays. Many businessmen have seen the growth of the Internet sector as one big chance towards earning much more while private people have potentially seen the growth of the Internet technology as a better way to live life and as the best method to explore life comfortably and easily. Apparently.

Everything in this world needs to be done in a more expeditious manner. the process to complete the communication is invariably dynamic and perpetually made with varied choices. when you wish to send a highly graphical-based communication. otherwise. More so. and others. so is the desire for Internet users to have a variety of other things that . you will be needing a highly designed device to make sure that you are able to relay the kind of message.40 Social Media for a Faster Means to Communicate In this age of fast paced life. As the social media evolves. the features and the capabilities that the Internet possesses have become incomparably strong and magnanimous – all seemed to be incomprehensible but real! These days. This fast evolution of social media paved way for new marketing strategies that online business people can utilize for their own online business. finishing your work. communicating and connecting with people is capable of being performed in a wink of an eye. Prior to the massive explosion of the Internet idea. doing research. Social media has started to evolve and has evolved very fast and quick. you shall be left behind with the way how technology responds these days. During the “dark age”. the means of people to communicate through the snail mail method requires that you wait for a certain period of time before the communication process get completed. These were the old days! Now that the Internet has fully blossomed. the need for a robust and a lot faster means to do and perform things in all aspects – communicating with people.

social media developers have become responsive and adaptive to these needs. As it is.41 they can use to communicate and channel their ideas. .

What are the effective ways to generate traffic on your site. When the search engine is able to notice the growing number of links on a social media site. Social media sites are using the link s on their content because these links are manifestation that the site is a trusted site thus will require the search engine to take notice of it. when the keywords on the web content are potentially relevant. there are websites that are instantly being shown on the search results list? If you were observant. and when the site continues to generate positive feedback from net visitors. The level of importance is achieved when the site is able to obtain greater number of visits from net users. The higher the importance the higher the page rank. . it can then give the social media site a better page ranking. did you even notice that when Google search engine shows results. Page ranking is the process of putting a level of importance on websites that are on the Internet.42 The Impact of Social Media Links to a Better Traffic Are you not wondering on why a website to be a lot easier to locate than the other? Or have you thought about why is it when you search for something. they are usually by batch and by number? What do you think is the purpose of that? The results that showed during the search process is what we call as page ranking. then? Links are one of the most potent instruments that one can use to generate traffic on your site.

Channel the progress and the execution of the various Internet marketing strategies and techniques including but not limited to web logging rules and guidelines. b. Social media relations is such a diverse and at times very intricate branch of Internet marketing. Conduct training to a specific group whose functions are critical to the development and progress of the company. the Internet as a technology. Social Media Relations is a composition of three very fundamental and basic things -. no matter how this spells intricacy. however. and IT group among others. These functional groups are the communications group. These three things are essential to the success of social media relations. the marketing group.the marketing strategy. and how people view the Internet as a tool. to reach out to the farthest possible distance with its potential clients.43 What is Social Media Relations? People from the Internet industry are very well aware of the need for a strong and robust Social Media Relations. . the following may help us comprehend: a. The Social Media Relations may seem to look very complicated and difficult to some others but at a certain point only requires minimal things from the social media relations officer. These three things should first and foremost be working hand in hand to make sure that the primary objective of social media relations is attained – that is. To better understand how hard or simple the job of the officer is. one should be able to explicitly understand and comprehend it and how diverse its effects are to the company.

The recorded visit is what drives the site's page rank and index by the search engine. this type of a social media site may look very difficult to maintain. Apparently.44 Social Media Sites for Everyone The social media sites that most net users see and use on the Internet such as the Internet. A social media site for it to be deemed effective should spell interest. it is best that you come up with a site that will be able to cater for everyone. for reasons of page ranking and indexing. when you create a social media site. however. graphics. everything is all worth it! . You see. were basically designed and structured based on the type of users that they cater. However. the MySpace. creating a social media that would cater to everyone is more commendable and pretty much practical. A good and classic example of a social media site that caters to everyone is the YouTube that is currently earning massive visits and has been consistently topping the page rank. at the end of the day. and textual multimedia elements in one social media site making it a massive hit to the net users. the YouTube. it is. having a specific group to cater is much more a practical move. the Flicker and all. Although. and yes. The interest is what drives the net users to visit the social media site. The above mentioned social media sites are the sites that were deemed to be generally accessed by people from all walks of life regardless of the status in the society or how well they are educated. The YouTube has fused the technology of both video.

Lastly. these remain to have lesser impact on the wholeness of the social media site. the social media is actually a system. the social media is a composition of various elements that work together to achieve a common goal. As a system. These contents are either dictated by the needs and desires of the potential visitors or the web owner himself. social media needs to work on several components. a social media system is being driven by its purpose or goal. thus the name social media system. So. The goal is what makes the whole system function to its best. These components may potentially be integrated to the actual social media or may be coming out from external factors that may directly or indirectly bring impact onto the social media site. There may be some elements such as rankings and traffic that are externally situated. . On the contrary. For this reason.45 Understanding the Social Media System If we are to dissect the anatomy of the social media as an Internet feature. What is good about the whole social media system is the fact that most of its components are integrated with it. This platform will identify the social media site from the other social media sites. what makes up the social media system? A social media system is foremostly being driven by the kind of platform that it represents. however. the first thing that we would be able to realize is that the social media is not a single element that works on its own. Secondly. the social media system is also composed of the type of content that it shall contain.

Now. as of this year. The Friendster. the YouTube. The page ranking of these tools have not been considered on the casting of votes as the objective of the voting is to merely determine the pulse of the actual users and not how well visited the tool or social media site is. it has been over voted by a social bookmarking tool. These social media sites have been consistently making waves on the Internet. the delicious site. most of the things that you see on forum sites these days are things about how well an instrument or tool for social media has been creating waves on the Internet. Firefox has been pulled back by another top contender last year. They shall continue being directed towards enhancements because the demands of the potential user continues to change. However. These tools will constantly improve and change in order to adapt to the growing needs of the net user. the Firefox browser software has toppled all of the other major social media tools on the net.46 Top Social Media Tools Ostensibly.com for example has consistently been topping the chart for the most visited social media site. .com and a lot more. Just last year. These social media tools are apparently some of the more visited sites based on the votes casted out by net users. There are other social media tools that have gained impressive marks on the voting like the Wordpress. the Flickr. The search engines like Google and Yahoo have been instrumental in the casting of votes to determine which among these tools are frequently being used and/or deemed essential based on the perspective of the actual users. Friendster.

Now. Plaxo. share common interests. The social networking is basically for building and creating personal or business relations to other people while the social media encompasses broader things. and podcasting. the easiest way to describe the difference is by highlighting the purpose of each. . Social networking is means to connect with other people either to build relationships with other people – personally or professionally.com are commonly associated with it. livecast. The social media is much like for video viewing. and a lot more. they have seen the business potential of the social networking sites. research.com and hi5.47 Social Media in comparison with Social Networking When someone hears about social networking. As for the similarity. as it becomes more functional to the users. Jango. Myspace. however. both are under the umbrella of providing both the private individuals and the business sector a newer method of doing business and exploring their social lives. Social media unlike social networking encompasses more other things such as online gaming and console. When we try to look at how different social networking and social media is. knowledge enhancements.20photo and video sharing. Social media allows for the interaction between people either to exchange ideas. the names Friendster. Social media on the hand is the main umbrella that covers social networking as part of it. this is something that is true and valid. Well.com. entertainment. Most of the social networking sites that we have these days are geared originally towards building personal relationships. or basically just anything that will result to building camaraderie with other people.com. the more common social networking sites are being used for both business and personal.

For this reason. people. which is the best one to use? What sort of qualities that one should look for in a social media book? An effectively written social media book is something that is able to contain the following traits and characteristics: a. This refers to having a detailed portion of the book where the experiences of the author in as far as social media is concerned should be elaborately explained and written. although may seem to be not elaborately written on the book will be embodied on the book's . the requirements to have an effective social media site becomes more complicated and intricate. both the business people and the non-business people alike are looking for resources that can help them assist to build an effective social media site.48 The Best Social Media Books As social media is becoming a good source of income for both a private individual and the online business people. These social media tools are proven to be helpful guides towards having and building a successful social media site. It should have a thorough and explicit explanation as to how you can build a social media site from a scratch. among all the various social media books that are scattered all over the Internet and the local bookstore. The social media book author should also be a social media maker. His experiences. So. One of the more utilized resources that social media enthusiasts are using is the social media book that can be purchased and bought either through online or at the local bookstores. b.

This is one good advantage of a writer who has experience in social media compared to the others who do not have.49 contents. .

multinational organizations and national governments as it tend to migrate away the old school mainstream media of being a centrally controlled and managed model of broadcast media. music’s etc. An example of how social media has been defined for readers to fully understand what social media is all about are discussed below: 1. and uninformative. many have expressed their definitions of social media as how they find social media to be. Critics found the definition as misleading. 3. Others may be very active or passive in their discussion involvement. Social Media Is Open. The definition of social media as defined in the Wikipedia has been the subject of criticism by some social media marketers. Anyone can become a publisher of their own website and published their blog. 2. You can even express your opinions and thoughts on things that have been written or advertised.50 Social Media as Defined by Some In today’s modern world of technology. everything that we need to know is available online through the use of computers. Social media has ignored the metered and manipulated messages by providing a communication facility wherein people . as it can be accessed either online or off. Social Media is not a Broadcast Medium. 4. It must be said that today’s technology has made this world a paperless and open-sourced environment where people are able to convey thoughts on certain issues with less control as compared to a newspaper or magazines where comments are held for approval by editors. Social Media is disruptive to the large media companies. post their pictures. incomplete. Social Media is a medium for many too many. Thus. It is an open ended discussion between author(s) and participants.

51 do not have to use phones or send mail through posts but instead chat or send mail online. .

