Some information regarding US For MS in USA Institutes you need good score in Engineering, Good GRE Score & Good

TOEFL Score (better if you score around 250 or more), Letter of Recommendation in sealed envelope with stamp of the signatory authority (professor or institute) from renowned professors (around 2 to 3 professors are required) & a very good Statement of Purpose. Class 10 & Class 12 standard results are also important. Here are the following Institues in USA where to apply according to GRE Score (specially for those who opt for Computer Science, Electrical, Information Technology etc). All these institutes more or less rank in this order in overallperformance for almost all subjects. Still you refer to the websites of these Institutes for detailed information GRE Score: Above 1400 1. University of California , Berkeley 2. University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) 3. Purdue University Score: 1300-1400 1. University of Florida , Gainesville 2.University of Minnesota 3.University of Michigan 4. University of California , Santa Barbara 5. Boston University (Private--high Scholarships) 6. University of Texas , Austin Score: Above 1250 1. University of California , Irvine 2. University of California , Riverside 3. Iowa State University

Arizona State University 3. University of Pittsburgh 4.4.Oregon State University 7. Cincinnati State University Score: 1150-1200 1. Score: 1200-1250 1.University of Connecticut 10. NJIT(chances less) . NJIT 2. 2.Pennsylvania State University 5.Ohio State University 6.Texas A & M University 8.University of Alabama 9. SUNY.Colorado State University 5.North Carolina State University 7. New Jersey Institute of Tech. Buffalo 3. Virginia Tech.Mississippi State University 6. Indiana University .University of Arizona 4. Bloomington Score: 1100-1150 1.

Bloomington 3. Indiana University . Buffalo 4.2. Washington State University Score: Below 1100 1. Chico 6. New Mexico State University 5. University of North Dakota . SUNY. California State University .

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