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Ever growing technical needs of power generation and utilization of professionals is the inspiration for the birth of TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS . We are the global maintenance service provider to owners and operators of gas turbine, steam turbine, boiler, generator, transformer and switchgear. Together with its diversification into other related fields, TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS is synonymous with the development of oil and gas, fertilizers, cement, steel industries undertakings throughout the world and with their technical developments. The company is resourced with advisory panel and technical staff to meet the specific needs of worldwide portfolio of clients. Dedicated project management team of TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS covers strategic planning and business development, engineering project and services, resources and finances, with multi-disciplinary teams assembled entirely from within the internal resources of the company to meet the specific requirements of each assignment. Project requiring exceptional resources beyond those available in-house, the company arranges the collaboration of specialist consultants and technical advisors from OEMs. During project execution, TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS provides comprehensive training and instruction so as to achieve a transfer of technology to the client’s staff. The basic TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS quality system is adhered to all projects undertaken by the company. However, there is a facility to refine or supplement the basic system to address the requirement of particular projects. The extent to which the basic system needs adapting is dependent on the nature, needs and contractual agreements. This is achieved by the issue of project quality plan, backed up by the established TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS corporate quality system. TURBO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS offers a wide range of services tailored for specific projects. Complete consultancy and project management or support in specific areas can be provided to backup the client’s engineering staff. Our business is found on the strength of our technical and engineering capability, reinforced by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. A brief description follows of the services offered by the company.

Gas Turbine
At TEC, we offer world class Turbo-Machinery maintenance services of virtually all the major OEM makes. We provide wide range of optimal solutions right from Outage Planning, Inspection, Overhaul, Testing & Commissioning, Repairs and Refurbishment. Technical capabilities of our field engineers and skilled technicians enables us to provide the outstanding services.

Field Overhauls
Ÿ Boroscopic Inspection Ÿ Bearing Inspection Ÿ (Combustion Inspection) CI Ÿ HGPI (Hot Gas Path Inspection) Ÿ (Major Inspection) MI Ÿ B & C - Type Inspection A, Ÿ Renovation & Modernization

Repairs & Refurbishment
Ÿ Inspection of Components Ÿ Pressure testing Ÿ nozzle repairs Fuel Ÿ Blade & bucket repair Ÿ Sand blasting Ÿ In-situ Field Balancing Ÿ Journal & Thrust Bearing repair Ÿ Refurbishment of various Frames

Turbine Component & Spares
Ÿ Blades & Buckets Ÿ Nozzles & Vanes Ÿ Combustion Components Ÿ Advanced seals Ÿ Field Instruments Ÿ Routine Inventory

Steam Turbine
Our capabilities on Steam Turbines and Power Plant Auxiliaries maintenance

Field Overhauls
Ÿ Minor Inspection Ÿ Major Inspection Ÿ Boroscopic Inspection Ÿ Bearing Inspection Ÿ Capability Up-rating Ÿ Turbine Retrofit

Ÿ Packing & Seal Installation Ÿ Blade removal & Installation Ÿ Turbine casing Ÿ Advanced Welding Ÿ Babbitt bearing repair

Ÿ Blades & Buckets Ÿ Diaphragms & Nozzles Ÿ Bearings Ÿ Governor Valves Ÿ accessories Skid

Plant Auxiliaries

Ÿ Centrifugal compressors Ÿ compressors Axial Ÿ Impeller & Blades

Off base equipments
Ÿ fighting system Fire Ÿ Fan Coolers Fin Ÿ conditioning plant Gas Ÿ forwarding skid Fuel Ÿ metering skid Fuel

On base equipments
Ÿ Load gear Box Ÿ Starting Engine Ÿ Torque Converter Ÿ Lube oil pumps Ÿ filters Oil

Turbo Generator
Condition based maintenance (predictive maintenance) is productive tool in eliminating the unscheduled downtime of power equipments and reduces the overall cost of maintenance. This approach relies on planned inspections, testing, analyzing and trending of the relevant equipment parameters, which determine equipments health and must be followed by proactive actions. The following maintenance and testing services are provided for rotary and stationary part of electrical equipments.

Field Overhauls
Ÿ Minor maintenance Ÿ Major overhauling Ÿ Component repairs Ÿ Retainer ring replacement Ÿ Winding repair &

Ÿ Insulation resistance Ÿ Winding resistance Ÿ Delta test Tan Ÿ Wedge mapping Ÿ ELCID Ÿ potential test High Ÿ test RSO

Ÿ Hydrogen leak test Ÿ Hydrogen seal repair

Power System
Ÿ Routine maintenance Ÿ changer testing Tap Ÿ Radiator repairs Ÿ potential test High Ÿ Impedance test Ÿ Delta test Tan Ÿ Ratio test Ÿ test BDV

Ÿ Testing & Commissioning

of HV & EHV Breaker Ÿ Relays Ÿ Surge arrestor Ÿ Current transformer Ÿ Voltage transformer Ÿ Isolator Ÿ Earthing system

Boiler Services
Boilers & HRSG / WHRB
We have dedicated team of trained professionals supporting customers to undertake preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance of the boiler utilizes scientific testing techniques and analysis to anticipate and correct , by either repair or replacement. We provide the following boiler maintenance services.