You let others see your latest pictures without necessarily sending your friends copies. envelopes to send your mail. MySpace and Avatars United • Events: Upcoming. blogs. profiles. you don’t have to go to the store and buy your newspapers. You do not have to buy stamps. You don’t have to keep those yellow pages for a year.52 Social Media of Today Today. This media that allowed us to live in a paperless environment is known as Social Media. CDs. Some of the social media applications available to people for use today are as follows: Communication • Microblogs / Presence apps: Twitter and Pownce • Social networking: Facebook. insights. Publishing coverage has expanded which include electronic resources.org Collaboration • Wikis: Wikipedia • Social bookmarking: del. books.icio. experiences. opinions. magazines. and DVDs. stationeries. Mixx and Reddit • Opinion sites: epinions Multimedia • Photo sharing: Flickr and Zooomr • Video sharing: YouTube and Vimeo . perspectives and media itself. games and the like. Social media is an online tool that people use to share content. not knowing if you will ever use it. like the electronic versions of books and periodicals. as well as websites.us and StumbleUpon • Social News Sites: Digg. The current media has them covered. thus facilitating the conversations and interaction online between groups of people. LinkedIn.

com Basically.tv • Audio and Music Sharing: imeem Entertainment • Virtual worlds: Second Life • Online gaming: World of Warcraft • Game sharing: Miniclip. and share news and information and content. social media is the shift on how people discover. read. .53 • Livecasting: Ustream and Justin.

Communities grow slowly at the start but increases as people participates in writing and contributing to the site. or bulletin boards. 2. Some of these social media communities involved their significant time at no monetary gain. Weblogs are sometimes used by marketers in marketing their products. discussion forums. or other material such as graphics or video.54 Knowledge Sharing By Social Media Communities Social Media refers to interaction of people within a community of their stories and understandings. Weblogs . It can be done in many different forms and some of these social media community groups are the following: 1. It may refer to an entire community or to a specific sub-forum that deals with a distinct topic. message boards. Social Media Community allows greater knowledgesharing of resources. descriptions of events. 3. It is used to form a collaborative websites and to power community websites. It commonly used as personal online diaries and it becomes a social media community once the individual has invited friends to join the blog to read or add comments to the blog. Internet Forums – a web application that is use for holding discussions and posting user-generated content. It is commonly referred as Web forums. The messages are displayed in chronological order or as threaded discussions. newsgroups. discussion boards. . Wiki – is a collection of web pages which are designed to enable anyone to access or contribute or modify content using a simplified markup language.is usually maintained by an individual that contains regular entries of commentary. (electronic) discussion groups.

Reward inbound links. .55 Make your Web Visible. This is also achieve through blog sharing content using RSS in the blogsphere and special blog search engines like Technorati.The concept of SMO is to implement changes in optimizing a site to link easily to a more highly visible in social media searches on custom search engines and relevant posts on blogs. and bookmarking sites. Inbound links are vital to rising in search results and overall rankings. blogging and incorporating third party community functionalities like Flickr photo slides and galleries or YouTube videos. It is a set of methods use for generating publicity through social media. online communities and community websites. creating white papers and pieces of thought. Increase your linkability. Create easy tags and bookmarks. Add features like quick buttons and list of relevant tags. 2. add linkability to content by adding a blog. SMO methods include adding RSS feeds. podcasts and vlogs. adding a "Digg This" button. Rohit’s SMO has laid down five rules when creating a SMO for your clients: 1. Provide rewards of visibility for those who link to you. It is a technique connected to viral marketing as information is spread not through word of mouth from friends or family but with the use of networking in social bookmarking. Do not make the site static. suggested notes for links. video and photo sharing websites. It involves driving traffic to a website using new channel other than the known Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use SMO Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a term introduced by Rohit Bhargava. 3.

. Submit your contents on PDFs. video files and audio files to relevant sites which later on if viewed will drive links back to your site.56 4. Encourage the mashup. Let others use your content within a reason. Help your content travel. 5.

There are companies today that provide social media research for companies who are into social media marketing. This social media research are the think tankers who are dedicated to the advanced study of new communications tools. cut operational costs by working on new technological strategies. business leaders. Social media research determines for the company if the current social media being used gives impact to the company. culture and society. develop.57 What Social Media Research Does? One of the problems in social media marketing organization is that there is too much information from very diverse sources. It determines if company is achieving the objectives of reaching out to new and existing customers with its current social media marketing. business. who work hard in solving problems faced by modern business and in the end create future business plans. technologies and emerging modes of communication. share and transfer in-depth and forward facing insights. They try to streamline internal operations. They try to investigate. Companies who perform social media research comprise of futurists. professional communications. professional communicators and members of the media from around the world. Blogs are created for social media research to bring about topics for re- . Social Media research is also the medium used for providing information as well to social media developers. and their effect on traditional media. Many people will provide social media marketing intelligence platforms that sometimes will make you confused which one is right. scholars.

.58 search or thesis making and same time present current studies made on social media marketing.

Social media has no set of number of pages or hours. and allow other publishers to create mashups.59 Knowledge about Social Media Social Media is the latest media of communicating with people. It can be referred also as a society media where no one is in control of what is to be shared. vlogs. podcasts. Any form of communication where the users chose to publish the content is Social Media. use this medium to express their thoughts. graphics. wikis. Social Media can be characterized as paricipative. recommendations and complaints. crowdsourcing. which enable users to subscribe via feed readers. social interaction. and the construction of words. weblogs. The digital information systems include some technologies like blogs. It is a term that defines activities that integrates technology. Some social media formats are mixed e. Conversations are coming from real people on real time.g. community driven and facilitative. wall-postings. conversational. such as Internet forums. Users or audiences may participate in social media by adding comments or edit the stories themselves. is dependent on the varied perceptions and shared meanings among communities or group of people who share their stories and understandings. Most social media users. videos and audio. Social Media is all about conversations. music-sharing. open. Social media can be delivered in many different forms. pictures and video. a video format may include a text format where viewers can make comments. email. Social media is avilable via feeds. pictures. opinions. . instant messaging. picture-sharing. and voice over IP. or video format. audio. The social media content can be in text. Such interaction and the way in which information is presented.

They also encourage contributors to provide feedback and debate on decisions and opinions. Social issues media covers insights by contributors to the internet forum on their philosophical. health care. The purpose of social issues media is to be able to express opinions on relationships between media messages and how they reflect and influence culturally-diverse audiences. spark discussions while giving free access for public organizations to post their information. Social issues media organizations invite the public for participation in contributing news on social issues that would help towards public awareness. They are use as instruments in monitoring on-going issue developments.60 The Media for Social Issues Discussion Social issues media is an example of a social media that relates to Internet Forums. which provide research materials for social media developers as well. Position papers are posted on social issues media websites. moral and ethical values. It was developed to create new channels of awareness. The membership to social issues media organization website is free and all you have to do is to register. science and environmental news and articles. Contributors are given FREE press release and article posting on related topics as a community service. It is a discussion forum or a user generated content produced by end users wherein the media content is publicly made available. which may yield great impact with the future generations. Most social issues media websites discussion is free. Readers of social media issues gain knowledge of the current issues and most often provide them of insights for the .

61 solution. . A social issue that requires improvement in the economy may mean a development of a new system in the future.

make an impression of difference. Social Media Advertising is similar to TV advertising. Be cautious of adding your ad to messages that has no link to your product. and the internet will provide you with the information. Integrate social media ads with social media usage. and worst banned your product. Know your targeted social media channel. Establish a social networking presence. You should promote your products to targeted audience on the appropriate social site. Marketers have found social media as a way to channel their promotion. If your product is on selling Barbie dolls. Some of these marketers do provide incentives of giving members a free item. Target the correct users with your message. . 4. Ensure the advertisements placed supplement the present content on the social site. It is a powerful platform for advertisers to capture mass audiences. It is for this reason that in business today. the following are some tips that you should know: 1. which later would allow members to view the latest of Victoria Secret Pink promotions.62 Advertising Using Social Media Search for it. Know who are the users that visit social media sites. almost all have marketed their products over the internet or online. 2. Example is providing a free membership to a Victoria Secret Pink Group. Before you go on social media advertising. 3. website for men’s sports would not be appropriate site. Wrong target may result to loss of sales. The internet has the ability of drawing more attention compared to TV viewers. if they invite friends or family members to become part of the group.

). The number of visitors on your business site will show how many visitors have seen your advertisement or promotion. The foregoing are social media marketing goals which you may want to strive: 1. Reputation Management. Social Media Marketing is the most low cost promotional method available today. Target social sites having highest potential of giving you links. Your business site profile doesn’t have to be entirely relevant to the social media website. rather than small sized communities. Increased the Relevant Visitor Traffic. 3. You should remember that the goals you’ve chosen to achieve would most likely determine your target audience in . Improved the Search Engine Ranks. 5. It is a powerful strategy which enables you get links. Offer your product through an influencer who is respected in the community or work through a sponsorship model (contests etc. Invest more time on social communities that have a high topical relevance. attention and massive amounts of traffic. Improve public perception of your product or services and evoke specific qualities which make it distinct among competitors. You should realize that social media marketing is the process of promoting your business site through social media channels. Increased Brand Awareness. 2. Improve the Sales for a Product or Service.63 Goals to Achieve through Social Media Marketing It is not enough that you are able to post and market your product or services over a social media website. You need to positively influence potential and existing customer/audience perceives your brand. Create social media profiles and wikis which rank well on search engines for your brand. but its content should be specifically appealing to different audiences. 4.

. With social media marketing provides less cost.64 marketing your product or service. increase sales and higher profits.

personal websites.65 Putting Policy on Social Media Interaction Inasmuch as your company recognizes the value of Internet in shaping publics thinking about your company. finances. number of products sold. . seek permission from your company. sales. company strategy. number of employees. or the comments made online on blogs. You should remember that a blog would be destructible to your company if not carefully managed. postings on wikis and other interactive sites. Samples of Social Media Policies are: 1. Do not speak on behalf of your company. Should you wish to write a blog about your company. on the public Internet. Information such as trademarks. which means it involves discussions that are open ended and sometimes employees should know when to continue or to stop or how discussions should be handled. and responding to comments from posters either publicly or via email. if you are not authorized to do so. upcoming product releases. contents of blogs. Social media is a medium for many to many. your current product and potential products. and any other information not been released publicly by the company. it also recognizes the value of its employees in joining in and help shape the industry conversation by means of blogging and social media interaction. postings on video or picture sharing sites. The guidelines in blogging and social media policy will allow companies to make appropriate decisions in relation to work related blogging. 2. Giving employees the freedom to contribute in social media interaction and blogging would require policies for contributors to observe. Do not share information that is confidential and proprietary about the company.

