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• '"-:. (·~··I .... r··: ': 1 rio

DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Headquarters United States Marine Corps W' ashi ngt on, DC 203 8·0~O(JO I

~.3, April 1989



Fleet. Marine Force Reference Publication (Ff\'1FRP) 0-11 A ,M'40A.l Sniper Rifte, 7,62' mm, provides ~n.fotliT.l.ation Oil the operation and maintenance of the M4o.A I, sniper rifle ..


This reference publication provides the ril~e user information on the authorized procedures for operation and maintenance of "he J\'1'40AJ sniper rille' and its optics, This manual should be used in conjunction with F"'fP~'1. :i - 3 B ~ S.ni ping-.




Recommendations for improvements to this publication are' encou raged fro m command is as wen BlS from lndlviduals. Forward, suggestions using the User Suggestion POnti format to-

Commanding General

Marine Corps Combat Development Command (WF 06} Quantico, Virginia 2.2] 34-5001.



,~" ,~" ,- :/:. ,j(~~:' /~~- /' /

. ; r.w .. \?t"i,·, -fr&'" '

. ~ .' ' .. Jr.l'~ •• ~ •• '1'"

lL,t' p" 'SU LLIV /l;N"

I'''.lr. __ . ..... .- ·.i~,"'

Ma] or General ~ U r S" Marine Corps Deput.y Commander for Wa:rf!ghting Marine Corps Com bat Development Com rnar.H1 Ouantico V ireinia

_. __ _ _ , ., ,e"




, I".'.

To: Commanding General, Marine Corps Com bat Development Command (WF 'OO)!, Quantico, v~ "."'" 2'" '13111 .c:OO· " ]

. uguua ."~, ",!!if'"".J .•. ,


], In accordance with the :F oreword to FMFRP '0-11 A j which invites indlvlduals te submit suggestions eo,ncern:~n,g 'til is FMFRP directly to the above addressee, the f ollowing unclassified recommendation is forwarded:


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M40lA 1 Sniper Rifle 7.162 rnm

T'ablle· of Contents

Facts About Your Sniper Rifle. Sniper Scope


Repairing the RUle

Cleaning; the Rifle

When 'to Clean the M40A] How to Clean the' .M40A.l How to L ubricate

Sniper Scope Maintenance

2 -4 9

10 ]0 ] 1 ]2 1.S [6.


Scope Adjustment and 'Theory Parallax

Ze'iioi.t1g the Scope

Field Expedient Zeroing Ammunition

Gun Book Recordi ns Painting l he Weapon

Preparing the W eapon for Field Usa Use 0 f the Drag: Bag

Prepara tlon ill Winter Environment M4(lA [ Component List

19 2]

23 26 27 29 30 31 32. 32 34


WA:;··.·· R···. N· II IN G-' I

. - - .. ~


DO NOT exchange or switch bolt assemblies from one M40A 1 to another. Doing so may resu U in you r injury or death.

Use only authorized ammo that is manufactured ro u. S. or NATO sped ficarion s.

] f youi :df"e stops I1rilllg \,"',ith a live round in a hOlt barrel (misfire)! remove the round immediately, rr this is not possible, wait approximately 15 minutes for the barrel to cool. Ensure that: during this tim€ you keep the muzzle pointed in a, sate direction.

Keep your face away from the ejection port while dearing a ho,t c harnber .

If there i,s water in the barrel, do not fi.i'~ the sniper rifle as the steam/smoke; may give 3,\"'ay your position. Also ~ the weapon ina)' mal fu nction and explode.

I f a noticeable difference in sou nd or recoil is experienced, SlOT" PHUNG. Either condition could indicate an incomplete po 'i;vd~r bun} and! or a bullet stuck in '[he bore"

Fac·ts About Your Snlp·er IRiUe·

I!!I Overall length .. , . _ . , __ - .. - - . , ,. , , , , , . 44 inches ·Iii Caliber , , e , ., , , • , , •• , , _ , , , __ .•• , 1.,6:2. m.m NATO • Muzzle veiodty , , . , , , .. , , , ". 2150 feet poeT second .. ~ifa.:dmlim eff.'i.N:ti ve range ... - - , , , . , " .1 ,000 'yards,



·SCOPE ... 0-1.) NT FUN as




• Chamber pressure , , - _ , , , - , , - _ , , - _ , , " 50.000 psi

• Magazine ca.pacity - - " , - - - , " - " , , - , , , - - , ,5 rounds

• "Weign:[ eomplere , , . , , , " " " ~,4!!.l pcunds (approx)

• Telescope , , " - " , " - " , .' - " " , " _ , , _ " , , - _ " I o pow,e1'

'" \Ve' CI,t· [ ",01:' t·~ ... " ,-, '. 2, -, ','- d"

',.' ," I,t,i] , 'V~ C~'l'!5COpl1l." __ , , .... _ , , .' _ , pOIJl n s

.. [~arrel ~:wht " , , .. " I turn :in 12 rught -hand ~:WISH, • Slod;: " , " _ " , " _ ..... ., _ .. , "_ Fj berglass iN / CZpoO:qr fin~r '" Barrel length , .. _ , , . _ , , ., _ ..... _ _ , , _ _ , , 24 inches



--.~=---~- ~'

~~ ...... ....:;~.:..::::......-!~~·r,1 .~) r

.. ~r--JJ


The' M.40A 1 is equipped. wi tb a ft Ked 1. O-pCfwer Unertl sniper scope with the foHowlng characterlst ics:

