Evaluation of Efficacy of Snigdhapatra Pinda Sweda

¶¶Evaluation of efficacy of Snigdhapatra pinda sweda & Jambeera pindasweda in management of sandigatavata ··

Dr.prakash paltye Introduction : Mobility is the basic character of life, which is dependent on the structural as well as functional character of the body. Though proper nourishment is available, the body looses its qualitative capacity of structure &function as the age advances. OSTEOARTHRITIS is one such common Degenerative Joint Disorder particularly seen in geriatric practice. Osteoarthritis is 2nd commonest musculoskeletal problem in the world ( 30% ) after backache ( 50% ). Subject Sandhigata vata is one of vatavyadhi may be correlated with osteoarthritis. Snehana, swedana are prescribed as common line of treatment for vatavyadhi. In sandhigata vata, sweda plays an important role. Pinda sweda , a form of sankara sweda explained in the classics serves the purpose of alleviation of vitiated vata dosha. Drugs used in Snigdhapatra pinda sweda like nirgundi, eranda, dhatura, agnimantha,etc & that of Jambeera pindasweda like jambeera, lashuna, kulatha etc are having vatahara, shothahara, shoolaghna action. The detailed description of preparation of snigdhapatra pindasweda & jambeera pindasweda,mode of action,stastistical data,results,will be highlighted during full papper presentation. Key words: Sandhigata vata; Pindasweda; Osteoarthritis.

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