4. accurately. Do not sell product or services that would compete with any of your company's products or services . and exercise appropriate professionalism. Write knowledgeably.66 3.

Qualitative responses are more important. connecting. The success of social media strategy depends on the organizations willingness to adapt to the changes. Take away corporation controls and take charge of implementing the strategy. Middle Management to strategies into program plans. and not page views or downloads. 6. 2. Change how executives should communicate to employees and the public. 4. Realize that customers. 5. prospective customers and partners are talking to each other. Make your social media unique and open for everyone. Have support teams engage with customers using social media. Make a digital and real life conversation with customers 3. Remember that the more you get involved with a conversation in the start. and sharing. and the rank and file to adopt. 7. Strategies are . Do not be prevented with the unknown.67 Strategies For an Effective Social Media Networking To have an effective social media networking is to first defined your goals. Strategy refers to tactics that you may have to carry out towards attainment of your goals. You cannot perform social media strategy without knowing what the goals you want to achieve. Participate in communities to reach and connect with customers. Here are some social media strategies that you should take note: 1. the less risk you’ll have over time. Internal communication about community should be empowered quickly with coordinated response. Measure your interaction between people.

68 formulated to make things work for the better. Let strategy help you in achieving your goals towards an effective social media networking and gain rewards in the end. .

share images and videos. You need to be prepared to put your energy for a small or no immediate return. They include names of organization for which donations should be sent. Implementing and supporting peer-to-peer social change campaigns. . The Social Media has been used in delivering social change to the environment. and empower others by using social media tools used in everyday living. you have to think that your campaign should be viewed positively. Whatever form of social change media you wish to engage at. Some campaigns takes awhile before they pick up. There are service providers that also help individuals and organization use social media in planning. Social change media can be presented in text format or video format. It is an act of advocacy for changing society to a normative way. Social change media websites should remain to be relevant and innovative and same time is able to offer aid to people who can benefits from their abilities. They take charge in distributing materials for nonprofits and foundations on engaging constituents. They present the conditions and seek donations from readers in whatever form. They also encourages collaboration among the social action platforms. This web application has blogs for readers to make comments. But have you ever tried using these abilities in putting them into a good cause. This social change media websites encourage readers to get involved in helping out families or communities needing care and support.69 Social Change through Social Media It is easy for social media knowledgeable to spread news fast. organize our friends.

70 Services As Provided by Social Media Consulting If you plan of using a social media to market your business or if you have one but wanted to improve it. client. Social Media Consulting provides the following services to its clients: 1. Build project or company specific social media platforms. social media consulting company provides free consultation that is a question and answer session by phone or in person. Participate in conversation on company’s behalf 6. They help in clarifying the company’s needs. review of the market and develop strategic . 9. and employee communication through social media. establish company’s goal. wikis. Educate company’s staff on the effective uses of social media. and online communities. Create social media assets that will appreciate and grow. Maximize usage of company’s intellectual property 3. 5. Plan an effective search engine marketing campaigns to leverage social media conversations Initially. Establish policies to control and manage employees media participation 7. you may have to hire the services of a social web consultant company to help you out. instead of depreciating and shrinking 10. Protect your company’s online brand and reputation 2. which may range from blogs. Evaluate methods of monetizing company’s online presence in order to create revenue instead of cost. Increase prospect. 4. 8.

They have forums and reading articles about their staff. and find a lot of information their experience in the field of social media consulting. . Some of the common work areas they perform include Professional and Business Online Branding. Marketing and Conversion Site Audits and Launch Planning. Reputation Control.71 recommendations to variety of online social media items.

scope. Search List of Organizations – find organization(s) by organization name. This as well strengthens the media justice movement. GIS MAP – map that allows you to see all the media justice organizations by state . Inasmuch social media is an open-ended conversation it allows contributors to speak of what they feel about the current justice system. and relationship to the Media Justice organization. media and community-based organizations are committed to the concept of just and fair media and telecommunications. perspectives and media itself. community. opinions. the social justice system has become a discussion forum in social media websites. experiences.72 Let Your Voice be Heard: Social Justice Media Makes it Happen As we have said. cultural. They seek to address the inequalities of power. insights. The following are links available to social justice website: 1. mainstream media. 3. focus. As a result of these. Full List of Community – provides an overall picture of the current media justice community 2. social media is about sharing content. There are Social Justice Media that provides support to those who wish to express their opinions and views specifically against media justice. profiles. people have aimed of fighting for better systems. state. Organizations that provide social justice media makes information available to readers and users in the event that a social injustice takes place and needs to be addressed to. voice and knowledge in the popular. Social media has lesser control compared to write-ups in newspapers. Today many social.

73 This social justice media also provide grants to support travel. rallies. mailings. printing. materials and other costs associated with political organizing activities .

information. It is very difficult for the social media community to be interested in press release. . journalists are able to learn more about client’s story through a demo video or multimedia content for their stories. It includes summary of key highlights. audio. and tags related coverage and similar topics of interest. video. the Next Generation News Release A Social Media Press Release is a next-generation news release optimized specifically for online distribution and publication. It is designed to facilitate the rapid and widespread sharing of news.74 Social Media Press Release. The new template allows marketing and PR agency professionals to create compelling. The next generation press release is to be used by press release professionals who are looking to evolve the traditional press release formats on the dawning social media age. The Social Media Press Release use of template is free with no copyright protections applied. Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher inspired the social media press release. and other content. to include blog placements. RSS. The format is available in PDF format and can be accessed from SHIFT Communication website. With Social Media Press Release. links to background information embedded throughout the text. a midsized independent PR agency. With the Social media Press Release. and other similar mediums. a few expert quotes. highly effective press releases structured especially prepared for distribution to social media outlets. are able to make a change in the communication field on applying modern format news to be delivered to their target audience. images. which are all written in a style on the way people speak about the subject as discussed. social bookmarking sites.

Blogs on the other hand as a form of social media can tackle a particular interests that may attract other readers and viewers. and links to other blogs and web pages. wikis.75 Welcome to the World of Blogs and Social Media Social media is the home of people who got spiritedness or spunk when it comes to getting themselves involved in online social interaction as they share even their most intimate interests through videos. and commentaries. The social media applications (e. photos. social networking and blogging have reached an immeasurable impact that led to a more even powerful influence when it comes to people interaction. Many possibilities have been initiated ever since social media hit the Web. The presence of an individual in a social network or media can be felt in various ways like maintaining a blog. podcasts. audios. With a short span of time. Based on the latest statistics of Technorati (the internet search engine for blogs other than Yahoo and Google). images. Social media can be categorized in more specific group like internet forums. personal blogs. communication.g. weblogs. articles. and videos. and entertainment) and different types of blogs (e.g. over 112 million blogs are already part of the World Wide Web. collaboration. Social networking websites are prevalent and it just gets bigger and bigger through time because of the positive impact it gets from millions of internet users. So much about blogs includes text. multimedia. corporate blogs. and question blogging) have made the internet a very compelling force in setting the trend with an instantaneous results to the whole .


community of internet users particularly to those who are involved in social media and blogosphere.


Social Media for Social Change
The quality of man as being nomadic would seem to be different from the primordial concept of man as a traveler. The social media has made the nomadic quality of man into something more apt, something about travelling with nothing but a Blackberry. The social media has brought the time for social change. To recall the course of events in the past decade would mean to recall the influence of social media in making the difference in the world. What are these social changes that have made impact? These changes have successfully changed the perception of every person to a particular situation. The images of everyday life in China after the upsetting earthquake have brought the power of a simple blog that says: “donate money to the red cross” after displaying photos of homeless Chinese. Other equally similar concerns include the use of YouTube in promoting charities, the proviso for support in social causes on Facebook and MySpace among people who have interest in promoting humanitarian endeavors. Social media for social change is also the use of mobile phone to proliferate news and then make things happen. Another thing would be social media for social change is to promote social good for a greater social cause. This somewhat connects the use of viral marketing techniques to transmit a certain message say for instance an education effort about the HIV subject. Social media makes social change happen without having any unfathomable intention at all, which appears to be the case after everything falls into its right places. This is just the intrinsic


power of social media; that it is already producing the effect of social change without having the slightest intention to do so.

If these two rules are achieved then. These rules are: first to make your network visible and second to make your network user-friendly. And since social media marketing is also part of social media. . videos. make your network follow the rules of social media marketing as well to attract more viewers. Then. And for the second rule. Since the expansion of social media. it is also important to maintain a friendly social media network and this can be done by using nontext resources (audio files. To make your social media network searchable and visible make sure to increase your linkability by inputting more RSS feed and tags. more rules are now required to maintain a certain standard as it reaches different online communities with various kinds of people as the members. develop a particular strategy on your site when it comes to links and web traffic so that the desired outcome you set will be achieved. So in coming up with a specific social media network there are two fundamental rules that need to be adhered to. and pdf’ s) and by allowing your viewers and readers share their thoughts through comments which they can leave on your blog for instance. your social network can definitely earn a great and overwhelming impact to the entirety of the world of social media. One rule would be.79 The Rules of Social Media: Make it Searchable and Friendly Social media or social networking has reached its higher level given that it is still a young form of social interaction which is done on the Web. trying of new things and integrating such new stuff on your site.

Can provide strategic online counseling and recommendations based on the goals of a certain client. building customer relationships. Social media marketers can be the social media consultants. bloggers. 6. tactical knowledge of social media platforms. Such factors are studied by social media marketers. 2. An active and committed participant in the social media sphere. 5. Can create influence in business practices and human relationships. the breadth of the influence your network.80 Social Media Marketers Social media is a growing market online and to gauge the success of a particular field of social media some factors are taken into consideration. and the reputation that your social network has left to its viewers and readers. and other individuals who believe that they have gained enough knowledge to become a social media marketer (since every individual can become one). Has much awareness in using marketing tools and social communication tools with different brands that best fit a certain community of users. and customer connections. These factors include the influence your social network has made. social media addicts. the search visibility of your social network. the quality content of your social network. 4. search engine optimizers. 3. What are the qualities of a social media marketer and what does a social media marketer actually do? 1. Great provider of well-thought decisions especially in attracting customers. Possess first-hand experiences. .

open-mindedness. Possess the qualities like: unselfishness. . and genuine desire to help customers. 9. understanding. Has both the marketing education and marketing experiences. 8.81 7. 10. curiosity. Can stay focus yet at the same time can be playful as well. creative. Can write and can deliver a particular marketing message well.

