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6443056 Gurdjieff Views From the Real World

6443056 Gurdjieff Views From the Real World

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Published by Maja Popovic

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Published by: Maja Popovic on Aug 20, 2010
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them, at three points, there are, as it were, three machines
whose function is to make fa pass into mi.
All through the cosmic octave the shock at fa must come
from outside, and the shock at si comes from inside the do. By
means of these, involution proceeds from lop to bottom and
evolution from bottom to top. The life of man plays the same
role as planets in relation to earth, earth in relation to moon
and all suns in relation to our sun.
The matter which comes from the Absolute is hydrogen, re-
sulting from a combination of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.
One hydrogen combining with another turns it into another
kind of hydrogen with its own qualities and density.
Everything is governed by law—which is very simple. I have
shown you how the law works outside; now you can find out
how it works in you. In accordance with the law, you can fol-
low either the law of evolution or the law of involution. You
must put the outside law inside.
In our system we are similar to God—threefold. If we con-
sciously receive three matters and send them out, we can con-
struct outside what we like. This is creation. When they are
received through us it is the creation of the creator. In this
case, all three forces manifest through us and blend outside.
Every creation can be either subjective or objective.
Question: What is the neutralizing element in the birth of
Answer: Some kind of color mixed with the active and pas-
sive principles; it too is material and has special vibrations. All
the planets project their vibrations on the earth, and all life is
colored by the vibrations of the planet nearest to the earth at a
given moment. All planets have emanations, and the emana-
tions of each particular planet are strongest when it is nearest
to the earth. Planets project special influences, but each special
influence stays unmixed only for a short time. Sometimes the

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