this is the shit that killed Elvis

Matthew Lee Knowles (Feb. 09)

Electric Guitar

This is the story of a remarkable young man, a man who would overcome his insatiable critics to become probably the greatest superhero the world has ever seen. A man known to the world as Battyman! The world was not safe and many people were happy; obviously not everyone can be happy but more people were happy than would be had the world of been dominated. The Sprite was locked up and everyone was safe, but for how long......?


Hey Butt-Head, wasn't that diarrhoea? I think it was! Do you wanna go some ware? Uhhhh. Ok.

E. Gtr.


E. Gtr.

Hey Bill, Jeff, Larry, Meg.. where's Pierre? Oh, there you are. How are you guys tonight? Here's a new friend. Mommy, did Andy build these for us? Yes, honey, he did.


E. Gtr.

We made it. No thanks to that stupid rental. I mean what's the point of hiring out a car that doesn't work? Your number one fan. Here's a present you won't forget. I'm a magician. It's fake blood.


The magazine said there’s no need to ever wear underwear. It only adds unsightly bulges and lines. Ew. No one likes to wait in line. Two peas in a pod, no peeing in the pod! A biggie hug for health and happiness. Here little kitty. Omigod! Be the pussy. Be the pussy. We love “Uranus” very “berry” much. Meow. Meow. Prrrrr. E. Gtr.


Hey kid, it’s Uncle Sal. About the problem I had yesterday. I made a copy of the disk just like you said and I’ll get one of the guys to send it down to you. You should get it sometime today. Have a good one kiddo. You’ve gotta be kidding me. He laughs. Why am I even surprised anymore? E. Gtr.


I’m HIGH! I got you fellow that is the best This movie would God damn this is

potheads ha, chronic I have ever smoked! not be called blunt smoke if we did not have blunts. the shit that killed Elvis.

E. Gtr.


E. Gtr.

Oh, yeah. That feels better. Soon Laurie will be dead, but first I have to make a bathroom stop. All that beer that I had earlier is beginning to get to me. Okay, I think that I'd rather you kill me. The thought of having sex with you just turns my stomach. Oh, shit. I'm never gonna get laid.