YouTube and Google Video).82 A Closer Look at Social Media Services We are already aware of the advantages of social media. Other social media services that your social service expert will reckon to be beneficial are internet marketing solution providers. you have to consider social media sites that also offers social media services like YouTube. and customer support sites. business consulting service providers. and Facebook because these sites are known for having huge traffic. interactive. In most cases. When an individual or an entrepreneur becomes aware of such advantages social media provides then that person wouldn’t even have the time to have uncertainties and any doubts in availing a particular social media service. So if you are looking for social media service that can give you a quicker result. article creation and submission sites. Social media services can be more powerful than search engine optimization since the latter takes a longer period of time to get relevant results. video optimization sites (e. and creative solution providers especially when you want to utilize social .g. Such advantages can be squeezed in four key reasons: more attractive than the traditional media. and high visibility on the Web. MySpace. free press release distribution sites for your written articles. In availing social media services you are also acquiring the assistance of social media experts. social bookmarking sites. social service expert will tell you to make use of important social media websites that may include blogs websites. has the viral nature (that which spreads like a virus).

Social media services will definitely bring you the edge when it comes to advertising and marketing your products and the services you want to offer to your target audience.83 media in augmenting the sales of your business and improving the organization that your business has. .

The great power of social media is the fact that it is a participatory culture.84 The Great Power of Social Media The great power of social media is by giving the people the time to vent. gaining interests without sacrificing anything at all. and get connected to everybody who wants to coexist with other members of the social network. In this Age of Connectedness or the so called era of Generation C. The Generation C has been using the language of postmodern culture and such citizens of this society are described to have psychological determination. tradition. friends. and relatives. The common expression prevailing in the world of social media is: a person can be placeless but permanently connected. but it is already controlled by the individual himself. express what they feel. Another thing about the great power of social media is that an individual is no longer afraid of becoming alone. family members. Nobody is alone since time and space suddenly fall apart. Online social networking is used tremendously in promoting products and services. . The great power of social media is in fact its ability to be continually in action. the social media has brought a permanent access to all the member’s peers. This means their identities are no longer defined by geography. and economics rather the option to get identified is already a quest since the freedom to choose who you would want to be is no longer dictated. colleague. The great power of social media can be used in marketing. where its citizens get to share and participate in spreading the information they like to contribute on the internet.

quality images should be posted on your site. The scientific explanation with regard to images as important visual indicators to every viewer is that: human brain easily remembers images as compared to text. and image detail (simple is effective). So. the clarity of the subject (cropped images actually looks better as compared to those images which are not properly cropped). So. . To leave a great impression to your viewers and readers. the success and failure of a certain social media network depends on the images. Coming up with great social media images can attract more viewers which in turn can increase the web traffic of your site. The quality of a good image which you have to post in your social media network depends on the following characteristics of a good image. So if uploading quality images on your site may take some time. Somehow. much better). getting the right and accurate images for your social media network is risky job to do. face it since the results would be overwhelming at the end. the clutter (less clutter. hence.85 Getting the Right Social Media Images Images play a crucial role in creating a particular social media network. it requires much of the website developer’s skill. These qualities include: the size (large images are a must). Sometimes images posted on the site can already suffice the entire requirements of a specific network. if you have a poorly created image that results in confusion and misunderstanding of the message you are trying to convey then you have failed in this task.

before posting images for you social media network always ask yourself whether your images has something important to say to its readers and viewers. .86 Finally.

When it comes to social media branding. education through online training courses and programs are available online. video sharing sites. The impact of social media on sales and marketing is seen in the ever-changing customer-client relationships since customers and entrepreneurs are now becoming more connected with each other. discussion boards. The impacts and the influences that social media is now creating on the lives of social network members and online community users are prevalent as seen on blogs. The fact that social media network is done online validates the premise that everything done online happens in an instant. and Friendster. support. whether it be about personal matters or business and technical matters. Facebook. forums. Business transactions are done online. and certain issues and concerns are addressed and solved online. The support that social media provide to its users is also overwhelming. companies who engage in branding themselves are using synonymous terms with the company’s name that will serve as keywords in making the company’s site more visible. the reason behind the skyrocketing sales of small.87 The Impacts of Social Media The social media has been producing various impacts on sales. Furthermore. and branding. medium and large enterprises can be credited to the online advertising done using social networks like YouTube. vlogs. dating sites and others. Such social networks are attracting millions of subscribers day after day and as you advertise your company or your product on these sites the impact would be tremendous. Such branding of names would be relevant when your company name or the specific brand name . marketing.

88 you have chosen for your company becomes related to the keywords generated by top social networking sites. So the impacts are no longer imperceptible ever since social media conquered the Web. .

More and more opportunities are provided by social . blogs. Such definition and qualities of social media have sprung in the newest social media outlets. having organic contents. The present condition of social media can be attributed with the following qualities: being user-driven. As social media becomes more active due to the emergence of podcasts. blogs. wikis.89 Social Media and Public Relations As internet grows with more intense. being community-oriented. Social media has initiated an ideal form of collaboration amongst people of every nation and such collaborations are made authentic through the use of online resources and open discussions. social media tends to develop certain characteristics as well. social networks. and media sharing sites. and forums. The interaction between the readers and the bloggers through comments is now becoming the mainstream. podcasts. The virtual identities of a certain individual have created no geographical boundaries. The existence of social networking sites has led to more forms of being connected with each other via personal file sharing. and other advanced innovations that show people interaction via the World Wide Web. The challenge of interactivity has been resolved through podcasts. The age of connectedness can definitely be described using the concept of social media and its effect in public relations. social networking sites. The people who are internet and technical savvy become highly regarded. instant messaging. Social media has indeed left a huge mark in fostering public relations. and being easy-to-use. it also becomes an essential branch of society. Such media outlets include: blogs.

.90 media that will change the traditional public relations into something more interactive and challenging.

However.91 Using Social Media to Respond to Crisis A particular form of social media called blogs has been an effective tool in responding to crisis. Another crisis response would be the crisis communication response through social media. As bloggers become more and more influential to the extent of having the capacity to ruin corporate reputation as they dominate their so called created world: the blogosphere. Bloggers have already gained a kind of power that can bring about social change through social media. Therefore. social. Blogs are just the warning providers of an emerging and developing crisis. since problems seem to be properly addresses and decisions made are instantly made to be consensus. Certain issues (business. and a crisis communication can be misrepresented. Social media initiatives most of the time end up being successful. Through blogs. religious and other related issues) when raised in social media like blogs can earn responses from the people concerned. or the truth can even be distorted (wherein honesty is no longer the best policy). political. and questions are then addressed and then finally come up with a collaborative decision regarding the crisis that has emerged. blogs as a form of social media can respond to a certain crisis. a particular product can be sabotaged. looking at the opposite direction social media can actually become an avenue in crisis planning. Since blogs can be updated in just an instance. feedback. . certain comments. apart from the fact that blogs also offer interactivity.

92 Such power of social media in the form of blogs can be either detrimental or beneficial. So. . whatever side a particular individual chooses between the two it all boils to a certain respond: it can either resolve or worsen the crisis that has been brought out.

. the term social media is so diverse that it has a lot of various meanings for different groups of people. audio. This usually involves the use of pictures. Through this.93 How to Accurately Measure Social Media Social media is defined as the integrated activities in technology and social interaction. it is also difficult to “measure” social media. or feedback. Other questions to measure social media should also be asked like if the company was able to build a good or better relationship with its key audiences. pictures. Due to this. the owner can objectively say if the marketing techniques applied for his business are effective or not. But how can one accurately measure social media and its impact to a specific enterprise? The first thing that should be done is to know what the person wants to measure. customer relationship. Measuring social media is very important since it is the sole way on how the business owner can determine the return of investment through the social participation. Another factor for consideration is if the company has participated in discussions where it previously never participated. Social media can also be measured through the traffic of the website or its search engine optimization ranking. and videos. For this. several questions should be asked like if the business owner is a part of the conversation about the industry and product or if the business is better talked about compared to its competitor. Actually. it becomes a necessity that a company should know how to measure social media. words. It can be the corporate reputation. But with the trend of technology today and its integration to business.

.94 Although methods to measure social media cannot really identify all the factors in the Web. it can be said that these have the ability to measure one point at a time accurately.

unity. and widening the conflict scope. but the scope of social media can actually say the power it can bring to uplift a worthy social movement. the social medial. Newspapers.95 Successful Social Reform with Media and Social Movements For social reform. and WUNC (worthiness. History has proven their efficacy for social change. numbers. There were a lot of social movements happened in the world that became very historical. . and commitments) displays. Without the public’s knowledge on a certain issue. Media. legitimization in the prevailing discourse. But with the emergence of newly born media. radios. there will never be a social movement. Although not yet proven helpful. But it is undeniable to say that social movements can never be possible and can never be successful without the help of media. social movements can now have a new face. is very helpful to spark and end up a social movement. All these have the three elements of social movements which are the campaigns. social movements rely on media for their three main services which are the political support mobilization. whether in any form. repertoire. and televisions are great means for a successful social reform through social movements. And media in any form is very important for that. a group of individuals with the same cause can group together and act together—that is called as a social movement. It is also very important for a social movement’s success to have effective information dissemination since it concerns the public and the public’s welfare. In fact. The success or failure of a social movement can be attributed to many factors.

Apart from newspapers. not only with the entire nation. The choice of social media website depends on the particular need of public relations and its objectives. audios. contents. photo sharing. especially now that people are starting to have their own means of communicating through social media. online gaming. doing public relations using the social media is far different from the conventional way. and insights. Thus. social bookmarking. and presence apps. Doing public relations through social media can be done through the various kinds of websites. which is devoured of different social media. news aggregation. This is a new and good avenue for better public relations. images. television. video sharing. Social media can come in various forms and shapes like texts. This can be done through managing the flow of different information between a certain organization and its public. There are . Each of these websites specializes in their own field. public relations can be well-enhanced when it is done through the social media. The primary objective of doing PR is to attract positive exposure while limiting the negative exposure. perspectives. and videos. wikis. but with the world. Many people are now using social media to communicate. social media incorporates the many online technologies and methods so that people can share personal opinions. doing PR can be a different thing. Social media is another kind of communications medium. Also. There are many ways on how to do a good PR but with the world today. These are the social networking.96 A Better Way with the Combined Forces of Social Media and Public Relations Public Relations is an old-timer in the business arena. and radio.