• Lengt h _ .. , . _ ..... , , , . , , , , . " , , , " , ,- 12 VI 'i nches

'. Eye relief , , , - , , , - , , . , . , , .. , , , ., ., 3 inches (hxed) iii Ele'f<:llt len and wi adage , , , , , , , , • , , , , ., ~ r.:ni nule !II Main elevari on """',"",.,' Ba~] i.~~ ie cemeups

)\;11 rs march am'!nuni~iQI'!i, 7_62







.. ,"'lin.d age , ... , , .. , , , - , , e • - , , • , , " ± 4 I~ mj n II r es

.. Reticle . _ , ... - Mi~ dot duplex for nmgc estimation and enga.gtng moving targets,

• Lenses - , " H:" R COiUed." gathers over 92 perce I:1t of ambient llghl.,

• Scope al I ov .. s shoot er to shoot point of airn/ poi [j l o r ~]tl pact back to' I ,000 Y~H(.I.:s,

.' Fine Tune- EIc ..... ation , . , , , .. , , _ , ,. ± J. minutes to adjust fer temperature elevation, a,mitw:nj t io n, and zero changes.

.. Steel tube with d!i.ln black chrome r"rlush.




o flo} lEeTI 'IJ ~ F'OC U S F.!! rr..!'il






Safety. Push the sa fet)'· lever forward on the right side of the recei ver for F] RJ NO and fully to the: rear fo r SAFE,

M a·gazine Re lea S8., To release live rou nds from the magazine, open the floor plate to,

allo w the rounds '10 drop from the rifi~ - Pus h the magazine release toward the rear of the: rifle until the floor plate releases.


Mag azi n8 R,s lea S8 .•

B,o It H an die.. The bolt handle is located on the right side of the receiver.

.. Ti"I unlo ... k the bolt r tate the b ..... ~'t ha r :rH-

..,_, _ _... j t: ,, __ .... v~ _ QIl ... ue

11 pward and (0 the rear"

• The upward rotation of the boll also cocks the bah.

801'1 Relea,se. The bolt release is located inside the trlzzer auard and forward ~ 'f' th - trl ,-C-,

, >I; _ ~~ __ ;f;:---- ~V'_ ~ __ 0, ... ,e _lgger,

• Depress the bolt release lever,

.. PuU l he bolt to the rear and out of the receiver at t he' same time.

Tlrigger, The trigger is located in the bottom. of the stock; immediately bl2'~o'i-v the bou 'h~,mJ[~'" To fire t he rifle", sq ueeze ~ he ~: d gger to [, he rea r.

Removi ng Uile 801 t.. En HI rC th at you ha 1,."(.;" a completely safe "V eap em ,

I' n ~, d~si gn~ ~,ed SA f E area; (J'PI;I" at f; j: h~ bott ~ 0 ~: he rea r. Vi sua lly a nd physical I y check ~: he cham her for anv l. [V F ro uri d s.

- . - ~ - - - - ..... - - - -

'.' Dep res s 1 he. bolt re lease leve r ,

• At, th e same ti me i remove the bol t by pu II i ng it straigh t to u-~~ rear aad ou t -0 f t 11 e rece ive r.

IRe mlO\i i ng ~he M agl8zi ne, The magazi [H:' release ] s locat eel d ~ rect ~)' in from: 0 f the t r lgge r guard.

• Depress this lever and the magazine flOOf plate wi II, dro p open .

.. Remove the magazine follower by !;Hdi.n.g it o ut 0 f ~: he floo r plate


N'OTE: An 854,1. I~ NOl' aut horized 10 dlsassemble the bolt or [,0 remove the receiver from the !:J. 0':;: k fur .;,;. k,~~ [1 'i ng a~' any time. . rh:i:1 is don (;.' b)' 21.1.2s or ,aulhnri]cd 2 'Ill s,

H@ mcv i ng the 80 I t

,I nspect you r title to determine th e :11 ~~d, for repai r, cleaning, and I u brica II 0 n. A weapon in a garriao n or com baJ environment is affect ed by

d ~ tl s mo ist ure, and corrosion an d m ust be. thoroughly cleaned O~~ a daily basis" Always

in spect yOUf rifle pdo r to ,a . rnissi 0 n,

Before Y',ou sta rt to ole,s n, e lea r an d eh eek you r weaipon,

Sf a rt,ilil gat the m!u:zzl e

.. Check crown for den ~:;s' ,

.. C heck bore' f 01' pi ts and clean llness, • Check barrel for bulges.


• Seope rubber serviceable.

• Object ive lens lock ri ng tlghr.

'" No scr a tches on ob j ecti ve lens or co nd.I;;':Il,SB! ~ ti On on the' ~ n51 de' 0 f t he lens,

.. Turrets rotate smoothly and don't wobble.

.. (j -rings nOI, rnis ~J fig or spl it. .. E ye piece loc k ring t ~ght"

I; N 0 scr a t ches on. eye :pi eee ~en$ Ot co nden sation .0 n the i "side 0 f t he ~e ns.

.. Scope sn ug an d st raight l n mou nt s,

.. C ross had rs not bro ken, all mil dot s present (-4 e,ach direct lon),

• M 0 un I: i ng screws t ~gh~:.


.. Remove the bolt: Did bolt lock move freely? • ExJ racto r cl ean and not worn,

.. Receiver and. m,ag,~zi,n,t" well cleaned. .. Floor plate opens and closes easi 1 y e

I; Allen t 0 r'~ U~ screws not roy nded 0'["

• ] nse r~ bolt, s hQU ld operate' smooth with ]J,O

bit! ding.

.. Sa f,ery 0 n, p ull I: rigger. Did sa ret y WO~''k? .. Safety off, Did hammer f.all?