Coal / Oil & Gas Fired
Ÿ Annual Inspection Ÿ Major overhaul Ÿ Repair of burner Ÿ Repair of fans & blowers Ÿ Pressure testing Ÿ Refractory repairs Ÿ destructive testing Non Ÿ Valve & seat repair Ÿ Steam chest repair Ÿ Valve lapping

Annual Inspection
Ÿ Major overhaul Ÿ Pressure testing Ÿ Refractory repairs Ÿ destructive testing Non Ÿ Valve & seat repair Ÿ Steam chest repair Ÿ Valve lapping

Control Systems

Ÿ Speedtronic Mk I GE Ÿ Speedtronic Mk II GE Ÿ Speedtronic Mk IV GE Ÿ Speedtronic Mk V GE Ÿ Speedtronic Mk VLM GE Ÿ Speedtronic Mk VI GE Ÿ Speedtronic Mk VIE GE Ÿ Fanuc GE Ÿ Siemens/TI 505 Ÿ Allen-Bradley Series Ÿ Modicon Quantum

On & Off base Instruments
Ÿ Retrofit control systems Ÿ Excitation & voltage regulation Ÿ Vibration monitoring Ÿ & gas protection Fire Ÿ system upgrades Fuel Ÿ for control & operation HMI Ÿ re-cabling Skid Ÿ Field instrumentation Ÿ Upgrade consultations

Ÿ machine interface (MMI) Man Ÿ MODBUS Communication Ÿ Ethernet Communication Ÿ Firing ramp Ÿ Start-up controller Ÿ acceleration controller NHP Ÿ acceleration controller NLP Ÿ Combustion monitoring system Ÿ Anti-surge controller Ÿ Variable IGV compensation

Operation & Maintenance
TEC adopts world class operation and maintenance practices in accordance with the OEMs recommendations and expertise proven technologies to ensure the economic performance, reliability and high plant load factor. We optimize the outage intervals and schedules for major maintenance services.

Plant operations
Ÿ Routine maintenance Ÿ Qualified and trained manpower Ÿ plant load factor High

compliance management Ÿ Maintenance planning Ÿ Performance monitoring and diagnostics Ÿ Management information report Ÿ Operator training

Ÿ Environmental

Long Term Service Agreement is a service tailored to meet the customer’s requirement. Our skilled and qualified technocrats manage your plant professionally thereby improving the reliability and adding true value to the equipment. We adopt global maintenance strategies to support the customers from various geographical locations.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
Ÿ Technical Support Ÿ Spare Parts and Repairs Ÿ Plant Reliability and Performance Ÿ Remote monitoring and diagnostics Ÿ Troubleshooting

Engineering & Consultancy
Turbo Engineers & Consultants is a professional power plant services engineering firm. We provide engineering, consulting and technical advisory services on global scale for maintenance, modification and power plant management system.

Field Overhauls
Ÿ survey Site Ÿ finding Fact Ÿ Supervision Ÿ Condition assessment Ÿ Failure & Root Cause Analysis Ÿ Spare parts management Ÿ Maintenance management Ÿ Testing & Commissioning Ÿ Design Modification

Ÿ Thermal simulations Ÿ Maintenance optimization Ÿ Performance testing Ÿ Energy auditing Ÿ Burner management system Ÿ monitoring system NOx Ÿ rate calculation Heat Ÿ Inventory Management Ÿ Remote monitoring

Knowledge Transfer
Ÿ Maintenance of gas turbine Ÿ Maintenance of steam turbine Ÿ Operation of gas turbine Ÿ Operation of steam turbine Ÿ Advanced control system

We can relocate Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, Transformers and Boilers in diverse locations throughout the World. We have in depth knowledge and experienced engineering team to provide complete solution of relocation project cycle.
Ÿ Feasibility Studies Ÿ Testing and Decommissioning Ÿ Dismantling and Packing Ÿ Transportation and Shipment Ÿ Design Modification Ÿ Re-installation

Non-Destructive Testing
We provide NDT Inspection, Welding & Piping Training and 3rd party Inspection, being a value creator for its clients who utilize our services to add value to their goal through all the services right from Acquisition, Servicing and Retention of their Consumers.

Non-Destructive Testing

General Inspection
Ÿ Turbine testing Ÿ Boiler Inspection Ÿ Ultrasonic Inspection Ÿ Radiographic Inspection Ÿ Magnetic Particle Inspection Ÿ Penetrant Inspection Dye

Metallurgical Inspection
Ÿ Hardness Inspection Ÿ Bond-De-Bond Inspection Ÿ Micro Analysis Ÿ Oxide Scale Measurements Ÿ ASME U-Stamp Certification Ÿ ASME ‘PP’ & ‘S’ Stamping

Specialized Services
Ÿ R.L.A. Studies Ÿ Boroscopic inspection Ÿ Eddy current inspection Ÿ Thickness measurement Ÿ Demagnetizing Ÿ Treatment Heat

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