.97 new technologies that have to be incorporated in order to achieve the organization’s public relations goals through social media.

interaction. But since social media is more about socializing. So. sentiment is the opinion or tone. the main idea to do a better social media measurement is to focus on relationship. and impact is the effect on the people’s actions. Attention is the time spent on the website. One of the simplest ways to measure social media results is to compile the number of associates that one has. These are the attention. These are helpful when one wants to find new communities for the social media. the person should determine whether he has built a useful connection with them. qualitative is the feedback.98 Attributes and Methodologies of Social Media Measurement Social media measurement is maybe one of the most important in the Internet business but also among the most difficult to do. and their influencers. sentiment. the topics or discussions they have. Another concern is the social media measurement methodologies. or comments. After that. answered their questions. a different approach is needed. velocity. or gotten them in some form. the social media measurement should therefore by measuring the number of relationships and the strength of these relationships. or way. interviewed them. sent them a business. and impacts. qualitative. determining the tools they use. interaction is the click. But with a more complex social media measurement. The methodologies are finding the community and participate to it. . linked them. embed. velocity is the travel speed of the messages in a certain timeframe. There are attributes that should be taken for a more complex social media measurement. shape.

customer respond. . and effectiveness of finding prospective markets. customer participation. customer satisfaction.99 Using these attributes and methodologies. the user can measure the buying cycle. efficiency of products.

Moreover. it has become a great instrument for making survey. share insights. and share different perspectives. Philippines. swap various perspectives. One social media survey done by the Universal McCann and was published in AdWeek has revealed the comparison of how US residents use the Internet and its technologies compared to Asians and other people of the world. Due to the popularity of social media usage. For instance. Through the social media. More than 92 percent of the South Koreans have read blogs. . more than 75 percent of those in the Philippines join social networking while only about 43 percent of Americans join social networking. Generally.100 Social Media Survey Results Comparing US and Asia Social media is incorporating the different online technologies that the world has now. different people from all over the world can share their contents. This is comparable to the amazing 70 percent of Korean Internet users who have already created their own blogs. An example of social media survey result can say of what it can do. When it comes to blogs. the social media survey revealed that more Asians use the Internet and its technologies compared to Americans. there are 68 percent of Brazil people who have already uploaded videos on YouTube while almost 50 percent of these video came from people of India. over 60 percent of US Internet users read blogs but only 26 percent of them have created a blog. Only less than half of US citizens have contributed videos to the famous video-sharing site. Many tools can now be used in order to do an accurate social media survey. Mexico. and China.

101 This simple social media survey from Universal McCann can already prove what this strategy can make. . More complex social media survey can be made still be made. This survey is just a simple example.

Collective Intellect. Included to the least of organizations measuring social media are Factiva. Cymfony. one can also choose what type of social media measurement he wants to use. Umria. there are still companies and organizations that are able to measure social media. and Millward Brown Precis. Aside from these. or viral sites. Buzzlogic. But most companies offering to measure social media can only tackle about the delivery value or service from the social media. only parts of social media can be measured like the podcasts. Lotame. VMS. CIC Data. Unica. or Talkdigger. But none can really measure the entire concept of social media. and Onalytica. Spotplex. and Converseon. SentimentMetrics. Technorati. MotiveQuest. Qualitative aims to . It can be the qualitative or the quantitative social media measurement. Sphere. MarketSentinel. But all of these have their own limitations too. Integrasco. Relevant Noise. But all of these are just the same—they measure only parts of the social media and not the entire concept of it. Anyway. Keibiinc. blogs. Usually. MediaMiser. Many people may be familiar with the technologies from Google blog search. There are still businesses and organizations measuring social media that were not included in the list. one can also find the Politizbuzz. Visible Technologies. There are also the BlogScope. Opinmind. Wavemetrix.102 List of Companies and Organizations Measuring Social Media They say that measuring social media is almost impossible because no one can really do that with the diverse world that the social media has. Nielsen BuzzMetrics. Aside from using the services from various organizations and business.

the quantitative aims to measure sales. customer relationship.103 determine characteristics like corporate reputation. or conversations. and traffic. search engine optimization ranking. . Meanwhile. Of course. it is easier and more objective to measure the quantitative social media compared to the qualitative.

so far.104 Different Media Social Movements in the World It was said that the success of any social movement depends on the exposure to media.000 citizens and was. There was also a media social movement in Australia in 1991. 1996. continuing. and simple advocacies can be disseminated using the media.000 people marched for the “Rally for Justice” and started a great social reform in the country. Many social movement scholars believe that the success of the White March was due to the media support. The relative effect of media to social movements can be attributed to the main its composition—the people. and success of any social movement. ideologies. . And people can only be gathered more effectively through media. A lot of Australians became so angry about the report. The media took a revealing and wide motivation effort to break down the social movement participation barriers. This social movement encouraged around 300. Almost 30. Even concerns. Any forms of media are helpful in the start. Many so-called media social movements have emerged successful. A great example of a media social movement is the White March in Belgium on October 20. This happened when a radio broadcaster promoted the socalled “Rally for Justice” to help an indigenous boy who became a victim of a hit and run incident. That has been proven with the many social movements in the world history where the media played a very crucial role to the success or failure of many social movements. the biggest demonstration in Belgium. creating a public hysteria.

105 With these simple examples. one can really say that a media social movement is true and that media can really make or break a social reform. .

and PR. That is why social media is now a hit for better communication. marketing. Now. executives. and gossips. content. personal opinion. There was the machine revolution.0 and social media. People can share anything through the Web—information. The group Social Media Collective was created to form a wide forum where different entrepreneurs. and Public Relations. and a lot more. as well as their impact on advertising. civil revolution. advertising. and thinkers around the world who are very interested to Web 2. the humankind is in the era called technological revolution. and social revolution. saying that it wants to group the various bloggers. perspectives. blessed with many technological features that promote better communication. The only difference of Social Media Collective is that the topics are all geared towards the various impacts of social media on marketing. One of these is the Social Media Collective. . Social Media Collective is said to be the same in concept with the Enterprise Irregulars. and software professionals can share their ideas. Many professional bloggers during 2006 were invited to join the Social Media Collective. The objective of this wide sharing of opinion is learning. Due to this. old media.106 The Primary Objective of Social Media Collective There were a lot of revolutions in the history of humankind. And with the advancement of technology. All members can learn from the information of one member. communications professionals. entrepreneurs. humans were able to communicate well. many groups have also emerged to primarily use the blessings from social media. tips. other mediums.

has proven to stand up for that purpose—it even went beyond the public’s expectations.107 Social Media Collective. after years. .

on the other hand. and share information. There are actually a lot of social media sharing sites available. News aggregation sites provide people a list of latest news published by various users from different websites. Wikipedia. images. Facebook and MySpace are two of the most famous social networking sites. discuss issues with friends and family. Social networking websites allow the user to make their own personal profile. people can create one community where they can exchange ideas. Meanwhile. These are the social networking. There are some which specializes in video sharing or photo sharing while some specializes in making social networks. news aggregation. and files. contents. A famous example of this social media site is Flicker. is an example of wiki. Wikis. and videos. . are websites allowing users in creating. Through this. wikis. Digg is one of the biggest news aggregation sites. and sharing information regarding the various topics and subjects. photo sharing sites are those allowing people to upload and share different images.108 Examples of Social Media Sharing Sites The main purpose of creating and using social media is its ability to share. YouTube is a famous example of this. video sharing. There are at least eight types of social media sharing sites. editing. online gaming. opinions. describe self. social bookmarking. audios. media. With the social media. Video sharing sites allow users in uploading and sharing their personal videos. The online encyclopedia. people can share different kinds of contents including texts. photo sharing. and presence apps.

A good example of this is the World of Warcraft. Presence apps are social media sharing sites which allow users to post what they are presently doing. online gaming is used usually around the community. . Twitter is among the many presence apps available.109 Lastly.

And to learn a lot about the basic to the most complex world of social media. This concept of web conferencing can also include question and answer portion and polling which allow audience to participate in the discussion.110 The Potential Power of Social Media Webinar Social media is now a big concern especially for Internet and Web marketers. and the effects of social media to the people’s lifestyle. several groups are now creating web conferencing to teach professionals about this new media. There are also cases that the presenter of the webinar can speak over a telephone line while pointing out all the information presented on the monitor. There are many discussions in a social media webinar. this is a lecture. The most basic of these seminars are discussions about the real meaning of social media and the many topics integrated to it like its shapes and forms or the social media sites available for use. There are also social media webinars about social media and how the public use it. The word “webinar” was coined from the word “Webbased seminar. or seminar done through the Web. A very common kind of web conferencing for this subject is the social media webinar. the benefits of social media for better communication and marketing. a webinar is a one-way communication where the speaker will discuss to a specific audience and there is only a limited interaction for the audience.” Generally. presentation. Usually. There are also social media webinars about . workshop. There are also some webinars which incorporate the use of voice over the Internet protocol or VoIP.