• pun trigger, no creep or hair trigger'" If YOu thin k th e t. ri gger pull ~:5, too H gilt or hea 1;")"" Lake 'it to a .21 ~,2 armorer,

• Sa f et ~t lever s hou ld not: be loose.



• C~10~k ~hxk and bedding for cracks

• No solvem seeping from receiver onto bed-

ding surface.

.' Nom ateria I, bet \iii cc n s [0(' k an d bar rC I. .' Sling s ... vlvels tight.

,. BLJll; I)~~ :"iC'!I', ... -iccablc.

Repairing the, RUle

Kepa'ir of (he M40A ~ 'i.., the responsibilit y of ~! l"in~, ream equipment repairman ~ \10S 2] ~ 2.

The batralion 21 ~ ~ may not make repairs 1:0 the weapon other than tc remove th~' a~'~ ion frol1l:1,

t he stock for cleaning, and ~ hen replace ]~, using a torque ... vrcnch,

You have no authority to disassemble your. rifle except for 1 he most superficial repair tasks, such :a~ 11 gil 1 en i ng 'I GO ~,C' S'C"H: W:'i 0 r removi ng t' h e bol t • The onl I,(lois available are' the scope adjustrncrn tool s , Do n01 remove or tighten the torque screws t ha t hold '[ he at.: t ~O!Jl ~,O' the stock; as I: hey are tightened 10 a spec ific ~,o rquc set t ing.


Cleaning the IRifie

i mproper cleaning can CHU se ,j ust as m uch dam r ~g~ 't o your ri fl~' as 110t cleaning ~t at all, Clean it proper 1 y, and :i [, will funct ion ~orn;~lly, Authorized materials for cleaning the M'40A] EU"C-

• C· I,"'" n in u p." tches

. • V. ~Jh!! ~ ",s ,').1,111. ~ "\r ..... I

• Camel \~. hair b rush (for 1 en ~~:')}_

• Bore brush, .30 caliber.

• Bore brush, _ 4~ cal j ber . .. Bore cl eaaer "

.. Lubricant, m i1;'di urn , .. Lu b ri cant, 11 gh L.

ill Brush, all-purpose.

.. Le nr:; r,il pc;: r , opt ic a,l .. I Anti fog compound ,I, Clean i iI1Ig rod, br a:s,!:t.-

'. Bore gu ide"

Ii Cleaning rod, AS caliber.

Sp,eci"fic material Nor to be used.

• St ee 1. sect io L1 ed c 1 eani ng rod.

• Dry dean ~ ng 'S,O ~ vent a, .. \VD-40,

When to Clea.n the M40A1"

B,efo re F!iri I1g

The rifle 'M' 'U'[,;'I' A LW'AV;;';:' b "" elea ...... '''~ nrior j',',

" . .1...., 1.~, ,._: ," J." .. ,... I ~~ ."'.... '1ir.-~~ !!'1..""'?Yl I..'" ~ _ V _ IL IV

depart i ng on ami ss ion or fir ~,fLg the weapon 0 n a r ange. lf not cleaned prior to :fiJri ng, t he' ext ra

sol ven t or Iu.b ri cat ion remaining ~ n the bore' win cause a put I of smo ke 01:' steam, and possibly

Ilow ~"~, 'tOo"" bv tho "n-m,"AL-'fi the extra

,a, o~" !i,,!I,et.eC.I" n .. )0 _ e e __ e y. ,F\.~~V; " _~ c" "" ""

R ui ds cause an • ncrease in c hamber pressu re that CBJ use an increase in elevat lon of th e first rOiL,1 nd flr~<Il.

After F'I riinQ

The rifle must be cleaned after it ,~s fired because firing produces deposits of primer fouling; powder

residu e j car bon ~ and meta ~ fl,! i ngs. These depos ~'t ~ col leet m oi S~ u re an d cau se r us t. A I t houg b modern a,mf!1 u n ition has a non corrosive pr ~ m er 'W hi ch

InBJ kes cl eanl ng easi er ~ the pr] rn er ~l i ~ l lea ves a deposit. The rifle must be cleaned within a

reaso nable ti me I nter val (a. couple I.) f h o urs) a. f'i. er completion of firing, Repeated :h.r.l:n,g will not

in] 'UTe' IT he ri fie if it is properl y cl eaned prior to the fi rst to un d. A ft.er a weapon has been fired, it m IUM: be' cl eaned for a t ~'e~"~ st th Tee co nsecut l ve days, Fo r several d B,Y s after firin g~ c nee k [he ri 11(" for signs of corrosion and fouling by running ,@J clean patch through the bore, Graphite and carbon, deposit s wUI sweat from the po res of the metal for three days, thus the need for repeated cleaning.


How' to Cllean the M40,A1

\V he n cleani ng 'the ri:f1,~ ~ be carefu ~ i'lJot 1:'0 dam age ~,he $,(:,0 pe tens o r the' bBJ rrel's crown and ch am bel' " If Y0'l,], adhere to [he following procedures, you wo n't have ,I ny problem s.

.. Wh en ,c] eani ng; al ways k Il;!~'p th e m uzzle end lower than the recel ve r to prevent ,5.0 lvent from ru nn i ng i [I, to the tr ig,ge-r hOIU1S,i ng e

• Do not al low so lve n. t I,,[) v.'{'H'k ~'t ~ 'way j,I1I:0

t he bedding su rface ~ as t his wi II s~ o w ly damage t he bedding and cause the accu racy W suffer,

,. Remove t he bolt. by depressing the bolt release I oc ared bet ween, t he fro nt 0 f the [, riggt'f gu a nj "i II"Iod the t n ~;l'tl'~'l"

~;:UI.· , ,J,Ii.- '"~e''' , ' .

