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Kotrab Aleb Art-secror-of-orec-noc

Dedicated to Emma Cotton

For a quartet of orchestral horns

Matthew Lee Knowles February 2009

Kotrab Aleb Art-secror-of-orec-noc

Performance directions Maximum duration: 1 hour 3 minutes hour Minimum duration: 38 seconds

Each player stands in a different position in the performance space, several feet apart. Each player has a copy of the same score and is free to begin wherever they wish. Each note must be between 0.1 and 10 seconds in duration. [NB. on longer notes, the player should turn around whilst NB. playing, with varying degrees of speed, vibrato and bell position.] Any note can be transformed into a silence of equal duration. All notes must be played as quietly as possible with exception to a maximum of 5 notes which should be played extremely loudly. When each player reaches the asterisk marked note they must move (within 5 seconds) to a new position and continue the material as written, from memory. [NB, the bracket extends NB, over 21 repetitions of the notes b and c#.] The notes in this section should always be directed to the other players, imitating a very natural conversation between 4 friends. When this material is complete, the player should return to their original position. NB. Accidentals only apply to the notes they immediately precede.

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