Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly – 8/20/2010
Let me put just about everything into focus. With this. With light. The path of mortal existence is one of total darkness. What will save us? Not materialism. We need to be sold on things. We live in a world where it is the salesman that rises to the top. No? Hey we vote for them every year in politician mode. We trust salesmen. Sell your book, sell yourself. Without a slick presentation, your product, what you have produced, is absolutely trivial. Walk through the grocery store. It’s all about packaging. Wow this is really shiny. I’m going to get this! Look around. Spend your years living patiently. Relax. Think about the quality of your life now. Not in some imagined future that you may not live to enjoy and also once having reached said event realizing that no you haven’t found the happiness at the end of the tunnel that you foolishly convinced yourself you would. In this way joy and happiness exists now. And if they don’t do what you can to work on your inner and outer existence to make positive they do in the future. The backside of this obviously is that most people can’t enjoy life period anyways. People who you might think, “Wow. That person has everything, I would be so happy if I was that person.” often aren’t. Happiness is a fountain that flows from within and is not reliant on any outside condition or event. If

you have all of the success that you can demand from the universe: wealth, appreciation for what you do, a beautiful and loving partner and you’re still a miserable grumpy wreck, well? Then there are those who are at that very extreme state of unhappiness being suicidal many of these people being relatively successful. How do we achieve or attain to find true, lasting satisfaction and contentment in our lives? Obviously in living a good simple life building good karma. This flies against everything the people of the world believe about happiness. We attain to happiness by being charitable, by giving to the world not in taking from it. Not from demanding things like never satisfied 6 year olds. I need need need want want want! Maybe spending our entire lives daydreaming about the next material object we will own. And then the next. Like the carrot and the donkey right. The donkey will never get the carrot. Never. Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Good luck. Happiness springs from an ever present fountain that lays in the center of our very souls, that we should be able to tap into at anytime or just have flowing at all times through our lives. What barriers cover this fountain from the eyes of humanity because obviously humanity, the masses of humanity are not able to uncover this fountain and bathe in it’s holy waters. Need the human being really just turn one’s eyes inwards to the inner journey and be magically led by the universe from one event to the next until arriving finally back at the source of all love and happiness, God. Who would believe such nonsense? Who would forsake all else in this very very short life to foolishly pursue the so called holy grail through death and resurrection like the great Buddha or even Jesus Christ himself? The story of the Buddha, the great prince who gave up on all of his material wealth and journeyed the holy path of enlightenment penniless without any assistance is surely one of fairy tale. I for one did believe in this reality 100% and did give up everything in my life to walk the ancient spiritual path to enlightenment. I have been born again to tell you that the ancient spiritual path to enlightenment is reality and is the path that humanity must now walk together to reflect true personal salvation on a global level. And to finally find true lasting happiness and contentment.

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