With social media webinars. people will surely have a clearer view of what social media is and its potential power for the market.111 how to make survey or how to measure on the various social media issues. .

for social media can really do a lot to escalate your sales. Let us face it. . This is because you can streamline your products for viewing especially for them. For as long as you can have an effective means of social media.112 Add Social Media. Add social media to your host of advertising services. what little (or a lot) of expenses you put in must be considered an investment. then the more this individual will be able to see it as a first choice among the rest. business owners should maximize all sorts of media coverage in order to broadcast their products – including that of social media. then you will surely reap the rewards of being able to come up with great and effective ads for your efforts. PR or advertising is extremely important because it really does make the difference in terms of sales. Social media is a great way to make your product known especially to your target market. the more a person knows about a certain product or service. The great thing about this is that it is practically free – the most you will spend for it would be the production costs (if any) of your audio and video presentations which you will add to the site. But of course. So in essence. then the end result is that you add to your sales. Reap the Benefits Running a business can be tough if you do not know how to PR it. You can do this by tapping a lot of the social networking sites where many young – and not so young. or young at heart – are devoting much of their time to.

audio and compelling content in a web site and voila! The website traffic could get better and better. . One can shop. There is a large set of communities online so choosing or trimming down which groups to join is a must. blogs and article marketing are just some of the ways to promote products and services on the internet. the digital community is getting larger and larger making people from around the world interact with each other like they were not miles apart. Computers and the internet have been the part of human lives and it continues to evolve to answer more to the needs of the people. search and have friends online. Navigate and identify which social network sites to trust and to deal with. one can incorporate music. This is why companies and businesses have entered the social media to widen their audience and to create more profit out of it.113 New Media and Social Fundamentals Advancement is inevitable. one can benefit from it if done with a systematic plan of action. No matter how big or small the industry is. Moreover. But there are some factors to consider before entering the world of social media. Just think of the tons of exposure that one can get from just posting a promotional video in YouTube. Social media can be integrated with these to ensure that the site gains much more traffic and exposure. This is the internet technology that is very widely embraced by people. Many business owners have been delighted with the results when they have tried to integrate and enter social media for their promotions and advertisements. Forums. Moreover. The world today always seems to move forward towards greater technology.

That’s because class structure is less defined in social media. The line of inquiry is also pretty much the same with social media. especially in terms of social media content. Most of the time. . Based on the age of social media users. This social stratification is crucial in determining the types of advertising a social media can contain. User preference and the methods of social media utilization can also be clearly determined based on social class. Preferences would shift dramatically. traditional media analysts focus their inquiries on gender and demographics. typical uppermiddle class teenagers would be more inclined to use a social media that fits their lifestyles. Social class stratification however will still be subordinate to demographics primarily because modern media is principally being utilized by young people.114 Social Class Media: How Class Structure Impacts on Social Media Studies and research on social class and media are rare. There are indications however that social class can somewhat influence the way social media is used. This would be far different from users coming from working class backgrounds. Researchers are more inclined to conduct their studies based on gender and age. individual class preference can be identified. For example. For example. working class youth would have different social media content preferences than those who came from middle class background. This is to align advertising methodologies with the forms of mass media. Social class and the analysis of class preference among social media users often take a back seat.

115 It is important therefore for social media publishers to make a thorough research on social class structure in order for their networks to make a significant impact on their target niche audience. .

For example. Marketing content therefore targeted these demographic groups and campaigns were applied uniformly across every social media networks.116 Correcting Misconceptions on Social Media Demographics Social media demographics have been widely studied by communications researchers and analysts. These are the first social network sites and their users belong to the 25 years old and above age bracket. the most mainstream social media networks have older user base. Companies should take into account the different demographic compositions of social media networks in order for their marketing campaigns to be more effective. most marketing companies harbor the misconception that social media is solely the realm of young teenagers or early adults in their 20’s or mid-20’s. Each social media network is populated by a certain age group. marketing strategies therefore should not be applied across the board. In fact. . In more recent studies however. In the past years. data showed that social media demographics is not static and not uniform. New social network sites however have younger user base. they are populated by teenagers and senior high school students. Usually. As each demographic group has its own preferences. demographic groups analysis is a major feature of every study conducted to analyze social media. There are also social media networks that are very popular among college students.

the common belief that social media demographics are fairly uniform has been proven wrong.117 In short. . Lots of advertising and marketing campaigns have been wasted on wrong target audience because marketing strategists failed to realize that social media sites have their own respective niche also.

it can be a source of income. Freelance writers make use of article marketing in promoting products and social media experts have come up with more ways to enhance website optimization. and interact with one another for a certain purpose or goal. Social media experts have said that this kind of marketing can really increase website traffic and promote recognition or exposure at the same time. goods and services. Content is very crucial to . How? Just like social media. the computer technology has indeed advanced into new heights that one can already optimize his or her profile in Friendster or MySpace. making it a part of their daily lifestyle and partner in their endeavors. Companies make use of different strategies to inform their clients of their latest promos. it can promote or advertise products. Moreover. One can either add music or upload their videos in YouTube and so much more. global community wherein people from all parts of the world can meet each other.118 Social media experts know the way to Great Sales For many years. Posting attractive and pleasing pictures on the web page is one of the ways to magnetize people. communicate. Truly. the internet age has come and it is being embraced by people all over the world. updates and many more. traditional marketing has evolved into many ways and one of this is the use of social media to increase website traffic and to reach more clients at the same time. The internet has now become a large. Blogging has been widely become the hobby of some and for others.

. it should also contain relevant and informational content. It is not enough that the website looks good.119 get an edge against competitors.

com. videos and captivating images can really add up to stir the interest of people. So what is the key to gain these social media riches? First. How? Well. promos and so much more. Making use of computer software to enhance the webpage appearance is suggested. One can inform their customers of the new products. creating a compelling and an appealing website is a must. it offers a huge marketing opportunity and it can increase web traffic to a website.com and many other social media sites. and many more. Internet marketers have come up with a way of gaining social media riches. MySpace. Moreover.120 How to Benefit from Social media riches Almost anyone has seen a video in YouTube or has visited social networking sites such as MySpace. incorporating music. Having a topnotch website is not the only factor to gain traffic but the content should also be informational enough to keep visitors coming. updating the site regularly is also a way to make sure that people would not get bored seeing the same content over and over again. Facebook. . try looking for the top sites on the net and the results are YouTube. The website traffic is indeed humongous that is why marketers find it a great way to earn money. freebies. But can one automate and generate cash with the use of social media? True. Although these sites are not yet running for so long yet they visited by internet surfers each day. But it is best if you include a rich and relevant content. Aside from that. This only shows that there is a lot opportunities that can be found here.

After all. Of course. If you are a diligent user of social media tags.121 Working With Social Media Tags Social media tags is a great way for you to capture the eye of a lot of business owners. but also in their other networks as well. This is especially true if you are able to come up with a wide variety of products and services (somewhat like being a jack of all trades) – you can definitely make yourself a lot more attractive to a wide market. audio and whatnot) will definitely be worth the effort that you will make. Tags are great in the sense that you can be able to cater to a wide market of people who are not just in your own contact list. it will really make your sales rise up. This is the beauty of tagging in social media – you not only reach out to your own networks but you go far and beyond that. You can also heighten the quality of your content because you can focus on a specific set of tags at one time and then another set at a later time. it also involves a lot of optimization and also adding many key elements that will help enhance a website and also the quality of content which many web managers take note of. Social media tags is also a great way of categorizing your posts because it can also streamline the content for different types of markets. . videos. you will find that the patience that comes with tagging each and every post (whether journals.

com is one type of social bookmarking service which can help you submit your own articles or even your blog post to a lot of the social bookmarking websites. except this time you also have a community component where you can get to add some friends to your account and allow them to see the things that you have been bookmarking. As soon as you create your account. There are many popular social sites out there where a lot of people end up collecting and sharing content from different areas in the web.122 Smart Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic Social marketing is a really lucrative take on business. StumbleUpon. These websites are really popular with most of the major search engines and if you can utilize this to your advantage then you can put your blog posts in a place where the search engines themselves will be able to notice it. there are great ways for you to increase your social media traffic. This is a good way to increase your social media traffic. You can do this by using a tool that goes by the name of SocialMarker. Truly. Another strategy you can do to increase social media traffic would be to engage in social bookmarking.com is also a site which works in the same way that only wire does. which will help increase traffic to your site. . Onlywire. you will just have to enter the desired title of your post and add a short description or two. plus the main keywords of your posts and the category to which it belongs.com.

This means that people who actively participate in a social media network have the power to monitor and control information. social media encompass the use of interactive communication tools including data or words. the bounds of communication processes have been released. television. audio. As a final note. shared. Authoritarian gate keeping procedures have been eliminated. videos. They can also actively make changes to the content of information and determine how fast and wide information should be disseminated.123 Social Media Wikipedia: Revolutionizing Information Resource Communication The Wikipedia online encyclopedia project is one of the most successful social media experiment. among others. Wikipedia now has become very popular as an online knowledge resource portal. These types of traditional media forms convey and transmit information from the source to end-users with little or no interaction. it has the distinction of being end-user centered. The advent of social media revolutionized the communication process. Created by social media practitioners. Although these forms have been very effective in transmitting information. Like other social media networks and forms. oneway media forms such as newspapers. This was replaced by community self regulation. This means that the content of Wikipedia social media encyclopedia is created. It is qualitatively different from other static. they lack interactivity and first person participation of communicators. There is no limit to the forms that . magazines. With social media. and pictures or graphics. and improved by its users. edited.

. The utilization of modern communication technology also distinguishes social media from other traditional media forms. It can be used for general information purposes as well as for academic and business use.124 social media may take.

it must be noted that social media does not exist in isolation. However. web publishers. In order for the media to get across a wide audience. webmasters. service.125 Effective Techniques in Using Social Media Companies are increasingly using social media as a critical component of their marketing strategy. These content creators include bloggers. certain factors need to be considered. social media networks are most favored by search engines. These people. if attracted to pick up the media produced by a company can help in viral marketing techniques. First. The massive traffic due to social media optimization could therefore produce numerous paying customers. They have their own base of social networks and through effective linking and social marketing. This is due to the fact that social media has been proven to work in terms of attracting new customers. online journalists and other online communications specialists. It is also a powerful tool in creating a solid base of loyal clients. the media campaign of any company can surely reach its intended audience. The following are two of the basic prerequisites to have a successful social media marketing campaign. or event could be accessed by millions of online users. Companies should exploit this fact and create a social media geared towards search optimization. companies should attract other content providers or creators to their social media events or sites. Second. It would be possible for the social media marketing drive of a company to get top search engine positioning. a company product. Once on top of search listings. graphic and video artists. .

Likewise. It is not surprising that mass media. social conditions. On the other hand. This can be seen by portraying that upward social class movement is a natural phenomenon. It is no wonder that . these portrayals are far from the truth especially in the face of severe global depression. In another point of view. and socialization. especially news and information channels. Specifically. a middle class family can be portrayed in media as the ideal unit of society which has plenty of opportunity for upward social movement. One will never fail to notice that most news and information networks devote significant air time and web space to business and stock market news even though only a minority of the population own stocks or businesses.126 Media and Social Class: Discerning Fact from Fiction There is a direct correlation between media and social class. In most sitcoms and television dramas. This practice shows bias for the affluent minority class primarily because big businesses are also big advertisers. One glaring example of this relationship is the way news networks handle the distribution and segmentation of their news and public affairs programs. Sad to say. media can also be used to propagate a liberal market orientation of society. accommodates the information needs of the wealthy class. the dissemination and conveyance of information is affected by the social orientation of a specific class that controls mass media. a working class family can move from the squalor of a working class neighborhood to the suburban villas. mass media affects the way people perceive lifestyles.

