Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly – 8/20/2010
What is enlightenment and why is it important? Why isn’t it? Spiritual enlightenment is like finally attaining to the ability to fill up your vessel with pure light, your mental and physical selves. To have your soul reunited to your self in physical form. When one who has attained to enlightenment thinks about life before being enlightened it is as if living without the spark of God never really having true purpose or direction. Lost at all times. Not necessarily so lost that life is terrible or not enjoyable. Not completely without direction but never really certain of the true meaning contained in the movement towards any direction. Being enlightened is like being a lighthouse in a dark world, there is always purpose, the way ahead is clear, life means something, things pretty much make sense and if not the confidence and knowledge is there that things will make sense in the future once they have been examined more. The true light of God illuminates the person who has attained to true enlightenment. Some people have asked me, do you truly know when you have attained to enlightenment? The answer to that is irrefutably yes. The truly enlightened know without a doubt that they have attained to it’s great luminance. Imagine that the human mind is a huge maze and we each in our own limited way carve out of a small little cubbyhole of thought and belief, of limited existence somewhere in it’s layout deathly scared of ever leaving it’s place of

safety. The spiritual seeker is the one that bravely leaves his or her small little cubbyhole and journeys alone through the darkness of the great maze seeking wisdom. The seeker who has attained to enlightenment has stumbled through to the very center of the maze, the holy source of all knowledge, and has lit his or her eternal torch in the fire of it’s radiance. Afterwards the seeker, his or her mind illuminated, walks the mazes of his or her mind learning always learning better ways to help fellow citizens attain to spirituality and to improve him or herself. The radiant luminosity of the perfect mind. The spiritually enlightened person is not perfect. The mind state of self illumination is and if learning is consciously placed above all other considerations the enlightened being can move closer and closer to the ideals of perfection, in finding true holiness. Perfection always being something that is judged by others based on their own limited understanding of the universe. If the knowledge of God is locked to the human being then the gifts of enlightenment are the keys to the unlocking of that knowledge. Being one with the light of God does not mean that one will suddenly ‘know’ everything. We still walk the holy path of life and the great universe after becoming enlightened, or should, but instead of fumbling along never being quite sure if we are going the right way, we instead with the light of the Creator illuminating our third eye of true knowledge run joyously along it’s path like children, like the children of God we are. The newly enlightened should realize that maybe in this dark world of material existence and spiritual ignorance they stand at Everest like heights of wisdom and knowledge but in reality, as life should be, all people journeying on the holy path of the universe, they are really mere toddlers and should thus show great humility. This is probably the greatest hurdle the seeker who has attained to illumination must overcome. The hurdle of self pride that no matter how strong the spiritual seeker’s confidence and almost unlimited resources of natural talent is will never be successfully overcome. Humility is key. The newly enlightened must surrender to the great forces of God and the universe or be stuck forever in the very first steps of spiritual enlightenment which, frozen in mediocrity, upon re examination is not very enlightened at all. The journey must continue. At all times.