• PuU the boll: straight to the rear.

• Replace the bolt with the bore guide.

.: • I

" Use ,3, brass cleaning rod and push a .30

cali ber bore brush dipped i n ~O! v¢nt tb rough ~ he bore from the recei ver end. Push the

btu sh all [he way I: hrough Never clean th e M,40A.1 from, the muzzle end as you may

da n;,:age ttl e ere wn,

• Repeat I: hi s proced U re at least two t hues pe'F round fired,

• Never iUSC a steel cleaning rod.

• Run cleaning patches through the' bore' from the recei ver C;:Ii.O" once again u sing yo ur bore guide.

• Push the pa tc h all the w. a y throne h t }H': b( re an d P'I,l~ I bac k ~: hrough,

• R epeat this proced ure \V~ Lb, a cl can patch until the patch comes out clean.


The Chamber

. _ Attach a. .45 call ber bore brush to the pistol rod.

• Remo-ve {he bore' guide and insert the .45 cali ber brush into the chamber wit h .a twist ~ ing motion.

• Continue' rotating. the brush. a mlmlrnum of

l. (l times, As YoO'll remove '[he brush, continue to .~otate .

. j; Do not scrub the chamber with an ht :and Out mot ion. This will raise burrs in the chamber and can result in spent brass getting stuck in the chamber .

.. To dry the' cham ber, wrap II{ patch around the .45 call ber brush and, u sing the' same rotsti ng motion as bef ore: ~ insert 'it into the en am ber and rotate 4-:5 ·[]TI1es.

.. Change to a clean patch and repeat untl I a.

patch comes out clean and dry',

The Bolt'. Use your all-purpose brush. (or toothbrush) and scrub the entire bo'~t wlth an authorized sol vent/l ubricant. P ay particular attention to the face 0 f the bolt, Be S1)1t¢ to remove all primer residue and to dean underneath the extractor.


The Receiver. The :rec~iverj' floor plate, sling swivels, magazine follower and spring .. trigger, . and trigger guard should all be scrub bed d(.)iWU usJng an authorized solvent/l ubricant and. the allpurpose brush.

Th· St ··It C-I j]' k w ~ d ..

. ." •..• .' '. ~. --. " -. - . -. , ). '. • .".._ -- ' .. r,;

e ~ .. oe ... ~an t _e stock \';H.1 a . amp rag. Be

sure water does not. work its way into the action ,.

<. .~


CI\ea n ing the Chalmber.

NQrm at For temperate environm ents, ~igh t I)' coal all met al P(JJ:r[s wit h a lubricant. Light I 'Y'

1'1.1 bricate the bah wit h rifle gre-ase around '[he loc king lugs and put a drop 0 f lu bricant in the' V -shaped note h 'by the bah handle _ These are' hi eh fri ct ~ '''i'n p- ,""j liit- '" whi ch renu l'I'A ext .. ·, care

,Iii~. ~ .~ ~'-I,U~,L " v ~ _. .'" ""''''.1 .' .... "'.I"1i.'~!i-Jt .... ·" .... '1

Col d Weath9r'~ In freezing tern prearures, apply on ~y Iight \-\;e-,_ght oils or graphi te, Hea v-y oi Is wil I t hie ken and make bolt operation sluggish. Store all weapo ns ,::H outside temper at ures if they are to be used in cold we-at her. This will prevent

co ndensation f rom formi rig w hen the. cold rifle is brought in to a warm room or 'tent; 1 f tb e

co ndensa lion is n ot removed. in l he warm area ~ it 'will f reeze ViI h en ta ken back into t he- cold. l f the rl He is to be cleaned ~.11 the warm area ~

allow it to warm up tully, remove the condensadon l th en clean it.

Hot, H urn id ell mats, I]] this type of d~ mate ~ clean Ute weapon dai I Y' 'to protect it from

m oisture and rust. Chec k t he telesco pc fo f fu..lngus g:tcrwtfi i nsi de,

Sail Wa,torr Exposure·, Salt 'water and a salt water atmosp here ha ve ext feme and rapid co rro:S,I ve effects On metal When operating :i1:1 such an environment (on s hi p for.- ~xa::m ple), in spect you r ri lle daily. The weapo 11, inclu ding l he be re ~

shou Id be' w,d I I ubrica ted;

I f the weapo n is exposed to salt water ~ i mmediately rinse 1'[ in Ires h water and gi Y~ it a good thoro ugh cleani ng. Get it to a 21.1 2 as SOQn ,a_) :PQ!l.;S.~ ble.

Desert Ar,eliSi$. ln a desert enJ1, r ~ronmeni:, sand and S,U" arc the- rine~:':t enemies. If sand get s

bet ween moving parts, ~t acts as an abrasive and grinds the metal, Lubrications, such as grease 011" a light lubricant, help pick ll.P and hold sand, Therefore ~ use only lighter weight (lib and

graph ~te in thi ~ envi ronment A. sniper gu n 'hag 01' the carrying case issued for the lv1',40A~, will h~~'p"

Sniper ,Scope Maintenance

TEH:: seope ]l!l USI b~' prlfo~,ect,~d :h'lO,m the' el e~fil,~n ~ s when .n use and 'from mistreatment in ganriLon and during tra[~nl.ng" ~im. 1~:5, designed to be .3. Ifij.'lJld S;~OI)l,?~ ~ble [0 ·w.i[l:hl;S~ and act'ideJ.~[("d su bmersion in w~uer and expesu re [01 ext rem", hUE and co,ld. h \\.'JS never :i!1flI~ended 10 be ; m pe,F vious 1~) rn iis,~ trea t ment ,

TO keel) y(aur seope iin good . hape, if OUOi\'f rhese pro: ~oo ures:

., '\;V"hcn you store the ri:Hl!e In the; ri fle case, place it wj fh th e sec pe nea rC~ft, 1. he handles, Th:a~ way, if [hie case is drolP~-- 01. [he SCO[PC w:m tJl01. be dlOlI11a:gw.