127 some media critics brand the current social mass media as society’s opiate. .

To make a website profitable enough. This is one of the applications of social media. This is where popular social media enters.128 Popular Social media Sites and its Use in Marketing Have you ever wondered why popular social media is being embraced by businesses and website owners? Well. Through social media sites and networks. the internet has it. It is inexpensive but effective. first thing is that it actually increases web traffic and it is an effective method in promotion and advertising. Moreover. it should be opened or exposed to the public. Why? Many people have been so technologically inclined so they rely on the internet in almost all of their endeavors. Whether it is to research for information or to canvass prices. One needs not to spend hundreds of dollars just to get started online. Social media is very influential and it can . When one wants to buy something. many companies have their own websites so they can reach their customers easily. all he can do is to find it online and he will be given a dozen results in just a few clicks. Marketers have found a way to optimize their sites by adding videos. music and many more just to attract more attention and to please their visitors. profitable marketing can be achieved. This is done through advertising and promotion. Social marketers come up with different plans on how to reach their clients in the best way possible and one of these is through the internet. This is one way of increasing traffic and search engine rankings.

129 surpass traditional marketing techniques. This is because it is the combination of effective promotion plus technology. .

your skills in social media will be better than ever! . Great reviews mean that other people can say the book really helped increase their skills and understanding of social media. you will definitely need a social media book to serve as a guide on how to go about such a thing. you should also remember to skim inside the book. you should choose a social media book that has a lot of great reviews. take note of the chapters and see if the topics you are interested in are explained in detail. Of course. If you are ordering online. but how do you know which one to choose out of all the offerings available? To start off. While social media is relatively easy to get the hang of. When you skim inside the book. Once you choose the social media book which you feel can best give you the information you need. You will surely find it very useful and pretty soon. download a page off the preview section so you can get the feel of the book. There are many social media books available in several online bookshops. you can go ahead and purchase it. you will still need a book to show you a thing or two once you get past the basics.130 The Helpfulness of a Social Media Book If you want to use social media to promote yourself or your business. it serves as a great refresher course if you are getting rusty – thanks to its many fundamental chapters devoted to the basics. In addition.

At the moment. It may be a quite painstaking task. Such a site will then follow a very simple structure. then it will be opened up for them and millions of other viewers as well.us. Digg and the other tool like this called del. . Now you know why a lot of bloggers on the World Wide Web are using Digg and tagging their own blog posts. Digg is very user friendly and can also be said to be representative of simplicity at its finest.icio. you can store and share your bookmarks on the World Wide Web instead of letting it stay on your own browser. you as the user will then have the ability to come up with a favored article acting as a bookmark to your own Digg account – and let them let others access these exact same bookmarks from other places. This way. When a lot of people look at the bookmarks of the same article. Using Digg in social media is one great way to achieve this.131 Using Digg to Improve Social Media Figuring out ways to increase your website traffic as well as your page ranking can give you an edge in bigger businesses. there are a lot of debates going on regarding the many web applications that truly help to come up with the exact type of traffic that you want which can also be the key to a very successful blog site.com will truly help you improve your web site's traffic. Here. Digg is a site that uses the concept of a centralized bookmark management. but these insiders know that the rewards surely are worth it in the end.

That’s because most music and audio files are protected by intellectual property rights laws. With thousands of these types of social media music sites. Music and audio files continue to circulate in these social media networks.132 Social Media Music: Some Issues and Concerns Surrounding Music File Sharing There are many forms of social media and audio or music sharing site is one of them. Music and audio file sharing in social media however usually encounter copyright issues. There are still social media sites however that ignores copyright restrictions. the fact remains that music is still a very popular social media. Music and streaming audio is still a favorite social media by most web users. That is why it is not surprising that some social networking sites have disabled music uploads or direct downloads in order to avoid issues with existing regulations. One can easily find a search engine-type social network solely devoted to music and audio files. Critics of intellectual property regulations on the other hand contend that restrictions could be tantamount to violating free speech and information rights. Other social media such as blogs. Audio files are freely distributed via direct download. This is the basis why some social media sites continue music and audio file sharing practices. Almost all age groups that use the Internet are naturally . With all the issues surrounding music and audio file sharing. regulatory authorities find it hard to monitor copyright infringement and impose control. and social networking use music sharing to attract more members. forums.

.133 attracted to music files for their entertainment. It is no wonder that music and audio are one of the most downloaded files from the Internet.

There are also scripts that can automatically block social media content from heavy posters. Similar to blocking scripts are eraser scripts which can be configured to automatically erase social media posts that have been viewed already. These scripts can also be installed as a browser extension or plug-in making it easy for users to bookmark a site or to share a site to their friends and networks.134 What is a Social Media Script? There are literally thousands of social media scripts written to enhance the usefulness of social networks. Probably the most popular social media scripts are sharing and tagging scripts which can be installed on the desktop. Scripts also help users in utilizing social media more easily. These reader scripts are similar to RSS feed scripts which could allow users to view social site content from their desktop. . This type of script can also be configured to prompt the user before deleting anything to avoid unnecessary or accidental posts deletion. This is useful for those who want to filter the content of social network sites. Specifically. For those who heavily use social media networks. social media scripts are small bits of program codes that allow users to customize the behavior and features of social media sites. there are specific reader scripts that can be installed on their computers to get real time social media content. Most scripts that are available on the Internet are free to download while others can be cut from a provider’s website and pasted on the HTML or JavaScript utilities of social networks.

There are still other social media tools that can be utilized by web users. Another popular social media tool is the RSS button generator. These tools also pave the way for easier access to different websites. Although one can find bookmark tools today that are designed as a drop down menu box in order to save web page space. These tools can be appended on any part of a web page for easier sharing or bookmarking. This tool will allow bloggers to easily provide a feed from their site. The most common social media tools that can be found are book mark generators. This is to allow users to easily return to a page by just clicking the social media tool. . Users can also easily subscribe to a social media site update even without the formalities of sending email addresses for subscription confirmation. For site sharing purposes.135 What are Social Media Tools: Understanding the Purpose of Social Media Tools Social media tools are important for optimizing and enhancing a static web page or social media site such as blogs. These social media tools could certainly help in quick distribution of information across the Internet. These bookmark tools are primarily being used for viral internet marketing and to speed up information distribution. There are so many bookmark generator tools that can be used that they can literally occupy a column in a web page. RSS tools also allow users to instantly see new posts or site updates on their desktop or browser side bars. social media tools are configured to allow users to distribute site content to their own set of networks.

and the other one is using content as a relevant factor in convincing people. Many commentaries have been said about blog and article writing but some people were quite cynical about it. is an activity that integrates technology for social interaction.org. In this manner. the information is presented in various forms so that it would appeal to people. And in the promotion scheme. with the aid of computer technology and the like. One is social media optimization or SEO. Many corporate businesses have websites and they are very much aware that it should be updated and optimized so that it would appeal to their clients. social media sites are becoming more and more popular because many people are fond of cyberspace and the benefit it offers them. .136 Social media user and its Tremendous Power Did you know that a social media user has more advantage than the one who does not? The increase in website traffic and rankings has been accounted lately on the use of social media in marketing campaigns. Some have taken it seriously and it worked wonders for them. as defined in Wikipedia. Facebook. music and videos can be used to enhance a website’s appearance. What is social media in the first place? How can it be used for promotions and in increasing sales? Social media. Aside from that. Moreover. A social media user can use two various methods. they associate or interact with other possible clients through these social media network or sites such as MySpace.

. YouTube and many more. No wonder it became that powerful.137 Flickr. These are just few of the things that social media has to offer.

The second or the succeeding workshops will usually tackle the more complicated forms of manipulating social media. but it is now a widely accepted way of communicating with others and expressing your self – acting as a vehicle for selfexpression. A social media workshop may usually come in two parts. This is not only a popular fad of sorts. The first part is usually the introductory course which tells you all about social media and how you can use this to make yourself be known to the world. You CAN Benefit From a Social Media Workshop Using social media is not just a great way for you to improve your business.138 Yes. If you are new to this. you will really benefit from investing in and attending a social media workshop. such as changing the entire look and feel of the site. but it is also a great way to show others that you are keeping with the times. so you can very well be sure that the information that you need is given to you in the best possible way. then you will really find these social media workshops as diamonds in the rough – and give you an edge over those other social media newbies as well! . If you are serious in working with technology to make yourself be known to a lot of people. Taking part in a workshop is a great way for you to know the basics without stumbling and fumbling over many things. A workshop will have many great solutions for you and is conducted by a professional.

the number of visitors or possible clients is sky high. it can be that simple and manageable.139 What are social media and how it got so popular? Social media is very associated with social marketing. Aside from that. There should be a plan and a systematic approach to make it more effective. This is because people are fond of making . However. Most website owners use it because it is the latest trend nowadays. their sites became more and more popular with social media sites and networks. Moreover. but once adjustments are made. starting a social marketing move cannot be done overnight. And if web traffic is increased. So what are social media ways and how is it applied to businesses and in the industry? It is actually making use of technology and media to disseminate information or convince people about a certain matter or topic. It is one of the methods used by website owners as well as marketers in their promotion schemes and advertising. they are constantly communicating and interacting with people who have the same ideas or are interested in the same topic. The process may be quite difficult at first. There are dozens of social media sites that are already established today and it has gained the interest of many marketers and entrepreneurs. They have witnessed its great effect on their search engine rankings together with the keywords and phrases. And they have been delighted with the positive results it brings. Sales become more productive and it brings out a positive recommendation to other people.

