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You the Chosen One

You the Chosen One


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Published by: Amin Ahmad Chaudhury on Aug 21, 2010
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You The Chosen One

( In reply to Irma’s “By necessity”) All along I had been watching you Playing singing dancing and chasing The red dragon fly Running after the naughty squirrel Mimicking the Orang Otang Stretching my tender arms outward Trying to fly with the swallow In the lush green garden of heaven You living in earth But all along under my watching eyes You were a little girl So beautiful, so charming, smiling too Restless just like me I giggled and rolled on the soft smooth grass Watching you tip toeing to the freezer Standing on your toes to get the handle Open to find the orange juice bottle The chocolates, the ice cream box You missed, ice cream box rolled on you Wow ! Your face drenched in thick chocolate What a scene to be photographed ! You sitting on the lap of your mom Asking so many strange questions While they were watching TV A wonder girl you were ! Growing up right under my watching eyes

You grew up day by day Just like a naughty squirrel Red dragon fly, With beauty charm elegance So sweet a face, such angel grace I watched the entire state, country too Found not a single duplicate You were one and Unique Days and months and years passed You growing up right under my watching eyes Wow ! What a great beauty ! You held all the charms of heaven In your deep sea blue eyes In the blushing of your cheeks In your rose petal lips Your bare shoulders like horizon itself Fragrance of the finest red roses Found a safe place in your body Your words music of a nightingale Your steps like the springs Flowing down a mountain top Dancing singing skipping You grew up right under my watching eyes You got married, I said to dear God “Now I am ready to descend to earth This girl’s womb be my resting place.” Dear God said, “So be it.” You grew under my watching eyes I knew you would be a wonderful mom So, You The Chosen One” My loving caring smiling mom

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