.' ·~'·beEI iIlllo1 stored in the :tl!IiTIlliOlry, the' S'COIPC' cover should alVi avs be on,


.. DOl ~IOII store D,bc rifle ~'ilh~~op~ :iil!Jbbe'[' ~)I'I.

Moisture can coHe~l arid result in massive ru~~.

'. 00' nor ~U!OW su n Irn.~h.l to sin,j ne d i'(1r;~(~~ .Iy llrrougb (he scope. ~ -igll( roc 11500 all the CJfOSimiai rs and !lflil i! dots m i '" b( \:\"arp them,

• When zeroing the .. cope, do not overtighten ~: he lee k. screw S. or f orce the k noh ...

.' ~K~,.;p [he rubber ·O=.ri ngs serviceable. '11 cy ;Jilou~ keep dilr~ om of .~ ~tC t~ .. m~~ lc in ner ~!'~,)rk i ngs ~If' t he' scope ~. !J.lllf ret ,

• \\1 hen adj ust iTl g t he scope, 10 here closelv to

t lh,~ ,s~,opr.~ ad.J ust mem proced 11IlrC'.s on r[J3Jg~;~ 1'9- ,I nd 20 ,i[~ I: his nUlinlll~.I .

.. Avo·.id 111rcaJtiling ot! 1(,,11~ in (~:Id wealthel' liiJ::,\, they will fro ·.l, up.

.. Extreme care must. be taken to avoid getting sol ven t s on t he lens or scratching them.

,I, iR.e mol,' e du st ,t. I int ~ and dirt from the lens and exteri 0 r of t he sco pe usl Dli!j; a clean camel ~~-, hair b PU sh


.. T,O remove smudges from the lens .. breathe he.avily on them and wipe ()'rT moisture with lens paper. I f ~ens· paper is not av ai~.a b] e, u se a soft ~ clean, dry doth.

'. Kee p all. Allen screw iit'tl rig.. on sni per scope clear of mud and dirt. If fittings get clogged, use a sa fety pin to dig out the de bris,

• Keep lens free of oil and grease. If there are fingerprint:5, 01 1 spot s, etc. ~ 0 n the len So, use. rubbing alcohol with. lens paper to remove, Pat. the len s. Do not scrub.

• After cleat1~ng, apply a hgh,: coat of lubricant [0 t he scope. body. lf yo ILl en [L see. the' oi 1., h

is too much,


Ma:gni'icatkm and Light G,atherinQ. The average unaided eye can dlsr inguish an cne-i nell object at 100 yards. Using the sniper scope, detail of

.l ,I 1 Oli~ inch can be distirmgUll§hed, depending on color and background. This scope then has a '~O-pt:)we't m,agniftea[:;o~, 1 he scope has ,[t field of

v lew of ] 0 feet. at 100 yards. The lens are coated wit h magnesi urn fluoride, a special non reflective coating. The milltary refers to [his coa:ttog as

HE l R. HELR allows t he scope [0 gat her and

rra n srn it at least 9-2,-'93 perceru Q f '[ h~ am bicnt :I igh~ tot he sniper's eye.

F,oc'us~n,g the Scope,. The scope i.. prcfocused at ~'he factory, However, since ~H human eyes

a re not t he' same t Y I] U. m us t k no w how to ad] IUS [, the- fo(''I,iI s c 0 rrect 1 y ,

V·l ~ t h proper f(,) cu.'. bot h target and reti etc have ma x i urn s 11 ar pn ess. To properly f OCu.';. ~: he' scope I you must have an area where you can see 3m) yards to a target t and a v, .. hite card Or piece of clot h" Take yOl.JJr rime and follow these steps.

1" P lace the wea pon o n a 5'[ ~~,dy rest and loo$~n the eyepiece focus lock rin!,:_

t.eosen Focus Lock Ring.


2. Po-i nt the scene ~H. the !ill!: Y; wa~ I, Or card ~

t-' r'

and t urn t he' focu s ri D1S until the reticle is sharp

a nd d lSI: U net -

3, When adjusting the focus, turn the ring back and tort h th rough the fOC1J5 poi nt until you have' ~ he clearest possi ble focus,

4. Now; 100 k 3way at some distant (300 Y a rds) item /tar get ~ nd roc-us on 11 with just. your eyes,

:5. W' i fh your eyes focused for distance, q uick I y look into the scope at the reticle, II should appear clear and sharp,

; 6 lf t he reti cle ",'nne'" rs 'If"l-" 1 rred t 1-. en i'~ is J1I-, ... 'I·

"'- I ., ~ ,~~". ~ ~',~F' ~Jll Q 1.].,." ''-"__ _ _ ~ J~IiP Itl, _~,~ _IV,,"

adJI,J,st~d. properly and must be adj ust ed again.

1iul!i'n Focus 'Ring.