.140 friends online. shopping through the net. This is why social media got that popular. paying bills electronically and so much more.

to residential lots. as a professional or others. Nevertheless. You can simply create your page. fill it up with interesting media (whether to sell something or to simply sell yourself) and let them know that your page is accessible via mobile tools. then you have another think coming. you can now bring out more of yourself to other people. . so you should be warned that the entire page which you have designed yourself will look a lot different compared to how it looks on a regular computer screen. it should be known that the effects of social media on mobiles is greatly simplified for ease of download. The great thing is that the costs of accessing media on mobile phones are greatly diminishing by the minute. and one should never pass up any opportunity to reach out and let others know and appreciate you better – as a contact. as a client. This is because everyone is getting connected at warp speed. with free wifi zones sprouting up everywhere from airports to coffee shops.141 Mobile Social Media: Right at Your Fingertips If you think that the Internet and connecting to the World Wide Web through your computer is the be-all and the end-all of tech-based social media. mobile social media IS mobile social media. There is great news because now you can use mobile social media to further enhance your social media networking skills to the fullest. Mobile social media is great because it is like having other people carry your own blogs in their pocket all the time! Thanks to technology. Of course.

Once a website is optimized with social media tools. discussing it with other people. audio. it does not have limits. Still. Moreover. . It can cover different topics and many marketers are even using it as one of their marketing strategies. Facebook. But now. One of the main reasons behind this is that people are gathered in this large online community so the chances of getting a probable client are high enough. television. One can interact. YouTube. books. Social media may contain videos. the traditional media consisted of newspapers. there will be a lot more to come in the future. radio and the like. These are just some of the applications of social media.142 Shift social media and its Rewards These days. the audience can participate in the discussion or post comments on the web site or page. This is not surprising because advancements in computers and technology are widespread. computers and the internet become the primary gates to social media. the website traffic can be really increased and the search engine rankings could also heighten. Marketers also use it to widen their circle and to advertise their products and services. Aside from that. The number of pages or hours is not set so as long as there is interaction going on. During those days. text. outsourcing and link exchanges can further promote and open doors for more opportunities. text or a combination of these. audios and videos on social network sites. more and more people are fond of putting graphics. Flickr are just some of the social media sites that are used by many people to optimize their websites. share or build a common topic of interest or idea and with the use of technology.

A lot of companies can be very impatient when it comes to waiting for results so if you want to be the shining star in your company they you should definitely look into using social media to increase it. As such. and such are able to tap a lot of companies in the process. Using social media to tap many companies is a really great strategy that will help increase your sales. many non-discriminating companies have decided to go the avant garde trail and ride the social media wave. to be more specific – has changed a whole lot. the world – and business. If you do not.143 How a Company Can Benefit from Social Media Because of technology. The more traditional and time-tested methods have become passe – or at the very least has taken a backseat to communicating with your clients and associates in newfangled ways. . it could probably take you a lot of time. Think about it – how many companies now have Multiply and MySpace – even Friendster – sites. Even how we communicate has greatly changed. This is especially true since a lot of Fortune 500 companies have realized that such is the way to go and adjusting to these trends and changes will surely make their companies a lot more profitable compared to those who do not want to do so. This surely is a great way to be very profitable and is surely a wise choice to make. A lot of sales people have taken to building their own dependable bases of referral leads using social media. maybe months or even years.

It is no wonder that companies are resorting to social media to promote their business and foster good relationship with customers. Thus. air fares. And lastly. By utilizing social media-friendly techniques. Attendance to these events also faces problems with the continuing rise in fuel costs.144 Social Media Event as a Strategic Marketing Campaign Events such as conferences. . First. social media can spur viral marketing through its share-to-friend utilities thus making it possible for companies to replicate their onetime event into a long term marketing campaign. Words. The advantages of using social media for events management are three folds. The marketing possibilities using social media are immense. social media events could generate more concrete long term results in terms of converting prospective customers into paying customers. As long as there is discernible value to the content being disseminated. pictures. graphics. videos. Second. social media can carry the marketing campaign of companies. business meetings. and audio can be used to penetrate the social media networks. companies can benefit from wider reach of social media networks thus minimizing the cost of advertising. costly formal business events could be minimized and social media events put into place as a specific marketing strategy. companies can also establish good rapport with their existing and prospective customers. seminars. and exhibitions are getting more expensive nowadays. Event managers are also getting busy organizing corporate activities with social media as a main complement. and accommodations.

social media can be used for popularization and to drum up interest. During the event. social media can be used as a major component.145 Even during a formal business event. Before the event. and audio streaming which are powerful social media tools. . organizers could provide facilities for webcasts. podcasts.

The weakness of traditional or regular press release lies in its inherent single focus approach. this kind of information has no value for them.146 How to Ensure the Success of Social Media Press Release There are big differences between social media press releases and regular press releases. The press . The press release should provide information that can be replicated. For the social media audience. That is why more and more communication specialists and PR practitioners rely on social media press releases to get their messages across a wide audience. or accomplishments. The press release should communicate intimately to its target audience. in a communication environment where social media is the norm. the communication tool will fail to make an impact on the general public. a company announces a new product or it communicates its achievements. the most important aspect of social media press release is its value to its intended audience. Normally. In essence. In effect. For one. product. The key in creating an effective social media press release lies in its focus and value. However. the success of regular press releases is close to nil. it conveys information that zeroes in on the entity sponsoring the press release. the social media press release speaks to people rather than simply announcing an event. For example. On the other hand. Straightforward product announcement may sound too commercial and could elicit distrust in the social media. company centered news and information could be shrugged off by the social media audience as another corporate blandishments.

.147 release should also contain valuable information that can be used for the daily activities of the readers. In this way. the success of the press release in the social media can be guaranteed.

technology and many gadgets. Dozens of websites emerge and are created each day and most of them contain ads or promotions. the marketing strategies have evolved to social interaction that is integrated with technology.148 Social Media Seminar can give you an Edge to Success Social media today has reached its height. Back then. Many companies have already witnessed the power of social media in the field of business and trade. and thus. Many people have relied on computers. Social networking opportunities should not be taken for granted but in order for it to be effective. social media marketing is the trend. And many corporations have at least attended a social media seminar to enhance their social interaction and know the breakthroughs to improve traffic in websites and how to achieve social media optimization. Due to this. pamphlets and many other schemes for promotion. internet. It is a great tool to get through the rapidly changing environment. Social media seminars teach marketers how to define goals then set boundaries and budgets to expand their social network. to profit more. And entrepreneurs are using the social networks to get more clients and to create a wider circle. Small and large scale industries give much attention to this because it can be a means to gather more clients. the marketing people relied solely on advertisements. a systematic plan is . flyers. There are so many blogs that talk about social media seminar and how it can help a business owner in bringing his industry to new levels. to promote business. But these days.

149 necessary. It should be done with connection and relevance. . And interaction should not be just about communicating or relating.

150 Inexpensive Social Media Tracking – Coming Right Up! There are so many companies out there that can help unload your dollars for you so you can get some good social media tracking services. then you can use Google News. and not only do they track your social media but they can also spy on your competition as well! All you need to do is look at Trackur. it can even be done for free! All you need is a social media tracking tool that is free of charge. . If mainstream media news is your thing. See. you should also know that there are less expensive ways of actually going about such business – in fact. you do not need to spend lots and lots of money to improve your business – all you need is some canny tricks and a good eye for spotting the great social media tracking services that are free of charge.com and you will be able to get a packaged track monitoring tool. While so many bigger establishments will let you have the peace of mind that is packaged with a company doing all the tracking for you. All you have to do is to enter the name of your company and sort out the results according to the date that they were published and then you simply have to subscribe to the RSS feed. In an instant. There are so many free RSS feeds that compile aggregated industry news. In your industry. you may get to track news that is part of it. you will be able to get RSS updates of all the news items that you mention in your business. There are lots of these out there.

then they can have a clue as to what is on with you at the moment and what other offerings you have in store for them. a journal page and even some news about what is going on with you at the moment.151 Invest on Social Media Web Sites There are many great ways for you to increase the sales of your business. you can definitely use social media web sites as a new way of developing your own social circle while increasing your client base. you can then add several bookmarks for the other sites which capture your interests. You can start by using your own space on your own page that other people can have access to. you can also invest a lot of time and effort in social media web sites. You also have the option of adding some personal photos. If you keep this up. Aside from telling everyone about it manually. Aside from this. Here. you can also add your comments and some extra links as well (should you have any of those). at that) look at your page. . Creating new networks and expanding old ones is definitely a lot easier if you have social media web sites. This is both fun and professional in the sense that you are updated in your own field and share it with others as well. This can be called your own lounge where you can get to entertain a myriad of your Internet friends. If your friends and also your clients (and future clients.

MySpace and Multiply. All you have to do is go to the best sources that are frequently visited by your friends and close acquaintances. Truly. this is a great way for you to stay connected and be in touch with other people. Social media is also a great way to announce important things such as a recent engagement or expecting a baby – it is efficient to simply post a bulletin and let others see what happy news you have to share with them.152 Why You Need the Best Source for Social Media Are you looking into tracking down your childhood friends or making new ones to party or hang out with? Investing in social media is a great way for you to improve your social life. Each site is completely different but share common threads in the ability to post different kinds of social media and customize the entire look and feel of your very own page. . The most popular sources for social media would be Friendster. The best social media you can try to go to is the one where you get to customize a lot of things to make your pages very appealing to the public. It should also be a source where you can control the settings of what can and cannot be viewed by other people. Social media is a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones as well. Make sure that you add all the people you care about in your social media so you too can be updated regarding what goes on in their everyday lives.

First off. You can also add pictures of things you love and people you care about. Therefore. You can choose from plain colors or a simple drawing or a figure and character you like. There are many great things you can add to your social media which you not only like yourself. You can go as wild as rock and roll or as mellow as jazz – and for more class. try to look for a simple background which reflects your visual tastes. . but will be appreciated by many other as well. you can add some cool music or audio sounds to your page in order to let others know what background music you might play when presenting your life. you should maximize social media as a tool that can help you with your self-expression. your social media may even be called as an extension of yourself. The great thing about technology is that it allows one an outlet of creative self-expression in which you can project and re-project yourself in a multitude of ways. Here are some great tips to get started with your social media. The important thing is that you choose something which can serve as a backdrop for your colorful (or otherwise) personality. In fact. why not a touch of classical music as a relaxing intro? Third. you can add pictures of yourself to accentuate the background.153 Improving Your Social Media Social media is an effective way for you to let others know more about your own character as a person. Second.

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