August 20, 2010

Dear Senator, In April, I personally reached out to you with polling results commissioned by the three Republican County chairmen from the 40th Senate District. I warned each of you that Senator Skelos and Senator Libous were intent on wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee's resources on a futile campaign that will rob resources from each of you and prevent the Republican Party from regaining the majority in the Senate, a majority we must obtain if we are to prevent the Democrats from redistricting our party "into oblivion," as Malcolm Smith said. Since I shared these poll results with you, Senator Skelos and Senator Libous have wasted over $100 Thousand on Mary Beth Murphy's campaign, and financed a disgusting Smear Campaign against me. Attached, you will find a copy of a new poll of likely Republican Primary voters in the 40th Senate District. Like the last poll, the results are compelling and reflects four years of hard work and back-toback landslide victories in Republican Primaries, 2006 and 2008 respectively. These are victories where I have built an enormous reservoir of support among Republican Primary voters. This poll shows that the groundwork has been laid for a similar landslide victory, regardless of the fact that the State's Republican party is intent on depleting valuable resources on a Primary challenger that should be spent to regain the majority in the State Senate. In summary, the poll indicates that I will defeat Mary Beth Murphy by 33 points. After reviewing the poll, please ask Senator Skelos and Senator Libous to not waste any more of the NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee’s resources on a futile campaign that will hurt each of you. Let us focus our resources at the proper enemy, not at each other. Sincerely,

Greg Ball

“New Yorkers On The Ball,” PO Box 607, Pawling, NY 12564

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