7 " Repeat steps 2-6 as many t imes as req uired until the reti cle i~ dear and sharp,

8, \Vhen the reticle is properly adjusted, hold the f oc (1$ ring with one hand and t ighten the locking ring firmly. Ensure Ih~,I: 'the focus ring does not t U rn,

O'''',C''' vo .: ·.. ~~ ave focu sed t he reti cl r~ do n ot t ,,~, II ,,, .... h

~,u ..... J" 'UI ~lIf.II,'I" "Vlur.,~~. __ ~ _ L!lir.-L!~~._ ,~t!.v. v~"' __

it agai n, S~: in using you r target ar JOO yards, ~ook through the S~CO-De' and see if the ta rget is c lear in your scope. I. f not ~ parallax is present,

P'a ra II a x, It is. the apparent mo vement of the ret k le across ~: he ~:aJ'r~et ow hen the posit ion of the head. is moved To check for parallax=

,. Place' the ri fie' 0 In a ~,~:eady rest and sigh [ o Jij yo ur target 300 yards a way.

\Ii "ill':- ~ rhout touching I: he rifle I look I hrough [he scope at the ta rget,

iii S I igh 1 ~ Y move your head side 10 side, 0 r up and down, watching for m overnen t of 1 he. ra rger j n YOl.1f 'fie'~d o't' view,

.. If movement J 5 seen or t he target is not dear ~ parallax is present and ,MUST be ad - -I - d

• --JU:;') :e_,

AdjlU st i ng Palrall ax

.. Lie p to i1J~' beh ind the weapon arid h ave yo ur partner lOC'J'!1en the objective focus lock ring wit h the ~,p8!nner wrench, It ls net necessary ~:() loosen 1 he rin,g more than % to vi 111 rn

LQo:s.en R i.,g Wi I h S,p,a n ner Wrenc:h,


.. While lcokjng th rough t he scope ~ have your partner t urn the f ocus ring 114 t urn one 'way or [he other, then snug th€ locking ri,tlg back down" Check for parallax again, If it. is not. present at 'lh is poi nt, leave' scope as is ]J it: is still present, repeat the steps ~ and retest for parallax.

.. If you see no change occurring withi n v;;: to 3i nun j STOP, Ad] ust in the opposite direction,

.. S nug d own the locking ring during each

adj ustment ,; Otherwise t ~1Je ob] ective lens will ftotu.

.' W' ith t.1H~ scope adj usted in this m8JBJJ_(~t (.30n yards), para] I aK l s not present and is only 51.ilihUy apparent at ranges of 800-1000 yards"

.. If the shooting r ange is less d; an 3(K) yards (urban terrain), ad] ust you r ~CODe at that range (100-200 yards). A1 closer range, par ~1~ lax, is mote apparent, and pinpoint accu racy is needed. in urban envi ronments,


Zeto,i ng the Scope

With the sniper scope properly adjusted, zero vour rifle,

~ ~ -

300- Va rd M etlhod

• Se't the elevatien knob '[0 J for 300 yards '.

• Set the windage and elevation fine tune knobs to 0, unless there is an apparent wind. Then. yo u would dial on the proper setting,

.. Fire a 3,-sh,ot group at 300 yard s.

.. Calculate the distance needed to move the point of impact to coincide with '[he poirlit of aim.

.. Once this has been determined ~ loosen the small AU-en set screws tocared on the' side of the I: urrets,

• Using the large Allen wrench, adjust the point of impact to the point of aim. Do. not overadj ust l The scope' she uld net req uire more than \/s to. !A turn to zero,

Loosen A 'III a n Set Sc raw.


.; On ce you have ad] U Sled rh e sc ope! ret igh ten the set screws ami fire another 3-shnt group.

III, Repeat t he last fa u r s t eps u nt il you have a perfect point of aim/point of impact.

Remember that to bring the strike of L:h~ bullet right or up, turn the large AU-en screw counterclockwise, To bring the' strike of' the bullet left or dOWI11 turn 'he la rge Allen ,S.CH~WS doc k wi :;C',

AdJ u sUng Zs'ro to r Eleva I ion.


The. scope may also be used to fire other ammo IOlS Or types I i ke 168 ~gr ain Sierra loads, The come ups are close and only some fine tun ing may be required"

Aha ~ he rni ~ dots can. be- used 'for airnl ng poi nts if t he weal her Or wi no exceeds the capa bil hies

0. f t he. scope' ad] USl ment. Rem em her ~ 1 mil

eq uals 3. j. minutes. For example 1 i f yo u are 4 min utes low at :1000 yard So, hold I m i ~ dot 0 n the target and dial on 1,,4 'minute fine tune.

Al ways U5<e t he cross hairs or a mi 1 dot for you r aim i Ilg point.

Adj usu n'g Zero for WI nel age ..


F leld Exped isn ... Ze roiing

In most combat areas, you will not have access to a. k i1JQ'" 11 dl st a nee range. In such cases, you IUU.S{ s~m confirm your zero prior to departure on a mis Solon. The re are (WO met hod s t o II se.

900~ll1oh Method

U 5·i ng til. is met hod + a 300- or 5()()-yard. L~ ro may be confirmed.

.. I)i a l Of! J(JO and f re on YO'U f t arget 25 yards (9(1{) inches) away. Adjust your impact to be y::: in~he;s. ABOVE your aiming point,

'" .oJ a ~ on 500 and fire 0 n your target 25 yards a way '. Ad] us [ your impact to he 2 1;':- j riches A.BOVE your aiming point.

Ob san/a t ion -o 1·1 m pact M eth ad

• Pick a target so that your observer can clea r ly Se;!C the impacr .0 f your round s.

• Determine ~: he exact ran g~ t o the t arget and dial this onto your scope ..

" Fire on this; target and have your obser ... ·er . ~po~. the impacts, Make adjustments to bring the' impact of the bul ler CHltQ your tar get,


300 YAR.DS

- I M PACT PO~ Ni'

2'1j~ INCHES




Var iou s types O'f arnmu nit ion may be shot through the !\'l40AL It is important 10 know how [0 care for a nun unition and what effect variou s types of a mmunit ion ha ve on aceu racy an d (he li fn. 0 f t he wea :.,,-

__ _ _ __ ..... _ _ _ ... ' "",,,,,p...,u.

Care Oif AmitHi,mlitiQn,. Once you draw your am munition, protect it from '[he elements, Keep it dry and clean, and out of direct sunlight. no not use cleaning solvent on it, Be sure to

i nspect yo ur arnm unit ion before you depart 011 a m lssion. look for ~

• Dented casings .

.. Bullets seated crookedly.

'. Improperly seated primers u .. Corroded cases.

Types, 0 I Amm u n I Uon a nd The i r Effects

Tracer ~ Never use it wit h the M40A:1 as COrii'OS-L \"t elements associated with tracer ammuniticn wiH corrode the barrel and greatly reduce irs life.

lid J i8 Match (wh~'{1! box) - This 1 f]-grain round. was, designed for this weapon. lt will yield maxim urn ace urac y and shou ld 'be used ~ f a 'I,;'8.i ~a ble. However, it is ]J,O longer manufactured and will, there fore, be in sh art su pply (l f a v aHa ble at an}.

IW'l18 Special Ball (bra wn or white box with white. Sf icker reading ~'~M1.l8' Special BaIt, ~ Th is. 17 j -g ram n rou nd is tb e rep lacernent for the

M' II g Match. It is somewhat le8s reliable from longer r anges (7(){)~ HX)() yards) than the white box s but is cu. rrently the desig nared am rn u nit ion for the M4(}A I .

7.62 Blank - Thi s is essenti a I for certain tr aini I1g applicat ions. It may be used without damage [0 the M40A L However, an order to avoid damage to the barrel, the rifle should. be cleaned ASAP' after 'fiti b1g bl an k s (30-4 swabs of the bore brush per 'blank fired), The ri A~ should a~'ways be cleaned before subsequent fIring ~ as blank ammunition lea yes a residue rhar is hjghhr corrosive when scratched int 0 the. bore by live am m.lJIJ i~io',[I ..


De-Linked 7.62 ltfacln:ne Gun A mmunit ion ~ The' M40A 1 was not designed 10 shoot the

147 -grain type of ammunition i' ttlthou,gh shooti:ng 1 twill not cause damage to' dl~' weapon. itself. The relative lack of quality cent rol in the manu f aerure c f t his arum unitlon makes it sufficiently inaccurate so as to limit its training and! or operational 'l .... alue. This ammunition should never be used when. MllS Match or

M'] 1,8 Special Bal[ is available,

The M40A.l i s to be rebarreled after ] O~,OOO

rou nds. In order 10 keep an accurate count, you mu sr maintai n the gun book fWeapon Record Book, Part I] ~. Tube Data ~ N A VMC 1055 g,a);

I t is the responsi billty of every seoul! sniper to record entries of rounds fired ~ by ~yp~ and number. Do not procrastinate where round-

('0 unt d,QC umen ~a ti on is co ncerned, E ntries should he made on the day that rid ng oce ~t$ ~ m n the gu n book ltsel f', not j list in the sniper's

dar abo ok . This ~ s an exam ple o f ent ri es i n ~

gun hook record book"


,:~t=:p W,' ~s ic (US
S(';p 10. 88 LCClfJ
:~;-;-p 11" 88 ~C ats
5~'IJ 12; 88 LCO!.5
S~,t! :?3" It.8 H.: I)I'J
SI?P 2'4" gB LC ots
:5c-p 2'6" 88 LeGJS
Oc,r s. 88 r.&~-:-; EFC VALUE



~, j.


;JJO / 3225

6.5 / 34JO

68 ! 3613

8 ./ 366i




.. ...


Painting the W'eapon

Camouflage [he 'weapon and. scope with Marine Corps-i S8 ue flat colored spray pal nt 0.1' ot her

!i.i mila r commercial bran ds. Tape over' su rfaces t hat do not gel painted.

• \Vtpe the weapon down with either acetone -0 r d n! -c learn ng ~QI vent: ] t must be free 0 f

a ny 1 u brication for the' paint ~o ad here 10 the surface. DO .NOT LET THE SOLVENT G,ET INTO THE BED.D,ING SURFA.CES,

.. Remove the bolt: do not paint (h e boh,

• Tape over the' rear and ejection port of the receiver,

• 'Plug the: muzzle with a cork"

.' Place a. soft dol: h or COUOt1 agai nst the lenses and ih en t ape over l he objecti ve and eyepiece lens of the scope. Make sure HIe lens surface i s well protect ed"

.. Tape over the numbers on the windage and e levation knob 50"

Ii!i Tape over the bun stock pad.



Pre'p. rl niil the RUle for P a i nt ing.


Spray the weapo'n with the' pa:Uernlcolo:rs desired, Use as light. a coat as possibl,e/n,eces~ary to achieve the' desired results, The base coat should be of the' lightest color desired and subsequent colors in prQB!r~ssjveJy darker shades,

Prier to Q"'V second oa iT'iltl"T'iig rem ve theexist-

"" "-, '~"l 'lI ...... ,"" " t" _,I,~ ,u, ! :I...".U " , e exlS

ing coat of paint with acetone. Do- not allow a buildup of CO!.1ts of paint

When ·camou.fla.ging the crown with paint, place a small cork in the end 0 f the muzzle ensuring a, watertight fit. Then paint ever the' crown.

Use of the !PI !JIg.,

P'ra pari ng the, W'eapon for File Id Use

Prior to leaving on a mission j test-fire the' weapon, confirm 1,1[S, zero, and garnish and. protect from inclement weather. To do so proper! y" follow these procedures.

• Test -fire the weapon/ confirm. the zero.

• Clean the weapon; leave the bore as d:ry as. the di,mat·~ win allow.

• Tape over the rn uzzle/ crown W :k~ep moisture and foreign 0 bjects/debris from, entering the bore. Duct t~.pe works well for this purpose.

,. T a,pe the tloorplate closed; if I,t pops open, rounds in the magazine fall out th-e bottom of the weapon.

.. Place a soft. dean cloth Or cotton (,,4.:5 clean!1l8: patches work wen) against the 'lens, of the' scope and duct tape over the objective and eyepiece lens of the scope to prevent f creign ob j ects from scratching, and d,amaging the [ens.


Ii· Place a small strip of cloth or rag between the st ce k and barrel of the weapon so that any debris that may get in during movement can easily be removed. prior to. firing. Remember rhe c loth MUST be removed PRH)R to nring~

Use ot: the Drag B,ag

If a soft gun bag or dmg bag is, available, and the rnis :)],0 Ii allow $. place the ti'fte In th is bag

d U fl ng the moveme» t phase, r f possi ble ~ keep the g un in the bag un til t he; fi:n~l firing posl don j s reached. This p rovides maxi m urn prcrecrlon for In e weapon and m.l nim lzes the chance 0'[ malfunction or other problems with its ftring.

]\1 an y missi 0 ns precl u de the extensive use of tbe drag bag ~ bu ~ it shot) Id be used whenever possib Ie or D ract ical,

[f a d rag bag is used ~ camo l:,:dlag~ it wi ~ h the t ype of vegesati 0 n ib rough which it wil I be .


tr ans ported" If a drag bag is no'[ used ~ attach local vegetat ion! garnish to the weapo n, Be su re that there is no interference with its; tuncticn~ng. AI,sQ,~ use carne S~ICk. {or earno compact

kit s) to camou flage /reduce glare on areas 0 f t he weapon (other [han rhe ~cop,~ lenses) that appear to reflect light or shine.

Prep,s ra t Ion In Wint er Env i ron merit

W l th s now on the ,g r(]'!Jnd. and in the trees, ta k e t hese special meas ures to prepare the ?v140A 1 for field use

.. Camouflage the weapon by using wh ite and green spray paint, adhesive tape, medical tape 5 came st ick, or any com bination Q f these. Natural vegetat lon may be effect l vel y used as well. The glare of t he sun reflect i ng off the snow causes rem porary 01 i ndn ess so D. a'j! partie ular attention to reducing the amount of I~ght entering into rhe objective lens of the scope.

• Camou flage the black hole appearance 0. f the. objecrive lens against the white backgrouni;L To alleviate both problems! tape over du: objective lens with adhesive 0[" white t.a'pe~ lea vi ng a small J4, by ] -inch vertical slot. ceatered for I,ig,ht to, pass through or tal,pe over he ob j ecti ve lens co,:mpleteJy with two J~ytr.s of med Ical gauze material.

• Store' the. ~c.Q])e/rifte in a place rough Iy the' same remperatu re as the outside temperature. This, win prevent ecndensation from forming

, '..iI h deri - l

m sine t ie scope, renr enng It use ess,

M 40A 1 Co,mponent Lis·t

Item Iident'lflc.·al ion

UnU,ot 'Qty

Mea .·ure U Md

1 . , 005aO 1·030-80:2,0

2; 1 005·00.·13·37-'; 024

:3. 1240·0 1 ~ 123-4 766

4.. 1 005-rnJ-714·1 :245-

5. 1,240'-0"1 ·123·4730

6. i_

B. 9-

10. 11. 12,. 13.

1 005-00~556·4 ~ 74 1005 .. 00-550-4036 1005-00-791, ,,3377 4'933.-00·652~'9950 1005·01 ·0158-8795 7920-00-205-0565 l005.!()(}.A94-OOO2 6640-00-286.~4694

7-62 mm snipe'r rifle M4QA1

Case, c anyij II1Qi r'l f lie I mol d sd pi as tie MOll.mtj telescope, Unertl

S I i ne smai I a rrns I eath er

l;j" _. - I . "

Teles.coplc Big,hl, Unertl "10x., fixed

ea 1





'C'o~llt,er8J1 M·l .. sri .. I N,S N 9999-00·8411.-40,28

Brush fell ea nil ngl., srn aJ I arm i "30 call ber BnJshl~ cleaning, smtiill arm, .45 caliber Case" tubrlcant

E,:w;t rector I r U I;)t u red ca rt rl d goa·

~od! clleaning (brass), ,3 sections, -30 caliber l3,rUlsh, arust's hO'9 bristle (camel's.;hailr) Bn,lsh, c I e~ n i r; g, alii -p u rpose

Paper, lens

,Eta 1
ea '1
e.a 1
ea 1
e~ ,
ea 1
hd ~ 14,.

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20; 21.



None None None Nor;~,

1 006·00·167~4336 None



'11"0 "olad Addition 10 CUlrrent List

fOQIS, scope adjustment (spanner wrench, Aillen wrefilche.s)

Spacers I' butt ~tock, remov'@able Clean In,,, gear, p u I i,-Un roug h BipQd" Ire'movable

8,ag, gun clot h (drag bag)

SH n g!, ema U arms! bl,ack nylo n web Guide" bore, p last I c

Re pi aceme n~ f,o r oa.rryi n,g case (McMillan madiulm)

Cordur.a nYllo nl sec pe cover

set 11
set '1
ea. 1
ea 1
ea 1
,ea 1
e.'a 11
@a 1

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